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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  February 14, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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like to send to us, you can logon to our website, i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera." out of control. >> oh. >> and reckless. >> when under the influence, there's no limit to what can go wrong. >> my heart dropped. i don't know if he had a gun, i don't know if he had a knife. >> drunk drivers wreak havoc both on the streets -- >> he's going to crash. >> -- and off. >> i was scared to death. what happened to my legs? >> senseless, dangerous, and potentially deadly. >> i'm going to place you under arrest. >> police crack down on some of the worst offenders.
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>> wow. "caught on camera: altered states." flames shoot out of an suv. >> oh my god. >> i was completely terrified. >> i thought that he was going to die right in front of my eyes. >> what happens next is as odd as is it dangerous. >> to get away from the car. >> april 16th, 2009. just across new york city's east river, in the neighborhood of astoria queens, roommates, rob, and jill hanner, are settling into their apartment for the night. >> it's a calm, ordinary night and i'm in bed and i hear this really loud noise. it was like a gunshot. so i spring out of bed. i walk to the window. i want to see what's going on. i see fire.
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it was quite shocking to see a fire in what is essentially my backyard. and i immediately started knocking on jill's door and tell her to get up. >> i'm like, should i call 911? like, i don't know what to do. so i immediately got on the phone, called 911. >> that's when i grabbed my camera. >> there's a car fire, that -- a car fire that just -- in astoria. >> an suv has barreled into an empty lot just behind budon and hanner's apartment. >> this guy just drove his car right into this wood. i could tell that he was under some sort of influence of something. i couldn't get a read on what he was on, but i could tell that his mind was not all there. >> he's, like, taking the metal pieces and hitting the car and just totally fell over. >> from their vantage point, the two roommates are having a hard
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time understanding exactly what is going on. beyond calling for help, they don't feel safe intervening. >> we had no idea if the guy had a gun or a knife or was medicated. >> we had no idea what he was capable of. my roommate jill and i didn't know what was coming next. >> i was just waiting for this car to explode because i figure a car on fire, the gasoline, something's going to happen. >> what does happen next is something neither of them expects. with flames and smoke billowing from the suv, the man gets back inside and tries to drive. >> did he just get back in the car? he's back inside the car. >> oh my god. get away from the car. >> unable to move the suv by driving it, the man tries pushing the vehicle. all while getting dangerously close to the intense heat of the flames.
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>> is he insane? >> now we have a moving fire and now we don't know where this fire is going to end up and jill and i are wondering when is this going to end, how is this going to end? >> the driver is screaming, but hanner and budon don't know if it's in agony or in anger. >> dude, get away from the car. >> behind the burning suv, another vehicle with an unknown driver arrives. >> all of a sudden we see another car appear and a guy comes walking out. >> risking his own life, the bystander approaches the man. he begins to pull the man away from the burning vehicle. >> the guy just throws him out of the car. >> let go, please. let go.
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>> firefighters arrive on the scene to extinguish the flames. >> keep thinking the car's going to blow up, but it just keeps burning. >> oh my god. >> i'm hearing all kinds of sounds coming from the car. a couple of really decent sized explosions. and now i'm just concerned that the fire department doesn't get too close to get burned. >> with attention focused on the fire, the suv driver tries to make a run for it. >> there he is. i think that's the guy. see him? the driver is lurking around in the shadows, and then suddenly he starts moving away from all the people. >> he looked like he was trying to sneak away, like cops wouldn't see him. >> there's actually a barbed wire fence on this side, too, so he can't get away. and then the nypd pulls around. they're like, so you thought you could have a little bonfire. looks like you forgot the s'mores. got him in handcuffs? yeah, i think they do. he's going in the van.
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>> the driver is arrested while firefighters work to put out the flames. >> are you twittering? >> yes, i'm twittering. >> how many tweets have you sent for this? >> just one. >> just the one? >> i was too freaked out. >> the driver of the suv pleads guilty to disorderly conduct and the infraction of driving while ability impaired. he's ordered to pay a fine. he could have paid a higher price were it not for the help of that unknown good samaritan. >> this guy was definitely a hero. i don't know where he came from, and then he just kind of disappeared, but he definitely saved that guy's life. coming up -- drunk driving isn't just a danger on the streets. and later -- >> i want you to put your right foot directly in front of your left foot. >> sobriety tests go viral. when "caught on camera: altered states" continues.
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what begins as a typical night at a liquor store takes a terrifying turn. >> ready to pay me. i heard a big explode. >> as a truck crashes into the store, putting the clerk in grave danger. >> i was scared to death. what happened to my legs? >> october 5th, 2012. carmichael, california. singh is nearing the end of a 15-hour shift at the local k.b. liquors where he's worked for two decades. >> looking at my watch. it's almost 10:00. i have an hour to go, see my family. when the customers came into the store named kirk, and i saw him waiting for me at the cash register and he wants to buy something. >> outside the store, a security camera captures a white pickup
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truck turning to pull into a parking spot, but the truck doesn't come to a stop. it barrels over a concrete parking block and crashes directly through the glass door front. >> i heard a big explode. like a bomb. and i look up to see what happened. i thought for a second, what's happening? where the sound came from? >> glass, cigarettes and shelves go flying. customers inside scramble to get out of the way as the store seemingly implodes. >> customer got shocked. his eyes was wide open. to see how that truck can come in. he kept saying, what hell is happening? what happened? >> the truck idles for a split second then unbelievably the driver puts it in reverse and drives away.
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>> he just drove away. >> i look on my shoulder. i saw a truck was very close to me, was backing out and leaving the scene. and i thought, they're going to stop, come in and help me, but they just flew. >> what the -- >> he just drove away. are you okay? are you stuck in there? >> the store looks like a war zone and at first singh is stuck and in shock. >> i was thinking, what happened to me? i was fine a minute ago. what happened now? i couldn't stand. i couldn't walk. and i was in pain big-time. i continue move by legs. they were pinned between the rack and the counter. i was scared. i was scared to death. my daughter called me half hour later. dad, what happened? are you okay? i told her, i'm okay. i don't want them to think that -- so as soon as they
3:13 pm
arrive here, i was gone to hospital. my cousin told him, he's hurt little bit, but he's okay. and my wife, she start crying. >> the security video doesn't get a clear shot of the people in the truck, so witnesses become key to the investigation. carmichael police talk to kurt, the customer who just barely avoided injury during the crash. >> he saw two guys in the truck, a driver and his buddy. kurt saw their faces and explained what they looked like and the color of the truck and which way they went to. >> he just drove away. >> with the help of kurt's eyewitness account, police track down the driver, robert ring, who pleads no contest to driving under the influence causing injury. he's sentenced to community service and three years probation.
3:14 pm
it turns out singh had met the men before. >> the driver and his buddy was regular customers. he's a really nice person, all's i know. but it's a stupid thing he did that day and could take his life and my life. >> according to the police report, the driver claimed that he meant to park his car and thought his foot was over the brake pedal, but he was on the gas. the destruction to the store is substantial and so is the cost to get it up and running again. >> it was a big damage to the building, itself. cost $10,000 to fix the wall. the liquor. going to be $15,000 to $20,000. on top of that, i have medical bills to take care of which i have to pay. talking about $30,000, $40,000 in damages. >> singh suffers fractures, cuts and bruises from the crash. he must use a wheelchair temporarily to get around, and doctors say it could take up to a year for him to fully recover. despite his injuries, singh is grateful, knowing things could have been much worse.
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>> i did not realize i could lose my life until i look at the video of the news on the tv next day. that i could be dead. i can say i'm lucky. thanks so god, i'm still around. >> this kind of accident happens more often than you think. october 7th, 2012. tongeren, belgium. security cameras capture belgian soccer player jonathan legear after he pulls into a gas station after a night after. instead of stopping to get gas, he plows through the gas station parking lot running over a scooter and smashing through the glass doors of the convenience store. the porsche barrels through the store taking out shelves stocked with food and drinks. the store clerks dive for cover, just as the car crashes into the checkout counter. a customer looks up just in time to jump, avoiding the full force of the impact. the porsche comes to a stop and
3:16 pm
the customer escapes with minor injuries. the store, however, sustains major damage. the structural repairs and replacements of products cost more than $200,000. it's an expensive night out for the young soccer star. but not an unfamiliar one. it's national news in 2009 when he accidentally smashed his bmw into a house. as for this incident, he apologizes through his lawyer and admits to being legally intoxicated. he pays for all damages and is banned from driving in belgium for four months. after that, he's required to take a new driving test in order to reinstate his license. legear blames the accident on mistakenly pressing down on the accelerator instead of the brake pedal. perhaps his talented footwork is limited to the soccer fields. coming up --
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>> left foot. touch your nose. >> police put suspected drunk drivers to the test. >> he goes to reach up and he loses his balance and he just falls backwards. >> you okay? >> when "caught on camera: altered states" continues. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding the owners were forced to place an emergency order of hay. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with a complete view of her finances, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it.
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i want you to take nine steps forward -- >> when first you lose your patience. >> oh, that's too much. >> and then you lose your balance -- >> wow. >> -- you can end up losing your license. >> i'm going to place you under arrest. >> or worse. and a group of officers in florida is dedicated to stopping you before you lose your life. tampa, florida, is known for its party scene, but the fun sometimes comes at a steep cost. the city has some of the highest rates of alcohol-related traffic fatalities in the country. a sobering fact that officer john vallejo sees firsthand with tampa police department's dui enforcement unit.
3:21 pm
>> i would go out and investigate these horrible crashes that we see on the news all the time where the sheets are covering the body and except i would get there and the sheet wasn't on the body yet. most of these crashes that i would encounter were caused by an impaired driver. and i developed a passion for wanting to prevent that. >> these police dashcam videos were typically used only as evidence, but now the tampa police department is posting some of the most egregious examples of drunk driving on social media sites to help raise awareness about a problem many people won't admit. >> if i arrest you for drunk driving, it's going to be a big secret. you're not going to go running and telling all your friends, this social media project is a way of getting this information out about impaired driving. >> july 19th, 2010. just after 1:00 in the morning, an officer spots a car driving
3:22 pm
erratically. the driver stops at a traffic light well beyond the white line. after making the turn, the car weaves dangerously toward an suv in the next lane. >> he's not able to keep the vehicle straight. he can't keep the vehicle in the lane. he's going over the lane markers. he's swerving back and forth. >> the car drifts in and out of lanes until the driver hits the curb, barely missing a street sign. the officer has seen enough and pulls the driver over. a year and a half earlier, on january 1st, 2009, officer vallejo arrives on the scene to help investigate a suspicious driver. >> he's kind of an older country kind of gentleman, and his eyes were bloodshot. he had the odor of alcohol on his breath. you know, that's a telltale sign that someone's been drinking. so i proceed to do the field sobriety exercises. what i want you to do first is put your hands down by your
3:23 pm
side, then i want you to put your left foot on the edge of the white line there. see how my foot's on the edge? >> all right. >> okay. then i want you to put your right foot directly in front of your left foot with your heel touching your toe like this. >> all right. >> and just stand there until i tell you otherwise. go ahead and put your right foot in front, sir. he's just got to stand there for me while i give the rest of the instructions for the walk and turn test. and clearly he's not able to keep one foot in front of the other. now, don't walk. just stay. sir, i don't want you to walk. then he goes ahead and starts the test without me telling him to. he walks forward and back and we have to start over. okay. you have to listen to my instructions carefully, sir, okay? don't do anything until i tell you. then i try to get him back in the instruction position to tell him the rest of the test. when i tell you to, i want you to take nine steps forward on the edge of this line. and then turn around and take nine back. so at that point, he got a little bit agitated. >> that's too much. >> well, i -- >> that's too much.
3:24 pm
no. nine. wow. >> he just trips. he sort of falls backwards. trips over the parking lot thing and then hits the sign. it's metal. and it makes this large booming sound. >> are you all right? >> yeah, i'm fine. >> i don't want somebody to be hurt. at that point, i was just quickly trying to determine whether or not he was injured. he wasn't injured. he said he was okay. he seemed to be okay. and he seemed a little more feisty. >> hey, no, i'm not doing that. >> turn around for me. >> nine steps, sir. wow. >> and so at that point, i had seen enough, and i didn't need to gather any more evidence i didn't think, so i went ahead and put him under arrest and put him in the police car. >> the man is convicted of driving under the influence and is given 12 months' probation along with community service and a fine. >> everywhere i've shown this video, people laugh. it is kind of funny.
3:25 pm
it looks almost staged. but the tragic part of it is, this man who couldn't even stand up, who couldn't put one foot in front of the other, he was in a car. he was driving a car and what could have happened is way more tragic than him going to prison or to jail. >> nine. wow. february 14th, 2009. an officer in the dui enforcement unit is conducting a different field sobriety test on a suspected impaired driver. >> stand right here. i want you to face my vehicle, please. >> okay. which way? >> i'm not going to walk. there's no walking in this exercise. >> in that particular case, the officer was attempting to do the finger to nose test, where you have to keep your hands down by your side, reach up, touch the tip of your nose to the tip of your finger. and it seems pretty simple except that when you're impaired, it's a lot harder than it is. >> okay. fingertip, touch your nose. tip of your finger touch the tip of your nose then right back down by your side. okay?
3:26 pm
any questions. the right index fingertip. got to close your eyes. touch the tip of your nose with it, sir. >> some officers, they make visual notes of what happens. so what he's doing is he's pointing so that everybody can see, you know, where this man missed. >> touch the tip of your nose with it, sir. >> oh, are you okay? >> the man's got his head tilted back. his eyes are closed. he goes to touch the tip of his nose with the tip of his finger and he loses balance. he just falls backward. >> are you okay? come on over here. okay? >> that's all right. >> go ahead and stop right now for safety reasons, okay? come on over here. >> sorry. >> it's okay. just relax. put your hands back behind you. hold them together.
3:27 pm
hold your palms together. >> what did i do wrong? >> sir, you exhibited several clues of impairment, okay? >> you're wrong. >> i'm going to place you under arrest. >> i'm impaired. >> you're impaired. i appreciate your honesty. >> the driver is convicted of driving under the influence and is given 12 months probation along with community service and a fine. >> if they hadn't been stopped, these very impaired people, they may have caused a crash, they may have killed themselves or killed somebody else or killed somebody's family. could have been a very tragic circumstance. hopefully people learn and understand and maybe they'll think the next time they go out, you know, i don't want to end up like that man. i don't want to end up looking like a fool on a video. i don't want to end up arrested, going to jail for a dui. >> wow. coming up -- >> he just hit the car. >> caught in the act. >> he's got two empty bottles, or a little flask of vodka. he just threw them over the fence into the bushes. and later, friends will do anything not to let friends drink and drive. >> oh, damn.
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richard lui with your hour's top stories. the body of antonin scalia is expect ed to be flown home to virginia in the next couple of days. he died at a resort at the age of 79. funeral arrangements have not been announced. pope francis has delivered a message of encouragement to residents of the most dangerous areas of mexico city. the pope telling the crowd to resist the temptations of wealth and corruption. now back to "caught on camera." dude, he's half away. he's going to crash. >> two friends on their way back from the beach find themselves on the tail of a dangerous driver. >> oh. >> he just hit -- did he just hit the car? >> i don't know, dude. >> he just hit the car. >> he just hit the car.
3:32 pm
♪ >> october 14th, 2010. in the beach town of san clemente, california, surfing buddies jeffrey, and shaw, are driving to lunch after a morning spent out on the water. the young men think the day's excitement is behind them, but another wave of adrenaline is about to hit. >> we pulled up behind this car that was swerving a little bit and it was kind of going into the other lane. we thought he was just maybe texting, talking on his cell phone. we started realizing something was going on. that's when we pulled out the cameras and started filming him because you never know when someone like that is just going to plow right into a car. >> a minute or two minutes in, he's doing the same exact thing. driving dangerously. please turn. oh, he did not turn. he has his blinkers on. that is sketchy as [ muted ]. look at him, dude. look at him swerve.
3:33 pm
dude. it's a pretty small city. if anyone got hurt, it could have been my friend's friend or could have been my friend's mom. so many possibilities. it's dangerous. he's going to rear end someone. >> the unpredictable driver passes a jogger on the side of the road. >> you can see a lady running and he passes her. that's right where he's swerving back and forth. he could have easily veered off the road and ended that lady's life. >> that's when they decide to call 911. >> hi, we're following this car and i think he's drunk driving. >> swerving. >> he's swerving. >> they told us not to follow him, which we kind of disregarded. we kept calling them and explaining what was going on, and they just told us that the police would be there shortly. >> but after several minutes, there's no sign of the police. the two friends feel obligated to follow the driver. >> we just had a weird feeling he was going to hit someone. i feel like he might crash or something.
3:34 pm
>> as the driver approaches an intersection, that gut feeling proves to be spot-on. >> he was, like, swerving a little bit and then he hit his brakes and then we heard it screech and then boom, he hit -- oh my god. oh. >> he just hit -- did he just hit the car? >> i don't know, dude. >> he just hit the car. >> he just hit the car. >> the driver slams into the back of a car that's stopped at a red light. >> dude, he hit the car. it's a lady, too. >> he's drunk. >> the guy stops, gets out of the car, kind of stumbles over to the lady, like leans over her window. so we're just sitting in the car watching him. >> the driver and the woman exchange information. it seems like the driver's reckless road trip is over, but there's still no sign of the police. >> that lady was sitting there for at least ten minutes. if not more.
3:35 pm
and no one showed up. >> while keeping their eyes on the scene, the friends make another call to 911. >> my name is jeffrey. >> while on the phone, they see something that astounds them. the man pulls out what they believe are empty alcohol containers and throws them by the side of the road. >> he's got two empty bottles, or little flasks of vodka. he's tripping. he just threw them over the fence into the bushes. >> he has had enough. he pulls his car up to confront the man. >> how drunk are you? >> not at all. >> not at all? >> not at all. >> he was slurring and then he was just wobbling. and his eyes were just drooping and they were red. and it was just horrendous. just a mess. >> the friends move back to wait for police to arrive. when suddenly -- >> please tell me he's not driving away. >> the man fires up his engine and drives off.
3:36 pm
they are determined to follow. >> looking back, we probably should have taken his keys, but we just -- we figured that the police would be there any minute. >> back on the road again, the two young men can't believe what they're witnessing. >> oh my god, dude. he's going to crash. what is he doing? that's way too close. >> we were kind of going back and forth, this is ridiculous, how is this guy not caught already? >> after more frightening moments -- >> oh my god. he almost hit that [ muted ] silver car. >> and nearly an hour of following the driver, the two friends get what they've been waiting for. >> we see a cop on the other side of the road. i give him a wave like a little just like, oh, right there. >> there's a cop. >> thank god a cop got him, dude. >> i go, walk up to that cop and tell him we were following him and we were, like, have video of him and stuff in case they need any, like, evidence to give him a dui or anything. he actually yelled at me, go sit
3:37 pm
on your car. >> we might have annoyed the cops and whatnot, but i think we helped. >> the driver is convicted of driving under the influence. they post the video footage from that day on youtube. it quickly racks up more than 70,000 views and hundreds of comments. >> a lot of people said it was good that we did it. but there were some of them that were, like, oh, you guys snitched. we're not just a bunch of kids. we actually care about everyone. and we try and do the right thing. >> one night you can just end your life and it's just not worth it. so pay a taxi. walk. just do anything. just don't drink and drive. >> oh. dude. coming up -- a man comes home to an alarming sight. >> we don't know who it is, but we're going to wake him up. >> i don't know if he had a gun, i don't know if he had a knife. and later -- >> oh, damn. >> he was supposed to be the
3:38 pm
designated driver. >> no, he's okay. he's breathing. >> when "caught on camera: altered states" continues. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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humira. this is my body of proof! hey, dude, you got to get up, dude. >> a man comes home to a startling sight. an intruder is not only in his home -- >> i don't know if he had a gun, i don't know if he had a knife. >> -- but passed out in his bed. >> flat-out laying in my bed. on my down blankets. and my pillow. >> we don't know who it is, but we're going to wake him up. >> november 2009. tattoo artist agi is the owner of the popular shop, most wanted tattoo, in fresno, california. rubio knows that trouble isn't rubio knows trouble isn't hard to find on these streets,
3:42 pm
but he doesn't expect to find it in his own home. >> the neighborhood, it comes and goes. you know, violence, a lot of sirens every now and then. the ambulance is always coming down the street. >> after a long day of work, rubio heads home for the night. when he walks into his bedroom, he's shocked by what he finds. an intruder is laying in his bed. >> i turn on the light and there was some guy just laying there. like a mummy. like a vampire. i don't know if he was dead. my heart dropped. like, oh my god. it's a stranger. >> frightened, rubio runs next door for help from his cousins. he's uneasy about calling the police. he has two felony convictions or two strikes as it's known in california law. if he commits a third felony, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. even though he hasn't done anything wrong in this situation, he feels that he has to be careful. >> so i grab my camera and i grab them guys just in case. you know, if he comes up
3:43 pm
swinging, has a knife on him, a gun, anything. there are a lot of convicts and a lot of parolees around here, too. the last thing is you want to be in a confrontation with a guy like that because it can get ugly. i'm here in my own house and there's some stranger in my own house. we're going to go see who it is. >> one thing rubio does know about the intruder, he doesn't amir to be a burglar. rubio's money and jewelry are left untouched. the cousins suspect the unknown man is highly intoxicated. >> so we're in here, we don't know who it is. you guys seen him before? >> no. >> no. >> so we're going to -- here -- we don't know who it is, but we're going to wake him up. >> it's called kick the habit. we're going to wake him up with this. >> the cousins use a bitter tasting chemical typically used to deter people from biting their nails to try to wake up the man. >> hey, dude, you got to get up, dude. you got to go. >> i gave him a good shake. i'm like, get up. you're in the wrong house. >> what are you doing in here? huh? what?
3:44 pm
you need a drink? you got to go, dude. you're in the wrong house. how did you get in here? this way. you been drinking? >> disoriented, the man doesn't want to leave the room. the cousins suspect the man thinks he's in a friend's house. >> dude, you got to go that way. you got to go, dude. you've got to go. >> it takes several minutes, but rubio finally forces him out of the house. the intruder stares down rubio's cousin. >> my cousin just looking at him, really, like, that was a prison stare. if someone stares you down like that, usually it means it's going to lead into a confrontation. i was like, come on, are you serious? you're going to get hurt. >> it's cool, dude.
3:45 pm
we got to go. you got the wrong house. >> rubio is relieved to have the intruder outside but is concerned about sending him into the night to fend for himself in his impaired state. >> i figured, hey, this is pretty serious, you're going to walk into the wrong people's house. i pictured the worst, they're going to shoot you, they're going to kill you. so you're going to get hit by a car. something bad is going to happen. >> that's when rubio decides to call 911 for help. >> going to call the police. i was like, man, come help me, man, because it can get ugly around here. it's funny because the dispatcher is questioning me how a person got into my house. she's like, so you let him in? i'm like, no, i didn't let him in. >> you guys know him? >> the cousins wait with the man hoping the police will arrive. but after nearly an hour, they lose their patience. >> no, you got to go this way, dude. >> i couldn't hang on to him all night. it's like, now i'm keeping him captive. it's not my job to sit here and baby sit all night. it's probably, like, 4:00 in the morning now. i have to let him go.
3:46 pm
so that's what happened. he just what happened wandered off into the night and disappeared. >> all right. dude. take off, dude. >> the unidentified man and rubio don't cross paths again. rubio vows to take extra precautions in the future to avoid another scary and potentially dangerous situation like this one. >> i must have left the door open and he just wandered in there like a drunk or whatever he was on. i lock it now every day. even if i live across the street, it's still locked because i don't want to go through that again. you got to go, dude. you got to go. >> confronting a stranger who's under the influence is potentially dangerous, but how about confronting a friend? when a drunk friend tries to drive home -- >> i want -- >> how far would you go to take away his keys? how about this far? >> oh, damn. >> until the day i die.
3:47 pm
>> october 1st, 2011. a group of friends in atlanta, georgia, are heading home after attending a party. as they make their way to the parking lot, it's clear to eric green that his friend, craig, is in no condition to drive. >> i noticed that he was drunk the second i walked up to him. the look in his eyes. the smell of his breath. craig wasn't supposed to be the drinker. he was supposed to be the designated driver. >> eric demands that craig hand over his keys. >> we were arguing for an hour and a half. just trying to get the keys out of his hands. and he started talking about picking up his daughter, taking his daughter home. getting her from the baby-sitter. he doesn't care, no one is going to stop him. >> you're not going to drive your daughter home. you're not driving your daughter home. >> i would not have felt comfortable with myself if i would have allowed him to get into that car, pick up his daughter, drive who knows where and something happened. >> let me drive home. >> he got to a point where he was like the only way you are going to get these keys is if
3:48 pm
you physically take them from me. >> he had them in his pocket. so the only way i can take the keys from him was to go into his pocket. >> i'm -- [ muted ]. >> i'm not saying you're not. you really are. i promise you, when i say i do this, it's because i love you. >> i was just the one who basically threw my hands up and said, look, i'm fed up with this, this is how we're going to solve it. >> eric tries to put an end to their argument. >> and i swear to god -- and i swear to -- >> with one swing. >> i was squarely aiming where i could hit him that would not put him to sleep or dislocate something. so i knew i was not going to cause real harm. >> the heated exchange is caught on camera by one of eric's friends. >> my friend was recording so we could show him the next day, like, look, this is how you were acting, don't be mad at me. >> listen, listen. i love you. i love you.
3:49 pm
>> but this isn't over yet. >> when he was on the ground he gave me a look, the look was, you're crazy, this isn't over. he was ready to get up and get into a serious physical, you know, quarrel. >> i swear, please do not -- listen. >> i didn't want to have to keep fighting him, so i wanted to end it then and there and just get his keys. >> chill, chill. >> so i put him in a sleeper hold and i said, i'm not going to hold on to it for too long, either, because that can cause brain damage. so as soon as i heard the gargle and his body go limp, let go, laid him down. >> please, please, please. i'm sorry. i swear to god, i am. >> asleep? >> no, he's okay. he's breathing. >> where's my phone? >> he's breathing. >> i didn't drop him. he could have hit his head on the ground and caused real serious harm to him. i laid him down as smooth as possible.
3:50 pm
>> a friend then posts the video online. >> i knew 100% that he was going to end up seeing this. i didn't think that it was going to go viral to the sense where the whole world saw it, you know, but we were wrong. the first time i saw the video i was embarrassed. i felt as though i was looked at as, like, the bad guy. but after i started seeing the reactions of other people and i was getting basically, thank you for what you did, i realized there are people here who understood the motive and not the action. >> eric may have stopped his friend from driving drunk, but he says that craig doesn't like how the situation was handled. craig declined to comment to "caught on camera." >> me and craig are not friends today. i openly apologized for my actions. not for my motives. >> oh, damn. >> however, the way that he was
3:51 pm
reacting afterwards, he feels as though he was the victim. i cannot honestly say i would want someone to punch me in my face and put me in the sleeper hold. however, if it came to a point that that was literally the only thing that was stopping me from hurting someone i love, then, yeah, i would want someone to stop me by any means. >> and i promise you, when you see this, brother, i swear i love you. coming up -- >> mom, be careful for the car. mom. >> i'm feeling so bad as the mother because i'm laughing so hard at him. >> surgery isn't supposed to be this much fun. >> hey, dad, i love you. i don't know how i'm doing. i'm just crying and watching soccer. >> when "caught on camera: altered states" continues.
3:52 pm
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for now, just log on to plug in some simple info and get up to 50 free quotes. choose the lowest and hit purchase. now...if you'll excuse me, i'm late for an important function. saving humanity from high insurance rates. yeah, you're numb right now, right? >> having wisdom teeth removed is not a laughing matter.
3:55 pm
but that doesn't stop this young man's family from finding humor in the drug-induced aftermath. >> why are you laughing at me? >> june 9th, 2012. lehigh, utah. 18-year-old chad alguire emerges from having his wisdom teeth removed and his mother and sister are there to take him home. they can't resist documenting his altered state. chad's younger sister, alex, enjoys the moment he wakes up as only a sister can. >> one of the nurses came and said chad's done. we go into the backroom and he's in the wheelchair and chad's just crying and it was hard not to laugh at him. >> this stuff wears off quickly, but you'll be funny for a couple hours. >> i already feel funny. >> you're numb right now. >> it's just the sound of his voice.
3:56 pm
i saw him sitting in the wheelchair and he was crying, but he was smiling and kind of laughing kind of like he didn't know why he was crying. i just started laughing already because just his face and eyes were just so different. >> you want me to drive? >> no driving. you will not be driving for the next couple days. so everything -- >> but i like driving. >> you'd be a drunk driver out there. >> i don't even -- >> no, probably not. good thing we're recording it. >> chad is wheeled out to the car, half sobbing, half laughing, and totally philosophical. >> okay. you just sit back and relax. >> everything's so clear. boy, just like -- i don't know how they did it. like, i was just in there and now i'm done. >> does it hurt? >> i feel really good, though. >> that's good. >> we should come and visit this place. they're really nice people.
3:57 pm
>> i'm feeling so bad as the mother because he's over there, he's crying, too. we're both crying. i'm crying because i'm laughing so hard at him. >> my body just feels so loose, that i, like, can't sit straight. and when i cry, i cry. i mean when i laugh i cry. >> you know, sometimes i cry when i laugh. >> mom, be careful for this car. mom, oh. you scared me. >> i'm sorry. >> it's okay, mom. you're a good driver. hey. hi. hi. >> they get chad home, but the trip's far from over. >> where did my shoes go? why did i take them off? whoa. when i bend over, i get loopy. >> he got out of the car, we brought him in here, and then as he sat down, we started recording again. because he was still rambling.
3:58 pm
>> how are you doing today. >> good, how are you? >> how are you doing today? >> good. >> are we going to have a fire tonight? >> if you want to. >> i don't want to make it, because i think i'm kind of stoned. my dad worked so hard to build it for us. >> i called his dad because he was being so funny. i thought, he's got to hear this. >> look at my tongue. is it numb? >> is it numb? >> who is it? >> it's your dad. say hi to your dad. >> hey, dad, i love you. i don't know how i'm doing. i'm just crying and watching soccer. >> he was cracking up on the phone. >> but if you want, you can give me -- but don't spend lots of money because we need to save our money for, like, the great depression. why are you laughing at me? >> by the next day, chad is back to normal, and the family watches the video together. >> it was weird watching me be
3:59 pm
like that because i don't remember acting like that. i didn't remember any of it, so it's like, oh, man. so it was funny because just how i was acting. like, that's not really how i am normally and i was just bouncing everywhere from subject to subject. >> i have no idea where the great depression came from. that line. he thought it was wonderful. he was totally okay with it. he was never embarrassed by anything he said or how he acted. he enjoyed laughing at himself. >> mom, mom -- >> the unembarrassed chad posts the video online for his relatives in other states to see. to his surprise, it gets more than 2 million views. >> i'm so funny. >> look at all these cars. >> but the post doesn't come without its critics. >> there's, like, comments on youtube, like, why would you put this up? why would you do this to your son? but it was chad who put it up. he doesn't care. and we're not trying to embarrass him or anything. >> it's cool. i never thought i would have a video that would get a million hits. i never thought i would have people come interview me or
4:00 pm
people want to use my video. and i get so scared. people watch and it makes them happy, that's awesome. this cheek is killing me. in 1978, hollywood made a film about my life. it was called "midnight express," and it told about my imprisonment and escape from a prison in istanbul. the story itself was based upon the book i had written. at the time, i could say only certain things because of legal reasons. the movie itself changed even the book to a point where not all of it is valid and true to my story. now i have a chance to tell my story.


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