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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  February 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet? welcome back to "extreme caught on camera: the 100th episode." with help from our panel, we're watching our most memorable moments. since "caught on camera" began, we have featured more than 800 stories across 44 states and 61 countries. if you're a fan of the show, you've probably noticed not everyone featured on "caught on camera" is a model citizen. some of the folks you're about to see take bad behavior to an extreme. >> oh, what happened there? >> jaw dropping. uncivilized. inappropriate. and out of control.
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in the category of bad behavior, these five videos are the baddest of the bad. anger reaches its boiling point in an extreme case of road rage. june 12, 2012, in los angeles, two motorists pull over and begin to argue. a nearby driver records the action. >> the video starts when they're both out of their cars. they're getting in a fistfight. >> let's go. >> the fight escalates. and a friend joins the mix. >> two men are now beating on one man. just wailing on him. at one point you see the man pretty clearly vanquished and the two assailants continue to kick him preetedly, literally kicking the man while he's done. >> you all right, bro? >> the man regains consciousness and drives off before police arrive.
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>> the video footage helped law enforcement figure out who the two men were who committed this attack and resulted in them being arrested. >> this liquor store robber lives by the credo, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. and again. and again. >> he basically does everything in the book that you would imagine would happen in any slapstick comedy. >> may 30, 2006, fort worth, texas. a would-be robber attempts to scale the wall. let's try that again. now on the roof, the robber tries to enter the store through the ventilation shaft. >> it's not going well, but it's going to get much, much worse. >> coast is clear. or is it?
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because camera, camera, camera, camera, camera. >> with a cart full of liquor, it's time to make a clean getaway. but the only thing harder than breaking in is breaking out. >> he tries to open the door with a dolly and tries to leverage it. he keeps sliding. >> frustration sets in. >> when he's trying to leave, he's trying to climb back out. >> it's like a cartoon. you kind of know what's coming. oh, oh, oh! and there you go. it's like you couldn't script this any better. >> defeated and trapped, the bruised bandit does the only thing he can. he waits for the cops to let him out. >> when someone says they've had a bad day, watch this video. you haven't had a bad day compared to this guy.
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>> a security camera catches behavior so bad it's hard to believe. august 21, 2010, in coventry, england, a woman approaches a cat on the sidewalk. >> the kas was just like, happy, it was purring up against her. like hey, there's someone here to pet me. >> then, seemingly out of nowhere -- >> she took a living, breathing organism that's only purpose in life is to make people smile and go oh, and threw it in a trash can. >> this real or is this staged? when you find out it's real, that disturbs you to the core. >> 15 hours later, the cat's owners find her in that garbage can. she's hungry and scared, but alive. >> the cat's owner had a whole security camera system set up. looked at the footage.
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boom, she's busted red-handed. >> but they don't know who the tabby tosser is. so they post the clip online. >> it turns into a witch hunt. we're going to find this woman and she'll be brought to justice. >> the woman was found fairly quickly and was sentenced to pay a fine and was got allowed to have any animals around her care. >> you don't do something to a cat and not expect the internet to retaliate in some way. >> things heat up during one of the most outrageous police chases ever caught on camera. november 7, 2001, in dallas, texas, an ex-con steals an 18-wheeler carrying lumber. but the thief doesn't know the rear tires are locked. >> you can see the smoke pouring and eventually the friction causes enough it starts on fire.
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>> you got to move! >> the flaming flatbed weaves in and out of lanes, over medians, and into oncoming traffic. >> i can't believe they didn't stop this guy, man. >> after 90 minutes, the suspect pulls over and is placed under arrest. >> this was like watching a hollywood blockbuster big car chase. but i like it better in film and not in real life. >> this woman proves that sometimes the customer isn't always right. new year's day, 2010, as security cameras roll, a mcnuggets craving turns into fists a flying at a toledo fast food drive-through. >> a woman pulling up to a mcdonald's after a heavy night of drinking.
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>> she wants mcnuggets but because of the time of day, they're not available. >> the woman in the car got very upset about that and started screaming at the woman. and she starts to grab through the window and actually try to climb inside. you know, what is she going to do? is she going to make her own mcnugget? >> the manager comes to the aid of the employee. the woman starts hitting the manager. they try to close the window. >> the customer climbs back into her car. we think she's leaving. but instead, she grabs a bottle and she throws it through the window. >> bloodied and mcnuggetless, the woman drives off. hardly fazed, the employees go right back to work. >> they just open up the window and the next person who had placed their order, they just handed them their order. >> police track down the drive-thru destroyer. she is convicted of felony vandalism and assault. while her mcnuggets weren't served, justice is. >> now this young lady is known
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as the drunk mcnugget lady. she has a stigma attached to her the rest of her life. coming up -- >> get on the ground! >> a police officer's silent partner speaks volume. >> total complete disregard for human life. >> our most dramatic dash cam videos. >> this is not hollywood. this is the real mccoy. >> when "extreme caught on camera: the 100th episode." (crowd cheering) abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. it could be ibs-d. new prescription xifaxan is an ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. do not use xifaxan if you have a history of sensitivity to rifaximin, rifamycin antibiotic agents, or any components of xifaxan. tell your doctor right away if your diarrhea worsens while taking xifaxan, as this may be a sign of a serious or even fatal condition. tell your doctor if you have liver disease
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car chases, rescues, shootouts, and life-threatening accidents. you can't hide from the law in these five dash cam videos.
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a woman on the run runs over herself. january 23, 2011, in moses lake, washington, a dash camera rolls as a police officer pulls over a woman wanted on forgery charges. as he questions the suspect, she takes off. >> do police chases ever end well? something bad is going to happen eventually. >> and it does. the suspect tries to bail from the truck while she's driving it. >> instead of escaping, she ends up getting dragged by the truck. >> the vehicle hits a curb, the woman loses her grip and gets run over. >> the truck comes to a stop with the wheel on top of her, pinning her underneath the truck. >> bystanders try to lift the truck, but the weight is too much. >> it's a really, really heavy load sitting on her chest that seems like it could just crush
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her any minute. >> the officer makes a gut- wrenching decision, to drive the truck off of her. >> it was kind of a last-ditch effort to save this woman's life. >> the policeman pulls forward and the suspect's body spins out from under the wheel of the truck. the woman is rushed to the hospital. she makes a full recovery. >> jumping from a moving vehicle that you're driving is a death wish. as far as extreme human behavior goes, that takes the cake. >> a routine stop becomes a waking nightmare for one officer. march 22, 2006, in tyler, texas, trooper steve stone pulls over two men for speeding. >> you never want to be in a situation as a police officer where you're outnumbered by suspects. >> the trooper finds an open bottle of liquor. but that's just the beginning. >> what's in here? what is that? what's in there? >> weed. >> what? >> weed.
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>> weed? >> yeah. >> trooper stone prepares to arrest the suspect for possession of marijuana. >> place your hands behind your back. you're under arrest. >> and as soon as the detention happened, that's when the scene flipped. >> stay in the car! get in the car! >> the passenger exits the vehicle, and the two men open fire on the trooper. >> total complete disregard for human life. >> trooper stone is shot multiple times but is able to call for medical help and backup. >> it's going to be a blue pickup truck. two hispanic males. >> with the description, officers are able to find and arrest the two suspects. they are each convicted of several counts of aggravated assault on a public servant and sentenced to life in prison. it takes trooper stone nearly two years to recover from his injuries. >> this is a very good example of what police officers face every single day.
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this is not hollywood. this is the real mccoy. >> in twinsburg, ohio, a criminal goes bobbing for evidence in front of the unblinking eye of the dash cam. >> november 19, 2009, police pull over a suspected bank robber and search him for weapons. >> the guy gets thrown in front of the cop car and as he's getting frisked, the cop takes out everything from his pocket. >> everything including a piece of paper which could be the alleged holdup note used in the robbery. >> he's got his hands bound behind him, but he still has a mouth. he uses his mouth to grab that note and just eat it. >> unfortunately for the suspect, it is just the appetizer. they find a bag full of bank's money and a handgun in his car.
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>> the holdup note is the least of his problems in this case. >> the suspect is convicted of the robbery. the alleged holdup note is never recovered. >> they may not have wanted to handle it, but they would have found it eventually. >> a great grandma is tased in one of the most controversial videos to appear on "caught on camera." >> get on the ground! [ screaming ] >> may 11, 2009, just outside austin, texas, a deputy pulls over a 72-year-old woman for speeding. >> coming around the curve, coming up the hill and you accelerated. >> when he asks her to step out of the vehicle, the situation erupts. >> he begins to get her off the roadway and she's being very uncooperative. >> oh, you're going to shove me? >> ma'am. >> you're going to shove a 72-year-old woman? >> the deputy tries to gain control of the scene.
4:17 pm
>> step back or you'll be tased. >> i dare you. i'm getting back in my car. >> no, ma'am. >> the deputy shoots the 4'11"woman with 50,000 volts. [ screaming ] the woman is stunned but doesn't suffer any lasting injuries. >> the dash cam video goes public and sparks debate. >> i would say he went a little bit over the line. >> really. >> i don't think i agree with that. >> he kept shoving the 72-year-old woman. >> i think he pushed her because they're in traffic. >> although the great grandma settles for $40,000, an internal investigation finds the deputy did not violate any policies. an officer in trouble is rescued by a super samaritan. >> generally it's the damsel in distress who gets saved by the cop.
4:18 pm
this was role reversal. >> december 11, 2010, a dayton, ohio, police officer pulls over a man for a headlight violation. >> i hit my head like that. >> that's the problem there, buddy. >> suspecting the driver may be drunk, the officer asks him to get out of the car. >> this guy starts to resist and starts beating up this cop. >> the suspect's trying to get at his taser. he's trying to get at his gun. >> just as it looks like all hope is lost -- >> this random woman comes from the side and starts wailing on this guy. >> she's hitting him enough to distract him and give the cop the upper hand. then it's good-bye, charlie. he starts pounding him. pow, pow, pow. >> backup arrives and helps the unlikely team finish the job. >> makes you feel good that people aren't so bad after all. you know, we're here for our fellowman. coming up -- five videos you are to see to believe from the danger zone.
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three, two, one! >> oh my god. >> don't try this at home. or anywhere, for that matter. >> oh! >> these are close encounters of the perilous kind, so brace yourself. you're about to enter the danger zone. a wide-open field, a trailer, and a sky diver trying to avoid it. >> he had eyes on that trailer the entire way down and that's exactly where he landed. >> april 2011, 4,000 feet above colorado's fremont county airport, a sky diver's instructor's helmet cam captures the last jump of the day. >> you see a guy jump out of a plane.
4:23 pm
he sails over flat land. looks like nothing could possibly go wrong. >> the instructor floats towards the drop zone, an open field. the only object in sight, a trailer used to pick up the jumpers. >> it was like the moth to the flame. he was just drawn to that trailer. it was like, come on. there's a whole field. really he's going to hit that? >> hit it, he does. the sky diver injures his arm and eventually is amputated. but it hasn't stopped him from sky diving again. >> i've never been sky diving. it must be that great to make it worth risking another limb, or he must be crazy or a little bit of both. >> a cameraman captures the shot of a lifetime but does he live to see it? april 2012, rubber meets the road at the bristol motor speedway in bristol, tennessee.
4:24 pm
where cars go from 0 to 170 in 4 seconds flat. behind the wheel of her blue camaro, 21-year-old lizzie musey. seconds into a qualifying race, the camaro swerves out of control. the 2,700-pound racing machine is rare born, headed directly toward the camera and the cameraman behind it. >> the butt end of that car came right into his lens. and pieces just flying. >> and then comes that point where you think you're so safe, he realizes, i'm getting out of the way. >> he dives over the wall just in time. musey walks away without a scratch. >> that sucks. >> and so does the cameraman. >> that was a close one, man. >> with a shot to almost die for. >> that's one for the reel, boys!
4:25 pm
>> a hot air balloon slams into a radio tower, leaving passengers stranded 700 feet above the ground. >> he's on the tower. >> october 2004, the drama unfolds at the albuquerque, new mexico, balloon festival. after a microburst of wind blows this smokey bear balloon off course. >> suddenly the balloon crashes into a radio tower which carries 50,000 watts of electricity. >> hit the tower. >> you're now basically atop of this 700-foot radio tower and the basket is weaving back and forth. >> inside the basket, a retiring forest ranger and two young boys. an air rescue is too dangerous. their only option, climb down a ladder inside the tower. workers shut off the structure's electricity and the three slowly maneuver themselves onto the ladder. >> it's remarkable the amount of bravery it took not only to get out of the basket but then to
4:26 pm
climb down. >> the descent takes two terrifying hours, but the three make it safely to the ground. panic in a laundromat when this man inadvertently locks a baby in a washing machine. >> what on earth can you be thinking? >> may 11, 2012, camden, new jersey. a security camera captures an ill-fated game of peekaboo. a male friend of the babysitter places the 1-year-old in the machine, shuts the door, and steps back. what the man doesn't realize is the door locks automatically. >> suddenly the machine starts going and starts filling with water and starts spinning with a baby inside. >> i was so frightened, i was literally screaming no, no. my god! >> they're trying to find out how to unplug this. fortunately, there was an attendant in the laundromat. >> two minutes after the wash cycle begins, an employee is able to unplug the machine. the baby is removed unharmed.
4:27 pm
the camden county district attorney's office says the game of peekaboo was not intel again, but not a crime. >> this is clear child endangerment. at the very least this would have been criminal negligence, so he should have been charged with that. and why he wasn't, i don't know. >> two divers are cornered by one of the sea's most dangerous predators. >> they were very, very close contact, truly face-to-face with a great white. >> 30 miles off the coast of capetown, south africa, two have paid to get up close and personal with sharks from a cage. within minutes a great white appears and suddenly rams its head through a gap in the cage, thrashing wildly, the shark batters its way deeper into the came, forcing the divers to the bottom. >> i was on my couch physically watching like that.
4:28 pm
>> the action takes abeven more frightening turn went the great white knocks out one of the diver's air regulators. >> this is your living nightmare unfolding right in front of your eyes. >> with no room left in the cage and oxygen running out, the diver takes matters into his own hands. >> he pushes it back, kind of able to when the shark turns to snake his way out of the cage and back to the surface. >> the guy saw a gap and took it and made it safely, and the other guy followed suit, and they both survived. >> and there's a twist to this shark tale. >> many people after this happening would never dive again in their life. but this guy was so passionate about it and decided to kind of turn it into a positive and become an instructor. coming up -- you thought your job was tough? >> oh! >> get set for occupational hazards from the terrifying -- >> i'm thinking this could end badly. >> -- to the stupefying. >> i'm taking a bath in a sink
4:29 pm
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richard lui in new york. fresh off their wins in south carolina, donald trump and hillary clinton working to cement their place as their party's front-runners. trump held a rally with voters in atlanta. the next gop contest two days away. that's in nevada. as for clinton, she's off the trail as husband bill clinton stumps for her super tuesday stump in colorado. bernie sanders is holding rallies in sshg ahead of the party's face-off in six days. now back to the regular programming. tantrums -- >> that was my [ bleep ] i.d. >> -- tirades -- >> do your job! >> -- and takedowns.
4:33 pm
just another day at the office where anything can happen. so if you thought your job was tough, you may reconsider after watching this. a clip guaranteed to give any manager labor pains. a fast food worker sinks to a new low. >> i'm taking a bath in the sink at burger king. >> june 2011, aspiring performer timothy tacket finds fame "caught on camera" time. it's just after closing at aburg king in zinnia, ohio. tacket works in the food prep area. tonight the 25-year-old is celebrating his birthday in a bath in the utility sink. >> it's my birthday. feeling a little frisky. thought i would get clean. >> it is your worst nightmare and plays to the worst stereotypes of fast food employees.
4:34 pm
>> the birthday boy even asks a co-worker to record his tubby time on video. >> want some eggs or sausage biscuits? >> then tells her to go get their boss. >> karen, he's in the sink. is that okay? >> once they actually get the manager's attention, she's not even interested. in fact, she gives some short responses. but it's basically just ignoring what's going on. >> tacket puts the video on myspace page and it goes viral. he gets his 15 minutes of fame but loses his job. >> fast food could become the cleanest, safest industry and 20 years later point to that dude. yeah, i don't know about that. >> eggs, smoke bombs, and fists. welcome to parliamentary politics ukrainian style. >> this one's beyond insane. >> april 2010, kiev, ukraine. members of ukraine's legislature
4:35 pm
are voting on a controversial treaty with russia when the opposition party tries to disrupt the vote. >> instead of handling it diplomatically, they use fists violence. >> the weapon of choice? eggs. >> where do they get the eggs, first after all? i'm just going to bring eggs to parliament today and throw them at everyone. >> also been thrown, plenty of punches. >> this isn't happening at a sporting event. this isn't a bar fight. this is happening at i governmental meeting. >> the opposition sets off several smoke bombs to further cloud the issue. the plan ultimately fails. amid the chaos, the treaty is ratified. >> when you think the political climate is crazy here, look at the people overseas. it makes you feel much better. >> a scaffold careens out of control with two window washers trapped on the platform. downtown denver on november
4:36 pm
30th, 2005, a news camera catches a scaffold swinging 12 floors above the ground. >> you see the metal twist every time. you just never know each time it strikes is the building if it's going to fail or not. >> the scaffold comes loose when high winds snap a support line holding it in place. stranding a pair of window washers hundreds of feet above the ground. >> how do you get them? how do you stop this from happening? >> firefighters man the windows broken by the scaffold, hoping to grab it when it comes near. after 15 frightening minutes, the scaffold lines up with one of the windows, and firefighters are able to secure it. the two workers jump back into the building. >> i got to think if halfway through your work day you're flying through the air on a platform out of control, it's a tough day.
4:37 pm
>> will this reporter survive his most dangerous assignment yet? >> as i'm watching it i'm thinking, this could end badly. >> september 2009, south africa. a reporter from england's daily telegraph is about to become part of the story he's covering. he steps in and the big cat gives a frisky hello. >> he likes you. >> frisky quickly turns ferocious. >> you can sort of see that transformation in the reporter. he starts to get nervous. he doesn't know what to do. he doesn't know how to get after it. >> the reporter is further rattled when the lion sinks its teeth into his calf. >> he finds himself in a situation where he is in danger and the trainer may not be able to help him. that's when suddenly it becomes a scary situation. >> at last the trainer is able
4:38 pm
to corral the predator, allowing the reporter a hasty retreat. >> the lessons are pretty careful about being willing to put yourself in dangerous situations when they're outside of your expertise. >> when the caped crusader takes on a taunting tourist, it's good night for the dark knight. may 2011, this street actor's work place is the vegas strip where he poses as batman for money. a passerby is recording when batman and a tourist start talking trash. >> the minute the cape comes over his shoulders i think this guy is serious. it just reveals the potbelly. >> the tourist responds by tossing a traffic cone. >> so batman starts swinging back with karate chops which don't make sense. >> then it's on. >> this guy starts swinging and
4:39 pm
batman's like oh [ bleep ]. i'm in a fight. and you realize batman's got no moves. where's robin? >> then out of nowhere, the dude in the white shirt body slams this guy. >> the dark knight takes several hits to the head but walks away unharmed. >> saddest end to a batman fight you will ever see. coming up -- for these folks, surrender is not an option. >> one shot, pow, down he goes. >> they simply won't back down. >> i reach for my gun. i pull the trigger. >> when "extreme caught on camera: the 100th episode" continues.
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they are the wrong folks to mess with, people who'd rather fight than fold, even when outnumbered, outmatched, or under fire. here's "caught on camera's" five most tenacious people who won't back down. a would-be robber picks the wrong store to hold up. >> [ bleep ] son! >> december 2011, hendersonville, north carolina. a gunman walks into this we buy gold store demanding money. the clerk appears to comply, but as he goes to hand over a satchel of cash -- >> who are you, son? >> out a all of a sudden out of
4:44 pm
nowhere, wham! he's like jake, the ranling bull. one shot, pow. right across the chops. down he goes. >> but the clerk isn't done with the suspect yet. this punch has a punchline. >> he made the robbery suspect clean up his own blood. i thought that was great. >> clean that [ bleep ] up, man. >> you can't beat that. >> soon after, police arrive and remove the suspect on a stretcher. >> at least we know, we got a little bit of saex watching this guy really be humiliated for all to see. >> two bystanders risk their own lives to save a police officer's. >> may 2003, linden, texas. an officer is overpowered while trying to arrest a wanted man. >> when she went to put the handcuffs on him, he turned and you can see where he grabs for her weapon and she's in a struggle for her life at this point. >> out of nowhere comes a good
4:45 pm
samaritan. >> he walks into a situation where a man had a gun and was trying to shoot somebody. it could have clearly been him. >> was able to remove the gun quickly from the guy's hand. >> while the good samaritan holds the gun, the officer drags the thug to the ground but still can't cuff him. enter good samaritan number two. >> this lady just does an awesome mma body slam and drops on this guy. >> it's the booty shorts too. it's not like he got sat on with pants. he got straight like thigh to the face. >> a double shot of texas justice. >> that's tremendous teamwork. i loved it. >> december 2010, a veteran b.a.s.e. jumper is about to jump off a bridge in big sur, california. a friend records the b.a.s.e. jumper who's prepped for the jump by downing some liquid
4:46 pm
courage. >> ready? >> he's had a couple of drinks at this point. he's had a few vodka cranberries. >> but as the boozy b.a.s.e. jumper prepares to plunge -- >> california patrol officer drives up. >> don't even think about it. pull it back up right now. >> i'll sit here and wait for you. >> options are "a," get in the back of a cop car with a guy who looked pretty pissed or "b," b.a.s.e. jump over an ocean. i'm going to "b" any day. >> i'm sorry. i got to do it. >> the guy does it. does a little roll in the sky, pops the chute out. about 15 seconds later, there he is on the beach. >> after a perfect landing on the beach, he then lands in jail. ultimately convicted of disobeying a police officer among other charges.
4:47 pm
he spends 69 days in the slammer. >> you did that, buddy. now you're going to jail. >> egged on. a politician puts the bare knuckle back in politics. may 16, 2001, british deputy prime minister john prescott is in north wales for a labor party rally when a man hurls an egg at him. >> as a politician, there's always going to be positive and negative comments and whatnot being said. but to actually get assaulted has to be pretty unexpected. >> prescott, a boxer as a boy, responds with a solid left hook. >> and just clocks this guy. >> i thought the punch was quick. it was decisive. he hit his mark. >> after a brief tussle, prescott and the protester are separated. near is charged but some hail the politician for his quick response. >> i would think that more of them need to take training.
4:48 pm
they probably make a lot of enemies as they do friends that like them. >> our number one is a grandtastic vigilante. a no nonsense nana that that you don't want to mess with. june 26, 2006, three robbers invade her beach island, south carolina convenience store. >> these three thugs, these enemies of society, come in brazenly and boldly start pistol whipping the employees. >> a bunch of robbers come in, attempt to knock down the door of the back office where great- grandmother is knitting and watching tv. >> i saw a man running and hitting the door. i reach for my gun. it was on top of my bible. and i took my gun off and i cocked the gun and i shot the window out. i pulled the trigger.
4:49 pm
>> they couldn't run fast enough. they were knocking into one another. they looked like a version of the keystone cops. >> the suspects remain at large but this great-grandma is ready, should they return. >> she reads the bible and yet she'll cap you right between the eye with a teflon coated bullet. my kind of woman. coming up, the envelope please. we reveal your choice for favorite video. when "extreme caught on camera: the 100th episode" continues. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories.
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for the past two hours, we've picked the videos we thought were "caught on camera's" most compelling. so what do you think? we asked viewers to choose their favorite from five of "caught on camera's" highest rated videos. you voted on our facebook page
4:53 pm
and the results are in. so let the countdown begin to "caught on camera's" ultimate fan favorite. a news chopper makes headlines when it falls from the sky. may 2004. shots are fired in flat bush, brooklyn. a local helicopter is there to cover the story when the video feed suddenly cuts out. the chopper has lost hydraulic power. >> it starts sputtering out of control and spinning in circles. >> another helicopters covering the same story rolls on the drama. inside the nbc chopper are a reporter, the pilot, and copilot. >> what must have been going on in the people's heads as they were kind of spinning down to what i assume they assumed was their demise? that's really horrifying. >> the helicopter slams into a
4:54 pm
rooftop chimney, snaps apart, and lands in pieces on a roof next door. >> police are stunned to final all three men alive thanks to the pilot. >> as devastating as it looked as it catapulted off one roof to the other, he was able to descend enough that everyone lived. a bear gets the shock of a lifetime. august 1989. a momma bear is on the loose searching for her missing cub. authorities track down the momma bear but she gets scared and scales an electric pole. >> the bear looks like i made a huge mistake coming up here. d panic sets in. >> officials shoot the bear with a tranquilizer. >> it just kind of languishes up there. >> the bear loses its footing and all of a sudden, she gets
4:55 pm
hit with 7200 volts of electricity. >> you see the spark, bright light and then the bear falls backwards, plummets to the ground. >> i thought she was done. the fall let alone being shocked. there is no way that bear is okay. >> witnesses are relieved to find the bear survives the shock and fall with only minor burns and some bruising. after rehab at a local zoo, the momma bear is reunited with her cub and released back into the wild. >> it's such an upsetting video from animal lovers to watch, but knowing the bear's okay is like getting a hug. >> what happens when you stay inside a new york city bike lane no matter what? may 4th, 2011.
4:56 pm
film maker casey mistad is riding his bike to work when he's stopped by one of the city's finest. >> i start filming the cop. >> the police officer gives casey a ticket. >> for not riding in the bicycle lane. >> i'm getting a ticket for riding my bike not in the bike lane. >> casey's fine is $50. he pleads guilty by mail. but for the movie maker, it didn't end there. >> i thought it would be funny to show what happens if you always ride in the bike lanes. we were out for about an hour. in that hour i think we found six or eight different obstructions. we didn't set any of them up. they're all real. >> casey posts that video of youtube. more than 6 million people see it. >> so about a week after i made
4:57 pm
the movie, the same cop pulled me over. but this time he pulled me over to say hi and to tell me his daughter really liked the video. >> armed with a camera and some serious chutzpah -- >> don't be bringing hookers down here, buddy. >> -- this video vigilante captures johns in the act. >> i hope you're not married. >> brian bates then posted the videos on his website, john tv for all the world to see. >> what are y'all doing? >> nothing. >> what are you doing? >> are you kidding me? what is wrong with you people? >> bam, right there on the hood of the car. it was like an x-rated white snake video. >> people have seen this lowe's driver making an unscheduled stop >> are you a married man? what would you wife say? >> so i give a high five to my brother in solidarity, the video vigilante here.
4:58 pm
he's doing great work. and giving these guys an ex-lax attack along the way. >> and now, you voted for it. the number one fan favorite video. a man takes himself and rescuers to the edge of death. march 19th, 2003. niagra falls. a suicidal man decides that he wants to live, but it may be too late as he stands in frigid water at the lip of a 180-foot drop. >> i don't know there's been many people that have survived that fall, if any. >> rescuers arrive on the scene. two brave men attached to harnesses go into the water. they attempt to throw the man a life ring. >> that water is traveling one way and the only way is down. >> the current is too strong and the rescuers cannot reach him. they try plan "b." air dropping a life ring by helicopter.
4:59 pm
but as the chopper inches closer, wind from the rotors blasts the man causing him to lose his balance and fall into the water. >> i was sure at the moment he fell he was over the edge. >> just by the grace of god he's able to grab hold of the rock he's standing on. >> rescuers toss the ring again. and this time it's a direct hit. the team on land drags the man out of the water. he suffers severe hypothermia, but is alive. >> these are heroic actions. personnel willing to put their lives on the line to rescue this man. >> there you have it. 100 episodes and counting. as long as cameras are recording, we'll continue to bring you shocking scenarios, real life drama, and amazing characters. i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this special edition of "caught on camera."
5:00 pm
you never know when a moment could be your last. >> they very dangerously waved their weapons around and showed signs that they would use them. >> at any time -- >> you better get someone here. this dude is crazy. ah! >> -- a calm day can turn chilling. >> his head went under three times then people start falling through. just couldn't believe it was still happening. >> out of control. >> i saw terror on my baby's face, and i saw him fly back. >> terrifying. >> she was pleading that she didn't want to die.


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