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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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marco rubio and ted cruz fight over who could be the challenger to the front runner. >> we won with everything. we won with women. we won with men. evangelica evangelicals, the military. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people, just won. >> seizing the lead hillary clinton regains front runner status in nevada. >> some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other. >> how does sanders catch up on the delegate count?
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>> the voter turnout was not as high as i wanted. we did not do as good a job as i wanted to bring out/large turnout. >> and dancing queen. a 106-year-old woman fulfills a lifetime dream at the white house and shows the obama's she's got moves. >> good afternoon. i'm an dree i can't mitchell. donald trump is on a roll. our team is in place across nevada. halley jackson in las vegas covering the ted cruz campaign.
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halley, first to you, let's talk about the fact that these two candidates are saying they're the alternatives to donald trump but going after each other, not after trump today. >> right. that's what we're hearing marco rubio and ted cruz hitting each other hard but not donald trump which is interesting. the argument ted cruz is taking is he's the one that's actually beating donald trump. he's pointing to the scoreboard saying i got one up on trump and marco rubio does not. he's trying to make the case for the vote around him and bring together the conservative movement and also making the point trump has a ceiling. this is something ted cruz has been talking about. he's not necessarily unstoppable in the eyes of the cruz campaign. remember, when you win like
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donald trump has done, that ceiling rises most likely. so the other part of ted cruz's strategy is not just here in nevada. he's looking at the primary states. these are areas the campaign believes cruz can do well. i was on a bus tour through august and as a sign of touch he's been campaigning he went on another fly around before christmas. he and his campaign feels they have the boots on the ground in those states and pointing to the number of volunteers. they have 27,000 volunteers in texas which is a key state for cruz and something he has acknowledged that's an important place for him to do well. andrea. >> and trump tweeting today.
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he's not letting up. >> he's not letting up because trump sees cruz as a threat. >> trump beat cruz in south carolina which is a bit of a blow because they're counting on that segment of the population to come behind cruz. >> by the way, that's a strategy for rubio's campaign as well. cruz has pivoted from this denying the attacks from trump as well. >> it's every single dpa something comes out of the cruz
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campaign and it goes after my faith. i think it's a disturbing pattern of campaigns and lying to voters. >> gabe, what's going on here? what's the back story here? >> this is something marco rubio has been doing for the past couple of days. he did it in south carolina and he's able to paint ted cruz as a liar. he's trying to tell voters ted cruz can't be trusted. that particular video is something that came out yesterday. an on line media outlet posted the cell phone video that quoted marco rubio running into staffers in the lobby of the hotel and they quoted rubio saying there's no answers in the
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bible disrespecting the bible. now today also a super pack backing rubio released an add saying i will air in super tuesday states painting trump as erratic and unreliable. marco rubio passed up the opportunity to go after trump
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today. it's going to be interesting to see when the marco rubio campaign starts going after trump. . i think what they're trying to do is coalesce is donors and su mort and build the strength to go after trump. first they got to knock off ted cruz and seen nevada as an opportunity to do that. marco rubio leaving the campaign looking ahead to super tuesday states and heading to minnesota and michigan and later on this week to texas for that debate. andr andrea. >> and one of the problems rubio had is when he was asked what state can you win in and he
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spoke of his home state of florida. that's already getting pick up. there's also something you just tweeted out about what john kasich said at a rally. >> i think it's getting a little bit of buzz. here's the exact quote what john k kasich said. he said we have an army of people and said many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up for me. that raised eyebrows as kasichs event. she said i don't know about your kitchen. i'm paraphrasing saying i support you.
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an important victory putting her back in the driver's seat and the primary calender over the next three weeks all in her favor. karen is a senior adviser for the clinton campaign and joins me from south carolina. thanks for being with us. >> great to see you too. at the same time as you look at the calender you have i big advantage over bernie sanders because he's looking at minnesota and colorado and other caucus states. the super tuesday not to mention in his concession speech saturday night and already looking forward to super tuesday you've got big target states georgia and texas what do you
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expect her to do on super tuesday? >> many things. i will remind you good percentage of our donors are smaller donors. here in south carolina we think we're going to do very well. it's interesting, you mentioned that senator sanders didn't mention it in his speech in nevada which we found interesting given how much money and time they put into south carolina so it seems a lot they're giving up already. we've been here on the ground since hillary announced working very hard going door to door. we have a phenomenal team in south carolina. we feel good about how we're going to do saturday and heading into the super tuesday states we have staff on the ground there working hard. you see president clinton in some of those states and hillary go to texas between nevada and california. so we feel good about what's going to happen on super tuesday
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but we're not taking anything for granted. that's something we said from the beginning and something we have continued to stick to. >> and by our math bernie sanders has to win 55% of the remaining delegates to overcome her lead because of the super delegates which is 451-19. these are party regulars and elected officials not locked in for hillary clinton but basically supporting hillary clinton and something dramatic would have to happen for them to turn away from her at this stage. how fair is that to the young people who have been coming to the bernie sanders rallies and talking about a revolution and change and being against the establishment? doesn't this brand her forever more as the establishment candidate? >> not at all. she had a strong turnout across
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the board. obviously, senator sanders has done better with younger voters but we're doing well with younger voters. that's a lot here in south carolina. i've been here off and on during the last three weeks talking to different voters. again, it's across the spectrum. just to make it clear, we're focussed on winning in this state and the super tuesday states and trying to make sure our voters turnout. i mean everybody. i feel comfortable at the end of the day it's going to be a broad representation of the democratic party in this country. >> i want to give you a chance to respond to the claims from the sanders team that they did better than clinton with hispanics on saturday night based on entrance polls which we didn't go with because we thought they were not reliable given the fact she won all six
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of the las vegas precincts. what are your numbers on the hispanic vote? >> our numbers suggest similar to what you're suggesting that she did win among latino skrovo. 60% she won were in heavily latino areas. if you're talking about entrance polls, that's an admission maybe the numbers didn't quiet turn out the way you wanted them too. i think that's grasping at straws a little bit. we feel very good about our win in nevada. we feel good about secretary clinton's very strong showing in nevada particularly among african american voters and latino voters. we feel good going forward. i can understand why the sanders campaign wants to pick out a
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poll here and there to continue the mags nail of how they're going to win. so far, i think our hard work is really waying off. >> karen from south carolina, thank you very much. coming up next we'll talk more about bernie sanders math problem with his loss in nevada. can he pick up enough delegates to overtake hillary clinton? his campaign manager joining us next. stay with us. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ on the floor! everybody down! hey, do something!e floor!
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bernie sanders at a prayer
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breakfast in south carolina. i'm joined now by jeff weaver, campaign manager for the bernie sanders campaign. jeff, great to see you. >> thanks. it's a brief from the campaign trail getting back here. just a few minutes. see your family, do the laundry and then head back out. let's talk about the challenges for bernie sanders. by our calculation he has to win 15% of delegates to overcome her built in lead. that's a steep climb. >> yes. but look this race is decided by the pledge delegates and the delegates elected by the people of the states. the super delegates are not going to go against the will of the people. if they choose bernie sanders over hillary clinton, i could not imagine they will over turn the will in this case. >> in fact, it could cause quiet a split in the party going forward. >> absolutely. it's called the democratic
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party. that means the people who vote in the caucuses and primaries across this country should be the deciders of whose a nominee. >> that said, this is a process put in after the campaign making sure the most electable person and i know you have the hypothetical. you got those hypotheticals, but those match ups just as national polls don't matter at this point. this is a slog state by state. you're looking at the super tuesday caucuses. minnesota, colorado, massachusetts and vermont obvio obviously. great home turf for you. what about the big states? georgia, oklahoma, texas. doesn't he have to show he can win delegate rich states. >> boowe're going to do well in texas and other states. delegates are on how you do. you don't have to win everywhere. we have a lot of states.
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we've only had three states so far, 47 to go. democrats abroad. there's a long way to go, andrea. after march 1st, all the southern states are done but two. then we go on to the northeast, west coast. mountain west, this is a big country and there's a lot of space. it happens to be that the south is front loetaded in the race ts year. >> michigan is a good opportunity for you, you think? >> oh look, they have been devastated by the trade deals over the years. secretary clinton has by and large been a big supporter of the free trade agreements. senator sanders has been an opponent of the trade deals. that's going to be a powerful message in michigan. >> what about the problem with the african american note?
9:21 am
people were eating their supper and none of the magic or excitement to see a candidate and he was walking around shaking hands and people were polite but he's not connecting to the voters and certainly, the returns from nevada show that. >> we're working very hard and that's all we can do. we're reaching out to folks and we have surrogates and others. we're working hard on the african american community. we're going to fight it all out to the end. you want every delegate you can get. >> you've had phenomenal fundraising. no question. you also have a high burn rate. you're spending a lot of money. >> sure. sure. look, it was very expensive in
9:22 am
iowa and new hampshire to get senator sanders established. he didn't have the name recognition secretary clinton did. in the early states we had to spend a lot of money to get his name recognition up. now it's up that he tied in iowa and won in new hampshire. now we can correct that a little bit. initially in the early states that was part of the plan to make sure we got enough resources out there. >> aside from caucuses and new england states, where do you think he has his best target of opportunity to win a primary? >> michigan is a good opportunity. i think a lot of the industrial midwest are great opportunities for him. in the northeast he's going to do well. west coast we're going to do well. i think california is an opportunity for him. that's late in the process. a lot of delegates are back loetded.
9:23 am
new jersey, california, pennsylvania, new york. don't count us out. >> hardly. you're in it to win it. good to see you. and coming up, new target, donald trump now questioning marco rubio's citizenship even though rubio was born in the u. s.a. you're watchinging msnbc. place for politics. (vo) beyond natural grain free pet food is committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. learn more at
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donald trump having raised voters doubts about ted cruz's legal rights to run for president is taking rights. retweeting a post that read mr. trump both cruz and rubio are ineligib ineligible. it's a slam dunk case. that was retweeted by trump. trump continued to subtly raise doubts about rubio. >> you're not sure marco rubio is eligible to run for president? >> i don't know. i've never looked at it, george. somebody said he's not and i
9:27 am
retweeted it. i have 14 million people between twitter and facebook and instagram and i retweet things and we start dialogue and it's very interesting. >> joining me now, kathleen parker, msnbc political analyst whose a resident of south carolina and republican strategist john fear ri. welcome both. first kathleen, i want to ask you about this kasich issue. we raised it earlier and let's con textualize it a bit. he first ran for state office in 1978. he first ran for congress successfully in 1982 during the reagan first midterms. let's play that sound now. just now at a kasich rally. >> now did i get elected? nobody was for me. we got an army after people and many women who left their
9:28 am
kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up for me all the way back from when things were different. >> first off, i want to say your comment earlier about the women came out of the kitchen to support you. i'll come to support you but i won't be coming out of the kitchen. >> i got cha. >> so, kathleen, this is fairfax, virginia. northern virginia. a more liberal part of the state which is a very conservative state overall on the republican side. that sound bite already causing waves. >> i'm sure. first of all, there's not many women in kitchens these days. a lot of those women are commuting to washington for their day jobs. maybe they're talking about early in the morning when they have on their robes. i'm sure he'll get through this. it does perplex a slight lapse in time and represents what many
9:29 am
say about the republican party is they're not up to speed with today's we are a country of working women. >> there you are in south carolina which is your home. talking about people commuting back up to washington. talking about a big trump victory and now they're in nevada for tomorrow and he's got huge polling advantages in nevada where he has big business interest as well. is it old to suggest there's a republican establishment that can unite behind one or another candidate now behind trump, kathleen? >> it doesn't seem like he can be beaten at this point because he not only has all these poll figures in his favor but he has the momentum. it's not only moving with him but ahead of him.
9:30 am
ted cruz and marco rubio need to both attack donald trump. there's an emotional feel he's on their team which is another joke. what they can do is make a very clear case how donald trump has crushed the little man on his way to larger and taller monuments to himself. that's the case that can be made and should be made in the next few days.
9:31 am
>> they seem to be going after each other. >> i know rubio wants it, i'm sorr sorr sorry. go ahead. >> i would also say that trump is not gone past 40%. he's in the 30s. you can be 35% of the vote but you have to clear it out which is why the rest of the campaigns are going after each other because they want to take on trump. it's scary but it's not over yet. >> what about the jeb bush supporters you've been tweeting
9:32 am
about? >> i think some will go to rubio, kasich. none go to cruz. not so many for ted cruz. this is not just about big money, it's about who can mobilize the voters. big money didn't work for bush anywhere. >> and kathleen, just your take on what happens if he wins big in nevada. they go on to super tuesday. it seems to me what we shouldn't assume is that 35% is his ceiling because he seems to be able to generate a lot of support across lines within the republican primary elector. >> that ceiling has been edging up all along because it originally was lower than that and keeps moving because he keeps surprising everyone.
9:33 am
he's doing well and in most states he is still leading. you've probably looked at the polls more than i have. he wants us to be a two man race. i'm not sure cruz or trump is strong enough to bring down trump alone. i've come back to the effort to show people who are taken with his emotional appeal to see clearly who he really is.
9:34 am
he's done so well with people who are high school educated and the more blue collar workers who are the heart of america and they think finally somebody is speaking for them but the truth is he is not for them not in his real life and that needs to be highlighted. >> as a veteran of capitol hill and you know the budget deals and the kinds of hard work, the kind of hard work that john kasich puts into things, why aren't republicans taking a harder look at his proposals and whether they add up? >> because trump doesn't really have any proposals. that's the most difficult thing about attacking trump. he hasn't put anything out. they care about broad generalities.
9:35 am
republicans are very troubled by donald trump. i think kathleen is exactly right. it's about trump against the little guy. little guy is not your friend. no one is making that case in a strategic way. all those adds that mike put together, none of them made that case. they attacked marco rubio, for christ's sake. it makes no sense why they didn't take on trump and they didn't and that's why he's winning. >> we're going to have to leave it there for now. i thank you guys for being with us. coming up, more on the trump card. how is the party dealing with the front runner? you're watching andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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bernie sanders didn't even mention next sat's democratic primary in south carolina when he seeded nevada. what's at steak on super tuesday? almost 900 delegates from 11
9:39 am
states and the prizes are all places where clinton were. it's going to be hard for bernie sanders to win.
9:40 am
it doesn't mean he won't win abunch of delegates. what he has to worry about is the fact if she gets a large delegate lead, these democrats are proportioned proportionally. it's hard to make up a deficit. you run behind, behind, behind and he has to be careful not to get in that situation. >> let's take a look at the republicans. the republican national committee out with a video going back to 2008 to attack the clintons in south carolina. they seem to be running a general election campaign. let's take a bit. >> the damage between the clintons and african americans in this country might be irreparab irreparable. >> obama's support among the hardworking american. >> clinton had said a few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee. >> i am not a racist. >> this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale.
9:41 am
>> so the republicans trying to remind african americans in south carolina what happened back in 2008. >> sure. and for an obvious reason it would be easier for them to run whoever their nominee turns out to be against bernie sanders and against hillary clinton. but it was not a pleasant time for both clintons in south caroli carolina. >> women back in the 70s leaving their kitchens to canvas for him. whose going to slow down donald trump? >> and ben carson sort of still remaining in the race with 7.5 pe7.5% of the vote in south carolina.
9:42 am
you could not draw up a scenario as of february 22nd that looks better for donald trump which is rubio and cruz trying to hang on and be the other guy in the race march 1st. the problem there is trump is going to have, already have 66% of the delegates and will have a similar amount likely. >> rubio could find short in florida. >> indeed. without the other floridian in the ballot. by the way, i came here from my kitchen. one thing surprising is rubio going head on at donald trump.
9:43 am
i was watching chris christie and he said it needs to be done and i'm not ready to do it yet and we know what happened there. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. they are back in session, the supreme court on a somber day today. the senate also back. is president obama any closer to nominating a -- for justice scalia. >> some of you are in your final term working as hard as you can getting things done for the people you represent, fixing roads, educating children, helping people retrain, appointing judges. the usual stuff. is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown.
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chief justice john roberts opened the first session since justice scalia's death with a tribute calling the late justice a man for all seasons. joining me now is pete williams and tom goldstein. welcome both. i know you were in the chambers today. this was very touching. it's such a rare tribute. >> it's been about 60 years since a justice died during a term and the replacement wasn't ready to go. they did the ceremony with the black drapery. he went through the biography and gave the names of his children and talked about how he met his wife in law school and was quiet serious and then got lighthearted. he noted justice scalia argued a case in the supreme court before he was justice and there he prevailed. noted some statistics as he came
9:48 am
on as the 103rd justice. he wrote 292 majority opinions and paused and said he was also noted to file some descents. >> just a few. >> yes. it was a somber day because usually when the justices come out from behind the big velvet curtain they smile at people they recognize. not today. very somber and dig any identified. short but in keeping with this really the tradition that goes back about a hundred years. >> the first big case is the texas abortion case. >> immediately after his passing we turned to a series after cases and nothing is as high profiled in the supreme court as aborti
9:49 am
abortion. you would really expect rigeitha tie or striking down the decisions. >> we saw importantly the white house putting out a photo opportunity of the president with a huge binder on saturday walking down to kol grenade of the white house. this moment shows that they later told us that that is his briefing book. he's considering nominees. presumably not this week during a period of mornings starting. after that, it's fair game. >> i think friday they put that out shortly after the president came back to the white house since hearing the first lady come up to the court.
9:50 am
there has to be fbi and background checks. as you know this takes a while. >> tom, i know it's hard to give the insideline. we've been given every single thing from president biden and others this may not be a passion nate liberal representative of a democratic base. it will be more likely someone who will put the republicans on a spot and someone whose been a consensus choice in the past. >> they're trying to put votes the best they can. it's going to be someone who had unanimous support from republicans when put on the dourt of appeals.
9:51 am
that's jane kelly and one from the d.c. circuit here. one is a patient descent and one an indian american and one obviously, a woman. it's going to be in keeping with the democrats view that they should be making the courts more diverse. >> and jane kelly comes from ohio. >> had you containing at age 63 as the chief judge of the appeals court in the d.c. circuit but. >> probably. on the left it's hard to think of anyone more respected. he has a long history in the justice. presidents these days try to get someone young. while 63 in terms of years left on the bench is not very old, i think if they can put somebody on whose 53 verses 63 they would take the former.
9:52 am
>> there's a lot more ahead. you're watching andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc.
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before we go we had to show you this moment. 106-year-old filling her dream of visiting the whies house and dancing her way in.
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god bless her. that does it for us. follow the show online, facebook, twitte twitter @mitchellreports. stay with us for special coverage looking ahead to the republican may mary tomorrow in nevada nv and the democrats saturday. chris jackson continues live from las vegas coming up next. e you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health.
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hi everyone. i'm chris jansing live in lass ray g say gas standing on the strip. if you go down that way there's a 64 story luxury building with the name trump on it. he doesn't just own real-estate here. it looks like he's going to own the nevada caucuses. the question for the other candidates is how do you stop
10:00 am
trump? they don't have a lot of time to figure it out. we're just five days away from the south carolina democratic primary. super tuesday a huge day for winning delegates. donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz and ben carson, four of the five remaining presidential candidates are here in nevada. ohio governor john kasich got himself in hot water today in virginia. >> how did i get elected? we just got an army of people and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up. >> so we'll have some reaction to that. meanwhile, the rest of the republican candidates bunched up their last minute pitches and rhetoric. >> the only category i do badly in is my personality. and that's okay. who cares. >> the land in nevada needs to


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