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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  February 18, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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if it's thursday, it's the final showdown for hillary clinton and bernie sanders right here in nevada. just under 48 hours until the caucuses begin. bottom line, a loss here could be devastating for both of them. we have brand-new national numbers on the democratic fight and the headline may shock you. "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening, from the strip here in sin city, we're on a replica of the brooklyn bridge, in front of new york new york. 5:00 p.m. in the east. we are coming to you live outside that new york new york hotel and casino. when you thought this race couldn't get any crazier, donald trump takes on the pope. after the pope slams trump saying, quote a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not christian.
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trump fired back -- >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone knows is isis' ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president because -- it's true, it's tr true -- because this would not have happened. >> every time you think this campaign cab get crazier, it does. but, first, we're here in vegas, hours from msnbc's town hall with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. it's live tonight, 9:00 p.m. from the kma center, a few miles down the road, it iffing locate for a democratic race as strange and bizarre as this is becoming. joined by my colleague, jose diaz-balart, for the final showdown between the kncandidat before the nevada caucuses.
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nevada's a jump ball. you don't need polls. but the way both campaigns are acting they clearly believe this is very close. and we've got one heck of a pregame for that showdown tonight. my colleague, rachel maddow one-on-one with vice president joe biden, how much does he regret not being in this race? rachel will be here in a few minutes preview that interview. big headlines now from our latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll on the democratic side, a sanders surge after his big showings in both iowa and p in. . as you know, national polls seem to catch up to what happens in these early primaries. sanders cut hillary clinton's national lead in half. what was a 25-point edge a month ago for clinton is now down to just 11 points. still a double-digit lead for her but the gap is closing fast. trustworthiness and honesty continue to dog clinton, a third of democratic primary voters sayser said those qualities
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mattered the most when choosing a candidate and sanders is winning that by 48-19 margin in our national poll. 26% say the most important quality if a candidate among democrats is someone who, quote, cares about people like them. sanders wins that group by a 33-20 margin. obvious obviously, new hampshire by bigger margins. but to have it hit nationally does say something. now, deeper look at demographics which, first glance, favor clinton. a big lead among democrats minorities, women older than 50, and self-identified democrats. sanders does much better than clinton among white men, a huge lead over clinton among pintds. remember, not every primary or caucus allows independents to vote. of course all of those voters under 50 who are still feeling the bern. sanders may have an opening with minorities because of the trust issues i mentioned about clinton, particularly with hispanics. start with tonight, the high stakes contest here in nevada, because who could have predicted
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this? after crushing clinton the party's standard bearer in new hampshire the self-described democratic socialist, sanders looking to score another victory in nevada, a state where clinton held a clear early edge, both in organization and because of demographics. if sanders pulls off a victory it would launch another week of negative headlines for the clinton campaign another week of will there be a shakeup, another week of is michael bloomberg going to jump in, another woke of what do you think joe biden is thinking? a lot could be devastating for the sanders revolution. why? it would set up clinton to start running the table in south carolina and of course those march 1st primary states. my colleague and the co-host of tonight's forum, we're doing it in a joint presentation with telemundo, jose diaz-balart. he joins me along with nevada politics guru, how should you describe him, tom ralston. welcome to you both. talk about tonight, focus being not just nevada, first time
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they're addressing hispanic issues. >> the first time to in-depth get into issues that concern so many people because, if you think it's just -- polls will tell you the hispanic population doesn't have immigration as the number one issue they care about, but you know what? it's the tone and it what you think about immigration and how to deal with a broken system that permeates down and helps them decide how relevant that candidate is on the other issue. >> the idea of they know both are on their side, people that care about the immigration reform issue they may know they're both on their side but there's a credibility problem for both they have to overcome which is who's going to get it done? there's a frustration among some hispanics, hey, obama didn't get it done, we're tired of this. executive actions are nice. frozen in the courts. yeah. >> who's going to get it done? >> it's who's going to get it done. who is willing to work with the other side. who has the plan to immediately
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tackle this issue of um gration because if you look at the numbers here in nevada, i mean, 7.4% of the population of the undocumented population make up the workforce here. >> right. >> it's a huge number. so even though they can't vote they have family members who do. >> earlier today, jacob caught up with hillary clinton previewing a little bit of tonight. here it is. >> what is your message to dreamers? >> the same as it's always been. i was one of the original sponsors of the dream act. i am hon the side of the dreamers, i'm going to do everything i can to make sure they and their families are part of our community going forward. comprehensive immigration reform. they are now. they are now we've got to make sure that's always the case. >> all right. hillary clinton on message there. john, what does she have to do so solidify her lead? >> that's what she's trying to do and that what she's doing all week, the legendary civil rights
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activist, henry cisneros, high profile surrogates she start the a new ad in nevada, emotional ad with young dreamer, a prominent dreamer from nevada on stage with the president. i don't think they'd ever thought they'd have a battle for the latino community, right. >> she came here last spring, did events with dreamers. suddenly sanders is making inroads. >> how has he done it? where is the belief? >> he's done it, as jose alluded to, i not just about immigration for hispanics. look at polling, they care about jobs and the economy. his economic populism, economic justice, social justice, that message is starting to resonate. >> i've been wondering if the wall street rants actually do have a better impact for him with hispanic voters particularly here. talking about this, during the subprime crisis, there were companies that preyed upon
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spanish-speaking americans. >> yes. latino community -- >> to a point of -- >> exploited, attacked, directly focused upon. >> there's anger. >> there is absolute anger. once again, it's who is going to do something? why are we forgotten? why are we not spoken about until there's an election? why are we not spoken about until that election seems to be getting closer? >> it is that's the part you wonder. >> a question for senator sanders, what are you waiting for? why did it take you so long? another surrogate for hillary clinton saying where he has been for the past ten years. >> think about how perfect that sanders message is. look where we're sitting around. latino workers in casinos. who are they owned by? billionaires. think how that resonates with him. >> make me feel better about the caucuses. is this -- are you confident that both parties are ready to improve upon how they've run these the last two cycles still learning. this is early, i'm not trying to be --
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>> no, no, it's very difficult to get past the national media's bias. listen, the republicans here have been a disaster in how they've run the caucus. but, as you know, this is harry reid's deal, he is the democratic -- >> he done want it to look bad. >> they poured a lot of money into it. what they're fworried about is influx of sanders voters. >> same-day registration. >> these people, if he loses they're going to raise questions about the caucus process. remember, there's also a danger because people like you that we might lose this caucus in 2020 and harry reid wants it to look good. >> iowa's got problems because of that, nevada, if they had the same issue, you're going to see a big anti-caucus bias in general. >> i think that's right. >> starting to take hold in both parties. >> it's a big day saturday. we'll see you sunday on "meet the press." good to see you. >> see you tonight. >> you've got to do a broadcast. >> indeed. we'll be in two languages at the same time. >> absolutely. >> thank you.
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once again, settle in for a great night, msnbc. jose and i moderating the town hall with the democratic candidates tonight at 9:00 eastern. hear from voters, voter questions. we might have a thing or two to say as well. more on donald trump kicking it up a notch against the pope. wow. things you wouldn't expect to see a few days before south carolina. a trump rally about to start in south carolina and it anyone's guess what he will say this time when it comes to the pope. stay tuned.
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hillary clinton and be are betting on nevada voters to give them a boost. voters mote in person in small groups to decide their pick. but there's a couple of key differences in the silver state. nevada a closed caucus. so the practice of raiding is
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not allowed when someone from one party can vote in the opposite primary. of course same-day vetter registration. a variation on the tiebreaker issue to award delegates. in a hat tip to vegas, ties are decided not by a coin flip, but by high card draw. it starts with with an unopen deck of cards, shuffled exactly seven times, do my best there, and each campaign representative picks a card hoping for the highest. what happens if both sides draw the same ranking card? spades beats hearts, like bridge, spades beats heart which bests diamonds and clubs loses to all. there you have it. the first draw, first tie, king of hearts 9 of diamonds. it means jose winser i lose. more "mtp daily" coming up. what happens when lobster gets grilled, baked, and paired with even more lobster? you get hungry. and you count the seconds until red lobster's lobsterfest is
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as brent musburger used to say live at set of the upcoming msnbc/telemundo democratic town hall down the sfleet las vegas. we wouldn't make a casino reference if we wouldn't have to but the stakes yes, are high. clinton lost in a state that seemed friendly. campaign facing another week of negative headlines going into south carolina, giving sanders more momentum. and a sanders loss could start the dominos for the clinton campaign. dominos that they said all along would fall into place for them through march 1 s. primaries. joining me now, clinton supporter, co-founder of the united farm union and longtime civil rights leader. >> thank you. >> how long have you been in nevada? she goes a week this time. a month eight years ago. you've been campaigning for clinton a long time. >> many years. >> what is it that you feel confident she can get done on the behalf of struggling
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hispanics that bernie sanders can't? >> she got out of law school, a legal aide attorney, went into south texas register voters going door to door. the communities that we have in our country, she was a co-author of the immigration bill in 2007 with senator kennedy. we had a good chance of passing that bill at that time. unfortunately we had one person who voted against us and hurt us very much, bernie sanders. >> only one. obama? >> no -- some other democrats. he wasn't alone. >> except that i think that he was seen at that time as being one of those most liberal congress persons, right, somebody that could have helped us. i think because of his vote, many people, we could have counted on, didn't go along with us. set us back a whole decade. >> it's been -- that -- president bush took it up late in the second term. president obama didn't really take it up and make the push for it until the beginning of the second term. how important is it to you to
2:17 pm
see emigratiimmigration reform immediately? she's hesitated pledging it would be the first thing to take up. >> congress passes the laws, and i know president obama had to get the afford able care act passed, it was a difficult time to bring up immigration reform. >> hindsight, was that the right call he put affordable care act before immigration reform? >> on the other hand you have 15 million latinos that are able to have health insurance under the affordable care act. it kind of hard to make a judgment. hindsight is always good when you look at it. 2007 we had huge immigration rights marches all over the country, even president bush said they was in favor of immigration reform. i think we had a great opportunity at that time to be able to pass immigration reform and unfortunately bernie sanders was not with us. not only then, but he voted against immigration reform six times during his time in
2:18 pm
congress. >> i've got to ask you about the pope's comments today. assumption it's a reference to donald trump went it comes to walls. do you think he meant anybody who supports building a wall or specifically referring to donald trump. >> his reference a couple of times, i think one of his references is criticizing those people who want, as he said, five minutes of glory and getting five minutes of glory they're stepping on the most marginalized and most poor. these are some of the statements he made in the mass in mexico city. referring to all of the people there that instead of helping out our poorest people, immigrants, they're stepping them for their own political goals and donald trump is the face of the republican party, but you can say all of 0 the rest of the republican candidates are fol he lowing hi lead. >> do you think the pope is making it easier down the road to get immigration reform passed? do you think his comments helped? >> i think having the people speak out on immigration reform is very important. but also on prison reform.
2:19 pm
he had a these are big issues that we have. i believe that hillary clinton has wisdom, the experience, the intelligence, the compassion to be able to take care of some of these issues that we have. >> thanks for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> nevada's the first big test for sanders with a diverse democratic electorate. he met with civil rights leaders in washington where he spoke about voting rights for african-americans. >> in terms of voting rights, all of you know better than vast majority of the american people the struggles that we have had in this country, fight for basic voting rights, the demonstrations, the lynchings, the beatings, in order for african-americans to achieve what one assumes all americans should have, the right to vote. >> joining me is ben jealous, former president of the naacp and sanders supporter. welcome to the show.
2:20 pm
>> thank you. >> let me ask, look, obviously, the race hass taken a turn and feels like both campaigns working overtime to try to prove they have a deep connection with african-american voters, with the issues african-americans care about. is there a line here where it feels look all of a sudden, we were talking about new hampshire issues, and now look a bunch of african-american voters in south carolina so now we're doing it. is there a line where it looks like the campaigns are pandering? >> well, look, i don't think they're pandering now more than they were to corn subsidies two states back. i mean, you know, the -- reality is that, as you move through the country you move through the primary season, the race -- the tests that are right in front of us are the black and brown rich states, right? it's nevada, it's going to be
2:21 pm
georgia and texas soon. >> right. >> and that means that issues come to the fore and one of the things my good friend was just talking about, you know, i'm a huge fan of the ufw and cesar and miss huerta but the 2007 bill the latino -- excuse me the league of united latin american citizens, known as lulac opposed to that and that's why you saw progressive sanders votes against it. so, you know, this is a rich debate. it's very important that we have a real debate that neither the black nor the brown vote is being taken for granted. >> but you know, that provision the provision, the reason that the provision that senator sanders cited for being against it, that provision was back in the 2013 bill, and it's a bill he ended up supporting. so, how do you square that? >> congress changed radically in
2:22 pm
that time. i was down there with tfamilies in south fighting against horrible bills across the border from phoenix to birmingham. and you know, the reality is that by 2013 a lot of folks were ready to make xrcompromise is tt folks were not willing to make in 2007. the tea party on the hopefulness for what's possible. >> let me ask you a larger question here. there are a lot of deep ties that hillary clinton has in the latino community, delores huerta, in the african-american community. bernie sanders doesn't have those ties. i think some of the longtime activists think he done have the ties because he's never been around the perception is he didn't have those ties because he didn't care about the fights enough to participate. how do you get rid of that perception problem?
2:23 pm
>> we talked about who he is, somebody who supported jesse jackson in '84, in '88, somebody chair of the congress of racial equality chapter in 1962, the university of chicago, at the same time in the same city, hillary clinton was working for barry goldwater who was campaigning against civil rights act. this is someone who is extremely courageous. both standing up for racial equality in cicero, one of the most violent places in the country, a place that martin luther king feared, that he would die there. bernie was on the front line then, like just in 1984 with jesse jackson. >> ben jealous, good catching up with you. appreciate it. >> appreciate you. thank you very. . all right. let me jump over to rachel maddow, a preview of her exclusive interview with vice president biden and later, brand-new feud between donald trump and pope francis.
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just when you think you've seen it all in the race. trump set to speak live in a few minutes. we'll keep an eye on it. stay tuned. "mtp daily" live from las vegas. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis...
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get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. pope francis did his big cross border mass yesterday, he's -- he is worldwide figure in a way that not all popes have been. on his way home from his six-day trip to mexico on his plane he made remarks to reporters today and he was specifically asked about donald trump and he said, anybody who is building walls instead of building bridges is not a christian. and mr. trump has reacted to this, called it disgraceful, the pope's remarks and said nobody should question his faith. i have to ask you, as catholic and an observer 2016 what do you think about that? >> pope francis, trump.
2:28 pm
it's not hard call for me. not even close. i just -- i -- i -- >> is it fair to say somebody wants to bill a we by definition isn't a christian? >> well i am not a theologian nor am a priest or minister but i think building walls is fundamentally contrary to what made this country what it is. >> well, there's a portion of my colleague's interview, rachel maddow's interview with vice president biden in minnesota and of course it was at a train station. you'll be able to catch the full sit-down right here on msnbc at 8:00 eastern, special time because we've commandeered rachel's time at 9:00, it will be 8:00 before our democratic town hall. rachel joins me from minnesota. i have to say, i can only imagine watching biden's expression as you were asking
2:29 pm
the question, there's licking chops, there's all sorts of metaphors in my head when i thought about watching him think about that question. >> yeah, that's exactly right. you know from speaking with vice president in the past he's not a man who is usually at loss for words. i was weighing when he's doing that thing with the hands, the pope, donald trump and he kind of trailed off and stopped talking and i thought, how long do i let this go before we move on? if i sit here for a long time will he think of the word he's looking for? he did ewill be rate on the point. but to see him, the change in him when i put that die add of him to pope francis and donald trump, one of my favorite moments all time interviewing anybody ever. >> not to steal some of -- make you give away more of your interview, but you know, look, i'm doing a town hall with two of these democrats, there's that
2:30 pm
third democrat people talk about all the time, you're the one sitting down with him, you just sat down with him. were you sitting down with somebody who wish they were a presidential candidate? >> you know, i asked him that drktly, as a lot of people have. i asked him to weigh in in some way on the 2016 race. i tried to basically treat him almost as if he were a candidate in that race, to see if he wanted to engage. it felt to me, just my impression, he can speak for himself, my impression is that he feels like that ship has sailed, that he is a person who wishes he was still in the arena, cherishes every instance of which he is still in the arena today. but he's talking sort of in the way you see president obama now talking bigger picture, talking legacy, talking about the presidency almost in an abstract way. i recognize that same sort of turn in vice president biden. i don't think he is -- he may
2:31 pm
regret not getting into the race. >> you think he's at peace with the decision? >> you know, he said he didn't regret it. i think that, you know, he's a man when wishes he was in the arena but he's not trying to litigate the fights of 2016. i expected more of that than i got from him. he's in a different place than october when he first announced he was getting out. >> you've teased it pretty well. an interview we want to watch. perfect setup for the town hall. 8:00 eastern tone. rainle and the veep, don't miss it. ahead on "mtp daily," south carolina for a look at what has been every time you think it can't get any wilder on the republican side we get the pope versus trump. susan li with the cnbc market wrap. >> the dow falling 40 points, s&p off nine and nasdaq 46. shares of walmart weighed on the
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welcome back to "mtp daily." you're watching gaffney, south carolina, that's where donald trump, he took the stage for you "house of cards" fans, yes frank underwood hometown, the giant peach. toll l following trump now, following pope's comments. trump took no time to fire back. >> he said negative things about
2:36 pm
me because the mexican government convinced him trump is not a good guy because i want to have a strong border. >> marco rubio and jeb bush are both practicing catholics and spoke with caution when commenting on the back and forth between the pope and trump. >> vatican city controls who comes in, when they come in, how they come in as a city state. as a result the united states has a right to do that as well. i haven't seen the context of the holy father's statement and i won't comment on it directly. >> i don't question anybody's christianity. i believe that's a relationship that you have with your creator and it only enables bad behavior when you -- someone from the outside of the country talks about donald trump. making sure people don't come across the border illegally. >> trump did find one ally who didn't pull punches, rush limbaugh. >> never mind that the vatican is surrounded by a wall, we
2:37 pm
won't even talk about who built that wall. but that's what the pope said. given the pope's political leanings, i'm surprised he isn't on a campaign trail for bernie sanders. maybe bernie sanders is too far to the right for the pope. >> and now we'll turn to the other story shaking up the republican race on the republican side of things. marco rubio nabbed that coveted endorsement from south carolina's governor nikki haley. a trifecta of big supporters in k and, scott, haley, gowdy. steve kornacki spoke with another supporter, bob j. jindal who told him why he's throwing his weight behind rubio after bowing out of the race himself. >> i think marco's best position to win in november democrats say he's a candidate they fear the most. he can unite not only our party but also attract voters across party lines, across demographic and geographic and other lines.
2:38 pm
he's about the future. hill hillary's taking about the '90s, bernie's talking about '60s. >> jeb bush made south carolina his big bet and called governor haley's endorsement the most meaning ifle in the statement. with the first contest in the south make or break the governor? so, jim, i've got to ask you about something that happened yesterday on the trail, it seems as if jeb bush let his frustrations show a bit. is this a campaign feeling frustrated right now, feeling as if somehow there's a hurdle they cannot cross in south carolina? >> oh, no, not at all. we feel very excited and we're pleased with where we are. the crowds have been great. we've got a ground game that hit 25,000 doors and phones yesterday. we're getting the govr's message out. this is about a better tomorrow, the need to reform education,
2:39 pm
governor bush has done that in florida. this is about the need to have a national security plan that deals with isis, reforms v.a., rebuilds the defense department. so, you know we feel good where we are and the governor is campaigning as he said he would with great heart. >> do you feel as if, you know, when you look at it now, you've spent the most money, brought in some big-time surrogates including former president of the united states, probably the most popular former first lady living right now in barbara bush, all the first ladies are popular, i don't want to phone any of the over first ladies now. you've pulled out all of the stops. you can't get into the top three after that. do you you have to look in the mirror? >> well, no, look, i think we're going to do well on saturday. the governor's going to do well on saturday and it's because south carolina looks at a couple of different things very closely. one, commander in chief. who is ready to take that step
2:40 pm
on day one and if you look at the 40 former admirals and generals who have endorsed governor bush, 12 medal of honor winners, two in the state of south carolina, we feel good about what's going to happen on saturday and so we keep pressing ahead and talking about his vision for the future and, by the way, his experience. people really want somebody who can get the job done and governor bush has a record in florida that's really unmatched by any of the other candidates. he's got the executive experience. >> you know, jim, you're absolutely right. i've talked to conservative activists who will say there's not a current republican governor who wouldn't dream of having the conservative record that jeb bush had in his eight years in florida in a positive way. but i've got to ask you, you talk about the experience, top three candidates in the national polls, top three candidates in south carolinaing two first term senators, one is a guy who hasn't voted in a republican presidential primary since the
2:41 pm
'80s. how did this happen? >> well, look, it's -- donald trump has made this a bizarre election. he -- talking about the pope and donald trump today. we spent a lot of time covering donald trump despaisparaging wo insulting disabled, talking about how 9/11 was an inside job. so it's -- it's not been a sort of a standard election. you're right, two first-term senators are also in the mix and i think as people tack a close look in south carolina, they're going to reality that we need a steady hand on the wheel and somebody that has the experience to do this. our polling and external polling has this a fight for second place. it really is an ongoing battle, the polls are close and we feel like turnout's ogoing to be important. >> a longtime south carolina guy, jim, i have known you a long time, you think this is a
2:42 pm
done deal for trump? >> well, it seems to be. anybody who thinks they can predict what's going to happen with donald trump ought to be taken out back and beaten, you don't know. it impossible to tell what's going to happen with donald trump. i don't think he's done himself any favors particularly last saturday when he talked more like michael moore than republican presidential candidate. >> all right. jim, i will leave it there. we do both agree, one of the whiler weeks in a wild presidential campaign. thank you. appreciate it. senator ted cruz believes he is now uniting conservatives. he united two republican candidates, as he faces questions about dishonesty in his campaign. trump tweeting this morning, i agree with marco rubio, that ted cruz is a liar. cruz is flaunting his new place at the top of the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, national poll, of course. here he is in greenville, south carolina, talking about it today. >> the reason for that seat
2:43 pm
change, people get closer to election day, everybody gets why someone would support trump, you're ticked off, ticked off at washington. as voters get closer to election day you look at records of candidates, examining them more closely. >> so you heard that, let's quickly check out gaffney, south carolina, frank underwood's hometown to see what donald trump is saying if he's responded to the pope. >> i don't know what's going on. look, we have a president that won't use the term "radical islamic terrorism" he won't use it. you see what happens. even in paris, take a look at paris as an example. so paris they kill 130 people. paris has the toughest gun laws in the world, okay, the toughest in the world. they say france generally, but paris has, they say -- >> all right. >> if you're a good person his isis part there. probably familiar to those
2:44 pm
following him on the campaign trail. let me bring in somebody supporting ted cruz, charlie, former attorney general for south carolina. longtime republican in the state and a cruz supporter. welcome to the show, sir. >> great to be with you. you know jim pretty well and just while he was on, he was saying this is a fight for second, almost seeding the state to trump. is that your read? is trump's read almost insurmountable in your opinion? >> the pressure's on senator rubio with the entire south carolina republican establishment governor, haley, senator tim scott, congressman trey gowdy he needs to win south carolina in my view to be a viable candidate because if he done win here, where does he win? >> i tell you, in poker, i'm here in vegas, that would be a tell. i asked about trump, you answered with rubio. are you concerned that senator
2:45 pm
rubio is he on the march here, more concerned about him or catching trump or give me the status of the race. >> we're excited about saturday. ted has over 300 pastors, bringing together evangelicals, libertarians, he's got reagan democrats in the state excited about him. they're excited about the possibility and this will be unusual for the republican party to nominate an actual conservative, somebody who not only campaigns as a conservative, but who will govern as a conservative. there's a lot of excitement here. i think we're looking forward to saturday. >> do you feel a winnable race for ted cruz, this primary, it's winnable? >> we're leer to compete, we're competing. it very competitive, obviously. compete in all sections of south carolina. if you look at the polling data, particularly the recent poll, ted has shown that he's now
2:46 pm
taking a lead nationally for the first time since november in the national poll against the donald. the only candidate that's going to have the strength of character, the strength of message, funding to defeat donald trump. so i'm excited about his chances in south carolina i think we're going to do well in south carolina. ted is coalescing a tremendous number of folks around his positive conservative message and i'm excited about our chances. >> you used the phrase very positive, rubio cam pin and trump campaign don't believe he's been campaigning in a positive way. have these negative attacks had an impact on the cruz campaign and cruz's standing. >> i haven't seen it. no, i've been with ted and heidi over the last weeks, the message is positive, crowds are huge, growing, and the exciting news about this campaign, they've got governor haley for senator rubio
2:47 pm
tomorrow in south carolina, throughout the entire state we will have the duck commander, phil robertson himself, campaigning and with ted and i'm excited about that. myrtle beach, charleston, columbia, greenville. >> you're right, he will draw a crowd for sure. thanks for coming on. appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >> keeping an eye on mr. trump in gaffney, south carolina. as he frequently does, he started his remarks talking about poll numbers. we'll bring you any new comments from trump on his dust-up with pope francis as environment, companies must adapt. but one thing should remain constant - a financial relationship with someone that understands and cares about your business. pnc corporate and institutional banking offers strategies tailored to your company's needs. know that our dedicated teams of local experts offer insight to help you achieve your business objectives. see how working with pnc
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with humira, control is possible. it's yet another night here on msnbc that is a night full of newsmakers chris matthews sitting down with harry reid who has created the nevada caucuses, "hardball" at 7:00, 8:00, rachel's exclusive sitdown with vice president biden. at 9:00, jose diaz-balart and myself hosting town hall with the two major democratic conditions, hillary clinton and bernie sanders in the last showdown before saturday's caucuses tonight. just sit back, order the pizza, whatever it is, watch it live, you don't have to change any channels. more on "mtp daily" after this.
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but they didn't know they were all tobacco products.e... ooh, this is cool. it smells like gum. yummy! this smells like strawberry. are these mints? given that 80% of kids who ever used tobacco started with a flavored product, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any?
2:56 pm
less than 48 hours, two of the nevada kaurcaucuses and the culinary workers are staying neutral. 57,000 members, 55% women, and 56%, endorsed then senator obama, although he got more delegates. they won't back any candidate. joining me now for the lid is jill, she's the secretary
2:57 pm
treasure for the culinary. walt, i want to start, though, with why did you guys decide to stay neutral? >> when you endorse any of the candidate, it's a lot of work. we make a lot of commitment, you know. we put in over 100 people on the street. we talking with the banks, with leave levels. >> so you decided no. >> it, you know, we are union, and we had to have negotiation with 48,000 people, we represent 57,000. we have a largest organizing drive right now, you know, i think people in town know, we have the casina campaign, the palms, and we have -- >> so you wanted to focus on that and not get distracted. >> focus on that. we want to have 2,500 people
2:58 pm
citizens, and 12,000 people, you know, for both. and another thing, i assure you, we won an election, you know. mr. trump have a tower here. mr. trump, we won election 53% of the people say yes, we want to have a union, but mr. trump have contract in canada. they won an election over here, but here in las vegas, he see us different, and we're waiting for mr. trump to come. >> that should be interesting. let me move on to how the two campaigns are feeling here. kristin, there was a little hubbub on the fact that hillary clinton is not going to be here on saturday night. she's going to be in texas saturday night. >> she's leaving. >> what does that mean? >> right. >> what are we to read into this? >> the official line from the campaign is that they think they'll have the results by the time they leave and they're going to go have the campaign event in texas why sit around
2:59 pm
and do nothing here once they have the results. the reality is though, they're clearing a lot of pressure. a virtual dead heat. they're sending signals. she is at a lot of campaign events here, put more money into her ads. it suggests they're anxious to move tonight next. >> alex, there is concern in clinton world about they just don't know how many new voters showing up, that's the unknown. >> so much unknown. first poll we had in months, cnn poll. >> i'm sorry. i just, you know, i could have -- i would have taken two cards out of the deck. >> i'm with you. so the best indication that we have is from what the campaigns are doing because they have internal date that that we don't have access to. the signs are bernie sanders campaign is very bullish, the clinton campaign, more bearish, the runner, and he'll spin that as a victory. >> he is. very quickly, is -- we've
3:00 pm
noticed with unions, the way labor works, leadership has been running towards clinton, rank and file among sanders. who has an edge. >> we let the members decide. every candidate, you know, come, that's another in our union, you know. >> all right. i have to leave it there. i have to leave it there. thank you very much. kristin and alex, appreciate. i'm running late. we have to go down the street. we have the town hall. we'll be here later. "with all due respect" is starting right now. i'm john helemann. >> and i'm mark halperin "with all due respect" to hope and change, this election is now pope and strange. a gl


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