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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  February 11, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PST

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literally, is beating her so badly. i don't know. honestly -- >> and donald trump heads here to south carolina with the wind at his back as two more republican candidates get voted off the island. and down but not out, a closer look at what the feuding candidates from florida plan to do in hopes of staging a comeback. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." ♪ >> hi, everybody. good morning. it's thursday, february the 11th, i'm thomas roberts on a throwback thursday edition of "way too early." i have the mug to prove it. we are live in columbia, south carolina, as the race is shifting to the first in the south primary. so fresh off his 22 point victory in new hampshire, bernie
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sanders will debate hillary clinton tonight in milwaukee following his blowout primary win. sanders travelled to new york city where he met with reverend al sharpton yesterday. they sat down at harlem's famous sylvia's restaurant and they discussed how he plans to make inroads with minority voters ahead of the next two nominating contests. >> you had a great victory last night. >> we did. >> and you are now moving into nevada and south carolina. how do you intend, because clearly new hampshire and iowa are mostly white states if not nearly white, how do you intend to deal with a diverse populous in south carolina and the south? >> in a couple of ways? it comes down to what we believe and what we are fighting for economically. and what we're fighting for in terms of social and criminal justice. i think we have the agenda in nevada and i think we have the agenda in south carolina. that once the word gets out who i am, what we stand for, we'll do just fine.
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>> senator sanders skipped a vote on north korea sanctions to be in new york yesterday which the clinton camp seized on, criticized him for that. a spokesperson said it is quote unfortunate that senator sanders has shown a lack of interest in vital national security issues. meanwhile, hillary clinton's overwhelming advantage among african-american voters could see another boost today. the black caucus pac will endorse her at an event in washington and that goes as several go on the attack against her rival. representative jefferies of new york is slamming senator sanders in "the washington post." telling the people, quote, there's no credibility to the things that are being said at the twilight of his political career. and the head of south carolina primary in which african-americans will make up more than half of the electorate, the state's house minority leader, todd rutherford endorsed hillary clinton yesterday before talking up her record on a conference call with
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other african-american leaders. but bernie sanders has also picked up a number of endorsements along the way from prominent black leaders and elected officials in recent days. influential author coates was added to the list yesterday -- when he'll announce he'll be voting for sanders through that support. and here's what former naacp president and sanders supporter ben jealous had to say about the two candidates yesterday on msnbc. >> for me as a movement person, it comes down to the trio that martin luther king referred to as the giant triplets of evil -- racism, militaryism and greed. when you go by that standard, you see bernie sanders has been very consistent in fighting racism. very consistent in fighting stupid wars whether it was vietnam or it was iraq. he's been very consistent in fighting greed. when you take those with hillary, it gets confusing.
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it just gets confusing. meanwhile, sanders' victory has caused an influx of cash to come in. the average donation in the first 18 hours after voting ended was $34. now at one point on tuesday night the campaign reportedly processed 2,769 contributions in a single minute. to put the $6 million figure into perspective for you, the largest 24 hour haul prior to winning new hampshire came after the wake of his tie with clinton in the iowa caucuses when they pulled in $3 million. meanwhile, two more republicans have left the field. chris christie and carly fiorina are suspending their bids. christie finished in sixth place in new hampshire after really staking his campaign on that state. in spite of new momentum and a
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slew of recent endorsements christie likely would have failed to make the next debate because of his disappointing finishes in iowa and new hampshire combined. christie's campaign announcement said in a statement to nbc news, i leave this race without an ounce of regret. i'm so proud of the campaign we ran, the people that ran it with me and all of those who gave us their support and confidence along the way. but it's on to south carolina for the remaining seven candidates. 5,000 people filling in to an arena in pendleton last night, all to see donald trump who talked about his win in new hampshire and fired up supporters with nine days to go until the first in the south primary. >> i got so far in the last couple of days. one hour sleep, because, you know when you have victory you don't need sleep. you need adrenaline. then the next day, you need sleep after all. oh, that's not a problem, mr. trump, we can cancel this or
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postpone. i said are you crazy? i would never. this is my -- look, this is our group. we have something so special going on. you have a guy like bush who has his big fund. [ audience boos ] it's terrible. i'll be honest, the last thing we need is another bush. that i can tell you. that i can tell you. in the middle east, we have spent if you added it all up, $2 trillion in iraq. in iraq, what do we have? nothing. we never should have been there. i should get points for vision, but we should have never ever been there. all we did is knock out -- and then you're going to see bush come up and give his brother an ad, great job, brother. great job. if you get a shleber like bush, you get a guy like bush, okay, no really, this guy you have other people like jeb who spent
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more money than anybody else and he's down toward the bottom of the pack. is that what you want as a president? >> no! >> no seriously. >> after admitting his campaign faltered in new hampshire senator marco rubio yesterday promised to mount a comeback in the south. taking on rivals' critiques of not taking it up with the press, he fielded every question for 40 minutes and he argued he only did poorly in a fraction of the eight debates and dismissed it to rick perry's oops moment. >> in seven of the debates, if you want you believe to believe the coverage i did very well in the debates. in fact n 7.95 debates i did very well. i had a bad incident at the beginning of the debate and it clouded everything else we talked about it. i felt good about everything else, but that one moment going to capture the attention. it's on me. so we're going to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> rick perry was unable to put
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his debate moment in 2011 behind him. >> yeah, i mean -- >> yeah, it was worse. how does your campaign put that behind you? >> well, um, i mean, there's a bing difference. he couldn't remember what he wanted to say. apparently i remembered it too well. >> rubio wasn't just playing defense yesterday, setting his sights on jeb bush. >> the fact of the matter is jeb has no foreign policy experience. none. he was governor a long time ago. the world has changed a lot in the last ten years. and foreign policy has changed a lot in the last five years. and no one on that stage has more experience or has shown better judgment or a better understanding of the national security threats before this country than i have. >> senator ted cruz was also in south carolina yesterday, where he took shots at the media for ignoring his surprising third-place finish in new hampshire and he framed the race as down to just two. >> well, i am looking forward to a week of wall-to-wall coverage
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on fox news at the impressive third place finish which marco rubio got, so i'm sure that's what we're going see on every show on fox today. the shockingly impressive third place finish of cruz. >> the great thing about iowa, new hampshire is it's narrowed the field and it's given south carolina a clear choice. one of the most important conclusions koppeling it -- coming out of the first two states the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. the only way to beat donald trump is to highlight the simple truth of his record. it is not conservative. on health care, donald has called for expanding obamacare. for adopting bernie sanders style socialized medicine and donald's own words, he is very liberal on health care. i don't think republicans in south carolina are very interested in expanding obamacare. >> so now to some other stories in the headlines for you this morning. maryland governor larry hogan has ordered that flags be flown at half-staff in honor of two
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sheriff deputies shot yesterday. they were responding to a call at a panera bread location, a second deputy went after the gunman and was shot and killed as well. neither have been identified yet. the suspect, 67-year-old david evans, was killed later by a responding officer. according to "the baltimore sun," yesterday's incident was the first time in 15 years that two maryland law enforcement officers were killed in a single shooting. the department of justice will sue ferguson, missouri, less than 24 hours after the city council made changes to the agreement with the federal government. so at issue here -- costs to the city approaching $4 million to implement reforms like higher police salaries and better jail staffing. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch proclaimed city residents have waited for justice long enough. >> the residents of ferguson have waited nearly a year for their city to adopt an agreement that would protect their rights and keep them safe. but as our report made clear the residents of ferguson have
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suffered the deprivation of their constitutional rights, the rights guaranteed to all americans for decades. they have waited decades for justice. they should not be forced to wait any longer. >> the deal was originally struck in the wake of the shooting death of unarmed teen michael brown. all right, so let's focus our attention on business now where investors will be watching as janet yellin returns to capitol hill for her second day of congressional testimony. speaking before a house panel yesterday, yellin warned the u.s. economy is facing a higher level of risk than it did just a few months ago. cnbc's louisa bojeson joins us with more on that. what changed? >> well, upside risk is something that the central bankers like to look at and like to cushion themselves a bit. but many would argue fundamentally things haven't changed and that if anything, that's the problem. because for the u.s. it seems that the u.s. economy still is
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faring relatively well when looking at the jobs picture, but a different picture here in europe. here today we are seeing a sell-off, we're getting creamed no other way of putting it. the european equity markets are down 3 to 5% a half hour into trade. the banking sector is off by 6% and there's worries about whether or not the banks are healthy enough. your markets in the states, they're being called significantly lower, we're a couple of hours away from the open. significantly lower calls coming through for the u.s. markets. a lot of speculation about what the yield curve is telling utionz, because we're see -- telling us, because traditionally that indicates recession when you see a flattening of the yield curve. a lot going on today. >> a lot to watch. thank you so much. live from london, louisa bojeson. still ahead on "way too early" -- kobe bryant takes his farewell tour to cleveland and
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doesn't mince words when asked about retiring right now. some of our colleagues had a tough time saying the name bernie sanders on election night. we have friendly looks at that. thanks for all the tweets coming in this early. no, i do not like getting up this early, but this show is great. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. time now for sports and we begin with the nba. we take you to cleveland and kobe bryant in his farewell tour making the final appearance at quicken loans arena against the cavaliers last night. big hugs between bryant and lebron james as the two stars displayed some mutual respect. there you go. the two met in the locker room after the game and bryant signed a pair of his sneakers for the king. while he had positive things about lebron in the postgame interview, kobe mentioned one thing that's not so pleasant during his final season.
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>> this farewell tour, what's the one thing you hate the most about it? >> that we suck. that's tough. that's tough. >> nothing like telling it like it is. back on the court during the second quarter of that match-up, the cavs get a scare when forward kevin love appears to reinjure the same shoulder he dislocated in the first round of last year's playoffs. he said it was just a stinger and that he doesn't expect to miss any more time on the court. rookie d'angelo russell takes a pass from lebron intended for a teammate, square to the groin. there you have it. collapse, lying face down on the court where he stayed for several minutes. he would eventually shake it off and finish the game. so we take you down to orlando. yeah, brutal to look after. orlando after battle back from the fourth quarter deficit the spurs even with the magic with the final seconds in regulation. watch. >> aaron gordon guards him.
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rising for the win. oh, baby. >> look at that, san antonio's kawhi leonard hits the go ahead jumper. the spurs hang on for the 98-96 victory. to the pitch for olympic qualifying soccer in texas. the u.s. women's national team took the first step toward the 2016 rio de janeiro summer olympics with a 5-0 victory over costa rica in the qualifying opener. morgan had a pair of doles including one of the -- a pair of goals including one of the fastest in history. 12 seconds into the match. can't wait the see them in rio this summer. i want to head up to 30 rock for a check of the weather and we go to meteorologist raphael miranda. >> good morning, thomas. well, the polar vortex is acting up again. that means it will send
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dangerous cold into the midwest and northeast. we're tracking lake-effect snow, another foot possible in some spots along lake erie and ontario. some snow showers exiting long island. no major accumulations there. but the cold will be major. in fact, it starts tomorrow evening. feels like 7 below in minneapolis. this is saturday morning now, cleveland feeling like 13 degrees below zero. washington, d.c. on saturday morning feeling like zero with temperatures in the teens. then saturday evening, yeah, valentine's weekend, a lot of folks heading out around big apple, 10 and 15 below zero. the coldest is sunday morning, it could be the coldest valentine's day in a hundred years in new york, two degrees. look at boston, 4 below zero. windchills much colder than that, that would be the coldest valentine's day on record. now we're getting started with the cold today. a little preview. 20s in new york city. 21 in chicago. again, tracking some light snow in the midwest. look at the southwest, so
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jealous of los angeles. 86 degrees there. 87 in phoenix. it stays that way for friday. 80s in the southwest and then the arctic invasion begins in the midwest. 10 in minneapolis. watch as that sweeps into the northeast. we are stuck in the teens, new york city and boston thought the weekend. windchills near or below zero throughout much of the weekend as well. the good news, this will ease up into early next week. short and painful, again, real sign of winter. but it's february after all, thomas. >> something that we should all expect. thank you so much. thanks to everybody for the nice tweets i keep getting for throwback thursday. no, the blue phone i used to use on "way too early" is not going to show up. don't worry. some people are so upset about beyonce's super bowl performance they plan to protest outside of nfl's headquarters. the nation's top prosecutor was asked about it. the attorney general's thoughts next on "way too early."
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welcome back to "way too early." yesterday, bernie sanders made his rounds on the talk show circuit. first, he stopped by "the view" and he was asked to say something nice about his republican rivals. >> since this political campaign at times has been a little bit nasty, and since valentine's day is right around the corner, i would like for you to say one nice thing even if it's just one word about the following people.
2:54 am
john kasich. >> old friend. >> donald trump. >> what can i say? [ laughter ] >> one nice thing. come on, bernie. one nice thing. he has nice ties. >> nice hair. >> humble. >> when you grow up you realize you can't always get what you want. you have to do things that are responsible. and -- [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders. >> stephen, you can do what you want and be responsible. >> but senator, these shows are supposed to start with the host standing up and talking to the camera. >> stephen, that's what the elites want you to think. you have to follow your heart. go your own way. the revolution is possible. you are the revolution. [ cheers and applause ] and in this time, the revolution
2:55 am
will literally be televised. >> and who knew a name like bernie sanders would be so hard for us news folks to pronounce including some of my colleagues here at msnbc. >> now the problem is to me -- between her and barry sanders -- >> donald trump has won the new hampshire primary on the republican side and on the democratic side bernie sandals -- >> and railing against pharmaceutical companies and the like and bernie sandwiches -- >> what? what? >> that is good. bernie sandwiches. chris hayes did tweet -- he said, i was literally watching people being served dinner when i said #bernie sandwiches. that's probably a sandwich named
2:56 am
after bernie. we told you that department of justice is suing the city of ferguson and last night during her news conference announcing the lawsuit, loretta lynch got an unexpected question about one of the biggest pop superstars in the world. >> beyonce has released a video that obliquely references two cases, brown and martin. have you seen that video and do you have a reaction to it? >> i have not seen the video. i have seen her super bowl performance. i can't comment on the video. i thought of the performances at the super bowl were great. coming -- >> even coldplay? >> everyone brought their specific talents to the field. >> all right. one more important note in beyonce's music video, she references going on a date to a red lobster restaurant and the video turned red lobster into a trending topic on twitter. not only that, but helped contribute to the increase in
2:57 am
sales for that chain by 33% on super bowl sunday. the chain was sold to a new owner in 2014 after struggling for several years. all right. so that's going to do it for me today and "way too early." coming up on "morning joe," senator bernie sanders rakes in big bucks after his big win in new hampshire. we've got all the numbers to break down on that, plus the reverend al sharpton will discuss his meeting with the presidential candidate in harlem. yesterday, as the republicans turn to south carolina, a big question is whether donald trump's style will play well with voters in the bible belt. this morning, a new focus group is giving some clues. that and much more coming up next on "morning joe." see you later today, live from columbia, 1:00 p.m. for my show. take care, everybody.
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why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? >> you travel coach yourself and you always travel in the middle seat. why is that? is that pen innocence for something? why travel in the middle seat, sir? >> because we couldn't get the aisle or the damn window, that's why. [ laughter ] >> see, that's going to be bernie's appeal.


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