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tv   Lockup Raw  MSNBC  February 20, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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i have to wait for at that little thing to land. >> it's not a drone. it had no arm attached. don't worry. >> we should reestablish here, we have projected exactly two winners this evening. the first one was out west a while back, several hours ago, when we projected hillary clinton the winner of the nevada caucus. a preview here, expect to hear a
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lot of hub-bub over the pronunciation of nevada. hillary clinton is 53-47. then we called south carolina for donald trump. your winner with a very, very healthy and comfortable margin. that is all we have been able to project. the difference between second and third has been going back and forth all night between rubio and cruz. jeb bush has left the race, suspended his campaign. kasich and carson continue. >> in terms of the news what has been made tonight, the winners are the big news. jeb bush suspending his campaign is the other big news.
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we have very interesting news in terms of turnout. on the democratic side, a third straight race in which the turnout is way down. preliminary numbers show turnout was down almost 50%. on the republican side, a third straight race in which the exact opposite happened, in which they appear to have record turnout. the previous record turnout in south carolina was 606,000 in 2012. right now 725,000 were 99% reporting thus far out of south carolina. so it's been a very big night for the republicans again. and again, turnout isn't everything. and a six-person race is different than a two-person race but this cannot be good news for the democratic party looking ahead to the general. >> before we go to steve kornacki, we also had widely anticipated a primary in south carolina with a lot of dirty
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trickery. it turns out that didn't come true but some did. >> what happened in south carolina, there was less of the typical south carolina dirty trick, which is i don't know who did this and i can't capture it in any way. it becomes a whisper campaign, it becomes something you can't document, something that's sort of into the wind and nobody ever has to pay to an price for it. we did see things turn in sort of a nasty way, including my favorite nasty campaign trick, which is a robo call run by a ted cruz supporting super pac. it's an anti-donald trump robo call and it is a hall of fame anti-gay campaign tactic. listen to this robo call. check out how trump answers this. >> i'm a lesbian. we've had some great progress with the gay and lesbian
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community through politics and all sorts of judicial actions and election actions over the past 20 years. when president trump is in office, can we look for more forward motion on equality for gays and lesbians? >> well, you can. that's your thing and other people have their thing. we have to bring people together stop. what's he's mean about forward motion? it's not about tolerance anymore. it's about mandatory celebration. it's about forcing people to bake cakes and photograph gay weddings, forcing clergy to officiate, it's about transgender bathrooms in your child school, it's about tearing down our judeo christian values, it's about tearing down our america. ted cruz for president now, before it's too late. >> a little taste of the south carolina republican primary. that going out right before the vote.
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obviously it didn't hurt donald trump too much. >> donald trump ran up huge numbers on ted cruz in new hampshire and now in south carolina. i would venture to say that none of his supporters have any problem with his positions and his comments. so i think this was a tactic that's back fired. i'd be surprised if he keeps it up because donald trump is the dominant political figure in the republican party moving into these other states. this is not your father's republican party. the republican party has largely moved on from these policy debates. >> no, they haven't. >> they have. >> every candidate in the race other than ted cruz has a -- >> by -- there is a large swath of the republican party that has moved on from this debate. donald trump is the national front-runner. >> neither ted cruz or marco rubio or the other candidates in this race. >> donald trump is beating them all at the moment. >> he has a better idea of
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what's important to republican base voters right now than anybody. he really does. you could say that -- you could theoretically expect an ad like that to have some effect on the margins. it shouldn't have any effect at all. >> and this election is being fought on the margins. donald trump is way out ahead, he holds positions on abortion, on equality, on gay rights, on the health care mandate that are totally at odds with the republican base and they don't care. >> which would be -- you would expect to have the republican -- the rest of the republican field get more heterogenous on those issues to reflect that. >> or at least think about it. think about what the voters are telling you. they don't care about the stuff you're talking about. >> the guy who runs that super pac for ted cruz was the guy who was fired from the steve lonigak
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campaign for saying corey booker was gay. he was not gay. ted cruz snapped him up to run that super pac. >> and it wasn't effective in putting him at an advantage against trump. >> but donald trump was very -- >> you've heard of red states and blue states. this is not a dr. suess story. what about green states? >> there are two counties in the state right now, charleston county probably the most moderate to liberal one you'll find on the republican side. and richland. there are two counties that marco rubio looks like he's going to win. the rest of the state is donald trump green. a couple things we can tell you. first of all, there's this hot race for second place for rubio and ted cruz.
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florence county, these are the two counties with the most outstanding precincts left. trump is winning in these counties but what we're seeing in both of them is that ted cruz is outpacing marco rubio. that at least is a potentially good sign for ted cruz as he tries to overtake marco rubio relatively speaking, he has a tough road to hoe if he's going to get second place. there is the potential, i don't think anybody saw that, nobody thought we'd be seeing this much green on the map, there's the potential for donald trump to win all 50 convention delegates up for grabs tonight. 29 of them are delegates that are awarded to the statewide winner. donald trump begwins, he gets 2. the others are given out three per congressional district. greenberg spartanberg county.
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greenville is the highest vote producing county. this is trey gowdy's district. we're talking big numbers of evangelicals here. looks like donald trump is leading with just about all the vote in up there. you look down there, he's losing to marco rubio in the state capital, a lot of bedroom communities around. but trump makes up for it by winning lexington county and winning aiken county. . place where he's got the most trouble, the thing that's keeping him from that 50 had delegate sweep would be down here. trump losing to rubio by about 8 h -- 800 votes. it's not official yet, it's not been called. there's a possibility that rubio can pick off one or two of these districts, but it's looking like there's a good possibility that
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donald trump is going to win all 50 delegates. >> it's not easy being green. steve kornacki at the board tonight. >> christmas ut matthews, we'ved you playing your slots tonight. >> i just think tonight if you just separate the wheat from the chaff, you go what really marts in who is going to be our next president is this i think hillary clinton, it's very important to keep her in the forefront of that fight. she's out front again. do i believe, this is my judgment, she has a very good chance to be our next president. on the other side of the aisle, and i look at the republican side, i do believe trump is flawed. i believe cruz is too far to the right to win a general election. so i'm looking with all his problems and i've known them, at rubio. i think the importance of today
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and both ends of the country is hillary clinton winning and rubio doing well. i think those are the possible, most plausible candidates to be our next president. that's why i think there are good showings tonight are very, very important. >> but, chris, what about the appeal, begin right where you are, the appeal of donald trump? your rubio theory, for it to hold, has a trump fade built into it. where does that happen? where do you see that happen? >> you know, i think as we go down the road, i think we begin to think about the presidency and who can beat hillary clinton. and i thought rubio made that argument tonight. i think they're going to start looking at each other, the two parties, as the person they have to beat. they'll be looking at hillary as you'll hear in the speech pitch cruz tonight. they'll look at hillary more
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than at bernie sanders. i do think rubio has a chance. he's got to collect the bush vote, collect the kasich vote. he has to hope that trump will knock off cruz. i thought lawrence put it very well. so far trump is a minority candidate with a very low ceiling. the ceiling maybe is 35, 38, certainly like that. i don't think it's well over 40. so by that arithmetic, whoever comes out as the other republican candidate at the end of this whole fight, whether it's at the convention, the later primaries, the big states, i think rubio is the best threat. the reason i talk rubio up so much is because i think he can win a general election. i don't know if trump can. >> the problem for the democrats is people don't look at steve kornacki's green state and see it as a 35% state. they see it as sweep for donald trump. >> i know.
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>> especially if he wins all the delegates for winning and all the delegates for all seven district around that state. i hear all the strategizers, by people who are rooting for individual candidates in this republican race but i haven't heard a credible case this either ted cruz or marco rubio would quit and defer to the other at any other time. those two are chalk and cheese. they will not make an alliance. >> and trump's ahead in every state coming. >> you've got three lanes. and there appear to be kind of walls between the lanes. i know that parties come together when a leader finally emerg emerges. that's what generally happens. it always happens. it's very hard to imagine that happening this year. it's very hard to imagine trump supporters saying i'll go with
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marco rubio. it's hard to imagine marco rubio supporters say i'll go with trump. >> but trump is a much more commanding front-runner. >> there is not a race on the map that has anybody other than him leading. >> ahead, right. >> and the poll social far have mostly been right, even if they're not always right. >> it's an interesting thing. numerically speaking there's no question. the fight for second place is a fight for second place. >> our new bureau chief, chris matthews, you're an east coast/west coast guy. >> thank you. i accept the charming ribbing. >> that is exactly how it is intend intended. >> that's the bureau chief job i want because it comes with a buffet. >> and quarter slots.
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i still didn't get that chucky cheese reference. any ways, we're back right after this.
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we are back. this is election headquarters of the winners tonight. trump election headquarters. we are expecting to see the candidate from within about 15 minutes interest now. we'll obviously go there at the moment we see donald trump and the place will presumably erupt. marco rubio has been dining out on the campaign trail, certainly peppering his speeches with the line that he is the guy the democrats fear most. that's going to become an interesting conversation coming out of time. gabe gutierrez standing by at the rubio headquarters. gabe? >> the marco rubio campaign has
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been saying they want to finish in the top tier. they say tonight finishing in the top tier would be a huge comeback. they knew he ththey had to makeg comeback, trying to come off less scripted and more aggressive. for the past several days, they have really gone after ted cruz. it has been knock down, drag out. and this were able to secure some major endorsements here in south carolina. of course congressman trey gowdy, senator tim scott and the most important one of all, governor nikki haley. together all of them have been campaigning throughout south carolina over the past through days saying we are the new faces of the conservative movement. and as you mention, brian, now they're making the electability argument. a lot of his critics, rival campaigns are saying how can the rubio campaign say this is a victory if they do finish in third place ?
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they finished third in iowa, third fifth in new hampshire. they feel that they are best positioned to take on donald trump once that republican establishment co lesses behiles -- coalesces behind them. and move moving into nevada, marco rubio has tie there is, he spent part of his childhood there. tomorrow he's going to tennessee and arkansas, two key states in super tuesday before heading on to nevada. right now the rubio campaign feeling very optimist being. the question will be exactly where he finishes in relation to ted cruz as they are locked in a battle for second place. >> that is very unexpected that rubio is not going straight to nevada. we're in a little bit of a weird place in that south carolina and nevada are both voting tonight. >> what part of that weird
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place? >> weird calendar place. south carolina and nevada are voting tonight. south carolina and nevada are also voting next for the other parties. now, why -- >> no more weird than anything else. >> in each individual state, could you do one election day for both parties. why are these two states hold elections three days apart in one case and seven days apart in another case? go fish. nobody knows. but that is how we have decide do ed to do it. we are ahead, self-en days ahead looking ahead to south carolina for the democrats, three days ahead of nevada for the republicans. for all cultures, in terms of the way the people have been talking about the nevada republican race, there's been much less of it. there hasn't been a big presence in nevada for the republicans. the dean of the nevada political press pool is on our payroll right now. john rolston, looking ahead to
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nevada, my sense is the campaigns haven't been it as evident. are they battling it out on the republican side of nevada? >> they're battling it out for second place, rachel. the cruz, rubio and bush campaigns have great campaigns with smart people running them. rubio reached out to the mormon community here, which will have a significant percent of the electorate. bush has a good organization, if that means anything after south carolina. and cruz got the new conservative rising star to endorse him. all of those campaigns privately will tell you they're playing for second place. data i have seen public and private indicates trump has anywhere from a 25 to 30-point lead. he is going to win here very big i would guess. the only wild card is how goofy the republican party is here
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that they set this up on a tuesday night in a four-hour wi window with different starting times. caucus goers are indicating they're going to go big for trump. >> if trump is doing so well but with no evident campaign in the state, does that kind of break the rules as you understand that as how a candidate is supposed to put together a campaign in nevada? >> trump has broken all of the rules of politics and to his ben this. he has been here three times. he's coming back before the caucus. he's done huge rallies here. huge. did i say that right? huge rallies here. and he has gotten -- the ferv t
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fervency here is the same as everywhere else. up might think nevada is a fertile area for trump, up educated electorate, people who are just mad about the federal government all the time in nevada. i think he's still going to win the state fair lily easily. >> one of the things we've seen in nevada is the fight over federal lands. ted cruz has made a real issue of that going for a hard right flank of that nevada republican electorate. is that a really fringe thing or is that going to have any kind of sway? >> that's a big issue. and trump did an interview with field and stream, clearly didn't know what he was saying and just said it's great because he said everything is great that he's talking about it. it's great the federal government has control of these lands, we should keep these
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lands great. it's almost the exact quote. cruz and his people and especially the attorney general who is suing the federal government over some public hands issue have seized on this. they're running a campaign with cruz pointing out he wants to bring more land back into the control of nevadans. 878% of nevada land is owned by the federal government. it's all public land and any other republican who said they want to give it back to the state won't say how the state is supposed to pay for the management in it. it is a real issue in nevada. is it going to be enough to hurt donald trump? come on, this is a guy that fights with the pope. you think saying something imtemperant about public lands is going to hurt him? >> and the train rolls on. we are going to take another
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break. i should tell you that while we've been talking, ben carson has told his supporters it is just beginning for him and for them. and in many ways for our coverage, which will continue after a break.
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>> who has the gall to go after my mother? >> i won the lottery when i was born 63 years ago and looked up and saw my mom. my mom is the strongest woman i know. >> she should be running. >> the biggest liar. >> you point to his own record, he screams liar, liar, liar. >> i didn't call anybody a liar. >> ted is a nasty guy who doesn't tell the truth. >> this is now a disturbing pattern. >> today the bitter fight between ted cruz and marco rubio. >> every day they're making things up. >> they simply start screaming liar, liar, liar. >> you have to be mean against these people. what they say is so wrong. >> trump is still on the attack, threatening to sue the canadian-born candidate. >> he doesn't even have the right to serve as president. >> one of the things i look
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forward to most of saall is deposing donald trump. >> the world trade center came down during his reign. >> this is just crazy, huh? this is just nuts, okay? >> a week ago, the week that was in republican politics. tonight we have a winner in south carolina. it's donald trump. tonight the conversation will center around the viability of several candidates, among them jeb bush. let's be charitable. among the least self-aware candidates we've ever seen was talked in to just this week contact lenses and out of his glass frames as a 2.0, a remaking of jeb bush. i don't know why i'm looking at nicole wallace as opposed to lawrence o'donnell, both of whom join us. what a week. >> i would be using contact lenses if i could. i just don't know how to put
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them in. obviously too late for jeb bush and the big decision for jeb bush tonight is is it over? what would be the justification for going forward at this point? you know, we are bound in the media to overreact to wins. this is not for donald trump a win of the majority of the vote. we've only seen that in democratic elections, since there's two candidates, that's where it's possible on the democratic side. he's going to win about 35%. 73%, 73% notice exit poll favor donald trump's unconstitutional ban on muslims entering the united states of america. he lost most of the people who favor his wildest idea. that's how challenging the trump candidacy actually is. people agree with many of his ideas and continue to vote against him because of a lot of the things that we saw in those debates. the late deciders went heavily against him.
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they went heavily for cruz and for rubio. so for people who spent some time wondering how much did the debate hurt him, how much did a scrap with the pope hurt him, how much did this crazy suggestion of suing ted cruz over a campaign ad, how much did that stuff hurt him, it probably did hurt him with the late deciders and he still comes out with the most points on the board tonight. but he is not a decisive kind of win are that a party can look at and say here we go, especially when the worst news for trump in the whole week came in the nbc poll which showed if this goes one-on-one trump against rubio or trump against cruz, each one of them beats trump in a one-on-one race. >> you sound like a democrat at the salad bar of rationalization. we just heard nicole talk about the long path of acceptance. am i correct? >> here as the thing. there are a lot of people in the
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republican party who will agree with the analysis that this crowded field has given us donald trump -- >> i'm just saying the analysis is what angers some folks in the establishment lane who would like to see a smaller establishment group, so there could be more of a head-to-head competition. i think coming out of tonight that will burst into public. i think the frustration that some folks feel that trump isn't being confronted more frontally will bubble over and be very much -- >> but let's just object about that f -- just talk about that. both cruz and rubio are drowning in money. drowning in money of which there is endless additional money to come. they both have separate donors, they are not competing for the same people and there are enough rich guys to keep them coming. those two brothers could keep a super pac going from here to mars. there's no likelihood at that
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top tier that those guys have any reason to get out of the race soon. we are looking at jeb bush, ben carson and john kasich. >> let us not forget that in las vegas, nevada tonight on a solo director's chair, in front of the casino so nice they named it twice, new york, new york, our friend chris matthews. >> i want to jump in on the salad bar side. i do think his numbers are correct. i think they're unimpeachable in fact. that trump is a minority candidate right now within the republican party. i just think what's been said all night by people are sort of intermitte intermittently by the people there at the desk. rubio is the one they're afraid of. if you're a smart hillary person, you're afraid of the age issue. she saw the picture of nikki
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haley, the governor of south carolina. it jumps out at you in a race. you look at these -- this is the future of the republican party. rubio has come out of a hugely embarrassing situation, where he was call the behaving like a broken record literally on the ground or a broken doll repe repeating himself endlessly and yet he's come back. if rubio is in the running and bush has to leave and kasich has to leave and carson has to fade, look at the numbers and add them up, eight and eight, add that to rubio and you great lot of establishment vote there. i think lawrence is right. in a long race, if rubio can hang in there and perhaps get sheldon adelson's money out here from the strip, i don't know why he's holding back, gets his money, gets all the other neocon
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money, he stays in the race against trump. they can bring in a lot of new money on behalf of rubio because he is a huck, he's young and the establishment has no other hope. >> nicole wallace, will nikki haley ever be on a national ticket? >> i talked to some folks who were also interested in the nikki haley endorsement. she endorsed mitt romney. she has political courage, she is a rising start in the republican party. we're not long on bright women who are sort of as a tri articu and principled. >> that said no republican will need help winning south carolina. >> there's something to be said about a vice president being chosen -- >> she values the diversity of
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what they presented to south carolina that translate -- >> and if you're going for a state, john kasich -- >> maybe even hillary clinton's. >> 36 after the hour. coming up on 37 after the hour, let's show again where this race stands. donald trump, the project ldprojected win are of south carolina. the rest of the field is where this gets interesting. that will shake out probably in the hours to come still. look at that, second place 42% of the vote in, 22-22, locked at the same percentage as they have been virtually all night. and then just as interesting, bush and kasich. another break. we'll be right back.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> this is going to be short and
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sweet. to those who helped jeb bush and worked so hard on his behalf in south carolina and throughout the country, thank you very, very much. [ cheers and applause ] to jeb bush and his family, thank you for running a race for the presidency that we could all be proud of. [ cheers and applause ] thank you, jeb, for being one of the most decent, thoughtful men i have ever met. ladies and gentlemen, my friend for life, jeb bush. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you, lindsey. when i began this journey in
9:41 pm
miami, i committed that i would campaign as i would serve, going everywhere, speaking to everyone, keeping my word, facing the issues without flinching and staying true to what i believe. for the better part of a year i've endeavored do just exactly tha that. have i put forth a vision for america that includes all because our country deserves a president for everyone. we're different in our country because our head of state is not above us, but because the head of state, the people that aspire to the presidency are part of the people, in a government of the people, by the people and for the people, we elect a president like us, imperfect under god's watchful eye. i've had a front row seat for
9:42 pm
most of my life. i firmly believe the american people must entrust this office to someone who understands that whoever holds it is a servant, not the master, someone who will commit to that office with honor and decency. our next leadler lead an extraordinary country whose people have made the improbable possible in big ways and small. every day americans test the boundaries of freedom and achieve more than what they could have ever draeeamed but o nation's bright light has become little more than a flicker. we have retreated from the world stage. the american values that brought peace and opportunity are fading nap is not the america we know and love. america is a country that thinks big, acts boldly and leads
9:43 pm
without apology. it will be up to the next president to restore that kind of leadership. i'm proud of the campaign we've run to unify or country and to advocate conservative solutions that would give more americans the opportunity to rise up and reach their god-given fonpotent. but the people of new hampshire and iowa and south carolina have spoken so tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> audience: no, no! >> yeah, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> i congratulate -- i congratulate my competitors that are remaining on the island, on their success for a race that has been hard fought. just as the contest for the presidency should be because it is a tough job. in this campaign i have stood my
9:44 pm
ground, refusing to bend to the political winds. we put forward detailed, innovative conservative plans to addresses mounting challenges that we face because despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters -- [ cheers and applause ] -- and i truly hope that these ideas that we've laid out will serve as a blueprint for a generation of conservative leaders at every level of government so that we can take back our country. we laid out plans on everything from reforming our tax and regulatory system, to reviving our economy, to rebuilding our military and to fixing the v.a. once and for all. [ cheers and applause ] finally, finally, i am so grateful to senator lindsay graham of south carolina here
9:45 pm
for his steadfast support. [ cheers ] [ cheers and applause ] and his amazing humor. he stole the line that i'm now saying, which is that he's become a friend for life. i thank all of the jeb alumni. many of them are here that have been going door to door all across the country, who have put their lives on hold for had cause. and i want to thank my mom and brother who came here to south carolina. america truly loves them and respects them and so do i. [ cheers and applause ] i want to thank all my family. 2.0 is always back there in the back. and to my dad, who has served as an inspiration to me, he's the greatest man alive and continues
9:46 pm
to be. i want to thank all the volunteers and supporters that i've met along this incredible journey and to all the fellow grinders in our campaign, our staff, who never, ever, ever gave up. [ cheers and applause ] i've had an incredible life. for me public service has been the highlight of that life. but no matter what the future holds, here's the greatest safety landing can you imagine, tonight i'm going to sleep with the best friend i have and the love of my life. and i am totally blessed to be the father of three extraordinary children, and as you might know, four near perfect grandchildren.
9:47 pm
and i'll be blessed to say that i'm living in the greatest country of the world has ever known. i remain optimistic and with the right kind of leaderership that we all need to work to make sure happens, america's best days are ahead. with strong conservative leadership, republicans can win the white house and we can get back to being on the verge of having the greatest time to be alive and that's when i honestly believe and i know you do as well. i look forward to working with you to make that dream come true. ly i will do it as a private citizens just like you are all. thank you for the opportunity to run for the greatest office in the world. thank you. >> to dismiss this as a lesser candidate gets out of the race would be a wrong story.
9:48 pm
jeb bush was the republican establishment in this race. and ascendancy to nominee so assured and so assumed a year ago that people were grousing "can we have another bush versus clinton going head to head in this race?" chuck todd has been watching and listening with us. and, chuck, there is even a view out there that it is jeb bush who gave this race donald trump because donald trump was his equal and opposite reaction as an establishment candidate. >> absolutely. and trump mirrored the jeb campaign. jeb announced on june 15th. donald trump announced on june 16th and it was the first target of donald trump. as we've seen, when donald trump has gone after somebody, he has
9:49 pm
won. bush was basically his first target and he brought bush down to size in a hurry. it's possible bush would have been brought down to size but others. this was always a tougher hill for him to climb because he came into this race with two issues that were against the base of the party. one was immigration and the other one was common core. obviously donald trump went at him very personally. that didn't help at all. but he always still had an issue with immigration. and donald trump just took immigration and exploited it and exploited it in a way that basically bush could never catch up. bush could never figure out how to pivot into a changed candidate and it's really tough when your last name is bush in an atmosphere and in a political party that was ready to move on. and it is amazing. south carolina has been so good to the bush family. social security gave bush the nomination in '88. south carolina gave another bush
9:50 pm
the nomination in 2000 and now south carolina ends the bush dynasty in '16. it's quite the i guess literary ending there for team bush. >> and a very bittersweet moment for nicole walls wiace who work with the bush family. >> i worked for him. it wasn't his time. the policy issues he had, the common core being the staples of immigration being an act of love. they were going to be a policy burden no matter who was that outside person but he also became donald trump's foil. >> nbc news projects donald trump as the winner in the south
9:51 pm
carolina gop primary. and with almost all of the vote counted, it appears florida senator marco rubio will finish in second place with 23% of the vote, beating out ted cruz who finishes in third with 22% of the vote. it's a big turnout for rubio who finished fourth in the new hampshire primary two weeks ago. trump takes his second consecutive primary win. the gop field now heads to nevada for tuesday's gop caucus there. hillary clinton is the projected winner and avenging her loss in the new hampshire primary. from here the democrats head to their primary next saturday in south carolina. saturday night's winners may have been overshadowed by perhaps the bigger story of the night, the announcement of florida governor jeb bush that he's suspending his campaign after disappointing ruts esults
9:52 pm
iowa, new hampshire and now south carolina. during this race for the white house, the gop front-runner donald trump did not acknowledge bush's dropout during his victory speech in social security. let's listen in on donald trump's speech to supporters. [ crowd chanting "usa!" ] >> i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. is -- [ cheers and applause ] these are special people. and, you know, we got a little boost last week from a polilace all remember. new hampshire. we can't forget it.
9:53 pm
they sent us here with a very good feeling, right? i want to thank my volunteers, all of these people, volunteers. and they travel and they go. i say what are you doing? now they're going to texas and going all over. some will go to nevada. i'm be going to nevada. we're making a big speech in atlanta and going right to nevada. i think we're going to do terrific there. the sec is going to be very, very exciting. we expect to do very, very well. very well. i want to just say thank you to my family. it's been not easy for them. they don't see me anymore. i'm making speeches all the time. have i a great family. i really have a great family so i just want to thank all of you. and ivanka, we have a hospital ready just in case. in south carolina, we're going to have a baby, there's nothing wrong with that, right? so it could be any second.
9:54 pm
it could even be before i'm finished. but you know she insisted on being here, it was so important for ivanka to insist on being here. really good. jared, vanessa, don. we have a wonderful lieutenant governor who backed us very early in the process. you know henry, right? the lieutenant government of south carolina, i will take him over the governor any time because we won. we won. [ cheers and applause ] he can handle that very nicely. he's tough. he's very tough. tiffany, eric, laura and melania. melania, say something. go on. please. >> i just want to say an amazing place, south carolina.
9:55 pm
congratulations to my husband. he was working very hard, and he loves you. we love you and we going ahead to nevada and we will see what happens. he would be the best president. >> and representing some very, very wonderful children, ivanka. just say a few words. >> thank you, south carolina. this is an amazing, amazing night. the momentum since the beginning of this campaign has been unbelievable, and that's because my father's message resonates so deeply with so many people. so as our family, we're incredibly proud, we're incredibly grateful to each of you. i will say this, my father is an incredibly hard worker and he'll be working for each and every one of you. together we'll make america
9:56 pm
great again. thank you. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. so, you know, i was watching upstairs and it was really amazing to be watching what i was watching. and some of the pundits -- you know, overall fair but not too much. but a number of the pundits said, well, if a couple of the other candidates dropped out, if you add their scores together, it's going to equal trump. [ crowd boos ] >> they're geniuses. they doesn't understand as people drop out, i'm going to get a lot of those votes also. you don't just add them together. so i think we're going to did very, very well. i think we're going to did very well. i want to also congratulate the other candidates, in particular i have to say ted and marco did a really good job and they did quite well, as i understand.
9:57 pm
no, come on. just one minute, one second, right? good. okay, we go back to war tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning we'll be back, but i just want to congratulate the other candidates. there's nothing easy about running for president. i can tell you, it's tough, it's nasty, it's mean, it's vicious, it's beautiful. when you win, it's beautiful. and we're going to start -- we are going to start winning for our country. we're going to start winning. because our country doesn't win anymore. doesn't win. we don't win with the military. we can't beat isis. we have great military, but we can't beat isis. we don't win on trade. you look at what china's doing to us, what japan does to us, what mexico is killing us at the border and with trade. mexico is killing us, absolutely. we'll do the wall. don't worry, we're going to do the wall and, by the way, who's
9:58 pm
going to pay for the wall? >> crowd: mexico! >> and it very easy. the ol politici politicians coo say you can't get mexico to pay for the wall. believe me, they will pay. one of the ex-officials from meks -- mexico, they had a news conference and say we will not be paying for the wall, who does he think he is. they said do you have a comment? >> i said, yes, the wall just got ten feet taller. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's true. and i love mexico. i love china.
9:59 pm
i love many of these countries that rip us off because we have leaders that are incompetent and down know what they're doing. i love these countries. they're great. i have thousands and thousands of hispanics. we're going to nevada. i lead with the hispanics. i'm leading in every poll with the hispanics. they love me,i love them. the problem is that the leaders of these country, whether it's mexico or johnsapan or vietnam, which is doing a big number now all of a sudden or china in particular, that's the big one, the greatest abuse of a country that i think i've ever soon financially, china. what they've done to us is the greatest single theft in the history of the world. they've taken our jobs, they've taken our money, they're taken everything. we're bringing our jobs backs back, folks. and i know how to do it. we've had so many -- we've had so many incredible endorsements. to me getting the greatest
10:00 pm
business people to endorse me is very important. call icahn endorzed me. we're going to put these great business people in charge of trade. it. they're going to negotiate with the best business minds in the world. and we have them in this country. [cheers and applause] so we're going to do a lot of beautiful work. we're going to terminate obamacare. it's going to be terminated. it's going to be over. it's going to be repealed, and it's going to be replaced, and you're going to have much better health care at a much smaller cost, because obamacare, look at the increases in your obamacare. 25, 35, 45, even 55%. it's dead. it's not working. we're going to go to a plan that's so much better and so much less


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