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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  February 10, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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think you you don't have fire walls burning now. >> the super delegates, right, we've heard about that today. the conventional wisdom is always wrong about presidential campaigns, you have to know where and when. >> that's your job. >> she has an overwhelming lead. >> we'll see if holds. >> we will back back tomorrow with "mtp daily." "with all due respect" starts right now. we will so much winning if i get elected. >> we're going to have win after win after win that you may get bored with winning. we're going to win and win and we're going to win. >> donald trump will the winner. trump, trump, trump. >> so excited that donald trump won. >> i just picked up that guy right there and hugged him. >> trump, trump, trump. >> so excited.
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make an awesome president. >> bragging right you now. >> we're going to win so much, you're going to be so happy. >> it feels like we won the super bowl. >> yeah, trump, number one. happy hashtag d.j.t. winning sports fan. houddy from cluolumbia, south carolina. across the state, where their primaries -- parties primaries take place. story lines a plenty to cover from last night. let's start with the billionaire king ballot box. after his 19 point new hampshire victory, donald trump arrives for another of his patented mega rallies, two hours north in clemson, while his rivals contemplate a calendar that poses some serious challenges for anyone who wants to stop
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him. walk us through it. >> the debate this saturday in south carolina, the state's primary one week later. as of now, the polls have suggested that trump still has even before his big new hampshire win, a big lead here. after south carolina, there is nevada caucuses on february 23rd, a tuesday, two days later, the candidates go to houston for a debate. that's a big showdown on march 1st, when 11 states cast their votes. most of the states in the south. then after a few more contests, come the win or take all, ohio and florida. march 15th. however, by then, trump's campaign might have too much momentum for anyone to derail. here's the question. taking this into account and recognizing there is a little bit of side show about the establishment candidates, fighting it out here. is it possible that no one can stop trump and whose best position to try to stop him. >> it's certainly possible that no one can stop him. you can't dismiss the question about what's going on in the establishment mainstream lane.
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not yet a consensus candidate. kansas ci john kasich may be or may not. one person who has any chance, that's ted cruz. trump i think is in a stronger position than cruz, but cruz because of his strength in the south and his importance of that sec primary day on march 1st, cruz at this moment best position. that may not be true after south carolina, but that's true today. >> we don't know much about cruz, he beat him in iowa, he did better by finishing third. this state and beyond, can he stand up to trump, can he take trump down not polls. the reality is, i'll say it the most ridiculous puzzle, you cannot beat trump unless you can beat him any states. it's possible cruz can beat him in some states. as you know, trump is ahead. what can cruz or anyone do to bring him down. the establishment candidates would have the potential to stop trump if it were a three way
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contest, but looking like they're not going to get a chance any time soon to focus uniquely on trump. >> except for the fact that ted cruz in some scenario, he could beat him in south carolina. he's not ahead right now, but things could happen between this debate. we saw a strong evangelical component here, donald trump will not tap into it the way cruz will. cruz could beat trump in south carolina. >> hard to get the establishment candidates out. >> agreed. >> as the top to emerge from new hampshire, john kasich has a big target on his back. for weeks, he has tried to stay a above the fray and stay out of the fray, his intention to run a positive campaign. that was before jeb bush and marco rubio saw him as a threat, which they do now. our crystal ball, kasich will get scrutiny that will play differently than they did in new hampshire, that includes medicaid, guns, various other issues.
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so while taking his silver medal victory lap, he was asked about how he plans to handle all this new pressure. >> well, look, if somebody pounds me, i'm not going to take a pounding, i'm not some kind of a pincushion or marshmallow. people are tired of the negativity. talk about what you want to do. the reason a lot of people go negative is because they're positive doesn't work. so imagine if you were running for office and you didn't have much positive, so all you spent your time doing was talking negative. i mean, that's sort of a downer, i think it is. and but look, i think people want to know we can solve problems. i've been a reformer all of my lifetime, and my message is real simple. whether you're a republican or democratic at the beginning and at the end, you should be an american working together to solve problems. that message i think works. if it doesn't, i can't change my message. that's just the way it goes. >> kasich on cbs, one of the main shows he did. the question is, his supporters
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don't think he'll win the state, how crippling would it be in south carolina. >> as you know, i flew down from new hampshire, he is not in fact a marshmallow or pincushion as far as i can tell. everyone acknowledges that they see that in some ways as an asset rather than a liability because the expectations are so low. their goal in south carolina is to prevent jeb bush from being able to call this a come backstory for him. they think that this a must win state for jeb bush. if jeb bush does not win or finishes a second, in kasich's view, that will knock bush out of the race and leave the field on the establishment side wide open for kasich. they're theorizing he'll do okay. >> he'll have to do well pretty soon. no expectations for him. bush's campaign says it's bush's country. trump is the poll leader, there are for cruz, because this a
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southern evangelical state. i think he can survive a bad performance here, but it can't be super bad. he needs some ability to perform well. >> go back to the calendar, though. he'll spend a bunch of time now states -- he'll be here in south carolina, but also spend a bunch of time in michigan and get ready for the michigan primary which comes on march 8th. if he can do well in massachusetts and vermont on march 1st primary, get some wins there, win in michigan and be positioned for ohio, midwestern, it's a path. not an easy path, but a path. that's all i'm saying in the world of john ellis bush bush, any big mow moving up from sixth place to fourth place in new hampshire. he finished with 11% be. he brought his mother to work on the trail in new hampshire, but his big brother w who will be stumping for jeb in south carolina with new ads featuring
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43 already up on tv and the radio, radio here in this state. jeb's super pac, right to rise, is now saying that it will pour another $1.7 million into this here palmetto paradise. is it still alive, and if so, what is its current pulse rate? >> i've been more bullets on jeb bush, including many. i think he is still alive. he can do well in this state. his performance skills have gone up. we'll see if his brother helps. he will not resist taking on donald trump. donald trump will say you need your big brother to bail you out, you can't fight your own battles. i think the combination of bush and bush in this state, talking about military issues, being the establishment candidate who has won here almost every time, i think bush could do surprisingly well here. >> for those of you who don't know anything about south carolina, it's an establishment state and military, the bushes have done well in the past.
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no obvious inherit ter of the mantle four players here, trump, cruz, kasich. bush, there is an opening here for sure. but i will say, if he finishes third here, if trump and cruz beat him here, i believe he's done. nothing left for him, because if he can't finish at least a strong second. there will still be money in right to rise, but with jeb finishing fourth. >> the establishment backing, state and national level, they need a candidate. rubio is going to have to prove a lot for it to be him. and the jury is out on john kasich. not the grand swell around the governor of ohio today. public support but not establishment support. i think bush could survive here, even with a strong third. >> all right. >> after flying too close to the new hampshire sun, a scorc rubio took the blame finally for his poor debate performance and vowed he would do better here in south carolina. rubio says he is now laumpnchinn
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a more aggressive campaign. john, is marco rubio alive, as he says or dead? >> he is pretty -- let's the word debt is, i've used it on soem indications in the past perhaps, but in this instance, i think it will be hafrd for him and people around rubio who have acknowledged this. he does not have a lot of hard dollars left. the new hampshire thing was crushing for him. it's one of the most extraordinary stories. he went from people talking about maybe winning, where he finished last night. finishing fourth or fifth. he is raising dollars right now, even enough to play in south carolina is going to be hard for him. >> his super pac has money. he has a fair amount in the bank. i'm not writing people off. >> that's why i stopped. >> an establishment candidate who gets a chance, unless trump
3:11 pm
rauns the table before they could be. if he performs well. >> huge if. >> huge burden on him now, because of the scrutiny he says, but look, every nomination goes through a tough period. this is his tough period. >> it's not just that he performed poorly, that he clamsed in new hampshire, that he is not only unexceeded expectations, under performed them. anyone asked to write a check, they have to look at it and say am i really going to write a check to that guy. >> what state can he win. >> correct. when we come back, one-two punch of closed fits and open wallets in the state. the attack wars to come, after this. like more vitamins d, e, and omega 3s. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best.
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all right, things haven't kicked off in south carolina yet, but you can expect a man soon of political attacks to rain down as the republican candidates position themselves for the primary a week from saturday.
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its he's toxic mix here for the do or die moment in south carolina's history. the rise of super pacs, supporting john kasich, ted cruz, jeb bush. the dark arts, that would be mike murphy for kasich -- mike murphy for bush and kelly ann conway for ted cruz. donald trump does not have a super pac. what negative lines attacks by whom by the primary. >> directed at all directions. look, this is a state, as we said before, an establishment state with a heavy military compound and a heavy evangelical state. think you're going to have to look for attacks for people like john kasich for anything he has done to reform the defense budget, get rid of the b 1 bomber, things kasich is proud of. anything cuts that on the cultural side.
3:15 pm
i can't imagine people aren't going to go after donald trump for his many wives and c cosmopolitan lifestyle that he has lived. >> if rubio will see a -- you're going to see a pretty big push on bush. also for immigration, also for common core. and i think the funny thing is, all the super pac dollars will probably be not as effective as donald trump vine or facebook posting. he'll go after, by the end of the primary, ale go after cruz, bush and kasich. >> i think they're going to, apart from kasich, i don't think he'll initiate attacks on everybody else, interesting to me, just, i just said it, trump will be attacked on the cultural front. newt gingrich blew out what was acceptable in this state. he could win it goes out window
3:16 pm
about the cultural attacks. win/win function was in full display as two of last night rants, chris christie and carly fiorina both suspended their campaigns. now it's shrinking. will this race finally choose a side, two key republicans who have not yet endorsed are hailey barker, the chair of the national committee who is close to christie and john kasich and nikki haley, the popular governme governor of south carolina. so mark the haileys, they're important people, but symboliccly and otherwise. what do you think and people like them are going to do in these ten days before south carolina. >> establishment back in a panic. hope for a couple of days, rubio will be their salvation and talk of lots of endorsements coming his way. he did get some. >> but not huge ones.
3:17 pm
>> and the money hasn't come his way. both the money and political lead are going to wait. i don't think you'll see too many big endorsements before south carolina and their hope is that bush or kasich or revived rubio revives from this state. the other thing is, they're not going after trump or cruz. i don't think you'll see them intercede in this five way battle any time soon. >> they're going to be paying attention to this race. south carolina is always important. who would on the nominee more often than not. this moment, the question of who comes out of here the strongest and who drops out, if jeb bush has a horrible showing and decides he can't go forward, i imagine jeb bush and possibly others like rubio and kasich, they'll immediately turn and say i'll give my endorsement to other guy, take my fundraising apparatus because there will be a state they need -- >> new hampshire produced some winning. i'm not going to see with the
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3:21 pm
on this matter. the question is what do the democratic professionals not officially affiliated with the campaign think the problem is with hillary and her operation. >> that she is not a great candidate. her message is muddy and she's swimming upstream. she's trying to run against the change candidate who represents change. the last thing is, it always happens in a clinton campaign, now tensions between her and her staff. they don't trust her to dot right thing. she's losing confidence in them. not so great. >> you saw it coming a mile away. we would talk to senior clinton people, and they would say, not really have a pool, but sort of a pool about when they would get fired, when the shake up would be. look, the biggest problem that she has and every democratic that i know acknowledges this. they look at what happened in iowa and new hampshire. they look at the fact that sanders is dominating among
3:22 pm
young voters. basically the whole bottom half of the age strek trump. she won seven out of ten women out of 45. not because she should be winning women, but it suggests that if he can win with those people, he can win with african-american. >> bernie sanders is giving the same speech, go look at her announcement speech. you don't hear a lot of that. all right, bill and chelsea have been regulars on the trail so far. they've dispatched some big names so far. madelyn albright, can the surrogates who are more famous and more numerous than what bernie sanders has, can they help her come back. >> the a answer is no. some of them do not hurt. but as we've seen with madelyn albright, i think she has caused a certain backlash by making the comment she made about women. this is the problem that goes tots core not just of the campaign, not to her strategy, polling and pollsters, but it
3:23 pm
goes to her. she is the only one that can fix it. that's it. >> just on the republican side, the only person, entity that can take down trump is another candidate, not a super pac. if she has a good message, her husband can amplify it. but she's letting these people go out and say things she is not willing to say. other candidates can get away with it, but she cannot. she has to be driving the message of the campaign. she's not right now. >> one of the things we have said on the show, this goes back tots previous topic, not just surrogates, the ground operation, all that stuff is important. but in the end, a campaign's failing all reflective of the person running the campaign, the principal, to the extent she had problems in 2008, it goes to her weakness. that's. >> i believe she's the clear favorite. people that care about her, this thing has gone very bad and becoming not just angry about it, but more sad by the way this is living right now.
3:24 pm
>> all right, even though bernie sanders, out performed expectations in iowa and new hampshire, don't be fooled. the race ahead of him will still be any reasonable person's account, brutal path. which is probably why during his victory plea asked for more donations. >> help us raise the funds we need, whether it's ten bucks or 20 bucks 30 bucks. help us raise the funds we need to take the fight to nevada, south carolina and the states on super tuesday. >> all right, so that's bernie begging the tin cup. did it work. did it ever. sanders announced it raised $5.2 million in the 18 hours after his granite state win. with the two states on the calendar, nonwhite voters, democratic sat down today with msnbc al sharpton to discuss how
3:25 pm
he plans to reach out more to minority communities. >> new hampshire and iowa are mostly white states, if not nearly white. how do you intend to deal with a deviefrs populous. >> first of all, weer ae going to do well when voters turnout is high. that's what happened in iowa and new hampshire. i think we have the issues, we have the agenda. we have the ground troops to rally the people of nevada and south carolina. i think it comes down to two things. number one, it comes down to what we believe and what we're fighting for economically. and what we're fighting for in terms of social justice and criminal justice. in terms of economics, the people of nevada as well as any state in this country know what wall street has done to them. they were devastated by the wall street crash. and our view is that at the end
3:26 pm
of the day, it is time for the american people to tell wall street enough is enough. >> nevada in ten days, south carolina in 17 days. bernie sanders on a roll but he has to keep it going. what does have to do to capitalize on the momentum. >> the fundraising is just the start. i predicted they would raise $40 million off new hampshire and they will. >> days to come. >> the guy has shown a much stronger instinct about going for the jugular and being on offense, than i think any of us realize he had. he has an aggressive staff. mr. weaver, mr. briggs, they're all aggressive people. he doesn't always lead it, but he goes with them and executing it. he'll play offense on endorsements, gee gaffcly going into the states and ret torecly he'll play offense. when hillary clinton tries to say she's the agent of change, he'll come back hard. >> he is not making mistakes.
3:27 pm
he says what he thinks, means what he says. there is going to be something that happens between now and these next couple of contests where they'll do something big. i have no reporting on this, sanders is, yes, i think there a chance. i thought of this last night. i wouldn't be surprised to come out the elizabeth warren or al gore, or maybe come out and say, dreaming here, like just what could happen. announce that you would be elizabeth warren on the ticket if you got the nomination. a huge, bold move. a huge effect on the race. >> and she needs to get on offense. >> she, hillary clinton. >> yeah. >> all right, when we come back, we'll sit in these chairs and talk to a pair of chairs. the state chairs of the state parties here joining us after this. hey buddy, you're squashing me!
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i believe i was put on this planet to hype the north carolina primary as much as possible. that's why we invited matt moore
3:31 pm
to talk about the primary. mr. chairman, welcome. >> good to be here. >> this electorate as the state changes, is this the same south carolina primary ee length tore rate as say when george bush faced off against mccain or even four years ago when mitt romney or has it changed at all. >> the 50 delegate question as we head into the next ten days. it has changed a lot. a lot of new people here and across the country. throughout history has shown a willingness to defy expectations. we'll see. >> for instance, from the northeast, a less conservative electorate. >> a lot of iowaians here, new jersey. >> explain the nature of the race. iowa and new hampshire. breakdown the voting blocks that they have to appeal here in order to win. >> it will be about twice as big as iowa and new hampshire combined. about 1/3s very conservative.
3:32 pm
about a third is moderate. a lot of evangelicals in the up state, as you go progressively, low country, less evangelical. national security and social issues and economic issues, south carolina has a very, very fast moving economy now with boeing, bmw, a lot of international manufacturing. transitioning state. >> polling says trump was way ahead. do you have any reason to believe that trump is not way ahead. >> i think he is ahead. we haven't seen any polling here since late january. he starts here with a good head of steam, as does cruz and others. south carolina may play a traditional roll of the field further. >> could you have friends for trump. >> i do. >> what do they like about him. >> he likes to be outspoken, he doesn't care what anyone think. there is certainly something to that.
3:33 pm
gigantic crowds across south carolina and you can't deny that go we'll see george w. bush for the first time in a long time. it is said that he's popular in the state. what effect do you think it will have. >> he was a very popular president and a very tough victory or john mccain. south carolina saved as the newspaper said, his campaign. of course, his father did well here and was successful because of it. we want to see if that translates to support for jeb bush. the people will change their minds to go to jeb and maybe the 25% of the voters who are undecided will go ways hy. >> pieces together, the electorate has changed, talked about the push family's historic strength in this state. in 2012, newt beggingrich won t primary by a lot. it saved bob dole's campaign.
3:34 pm
how does newt gingrich win the state, what does it mean, the implications going forward. >> couple things in 2012 with newt gingrich. but also, newt having a record here for 20 years before he sort of from next door, had been here a lot. off and on. but even before, governor hailey had won a come from behind in south carolina. this is all post rise of the tea party. i'm not sure it's as active as it has in the past six years or so, but certainly that style of politics is very popular in south carolina. >> a lot of the candidates have either consultants or politicians or both who are backing them who have deep roots. whose team do you think is strongest. >> they've all got strong teams. senator cruz has a couple of south carolina on his staff, same thing with rubio. of course, governor bush has long roots here, the past 30 years. all a lot of south carolina
3:35 pm
yoens at the top. >> based on their endorsement, do you think one is better. >> i've been impressed with cruz's operation. the super pac has been active. my parents in law had a volunteer come to their house this past week end. that kind of thing i think matters on the edges and a very close election, as we get into a bigger primary here. but it certainly can matter. >> ground matters a little bit. but how much does air matter, tv ads and the ad war going to be a determinative in this primary? >> i'm not sure it's determinative. i think people are just now at this point awash in tv ads. it's built name i.d. for names that didn't have it. trump was different in that category. he is also running ads, which is interesting. i've seen ads for cruz, rubio, of course, right to rise and governor bush's team are doing a lot of ads here. i'm not sure the ads will be the deciding factor.
3:36 pm
combination of retail. plus, as you guys know, catching a little luck at the end. >> south carolina is the first in the south, following new hampshire. those states put a premium on them saying we want to elect someone who goes on to be the nominee, maybe be president. we want to keep our status. you all picked gingrich who didn't go on to become the nominee. let's vote for somebody who can be our next president as opposed to somebody we agree with. >> for 30 years before gingrich, we picked the nominee. an amazing record. i do think a sizable portion of people, i think it's very much correlated to the undecided that are interested in who's leckable versus hillary clinton, or maybe bernie sanders, we'll see, but a true point you're making. >> and far out, but do you expect as the other states, a pretty robust turnout. >> we had 6 hup thousand vote00
3:37 pm
same in new hampshire and iowa, 650,000 voters would be an incredible turnout. >> do you think you'll get more. >> probably. a new record here. >> thank you for visiting with us, in the next couple of weeks, bringing the democratic chair, talk about that race. remember, if you're watching us in washington, d.c., you can now listen to us on the radio, 99.1. we'll be right back. and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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we are not rigid adherence, we thought we would bring a democratic chair in south carolina, so we brought jamie harris on the south carolina democratic party. >> good seeing you as well. >> we have a long way to go, long number of days before we get to your state's primary on the democratic side. >> february 27th. >> so what, how weird do you think it is, just think about it. what is the effect of the fact that this republican and democrats not going on the same day as -- usually the custom here. >> usually matt and i would have loved to have our primaries on the same day. but we need to talk to the rnc and the dnc to get the schedules worked out. we're sort of pawns in the game. we do what they tell us to do. >> is that bad in any way,
3:41 pm
negatively impact turnout or anything else, how the democrats are going to think about the race. >> it doesn't. it confuses voters at times. and i think matt and i are going to have to do a good job of educating the voters, the 20th and 27th. >> extraordinarily well with young voters, neither of the states have non-minority populations. >> it's important, but really, if senator sanders wants to win south carolina, the demographic he needs to focus on is african-american women. the primary vote was women in 2008 and 56% of that primary vote was african-american. so you put those two things together, and it's african-american. >> but if you overlay age, but
3:42 pm
obviously older voters are going to have a greater percentage. a lot of young african-american women. >> i think a sizable number, but really, if you look back in 2004, but 9% of the primary vote and that was kerry, edwards, howard dean, that was 9% young people, i think that up tick in 2008 to about 15%. a sizable number, but the core is african-american women. >> of all ages. >> who can appeal to them. all ages. >> the notion that south carolina is the campaign's fire wall. saying this for a while. hillary clinton have had historically strong relation with the african-american community, of course, she lost the primary to barack obama eight years ago. just explain what it is, why is it that this should be, could be by anyone considered a fire wall for her, and how im preg unable
3:43 pm
do you think it is, is the state up for grabs now, will voters look at him and in particular, african-american voters. >> one thing that i think the secretary has learned from 2008 and she first called me and said i'm going to run, she said i'm not going to take any vote for granted, because you know, going into 2008, she was leading barack obama by a sizable numbers in the polls. all of these endorsements from establishment democrats particularly in the african-american community. she lost every county with the exception of two. they built a campaign and campaign operations, one built by my friend, clay middleton and has been top-notched, focused on a laser on making sure that they're not taking of those votes for granted. at the same time, bernie sanders is really developed a great ground game here. he stole my deputy executive director at the state party to
3:44 pm
help build a political operation. so you know, they're fighting for every single vote. and they understand, and i think she understands that because they've been sending surrogates here like crazy. everyday, just yesterday, angela bass set, vivca voks, bill and chelsea clinton here i'm getting a new e-mail about two or three clinton surrogates in town. they definitely understand the importance of the state for her, and she -- the fact that she really has to win and do it in a great fashion. >> this state is typical of southern states used to be dominated by the democratic party, now dominated by the republican. not your fault. what are signs you could point to, one day soon, we're going to elect the way you used to. >> by big thing when we ran for
3:45 pm
chair how do we raise the party. but it is putting together the institution in a word to win again. we are at the place where republicans were probably about 25 years ago here in south carolina. and so i am building an infrastructure, established a fellowship we called the clobbern fellows, i've been pushing the democratic party about developing a democratic southern strategy, because i understand that in order, you know, i served as executive director for the house demss and the floor director for the whips, but i understand the road back to the majority is through the south. it's through states like south carolina. we have two disstratricts that e had the d invest their time, we could take a real good shot at. >> you mentioned the name real quick, you mentioned collide
3:46 pm
bu clyde will or woernts endorse. >> i think he will. >> he is the only democratic in this state that has a machine, and if i were running for president, i sure would want that endorsement. >> we'll be watching out for that. thank you, jamie harrison. reports from the campaign trail when we come back. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at two words: it heals.e different? how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain,
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3:49 pm
joining us now from spart tin burg south carolina, to covering this campaign, holly jackson, who covers ted cruz's campaign and gave gutierrez, covering rubio. rubio had the toughest night of the candidates competing down here. what has it been like for him starting last night where he finally owned up to what
3:50 pm
happened and through today? >> oh, hey, there, mark. he had a very long chat with reporters this morning on his charter plane to south carolina from new hampshire. much longer, he says, longer than any press conference he has given in years. about 45 minutes or so. and his campaign is basically trying to make the case that they're going to vow, they're vowing to make a more aggressive campaign, less stilted campaign. yesterday, during his speech last night, he apologized to his supporters and owned that moment, that debate moment that for days, he basically has been saying nothing to see here. last night, he said that it will never happen again. today, the reporters asked him, listen, what happened. and he says that he was so intent on not getting into a knife fight with the other republicans that he got caught. he got caught up in that, and he kept trying to make his point about being the best candidate to take on the democrats, and he
3:51 pm
just kept repeating it. he did not realize how bad it was until after the debate when he started looking on social immediate yeah. he didn't fess up to his supporters on sunday, because he didn't want to bring down their moral. he realized last night he had to own it and tried to make it a case to the reporters that he was going to run a more aggressive campaign. >> hali, my question four, inside cruz world, the campaign was really frustrated coming out of iowa with the fact that rubio seemed to get more attention than cruz even though cruz won iowa and rubio had come in third. now cruz has come in third, surprisingly, any frustration from cruz world he's not getting more credit for that? >> yeah, absolutely. but it's sort of a frustration of a chip on the shoulder. never expected, given that they believed that the media is against them to get a lot of attention for a third place
3:52 pm
finish. they feel really good about it. they point out that this is sort of unex mektpected for them. the campaign is feeling confidence about where it's going in south carolina. he was supposed to be here in sparr sparrenburg, speaking for him tonight, cruz will be back in the state tomorrow, pushing forward, doing a number of things. talking about their ground game here. their organization. they've pulled in their iowa state director on the ground, they've gist opened a second cruz camp to put in additional volunteers, another 50 of them, adding to the 9,800 total so far. 25 thousand phone calls, they're feeling good organizationally. the big problem is donald trump, stop them right in their tracks. after seeing a pause on the policy tax between cruz and trump over the last week in new hampshire, you'll see that ramp up.
3:53 pm
i'm told that we should be prepared to seeing more ads that are similar to what we saw, if you remember the meet the press quote that ran, that sorted cited donald trump on his position, we may see more of those types of ads coming forward in the next couple of weeks as team cruz tries to take down team trump here. >> if you can, based on that press conference and other conversations you've had, what does it mean now that marco rubio is going to do things differently or better besides not repeating himself in the debate. is he suggesting how this will look differently? >> well, mark, you were at a rubio event with me a couple of days ago. i saw you there in manchester, yes, his campaign has allowed him to speak with reporters, but it has been very controlled, very cautious, taking a few questions at a time. never really letting the candidates shine through. but they seem to suggest this time is that he will be more
3:54 pm
accessible to the media, more accessible in getting mess message across. what does that mean whachlt can this candidate really make an impact and he made the point that look, with the republican field dwinding now -- go ahead. >> i was just going to ask, has he explained why he spent three days saying the debate was great and then he said last night it wasn't so great. >> yeah, they tried to explain that. basically what he said was, listen, his -- he didn't want to disappoint. he didn't want to disappoint his volunteers, his campaign staff, and on sunday, yeah, he -- you remember, he continued to insist that it wasn't that big a deal. that he wanted to stay on message. finally, they made the decision within their campaign that they're going to have to own this, and yesterday during that acceptance speech, he came out and he said that, yes, it was my fault essentially and that it won't happen again. the question is, will it happen again.
3:55 pm
a big debate this weekend. chris christie won't be there, but other republicans will begunibe gunning for him and the question is will he be able to go against the attacks. back to you guys. >> let me ask you on the back of what gabe said about the debate. a big moment for ted cruz too. kind of a non-factor in the last republican debate in new hampshire. now he's up there on the stage trying to go toe to toe with donald trump to try to win this state. how aggressive do you think the cruz campaign plans to be in terms of deeg with the new debate coming up in greenville? >> you know, i think he'll try to get in the mix. he has to. this a state unlike new hampshire, he didn't have much to lose. the best for him is to sit back and let everybody pile on marco rubio. here in south carolina, he has to show people here and the rest of the country that he can take oon donald trump. that he can take a punch and he can fight back.
3:56 pm
so i think you'll see ted cruz jump in. interrupt more and see him be unafraid to take on donald trump. but he'll also have to be ready to take some attacks from trump too. fellas. >> hali on the trail please take your vitamin c out there. we don't want anyone getting sick. we'll be back with who won the day. (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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who won the day? >> at this point in the campaign, i measure winning by votes and dollars in terms of today, there were no votes at stake. bernie sanders, 15.2 in the last 36 hours, so bernie sanders wins the day. >> winning. sanders had a great day, trump had a great day. john kasich had a great day. he did a great job of taking second place and showing he can play here. >> happy man. >> yeah, go to bloomberg
4:00 pm about hillary clinton strategy. >> we'll be in milwaukee for the democratic debate. >> thanks for watching. >> coming up, hardball with chris matthews. trump t, let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris m h matthe matthews, the day after, the two big facts, one polls are good predictors, count on them. two, don't counsel on the two front-runners self-destricting only way to stop them trump or sanders is with a stronger candidate. the latest casualties, christie, out. fiorina,


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