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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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special report 2016 year of the outsiders including an interview with bernie sanders and maybe triumph. trump, let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews, the day after, the two big facts, one polls are good predictors, count on them. two, don't counsel on the two front-runners self-destructing only way to stop them trump or sanders is with a stronger candidate. the latest casualties, christie, out. fiorina, out. we're moving south to south carolina since his huge victory last night.
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katy, i hope you got some sleep last night, i got number. what do you think trump will do. will he be different? >> i think we'll see a more confident trump, with all of his bluster back. him proving to everyone out there and also to himself that he can do this. he is a formidable candidate and that these polls are in fact right. south carolina is a tough place. it's where people go to fight. i'm already being told attacks are being made, being prepped against donald trump for his three marriages, as well as his stance on eminent domain, if new hampshire want to have them sit on the couch, this south carolina wants to see a punch.
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>> sewer politics, the way it works. set things like did you know the guy is a communist, blah, blah, blah. do you think these will be sign materials put out by super pacs, by the campaign or dirty and underground. >> i think it's a safe bet to say super pacs will do this, but i wouldn't count out the dirty stuff. remember what happened to mccain with that whisper campaign, saying he had an affair, and illegitimate daughter, super nasty. nobody could pin down who it was, although there were rumors about it. i think that is the sort of thing that south carolina is known for. it's the sort of thing to be expected down there. south carolina voters, though can see through authenticity. they can see through the attacks. they want to make sure their candidates won't whine about it. take it. so donald trump will have to figure out a way to give or to
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get, excuse me, as good as he gives. we all know he is good at punching, being a count ter puncher, but not so great at taking these attacks. he hasn't been so great at tough questioning. either from another candidate or from a reporter. so he is going to have to stand up, he is approximate he shall leon the debate stage on saturday and prove that he can take it. >> okay what, do you think the shots will be based on your intimation so far? is it his marriages. we know about that. what will the other shots be. >> about 65,000 or 65% of south carolina voters say that they identify with evangelical or born again christianity. i think the three marriages is something that could come up. stance on eminent domain, flip flop on abortion, being pro and then anti-abortion, or not pro, but pro-choice, anti-abortion at another point. i think donald trump's conservatism will come back into play, conservative state. it's a place where ted cruz should play really well.
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also a place where the bushes have played well in the past. potentially hear who was responsible for who should have been watching out for 9/11, the whole attack between the fight between jeb bush and donald trump that took place a few months ago. that could come into play again. especially since george bush we're told will be campaigning for his brother. >> let's hold on here. let's go to a couple of the thoughts here. we keep imagining that the south is somehow different. they watch the same tv shows we do, sinful, dirty, sex if you will. they're the same tastes, divorce rates are pretty high in the south, not that they're a good thing, but it is part of american life. the fact that he has had a couple of marriages, i don't think that will hurt him, but the thing about abortion rights and jeb is a likeable guy, he found himself an opponent down there, cruz isn't exactly like able but jeb is. >> the battle is joined.
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finally, all the other competitors have discovered that they've got to start taking it to donald trump, and they will, and i think the bush family is really good at this, having done what they did. >> what will they throw at him. >> all those things and more. >> personal stuff, can you imagine talking about another guy's marriage in front of the guy in a debate. i would find that hard to do. >> i don't think they'll do it personally. >> but the debate -- suppose he comes on next saturday night, flyer about my wives. i did have some unhappy marriages, are you perfect. >> no, i think they stick to the faith. if you can site your strong faith, you raise questions about his faith and his church ties. >> does it bother the people in south carolina that jeb is roman catholic? >> i think it bothers -- >> how much this evangelical works here, in terms of, you know, affiliations. >> i don't think catholic as new york will be a problem for donald trump. >> the new york thing at him. the kitchen sink at him.
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>> why are we so -- i'm roman catholic too. i don't do it on television, but i was -- do i see the ashes up there? >> yeah. >> somebody washed them off, maybe it was makeup. i'm impressed with the ashes from ash wednesday today in south carolina. >> yeah i don't think being catholic. >> you can't help but notice it. >> i don't think it will hurt him. it won't help him that much either. >> doe clearing your faith won't hurt you. i think they will make an issue out of it, but the new york thing they'll make an issue of, the other thing, is the candidates have been fighting themselves and not others, and not trump. >> the point, you made a good point, katy, i want to get back to you too. the really dirty stuff used against john mccain coming back seven or eight years, saying he had an illegitimate child and he actually had an adopted daughter
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in south asia background, right. they said oh, that's his love child or whatever. they went after his wife with drugs, really dirty stuff. it worked, didn't it? >> well it, doesn't work -- >> ultimately you raise questions about people, you have the whole conversation about people. to some degree, what chris christie did to marco rubio is you change the dialogue about the candidate, and that's the dialogue that goes forward. no matter how you do it. >> once you bring up the dirt, it stays. let's take a look. katy tur you know this guy, trump. how does he respond. how has he had to respond to personal shots at his gut, his marriages. let's start with that. >> so far not so much. i think every attack that has been lobbied, leveled against him hasn't hit in that respect. and his whole past, his tab lloyd past, marriages, his playboy days, the things he has self-proposed. everybody know who is he. they know where he comes from.
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they aren't a surprise. and that's what he has going for him. he has been vetted in the press now for decades. that being said, i think that faith is an area that he could be hit on, especially when you pull up clips of him saying 2 corinthians. >> the report is about to take the stage. donald trump, we're going to have to give him a break to say some things here he is. >> we're the heater where are the heaters? well, you know, i'll tell you what, the clemson tigers, i was watching that game, but next year, all the way. great team. great team. great team. it was some game. you have to say. a little bit better than the super bowl. don't we agree? a lot better. but, well, thank you very much.
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this is some crowd. wow. what the hell kind of building is this? what is this? it's beautiful. a little bit on the cold side. i don't usually do this. but i figure, well, it's great to be with you. and you know, we've had an exciting time. we did a good thing, new hampshire, what a great place. what a great place. we won it big. we won it big, you know. the networks, they called, they said we're going to be announcing it at 8:00, 8:00 is when the final vote is cast. and i said i think that's a good thing. i hope that's like for us. and we won by a lot. a really lot. and the reason is that people are tired of losing in this country. we're losing all the time. people are tired of stupidity,
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incompetence. we're not going to have it any more. we had a case, where somebody was talking about the anger that they think i have. i'm not an angry person. but we're angry about the way our country is run. and we're not going to let it happen any more. we're not going to let it happen. so this has been going on, and we went up to new hampshire, i know it was an amazing experience actually, because i've known it long and for a long time, many friends live in new hampshire. many friends live here by the way, i have to tell you. but many friends up in new hampshire. and it came out in the original polls came out and they were so high. by the way, the original polls which just came out here, we're through the roof. we're high. we are high. i mean, the problem you have, and i saw it up there, and yet people are smart. these politicians, they say
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anything. they say, like i'm very, very big on the second amendment. i think most people know that. very, very big. and they'll say, donald trump does not respect the second amendment. i say what the hell is this guy talking about. the lying is unbelievable. and i guess it's part of a process, but the good thing we have a big, beautiful microphone. sit down, relax. sit down. we'll be here as long as you want. we may take some questions. should we take some questions? i think so. i think so. let's just have a good time. you know, i got so far in the last, like couple of days, one hour sleep. because you know, when you have victory, you don't need sleep, right? you you're going on adrenaline. then what happens is the following day, you say maybe i do need sleep after all. so somebody said oh, that's not a problem, mr. trump.
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we could cancel this or postpone. i said are you crazy. i would never. this is my -- look, this is our group. we have something so special going on. we have something so special going on. the cover of time magazine last week, they're talking about it's a movement. it's a movement to take our country back. and it is. it's a movement to take our country back. and that's what we're doing. and it's going to be so beautiful. it started. it actually started with iowa. we did great in iowa. we did great in iowa. had dr. carson been allowed to keep his votes, we would have done even better. but we did great. you started out with 17 people on the republican side, you know a couple just dropped out today. do you know that? carly and christie. and so we're down to, we're getting down to pretty good
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numbers here. we're getting down to low numbers. when i did it, and i said it was june 16th, and it takes guts, i always say to everybody, it takes guts to run for president. not easy. not easy. and especially, you know, when you're successful person, i've always heard it, if you're very successful person, the last thing you do is run for office. i never understood that. there is a certain legitimacy to what you do and then you get into politics, it's a whole other world. i've been in politics all my life, but i've been a supporter. nobody knows it better than me. one of the things we're doing and one of the things i'm doing is i'm self-funding my campaign, so i can't be bought. i can't be bought by all these people. and i think it's appreciated, but you know, i turned down, i'll tell you, you have guy like bush, who has this big fund. it's terrible.
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i'll be honest. the last thing we need is another bush. that i could tell you. that i could tell you. this guy, he says anything that is on his mind. but you know, he has gotten so much money, here is a statistic came out. he spent $39 million, and what is he, fourth or fifth, right? think of it. $39 million, look at all these people standing. there this place is unbelievable. the place is massive. look at all these people. he spent be -- i love you too. look at this. these people.
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this country is so great. the people in this country are so amazing. and you know, all the time, no matter where i go, it's the same. i go to mobile, alabama, 35,000 people. we go to dallas, 20,000 people, oklahoma, 20,000 people. in new hampshire, i'll tell you what, new hampshire, we were packed all the time. we had in a blizzard, 5,000 people. in an arena, incredible. three of my people were in car accidents coming over. one of them walked over about a mile through a blizzard to be there, and it turned out he had close to a broken leg. and then i said you're fired for ruining my car. no, i'm only kidding. why not? but the people, like, they have such spirit, such beautiful spirit. so i felt it was very important
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to self-fund. because i think nobody knows the system better than me. and guys are getting all of this money, and i would have had more than anybody. i mean, i was turning down friends, people that i know, $5 million, $10 million, people would give me anything. they put them in these pacs, which are as crooked as hell. they're running the campaigns. you know, they're totally, it's out of control. i'll be honest, it's out of control. but it's hard for me, you know, because my whole life, i take money, i make money. business, we make money, we grab money, money, money, i love money. right? no, it's true. we get greedy and more and more. all of a sudden, it's no, i don't want it. i want to do something else. i want to be greedy, but for the united states. we want to bring money into the united states. i really do.
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he i really do. the hell with the business stuff. my kids will take the business. my executives, they'll run it. we built a great business. i built an incredible business, some of the greatest assets in the world. very little debt. tremendous cash flow, just a great business, and frankly, you know, miami, turn bury in scotland, so many different things, buildings in manhattan, bank of america in san francisco, 1209 avenue, so many great things and nobody knew that. i am a private person. so they pundits, geniuses, they go and say i don't think he's going to run. and i ran. they said they don't believe it. then they said he'll never form a. form a is a single piece of paper, you're signing your life away. so many beautiful people in this audience. i'm looking at this. this a good -- such a great looking group of people. form a, they say he'll never sign it. i signed it.
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then they say, he'll never put in his financials, because he is probably not as successful as people think. so all of the politicians, they'll do financials, my financials were almost 100 pages long, done by the biggest accounting firms and lawyers in washington. i put them in. they said he'll ask for extensions, because you can have an extension forever. i said i don't want an extension. 30 days, boom, certified, put in. they went and these characters, no, take a look at the cameras. is that incredible. wow. wow. wow. do we have any protesters, because we have protesters, they'll turn the cameras tots protesters we may have to have a phony protest. that's the only way they show the size of these crowds. this crowd is amazing. i didn't know what i was doing. how many people, maybe about
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10,000. this is an incredible thing. so we go out, and file the papers, and the company is incredible. and you know, frankly, the press reports were great, but they were looking for something else. the only reason i say that is that's the kind of thinking we need in the country. we have $19 trillion, it's a mess, china, japan, mexico, vietnam, we have these countries, absolutely killing us on trade. with china, we have a trade deficit of $500 billion a year. think of that. how the hell could have you $500 billion a year. you can't have it. whoever heard of it? $500 billion a year. and it's been like that for a long time. they have been draining us. i have the greatest business people in the world. they're dying to get involved. they don't want money.
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they don't want anything. their ego. it's like chess players. they want to do it, because the game is not fair. we can't continue to go on like this. you see, the bubble is ready to pop. i don't know if you know, we're sitting on a dangerous bubble, so understand. we've been sitting. i've been good at predicting markets. we're sitting on a very dangerous bubble. so tied into china, to tide tied into asia, when they go bad we go bad. mexico, by the way, while we're talking about mexico, mexico is killing us on trade, but they're killing us at the border. guess what? we will build the wall. you know that. we will build the wall. we're going to builds the wall. >> they're building the wall where he began this campaign. let me go to katy tur the way he brought up cruz tonight. he has blamed him for his campaign for spreading word that
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dr. carson was pulling out of the race that would be argued, i'm sure from their point of view, may be a dirty trick. is he priming the pump now for some dirty action by the cruz people. >> i think he should be if he is not already. the dirty tricks in south carolina are well-known, as we were just talking about. i think those cruz tricks, over in iowa that voter violation mailer, the ben carson dropping out call, email that ted cruz sent out to voters, those aren't child's play when it comes to south carolina pol particulars. -- politics. he was saying he thinks that's fair game. that's called strategy. what they're telling me is that there is all these campaigns, rubio's campaign, cruz's campaign, even to some degree, donald trump's campaign. they've got smart south carolina operatives who know what they're doing and know that electorate. if he does not see these dirty politics, these dirty games coming his way, he doesn't have
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a very good staff. >> you know what, i don't like dirty tricks. nixon thought everybody did it, but when he got caught he was finished. i don't think it's fun. i don't like it. when you start spreading lies about people, spread truth a little, that's okay, but you've been talking about the cruz campaign, what they're capable of. >> we've seen again and again that these campaigns do this stuff because it works and the cruz campaign has some operatives with history of being good at this bare knuckle politics. there a difference. bare knuckle politics is when i explain the crimes and misdemeanors for which you've been -- >> you tell a bunch of old people they have to vote in the caucuses or they'll get -- >> that he stunned me. >> that's rotten. >> it is not abundantly clear that will work with trump voters. trump voters are so into the trump world, making america great again.
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>> he has to come up with a better message than making america great again. >> let me jump in. a good point of the new hampshire exit polling. donald trump supporters made up their mind a month ago. they decided on him and shut everything always. that could be what we see in south carolina as well. we do see those rabid followers out there, very excited supporters and they may have already made up their mind. he certainly is leading in the polls down there, and if they have, i think you guys are right. those dirty tricks might not work. it's well publicized. no surprises when it comes to donald trump, at least not yet. >> if you're wearing make america great again hat, it's hard to vote for jeb. >> unless you're doing it ironically. >> i like irony. so ahead of me katy tur, thank you so much for the reporting. thank you, my friend, john, paul. he knows more than he told us. paul singer knows a lot about
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the cruz operation. i hope you report it. coming up, bernie sanders beat hillary clinton by more than 20 points last night, 20%. by the way, if she doesn't stop him, i think he just keeps going. big leads in both statistic and nevada, but that may be changing for hillary clinton. can she hold him off on the democratic side. she's getting a big boost tomorrow from the congressional black caucuses, the caucus up on the hill. democrats mostly, they're all coming out for her, which will help in south carolina. this is "hardball." black here with the -- back here for the place for politics.
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together, we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to washington from maine to california. and that is that the government of our great country belongs to
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all of the people, and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their super pacs. >> welcome back to "hardball." i believe that's the message of the democratic side this year, this concern that we have, everybody has about citizens united. i think he'll raise more money for than the other side may be able to raise. any way, voters in new hampshire gave bernie a massive victory last night. the 74-year-old socialist, who is political revolution, 22 points up there. he had breakfast with al sharpton, president of the national action network and a host here on msnbc. he appeared on the view, the tv show and played some basketball with the host.
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he made his pitch also. >> everybody here knows that the greed and recklessness and illegal behavior drove this country into a horrible recession, right? how many people in goldman sachs will now have a criminal record, zero. some kid from new york city picked up with marijuana today, will have a police record for the rest of his life. but if you are an executive on wall street, whose illegal behavior helps destroy the economy, not a problem. i think people are up set about that. >> meanwhile, the clinton campaign received some big news today. nbc confirmed the black caucus will endorse hillary tomorrow. good news for her. national correspondent washington bureau chief for buzzfeed. when you're picking a president of the united states, everybody has to endorse up.
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no super president or chairman of the board to point down and say pick this guy. how do you endorse up? whether you're al sharpton or congressional black caucus. how do you tell to vote for somebody. endorsements matter for president? >> they do in the sense that particularly for african-american voters, there is still a core of the black vote that is largely, you know, not entirely, but that is very much influenced by religious leaders, by the church. that voter who is in a certain demographic, meaning, black voters over 40 who do still believe in the influence of the civil rights move and reverend al sharpton is that second generation, so i think there is still something to be said for endorsements. they do still feel they have something to say. now, by the way, the entire sort of weight of the black political class endorsed hillary clinton last time and that didn't way voters at all. they went with obama any way.
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it has some marginal benefit i think. for hillary just having african-americans endorse her period for her is a net plus. >> anything helps right now. the getting whacked yesterday. let me ask you about jim clyburn, because he is the first generation. he's been through the hell. what is he waiting for? i mean, the election is next week. >> well, i think that for jim clyburn, the number. >> the 27th down there. >> 27th for democrats, 20th for republicans. i think for jim clyburn, the number one important thing is that he preserves the -- people believed he was for barack obama personally. he wants the primary to stand on its own and to be the, in the minds of south carolinians, the most diverse primary. he will not endorse in advance. >> your view about this thing? hillary clinton, i am i've been
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arguing, this idea that these guys like trump and senator sanders are going to self-destruct is delusional. they are very good campaigners. senator sanders, when he goes into a room, he is not too he makes the point by point, he puts it the system is rigged. the people are listening carefully and they get it. i don't think he has any problems as a candidate at all. >> i think something similar to what joy was saying, if you look at on bernie sanders side, he has the endorsement of killer mike, one of the top m cs in the country right now. for young people, both black and white, that's a huge thing. i think people -- >> tell me about this guy, killer mike. >> mc from the dirty south. >> radio. >> he is on the internet, everywhere. very politically active. >> when did he make his call? >> couple of months ago i believe.
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that is a big thing. one of the leading sort of voices of the generation. >> what is that vote? >> it was on reparations. >> yeah, reparations. let me -- >> chris, i was going to say if you look at the dividing line, you really are seeing the next-gen, younger people particularly, but some seasoned era from back in the day, but one of the thing that draws them together and matches them up with white liberals is this discontent, general discontent with the obama era, it didn't go far enough. obama didn't go far enough, whether it was on race or wall street, he didn't arrest people after the great recession, you heard bernie sanders saying it. that core of discontent against really barack obama and what he did or didn't do, is the core that runs through sanders supporters whether they're white or black. >> almost a knock without meaning to be on no drama obama.
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>> subtle knock against the president he didn't go to war against greed. a certain part of the liberal movement, and not all democrats by the way, a lot of them are libertarians and they want that war, and that is why they like bernie sanders. >> any way, concession speech last night, hillary clinton, the secretary, former secretary of state, acknowledge would she has some work to do. those are her words especially with young voters. she talked about the anger out there. let's watch her performance last night. >> people have every right to be angry. but they're also hungry. hungry for solutions. what are we going to do. i will fight to reign in wall street and you know what, i know how to do it. african-american parents shouldn't have to worry that their children will be harassed, humiliated, even shot, because of the color of their skin. we have to keep up with every
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fiber of our being the argument for the campaign for human rights, human rights as women's rights. human rights as gay rights. human rights as worker rights. human rights as voting rights. human rights across the board for every single american. >> one of the three of us is female and i want to talk to you, joy, because this thing the other day, it's getting out of hand, this fight about whether, you know, gloria stein nam is right, inferno, and then of course frank who is openly gay, he said i'm not going to be told who to vote for. there will be other factors will be involved. women shouldn't be treated that way too. they have other issues besides. gender, should you vote your gender. >> when i talk to younger voters, under 30, they have come up in a world where they expect
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as a foundation of their lives equality. and they don't expect to have to fight for it. this idea is more rooted in the gloria steinem generation. i can't believe they don't think they're permanent. that's part of the divide. >> who is right? >> also for whom feminism doing what beyonce did, speaking the truth, getting out there and standing for black lives matter, not necessarily defending planned parenthood. so you have generational divide here. hillary can't take advantage of her strongest weapon. how ironic, for the persons for whom it was created, it was about hillary clinton, she can't capitalize on it. she can't capitalize on feminism. she has a wall between her and particularly younger voters. >> a lot of this is about sell by date. every politician, whatever generation or ethnic background knows you have certain number of years people are interested in you and then lose interest. like tv series, four or five
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years, you get tired, you can't figure out seinfeld. so i think bernie sanders had been around for the last, since the 1980s, like the clintons, and we knew him all these years listening to his pitch, he would not be the fascinating candidate he is today. hillary clinton has been around, i think a lot of that we're going to talk about this maybe later. >> so has he. bernie sanders has been around. he was in the clinton administration voting for some of that stuff, but not publicly out to your point. >> south carolinians are going to get to meet the guy next week. >> that's true. >> they're not going to meet hillary clinton. they've known her forever. good and bad. joy reid, thank you. john, we'll give you more time next time. it was about women, we have to give the woman a chance to talk. bernie sanders wins new hampshire and a feeling on the gop side, they're dropping now. they're starting to drop. and more are going to drop fairly soon. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics.
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welcome back to "hardball," the new hampshire primary a
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clipper, candidates got clipped. as i mentioned earlier, chris christie is out. suspending his campaign, after a disappointing believe this or not, sixth place finish in the live free or die state. before leaving new hampshire, he was reflective. here he is. i have both won elections that i was supposed to lose, and i've lost elections i was supposed to win. and what that means is you never know. and it's both the magic and the mystery of politics. you never quite know when which is going to happen, even when you think you do. and so we leave new hampshire tonight without an ounce of regreet. not for the time we've spent and for the thousands of people tonight in new hampshire who will have voted for us. >> well, sounded like a champ, we'll get to that in a minute. carly fiorina also quit, leaving
11:43 pm
six candidates, a half dozen left in the republican nomination. fresh off the election coverage, april ryan of american urban radio networks, howard fineman and bloomberg view columnist, margaret collins. this a fascinating -- look right now, to remind ourselves, how chris christie went out. he went out as a slugger, taking down marco rubio and probably the most effective piece of prosecution to the point where it's almost like he shook the guy to death. here he is, offering a devastating below to marco rubio over the weekend. he called him out for his freshman senator for his robotic canned responses. look what it did to the guy. here we go. >> let's dispel once and for all that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he is doing. let's dispel barack obama know what he's doing.
11:44 pm
>> the 25 second speech, that's exactly. >> the bottom line, this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is -- >> there it is. the memorized 25 second speech. >> we're not facing a president that did you know what he is doing. anyone that believes that he doesn't know what he's doing on purpose, doesn't under what he's dealing with here. >> i've seen a lot in politics, nothing that zaney. when somebody calls you a robot and perform as a robot again and again in front of the same audience. >> yeah. not to take anything away from what chris christie did, it was fairly masterful, rubio, as you call him, did himself in, because he did the very thing that christie. >> did he shake the guy into insanity? why did he behave like that. >> donald trump says he probably started sweating and so nervous, he couldn't help himself. >> it was wild.
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i'm thinking all these metaphors will get me in trouble. right in front of the audience, do you it. >> your point about christie is that prosecutorial sharp knife and highlighted it for everybody. he framed the whole thing for everybody to see. and set him up to do it again and again. >> he was like frank under wood. did you see him do it? >> you see him do this thing. >> i'm mazed christie doesn't turn directly to the camera and do it. it was absolutely devastating. one of the most devastating moments of video in modern politics. >> to the point i think, april, none of us are shrinks here, i've gone frozen, but i've never been repeating myself over and over again. >> it was called debate barometric pressure. he stayed on the talking points.
11:46 pm
>> they were words. not points, words. >> verbatim. i'm not saying he was right, but if you keep saying something over and over again, people might believe it. he thought he could keep doing it and christie might leave him alone. guess what. christie made him look like a fool. >> like a robot. >> also, the comment that he kept repeating was not related to anything that was going on at the debate. >> no. >> that was the other part. >> you take up this question. years ago, way long ago, where somebody runs an ad campaign and destroys the other person, but the people see the fingerprints of the person doing it, and they don't like that person and so they go to a third person. in this case, they went to john kasich apparently. >> throw the wrong and hide the hands. >> throw the rock and hide the hands. >> you're hiding under a bushel basket. go, girl. you got this. this a good one.
11:47 pm
>> well, thank you. you know, if they want to leave the prints on kasich, fine. but guess what, kasich is the guy of the hour. really, he is the candidate that he doesn't have the financial backing, he doesn't look presidential. but he is the one that they have to watch out for, because he is mr. new hampshire. second place. he came out of nowhere. you have to throw -- >> did you hear his religious statement last night that was apparently impromptu after he lost, came in strong second. 16. he started to talk about family and being nice to people and listening to each other and when you meet your neighbor out of the driveway, say hello and at the super market. >> he touched you as a person. that's what politics is, it's personal. the bottom line, kasich is the one that a lot of democrats say, if he is the republican nominee, they could -- >> do you think they're killing him right now. >> kasich. >> yeah. >> it might be. it's the truth. >> the reason he was talking about being kind to your neighbor and all that, his advisors keep telling him,
11:48 pm
especially in new hampshire, don't talk about god all the time, okay. don't mention god. >> a little humanism. >> yes, because people think that you think you're right because god is on your side. that doesn't play in new hampshire. probably doesn't play other places. >> that's smart. people were doing good better than owe buying. >> exactly. >> round table staying with me. these people telling me something i don't know. howard just did. this is "hardball," the place for politics.
11:49 pm
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tune in tomorrow night for two editions of "hardball." we'll be here at 7:00, to preview the debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, the only two candidates and then back at 11 eastern, top analysis of the nations big moments. we do this a lot now. 7 clock and 11:00, we'll be right here, msnbc. we'll be right back. anyway, the roundtable is
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11:52 pm
anyway, the roundtable is staying with us, and up next, these three will tell me something i don't know. howard just did.
11:53 pm
as a prosecutor, a lot of people in the party were calling him saying you went too far in taking down our rising star. they don't like it. and he got the calls. >> wow. howard? >> if hillary clinton wants to survive in nevada, which is the next thing coming up,ment caucuses there, she's going to need the help of the culinary workers union local 226, a famous local with 50,000 members. >> wow. >> so far they're refusing to endorse. they haven't endorsed anybody and they're probably not going to endorse. >> harlem, new york, bernie sanders was there and so was his wife, jane. she remembered where she was. she was an advocate for children and also she worked right around the corner from sylvia's round and bernie sanders got harry belafonte to enforce him. >> thank you. when we return, let me finish with these two facts. polls are good predictors and the only way to stop trump or sanders or both is with a
11:54 pm
stronger candidate. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics.
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comcast business. built for business. let me finish tonight with the facts now before us. i can think of two important facts. first, stop all this skepticism about polls. when you read that donald trump or bernie sanders is getting a good number out there, don't let someone dismiss it to you. the results in new hampshire were very close to the results in the polls before the voting took place. keep this in mind as we get survey data on south carolina.
11:58 pm
candidates in newspapers and local tv stations all buy polls for a reason. they're good. when somebody pushes a notion to you that the only real poll is on election day, consider who's talking. usually it's someone doing badly in the polls, who dearly hopes you won't give up on them. by the way, just ask yourself, why would have person be ready to tell a total stranger on the phone who they intend to vote for but be afraid to vote that way in the secrecy of the voting booth? good question, don't you think? second fact also out of new hampshire, drop the delusion that trump and sanders are going to self-direct, some kind of extra terrestrial bodies from some political meteor out there that's going to disintegrate when it enters the earth's atmosphere. i know why people say this, hope it's going to happen. the success of both these guys, the front-runners in new hampshire, the huge success tells me their campaigns are running not just efficiently but very efficiently. they're getting their messages across. they're selling themselves. in order to stop mr. trump or
11:59 pm
senator sanders, some other candidate is going to be the one to stop them, that means a republican candidate is going to have to meet trump head on and win more votes than he does. it means secretary clinton is going to have to outpoll senator sanders. neither trump nor sanders is about to simply blow it. and like everyone else, i've thought trump would say something that would turn off too many people. he has and it still hasn't stopped him. got it? like others, i thought senator sanders' self-described democratic socialism would be too much for most democratic voters. new hampshire proved that theory wrong. the senator from vermont as i saw myself this past week is a very effective, compelling advocate for his views. in the room especially when you're actually with him. the only way to take him down if that is your goal is for him to face a candidate in the field who is better presenting a democratic agenda than sanders is. there you have it. new hampshire gave us two more facts, the accuracy of polls and effectiveness of both trump and sanders out there on the stump. believe both these facts or
12:00 am
continue the delusion that these two are not as compelling as they actually are. and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. tonight on "all in." >> we're going to win so much. you are going to be so happy. >> trump takes new hampshire. now, can anybody stop him? >> that will never happen again. >> why last night's results could not be worse for the republican party. >> you started it. remember, you started it. then, bernie's big win. >> a huge voter turnout, and i say huge. >> will team clinton change course? >> i know i have some work to do. we're going to fight for every vote in every state. plus, the candidates calling it quits. and the real story behind one of twitter's top trends last night. >> and bernie sandwiches.


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