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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  February 22, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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you never know when a moment could be your last. >> they very dangerously waved their weapons around and showed signs that they would use them. >> at any time -- >> you better get someone here. this dude is crazy. ah! >> -- a calm day can turn chilling. >> his head went under three times then people start falling through. just couldn't believe it was still happening. >> out of control. >> i saw terror on my baby's face, and i saw him fly back. >> terrifying. >> she was pleading that she didn't want to die. >> and life threatening.
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>> oh [ muted ]. >> hey, chloe. >> i really didn't think we were going to get to her in time. >> "caught on camera: in peril." >> there's a semi blocking. >> when a car accelerator jams on the highway, the race to save the driver's life is recorded on a state trooper's dash camera. and in a desperate 911 call. >> please. oh, my god. i'm scared to death. >> it started to get a little nerve-racking when she was pleading that she didn't want to die. >> i'm going to end up dead. >> you're not going to end up dead. >> oh, my god.
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>> august 19th, 2012. lauri ulvestad is driving home from missouri to iowa when her ride takes an alarming turn. >> 911, where's your emergency? >> i'm on 35 northbound. i'm at mile marker 86. and my car is just picking up speed. >> okay. are you able to hit your brakes at all? >> i've tried everything. >> kelly bride has been working as a 911 dispatcher in harrison county for only three months when she picks up the frantic call. >> the first training module i ever did was a stuck accelerator. and it went through the steps to tell the caller what to do. >> all of a sudden it just started picking up speed, and i'm going, like, 80, almost 90 miles an hour. and i'm scared to death.
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>> okay. have you put your car in neutral? >> i can't get it to move. i can't get the car to shut off. >> the procedures bride suggests fails to slow down the kia suv. sergeant sheldon lyon is on duty that day. >> when the troopers finally see her on the interstate, her war is at over 100 miles per hour. >> trooper justin johnson's dash camera is recording when he catches up with ulvestad. he's one of two responders. >> the troopers made their game plan as they were responding. one of them got in front, and the other one followed her from behind, and the plan was if one of them got slowed up, they would leapfrog back and forth always trying to keep someone in front of her. >> i'm coming up on a bunch of cars. >> okay. >> oh, i am so scared.
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>> okay. calm down. >> she came very close to hitting people. people wouldn't move over. >> troopers try to warn other drivers with flashing lights and sirens. >> copy. there's a semi blocking at the 16. >> we wanted to make sure there was everything we could do to prevent loss of life or serious injury. >> trying to get ahead of the vehicle to clear traffic ahead of her. a semi can't get over in time. >> in one chilling moment, ulvestad narrowly escapes a crash. >> kia sorento goes under an overpass on the interstate with a guardrail around the sporting pillar in the median. she came very close to striking that guardrail. >> she made it. >> ulvestad is driving one handed.
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the other is gripping her cell phone. she's terrified but manages a joke. >> i guess maybe i should be a nascar driver. >> look out, danica. >> yeah, maybe she could have some competition, hey? >> yeah. >> the laughter is brief. there's traffic ahead. >> oh my god. now i'm coming into des moines. can't they do something? i can't do this in des moines. >> ulvestad has been driving more than 30 minutes at speeds up to 119 miles per hour, and her gas tank is still three-quarters full. fearing she won't be able to control the car much longer, ulvestad makes another attempt to stop. >> when she pressed on the brake and pulled up on the gas, she said, oh, it shook. i said, do it again. she said, i am, i am. she's like, it's slowing down. >> i think i just killed it. >> she's stopping.
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>> ulvestad's suv comes to rest on the median off interstate 35. still on her cell phone with bride, ulvestad emerges, shaking but alive. >> i'll call your husband, let him know the good news. >> okay. >> sergeant johnson secures the vehicle and for good measure disconnects the battery. he, like others, is impressed by ulvestad's driving skills. >> she went down into the median ten times. and each time she did that, it's a very dangerous thing to do. for someone to have no experience with any of that, and then drive one handed while they're talking to the 911 operator for over half hour, is really incredible that this ended up the way it did. >> shortly after her scary ride, ulvestad appears on the "today" show. >> lauri ulvestad.
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good to have you here, good morning. >> thank you. >> is it hard to watch that? >> it's harder to listen to the 911 tape. >> i can imagine. you must have been terrified. >> extremely. >> ulvestad has reached a settlement with kia motors america. she says as part of the agreement, she's barred from speaking further about the incident. the company issued a statement saying in part that after rigorous inspection, no defect has been identified and the car operates as designed. as for surviving the ordeal, ulvestad says she had some protection onboard. >> this was hanging on your dash. it says "never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly." >> yep. >> you have a guardian angel for sure, lauri. coming up -- >> all of a sudden you hear a huge explosion, see my baby fly airborne from the door. and later -- >> i had nowhere to go. i went straight into the back of him. collided with the back of him.
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>> a motorist faces a raging attacker.
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a small child walks directly into the path of danger. moments before a car crashes into a storefront. >> i saw terr on my baby's face, and i saw him fly back, and i didn't know if he was dead or alive. >> november 24th, 2012. savannah, georgia. harkleroad diamonds is a family business. his oldest son, caleb, is an employee. >> i'm a sales associate and gofer. >> we've been in business 27 years and in this location for a year and a month now. >> it's just after 5:00. several security cameras are
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recording. a few employees are working at the display cases while marion's wife and their 16-month-old toddler, gray, visit with the store manager. gray makes a beeline across the showroom, heading for his father's office. >> gray had an opportunity to get down and stretch his legs. he comes over, crosses the floor and he bops on across and walks into my office. >> an elderly customer is pulling into a parking space directly in front of the main entrance. >> the baby had walked to the front of the store to go into the office. and we knew this lady was coming to pick up her watch, so we were expecting her. >> sales associate, david harper, sees the customer and steps from his spot behind the counter to go open the door for the woman. >> i go up and greet her at the door which is what i normally do. >> gray decides to wander back out into the main showroom. >> i looked at him and for some reason he decided to turn around and go back to the door. >> then a flash of pure terror
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as the toddler stands in doorway. just as the front of the building implodes. >> you hear a big explosion, see debris flying everywhere. i see my baby fly airborne from the door. looked like a bungee cord had hold of him. >> marion has no idea what's happening. >> i didn't know if a bomb had gone off in our store. i couldn't see the car. i jump out of my seat and across my desk with sheer terror on my face trying to get to my baby. >> marion is trapped behind his desk. he's desperate and can't see gray. caleb takes action. he leaps over the display cases tearing through the destruction and fighting his way through debris to get to the office. >> the glass had shattered and there was dust everywhere and the alarms were going off. it was just terror and fear of not knowing what happened to who and who was all right and who wasn't. >> caleb fears gray has been hit or is under the vehicle. >> my first thought was to get
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him because last thing we saw was him walk across the front of the store into the office. >> caleb finds gray sitting on the ground near the car and he's cautious. >> i just remember him kind of looking up at me. i just scooped him up and ran outside with him. my step mom was shortly behind me. >> while caleb carries gray to safety, marion feels his own injuries for the first time. >> i remember something hitting my head. and i remember my head snapping back kind of like whiplash. and i was kind of shocked. i didn't realize that i had taken any kind of hit. >> my worry wases once i got the baby out, is my dad all right? he came out grabbing hi side and holding his side and he was limping. that only added to the fear that my dad was seriously hurt. >> marion's neck, back and knees are sore, and he has a mild concussion. gray is unharmed. >> he's a lot more flexible than his dad is. you know? we break, they bend. you know? >> the customer driving the car
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is not injured but she's badly shaken. >> when we got to her, she had her car locked up. i think any normal person would be in shock, you know, that just experienced something like that. >> it turns out this isn't the first wreck for the 84-year-old customer. police say two months prior, she was in another accident. though there were no serious injuries in either case, she's charged with reckless driving. >> she didn't say a whole lot until she got out in the parking lot and she had apologized to our manager and apologized to our jeweler, you know, and said that she was sorry and asked if everybody was all right. >> reviewing the security videos, marion realizes things might have been drastically worse. >> thank god it was not me being under the car or anybody being under the car. and i think what happened when she went to hit the brake, she hit the gas instead and that was all she wrote. >> the showroom is a disaster. broken glass and shattered jewelry cover the floor.
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but thanks to the helpful staff, the jewelry score re-opens just a few days after the incident. >> we had a construction crew on site, an hour later, cleaning up. we're like a family around here. and everybody came together and we got the store cleaned up and three days later, we opened. >> as for gray, he doesn't know how close of a call he had. >> he was probably three steps away from being under the front of the car. the morning coffee rush takes a horrifying turn when robbers burst into a dunkin' donuts. >> they very dangerously waved their weapons around and showed signs that they would use them. >> may 2nd, 2012, delray beach, florida. at 9:16 a.m., dunkin' donuts security cameras show two
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individuals come into the store, wearing masks and carrying guns. one of the men flings himself across the counter to get to the cash register. a customer grabs the robber from behind and tries to overpower him, but the masked thug drops him to the ground and kicks him in the head. turning his attention back to the register, the robber orders employees to fill a black plastic bag with cash. on his way out, the robber delivers a parting blow to the man on the floor. it's all over within seconds, but it's just the beginning of an adrenaline-fueled chase. several witnesses dial 911. >> hello? 911. >> yeah, there's a robbery right now going on in dunkin' donuts.
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two guys. >> gulf stream boulevard? >> yeah. >> an alert goes out to local units. the hunt is on for a black nissan altima. a dash camera mounted on one of the police cruisers records the chase. officer greg koch and his partner of the boynton police police department respond to the call. >> they were coming a block away from us, half a block away from us. we got into my police truck and started heading toward the area. >> as soon as we got to that corner, the vehicle is heading right toward us. we see it doing well over the speed limit and we see the other officers in their vehicle following behind it, and they're zigzagging in and out of traffic and coming right toward us. other officers were staging in front of the suspect vehicle trying to deploy stop sticks. mechanism that we use to disable
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a vehicle that we're following. >> the thieves swerve around the stop sticks and plow ahead. >> now we're in it. we're in the chase. lights and sirens. we're following behind the vehicle. >> out of view of the dash board camera, the nissan driver races toward the interstate, veers to avoid traffic, and rolls multiple times down an embankment. >> the vehicle crash definitely appeared like it was out of a major motion picture, like a stunt driver had made the vehicle roll like that. >> the occupants are battered, but they flee from the car. officers chase down and catch three men and one woman. police say they find two handguns in the back seat of the car and $2,000 from dunkin' donuts' registers. >> the four suspects are all charged with robbery with a firearm. one pleads not guilty and is awaiting trial. another pleads not guilty and is convicted at his trial. the other two plead guilty including the driver who also
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pleads guilty to fleeing and eluding police. >> officers say this dunkin' donut s is an especially risky location to rob. >> that particular dunkin' donuts is a very busy dunkin' donuts with law enforcement. >> even so, officer hadarian jokes the day after the robbery, he wanted company on his morning coffee run. >> i told my partner, i'm not getting coffee alone. you're coming with. >> after viewing the security video, hadarian says he's proud they caught the suspected thieves. >> after you see that video, it really hits home on how violent of a crime this really was, and the effect that you had in arresting this person and putting them in jail to possibly never commit something like this again. coming up -- a baby elephant is trapped, and rescuers must confront its protective mother.
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>> an angry, scared mother elephant is very, very likely to attack. and later -- >> there's a big dog trapped in the lake, in the ice. >> i really didn't think that we were going to get to her in time.
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go back. >> a baby elephant falls into a well and researchers must confront the agitated mother before attempting a risky rescue. >> i would say that coming between a mother elephant and her baby is one of the most dangerous things that you can do. >> october 8th, 2012. in a national park, kenya. under the shadow of mt. kilimanjaro near the tanzanian border, it is home to some 1,400 wild african elephants. vicki fishlock works for the amboseli trust for elephants.
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>> it is the longest running elephant research project in the world, so for the past 40 years, we've been documenting the lives of the elephants. >> the park's wild elephant population swells in the dry season as thirsty animals gravitate to its swampy wetlands. elephants sometimes drink from the wells that local maasai communities dig for their cattle. eventually a baby elephant reaches down for water and falls in. >> it has been known that elephants get trapped in wells, and we've had a program for a number of years to try and minimize that by reinforcing the wells, building small, low concrete wall around. >> but the researchers aren't able to find every new well in time. >> i had a phone call from robert to say that there was a calf stuck in a well beyond the western boundary of the park. >> team members drive out in two jeeps to the remote site to investigate. >> when we got there, we saw the female was standing at the edge
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and she was frantic. >> the team knows this elephant. she's called zomba, and she's a large, powerful matriarch. >> being dominant and experienced as a mother, she was going to be a bit tougher to persuade to leave the calf alone. >> elephants are extremely devoted to their young. even though she recognizes the researchers, zomba doesn't want to leave her calf. the enormous elephant lunges back and forth, then nearly backs into vicki's jeep. >> an angry, scared mother elephant is very, very likely to attack. she weighs more than the land rover was driving, so if she wanted to, she could have flipped the car. >> vicki is putting herself in an extremely dangerous position, but she knows their only hope of saving the calf is to scare zomba away temporarily. vicki drives forward and starts shrieking. >> the amboseli elephants trust us.
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they know we're not a threat to them, so we don't break that kind of position lightly, but when you do break it, you have to make sure you do it in a convincing way. so i was behaving very, very strangely, and she didn't like that. >> vicki's tactic works. zomba retreats across the savannah, for the moment. a co-worker in the second jeep blocks zomba from returning, while vicki drives back to the well. her colleagues, robert and mark, get out of the jeep. vicki stays at the wheel where she keeps the videocamera recording and a watchful eye on zomba in case the group is forced to make a hasty retreat. >> if somehow the mother get back and find us there, out of the car, struggling with the calf, i don't know what would have happened. it would have been really, really, really dangerous. >> the calf is eight months old and enormous. posing a serious threat to
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robert and mark's safety. >> they weigh 200 pounds when they're born, and this was eight months of good food and lots of mom's milk. >> we could not get in there, so our option was to use the ropes. >> their plan is to harness the calf with a rope attached to the jeep and pull. the calf has been in the well for hours and is exhausted. its mother is still nearby, so a quick rescue is essential. the calf has stirred up mud, and the sides of the pit are extremely slippery. >> i was terrified the rope would pull taut and one would trip and fall in. it's very dangerous. >> the baby elephant who they think is female, has turned toward the direction of its mother's cries which unfortunately is also the steepest side of the well. in the jeep, vicki describes what she's seeing. >> come on, sweetheart. so robert is trying to turn her
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and bring her to the side that has the shallow. apparently she doesn't think that that is a good idea. >> the engine noise further stresses the trapped calf. >> you can imagine the sound of a land rover engine running over. it's basically like shouting at them constantly. oh, baby, i'm sorry. you fell in a well, you silly girl. >> the team members have to coordinate carefully to avoid either man falling into the pit. >> go. >> as vicki waits for the right moment to hit the gas, robert tugs on the rope and nearly loses his footing. >> what they're trying to do is get the rope under the tail as best. the trouble is the water is so deep in the bottom that it floats on the surface. >> 30 minutes later, they've made no progress.
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>> for a minute there, we just stood there looking at each other. we didn't know what to do really. >> after a few more attempts, robert and mark get the calf turned in the right direction. they secure the rope under its belly and tell vicki to step on the accelerator. >> careful. whoo! she's out. she's out. she's going to charge you. get back in the car. just let the rope go. >> once out, they realize it's a male calf. and he heads straight for his mama. >> he knew where the mother was. he knew where the direction of the mother was calling from.
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>> you can tell that they're desperate to be together and they're very, very happy once they are together. when she sees the calf, she reaches to him, brings him to her, stands and lets him suckle. she's not threatening us. she's not even particularly vigilant to the car. she's just happy to be back with her baby. i have to say, i was crying by the time he got back to his mother. i was just so happy. it felt so fantastic. >> the happy reunion is even more heartwarming in light of a spike in african elephant deaths at the hands of poachers eager to cash in on the valuable ivory tusks. >> every other day you wake up, every other day it's just news, bad news about elephants. >> it's successes like these that keep vicki, robert, and their colleagues committed to protecting elephants. >> it is the best feeling ever you can imagine. it is really moving. even for a person who doesn't
12:32 am
love animals. it's something you don't see every day. they really love one another. coming up -- a motorist comes under attack by a raging driver. >> i can't do anything. he's trying to run me off the road. and later -- >> i kind of kept thinking if they get enough speed, they're going to keep going, and they're going to end up in the water. that's seriously not even funny.
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somebody tried to run me off the road. he's doing it right now. yes, please, quickly. they're chasing me all over. >> a shocking episode of road rage. >> i can't do anything. he's trying to run me off the road. >> he was continually colliding with me. trying to push me off the road. pulling in front of me. >> it's a life-threatening confrontation, as a furious driver attacks. >> and also felt once my vehicle's not going, i have no protection, this guy's going to kill me. >> december 15th, 2012. australia. retired police officer ken olson is driving with his dash camera on when a black pickup truck tries to cut him off.
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>> i had an in-car recording device which i always use in case something like this happens. i look up in my rearview mirror. >> olson doesn't recognize the driver or the vehicle. the man pulls in front of olson and then slams on his brakes. >> i had nowhere to go. i just went straight into the back of him, collided with the back of him. >> the man jumps out of the driver's seat, which in australia is on the right side of the vehicle. >> go around the left of his vehicle, and as i did, he punched my driver ice window. >> olson swerves past the man and keeps driving, but the guy won't give up. >> he appeared on the right of me into incoming traffic. by this time i knew this bloke was up to something. >> olson veers to avoid hitting the black pickup. he's risking a head-on collision with other vehicles so olson
12:38 am
drives off the roadway and loops back, all the while trying to lose his insistent pursuer. >> he continued to follow me, went into the right hand lane. i had to go into the footpath. >> olson dials emergency assistance. >> i've got a bloke that's collided with me four times. he's trying to run me off the road. >> and which way are you heading, sir? >> i'm heading toward the logan home. i'm heading north. >> he's driving toward the -- >> there he comes now. yeah, i can't do anything. he's trying to run me off the road. >> all i'm trying to tell you is keep driving to the police station. >> i can't. he keeps cutting in front of me and cutting me off. >> even with the police on the phone, the situation is escalating so fast that olson is basically on his own. >> nobody would have had any time to help me, and everybody was trying to take action to get away. he had no concern for other road
12:39 am
users. >> as the seconds tick by, the driver amps up the chase even more aggressively. >> okay. he's coming up beside me. he just collided with me twice. he's pushing me into the barrier. you better get someone here. this dude is crazy. here he -- oh. absolutely at speed reversed straight into me, smashed the whole front of my car. i was jolted. i nearly shot through the windshield. >> can you stop the car? >> no, he's jumping on my hood. >> the man pounds in the windshield to mere inches from olson's head. >> and the windscreen was coming closer and closer to my face. >> olson floors the accelerator and the man falls to the ground. >> she said, well don't stop. just keep driving. i said, don't worry, i'm not stopping because i didn't know how quickly he was going to recover. all i needed to do was put distance between me and this person. >> don't go back.
12:40 am
>> i'm not going back. are you crazy? i'm getting miles away. >> olson is badly shaken and worried the enraged man is still chasing him. >> i'm just keeping an eye in my rearview mirror. i don't need this bloke sideswiping me. >> it's able to drive to the nearest police precinct where he files an incident report. when the dashcam video hits the local news, 21-year-old edward sullivan is identified as the road rager. >> hey, are you able to tell us what happened out there on the road? >> sullivan comes forward to police but claims he's the victim of a video hoax. >> sullivan pleads guilty to willful damage and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. he's sentenced to two years' probation and his license is suspended for six months. he's also ordered to pay more than $17,000 in damages. >> olson credits his police driver's training for helping him escape the attack. >> i honestly believe if i
12:41 am
didn't have those skills, he would have driven me into a tree, flipped me over. i have no doubt that he would seriously have assaulted me. >> olson says he still doesn't know what sparked sullivan's rage. >> i know for a fact nothing happened on the road because i didn't even know this vehicle was behind me. no idea what caused this. >> he's just relieved the terrifying incident is over. >> this is shaking me. how do you deal with somebody trying to, what i think, you know, kill you on the road? you better get someone here. this dude is crazy. here he -- oh. >> can you stop the car? >> no. he's jumping on my hood. smashed my windscreen. coming up -- a fun day of sledding takes a horrifying turn. >> his head went under three times. it was just really scary. and later -- >> hey, chloe. charge is coming. i got on the tube. they gave me a push, and i just started making my way out to her.
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a day of sledding turns perilous when a man slides off the ice and into frigid water. >> that's seriously not even funny. >> he was flailing his arms and we actually watched him two under three times. >> then more people crash through the ice. >> people start falling through, and it went on and on where you just couldn't believe it was still happening. >> oh, now that broke. >> december 25th, 2012. angeles national forest, southern california. nicky and michelle herman take a drive with their family to jackson lake in the san gabriel mountains for the afternoon. >> we were really surprised at how many people were there
12:46 am
spending christmas day, probably close to 500. then we noticed the lake was frozen and the people sledding down on to the hill out on to the ice. >> michelle has a brand new videocamera. she tries to focus on the hillside across the lake. >> we had seen a lot of people going down from the hill on to the frozen lake. adults with kids. they would actually stop before they were getting close to the water. >> it appears that the lake ice near the base of the hill is frozen solid enough to stand on. >> then a guy goes down the hill and when he doesn't get close to the water, he pushes himself out closer. >> the man scoots further out on to the lake. >> look at that big crack. is that a big crack next to him right here? >> yeah. >> michelle refocuses her camera and zooms in. there's a large crack forming across the ice just behind the man's sled.
12:47 am
>> i could look right down and see the ripples come out from under the ice because the ice was so thin. >> other people venture further out on the ice. no one seems aware of any danger. >> i kind of kept thinking, if they get enough speed, they're going to keep going, and they're going to end up in the water. >> which is exactly what happens. >> this one guy went up pretty high and came down. he was coming across the frozen lake extremely fast. and my wife turned the camera back on and that's when you see him going off the ice into the water. >> there's surprised laughter and cheering. then he starts flailing his arms. >> that's seriously not even funny. >> no, it's not the. >> it appears the man can't swim. >> he was going under. his head went under three times. and it was just really scary. you guys, they're standing and laughing. somebody get a branch. >> a man rushes over to help. >> oh.
12:48 am
>> there's two. >> he crashes through the ice. more people approach. another person falls into the lake. >> i think everybody had the hope that the first guys that came out on the ice were going to reach in and save them. >> okay, you guys. >> the thought did cross my mind to take off my jacket, take of my boots and swim out 30-some feet, grab this guy and pull him in, but then when other people started coming out to the edge of the ice and breaking through, there's no way i could help three people. >> michelle keeps recording while nicky tries to help. >> give me the rope from under the seat. now. >> right there. >> there's chaos on the lake. the first guy to fall in is still struggling to keep his head above water. >> call 911. right now. >> it's going to be okay. >> a man tosses a rope. >> pedro, pedro, pedro. >> go across to him.
12:49 am
>> he's trying. >> he's got it. >> then the man holding the rope breaks through the thin ice. the guy next to him falls in, too. >> it's cracking right there. bystanders dial 911, but the area doesn't get good cell service. >> call failed. >> onlookers can't approach the men in the water without fear of falling in. so they toss inner tubes to them across the ice. >> tell that guy to swim over to him. >> the first man to fall in with the red cap on has been submerged for nearly 3 1/2 minutes. as the scene unfolds, michelle keeps her camera on and recording. >> i hate to get all this, but i am. i did keep videotaping. i think it was more like i never believed this was going to go on like it did. and at the point where it just
12:50 am
kept going on wasn't a point for me to put my camera down, because we had so many people onshore and on the ice. >> while the freezing men stay afloat in an inner tube, others are working together to pull another man from the lake. >> they get the rope and cargo straps and started getting people out of the water. >> from the side of the lake where the hermans are standing, people toss another rope. but they keep missing their target. >> they cannot get that to him. get it. come on. go. >> yeah. >> when they make contact, they pull the waterlogged men in to shore. it's been nearly eight minutes since the first man broke through the ice. people have reached 911, and emergency vehicles are on their way. >> they need to take his clothes off. >> they're putting blankets on them. >> right now. >> sienna, we got a blanket.
12:51 am
we have a blanket in the car. i don't know if they need one. >> a crowd surrounds the men. they remove their cold, wet clothes and cover them with blankets and coats. one man takes off his own shirt to provide body heat it one of the men submerged the longest. >> at that point, i turned the videocamera off. i don't need to be in the guy's face when he's suffering. >> everyone survives the incident, but the lake is closed for the rest of the winter. >> i think it really took seeing it happen, as it -- play out in front of your eyes to see how dangerous it is. oh. coming up -- another high-stakes rescue attempt on thin ice, and this time it's a stranded best friend. >> hey, chloe. you're just afraid that just can't get close enough fast enough.
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a dog is stranded in the middle of an icy lake, and the owner races to reach her before it's too late. >> hey, chloe. you're just afraid that you're going to watch her slip off and you just can't get close enough fast enough. >> i really didn't think that we were going to get to her in time. and i was in tears the entire time. >> george is coming. >> january 2nd, 2013. kansas city, kansas. it's morning in the country view lake community when beth jacoby hears some unusual cries coming from behind her house. >> i could hear this, it didn't even sound like -- it didn't sound like a dog. thought maybe it was a cow dying. >> 20 minutes later, beth discovers the source of those cries. >> i ran inside and grabbed my
12:56 am
dad and i told him there was a dog in the -- that had fallen through the ice in the middle of the lake and we needed to go save her. >> mike jacoby calls 911. >> 911. >> i'm at country view lake. i know it's just a dog, but there's a big dog trapped in the lake, in the ice. she's a big dog. >> all right. i'm going to contact animal control. we'll try to get someone out there. >> down by the lake, the jacobys recognize chloe, a neighbor's 16-year-old labrador retriever. >> she was really trying hard to crawl up over the ice after hearing her name being called out. >> the 911 dispatcher calls fellow police officer george sims who he knows lives on the lake and has a dog fitting the description. >> that was my wake-up call. my wife was downstairs. she said she heard my feet hit the floor and she figured something was up. >> sims finds his dog in a desperate situation.
12:57 am
with mike jacoby recording on his cell phone, sims works out a rescue plan with the help of neighbor, john applegate. >> he said, she's about 60 feet out. he said, we need an inner tube or something. i said, i have one but i have to inflate it. i threw a 100 foot extension cord that was on a reel and i got the tube secured to the extension cord. >> i got on the tube and they gave me a push and i just started making my way out to her. >> sims swings an ax to try and break the ice. >> hey, chloe. george is coming. >> while sims struggles through the icy water, firefighters arrive. >> it was not only a neighborhood group effort, it was a community effort because we had several fire units there. we had a couple police officers. we had animal control. >> she was out there for at least an hour, because it was a good 20 minutes before i realized that it was a dog in the lake. and about ten minutes before we
12:58 am
got down there, and then maybe ten more minutes before everybody else got down there. >> as sims nears chloe, it appears the dog is losing her will to fight. >> she wasn't really trying her struggling so much anymore, and she kind of got really quiet. i really didn't think that we were going to get to her in time. >> she's running out of energy. any moment, you're just afraid that you work your way to her, you get closer and closer and you're just afraid that you're going to watch her slip off and you just can't get close enough fast enough. >> after fighting his way through the ice for several minutes, sims makes it and grabs ahold of chloe. >> got her? >> emergency responders pull them both back to shore. >> easy. watch the ice. >> sims tries to help by breaking the ice with his boots.
12:59 am
>> she's not a young dog, and her back legs were, i think, probably a little bit weak. when she stepped out on to the ground and she was standing on her own and looking around and wagging her tail, then, you know, i knew she was -- she was going to be all right. >> it was a good feeling for everybody that we got her. because we knew she didn't have much time left. she was out there a long time. >> how chloe ended up in the middle of the lake will probably remain a mystery. jacoby's just relieved the dog got her attention. >> i knew if i hadn't been out there, i don't know if anybody else would have heard her or even realized that she was out there. >> since her brush with death, chloe's been enjoying some extra affection. >> my wife says she knows, but, yeah, we're still close. i say i give her an extra hug.
1:00 am
this sunday morning, another big win for donald trump, now the undisputed republican front-run sgler it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. >> but republicans believe it's a three-man race as marco rubio and ted cruz vie to become the chief trump challenger. >> and the 21st century conservative movement is the son of a bar tender and a maid from cuba. meanwhile, the bush dynasty comes to an official end. >> tonight, i am suspending my campaign. >> trump, rubio and cruz all join me this morning. plus, hillary clinton gets the win she so desperately


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