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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. quite a crowd in here. we're live in the liberty tap room in columbia, south carolina. it is tgif here for sure. the primary headquarters is right here in this hot spot in columbia. we have the republican field stumping all over the south today ahead of tomorrow's debate in greenville, marco rubio, ted cruz, jeb bush and ben carson all there. donald trump not in south carolina at all. we see matchups from this group of contenders. matchup one, cruz hitting rubio with a controversial new ad that he later had to pull. >> has anyone else here struggled with being lied to? >> well, i voted for a guy who was a tea party hero on the
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campaign trail. then he went to d.c. and played patty-cake with chuck schumer and cut a deal on amnesty. >> does that make you feel angry? >> angry? it makes me feel dumb for trusting him. >> maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time. >> do you guys have room for one more? >> matchup number two, trump versus cruz, the amnesty duo dueling over dirty politics and dirty talk. >> when he gets rattled, he gets upset. >> i'm watching foul language. i'm not going to do it. they're all saying, do it, do it. no! she's saying don't do it. because even if it's not a bad word, if it's a little bit off, they kill me. so i won't do it. i'll never do it again, actually. >> matchup number 3. rubio versus trump and cruz, the senator facing off against the two at the top. >> one of the other people
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running for president at a rally said a word that was bleeped out. i can't tell you. i never want to be a candidate that does anything like that. >> it depends which ted cruz we're talking about. i don't know which ted cruz we're dealing with anymore. >> then there's the wild card kasich. the governor staying out of the fray. >> i'm not going to predict what's going to happen in the future, but my hope is to focus on the sun coming up over the horizon. >> so we have reporters across south carolina and florida covering the 2016 race today. i want to kick things off this hour with nbc's hallie jackson standing with our colleague gabe gutierrez in greenville. tha that's two hours west of where i am in columbia. gabe, we're going to talk to you about rubio and his campaign in just a second, but hallie, we have 24 hours to go until the next big dedate, but this fighting against cruz and trump
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has intensified in basically just the last 30 minutes. >> yeah, in the last hour. we're going to be a little quiet because marco rubio is currently speaking on stage here at the faith forum. we keep coming back to you right in the middle of these candidate speeches. you talk about tomorrow night. it is absolutely going to be a brawl, and we're already seeing some of it develop, at least from donald trump on twitter. he just tweeted in the last couple minutes another hit on ted cruz after calling him a liar. the cruz camp is not responding here, telling me, a campaign aide, hey, it can't be a twitter war if cruz is seeking to engage. it sounds like another temper tantrum to me. quoting margaret thatcher, when one rereports to physical attacks, it means they have not another point to make. what we've seen is this hitting the airwaves with cruz and trump
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in ads. we'll so he tomorrow night as both try to make inroads with the evangelical vote in south carolina, especially with donald trump continuing to hold a pretty strong lead in the state. we don't have a lot of good polling, really any good polling, since the new hampshire primaries, so we're curious how that shakes out, but for now it looks like donald trump is still on top here. ted cruz also taking aim at not just republican rivals but a democratic rival, hillary clinton, in a spoof of "office space" which you can probably see playing right now. it's hillary clinton beating up on what's supposed to be her e-mail server like the workers beat up on that print. it's sort of a tongue in cheek reference that's going to be playing on "saturday night live" during that program tomorrow night here in south carolina. thomas? >> getting a lot of air time in advance, snl, that parody ad.
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hallie jackson in greenville, south carolina. thank you so much. i want to shift focus and talk to kerry sanders. he's following the trump camp. trump celebrated here in south carolina wednesday night, fresh off the new hampshire win tuesday. he moved on and he's amped up the rhetoric against ted cruz. what is trump specifically accusing the cruz camp of doing? >> he's accusing them of do something called a push poll. we're used to hearing about polls, somebody calls you up or a machine calls you up and you answer questions maybe by pushing on the buttons of who you support. a push poll, however, is designed to fool the person on the other end to think they're participating in a poll when the follow-up questions begin to suggest negatives about the person you say you're supporting, trying to push you to another candidate. so donald trump is now complaining that ted cruz's campaign is using a push poll, where in return, ted cruz says not us, not our campaign.
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if we're doing it out there, it's not us. we see the back and forth. i'm sure later tonight here at the university of south florida where donald trump will be holding a gathering, a rally, i'm sure he will be addressing this yet again. meantime, we're getting shoort a little peek into the thoughts of the ten or or of this campai because at furman university, the rival having a discussion with voters, doing sort of a social group, we got a chance to see what they're thinking specifically about donald trump. >> okay. donald trump. go right around the room. everybody got their word? i want one word. i want it fast and served up to me. >> leader. >> flash i. >> alpha dog. >> rich. >> dogmatic. >> narcissistic. >> inspirational. >> divisive. >> reporter: we have one other question that i can't answer
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quite yet. they are charging $20 to park here today. i think we have a video of that sign. i've not seen this at any other trump rally. i asked the university of south florida -- by wait,the way, i wo this university -- are they pocketing the money or is donald trump pocketing the money? remember, he says he's self hooi fu -- self-funding. if they get $10,000 here and it's $20, a car to park, you can imagine it's a fair amount of the money raised just in parking tonight. >> you referenced reaching out to the university. i know you reached out to the trump campaign and you're waiting for a response, but did the university point you to the trump campaign about the signs? >> i d >> reporter: i did, i asked at the university. florida has a lot of public records, it's generally easy to get those kinds of answers. but since this facility is used
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for concerts and other things, they came up with a creative way to have a separate company that runs this sun dome, and that is not open to public records so you can't find out what bruce springsteen makes or anyone else. donald trump falls into the same plume of secrecy. again, i've reached out, haven't heard yet. >> okay. nbc's kerry sanders. thank you, sir. i want to return to the faith forum. that is where nbc's gabe gutierrez is following marco rubio. he just wrapped up some of his thoughts there. how long as he been speaking, gabe? >> much as hallie did, i'll keep my voice down so not to interrupt marco rubio's speech. he's been speaking 10 or 15 minutes, and i must say, he has been very well received by this crowd here for religious conservatives. he is really trying to make the case that he's best positioned
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to take on not just the democrats but to unify the party. he has repeatedly said he's better on national security and foreign policy. that's the distinctions he's trying to make right now in his stump speeches he's had the last few days. he's taken on donald trump and especially ted cruz. ted cruz is especially important when it comes to marco rubio's strategy. he is trying to peel off some of the conservative religion voters, the ted cruzes, that he's been so successful in getting their support. i also asked him about that ad that you mentioned earlier, the attack ad that ted cruz's had to pull down because of the revelation that one of the actresses had previously starred in adult films. i asked marco rubio about that in a one-on-one interview we had just before he came to this forum. take a listen to what he had to say about that ad. when did you hear about that ted
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cruz attack ad? all of a sudden they had to pull it. >> i heard some inkling last night and something else this morning. the bottom line is they were actors, and i think it's a bigger problem ted has. and that is that he tries to act like the only conservative candidate in this race. it's not true. he's a very political active. >> he's tried to make a case that cruz is anie v evangelicale here in south carolina. tomorrow's debate, he needs a strong showing there to reboot his campaign and get past that disappointing fifth place finish in new hampshire. thomas? >> gabe gutierrez is there reporting in greenville, south carolina. thank you, sir. we move on to our colleague, peter alexander, because he is following john kasich. that gop candidate is faced with
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a unique challenge heere. this is a state that is not used to a ready and positive message. >> he devoted so much time, 100 town halls in new hampshire. clearly he doesn't have that kind of time in new hampshire. he has eight days to introduce himself to this state. they can't keep up with the number of people they're seeing at events. they had a meeting in the board room with the south carolina chamber of commerce a short time ago dai-- that's a good-looking table. as for that voter focus group you were talking about, when asked about kasich, people said things like optimistic, second choice, and still learning about him. i presented that fact to kasich, and here's what he said. >> lincoln always said to people, just let me be your
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second choice. i'm glad i'm the second choice now. i think a couple weeks ago they wouldn't have even known how to pronounce my name. they would have thought my name was governor of ohio. we're going on the air with television which will help us statewide, and we'll keep doing these town halls. frankly, it's like what they said in "jaws." they said, we need a bigger boat, and in south carolina i need bigger venues. we can't fit everybody in. people also said, when you go to south carolina, they're conserve tifr. you'll have to change your message. i haven't changed a thing and we're getting great response here. >> he's making the same message that he heard in new hampshire. he says he can win over the, and that of ohio, which we know is his home state.
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>> he has those fresh ads out, kund of a hidden feeling that john kasich will be playing. it will be very interesting to see if it resonates here. peter alexander, thank you. i appreciate it. we're watching two different events for hillary clinton. as we continue our live broadcast here from south carolina, we do expect to see hillary clinton and bill clinton, two different events, one with the former president in south ohio, and hillary clinton about to hold a taun howell in denmark, south carolina. we'll continue our report from the liberty tap room in columbia, south carolina. we'll be right back after this. want to get their hands on. if they could ever catch you.
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on the right-hand side of your screen, we're waiting for hillary clinton to hold a town hall rally in denton, south carolina. and we have bill clinton speaking on his wife's behalf. >> they like to have it without giving it all away without venture capitalists to invest. they don't think anything is going to happen like that. for the first time in my lifetime, the life expectancy of middle age working class life expectancy to go down. and if you ask the public health specialists, they say it's because of this epidemic of prescription drug and heroin abuse, one. two, because of dramatically rising alcoholism.
12:19 pm
three, because of rising rates of suicide in that demographic group. but the truth is, the highest rate of addiction to prescription drugs and heroin rate is in west virginia, which now has the second worst economy in two counties where the number one source of income for males is a disability check. so they're also dying of a broken heart. so here's my first argument for hillary. she's the best change maker i've ever known. you can see it in the campaign. she first proposed a plan to do something for coal country and for other areas that are left out and left behind. the president said, make change, my friend. embrace it. that's true, but you don't want to leave anyone in the
12:20 pm
battlefield. this country works when we can only go forward together. then she was the first candidate to propose an aggressive plan to increase treatment in mental health facilities so we can go after this prescription drug and heroin epidemic. because it's everywhere. and she said, this is one thing we can do in a bipartisan way, because this thing is tearing the heart out of small town and rural america, not just cities, and so it has become an equal opportunity killer. it's in democrats and republicans alike. it's not funny. >> listening to bill clinton as he gives remarks in ohio speaking to a crowd in cincinnati on his wife's behalf. he's looking ahead to the states that are going to be important to this contest. we all know there is no way to the white house without a road that takes you through ohio. and hillary clinton, as we mentioned, will be holding a town hall herself in denmark, south carolina coming up this
12:21 pm
afternoon. that's the event there, a live picture of the showcase where she is going to be speaking in denmark minutes from now. but the big question is about president obama's legacy and who is the best torch bearer for that? is it bernie sanders or hillary clinton? and this was a big issue last night in the democratic debate about the president's legacy, and who is more loyal to obama? take a listen. >> calling the president weak, calling him a disappointment, calling several times that he should have a primary opponent when he ran for reelection in 2012, you know, i think that goes further than saying, we have our disagreements. those kinds of personal assessments and charges are ones that i find particularly troubling. >> one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> so there was the exchange last night. we are joined now by former democratic governor of south
12:22 pm
carolina, jim hodges. governor, nice to see you here. you were just telling me as we were looking at that bill clinton event that bill will be here tomorrow in florence, south carolina. you are doing the introduction. you are a hillary clinton supporter. how important is loyalty to the clintons? >> i think loyalty is very important, but let me say, i was a barack obama supporter in 2008. i was a national co-chair of the obama campaign. so loyalty is very important, but they've also been very good at reaching out to obama supporters in south carolina to try to bring them onto the table. >> do you think it was a low blow for secretary clinton to bring up those distinctions in sanders' record about president obama? >> absolutely not. i distinctly remember when bernie sanders made the points that he was disappointed in president obama. he's brought that up on multiple occasions when it benefited him, so i think she was right to bring it up. >> the l.a. times knows that the clinton name checked the
12:23 pm
president about 20,000 times. they're now rolling out a $5 million effort to help the candidate. we had on congressman clyburne yesterday. he is holding his cards back, but we have the cdc pac holding its endorsement for hillary clinton, clyburne for his support for obama. so is it a possibility that bernie sanders could take away from hillary clinton? >> no. >> no? >> honestly, bernie sanders cannot take south carolina away from hillary clinton. let me say the reason that -- there are good reasons for barack obama. i think he'll find this is a cold place in vermont because of distancing himself from obama, but the clintons have strong relationships here, and they speak the language of south
12:24 pm
carolina. frankly, when you look at the difference between iowa and new hampshire and south carolina, the demographics are a heck of a lot different here. >> what we know about the south carolina governor is the african-american vote is super important to making sure that a candidate is vetted properly through this state and their ticket is punched to move forward. but we have major endorsements coming out for senator bernie sanders from a civil rights activist like harry belafonte and erica garner, the daughter of eric garner who was killed in a policeman chokehold. what do you think about the bernie sanders message? >> they can support whoever they want to, but i think i know south carolina voters like the back of my hand, and 30-plus years her, and more importantly her work with president obama as a partner in the last term of office, those things are critically important. they will make a difference in what happens in this election.
12:25 pm
>> so you think the primary is going to go to hillary clinton. you gave us to newt beginning risch. . >> and i think the rest of them will be distant thirds. one of those two. right now i would put my money on cruz, believe it or not. >> former south carolina governor jim hodges. >> good to see you. >> we appreciate your hospitality here. it's been lots of fun. we also went on the hunt for the voice of young voters. we didn't have to travel too far. the university of south carolina is just a stone's throw away from where we sit right now. from presidential politics like free college for all or black lives matter, a. with a show of hands, who is going to be voting in the democratic primary here in south carolina? okay. and that leaves everybody else for the republican primary. who is your candidate and why?
12:26 pm
>> right now my candidate that i am supporting is mr. jeb bush. his record is the best of everybody on that stage. >> i'm supporting senator sanders. i feel like i trust him. i feel like what he says, he believes what he says. >> what about hillary clinton as a presidential candidate that you're not a fan of? >> i don't trust her. any candidate under an fbi investigation is a warning to me. >> having a fresh, young person in the white house who looks the way he does, he is articulate. >> who is your top pick this primary. >> ted cruz. >> i'm very pro-life. i don't agree with abortions and i don't think that i should be voting for anyone who does. >> what do you think these
12:27 pm
candidates think about gay marriage? >> i am a gay american and i would love bernie sanders to come to my wedding. >> let's talk about his plan for free public education. >> free, that's great. but it costs money. who is going to pay for it? are we going to have to raise taxes? >> it's a delusion. it's not free. >> i don't think that's fair to tell people just because they don't have money for college that they can't succeed in life. >> i have been asked questions that nobody of any other race or nationality would be asked. for instance, i was asked, oh, did you get a scholarship to come here? i didn't. why would you ask that? and they ask, oh, is your dad in the home? i'm sorry, my parents have been married for 22 years.
12:28 pm
>> i'm so sorry. i'm not white, i'm not black, but even so, i've never been asked anything like that. for some people, i think it is definitely changed, definitely more obstacles. i'm optimistic. >> the whole idea of the american dream is slowly fading away in our culture these days, and just like donald trump says, we're making america great again, we will evolve with the times. >> the american dream for some is on its knees. a lot of us up here, we have a strong foundation that that's why we are here, that we have parents to back them. i would say for the majority of our nation, they don't have that strong foundation to bounce off of. >> pretty amazing collection of clij students that we found today to talk about their opinions in the upcoming election. we appreciate their time. we have much more coming from south carolina. as we head to break, ohio
12:29 pm
governor john kasich in orangeburg, south carolina talking to voters in those states. here's what one voter shared about vet equality. >> my name is matthew strohman, a 45-year veteran of the navy. >> yeah. >> i would just like to ask two questions. if you become president, what are you going to do for the whites and blacks minority of america? >> we're going to take it all the way to washington. the minority community in ohio has been very responsive. i got 26% of the african-american vote which is unusual because we've got criminal justice reform, we're fixing the schools, we're including them in the business. it's good stuff. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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we have democrats fresh back on the campaign trail after their debate last night. hillary clinton is expected to speak any moment from now in denmark, south carolina. that's roughly about an hour from where i am. there are live pictures of the event with hillary clinton about to be introduced or being introduced right now. this area is billed as the corridor of opportunity town hall, this event. that name a play on words because of the corridor of shame there along i-95. that's a label given to the area because it's been known for a dismal education system for a long time. then we have secretary clinton's husband, the former president, speaking at an event on his wife's blehalf in cincinnati, ohio. they've stepped up their ads on republican voters. they feature a new ad on rev rent thompson. he lost his wife in the shooting of the emanuel ama shooting in charleston. >> hillary clinton is willing to make sure a gun won't get in the
12:34 pm
wrong hands and to take a stand with the president to get gun laws so no family has to go through anything like this ever again. >> meanwhile, we have bernie sanders holding an event about an hour from now in minneapolis, minnesota. today his campaign released a powerful video featuring the daughter of eric garner. eric garner was killed in a chokehold by police in staten island, and erica garner explains why she wants to support sanders for president. >> i'm behind anyone who is fwg -- going to listen and speak up to us. i think we need to believe in bernie sanders. >> earlier today i spoke with erica and she says sanders has been consistent, and she believes that's not the case for hillary clinton. >> she changed her whole career. she has been changing different issues, talking about different issues her whole career, and bernie sanders has been consistent. >> i want to bring in nbc's
12:35 pm
kristen welker who has been covering hillary clinton's campaign the whole time. she is where both hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be attending a dinner this evening. how will an d liad like that hu her in south carolina and the other ad she has with the reverend who lost his wife in the ame church shooting, how does she think that will enhance her chances here? >> her ad is sort of an answer to that ad you played from senator sanders, hillary clinton making the argument she will be the tougher candidate when it comes to enacting stiffer gun laws, that she is the one candidate to take on the nra. the interesting thing about the gun issue, it's one of the few issues that she is actually perceived fd beiof being furthe the left of senator sanders. she is accused of being tough on this issue because she answerhe
12:36 pm
to the brady bill and something that has been further to the right of president obama. she said she essentially stands with president obama on this issue. that echoes what we heard last night during that debate. this is a tactic from secretary clinton. she's trying to embrace the president, who is incredibly popular with african-americans nationally, but particularly in a state like south carolina where his approval rating among african-americans is at 92%. she is also trying to reach out to women, thomas. let me read you what she said in marie claire magazine. she said, women are not monolithic. our position about guns is as diverse as we are, but just about all of us can agree too many people are dying from senseless gun violence and we need to do something about it. secretary clinton knows that in order to win in south carolina, she needs african-american men and women to turn out in force, thomas? >> how is she characterizing the
12:37 pm
performance of secretary clinton last night and painting bernie sanders as a single issue candidate? >> well, that is the new focus of the campaign. you heard secretary clinton use that line in her closing remarks last night. they feel good about secretary clinton's performance last night. they feel like she drew sharper contrasts on issues like health care. you heard her really hit that point that she argues his plans aren't realistic. s he, of course, fired back that my plans for a universal health care system would lower costs overall. the question is, thomas, how will her debate be perceived in south carolina. that's something we will learn in the coming days and weeks. thomas? >> kristen, thank you very much. joining us now, nbc's kacie hunt, kacie following the sanders campaign in south carolina. we are following the live event in denmark, south carolina for hillary clinton. the shots are a little shaky.
12:38 pm
that's an actual camera hooked up, and hooked up, and are on a live view which is a better shot sitting in a car right now. we're going to talk to you because your shot is better than the ordinary kind. >> it's actually an iphone with a live view, and i have to use a selfie stick, which is not something i ever thought i would condone using with my forgiveness to awfll of those w do. but we're on the road with senator sanders, so this is working for us. we're just going to be holding a forum on race and economic opportunity. as we drove in through this neighborhood, we saw some signs on the lawns that said "black lives matter." of course, this has been the focus of senator sanders' campaign over the course of last week as the focus has shifted to more diverse states, so nevada and then south carolina, where the african-american vote is absolutely critical. you played a little bit of that ad with erica garner.
12:39 pm
they're planning on airing that ad on national tv, a two-minute version of it, which is pretty significant when you think about the time and resources it takes to invest in something like that. they want to make sure that people see it. they've also filmed at least two other ads with african-american surrogates in south carolina that are testimonial style ads, so people testifying to senator sanders' credentials with the african-american community, you can expect to see those going up on the air in the next week, thomas. >> nbc's kacie hunt reporting for us. great work with the live view and the selfie stick. we appreciate t. iit. i'm going to bring in jaime harrison. explain the significance of this area and the support hillary clinton can gain from it. >> denmark, south carolina is very close to my hometown of
12:40 pm
armiton, south carolina, and both those towns are in an area that we call the corridor of shame. it's an area that's mostly rural, mostly african-american, high unemployment, very crumbling schools, hospitals that are dissipating, and so areas that are somewhat devoid of hope. and so it's important to have secretary clinton and senator sanders. in 2008 barack obama was in that area talking about ways in which to bring hope to those areas. so it's important to have them there right now. >> but explain to awful ull of then, if hillary clinton is going to be the torch bearer of barack obama, and we're eight years later, and this is still the systemic issue it was eight years ago in denmark, and bernie sanders paints this bigger vision and talks about free college, trying to provide hope to a hopeless generation in this country. hillary clinton doesn't support that. how is that not a better message
12:41 pm
for areas that are impoverished with poor education systems? >> part of it, as we know, thomas, not only is there a federal rule but there's also a state rule. many times a lot of the infrastructure that are needed in those areas isn't a responsibility for the federal government. even if senator sanders won the presidency, not that he will be able to come in and totally transform those areas. what they can bring in is the understanding that it's important to participate in this process, important to get leership that has similar values. at the end of the day when you look at where senator sanders is and when you look at where hillary clinton is, there isn't a whole lot of daylight between the two of them. comparing that to donald trump and john kasich and marco rubio and jeb bush. >> meanwhile, though, we have big endorsements that have come out for bernie sanders from harry belafonte to erica garner. we also have endorsements from hillary clinton from the cdc
12:42 pm
pac, and maybe one coming from congressman clyburne. look me in the eye and tell me you don't know congressman clyburne. look me in the eye. >> listen, congressman clyburne is a very well respected member of congress. he's known as the congressman for most of south carolina. even if you don't live in his district. so if he does come out and endorse, i can tell you it will have significant weight behind it. >> he said yesterday as i spoke to him that he is getting close to doing it. i think you know more than you're letting on, jaime harrison in south carolina. thank you for your hospitality here. we have much more ahead as we continue our live broadcast from right here at the liberty tap room in columbia, south carolina, and we take a look at the fight between gop frontrunner donald trump and ted cruz. they're taking it to twitter
12:43 pm
with accusations. plus, what jeb bush told me about his family ties. >> tell me about your campaign and the fact that you're willing to have your brother come out and campaign with you on monday. is that a signal that your campaign is willing to embrace what your last name means politically? >> i've never had this problem that you all apparently thought i had. and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. you're willing to have your brother campaign with you. is that a signal that you're willing to embrace what your last name means? >> i never had this problem you all talk about. i'm a bush. i love my father, i love my mother, i love my brother. i have a name that i share as governor of souflorida. i have a campaign to lift up and keep strong. my brother will be part of that story. i'm glad that he's coming.
12:47 pm
i'm honored. this is the first time he's really stepped out in the political realm since he was president, and i think it will be interesting what he has to say. this is the process that we're in. it's a long haul process. >> my conversation last night with former florida governor jeb bush talking about his brother coming to south carolina. he will be coming to join him monday night in charleston with jeb bush. bush isn't the only candidate picking up their game, though. some are giving a whole new meaning to the dirty south. chip is a republican strategist and he joins me now. we're wautching all this tensio via twitter. all these harsh words are flowing around with donald trump calling ted cruz dishonest, lying and sleazy.
12:48 pm
ted cruz said another trumper tantrum. is there a risk throwing it back at him? >> welcome to the south and welcome to the fun campaign season. it's getting there when everybody is fighting everybody. we're getting down to the crucial states. i think senator cruz has to be careful as all these candidates do in the last couple days. anything you say, you make a mista mistake, it's not just a game changer, it's a game ender. we're getting to the end of this primary season where half the candidates are now gone. we're down to a few people left on the anti-establishment lane. we still have a couple people left on the establishment lane and they're still fighting it out a little bit, but now we're getting to the point where you say the wrong thing, you do the wrong thing, it's not a hiccup, it's a game changer and it's over. >> this really more about what we're going to see tomorrow night on the stage, this debate taking place in greenville and how these candidates have emerged? we have the wins under kasich.
12:49 pm
we know donald trump is coming in as a strong frontrunner, but the interest of the evangelical vote going towards ted cruz. >> i think it's going to be interesting to see. this is the last chance to speak to the voters of south carolina directly, not through paid advertising. you're going to see people not duck out of the tough questions this time when they say, you said this about so and so. this is the last chance they're going to get over the next four days before the south carolinans go to vote. this is a crucial time. they want to find the other candidates in this race before people go to the balanlot box o tuesday. >> why do you think your former boss, mike huckabee, won't endorse anyone? >> we're still recovering from iowa. that was not a great night for us. the governor has gone back home, kind of rekbruintroduced himsel his dogs. he wanted to get his house in order, which i think is the right thing to do. >> chip, great to see you, sir.
12:50 pm
thanks for your time. >> always a pleasure, thomas. >> ahead we're going to turn to the crowd in the liberty tap room and primaries coming up. but first, we are going to let you listen to hillary clinton. she is talking to a town hall in denmark, south carolina. >> i know we can make a difference. when my husband was president, incomes went up for every american. every single american in every category, in fact, average incomes went up 17%. more than $7,500, but average incomes for african-americans, went up more than 33%, more than $8,500. now, i don't think that's ancient history, so much as a reminder that we can make a difference. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance?
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
welcome back, everybody. we continue our live broadcast here from the liberty tap room. and i have jumped from my set position to join folks at their table and invade their lunch space. because they're kind enough to talk to us about what they think about the current state of the presidential election. so we've got dr. benard moses and heidi caldwell, both who live here in columbia. doctor, let me start with you. who do you like and why? >> well, i like three of them. i like kasich, i like hillary, and if jeb bush could ever break through, i like jeb bush. i thought he was the better of the bushes. but right now, it looks like hillary or maybe kasich. >> do you identify as a republican or a democrat? >> independent. >> as an independent. so this is fun for you, with the open primary, because south carolinian s get to make up their mind and be picky. >> exactly, exactly. and you know, i understand how a lot of folks are listening to bernie sanders and taking in his
12:55 pm
message. i get that. my problem with bernie sanders is that i'm a former military personnel, marine corps, and this is -- this state is a very populated military personnel. either retired or actual active duty. my personally, could never vote for a conscientious objector. my uncles were drafted in vietnam. so it stops for him with me at that. >> so who do uh yo like and why? >> i'm a hillary supporter. i like bernie sanders and hillary. but i feel she has a lot of foreign policy experience, being secretary of state. i like her stance with women's issues. and she was one of the pioneers with health care, trying to introduce a better system. >> are you surprised, though, that she's had a struggle? she eked out iowa, she lost new hampshire, and there's ksh about
12:56 pm
what south carolina turnout is going to be. >> i think bernie, who i also like, has come across with a very inspirational message. i have three young kids and the millennials -- well, not just the millennials, are really attracted to a positive message. i think he's able to deliver that a little better than she's been able to do. i'm not surprised. >> all right. we'll see how it goes. but heidi, thank you so much. dr. moses, thank you, and i'm sorry we scared away your wife, dana, who was here. and your daughter graduates from law school coming up in may. that's a great accomplishment. we're having a great time here at the liberty tap room. thank you, gang! so we'll continue our broadcast here. stick around. stick around, we've got much more coming up from msnbc live, as my colleague, kate snow, picks up our coverage after this.
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
i'm not sure a lot of voters are excited about having a president who, when he gets rattled, when he gets upset, begins cursing and yelling vul garri garrities. >> was it the ted cruz that supported doubling the number of green cards, or the one that now says he doesn't want any green cards? i don't know what ted cruz we're dealing with. >> i'm running for the president of the united states, not to be a back bencher in the united states senate, where you brag about filing an amendment and calling it a success. >> he's bringing his mother in now. he tried the mother, who is a very nice lady, i'm sure. he tried the mother. that didn't work out so good. >> hi, everyone. i'm kate snow here in new york. that is just a taste of the 24 hours we've had in the race for the republican nomination. it is changing every minute. this series of one on one battles with a punch here, a counterpunch there, get a pen, get a piece of paper, you need a scorecard. get ready. the high-profile feud between
1:01 pm
donald trump and ted cruz escalating as we speak. just moments ago, trump tweeting, quote, if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads, i have standing to sue him for not being a natural-born citizen. trump accusing the cruz camp of orchestrating pro-cruz robo calls. cruz firing back over eminent domain, and we heard this word again, trumpertantrum. cruz is also going after marco rubio for accepting the supreme court's gay marriage decision. and here's where it's getting even more confusing, rubio is lashing out at both cruz and donald trump, attacking cruz on immigration, attacking trump for foul language. then throw jeb bush and john kasich into the mix, and while we're watching all these attacks come in right now, four of the six republican candidates are participating in a faith and family forum in greenville, south carolina. that's where we find hallie jackson, kerry sanders is down
1:02 pm
in tampa, florida. i'm going to beginning with hallie jackson at that faith and forum. let's start with cruz versus trump. we mentioned trump's latest tweet, threatening to sue ted cruz. what's the campaign saying back? >> the cruz campaign responding now, kate, with that word that you mentioned, that they are trying to get trending here, #trumpertantrum. let me read you the response from a spokesperson, saying that sounds like another trumpertantrum to me. to paraphrase margaret thatcher, when once resorts to personal attacks, it means they have not a single political argument left. as for cruz, he will not respond in kind and will continue to focus on the substance. that is the a line that ted cruz has used in the past when it comes to these attacks there donald trump, saying he will draw distinctions on policy, but not on personality. that said, kate, wave seen ted cruz really ramp up his attacks on donald trump when it comes to policy all week long here. really since the new hampshire
1:03 pm
primary. he had that ad out, hitting trump on eminent domain. he's got others now that are aimed a at trump as well, as both of them head into this king kong versus godzilla battle here in south carolina. >> and i have to ask you about the other battle, which is ted cruz versus hillary clinton. there's this new video everybody is talking about. it's set to run tomorrow night during "saturday night live". >> and boy, did the cruz campaign get some bang for their buck on this one. yeah, let's show you a little bit of it here. it's spoofing "office space." take a peek at ted cruz hitting hillary clinton. ♪ damn, it feels good to be a clinton ♪ ♪ a shameless politician always plays her cards right ♪ ♪ got approved for a fight on the airways ♪ ♪ lap doggs in the press keep their mouths tight ♪ ♪ because a clinton never needs to explain what ♪ ♪ what they've done or why or who ♪ ♪ a real clinton knows they're entitled ♪ ♪ and you don't get to know what they do ♪ >> so children of the late '90s or teens of the late '90s will
1:04 pm
recognize that scene from the movie "office space," which i think we're playing a little clip of, so you can see the comparison between ad and the movie. >> by the way, even people from the '80s recognize "office space." >> that's what i said, too. any age. do young people get it? i think young people get it. and i would argue maybe even if you've never seen the movie, you would still get the point of the ad, which is supposed to portray hillary clinton beating up on her e-mail server. this is red meat to the base here in south carolina. >> let me ask you about one more, before i let you go. cruz versus rubio. there was a new ad directed at rubio, but they've now had to pull it back. >> they have, and you'll make me explain why, this is totally fine, i'm happy to do it. it's because of the sort of punchline of the ad features a woman, an actress, delivering this line, saying that marco rubio is nothing more than a pretty face, essentially, but the woman, the actress, has been involved in adult films in the past, which is something that buzzfeed discovered. and in light of that news, the
1:05 pm
cruz campaign is now pulling that ad off the airwaves, to the chagrin, actually, of the actress who's involved in those adult films. here's what the cruz campaign is saying. the actress responded to an open casting call, she passed her audition and got the job. unfortunately, she was not vetted by the production company. had the campaign known of her full filmography, we, obviously, would not have allowed her to appear in the ad. and that's not the message that the cruz campaign wants to be talking about. they were hoping this ad hitting marco rubio would have legs and stand on its own, but instead they're doing a little bit of damage control about the revelation of one of the actresses in that ad. >> hallie jackson watching everything, but particularly the cruz campaign, thanks so much. noticeably absent from south carolina today and from that faith and family forum that hallie was just standing in front of, republican front-runner donald trump. he's not there. he's choosing, instead, to visit states with primaries weeks or even a month away. and while lately it seems trump's word choice is what's been getting a lot of attention
1:06 pm
at its rallies, in baton rouge, louisiana, it's what he did after the event that really caught everybody's eye. check this out, he signs a baby's hand. we can't notice that the baby looks a little bit surprised. and we can't show you a clip of donald trump signing a baby, without digging up another cult classic, a moment from the movie, "talladega nights." >> absolutely, ma'am, i would love to sign your baby. you're not going to want to watch that forehead. i'm sorry, we had to. >> joining me now, a man who was there when the autographed scene around the world happened. kerry sanders. let me start with the tweet war. let me get back to the battles here. this is a war between donald trump and ted cruz continuing today. can he really threaten or is he really threatening to sue ted cruz? >> reporter: it's a food fight. these guys are back and forth at each other. it's all over push/pulls, which i'll get to in a second. let's get to the tweet that donald trump just recently put out.
1:07 pm
how can cruz be an evangelical christian, when you lie so much and are so dishonest? he's saying this, because, he's accusing ted cruz of using these push/pulls. now, a push/pull is kind of a deceptive method of getting at a voter. the voter gets the phone call, sometimes it's a computer, sometimes it's a real person. and the questions sound like poll questions, you know, who do you support? but based on who you support, the follow-up questions then suggest things that may not be true. to sway the person who's participating in the poll to then change their thought on who they want to support. so, it would say something like, this is not actually what was in the push poll, but it can say something like, do you support donald trump? press one, if yes. you press one. then it goes to another question. did you know that donald trump changed his mind and wants to let the 11 million illegal mexican and other immigrants
1:08 pm
stay in the country? now, donald trump has not said that, but when they hear that on the poll, they think, maybe he's changed his position, which will perhaps want me to change who i want to support. so that is the back and forth battle that is underway right now. ted cruz's campaign denies that they have anything to do with this these push polls. but, kate, as we take you back to iowa, remember, it was during the caucuses that word began to spread, that ben carson had dropped out, causing people to change their allegiances right there at the caucuses. now, following all of this, ted cruz and his campaign apologized, saying that they had picked up some information, and it got misunderstood. so bottom line is, this is all going back and forth, while donald trump will be here on the campus of the university of south florida tonight, pretty good university. i went to school here. so -- but there's kind of a little bit of a surprise, too. because this event, and i haven't seen this before, they're charging $20 for people
1:09 pm
to park. we've reached out to hope hicks to ask her with the trump campaign, where's that money going? and she hasn't called back, hasn't e-mailed back. hope hicks, if you're listening, we want to know where that money's going. because donald trump has said repeatedly that he's self-funding, kate. >> kerry sanders, we said we were going to need a scorecard today and we meant it. let's talk about john kasich. he's pushing what he calls a positive campaign. he released two new campaign ads in south carolina, but even he has found a way to launch an attack, a quiet one, on jeb bush, questioning whether bush is tarnishing his family's name. and saying earlier today that he will not be a pincushion. peter alexander, what is going on in kasichland? >> he's been saying, i'm not going to be a pincushion, i'm not going to be a marshmallow. if people hit me, i will certainly defend myself. but he's not as focused on south carolina as he is as what he describes as a national campaign. and i asked him about plans to leave the state over the next several days. here's part of our one-on-one
1:10 pm
exchange a short time ago. take a listen. you're off to michigan and virginia. >> yeah, yeah. >> some people say you're expanding the map. people in south carolina will say, you're leaving south carolina just as george w. bush and others are arriving here. is that a tacit admission that it's bush country, somehow? >> why would it be his country? he hasn't won anything anywhere. no, no. i don't think about that. look, we're bringing a lot of recruits in now. we're finding that the enthusiasm is hard to absorb because of the infrastructure. now, this is exactly how we planned it. we knew that coming out of new hampshire, we would have a bump, which we've had. more money and people are coming here to help. and we take it seriously here. >> reporter: they also take seriously the state of michigan. aides tell me they're trying to replicate the success from new hampshire in that key battleground of michigan, where the vote doesn't take place until march the 8th. that's the last state where delegates are rewarded proportionately. after that, there's some
1:11 pm
critical states in the midwest, where kasich thinks he can make a stand as well, including his home state of ohio. he insists he's a unifier and says the only way we can win the presidency, win the bhowhite ho, is if you have a candidate who can bring together republicans, democrats, and independents. >> peter alexander following kasich. now that we've brought you up to to speed on everything that's happening on the trail right now on the gop side, let's talk a little bit more in depth about that tweet from donald trump this afternoon, just within the last hour or so, saying, "i have standing to sue ted cruz for not being a natural-born citizen." chief legal correspondent, ari melber, joins me now. could he actually sue? >> he probably could. what you need in my suit is standing. that's the idea that you've been personally injured. we can't just all go around suing anybody for anything we don't like. and the standing argument is something that several federal courts have recognized. it's called competitive standing. so to catch people up, he says, if ted cruz doesn't clean up his
1:12 pm
act, stop cheating, and doing negative ads, i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. two distinct thoughts there, a litany of complaints, the other guy or gal is being unfair or lying. that's not what gets him into court, what gets him into court, at least according to some cases, kate, is the idea that if your opponent might be ineligible, and you are competitive, that you would be harmed to losing to an ineligible person, and thus you would get your case heard. that doesn't mean you would win, but it does mean you would get into court if you sued. >> all right, ari melber, thank you so much for breaking that down it. appreciate it. let's get more analysis now. i want to bring in mark halperin and john heilemann, host of bloomberg politics' "with all due respect," which airs right here on msnbc, 6:00 p.m. a couple of hours from now, eastern time. gentleman, nice to see you again. gosh, we got a lot going on today. i can't even begin. let's start big picture. so much -- ari was just talk
1:13 pm
about this twitter war we've got going on today between ted cruz and donald trump. is this a two-man race on the gop side right now? >> well, the polling suggests, kate, we just got a little bit of polling just today, that donald trump is way ahead of ted cruz. ted cruz in sect place in that polling. more bunched up with the rest of the field, which is to say that marco rubio and jeb bush. but i think if there's one candidate among those who are not donald trump, who have a chance of catching donald trump, or at least making it a real race in south carolina, it's ted cruz. and cruz knows that if he's going to win south carolina, he's got to go through donald trump, and trump knows that cruz is the biggest threat to him, which explains why the fists are starting to fly and the shots are starting to be heard across the bows of each of those campaigns. >> and it's marco rubio taking on some of the other candidates, as well, today. i want to play a quick sound bite. this is gabe gutierrez, our reporter in the field, who follows marco rubio, talking to him about ted cruz. take a look.
1:14 pm
>> when did you hear about that ted cruz attack ad, that called you a pretty face, and now all of a sudden they've had to pull it because one of the -- >> well, yeah, i think i heard about some inkling of it last night and i heard about it again this morning, somebody mentioned to it. the bottom line is, they were actors, and i think it's part of a bigger problem that ted has. and that is, he tries to act like the only consistent conservative in this race. and it's just not true. he's a very calculated political operative. look what he did to ben carson. think about that. you exthe end robo calls to inform people at the caucus sites that ben carson has dropped out. i think it's a pattern of saying things that aren't true and pure political calculation. i think it's very disturbing. >> mark, marco rubio seems to be going after quite a few people out on the stump today. so how do you break that down? and does he have to have a banner evening tomorrow night at the debate? >> look, i think all five of the candidates who are competing vigorously in south carolina have a lot on the line.
1:15 pm
donald trump has a big lead now, but he has a lot on the line, because somehow if he ended up losing south carolina, he would be back where he was after iowa, having to prove himself again. for drated cruz, his lane has b pretty much cleared. with santorum out and huckabee out and -- i'm missing somebody else -- >> carly fiorina. >> carly fiorina, but there's somebody else -- >> chris christie? >> rand paul, rather. that lane is pretty much clear for ted cruz. he's got a chance here to activate the kind of network he had in iowa. and for the three establishment candidates, they've all got a lot on the line. i was skeptical that rubio was dead after new hampshire, some people say he was, but he is clearly now, based on the polling and based on the focus group that we conducted earlier in the week, he's clearly now got a following in south carolina. people we talked to in our focus group to a person liked the fact that he said -- he owned up to his mistake in the debate that he had in new hampshire. so i think if you see bush, see kasich, see rubio, all three of them have so much on the line in south carolina. so, it's not surprising, given
1:16 pm
the stakes, the size of the field, and the history of rough politics in south carolina, that even though we're still now over a week away from the voting, things have heated up quite a bit as the week has ended. >> and john, let me ask you about donald trump. you mentioned he's at the top of the polls down there. but there seems to be this growing anti-trump coalition, a bit of a campaign on the right. conservative group, club for growth has a new anti-trump ad hitting the airwaves in south carolina, cost him about $1.5 million. take a look. >> there's nothing conservative about abusing eminent domain for personal gain. there's nothing conservative about four bankruptcies. there's nothing conservative about giving money to the clintons. there's nothing conservative about donald trump. >> john, what's your sense? can that attack stick? >> i'm not sure about that, kate. you know, look, the issues about donald trump's ideological
1:17 pm
apostasies and inconsistencies have been raised by many of the people who do not like donald trump. they have not stuck. the people who like donald trump don't seem to care very much about whether he's consistent or a "conservative." what they like is trump's swagger, what they see as his truth telling, the way he tells it like it is, and that he's not politically correct and that he's strong, right? so i think there's no doubt that right now, both the republican establishment and the conservative establishment, slightly different things, are all starting to wake up to the fact that after trump's win in new hampshire and his strength in south carolina, that he could be on the verge of running the table, and so there's a sense of urgency, not quite panic yet, but urgency about doing something to stop him. but no one, so far, has found the right way to do it. but people are now starting to feel like they've really got to find that way or they're in trouble. >> mark, i've got to ask about the democrats. big night tonight. we're looking at a box down there in the corner with hillary clinton. that's her event right now, she's in denmark, south carolina. let me ask about last night.
1:18 pm
did she do enough to get some of the support back that maybe she had lost up in new hampshire? >> i think they both had decent nights. neither were great. but for her to have a decent night was great for her. she could have come in there really psyched out by what happened to her in new hampshire. i think her supporters breathed a sigh of relief to be able to say, she was able to stand toe to toe with bernie sanders and make some of the arguments she was able to make to get the momentum back. and she comes out of there at least standing, and again, after such a shellacking in new hampshire, that's something her supporters are very grateful for and i hope she can continue to improve in advance of these two contests coming up first in nevada and again in south carolina. >> mark halperin and john heilemann, always great to see you on a friday afternoon. we'll see you again in less than two hours on the air here. six candidates still standing among the republicans. all gearing up for tomorrow night's face-off. it's the ninth republican debate. this time it's in greenville, south carolina, a preview of what to expect up next. incredible bladder protection from always discreet
1:19 pm
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1:21 pm
1:22 pm
so we noticed a dip on our calendars today of republican campaign events. that's because they're splitting their time with hitting the trail and also prepping for tomorrow night's big debate in greenville, south carolina. we can probably imagine the gloves will come off tomorrow. here with a preview is andy shane, political reporter with the state. i think the gloves are already off. that's why i say that. we've had a lot of back and forth today. marco rubio went into the last debate, as we all remember, back in new hampshire, as kind of a golden child coming out of iowa. everybody was excited about him. then the whole snafu at the
1:23 pm
debate and the robots start following him. my question is, could we see another shift like that tomorrow night in this field, where something happens and changes everything? >> i think very much so. and especially with the return of donald trump. i mean, you know, the whole idea that we're going to have trump back, he's been leading in the polls in south carolina since august. there's another poll out today saying he's leading, now since the iowa and the new hampshire elections. so, i think he's going to basically have a big target on him, and i think we're going to see a lot of the arrows slung his way. >> can rubio survive another poor performance? talk about pressure on that guy. >> yes, very much so. i would say there's a lot of pressure on marco rubio to have a -- just a stellar performance, after what happened in new hampshire. he's pledged that he's going to do it. i think he has shown in the previous debates that he is very good on the stage. he's very good on his feet. so, you know, if all goes well, as it has for him at this point, i think he'll succeed. >> let me ask about jeb bush.
1:24 pm
he's called in his brother, george w. bush, the former president, to campaign in south carolina. a bloomberg poll shows the former president enjoying a 77% approval rating right now. that's a big deal for him to campaign. can jeb survive a bad performance tomorrow? or how do you think he's playing in south carolina? >> he's not playing as well as i think he would like. the new poll that came out today still has him in fourth place and still not very much within a shot of donald trump. you know, the bush family is very popular in south carolina, but you just have to wonder in this very unconventional election you're having in 2016, whether what worked in the past is going to work this year. >> and let me ask about john kasich. a lot of south carolinians, he has said, don't really know him. there's not a lot of name recognition. do you see him starting to resonate? >> he is. he leapt up in the new poll, but he leapt up from 2% to 9%. he's in fifth place. he really had really not much of
1:25 pm
a ground game here. he had to really build it from nothing, after new hampshire. he's also admitted that he will not do, he won't win south carolina. he just hopes, i think, to do decent here, maybe beat expectations, and move on to states where he will probably have a better chance. >> all right, andrew shane, great to see you, appreciate it. >> right. thanks for having me. look forward to tomorrow night. another quick break to fit in here, but when we come back, the power of young voters in south carolina. what is it going to take for republicans to win their support? that's up next. tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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as the gop candidates gear up for tomorrow night's debate, one group they're targeting for sure are young voters. in south carolina, there are more than 230,000 eligible voters under the age of 24. my colleague, thomas roberts, recently spent some time with this key group of voters. he has some more from the ground down in south carolina. hey, thomas.
1:29 pm
>> reporter: hi, kate, good afternoon. and we are coming to you live from the msnbc headquarters of the south carolina primaries, the liberty tap room. just a stone's throw away from us, right here in the heart of columbia is the university of south carolina. and this morning i met with a group of diverse kids from 18 to 21. some of them, a majority of them, voting for the very first time. they are passionate, they are opinionated, and you only have to ask a few simple questions to elicit these answers. take a look. by a show of hands, who is going to be voting in the democratic primary here in south carolina. okay. and that leaves everybody else for the republican primary. who is your candidate and why? >> right now my candidate that i'm supporting is mr. jeb bush. his record and the record is the best out of everyone on that stage. >> i'm supporting senator sanders. i feel like i trust him. i feel like he says, this is what i believe, this is what he means. >> why don't you like hillary clinton? what is it about her candidacy or her as the potential president that you're not a fan of? >> i don't trust her to be
1:30 pm
honest. any candidate under fbi investigation is a little alarming to me. >> i'll be voting for marco rubio. having a fresh -- like, a fresh, young person in the white house, who looks the way he does, he is articulate. >> who is your top pick this primary? >> ted cruz. i'm very pro-life. i don't agree with abortions and i don't think that i should be voting for anyone that does. >> so we also had a trump supporter there, kate, and a hillary clinton supporter. and each one went down the line, talking about why they liked their candidate. but they also had a few hiccups with each of their candidates. the complexity of finding the perfect one. there really wasn't a perfect match for all of them. but they felt strongly about why they wanted to see them advance through the primary process. but it was a fascinating conversation, and all of them were very hopeful about the future. and they had a specific candidate that they thought could carry the day. >> it's interesting, too, compared to new hampshire,
1:31 pm
thomas, they seem much more certain at this point. they're not sort of undecided. they really know who they like. >> no, they know who they like. and they also know their stuff. i was surprised, kate, that these kids -- you know, i call them kids, they're 18 to 21, but they were really well read in. and they were passionate about their candidate for certain reasons, and the policy positions that they hold. they knew their stuff. and they know why that they're voting for the person that they like. and like i said, there was only one person there, the young man, chris, you saw, who was supporting jeb bush. this is the second time around for him voting. but these are all first-time voters, the majority of them. but they've got their heads screwed on straight. it was pretty impressive to be on a college campus to find kids like that who were so openly able to talk about their politics and why they feel so passionately about it. i liked it. >> yeah, an engaged electorate, are love it. hillary clinton is looking for a big win in south carolina,
1:32 pm
still suffering to that double-digit loss to bernie sanders earlier in new hampshire, but could we see young black voters throw their support behind bernie sanders, adding to the generational divide we've seen already between the two candidates. msnbc's national correspondent joy reid has been spending some time with bernie sanders' campaign volunteers and voters as well in south carolina. joy, give us a sense of what you're seeing on the ground level. >> reporter: well, kate, it's interesting. that idea of an african-american firewall for hillary clinton in south carolina is something that the sanders' campaign is working really hard to challenge. they have a massive campaign operation in this state, ten offices with more than 240 staffers. they have more staff on the ground than the clinton campaign. they've been very aggressive. they're up on black radio and they're really going door to door and trying to make the case and make the sale to sometimes skeptical african-american voters. and when we talk about this age divide, we're really talking about voters over 50 versus voters under 50. take a listen to what some of those canvassers said they were
1:33 pm
hearing at the doors and how they respond. >> the older clinictel, they're leading towards hillary. the younger, they're all leading towards bernie. so you know, the younger, they're feeling their student loans. you know, bernie is saying things they can relate to. and i guess hillary is saying more of things the older crowd can relate to. but the older crowd, they don't realize we need more. we need more as a people. >> that was -- and i think, actually, that might have been our barber that we spoke to earlier, after we went out with the canvasser. what the canvassers were really saying, and what darryl, that barber was saying, is essentially making the sale to older voters, voters over 50 is really about electability. whether or not bernie sanders can win in november. that's what i'm hearing from elected officials, who say it's a passion among african-american voters at any age. it's really with bernie sanders and the thing he's saying he wants to do. the big ideas, but the
1:34 pm
trepidation is whether or not he's actually electable. and that's the essence of the sale that the sanders' campaign has to make. kate? >> interesting stuff. joy reid, thanks, so much, as always, for being with us. appreciate it. coming up, we take you back to the campaign trail in south carolina. but as we head to break, take a listen to these south carolina voters on whoa they think should win the upcoming primary. >> okay, donald trump. go right around the room. >> leader. >> flashy. >> alpha dog. >> rich. >> dogmatic. >> narcissistic. >> inspirational. >> braggadocio. >> divisive. >> greedy. >> i want you to go right down at the bottom of your sheet here, who's going to win the south carolina primary in the republican side. >> trump. >> trump. >> trump. >> trump. >> trump. >> i would like to say trump, but i think ted cruz is going to do it. >> trump. >> rubio. >> trump. i take pictures of sunrises.
1:35 pm
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1:38 pm
fresh off a contentious debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders back on the trail today. hillary clinton just wrapped up a town hall a short time ago in denmark, south carolina. you saw it in the bottom of your screen, earlier. she visited an area that's known in that state as the corridor of shame. it's an area along i-95, plagued by access to -- plagued by lack of access to quality education. later today, senator sanders will hold a forum on race and economic opportunity in minneapolis, minnesota, as part as his push to reach out to minority voters. and tonight, both candidates on the democratic side will speak at the annual humphrey mondale dinner in st. paul, minnesota. and let's begin with nbc's kristen welker. she's following the clinton campaign and she's in st. paul, minnesota, already. kristen, tell me about clinton's day today. >> well, kate, good afternoon. secretary clinton unveiling an economic revitalization plan, $12.5 billion, and it calls for
1:39 pm
new investments aimed at helping young people who are unemployed get back to work. this is an issue that resonates with people in south carolina, where the african-american unemployment rate is at 8.7%. of course, that's far above the national average. and jobs, the jobless rate in particular, is something that is important to the african-american community, and of course, that's a key voting bloc in south carolina. that's going to be key if she wants to win that state. in her remarks, secretary clinton echoed a strategy and a tactic she took last night, aggressively arguing that senator sanders' plans are not realistic, and embracing president obama forcefully, and trying to make the case that senator sanders is not loyal to the president. that she would be the best person to carry on his legacy. take a listen to a little bit of what she had to say earlier today. >> i will not make promises i know i cannot keep. we don't need anymore of that. what we need is a commitment and
1:40 pm
a determination to follow through. i will also build on the progress that president obama has made for our country. which is one of the big differences in my campaign, with senator sanders. as i pointed out last night, he has called the president weak, a disappointment. >> now, of course, senator sanders last night called that a low blow. the question is, how will voters in south carolina react. at this point, kate, secretary clinton has a double-digit lead among voters in south carolina, including among african-americans, and president obama is widely popular there among democratic voters and african-american voters. he has a 92% approval rating, in fact, among african-american
1:41 pm
voters in south carolina. what's interesting, though, in the wake of new hampshire, sanders' big win there, and that virtual tie in iowa, some are giving senator sanders a second look. and the question is just how many people will that include? kate, back to you. >> kristen welker up in minneapolis -- or st. paul, minnesota. let's switch back to greenville, south carolina. republican candidate ted cruz holding a bit of a news conference, taking questions at bob jones university, speaking about amnesty and marco rubio. let's take a listen. >> -- given the amazing torrent of insults and on tenties that come out of his mouth. on a given day, i have to admit, it's amusing. a couple of months ago, donald said i was his friend, he liked me, i was terrific. then we started surging in the polls, he started going down, we win iowa, and suddenly every day he comes out with a new attack. i wake up in the morning and look at my e-mail to see whatever the latest attack is,
1:42 pm
which is when you're being attacked by donald, it is always colorful. i will give him this, he's not boring. my approach, kiln, has been, i'm not going to respond in kind. so he can launch whatever insults he wants. my focus is going to be on the substance and issues. and there is a reason that donald engages in attacks, because it's always a smoke screen to hide from his record. listen, the people of south carolina want a real conservative. donald trump, for 60 years of his life, described himself as very, very pro-choice and supported partial birth abortion. that's not a conservative. donald trump and marco rubio both have the same position on gay marriage that barack obama does. both say the supreme court decision is the settled law of the land and they they tell the people we've got to accept it. i don't agree with that. donald trump supported barack obama's t.a.r.p. big bank bailout of wall street. he supported barack obama's stimulus plan. and donald trump, right now
1:43 pm
today, is advocating for bernie sanders' style socialized medicine, putting the federal government in charge of your doctor and my doctor, putting the federal government in position to ration health care, to ration health care for seniors. that's not conservative either. donald doesn't want to talk about any of that. instead he engages in insults. he's welcome to do that. i'm not going to insult him. in fact, i will praise him personally, but i will keep the focus on substance and issues and records, because i think the people of south carolina zerve that. >> last question -- [ inaudible ] -- talked about to donald trump, and he knows -- >> well, listen, i am not going to speak to his heart. every one of us is accountable to our heart to our lord and savior. what i will speak to is his record. and anyone who supports partial birth abortion, as donald trump has, is not a conservative. anyone who supports granting
1:44 pm
citizenship to 12 million people who are here illegally, which is what donald supports, trump supports right now, is not a conservative. anyone who supports using eminent domain to violate the property rights of private citizens, to try to condemn the home of a little old lady, to knock it down, to build a parking lot for the limousines at his casino, that is not a conservative. and anyone that supports socialized medicine, that supports the very same health care plan that bernie sanders is proposing. bernie sanders is a socialist. dr donald trump has the identical health care plan as bernie sanders. that is not a conservative. those are the facts. the great thing about the people of south carolina is that they want a consistent conservative. they don't want someone who changes his views as the political wind might indicate. you know, two things were striking on this point.
1:45 pm
number one, donald trump just recently said, he can become anyone you want him to be. he can change his views on anything. he can become the most politically correct person on earth. you know what, the voter whatnots someone who's telling the truth. who's not just adopting a political position today and something different the next day. and, in fact, you know, who put it better than anyone i've heard to date is jimmy carter. jimmy carter endorsed donald trump. he was asked, over in london asking at the house of lords, he was asked about the race, and said, i would support donald trump. because drump drmp is malleable. he has no fixed set of beliefs. we can work with him. he'll do what we want. on the other hand, he said, ted cruz is not malleable. he actually believes these things. he believes in life and marriage and religious liberty. he believes in the second amendment. he believes in the constitution and bill of rights.
1:46 pm
he spent his whole life fighting for them. that's the simple difference. and it's a difference the men and women of south carolina are assessing. do they want someone who is telling us right now that any given position he might change tomorrow if the political winds shift? or do the people of south carolina want a consistent conservative, a fiscal conservative, a social conservative, a national security conservative, who has been the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow? that's why conservatives are uniting behind our candidate. >> thank you, thank you. >> -- energy in south carolina -- >> that was ted cruz, speaking to reporters in greenville, south carolina. and you heard a whole bunch of lines of attacks there, against donald trump. that's his main target, today. he also talked about marco rubio, just before we went to that portion on camera there. donald trump, by the way, we don't have eyes on right now. we don't know exactly where he is. he's due in florida a little later tonight, but i was just checking his twitter page and donald trump, very, very active on twitter right now, just in the last half hour, attacking
1:47 pm
ted cruz yet again. so i'm sure we'll be getting a reaction to what you've just heard within moments on donald trump's twitter page. let's turn now back to the democratic side, and msnbc's kasie hunt. she travels with the sanders' campaign, has been covering him the entire time on this campaign. she's in minneapolis, where the senator will be in just a bit, right, kasie? >> reporter: that's right, kate. he's here to do a forum on racial justice and economic opportunity. this is an african-american neighborhood in minneapolis. there is a huge line of people, largely, very diverse crowd, largely african-american, waiting to get in, to hear from the senator. this group convened in part by congressman keith ellison, who is one of the few congressman to endorse bernie sanders. of course, the first muslim elected the to the united states congress. so this, of course, all about reaching out more to african-american communities, which are going to be very important in the democratic nomination contest. i talked to senator sanders a day or two ago, and he
1:48 pm
acknowledged to me that he has to make inroads with latinos and with african-americans if he hopes to win the democratic nomination. his background, of course, is in pretty white, rural states. so he knows he has some work to do with these communities. the question is going to be whether or not he can, in particular, peel away young african-american voters from hillary clinton, or at least in greater numbers than maybe some older african-american voters, who have very strong ties to the clinton family, and feel loyalty to them. and of course, that started with this ad that came out yesterday, featuring erica gardner, the daughter of eric gardner, who was killed after being put in a choke hold by a new york city police officer. she cutting a very emotional, powerful ad for bernie sanders. that, of course, aimed at those young people, as eric gardner's mother is supporting secretary clinton, kate? >> kasie hunt, thank you so
1:49 pm
much, appreciate it. while all of the republicans on the republican side are focused on south carolina at the moment, the next nominating contest for the democrats is in nevada. and moments ago, the clinton campaign announced that hillary clinton will be campaigning in nevada, from saturday through monday. she's holding a get out the caucus vote in henderson, nevada, tomorrow. bernie sanders will also be nevada over the weekend, attending a presidential forum there in reno. let me bring in john ralston from reno, nevada, host of ralston live on pbs and an nbc political analyst. nice to see you. >> hi, kate. >> let's talk about nevada, next stop for the democrats. and pretty shortly after that, for the republicans. and tell me what's happening out there. i don't have a good sense. are you hearing from candidates already? have they filled the air waves yet? >> well, both clinton and sanders are all over tv now. sanders put a $1 million buy on tv, kate, right before the new
1:50 pm
hampshire primary. clinton has now matched him. they've both spent about a combined $7 million or so, which is a lot for nevada. the republicans are not on nearly as much. you have just a couple of super pacs, advertising. but as you mentioned, both of the democratic candidates will be here over the weekend. they're going to be here next week, as well. as you know, msnbc and telemundo are having a town hall debate with sanders and clinton two days before the caucus. and the pitch here, it's a much more diverse electorate than in iowa or new hampshire. for the latino vote is really, really getting intense. sanders announced a couple of small newspaper endorsements today, spanish language. they both have hispanic congressmen coming in to campaign for them. so you can see what's going on. this was a state that was supposedly locked up for hillary clinton. it's locked up no more. >> yeah, it's going to get crazy out there. let's play a portion of one of the sanders' ads and we'll talk a little more. >> now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political
1:51 pm
system. funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. >> people are sick and tired of establishment politics and they want real change. >> john, what's your sense whether that message is going to resonate in nevada. and whose the audience out there? >> well, i don't think it's that much different than the audience in any state. i know because we kind of have a quirky state with legalized gaming and legalized prostitution in the rural counties, that sometimes people think we're a bunch of aliens out here, but they're generally the same kinds of issues that resonate here, that resonate everywhere. but they are making targeted pitches. that's not one of them. to minority communities, to rural nevada here, where public lands issues are important. i understand that they'll be spending some time in rural nevada. there's not as many democrats there, they're pretty scarce in the rural areas, but they could
1:52 pm
be important in a close caucus, kate. i think the issues are going to resonate, the same ones that resonated in iowa and in new hampshire. and don't forget for sanders, you mentioned this earlier, young voters here do like him. he's had a couple of big rallies, including one on a college campus. and i think hillary clinton has to be concerned about that. >> and let me ask you about another issue, immigration. your state, obviously, has a fair share of latino immigrants. let's talk about that from last night in the debate, and let me play a clip from last night and we'll talk about it some more. here's last night. >> let me say this, also. somebody was very fond of the president, agrees with him most of the time. i disagree with his recent deportation policies. and i would not support those. bottom line is, a path towards citizenship for 11 million undocumented people, if congress doesn't do the right thing, we use the executive orders of the president. >> i strongly support the president's executive actions. i hope the supreme court upholds
1:53 pm
them. i think there is constitutional and legal authority for the president to have done what he did. i am against the raids, i'm against the kind of inhumane treatment that is now being visited upon families, waking them up in the middle of the night, rounding them up. >> john, in that particular exchange, you get the sense that they're kind of on the same page. there's not a lot of difference in what they're saying and making an appeal to that community. so how do you think they distinguish themselves to try to get those votes? >> yeah, i think you're exactly right about that, kate. but the question is, how they both got there. hillary clinton came to nevada very early last year, did a big press availability with some dreamers here, who have now endorsed her. her campaign is being run by a couple of very skillful political operatives who were here in '08 when she won the caucus. sanders had no presence here, essentially wasn't talking about immigration at all, as an issue,
1:54 pm
until he got to nevada and then tarted talking about it. now they've worked their ways towards the same page. and he's picked up some endorsements too, but it's been a pitched battle o here over the latino vote, including allegations of a defection of one of sanders' steering committee members over to hillary clinton and then the release of e-mails showing that this poor student leader at a community college was actually committed to sanders. they are going all-out. they have a commercial running now, here in nevada, sanders does, of a very prominent hispanic former assemblywoman, who is now running for congress. as i mentioned, they both have prominent d.c. surrogates, hispanic surrogates coming in to the state. the hispanic turnout in 2008, kate, was about 15% of the entire turnout. that's significant. and i think they're going to try to drive it even higher on february 20th. >> and what about on the republican side, with donald trump saying, all that he has about building a wall on the
1:55 pm
border, you would think that maybe he wouldn't get much of that vote out on the republican side, so how does it play out? february 23rd is the nevada caucus for the republicans? what do you hear from voters on that side? >> well, it's interesting. trump, as he didn't in iowa or new hampshire, doesn't really have much of a campaign here, but he's had a couple of rallies that have had, let me use the word, huge turnout here and i think he's doing very, very well here, despite the lack of an organization. his pang turnout on the republican side is in the low single digits and won't be that important. the interesting vote out here in nevada, kate, on the republican side, is the mormon vote, which was about a quarter of the caucus turnout, the last couple of times. of course, mitt romney won those caucuses, he is mormon. but both marco rubio and jeb bush have made pushes into the mormon community. the question is, will it matter if trump wins in south carolina? i think he'll do very well here, too. >> john ralston, great to get your perspective. really appreciate it.
1:56 pm
here's hampton pearson with the cnbc market wrap. hampton? >> hello, kate. we had a really nice rally heading into the three-day holiday weekend. the dow gaining 314 points. the s&p up by 36. the nasdaq rising by 71 points. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. ♪ ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. (vo) what'scorn? dog food's first ingredient? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy.
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hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? well, that's going to do it for this hour, but we want to leave you with a valentine's day message from the president today to first lady michelle obama courtesy of ellen. >> somebody call the situation
2:00 pm
room, because things are about to get hot. i love you so much, i obamacare about you more than you even know. that's right, obama cares. but, michelle, i've made a lot of great decisions as president. the best decision i ever made was choosing you. >> i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" starts right now. if it's friday, there's not much love heading into valentine's day weekend. another contentious day on the trail. you can feel the pressure building. the whole field seems to know it and the opposition is desperate to define the opponents. and nobody knows this better than marco rubio. this is "mtp daily" and it startsig


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