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tv   Lockup New Mexico--- Extended Stay  MSNBC  February 19, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. well, we have inmate kevin blanco who is a little upset. >> no, no. you've got to use force. >> they'll take their food for hostage. they'll take a shower hostage. >> strip down or stay right there. >> if it will get them the attention they want, they'll take a hostage. >> shoot me one more time and i'll come down.
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>> here at the penitentiary in new mexico we have a level ii facility. a level v facility. and we have a level vi facility. level ii is more of a restrictive, minimum inmate where you know, we allow to work outside with minimum supervision. level v is supervision all the time. and obviously level vi is a full-time observation of those inmates. >> you all right?
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>> this is the maximum security facility on level vi for the penitentiary of new mexico. pretty much houses the worst of the worst. these individuals are the worst of the worst within level vi and level vi is the worst within the whole state of new mexico. >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> these individuals are housed, one per cell. they're escorted and restrained everywhere they go. in handcuffs or leg irons and belly chains. we do have two and three-man status individuals that are very violent. and they like to assault our staff. >> today we tag along with deputy warden joni brown on her way to deal with one of level vi's most notorious inmates. >> they have an inmate who is refusing to leave his cell. at this point they're going to go in and give him a directive to cuff up and come out. if not, then we're planning the use of force for cell extraction.
9:03 pm
>> turn around and be restrained. >> no. >> if you don't turn around and be restrained we'll have to forcibly remove you from your cell. are you going to come out? >> what's going to happen now? >> they're going to instruct them to come in and remove him from the cell. >> 5:24 p.m., we're here for inmate kevin blanco 41918 who has refused several directions to be restrained and escorted out of his cell. at this time a cell extraction team has been set up to remove him from his cell. at this time we're going to proceed to the cell. blanco -- in your cell. >> here's the door cover. blanco is giving no response.
9:04 pm
>> blanco, turn around and be restrained. >> he covered it up. >> blanco, turn around and be restrained. chemical weapons will be deployed into your cell. coming out? coming out? >> okay. >> i'm going to open it up. >> no, no, no. >> back up, blanco.
9:05 pm
>> kevin, what happened? >> he refused my food. that's what all this [ bleep ] is about. >> but what did you decide to do? >> what do you mean what did i decide to do? i do what you seen right there. they're not just -- refusing my food. >> now what? >> what you mean? if they want to continue to all of this, fine with me. i'll continue with it. >> so basically the behavior he had to be extracted from this cell. he's not allowed to have right now. some things he's not allowed to have. he's serving disciplinary time. >> blanco is already had a step to where there's not much more we can do to him.
9:06 pm
as far as disciplinary sanctions. he's already serving disciplinary time. we'll do a cell search. take any contraband, anything that he might use to three more feces out on inmates and staff. clean the cell out. decontaminate it from the o.c. and he'll be placed back in there. >> what was this about? >> blanco, you know what's going on here. throw the stuff out on the tier. if you don't want to stop. >> what did i throw out on the tier? >> you were throwing the liquids. >> go look at your cameras. if i threw out some liquid -- >> the camera would show it. >> when they first would open -- >> you actually closed the door yourself? >> when the door's closed it looks like this. he was spraying it out like a hose. see right there? he's actually shooting it out. so you come over here, you can see whatever is all over the walls, the wet spots over here. that was all feces he was
9:07 pm
shooting at us. if you look at my pants, there's feces on my pants, feces on my shirt. he was throwing feces. or fecal matter. whatever you want to call it. >> they say i was throwing liquid out the door. >> there is feces and urine all over yourself. >> where? >> inside of your cell. >> there ain't no feces in my cell. >> there is. >> go look at my cell. you see if there's any feces. >> tell me what your point is, okay? you're saying that you didn't do what they said you did. >> exactly. >> well -- >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ], put feces in my damn cell? [ bleep ] i'm talking to you -- >> where is the feces at? i don't see no [ bleep ] feces. >> it's in your cell. >> all these camera men -- okay. make you all go --
9:08 pm
>> can i talk to you? >> yeah. -- cuff port and i'll stand there and talk to you. >> after i talk to you. i want to make sure you guys understand what i'm saying. you don't want to see anymore [ bleep ] lies. come on. >> would you get to the point, kevin. what caused all of this today in the beginning? did you start to throw something at them? did you discuss something with him? did you have a conflict with the officer? >> today gets me -- they get in a confrontation. >> so you had an issue earlier in the day and then they were hesitant to open the food port, right? because of that. >> you're right. okay. >> so did you have a conflict with the officer? >> yes. i sure did. >> so are we all good then for the time being? >> because y'all want to start these [ bleep ] >> uh-huh.
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>> if you want to come -- no, tomorrow you can expect to be here next week and the week until i get to [ bleep ]. y'all want to play games and we gonna play. >> and then you want to stand here and threaten to keep playing games? >> you're right. because y'all you 1hand [ bleep ] right and i am. and i am going to continue to play games. >> all right, well -- >> [ bleep ]. >> well, let the games begin. but it doesn't have to go this way. >> yeah, whatever. >> well, it doesn't. >> whatever. coming up -- blanco versus staff, round two. >> two more times and i come differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. and an early morning mode.ode. and a partly sunny mode. and an outside... to clear inside mode. transitions signature adaptive lenses now have chromea7 technology...
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9:13 pm
>> we're getting ready for dinner. and skipping the wonderful chow hall food today. we try to avoid that as much as possible. we try to cook for ourselves with stuff that we get from the commissary. we've made the burritos from hell. it's the best we can do with what we have here. there's like beef stew, chili beans, beans, rice. and a bunch of spices and stuff like that. and some cheese, of course. >> my dad always asked me what will we eat for the evening and i tell them mystery meat, because you never know what we're eating here. of course there's a menu but when you go, it doesn't look like what's on the menu. >> you've got chef boy r.j. >> we've become micro masters after a while and no open flame or anything but after trial and
9:14 pm
error, here we are. >> i don't know but i'm smelling some chicken. >> that's black beans. >> i was hoping for watermelon, collard greens, something. >> the hazards of neighbors and short walls. >> well, i'm in the santa fe level ii murph. which is just a minimum restrict unit, which is, you've got more movement than the level iiis. with me it's kind of hard because i got two kids by myself. my kids will ask me what i do to get in here. and i don't know if they understood me but i tried to tell them the best i could. >> what did you tell them, literally? >> literally, i just told them like sometimes people die and i
9:15 pm
asked them you know how sometimes people die? and they said yeah. and i said okay you see tv a lot how people are shooting other people and stuff like that and they said yeah. and they said movies. and i said, yeah, just like the movies. that's what happened to me, i was being bad. i shot a guy and i came in here. i don't think they really understood it, but they left it at that. >> how do you maintain being a father? >> just through letters and phone calls really. that way i know i can talk to them and visit. since i got here i was pretty much the barber. i go if there and cut hair pretty much all day. and it would take up a lot of time. as long as i was staying busy or active, i was good to go. >> what are we going to do today? >> whatever. >> whatever. you know what happens when i get creative. anything we can do to make him look better. kind of got a little swirl or something in mind.
9:16 pm
i like putting little designs in it. that way i can keep my own little personality going. this is something really different because everybody else has their own little thing. >> ever since inmate kevin blanco arrived at the penitentiary of new mexico in 1997 he's made quite an impression on staff. >> kevin blanco can be unpredictable. you really don't know how he's going to behave from one day to the next. one day he kind of acts like your friend. the next day he's like the crazy animal behind the door. >> today, blanco continues to test the patience of pnm officers, refusing to return a prison issued razor after shaving. >> he has a razor in his cell. i'm not going to play games with him. >> you're not five years old. >> i'm asking you man to man. are we doing this? >> you have to extract him. gas him, put him back in medical. put him in medical for another 72 hours.
9:17 pm
>> are you going to give me the razor? i'm giving you a direct order, give me that razor. >> okay, no. >> it takes a toll on everybody. we're down here dealing with this guy every day when we could be doing our job doing other things. we have opportunities to relinquish the razor. if he doesn't do it and then we will set up an extraction team and go in there. >> luckily for everyone involved, blanco gives up the razor. >> hear me out though. >> listen. i'm listening. >> [ bleep ] it's over [ bleep ] i am getting [ bleep ] >> i understand that, kevin. he claims it's all over and done with. he's going to start from scratch. for now it's okay. i believe he's going to be in medical at least for the rest of the night. that's -- that's kevin blanco for you. next, the deputy warden tries talking some sense to blanco. >> do you have reason to be conscious?
9:18 pm
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davon lymon's expression of individuality has started a trend among the level ii inmates. but it has also raised concern with the staff. >> i did his hair a couple of days ago. the captain told him, i guess, this morning if he doesn't take it off he's going to the hole. and i'm not allowed to do it no more to my hair. >> okay. you guys wait here for a minute. i have a question. >> sure. on the barber. on the haircut. >> right. >> they're standing at my door saying that we're going to lock the guy up if he doesn't -- >> actually what happened with this inmate and it was inmate damon, he got an attitude is
9:22 pm
what he did and what i did was started challenging him concerning his customized haircut. i said if we start allowing that, what's going to happen is all the other inmates will be expecting that. >> right. >> and it's just going to create problems. >> i figured that was what your concern was. we have to establish what we're going to allow. and what we're not. if we're going to allow basic haircuts, you know -- >> i think that's what we need to stick to is just the basic haircut. >> all right, thank you. the most important thing is to keep problems from happening in prison, or business or whatever is that you're consistent. but if you how one person to do it and then you target somebody else, then we run into situations like this. all right. this is the deal. i've talked to the chief security and him and i decided together that we're not going to
9:23 pm
allow the tailored haircuts. would you turn around and let me see your haircut? it can be interpreted in several different ways. it could be interpreted as a tribal sign. it can be interpreted as a gang sign. you, i believe, questioned the captain when he started talking to you about your haircut. now, that's not your place as a level ii inmate. you guys initially approached me, you're going to get locked up if you don't change your haircut. my understanding is that it was the way that you spoke to the captain that almost got you locked up. okay? so we have the haircut thing solved. all of the inmates are going to be advised. but you need to be careful on how you address the staff here. okay? >> do we just let them grow out then? >> just let them grow out. that needs to be fixed. okay? because that was the directive of the captain. all right? >> all right. >> all right, thank you very much.
9:24 pm
>> all right. >> oh, man. >> i don't want to go -- >> don't even touch that part. >> all right, turn around. let me see. i don't see any difference. that's my biggest life and death decision of today, you know. whether to let you have your hair that way. all right. let it stay.
9:25 pm
just don't do it again. and you, too. all right? >> back in level vi we caught up with kevin blanco, who seemed in much better spirits since we last saw him. >> do you want to stand here and threaten to keep playing game? >> you're right. because you all -- you're 100% [ bleep ] right and i am. >> can we talk to me about, is it an anger problem? what is the situation with you? >> i don't think i have an anger problem. i just don't like to be lied to. for any individual who is going to push my buttons. instead of leaving me alone and let me do my time, that's my way of letting them know, leave me alone and let me do my time. >> talk to me a little bit about what you've done. how you acted out.
9:26 pm
>> by -- douching. >> what's that? >> which is throwing urine on them. just your way of letting them know to leave you alone. i mean we're behind the door 24/7. you got officers that go around antagonizing. so, you know, we're only limited to certain things we can do. is it something i'm proud of? no. is it something i'm ashamed of? yes. i always live a negative lifestyle. i always wanted things fast. which resulted in me selling drugs and robbing and things like that. but as i got older i started realizing a lot of different things. i mean endured a lot of losses. which was my son. >> who has your son? >> some people in colorado.
9:27 pm
>> he's adopted? >> yeah. coming to prison. they made me sit down and reflect on a lot of things in life. i still get angry sometimes. and want to resort to violence. but at the same time i've got to hold myself back because i know that's not the right thing to do. but i guess i'm in a struggle within myself. so until i reach that stage, mastered that, do they have reason to be cautious? yeah, they do. >> after our interview we followed blanco to the yard where he took the opportunity to disrupt prison functions yet again. >> you're just going to be stopped. >> i will let you just say what you want to say because i know that's not the way to go. i'm on long-term disciplinary. if i -- it goes back to the same thing.
9:28 pm
i already gave you guys 18 days over from the report you're talking about. okay. so my 20 days is up so can i go back to another cell? >> no. you got another report. >> i got another -- >> before the 60 days were up. did you not? >> yeah. >> so you didn't have 60 days. because you got another report within that 60-day time frame. so are we going to have any issues until this -- >> whatever y'all say. i mean y'all have yourselves -- you're right. i talk to you later. thank you. thank you all. coming up, the situation between c.e.r.t. and blanco escalates. about ten feet. plus davon's in trouble again. >> seems we got a bunch of snitches. we ain't got to be doing nothing. >> they still going to get you. ( melodic, calm music )
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>> due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. so this is my crib. this is 414. got a big 13-inch tv. you know what i mean? go ahead and get a pan of that. this is my living room/bedroom/studio. we've got the tunes. that's not eight-track but cassette tape.
9:33 pm
might as well be. we don't got refrigerators in here. however we do got foot lockers. soup, soda, beans. some kool-aid. get some kool-aid and that's about it. >> well we have inmate kevin blanco who was a little upset. he was issued three disciplinary reports. he has his own way of thinking. he portrays his own outcome before it's actually there, and he implies whatever he feels is appropriate. so it's one of those things that kevin blanco wants this and he wants it now. well, he's not going to get it now and the officers are concerned that they may have to extract him from this rather large rec pen. which if he chooses to go that route, then that's what we'll do. kevin blanco, i need you to come and cuff it up. blanco?
9:34 pm
he's ignoring the issues. >> they want to sit there and play their little [ bleep ] games. keep me in the cell. they want to keep me there. i'll give them reason to keep me in the cell. y'all thought i was playing when i told you that. y'all want to keep me in the cell. -- you guys. >> kevin blanco, i'm giving you a directive to come out. >> okay and i'm refusing. >> any time inmates refuse to peacefully exit their cells, officers must move forward with standard extraction protocol. >> what's going on, blanco? >> man, come on. y'all can go. >> no, i'm not coming out. y'all want a reason to [ bleep ]. >> branch on the 19 yard. 1510, blanco's refusing to come
9:35 pm
out. gave him his first directive. time now is 4:50. >> blanco is taking -- basically he's taking his rec pen hostage and he's refusing to come out. you know, this happens. they'll take things hostage. they'll take their food for houston. they'll take a shower hostage. if it will get the attention they want they will take it hostage. we should be finished getting the rest of the inmates out of the yard. >> that's it. that's it. >> once we got them out of yard we're going to come back in, bring my team in, and i'll give him one last, third and final directive. if he refuses to be cuffed, we'll extract him using whatever force is necessary. >> we'll have do an extraction in the big yard. >> as c.e.r.t. is told to get ready for a possible extraction, blanco is given his last chance to peacefully leave the recreation pen. >> kevin, it is 5:17. i'm giving you the third and final directive. come out and be cuffed.
9:36 pm
809, be advised i just gave blanco his third directive to be restrained. he refused. now we're going to do whatever we need to do to get him out of there safely for everybody. him included. this is what's going to happen. we're going to go in. give him some directives. they're bringing k-9 down. if the directives don't work, then we're going to deploy with the o.c. if the o.c. doesn't work from the corner that you're at, then you need to get back in the stack. okay? so you're going to go to one corner and i'll be at the door and we'll try on crisscross in and see if we can get in. if the wind's too bad and then we will drop a cs grenade. see what effect that has. from that, if that doesn't work we'll elevate to the shotgun. i don't want the shotgun entering. gerald, you're going to take the shot. okay? the shotgun doesn't go in once you take your shots you back out.
9:37 pm
my name is sergeant bonilla. the time is approximately -- >> 7:08. >> 7:08 p.m. the inmate we're extracting is kevin blanco, he's refusing to come out of the recreation pen. at this time we're going to proceed. >> coming out, blanco? this is your last directive to come out. come on. >> go ahead. >> not working. >> he's too far.
9:38 pm
blanco, one more directive, you coming out, we're going to drop o.c. in the cage. everybody up. >> you guys done yet? >> coming out, blanco? >> you guys done? >> blanco still refuses to comply. forcing c.e.r.t. to escalate to nonlethal shotgun rounds. >> get down and take a shot. >> come on down, blanco. >> when you're ready. give him another one.
9:39 pm
>> coming down, blanco. >> good shot. >> i'll come down if you shoot me one more time. >> all right. >> hold up. >> medical? >> hold up. >> he refuses. >> i refuse. i'm all right. i'm 100% all right. >> hold on, blanco. >> check this out. >> yeah. >> we're going to just take our photographs. after that if you want to refuse medical, we'll give you your clothes back and we'll take you back. we'll get our pictures, give your clothes back and you sign the medical refusal and you're on your way back home.
9:40 pm
>> still got the camera. >> put him in the cage. >> with the extraction a success, deputy warden jaramillo debriefs with his teams. >> we need to document it very clearly about the limited time frame between taking it from one extreme to the next. >> yeah. once the team was put together and we entered the rec pen, we approached the rec pen he was in. i gave him verbal directives to come out and he refused my directives. and advised him that we were going to introduce o.c. we attempted to hit him with the o.c. but it didn't reach him. after that we elevated to cs. the cs didn't have any effect. we then elevated with a shotgun. after the sixth round he complied.
9:41 pm
came to the cuffing port, and he was restrained and removed from the area. >> what was his persona at the time when this was happening? could you tell he was being hit? was he immediately responding to it? >> no, it didn't seem like he had any immediate effects at all from any of the rounds. >> all right, if he was stabbing somebody, they're not going to stop him. >> he just eventually climbed down off the basketball goal, and surrendered. next, staff may have won the battle, but to blanco, this means war. >> he was being disruptive in his cell. so brought him over here to the medical and the crisis cell. >> strip down and stay right there. ibs-d. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently.
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searches are routinely conducted throughout tnm. based on information from level ii informants, officers find two homemade syringes in the dorm. >> captain. >> oh. whenever we find something to that extent, obviously there's got to be some type of narcotics around. >> right. >> i do have a list of inmates that are notorious for involving themselves in illegal drug activity over here. so maybe they'll be a good team. >> a good place to start. >> good job. >> i'm sure there are some inmates that are going to be hurting tonight. >> yep. >> if we have inmates that have priors, what we'll do is go and select them randomly to where they don't have any time to clean themselves up. >> we'll need 106 pena. >> bring them to the gym. we'll centralize them here. we'll give them the one hour, as per policy that is required of
9:46 pm
them. >> gentlemen, you have one hour to submit a urine. >> yes, sir. all right. this way. >> all right. >> watch grown men pee in a cup isn't exactly a fun job. it takes them up to about five minutes before the test actually proves positive or negative. actually you can probably see that one is really, really dark. this is pretty light. >> wait for the full five minutes. >> it's been five. it's been a good five minutes. >> let him go. >> mm-hmm. >> you're good to go. >> thank you. >> this inmate's test came up clean but unfortunately for davon lymon, his came up dirty. >> just seems we've got a bunch of snitches. they get in trouble and they -- instead of taking the consequences like they should you know what i'm saying, they
9:47 pm
start to get everybody else involved. writing little notes saying you're doing this, you're doing that. you don't got to be doing nothing but they're still going to get you. i got a dirty -- i've been trying to fight it. other than that. i don't know. >> what does that mean? >> they messed up on it. i will see if they will follow their policy and get rid of it. >> that means he's a dope fiend. >> you. >> davon may be laughing now but if found guilty he could lose his family visit. >> it's been less than one month since kevin blanco was extracted from his cell. >> go turn around, be restrained. chemical agents must be deployed into your cell. >> and only two days since the incident in the rec yard.
9:48 pm
>> give him another one. >> today he's acting out yet again. leaving prison staff no choice but to keep him in a 72-hour medical observation cell. >> we had to take him out of his cell. took him down. go ahead strip down. this morning when we approached his cell, we were going to take inmate kevin blanco to the shower, about 10:00. we opened the food port. he stuck his arm out of the food port and held it hostage until he said, ortiz go get your squad i'm not coming out until you get your goon squad. he's trying to reverse the roles and break the system and switch it back on us, you know. go ahead and strip down. >> i'm not going through this again. >> i know. i was going to stay in there if i knew i was going to come over here.
9:49 pm
y'all just going to do that [ bleep ] >> you've done it before. i need you to strip. >> everything? not to -- >> you have to strip. i'm not going to gas there. if you're in there all day, i don't care. >> leave him in. he's not going anywhere. until you strip down you are going to stay right there. i'm not doing anything different than what we've done before. come out of the cell, you do your strip search. that's policy. that's what we always do. just do your strip search and it's over and done with. are you going to strip or not?
9:50 pm
>> after a 20-minute standoff blanco finally complies with the strip search but not without expressing his displeasure with the procedure. >> [ bleep ]. so if you guys want to come and do this, then let's get this [ bleep ] over with. i stripped [ bleep ] from this [ bleep ] cell man. if not, you guys come -- i do what you guys want to do, let's do it. [ bleep ] i'm done playing with you guys. >> got a little hurt there with his hands. throwing a tantrum. hitting the strip cage, but he'll be all right. next, blanco gets out of medical only to hold his cell hostage again. >> go get suited up, we're down to 14 now. >> and davon gets the verdict on his dirty drug test.
9:51 pm
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. inmate davon lymon anxiously waits to see if his dirty ua will be dismissed or not. a decision that will affect his pending family visit. >> i feel like i got in trouble. like i'm waiting for the principal. i really have no idea what's going on. >> what do you think is going on? >> a billion and one things. i'm in trouble. i'm not in trouble. when i went to do the ua, it came up positive. and i got upset and they took me to the cage and they let me out and i've been waiting for the report for almost a month.
9:55 pm
the best-case scenario would be to drop it. the worst-case scenario is they find me guilty and send me to the hole. i won't see my kids for how long i'm in the hole. >> you are waiting to see me? >> yes, ma'am. >> i have something important to tell you. that you need to go pack your stuff. you're found guilty of that report. i have a bed for you. >> all right. >> not really. >> they dismissed the report. >> okay. >> but i have my eye on you. you understand? >> yes, ma'am. >> i don't want to hear your name. i don't want to see your name on a piece of paper coming across my desk. i don't want to see you on a dirty ua, you understand me? >> yes, ma'am. >> all right. >> that wasn't funny, though. i really thought i was going to the hole. i'm telling you i started sweating when she said i'm going to the hole. i'm going to sleep. i'm going to hide under my bunk for the rest of the time. they ain't got to worry about me. no ticket this, no ticket that.
9:56 pm
i'm hiding. >> this is his one and only chance to straighten up or he needs to move. >> cleared of the dirty ua charge, davon is granted his family visit. >> i got a little present for them for the fathers with readers. with a cd, a book and a picture. i read a story to him on the cd. so it'll give him something to listen to. and something to have fun with? i see my kids usually once every other week. and we'll just play, color, and just come see me. >> hi, daddy. >> what y'all doing? can i have a hug? that's their little present they got to look at. >> a picture. >> yes. >> is this books? >> yes, that's books, tape. >> you already gave us books. >> yeah, but you get another one. >> oh, cool. >> i'm supposed to get out hopefully around september of next year. i'll be getting ready to hit 30 years old. 29, 30 years old when i get out of the penitentiary.
9:57 pm
>> come on. >> how come you don't smile in the picture? >> you told me not to, remember? >> oh. >> i got two kids i got to raise. i got to make sure that they don't have to go through some of the stuff i went through. >> after blanco successfully completes 72 hours of medical, deputy warden jaramillo must decide whether he'll be returned to his cell. >> well, inmate blanco is still in medical. we're going to move him now to a different pod. i talked to him yesterday and he says he's going to conduct himself in a more appropriate level of behavior so we're going to move him to a different cell. i think he's done with his disruptive behavior, at least for the meantime. he's kevin blanco and next week it will be a different story but for this week i believe he's done. >> i get to be transported back to my cell.
9:58 pm
a cell is a cell. it's still going to be a box. i got like water and a sink and a toilet. >> how's it going today, kevin? >> it's going all right. >> you know what's going to happen today, right? >> not necessarily, no. >> we'll put you back in the cell. your 60 days will start. step two, do you understand that? >> yes. >> so based on our conversation yesterday should we expect any further problems from you? >> probably not. >> probably not? come on, give me a little bit more than that. >> i don't know. >> you don't know? do you have any questions about where you're going to be placed at? >> no. >> are you concerned with it? all right. well, just so that you're clear your time starts yesterday. >> all right. >> all right? that's it. >> that's it.
9:59 pm
>> go get suited up we're down to 14 now. >> giving direct orders. pull your hand back in the food port. back in a few minutes, i will let you think about it. i hope you decide to put your hands back in, okay? let's go for a few. >> gerald, i knew that you were right there. i knew you wouldn't leave
10:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> i've been doing this since 1981. in and out, in and out, in and out. >> nobody ever makes parole. they all come back, come back in discharge, and go right back out there again. and we learn nothing because there's no rehabilitation in here.


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