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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  February 12, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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television. >> $6 million. >> exactly. >> out raising the republican field. think about that. >> if they didn't have their own problems. >> that's exactly right. thank you all. we'll be back monday with more "mtp daily." and if it's sunday, it's meet the press on sunday. "with all due respect" starts right now. >> i'm mark halperin. >> i'm john helemann. >> with all due represent to ted cruz, we're going to need you to campaign tomorrow. come in around 9:00 a.m. that would be great. >> looks like someone has the case of the fridays. campaign developments, so let's get right to it. keeping with the finest south carolina yan tradition, taking a
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turn toward the dirty rotten mean and low down. a combination of kill bill one and kill bill two, except, you know, bloodier. donald trump is taking a big south carolina lead, a new pole puts him at 36%, rubio with 15, jeb bush, 11, kasich with 9. professional chronicle of politics, we make it our business to monitor the attacks. the mortar fire is coming so fast, we can't keep track of it all. trump had a twitter tack on ted cruz. how can he be an evangelical christian when he lies so much. quote, ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads, i am standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. meanwhile, cruz is under fire for having to pull this ad, hitting marco rubio, because it included a woman who was once a member in good standing of the
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adult entertainment complex. the porn was only soft car, but it's apparently too hard. >> going after hillary clinton, with the spoof of the sprinter destructive scene, office space. here is part of it. paired it with the original scene, so you can appreciate the shot for shot rigor of the takeoff. >> it feels good to be clean ton. damn it feels good to be a clinton. politician always place the cards right, got a proof for the airwaves, let dogs keep their mouth tight. if clinton never needs to explain it. real clinton knows that they're entitled, and you don't get to know what they do. >> what difference does it make? >> for clinton. what's loaded and so fat. >> mark. i think we all could appreciate the brilliance of that piece of
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work. my question is whether that or any of the other punching being thrown are landing? >> way too soon to tell. a week away from the primary. we've seen it heat it up. many more attacks out there. hard with all five candidates, social media, its he is hard to break through. donald trump mass proven that he is pretty master full with breaking through with his attacks. in south carolina, it will be hard, but i predict, by next wednesday, it will hurt one or two of these guys. >> 100% true. this office space ad, a cult classic. most americans and most south carolinas will not appreciate that, but the case for the reason for an ad like that, try to cut through the clutter. again, so much negative advertising as you said and that will get attention from people like us who will talk about it. i don't know, i think to say, people are throwing punches of all kinds, trying to see what will land. i don't know what has landed yet. i don't know whether any of
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these things will. talk about one thing that might in a minute. >> something to land in this five way race now, you have to have a cutting attack that's cleverly done. you have to have the victim kind of over react, or under react or do something that plays into it, and then you just need some luck that the thing latches on and captures the imagination of the voters. the volume will be high. >> something that is targeted in a weird way, in a sense that these candidates all know there is very clear slices of the south carolina electorate. is there an attack that will cut not in general, but with a particular part of the electorate, that may be more telling than the general big attack. >> all right, they're always a lot of war metaphors in politics, but hyper drive every four years when there a south carolina presidential primary. four out of the five leading republican candidates believe that their path to victory includes becoming over the next week the dominant national security candidate. here is a little bit of how they've been trying to draw contrast and make their case.
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>> the fact of the matter is, jeb has no foreign policy experience, none. he just has none, no foreign policy experience and he was governor a long time ago. >> when you compare marco rubio's experience going to admitty hearings, that's not foreign policy experience. >> we're sending 50 soldiers to iraq. why do we have to say that. now they have a target on their back. i guarantee you, general george patton, general mick arthur, it wouldn't be 50, they would have cleared up this problem. we wouldn't be fighting for the rest of our lives. we would not have been over there for 15 years. that i can tell you. 15 days maybe. not 15 years. >> the next time a firearms we woulded by a dozen marines. a president willing to utter the words. radical islamic terrorism.
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>> also this monday, jeb bush summoning the powers of the former commander in chief, his brother, to appear at a rally in north charleston. that will be his first foray into politicking. who has the most to be seen as the dominant? >> let's start with the prefacing by saying none of them have any credentials. nobody. i think jeb bush because of his brother, can claim it. >> and lindsey graham. >> and lindsey graham. those are two powers. i think ted cruz because of his rhetoric. in the way gingrich did, even though he had no foreign policy experience either. the others will be hard. >> i think trump will be he is seen as strong and proven in the other states, voters see him as strong. the hard one is rubio. he talks about having the most and the best judgment. i think it would be hardest for him. but all of them are going for it
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hard and i will say, cruz i think is the one who is taking the most heat because he has the libertarians streak, voted against some defense bills, line on national security and civil liberties. but this is a huge battle. >> he wants to carpet bomb somebody until the sand glows. >> he knows this foreign policy stuff and when he is on, he looks most like a president. >> bush may have the -- he may be able to play this card. yesterday we should you a focus group, in which south carolina republicans were coiled at the sights and sounds of donald trump. cussing up a storm. trump in a rally in tampa, florida, last night. >> i won't use foul language. i'm just not going to do it. they're all saying do it, do. t no. i'm not. even if it is not a bad word, a little bit off, they kill me. so i won't do it. i'll never do it again,
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actually. i'll never even copy what they ask me to say. >> so mark, a rather extraordinary thing to say. two-part question for you. will the donald be able to refrain from profanity, given about that's as likely as me staying off the pipe. >> i think he'll stay on the wagon pretty descently for a while. look, he is a smart guy and he knows in the south, he knows that in the south, focus group showed, you know, iowaians and people in new hampshire, they're more willing to accept this. he can engage in straight talk and nonpolitical correctness in the south without using that kind of language. you know, we talk would about what he said the friday before the new hampshire primary, if he used that word in south carolina, i'm quite certain it will hurt him and he is quite certain it will hurt him. >> this is a question of discipline. is a man were queens. i'm not sure he is capable of restraining himself. obviously it can hurt him. it can hurt him, and had is part of the thing the focus group started to illustrate, the
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profanity, vulgarity thing ties into other things about his life and lifestyle, multiple wives, various thich various things that are not uncommon in new york city, but frowned upon. that picture could be damaging him. in t in the bible belt, he should try to. >> we'll be back with the gender neutral debate, highlights from milwaukee, after this. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. him.
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>> secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. secretary of state for four years. you have bit of experience. i would imagine. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. do senators have the right to disagree with the president. have you ever disagreed with the president? >> senator. >> i suspect you may have. >> so john, given that the clinton campaign pretty recently played the sexism card, when he talked about shouting, he was somehow being sexist. why are aren't they playing it after what he did. >> they got hammered for it, and it was bogus. i think they're a little gun shy on it. i thought sanders was in some of these instances, cranky, condescending, obama like, you're likeable enough, hillary. but they don't quite get you all the way to sexism, i think, in this instance, there are so many other things to attack him on.
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they're letting it go. >> the madelyn albright comment, the special place in hell, that was a little bit of backlash. i have to say, i mean, even leaving gender aside, sanders was pretty caustic. he still struggles to smile, seem gracious, seem someone who has a human connection, as opposed to. >> i thought he was tired. they both seemed tired at the beginning of the debate. by the end, they started to get, both got more heated. as it got more heated, she maintained composure, he started to let his irritation show. it didn't explode on stage, but he has to watch it, because it is a danger, because if he seems unlikable, he can't beat her. >> the other moments, i think hillary handled them well. >> yes. >> if she was not tired, restrained as well. she could have made more of the moments and tried to, even if
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not claiming sexism, exploit them in the instance, and she didn't. she let them roll off her back. i'm not saying you're likeable enough, but they were pretty -- >> as you i say, you could see, these two candidates are getting to the place where they don't like each other and bernie doesn't like her now and it's starting to show on the edges. got to watch that. if you're i reporter or somehow on the press list, you're used to getting spammed all day long with slams and press release form. during last night's democratic debate, milwaukee pumped out so-called back checks faster than chocolates on a conveyor belt on a classic "i love lucy" episode. past criticisms of obama leadership, trouting out surrogat surrogates, slamming her rival. team sanders fired back at clinton on her past, positions of unaccompanied minors, and her
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wall street support. it was not that long ago, when both sides in this race said this campaign would never, ever possibly be negative. now that that fiction and that's what it was, fiction, has been dispositively dispelled, what accounts for this explosion of fact checking surrogate attacks and drive by press releases. >> on the clinton side, still searching for frames that show that they think they can when things go back, attack, attack, attack, we need our people out there and they want to take advantage of the fact that they have surrogates to go out. on the sanders side, we have seen this, they're attitude is you punch us, we're going to punch you back. they see the clinton people doing it, they're doing it themselves. they're sort of this childish spiral. everything is a huge outrage, horr horror. >> weird things with the sanders campaign, because they're highly morelistic. they get up on the high horse,
3:16 pm
even though they're perfectly to engage themselves. yesterday, because of that fuselage we talk about from african-american surrogates against sanders, they had their back up and then in the debate, got them all the more spun up, and as we know, the clintons will, if you get into a war, they'll happily dive in. that's how it is. all right, today, in the bad news, hillary herald, a few headlines. number one, it turns out that last full, the state department opened an inquiry into the clinton foundation during the time that hillary clinton was secretary of state. two, the state department will release 550 more e-mails this weekend, less than a week before the nevada caucuses, and this week, the fbi confirmed its investigation into clinton's private e-mail server. so i ask you is this drip, drip, drip, that we've experienced. is this incremental noise, or do we have a new phase?
3:17 pm
>> i think for most people, just noise. hard to distinguish, unless you're an expert the difference between this story and the others. the ticking, the ticking of these things means if bernie sanders wins nevada, does better than expected or wins south carolina, does better than she does in some of the early march contests, the fact that this could break at any minute, a confluence of major development in one of these things that's ticking along with an electrical loss that core peril louse for her. >> if it turns out to be a protracted delegate fight, the super delegates, the establishment having confidence that she is a better nominee than bernie sanders. things that undermine the competence in her and this is the big thing, simmering out there all the time, that's bad for her. nothing really happened this week that made it worst, we don't think, but it reminds the establishment again and again, that there is something out there that could be a big problem. >> with the possible exception of bill clinton, not one super delegate who has publicly
3:18 pm
fledged to her couldn't switch that we need somebody else. >> all right, coming up, what happened in vegas, the new york times, adam gurnie after this. right now at at&t, buy the samsung galaxy s6 and get one free. buy one get one free. no matter how you hang out, share every minute of it. right now at at&t, buy the samsung galaxy s6 and get one free. (two text tones) now? (text tone) excuse me. (phone tone) again? be right back. always running to the bathroom because your bladder is calling the shots? (text tone) you may have oab. enough of this.
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. our first guest tonight comes from my old west coast
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stoming grounds, los angeles, adam nagourney, the bureau chief of the new york times, a reporting trip, ends quote, to vegas, like my reporting trips. i know what happens when you go to vegas. he is coming here to talk to us about what he learned about the democratic race in nevada. adam, give us an overview, i don't want to hear about what you ate or weird indulgences. >> on the democratic side, so i think if we were to have this conversation six months ago, we would have agreed, you know what, not big race, clinton is probably going to win iowa, way out in the west, nobody but you and me wants to go, but it has become a very contested race, after her near loss in iowa, after getting thumped in new hampshire, this is becoming a big place to test. not only her ability to get back on track, this is a place where clintons have been popular over the years, but whether or not
3:22 pm
bernie sanders can expand his appeal to more than the white voters in new hampshire. a much more diverse audience. from being out there, a fairly new phenomenon in the nevada caucus. we don't really trust the polls, but this seems to me a very much more close election than we would have thought, and one of the signs of it i think is there a lot of energy for sanders out there. i saw the same thing out there that i guess you were seeing in new hampshire and iowa. it's striking. >> adam, when people think about the electorate, they think about unions, hispanic, rural voters, where is sanders' opportunities to do better than he was poise today do a few months ago. >> if i were the clinton people, i would be worried about younger hispanic voters. assumptions of the past do not bear through this time. sanders people are focusing hard on them.
3:23 pm
he will probably do better in the northern part of the state as well, where obama did well. but i think that's the main -- particularly where i would be looking right now is that. the other thing is, nevada is one of those states where there is same day registration as there is in iowa, which makes it much harder to fig you out what the electorate is, which is making the clinton people very nervous in 2008, about 30,000 people showed up and did same day registration. clinton might have won that popular vote narrowly, but obama won the delegate count there. so one of the things making the clinton people nervous is the possibility that all this energy out there that we're seeing in the sanders campaign is going to show up at the caucuses sites in a week and a half. >> the last time, one of the last times we were out there for the democratic debate in october, we talked to john ralston, the sage of the silver state about what bernie sanders had in terms of a ground operation. he said nothing back then, in
3:24 pm
october. now we talked to tad definvine,d he says i have more people than hillary clinton does on the ground. does she have a ground operation there? is it one that could go toe to toe with robby mook and the clintons. >> the fact of the matter, clinton has been on the ground here six months longer than he has, right. so you have more experience, you have more time to do the kind of organization that you need to do to get ready for these kind of caucuses. now clinton people are not saying, they're not saying how many people they have. the sanders people they say they have 90 full-time paid people, a lot more volunteers, i accept and believe the fact that they have more volunteers out there, more bodies to get out there. i went to a debate watching parties during one of the debates. i went first to a sanders sites and then i went to a clinton site and sanders site was just packed with people. most of them younger, even than us, believe it or not, and the clinton site was, you know,
3:25 pm
older. and so i do believe just anecdotally on the ground. not just a matter of having the bodies. it's a matter of having the organization of knowing what to do, finding the right people and making sure that you have way to identify them and get them out. that's harder to tell from the outside. i mean, tad, i'm sure tad is saying that. i'm sure he knows numbers. we really won't know. as you pointed out, robby mook is the campaign chairman for hillary. he ran the state in 2008, and i think he has a real interest in making sure he gets -- well, he hopes to be the first solid win in the cycle. >> the caucuses is a week from tomorrow, a big relationship with new hampshire, campaigned for his wife and she lost big. he has a pretty rich relationship with that state as well, nevada as well. how much do you expect him to see out there and how much of an influence against hispanics, union, et cetera. >> i spoke to harry reid about this and one of the things hillary clinton has going for
3:26 pm
her is bill clinton. he is out here all the time. he's out on the strip. he plays golf here a lot. so there is some of that. when i went inside, i was out there, i did see bill clinton do an event and there were people lined up for hours waiting to see him. we'll see how much it transfers. something else to remember about nevada. it's very transient state. people keep moving in and out. so the the voter population today is different than it was in 2008 and i would not assume they had the kind of connection to bill clinton in 2008. one of the big questions. >> you can vote in the nevada caucuses on the casino floors. does he have more influence at the belagio or the suburbs. >> suburbs. culinary workers set up a system with the democratic party where these caucuses were held at the casinos, so people who oh were working could take a break and
3:27 pm
caucuses. clinton's people went to court to try to get that turned out and they really fought it. i think you'll be seeing bill clinton in the suburbs than on the floor. >> i find that almost impossible to believe. >> i am a big gambler as you know. >> all manner of delicious substances, adam, thank you. up next, clinton surrogate and sanders surrogate in the democratic race. watching msnbc, and also bloomberg fm 99.1. we'll be right back. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to her current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses.
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joining us now, two democrats who are not unfamiliar to television viewers, bernie sanders supporter and congressman representing the third district of arizona, joins us from las vegas and here in the studio with us, gregory heeks, a supporter of hillary clinton.
3:31 pm
congressman and congressman. let's start with you, congressman meeks. what is the clinton campaign's view of the ath then city legitimacy of bernie sanders' record on civil rights? >> well, you know, all i will just tell you, that john lewis has spoken on it, and you know, we appreciate it, but bernie sanders, weighs thehe was there fine. he wasn't as prominent or a leader, at least that's what i have been told from john lewis, because i was clearly not there. but if he was out there during the civil rights movement, that's good. what are we doing now. what has your record been, even if you voted right, where have you been a leader in civil rights, while you've been in the united states congress. >> you don't know or he has not been a leader? >> i'm saying that in reference to dealing with civil rights, he has been -- he has voted, may have voted the right wy, but being a leader out front, i
3:32 pm
don't know of a time where he has come to say let's part with the congressional black caucus, issues going into the streets and doing that nature. so that has not happened until recently. so but, you know, historically, we've always had a partner in hillary clinton. she has been out there and out front, trying to help get democrats elected and even african-american democrats, because it makes a difference in governing and politics, and chee achieving and trying to achieve. >> just name one or two areas of policy that matter to african-americans that are of high priority african-americans where senator -- secretary clinton and senator sanders have a significant difference on what they would want to do on policy. >> from what i've heard, because i've not had, even though i served in congress for now close to 18 years, and at one point, i believe i served on the same committee, one meaningful
3:33 pm
conversation with the senator, never been that kind of reach. i do believe he has voted the right way. but i know that senator clinton has advocated and been out there and leading the right way. whether you're talking about, what's important to african-americans, health care, you know. she has been for a long time, a children's health in particular. economic development in various communities. >> i understand all that. i'm just curious, though, if elections are about the future and not the past, have there someplace you look where bernie wants to take us in a direction that bernie wants to take us that's not add goose. >> both of the candidates, one, they both have future is particular positions, one though says he is going to do certain things and the question that comes in to senator sanders is how do you do it. how do you get it done. with what you're saying you're going to do, the other says, we're going to do it this way and has a plan on how we get it done. and that's the difference. so one, in my estimation, is, i was talking to someone else, is
3:34 pm
dreaming about what, you know, should be, and the other is practical about this is what we need to accomplish, and this is how we're going to do it and this is how we're going to pay for it. >> let's go out to vegas, congressman, i want to start with the politics of this. you're pretty savvy about campaigns. what do you think the clinton campaign is doing now regarding senator sanders and his record on issues and history related to nonwhite communities? >> yeah, you know, and john lewis, let me just say a colleague and a friend, someone who i admire and love very much, and i know that senator sanders feel the same way. he is linked to not only the past, but a look into the future. when you look at the civil rights movement, it was an aspirational movement for all people, for not just african-americans, for all people. african-americans were at the point they led, they established history, and it was a movement. and what bernie sanders is
3:35 pm
talking about when he talks about looking down the road as a goal, it's a movement. it is a chance for the american people to grab their democracy and deal with the fundamental issues that we can deal with right now. part of the problem is status quo, where we take two steps forward, on a particular policy issue, whether it be children, whether it be the issue of poverty, mass incarceration, gun violence, two steps forward and one step back and we're in the same place. what bernie is saying, we need to be aspirational. we need to have a goal and that's what the civil rights movement was about and this political revolution that people speak about, this movement is about taking this country back. >> i think that resonates with all people, and i hope that people will take the opportunity to look at that, and not nearly be dismissed as oh, it can't be done. it's pie in the sky. >> congressman, let me -- >> i think that's the problem
3:36 pm
with the clinton campaign, trying to come to grips with the reality. the reality is that perhaps, the aspirations, the desires, the needs of the american people are ahead of the campaign. >> congressman, let me ask you this question. i am a hispanic voter, pretend i'm a hispanic voter who lives in nevada right now, i walk up to you on the street and say senator sanders, i'm thinking about voting for him, tell me one thing that senator sanders has done in the course of his political career and public service that would give me faith that he would be on my side? something he has done that would he reflect my interest. >> the most important thing he has done is historically consistent. that is not a man that has changed his tune depending on what political wind was blowing. let's deal with the important issues for latinos, bernie is there, excellent if not one of
3:37 pm
the best positions on how to move forward with immigration reform. but the income inequality, economic fairness, and. >> congressman, those are -- >> the power and wealth in 1%, strikes in the latino community. >> congressman. >> community is 24 years old. we are a future looking community. and i will say to that voter, you want consistency, you don't want any flip flopping, do you -- and do you want someone who is with the assurances he is making to you, are the insurances he will keep, because that's his history and that's his politics. >> congressman, thank you. >> and that -- >> come on. >> across the country. >> let me say. >> bernie will do well. >> number one, i heard my good friend and colleague, as if things have stood still. as if barack obama never existed and he has done nothing. if you think about where we were
3:38 pm
in 2008, and where we are now, you will have to say there has been definite progress from where we were. we still have work to do. and what hillary clinton is building about that. nobody is talking about stagnation. >> senator sanders got some criticisms. would hillary clinton be better. >> better than barack obama. no, she would build upon. >> would she be better. >> i won't say -- i wouldn't use the word better. i think obama stands on his own, and what we need after eight years is someone to build upon what he has done. but i don't think anybody, when you talk about race relations, just like, you know, what he said there, he would be better than barack obama with race, better than hillary clinton with women, and better than ted kennedy with human rights. >> better and building on. >> well, the difference is that he has set a bar meter and a bar and there are things that barack
3:39 pm
obama would have like today have done. the fact of the matter is if senator sanders was out there to help us elect democrats, he admits he is an independent, so therefore, when you get into the process of electing democrats, that's how you get things done. she has been helping democrats so we can get back into the majority and give the president assistance that he or she does not have. working to build that majority back, then we can build upon what president obama has done to get even greater gains. that's not dreaming about it. that's not putting something out there that's not real. that's how you really get something done in washington, d.c. because when you are elected president, without help, without working with the senate, without working with the house, you can't get it done. and president obama, for six years, had opposition from republican party to stop him from even further progress. >> congressman, you had something to say? >> yeah, you know, it's a good
3:40 pm
example, my good friend, mr. meeks and i admire him very much. >> mutual. >> i disagreed with the president on fast track, bernie disagreed. now hillary disagrees, and that is a point that we could have a difference. it is not a difference based on demeaning or anything. it is just a fundamental difference that this trade agreements have been hurting workers, wages and the economy of our nation now for every trade agreement that's occurred. now, i don't know where mr. meeks stood on that but i was against it. bernie was against. and those are the things that elect people, taking positions, being right about your -- and being consistent with your positions. not changing from one day to another. >> okay, congressman in las vegas, here in new york, thanks both. we'll be back to breakdown more of the debate, right after this.
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3:44 pm
you know, i think in the weeks past, she has been trying to match sanders anger and it made her look like she was running scared or turning off voters and she wanted to turn impressions around. but we see her trying to try to marginal yooiz about what he can deliver. see it more and more. saw it today in fact. so this is a theme that she is working on building. and finally, i think we saw a sign of bernie sanders we haven't seen that much of on the campaign trail, although if you have ever covered the senate, you probably have seen that side of bernie sanders. he can get a little testy, and you know, prickcly when he doesn't like the way things are going and he made sure she knew it. >> this notion of bernie sanders as dishonest man, is that meant to percent swayed suade undecido
3:45 pm
those people think this is an honest guy, that's why they like him. >> i think part of this is a throw it against the wall and see what sticks. she is not accusing him of lying as much as selling, from her way, no way can come to pass. i think what she is trying to get to those voters who may have been more for her once and just unable not to gravitate toward his message and energy, enthusiasm, and she's trying to pop the balloon and bring them back down to her. >> it's pretty close what she said in 2008, just words. >> it didn't work that time. >> is there reason to believe it's going to be a more effective attack than it was against barack obama. >> well, particularly ahead of south carolina, one reason is that bernie sanders is 74 years old and white, and that is not actively part of her message, but part of the sub text of the messaging, and why she thinks it may work differently.
3:46 pm
part of it is a a democratic social list and not campaigning to the center of america, and that's been the conventional definition of uniting two sides, bipartisan compromise. bernie sanders is saying the republicans are wrong and i'm right. the only way to get it done is to start a revolution. that wasn't really barack obama's message. >> margaret, it seems to me among the many things that hillary clinton tried to do last night, the one that potentially is the most damaging to senator sanders that she is the rightful inheriter of barack obama's legacy and because of things he has written in buyer's remorse, twitter, defining what progressivism in a way that excludes barack obama, has put himself in a difficult position, particularly minority, who love president obama. did you sense that, number one, and do you think the clinton campaign may be on to something here? >> i think they absolutely under
3:47 pm
the potential power of it. the question is whether it is just a powerful tool ahead of contests in the oath where there is a working class, white voters, more of the kind of super tuesday states and future, like rust belt going forward. they do seem to have assess it should work to their advantage. we'll see the results in south carolina, is it a message that has legs beyond there? >> once upon a time, people thought it was possible, hillary clinton could wrap it up in february. he asked for additional debates. what is the best case for hillary clinton going into march in these next two contests in both the outcomes that are possible and kind of the symbolic place she could be in terms of asserting clear dominance? >> yeah, in south carolina, it's not just a matter of winning. it's by winning by enough of a margin to send a very clear
3:48 pm
signal that she is back on track and the real unknown question is that she in her campaign are betting that what is happening among black democratic voters in south carolina is different what is happening among all voters somewhere else. this age split, this youth cutoff, this magic under 35, middle aged and then over 65, until we see how that breaks out, it's kind of impossible to assess how quickly she can wrap up. i don't think anything, they say march is definitive, but i don't know which end of march, probably the back end is a target date now. >> margaret, questions about barack obama, because you've covered him for so long, covered him in the white house. the other day, the former president secretary and our former colleague, jake carney went on tv and said barack obama is for hillary clinton. what is your sense of whether or not that's true? >> i think they've always had it in their back pocket as something kind of like the break glass in case of emergency.
3:49 pm
they've left open the possibility that he would endorse, even though he hasn't yet. i think it's entirely possible, but i don't think we're any where close to there yet. and if i know president obama well, he thinks that hillary owes it to her party and to herself to campaign better than she's been campaigning so far before he gets any where close to that. >> let me ask you the follow-up to that. what do you know about barack obama's relationship with bernie sanders? >> very little. i know very little about president obama's relationship with bernie sanders. >> all right, we'll have to look into it. lastly, on the issue of sanders as a candidate, is he getting better, or is this as good as it going to get? he has improved, but will he get better. >> yeah, i mean, last night was not a great night for him. he seemed to have plateaued, but he may have been waiting for her to respond and she was looking for a new sort of strategy,
3:50 pm
pitching forward. his message is consistently the same, seems a little more comfortable on the debate stage, but the question is going to be his ability to kind of retool when the audience in these states changes, as it is about to do. >> margaret, thank you for doing this. have a great weekend. when we come back, ken goldstein tells us what's going on, about those campaign ads. after this. ♪ the nissan rogue. with the power and performance of our intuitive all-wheel drive. now get a $189 per month lease on the 2016 nissan rogue. urgent it could be ibs-d new prescription xifaxan is an ibs-d treatment
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in politics as in life, you gotta feed beast. in this case, the beast in question, south carolina, and the food is a trough of political tv ads, nominating contest turns south and so much money being spent on behalf of the candidates, one against to the advertising specialist, ken goldstein to put it into perspective. >> so far in this race, more than $250 million has been spent on tv ads, the perspective
3:54 pm
that's $100 million more than kerry and bush spent battling each other in 2004. in fact, right to rise, the super pac supporting jeb bush, has already spent over $70 million on television. >> jeb bush is a leader who will keep our country safe. >> in his victory -- >> this is my mission and i will complete it. >> $80 million just spent on tv ads there comes in second to the price of new hampshire, where $120 million was shelled out. nearly 80% of that cash, spenlt on the gop contest. now, the add shifts south. twice as many delegates than new hampshire, but only about a third as much money spent on tv ads. >> john kasich always gets it done. >> the vast majority of the $30 million already spent in south carolina has been on the republican side.
3:55 pm
the biggest spenders, right to rise on behalf of jeb bush, followed by the marco rubio super pac and the rubio campaign. >> i'm ted cruz and i approved this message. >> in the past two weeks, though, team cruz has come on strong, spending $1.7 million, while his super pac allies, $3.4 million s trump, has spent a little over $1 million with another half million to come in the next week. looking ahead, there may be some love in the air this valentine's week end, but also a whole lot of attacks. 6 out of 10 aired were negative. >> all right, thanks togoldstei. we'll be right back with who won the week. only one egg with more great nutrition... like 4 times more vitamin d and 10 times more vitamin e. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family.
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hey liquid wart remover? could! take weeks to treat. embarrassing wart? dr. scholl's freeze away wipes 'em out fast with as few as one treatment. freeze away! dr. scholl's. the #1 selling freeze brand. mark, i've been thinking hard about coming up with a question i've never asked you
3:59 pm
before, never in the anales of time, so i'll ask you instead. who won the week. >> lots of people had good weeks, kasich had a good week, bush had a good week, smashing victors, donald trump, bernie sanders, can't take that away from them. they won the new hampshire primary, both of them in much more commanding positions than they were before and maybe win their party's position. >> jim gilmore has gotten out of the presidential race. i believe it was like a battered space relationship. he got no love from the entire thing. i feel in some ways, he has won the week by exiting. di >> republican debate tomorrow night in south carolina. no jim gilmore, he will not be on the stage. donald trump will be there and the other republicans still in the contest, and then next week, we'll be largely in south carolina. covering the republicans. >> that's going to be fun, right? >> best thing in american politics. >> will we go to liz ard's
4:00 pm
thicket. sayonara. >> coming up, "hardball" with chris matthews. stay classy, charleston. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews, in washington, with just eight days until south carolina's republican primary, a poll finds donald trump well in the lead. 36% of likely republican voters back him. according to the augusta conical survey, cruz comes in at 20%, rubio, third at 15. last night, nbc pollster peter heart focused group of republican voters in south carolina, and here's what they said about those three front runners. >> marco rubio. >>


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