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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  February 20, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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welcome back to msnbc's live coverage of the democratic caucuses out here. the race is too close to call but hillary clinton has a slight lead. let's get more numbers from steve kornacki who is back at 30 rock. >> we're close to half of all of the precincts in across the state right now. you say a slight lead. you look at those numbers, basically a 200-county delegate advantage. there are over 12,000 county delegates up for grabs here. these are not just people checking off boxes. it's a democratic caucus, it's complicated. a little more than 12,000 up for grabs. she's up by 200 with nearly half
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the vote in. this county right here, clark county, las vegas, it was hillary clinton's best county eight years ago, it was why she was able to win the state eight years ago. right now it's why she was ahead. clark county, we're getting more significant numbers, 40% in in clark county. hillary clinton continuing to lead by 10 points, that's the same margin she had eight years ago, that's the margin she needs today, that's the margin she's getting. if it stays 55-45, sanders is not going to be able to make up that statewide gap we're showing. he's got to reverse this number in clark. there isn't enough population, not enough delegates throughout the the rest of the state. this is the other major population, reno, bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton there. this was where barack obama basically did the best in the state, sanders has an advantage
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there, not the advantage that barack obama had. so really, we said florida, florida, florida in 2000. in this informative informative caucus we'll say clark, clark, clark, chris. >> let me ask you about one simple question. you would think rural areas are more conservative. why has bernie got strength in the outlaying areas beyond clark county, in the rest of nevada? >> we saw it in new hampshire and it's true in his native vermont as well. lower income, rural white voters, he's done very well with them in vermont where his political base is. he did very well with them in new hampshire. he flipped a lot of areas in new hampshire where lower income, blue collar white voters had been with hillary clinton against barack obama in 2008. the reason bernie sanders had that landslide in new hampshire, he flipped those voters over and he won them. you talk about those sorts of areas in nevada, rural, lower income, often non-college-educated white voters, bernie sanders could be doing very well with them today, chris. >> steve kornacki, we'll be back
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to you again and again. let me go now to chuck todd. chuck, what's your analysis of what you're seeing? we don't have a result or a projection of a winner, but we've got an indication that hillary has a bit of a lead. >> look, everything looks almost identical to 2008, which is good news for hillary clinton. don't forget, the guy who is the campaign manager overall for hillary clinton, robbie mook, is the guy who ran nevada in 2008. as david plouffe will tell you, the operative they were the most fearful of going up against, when it was obama-clinton, was when robbie mook was running the state. if you came in at a tie, you have to say operationally the clinton team had a slight advantage. what did our entrance poll tell us? essentially it was even steven coming in. organizationally you always gave a pinky on the scale to clinton.
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they knew this state well, they had already done it, the guy who runs the national campaign ran the state before. that to me is what's playing out here. you know, bernie was able to essentially forge a tie in total turnout. but operationally and on the ground, the clinton advantage is showing. and you see it. it's ever so slight. it could end up flipping, you know, anything's possible. but her lead looks -- while small, it looks durable. >> you know, chuck, you and i know that every election, whether a primary, a caucus, a national election, has two results. one is who wins and who loses, but also what message gets sent. i'm still of the opinion that bernie has a message and hillary doesn't. if she can win these caucuses because of family relationships going way back, her and her husband, and all the loyalties that come from that, and just simple organizational politics, if she can win out a message, imagine how well she would do if she had one. it still seems to be a difference. bernie has something to say. hillary doesn't. >> look, we talked about this
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before. hillary clinton, over the last three or four days, and you saw it a little bit at the town hall, she's getting comfortable with running against him. i don't know how else to put it. you get to the point where you get past the frustration that you're in a primary, you -- and i think bill clinton showed frustration a couple of weeks ago when he realized, oh, my god, we have to go through this again. i thought i saw a flip of the switch in hillary clinton where this is going to be hard and she's sort of sucked it up and said, okay, i'm ready to do what i have to do, i'm ready to slog through it, and she's getting more comfortable developing this. while they don't have a message as far as ten-point plants that people are touching, this fighter message, i'm a fighter, it's a very believable message with her, even if you don't like hillary clinton, you can't ever say she doesn't fight, right? she is not somebody that you ever knock down. so it is to me the beginnings of something for her to run on.
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>> i think cruz has a fighter image too, he's not loveable and there's no joy in the campaign. certainly our media, the free media, donald trump and bernie sanders have had a sense of joy and happiness. >> hubert humphrey. >> i know, he said it, i'm not sure he had it, but he said it. these two candidates have joy. people walk out of a bernie event happy. they go into a trump event laughing. i don't see any laughter with cruz, not even his roommate from college. when are we going to see joy? why should anybody else be happy if hillary clinton isn't? >> it's tough if you're not
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winning. >> that's a pretty good counterpunch. >> you string together a few victories. that's why this win is so importante er tto her. this is why, and the sanders people got so upset at me when i said, hey, i think nevada is a must-win for them more so than clinton, because this was to prove that you could win in a diverse state, this was the easiest shot he had to prove he could win in a diverse state. not to say it was going to be easy, but a way to send a message. >> it's a caucus. >> that's right, and caucuses are -- he is built for a caucus, particularly. you and i have talk about it, having the passion, new voters registrations, those are some of the ingredients you need to do well in caucus. and that's why -- >> and we only have two of them. just to move ahead the next ten days, it's only ten days from now, let's start thinking about super tuesday, 11 contests, only
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two of them are caucuses. the advantage -- >> that's right, goes to her. and you have two new england states, massachusetts and vermont. there are places he's going to win. but to me, it's one thing to get 45% of the delegates and be able to help write some rules at the dnc convention. if you want to win 51% of the delegates, he's going to have to not just win in diverse states. he's got to go win some big primaries. and to me, i go back, looking at the road ahead, texas, virginia, tennessee, georgia, these are big states. they're not the best demographic states for him, but these are are big states. he has to win something to show he can win the nomination, not just be competitive. we already know he's competitive. it's crossed that bar. now it goes from, can you win, and that's the next test. >> chuck, you're the best. thanks so much, sir. with me right now is a university of texas professor and msnbc contributor, and nbc's kasie hunt is with me, she covers the sanders campaign.
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i'll let you guys both talk, you've been waiting so nicely sitting here, victoria. we've been talking a lot about the hispanic community finally having some umph. >> we saw a population boom in nevada in the 1990s. in 2008 is when we really saw that latino population boom. >> by the way, your background is so interesting. >> i've got good food in my background. i'm half mexican, italian, and jewish. i can talk about immigration politics on all angles. immigration is one of the prime topics here in nevada because you have a lot of mixed families in nevada. you have kids who are citizens, so watch out in 15 years. but their parents or their sisters or their brothers may not be able to vote. so you have these mixed families. so you're seeing a lot of -- >> how does that work, you have a family of five or seven people like our family growing up, two get to vote because they were
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born here. does everybody get in on that, is there like a family meeting? >> absolutely. chris, your survival is on the line. you may not have your mom when you come home from work. you don't know, was there an i.c.e. raid and she was taken? the importance of voting, the importance of immigration for nevada latinos is so important because it's about your family. we know from statistical work that the majority of latinos, here in nevada in particular, either had someone in their family who is undocumented, and we're talking about eligible voters. it hits home, chris. >> this is not as partisan as it will sound, but what happened here is we had a comprehensive bill, that ted kennedy and john mccain agreed on, a good bipartisan bill, a dozen republicans, the democratic majority, and came to the house and boehner, the speaker of the house, wouldn't let it come to a
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vote, knowing it would pass, that there is someone who stopped this whole thing. it wasn't like everybody's guilty, like liberals sometimes say we're all guilty. no, there's one person who one party that stopped the chance for real comprehensive reform. >> and hillary clinton has made an excellent case for that. she's blaming bernie. when you go out to her stump speeches, you hear her saying, hey, i voted for this immigration bill. >> that was an earlier bill. >> yes. bernie sanders didn't. so immigration is important. >> i'm talking about the one that got through the senate and could easily have passed the house if they had had a vote in the house. anyway, thank you. how does the latino community shake occupy between the voices of those who are aspiring and really want to hear big change and those who feel a loyalty to the clinton moderation, if you will, but effectiveness? >> we're seeing this generational divide. one thing i'm going to be very
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curious about when we get to exit polling, what is that age breakdown? we're seeing anecdotally, the kids are with bernie, the parents and grandparents are with hillary. you're seeing a lot of communication in the family saying, hey, i want you to vote for bernie, ma, he's better for us, and the mom says no, i'm with la hillary, is what they call her, la hillary. i don't know who is going to convince who. we're not going to know until the exit results. >> i'm with hope, i was with obama, i love hope. in the end, either one of these people has to go in, congress may well be 50, 60 republicans, in the senate, there could well be a republican speaker, probably paul ryan, who you have to go duking it out with from the first moment you're president, duking it out with these people who don't want to see you succeed. >> nevada is on the verge of elected the first latina senator. we're also on the verge of seeing nevada elect its first
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latino representative to congress. nevada has never sent a latino no congress. nevada was originally part of mexico. it's been latino for a long time. aside from the voting booth, we need to keep our eye on-congress with nevada. >> you're a very persuasive person. you've waited a long time sitting in that chair an hour and a half. kasi he has n kasie, is that all right? the other stuff, the putting together the age stuff, the generational dispute, you see that when you talk to people? >> sure. i can't tell you the number of times i've been to events across the country where you have the kid and the parent arguing, come on, mom, dad, you've got to get with bernie, and them saying, i don't know yet, i'm not totally convinced. of course, the age gap is real. the answer we're seeing for the first time here is whether or not age is going to trump some of these other factors that have so often driven our democratic
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results. it's starting to look like in many ways the african-american community in nevada is going overwhelmingly for hillary clinton. that could be definitive. i'm interested to see where this latino margin ultimately comes out. is the sanders campaign still going to be be able to argue, hey, we did make inroads in this community, given time, given campaigning, given putting our candidate in front of these voters, we can convince latinos, people of color, that there's something there. >> let me talk about something i've noticed among all vulnerable groups. jewish groups, all kinds of people, who feel vulnerable historically to the majority. they tend to go with people trusted over time. you can't be a more effective democratic senator if your father and mother had been in that position before, because we know these people. bernie sanders is a new product to most people. how does that work? how is that working out? most people never heard his name three or four months ago. >> but they like what he says. and they like his passion.
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they've been calling him a term of endearment, kind of like the grandfather. he's been picking up this emotional connection with the community. at the same time, hillary has such a strong edge. she's usually seen as not very emotional, a little cold, but she's done a fabulous job of connecting with the latino community. >> let me interrupt, we have an announcement to make, the reason we're here. there it is, projected winner. nbc calls hillary clinton the winner of the democratic caucuses in nevada today. picking up 43 delegates. it's done, she's won this race. what a tightly contested race it's been. we'll go to john ralston to give us the best information from the best guy out here. john, hillary clinton has won, according to nbc's projection, 43 delegates, it's done. >> it's done, and it was what i told you earlier. i saw the numbers coming in from
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reno where bernie needed to crush her. he has a very slim lead in washoe county. as steve kornacki has been pointing out, because she has that big lead in clark county where you have the huge population, very difficult to overcome that. i want to remind steve kornacki, what i said when he put me on the spot when he had me on his program, i told him hillary minus 5, that might end up being pretty close. >> we're looking at clark county, where we are right now, las vegas is in clark county. up in reno, the biggest little cities up there, strong points for hillary clinton, apparently. >> yeah, and i was going to give john ralston credit for that. yeah, you can see the overwhelming result, over 300 county delegates, let's just go through, we've been saying clark is the key to this. she is maintaining that 10-point
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lead. that's been steady, it's what she got eight years ago. it's what she needed this year. this also calls into question, we said earlier in the show we were getting indications in the entrance poll that bernie sanders had defeated hillary clinton among latino voters. that's still what the entrance poll is telling us. i have to say, though, when you start to look at these results, this is where the latino population, this is the heart of the latino population in nevada, is in clark county. hillary clinton won the latino vote, the entrance poll said eight years ago, by nearly 40 poun points. if she was losing the latino vote, i'm not sure we would be seeing this result. there are individual precincts were there would be a very difficult result if bernie sanders was actually winning the latino vote. that's something that might be called into question by the result. the other thing to quickly show you, these counties, john was just mentioning this, washoe county, reno, bernie sanders, especially as we got these
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results from las vegas, he needed a big number here. barack obama, in 2008, when he almost won nevada, he beat hillary clinton by 9 points. bernie sanders only up 6 there. elkoe, sanders up by 10 there. barack obama beat hillary clinton here by more than 30 points eight years ago. he's not getting the kinds of margins, sanders isn't, that he needed out of the northern part of the state. hillary clinton needed to win by about 10 in clark county and it looks like she's on pace to do that, chris. >> how do you square this, it's a tough call right now, how do you square the hard call by nbc that hillary clinton has won the nevada caucuses today with the numbers and the polling, which showed a trajectory heading towards sanders? >> like i said, the reason, when those entrance poll numbers starting coming in a couple of hours ago, we were looking at entrance poll numbers that said bernie sanders is winning with white voters and bernie sanders is winning initially, it said, by 11 points.
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those were early numbers. the 11-point lead with latinos coupled with white voters, it looked like a pretty good afternoon for bernie sanders. but when you start looking at these returns, especially clark county, 75% of the state population in that one county, and that's where the latino vote is centered in that state, those results do not square necessarily with those entrance poll numbers. >> hang in there, steve, you're doing great. chuck todd, it seems to me, if hillary clinton wins, as nbc is projecting she will, she goes into next saturday, three days before super tuesday, she could well within then there. this is a turning of events here in nevada. >> it's big turning point. you can call it a sigh of relief, whatever you want to call it. this is a big deal, her narrowly eeking out a win, no matter the
2:20 pm
size. with sanders, this was his best shot at puncturing the balloon that he can't win in diverse states. on the one hand, he's made a ton of progress, he's made this close. it's possible that the entrance polls are right and clinton wins. in a caucus, it's not your total turnout. it's where do you have the distribution based on delegates. sanders could have more people showing up to a caucus site that's worth more delegates than hillary clinton does at another caucus site. that's why entrance polls are fraught with peril than the actual vote. both things could be correct, is my point on this. obviously she did much better with hispanics than the entrance poll shows.
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but that's how both things could be right. let's throw that aside. this win is hugely important to her because she can now run the score. now sanders still has to go win someplace with a diverse electorate in a primary situation to sort of puncture this air of inevitability, which is now back with hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is projected to win nevada today, with 43 delegates, a tremendous development. let me go back to chuck. 52% to 48%. if you look forward to a week from now, next saturday, you've got an interesting development. south carolina with a large african-american population, tremendous rooted connection to bill clinton and to hillary clinton. you've got jim cliburn down there, the other day saying he's all for the clintons. whatever problems they had
2:22 pm
between them eight years ago, they're gone. bill clinton is popular in the south. i think among african-americans, that's my hunch. this looks like a good thing for them. then they go into this incredible run of states, alabama, arkansas, colorado, georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, texas, tennessee, virginia and vermont. except for vermont and the two caucus states, minnesota and colorado, hillary clinton has all the name brand. but she still misses one thing. bernie's got a message. feel the "bern." a lot of excitement surrounding the clinton campaign. what happens when one party -- like in football, would you rather have the mo or the football? the clintons have the football but i think the mo is still with the bernie people. >> yes, but i think today is sort of a setback. you can't look at it any other way. >> i agree. >> look, super tuesday, when you judge who wins or who loses
2:23 pm
super tuesday, it's about who is going to win the most delegates. and on paper, this is an opportunity for hillary clinton to build a durable lead in delegates. set aside the super delegates. among earned delegates via primaries and caucuses, and this is where i think sanders in the next ten days, look, he's got the financial resources to compete with her in any state he wants. he has got to win a day and win a night now. this is going to be -- that's how he get momentum going forward. these have been one state contest. we have one more one-state day for hillary clinton, that's likely next saturday. but look, there's good news for sanders. he gets to play an expectations game. nobody expects him to win. nobody expects him to come within single digits. if he can somehow get to single digits, he can declare some sense of mow tmentmomentum, somf victory. super tuesday, you can't just come close in delegates. you have to win the day in delegates on the big nights. and march 1st is a big night. and march 15th is going to be a
2:24 pm
big night. that's his next challenge. today is a setback and now he has to figure out how to get the momentum back. >> we're all going national in our coverage, because there's going to be so many states, 12 states in the next ten days, 12 states altogether counting south carolina. chuck, thank you so much, chuck todd back in washington. we'll go now to jim cliburn, the real hero in this piece, we can argue. congressman, as you reported yesterday, you were asked by the clinton people to get yourself involved in what's happening here in nevada. maybe you made the difference out here. >> well, i think we did. we talked to a lot of people across the country during this week, when we were told that things were firming up in secretary clinton's favor. and we were asked to do what we can to try to close the deal.
2:25 pm
and so yesterday, we did what we thought we needed to do to close the deal. and of course i'm very pleased with what has gone out there. i really think next saturday, the gateway to super tuesday, and it will be followed two weeks later with another super delegate day. i think by the time we get to the end of march, we can then begin to plan on how to bring this party together, how to get those people who are feeling the "bern" to really coalesce around hillary clinton, because i am convinced she's going to be the nominee of our party and we need to start figuring on what we need to do to be victorious in november. so i'm very pleased with today and i think she will be pleased
2:26 pm
with next saturday as well. >> congressman cliburn, how did you get back with the clintons? how did you overcome the bad blood of 2008? how did it happen? >> well, you know, bill clinton and i have been talking. in fact a long time ago, i'll never forget, we were at a funeral in cleveland not long after all of this happened. we chatted that day. he's been to quite a few of our caucuses. and i talk to him every time i'm in his company. and, you know, he was protecting his spouse, he was supporting her. i've had a spouse i've had for 54 years now, i support her. she supports me. even when i don't deserve it. so you don't have any problems about people protecting their spouse. so i never had any hard feelings
2:27 pm
toward bill clinton. i was looking forward to today when i could get the whole world to understand that. i found that day yesterday. and i think that we're all going to go forward together as one happy family. >> give me a projection. a week from now in south carolina, at the end of your count, what's it going to look like for hillary clinton in south carolina, your state? >> well, i think she'll win comfortably. i would hate to give any real numbers. but i think that she'll win the lion's share of the votes here. i wouldn't call it anything other than a comfortable win. she'll be fine. >> and would you think bill clinton would be a good campaigner for down there? would you recommend he come into the state? he's been very careful about how he campaigns now. he does hardly any national interviews. i would live to have him on "hardball" in any format here on
2:28 pm
msnbc. do you think he would abe good campaigner for hillary down in south carolina this week? >> i think so. i would love to have bill clinton come here. i would love for him to be here when we could probably do a couple of events together. you know, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. no matter what i say to you today, a picture of the two of us together here in south carolina, i think would do wonders for our constituents and for our party. >> you have just delivered a wonderful invitation to the former president, to hold you in public embrace, and i'm hoping to see that, because we all like a good story. thank you very much, u.s. congressman jim cliburn of south carolina. thank you, sir. hillary clinton won nevada today, wow, what a big win for her and it was pretty dicey there, it seemed, as we reported it, it looked like anything could happen here.
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when we come back, steve karn k kornacki will show us how we won. our coverage of the nevada caucuses continues. it's been a great day out here with the weather, and for the clintons a very good day. from the moment they wake up, doers don't stop. every day is a chance to do something great. and for the ones they love, they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical.
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there you see it, hillary clinton is the projected winner of the nevada caucuses out here today. let's go back to steve kornacki to find out how she put the victory together. steve, go for it. how did she win? >> let's take you through the best groups for hillary clinton. some of the best groups for bernie sanders. wall give you a sense for what voters were saying. these were the best numbers she got when you started looking at these different groups, different ways of breaking down the electorate ideologically. 57% of moderates came out and supported her. she didn't do nearly as well among liberals. health care was a top issue, she did best among people who said health care was their top issue. character qualities, traits as a
2:33 pm
candidate, experience, 91% said that was the most important thing went with her. can you win in november, people who said that was their priority, again, three out of four basically were with her. for sanders, among those who call themselves very liberal, that was one of his best groups. ideologically honest and trust worthy, people who said that was the top character trait they were looking for, 84% of them chose bernie sanders, 16% with hillary clinton. income inequality, that was at the top among his supporters. 20% of the caulk he cucaucusgoe independents, they were overwhelmingly for sanders today. >> steve, that conforms with what much us think. is there any surprise on that to you? the moderates would be for hillary, the people who want experience would be for hillary, the people worried about having a good candidate to contest the
2:34 pm
onslaught of negativity from the republican side come the summer and fall, we know it's going to be nasty, who can withstand that, hillary or bernie. then you look at what makes bernie likeable, liberal, the honest factor, that's a comment on hillary but is also a comment on him. it all fits with what we talk about. i'm glad to see that. >> i always think this is a sort of chicken and egg thing. it's the issues the candidates are pressing. are they for sanders and because he always talk about income inequality, they tell you inequality is their top issue. >> the honest one is interesting. hillary's got that problem. it's no doubt driven by fox and other sources that keep pounding her over and over again about e-mail and benghazi and constantly go after even white water, back to that, and bill
2:35 pm
clinton's past behavior. she never has a let-up on that. she has to counter that. and they say, and by the way, she's not honest. >> that's something that's been dogging both clintons for 20 years now. if she doesn't emerge from the primaries with the nomination, that's obviously a general election vulnerability too. >> it all clicks with my thinking and observation. this is great reporting, for people to actually here what voters are saying as they come out. and voters who voted, who actually took the time to come here to places like this right here, show up, participate in a rather complicated process, i think it's greatly to see it confirmed. we have to keep checking it. >> no surprises for me either, chris. >> thank you, a great day for you, sir.
2:36 pm
>> thanks. a live picture of the hillary clinton headquarters. we're expecting her to make her investigatory speech shortly. former nevada governor bob miller is the most recent democratic governor in this state and the longest serving governor in this state. thanks for joining us. were you betting on this result? >> i thought she would win. i thought it had to come closer. i've known the clintons for a long time, i ran president brooklyn t clinton's campaign in '92. they were very organized, it was a matter of organization versus a level of recent enthusiasm. >> did they prevent a leak in the dike? it seems there was a crossing of lines, bernie sanders was coming up, hillary clinton was going
2:37 pm
down. it looks like the clintons put together something to stop that trend. >> we're in a caucus state. we're reflective of the national population and this was in fact a test of that. iowa and new hampshire are not demographically or geographically the same as nevada. it's an indication of how things might go. it was very important for her, as it would have been for him. >> you have 30% hispanic and african-american. >> it's more than that, 29% hispanic and 29% african-american. >> i'm talking about the voters. >> to what degree those percentage went and how they voted, the largest union, the culinary union, really didn't give an endorsement one way or the other. >> can't you guys find a way to have a primary out here? first of all, i think primaries are more democratic.
2:38 pm
i spent most of my time, a lot of it on the air, pounding away at the republicans for all these obstacles they put up to voting, an i.d. card, anything to screw the base of the minority vote. and here you have a very -- i won't say onerous but it does require a larger commitment by far than sometime during a day going over and voting and coming home. >> ironically, my son ross was the secretary of state for eight years. he called me this morning and said, we ought to have primaries. >> thank you. >> and that discussion that was h had was largely defeated by the republicans. >> democracy costs a few bucks. let me go to kristen welker. kristen, where is the candidate who won today? >> reporter: she's undoubtedly going to be on her way here, chris, to deliver what is now a victory speech. i have been in contact with her
2:39 pm
campaign, trying to get exact timing. no word on that yet. i anticipate she'll be coming out soon, chris. the crowd here, just to set the scene, erupted into cheers when the race was called for her, they erupted into chants of hillary, hillary. the reason is because there were a lot of concerns inside the clinton camp that she was going to lose this state. she has edged out senator sanders in a decisive victory. the reason why it's significant, chris, because of what we've been talking about all afternoon, the fact that this is a larger, more diverse state, latinos, african-americans voting in bigger numbers. it underscores that secretary clinton does have a strong following in those voters and it raises serious questions about senator sanders' viability with those groups. now, he has been aggressively reaching out to african-americans ahead of south carolina. but she has a big lead there. the other reason this is significant, it restores the momentum that she lost in new hampshire. it was a devastating loss.
2:40 pm
this brings her back on a somewhat equal if not larger footing moving forward as they head to south carolina and those all-important super tuesday states, chris. >> let me push you on this. where has hillary clinton been the last six hours? >> reporter: well, she's made a number of what we like to call off the record stops, meeting with union workers. the reason for that, chris, is because more than 50% of union workers are latino. they are critical here in nevada. and they are a critical part of this victory. there is no doubt they helped push her over the edge here in this key state, chris. >> did you know she was going to be here for the results before you knew the results? in other words, did she wait to hear she had won before deciding to stay in the state? >> reporter: no, her scheduled departure time is not for another hour. so she was always planning to be here during this time. you're absolutely right, she is
2:41 pm
planning to travel to texas later tonight. she's going to start campaigning there. i asked the campaign, i have been pressing them about that, about why they're leaving on this night, caucus night. they said, we'll know the results by the time they're planning to leave, and in fact it turns out they were right, it was a big gamble, though, because we all remember what happened in iowa when the results were so close that she ultimately wound up leaving before she really knew the final outcome. that was the risk she was taking here again tonight, chris. >> do you have a sense that the critical decisions were made by harry reid in really jazzing up, if you will, the culinary workers who hadn't formally endorsed hillary clinton but made sure they got out to vote, the big casinos and hotels make sure their employees, most of the democrats were given enough time to go out and vote in the caucuses, that all this came together in a way that if it hadn't come together, bernie
2:42 pm
might have won, picked off this state today? >> reporter: well, not only were those union workers given time, chris, they were paid. so they were essentially on the clock when they were caucusing. that was critical for a lot of them. i think you're absolutely right, this was to some extent orchestrated. of course harry reid hasn't come out and endorsed either the candidate. but the thinking behind the scenes is that he is a hillary clinton supporter and i do think he was encouraging those voting blocs to come out. i went to two different caucus locations, chris, and we saw a lot of hillary buttons and a lot of the folks wearing them were union workers. so that was a strategy that certainly paid off for secretary clinton this evening. >> we started to pick up on that thanks to jacob soboroff. we were seeing there were a lot of people there. he's now shaking his head from
2:43 pm
behind the camera, appreciativ appreciatively. i guess we'll get a speech soon from hillary clinton, the winner today in nevada. [ coughing ] [ sneezing ] a cold can make you miserable.
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milk is the projected winner in nevada caucuses. she was strong here in las vegas, where we are right now on the strip, and surrounding clark county, which includes las vegas. i'm joined by las vegas mayor carolyn goodman and her husband and predecessor, former mayor
2:47 pm
oscar goodman. i've been selling this place. the weather is god-given, high 60s, early 70s, glistening weather. i love walking around here, it's like the old atlantic city used to be. >> it's great, isn't it? >> you get a lot of exercise, the weather is fabulous, it's dry, then you go inside and gamble. >> if you're a big enough bettor, we'll bring the cable out for you. >> what does this do for your city to have all this hype? >> we love it, you know that. we've been watching it, we can't wait to have it end up here, october 19th. that's when the final debate is. >> we're hoping tom gallagher, who i went to school with. >> you went to school with an awful lot of people. >> we holy cross folks get
2:48 pm
around. >> it's going to be huge, the university is involved, the convention authority is involved. we'll be spending a lot of time promoting it. >> we'll have 155,000 rooms. >> let's pretend this is a tyson fight. who is the best two matchup for this city, if you had to picks best democrat, the best republican to win? if they go head to head. >> after 54 years of marriage, we're finished, we're nonpartson. >> i'm asking who would bring the biggest gain. bernie versus trump, the two outsiders? >> should be trump. it actually should be oscar goodman, because i've been with the two of them, and if you ever saw two egos go at it, i got such a headache i can't tell you. >> how about hillary clinton versus trump, who wins the matchup? >> if the finals? this is the final two you're
2:49 pm
talking about? >> yes, pick a winner . >> i see hillary winning that in nevada. >> people sobering up, taking it seriously? >> trump is a little different candidate, you can't rely on what he says one day to what he says the next day. he's a very pleasant fellow, worth a lot of laughs. but this is a serious job. >> who won the fight, the pope and trump? >> trump pulled back and said i'm not messing with the pope. >> the pope messed with him and i'm not sure the pope got the best of it. >> some people might have thought he was out of his league. >> that's true. >> i love the comment that the vatican has a wall around it. i forgot about that. >> i always have a simple answer to that, this protects me from offending anybody, render to caesar the things that are
2:50 pm
caesar and to god the things that are god. >> you are a big touter of las vegas and we love you for it. >> i do. i don't chase women but i love this atmosphere. >> and i don't chase women. >> i didn't say you did, buddy. >> we love him to be here. we want him to have a permanent home right here. >> i'm staying -- ari is very nice. much more when we come back. the delightful mr. and mrs. of the city. at the top of the hour, i'll join rachel maddow, the coverage of the south carolina republican primary, gone from a caucus to a primary, "d" event to an "r" event, exciting on msnbc. polls close there just an hour from now. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer.
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yes, a big victory for hillary clinton out here in nevada. the caucuses. the democratic caucuses her way. she's the projected winner in nevada. a state bernie sanders needed to win to prove he could win in a big diverse state. diverse state with a lot of bigness to it. with me now, msnbc's jacob, david weigel of the "washington post." and michael. each of you take a minute. michael with "the daily beast." great work today. we've been covering politics from a distance. you've taken us very close. you're muscling your way through the people. as you watch people who are undecided as they're being physically thrown around in there, being pulled at, that's some politics. >> it's extraordinary to think about just on a super simple level, this is the way they do things in nevada and in iowa and in alaska and in minnesota. it is the most bizarre, most messy process that you could possibly come up with if you tried to concoct that for an election cycle. but somehow, it works, and it
2:55 pm
looks like as we were just talking about before we went on the air, it's pretty darn close in terms of delegates. you know, i could see bernie though he lost upstairs coming out of here saying he feels pretty good about the whole thing, chris. >> yeah. david? >> well, i saw the limitations of bernie sanders' appeal and at least the caucus i covered. it was a very narrow win for hillary -- >> winn is one of the brand new hotels, casinos. >> she won it big this time. more convincing, more rugged spokespeople bringing undecideds over to her. >> just like basketball, we have more muscle under the boards? >> in this case it was. not every -- >> not the best three-point shooters, can you muscle underneath? there's always a basketball met mor. >> remember sanders outspent sanders on television 2-1, he
2:56 pm
had more organizers and organizing offices. though hillary clinton was ahead months ago, i thought sanders was going to win. i woke up thinking sanders was going to win because he had the momentum and money and all the stuff. she dodged, the most obvious pointer, chris, she dodged a huge bullet. imagine the press over the next week she would have gotten if she lost her today. >> i think the reporters covering this completely straight reporters, i've talked to some, with no point of view at all, thought it was moving for bernie. david? >> it was moving in that direction. and he did, he had more offices, he had more ads. there were people signing up. you did see more people signing up today who are for him. i just think maybe there's an underestimation of the resilience, the actual affection voters have for her. she's in the jeb bush, not just a candidate trying to paper over what people dislike about the direction of the country by using an old name. there's real affection people have for her, especially among latinos. >> saw some of it among older women, too. gender loyalty in the group. jacob sobarof. david weigel of the "washington post." michael tumasky of "the daily
2:57 pm
beast." coming up, part two of our double header. i'll be joining brian williams and rachel maddow, coverage of the nevada caucuses and coming up the results of the south carolina primary for the republicans continues after this. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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