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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 11, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PST

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this year. the guy on the bottom, that's my boyfriend, jim gill more. he got ten times as many votes in new hampshire as he did in iowa. that does it for us tonight. that does it for us tonight. thanks very much for being with us. "first look" is up next. it's thursday, february 11th. right now on "first look," the fbi is surrounding the oregon refuge. and is negotiating a surrender with the armed holdouts. two fall as the presidential hopefuls descend on south carolina. and why did north korea's kim jong un have his top military chief executed? plus, a frightened wild elephant runs amok causing damage and fear. boston's famed fenway park is transformed into a winter wonderland. and from super bowl champion to egg on his face, peyton goes head to head with magic. "first look" starts right now.
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good morning. i'm gigi stone woods. breaking news in oregon. the fbi has negotiated a surrender of the last of the occupiers of an oregon wildlife refuge. in a live stream of a phone kofx with negotiators, the occupiers said they'd srdz -- surrender this morning but only if they were escorted by the televangelist's son. one occupier drove an atv outside the barricades, the fbi blocked all entrances and exits and leading to hours of tense negotiations. ammon bundy and other members of the group were arrested around two weeks ago. ammon's father clive bundy gained prominence after his own standoff with the federal government last year. he was arrested by the fbi late last night and taken into federal custody. so far, no word on what charges cliven faces. they're expected to be announced
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later this morning. a luxury cruise ship returned to its new jersey port last night after passengers endured a terrifying ocean storm. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas was battered by rough see saes and -- seas and powerful winds, forcing passengers to tyke refuge in the cabins for ten hours. it was carrying 4,000 passengers and 1,600 crew members when it departed saturday on a seven-day cruise to the bahamas. that's a city. weary passengers streamed out of the ship. one woman called the ordeal a cruise from hell. >> i want to cry. i just want to cry. like all the energy just trying to hold it in, now that we're off the boat, i just want to let it out. >> royal caribbean will provide guests with full refunds for the cruise. yes, i think that would be best. to politics where the republican presidential field is shrinking after poor performances in new hampshire, carly fiorina and chris christie both announced they're suspending their campaigns.
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on the other hand, donald trump is taking that momentum to south carolina where he declared quote, you're next. and that a win in south carolina would propel him to run the table the rest of the primary season. he also pushed his general electability saying he could even win states that are not republican strong holds like new york and michigan. nbc's peter alexander spoke with john kasich fresh off his strong second place finish in new hampshire. >> how do you navigate the anticipated negative attacks? >> i won't let somebody pound me. i mean, i have a right to be able to defend myself. >> watching the results come in tuesday night, kasich was more reflective. >> we plugged away and plugged away. little engine that can. >> reporter: but in south carolina, this midwestern moderate faces a steep uphill climb. in a state with far more christian conservatives, a target audience for ted cruz. >> men and women of south carolina i believe want a consistent conservative. somebody who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. >> reporter: jeb bush's days may be numbered, without a strong south carolina showing. calling on his brother, the
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former president. >> jeb bush is a leader who will keep our country safe. >> reporter: so much for southern charm. a marco rubio adviser predicting this state is going to be a bloodbath. >> south carolina will be definitive and determinative and i need your vote. come out and help us. i need your support. >> reporter: still south carolinians may avoid the establishment altogether. >> they're looking for somebody that's going to say the things that they want to hear. the people in south carolina are angry right now. and they want a candidate that reflects that. >> nbc's peter alexander reporting. for the democrats, senator bernie sanders is in a new york state of mind. fresh off the huge primary victory over hillary clinton, he met in harlem with msnbc host reverend al sharpton. the two discussed the flint water crisis and civil rights for african-americans over breakfast at harlem's famous sylvia's restaurant. they're broadening the senator's appeal with minority voters.
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they have touted endorsements from key african-american leaders but a number of lawmakers are speaking out against him, accusing sanders of being absent on issues important to african-americans. one said, there's no credibility to the things being said at the twilight of his political career. according to an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, sanders trails clinton in the states decisive of african-american voters and sanders addressed that with sharpton. >> you had a great victory last night and you are now moving into nevada and south carolina. how do you intend, because clearly new hampshire and iowa are mostly white states if not nearly white, how do you intend to deal with the diverse populous in south carolina and in the south? >> in a couple of ways. it comes down to what we believe and what we are fighting for economically. and what we're fighting for in terms of social justice and
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criminal justice. once the word gets out who i am, what we stand for, we'll do just fine. >> sharpton says he plans on meeting with hillary clinton next thursday before announcing his endorsement. meanwhile, after a resounding loss to sanders hillary clinton is turning her focus to nevada and south carolina. they're dispatching bill clinton to try and rally some support in south carolina this weekend. but in the wake of losing new hampshire, clinton could be facing critical problems with key voters. top supporters are telling nbc news they're really alarmled by voters' reasons for abandoning clinton. she lost on trustworthiness by 86 points and even lost to women by 11 points. and sanders overtook the young women by 59 points. the campaign is counting on her firewall of minority support in the more diverse states ahead. that strategy will get a boost
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from the key african-american group today. the congressional black caucus, it will formally endorse clinton calling her a better candidate for african-americans. congresswoman marcia fudge of ohio said she's been talking about this for her entire life. i have only heard about it from sander ins the last year. clinton will look to halt sanders halt when they go one up on one in milwaukee in the next debate. reports out of north korea are indicating that country's army chief of staff has been executed. a member of the parliament tells nbc news they have multiple confirmations from various sources. the execution was for corruption and conspiracy according to the sources. south korea's intelligence service reports over 70 such executions since kim jong un took power. and the u.s. senate approved a bill to block north korea's progress towards a nuclear weapon. in a 96-0 tally the senate bill mandates sanctions against those involved in the nation's missile
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development program. it brings renewed efforts to combat cyber attacks against the u.s. presidential candidates marco rubio and ted cruz joined in the vote. presidential hopeful bernie sanders missed the vote but he did he's a statement support -- he did release a statement supporting it. it was a response to sunday's missile launch by north korea seen here in this footage released wednesday. officials in pyongyang said it was to put a satellite in orbit, but many countries including south korea and the u.s. saw it as a test of the north's ballistic missile capabilities. a disturbance at a maryland shopping center ends in tragedy with two sheriff's deputies gunned down and the suspect killed. they were responding to a disturbance at a panera bread. after speaking to the suspect identified as david bryan evans, one deputy was shot without warning. evans fled and was later found
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by a second deputy who evans shot. the suspect was killed by being fired at by two others. jeffrey gaylord became emotionally broken when he reported. >> today is a sad day for those citizens of harford county that we are sworn to serve. one of our deputies is a 30-year veteran, served in the services division and the other deputy had served this agency for the last 16 years and he was assigned to the community services division. >> the identities of the deputies have not yet been released. here's something you don't see every day. the wild elephant went through a destructive rampage in indwhat. it sent frightened residents to run for their lives. no one was injured here. the giant female wandered from a nearby forest and was searching
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for food. the authorities managed to shoot it down with a tranquilizer gun and had to use a crane to remove it from the town. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. >> hi, there, good morning. there could be more red arrows at the opening bell today. european markets are sharply lower on continued concerns about the health of the region's banks. oil is also weighing on stocks trading near $27 a barrel. fed chair janet yellin is back on capitol hill today. yesterday she acknowledged the slowdown in the global economy but still says it's possible the fed raises rates again this year. meanwhile, watch shares of twitter today. the company reporting disappointing results wednesday as it's not adding any new users. the stock is down 50% since jack dorsey returned as ceo last summer. twitter is trying to make changes, overhauling the time line to make the most interesting tweets appear at the top. and burger king wants to be the home of the hot dog. the fast food chain is adding grilled hot dogs to the menu
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later this month. they don't face much competition. hot dogs serving fell 4% at restaurants last year. back over to you. >> i thought hot dogs were out once we knew what was in them. in sports, kobe bryant bear hugs lebron james. the cavs had no problems with the reeling lakers but kevin love reinjured his surgically repaired left shoulder. kobe finished the night with 17. in england, the name of the game is shrogue time, it may be the angriest event. it's a giant brawl moving throughout the time of ashborn. the field is only three miles long. the distance from one end of the town to the other. it can take days but when a goal is scored the winner drinks as much ale as they can consume. this has been going on since the 17th century. super bowl winning quarterback peyton manning
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yucked it up with jimmy fallon, but the highlight might be manning going one-on-one with magic johnson in the famous egg russian roulette. take a look. >> i had dreams growing up that i would have a chance to play magic one-on-one some day. >> this is it! >> i never thought the egg -- >> dreams come true. >> good to see you, buddy. oh! >> super bowl winner with egg on his face. it was worth it just for that. get ready for a wicked winter blast of cold temperatures. and the demolition, coming up next.
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good morning, everyone. getting ready to the head into the deep freeze over the next few days here in the northeast. we're still seeing the lake-effect snow showers. we could see up to another foot of snow across the great lakes. especially lake erie and ontario. here's the big story. friday evening an arctic push
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moves into the northwest. and then into saturday we watch as that cold spreads east into the ohio valley. cleveland feels like 13 below on saturday morning. not much better in d.c. where it feels like zero on saturday morning. then saturday night, valentine's weekend, a big night out for dinner, 28 below in burlington. even in new york city, it feels like 10 degrees below zero. and for sunday morning, it could be the coldest valentine's in 100 years in new york city. near zero. and boston not much better. getting a taste of the cold, 29 today in central park. still hot out west. 86 in los angeles. and it gets a little stormy in the northwest. showers in seattle. the southwest is the place to be. still in the mid 80s in phoenix and also los angeles. is it too late to get out there for the weekend?
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>> yeah. the justice department is suing ferguson, new jersey, for constitutional violations. this comes a day after the city council rejected a negotiated agreement with the doj because the cost of implementing the decree could run as much as $10 million over the next three years. >> it is extremely unfortunate that the city has chosen to litigate this matter rather than move directly to the remedies and reforms that would in fact have been proven a benefit to the city and avoided the cost of litigation. >> ferguson had been under investigation since michael brown, an unarmed black teen was fatally shot by a police officer who said he was in fear of his life when he opened fire. for the 15th time, sirhan sirhan the man who assassinated senator robert kennedy in 1968 was denied parole yesterday. now, this after paul shraid, a friend of kennedy who was also shot pled for sir than's release. he believes the senator was killed by an unidentified second shooter. oh, no!
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got the whole thing. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> the audio is the best part. you're looking a a demolition gone terribly wrong. a parking garage in houston, texas, collapsed on the crane with the operator still inside. luckily, he was not hurt. today's fenway park's baseball field has been turned into the winter wonderland for the big air. "scrambled politics" is up next. don't go anywhere. overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief it takesi'm on the move.. to all day and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals,
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now here's your thursday dish of "scrambled politics." the presidential candidates spent more than $100 million in ads leading up to the new hampshire primary. well, npr is out with an analysis of how much each spent per vote. the results are surprising. fourth place jeb bush spent over $1,000 per vote. roughly $400 more than the next candidate on the list, chris christie. this compared to the winner donald trump who spent a paltry $31 per vote as he's been telling us pretty much. the democratic candidate spent around the same, bernie sanders $60 to hillary clinton's $52. republican candidate jim gilmore didn't spend a lot of money in the granite state but still improved on the 12 votes he got in iowa, though not by much.
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130 votes. among those who received more votes than gilmore, martin o'malley, mike huckabee and santorum. and this man, democratic candidate vernon supreme who doubled up gilmore in the vote count and is preparing for the zombie apocalypse and free ponies for all americans. you have my vote. in case you're wondering mr. supreme finished fourth in the democratic primary. that's too bad. someone who did much better than gilmore in new hampshire, ohio governor john kasich. he may be in for a fight back home, however, after a bill which cuts funding to planned parenthood was sent to his desk. a bill he is expected to sign. media mogul rupert murdoch has harsh words for chris christie. he tweeted this. chris christie, suicide bomber, damages victim while plowing himself up, referring to his attack of course on marco rubio at the last gop debate.
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but perhaps not the most judicious choice of words, rupert. remember that ice cream flavor ben & jerry's cofounder created for bernie sanders? bernie's yearning. the candidate got to try it yesterday. >> well, i'm tasting this for the very first time. let's start with this. >> so it's called bernie's yearnings. >> it's good. >> it's ben & jerry who created one just for you. we had to show this. what's the other one? [ cheers and applause ] >> this is good stuff. >> good? >> it's really good. >> the guy has been busy. he doesn't have time to stop for ice cream. jimmy fallon remembers sanders' new hampshire speech differently than i do. >> but that is not neither here nor there nor anywhere. i'm speaking tonight to claim victory in the new hampshire primary over she who must not be named.
2:24 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> he's almost up there with larry sanders even though it's more challenging for him. that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." leading the news on nbc, 42 rescued after abandoning burning boat in south pacific. this is video of a coast guard c-130 taking off from hawaii to rescue the boat's crew. 1800 miles to the south. rescuers found most of the crew members on life rafts. the captain and eight others managed to put the fire out. no injuries were reported. and in "usa today" after 28 years, secret service posts a warning no guns in the white house. finally. the signs are required by the anti-drug abuse act of '98. neither the secret service or the justice department could explain why it took 28 years to install those signs but it is an important message to get across. so i'm glad they got to it. now entertainment news. that's a new "harry potter" book out, fans. it will be released this summer,
2:25 am
nine years after the last one was published. be warned. the eighth installment isn't even a novel, it's a script for the upcoming play that j.k. rowling participated in. i bet people will be running to the bookstores anyway. this is big. eagles band members and jackson browne are scheduled to play tribute to glenn frey at the grammys. he died january 18th, aged 67. the first full trailer for the netflix drama "house of cards" is making waves on line. finally the highly anticipated new season can be streamed on netflix on march 4th. i'm going to mark those days off my calendar. >> on my list already. >> all in a row. >> until i puke. i'm gigi stone woods -- that's what they call it, binge watching. this is "first look" on msnbc. don't forgot to like us on facebook. "way too early" is up next.
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you travel coach yourself. and you always travel in the middle seat. why is that? is that penance for something? why travel in the middle seat, sir? >> because we couldn't get the aisle or the damn window, that's a why. [ laughter ] >> a late night for senator bernie sanders ahead of tonight's democratic debate, sitting down with stephen colbert after breaking bread with the reverend al sharpton. will that help cut into hillary clinton's support among black voters? plus -- >> who thinks that hillary is going to make it? [ audience boos ] first of all, she's got to get through this wacky socialist guy bernie. a guy that nobody ever heard of,
2:30 am
literally, is beating her so badly. i don't know. honestly -- >> and donald trump heads here to south carolina with the wind at his back as two more republican candidates get voted off the island. and down but not out, a closer look at what the feuding candidates from florida plan to do in hopes of staging a comeback. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." ♪ >> hi, everybody. good morning. it's thursday, february the 11th, i'm thomas roberts on a throwback thursday edition of "way too early." i have the mug to prove it. we are live in columbia, south carolina, as the race is shifting to the first in the south primary. so fresh off his 22 point vict


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