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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  February 18, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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labor works, leadership has been running towards clinton, rank and file among sanders. who has an edge. >> we let the members decide. every candidate, you know, come, that's another in our union, you know. >> all right. i have to leave it there. i have to leave it there. thank you very much. kristin and alex, appreciate. i'm running late. we have to go down the street. we have the town hall. we'll be here later. "with all due respect" is starting right now. i'm john helemann. >> and i'm mark halperin "with all due respect" to hope and change, this election is now pope and strange. a glory, glory hal lpoll nu
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from the bloomberg palmetto state survey for you tonight. two days before the republican primary here, once again, the news of the day has almost everyone saying, oh, my goodness. many people have tried unsuccessfully to stop donald trump and today, one of the most popular populous, man who rallies crowds of thousands and enjoys strong approval ratings, and challenge the donald on his immigration position, saying this to reporters, who asked if a good catholic could vote for the republican front-runner. >> translator: i'll leave that up to your judgment and then a person who only thinks about making walls again and again, and not making bridges, is not a christian. >> shortly after that holy shot at a golf resort, south carolina, donald trump responded
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with a sermon of his own, expressing outrage over the remarks. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. no leader. especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man's religion or faith. especially when they feed all sorts of false information into them. they are using the pope as a pawn. they should be ashamed of themselves. that's the mexican government. they should be ashamed of themselves for doing so. especially when so many lives are involved, and when illegal immigration is so rampant and so dangerous and so bad for the united states. okay, period. that's it. >> so john, it's not all that common for a presidential candidate to take on any pope, let alone this relatively popular one. what is in this for donald trump? >> oh, my god, mark. i just want to say, before we even discuss this matter. is this campaign weird or what? it is just crazy.
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fear, loathing, vatican city. the reality is that although south carolina has a big religious population, especially on the republican, they are evangelicals, they're not necessarily catholics. the catholic population is not that great there. donald trump is i think making a calculated gamble, it seems totally nuts. it is not clear to me that it will hurt him in south carolina or with religious voters, even who do not have any particular love for the catholic church. >> i was in the room when trump did it. he read his statement and some of it, some it he said many prom prompt. the pope did lash out at him. donald trump is famous for counter punching and if he wins this primary big and he probably will, it will mean he would have taken on one of the biggest figures in the world, not only
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survived, it will help him in the momentum and the percentage of catholic voters lower. >> can i just say, though, let's take our hat off to pope francis. i mean, in the words of our friend chris matthews, the pope plays "hardball." the good book, matthew 7 to be precise, famously, quote, do not judge or you too will be judged. donald versus the pope is not the first time the new york millionaire has been questioned. republicans we conducted and showed you last week. no, watch again. >> what do you think of the way he has talked about his religious believes? >> i'm not sure he is such a religious person personally. i think he has a lot of respect for other religions, but not all of us are religious people. >> i agree with that. >> one dishonest think, i think he is relatively honest, but i don't believe him on his re -- what he says about his religion
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on. >> right. >> does anybody disagree? raise your hand if you disagree with them and you think donald is a religious person. you all agree he is not. you don't think he is as religious as he says he is. raise your hand if you're troubled by that. >> i'm not troubled that he is not religious. i'm troubled that he says he is religious. >> today, outside that trump event, we asked some people who attended the rally who they side with in this fight at real donald trump or pontif effects. >> who do you side with. >>.. i don't think a relinl us leader has the right. he is a religious person, he shouldn't be saying you're not christian. >> the pope has no right to question his faith. >> he got a lot of wrong information. >> who do you side with this, donald or the pope. >> definitely donald trump. >> the pope. >> the pope. >> trump.
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>> trump. >> so the people at the trump rally are apparently siding with mr. trump, but the larger question, how likely there is to be a backlash against what trump has been here, and if there is, how big will it be? >> yeah, i was sitting in the room when it happened. again, it was his rally, to mostly people supportive of him. in a normal situation, any state, there would be a little bit of ooing and there was none of that. i predict that no one will predict there will will be a backlash of this. i haven't seen every tweet since this happened, but people get the fact that not just trump takes risks and succeeds where people wouldn't dare to go, but i don't think most people think there will be a backlash of this. he took something of a risk, because the pope is popular, not just in the south but any where. >> i totally agree. we've talked about the pope's role in this campaign, and there are some catholic candidates who used to be in the race, someone
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like rick santorum, if he was in the same position being attacked by the pope, would have been in a much tougher bind. for trump, who has managed to somehow perform very well with evangelical voters even in our group expressed doubt whether he is actually a real man of faith, i just, i see there being very little downside to him doing this, and i'm totally with you in predicting very little backlash in a republican contest. maybe in the general election, it would be different. >> trump 1, pope 0 is the scoreboa scoreboard. the other republican candidates would see this battle royal between trump and pope and see it as a chance to make a dent. and yet, reactions from the 2016 in the gop field suggest mr. trump might be preaching to the choir. building a wall in the mexican border wasn't unchristian, marco rubio says there is an
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obligation to control the border. ben carson declined, and ted cruz simply said, quote, i'm not going to get in the middle of that. so what should the vast north american viewing audience note in these trump rival reactions? >> as you note, mark this has been a wild week in south carolina, and a lot of tough shots taken by republicans almost over anything. the fact that everyone was so quiet on this does suggest something important. what it suggests is in many ways on certain issues, especially this question of immigration, the republican party is donald trump's party now. and none of these guys are going to be on the other side of trump here, because the pope's comments could in fact as a matter of substance apply equally to them. >> i think trump's main motive is when people lashes out at him, he lashes back. trump is going to dominate the news for the day, leading up to the primary. if he hadn't done it, it was going to be dominatesed by marco rubio's momentum with the nikki
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haley endorsement and other things in polling people saw. if anything lash back, not only would they risk owe fenldsing voters on immigration, he could have ridden this until saturday, and some of them just wanted to basically say we don't want to create a fight with donald trump that he is going to win, because he'll dominate. make no mistake, he'll dominate today and into tomorrow and maybe beyond with the primary on saturday. >> that would be a real change of pace. all right, when we come back, democratic numbers from our brand new bloomberg politics south carolina poll. after these words from our sponsors. good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. transportation can work better. with xerox. thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better.
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we have some brand new democratic numbers from our brand new bloomberg politics south carolina poll, and they show hillary clinton way, way, way ahead in the palmetto state. she is up there 53% to 31% over bernie sanders. the racial break down of the 403
3:12 pm
lake likely voters are 43% african-americans. racial lines, clinton rushes sanders among black voters, 59 to 20%. sanders leads clinton 45 to 42% among likely white voters. mark, obviously being way behind hillary clinton is not good news for sanders, but is any of this better news for bernie sanders or is it all just bad, bad, bad? >> well, look, people have to remember that after the initial contest where people focus on momentum, it's about delegate accumulation. one of these two is going to come out of march 1st with a lead in delegates, and i don't think sanders think he can win in south carolina, but he needs to show people in the next two contests saturday where you are, and the following week, he needs to show a coalition, polling with women, especially young
3:13 pm
women and this poll suggests that if he gets more momentum, he can build a coalition. >> the case that barack obama in 2008 was never able to win the white vote against hillary clinton. he obviously dominated with the black vote and more or less split the hispanic vote. but bernie sanders, by coming out of this, by looking at our poll, like he wins the white vote here and also in new hampshire, that gives him a big card to play, and a piece of the coalition. it's really important. then the question becomes can he get enough of the nonwhite vote. probably getting too little in our poll. he needs to move the number up. he is within striking difference. if he wins here in nevada and it rises in south carolina, he could suddenly be a threat over the long-term to hillary clinton. all right, let's a look ahead to march 1st, when 11 states hold caucuses and primaries. 17 of the total delegates and
3:14 pm
four times as many allocated in the four february contests combined. we have grouped those four, i'm sorry, we've grouped those march 1st dates into three categories, electorates that are similar to iowa and new hampshire, mostly white, those with sizable african-american populations, like south carolina has, and texas and colorado into a separate group, because of the hispanic populations there. so mark, as bernie sanders looks at these three sets of states and the racial composition, does our poll give him reason to feel optimistic or pessimistic about march 1? >> look, two things to say to that. one, the world is going to be a different place on saturday, if he wins in nevada, then it will be -- give him momentum into here and then we have to think about what his potential is, she is still the front-runner, even then. no win or take all. all by congressional district and proportional representation
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and allocation of delegates. so there are places in the states with high, for instance, african-american communities, where hillary clinton will be do quite well, but other white communities will sanders will do well. he needs to do better with nonwhites for sure, but he doesn't need to get close to parity even with close diverse with a lot of delegates. >> here's the thing, if sanders loses here in nevada on saturday, he could be in real trouble, because hillary clinton will almost certainly win the south carolina primary and then she'll have a huge amount of momentum going into the march 1st states. if sanders wins in noevada and the south carolina is up for grabs and more in play than it is now, if he could come close to beating her in south carolina, the axis could shift. his strength with white voters, if he could push up his voters with african-americans, he could
3:16 pm
end up deadlocked with her. it will be hard to have a knockout blow on march 1st. if he ends up deadlocked at the end of the march 1st, you're looking ago a long delegate until june, and that's the kind of bernie sanders could maybe, just maybe win. >> and one thing he could do with his cash advantage is to spend money on african-american and hispanic media. before hillary clinton gets the focus here in south carolina next week, she has to first worry about nevada, which as you all know, holds the democratic caucuses on saturday. today, clinton launched another blitz to try to whoo hispanic voters, including congressman luis gutierrez, sanders voted with republicans on anti-immigration. there was also this new eye-catching ad with a lot of emotion from the clinton
3:17 pm
campaign that is now on the air in the silver state. >> when i was -- when my parents, they had to move deportation, i'm skafcared for them, deportation. i'm scared they're going to be deported. >> come here, babe. >> i'm going to do everything i can so you don't have to be scared. you don't have to worry about what happens to your family. i feel really strong, but you're being really brave and you have to be brave for them too. because they want you to be happy. they want you to be successful. they don't want you to worry too much. let me do the worrying. i'm do the worry, everything i can to help, okay?
3:18 pm
>> i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. >> now, we played that whole ad, even though it is a minute long because there was no way to cut it up without the obvious emotion that you see there in hillary clinton's campaign, they clearly think it shows her in an ex orde extraordinarily good light. attacking senator sanders record, where does it stand between the two democrats over the latino vote. >> it's really heating up in vegas. clintons have rolled out the big guns, now they have rolled out the big guns in the hispanic surrogate war. you have julio castro, luis gutierrez, some of sanders votes and a lot of journalists are unfamiliar with. they're unleashing the hounds
3:19 pm
right now on sanders and to could have a real effect in terms of visibility to win in this state. >> tonight, they're both appearing on msnbc on a town hall that is focused on latino issues no doubt she has a big advantage there, and playing up her advantages. no doubt that the latino community and african-american community, sanders has been playing symbolic politics pretty well. they have enough endorsements to be symbolically a contest. >> some people will look harder at his record, and that could be a problem for him. coming up, former republican presidential candidate and rubio's supporter, bobby jindal, when we come back. the owners were forced to place an emergency order of hay. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business.
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every day of your allergy season... ...for continuous relief. with powerful, 24 hour... ...non-drowsy claritin, live claritin clear. every day. our next guest has got no dog in the gop fight on saturday, but he is still dang interested in the out come. former chairman of the south carolina republican party and he brought with him the mail he got from his home in the last couple of days. so you're getting a lot of voter contact. >> this primary has always been good for south carolina. first in the south. ever since 1980, we've been doing it. it's been a cage fight so far. and it's something we expect in south carolina. markets, you know, you go to iowa, new hampshire, soon on to nevada, but in south carolina, it's, we want to see how you take a bunch, not how you throw
3:23 pm
one. we've seen some thrown this week. >> do you think donald trump throwing a punch at the pop will hurt him or help him? >> it will help him. he came into the poll number fight on illegal immigration. he tapped into the anger at washington, he tapped into that issue that some of us were hoping would be a discourse. it was kind of civil. so i mean, he is going to win. he is going the day here with that. i talked to two catholic elected officials, pretty serious people today. and you know, they wouldn't go public against the pontiff, but both agree that trump is not going to -- >> they scored it that trump 1, pope 0. >> sure. >> some party regulars, chairs said if trump wins the primary in new hampshire, that's bad for the primary. if trump wins, is that bad for the south carolina primary. >> let me tell you something, we have elections for a reason. they're going to be about 700,000 republicans show up, which is going to be 100,000
3:24 pm
more than we had in 2012. if trump wins, then the republican party needs to pay attention to what he has done and brought to the table. i admire 7,000 people coming to a rally, even though a lot of them aren't registered to vote. he has created some interest, good, bad or indifferent. he has created crowds we've never seen, unless it was a sporting event or the president of the united states and air force one landing. they need to pay attention what's happening here. the democratic party has some people angry, so. >> we don't know how jeb bush is going to do, but he will not win this primary. what has jeb bush's problem been. not judging if he finishes. >> i love the bush family and i'm not sure it was a good idea to tackle. they're patriots. the mother is in today. the brother, the first time he has come back, i contend the
3:25 pm
brother is a little late getting back on the trail with us. i think he would have had to set it up that far. jeb has had to carry some baggage in the race. >> without the upside. >> he got the downside without the upside, which is the popularity of his brother, especially here. i hope he does well. i don't suspect it will go well for him. i think nikki going for rubio was a lot of enthusiasm. i saw him on tv today, he's giving it 100%. i got mail, i see what he's trying to do. he is a bush and he'll compete until the last minute. i suspect the single digits and i expect bad news come saturday. >> hypothetical, not predigting the out come, but if ted cruz does not finish a strong second, what does that say about his viability and strength in the southern states that he has been counting on? >> ted is a good campaigner that they've probably spent the most money early on.
3:26 pm
second was certainly bush and trump just started doing it. but i don't think ted is over. he has something to say and other person has added a lot to the conversation. i would team the religious right, evangelicals has their attention. that's a large part of our primary from south carolina. he has their attention, been their campaign. i don't think it's over for him. you're going to run into what we call the sec primary. >> say he finishes third here, can he perform better in other southern states? >> he ran up against tim scott, nikki haley and tray gowdy and i said that early on. i thought that might have been enough to beat donald trump with those type of endorsements. >> right. >> trump has got something special. he gets a third. he is getting a third of almost every primary if you look, mark. that's a pretty good lick of votes. he is not growing much. as long as this crowd is as big as it is, once you you head up
3:27 pm
marco rubio, and cruz are about the same, i guess your point is, if he can't do it here, where can he do it? you know, he has ground game. he has been there. i certainly wouldn't advise him to get out, but maybe he will. in third place. >> oh, he wouldn't get out. i'm just -- i'm saying he may not see if he can't do it here. >> you know, i think you're going to jump into some pretty good states and going to be earned media and nobody is going to have ground games. too many, too expensive. nevada is a caucus, those are different. he is a natural fit here. trump has sucked a lot of oxygen out of the race that surprised us all. >> mr. chairman, thank you. look forward to seeing who you vote for. >> coming up, bobby jindal, and if you're watching us in washington, d.c., you can now listen to us on bloomberg 99.1 fm on the radio-radio, and we'll be right back after a word from
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joining us now is one guy who wants marco rubio to be president, the former governor of louisiana, governor bobby jindal, growing movement towards marco rubio, late breaking tonight, pat roberts, the senator from kansas and governor, thank you for taking the time to chat. >> thank you for having me. who is still in the running for the nomination? >> look, obviously i'm biased. i think marco will win this. he has tremendous energy and momentum. nikki haley, a very popular governor here, popular senator, tim scott, he has the endorsement of gowdy, but even above and beyond that, one of the things i'm seeing in south carolina and other states, marco has the ability to cut across lines. unify the party, attract voters across different demographic and other lines, attract voters
3:32 pm
across party lines. most room to grow his support. >> i know who you think is going to win and i know who you want to win. who else can win besides your candidate at this point? >> look, let the voters decide. trump does better than people think he will. trump benefits by there are more candidates left in the race. more candidates trop out, that's bad for donald trump. it's hard to get a majority. a lot of candidates put a lot of time and energy. jeb bush has put a lot of time and money in this state. i think that quite frankly, i think coming out of saturday night, marco will get a great boost and off to nevada in the south. >> do you see any way that donald trump suffers a political price for exchanging long distance words with the pope? >> i've been predicting donald trump demise for a long time now. i was one of the first to go after him last fall, and i've got a lot of respect for the holy father. i will say, look, america is
3:33 pm
more generous than any other country in the world when it comes to immigration, donating resources abroad as well. i do think the country has the right to secure its border, control who is allowed to come in and out of the country. that's part of our national sovereignty and security. i don't think, the reality is he gets away with saying things other people could never say. the reality is with scalia's tragic passing last week, i'm hoping more and more voters will see how serious this election is. protest signal to get the establishment's attention. they're mad at d.c., but i hope voters, some of these trump supporters, this a very serious election. the next president will appoint a justice, a tremendous balance on the court. we've got to win in november. a conservative. i don't think trump is the best person to do that. obviously i think marco rubio
3:34 pm
is. i think he gets away with saying things people couldn't and wopt say. as more candidates drop out, that's worst for donald trump. >> talk about your candidate's position on the issue of exceptions for abortion restrictions in the case of incest or rape. address women who are watching and men who find that restriction to be something they don't agree with. how would you justify that restriction for them? >> sure, look, i would say a couple of things. obviously you're talking about horrific cases. if you're asking me to address folks who have been through these horrific crimes, your heart breaks for them. they have our sympathy and prayers and support, and i can't adequately convey just what horrific situations these are. i absolutely respect senator rubio's strong position and support of human life. you may remember in the debate before the last one, up in new hampshire, he was being pressed on this very issue. i thought he said it very he
3:35 pm
will -- he said he would much rather lose the election than be on the side of this question. he has a strong christian faith. he comes from the relimg us convictions, whether voters agree, i would hope they respect the fact, you've got a man of deep convictions telling you what he personally believes. not trying to have it both ways. i think voters respect that. they're not going to find any candidate they agree with 100% of the time. they should respect the fact, and many that do a grgree by th way. marco rubio is a deep serious christian. he believes in human life, religious lib terty and i think people admire his integrity. >> governor, you're in the state helping your candidate. do you plan to continue to travel around the states on his behalf? >> i do. they've already asked us to go to other states. i'll do as much as i can. i have kids taking through the carpool lane.
3:36 pm
i've got some other things to do. i endorsed the senator a couple of weeks ago. i said i would do anything i could to help him. i'm certainly happy to come to south carolina and other states as well, where ever i can be helpful. >> all right, governor jindal, thanks for coming by. coming up, the mind behind president obama bid. the david ploth, and. >> he is returning to the campaign trail. coming up, right after this. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit i'i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't.
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we enter the less than 48 hours away window on the democratic race here in nevada. i spoke with obama campaign veteran, david ploth, making his 2016 debut today of hillary clinton. i started out by asking him about the state of the silver state race. >> we're here in nevada. how high are the stakes in the nevada caucuses for hillary and bernie sanders. >> i don't think they're make-or-break, but you would rather win than lose. it's a springboard into the southern states on super tuesday. obviously hillary clinton had a big lead. it's also great another caucus state, but without the. >> it seems to me that just the way that the narrative works, right, you tie-in iowa, get blown out in new hampshire, it would be helpful to win here, because if you don't, south
3:40 pm
carolina, she has a lot of strength and we'll talk about that in a second. a long time between not having one real clean victory in any of the early states if she loses here. and it's a long, another long stretch. a whole other week to get south carolina. >> no, i remember back in '08, though, we win iowa, not a tie, but won by eight points, and then we lose in new hampshire, and we got our mojo back. we still lost by six points. that was really tough for us. that was not part of our plan. our plan was to win all four. so the truth is, i don't think necessarily if she were to lose by a point or two here, somehow that's going to make south carolina, but at some point, you want to get back on your front foot and have more momentum. i thought march would be her best month. if you go into it stumbling, that will have an effect. >> do you think, i mean, for sanders, sanders, if she were to beat him here, how bad is that for sanders. >> again, i think it's -- sanders, probably more of, i think sanders has to keep
3:41 pm
winning. >> right. >> he has to keep winning. i don't think it's devastating. but i think he is going to lose south carolina, and so the question, where does he win on march 1 and march 15. those are the big questions. he is doing better than anyone could have imagined three months ago. they have have put together a remarkable campaign. a lot of her strengths in the general election, and as president, solidity, rationality, primary, all about excitement, and bernie sanders is acting like santa clause and people don't want to told what they can't have. >> do you think there is anything fundamentally wrong with her campaign. >> no, i think primary is about excitement, sanders is the exciteme excitement. 30 days from now and she will have won most of the southern and midwestern states, she'll look a lot stronger. they have to withstand this. this a brutal period for them. to get through it for the brighter days in march. >> in the barrel, all of it. >> yeah, it's no fun. it's no fun. and even if they win nevada,
3:42 pm
it's going to be closer than people think it should be. they'll be in the barrel until march 2nd. >> or at least until south carolina. talk about this, i remember covering this caucus in 2008 and thinking of all the 50 states, this was the weirdest, most skivi, election in the, why is it so weird. >> caucus sites and casinos, a multi hour affair, so in some respects, it resembles a primary. politics here, like in new jersey, louisiana, it's crazy, okay. well, you know, a lot of deals being struck, yeah, and so i think for us, we got out hustled and hillary out performed here in clark county. very well up north as you know, but we got mamboed down here. we had a deal with the culinary workers, which was great, but the clintons did a good job of
3:43 pm
peeling off the members. >> as i recall, you did win the delegates. >> we won the delegates. >> which i believe better than the popular vote. >> that's when the immediate cra turned their attention to delegates. we lost new hampshire but we tied in delegates. that wasn't part of the story. oh, wait the delegate thing is interesting. why am i so confident she is going to win? do you remember the last election on super tuesday in march of -- february of '08. >> right. >> we win idaho, but we wielded more delegates. landslides, where is bernie going to have a landslide, vermont. massachusetts could be tough, she'll be close. a bunch of the southern states. >> let me look at south carolina for a minute, because that's going to come quick. we did a poll, republicans and democrats, numbers coming out today. interesting thing in those
3:44 pm
numbers was that clinton way ahead of not unexpectedly, but sanders still beats her with white voters in south carolina. she wins among african-americans, 59-20, obviously that's a huge deal in a state 50% will be african mane. what are the implications after sanders being able to win the white vote, but potentially in other states going down the line. as you know, it's all about coalitions and they matter a lot. you built one on the basis of white liberals, african-americans, and millennials, right. what does it mean to hillary clinton if the white working class vote that she relied on in 2008 is not there for her in 2016. >> we'll see. my guess is over time you'll see the white working class vote be with her. there is a very large progressive white vote in south carolina, huge in the charleston area. we did well there. i think sanders will do well there. as you look at ohio, missouri, north carolina, the bigger
3:45 pm
states, texas, she'll do well with the white vote. we wi we had sort of millennials, college educated, african-americans, and lit ti s latinos, if he were to develop strength in the african-american community, i think hillary clinton will still win the nomination, but it will be closer. >> if you're hillary clinton, what does bernie sanders gets what percentage of the vote what would be the number you would say that's a problem? >> you know, north of 40. >> north of 40. >> so like south of 30, you're like we are okay. >> yeah, and i think, but again, i think what happens is you get into these other states, the candidates will have less time on the ground. her strength is going to be maintained at a higher level in those march 1 states, in those march 15 states. so, and i think at the end of the day, she'll do very well with the white vote as we get deeper in the calendar. she has to basically endure this
3:46 pm
right now, which is fougnot a lf fun. >> in terms of what sanders has done clearly is demonstrated a huge strength generational strength, right, a split, he is glowi blowing her out. african-american voters, white voters, all income voters. how big a problem is that for her not necessarily the democratic nomination contest, although it is, but as she looks forward toward the general, a situation where she has some pronounced weaknesses with a huge important part of the obama coalition? >> that's a big challenge. even before bernie sanders' rise, younger voters from my standpoint, the thing they should be most concerned about. now you have the added weight of is he doing extraordinarily well. if clinton is the nominee and i think she will be, what bernie sanders is important. he'll dot right things, but the clinton campaign will have to go on the ground here in nevada, florida, meet with sanders
3:47 pm
supporters and hear them out. it will not happen overnight. it's like okay, more war or more diplomacy. 25 million health care or not. you can't rely on that alone. so the stakes will be there. listen, if you were a betting person right now, trump or cruz look like the nominees. i'm concerned about. i think it will be the central strategic challenges, how do we put that together. because that is what turns a clinton win into an absolute dead heat, if you miss your marks with younger voters. >> if you look up and see marco rubio, cuban american, tim scott, african-american, you saw last night from south carolina, does that picture worry you as a democratic if marco rubio were to be the nominee and that was the face of the republican party, heading into the fall? >> it doesn't worry me because i think you and the press, that worries me, because that will be
3:48 pm
an interesting narrative, young, diverse, versus -- >> shallow. >> the reality of the positions is what worries me. look at marco rubio. the iran deal, gay marriage, immigration reform now that he has ran away from that, text cuts for the wealthy, he is hard tea party right. he might put a nicer imagine on it. that will be tough for the clinton campaign. marco rubio has to be defined. if he defineds himself, he'll skatle a lit by more to the center and that's a big problem. >> our great thanks, david plouff, when we come back, ronald reagan's chief of staff when we come back. bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution
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3:52 pm
>> good to be with you guys. >> tell us the story of what you think has happened politically since justice scalia passed away. >> i think you've seen people go to their battle stations, you know, it's been going on for 30 years now, ever since the bork nomination, a supreme court nominations have become political circus, political campaigns. they're you know, poll testing, focus groups, commercials, fundraising. i've received a whole bunch of them already. everybody needs to take a deep breath, stop hyperventilating, and let the process proceed. you know, constitution allows the president to nominate, and president obama is clearly made that decision that he wants to go ahead and nominate.
3:53 pm
but he also needs to consult with the senate and the senate has the constitutional right to do advice, and whether they hold a hearing or not, i think depends in large measure on who obama decides to nominate. but everybody just needs to cool it for a while. we haven't even had the funeral of that great justice, justice scalia, and people already going to their battle stations. i don't think that speaks well for the process, or for the immediate future of this confirmation fight. >> can the president has to balance what he thinks is right, but also for the good of the country. for the good of the country, what kind of person should he nominate? >> somebody who he can get 97 votes in the united states senate, maybe 90. you know, david suter got 97,
3:54 pm
kennedy got 90 something, scalia got 90 something. we need somebody who can be universally praised and that may be impossible in this new political environment. but president obama asked the question the other day, would he nominate a moderate, and the answer was no. so is this going to be a political statement, or is this somebody who he really wants to put on the bench who could bring the american people a consensus. i think that's necessary right now. god knows with all of our institutions under attack, including the supreme court, this is a time for let's try to rebuild some of these institutions, and the respect and faith that we used to have in them. you don't do that by signalling a political choice, but rather, somebody who can rally people.
3:55 pm
and be almost unanimous confirmation. >> and what would you say to senator mcconnell about how he should proceed in the coming days and weeks? >> i think he also should take a deep breath, and decide based on what president obama does, how to proceed. you know, i always learn from united states senators that they always leave a back door or side door or trapdoor, i'm sure mitch mcconnell has left himself some wiggle room. based on what mitch mcconnell must be thinking, that obama will go down the path of a far left liberal, then he has no choice, but either not to have the confirmation hearing, in consultation with senator grassley, or to have a hearing,
3:56 pm
but to make sure that ultimate reaches a vote in this session of the senate. >> ken, one of the best things america has ever gotten out of brooklyn and a weise man about past and present. ken, thanks very much. we always like talking to you. we'll be right back with who won the day. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d.
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mark, i know who won at the craps table and it wasn't me. who won the day? >> john, it's not the pope. it's donald trump. he smartly did something that on first plush, people would think it was crazy, but it was crazy as a fox. he slashed back at the pope and it will play well for him. >> answer in nevada, which is that today, it's early, still a big town hall coming up on msnbc, so we don't know who will win between hillary and bernie. because of now, latino hispanic
4:00 pm
assault, hillary is winning the day. check out bloomberg, the poll and much, much more. >> thanks for watching, sayonara. >> coming up, "hardball" with chris matthews. bernie's big casino, let's play "hardball." gd eveniood evening, i'm ge slow cues here, new york, new york hotel in las vegas. bernie sanders is catching up to hillary clinton in nevada. look at the latest poll, clinton now leads sanders by just a single percentage point, 48-47. one point a port out here for the saturday caucuses. at his current pace, he could easily overtake hillary clinton by saturday's caucuses, and a new nbc


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