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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  February 21, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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good sunday afternoon to you. i'm tamron hall in columbia, south carolina. we have a lot to get to this hour as this presidential race on both sides heating up. candidates surge forward on the campaign trail after the critical contest in nevada and the great state of south carolina. on the democratic side bill clinton is expected to hit the trails for his wife, hillary
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clinton, in colorado springs, colorado about 15 minutes from now. we are keeping cameras stationed there. gop front runner donald trump will be out in atlanta, georgia not far from here. other candidates will be hosting rallies across nevada this afternoon to prepare for tuesday's big nevada republican caucus. and just last hour marco rubio started his first campaign event of the day in franklin, tennessee. since coming in second in south carolina primary last night rubio has been making the argument that the contest is a three-main race between himself, trump and ted cruz. cruz was on meet the press this morning. chuck todd asked if he might have trouble winning at his state on super tuesday. >> are you going to beat donald
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trump in texas march 1? >> i certainly hope so. we will work hard to do so. >> must-win i take it for you? >> we hope we do well. i believe we will do well. we have an amazing team in texas. i love texans and texas is clearly the crown jewel of super tuesday. >> donald trump has been campaigning hard against senator cruz at the possibility that his canadian birth might make him eligible for the white house. trump casting doubt on marco rubio's eligibility. trump retweeted an accusation from another user that neither cruz nor rubio is eligible obthe basis of natural born citizenship. he was asked about that tweet this week earlier today. >> you are really not sure? >> i don't know.
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i never looked at it. i have never looked at it. somebody said he is not and i retweeted it and i have 14 million people between twitter and facebook and instagram. i retweet things and we start dialogue and it is interesting. >> joining me now from atlanta georgia katy tur we talked about how donald trump uses twitter to see if the public and his supporters respond. we see the strategy with ted cruz and his eligibility and other people. now he is going after perhaps marco rubio, some say his biggest threat at this point. >> reporter: he is testing the waters. he is testing the waters. this is exactly how we saw him begin his attacks against ted cruz. questioning his eligibility on twitter saying many people are talking about this. many people think it is a problem. he started out gently with ted cruz. a full scale attack on a
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full-scale war with marco rubio coming up in the polls now and eking out a second place win and getting more people than expected. you can start to see donald trump start attacking rubio much more because he will be posing his bigger threat going down the line. so we are seeing eligibility question. we will see if he brings that up again today at this rally but he certainly attacked him in the past many times when it comes to his age. he called him sweaty and all sorts of other names. we see what he says in atlanta. so far marco rubio has been defending himself. take a listen to how he responded to that allegation that he wasn't eligible on abc this morning. >> this is a pattern, a game he plays. he says something edgy and outrageous and then the media covers that and then nobody else can get coverage on anything else. it is not going to work anymore. i will spend zero time on his
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interpretation on the constitution with regards to eligibility. >> reporter: looking at exit polls what was interesting is the majority of donald trump support decided months ago meaning anything he said or controversies he has had lately fighting with the pope or apple or george w. bush didn't matter to his supporters. they decided and essentially weren't listening to anything else that he was saying. 46% of that voting block that republican voting block that came out decided at the last minute they did not go for donald trump. so in order for him to win the nomination and he has a good path to win the nomination, but in order for him to do that he doesn't just have to maintain his support, he has to gain support especially with jeb bush not in the race any longer and support going to marco rubio and ted cruz. donald trump believes he will get support but certainly with the field less striated donald
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trump will have to work harder to gain voters. >> absolutely. you make that point. this was a great victory for donald trump in this state but when you look at the late decideers they did not go for trump. there could be a number of reasons as to why that happened. when you look at and we looked at nevada at hillary clinton's early lead and she was able to pull out a victory, smaller one than early indicators but donald trump had a similar issue here where he had a big lead early on, a nice lead in the end but those late decideers did not choose trump. >> and we'll see if that is going to be an issue for him going forward. this crowd is thousands strong here in atlanta and he is not taking the stage for about another hour. he gets very big crowds especially in the south. we saw him have 20,000 or so people in mobile, alabama. that is a ton of people for a primary race that was early on. you don't see those crowds for
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general election races until the end. he has gotten great big crowds in arkansas, a big crowd they believe in nevada and then on to houston for the debate. we will see how strong his support is. with ted cruz nod winning the evangelical vote ted cruz was expecting to win that and said ted cruz keeps saying he is going to do well in the primary with religious voters. questions how well he will do in the s.e.c. and questions on what state marco rubio can pick up. donald trump is in a strong position in this race. a lot of people saying he needs to bring out more voters on his side of it instead of just maintaining. >> thank you very much. katy tur live for us. you see the trump event getting started there. we will carry a little bit of that for you this hour. the other big story is jeb bush's decision to drop out of the race where he might endorse
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or could he endorse. follow the jeb bush campaign all the way to the end and even though you heard the gasp from people last night at his event surprised that he was dropping out it is surprising and it isn't in that jeb bush never was able to get a message that resonated. does his endorsement matter to anyone? >> reporter: well, one of the things most striking right off the bat is the difference between the back drop where katy tur was with the energy, excitement and crowds and i am on a lovy tree lined residential street where this is the neighborhood where jeb bush lives. it is quiet, back to normal life for a man who was really carrying the expectations of his family, of his party, of his supporters and all of those people who poured so much money into his campaign.
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it was surprising and yet on some level expected that his campaign was in some trouble. i think those supporters who were in the room with him who most wanted to see him go forward were the ones who let out the gasp. what happens now? he had hoped and planned to be in the race much beyond the first three contests and in the really dismal showing that sort of set the tone that this was not his year. but can it be his year in helping to bring the party together, to throw his support which is a lot of donors and structure and a lot of the expertise within the party which maybe didn't match the sentiment of voters in the moment but is still a valuable asset in terms of ultimate nominee and for the party trying to win the white house back? those are things that jeb bush does still possess. he may be able to use his influence and voice in some ways to influence the process going forward.
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perhaps even the surprising way that he ended his bid kind of early in the evening, didn't take time to think it over or perhaps try to push on to one more state. really kind of saying that he could take the mantle for a bit, make his own speech, talk about his own candidacy while saying it was time to end it. could he now with sort of the respect that comes from that, the admiration of people who said it was a classy ending, could that give him more sort of juice in the weeks and months to come? the big question will be will he get behind marco rubio, someone he knows personally very well, a mentor to him, even though they fought it out very tenaciously or someone like ohio governor john kasich who is also struggling to get traction in this race? remains to be seen what jeb bush's plans are. it hasn't been 24 hours yet so
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there is sleep, rest and family time that is first but does he still have something to say? we suspect that jeb bush may want to put another mark on this campaign season somewhere down the line. >> you can suspect to your point it does seem like he kind of got on stage and anounounced he was suspending the campaign. we had his adviser on here before the vote in south carolina. i asked him do you have to get out of this race? what pushes you out of the race? behind the scenes they were thinking about it and they had a line in the sand established. my question to you, though, what are we hearing behind the scenes? how bad is the blood between jeb bush and donald trump? is it bad enough that jeb is willing to put every bit of credibility that he has behind someone to defeat trump? >> reporter: i think that if you judge by what advisers have been
12:12 pm
saying, what the candidate has said, the time i spent with them on the trail, what we have all watched as we have seen the campaign unfold jeb bush made it clear that he believes donald trump does not have the right mix of assets in terms of his temperment, his skills, his experience. he has been a success in his own way but may not have the things jeb bush believes are necessary to be president. we see voters judging that quite differently. it seems very hard to imagine that even if trump becomes the nominee that bush would campaign for him. sometimes those fences get mended over time. it seems much more likely that any sort of strain between rubio and bush could be repaired. trump is really in a different place when it comes to what impact he has had on this race and the way that he has talked about issues or lack thereof in terms of policies. hard to maejs that jeb bush would find a way to support
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trump. on almost every point from substance to style to temperament trump said bush is the wrong man and voters are saying the kind of energy and sort of big personality that trump has brought is something they're looking for. i think it is hard to imagine a bush/trump alliance down the line. >> thank you very much. pleasure having you on. while nevada caucus winner hillary clinton is focussing on fundraising today senator bernie sanders is campaigning here in south carolina. he will be in greenville in just a couple of hours but he was about ten minutes from here earlier this morning at a big church. we will talk about that. also here in south carolina with me is casie hunt, a lot to get to. we will talk about the dynamics of south carolina because we are here with the great people. some people have read a lot into bernie sanders speech last night, appears he is past south
12:14 pm
carolina and now on to super tuesday. what is your review? >> i think it is about how they see the race. i'm not sure he left south carolina off on purpose. hillary clinton is in a strong position here. >> you saw it in the numbers here and how african-americans turn out for a bigger part of the electorate here as you know that is why we saw him at this church dinner this afternoon. >> not just any church, one of the most important black churches here, the church that president obama and first lady have attended. this is a major move. >> there was a little bit of concern that they didn't want to make all parishioners go through magnetometers today which is why he went to dinner instead of service at the church. it is going to be a really tough road for them ahead.
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the math will get hard and fast on the delegate front. when you think about the states coming up you have big southern states, texas, georgia, alabama all places where she can run up the score. even if sanders is able to run the table in places more favorable to him, the caucuses of minnesota, colorado, massachusetts even if he wins significantly there the delegate map will get hard. >> the money game here, the reports he spent a lot of money january around 34 million. he is burning through the cash. >> he is spending more money faster than hillary clinton is spending money. he has been raising it more quickly and more easily. through is a lower cost, if you will, for every dollar the sanders campaign spends than hillary clinton. she has to invest time and energy and money to raise more money. that said this is their opportunity to capitalize on what momentum he was able to get. it does make sense in many ways
12:16 pm
that they put a lot of money in the front here. as long as the question is going to be whether the small donors keep giving, if he is not winning states is the cause he represents still enough for them to open their wallets? if it is he will be able to sustain his fundraising. >> interesting. larry elder, he is a conservative. he tweeted out bernie sanders goal was to move hillary clinton to the left. no one is taking advice from him on the democratic side but moved her to the left, mission accomplished. >> i think the sanders campaign feels like they have succeeded and bernie sanders feels like they have succeeded in pushing the focus on to the issues that he cares a lot about. i think she was a wall street money finance when there was a lot more focus there. i think the sanders campaign would like a platform of some kind at the convention. they are on track to demand some
12:17 pm
things. >> coming up, it is the church for democratic candidates. you are looking for votes african-american votes in south carolina it's the place to go. president obama has dropped by the church multiple times. bernie sanders was there today. the pastor will join me live when we come back. u've ever taken the time to learn a little tiny bit of somebody else's native tongue? that opens up the doors to trust. my name is kanyon. i'm a technician here in portland oregon. every morning, i give each one of my customers a call to give them a closer eta. and when i called this customer, i discovered that he was deaf. then i thought of amanda. i've known american sign language since i was about 8 years old. it's like music for your eyes. and i thought that was an amazing gift to have, to be able to communicate with the deaf. my friend kanyon asked me to help him
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this smells like strawberry. are these mints? given that 80% of kids who ever used tobacco started with a flavored product, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any? just a short time ago senator bernie sanders made a stop at the legendary church thrks brooklyn baptist church in west columbia, south carolina. hillary clinton is holding an event there this wednesday and president obama came here as a senator in 2008 and later as president. it is a significant stop for candidates. joining me now is reverend charles jackson jr., executive pastor of brooklyn baptist
12:21 pm
church. you brought some church members with you. you are all in style. bernie sanders was at the church. the church has not endorsed a candidate. your father has not. i want to play a little bit of what parishioners said this morning. >> right now i must say it is pretty even for me. i think hillary is strong in some areas and bernie, too. i will vote my conscious. >> god is the head of my life. i know if i pray to him about who i feel will be the better person to be the next president he will guide me in that direction. with faith we can move mountains. i'm moving twads hillary clinton. >> i would like to see a christian in office, someone that will uphold a lot of values that we have with regards to helping out the people in the community, being there for
12:22 pm
others. >> hillary clinton has a huge lead in south carolina, largely in part to some of the very folks that pack your pews. what are you hearing are concerns? >> if you heard one common thread in some of the remarks that were mentioned were concern about values, about spiritual principles and one of our concerns at the brooklyn baptist church and new laurel street baptist church is our concern about the next generation and the direction that our children are going in we are concerned about the future. so the moral fiber of america is truly a concern particularly among people of faith. >> you are speaking specifically of faith but bernie sanders also speaks of moral fiber of this country as it relates to income inequality. that is a part of the message that has resonated with young people. i asked you how old you are.
12:23 pm
you told me 37 years old. you are what they refer to as fertile ground for bernie sanders' candidacy from what we have seen talking about tuition costs and students getting out with great debt and issues that do effect the next generation. are you hearing from young people at your church that are torn. some young man said pretty even. >> i'm hearing that, as well. it's kind of even across the board. i don't hear too many leaning in any particular direction. i think the more that the candidates speak about that equality and the moral fiber in terms of economic equality and racial equality i think the more that will really speak to the younger generation. >> it's interesting we have beautiful black ladies behind us from your church. others have said in the end it
12:24 pm
very may well be up to the black women that will rise up and help hillary clinton this time as they have with barack obama's candidacy that that may be the glue that keeps her candidacy together. black women over 50 specifically. >> that very well could be. there is a very strong feminist movement in america and that is very reasonably so. >> are you seeing that in the church over black women leaning more towards hillary clinton at your church? >> because of the close affinity there with a strong woman who is a presidential candidate. i am seeing that, as well. among the younger women and the younger people in general they are a little torn between the two. >> thank you so much for joining us. tell your dad hello. everyone at your great church next time we visit. >> thank you for giving me the opportunity. the lingering debate over who really won the latino vote
12:25 pm
in the democratic nevada caucus. there is a big back and forth. before you start tweeting your conclusions we'll put numbers in front of you. donald trump makes a major concession on the issue of whether he thinks president obama is a muslim. it is a strategy change of sorts, maybe. donald trump was asked this morning is president obama a christian? we will play his answer for you as we continue live from south carolina when we come right back. in, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college, raised active twin girls, and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression,
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the clinton and sanders campaign fill fighting over who won the latino vote in nevada. according to the poll saners won by eight points sbrmpt dh we don't believe the so-called entry polls were particularly accurate. if you look at precincts there is a lot of evidence we did very, very well with every group of voter. >> and joining me now is jose
12:29 pm
antonio vargas. thank you so much for joining us. there is this big battle. we know the importance for bernie sanders to be able to say he won the latino vote in nevada would end the argument that he can't win a diverse electorate. he may not be able to win many others but he could point to nevada here. >> yes. i think especially looking forward to super tuesday you have texas with a large latino population. i think colorado is another one, minnesota is another one. i think the sanders campaign wants to say the latino vote is not a lot for the clinton campaign. i want to know given nevada has a sizable asian and filipino population. have we heard about the asian vote in nevada? >> right now we have asia pacific islander population is
12:30 pm
9%. we don't have exit poll information regarding that but i know it is of interest to you because you point out people undocumented in this country and talk about the growing population and the diversity of the electorate for the democratic party we must be inclusive of asian population. >> that is what emerging us is about. we are trying to figure out a broader conversation about politics. do asian voters exist? we are not a part of the conversation at all. my name is jose people assume that i'm latino instead of being asian. i think we have to figure out how to better cover and represent the electorates that we are talking about. >> absolutely. that has been the argument in many other demographics feel ignored. when you talk about immigration
12:31 pm
especially a candidate on the gop side saying he will build a wall he is not talking about the great wall of china even though he refers to it. he is talking about a wall with the united states and mexico. >> and the irony is the facts show that the fastest growing undocumented population in the country are actually asian immigrants, not latinoes. that is another fact that donald trump is when it comes to immigration, donald trump is running with a factless campaign. it's just not based on facts. too many of us in the media don't question him on that and let him say what he says instead of questioning him and saying where did you get that information from? this is just what this reputable source just said. >> we are looking at some of the questions that arise and some of the hostilities as a result of comments from donald trump. i do want to get your thoughts
12:32 pm
on deloris. she tweeted out that she offered to -- let's put it up. she said i offered to translate and bring supporters chanted english only. we fought too long and hard to be silenced. we got a response from simone sanders regarding this and said as the senator has said this campaign is about bringing people together. we expect supports to be respectful of all people. we talk about ugly rhetoric on the gop side. this was a comfortable moment yesterday. >> i was one of them watching it play out. i have to say i am neither for clinton or sanders. i am undocumented. i can't vote. i support any candidate who speaks humanely about immigrants. we are talking about a civil
12:33 pm
rights icon. to hear some of the bernie sanders supporters on twitter talk about her like do you know this woman's history? and not only that john lewis last week in terms of what happened, this is john lewis. regardless of whether or not you agree with whom they are supporting respect is warranted. that is really important. >> i have to ask you about nevada. donald trump saying yesterday he is still leading he says in all votes, the hispanic population in nevada that he thinks he has momentum there. >> there is an emerging new majority in america that does not approve of donald trump. that's all i have to say about that. >> thank you so much for your time. greatly appreciate your insight as always. >> thank you for having me. bill clinton is back on the campaign trail today. we are expecting him to speak at any moment. he is in colorado and will bring you what the clintons are saying
12:34 pm
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i used to like that song. former president bill clinton is speaking right now. these are live pictures at colorado springs fundraiser for his wife's campaign. let's take a listen. >> because when she was a young officer she was one of my presidential military aides. i always knew she would be a great success and i'm thinking of applying for a job with her now to maybe teach part time. i want to start since i'm at an institution of higher education with only a tiny bit of nonpolitical speech to try to put this election in context.
12:38 pm
how many of you saw president obama's last state of the union speech? i thought it was a beautiful speech and i thought it was factually completely accurate. he said in summary for those of you who did not see it, he said i know we still have problems but america is doing better than any other big economy on earth. we have had 14.5 million jobs in the last five years, the fastest job growth since the other democrat was president. [ applause ] we got 90% of our people with health insurance for the first time in american history and just a matter of time until we get everybody. we have the youngest most
12:39 pm
diverse work force in the world and it's a great, great advantage in an independent world. we have the highest quality of science and technology base to springboard into the future and we have the best system of higher education in the world. we are in great shape so focus on the challenges, embrace change, don't turn away from it. now, that's all true. but the american people heard it in different ways. some people heard it and said that can't be true. my life is not worth a flip. other people heard it and said oh, my goodness if that is true i don't understand why i'll never be part of that future. >> you are listening in to bill clinton in colorado springs stumping for his wife.
12:40 pm
hillary clinton has no events planned for this evening but that does not mean strategy meetings have ended. kristin welker standing by for us. not that they are looking past south carolina, they know that it is pretty comfortable here. they are looking at this map and trying to figure out where bernie sanders and his message might resonate and where they need to flood other supporters in. we are having some mic issues with kristin welker. we will try to get back to her in nevada. that is where the attention of the gop will turn on tuesday. joining me now is correspondent for yahoo news. are you there? >> i am. >> thank you for joining us.
12:41 pm
hillary clinton does not have events planned for the evening. you have the victory out of nevada. bill clinton laser focussed. colorado springs, colorado. we showed him live there. they have to be looking at the map and strategizing where could bernie sanders pick up a victory at this point? >> i think this ties into your last segment about the fight over who won hispanic voters in nevada. when you look at colorado and texas which are super tuesday states which means march 1, colorado is a state that has 20% hispanic population and texas has almost 40%. so they are looking to try to carry over some momentum. i think some of that argument wasn't necessarily about nevada where hillary clinton won but about going forward on super tuesday which by the end of the day 30% of delegates will be apportioned. i think hillary clinton and her
12:42 pm
campaign have looked at march as the month where they can create separation with bernie sanders. it is in these states that have a lot of delegates to give and a lot of diversity. >> so when you look at the map is the math on bernie sanders side in any way? >> i think that one of his problems is that he has been raise ag lot of money lately but the campaign wasn't always like that. when you have hillary clinton and her resources she has been building a national infrastructure and preparing for the days when you have ten states that are voting. i think she is going to do very well on super tuesday. vermont is voting on super tuesday. a lot of those states a lot are in the south. a lot of them the democratic party tends to trend a little more conservative and i think that she is positioning herself to do well. it's a completely different primary campaign when you take the focus from a set of few states like iowa, new hampshire, nevada, south carolina and you open up to dozens of states by
12:43 pm
the end of march. >> did it hurt the sanders campaign to focus a lot on his strength as it relates to caucuses? that was some of the reason that they had some confidence yesterday going into nevada because they feel or felt that they figured out the caucus system and he has the momentum. he has the excitement on this side of the election. >> i think that their hope was they outspent hillary clinton in nevada two to one on ads in the final week leading up to the nevada caucuses. i think the great hope was to drag it out and to continue to build momentum in these early states and hope that would carry over and energize voters nationally because they know that they are up against a campaign juggernaut, someone who has unlimited resources, superpacks behind her. they really needed to do well in nevada knowing that they were polling down in south carolina to build up momentum. i think that he is going to get a significant chunk of votes in
12:44 pm
some of these states but it will be very difficult for him to win the primary is there anything that can happen in south carolina that bernie sanders will be able to hold on to next weekend? >> i think that they can continue to try to turn out young voters. i think that you have seen some division within the african-american community but that has been such a stronghold for the clinton family for decades now that it is hard for sanders to make end roads. that is the sort of state because it is in the first cluster he has been able to focus. you have seen him and secretary clinton traveling to states like michigan. some of these midwestern states like ohio are all states that are going to vote in march and i think that some of those working class pro labor union democratic voters are still going to find an appeal in bernie sanders message. >> because the math gets
12:45 pm
difficult for him and hard to see where he could pull out a big win other than his home state of vermont even though home state pushes hard against that they see potential victory in minnesota and virginia, with that said, when you look at the sanders campaign he prides himself of not going negative. he has pushed hillary clinton on releasing transcripts from wall street speeches with the pressure and the math and map in front of him, do you believe bernie sanders will be more aggressive if he is to survive? >> i think one of the features of his candidacy is that he has been consistent on his message. if you looked at his speech yesterday in nevada he continued to hit home on the core values of his campaign talking about a fairer more living wage and some of the economic issues, talking about wall street and being able to rein in the big banks. he doesn't tailor his messening for what state he is looking at.
12:46 pm
he will continue to draw policy contrasts against hillary clinton. he will not do a significant shift away from what his core message has been because that is what he has done in every state regardless of what the voter demographics look like in that state. i think he genuinely believes there is an appeal to his message in all voters but haven't familiarized themselves with him or his message. >> thank you for your time. great pleasure having you on. still to come, donald trump and president obama this morning donald trump asked if he believes president obama is a christian after a very controversial tweet regarding justice scalia's funeral and donald trump asking if it were held at a mosque would president obama be there. trump calls it a joke. very few people are laughing, if any. think of it as a seven seat theater... for an action packed thriller.
12:47 pm
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12:52 pm
him. >> well, i think what you saw here is that republican voters and to that extent some independent voters still continue to vote out of frustration and fear. and i think last night it was a clear -- there is now a clear alternative. if you're not happy, if you don't believe that donald trump should be the commander in chief or if he has the temperament to lead our country, there is an alternative, and there are alternative ways. people are worried about this country and they're worried about this security but there's different ways to go about it and they couldn't be more crystal clear opposites than what you have seen with donald trump. >> donald trump says senator rubio and his supporters are kidding themselves if they believe all of these voters, jeb bush supporters and others would migrate to marco rubio. he believes he's the second choice for some of those people. >> i think donald believes he's the second coming if you ask me. the guy will say and do anything. he's proven to do that. he's even said he can change his positions. if you ask anybody, anybody here in this restaurant or anybody
12:53 pm
across the country, they know where the supporters are going to go as this race continue to winnow down. bush supporters i believe will come on board. it's going to have to be about policy, not bumper stickers the rest of the way. >> victoria, let me bring you in as a surrogate for senator cruz. here he is, he lost the evangelical vote in south carolina. he's not very strong as far as his confidence level when it comes to his home state of texas that he calls the crown jewel. this morning he couldn't say with confidence he would win texas. >> well, i think it's really going to come down to those who are keeping their consistent with their campaign and senator cruz has kept really consistent with his campaign all the way through. i do believe that people really are just coming out in nevada with -- in our kau sus in historical numbers, unlike the democrats because they really want to change, and i believe
12:54 pm
that senator cruz has campaigned on his promises and he's been consistent. >> why did he lose the evangelical vote in south carolina? >> well, i think that -- i don't believe he lost the evangelical vote. i just believe right now of that it's -- >> no, but he did. the numbers indicate that he did. >> right. well -- >> he did. >> i believe senator cruz -- okay. i believe senator cruz has been consistent with his campaign promises and i believe he'll do well here in nevada. >> okay. let me ask you both and i'm start with nathan here, donald trump during justice scalia's funeral tweeted out this, we'll put it up on the screen, he was referencing the fact that president obama did not attend the funeral. he says i wonder if president obama would have attended the funeral of justice scalia if it were held in a mosque? very sad that he did not go. this morning donald trump was asked if he believes president obama is a christian.
12:55 pm
let's play what he said on "morning joe." >> the president says he's a christian. he says he's accepted jesus christ as his savior. do you take him at his word that he is a christian? >> yes. sure. >> okay. >> why wouldn't i? i take him at his word. >> i take him at his word, yes, sure. joe pointed out it was governor scott walker who stumbled through that answer. 43% of republicans according to a poll september 2015 believe president obama is a muslim. donald trump is going in the deep south. how does this play out for him there, that he -- >> well, once again donald has flip flopped but at least this time i believe i like his answer better. i supported governor romney in the last campaign and many people attacked his religion. this country is about the freedom of religion, and simple we are not here to judge. that's left to jesus and our lord and savior. i'm glad to see him say that, but that tweet, tamron, that's the kind of stuff that people are going to have to realize is
12:56 pm
that who we want to be the president of the united states. >> victoria, we entered south carolina with a fight with the pope, a cowl to ball to boycotta threat of a lawsuit that never manifested itself and donald trump is still leading and looks to run the table on his competitors. >> i just don't believe this election is going to come down to what religion anyone is. it's not for any man, including donald trump, including the pope, to decide what anybody's relationship is between a person and their creator, and i think it's going to come down to policy, and i believe that this is what the american people want. they want change. they're not interested in talking about religion right now. they're interested in talking about policy or how our economics -- we're stagnant with our economic growth. how divided the country has become over the last eight years, and this is what the american people are concerned about. >> well, should be an exciting
12:57 pm
tuesday in nevada and, of course, a big weekend coming up here in south carolina. thank you both, nathan, great pleasure meeting you and your wife is right. victoria, thank you. it's been an incredit week in the heart of columbia, south carolina. i want to thank all of our guests who joined me. come over. come say bye. where is the cute little boy with the glasses. before we go. all the kids. come on, come on. thank you so much. columbia, we're heading to charleston to do our show live. come on up. thank you to everybody who came by. chris jansing is live next from nevada. look how cute he is with his glasses. o their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c.
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1:01 pm
brooklyn bridge. might be a dead giveaway with the palm trees and the strip that we're not in new york. in fact, we are in las vegas, a city where fortunes are won and lost, and the big winner yesterday was hillary clinton taking the democratic caucuses. on tuesday the republicans are coming here, and the stakes just couldn't be higher. can anybody beat donald trump? well, the two candidates who are most poised to do that are both making their case today about how they'd pull it off. take a listen. >> i think donald's campaign has largely been about how bad things are. there's no doubt we need to recognize how difficult things are but you can't just say you'll make america great again. you have to explain how you're going do it. >> if you want to beat donald trump, one of the clearest indications of who can beat trump is donald spends every waking minute attacking me. his campaign views us as the only real threat to him. >> both of the democrats in the race looking to expand the
1:02 pm
electora electorate. >> we will do well when young people, working class people come out. we do not do well when the voter turnout is not large. we did not do as good a job as i had wanted to bring out a large turnout. i think we have a good shot in colorado, a good shot in minnesota, a good shot in massachusetts. i think we're looking pretty good in oklahoma. last poll i saw in my own state of vermont had us at 80% so i think we have a shot to win there, and i think we will surprise people in some other states as well. >> there's an underlying question that maybe is really in the back of people's minds, and that is, you know, is she in it for us or in it for herself. i think that's, you know, a question that people are trying to sort through, and i'm going to demonstrate that i've always been the same person fighting for the same values, fighting to make a real difference in people's lives. >> the democratic race potentially at a turning point, but let's start with the republicans because in a short
1:03 pm
time donald trump is going to be in atlanta. he's going to a huge venue, 10,000 people, and i was checking out the local newspaper. they said expect a raucous event. katy tur continues to travel with donald trump and she joins us there. what are we expecting? what's the word from the trump campaign, katy? >> reporter: this is honestly, chris, one of the biggest crowds i have seen him have in quite a while. i wasn't with him in the south the last few times because i was in new hampshire and iowa, but this is certainly a really large crowd here in georgia. this state votes on march 1st, and if he continues to get crowds like this in the s.e.c. states, the super tuz pesday primary, that bodes well for the candidate. right now he has a lot of momentum on his side. he's won new hampshire, won south carolina. since 1980 no candidate who has won both of those states has not gone on to win the gop nomination, so certainly the campaign is feeling really good right now. they feel like they're having a mandate, that they can go on with what they've been doing exactly the same way with his
1:04 pm
sometimes outrageous rhetoric. right now on the loud speakers there's a gentleman saying please don't hurt the protesters, which is what we hear at a lot of rallies and it's emblematic in a lot of ways of the trump campaign. the personality, the controversial aspect of it, the fact that people protested inside his rallies and people sometimes have in the past at least put hands on those protesters, so they have been trying to stop them from doing that. trying to tell them to chant usa, usa instead of potentially getting rough with some of these guys. donald trump expected to take the stage any moment now. he goes on to nevada tomorrow which caucuses on tuesday. certainly the campaign feeling good, and if you look at the exit polling from both new hampshire and south carolina, the vast majority of trump's voters decided early on, months ago, that means that a lot of the controversies, the things he said, the past week where he's criticized george w. bush, got into a fight with the pope,
1:05 pm
boycotted apple, all those things didn't necessarily matter. the voters weren't necessarily listening to that because they decided early on. still, 46% of south carolina's voters decided at the last minute. that is a very big bloc, and that's more than the voters that donald trump got. that means that to go on and win this primary, even though he's got a lot of momentum, he's got to try to gain support rather than just maintain it. chris? >> no doubt about that, katy tur, at what is indeed a raucous event in atlanta. that brings us to ted cruz and marco rubio as the stakes have gotten higher. boy, the intensity of the war of words has escalated and never more so maybe than this morning on the morning shows. take a listen. >> iowa, i was in the same position as marco, the leading conservatives in the state in iowa were backing me, and we won. we won decisively when we had the leading players behind us. when marco had the leading players behind him, he couldn't come anywhere close to donald trump. that ought to be a real warning
1:06 pm
sign. >> i just think voters are growing increasingly troubled by the tenor of his campaign. he's literally every day making up things. you saw today one of his supporters i believe in illinois, a member of his campaign, said they're becoming concerned about this and are thinking about maybe getting out of the campaign as a result of it. >> and joining me now here at new york, new york in nevada is hallie jackson. you were telling me as we talked about how intense this is getting, there's a new memo out from the cruz campaign. >> from the campaign manager, terry sullivan, from marco rubio's campaign actually talking about the nine-point strategy moving forward not just here in nevada but as we head into the s.e.c. primary states and talking about why they were so successful in south carolina. the spin from the rubio campaign is that when you talk about ted cruz, they believe he is running a dishonest campaign. the nastiest campaign south carolina has ever seen according to team rubio and they're also talking about the idea that he talked about his ground game, talked about his organization, yet couldn't deliver with the
1:07 pm
third-place finish in south carolina. it is -- seems like a memo that may be designed to get under ted cruz's skin -- >> and what are the chances it will be successful? >> what do you think, you know? this is something we've been hearing from rubio's team for a while now, that the cruz camp talk about the strategy, about the ground game, they are open about the process stories, 27,000 volunteers in texas and 10,000 in oklahoma, et cetera. the rubio campaign is making the point just because we don't talk about it, doesn't mean it's not there. they were making 20,000 phone calls a day in south carolina they said ahead of the primary there. the bottom line, it doesn't matter what happens for second place if donald trump keeps -- >> this is the point. i think what they have in common is they both have become masterful at spinning second and third place finishes -- >> into victory approximates. >> in victories but the question is how long can they go without a win. >> because there's a guy who is actually getting the victory. >> whose name is donald trump. >> correct. >> hallie jackson, thanks to you. a beautiful day in las vegas. joining us is rick tyler, the
1:08 pm
national spokesperson for the ted cruz campaign. good to see you, rick. how are you doing? where are you? i'm not even sure where you are. >> i'm in houston, texas. >> in houston. okay. well, listen, senator cruz hasn't won since iowa. that's 20 days. what's your plan? what realistically can you do to notch another win? >> well, the history is to -- in order to get the nomination, you have to win at least one early state, and senator rubio has not done that. we've won an early state. placed third in blue new hampshire which is pretty unexpected, and we effectively tied in south carolina. we set out to do well in those first three states, we did well, and now we're in nevada and we'll be working hard for nevada. but when you look at the march 1 states and look at the organization and the money that we have and the time we've already invested in the march 1 states, i think we're going to do really well. rubio was asked this morning, by the way, where he thought he could win and he said florida. now, florida, 45% of the
1:09 pm
delegates will have already been allocated by florida and if you include march 15th, 61%. it sounds to me like the rudy giuliani plan. >> let me ask you if you think the psychology of the voter might be changing, and here is why i say that, rick. everyone has been saying we just need the race to sort of winnow down a little bit, and then it gets really serious when it's one-on-one or two-on-one against donald trump. but arguably that's when voters really start looking at who can beat the democrat, who can beat hillary clinton, who can beat bernie sanders, whoever the nominee might be and the hit begins your candidate is he's the guy that can win in the rye marries because of his conservative record, his conservative rhetoric but when you look at somebody who can appeal to the middle voters, then you have to look at marco rubio. >> except that never applies to the left. that never applies to hillary clinton or barack obama. they always say you have to motivate the base to get out, and by the way, if you look at it now, the 538 did an ideological study of the republican party and they rated it a 71.
1:10 pm
ted cruz is a 72, and, you know, the media and the moderates always tell us we have to pick someone from the middle. the fact is there's no one left in the middle. there's less than 9% of the people in the middle. imagine a big crowd and you're in the middle of the crowd, in the middle is ted cruz and you see someone way over to the left. what the media wants us to do is move over to where that guy is. you lose the base voter and they don't turn out. if we don't have a turnout on election day, all the republicans down ballot will suffer. that's what happened with mitt romney. that's what happened with john mccain. we just don't learn thinking. we've got to -- >> so let me ask you about what's going to happen here on tuesday, rick. let me ask you what's going to happen on tuesday because i know there was a problem four years ago, as you well know. they only had i think 33,000 votes on the republican side and it took them like two days to count because this is a party that's under funded and some would say disorganized, and now your campaign is telling supporters to actually take their cell phones and take videos if they see anything that
1:11 pm
is out of the ordinary or concerning at the caucuses. what's your worry about tuesday night? >> well, look, we're always concerned about ballot security and we're always concerned about caucuses, and we want to protect the integrity of the vote. that doesn't mean we're really suspicious. just we want to be cautious, but obviously we've done well in the caucus before, and that's where we beat donald trump. marco rubio has not beaten donald trump. most of this party seems to want to beat donald trump, and if they want to beat donald trump, then they ought to pick ted cruz because he's the only one that actually beat donald trump. not marco rubio, and i don't think he can. >> it's always good to see you. thank you so much for being on the program. >> thanks, chris. >> that brings us -- thank you. that brings us to jeb bush who is, of course, now out of the race and he has gone home to florida, but a lot of questions remain. where will his voters go, his donors go, and will he endorse anybody, say his former very good friend marco rubio? for more on that let's go to florida where kelly o'donnell is
1:12 pm
standing by. a lot of questions. what are the answers? >> reporter: well, i think there's going to be some time for some of this to evolve, chris, because for jeb bush it is really just the first day post-campaign for him. time to kind of have some time with family and relax and try to figure things out. but for the voters who have been supporting jeb bush and the donors, the decision can come more quickly, especially for donors who want to try to support a campaign that perhaps is more in the lane of what jeb bush represented but was not able to attract enough voters. and so look for the possibility of mending fences with marco rubio. both rubio and bush have long said they have a real friendship and they obviously have had a relationship over time, and that was bruised and a little frayed during the difficulty of a campaign, but on issues they're in quite the same place. now, on the experience gap, certainly bush believed that he had executive experience, decision making experience that might make voters drawn to that
1:13 pm
take a look at a john kasich who is a two-term ohio governor but also sort of back of the pack. what seems hard to imagine, chris chris, is that many of the bush voters and donors would find their way to drurch. th donald trump. that would be a big question. with jesh out of the race, does he help to consolidate someone who can oppose donald trump in a more traditional republican establishment lane? that's the expectation, but will it actually happen in a year that's been full of so many unpredictable moments? chris? >> great question to end with as we started with questions. thanks so much, kelly o'donnell. one thing they can say is that donald trump heads into nevada with both history and some actual numbers on his side. he's leading in the polls, but check out this little fact. every republican in modern times who has won both new hampshire and south carolina has gone on to win the nomination. so that worries a lot of people who are in the republican
1:14 pm
establishment. just this morning trump was on "meet the press," for example, defending his more liberal positions on health care and abortion. >> we're not going to let people die in some -- in skqualor because we are problems. that's part of the problem with republicans where somehow they got fed into this horrible position. we're going to take care of people. one of the candidates, i won't mention names, said we're not going to spend that kind of money on women's health issues. i am. planned parenthood does a really good job in a lot of different areas but not on abortions. >> so now the clock is ticking, right? tuesday you have here in nevada the caucuses and then 13 states on super tuesday which is march 1st. let me bring in our panel to talk about it. katen dawson is the former chair of the south carolina republican party and lynn sweet is the washington chief, bureau chief of "t"the chicago sun-times."
1:15 pm
. here is the question. how do you beat donald trump? >> you consolidate, one. >> what does that mean, consolidate? >> it started with jeb bush dropping out, chris, but there is -- for all we talk about trump winning, winning, he still isn't getting a majority. >> so there is room. do you agree with that, there is room? >> there's some room. you say how do you beat trump? right now the two, rubio and cruz, are just whining at each other, who is second, who is third? >> do they both go after him? >> i have never seen political races out of the hundreds and hundreds we have done where nobody is trying to be first. i mean, that's what just happened. the one who is trying to be first was jeb bush, and he spent the money and it didn't work because he didn't have the message, not his time. if you're going to spend all your time trying to be second and third, you'll end up with zero delegates and trump is going to be the nominee. they have to take him on, take him on in debate fashion or town hall fashion and expand the
1:16 pm
conversation because donald trump is going to dominate -- just look at las vegas. this is made for donald trump. >> so let's talk about if you're the establishment, and let's use an example, for example, nikki haley, who came out and said when she hadn't decided who to endorse yet, she said i'm not going to endorse donald trump, and there are a number of people in this so-called establishment who have said that and she endorsed somebody else in marco rubio. but if you're the establishment and the clock is picking, what do you do? >> i'm going to -- >> don't get in a room? >> the cirque du trump strategy. >> somebody hanging from a rope? >> that what he says is theater. what he says can't necessarily happen, and that's hard to do when somebody gets in your face and says you're a loser. but there are ways if you do it bit by bit, there are smart people in politics, and i know
1:17 pm
that -- it's not going to be easy, but nickki haley by the wy i think could be a secret weapon here. there was like 0.2% difference so basically a tie in south carolina. if you're looking to expand the base, go for moderates. who are you going to bring to ohio and michigan? glenn beck for marco rubio or nikki haley -- glenn beck for ted cruz for if you want to get the all-important suburban female vote are you going to bring nikki haley? >> we're going to keep you guys here. we'll fit in a quick break, but when we come back, we're going to turn to the democrats. now focus not just on south carolina but the super tuesday states we've been talking about. hillary clinton still holds a significant lead over sanders in south carolina. we're also going to tackle the question of how sanders is going to try to overcome that, not just strategically but the psychology of the race for president is coming up.
1:18 pm
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1:21 pm
the voter turnout is not as high as i had wanted, and what i said over and over again, we will do well when young people, when working class people come out. we do not do well when the voter turnout is not large. >> senator bernie sanders talking voters turnout on "meet the press" this morning. he then went on to greet the post-church crowd at an off-the-record stop in south carolina trying to turn around an electorate that's majority african-american and very much on hillary clinton's side. the most recent poll shows clinton with a 25-point lead. we turn to kristin welker who has been covering the clinton campaign and joins me in vegas. we're usually together at the white house. a little different setting. skroop nice to see you on the trail. >> let's talk about hillary clinton going forward. huge boost for her last night.
1:22 pm
she rolled the dice, and she came up sevens. >> and she won, yeah, big. >> but what now? she wants to close the deal. >> she wants to close the deal and you hit the nail on the head. last night was pivotal for her campaign. she regained the momentum she lost in new hampshire. look at what happened. she won largely with a huge support of african-americans, 76% to 22%. you talk about the strategy moving forward. she's going to continue to aggressively court african-american voters. she has a lot of big endorsements, congressman james clyburn, morgan freeman. at the same time, there were some warning signs for her here. again she lost big with younger voters. >> let me ask you about that. here in vegas britney spears is going crazy posting all these pictures on her win siebsite wi hillary and bill clinton and then her manager had to come out saying she's not endorsinendors she's not a political person. was that an attempt to reach
1:23 pm
younger voters. >> we're all trying to fit in a britney spears show. look how she's bringing out on the campaign trail, america ferrera. does it help her to be standing next to her? absolutely. i think you're going to see more celebrity outreach. she will be fund-raising for the next two days in california. i wouldn't be surprised if we saw another celebrity pop up here or there. a signal to young voters, i'm hip, i understand you, and she's tweaking her message, talking more about college affordability and trying to reach out to them. >> and her husband is out everywhere. he's in colorado springs, colorado. we'll keep our eye on that as well. nbc's kristin welker, thanks so much to you. msnbc's kasie hunt is on the road with sanders in columbia, south carolina, and we're expecting him, what, anytime now to appear there? >> reporter: about an hour or so, chris, we'll see him in greenville, south carolina. an hour and a half outside of
1:24 pm
columbia, south carolina. sanders, of course, trying to court african-american voters. he was at the church earlier today you showed. that's a significant african-american congregation. president obama has also dined there, but you have to tell you the sanders' campaign focus is moving quickly away from south carolina even though that's the next contest up. the ground here is very tough for them, and we saw part of why that would be in those nevada results, and so the question for him is going to be where does he go on super tuesday? those march 1st states. and the reality is it's going to get pretty tough for him pretty fast. you have in some ways two different sets of states. there are a bunch of really big states in the south where hillary clinton has an opportunity to rack up a lot of delegates. that's texas, that's alabama, that's georgia. all of those places where african-american voters are really critical. for sanders, their map is, and you can see it there, colorado, the caucus in colorado, minnesota in particular, and, of course, massachusetts, a state
1:25 pm
where people know him a little bit they feel. he'll campaign in massachusetts starting tomorrow, but the problem here, chris, is that there -- even if he does manage to get clean wins in a number of these march 1st states, if the margins aren't that big, he's going to have a really hard time outstripping clinton's delegate lead in the southern states, and i think this is what -- to go back to what kristin was talking about, this is part of why the clinton campaign feels so strongly last night was such a good night for her, because at this point the momentum now back on her side, and we're starting to see more of just how difficult it would be for him to roll up along this big map, chris. >> kasie hunt, thank you so much for that. and we're back now with katon dawson and lynn sweet. so how much do you think has hillary clinton's victory here last night changed the race? >> i think it means a lot. jim clyburn's endorsement in south carolina did and her organization is pretty well honed. i saw it when i was voting on
1:26 pm
friday early. they were coming in with cards from secretary clinton saying i'm here to vote. i don't see that type of organization out of senator sanders in south carolina. certainly we'd like the race to run a lot longer. that's the positive part of the republican race is we need it to go longer to have a chance to win the white house so we can do what barack obama did and set up organizations in every state. if the democrats' end earlier, good for us. >> what are you going to be looking at on the democratic size? >> i'm looking at turnout, looking at the numbers. barack obama is the first democrat in modern history to overvote the republican primary since 1980, to bring in more votes for a candidate. that didn't happen in 2012. we gathered it back up, and we had more votes. so -- because democrats didn't have a primary obviously. so what we're looking for is 730,000, 20% increase in south carolina, increase the republican voters in new hampshire, increase in iowa. it's shown it's not all donald trump. it's shown that it's the breadth of all the candidates we had,
1:27 pm
the governors and everybody included. so there is a lot of excitement on our side. there is a lot of defense being played on the democratic side. i as an operative would hope hillary's campaign would end, she'd win, and then quit organizing down the road. that's what i would hope for. >> you're getting a good laugh out of that though, lynn. >> i am, because it's not -- not quite that simple. i don't say that she's on defense, and she has been in south carolina since april so she has roots down there. >> the other thing we talk about is momentum. i want to look at it in another way. i look at the psychology of what happens inside in a candidate's head and in their team. when you're out with the campaigns and you see -- first of all, everybody is exhausted. let's just say that. this all started so early and everybody has gone flat out, but in addition to that and all these debates they've had on the republican side, i mean, there just is every little thing that comes from the outside affects people and you heard everyone saying, oh, people are nervous, what if she loses to bernie sanders in nevada. so psychologically where do we
1:28 pm
go into south carolina for democrats? >> i'm glad you're talking to dr. sweet, the political psychologist, so, chris, here is what i think is happening. one, the stories are stopping about the death of the clinton campaign. very bad for her donors. so there's two groups of people that this helps the most. one are the reporters who have been writing negative stories about her -- >> so they can write something else now. >> second are the donors, the most nervous part of the electorate ever, and when they do have an outsized influence because, you know, when the money stops, the campaign then has to shore them up and unlike bernie sanders who does not have to stroke donors, he doesn't have to spend time going to fund-raisers, there's a lot of donor maintenance that hillary clinton has to do. this nevada win helps shore her up with her donor base. >> real quickly katon, on the republican side, who has the psychological advantage right now do you think? >> it's donald trump. >> without a doubt? >> there's no question.
1:29 pm
well, donald also spent the least amount of money of all of our republicans per capita. he's got the momentum, the message. i'lling doggone if i can figure out what the message is but it's been working. >> katon and lynn, thanks to both of you so much. stick around, we have a short break coming up, but on the other side the gop ground game. in this year of the outsider, can a well thought out game plan actually work? establishment candidates, what they may need to do next. stick around, we have a short looking for 24/7 digestive support?
1:30 pm
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1:32 pm
take a look. that is where donald trump will be in a short time. huge venue, thousands of people waiting for him in atlanta, georgia. in the meantime a little bit about the guy he knocked out of the race. $150 million is how much jeb bush raised for his now as of last night defunct presidential bid. spending more than $10 million of it in ads in south carolina alone. but with only a fourth lace finish to show for it, the former florida governor now returns home to florida. we'll see for how long, if he'll get back in politics ever again, but bush along with ted cruz and
1:33 pm
marco rubio all have invested more heavily in the ground game than the front-runner. so far though it hasn't mattered. are the rules of campaigning being rewritten by the trump campaign for will organization eventually catch up to the billionaire businessman. here to talk about it, nick from "the new york times." good to see you, nick. >> hey, chris, how are you? >> so tv ads, money, all the things that we traditionally say policy proposals on your website, it was sort of the bread and butter for years, and is donald trump saying none of that matters anymore? what are we looking at as we look at this republican race right now? >> well, i think we're seeing, you know, kind of a post-policy gop right now, a post-money gop in some ways. it's less true on the democratic side i think but it's also a point there as well. what's happening is that it turns out that the things we thought mattered a lot in politics don't matter as much if there is one candidate who can get a ton of free media and who
1:34 pm
gives people a reason to come out and vote for him without building some kind of high-tech infrastructure for get out the vote. >> so maybe it's an aberration. maybe the rules aren't being rewritten. there is just this one exception for this one person. >> well, i think some things are being rewritten. look, bernie sanders has shown that you can raise presidential level money without large donors. he's the first person in history to do that. it's kind of astonishing. he doesn't have bubbndlers or large donors. if he wins or doesn't win, he's proved it's possible. i think donald trump is probably an aberration in the sense that it's hard to imagine other candidates with his talent for getting free media. every time he opens his mouth, he's on national tv telling jokes and giving his message. so he saved himself tens of millions of dollars doing that. but to his credit equally important, chris, he spoke bluntly to people. he told them the truth as they saw it, and he delivered a message that no other candidate
1:35 pm
was really delivering in terms of his issues on free trade, on taxes, on health care and immigration. and so what's important here is that -- >> let me interrupt you for a second. hold on a second, nick. trump has taken the stage. let's listen -- >> see what i mean? >> we're running for so much. you know, "time" magazine just recently had a cover story, and they talked about the momentum that we have, but they really talked about the fact that this is a movement. this is something that they haven't really seen before i think. they're saying they've never seen anything like this before, and we have such amazing people whether it's here or dallas or mobil mobile, alabama, or houston or anyplace. it's always the people of our country are amazing, amazing people, and we want to win again. we're going to win, we're going to win. [ cheers and applause ] isn't it true though, you know,
1:36 pm
we look at ourselves and we're all very capable people and we know what we're doing and we know what we want, but isn't it true our country does not win anymore. we don't win against isis. we don't win with trade. we don't win with health care. we're, by the way, terminating obamacare. we're going to come up with something so good. we don't win at the border with mexico. we don't win anywhere, but we're going to win. oh, are we going to win. you're going to get so tired of winning. you're going to get so tired. you're going to say, please, please, mr. president, we can't stand it anymore. we don't want to keep winning. we can't stand it, and i'm going to say, i don't care. we're going to keep winning. we're going to make america great again! [ cheers and applause ] >> so, nick confessore, i find
1:37 pm
the psychology of his message, nick, to be fascinating. first of all, he always praises his audience. he always says you're amazing, you're the smartest, you're the most confident. the other guys on the other side who are in washington now are stupid, they're incompetent. he has taken this from let's talk about how we're going to change things to simply saying over and over winning, and it's working, nick. >> that's right. look, his message is purely an emotional appeal to a certain part of the electorate who feels that they have been disenfranchised, who are losing their political, economic, and cultural power in america, and he speaks directly to them in language this they use among themselves. it's how real people in the real world talk about politics. it's not so much how we talk about politics in newspapers and on cable television except when donald trump is on the air. >> and you know what? there's so many people out there
1:38 pm
who even if they don't like donald trump appreciate the fact that he has recognized the discontent in the electorate, and so it goes on. nick confessore, always great to talk to you. thank you so much. >> you too, chris. thank you. >> when we return we'll talk a little more about what it takes to win. supporters of both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are going to join me to talk about the democrats and what their plan is going forward. stay with us. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at when your allergy symptoms start... i've been claritin clear for 14 days. ...doctors recommend taking one claritin
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i don't think it's right to look a person in the eye who is hurting and needs help and tell them that if they vote for you, you will get $5,000 of health care but only have to pay $500 for it. you shouldn't say that unless you can really deliver it. if the numbers don't add up, it's wrong to headache those promises because it's not just about math, it's about people's lives. >> hillary clinton sharpening
1:42 pm
her attack on bernie sanders as the campaigns look ahead to south carolina and super tuesday and beyond. joining us now, congresswoman maxine waters who is supporting hillary clinton. always good to see you, congresswoman, and i want to ask you specifically about what we just heard from hillary clinton because we have increasingly heard her criticism against bernie sanders saying he's making promises that he cannot keep. do you believe he's running a deceptive campaign? >> well, i have heard from a number of people that they would like to know more about where the money is going to come from, how he's going to put together the legislation, how he's going to convince the members of congress to do what he would like to have them do, and so the press has not drilled down far thuf to g enough to get those kind of xonxon compromises, so, yes, there is a criticism by legislators in the political arena who is wondering how is he going to do this and where is the money going to come
1:43 pm
from? >> let's talk about the things he has done that are undeniable. he has gotten an enthusiasm going on the democratic side, sheer numbers of people who had never come out before, the enthusiasm of young people. when you go to one of his rallies, the level of excitement there, frankly, very different often than when you go to hillary clinton rally. does that concern you or do you think he's actually doing something good overall for the democratic ticket? >> no, as a matter of fact i am pleased about young people who are getting involved in the political process. i think that not only are they understanding better what some of these discussions are all about and we welcome that, and so i don't in any way say that what he's doing is wrong. what he's doing is good. we just want the young people to belong to the democratic party. i'm a democrat, and hillary
1:44 pm
clinton supports the democratic party. she has not only contributed at, you know, the congressional level to democrats but at the state level building the democratic party so that we can have the kind of candidates who can run for higher office. unfortunately, bernie sanders has not done that. he has not been a democrat. he's a socialist. he's not a democrat. he has not contributed to the democratic party. he's not developed young democrats, but i want this to happen because i want to expand our party. it just so happens that hillary does it better. >> california congresswoman and hillary clinton supporter maxine waters. it's always good to see you congresswoman. thank you. and earlier today -- >> you're so welcome. >> nbc's chuck todd asked bernie sanders about the path forward for his campaign. here is what he said. >> don't you have to beat her in a place like texas or virginia or tennessee, a big state, to say you know what, i can win this nomination. i can't just come close. don't you have to do that?
1:45 pm
>> no, you're right. look, look, at the end of the day what you're saying is true, you need delegates. we're looking hard at michigan. we think they have a pretty good shot in parts of texas. trust me, we are focusing very hard on trying to get as many delegates as we can. >> joining me now, south carolina state representative and bernie sanders supporter terry alexander. good to see you, and if i can pick up on what we just heard from senator sanders, he says i think, you know, we have a pretty good shot in parts of texas. can i go back to chuck todd's point, which is if he doesn't win some of these major states that are coming up in march, can he say that he can mount a credible campaign against whoever the republican nominee is? >> well, if he's going to win those particular states, if he's going to be the nominee, yes, he's going to be a credible candidate that can beat any of those republican nominees right now. he has a campaign that has excited a lot of people. he has a campaign that has
1:46 pm
engaged a lot of voters. he has a campaign showing enthusiasm about the process and the direction in which the country needs to go in the next couple years. i think bernie sanders is that guy to do that. he is the one to bring folks out. he is the one to engage this whole -- the new voters coming out this particular year. >> but it's not enough to engage them. they have to get out to vote, and we saw that that didn't happen for him yesterday. it does seem as though hillary clinton's repeated use of phrase one issue candidate seems to be sticking. republicans say they can't wait to use the word socialist against him. how does he turn this around after his loss last night? >> well, i don't think -- when you think about him losing by six or seven points, percentage points, i don't think that's really a loss when you look at where he was two or three weeks ago. he was down, you know, i mean, he had no chance, no opportunity in the minds of hillary clinton and her supporters that he was going to win nevada. so i think just the mere fact he's able to close that gap says
1:47 pm
something about his campaign, says something about the type of person he is, says something about when folks hear his message, they will begin to start tuning in and doing those things and going to the polls. the polls did turn out. did he win? no. but i think he brought out more folks than they thought he was going to bring out. that's why hillary was there half of last week, because she knew he was on this track and she knew he was making a difference. she knew he was beginning to turn people towards him and that's what this race is all about. >> so lets look ahead and tell me about your state and tell me what the strategy is going to be right now so that he can have a good showing there. >> well, i think what we're going to have to do is continue to do what we're doing. we've even closed the gap here in south carolina. when i came on back in november, we were like 9%. no one knew who he was, no one had a clue who this guy was, bernie sanders, and here we are now really knocking on the door. you know, you got numbers all over the place talking about,
1:48 pm
you know, the gap, the margin of victory that hillary is going to have, but we're just going to have to see. we're knocking on doors. we have folks going door to door as we speak trying to get those new voters out, trying to get these young folks to the poll, trying to get these young folks engaged, and i think folks are going to be surprised at how this turns out next week. >> south carolina state representative and bernie sanders supporter terry alexander. thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you very much as well. a lot going on here in nevada. very soon about an hour west of me here, ted cruz will rally with voters. that's coming up at the top of the hour. big question about who will have the edge among latino voters. we'll talk more about that when we return. ♪ ♪
1:49 pm
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we are back live in nevada, and this is ted cruz set to take the stage soon in his first rally of the day in this state. donald trump has a massive 26-point lead in the latest nevada poll. also, starting to look familiar, cruz and rubio in a tight but distant battle for second place. joining us now is jocelyn seita, t seth, and we bring back katon dawson. welcome to all of you. jocelyn, let me start with you and give us the lay of the land. we now how important the latino vote is here. this is a big test for many of the candidates. >> yes. >> where is the latino vote now. give us a sense of where the electorate is and how worked up are they? >> they're very worked up.
1:53 pm
as we saw yesterday, they showed up, very participated. it was a big victory for the latino community to be engaged. we wanted them to stand up for the issues they believed in. if any candidate is going to n want the latino vote to show you, they need to talk about the issues that matter. >> which are? >> immigration, health care, education. immigration is a big issue but not the only issue. we have health care. we need to make sure we start addressing the fact a lot of the people -- a lot of the candidates are trying to talk about how they want to take away the affordable care act which has helped a lot of latinos in nevada and around the country. they want to take away the dream act, which has helped a lot of the latino community and all the youth in our state and in the country. so those are the issues that are important, and they need to start addressing and having the conversation. one side has done that and they were attracted to that and that made them show up. so it's not about which candidate won the latino vote. it's about the latino winning
1:54 pm
the vote itself. >> and showing up and that is critically important. what we saw, katon, at the end of the last election was the rnc putting out essentially a post-analysis of what happened in the last election and one of the key points was they were very concerned and they wanted to put great effort into getting out the minority vote. are you seeing any indication they've made strides? yoo >> i'm not seeing much. we started the campaign again with the rhetoric about illegal immigration and that has tremendous concern especially in the hispanic latino segment. you look at states like nevada, colorado, those are states as republicans we're going to have to win and we have to expand the map and that's going to be a lot of work for us right now. >> and, seth, we have heard donald trump say many times as he often makes these broad statements, i am going to win the latino vote.
1:55 pm
latinos love me. what's the situation here on the ground? >> well, i don't see too many latino supporters of his when i go to the rallies. i'm sure there will be some out there voting for him but you know, really, the latino vote to the republicans isn't as important in the caucus because it's an early partisan process for the base. it's more important to them in the general election when they get there and republicans need 35%, 40% of the vote to actually win a general. >> and even though and i think the point is well taken that latinos, blacks are like everybody else, they care about the economy, the education. these issues don't change but they have lived the immigration story, right? this is something that in their everyday lives is a constant presence. so how is that going to play out here when we look ahead at the overall large latino population? >> well, it's hard to really make inroads with that community when you're starting off the conversation by saying we need to build a wall. that's going to drive people away. you know, it's like jocelyn said, they want to talk about health care, they want to talk
1:56 pm
about education. family issues, they're people they have more than just immigration on the mind but when you start two steps back it's hard to get them to support you. >> katon, is it too late for the republicans? >> no, it's not too late. donald trump and the rest of the republicans, let's watch marco rubio -- >> he's not going to stop talking about building a beautiful wall and getting mexico to pay for it. >> it's worked, it's gotten him votes to far but as this primary goes down, you have to get serious about winning a general election of which one it is. so what donald trump has the market cornered on is rosperity disgust the public has with washington. will it resonate inside the hispanic and latino communities, jobs, economic viability do. the viability of having a better jobs. so let's see what happens but for the time being we've had a pretty tough primary with some rhetoric that the rnc, the nikki haleys of the world haven't really appreciated. >> katon, seth, jocelyn, thanks
1:57 pm
to all of you for coming. that will do it for this hour. i'm chris jansing coming to you live from las vegas. "caught on camera" begins live after this. i'll see you back here from vegas tomorrow. ♪ the nissan rogue. with the power and performance of our intuitive all-wheel drive. now get a $189 per month lease on the 2016 nissan rogue. weinto a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust,
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when they switch. i mean about you inventing it. i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters? so... what else about me? whether you're ready for it or you're not. >> i definitely do not want to burn to death. >> life can get treacherous. >> it was the scariest thing i've ever seen in my life. >> and fast. >> immediately i started spinning out of control. >> how do people react when a normal day -- >> i thought i was going to die. >> takes a terrifying turn. >> i started praying because that's what i know to do. >> if i'm going to die, i'm going to die trying.


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