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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  February 13, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PST

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faht is ftc approved. it was really nice to meet you. >> thank you. >> you want to play the news, it's easy, all you have to do is send us an e-mail "weekend" with alex witt starts now. [ music playing ] >> good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt in new york at msnbc headquarters. this is the place for politics. the race for the white house the final debate before the south carolina primary just hours away. it promises to be an ugly battle. it's not just the gop. look at that, it's so false. it's so false. it's difficult, i'm a legitimate person. i just hope you don't believe the crap. because it's all crap. okay. >> they're lies. >> a couple months ago, donald
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said i was his friend, terrific, he won iowa. suddenly every day he comes out with a new attack. >> i can tell you ted has been very calculated, not just on immigration, but budgeted issues. >> no, i'm not going to be a pin pusher. somebody wants to attack me, i'm not going to sit there and take it. >> wall street should never be allowed to wreck me again. i am fought candidate issue. we are not a single candidate country. >> does wall street make huge campaign contributions? >> plus that adult film actress in the ted cruz ad, hearing from her for the first time. >> i do identify myself as the conservative republican. i knew it was something i could get behind and support. >> there's more to this story. we will get her reaction.
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let's begin with a snapshot of where the candidates are today. hillary clinton is headed to the west coast for a stop in nevada. it is the next state scheduled for saturday the 20th. the latest polls show a dead heat in that state between clinton and bernie sanders. meanwhile, sanders will hold a rally in colorado right before he and clinton speak at the democratic party's annual dinner in denver. now, on the republican side, only two candidates are out on the campaign trail today, jeb bush and john kasich. both of them in south carolina. that's because they're all getting ready for a debate tonight in 14 victim. it is their ninth one and last before next saturday's republican primary. at a rally in tampa, florida, donald trump threw jabs at just about every one of rivals without mentioning him by name, here's what he said about bernie sanders. >> i never thought i'd see the day in our country when
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communists, is the leading democrat. we will have a communist and i like the entrepreneur. go it is a crucial weekend for both parties. we have reporters following all the candidates. nbc halle jackson is in green victim, south carolina. kelly kobiaya is in london, with report for universal health care. nbc kelly o'donnell is at the white house, my colleague thomas roberts is at the liberty tap room, with a good morning to you all. let's start with you, thomas, what has been the gop debate? >> it is a big gop debate. everybody is an open primary. south carolina loves their politics. this state delivers a win for
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2012. jeb bush out of new hampshire feeling as if he has a little more kchdz in his game, especially with the bush name. the popularity of his family here. for the 63rd birthday, it was announced his brother would be here with him on monday in charleston, the first time we've ever seen the former president out on the campaign. take a listen. >> the fact that you are ruling to have your brother come out and campaign with you. is that a signal in your campaign is willing to embrace what your last name means politically. >> i never had this problem you all thought i have. i loved my brother. it's a part of who i am. i have a record i share, of course as governor of the state of florida. i am focused on the detailed plans i laid out to keep our economy up and keep us strong. so my brother will be a part of that story. i am proud he is coming.
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this is the first time he's kind of stepped out in the political realm. i think there will be a lot of interest in what he has to say. >> i know there is love going between jeb and donald trump. jeb is really wanting donald trump to go after his brother. if he does, because of his popularity here in this state. he said in a radio interview, this is the governor, jeb bush saying he expects his brother not to be critical of everyone. he is there to talk about his virtues why he is the one with the steady hand who can be the president. he said his brother is the only one who knows what it's like to do that. and he feels really confident about coming out on the campaign trail. jeb bush has the deepest bench of formers with his parents being both the former first president, george h.w. bush and former first lady barbara bush that came out in new hampshire.
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he's got his brother george, his sister-in-law, former first lady and jeb being the first son, himself, there is a deep family members from here on out. >> you are right about the popularity of bush, 43, however you want to distinguish him from his father. kate dawson did a private poll. he comes in at a whopping 84% popularity in that state. he is right up there with the popular governor nikki haly and others. it will be interesting to see what effect he has. also, we're going to have you back, thomas, i know you spoke with some young voters there. i want to hear their take on the campaign. i'll have you back in a bit. don't go anywhere. appreciate it. paul singer is joining me now. palm, we talked about the popularity there. you heard the numbers with the former president in south carolina. of course, he won the 2000 primary. goes on to win the state's
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general election in 2000 and '04. do you think this is the only state we can expect to see w campaigning for his brother? >> no, i doubt i. remember march 1st there is a whole sweep across the states, alabama, arkansas, texas. some of those i think the bush name will ring very strong, particularly george w. bush, of course, texas is basically headquarters for the bush family while ted cruz, obviously, is a texan. i think you could see bushes out beating the bushes for votes in texas. george w. bush has already done fundraisers for jeb in arkansas. so i think you will see them salted around here through some of the southern primaries. they could make a serious contribution. at the moment it's south carolina or bust. he has to do well there before we start looking for the next place to go. >> who dujs u do you think stands most to win, the most to
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lose? >> marco rubio did well. he basically said he apologized for it after his new hampshire show in the primary. we will see if we see a more unchained marco rubio released from his talking point. without chris christie, we pay see a little more battle between jeb and marco. we know their relationship has really frayed. i think rubio is a guy that has to prove he can get past his talking points. >> i will ask you a few more questions. thanks for sticking around for that. let's go around to the preparations for tonight's debate. >> reporter: in front of a rowdy florida crowd, jeb bush taking
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aim at bush. >> he's a gutless guy. >> online, a different target. as trump warns ted cruz on twitter, if he doesn't quote clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads, trump will sue him for fought being a natural born citizen. >> there is more than a little irony in donald accusing anyone of being nasty, given the amazing torrent of insults and obscenities and vulgaritys that come out of his mouth. >> cruz and trump battling to win over evangelicals. this new one on trump from illegal immigration. >> his killer an illegal gang member that just got out of prison. >> this one from cruz, not a republican rival. but hillary clinton. >> what's the latest bat on file? >> the ad swoopoofs the movie "office space."
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>> maybe you should vote for more than a pretty face next tim time? >> they have a more colorful film history than we were aware. >> that actress, the star of several adult movies who now says she's not no hard feelings. >> i have no ill will against ted cruz, he has a job to do. i'm a middle class working girl. i have a job to do. >> the job tonight from marco rubio prove he can pan back from his debate performance in new hampshire. rubio says he's ready. >> i think we have to have some perspective here. i have one answer i would have done differently. the next debate is as good as anyone we ever had. >> reporter: a rubio campaign says he is eager for tonight. he is ready to take on attacks directly. he will probably be in the line of fire. watch for jeb bush to land some punches, too, he is looking for
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a south carolina comeback. john kasich hopes to keep up momentum after that second place finish. his tactic is a little different. alex, he is locking to stay positive and above the fray. >> do you get a sense it is john kasich or there are others with wind at their back? >> reporter: i think there may be others with the win at their back, jeb bush, the bushes have done well in south carolina. bush has his brother, former president george w. bush coming out on the cane trail for him on monday in south carolina. marco rubio is hoping not no give up the momentum game either after that disappointing finish for him in new hampshire. he is looking to crowd out the others in the establishment lane. then, of course, donald trump and head cruz, the two probably at the top of the standings. we haven't seen much reliable pollings since new hampshire. few look at what we saw the numbers in january, both of them are sort of right up there and both of them will be taking it to each other, too. >> halle jackson in green victim.
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thank you so much. a lot more to come to you this morning. we will talk to a pomster in south carolina about who stands to fwan the most in tonight's debate and plus who is making the best impression so far. a little later, speaking with gregory meeks t. chair of the congressionalt path that endorsed hillary clinton this week. i will get his reaction and harry belafonte endorsing bernie sanders. why former secretary of state mad len albright today -- madeleine albright is back tracking about someone going to -- and who is listening. >> we have to move all pints towards republican side and they're not say wag we want to hear. they're not talking mass incarceration. they're not talking about the high cost of education. and they're not talking about the black lives matter, something is that we really want to address.
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from to the white house now where president obama is still a big talking point for hillary clinton and bernie sanders after thursday's debate. nbc's kelly o'donnell is there. my friend, what are all the candidates saying? >> reporter: as can you imagine, when you are talking about president obama and competing in a democratic primary, different states, different equipmencys have a different relationship with the president. hillary clinton is certainly setting herself apart, trying to say she is the most certain legacy of president obama. now, bernie sanders is also trying to make sure he doesn't alienate voters also feeling good about president obama.
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so it's not the wider perceptions of the president. it's about narrow packets of the democratic party, different groups who really respond differently. so in, they were out on the campaign trail in minnesota and speaking separately to a very traditional democratic party group. that is an annual event the humphrey mon dale dinner. that's for the state's two vice presidents, humphrey and mon dale. you can see how they address things. both did their standard stump message. when it comes to bernie sanders, he knows the history of minnesota, often voting for more liberal candidates. hillary clinton is trying to identify with those voters who really feel a connection with president obama. when you listen to these two clips of their speeches, you will get a chens of how they address the president differently. >> we have got to be honest and
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to act knowledge, we still have a very, very long way to go to create the nation that i know all of us believe we can create. >> i think millions of americans are better off. because of his presidency. so i, yes, will build on the progress he makes because i am a progressive who absolutely likes to make progress. >> and in thapd bernie sander's clip, he had just been saying there is a lot accomplished during the time of the obama biden administration, especially within it comes to coming back from such a difficult time in the economy. but a difference there and it's one that will be noted by many democratic voters. now today, they will spend time in nevada and that state has caucuses next weekend and this is another area with a strong labor population. many minority communities. it will be a different kind of
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test after these two first contests in which bernie sander's won very big in new hampshire and hillary clinton narrowly beat out sanders in the iowa caucuses. how important is nevada? hillary clinton is clearing her schedule for monday to spend more time in the state. she's going to ask her husband, former president bill clinton to handle three fund raisers they had on tap in florida. so she can have more time in nevada. bernie sanders will be there, too. alex. >> thank you for the run down. much appreciated. join me once again as promised. thomas, i know you spoke with a grown-up of students there at the university of south carolina, i like to refer to as the other usc, just saying. what is weighing on their minds this election year? >> reporter: alex, you know best as a parent to college age kids, there is a message out there that is getting their attention. we want to talk about that in a second. but from everything to marriage equality to isis to immigration and a woman's right to choose,
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this was a collective body of kids that have an idea. most of them are voting for the first time. so we started out, though, with the issue of bernie sander's policy idea of free public college tuition. take a listen. >> free college, sounds like a great deal. but let's look at the fact. it's going to cost money, right? who will pay for it? we have to raise taxes. >> it's a delusion. there is no way to pay for it. you think this building is free? i don't think it's fair you tell someone because they don't sister money to pay for college they can't succeed in life. >> there is a perception from other folks about your reality. >> i have been asked some of the oddest questions that no one of another nationality or race have been asked. for example, i have been asked, oh, did you get a scholarship to come here. i actually didn't. why would you assume i did. i have been asked, oh, is your dad in a home?
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i have asked that. i have to tell people my parents have been married 22 years, i'm 20. >> that shocked many eto'o no end. i'm so sorry. i am not white. i am not black, but even so, i have never been asked anything like that. >> the american dream, is it dead? >> it's not dead. but there are more obstacles to overcome. with that, the american dream is more motivation to achieve that dream. >> for some people i think it is definitely changed more obstacles, but i'm optimistic? yeah, the whole idea of the american dream is slowly fading away. in our culture these days and just like donald trump says, we're making america great again. we will evolve with the times. >> the american dream for some is on its knees. a lot of us up here, we have a strong foundation. that's why we are here, we have parents that back them. for a lot, i would say the majority of our nation, they don't have that strong foundation to bounce off of. >> reporter: so alex, we see
4:22 am
there this collection of young folks going to college, again, between the ages of 18 and 21. the majority of them are first time voters. and it was a different opinion around the room where we had a rubio supporter, a bush supporter, a bernie supporter, a trump supporter. a hillary support and a cruz supporter. the young lady you saw there, aleah singleton, a policy maker, who spoke about the odd questions she gets on that campus. i have to admit the other students were completely horrified when she admitted some of the experiences of the questions she has had to face. each and every one of those students offered her an apology and said i know this is not what we said to you, but we want to apologize on behalf of these other folks that have asked you these questions. it was a great group. they all left as friendsch they all feel passionately and opinionated about the candidate of their choice. it was amazing to get them together and talk about their ythsz ideas.
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they were also well read in. i thank them for their time. they gave us a fascinating look at where the youth vote is going? they were fantastic. all of them. their individual points. i know you will bring more to the interview to the broadcast the next hour. your own broadcast. it's really good, very, very fascinating. i was listening intently. the soft core porn actress on the ad pulled featuring her. does she have ill will towards ted cruz? guaranteed health care to all. at what cost? next a reality check from europe.
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. >> all right. let's bring paul singer back. the walling correspondent for usa today. palm, let's talk about the cruz campaign to pull the ad on a woman whose acting history was in soft porn. here's her reaction. >> this is politics as usual.
4:27 am
it was done in a snap moment. someone's got to make a decision. i have no ill will against ted cruz right now. he's got a job to do. i'm a middle class working gimpl i had a job to do. >> is this as she said so he doesn't lose support from evangelical christians? >> there is so you can put on our headline soft core porn. people click on that stuff. of course, you know, you could make an argue that a campaign like ted cruz should see this woman's story as an inspiration. she's a young woman making her way into the world. now she's on a path to whatever. these things happened. you can't hire people. they get surprised by this appearance they discover, she took off ore clothes in public. they dump her. it's the way it goes there is no
4:28 am
reason to make this more of a one day story and it would be. >> maybe the story will be gone by tomorrow. how do you envision the debate tonight? is it going to be a bloody battle? >> well, you have fewer and fewer candidates on the stage. that gives more opportunity for direct interaction between the candidates. i think it's going to be a pretty brutal fight. john kasich is going to try to stand aside and be the positive guy. the happy warrior. jeb bush will be missioning it up. not sure what ben carson will be doing as usual. he's sort of in his own space. i think with donald trump standing in the middle, there will be a lot of fireworks between cruz and trump. a lot of activity. >> i suspect you are right. meanwhile, i'm looking at the op ad in the "new york times" written by former secretary of state madeleine albright. she talks about the flack she's
4:29 am
gotten. a special place in hell. she calls it an undiplomatic moment. this was the wrong context and time to use that line. i did not mean to arc that you women should base a candidate shoally on gender. i think it's important to speak to women when a viable female presidential candidate once inconceivable is a reality. how crucial was it for the former secretary of state to issue this claire physician and did it do any lasting damage? >> you know, i don't think so. it does touch on this concern for the clinton campaign. it's a very sensitive topic. she definitely wants to capture this moment for a woman candidate and doesn't want to women explan to voters why they have to embrace the notion of the first woman president and so on the one hand, you want to be able to say this is a historic mame. on the other hand, you want to
4:30 am
say, i got more to offer and that comment did touch on a sensitive crack in that message that you want to be able to push for the woman without having to say, by the way, i'm a woman, so it's your obligation to vote for me. >> from usa today, paul singer, thank you very much. with a narrowing field to the gop, which presidential candidate stands to most to gain? this as we hear from in baton rouge friday. >> i think there is a lot of rocks thrown at everybody. >> does that bother you? >> i think it's time for someone like that. >> because? >> because our country is in a mess. we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience.
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the field narrows to 6. the people have one week to decide which republican will get their primary vote. good morning to all of you. i'm alex witt in new york. the place for politics. we will take another quick look at where the candidates are today. hillary clinton is headed to the west coast for a stop in nevada. the next state on the election calendar. the latest pom shows a dead heat in that state between clinton and bernie sanders. meanwhile, sanders will hold a rally in colorado before he and clinton speak at the democratic party annual dinner in denver. on the republican side, only two candidates are on the campaign trail today jeb bush and john kasich. both of them in south carolina. why so few on the campaign trail? well, it's because they're getting ready for another debate. this time in 14ville, south carolina. a week before that primary. the debate comes at a time when a new poll shows donald trump beating his rival ted cruz by
4:35 am
nearly a 2-1 margin. joining me is scott huffman. i'd like to get your reaction to trump's rising popularity cand anyone catch up to him at this point? >> well, donald trump has been ahead in most of the polls for a while. his popularity is kind of tapping into the anger of the conservative voters. back in 2012 when south carolina went for newt gingrich, it was the first time in the south carolina primary when we didn't pick the person who eventually named the nominee. my theory now is we tapped into voter anger in their establishment. kind of like a canary in a coal mine. a lot of folks will be struggling to catch up to donald trump. ted cruz is really blanketing south carolina right now trying to win over evangelical voters. there is no way to have a
4:36 am
winning -- all of the candidates as long as you know they meet the minimum bar of saying they're christian and honoring the faith are able win over some, so they're battling trump and cruz you have rubio and bush in a battle to establish the establishment lane. >> who do you think is making the best impression so far? >> well, after iowa, marco rubio was definitely on the rise and i think the reason very now are campaigning today is after rubio's disastrous appearance on the debate before new hampshire, they realize that was still in fluvenlths i know for a fact the bush campaign here in south carolina saw that as a real opportunity to kind of reclaim status of the establishment candidate. i expect the next week to be really a bare knuckle fight between the two of them as well
4:37 am
as the top candidates sniping against each other t. robo-calls and flyers and everything else is starting down here in south carolina. >> i best. as we watch the candidate's rhetoric escalate. what level of tolerance do voters in south carolina have for dirty tricks or is this behavior expected? >> well, you know the argument about purity and etching else, that right now has gone a little out the window. you know, donald trump shouldn't be leading the pack if, you know, the single criteria you use is whether or not they're a pure conservative or not. south carolinas are unfortunately tolerant to politics and mudslinging. it's kind of part of our history. but voters will want to hear basically who can channel the anger of the voter the best. then the folks who are afraid of cruz and trump, they want to hear from rubio and bush who the establishment candidate will be.
4:38 am
>> the debate tonight, who do you think stands the most to gain? >> you know, again, i think rubio and bush are going to be dukeing it out. rubio needs to make a strong comeback after his performance going into new hampshire. i think folks will be watching him. donald trump again need to not falter. cruz has a lot to lose if he can't begin to scrape off some of the support that donald trump has that cruz thinks should rightfully be his core scituatecy. >> okay, thank you, scott. appreciate it. let's go to the democrats. an important endorsement this week for hillary clinton. a congressional caucus pack, that pla political arm of the cdc, new york congressman is the pac's chair. good to see you. thank you so much. >> a big question to you. why mrs. clinton over senator sanders? >> well, you know, first, when you think about the secretary of
4:39 am
state, former secretary of state clinton, she has been a partner with members of the congressional black caucus for a long time in fighting racism and creating and helping a democrat get elected, which is extremely important. because that means members of the congressional plaque caucus as well as others could put the agenda that the economic agenda that is extremely important to help a division move up. bernie sanders has simply not led on those issues. senator clinton has been a partner with us in getting that done. not just when she was running. when it was the first lady, whether it was as the senator from new york and then what she was doing at secretary of state. >> interesting, harry belafonte, who endorsed bernie sanders, here's part of what he said. let's take a listen. >> there have been an attack on
4:40 am
bernie sanders for not, for not being invisible in the civil rights movement. but a lot of people were involved in the civil rights movement. millions of them came to watch on washington. i don't remember the names of most of them. i've met with them. i've talked with them. he's not misleading. he didn't claim to be a leader of the civil rights movement. he said he was touched by it and involved in it. >> we should say that was an all in with chris hayes last night. has the criticism of bernie sander's civil rights records, some of which has come from the one and only representative john lewis. has that been unfair? >> i'm not attacking. i don't think what john lewis was saying was attacking. he was saying if he was leading the movement, he didn't see him. he was a part of the movement. he didn't see him as a leader. i think what we have is there is a difference, the cdc sees as a difference between racism and
4:41 am
classism. in the world of bernie sanders, he thinks of class first. you can think barack obama is the president of the united states. he's in a different class. still faces racism. so if you are talking about issues of dealing with race in that regard, you can't say that bernie sanders was there. he sees that the beall end all is one thing and that probably is class, but, you know, racism is different. no matter what your category. i was proud of those young people that you had on earlier and proud that they are all involved, whether they're supporting bernie or hillary or anybody, being a part of the process. here you have college, well educated kids, a young black woman shouldn't have been a question of class with her because it wasn't her class, but it was her race that was a problem, irrespective of her class. i think that's what members of the congressional black caucus tried to address on a continuous basis. >> now, i want to clear something, though the question between the pac of the cdc and
4:42 am
cdc membership as you know the congressman ellisson tweeted obviously from norg on thursday the congressional black caucus has not endorsed in the presidential race, that it's separate t.cbc pac is endorsed. did not get endorsement from the membership. can you clear that up? >> the congressional black caucus consists of democrats and republicans. a republican is a part of the congressional black caucus. it does not get involved if politics, just policy. the congressional black caucus is pac is if any independent win that does politicaling a t. political action committee. it has a 20-member board that moves forward and they do take into consideration by talking to colleagues, et cetera, who are fought a part of the pac but a part of the cbc. so as a result you have 40 members of the cbc who
4:43 am
individually have endorsed hillary clinton. and the pac takes that into consideration. so you have a board that runs the pac. but it's so, we have endorsed. we are the political wing. but you also have 40 members of the cbc who individually has endorsed hillary clinton. the only one that has endorsed mr. sanders is my food friend from minnesota. >> can i ask you very quickly. with regard to the battle over the record of president obama. how is that affecting the democrats? between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, is that an effective argument? >> i don't think there is a question about the president obama. i would hope senator sanners who has been critical throughout president obama, you know, just looking at some of the statements, but when you look at where we were in 2008, when this
4:44 am
country truly was on the brink of being set back tremendously, the president has led us to losing 700,000 jobs a month to creating 200,000 jobs a month. there has been consistent monthly growth. we are not where we want to be yet. but not to act knowledge that this president has done a tremendous job. the question is, you know, i would ask some when you talk about health care, do you want, everybody would have loved single payer. but do you do single payer and get nothing? that's your position? this president is something that presidents were trying to do for years, for decades, 30 million americans now have health care that didn't have it but for him. >> that is a perfect tee up for my next segment. for that, i want to thank you, good to see you. bernie sanders wants the u.s. health care system to run like great britains.
4:45 am
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>> senator sanders is calling for universal health care. he wants his plan to mirror one in you're, particularly britain. kelly kobiaya has more in london how effective the health service is. this is fascinating. take it away, kelly. >> reporter: yeah, alex, there has been a lot of talk about universal health care from the sanders' campaign. so we took a closer look at what people here get for their money. >> look, here is the reality, folks, there is one major country on earth that does not guarantee health care to all people. >> reporter: it's in nearly every debate and stump speech.
4:49 am
>> there is one major country, the united states, which ends up spending almost three times per capita what they do in the u.k. guaranteeing health care to all people. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders wants the u.s. to have what millions of europeans have. nationalized single payer health care. >> in my view, health care is a right of all people. not a privilege and i will fight for that. [ cheers ] >> reporter: one modem. britain's national health service. in place, since 1948. most brits are satisfied with it. like 63-year-old paul saunders without health care i don't think i'd be here today. >> reporter: he had cancer and an an yourism as an adult. a lifetime of care. not one medical bill. >> no charge whatsoever. >> reporter: while you pay almost nothing out of pocket. the nih costs $167 billion a year to run. it's the fifth largest employer
4:50 am
in the world with 1.7 million employees. it's not perfect. doctors went on strike just this week over pay and working hours and are threatening to walk out? wait times. jim edwards' doctor referred him to a specialist for hearing and balance problems. >> so i called up the specialist. and they said we'll see you in about five to six weeks. i was quite shocked of that because in america of course when you call up a specialist, they generally say, come in in a couple of days. >> reporter: on average, it takes ten weeks to see a specialist or have nonemergency surgery. unlucky few hundred patients have waited a full year for operations. the nhs decides who you see and whether you're a priority, and the latest or most expensive drugs aren't always available. last year the nhs in england stopped offering more than a dozen cancer drugs, including cadzill a for late stage breast
4:51 am
cancer because they're considered too expensive. so just a snapshot of the downsides of the nhs. but for patients who want what the nhs does not offer, there is still private health insurance. it operates a lot like the system in the united states but interestingly only about 10% opt for private insurance on top of the nhs. alex? >> great areality check report. the press in south carolina is on the look out for dirty political tricks. thomas roberts has that at the top of the hour. but at the moment, the expectations game for the republican debate. on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine
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4:55 am
controversy with amy lindsey. she was asked if it was unchristian for cruz to pull the ad. and here's her answer. >> i don't think it's unchristian. i've actually gotten a lot of support on the right from a lot of people that think the ted cruz campaign might have acted hastily. like, hey, this is -- this is also the type of person who might be voting in this race. it's not just the white male christian gun-toting people. it's people like me. >> look, joe, you're a minister. does she have a point? >> yeah. >> is cruz perhaps alienating more people than he's won over here with this move? >> i don't think he loses anything by taking the ad. i don't think this becomes anything more than a one-day story. christianity of course teaches that it's important to forgive people as well. everybody is human. we all make mistakes. none of us are everything that we're supposed to be. so that is what it is. but i think that this is basically a one or two-day
4:56 am
story. i think the actress has a chance to get more parts, maybe more mainstream roles as a result of this. >> let's talk about marco rubio here after his fifth place finish in new hampshire. what do you think he has to do to tonight to regain his momentum? >> he has a lot of work because he's lost momentum. he's got to show the voters he has a substantive record. right now he's been attacking jeb bush and others saying that jeb bush doesn't have any experience and some of the others don't have any experience. the reality is that jeb bush can say he was a two-term governor, chief executive of a major state. marco rubio has work to do to prove to voters he has the background that would make him a legitimate republican nominee for president. >> do you have a sense of who you think has the, i guess, wind behind his back and who is going to win the gop primary there in south carolina? >> yeah, well, right now donald trump has most of the momentum. if you loot the polling data he leads by a substantial margin. so it's really his race to lose.
4:57 am
and of course there's all this pressure coming as there is in every single primary for him to change his tactics but i think he's for the most part saying what i've been doing is working and working really well for me so why should i change now? you probably won't see his language change or very much at all change about him in terms of how he comes at it. >> it should be interesting how the south carolinans respond to that. >> palmetto state is a polite state. >> yes, joe watkins, thank you so much. thomas roberts will be joining you live from south carolina and take a look at the signs of life from the jeb bush campaign and potential impact of george w. bush's campaign for his brother. i'll see you here at noon eastern here on msnbc. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed.
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