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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  February 12, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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on that new hampshire second place showing. with a meeting with business owners at a chamber of commerce luncheon in columbia. next hour, four of the candidates will make their case to evangelicals at the faith and family forum at bob jones university. jeb bush, ted cruz, marco rubio, and ben carson are all scheduled to speak at that event. all that ahead of the republican debate in south carolina tomorrow night and the gop primary there a week from tomorrow. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. now, the one republican who won't be in south carolina today, donald trump, who has held another massive rally that we have gotten to know from his campaign. the latest polls showing he has a solid lead in south carolina. he held that rally last night in louisiana. tonight, there's a rally in tampa, florida. on the democratic side, fresh from their contentious debate last night, hillary clinton will
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make a campaign stop in south carolina this afternoon before both she and bernie sanders attend a political dinner in minnesota tonight. highlights of that debate now from nbc's andrea mitchell. >> hey, good morning, tamron. hillary clinton is trying to regain her footing after that big loss in new hampshire. so she accused bernie sanders in the debate last night of being a one-issue candidate. and of disloyalty to barack obama, who is hugely popular with minority voters in nevada and south carolina, the next states to vote. tangling wepetedly over president obama, clinton tried to put sanders on the offensive. >> the kind of criticism we have heard from senator sanders over the president, i expect from the republicans. i do not expect someone from someone running for the democratic nomination. >> that is, madam secretary, a low blow. >> she seizing on what he had said to kasie hunt about obama's record dealing with congress. >> you don't think president
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obama has successfully closed that gap? >> no, i don't. >> it was clinton's first chance since new hampshire to try to regain the trust of women voters. >> i have spent my entire adult life working toward making sure that women are empowered to make their own choices. even if that choice is not to vote for me. >> but sanders also sees his candidatcy as historic. >> somebody with my background, somebody with my views. i think a sanders victory would be of some historical accomplishment as well. >> they hammered each other on immigration, the economy, health care. >> i have fought my entire life to make sure that health care is a right for all people. we're not going to dismantle anything. >> the numbers don't add up. i believe i can get the money i need by taxing the wealthy, closing loopholes, things we are way overdue for doing. once i'm in the white house, we will have enough political
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capital to do that. >> secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. >> on foreign policy. >> journalists w s have asked w you do listen to on foreign policy. >> it ain't henry kissinger. >> that's fine. >> clinton is digging in for a prolonged fight as sanders continues to raise millions of dollars online. outraising clinton by a large victory since his new hampshire victory. >> "huffington post" senior political recorder amanda turkal, national affaired correspondent for the nation, john nichols who attended the debate last night, and raul reyes. amanda, you had an interesting description. you call it a wonky debate. who would have thought that henry kissinger would be the contentious point or name coming up in a democratic debate? but it is quite incredible. >> there are some people who probably had to google henry kissinger because they haven't heard of him in a while. i don't know how effective that
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attack was saying, i don't trust henry kissinger. that's someone you said you do listen to. it was maybe a little bit out dated for some people. and you know, bernie sanders, one of his weak points is foreign policy. hillary clinton often sort of sights her experiences, sighcit these people she knows to dwesh herself. he needs to come up with a better answer on foreign policy to really sort of weaken that criticism from clinton. >> john, let me bring you in because to pick up on what amanda said, you're right, i'm sure some of the 30 and under crowd googled henry kissinger and why his name would come up in that way. bernie sanders' campaign followed up and sent out a memo during the debate. they outlined 13 things they called the most egregious acts while in office for henry kissinger. among them, kissinger helped wage an illegal war in cambodia, 1969 to '73. authorized the secret bombing of laos in the vietnam war.
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yes, most of his young voters will not get that list. but was it an effective way to show yet again that hillary clinton is the establishment candidate? she's name dropping someone that these young voters might see as an elite in that party. so away from what amanda said about whether it's effective or not, it's look at her dropping the name from her inner circle, and they can't relate to you. >> well, i think that you're absolutely right that a lot of younger voters probably some did google it, although it's important to remember that not many years ago, the late christopher hitchens wrote a very well received book called "the trials of henry kissinger" that looked into a lot of the criticisms of kissinger's approach to foreign policy. that book has been taught in a lot of colleges or looked at. i'm not sure he's completely delinked from young folks. i would also suggest something else. if we recognize that sanders'
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challenge is not so much with young voters, but with voters who are a little older, kissinger is someone that a lot of them remember. and that frankly quite a few of them may have problems with. so i'm not sure it was a wholly ineffective reference. what fascinated me was the extent to which both sanders and clinton kept going at it. >> yeah. >> it wasn't just a quick reference. sanders referenced it. clinton came back saying she likes to listen to people even though she disagrees with. sanders came back, and it was actually a rather extended exchange. >> it was. >> it suggests both of these candidates are quite interested in this issue. >> it is, and they both see an opening, whether it's effective or not can be debated, but somewhere in the campaign, she felt in her response she had hit on a sweet spot, and he felt on the other end he had. we'll see what voters think. i do want to talk about the other name that keeps coming up, raul. it's president obama, and really
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who owns his legacy and who is trying to defeat his legacy. let's play the exchange regarding obama. >> kind of criticism that we have heard from senator sanders about our president, i expect from republicans. i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> that is -- madam secretary, that is a low blow. i have worked with president obama for the last seven years. i have been a strong ally with him on virtually every issue. do senators have the right to disagree with the president? have you ever disagreed with a president? i suspect you may have. >> senator, what i am -- what i am concerned about is not disagreement on issues, saying that this is what i would rather do, i don't agree with the president on that. calling the president weak, calling him a disappointment. >> one of us ran against barack
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obama. i was not that candidate. >> well, not just because of the split screen, but that was an intense moment. >> right. up to that point, a lot of the debate was very gentile, very pbs-like, and all of a sudden, hillary clinton, and this was a soft hp ball question on who do you think is influential. hillary clinton flew that out there. one thing that struck me from the debate is hillary clinton has really calibrated her attacks on bernie sanders. she went out of her way to stress their similarities, but every time something came up where she and bernie sanders differed, she cloaked her sense in a way with barack obama. i think that's because she's looking at the younger voters who he's going to need and she knows for them, president obama was probably the last candidate they got excited about. every time he throws something at her, for example, wall street money, the campaign contributions, she's quick to point out, barack obama did it, too. this is the way the system works.
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trying to give them a sense of reality, so if you look at the bigger picture, you can say bernie sanders offering a great dream, just like president obama did, but hillary clinton is trying to chip away at that and say, well, what about the details? how much is it going to cost? she repeatedly stressed how much, you know, the math doesn't add up. >> amanda, she also stressed she's not a single-issue candidate. going back because it is a current and we'll hear it again in the next showdown, the next debate, over who is most in line with president obama. and whether that is necessarily a good thing. we're going to talk about that when you look at, for example, african-american voters who are now looking at unemployment and asking the question, have they improved under the administration of the first black president? so when you look at the back and forth last night, who wins that? who wins it at this point? >> well, i think hillary clinton has done this very strategically all along. she's ramping it up now in south carolina. if you listen to her, she often talks about her accomplishments
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during president obama's administration. she and the president have become very close since they ran against each other in 2008. where if you listen to bernie sanders, he often talks about what he wants to do. you don't hear him talking as much about working with president obama and what he wants to do. clinton for a while has been trying to tie herself to president obama. her first ad in south carolina featured eric holder, president obama's first attorney general, the first african-american attorney general, and he's also tried to make the case that she's best positioned to carry on the legacy. >> is it an effective strategy, john? >> sure. i think it has some impact. and i think that one thing to remember is that we elect a president in states. not nationally. and states are different. new hampshire allows a tremendous number of independents to vote in the democratic primary or the republican primary. they get to choose. as you get to some of these other states, you have primaries
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that are really much more distinctly attracting committed democrats. and remember that president obama polls incredibly well among people who identify as committed democrats. even if they have some criticisms of him, they like the guy. and so there is a wrestling for connection to him and i think hillary clinton makes a point there. >> how does bernie sanders effectively push back against this? she's not going to roll over and give into, this is who i am. you saw him fight back. what does he need to do in south carolina, in nevada, and quite honestly with wisconsin with the working middle class there? >> well, i would suggest you're asking how would -- >> how does bernie sanders -- yeah, effectively? >> one thing he might want to do, and sounds odd, he might want to take a page from hillary clinton last night. because one of the things that hillary clinton did very effectively was not just connect
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herself or try to connect herself to president obama, but she also connected herself to many of the struggles of the obama era. and i think that sanders has to talk about that. you know, in the debate last night, clinton frequently referenced wisconsin governor scott walker. and she referenced him not casually, not just a hello wisconsin thing, but very specifically tying him to obstruction of federal policies. to a war on workers, on unions, and you know, that kind of brings nuance to the discussion of the obama era. someone might be disappointed in the era, but not disappointed in the president. >> that's such a great point. i want to play it because i do want to play that, what you were references, scott walker came up two times from hillary clinton. let's flay one of those. >> does wall street and big financial interests along with drug companies, insurance
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companies, big oil, all of it have too much influence? you're right. but if we were to stop that tomorrow, we would still have the indifference and still have governors like scott walker and others trying to rip out the heart of the middle class by making it impossible to organize and stand up for better wages and working conditions. >> raul, i'll get you in on that because john who is with us, his column was hillary clinton rips scott walker to make the bigger point. that's the point john was making there, you can have a dual track if you're bernie sanders and that may be his playbook if you're hillary clinton. >> she also landed a solid punch when she mentioned the fact based on bernie sanders' projections for his health plan, he needs a buy-in from governors. she mentioned scott walker as the kind of governor who would never go along with this point. undermining one of sanders' most popular points. one thing that is clear from the debate, if you're watching it,
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you know we're not in new hampshire anymore. this whole debate was filled with appeals to latino voter whose are about one third of the population in nevada, 17% of the electorate. also to african-american voters who are 28% of the population in south carolina. hillary clinton went out of her way, i thought, to mention deiondra hamilton, killed by milwaukee police. you see this references. they're eyeing these states and trying to make this push that they are inclusive. sanders did it as well. he brought up the crisis in flint, michigan. for hillary, the issue is whether or not she's a strong candidate. for bernie sanders, it remains whether he is electable. >> last thought, is that the big headline? we can go through the back and forth over president obama, over henry kissinger and some of the other headlines. is the big wake-up call today, this morning, we're not in iowa and we're not in new hampshire anymore? >> i think that's exactly it. you're hearing their message change. honestly, it's refreshing to hear about different issues that
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affect maybe more voters of color. and south carolina is a crazy state. nasty things often happen, and this race is going to heat up more. >> thank you all for your time. john, amanda, raul, pleasure to have you on. >> eric garner dies after being placed in a chokehold by new york city police in 2014. now his daughter appears in an emotional video campaign. a campaign video. and she's endorsing bernie sanders. >> i'm never going to forget, and i don't want the world to forget what happened to my dad. i'm behind anyone who is going to listen and speak up for us. >> meanwhile, eric garner's mother is supporting hillary clinton. do these dual endorsements highlight a potential generational divide within the african-american community? in the democratic race? we'll take a look at that when deray mckinsen joins us, one of the most prominent names of the black lives matter. >> and donald trump making major
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change of sorts on the trail, as he goes after ted cruz. calling ted cruz yet again a liar over some anonymous robocalls in south carolina. we talk a lot about the dirty politics in south carolina. has it already started on the republican side? we'll dig into that headline after a quick break and follow more developments live on the ground in south carolina where there are a couple big events planned today. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories.
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south carolina right now, jeb bush is set to hold a meet and greet event at a restaurant in anderson, south carolina. that's upstate near greenville. lindsey graham is introducing him, as you see on the screen now. and john kasich is about to start a lunch event at a chamber of commerce in columbia.
8:20 am
both are locked in for a battle for the establishment support against marco rubio. we have eyes on both of those events for you this hour. meanwhile, back on the democratic side, as both hillary clinton and bernie sanders reach otto african-american and hispanic voters ahead of nevada and on to south carolina, the sanders campaign has released an emotional online video featuring an endorsement by the daughter of eric garner. mr. garner was a 43-year-old unarmed father of six who was killed in a chokehold by new york city police officers in 2014. here's a part of the nearly four-minute-long video. >> i'm behind anyone who is going to listen, and speak up for us. and i think we need to believe in a leader like bernie sanders. >> it is not acceptable to me that we have seen young black men walk down streets in this country be beaten and be killed
8:21 am
unjustly. >> there's no other person that is speaking about this. people are dying. this is real. this is not tv. we need a president that is going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protester. >> when a police officer breaks the law, that officer must be held accountable. >> he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. >> and while erica garner is endorsing bernie sanders, eric garner's mother, gwen carr has endorsed hillary clinton last month saying, quote, she seems to be the only candidate right now talking about how we can be strategic in trying to address police brutality. joining me, deray mckesson, a member of the black lives matter movement who has organized movements in ferguson, milwaukee, baltimore, and he's running for mayor of baltimore as a democrat. thank you so much for your time. >> good to be here. >> let's just look at the
8:22 am
numbers here. it's been fascinating to take a look, in october of 2007, during the demprimary, african-americans were split generationally between clinton and obama. looking at that time divide between 40% obama, 38% clinton. however, obama had an edge with younger black voters. but by january, he had an edge over hillary clinton among african-americans in general. 49% to 30%. when you look at the garner family, and the divide there within that family over who to endorse, is there a larger question here? >> yeah, i think that some of it is about the inner generational divide with how faithful people feel the government has been to their needs. i also think there's something, when we met with bernie and hillary, we told them that their concern really should be if people are going to stay home or not. some people feel bernie has not rolled out a plan as much as he's covered a broad range of
8:23 am
topics. people have real questions about how. and with hillary, i think people question her sincerity and if she's willing to talk about some of the tough issues especially related to race and criminal justice. i think people are rightly focusing on who people support. i think a bigger question is whether people are going to come out and vote at all. >> yesterday, senator sanders said with him as president, race relations in the united states will be better than under the current president. let me play what he said. >> so race relations would be better under a sanders presidency than they have been? >> absolutely. because what we will do is say, instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires, we are going to create millions of jobs for low income kids so they're not hanging out on street corners. we're going to mack sure that those kids stay in school or are able to get a college education. and i think when you give low-income kids, african-american, white, latino kids, the opportunities to get their lives together, they are
8:24 am
not going to end up in jail. they're going to end up in the productive economy, which is where we want them. >> deray, we have seen under the obama administration, initiatives to not only reach out to young african-american and hispanics, but especially even young black males. when you hear bernie sanders say under his administration it would get better for african-american youth, what is your response to that? >> yeah, so i still have a lot of questions. he said the same thing when we met with him in our small meeting. i think sanders has an inkr incredible grasp of economic injustice. a question of a jobs program, which is what he talked about in the clip, i would love to hear him talk about how he plans to make sure it's equitable along lineoffs race as opposed to just a jobs program where he just hopes the outcome becomes equitable. we have never seen that hope translate into actual fruit or the outcomes that are intended. so again, i think he's a strong economic frame, the question with bernie remains how.
8:25 am
it doesn't remain what. with hillary, it's a what question. what are you willing to talk about? what will you put on the line? with bernie, it's how are you going to make it happen given the force of the statements he makes. >> yesterday, we saw members of the black lives matter movement protest. they were forced to the media area for about ten minutes. they were described as peaceful and loud, but that is the whole point of the protest. in general here, but going back to what you said regarding the how, does that not also apply to hillary clinton? if she is to extend some of the initiatives from the current administration that, for example, when you look at dr. dyson's new book explores race and politics of the obama administration, and takes a hard look at some of the real unemployment numbers that still exist. he believes that if the unemployment rate were this under a white president, there could be protests. but because there is a black president, that we're not seeing some of the outrage that maybe
8:26 am
some of the congressional black caucus and their pac who endorsed hillary clinton yesterday and other leaders would be voicing. >> well, i don't know if that's true about the protests. you have to remember that one of the single largest movements in my generation has emerged under president obama. so i think that's that. >> but that was focused on police brutality and not the economic status that does in a sense, and you know better than i, you have been on the front lineoffs this, it all connects, in many ways through the disparity within communities based on economics. >> yeah, so it started because of police violence and police brutality. again, the movement is covering a host of issues, and definitely now in its maturity, focusing on economic injustice, which is what you have seen across the country. with hillary, it's a question of how and what. it's will she talk about the role of communities and communities oversight? will she talk about beyond non-violent drug offenses? >> has she done that? >> no, she hasn't.
8:27 am
that's the question, right? when we met with her, she talked about the importance of communities in a platform, i have no clue what that means, right? it is a question of what. it's also a question of how with her. with bernie, he talked about so many issues that i can't imagine what else more i want him to talk about. potentially the reparations issue. but again, with the range of things he's talked about, it's about how. this is not to let hillary off the hook. there are so many things i think people are rightly pressing her to address. >> you're running for mayor of baltimore. you have not endorsed a candidate at this point between the two. do you plan to in the near future? especially given -- go ahead. >> i still have more questions. i'm hoping bernie will release a plan. that might make things clear. there are rumors hillary might release a more expansive plan especially with economic injustice. i'm looking forward to those things. >> baltimore mayoral candidate deray mckesson. >> still ahead, the war of words in a battle between outsiders,
8:28 am
ted cruz, donald trump. trump now calling cruz a liar yet again. today, the allegation, though, is that cruz's campaign is behind some dirty tricks. some push calls in south carolina. we'll get the latest. plus, what republican voters think about some of their candidates. take a listen. >> divisive. >> opportunist. >> fake. >> doctrinee. . >> car salesman. >> we'll have more from the focus group. interesting insight that may be food for thought for you this morning as we continue the follow the live meetings on the ground in south carolina with mark murray who joins me in a few minutes. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. (dog) mmm, beneful healthy weand low-calorie... keeps me looking good. hey, i get some looks, i hear the whistles. (vo) beneful healthy weight, a delicious, low-calorie meal your dog will love. with wholesome rice, real chicken, and accents of vegetables and apples. welcome back. we're listening in to a very interesting town hall in
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anderson, south carolina. that's jeb bush, as you know. he's really trying to rise as the establishment front-runner in the race. he's in the upstate part of south carolina. more conservative. he just mentioned his brother who will be campaigning for him in south carolina. let's take a listen. >> indians or pakistanis or malaysians. why would we send the signal we're not serious about the world? of course we want their help. because without their help, we can't do this alone. but in leading, we can destroy isis. i can promise you, that will be my first priority as president of the united states. i know a little bit, a little bit about leadership through trial and error. look, life is, for those who have lived a little more than others, you know what i mean. you learn when you make a mistake, right? when you have a setback, you learn when you listen to people rather than talk all the time. i'm not learning anything right now. i can promise you that. although i learned that you're a
8:33 am
sweet lady. but the simple fact is when you're talking, you're not learning. when you make a mistake, you assess. and in my life journey, the best examples of how i have grown as a leader have been the challenges that i have faced. and i mentioned one of them. eight hurricanes, four tropical storms in 16 months. i was all in, man. you can't -- you can't be passive when something like that happens. you never heard governor bush or governor riley blame fema. you never heard me be critical of washington, d.c. you never heard anybody say the dog ate my homework in florida. if anybody on my team started saying it wasn't my fault, i would politely send them over to the corner and tell them either stop or you're going to be fired. >> we're listening in as jeb bush touting his leadership as governor of florida. jeb and several of the republican opponents are going to be turning their attention, as you see there, to south
8:34 am
carolina, but specifically, evangelical voters. ben carson, jeb bush, marco rubio, ted cruz, all scheduled to speak at the faith and family presidential forum at bob jones university in greenville this afternoon. skipping the event will be new hampshire's top two finishers. donald trump and john kasich, actually, that's one in three, but trump is the only candidate not in south carolina today. instead, trump will be holding a rally tonight in tampa, florida, a state where he leads by nearly 20 points. and keep in mind, jeb bush was the governor of florida. marco reebio, senator. meanwhile, trump appears to be adjusting his style to appeal to conservative christians in the south. last night in baton rouge, louisiana, trump told a crowd of about 10,000 supporters that he's done using foul language at his rallies. >> i won't use foul language. i'm just not going to do it. you're all saying do it, do it. no. i'm not.
8:35 am
right? she said -- a woman here is on my side. she said don't do it, right? don't do it. because they always have -- even if it's not a bad word, if it's a little bit off, they kill me. i won't do it. i'll never do it again. >> joining me now, hogan gidley, a republican strategist and former executive director of the south carolina republican party. most recently, a top aide on mike huckabee's campaign. he called the primary there, brutal, bare knuckle, blood bath, and predicts there will be three tickets perched out of the state. that's the longest intro, so that means you have good information for us. let's start out with, it's interesting jeb bush just speaking now at that event, and saying with his leadership, he politely would push back. he started off also talking a little bit about his presence and how he would battle isis. all of this under the cloud his brother is headed to south carolina. set the tone for what the bush family can expect when you now
8:36 am
have donald trump and ted cruz angling for the outsider role. >> right. i think that bringing george w. to the state is a good move by jeb. he's very popular here. remember, south carolinaens basically elected him. they salvaged george w. bush's campaign, catapulted him to the campaign in 2000. a nasty contest, but he won. it's one of those things where i can talk about my mama but you can't. and george w. bush feels like one of our people in this state. we like him there. it doesn't mean it's going to translate to votes, but they do like him. now that he's out of office, one of the things they loved most was his national security prowess. put that up against the backdrop of barack obama and people are going, we wish bush was there. >> donald trump doesn't wish bush was still there. let plme play what he said last night, already what the voters of south carolina think george w. bush was a good president.
8:37 am
>> he's bringing his brother in. he tried the mother, which she's a very nice lady, i'm sure. he tried the mother. that didn't work out so good. now he's bringing in his brother. i won't say anything. i'm going to save that for after his brother makes his statement. because there's plenty to say about what happened. okay. especially that last three months. >> so while you can bring up barack obama, this battle now is between donald trump, the bush brothers, and maybe some of that south carolina support you referred to, that supported george w. bush during his term. >> right, but i siddant say it would translate to votes. i did say they like him. it was george w. bush's spending that gave birth to the tea party. that's one of the things south carolina cares about, deficit spending. we're in massive deficits now. george w. bush was the chief culprit in that. it doesn't necessarily mean votes, but they do like george
8:38 am
w. bush here. it just remains to be seen if it will translate to momentum for jeb. >> is it a mistake to take on george w. bush if he's liked in south carolina. >> if i were trump's people, i would tell him to take out the two senators. the evangelical vote matters a whole lot here. what evangelicals don't like, they don't like someone who tells them one thing to their face andthen something behind their back. they don't like someone to parade around as the paragon of virtule. >> are you referring to senator cruz there? >> absolutely senator cruz. we found out he doesn't tithe. his whole campaign slogan is i'm as good as ronald reagan and better than jesus christ. >> do we know if donald trump tithes, if that's the litmus there. because you brought it up with senator cruz. do we know if donald trump tithes? >> no, i'm just pointing out the fact what evangelicals like, someone who tells them the
8:39 am
truth. what ted cruz did to ben carsen, he lied, stole, and cheated him out of votes. they want someone who is honest to them, will tell them one thing to their face and talk ubd the sang them behind their back. your public persona has to match your private personality. in this kacase, it doesn't for d cruz. they don't like the sleazy tactics, the nastiness. for him to talk about one thing to them and then say i hate new york values and then go to new york and rake in new york money, that's a problem because it's hypocritical. as an evangelical, we have been taken for a ride in several campaign cycles by slick snake oil salesmen. not the first one we have seen, and it won't be the last. in this state, that matters for people to come out and be honest about why they are. that's something ted cruz just isn't, and it's hurting him in the evangelical community here. >> hogan, thank you so much for joining us. always great to have you on. you know south carolina better than anybody. still ahead, the democratic
8:40 am
ground game in south carolina. msnbc's joy reid is out with a group of people. they are canvassing for senator bernie sanders. we'll check in with her to see what joy is hearing on the ground. and a live look at two events going on right now in south carolina. jeb bush talking to potential voters at a town hall upstate in the city of anderson. as the showdown between the bush brothers and donald trump picks up steam. while john kasich is out to hold a luncheon at the chamber of commerce in columbia. as he is trying to get some traction going with the establishment. stay with msnbc for the place for politics. at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. oh no this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there. hi, steve with safelite. thanks for your text! i replaced her windshield... and she didn't miss a single shot
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit nothing is slowing down on this friday. a busy day on the campaign trail with nine events across the country. republicans are making their way across south carolina in advance of tomorrow's debate.
8:44 am
john kasich set to take questions from potential voters in columbia. in fact, these are live pictures of that group at the chamber of commerce getting ready. meanwhile, jeb bush speaking at a town hall. this has been going on for a bit. this is in anderson. he's taking on his opponents, especially donald trump who is already saying he's ready to take on the bush brothers. george w. bush set to campaign for his brother in south carolina. the former florida governor will be joining ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio, in greenville in the next hour at the big faith and family presidential forum. on the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will both be in minnesota tonight for the humfry mondale dinner before heading west. clinton will be in south carolina holding a town hall in the city of denmark. a lot going on, and guess what. we're keeping track of each and every one of these events. still ahead, the top takeaways from the debate. our first read team says today,
8:45 am
questions whether the democratic race has turned into a referendum on bernie sanders. what do you think of that question? we'll get some insight from mark murray after a quick break. we'll be right back. o. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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welcome back. we are still waiting for the faith and family forum in south carolina to get started. that's at bob jones university in greenville. jeb bush, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, all scheduled to speak. donald trump, ted cruz, not attending. in case you're wondering, evangelicals make up 60% of the state republicans. so a lot of what we heard out of iowa might be repeated in south carolina. meantime, the bernie sanders campaign team hitting the ground, particularly hard in south carolina. in hopes of keeping up his momentum out of new hampshire. msnbc's joy reid joins us live from columbia, south carolina,
8:49 am
where she's watching the sanders team. let's talk about their strategy, joy, and what you have been able to learn while there. >> well, you know, one of the things that we have noticed is there's a lot more support for bernie sanders than i think a lot of us expected coming down here. the polls don't show that he has a lot of momentum here, but we were seeing it on the ground. we went by his campaign, we canvassed with some of his staffers. they got a really good reception. a lot of undecided black voters. listen to what two of the staffers said are some of the most important issues in the campaign. >> bernie sanders is the only candidate that wants the raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. he wants to build upon the affordable care act to have universal health care for everybody. he's the only one not taking money from wall street. doesn't have a super pac. >> what's the most important issue to you? >> in this election, education. i believe everybody should have the opportunity and a fair chance of going to school for free. given the opportunity to go
8:50 am
free, it gives african-americans, especially african-americans, an opportunity to grow here in america. >> what is the biggest concern that you hear from black voters when you're going to their door snz. >> concern >> of course, the incarceration of our people. we have the highest percentage there is when it comes to incarcerati incarceration. people are sus septembceptible . >> reporter: the sanders campaign living its beliefs. they pay workers $15 minimum as well. >> joy, thank you very much. looking forward to more. thank you, and a live look. we go back to columbia to south carolina where governor john kasich at the podium speaking at the chamber of commerce luncheon in that part of the state. we'll be right back with some thoughts from our first team as
8:51 am
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8:54 am
we bring together some of the support that would make him the establishment. george w. bush set to take stage. and finished third in new hampshire, surprise strong finish for him there, thank you and trying to pick up on the momentum. he beat out ted cruz, i should say. we see all the boxes and the state blanketed with candidates,
8:55 am
democrats and republicans, as you know. what's the headline? >> reporter: that it's ted cruz and donald trump in south carolina. whoever ends up wins probably has the leg up in the race. marco rubio has the debate on saturday in the republican field and his last debate performance last week was one of the most destabilizing events in the 2012 republican race to date. can he get back on track tomorrow night's debate? that's what i'll be watching. >> sunday morning programs. that's what people prepare for. john kasich was the surprising second place finisher in new hampshire. does he have a path to go in the other states front and center in the next few weeks? >> mark, thank you so much for joining us. we see you again on the live
8:56 am
event. governor kasich at the chamber of commerce trying to shore up business support in south carolina. we know that's important and this weekend, plenty of other events planned. we keep you on top of everything happening on the ground. thank you so much for joining us for the entire week. we appreciate it. the 11 a.m. eastern team. thank you. have a great weekend. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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8:59 am
on "andrea mitchell reports." >> i do not expect someone from the democratic nomination to
9:00 am
succeed president obama. >> that is a low blow. >> i think in the white house, we'll have enough political capital. >> you're not in the white house yet. >> ted cruz turns a scene from "office space" into an attack on hillary clinton. >> and whoops, who pulls this ad off the airways? >> maybe vote for more than a pretty face next time.


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