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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  February 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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rand paul and then carly fiorina and then chris christie. governor christie was not on track to make it into the republican debate. carly fiorina not on the slate so to them we say good bye. we've been waiting a long time. let's puff carly fiorina and chris christie off the list. this remains the republican slate of candidates for this party's presidential nomination this year. the guy on the bottom, that's my boyfriend, jim gill more. he got ten times as many votes in new hampshire as he did in iowa. that does it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. >> rachel that just went viral. quote, that's my boyfriend.
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that is viral this instant. >> somewhere in new hampshire there are cell phone photos of me hugging jim gillmore i'm just saying. >> marco rubio won't need to find a bully anymore to play chris christie in marco rubio's debate prep sessions and as the presidential campaign moves to south carolina anyone who wants to beat donald trump or hillary clinton has a long way to go. >> the people want real change. >> stupidity, we're not going to have it anymore. we're not going to have it. >> i love you donald trump. >> you know what you al, you are the only illegal alien i truly love. >> who do you think is your main competition right now among republicans? >> i have no idea.
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i just keep chugging. >> i'm not going to sit there and be a marshmallow and have somebody pound me. >> the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. >> i love your smooth skin. when did they make a real boy? >> what do you tell first timers heading to south carolina? >> you better get your mittens on. >> hillary clinton is counting on south carolina to stop the bern. >> how do you intend to deal with the pop lus? >> once the word gets out who i am and what we stand for i'm going to do just fine. >> black dog for sanders. >> i'm not kidding i'm not playing it up this is such an unbelievely pivotal moment in terms of what the leadership in our country is going to be some exit polls show that 65% of the voters in new hampshire support an unconstitutional ban on muslims entering the country. that group of voters gave donald trump the largest share of the
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vote in new hampshire, 35%. john kasich came in a surprise second at 16 ted cruz with 12 and jeb bush and marco rubio getting 11% of the vote. jeb bush got about 1,300 more votes than marco rubio. today carly fiorina and chris christie dropped out of the race. donald trump's hometown newspaper described the outcome this way on its front page, dawn of the brain dead, clown comes back to life in new hampshire win as mindless zombies turned out in droves. the campaign moved to south carolina today. >> new new hampshire i had millions and millions of dollars spent against me and you know what i told them last night the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning and i feel great about it. >> ted cruz went after donald
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trump today for being too liberal. >> donald has called for expanding obamacare for adopting bernie sanders socialized medicine, in donald's own words he is very liberal on health care. >> marco rubio is now desperately hoping that the details will finally trip up donald trump. >> i don't think you can keep saying trust me i have a plan for it. i think now that he's been successful in new hampshire i think people are going to be pressing for me details. >> here is liberal donald trump on medicare in south carolina. >> medicare works and some of these people want to get rid of it. it's not going to happen. we're going to bring back our money, we're going to bring back our jobs, we're going to save our medicare, we're going to save social security, we're going to keep it going. you've been paying into social security, you've been paid into this stuff all your life and now they want to take it away. they want to raise the age and give you a lot less.
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they want to take it away and not going to happen. >> joining us now former republican party chairman and senior editor and former governor of vermont. he's also an cnn political analyst. donald trump, the new defender of medicare. >> he really is a populist and populists aren't going to attack one of the most popular programs in the country. social security and medicare there are a lot of people who support them and depend on them. >> how is that going to play in a republican primary field? we've certainly never heard a republican talk about medicare that way before. >> well, actually chris christie did and he had -- >> okay. i guess we know how it's going to play then. >> there you go. so we're done.
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no, i don't think this is as much of a third rail in terms of gop politics as you may think. i think a lot of people sort of knee jerk back to a previous time where republicans were all about taking it down and taking it out, but i think that there have been a lot of reform minded republicans particularly coming out of the house. certainly paul ryan has talked about keeping in mind the future generations coming into the system and how do you make it work for them. donald trump has not gone into that level of detail, but the idea of this notion that we're going to get rid of it is not something that is a knee jerk automatic for republicans. >> marco rubio's hope about donald trump being pressed on detail was delivered somewhat tonight. here is bill trying to get some detail out of donald trump on immigration. >> you have to know each one of the 12 million people here illegally is entitled to due
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process that means if donald trump as president issues a deportation order they are entitled to a court hearing in front of a judge. with 12 million that -- excuse me -- >> if they're here illegally they may or may not be just like the argument we had about the anchor babies. in my opinion you don't need -- >> all law says once you're here you are entitled to our constitutional protections every single case. >> i disagree. that doesn't mean i wouldn't do that. if they're here illegally i disagree with you. >> the details argument is beginning. >> the details argument is becoming -- actually on all of those matters you just discussed if donald trump knew the details he would be able to win the argument. it really is true that in 2012 the republican party expanded on
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a plan to withdraw the medicare guarantee from everyone under age 55. you would lose almost all of it in your 20s. it seems like a crazy thing to campaign on, so he's not wrong, nor is donald trump wrong that you don't need constitutional hearings. bill is mistaken about that. what you could do -- yes, if you are going to deport people you need to have a process, but you don't have to have a process if you say that anybody wants to work at a job in the u.s. wants to show proof they have to find work. if they can't find work, they have to go home. you don't need a hearing for that, but trump doesn't seem to care, but maybe the voters or his voters think he is on to some things that are true even if he doesn't understand how true they are. >> where do the christie and fiorina voters go. those voters have to rethink
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this. >> they do and there's a lot of pressure that's being placed on those voters and certainly on both carly and chris. i think you'll see the lion's share sit idle in the early stages leading up to south carolina i don't see any candidates breaking any time soon. i think the reality remains this that those a lot of those supporters whatever the percentage happens to be, i do not think it's fair or smart to assume that that's all going to go towards one or two of these remaining candidates. donald trump will get a piece of those supporters which again continues the struggle with the establishment to deal with this man. >> i don't think those supporters exist outside new hampshire.
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when you go south i don't think there are any christie or carly supporters. >> that's not true. >> there's a reason chris christie didn't go to south carolina and spend any more money, which he didn't have in this is not a zero sum. you're not going to sit here and say there was no support for any of those candidates outside of new hampshire and iowa. that's not true. >> it's a combined population of the voted for those two no iowa is about 3%. i do not know of another state where fiorina plus christie equals more than 5%. >> you're still talking support, you're still talking momentum you're still talking the idea of getting the perception that you've got these guys, these other candidates behind you. >> you certainly may be talking about the difference between second place and third place. >> go ahead.
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>> in the republican party we don't count voters, we county donors. >> you're absolutely right. sorry about that. >> and the question mark -- chris christie may have not done well with many of the votes, but he had -- he was very successful raising money with respect where do those donors go? in this is where it does became a game of musical chairs with fewer and fewer chairs. where do republicans go? they don't want to go to donald trump because he is such an inflammatory figure and says outlandish things. they aren't comfortable with ted cruz for a lot of reasons many of theme sillily that there are a lot of people who accept what ted cruz has to say. they don't like his manors. >> why don't they rush to john kasich after last night's results? >> i would be delighted, but john kasich is unacceptable
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because he signed on to the expansion of medicaid. i think that was a bold and courageous and correct decision but that is no the predominant view in the republican world and it will be difficult for him to overcome. i think of it as qualifying but a lot of people think it's disqualifying. >> what do you think, a migration of money to john kasich? >> i agree with david, it should -- when you talk to folks, they tell you that they like him and he's the kind of guy that they would like to see out there and out in front, but as david pointed out they have hang ups and they think the way he governed in ohio is not what they want. he governed the people in ohio the best he could.
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the donor class has a different view in how they breakdown their dollars will probably fall along bush, maybe some rubio and that will be about it if they sit back on the fence for a while to see how it folds out. >> one more point about john kasich and one of his problems, he was reasonable successful at raising money for a super pac, but most of the money he raised for the super pac he raised inside of ohio. ohio still looks like america 30 years ago. it's a relatively state without giant fortunes. so after you've gone to the four or five people there aren't people who can write $10 million checks who live in ohio. that's a limit on his campaign. >> thank you both for joining us tonight. i really appreciate it. coming up chris christie chris christie very strange speechless exit from the
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presidential campaign today and later triumph the insult dog is here. he's been on the campaign trail in iowa and new hampshire and has the video to prove it. tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. we will have a special report 2016, the year of the outsiders. it's an in-depth look at the rise of donald trump and bernie sanders including an interview with senator sanders. seems like we've hit a road block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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after bernie sanders 22 point marnlen of victory over hillary clinton in new hampshire the democratic campaign moves to two states where polls have shown hillary clinton with a more than 22 point lead over bernie sanders. there are no recent polls of nevada which will hold a caucus in ten days or south carolina which will be voting 17 days from now. the last nevada poll in december showed hillary clinton with 57%, bernie sanders with 27 percent.
10:19 pm
a south carolina poll last month showed hillary clinton at 54%. that same poll shows hillary clinton doing better with african-american voters with 74 compared to 17% to bernie sanders who began his day today in harlem having breakfast withal sharpton. >> my concern is that for next year for the first time in the american history a black family will be moving out of the white house. i do not want black concerns to be moved out with them. our votes must be earned. none of us are king pins but our job is to keep our agenda front and center. >> governor howard dean who is a supporter of hillary clinton and former ohio state senator and a bernie sanders supporter. and we have the host of ralston live and a contributing editor to political magazine.
10:20 pm
howard dean, as it moves south, do you expect those numbers to tighten that we've seen in these polls? >> i think they'll tighten a little. the graphic flipped the numbers for nevada it had bernie at 50. >> i don't see the graphics. >> you may have confused your viewers a little bit in that happens. >> yes. look, i of course it's going to tighten up. it's not going to be a 50 point win, but bill clinton and hillary clinton have spent a lot of time in the african-american community for many, many years and it's a fair amount of goodwill for the clintons in that community and i think they're going to do well. the african-americans are almost 50% of the electorate. >> let's listen to bernie sanders. >> we are going to do well when voter turn out is high. that's what happened in new
10:21 pm
hampshire and it actually happened in iowa as well. i think we have the issues, we have the agenda, we have the ground troops to rally the people. it comes down to what we believe and what with he are fighting for economically and what we're fighting for in terms of social justice and criminal justice. >> nina turner are you going to south carolina to help out? >> i am. i was there a couple of weeks ago and i will be there this weekend and i think everything that senator sanders just said in terms of how his message will resonate with the african-american community and the hispanic community the governor is right that the clintons do have a large presence in the african-american community. senator sanders cannot control the demographics of the people he has served. he's served honorably as a mayor and now a senator and he is running to become the next president of the united states. so certainly communities of color have to get to know him,
10:22 pm
but the more they get to know him and to hear his agenda, the more they are drawn to him. i talked to one of my colleagues today who asked me what do i tell my two daughters who do not want to vote in the general if senator sanders is no the the nominee and i told her she has to tell them to vote no matter what, but her two daughters are supporting senator sanders. so if that is any independence occasion about the senator is driving across this country, african-american and whites and hispanics too. >> the voters i spoke to in new hampshire over the weekend, bernie voters and hillary voters every one said if the other one is the nominee they would have no problem voting for the other one. >> how does it look in nevada? >> hillary clinton's campaign here has been impressive. she go the here last spring. she hired all the right people. people have been active in the
10:23 pm
clinton and obama campaigns in 2008. sanders didn't show up until october. he doesn't have nearly the infrastructure, the endorsements, the organization, but he has recently started to pick up steam. now they're doing outreach to the minority communities here because he realizes how important that is in a state like nevada which is much more diverse than iowa or new hampshire. >> this was cited as a passage as something she's hoping african-american voters keep in mind. let's listen to this. >> those who commit crimes should be punished and those who commit repeated violent crimes should be told when you commit a third violent crime you will be put away and put away for good
10:24 pm
three strikes and you are out. >> nina turner, put away for good and you see two democrats rise in a standing ovation behind president clinton at the time, vice president al gore and most of the democrats out there in the audience. >> i mean, those were the '90s but the impact of president clintons policies and impacts those had on the african-american community still have today the professor is exactly right. nobody has been a greater champion than senator sanders than his consistent out cry to this country about how mass incarceration hurts. he said the same thing in 1991. in 1994 because i know it's coming up that he voted for the bill, but let us not forget within that bill in 1994 was
10:25 pm
funding for violence against women act and also the ban on the assault weapons. he took to the floor and if you compare his speech in 1991 to 1994 he said almost the exact same things that as a country we need to deal with the root causes of most crime which is poverty and we have yet to address those issues. there are over 100 million people in this country who are living in poverty or they're right there on the edge and 70% of those folks are women and children. so senator sanders has had a consistent message when it comes to the outcries of the poor in this community and how this government needs do better by its people. >> you remember that era, democrats were running scared on the issue of crime, they went to being opposed to the death penalty to all of them being in favor of it except ted kennedy
10:26 pm
in the senate. it was a big move in that direction. >> frankly bill clinton saved the democratic party. that was the days of the dlc which has disappeared for the better. so i actually agree with senator turner on this issue, although i think hillary clinton has been outspoken on behalf of poor women and children for a long time, longer than bernie sanders has been in politics. i think the '90s were misguided. she's the person that set the agenda for dealing with the mass incarceration of minorities but i'm still comfortable with hillary clinton in the white house because i think she gets that we have to change the criminal justice system in this country. >> this is a difference of degrees and again senator sanders has been a great champion on these issues all of his life.
10:27 pm
he understands about the violence and the impacts that these kinds of laws an policies are on the african-american community and hispanic community. he's asking this country to stands up. i saw him at cleveland state university that as the next president of the united states he will do everything in his power to fight against racism. he should be and will be the next president of the united states of america. >> nina turner, howard dean, thank you for joining us tonight. up next, why the political media should have understood that the christie presidential campaign was always a bridge to nowhere. record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. chris christie has not yet announced exactly when he will announce he's dropping out, but it will probably be no later than the day after the votes are counted in new hampshire. you heard it here first in a move that should have surprised no one in the political world chris christie gave up his impossible dream today and ended his hopeless candidacy for the president of the united states. >> i'm sad. i'm sad. that's the predominant emotion i feel right now is sadness. >> that may be what chris christie is feeling today, but that video is two years old.
10:32 pm
it's the video that should have ended any serious speculation that chris christie had the slightest chance of ever being competitive in a presidential election. >> i'm sad. i'm sad. that's the predominant emotion i feel right now is sadness, sadness that i was betrayed by a member of my staff, sadness that i had people who i entrusted with important jobs who acted completely inappropriately. sad that that's led to people of new jersey to have less confidence in the people that i've selected. >> two of the people chris christie entrusted with important jobs as he put it are awaiting trial in federal court for their roles in blocking traffic on the george washington bridge which just happens to be the busiest and most important bridge in the world and was a primary escape route from manhattan on 911 for people fearing for their lives.
10:33 pm
>> i delegate enormous authority to my staff and enormous authority to my cabinet. >> as soon as i heard him say those words two years ago, i said on this program his presidential dream was over. you simply cannot run for president saying i delegate enormous authority to my staff. you can't run for president saying quote, people who i trusted with important jobs acted inappropriately. if christie's campaign by some miracle had floated up to some level where it was worthy of an attack ad, the ad simply would have been christie saying this. >> i delegate enormous authority to my staff and enormous authority to my cabinet. >> that would have been followed by this. >> i am embarrassed and humiliated by the conduct of
10:34 pm
some of the people on my team. >> donald trump was certainly ready to shoot down the christie candidacy if it ever gained any altitude. >> the george washington bridge, he knew about it. hey, how do you have breakfast with people every day of your lives, they're closing up the largest bridge in the world, the busiest in the united states, people couldn't get across for six, seven hours, ambulances, fire trucks, they're with them all the time the people that did it, they never said hey, boss, we're closing up the george washington bridge tonight, no they never said that. they're talking about the weather, right? >> there are two reasons why we covered the scandal at the george washington bridge that came to be known as bridgegate and why we covered it so closely two years ago. people didn't understand why we focussed on it so much. first it is the most important
10:35 pm
bridge in the world. when they created that traffic jam that day they did not know there was going to be a terrorist attack in new jersey or new york city that morning. we're just lucky what happened that day was not much worst than the any traffic jam there anyone had ever expected. the second reason we covered it so closely is because chris christie was obviously plan together run for president. the actions of the presidential candidate were at the the center of that coverage so on this program that was the beginning of our coverage of the christie for president campaign. the political analysts who took the christie campaign seriously this year are the same people who never bothered to study the details two years ago or listen to every word that chris christie said in that first
10:36 pm
press conference he had about the scandal, a press conference which doomed his campaign. they simply forget that during primary season chris christie was going to be a witness in a federal criminal trial for two people he entrusted with important jobs. that trial is now scheduled to begin on may 16th. on tuesday june 7th, the day when voters go to the polls in presidential primaries in delegate rich california and new jersey and three other states that day could be the day that ends up deciding the nomination on the republican side and on the democratic side and on that very day chris christie just might very well be sitting in a courtroom in new jersey under oath. joining us now, a reporter for
10:37 pm
wunyc and the author of the book the american governor chris christie's bridge to redemption. it was very strange today. he's the only candidate i'm aware of that wouldn't publicly appear and say i'm dropping out. they put something up on facebook, this one page post on facebook that looks like it would could have been written by a computer. why didn't christie face the cameras today? >> he doesn't want to go through what he could have done differently in this campaign, whether he really should have attacked marco rubio on saturday night at the debate he doesn't want to answer questions about whether bridgegate derailed his his political career. he is upset right now. he lost in spectacular fashion. this was unexpected in his camp
10:38 pm
and he's not ready to face the cameras. he's been back in new jersey. he's got a budget address on tuesday. he's going to try to pivot and return to governing the state of new jersey and keep his head down as the bridgegate trial happen over the next few weeks and months. >> matt, no losing candidate wants to do this, this is not the moment they look forward to, stepping up to the microphones and saying i'm out. virtually all of them do. most of them take questions about it, some of them don't take questions, just go out there and give your speech. some of the best speeches i've seen is people dropping out of a race, let people see them, thank people in person don't questions and leave. christie wouldn't even do that. >> he also might be waiting to decide on an endorsement and he might be cooling his heels and
10:39 pm
when he finally faces the cameras he'll endorse an actual remaining republican candidate. >> again, that's no -- that's no reason either. most people who drop out do not do an endorsement in their dropping out speech, that usually is another day. there's just nothing about -- i can't find anything in him hiding out today that makes any sense. >> he's not -- i don't think emotionally from what i'm told the guy's upset. he doesn't want to sit there and face the cameras and he also doesn't think he's going to face any flack from it. >> his career's over. >> that's true. >> there's no such thing as a political price for a political career that's over. >> it's not going to matter in new jersey and it doesn't matter to the presidential race so he sees no benefit in it. >> so the tough guy is too emotional maybe to face the cameras. thank you very much for joining
10:40 pm
us tonight. >> thanks. up next. johnny depp plays donald trump in the art of the deal. also coming up, the insult comic dog right here and live and in sort of person. johnny depp triumph trufrp caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am her best friend. i am her ally.
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i wrote the art of the deal. has anybody read the art of the deal? hold that book up, please. that's my second favorite book of of all time. do you know what my first is? the bible. nothing beats the bible. nothing beats the bible. not even the art of the deal. not even close, okay. >> we've lost track of how many movie adaptations there have been about the bible, but there have been no movie adaptations of the art of the deal, until now. johnny depp is going to star as donald trump in their adaptation of the art of the deal. >> on my tenth birds day i saw something that changed my life. a picture of the a kid, it was gorgeous and huge and it was the classiest thing.
10:44 pm
so i vowed that day to buy my own. and 30 years later i got my chance. this one was classier because it was in a place way more beautiful than india, new jersey. it was the casino in atlantic city owned by merv so taking it would take more than my super powers, it would take the art of the deal. >> that is a hell of a book. >> you read it? >> kid, i've lived it and then of course i took credit for writing it. >> your donald trump. >> that is my name and you can't wear it out, trust me. you must really want this book. >> all the stores are sold out. >> do you know that this is the second best selling book of all time? after the bible, which took 12 guys to write.
10:45 pm
it's boring. very boring. i first started to master of the art of the deal back in 1966 when i was at business school so while other kids were busy i was studying foreclosure notices so i could be like my dad. >> my died died in vietnam. he was a hero. >> i would say it's a little bit more heroic not to get killed. i was telling the kid here about the art of suing people. >> it seems like whoever has the most money and the most jewish lawyers has the unfair advantage in you're getting it kid. >> suing someone, that's the most beautiful thing one human being can do to another human being. >> i love justice. >> that's rare these days. >> speaking of rare, this is a prototype for a new line of trump steak is. this is the finest meat. >> try some. >> do you have any salsa.
10:46 pm
>> what's your name. >> jose. >> it's not working out. let's go to commercial. >> you haven't age in had a day. you look sensational. >> check this. new codes. >> sweet. >> you can demolish a lot of buildings with that. >> listen, get at donald trump on twitter as soon as it's invented otherwise you'll be stuck with liking him. as for the real donald trump i'll hate him, trust me. >> coming up triumph the insult comic dog is here. about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud,
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10:50 pm
safety of those on the refuge. after 4:30 pacific time one of the remaining occupiers left the barricades they had set up on an all terrain vehicle. agents tried to approach him but he quickly returned to the camp. the fbi statement states that no shots have been fired tonight. a post made a few moments ago on the facebook page tells supporters, wake up it's time. it adds that mr. bundy is headed to oregon.
10:51 pm
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it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. so you can say that trump's supporters are racist just because they want immigration and change. is that fair. >> which people say that? >> well, you know, people like me. >> come on, who's kidding who? you're uncomfortable with anybody darker than him. how about you guys, are you in favor of the wall? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> you think they should build a wall between you and benny's. >> joining us now, triumph the insult comic dog, the host of triumph's election special 2016. triumph.
10:56 pm
>> here i am. >> i watch these moments out there. >> that's right. >> why don't these people punch you? >> please, these trump supporters they're not mouth breathing animals like the liberal media likes to portray them. they're mouth breathing humans. >> they get the joke. >> they're mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore unless it comes with a side of ranch. >> what do you think about the aftermath of the new hampshire primary. >> there's a lot going on. bernie looks like he's willing to meet with any black guy for breakfast. i'm black. i'm waiting. that was fascinating, him and al sharpton having breakfast, imagine being there hearing those two great minds arguing whether to tip 12% or 15%.
10:57 pm
>> i'm sure it was more than that. so now what about chris christie dropping out? are you going to miss him? >> i'm worried that he's going to let himself go. you hasn't totally pulled out. he still has a thousand dollars a plate dinner scheduled. it's tomorrow at denny's by himself. >> all right. let's see. you actually -- i want to show you and ted cruz in conway, new hampshire. >> answer the question. >> i'll tell you this the christian values are the last best hope for mankind. >> oh, yes.
10:58 pm
oh, yes, he's really good this rubio. i'm sorry, it's cruz. i'm sorry. i knew i was racist enough to be a republican. one question. over here. senator, is it true you tried to shut down the government so you could go to a nickle back concert. >> so it he was a great sport. >> ted seems to know who you are. >> he does now. huckabee was much more -- oddly enough the ones who had nothing to loose were more willing to talk to me. >> i'm going to get your cigar. you actually helped huckabee with debate prep. >> yes, let's look at this one. >> let's look at this. >> this was big. >> let's talk for a second, okay. you have to take this debate 100% serious like you would a
10:59 pm
pie eating contest. you can't write this off as sillily nonsense like evolution or logical reasoning. >> indeed. >> so governor, if elected do you personally for the overweight man needed to balance out air force one. >> let me tell you something flying on that plane means you eat exotic food. i have food in my colon that's older than marco rubio. >> very good. >> hard to believe he didn't do better in the debates. >> he didn't make the next debate as the very last word last word. tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. well we'll have a last word campaign
11:00 pm
special report 2016 year of the outsiders including an interview with bernie sanders and maybe triumph. trump, let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews, the day after, the two big facts, one polls are good predictors, count on them. two, don't counsel on the two front-runners self-destructing only way to stop them trump or sanders is with a stronger candidate. the latest casualties, christie, out. fiorina, out. we're moving south to south carolina since his huge victory


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