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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  February 12, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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6- i'm coming you from the tavern in south carolina. we have a good looking lunch here. tgif to all of you. we've got the republican field stumping across the south today. the clock ticking down to the big debate. marco rubio, ted cruz, jeb bush, and donald trump are all speaking today. noticeably not there is john kasich. he's heading to orangeburg and bl bl bluffton and donald trump is not there at all. he's flying to florida. several match-ups emerging from the feisty group of gop contenders.
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match-up one, trump versus cruz. anti-establishment. duo over dirty politics and dirty talk. >> when he gets rattled, when he gets upset. >> i want to use foul language, but i'm not going to. >> cursing and yelling vulgarities. >> said don't do it. don't do it. because they have -- even if it's not a bad word, if it's a little bit off, they kill me. so i won't do it. >> match-up two. cruz versus rubio. the controversial ad he later polled. >> has anyone else here struggled with being lied to? >> well, i voted for a guy who was a tea party hero in the campaign trail, and then he went to dc and played paddy cake with chuck schumer. >> maybe vote for more than a
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pretty face next time. >> is that room for one more? >> and match-up three. rubio versus trump and cruz. the freshman senator facing off with two. >> i had a word that was bleeped out. i never want to be a candidate that does anything like that. i don't know what ted cruz we're dealing with anymore. ted has been calculated on a bunch of different issues, winning to say or do anything in order to win an election. >> we have reporters across south carolina and washington, dc covering the state of the 2016 race yesterday and we start with all eyes on the next republican debate. it was held 90 miles northwest where we are right here in greenville, from greenville to columbia. it's about an hour and 36 minutes. from all the mud slinging going on now, you'd think the debate has started. it's ironic that most of the candidates at this moment find
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themselves at that forum on faith and family because dominating the headlines are stories about sleazy push polls and adult film actress. donald trump and ted cruz, the two front runners, is at the center of the battle. cruz is denying trump's allegations that people are behind a series of robocallrobo. the cruz camp pulled this ad hitting marco rubio, the reason? one of the actors in the ad and her past adult film credits in such films such as "carnal wishes" and "secrets of a chamber maid." hallie jackson is about two greenville, south carolina. it's depending how fast you drive away.
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>> reporter: where do we begin? apologies in advance to adding the play by play analyst thing you have talking in a golf whisper. dr. ben carson here in greenville. we're going to try to keep it down asuper disruptive. it's ironic at a faith forum and talk about the topics you brought up like this new ad that was now polled because of this actress delivering the punch line of the whole commercial, the ad that she wants to vote for somebody who's not just a pretty face. in and of itself is a fairly tough line coming out from the cruz campaign. it's just who it's delivered by that's become an issue. let me read you what the cruz campaign had to say about this. the actress responded to an open casting call. she passed her audition and got the job, according to the campaign. unfortunately, she was not vetted by the casting company,
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had the campaign noted of her full filmography, would not have and will replace it with a different commercial. i'm sure you have the full filmography, and a few of her previous films. this is not what the campaign wants to be talking about or focusing on at this point in the campaign. they'd rather be sort of going after marco rubio and his position on immigration and focusing on that. they are now going after hillary clinton as well. there's a whole flurry of new ads out, not just from the cruz campaign but a will the of these campaigns. but the cruz campaign one is getting some attention. i'll play it here. see if you recognize the movie it's spoofing. ♪ what difference does it make ♪ for clinton ♪ some apple file ♪ plays a victim for pro motion ♪ >> anyone who has seen the movie "office space" will see
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secretary clinton beating up her server. this is running during "saturday night live" during statewide in south carolina, if that gives you the sense of the vibe and the audience they're aiming after. this younger demo watching "snl" anyway, might be more open to a parody like this. >> folks might remember the iowa commercial also rendering "snl." cruz with his wife and his kids. >> reporter: yeah. it's something they've done before. it's a strategy that they've used to go after that audience that watches tv, comedy tv on a saturday night and lets them get pop culture elements into the campaign commercials too. >> so gabe, let's bring you in. as hallie has been doing it.
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but the focus of rubio is trump. how does marco rubio have his sights set at the top? >> reporter: you're right, trying to keep it quiet here so as not to disrupt dr. carson. it's after the disappointing fifth place finish in new hampshire and also going after trump and cruz and a lack of foreign policy experience. he's been talking about his family more and watching tv when he heard something, he heard news reports about something. let's take a listen to that. >> if your president is someone who says or does things you would punish your kids for saying or doing, that is not a good sign. >> reporter: obviously, a direct reference to donald trump, making the argument that donald trump is too crude to be
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president. and he's making the argument himself to be the gop establishment to bring together a unified republican party. the question will be, will voters forgive him for that very difficult debate performance last week in new hampshire? the voters we have talked to, many say, look, it was just a bad debate night. but we have to see how he performs tomorrow during the big debate for him where he would likely get attacked from multiple angles. >> we look forward to seeing how that performance pans out for all the contenders on that stage tonight for the gop. nbc gabe gutierrez and hallie jackson. we're going to talk more now about donald trump because there's good news and bad news for the gop front-runner. he did very well with the focus group of south carolina with the local nbc news affiliate but his style of leadership is not
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always the most attractive selling feature. >> every president elected is a reflection of the country at large and i think trump's face represents the black friday special. >> and what is a black friday special? >> paycheck to paycheck. they're looking for the cheapest way to get the most. a lot of people are worried about a lot of things. and the surest way to ride is s the offensive one. >> nbc news, a political editor from washington. mark, they seem to like donald trump but there is an undercurrent of menegativity. is he missing out by not campaigning in south carolina? >> reporter: he'll be in south carolina as we end up hitting
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the final stretch of the campaign. donald trump has done this campaign his own way and sometimes he hasn't congregated in iowa or new hampshire the way the other candidates has but been driving the conversation. as you refer to in the focus group from last night, there were some negative comments directed as donald trump. some descriptions of him were greedy, flagger, flashy, but the respondents said donald trump is commanding it. he's setting the narrative. and as our nbc "wall street journal" co-pollster peter hart conducting the focus group, he's the mesmerizing force in the race. yes, polarizing an controversial, but still the alpha dog in this republican contest, and you have to say in some respects, he still might be the person to beat on the republican side, even in south carolina with the 65% of evangelicals voting on february 20th. >> so i spoke to someone within his campaign earlier today,
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he'll be traveling ahead just in time of the debate in greenville, so we look forward, as you say, to seeing how this will shake out. he has been leading the topic of conversation. it seems, as though, this entire political season. political editor, mark murray. thank you. and fresh off his unexpected second place showing in new hampshire, john kasich is hitting the trail and hitting it hard. in less than 30 minutes, he's expected to meet in orangeburg. his eighth campaign stop in just three days and south carolina voters, they love to reset presidential contests. so could he be the wild card in this debate? peter alexander is outside of the chamber of commerce in south carolina. what changes have you seen in kasich's strategy here in south carolina post-new hampshire? >> reporter: thomas, it's good to be with you. to be sincere, we have not seen any change. he's has this optimistic focus
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and he's seen the fund raising grow since the second place finish in new hampshire. i just finished speaking with him a matter of minutes ago and asked about the fact he'll be leaving the state monday and tuesday and spending days in michigan and virginia before doing fund raising out of south carolina as well. i asked if that's an admission that this is somehow bush country. he said it's not bush country. he has not won anything anywhere. they say they take the state very seriously and in his words, it's a national campaign. we can walk and chew gum at the same time. that's the kind of phrase you might have heard from president barack obama over the course of his campaigning and his administration. he believes he's bringing democrats and independents and republicans together in what will be a unifying message and confident he'll do a lot in the first 100 days as well. here's what he's doing in south carolina. >> the first 100 days. john kasich will make them count. cut taxes to create jobs.
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freeze regulations. enforce a balanced budget plan and secure the border. john kasich always gets it done and leaves no one behind. no excuses, no surrender. >> you're talking to mark about the focus group, that was asked by kasich. saying things like optimistic good businessmen, still learning about him. he still has a lot of room to grow but an obstacle in the days ahead. i asked him for the word association. thomas' answer? fun. back to you. >> it was interesting to see these 200 ads and the other one being healing and the other one, people looking at it would see a lot more about who this man is and defined by the loss of his parents and a drunk driving accident and sharing that. there seems to be a fist and the heart demonstrated in these two ads and see if it grabs the attention of the voter here in south carolina. nbc's peter alexander. great to see you, peter. thank you. coming up next, hillary
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clinton and bernie sanders clash over president obama's white house record. we're asking you today, will sanders' strategy of criticizing the president help or hurt him? vote at much more ahead live from the liberty tap room here on a busy friday. nbc south carolina primary nekts this spot right here. come visit us and then we're back after a quick break. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic
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welcome back. turning to the democratic side of the race now. both candidates are fresh on the campaign trail and they're fresh hours after the head to head debate in milwaukee. hillary clinton is going to hold a town hall in denmark, south carolina. located in the corridor of shane given to the label of i-95 noted
10:18 am
for neglected education system. bernie sanders is going to campaign in minneapolis, minnesota today, ahead of the dinner held in st. paul and at that dinner, hillary clinton will also be in attendance and while we're just 15 days away from the democratic primary here in south carolina, the fight for the african-american vote continues to gain intensity with a super pac backing clinton targeting that key voting group. >> we can't let them hold us back. we need a president who will build on all that president obama has done. >> president obama trusted hillary clinton to be america's secretary of state. >> and we know hillary clinton has the vision and courage to help build an economy to support our communities. >> our political team is covering both campaigns today, an we're goi and we're going to start with msnbc's alex seitz-wald for the sanders and clinton camps. how are they trying to earn the
10:19 am
confidence of this minority voting block? >> it's critical. in south carolina, we're expecting between 50% and 60% of the democratic electorate to be the primary at the end of the month. clinton taking an approach very much hugging barack obama and his legacy, saying she's the rightful heir to that and bernie sanders is more focusing on his activism, time spent in the civil rights movement and what he would do to change not only racial inequality but economic inequality. one from hillary clinton, that focuses on charleston and guns and one with the daughter of eric garner's support. >> hillary is really committed to making sure that the guns don't get into the wrong hands. and get stronger gun laws. so no family has no ever go through anything like this again. >> i'm behind again to listen
10:20 am
and speak up for us. and i think we need to believe in bernie sanders. >> thomas, you can see there in the clinton ad, standing with obama. that's key, also, guns, that's been a major message from clinton, and for sanders, it's about that power dynamic, the standing with the people against the power, activists roots. he's been slower to win endorsements in the african-american community. but he's racking them up slowly and tout them like he did here. >> and alex, quickly, before i let you go. talk about the push to the democratic nomination. >> reporter: there's 704 super delegates. so far, very much in hillary clinton's camp. somewhere over 400. we were led to believe. sanders and his allies, groups like, democracy for
10:21 am
america, they're calling on super delegates to back whomever wins the states they elect. that's not how super delegates usually work. usually they endorse who they want back, but this is one they're working to reverse clinton's lead among super delegates. >> alex seitz-wald, thank you so much. i want to go to our colleague now. msnbc national correspondent, joy reed. joy has been spending time with the sanders campaign and the volunteers of that campaign for voters here in south carolina, and joy, what's the message that the sanders camp is trying to get out and are black voters interested and responding to the vision to capture the white house he presents? >> reporter: well, it's interesting. the sanders campaign, i think, aware of the fact that barack obama is extremely popular with african-americans, they are threading that needle because this is a candidate who has been critical of barack obama, but interestingly enough, what we're finding among african-american voters is dual support. incredible support for barack obama but a sense they want to
10:22 am
go further and see sanders' messages not in opposition to barack obama but building on his legacy and making big change, which they see the obama election in the first place as being. take a listen to one voter with an interesting guy, his name is darrell, the lead barber and manager of a lead barbershop in columbia. not only he believes but trying to convince his older clientele why he wants them to feel the bern. take a listen. >> the older clientele, they're leaning towards hillary. the younger, they're leaning towards bernie. so, you know, i mean, the younger ones, they're feeling their student loans. bernie is saying things they can relate to and i guess hillary is saying thing it s the older cro can relate to. but they don't understand, we need more. we need more. >> reporter: and thomas, what darrell explained, barack obama got us here. we want to be here and he's
10:23 am
compelled by his ideas like free college and said even if a sanders presidency couldn't achieve everything he's trying to achieve, he feel like the fight would be worth it. it's like eric garner's daughter supporting bernie sanders and the mother supports hillary clinton. that illustrates the divide but it's black lives matter, the president getting elected in the first place. they believe in revolutionary change. it is working with a lot of black voters here in south carolina. >> joy reed, thank you. in a few minutes, i'll have an opportunity to speak with erika garner, who died during an arrest in new york city. her mom supporting hillary clinton. we'll talk about why there's a divide in that family, and when we come back, college kids at the university of south carolina open up about the race for the
10:24 am
white house in 2016. who they like, who they trust, and the issues they care about. their honest reactions are next. >> i come to college. i pay to come to college. and i want my degree to be worth something. and if everyone can go for free, i don't think that we will have that distinction between people who have a high school degree or a bachelor's degree. >> i don't think you tell someone because they don't have money to pay for college, they can't succeed in life. one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. you have to feel healthy... on the outside your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health. we're on the hunt for the voice of the youth vote. we didn't have to travel too far as the university of south carolina is just a stone's throw away from presidential policy topics like free public college for all and marriage equality. whatever the topic, the candidate was the right person for the white house. take a look. >> by a show of hands, who is
10:28 am
going to be voting in the democratic primary here in south carolina? okay, and that leaves everybody else for the republican primary. who is your candidate and why? >> right now, my candidate that i am supporting is mr. jeb bush. his record and the record is the best of everybody on that stage. >> i'm supporting senator sanders. i feel like i trust him. i feel when he says this is what i believe and means. >> what don't you like about hillary clinton and her candidacy and her as the potential president you're not a fan of? >> i don't trust her, to be honest. any candidate under fbi investigation is a little alarming to me. >> i'll be voting for marco rubio. >> having a fresh young person in the white house who looks the way he does, he is articulate. >> who is your top pick this rye mare. >> ted cruz. >> i'm pro life. i don't agree with abortions, and i don't think that i should be voting for anyone that does.
10:29 am
>> how important are social issues in this election season? >> very important. i am a proud gay american supporting donald trump. >> what do you think he thinks about marriage equality? >> i would love for him to come to my wedding. >> you would love donald trump to come to my wedding. >> that would be the best. >> let's talk about senator sanders. his plan for free public college tuition. >> sounds like a great deal. but let's look at the facts. it's going to cost money. who's going to pay? do we have to raise taxes? >> it's a delusion, it really is a delusion. there's no way to pay for it. do you think this building was free? >> i don't think that's fair to tell someone because they don't have money to pay for college, they can't succeed in life. >> there's a perception from other folks about your reality. >> i have been asked some of the oddest questions that no one else in other nationality or race would be asked. for example, i've been asked, did you get a scholarship to come here? i actually didn't, why would you assume that i did. i've been asked, is your dad in
10:30 am
the home? an i've had to tell people, my parents have been married for 22 years. i'm 20. >> the american dream, is it dead? >> it's not dead but there are more obstacles to overcome and there's more motivation to achieve that dream. >> for some people, i think it is definitely changed, more obstacles. but i'm optimistic. >> the old idea of the american dream is slowly fading away. in our culture these days, and just like donald trump serksz making america great again and evolve with the times. >> the american dream for some is on its knees. up here, we have a strong foundation and that's why we're here at usc and parents to back them, but a lot, for i would say the majority of the nation, they don't have a strong foundation to bounce off of. >> i have to say thank you to this group of incredible students that came together to open up about their opinions about the state of our nation right now and what they think about presidential politics.
10:31 am
we have much more of that conversation coming up at 3:00 p.m. here on "msnbc live" but up next, four republican candidates make a case to conservative voters at the faith and family forum for the presidential forum taking place now. much more live from the campaign trail and msnbc headquarters here at the liberty tap room in columbia. it's the crowd. the gop wild card making his pitch to the palmetto state moments ago. take a look. >> one of the strengths in new hampshire the people did not see is we had an army. and i, look, i mean, i think we had an army because somehow, people feel as though this is about something bigger than themselves. and the minute that i get caught up in me, see, it's how great thou art, not how great i art. and that's why i think being positive and hopeful, having a
10:32 am
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super busy on the campaign trail with nine events across the country. right now though, heavy emphasis on the four republicans campaigning in advance of tomorrow's debate. ben carson wraps up moments ago. the republican wild card. at a competing event in a barbecuing restaurant in orangeburg. we've got bernie sanders and hillary clinton. they're going to be in minnesota tonight for the humphrey mondale dinner but hillary clinton is
10:36 am
spending part of the day in south carolina holding a town hall in the city of denmark. now in the back and forth between the gop candidates, it continues to get intense and a little nastier on twitter. donald trump calling ted cruz so dishonest and lying cruz, topping it off by calling the cruz campaign sleazy and so far, cruz has not responded. with the post and career, joins me now. we just got some fresh tweets from donald trump saying what he calls incorrect and ill informed ads. how is that message via social media going to play out with south carolinians? are they going to pay snaengs. >> i don't think twitter right now is those voters' priority, no. >> as we take a look at some of the pictures of the faith and family forum i talked about, we know takes place in greenville right now with the four gop
10:37 am
presidential contenders that are going to be attending today, jeb bush scheduled to speak there, i had the opportunity last night to catch up with jeb bush, the evening of the 63rd birthday, folks had come together in columbia to cheer him on and to wish him a happy birthday but with his campaign and bringing out. take a listen. >> talking about your campaign and the fact you're willing to have your brother come out and campaign with you on monday. is that a goal in your campaign, is willing to embrace what your last name means politically? >> i'm a bush. proud of it. i love my brother. i love my dad. i love my mother. it's part of who i am. i have a record that i share. obviously, as governor of the state of florida and i'm focused on the detailed plans i have to lift the economy up and stay strong. my brother would be part of that story, and i'm proud of the fact
10:38 am
he's coming in on nhonor. this is the first time he's stepped down. there will be a lot of interest in what he has to say. >> this is the process that we're in. it's a long process that new hampshire held. >> we see jeb bush about to take the stage right now at the faith and family forum. but let's talk about the reset and the all-important state of south carolina. folks love to reset the presidential contest and we have seen it happen time and time again. how important is george bush coming to support the campaign in south carolina on monday to jeb bush's chances of moving forward out of this state? >> well, i think they're planning on a very respectful reception. the president's last visit to the south carolina state was to the military there at the base, that's a key place jeb is going after is the military wing of the party. there are 400,000 military
10:39 am
retirees in south carolina. when you look at it as a message, that's been directed. >> thanks. stand by. we say happy birthday to jeb bush and say listen in. >> when you're young, trying to provide for your family. there's a point in 1998, e loi my way overwhelmed in too many things and one night reading the bible, i just got a serenity. the lord came to me. from that moment on, i've been a christian. and it's been a guiding light for my life. i converted to catholicism after my 1994 election on easter sabbath. i am looking for the holy spirit, to be coming othver her
10:40 am
but faith is a important part of my life. it binds myself with my wife. it informs how i try to be as a husband and a father, and now, thankfully, the grandfather of four near perfect children. one other thing that's important, it's not just a personal private thing. i had a chance to be governor, where you don't talk about things. you have to make decisions. and all the big decisions, every one of them and i hope we have a chance to talk about some of them, my faith is, was an important part of how i made decisions. i do not believe that you put your faith in a locked box when you're in public office and say, well, that's only for my private matters. that's just not, this is totally wrong. >> so we hear the governor there, former governor of florida at the faith and family
10:41 am
presidential forum in greenville. skylar, you're still with me and i know you were listening to what the former governor was saying there, talking about his faith. he is catholic. he went to ash wednesday earlier this week. during the press gaggle, he said, what did you give up for lent and said cursing and reminded he said damn tore dhe day and upset to not have done a potential promise and laughing about that but very open saying he was an e van jevangelist for conservative movement and how important is that to scoop up the evangelical vote? >> i think it's been said 50% to 60% of the turnout next saturday is going to be from the evangelical wing. you're going to subdivide that in the greenville area. not so important down on the coast. you deal with the retirees and i go back.
10:42 am
i think that's probably what he's trying to do in low country. >> he talked about being supportive of the military, not to be cut and run for our veterans. thank you sir. i appreciate your time. jeb bush just finishing up there at the faith and family forum in greenville. ted cruz just three hours away from speaking at the same forum. that is roughly over 100 miles away to the northwest. a ted cruz supporter and former attorney general of virginia and joining us now. i want to talk to you about the statement of the cruz campaign, where it is ahead of the debate tomorrow night and also, ahead of the all-important south carolina primary. because this ad that came out that was trying to take a shot at marco rubio, it's now come to light that one of the actresses in it has adult film credits in
10:43 am
her past. this ad was pulled, but what does this say about the ka campaign's inner workings is th this? >> when you create a production like that, you subcontract those out. the campaign is the best oiled machine out there. as much as people talked about how good the iowa ground game was for cruz, and i was out there. i made phone calls. i did door knocking. the effort in south carolina is actually bigger, and it is even better than iowa. and that's going to be worth some points on election day. and it's also what a lot of us in the republican party have been screaming for our republican leadership to do for a long, long time is to remake these bonds with one voter at a time, and nobody's doing that as well as ted cruz. and nobody else has his consistent conservative history to cast forward, as a
10:44 am
conservative vision for presidency. and that's a big deal. the grassroots effort that touches them one at a time and many of them will be touched repeatedly before next saturday is very important to the outcome, as of course, is the debate that's going to take place tomorrow night. >> yep, we've got that coming up in greenville. but let me ask you, and coming out for both perspectives, but there's an angle of the evangelical vote that ted cruz wants to scoop up here. and would he have shown a better character of bible-teaching by maybe offering some forgiveness or redemption to this woman and saying, you know, she's getting honest work. there's not a stigma about this ad for being anything considered untoward, and we're going to let it stand? or was it the smart political strategy to pull it and distance themselves? weigh that for me. what do you think? >> i think there's something to be said on each side.
10:45 am
but remember that the south carolina focus of this race is less than two weeks. it's from the, once the dust settled on new hampshire into next saturday, there is so little time. time is so compressed in these races, that consideration of things like that is really hard to undertake. frankly, what people care about is how are you going to make america better? how are you going to reverse this president's unconstitutional actions, both executive orders, as well as immigration, and what are you going to do to improve health care? ted cruz has laid out a plan to do each of those things to differ from his competitors and again, he's the only one who's taken on the washington cartel. heck, he went to iowa and he went to take on big corn. nobody else is doing that.
10:46 am
that's appreciated by the grassroots. and i think that's going to carry him through next saturday very well. >> so can the riley institute, having a focus group on the election and i want to play a little bit of what certain voters had to say about ted cruz. >> who is he? >> smooth uncle. >> why? >> shady. >> he's shady. just a shady smooth uncle. >> don't want to be in a fox hole with him. >> what relationship? >> oh, you know, perhaps an uncle. perhaps that random cousin that you hope you don't want to sit next to at thanksgiving. >> so those were some of the negative perceptions. also, some of the words, candidate, used to describe ted cruz are moral and new face.
10:47 am
they tried to get everything done and set forth the vision on the campaign trail? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. and it is true that the leadership of both parties, the last person they want coming out of the republican nomination is ted cruz. and that's because he has been fighting them hammer and tong since he arrived in washington. he doesn't play by their rules. he fights for the principles that he ran on. and you look at marco rubio. marco rubio immediately. this plays favorably with him and reflects with the high favorability rating with gallup across america. he does well in america's view among the republican field in
10:48 am
his favorability ratings. he'll do well up against hillary clinton, who frankly, is not that nice and not trusted even by democrats. so that's the competition we're heading toward and ted will do very well in that regard. >> we'll see it all come to the main stage once again tomorrow night in greenville when they have the next gop debate. former virginia attorney general and cruz supporter. great to see you. >> thanks for your time. coming up next, clinton, sanders, civil rights and the generational divide. eric garner's daughter, erica, will be joining me next about why she supports bernie sanders. we'll be right back. this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there. hi, steve with safelite. thanks for your text! i replaced her windshield... and she didn't miss a single shot giving you more time for what matters most. how'd ya do? we won!
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all day and all night. try new rhinocort® allergy spray. muddle no more®
10:51 am
there's no other person naets speaking about this. people are dying. this is real, this is not tv. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protester. >> when a police officer breaks the law, that officer must be
10:52 am
held accountable. >> his idea to go up against the criminal justice system, he's not scared. >> that is a bernie sanders political video, and there we see and hear erica garner, daughter of eric garner giving her reasons as to why she is supporting bernie sanders. you'll remember the story, the name, the person of eric garner being killed two years ago after a chokehold when police tried to arrest him in new york. it comes at a crucial point as both clinton and sanders try to get ahead before south carolina's primary. erica, thank you for joining us today. erica, i want to make sure you can hear me. can you hear me? >> no, it's really, really low. i don't know why it went so low all of a sudden. >> it's really low?
10:53 am
how about now? can you hear me now? >> it's really, really low. >> let's try this, anyway. >> okay, now. >> now it's better? >> yes, it's better. >> okay. so flan explain to all of us wh decided to put your support behind bernie sanders, why you believe he's the best candidate when it comes to enhancing and changing criminal justice reform in this country? >> well, he's been protesting, putting his body on the line in chicago in the 1960s to fight against housing inequality. i just feel he can relate to me because he was an immigrant, and where i live in waynesburg during the formidable care act, the housing act with low-income tenants or whatever, he knows
10:54 am
about living in low-income tenants and the area that i live in. i just feel really connected to him. >> did you ever consider what hillary clinton offers? >> four years ago who i would vote for, i was a hillary fan. but she changed. she changed in the last -- well, she changed her whole career. she's been changing different issues, talking about different issues her whole career, and bernie sanders has been consistent. >> so this sets up this dichotomy within your family, because your grandmother, your father's mother, supports hillary clinton. and i want to get your reaction to what senator sanders had to say last night regarding current state of race relations in the country. take a look. >> so race relations would be better under a sanders presidency than they've been? >> absolutely. because what we will do is say instead of giving tax breaks to
10:55 am
billionaires, we are going to create millions of jobs for low-income kids so they're not hanging out on street corners. >> so why do you think his message is resonating with younger voters like yourself as opposed to an older voter that might believe more in the message of a candidate clinton? >> i think people in general should have an open mind and look at his record. his record speaks for itself. and by looking at his record, you will be convinced about him being the best candidate. he is talking about our issues, not only about the injustices about the police. he says sandra bland's name, but also talking about our economic struggles, jobs, housing, school, taxes, wealthier, social security. he's talking about the real, real issues that our generation is struggling with right now.
10:56 am
my main thing is about education. from k-12 it's free, and when you try to higher your education, you're stuck with student debt for the rest of your life. and he said, like, with the real estate, you can declare bankruptcy, but what about students? and it doesn't -- i don't see, like, my six-year-old daughter has a chance at college not because she's not smart enough, it's because of things like money. >> we know that bernie sanders is saying that he would propose a tax against wall street for the sale of stocks and bonds and other items that go through wall street to pay for the $70 billion college industry to help make public college affordable to all americans. erica garner, thank you for your time. my best to your family, and i know we'll be talking again through this campaign season. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> absolutely. that's going to wrap us up for this hour live in liberty
10:57 am
taproom in columbia, south carolina. thanks to the folks behind me. tgif. we'll have an opportunity to speak to south carolina governor nick hodges. kate snow coming up next. is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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11:00 am
good afternoon. coming to you live from columbia, south carolina, we are inside the liberty tap room. we're just down the street from the state capitol. a good-looking group here, friday afternoon. maybe they've had one or two cocktails already. i don't know. as for the candidates, four of the six republican hopefuls are at the macon presidential family forum in greenwood, which is
11:01 am
about 100 miles from where we are. ben carson, ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio trying to convince people they need to vote for them. >> people should stand up for what they believe in and not worry about the pc police. we need to put them back in their place because we are the owners of this country. >> kerry sanders is with the trump campaign,. noticeably absent is republican frontrunner donald trump, although he certainly isn't absent on twitter, showing jabs at ted cruz. here's the latest, how can ted
11:02 am
cruz be an evangelical christian when he lies to much and is so dishonest? his response? sounds like another trumpertantrum to me. to paraphrase margaret thatcher, when one resorts to personal attacks, it means they have not a single political argument left. kerry sanders is in tampa, florida where trump will be speaking tonight. we heard this liar accusation from donald trump last night. what's he talking about? >> reporter: well, he's talking about push-pulls. let me explain what that is. political season, we're used to hearing about polls. people may call you on the phone, sometimes it's a computer, and you answer questions. a push poll is designed to sound like a poll but it's actually designed to push your opinion a different direction. so you answer a question, and the way you answer the question, the following question is then designed to perhaps shed light in a negative way about the
11:03 am
candidate that you just said you like. so fussif you said you like something about donald trump, then it brings up a second question that is not really a question but, rather, designed to influence you, to push you toward another candidate. now, donald trump and marco rubio say that they're getting reports from folks in south carolina getting these sorts of phone calls. as you said, the ted cruz campaign denies it and says they have nothing to do with it, so that's where we see the back and forth. now, as for donald trump, he will be coming here to the university of south florida. there is a large auditorium here at the u.s.s. sun dome where he will be meeting with voters, those he hopes will participate in the primary to help move his campaign forward. but as they gather here, we've had sort of an insight into what republican supporters of donald trump say when asked in a focus group specifically about their feelings of the way donald trump has been acting, the way he's
11:04 am
been presenting himself in either presidential or non-presidential terms. and so here's what they said in a focus group just last night. >> get some good hammers and listen to them. >> know what you're getting into and be serious about it. >> tight criticism in a positive way. >> i would tell him that i would never let him know where the executive order pen is. >> reporter: and so those are likely republican voters asked about donald trump sharing their opinions. of course, there is a growing sense in part because of real polls, not the push polls, that donald trump is heading towards a victory. he certainly talks with a certain amount of confidence that he's doing well, even though we've only had new hampshire and iowa and south carolina is yet to happen. so there is a lot of general speculation on whether he is presenting himself in the light that all those in the republican party would like to see. and sort of as a final note here at the usf campus, i thought
11:05 am
this was interesting because i've now been following donald trump for weeks on end, and i haven't seen this. take a look at this. for those who will be attending to hear him speak tonight, it's a free event, but they're going to have to pay to park. $20. i got to say, as you look at that video, i have not seen that before myself. i did ask the university who pockets this money. is that donald trump? is it the university? we're yet to get an answer back who is going to pocket what could be 10,000 people or more here tonight to hear donald trump speak. >> wow, keep us posted on that one, kerry. thank you. really interesting. meanwhile, controversy as a cruz campaign ad has been pulled off the air, and not because of the way he goes after marco rubio. it turns out the actress in the ad made some adult films, and when the cruz campaign realized it, they pulled the ad. for more let's go to hallie jackson who is in greenville following the cruz campaign. not exactly what they want folks to talk about right now, is it
11:06 am
hallie? >> no, that's not the message they want to send, with apologies for keeping my voice down because jeb bush is sitting on the end talking to the forum here in greenville. to talk about the cruz campaign's ad, it is fairly hard hitting against marco rubio with that line delivered about him being nothing more than a pretty face, essentially. but the person delivering that line is a woman who apparently has starred in some, as we've been calling them, adult films. here's what the cruz campaign had to say about that. the actress responded to an open casting call. she passed her audition and got the job. unfortunately, she was not vetted by the production company. had the campaign known of her full filmography, they obviously would not have let her appear in the ad. the campaign is pulling that ad. they'll replace it with a different one. in the meantime, they're also pushing an ad against not a republican rival of cruz, but hillary clinton. it harkens back to a movie that a lot of folks liked back in the
11:07 am
1990s. here's a clip of that ad. ♪ damn it feels good to be a clinton ♪ ♪ a politician that plays her cards right ♪ ♪ because a clinton never needs to explain why it is what they done or withhold ♪ ♪ a real clinton knows they're entitled ♪ ♪ and you don't get to know what they do ♪ >> so a spoof of "office space" there coming out of the cruz campaign. that ad is set to air tomorrow night during "saturday night live" statewide here in south carolina, and the candidate expects it to play well against the voter base here given it's an attack against hillary clinton. we were talking about the "office space" parody and whether young people would get it, and i said, hey, that was sort of the seminal movie of my
11:08 am
20s. i think they'll get it, thait it's a spoof. what do you think? >> i don't know. how the people react to it is another question altogether. john kasich is on the move today, too. >> tell me about you. what's your name? >> i'm kristin. -- >> produce tears of joy. the ohio governor also releasing two new campaign ads to essentially release himself to voters who still don't know who he is. peter anderson has been with the governor before and after his big new hampshire win, and peter, i'm not sure, you and i were with him nearly an hour ago. i'm not sure why we chose to do that instead of barbecue, but
11:09 am
you had a chance to talk with him and a little bit about how voters are responding to him. what did he tell you? >> you guys have been talking about "office space," we're now in some empty office space, as it were. they just cleared out of here at the chamber of commerce. john kasich feels energized, he feels like he's getting a first opportunity to introduce himself to voters. he feels like he earned that with the second place finish in new hampshire. during the conversation we had one on one, i asked him about the focus group we've been talking about down here with the republican primary of voters. the words he used were optimistic, second choice, and still getting to know him. here was his reaction. take a listen. >> that's funny. lincoln always said to people, just let me be your second choice. i'm glad i'm the second choice now. i think a couple weeks ago, they wouldn't have even known how to pronounce my name. they would have thought my name was governor ohio. we're going on the air on
11:10 am
television which helps us statewide, and we'll keep doing these town halls. in "jaws," they said, we need a bigger boat. well, now i need bigger venues. we can't fit everybody in. >> the enthusiasm he's feeling on the campaign is swamping the infrastructure they have in place here on the ground. when he says we can walk and chew gum, he's referring to the fact he's taking off in the next couple days. he's going to virginia next week. he's supported by the former chris christie supporter, co-founder of home depot now helping john kasich in this campaign. he believes his leaving doesn't say anything about his lack of desire to do well in the state, it just says more about his ability to focus on a national campaign. chris? >> peter alexander, thank you so much. we continue to be live at that must stop for conservatives who need the evangelical vote.
11:11 am
you see jeb bush making his case, ben carson was up before him. up next is marco rubio and ted cruz. we are with the head of family forum. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> tell us how important this is for the candidates? >> it's critical. you have a large constituency that's been polled from across the state, good turnout, lots of representation, and candidly, i think it will make a difference. >> last election, 64% of people who voted identified themselves as evangelicals. but a lot has changed in four years. what are their issues this year? >> i think the issues are jobs. i think that's why, in all candor, donald trump and bernie sanders, both different sides of the same coin, have really resonated with folks across the united states. and i think frankly, in the state of south carolina, you'll
11:12 am
see the same things play out. >> more jobs than anger, which a lot of people feel what is really fueling their campaigns is just throw the bums out. anybody that's not part of the establishment. >> they really harnessed frustration and anger, but it really boasts of people in the economy. if you take lines all across the issues, it's about jobs. >> we saw donald trump swing into south carolina after using a profanity. in fact, when i was talking to jeb bush, who is at the faith and family forum right now, he was saying, you know, he says words that even you as reporters won't use. you'll use a letter. i certainly would never say that, i said. is that something that will hurt him here, or is it something that a conservative voter will say, well, i don't like it, but it's not going to change my vote? >> i think there is a difference between being elected president of the united states and being presidential. and i think being elected president of the united states has to do with capitalizing and mobilizing a momentum.
11:13 am
i think that's very different than the active leadership in presidential. at the end of the day, i think that people are attracted to donald trump because they find him authentic and real. and the truth of the matter is, does that translate to a good president? only time will tell. >> you have some experience. all of this represents the ninth debate. who are you looking for? >> all of this is the ideal of who do you look for and why. you talked about this earlier in the day, it's about harnessing the momentum. i personally look at who i believe would be the best person to lead the united states of america. it's not the idea so much of being elected, but of being presidential. and i would say who is the person who would be the best ceo? these elections, as you know, with the last election, with
11:14 am
newt gingrich, can really turn on a dime if someone performs poorly in one of these debates. i think it is to be determined who will perform well and who will not. >> other week of debate watching. carolyn, thanks for coming by. >> thank you. we continue to watch that faith and family forum at the university. four republican candidates are there. jeb bush speaking now. we'll also talk about the democrats as the candidates unleash a new set of ads in south carolina with the primary edging closer. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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11:17 am
the candidate deluge of ads
11:18 am
is under way. the clinton superpac released a radio ad in south carolina. here's part of it. >> she's the only candidate who has consistently supported real solutions to gun violence. >> and she'll fight to remove the stains of unfairness and prejudice from our criminal justice system so that justice is just. >> hillary clinton will always stand strong for us. >> joining me now, dr. lonnie randolph jr., president at the south carolina state conference and naacp. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you for the invitation. >> i wonder what you think about that ad and how big will criminal justice systems play in the primary here. >> criminal justice is a major issue in south carolina as it has always been. our first prison opened in 1866, the same year this country enacted its first civil rights act. isn't that coincidental? >> oh, yes. >> in a state that has had problems throughout its history.
11:19 am
when you don't educate them, lock them up. there has been a correlation between the criminal injustice system in the state and the treatment of african-americans. >> they both hit that pretty hard, both the democrats , at te debate last night. do you see a difference in the two of them in their approach or history? >> well, secretary clinton's approach, just because of me, i'm posturing toward marian wright edelman who was head of the children's defense fund here in this state and around the nation. and it's impressive to know that after leaving law school, she didn't run for the big bucks, that she ran toward helping people. and, of course, we know of dr. king's quotations on service, which is one of the highest orders that a person can do and achieve, is helping others.
11:20 am
that's impressive. >> so you're not officially endorsing, but i'm getting an inkling of who you might be favoring. >> as i say, i'm partial to south carolinans, and marian wright edelman has done some work that nobody else has ever done in this country. posture? of course, i can't be postured because i am with the naacp and i am not endorsing, but i do speak favorably, which is not an endorsement about those persons that i feel serve and do best in serving people. >> what does get you fired up, and i don't think you would hesitate to comment on, is your feelings about donald trump. >> well, who is that? >> i think you know. >> who is that? i don't waste -- i don't waste my time evaluating people who have expressed such blatant and
11:21 am
outrageous comments, made comments about people regardless of their ethnicity and race. but i'm not fond of anybody who expresses their dislike for people in the way that he has. i'm not fond of him. i don't hate anybody, but i'm not fond of a person that does that. regardless of what party they're in. and, of course, this state has a long history of people who hated people. don't we? >> you also have this year a lot of endorsements for the african-american vote, which this is the first time, as we've been talking about, where there really is racial diversity in a way we didn't see in new hampshire, he didn't see in iowa, so we'll see that play in a big way in south carolina. sanders supporters include everybody from harry bellefonte to others.
11:22 am
clinton supporters include the pac for the cpc -- >> and those speaking in support of the naacp and the voting issues as well as against the confederate flag. >> do these matter? do these play into people's decision-making? >> it's good to see that people are interested in south carolina that have not shown an interest before because of their work. not because they didn't care, but they've had other responsibilities. it's good to see that now that it's crunch time, white knuckle time or brown knuckle time, that they're now showing an interest in what takes place in south carolina. because this state, and i think you said something earlier, this state is number 5 in the nation in the number of african-america african-americans. we're right at 30%, which is half percentage. for a state that wasn't known
11:23 am
for nothing but picking cotton, can now pick in the united states. they're right for coming to south carolina letting folks know what they stand for and what they don't stand for and who they don't support. there are still candidates in the race, particularly with the more conservative party, that don't relate favorably to people of color. don't relate favorably. >> we are going to see how this all plays out. it's fascinating. >> it is. >> dr. randolph, thank you so much for coming by. it's great to see you. >> thank you very much for the invitation and look forward to the outcome. >> thank you. another big break on the other side. he's not there today, but the ground game is still in action for bernie sanders here in south carolina. we'll have another close look at his supporters' door-to-door effort to winover over undecid. . i'm out of the office right now
11:24 am
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
11:27 am
if you live here, folks are knocking on your door, the phone is ringing and don't even talk about the political tv ads. bernie sanders is walking the state, trying to convince supporters to vote for him. did you have fun out there? >> it was cold. >> it was cold, unexpectedly cold. >> i came down viewing the conventional wisdom that african-americans are not feeling the burn, that this is hillary clinton's firewall. but going door to door with bernie sanders' staffers, but also talking to people here, a surprising number of african-americans are very compelled and interested in what he has to say. the dividing line here is whether people think he can get
11:28 am
elected. it's kind of an age divide, but it's not like 30 and under are feeling the bern, over 30 are not. we talked to people in their 40s and 50s who are in favor of bernie sanders. they had a little doubt over his electability. >> so if they say that to one of these canvassers, what is the response? >> the response is look at the polling of bernie sanders versus each of the republicans and look at hillary clinton against them. even though that's pre-campaign, that's one of the arguments they make. interestingly enough, even though sanders has been an opponent of barack obama in many ways, people make the barack obama argument. look, people didn't think barack obama could get voted, and look what happened. people we talk to are saying, look, we set that bar in 2008, a big possibility. we want more big possibility. >> i remember going back with
11:29 am
canvassers back in 2000. you may remember it was a hotly contested election. still, there are people who just don't want to be bothered, and i always thought, man, those people who make those phone calls and knock on the doors, they have to be committed because no one likes a door slammed in their face. >> especially with us there, right? people were opening the door a very little bit to come out, and sometimes we would coax them to come out. keep in mind this was 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon, school was just letting out -- >> hold on, they said we have a little bit of sound. >> not quite yet. i haven't made a decision. >> you're still undecided. >> i'm still undecided. >> let's figure out, what is the most important issue to you? what do you need to hear to help you decide? >> my decisions would be based on the younger people, you know. what will benefit them in consternation of the young black men.
11:30 am
social security i can work with. >> isn't that interesting. >> this is rosamond. she's one of my favorite people i met down here. i wanted to go in her house and have dinner with her. she was great. this is a voter that was a clinton voter. she said she was leaning clinton but still undecided. but she's listening to her gr d grandki grandkids, listening to her children, and they're compelling her as to whether she should be thinking of her issues, like social security, or list ton their issues, like the economy and whether they'll be able to get jobs. we also saw it in a barber >>judge ross: where darrell the barber is actually lobbying for bernie sanders and getting people comfortable with him. >> i love how people are getting to involved in the process. dr. randolph just kind of whispered in my ear that it's closer than people think it is. >> that's what i'm hearing.
11:31 am
one of the legendary legislators here said, look, the clinton campaign may take it for granted that they're going to walk in and scoop up african-americans support. but it's the sanders campaign that was aggressive on the ground. they have more offices, they have more staff, they've had more staff for longer. the clinton campaign is just ramping up and they're not taking it for granted. sometimes taking the black folk for granted can really bite you. bernie sanders doesn't have to win the black vote here. all he has to do is overperform with it, then he's probably going to carry white working class voters because that's what he's done with every other primary in office. >> great to see you. we haven't had a meal yet together, but we will. >> with cocktails hopefully. >> oh, yeah. the democrats out in full force, but the question right now especially for hillary clinton is about the message. has she found one? that can slow bernie sanders's momentum. also, will bernie sanders' criticisms of president obama
11:32 am
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11:35 am
what a nice group we have live from columbia, south carolina at the liberty tap room in the heart of the vista entertainment district. what a good-looking group. unbelievable. fresh off last night's debate, both democratic candidates are on the trail today hoping for a minority vote. hillary clinton will focus on jobs, education, housing, we're told. bernie sanders will talk about inequality opportunity. both candidates will speak at the humphrey manville dinner in st. paul. let me bring in kacie hunt
11:36 am
heading to the forum. tell us a little bit about this, kacie. >> hey, chris, we're coming to you from the sanders campaign bus. we landed in minneapolis a couple hours ago. we talked briefly to the senator who said he thought he had a good debate performance last night. he chuckled when asked if clinton had thrown the kitchen sink at him but he didn't quite answer that question, so at this point the question is whether or not he can, of course, appeal -- which has a significant latino population. this afternoon in minneapolis he's going to be talking to a group about racial justice and inequality. so that is obviously the focus here. he's also out with a new ad that features the daughter of eric garner. it's pretty powerful testimony about -- [ inaudible ] >> and speak up for us, and i think we need to believe in a
11:37 am
leader like bernie sanders. >> it is not acceptable to me that we have seen young black men walk down streets in this country be beaten and be killed unjustly. >> there's no other person that's speaking about this. people are dying. this is real. this is not tv. we need a president that's going to talk about it. >> and our thanks to kacie hunt as we see the limits of technology as she tries to use what we call our live view on that campaign bus. for more on all of this, let's bring in nbc supporter alex seitz-walsh. you see both of these candidates kind of playing not for the same audience but with a similar message, right? >> that's right, both this week very much focusing on minority voters and african-americans in particular heading into south
11:38 am
carolina where we're expecting between 50 to 60% of the electorate in the south carolina primary to be black. so hillary clinton is in denmark, which is part of what's called the corridor of shame. she actually visited the area on one of her first trips to south carolina back in june of last year, and she said if she were president she would turn the corridor of shame into a corridor of opportunity, focusing on economic revitalization, education revitalization. she actually has a history here. she went to south carolina and investigated living conditions of poor black teenagers in the state. but i think two things you should focus on here for her, one, is president obama's legacy. she's really putting herself directly in front of him saying she should take over. she's going to suggest that bernie sanders wants to focus only on economic issues while
11:39 am
she's also focusing on racial and other issues as well. >> in fact, that was part of her closing remarks last night. let's play a clip from that. >> here's the point i want to make tonight. i am not a single issue candidate, and i do not believe we live in a single issue country. i am going to keep talking about tearing down all the barriers that stand in the way of americans fulfilling their potential, because i don't think our country can live up to its potential unless we give a chance to every single american to live up to theirs. >> a lot of people thought she had the better debate last night. he had had an advantage in the previous debate. where does this go now? we were just saying, as i was talking to joy reed, that i had the head of the naacp on, and he said it's going to be closer on the democratic side than people think it will be. >> i think in south carolina,
11:40 am
har bernie sanders could be deeply discounted. we all said he had very little chance of making it into the inroads of the black community. i think there are about 40 roads in all of vermont, so it's not an area he's used to speaking to. but if he can get into the 30 or 40 percentage, he will break expectations. all of these are proportional representation, not winner take all when it comes to delegates. he doesn't have to beat her. he can still win delegates just by coming a little closer than we thought. >> alex seitz-wald, always good to see you. thanks, alex. >> thanks, chris. gun control here in south carolina, where, as you'll recall, 19 people were murdered as they sat in church. next, the granddaughter wants to
11:41 am
tell people what she wants people to hear about her vote. f. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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11:44 am
here's a fascinating glimpse into voters. gun control floated into thethe issues in the debate last night. there is an issue of gun control here in south carolina following a june shooting at an emanuel ama church in columbia when 19 people were killed. >> someone called me on the phone. she said, reverend thompson? i said, yeah. she said, there's shooting around the church. i just dropped the phone. the first thing that came to my mind was, we need to make some changes. hillary is really committed to making sure the gun doesn't get into the wrong hands and to stand with the president to get stronger gun laws. so no family ever has to go through anything like this ever again. >> joining me now is alana
11:45 am
simmons, granddaughter of grant simmo simmons, and a supporter for bernie sanders. sorry for your loss. >> thank you. >> that ad is directly targeted to people feeling the pain, and i don't know anyone who doesn't, after what happened in charleston. do you feel it's effective, though? >> the ad itself i do believe is effective. in my studies between hillary and bernie, i've definitely leaned more towards her on the gun control issue, because she has more common sense legislation that she's going to be pushing for. >> but that's not the only issue for, rig you, right? >> no, ma'am. >> what's important to you? >> i'm a teacher, so education is important to me. there we have the bernie sanders campaign pushing for free education for colleges. as someone who has two degrees, it's definitely something that i
11:46 am
would consider important. i consider it very important. >> so here you are, and i think it's okay to say you're dating somebody who is on the trail for bernie sanders. you haven't convinced her yet. try to convince the rest of the people who are watching. what is it about bernie sanders that appeals to you? >> i think for me, az young african-american male here in the south, we see all the time instances of african-americans being injured or harmed, and i think especially here in the south there's a racial divide, and i think senator sanders is the only one that really speaks to it head on. just down the road from where we are, there was a large racial issue with bringing down the confederate flag, the emanuel shooting. it speaks to someone like me. so when it comes to those issues, not just the racial division, but raising the
11:47 am
minimum wage, that jumps out on the page at me. >> let's talk about economic issues. obviously free education is one of them. one of the criticisms of bernie sanders is he has all these proposals, including free college education, but how do you pay for them? and it's a question that a lot of people suggested at the debate last night he couldn't really answer. >> right. >> so how do you answer that? >> i think you have to dig deep into the policies. i think a lot of people, the naysayers, are saying a lot of his issues are unrealistic, and i would say anything radical or forward moving is unrealistic until it happens. the confederate flag coming down was unrealistic, but it happened. people coming together all over the country abolishing slavery was unrealistic, but it happened. i think it's a mindset and we have to get over the hurdle of saying, okay, we're going to devote our time and effort to it, this is how we're going to do it, everybody has to come together. but until people come together and start seeing it, it won't
11:48 am
happen. >> alana, you are the kind of person that these candidates are going to target. you are truly undecided. when do you think you'll decide and what will be the decisive factor? >> i've been keeping up with the debates, and bernie sanders definitely speaks to people who are in my generation and the generation to come with all of his revolutionary rhetoric. it's just that the generation before me is not sure, just like you said, how he is going to fund it. i'm not sure if the top 1% can fund the entire revolution, although i'm for the revolution. so i think bernie sanders is going to try to create what we want, and i think hillary clinton is trying to improve what we already have. >> if she goes with hillary, is it going to be a problem? >> just might. just kidding. >> alana knight, thank you for
11:49 am
coming in. >> thank you. >> if you've been following the 2016 campaign, you know voters are a big deal. the finance manager of the republican party joins me next with his thoughts. the bold nissan rogue, with intuitive all-wheel drive. because winter needs a hero. now get a $189 per month lease on the 2016 nissan rogue. nissan. innovation that excites. and i quit smoking with i'm chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation,
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11:52 am
if there is a theme in this year's race, it may be anger. 61% of democrats and 88% of republicans said they were dissatisfied or angry with the way the federal government are working. candidates like donald trump are using that. >> they are so dishonest, the media, the press. >> our trade deals are a disaster. we had a failed president, we had a failing country. not as bad as now. >> under the deal, the migration is allowed to come in. illegal immigrants are allowed to come in. obamacare is refunded. >> republican strategist hogan
11:53 am
gibley joins me now. he's also communications director for mike huckabee and rick santorum. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> let me quote you. you said the other day, south carolina is going to be a brutal, bare-knuckle bloodbath. >> correct. is the . >> is there anything this year that's going too far? >> there doesn't seem to be. i think they choose to ignore the seething rage that exists in america today. we see that with bernie sanders, we see that with someone like donald trump, and i think most of the people out there are just fed up. speaking as a republican on the republican side, republicans in the minority in congress voted with the president 54% of the time. in the majority, they vote more, 55% of the time. they make all these promises, and for all the bravado, they come back ask still fund
11:54 am
obamacare, still fund planned parenthood, still fund the refugee relocation program. it's perplexing. the only thing they have to do, and this is why bernie and trump are doing so well, i think, follow the money. the same people who donate to republicans donate to democrats, and i hate to say this and be crass, but d.c. is a strip club. the donors go after dollars, and that's the bottom line. >> so you're wondering why i'm not talking to voters and how they feel, yet there are candidates who say, i don't want to go there. i talked to john kasich earlier and he said how happy he is on the campaign trail, but then i asked him something. let's take a look at that. are you not going to go negative, are you going to pledge to not go negative in your ads? >> negative means i go attack someone. i'm not going to be a pincushion. if somebody wants to attack me, i'm not going to sit there and just take it, but the trajectory for me at this point in time,
11:55 am
i'm not going to predict what's going to happen in the future, but my hope is to focus on the sun coming up over the horizon. and, look, you know, i'm having the greatest time. and people are excited about positive. >> is there enough of a section of the electorate who will reward that? >> they haven't so far. i mean, everyone is so angry. >> he did come in second in new hampshire. >> he did. sooner or later, you have to love the candidate. you can't be all anger all the time. so far it's been working. the level is so high, someone like kasich, i understand what he wants to do. he wants to be the happy warrior, and i get that. there is a niche for that, but there's a reason people go negative in politics. because it works. if it didn't work, nobody would do it. people say i hate negative ads, i don't want to see the visceral, i don't want to see the anger, and then they change their vote based on the
11:56 am
advertising community. >> is there anything different this year than there has been in the past? yesterday i was at a jeb bush gathering, and i ran into sally atwater. lee atwater, a republican advocate worked for george w. bush, but also was somebody who was considered the father of a new wave of really negative ads, negative campaigning. are we in a different place now than we were back then? >> i think it still all applies. lee atwater was one of the guys who one of his opponents it was rumored he had mental instability. lee atwater said they had to hook him up to a car battery to get his mind right. george bush lost largely because there was a whispering campaign that said his father fathered a black child that he actually
11:57 am
adopted from india, if i'm not mistaken. that's what we see from south carolina, and we do it with a smile on our face and you don't even know it's coming. >> we'll be right back. the result of our polls question of the day. you can still weigh in by going to there it is. will bernie sanders' criticism of president obama hurt him? no. 80-20. that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc live. i'm chris jansing. [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks to the liberty tap room in columbia, south carolina. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms
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