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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  February 22, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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trump? they don't have a lot of time to figure it out. we're just five days away from the south carolina democratic primary. super tuesday a huge day for winning delegates. donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz and ben carson, four of the five remaining presidential candidates are here in nevada. ohio governor john kasich got himself in hot water today in virginia. >> how did i get elected? we just got an army of people and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up. >> so we'll have some reaction to that. meanwhile, the rest of the republican candidates bunched up their last minute pitches and rhetoric. >> the only category i do badly in is my personality. and that's okay. who cares. >> the land in nevada needs to be owned by the state of nevada
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and even better the people. >> you guys have to be saying this now every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and true and in this case goes after my faith. >> loves nothing more than bright lights and big names candidates have been rolling out hillary clinton adds. >> we can't get by on promises anymore. we need action and marco is a man of action. >> we have a team of reporters and guest to talk about all the
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angles on this day before nevada. so let's start with the two controversies that are developing already today. those comments by kasich and also an apology from the cruz campaign to marco rubio. it was about a video posted by the daily pennsylvania saying that rubio said the bible didn't have any answers in it. cruz's communication director posted that story on facebook and had to delete. the rubio campaign cried foul that the candidate had been misquoted and call it had video another example of cruz's campaign tricks. >>. >> every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and true. >> here we go. we've got this battle between rubio and cruz and we have these side issues that are going on. talk to me. >> so much to talk about too,
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chris. the big question is what happens next? what are we going to see this week as we head into nevada and the super tuesday states between cruz and rub your and how deep is the battle between the two going to get? you heard marco doing what he's been doing which is hit cruz on what the campaign calls this culture of dishonesty. cruz's campaign is hitting back the charge too. i want you to listen to what senator cruz had to say. >> it was asked what state did you win? you weren't able to win in ohio, new hampshire, south carolina. when can you win a state? the answer he gave was i think we can win florida on march 15th. that's a fairly amazing admission they don't believe they're going to win here in nevada. apparently, they don't believe their going to win any states on super tuesday. >> cruz slamming rubio's campaign on strategy.
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voters argue th. >> i also want to ask you about john kasich because those remarks he made earlier today is starting to get picked under and social media is having a field day. >>. >> i'm going to read you the full statement. john kasich's campaigns have been run of the their kitchens and many of the campaigns were made up of stay at home moms. that's real grass roots campaigning and he's proud of that authentic support.
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spokesman chris adding trying to twist his comments into anything else is just desperate politics. they're moving fast trying to contain this. you see case rancic talking about what was happening in the 70s when he was running. >> thank you very much. it was interesting to note after that woman stood up and said i'm going to support you but i don't know about coming out of the kitchen. that was the instant reaction from the audience there. first of three scheduled events rubio has today on the heals of his second place finish. also today he got the endorsement of former minnesota governor and 2012 presidential candidate. nbc is following the rubio campaign in reno, nevada and he's the only candidate who hasn't won a state. you heard of a comment cruz
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really made. he's really going after him for that. tell us what's the strategy there as we head into tomorrow's caucus. >> hey there, chris. you're right. he's the only candidate in the top three that hasn't won a single primary yet and the cruz campaign hitting him hard over that. they maintain once the field -- the republicans will coalesce around marco rubio and he'll be able to take on troop. his critics say they can't wait that long. right now there's a scramble going on to secure some of those donors jeb bush left behind as well as supporters. today, the super pack backing marco rubio released a new add. let's take a listen. >> trump erratic, unreliable. cruz calculated, underhanded. the choice we can count on,
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marco rubio. smart and forceful. the democrats nightmare. marco rubio. the republican who can beat hillary and inspire a new generation. >> so in that add, the super pack backing marco rubio trying to not attack donald trump too harshly. he has pointed out rubio believes he has more foreign policy experience. he and his campaign are really going after ted cruz and feel if they can make this a two person race between marco rubio and donald trump they'll be able to win. it's becoming a knock down drag out fight. >> gabe is covering the rubio campaign for us in reno, thank you. carrie sanders at the other end of the state where a trump rally is expected. i'm guessing they're felling
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confident there. >> donald trump has a way of being confident. interestingly he was coming here this way we understood it. now the campaign is telling us he's not coming here. he's sending his skon here to meet with voters. the campaign says that's always the plan. it's a little confusing for us to quiet sort this out since we were told earlier donald trump would be here. some of voters telling us they would get a chance to see donald trump. >> the only category i do badly in is my personality. that's okay. who cares chs you want to know something, i'm a better person
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than the people we're running against. i see it. >> as we said, voters have been listening talking politics all morning. donald trump said he would bring water boarding back and michael hayden, the former cia director said if he wants to do water boarding, he better bring his own bucket. this is a very important question we have in the campaign. when you hear donald trump wants to hear water boarding and the former cia director says he's done. >> anything is going to save our soldiers and our people and country and anything that's going to keep our country safe, i'm all for it. they're terrorist and trying to kill us. i think anything we can do to them is fair. >> thank you very much. there's one opinion here of folks talking politics again. we got marco rubio, an adversary for donald trump and ted cruz all coming here trying to get the attention of voters and
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trying to win their attention as they get ready to go to the primary. >> we'll be talking in a few minutes to one of donald trump's son and ask about him about the confusion. texas governor dan patrick is a cruz supporter. john is covering nevada politics for over a quarter century. and the daily correspond nt, tim mack, it's good to see you all. you heard what donald trump just said. i'm a better person than the people i'm running against and so far, the voters seem to agree with him. >> let's put everything into perspective, chris. first of all, almost six and a half or seven out of every ten republican voters aren't voting for donald trump. ted cruz is right. i've been saying this for quiet sometime. you can't win the nomination if you can't win a state. this will be a two man race. it's a two man race now but
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effectively, wait. >> honestly. look. ben carson, nice man. he's not going to win. kasich, not going to win. nice guy. it's three people contending. if one of the three hasn't won trump. >> we've only been into three states and this fourth state, do you doubt donald trump is going to win here? >> i don't know about nevada. i know ted cruz is going to win the nomination for this reason. after super tuesday, marco will be 0-the campaign. how does he stay in if on super tuesday you can't win a state. it will be down to ted and trump. >> without evangelicals, suddenly, it looks as though donald trump is the darling of the evangelicals. >> donald has gotten some of those folks. when it's down to two men, ted cruz and donald trump, ted cruz is going to win. that's where the voters with
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coalesce. he's going to win. people, chris, i've run the campaigns statewide. when people aren't voting for you the first time around, they're usually not voting for you the second time around. so trump hasn't been able to attract any of the voters for the other candidates. they'll come to the person whose taking him on head to head. t cruz is going to win texas. you're going to be reporter here that the delegate county, ted is ahead or close and rubio is going to be in third place so far. as he says. he hopes to win in florida. he's third in the latest polls in florida, his own state. he's a nice guy. i'm not against other people. >> i think it's true.
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marco rubio hasn't won a state. you don't have to win a state to stay competitive. >> do you buy that argument? dond trump's appeal is winning. how does someone else say look at that time delegates. >> here's the problem, chris. we talked about this earlier. as long as there's two other candidates, there's no sign kasich is getting out. they're going to get a certain percentage of the vote. trump is going to win every context. the lieutenant governor may be right about texas. the problem for rubio, yes, he
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hasn't won a state but cruz has gone straight downhill. they're going to keep talking about iowa. here in nevada, cruz has a great organization that's come on strong late. they have the conservative rising star. he's done great things. rubio's team understands the state. same team that elected brian, governor. they have a lot of support and the mormon community is going to turn out. neither of the campaigns talk about anything but second place and the fight between the two of them helps trump. >> let's talk about some of these things popping up. they will continue the pop up. it's a campaign afterall. john kasich making a campaign. even his supporter at that rally. you know, watch your language in a sense. and then you have this back and forth between the cruz campaign and rubio campaign. an apology. nevertheless, rubio saying this
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is another example of how he's not truthful and there's dirty tricks. do any of these things make a difference? >> obviously. they also hurt sarenator ted cruz's campaign. >> do you buy that? >> look, i'm not worry about this other three. i'm focussed on ted. here's something a lot of people in the media, for example, in texas, if you don't get 20% of the vote you don't qualify to get a delegate. marco may not get 20 pergs in texas. we have the second largest delegate count. 155. it's probably going to end up that ted and donald only want the get eight dem gaits out of texas. that's 15% on super tuesday. marco goes another 0 for. smart guy. it's not his year for the race. ted is the awe thebt rancic conservative in the race. when i talk to the candidates, i
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say look, the supreme court, the next president picks three to five supreme court justices possibly. they'll be there long before whoever we elect for the next 20-30 years. i know ted cru s is going to nominate four or five scalia type jurors for the bench. i have no idea who donald trump is going to nominate for the bench. we can't afford to go to the middle or left on the ben. >> this is indeed a new line of argument that may or may not work. >> ted cruz is the only one who understands the supreme court. >> you are a passion nate defender. >> i'm a texan for ted cruz. >> thanks to you and john and tim. we also as we go to break take a look at marco rubio who has
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we won with highly well educated, pretty well educated and poorly educated but we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. just won. >> that is donald trump on sunday taking a victory lap after his win in south carolina. but tomorrow it's all here, the nevada caucus where donald trump leads the latest polling and a win sets him up to take a big slice of delegate takes up for grabs in 11 primary states starting march 1st. workers at his luxury hotel are fighting for the right to uni unionize and promise to have a big cap pain tonight.
10:22 am
eric trump is the son of the republican front runner. good to have you here. >> good being here. >> you just said you were here building the hotel. what about the labor dispute? >> every hotel in las vegas, i think it's a great testament to our accompany it's not. we've had amazing success. we employee full time employees and the building is doing unbelievely. >> they're arguing you don't have to deal with unions and give them the pay, the benefits they deserve. >> we built the building on time, on budget and we do what we do so well as trump. we build so many projects in say gas. they were built over budget and it caused problems for the city. we're incredibly proud. the hotel is doing amazing. we have one of the most
10:23 am
luxurious products in vegas. >> here we are in new york, new york, just like sitting on the brooklyn bridge. let's talk about the campaign and i want to play something your dad said the chuck on meet the press about planned parent hood. >> planned parent hood does a really good job in a lot of different areas but not on abortion. i'm not going to fund it if it's doing abortion. i'm not going to fund it. >> as you know planned parent hood is not a phrase a lot of conservative republicans find they want to hear coming from their republican candidate. what about that? >> sure. i think that's right. i think it speaks to my father being willing to break the traditional mold. planned parnd hood does a lot of great things but abortion is something my father is totally, totally against. >> not always. >> for the last 25 years he's
10:24 am
been saying it and i think people mature in their views and political stances. for a long time he's been against it. he said he would defund it. at the same time you have to give organizations credit where they do a great job. >> honest question. honest answer. >> sure. >> are you surprised by the way this campaign has gone? >> i would be lying to you if i said i wasn't. i know the man better than anybody. he's amazing. everything he touches turns to gold. he's a nonpolitician who came into a race seven months ago never being in politics in his life and self-funding his campaign and winning the g.o.p. it's a special thing. as a son, him and i are unseparable. >> what do you see going forward when you look at the super tuesday states? you have a dozen states up for competition. this is going tab a third of the
10:25 am
delegates. how are you feeling? what's the strategy? >> we have a great lead and going to do great. it's caucus state but i feel good about it and super tuesday is going to come up fast and furious and he's doing so well in the polls. >> whose running the accompany? you guys are all out with your dad. >> we are. that's why we have quick day trips. everything we've done as a family we've done it together. as i said before he's my best friend in the world. it's great to be by his side. i love the man tremendously. he's a great person. he'll do grate job for the c country. >> appreciate it. when we come back, we're adding up to dell dpats. which candidates have an uphill climb and who could pull out a win on super tuesday. in the meantime, i spoke with cruz supporters in vegas last night. >> are you a ted cruz supporter?
10:26 am
>> maybe. >> what are youing look for? >> someone whose honest and awe thent inc. and will stand up for our rights as meshes. >> i'm more of a ted cruz person than she is. my understanding he's the most hated guy in washington. that's a good reference. marco rubio, i don't trust him on immigration as far as i could throw him. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste.
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imagine them overturning. >> that's personny sanders manager. he was talking with andrea about the delegate map that will determine the winners of both parties nominations. nbc host and political could say respondent. here we are sitting on the strip. it >> it's a numbers game. there's something to it. >> that's a close context. here's the problem. unofficially, all sorts of democratic elected officials, these are the super delegates. a lot of them made endorsements. they track things informally. here's the latest estimate. hillary clinton winning 446 of them. bernie sanders, 19.
10:31 am
the problem for bernie sanders is this. if bernie sanders were to decisively beat hillary clinton in all the primaries and caucuses around the country it's hard to see the super delegates return them. what these numbers are telling us, if it's a tie essentially, if sanders and clinton swap from here to june, these super delegates are going to be the margin. >> the other part is the republican side of it. you hear sometimes the campaigns talking about it. maybe i don't win any state as in marco rubio, but when you see the delegate counts there's a psychological problem with that which is you don't come off a winner. you can look at that tie number doesn't that have an effect. >> this is the latest delegate on the republican side and you'll see donald trump pulling away here. it's early, of course. 67 for trump. just 11 for his nearest
10:32 am
competitor cruz. the rubio campaign felt confident and the cruz campaign felt confident. if you win a congressional district you get three delegates per district. trump swept the state. he gets all the delegates for winning the state. there were 50 delegates saturday night. donald trump won all 50 of them. it's early but he's pulling away a little bit because of that. >> delegate math. nothing like it. not even in the casinos. thank you. up next, we're going to be talking much more live from vegas about the potential consequences of ohio governor john kasich's comments about women leaving the kitchen to help him get elected. >> with older airplanes than
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iher life's work has been about breaking barriers.age. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential...
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unless we all do. together. a stronger country. we are back live. we want to tell you about developing news in michigan where right now, a man suspected in connection with a deadly shooting spree is expected to be arraigned in court. the uber driver accused of killing six people and injurying two others over a six hour period. uber says he passed a background check and police say he had no criminal record. president obama briefly spoke about the shootings earlier today. >> before i joined all of you i called the mayor and the police chief to tell them they would have whatever support they needed. you have families shattered today.
10:37 am
earlier this year i took steps that will make it harder for dangerous people like this individual to buy a gun. clearly, we're going to need to do more to keep innocent americans safe. >> nbc is in michigan for us. blake, tell us a little more about what we expect today at that arraignment. >> chris, the arraignment could happen any moment. i just received a list of charges that jason is going to be facing with this crime. he's going to be receiving six counts on murder charges. two counts of attempted murder as well as eight weapons charges. all of those felonies. he's facing 16felonies. this is a starting off point here for prosecutors and they say they are confident that they have their man that jason dalton is the one responsible for this shooting. that he say when they tracked down his car they found a 9 millimeter handgun in it they
10:38 am
traced to the shootings and they found his car shoot surveillance tapes. they have surveillance of some of the shootings. they say there's more evidence they're not sharing with us. they are very, very confident not only this is their guy but they'll be able to convict him. a little more on the victims. eight victims. six passed away. one was a father and son shopping for a new car. four of the other victims had just returned from a play and exchanging cars in a parking lot of a cracker barrel. a 14-year-old girl remains in critical condition and was pronounced dead for a short time yesterday and was able to squeeze her mother's hand and doctors knew she was still alive and rushed her into surgery. there was a mother of three shot in the parking lot of the apartment complex and she has more surgery today. chris. >> all right. nbc in michigan for us and we should tell you that uber did
10:39 am
issue a statement on this and if we could put it up on the screen we can take a look from joe sullivan, the chief security officer. we are horrified and heart broken at the senseless violence in michigan. obviously, manyillions of peopl who depend on uber for transportation continue to follow that story. here in vegas let's go back to politics. those comments by ohio governor kasich have come under some scrutiny. >> how did i get elected? i didn't have anybody for me. we just got an army of people who and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up all the way back when things were different. >> first off, i want to say your comment earlier about the women out of the kitchen to support you. i'll come to support you but won't be coming out of the kitchen. >> i got cha. >> in a new statement the team
10:40 am
said many of his early campaign teams were made up of stay at home moms. to try to twist his comments into anything else is just desperate politics. >> frankly, that very quick rejoind rejoinder. >> i thought it was really funny and she was in the right place. but i also think that in context of what kasich was talking about, he was talking about a 1978 campaign and yes, women were in the workforce then.
10:41 am
>> if you're in the kasich campaign and look at the research, only 36% of women identify as republicanrepublica. are comments like these part of the problem? >> the comments he made are a throw back to an error. it's a problem pulling women into the republican party. women haven't been represented enough in the republican party. we're stoorting to see that come to change. look at nicki hay lee. she's one of the rising stars. women like that really are rising to the top levels of republican politics. >> this isn't the first time john kasich has come under fire for making comments about women on the trail.
10:42 am
as a woman who believes in the republican platform, if there is, if i can make that statement generally, what would you say to these men about the way they address women to their face? >> after the whole today aiken crisis in 2012 she said any republican man who wants to talk about rape, just stop now. i think that this is a humor that's just not funny. if you go back and look at other things kasich said, he wanted to spank lindsey lohan for bad behavior. said the same thing about brittney spears. he talks about young women in a way that it's a throw back to your uncle at the thanksgiving dinner table whose being a little inappropriate. >> thanks so much. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> when we come back, we're live
10:43 am
in south carolina. the site of the next battleground for democrats after hillary clinton's big win here in nevada. can bernie sanders deliver on his promised revolution? first, back to today's microsoft polls question. can the g.o.p. establishment stop donald trump? check out the polls so far and you can keep voting at on the floor! everybody down! nobody move! on the floor!
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10:47 am
second rally on behalf of his wife. bernie sanders spending time in massachusetts. still a lot of focus remains for them in south carolina and saturday's upcoming primary and the battle for the african american vote. here's a new clinton campaign add narrated by morgan freeman. >> she says their names. >> tray vaughn martin shot to death. donte hamilton. >> and makes their mothers fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poised by indifference. >> we need action now. >> and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievers. just like she's always stood with us. >> it's going to be an uphill pat l for bernie sanders. he trails clinton by 37 points among black voters in south caroli carolina. she just picked up the endorsement of naacp president.
10:48 am
even with the backing of more sander struggle was evidence at a rally where 5,200 mostly white supporters came out the see sanders. >> alex is an msnbc political supporter. great to see. ben and danny went backstage and gave interviews after that rally and here's part of what he said. he said sanders faces quote the hard part getting beyond the clinton brand. the clinton brand is like coca-co coca-cola. it's a southern brand. everybody knows it. it tastes good. i wonder if another part of that
10:49 am
equation that's been a problem for bernie sanders is connecting with african american voters. >> absolutely. it's definitely both. as somebody close to the sanders campaign put it to me, clinton has had 25 years to reach out to the voters beginning when she was campaigning for her husband and when he was governor of arkansas. bernie sanders has a couple of months to make up that ground. at the same time i've been to many churches with bernie sanders and he's spoken to largely african american and there's no doubt there's a bit of a cultural divide. she's working hard to make up
10:50 am
ground. he hasn't given up on south carolina. he's been aggressively cording these groups and endorsements. he spent a lot of precious time there. he's graciously recording his groups, his endorsements, he has a very aggressive plan on criminal justice reform, so he's working hard to make up that ground, but i don't know if he'll have enough time to close the gap entirely. >> meantime, they're still having this battle between the campaigns about who won the latino vote which, obviously, it's settled here. we know, you know, who won. the question moving forward is can he make those inroads in those states where these voting blocks are so critical. he doesn't have to win, he just has to make progress. >> exactly, chris. the issue here in nevada is the entrance polls showed bernie sanders winning among latinos by a wide margin over hillary clinton. the hillary clinton campaign says that's absolutely not true.
10:51 am
they're pointing to results from delegates in las vegas. it's a wonder whether bernie sanders can pursue the base he has so far. up next, employees from donald trump's las vegas hotel with a message for the republican frontrunner rallying to make america great again. we'll be live next. i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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10:54 am
donald trump isn't just facing a fight with his republican opponents here in nevada, he's fighting with the workers at the hotel. what's this all about? >> he was so proud the hotel was one of the only non-union hotels. i got the workers' side of the story. the employees here in nevada say donald trump looks to be in a great position to win the caucus in nevada tomorrow night, but he
10:55 am
may be about to lose a battle with the hotel workers who voted to unionize last year, joining the 80% of hotels here on the strip in las vegas. donald trump is fighting back. i spent the night in the hotel to find out a little bit more. good morning, welcome to the penthouse at the trump national hotel las vegas. pretty nice living room, right? i had a great night here last night. what a view. check out the stratosphere here. and then the bedroom -- sorry i didn't make the bed. i don't know if i've been to a more amazing bathroom because you can watch msnbc in the mirror. it's a nice hotel, no doubt about it, and donald trump has drummed up a lot of support here in nevada, but his workers aren't as thrilled with him. you guys work at the trump
10:56 am
hotel? >> yes. >> what do you guys do there? >> housekeeping. >> reporter: >> reporter: y you guys made a vote to unionize. how come? >> they make like $17 and we make $14, and it's a big difference. >> reporter: per hour? >> per hour. >> the managers at the trump hotel pushed back. they didn't want it to happen. how did that make you feel? >> it scared me. >> reporter: if you saw mr. trump here in his hotel, what would you say? >> you say, i want to make america great. please, make america great again. >> reporter: you say make america great again and make the hotel great again? >> yes. >> reporter: the culinary union announced yesterday that the national labor relations board
10:57 am
has recommended trump's appeal of the union's vote which is to say it's not just about salary, but it's about pension and the uniforms the workers wear to actually be thrown out. the union is asking trump to begin negotiations instead while he's here in town for the caucus and the union. the hotel continues to fight back, chris. >> it doesn't look like they're going to give any time soon. that's going to do it for this hour of coverage. live from las vegas, i'm chris jansing. a reminder that starting wednesday i hit the road as part of msnbc's super tuesday road tour. seven states in seven days leading up to super tuesday. we start wednesday in oklahoma. i'll be driving from state to state to state. you're not going to want to miss it, on msnbc, the place for politics. geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim.
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hey, everyone, i'm kate snow on the strip here in las vegas, nevada. they're barely through cleaning up the confetti from donald trump's victory party in south carolina, and here we are prepping for another big day at the polls tomorrow. tomorrow republicans here in nevada go to caucus. in a lot of ways they'll be the first participants in a brand new chapter for the gop ticket, a contest that many now consider a three-way race: donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio. together that trio has nearly a dozen events across this state today. thanks to south carolina exit
11:02 am
polling, there is a new distinction taking shape that is important to highlight here. let's say you have a coworker or friend who hasn't been paying a ton of attention to the gop race so far. here's how you can break it down for him or her, courtesy of msnbc's first read. mr. change, mr. values and mr. electability. mr. trump recently won over south carolinans who want a change, can tell it like it is. cruz won a campaign that shares his values, and rubio, someone with a change. gabe gutierrez is following marco rubio in reno, kerry sanders is following the trump campaign in elko, nevada, and hallie jackson with ted cruz.
11:03 am
>> reporter: we're not going to see what we usually see with donald trump. it is not druonald trump making the visit here, and there is a big difference with donald trump jr. take a look inside at the convention center at the few hundred people who have gathered here. we're used to seeing at donald trump events thousands of people, people lining up sometimes eight hours in the cold before they even get a chance to go in. donald trump's campaign says he never intended to come to elko, but we were informed, as were others in the community, that donald trump would be here. then there was a change made. bottom line, donald trump, as you know, will be there in las vegas later today, and then tomorrow he'll be in reno making appearances, speaking with crowds and speaking with a lot of confidence coming out of south carolina. >> kerry, let me ask you about
11:04 am
something that just happened -- >> we won with everything. we won with women, i love the women. we won with highly educated, poorly he heducated. we won with everything. fat people, skinny people, short people, tall people. the only thing i do badly with is my personality. who cares? you want to know something, i'm a better person than the people i'm running against. i see it, let me tell you. >> reporter: so donald trump is not here in elko. marco rubio was here earlier today, ted cruz will be here this afternoon. surely it's a full-on push by all republicans to get the attention of voters for caucuses tomorrow, kate. >> kerry, let me ask you about something that also happened today. donald trump has been so out spo outspoken about waterboarding and wanting to bring that back
11:05 am
into play. michael hayden, ex-cia teef says, if you want somebody waterboarded, bring your own damn bucket, basically saying, that's not going to happen. any response from the campaign? >> reporter: no immediate response from the campaign, only that donald trump has said he will do this because he believes the need for this is to protect the united states. there is a real debate within the intelligence community of whether waterboarding actually provides useful intelligence or whether it's torture and that people who are being forced under that duress would say anything to protect themselves. clearly michael hayden, a former director of the cia, says that it was a very controversial process, one, even though he's out, and he believes the intelligence community would not want to go through again. but speaking to voters as i did today, they seem -- those who are trump supporters, they seem to want to support donald trump in this effort, saying that they
11:06 am
believe that if it is useful, if it works, and they believe it does, it should be left on the table for the intelligence community to continue to use. kate? >> all right, kerry sanders with the trump campaign. as usual, kerry, thanks so much. now to ted cruz who just about an hour from now will be holding a campaign rally here in las vegas. hallie jackson has been following the campaign for us. she's inside that event. let's talk about ted cruz today. he'll take the stage in about an hour coming off third place in south carolina. he clearly wants to be the guy to take on donald trump. >> reporter: yeah, and that's how he's been framing it and how his campaign is framing it, he believes it will become a two-man race between him and trump. why does he talk about it? because potentially he could benefit if it's a two-person race rather than a three-person race. marco rubio still in the mix, very much so, and hoping to make it, in fact, a little bit wider field than cruz wants.
11:07 am
you still have john kasich and ben carson. kasich raised some eyes at his own event earlier today when he said this. listen to this. >> i went to washington following my mother's advice. i had been in the legislature before that at the age of 26. how did i get elected? i didn't have anybody for me. we just got an army of people, and many women who left their kitchens to go out door to door and put yard signs up for me all the way back when, you know, things were different. now you call homes and everybody is out working, but at that time, early days, it was an army of the women that really helped me to get elected to the state senate. >> reporter: it's that piece, kate, about women in kitchens that caught the ear of a woman who was at this kasich event. she stood up. she was asking a question about planned parenthood. she says, i'm going to support you but i'm not coming out of the kitchen to do it.
11:08 am
kasich with a rapid response said john kasich's campaigns have always been homegrown affairs. they literally were stay-at-home moms who went out to support him. trying to twist his words is not justice politics. he's looking to ohio, some of those mid western places where he believes he can be a factor in this case. >> he made that comment in virginia, didn't he? i think he's in virginia today. >> reporter: he's not in nevada. >> thank you. hallie jackson, thanks so much. now let's go to the man looking to support jeb bush supporters following the suspension of his campaign. nbc's gabe gutierrez is on the trail following the rubio campaign. he joins us with more on that. gabe, what's going on there
11:09 am
today? >> reporter: hey there, kate, good afternoon. this rubio rally is set to get under way in just a few hours, but as you mentioned, the scramble is on for marco rubio and other candidates to try to get jeb bush's donors and supporters. just today the rubio campaign announcing that it has received the endorsement of several members of the south florida congressional delegation, including representative congresswoman iliana ross wakeman. they have switched their devotion to marco rubio. as more candidates drop out of this race, the field will winnow, and they hope they will be able to coalesce around marco rubio and he will get ahead of donald trump. meanwhile, he's really rallying against ted cruz. there was a cell phone video posted at a website on line and on-line media outlet that at first seemed to suggest that marco rubio was disrespecting
11:10 am
the bible. he had run into some crew staffers at a hotel. the subtitles on that video initially suggested that he made a disparaging comment about there being no answers in that book. however, the rubio campaign countered and said, no, that wasn't the case at all. it was the exact opposite. he was saying all answers were found in the bible. this morning the adviser from the cruz campaign that forwarded that article on social media, he's been forced to apologize, and marco rubio really went after the cruz campaign in his g gaggle with reporters this morning. take a listen. >> who is going to be fired when ted cruz is president, because this campaign has repeatedly done things they have to apologize for and no one is held accountable. who will be held accountable for making this video? whofrs held accountable for lying about ben carson? who was held accountable about the robo calls and the commercials on tv they had to pull down? >> reporter: again, the rubio campaign trying to paint a picture of ted cruz as someone who cannot be trusted.
11:11 am
they feel if they convince enough voters to go behind rubio and get away from cruz that, then, he will then be in the best position to take on donald trump. however, kate, as you know, donald trump in the driver's seat here in nevada. the rubio campaign does have a few events here in reno, but tomorrow they're looking to move to minnesota, then michigan, before heading to texas later this week. kate? >> gabe gutierrez. gabe, we'll be talking to the aide on the cruz campaign that posted that video you were just talking about in the next hour. with nevada holding its republican caucus tomorrow night, time to check in with our resident nevada expert, host of ralston live. last time i talked to you, we were remote, you here, me in new york. it's really nice not to be able to wear a winter coat right now. it's beautiful. >> we should be first in the nation always. >> iowans ta
11:12 am
take offense, but lthe weather sure is nice. is it the kind of thing where nevadans aren't even really aware it's going to happen? >> i think your informal poll is probably as good as any of the real polls being done considering how bad polling is. you've hit on a real problem for republicans here considering turnout is going to be very low. it was about 10 or 11% in '08, only 27% in 2012. campaigns are modelling turnout at 35 voters or so, which is less than 10%. it was 33,000 voters in 2012. nobody knows about it, unless you're a veteran voter and going to these rallies you're showing. it's very difficult to tell what's going on, but the real speaking tells, the rubio team
11:13 am
internally, they say they're looking for second place. >> nbc says the polls are never very accurate in nevada, but the one we do have from cnn shows donald trump very significant. >> he's in the 40s. >> he owns a hotel on the strip. he's a popular guy out here. is there any way he loses tomorrow night? >> i think it would be surprising to see him lose, and that is mirrored by some internal data, i've seen other data. if he wins by that much, that's really going to be a stigma. but think about nevada. it's an anti-government kind of state, anti-politician kind of state. ted cruz especially on that. donald trump the only guy who talks about cross tabs in his speeches did mention one thing that's interesting. uneducated voters, really, is where he's drawing from. this is an uneducated electorate here. unfortunately, it's been a problem in nevada for a long time, so i think he's going to
11:14 am
be strong here. he doesn't have a ground organization here. cruz and rubio really have good ground organizations, kate. >> let me ask you about cruz and evangelicals and the religious vote here. it's complicated, right? you have a large mormon population, which marco rubio was a mormon for a time, lived here for a time. >> right. >> does he have a home field advantage? does ted cruz get some of those religious voters? how do you see that playing? >> it's a great question, and the mormon vote here was a quarter of the vote here in 2012 with the caucus. mitt romney reached out. ted cruz has a l-- is appealing the religious rite in the way that he does. he has a wild card out there. robin waxhol, the attorney general who won handily in the rural counties who are heavily republican, they will turn out at the caucus just proportionate to their numbers. cruz is out there. kerry sanders is in elko,
11:15 am
nevada, which most people watching his broadcast have never heard of. that's why they're all there. trump has his son, but the other two candidates are there. rural nevada could be the key to his case. >> it's a nice state. thank you very much for being with us. the microsoft polls question is up. can the gop establishment succeed in stopping donald trump? you can head to to vote and we'll show you the results later in the hour. 595 delegates at stake for the republicans, but before they get to march, they have to make it through the caucuses here tomorrow. stay with us. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones
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11:19 am
tomorrow's republican primary here in nevada just an apertur aperturpea appetizer, really, for the gop. steve kornacki sporting his unlv -- it's not really a sweatshirt, it's more like an athletic fleece. >> catering to the locals, you know. >> you're collecting these. >> i had one from south carolina last week. >> what are you going to do when it's 11 states, on super tuesday next week, and what do we look for tuesday? >> the opportunity is here for donald trump to put some distance between him and the rest of the field here, and i think the thing that scares the republican establishment that does not want trump as its candidate, when you start looking at the coalitions he's been putting together in these states, he won rural evangelical voters in south carolina. that's the same constituency that ted cruz is going for. but he was also winning down in parts of the state where there is more moderate republican
11:20 am
voters. he was winning in new hampshire where there is very secular republican voters. there is the potential when you start looking at that map for super tuesday, there is the potential for donald trump to simultaneously do well or win a state like georgia, a state like south carolina with a heavy evangelical population, but also a state like massachusetts that votes next week with a very secular moderate electorate. he is winning with both those groups right now, and if that keeps up next week, that's an unstoppable coalition. that's the challenge. >> if he sweeps, if he does really well on super tuesday, is that it? >> i wouldn't say that's it, because if you're rubio, you start looking at florida, it's my state, it's a winner take all state. as you get into big winner take all states, you'll hear from the rubio people the idea this will become a one-on-one race, the rest of the party will coalesce
11:21 am
for marco rubio. >> do most of the other finance guys go to rubio? >> if it goes anywhere, they go to rubio. rubio also needs money for his campaign. a bit of a reaction, maybe, of donald trump emerging from south carolina. all of the money that jeb bush, that the superpac had that they spent, didn't do anything to prop up jeb bush, he basically got nothing for that money, didn't do anything to take down donald trump. it didn't hurt him, so you wonder if rubio gets an infusion of money now will it have any different impact? and the other thing is, look, the base of this party is so riled up against the establishment right now, if you're marco rubio it's
11:22 am
irresistible, so i'm not sure it's going to help him, either. >> ted cruz didn't win the evangelical vote in south carolina, we've got all these states coming up on super tuesday, a lot of them are southern states that have a fair number of evangelical voters. what does he need in the next 10 days? >> i have a hard time seeing -- cruz is putting on a good face here, but look, he won iowa, and the strategy is you take that win in iowa and you roll it into south carolina, another state with a heavy evangelical population, and then you take a win in south carolina and you sweep through the south. he didn't just lose south carolina, he lost the evangelical vote, he lost the rural areas of the state, he lost the areas of the state that are very culturally and demographically similar to the sec states that are going to vote next week. it is really hard to look at that and say, if he couldn't even come within 10 points in south carolina, how is he going to do that in georgia next week? how is he going to do that across the south next week? if he can't do it across the south, forget about it. >> i'm going to challenge you to get 11 sweatshirts next week
11:23 am
from all -- >> that's a challenge i will take. coming up as a tribute from the bench, the senate together for the first time since justice scalia's death. how it could impact the nation, up next. ( soft, calm music ) hi, you've reached emma. i'm out of the office right now but will get back to you just as soon as i possibly can. join princess cruises for exclusive discovery at sea experiences. princess cruises. come back new.
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try align for a non-stop,ive sweet-treat-goodness
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hold-onto-your-tiara, kind-of-day. live 24/7 with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the undisputed #1 ge recommended probiotic. the supreme court is back in session today. john roberts opened with a tribute to scalia. roberts called him a man for all seasons. pete williams was at that session this morning. give us a sense of how it was this morning and how people are looking forward. >> well, it was somber today. the justices frequently come out from behind those velvet drapes and smile at people in the courtroom. not today. very somber faces for this tribute. not a long one, but a heartfelt one from the chief justice to his former colleague who sat just to his right, the seat you now see covered with black.
11:27 am
that's a tradition that goes back 100 years. the last time they did it for a justice who died in the middle of his office was 60 years ago. they paid tribute to scalia today, talked about his life, his children, his wife. said he had written 292 majority opinions for the supreme court, and then paused to laughter in the courtroom and said, and occasionally he had a dissent. he said justice scalia had argued one case before as a lawyer, which he won, which the chief justice said gave him a perfect record. now the court is back in business, the first time since justice scalia's death a week ago, and they went on hearing cases, just like they'll do the rest of this term. but the question is, what sdt la -- does the lack of a justice mean? that will be tested when the supreme court hears a case challenging abortion
11:28 am
restrictions on abortion clinics and other controversial issues yet to come on immigration, on contraceptives and the obamacare. we have a long way to go, kate. >> if it's a 4-4 break next week with one of those arguments, what happens? >> the court has a choice. they can either announce it's a 4-4 tie which one of the lower courts prevails, the supreme court doesn't count, it's as if it never came to the supreme court. or the justices can say they'll hold the case and have it reargued. they won't even say it's a tie. they'll just say it will be held and reargued for the next term. the other possibility is to try to avoid that tie to make the decision very narrow, try to find the majority that would allow them to reach a decision with a majority of at least five justices. >> pete, i was reading this morning that some court watchers think president obama may well be starting the process of
11:29 am
interviewing people, reaching out, talking to potential justices. do you know anything about that? >> as far as i know, he himself as not talked to any justices. his staff has certainly been assembling the materials, they've been -- certainly the judges who have been considered potential nominees are being talked to by the white house staff just to see if they're interested so the white house doesn't go through the trouble of compiling all this information of someone who doesn't want the gig. then, of course, at some point the fbi has to begin to do the background checks. but i don't believe the president himself has talked to anybody. at least, i haven't heard that he has. >> all right, pete williams watching all of that for us in washington. pete, thank you so much. the senate back on the hill after a week-long recess rocked by justice scalia's death. president obama says he will nominate someone in due time to take the justice's place, but a lot of republicans are vowing to block any pick until a new president is elected. luke russert joins me on capitol
11:30 am
hill. luke, this ties right into what we're covering out here in nevada with politics going on and campaigns talking about this selection. what are they saying on capitol hill? >> reporter: well, kate, it is the defining issue for congress in 2016 because they don't really have anything else to work on with the exception of a budget come september. this is really going to suck up all the oxygen. right now we're awaiting senate mitch mcconnell, the majority leader, he's going to the floor around 3:00 p.m., as will harry reid, the traditional opening of the session after a long recess. both expected to talk about the nominee coming from the obama administration to the supreme court. we expect mitch mcconnell to talk about antonin scalia and offer some opinion about this. the ball is in their court now, kate. there are two schools of thought within the senate republican conference. one is no hearing, no vote. essentially a real conservative blockade of any nominee that president obama would put forward, the idea being we don't even want to give them a hearing
11:31 am
because we don't want them on television, run the risk of them looking good on television before the senate judiciary committee, and them saying, hey, look, they had a great hearing and you stopped them. the other school is, look, the president should not get an appointment to the court this close to an election. however, it is the president's right by the constitution to put a nominee forward. we'll give that nominee a hearing, and more likely than not, vote them down in the senate judiciary committee so they never go to the full floor. republicans of that stature are folks like mark kirk from illinois, the purple state. actually, i would say that's a blue state. toomey, new hampshire. they don't necessarily want to be called obstructionists, especially if president obama nominates somebody who is within one of the constituencies,
11:32 am
african-americans, asian americans, as we've heard. listen to what they want to do on the supreme court issue. >> i think the president believes he has a responsibility, a constitutional duty, to a point that the best person in the united states for the job. that's why he'll cast a wide net, he'll consider individuals with a range of experiences, but ultimately, he is focused on setting aside politics, focusing on his responsibility and appointing the best person for the job. >> reporter: and kate, that nominee is so very important, because not only do they have to be willing to put themselves forward, they also have to be willing to lose. because there is no chance that this person who will be nominated will actually be seated on the court. republicans will not allow that to happen. so is this person content being nominated, and is this person content losing at the end of the day? you're really taking one for the team in this case, kate. >> it's going to be an interesting week. luke russert on capitol hill,
11:33 am
thanks so much. after saturday's loss here in nevada, we're expecting to hear from senator bernie sanders in about 45 minutes from now with the south carolina primaries just five days away. can he catch up to hillary clinton? incredible bladder protection from always discreet that lets you move like you mean it now comes with an incredible promise. the always discreet double your money back guarantee. always discreet is for bladder leaks
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with vitamin d and magnesium. that gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. let's turn now to the battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. clinton fresh off a nevada win, potentially a turning point after sanders' big win in new hampshire. heading to south carolina, the clinton campaign says they plan to hit sanders hard on gun control as clinton campaigns with advocates for stronger gun measures, and sanders is ready to hit back. his campaign just called a press conference today at 3:00 p.m. eastern, and sanders is expected to talk about a number of key differences between himself and clinton, including trade, health care and campaign finance reform, his campaign says.
11:37 am
the latest nbc news wall street journal marist poll has clinton up on sanders by a solid 28-point lead. we asked sanders about his strategy after a loss in nevada. >> don't you have to beat her in a place like texas, virginia or tennessee, a big state, to say, you know what? i can win this nomination, i can't just come close. don't you have to do that? >> look, look, you're right. at the end of the day, that's true. we're looking hard at michigan, we think we have a pretty good shot at parts of texas. trust me, we are focusing very hard on trying to get as many delegates as we can. but let me also say this. we are in this race to the convention. i think we got some states coming down the pike that we're going to do very, very well in. >> earlier today senator sanders was campaigning in sumter, south carolina. later tonight he holds a rally in massachusetts.
11:38 am
bill clinton, by the way, is holding rallies in texas today. for more let me bring in msnbc reporter alex seitz-wald. alex, good to see you. let's talk about what we expect to hear when sanders holds this press conference. they say they want to make distinctions between him and hillary clinton. >> reporter: that's right, coming off that loss in nevada, he's trying to change the momentum with this race. they were really counting on a win there heading into south carolina super tuesday, so i think we can expect him to draw a number of sharp contrasts from clinton, from everything to trade to the keystone xl pipeline, things he was out in front of her, to things on wall street and whatnot. he is not expected to do as well in south carolina and move straight to super tuesday where there is a number of states that will do better for him. this is going to be a problem
11:39 am
for him. you played that sound. he's looking now at a tough map ahead where it's going to be tough to get to the nomination, but he's already talking a little bit what would happen in a general election. take a look at what he said last night when he talked about wanting to go up against donald trump. >> if you look at national polls and you want a candidate who is going to defeat donald trump, you're looking at that candidate. [ cheers and applause ] >> there would be nothing that would give me greater pleasure than, in fact, beating donald tru trump. >> reporter: i think there he's trying to rally the troops, get his supporters on line. obviously tough to take a defeat in nevada. he wants something to get them excited about. nobody excites democrats more than battling donald trump. >> as he looks forward to tuesday, what is the key thing for sanders? what does his campaign say they're focused on that big day
11:40 am
next week? >> there are four states that he feels really good about. minnesota and colorado, both of those are caucus states, and then you also have massachusetts and vermont. new england states, he's from vermont. and a lot of delegates there. they're also looking at oklahoma, which is not a typical place you would think of a liberal democrat to do well, but he's behind two points there, according to a poll last week, and it's a state they think they can kind of break even. then you have to look at texas. there are 222 delegates there. she's probably going to win but he wants to lower the margin enough to still walk away with a lot of delegates. >> alex seitz-wald watching the democrats for us. let me bring in ann o'meara. she covers the clint oon campai. nice to see you. >> nice to see you.
11:41 am
>> let's talk about the polls in south carolina. clinton -- i'm sorry, in nevada. she was winning african-americans 76% to 22% bernie sanders. as we head into states that have a larger african-american population, that looks like good news for hillary clinton. >> absolutely. almost a five-point victory in nevada was better news than the clinton campaign was expecting, but the better news was as you identified who turned out and how strong the support was for her among african-american voters. just over 10% of the electorate in nevada. much, much larger percentage of the electorate here in south carolina where i am was absolutely determinative of the outcome in 2008. she's hoping it will be now.
11:42 am
they are looking for a decisive win in south carolina and then on to super tuesday. >> and yet bernie sanders continues to say he has momentum. let me play a clip of something he said last night. >> when we began this campaign, we were 50 points down in iowa, we were 30 points down in new hampshire, and just about five weeks ago, we were 25 points down in nevada. a lot has changed in the last few months! [ cheers and applause ] >> ann, is there some way he keeps the momentum going? could it happen? >> yes. what he said is absolutely true. he has come from nowhere to very much somewhere. that's a lot of momentum. he is a genuine threat to hillary clinton now and going forward. the math -- the delegate math gets very hard from here
11:43 am
forward, but it is not inconceivable that he could piece together enough delegates. again, as alex was saying, you get to a place like texas, and all he has to do is do really well and not win and walk away with a giant slew of delegates, and he can keep doing that, cobbling together delegates even in states that he doesn't win long enough to maintain that momentum, to kind of continue to be a thorn in her side. as we heard him say in his own words, he's vowing to take this to the convention. >> hillary clinton picked up another key african-american endorsement today, anne. as you know, former naacp president fuma showing his support. he said, i served in congress with bernie sanders and know him to be a likeable guy, but i know hillary understands our struggles firsthand. i believe she is the candidate best suited to carry on the work and progress made on health care and common gun reforms.
11:44 am
is this the kind of thing we'll be seeing a lot from the clinton campaign, do you think, kind of stacking up key endorsements in key places? >> absolutely. i mean, certainly focusing on african-american endorsements for the next week and a half. and they're kind of rolling them out one by one. clinton herself will be in south carolina the next few days campaigning with african-american mothers who lost children to violence, both police violence and street violence, and that will be a direct attack on sanders on the gun issue. and just sort of, and fuma seemed to be referring to there, on the strength and length of the ties of the clinton family to the african-american community. >> all right, anne gearan, thanks so much for being with us. i appreciate it. i want to take a brief break from politics for a moment and head to kalamazoo, michigan where the uber driver accused of going on a deadly shooting spree this weekend is about to be
11:45 am
arraigned on six counts of murder. you see him in the chair there. jason dalton allegedly killed six people at multiple locations. let's listen in. >> jason brian dalton? >> yes. >> this matter is scheduled for arraignment this afternoon. it is alleged that the people of the state of michigan that on or about february 20, 2016, following the following 16 offenses occurred in count 1, which is alleged to have taken place february 20, 2016 in the township of texas. in the state of michigan, the defendant did guilty of this offense and punishable by life in prison. count 2 of the kmacomplaint. it's alleged that on february 20, 2016 in texas, in the county
11:46 am
and state of michigan, the carrier did have in his possession a firearm, a pistol, at the time he committed or attempted to commit a felony of murder. it, too, is an offense punishable by two years of the felony conviction. count 3 alleges that on february 20, 2016, in texas township, kalamazoo county, state of michigan, the defendant did murder mary jo nye. it is a felony punishable by life in prison. count 4 alleges on february 20, 2016 in texas township, kalamazoo, state of michigan, the carrier did have a firearm or pistol at the time he attempted to commit a felony, that being open murder. guilty of this offense, punishable by 20 years imposed
11:47 am
for the attempted felony or felony conviction. count 5 alleges that on february 20, 2016 in texas township, kalamazoo county, state of michigan, the defendant did murder barbara hoffman. guilty of this offense, it is a felony punishable by life in prison. count 6 alleges that on february 20, 2016 in kalamazoo county, state of michigan, texas township that defendant did have or carry in his possession a firearm or pistol at the time he committed or attempted to commit the felony of open murder. guilty of this count. a felony punishable including a felony conviction. count 7 alleges that on february 20, 2016 in texas township, kalamazoo, state of michigan, that the defendant did murder
11:48 am
punish believe a life in prison. count 8 alleges that at the same time, date or place, the carrier did have a firearm or pistol at the time he attempted to commit a felony murder. it's a felony punishable by a term of imprisonment. count 9 alleges that on february 20, 2016, in the city of kalamazoo, kalamazoo county, state of michigan, that the defendant did murder richard smith. guilty of this offense is punishable by life in prison. count 10 alleges that at that same time, date or place that the carrier did have in his possession a firearm or pistol at the time he attempted to commit the felony punishable by two years consecutively and preceding any imprisonment of the felony conviction. count 11 alleges that on or about february 20, 2016 in the
11:49 am
city of kalamazoo, ka ma zlamaz county, michigan, the defendant did murder, punishable by life in prison. defendant did carry or have in his possession a firearm or pistol at the time he attempted to commit the felony of open murder. this offense is punishable by up to two years in prison consecutive with any term of imprisonment for the felony conviction. count 13 alleges that on february 20, 2016, in kalamazoo county, state of michigan, the defendant did make an assault on a minor child with intent to commit the crime of murder. guilty of this offense is punishable by life for any number of years. count 14 alleges that at the same time, date or place the defendant did carry or have in his possession a firearm or
11:50 am
pistol at the time he attempted to commit a felony of attempted murder. it's punishable by imprisonment up to two years consecutive with any term imposed by the felony conviction. count 15 alleges that on february 20, 2016, kalamazoo county, state of michigan, that the defendant made an assault upon deanna carruthers with the intent to commit the crime of murder. guilty of this offense, it is punishable by up to life or any number of years. count 16 alleges that at the same time, date or place that the defendant did carry or have in his possession a firearm or pistol at the time he attempted to commit a felony, that being attempted murder. guilty of this count, it is a felony punishable by up to two years consecutive with or preceding any term of imprisonment of a felony conviction. you understand the charges being
11:51 am
made against you and the maximum sentences i just stated? >> yes, sir. >> you have the right to the assistance of an attorney and the right to be represented by an attorney at all subsequent proceedings in this matter. if you're indigent or cannot afford an attorney, the court will provide an attorney for you at their expense. you have the right to remain silent. anything can be used against you in court. you have the right to have an attorney present for any questioning. do you intend to obtain a private attorney or do you want the court to obtain an attorney for you at this time? you have the right to have a probable cause conference within 7 to 14 days and the right to have a preliminary examination five to seven days after. those have been scheduled. the next court appearance will be a pre-exam conference thursday, march 16, 8:30 a.m. in courtroom n at the michigan county courthouse. the preliminary exam itself is
11:52 am
scheduled for march 10, 2016, 1:30 p.m. with regard to bond, is there anything you wish to tell the court at this time concerning your connections with the communi community? [ inaudible answer ] >> the court exercises discretion of ncr 6.na601 to deny bail at this time. you will receive a copy of the notice to appear, and that concludes today's hearing. >> thank you, your honor. >> we've been listening to the arraignment happening in kalamazoo, michigan of jason
11:53 am
dalton. he's the man accused of going on a shooting spree this weekend. six counts of murder there, two counts of assault with the intent to murder and numerous, i think eight counts of possessing a firearm. nbc's blake mccoy is outside the court in kalamazoo. blake, it was hard to make out, but i think he said he preferred not to say anything, to remain silent? >> that's what i heard out here as well, kate. it's interesting, because about two hours before this hearing that you just saw -- this is an arraignment -- there was a probable cause hearing where the detectives who have been working on this case went before the judge -- dalton was not present at that hearing -- and they laid out what they had against him and they had to prove for the judge that there is enough evidence to go forward. in that hearing what they said is that sunday in interviews the day after the shootings took place, quote, he admitted under miranda that he took people's lives. so some sort of confession happened on sunday afternoon. we don't know exactly what he
11:54 am
confessed to beyond taking people's lives, but that's a quote from a detective who was in that hearing. we have also learned that the first victim -- this is in the parking lot of the apartment complex where a mother of three was gunned down -- we have learned that he fired at her 10 times. there were 10 shell casings found there, but she survived and she's in serious condition right now, and detectives say that she has been able to identify him as well. so this all goes to the case of evidence that's been built, and this is why prosecutors have been so firm in their conviction that they have the right guy here. they have also recovered a .9-millimetre handgun used in the attacks, and we know they have surveillance video from at least two of the three shooting scenes that cracker barrel and the auto dealership where a father and son were gunned down. kate? >> blake, this is so hard to make out. it sounds so senseless what happened. do we know whether he knew any of the victims?
11:55 am
>> reporter: right now police are saying that the only connection between any of these victims was this one man, apparently, allegedly, shooting at them. that there is no known contact that he had with any of them before this, and none of them know each other, either, and that's what's been so baffling for this community here in kalamazoo and why it's been so hard for them to understand what happened, because it does seem so random. and a lot, kate, has been made of him being an uber driver. there are a lot of questions around that and whether he was actually picking up and dropping off fares which it sounds like he was in between the shootings. we know uber will be holding a conference call for the media later this afternoon so we can hopefully have some of those questions answered. >> and blake, let me ask you on a somewhat positive note about the 14-year-old girl we reported on nightly news last night, that she was able to -- she's so far clinging to life. is she still all right? do we think she's going to be okay? >> reporter: yeah, exactly. for people who didn't see
11:56 am
nightly news last night, what kate is talking about is this 14-year-old who was at the cracker barrel with four older women who were all killed. she survived, and she was actually declared dead for more than an hour yesterday. and doctors were preparing her body for or begg organ donation was able to squeeze her mom's hand, and doctors said, oh, my goodness, she's still alive, and they rushed her into surgery. what we can tell you on her condition, she is in critical condition. her family released a statement asking for privacy, asking us not to identify her and asking for space. they say her prognosis is uncertain, but we do know that she's alive, so a glimmer of hope coming out of this awful tragedy in kalamazoo. kate? >> absolutely. blake mccoy, thanks for being with us on that. we're getting back to politics. you've been weighing in on the polls question. can the gop establishment succeed in stopping donald trump?
11:57 am
that's our question. here's where the results stand right now. 22% yes, 78% no. at the moment can the gop establishment succeed in stopping donald trump is the question. you can head to if you haven't voted yet. there's lots more coming up in the next hour. live from las vegas, bernie sanders, ted cruz all set to speak. plus one of president obama's top campaign advisers will join us. don't go away. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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