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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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you'rewhen a majestic beastwoods runs into view. then you run into a tree. but your totaled new car isn't totally replaced. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. i'm kate snow coming to you live from the las vegas strip, just one day away from the republican caucus here in nevada. it's a field that seems to be
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shrinking by the day. we're down to five candidates now, though it is very much a three-way race between donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio. that battle between rubio and cruz just keeps getting uglier. the latest, rubio calling for a cruz staffer to be fired over what he calls deceptive and untrue tactics. we'll take that demand right to cruz's communications director in just a few minutes. let's not forget that the biggest day of the 2016 race so far, super tuesday, that's eight days away from now, next tuesday. gabe gutierrez is in reno following marco rubio. katy tur is covering donald trump for us. that's where we'll begin. she's right next to me in las vegas where donald trump will be later tonight. >> i could have sworn we were in new york. >> right, it looks like the brooklyn bridge. i just said it's a three-man race now. but if any other republican had won in new hampshire and south carolina back to back, we probably would be saying that's the frontrunner, that's the person that's going to lock it
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up. >> nobody wants to say donald trump is going to knock out the nomination because nobody is quite sure how he's going to behave, essentially, in the next few months. they don't know if he'll do something that will ultimately tank his campaign. all the indications point to that not happening. he's said a lot of controversial things, he's said a lot of outrageous stuff that people thought would tank that campaign, but it hasn't happened so far. his supporters are locked in with their support. 71% of republicans don't necessarily want donald trump. we had 46% of south carolina voters decide at the last minute. most of those voters did not decide for donald trump, and the thinking is if this goes down to a two-rman race and it's joouus marco rubio and donald trump, and people don't want trump, they'll rally around marco rubio and he'll get more points than trump does. >> if you have a private jet he
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can jump around from state to state. >> exactly, he's got a private jet and he has name recognition like nobody else has. everyone knows who donald trump is, so he's at a very big advantage right now when it comes to those super tuesday dates, and certainly marco rubio and ted cruz must realize that and are concerned about it. ted cruz over the weekend wouldn't even definitively say he was going to win his own state of texas. >> yeah, that was something. let me ask about the strategy for trump now and what the campaign is saying. he used to attack jeb bush all the time, he was the punching bag. before that was lindsay graham, before that it was rick perry. they're all out of the race. what is he doing out on the stump? >> he didn't really attack ted cruz or marco rubio yesterday. he was back to bashing the media, frankly. that might end up being his foil more so going down the line. he did talk a little about marco rubio on the sunday shows. he retweeted something about marco rubio's eligibility. >> we have that sound, actually.
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he was talking to george ste stephanopolous. >> you're really not sure whether ted cr whether marco rubio could run for president? you're not sure? >> i don't know, really. i retweet things and we start dialogue and it's very interesting. >> he famously made that attack on president obama and then he made the attack on ted cruz and now marco rubio. >> he started out really gently on ted cruz as well, the same way he started out attacking ben carson, frankly. he saw how that played among his supporters. i've been told that among those within the campaign, he'll say something and then literally go back and check facebook to see what the commentators say about it. if they're accepting it, then he'll go harder. if he feels like this is a line of attack that could work, that
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people could get behind, then you'll see him go after it harder. he's tried a lot of stuff on marco rubio, he's called him sweaty, called him a baby, said he's too young, called his immigration plan not being strong enough because he's part of the gang of eight, but he hasn't really been going after marc in a really tough way since the start of the voting cycle, essentially. >> katy tur, great to see you later on, all day today and all day tomorrow. let's head west to reno, nevada. that's where gabe gutierrez is waiting for marco rubio's next campaign event to begin. gabe, what do you expect? >> reporter: good afternoon, kate. this rally is getting started here. as you guys mentioned, nevada a big state for marco rubio. he's trying to build off that momentum from his strong second place finish in nevada. it's a big state for rubio because he does have ties here, he spent his childhood here. as kate mentioned, right now in
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the driver's seat is donald trump. how can the establishment come up and prevent him from running away with this nomination? the rubio campaign is touting its endorsements, south florida congressional delegation, saying they're shifting their support from jeb bush to marco rubio. a few are undecided. this man has a marco rubio button. you're not totally committed to marco rubio but you're leaning towards him. why? >> i really like his message, a positive change. the other candidates i've heard yell about change or talk about outlawyering change, but marco seems to bring a real positive message about the change, and he's building a good consensus. i think we need to have consensus in people together if we're really going to change something. we can't just yell, stomp our feet, put in another lawsuit, go from orange to red. we have to have somebody really bringing people together. >> here in nevada, it's shaping up to be a big battle between
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ted cruz and marco rubio. why don't you like ted cruz? >> i think he liens too mueans the legal stuff. he yells about the law too much. i would rather have adults in the room talking about the issues and have real programs they can bring and actually get voted on and approved. if we bring something we can't get approved, we're right where we are right now. >> a lot of people are criticizing marco rubio for not having enough experience y. do you credit him as the adult? >> he's represented himself as the adult. he's talked about the issues. he stayed out of the fray for the most part, the yelling and that type of stuff. he's 44, 45 years old, he's a young, bright mind, and he's bringing people together and people are supporting him. he is the adult in the room. >> for you, why not trump? >> trump is just yelling. i know he's frustrated and tapping into a lot of anger or fear. even if you get into office, you're not going to cause change by yelling and stomping your feet and just hammering on the table. >> thank you so much. what's your name? >> mark fisher.
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>> and you're from reno? >> i am from reno. >> kate, we've also been talking to several other unsdilded voters. these folks are here. what are you waiting to hear from marco rubio? you're undecided. who are you leaning towards? >> john kasich. >> john kasich. why is that? >> i really want a governor. i want somebody who can end the dysfunction in washington, and i believe that having been a governor, having to work within a budget, not being able to make money, you have to stay within that budget, i like that. but i recognize that he may not make it to the end so i wanted to have a look at rubio. >> so how did you feel when jeb bush got out? >> disappointed, but i don't think he was electable simply because of his last name. but i liked him as a governor. >> you told me earlier, it was interesting, you were a bit of a political tourist. you were actually in new hampshire and you went to a rally there. we were at the same rally. >> yes. >> what do you hope to hear from him here than what you heard a few days back?
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>> it happened to be the rally that immediately followed the debate. so i think it was a little stiff. he wasn't answering -- he was answering sort of in the same way. so i'm really looking for some of that authenticity, something that tells me that he has a mind of his own. >> and basically that was at that performance where leading up to his fifnish, he repeated himself four times. do you think he's winning? >> south carolina tells us he has a rebound. for me, not quite yet. >> and you quickly, ma'am. what are you hoping to hear from marco rubio today? >> i'm looking for some fire in the belly and then really understanding that he can handle a job like this. he doesn't have the experience that i'd like, which is, you know, the one concern i have, but i think he could be a very good uniting force.
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skb >> right. thank you so much for talking to us. i hope you enjoy the rally. this is a big state for marco rubio, but tomorrow he is actually already looking ahead to super tuesday. he's going to be in minnesota, michigan before heading to texas. kate, back to you. >> gabe, thank you so much. casino revelers may be cruising the strip right behind us, but campaigners are seeking the vote today. who better to check in again than with john ralston, msnbc political analyst. he's host of "ralston live," the man with his finger on the pulse of all things political. >> thanks for the intro. >> it was big, wasn't it? >> it was. >> first of all, i was reading about 2012 and what happened here with the republican caucus in 2012, and i was reminded it was kind of a mess. >> kind of a mess is a great understatement. there was 78% turnout. it took them three days or so to count 33,000 votes --
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>> three days to count the votes by hand. >> yeah. and only 33,000 votes, and they had all kinds of problems with the accounting process that i detailed in a long piece -- i still couldn't believe what i was writing, it sounded so crazy. luckily, i guess, mitt romney won by such a huge landslide that the outcome was never in doubt, nobody cared who finished in second and third. gingrich and paul, they weren't going to win. what if that happens tomorrow night? maybe trump was going to have a big romney-like landslide, maybe not, but that second and third place between cruz and rubio, and the last thing anybody wants, especially the republican party and especially nevada is some question about what the results really are, right? >> because they don't want to lose their spot, either, and not be an early voting state? the rnc has said, you better watch out, nevada, if you don't get your stuff together. >> the rnc has sent things out to the republican party, so
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hopefully that will help. but they're doing crazy things where they're taking pictures of the ballots with cell phones. >> that's how they're going to record the results. is it because it's county by county here's opposed to where they have a state structure? >> there is a state party, but they don't have enough, what they paid but there is some infusion from the rnc because they didn't want this thing to fall apart. that's all they have. not only is it county to county. 15 of the counties are rural counties. voting starts at different times here than it does in the county where gabe is. results will come in at different times. it's not exactly the pony express from rural nevada, but rural nevada is rural nevada. >> if they take pictures and send in photos of the results, maybe that will work a little
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faster. >> let's hope they have cell service. >> you've got donald trump with a rally here tonight in las vegas, as we just saw marco rubio in reno now, ted cruz making a couple different stops. ted cruz yesterday talked to george step ninopolous. >> there is only one campaign that has beaten or can beat donald trump. >> sees arguing he's the only one who can beat trump. can he beat trump in nevada? >> i think it's unlikely, and cruz is living off iowa for quite some time. that was the only time he's won. he hasn't done well since iowa. i do think cruz is a very good campaign. he started earlier, but he has several counties. the rising star in this state
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won in rural nevada. he has a lot of ties there. he's an anti-government, anti-obama guy. he fits in with cruz's message. he's helping him a lot, he's connecting him with the right people, so i think that will help cruz. is it enough to beat rubio who also has a very good campaign here? i don't think anyone knows. >> john ralston, good to see you. i feel like we'll see a lot of you in the next coming days. let's turn to kasie hunt. she's out there following a sanders campaign. >> reporter: as you can see, bernie sanders is just over my shoulder about to get started with this press conference here in massachusetts. he's here because this is one of the states that votes on march 1st. that should tell you a lot about where their campaign thinks they are. they know that will be very, very difficult to get that, especially after the african-american turnout for
12:15 pm
clinton in nevada. the sanders campaign thinks massachusetts is a. they're looking at colorado as places they think he might within. african-american voters make up a significant part of the democratic electorate across the south and there are. all of those places are really tough to win for sanders. the loss in nevada -- is clinton going to be able to rack up enough of a lead on tuesday that it's insurmountable for bernie sanders. kate? >> we'll be back after a quick break. staying in rhythm...
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back with you now from the las vegas strip, nevada, where republicans will be voting tomorrow, but we want to take you now to boston, massachusetts. you see bernie sanders waiting to be introduced, and we expect him to take questions from the press. let's listen in. >> that this political revolution is about us, by us and for us. so today people's politics endorses senator bernie sanders as president of the united states of america. i give you bernie sanders! [ cheers and applause ] [ chanting ] >> let me thank people's
12:20 pm
politics andand elena for their strong support. i concur with everything elena just said. i think the most important point that she made is this is more than just electing a president. what this is about is, in fact, a political revolution. and i say this not just as rhetoric. what i understand to be the case, and i know that elena understands, and i know everybody up here understands, and millions of people understand is that the powers that be today in this country, wall street with their endless supply of money, corporate america whose greed is destroying the middle class of this country, the corporate media which determines what we will talk about or not talk about, the large campaign donors who control to a large degree
12:21 pm
our political process. no president, not bernie sanders or anybody else, can do it alone, can make the changes that we need in this country alone. we need a political revolution. [ cheers and applause ] >> we need millions and millions of people just like the folks we have here who are standing up, who are saying enough is enough, who are saying that our government belongs to all of us, not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors. that is what this campaign is about. so people's politics, thank you so much for your support. [ cheers and applause ] >> let me also thank the international association of ir ironworkers, local 7, for allowing us to use this facility. i believe in the trade union
12:22 pm
moveme movement. after 25 years in the congress, i have a 98% pro union voting record, and i was right on that 2%! and i believe the middle class of this country is not going to grow, and it's not going to do better unless we strengthen and grow the american trade union movement. we've got legislation in to do just that. now, our campaign has come a very long way in the last nine months. when we began this campaign, we were considered to be a fringe campaign, we had no money, no political organization, and outside of vermont, very little name recognition. a lot has changed in the last nine months. and, in fact, what we have seen in state after state where we
12:23 pm
were way behind, we were behind by 50 points in iowa, we were behind 30 points in new hampshire, we were behind 25 points a month ago in nevada. well, we ended up doing a lot better than people thought we could do, and we will continue to do a lot better than people think we will do. [ cheers and applause ] >> we think that right here in the great state of massachusetts, we've got a real chance to win on super tuesday and we'll win some other states as well. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, let me just say a few words picking up on what elena has said about some of the important issues facing this country. what i intend to do over the next number of weeks is kind of contrast my record to secretary clinton's. i have to say that i am
12:24 pm
delighted that secretary clinton, month after month after month, seems to be adopting more and more of the positions that we have advocated. that's good. and, in fact, is beginning to use a lot of the language and phraseology that we have. in fact, i saw her tv ad and i thought it was me. it turned out it was secretary clinton's picture at the end. but the people of massachusetts and the people of the united states need to know the difference between hastily adopted campaign rhetoric and the real record and the long held ideas of the candidates. and let me begin -- there are a lot of issues out there i could talk about. let me begin by talking about two. i know i talk for everybody up here on the stage who are involved in people's politics.
12:25 pm
number one, let us be very clear. today the campaign finance system in the united states of america is a corrupt system. it is undermining american democracy, and it needs to be fundamentally changed. what american democracy means to me and to the vast majority of the american people, progressives, conservatives and moderates, is one person one vote, not billionaires buying elections through superpacs. [ cheers and applause ] >> and here is the truth and a very profound difference between secretary clinton and myself. secretary clinton has a number of superpacs which today are raising very, very large sums of money from wall street and other
12:26 pm
powerful special interests. in fact, as i understand it, her major superpac priorities usa raised $25 million during the last reporting period from special interests, including $15 million from wall street. now, i know that every candidate who has ever received special interest money always says that the millions and millions of dollars that they receive will never influence them. never, never, never. and that is what every candidate who has received special interest money always says. well, the american people need to ask a very simple question.
12:27 pm
if these contributions from wall street and other powerful special sbz have no influence over the candidate, why are these special interests making huge campaign contributions. simple question. maybe they're dummies and maybe they just think they can throw millions of dollars at a candidate and expect to get nothing from that. maybe. i doubt that very much. these guys are many things. dummies they are not. and i also want to mention that when the campaign began, as i recall, secretary clinton and her people were saying, yes, we have superpacs but that money go to go to be used against republicans. well, guess what? it turns out not to be the case.
12:28 pm
millions of dollars in superpac money is now being used against me. in contrast to the way secretary clinton is raising money, i am extremely proud and extremely gratified that we are raising our campaign funds in a very, very different way. we don't have a superpac, we don't want a superpac, we don't want money from wall street, from the drug companies or from anybody else. what we have done is asked the american people who want to see real change in this country contribute to our campaign. and i know that many people in the working class, middle class, don't have a whole lot of money. and i am blown away, i am blown away by the fact that since we began this campaign nine months ago, we have received over 4 million individual contributions. [ cheers and applause ]
12:29 pm
from more than a million and a half people, and the average contribution is $27. $27. so you got one candidate in the last reporting period raising 15 million from wall street. we have received 4 million individual contributions averaging $27 apiece. to the best of my knowledge, this is more individual contributions than any candidate in american history has received up until this point in a campaign. that's issue number one that i wanted to mention today. i think it says a lot about how you govern, what you do as president when you think about how you raise your
12:30 pm
contributions. second issue, and i know the iron workers, among many others up here, are concerned about. not a sexy issue, not an issue that television discusses almost at all. but that is the fact that our disastrous trade policies going way back to nafta have cost this country millions of decent-paying jobs. since 2001, we have seen the loss of some 60,000 factories in america where workers were earning decent wages and decent benefits. now, when i got into congress in 1991, i heard about nafta. and it didn't take me long to understand that nafta and ensuing trade policies, which
12:31 pm
were written by corporate america, were written for one simple reason. and that is corporate america was saying, why should i have to pay workers in the united states 15, 20, 25 bucks an hour, provide benefits and have to obey environmental regulations when i can shut down in america, move to mexico, move to china, move to other low-wage countries, pay workers there pennies an hour and then i bring my product back into this country. that's what those pieces of legislation were about. i'm talking about nafta, cafta, personal trade relations with china and others. that's what these trade policies were written for. that is what has happened t. we have lost millions of decent-paying jobs which have
12:32 pm
ravaged community after community after community in this country. the average american walks into a store now and finds it harder and harder to purchase products made in america, and often the only alternative is made in china or someplace else. now, on that issue, i voted against nafta, against cafta, against normal personal trade relations with china, and i am helping to lead the opposition to the transpacific partnership. [ cheers and applause ] >> we've been listening to bernie sanders, less of a news conference, more of a speech. i want to turn to the republican side of things because we have breaking news to report. we had told you last hour that we would be talking to rick tyler, the spokesman for the cruz campaign. he actually abruptly left just
12:33 pm
before we were about to go live to him, and now we know why. senator cruz announcing just moments ago that he has asked for rick tyler's resignation. do we have hallie jackson with us? not quite yet. we're working on getting hallie jackson, who has been reporting this. again, rick tyler, spokesman for the cruz campaign, being asked to step down, being asked to resign. this comes in the wake of marco rubio just hours ago calling for the cruz campaign to take some action and hold someone accountable for what happened yesterday. it's a little bit complicated, but basically what happened was a video was posted on the cruz facebook page. it was posted by rick tyler. that video purported to show marco rubio -- the initial allegation was that marco rubio was speaking ill of the bible and making a comment about the bible that was derogatory. it was later clarified that the audio was quite different from what had been presented and that the audio was actually him praising the bible, but this was
12:34 pm
a flap yesterday. marco rubio was upset about it earlier today and saying that it was something that should be a apologized for. rick tyler did apologize this morning for having posted that video, but again, now ted cruz asking for rick tyler's resignation apparently over this incident with the posting of this video of marco rubio. marco rubio earlier accusing the candidate of continually lying, saying that the candidate is constantly posting things that are untrue, and again, marco rubio had said the cruz campaign needed to be accountable for this, and this appears to be the action that cruz is taking because of that. let me go to hallie jackson who is on the phone with us. she covers the cruz campaign. hallie, are we right to connect these two things, senator rubio earlier calling for something to happen and for accountability? >> yeah, just joining on the phones. i missed the beginning portion of what you're talking about
12:35 pm
here. we just walked out of a media meeting with ted cruz where he asked for rick tyler's resignation. this was in response to that video tweeted out. tyler issued a facebook apology for essentially passing on this false news report, but cruz said just moments ago that was -- i'm paraphrasing here -- not enough for him. he said he asked for tyler's resignation today. he talked a little bit about the grave he error in judgment. cruz battled here in las vegas that he wants to make sure to be running a campaign that is above the personal attacks. that is something he's been talking about for weeks, and it's something that appears to be coming to fruition today. >> and as you say, this comes, hallie, after marco rubio just a few hours ago -- i'm trying to pull up the quote here -- but he essentially said someone needs to be held accountable and he really was forceful in his
12:36 pm
language earlier, and he's saying cruz is repeatedly passing around things that are deceitful. so this is a response to that? >> kate, i think it is likely a response to senator rubio's request for accountability. we're working to nail down the timing of the request for the resignation. that said, that impact. so at this point, it appears this was a decision that was made sometime in the morning hours. so we will work on the timing of this and get back to you. again, this is all breaking literally moments ago here at the ymca. >> hallie, for people who don't follow the campaign so intricately, rick tyler was a big name on that campaign. he was the person that comes on and talks with us quite
12:37 pm
frequently and makes media appearances. what does it mean to ask for his resignation resignation. he goes on air and asks for an apology from senator cruz. the viewers who watch network news were looking for a response from cruz. >> i think you said rick tyler was scheduled to be a guest with us at this hour on msnbc. he was in the building getting ready to get miked up and he left abruptly. that was about 20 minutes ago. so that would fit with what
12:38 pm
you're reporting now. al l-- hallie, thank you very much. i want to get back to the trump campaign. it's interesting it's been cruz versus rubio today with donald trump staying out of the fray. >> it's been that way a few days now, rubio and cruz fighting for second place, as well as donald trump's campaign, bringing it up all the time about what happened in iowa, suggesting that ben carson was dropping out, dheetd by sending out that voter evaluation. tlrm robo calls in southern
12:39 pm
southern. he was complaining about him. about abortion, donald trump being for abortion back in 1989. he said it wasn't fair and he blamed ted cruz for spreading falsities about him, even threatening to sue him. ted cruz said the other day, bring it on. certainly a lot of dirty tricks surrounding that campaign, a lot of accusations of it. and he hasn't been doing so well in the voting, in the polls. he came in third place in south carolina. he did not win the evangelical vote. it looks like if he didn't win the evangelical vote, there are questions surrounding whether he can win it in the southern states where he's expected to do well. i think what the campaign needed was a scapegoat saying, this wasn't me, this was rick tyler. >> and when he had a press date here in nevada, marco rubio said, something comes out that is accept his apology, but this
12:40 pm
is a pattern now. i think we're at the point where we have to start asking about accountability. that was this floemt marco rubio and -- we don't know if they're link touchdown but we see the cruz campaign. now, this is the perception, that he's not being treated fairly. hearing you come from donald remember. he hasn't won who is getting nakd on the campaign tram. something need to be, i think they came to a threshold. they came to a watershed moment where they needed to make a decision. either continue on with rick tyler, who had to must bely apologize today, or use him as a
12:41 pm
severe. sore, look, remember he's got to appeal to evangelicals and evangelicals don't necessarily like this sort of thing. if he's trying to appeal to the voting block that is religious, to the one that has faith, then he can't come off as a dirty candidate. whereas donald trump is coming off as somebody who is trying to appeal to a more broader section of the voting electorate, not just the evangelicals. he's talking about jobs, he's talking about security. for better or worse, he's not just talking about things like faith. ted cruz has been hammering faith. and for him to have the perception of a cheating cam. and today ted cruz -- yesterday on meet the press and how to
12:42 pm
keep the left ear clear. >> if. mark, you quote this morning in furs. you called ted cruz the values candidate. it's picking up on what she just said. do you think that's why he's asked rick tyler to resign? >> exact we can end up saying. as he turns to win over evangelical voters, particularly as we start to head into the super tuesday states, ted cruz can't be seen as a guy whose campaign is willing to do anything, say anything to be able to win, so i do think that's the best perspective. already stunned by some of the
12:43 pm
allegations out of iowa, in that first of the nation contest. here is the ted cruz campaign making things out of whole cloth. the cruz campaign need to do respond to that quickly and aggressively. >> so, mark, how big a deal is this? it's one person, one member of the campaign. does it blow over by tomorrow or does it become something that sticks in. >> i think it does. and most of us who were political reporters over several cycles knew who rick tyler is. but kate, i don't expect this to last over 24 hours, just the next. then we're already going to get into the blitz with the. which is why the cruz campaign
12:44 pm
probably wanted to rip the bible off as soon as possible. >> and the bigger question isn't necessarily on this values front or his campaign personnel, but how he is able to grow his support, or he has just been doing well with evangelical voters, has not been able to grow beyond that. his biggest challenge is holding onto his own state of texas, not necessarily dealing with personnel. >> mark murray, thanks so much. after this breaking news we'll take a quick break. back to las vegas with more on the democratic caucus and the race as well, when we come back. to truly feel healthy on the outside
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12:48 pm
mokd the bible and was just forced to fire his communications director. more dirty tricks. that's a tweet from donald trump. we heard, indeed, that ted cruz asked for his spokesman to resign. it comes in the past hour. it comes after rick tyler admitted he posted a video yesterday that showed marco rubio saying something derogatory about the bible. later it was clarified that the audio was actually incorrect on that first video and that he was actually praising the word of the bible. but that little flap yesterday caused marco rubio earlier today to demand some accountability from the cruz campaign, and then the cruz campaign just in the past hour asking the spokesperson to resign. let's turn to the democrats now and south carolina where voters go to the polls just five days from now. i want to bring in rick wade. he's a clinton supporter, a former senior adviser to the obama campaign. thanks for being with us.
12:49 pm
>> thanks for having me. >> a little while ago we were listening in on bernie sanders. he held sort of a speech/news conference up in boston. he talked about the conflicts, as he sees it, between himself and hillary clinton. he had some strong language at the beginning of that event saying clinton is basically i m imitating him, talking about the issues we talk about. he said i saw an ad that i thought in the beginning was from me, then i saw hillary clinton. she has hastily adopted campaign rhetoric that was originally his. what do you say to that? >> listen, hillary clinton not a jeannie come lately to this at all. she's been fighting to break down barriers across america her entire life. the idea that she's a newcomer to addressing income inequality and dealing with issues around health care, et cetera, is absolutely absurd. the reason now i'm sort of not a free agent anymore but i joined the hillary for america movement
12:50 pm
to break down these barriers is because she gets it done. i think that's a clear distinction between the symbolic ideas that bernie sanders is proposing versus proposing, versus really good substantiative plans that hillary clinton will implement as president of the united states. >> we've got five days to go until the vote there in south carolina. and you're hearing bernie sanders reaching out to the african-american community quite a bit. he's got ads running in the state there, a powerful ad with erica garner. getting endorsements from people like the former naacp president, ben jealous. do you sense he's making inroads if that community, or do you think hillary clinton, that is her base? >> well, listen, hillary clinton has been here for the long haul. she's been working hard to touch and reach african-americans. i sat down yesterday in charleston, with four moms who lost their sons to unfortunate police brutality. and you know, what was fascinating in my meeting with them, kate, she has sat down with each of them as individuals to inform her own positions and policies around criminal justice
12:51 pm
reform. that's what matters to people. the issues. criminal justice reform, making sure that, you know, you're not just talking about one issues. it's not just about increasing the minimum wage. but it's about investing in the economic infrastructure in minority communities. that's the plan that hillary has around economic revitalization. that's what we need. and african-americans are hearing that. and they're going to respond come saturday on election day. >> rick, the rnc is out with a new video today that brings up clinton's attacks on president obama back in 2008. i want to play a little bit of that ad. >> the damage between the clintons and the african-americans in this country might be irreparable. >> senator obama's support among hard-working americans, white americans, is weakening. >> clinton had said a few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee. >> i am not a racist. this whole thing is the biggest
12:52 pm
fairy tale. >> could that have an impact on south carolina voters? >> yes, it will. and here's why. because that's the republican african-american outreach strategy. that's what we get. that kind of ad that is all about division. hillary clinton is running a campaign about unifying people, bringing people together, to make real change and break down barriers. you know, that's what we expect from republicans. but we're pastor than that. and we'll look beyond that type of rhetoric and focus on the real issues at hand, which, again, i think hillary clinton clearly has an agenda that's not just going to appeal to and strengthen the economic infrastructure, make sure that affordable care still exists for people like me, who have pre-existing conditions. it's not about undoing and rolling back obamacare, but building on what president obama has already begun, that's why i'm confident that come saturday, on election day, african-americans is going to rally with secretary hillary clinton, because she gets it done.
12:53 pm
that's what we need more than anything. not that kind of rhetoric, those kind of divisive ads that do more to move us apart than bring us together. >> rick wade, nice to have you with us today. thanks so much. >> as always, thank you. >> you too. bernie sanders just wrapped up that news conference we were listening into earlier in boston. let's turn to msnbc's kasie hunt. she's there following the sanders' campaign today. what did we miss, kasie? >> news conference is a little bit of a generous description for the event that just occurred here. it was a decent chunk of sanders' usual stump speech. they built it as five contrasts against hillary clinton, areas where he is significantly different from her. we heard two, maybe three, to be honest with you. one of them, of course, financing of campaigns. he hit hillary clinton for her super pac, priorities usa, which he says is now spending money against him and not just against republicans. and the other area was on trade. i think we have some of that.
12:54 pm
>> i voted against nafta, against cafta, against permanent normal trade relations with china, and i am helping to lead the opposition to the transpacific partnership. secretary clinton voted -- supported -- she didn't -- she supported nafta, she supported permanent normal trade relations with china. now, i am glad that after having initially indicated support for the tpp, she changed her mind and, in fact, has voiced opposition to it. >> we've heard this before from senator sanders. and he frequently makes that mistake, where he says that secretary clinton voted for nafta. of course, she wasn't in the congress at the time, but her husband did sign that bill. and senator sanders has gone after president clinton on this particular subject.
12:55 pm
but at this point, senator sanders still struggling a little bit to explain just what the path forward is here. he was very emphatic in saying that there is still a path for him to win the democratic nomination. that the answer was y-e-s to that question, i'm quoting him there. but at the same time, he did not want to go through, he said, you know, if you ask me state by state by state, i'm not going to go through and tell you which ones i'm going to win and which ones i'm not going to win. they do think they have a path in some of these march 1st states like massachusetts, where we are now, like colorado, like minnesota, vermont, his home state. but even if he runs the table in those places, he'll have a really difficult time in the south, where african-american voters are a significant piece of the democratic primary electorate. and there's a lot of delegates at stake in those southern states, texas, georgia, alabama, and arkansas, a little bit smaller, but still on the table on march 1st. so at this point, still a lot of hurdles for senator sanders to
12:56 pm
get passed if he's going to move this candidacy from being a movement to being a serious threat to hillary clinton for this nomination, kate. >> but since you're standing in boston, he's clearly looking forward to super tuesday next week, right? just jumping ahead to those states. >> at this point, south carolina almost off the map for sanders, that's right, kate. >> kasie hunt out in boston for us. that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc live. my colleague, chris hayes, will pick up our coverage and have more on the breaking news out of the cruz campaign. cruz asking for the resignation of his top communications director. more on that in just a moment.
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
trump, apparently, has a 26-point lead here in nevada, right now, according to the latest polling, with marco rubio and ted cruz trailing far behind. both cruz and rubio are holding rallies here in the state in this hour, cruz asking for the resignation of one of his top aides, after an incorrect facebook post that seemed to question marco rubio's faith. earlier today, rubio hit back. >> now it's every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue, and in this case goes after my faith. >> after tomorrow, the race expands to the super tuesday states, including many in the deep south. trump is resurrecting his birther line of attack, this time against rubio. >> you're really not sure that marco rubio is eligible to run for president? you're really not sure? >> i don't know. i really -- i've never looked at it, george. honestly, i've never looked at it. somebody said he's not and i
1:01 pm
re-tweeted it. i have 14 million people between twitter and facebook and instagram and i re-tweet things and we start dialogue and it's very interesting. >> well, this is -- look, this is a pattern. this is a game he plays. he says something that's edgy and outrageous and the media flocks and covers that and no one else can get any coverage on anything else. and that worked when there were 15 people running for president. it's not going to work anymore. >> on the democratic side, the next battle is the south carolina primary this saturday. today, hillary clinton is in california raising money while bernie sanders is in massachusetts, a super tuesday state, where in the past hour, he held a news conference, accusing clinton of coming a little too late to progressive positions. >> i am delighted that secretary clinton month after month after month seems to be adopting more and more of the positions that we have advocated. that's good. and, in fact, is beginning to use up a lot of the language and phraseology that we have.
1:02 pm
in fact, i think i saw a tv ad, i thought it was me. >> we have full coverage this hour of both republican and democratic races from vegas to boston. let's begin with msnbc's hallie jackson, who's covering the cruz campaign. hallie, can you explain what rick tyler, who's the man who has been asked for his resignation by ted cruz, who's been a communications director there, what he did and how this played out? >> reporter: yeah, let's take it from the beginning here, and if i go into a whisper, it's because senator cruz is speaking right behind me at this rally in las vegas. this all started really in the last 24 hours, when this news report came out, citing a video that appeared to show marco rubio questioning the bible. it turns out that was an inaccurate video. the video was wrong, it was incorrectly subtitled. before, though, it had been discovered this video was incorrect, the spokesperson, the communications director for senator cruz had tweeted out,
1:03 pm
essentially, a link to this news report. tyler -- overnight, rick tyler apologized for this. he said this was a false news report, i was wrong to tweet it out, i was wrong to put it out. the tweet has since been deleted. however, since we learned just moments ago, apparently, that apology from tyler was apparently not enough for ted cruz. he announced to members of the media just within the last 20 minutes or so that he asked for tyler's resignation, in effect, basically firing him. i'm told that the campaign did not base this decision on that sound bite you just played, marco rubio asking for some accountability here, but cruz talked about the idea that he wanted to run a campaign that did not involve personal attacks and sort of stayed above the phrase. remember that both marco rubio and donald trump have been hitting cruz really for several weeks on what they're calling dishonesty, on what cruz -- excuse me, rubio's campaign has called this culture of deceit. donald trump has called him directly a liar. so this may be a way, it appears to be a way that cruz is trying
1:04 pm
to nip that narrative in the bud, and essentially, by letting go, tyler hoping that it shifts the conversation away from some of those attacks from his rivals. i can also tell you that it is not clear whether tyler has submitted that resignation. we assume it will be coming at any moment, chris, as this story just continues to develop. >> all right, hallie jackson, thank you very much. let's go now to nbc's gabe gutierrez, who has been following the rubio campaign. he is live in reno, nevada. and gabe, the rubio campaign has spent a lot of time with the expectations game. they have yet to win a state. they won no delegates in south carolina, but they've been fairly effective at trying to position themselves as quasi-winners, at least after iowa and south carolina. what expectations are they attempting to set going into a caucus that looks like they're going to get trounced pretty thoroughly? >> reporter: that's exalt right, chris. and marco rubio just hit the stage here. i'll keep my voice down just a bit so as not to interrupt his
1:05 pm
speech. but you're exactly right, the rubio campaign has really tried to play the expectations game here, but they're now saying this is a three-person race. and even if they don't win new hampshire, and it looks like donald trump is very much in the driver's seat here, they think that once the establishment coalesces around rubio and other candidates drop out of the race, they will be in the best position here. today, bob dole announcing his endorsement of marco rubio, switching his support from jeb bush. other establishment republicans in florida have done the same. now the rubio campaign is confident that those donors and the support will flood to marco rubio's campaign. but as you've been talking about with hallie, they are really going after ted cruz's campaign. they feel that if they can paint him as a dishonest, as a culture of deception campaign, that they can do really well here. earlier today, marco rubio spoke with reporters and talked about that controversy involving that video. let's take a listen. >> i mean, you guys have to be seeing this. now it's every single day
1:06 pm
something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue and in this case goes after my faith. so i understand, i guess, one of their spokespersons apologized. and i'll accept his apology. but, this is a pattern now. this campaign now has repeatedly done things they have to apologize for and no one's ever been held accountable. i think it's a very discernible pattern of deceptive campaigns and lying the to voters. >> reporter: and now within the past few minutes, ted cruz asking for the resignation of that aide. no comment on that so far from the rubio camp. we expect to hear from that in just a short bit. but we've spoken to several voters at this rally. a few of them that have even said they've switched their allegiance from ted cruz to marco rubio, because this line of attack seems to have worked. the rubio camp has been relentless over the past few days in south carolina and here, of drawing attention to any even perceived slight against the rubio campaign, any allegation of dirty tricks. the rubio supporters we spoke with today said that, listen,
1:07 pm
this is part of a pattern that they feel that ever since ted cruz was accused of those dirty tricks involving ben carson in iowa, that this has been slowly building, and once they saw that video that was posted, they actually said they switched their allegiance to marco rubio. but, chris, as you mentioned wi with, the question with the rubio campaign, despite not having won anything so far, can they mount any sort of -- can they mount any sort of attacks at donald trump to stop that trump juggernaut. will the establishment support, will they be able to coalesce around rubio in time to stop donald trump? the ted cruz campaign will fight him every step of the way. back to you, chris. >> thank you, gabe. here in las vegas, gop front-runner donald trump is expected to appear at a rally any hour now. katy tur has been following the trump campaign and joins me here on set. i think they expected to do well. the polling has been in the past, in the republican caucus, not particularly accurate, but they apparently feel pretty
1:08 pm
confident. >> they do feel very confident. but they're tempering expectations in the way they didn't do before iowa. they learned their lesson in iowa, that the bigger the expectations, the bigger expectations that they'll do well. and when they didn't beat ted cruz in that contest, they certainly felt the wrath of people saying that he was a loser after that. so they've been tempering expectations. he says the that he believes he's going to do well and he thinks he will. and he told "meet the press" chuck todd yesterday that he does think it's going to be a tough race between he, drated c and marco rubio. >> one of the things that's happened is trump has sort of turned his attention and aggression to various rivals. he started with jeb bush and then ben carson and went hard at ted cruz. he has yet to unleash the full fuselage on marco rubio. >> yeah, he hasn't done that yet. we saw him start to attack him over the weekend. we questioned ted cruz's eligibility and marco rubio's eligibility. and was asked about it, do you
1:09 pm
think marco rubio isn't eligible to be president, because his parents were born in cuba? he said, i'm not sure. some people are saying that, but i'm not sure. which is how we saw him start his attacks on all his rivals, on ben carson and ted cruz, starting out softly before he goes -- >> starting with the re-tweet of some hearsay -- >> right, before he takes out the giant machete -- not really. but what he does, his campaign staffers have told me on sources that what he'll do is he will say something on twitter or in an interview and then he'll go to facebook, literally go to facebook, and see what the commenters say. and if the commenters accept this line of attack, if they agree with it, if they give him a free pass, he hits harder and harder. if they don't like it, if there's pushback, that's when you'll see him back away. we've seen him do this on stage as well. he was in iowa talking about president obama's plane and how it emitted all these gases and what was he thinking and didn't play to that crowd, so we stopped it immediately and
1:10 pm
pivoted to another thing. but he brought it back up in south carolina, where it did play. >> everyone should just take a moment the consider what a future would look like through sort of government via decision making. what that would mean for democracy. thank you, katy tur. let's turn to the democrats. nbc's caskasie hunt is in bosto covering bernie sanders' rally in massachusetts later tonight. kasie, my sense is massachusetts is one of about four or five states the sanders' campaign is really focusing on for super tuesday, as the numbers in south carolina have not really, it seems, moved very much for them. you can sort of see them forward deploying, to those states. is that your sense? >> that's right, chris. i wouldn't say that they've completely written off south carolina, but at this point, they know that there's not really a path forward for him there. and with so many states coming up on the map, spending candidate time there is not necessarily your best return on investment, right? so the press conference he held
1:11 pm
here today in massachusetts, and of course, massachusetts is one of those march 1st states and one that they think that he could potentially win between the fact that it's a neighboring state and also because of the demographic makeup here, they are advertising on the airwaves, the state, of course, is not as heavily african-american as many of the other states that are on that map. and chris, that's the reality for them, right? they know that the democratic electorate, especially in the south, is overwhelmingly african-american. and they've really struggled with african-americans. sanders, himself, acknowledging that on stage here today. and if you were to look into that delegate math, you have these big, southern states voting on march 1st. texas, georgia, alabama, and arkansas, a little bit smaller. but still significant. even if sanders runs the table in states where they think they can do well, minnesota, colorado, massachusetts, vermont, where he's from originally, the delegate scenarios are just more and more difficult, because as you know, the democrats do this proportional allegation, so that could make sanders a problem for
1:12 pm
clinton over a longer period of time, like what happened in 2008, when clinton was still in this race in june but she's closer to where obama was at that point. where she's going to eventually get to a point where it's mathematically impossible for sanders to make this up. and at this point, it really is about this demographic difference. i will say, chris, sanders was pretty emphatic today, he was asked about the delegate math, and he said, is there a path to victory, y-e-s, he says. yes, there is a path to victory. i do think, however, that the narrative of this campaign is moving against him, in that he's closer to where he was before we saw him come so close in iowa and win new hampshire in a blowout instead of being somebody who could potentially derail this inevitable front-runner, they're more back in the position of movement, that at least has pushed hillary clinton in a different direction, and the last thing i will mention from this press conference, chris, he did get up
1:13 pm
there and say, oh, it's funny, i'm hearing hillary clinton on tv saying all of these progressive things, and i looked at that and said, is that me talking or is that her? so clearly he's paying attention to the fact that hillary clinton's language on some of these things has changed as he has challenged her. >> all right. kasie hunt traveling with bernie sanders in massachusetts today, thank you very much. joining me now, mark halperin, cohost of "with all due respect" here on msnbc. mark, if you could get in a time machine and go back in time a year ago to mark halperin in february of 2015, what would you tell him to revise about his views of the republican primary, given how things have played out? >> that jeb bush would be a strong contender for the nomination, would probably be the main thing. >> what is your understanding of the jeb bush trajectory? >> you know, before he got in the race, and i doubted he was going to run, so i probably first revised that.
1:14 pm
i thought that his interest in running was much lower than it apparently was. he talked to people, you know, as candidates do or would-be kands do before they get in, they consult and say, should i run? any run, what should it be like, who should i hire? and the consistent question he afged people was, how big a problem do you think my name is going to be? you know, the bush fatigue is going to be? almost everybody i talked to who he talked to said he emphasized that and he knew it was a big problem. but i think it's pretty clear, as talented a guy as he is, he made some mistakes along the way, particularly dealing with the iraq war and other aspects of his brother's legacy that compounded the problem and caused there to be down cycle after down cycle of the bush brand. but i found throughout this entire reporting cycle, a lack of interest in jeb bush simply because republicans didn't want another bush. they were simply incredulous about it. and i have to say to a person, every republican source i had who donate work for jeb bush said he would never have the
1:15 pm
chance to be the nominee. to a person. >> how much do you think -- there's a theory now as we're poised for another donald trump rain and a real kind of, you know, two weeks in which i think a little bit of make or break, for the anti-trump forces in the republican party and the conservative movement more broadly, there's a theory that trump's rise was as much about a rebellion against jeb in the beginning as anything else. how credible do you think that is? >> i think donald trump's success in the early days and now is based on a lot of things. his own skills, the resonance of his message with a lot of republican, the weakness, in fact of the rest of the republican field, which has been overrated from the beginning. but one of the things he clearly benefited from was people like me and others said for months that the most likely nominees were bush and a clinton. and having a bush versus a clinton, i think, opened the door for a lot of people to say, hold on. if that's what the political establishment and the media establishment thinks is going to happen, we need something really different. we need somebody who's strong enough to upset the prospect of that being the general election.
1:16 pm
>> you know, ted cruz, i think, has had a tough time coming out of south carolina, because that state was sort of demographically tailor made for him. i think it's fair to say he underperformed, he essentially fired rick tyler today. is there a path for them going forward? i mean, rubio's banking on basically being able to squeeze him out, and i wonder what you think the odds of that are? >> you know, i think it's the conventional wisdom that rubio's the most likely of the three to stop trump. but i could make the case for any of the three of them. the odds for all three of them are relatively low. as long as they're all in the race, trump, i think, is going to do very well in the next three weeks. and while there's a fantasy in certain parts of the party that come april someone can stop trump, i think it's going to be too little. now, maybe, there'll be some way to winnow the field. but i think ted cruz at this point, because he's got money in the bank, because i can see certain states that he might be able to be competitive in, i
1:17 pm
don't think his chances of being the trump alternative or being the one to stop trump is appreciably less than marco rubio's or john kasich's, because, again, we're talking about, to my mind, today, very low percentages for all three of th them. >> i agree with you, mark. i think the rubio campaign has been pretty savvy about manipulating thor sepgs of where they stand. but if you look at the money, look at the organization, look at the delegates won and the performance so far, it's sort of trump and everyone else. we'll see who breaks out of that. mark halperin, thank you very much. >> thanks, chris. >> you can, of course, catch mark this evening on his show, "with all due respect" at 6:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. there's still a lot more to come from here along the vegas strip as we count down to a big night for republicans here tomorrow and the stakes are high back east where hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling for south carolina. this all come could down to black voter turnout. the reverend al sharpton joins me right after the break. try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
1:18 pm
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1:21 pm
are we behind today in the african-american vote? the answer is, yes, we are. but i will also tell you that we are making progress, and i believe we will continue to make progress. >> the south carolina primary just five days away, the fight for african-american voters is on in the democratic presidential race. bernie sanders has his work cut out for him. hillary clinton holds a big lead among african-american voters in south carolina. 52 to 35% among blacks age under 45 and a whopping 78 to 12 among african-americans over 45. clinton is looking to cement that lead with some help from mothers who lost children of gun
1:22 pm
violence. these women includes the mother of trayvon martin and eric garner, will host campaign events across south carolina today and tomorrow. eric garner, of course, died at the hands of a choke hold from a new york city police officer, not gun violence. for his part, the sanders' campaign is trying to endorse black voters that he endorsed him and the man in this civil rights video was, in fact, a young bernie sanders. campaigning this morning in south carolina with actor danny glover. >> start thinking outside of the box. don't accept the status quo. think about what we can be as a nation. don't let the media tell you what the story of the day is. >> joining me now is al sharpton, civil rights activist and host of politics nation here on msnbc. and rev, it's interesting to me that sanders has sort of faced an uphill climb among african-american voters, according to polling, from what we've seen so far, all the way
1:23 pm
through. he has made some ground up among young black voters, where he's still way behind, but in a narrower margin than older black voters. what's your understanding of those numbers? >> yes, that's what i'm getting. i've talked to people on the ground. i've talked with people who work with national action network. our organization there in south carolina. we have chapters all over this state. they say young people are more than older people, trending toward sanders, yet hillary clinton still is ahead in both. i was a little surprised that the vote, according to nbc, the vote for blacks under 45 in nevada, the majority of them went to hillary clinton. so he does have his work cut out for him. but that seems to be the most fertile of the potential fertile ground for him. i think what he has to do, chris, is he's got to address the issues of today.
1:24 pm
to say what you did, who you voted for, supported 30 years ago, or you got arrested 50 years ago, when she has the mothers of victims of gun violence and police brutality today, is not how you balance off that message. the good news, though, is to see them competing for our vote means that they have to deal with our issues. and that's what the meetings that we had as civil rights leaders with them were all about. is to try to keep front and center issues like unemployment, like police reform, like infrastructure development, like affirmative action, was not been discussed a lot, until the last couple of weeks. so it's a good thing that they're competing, but they should compete over issue and platform, not just what they've done decades ago. >> how confident are you, and it has been remarkable to watch this sort of competition for the preference of black voters, on pretty substantiative issues, on
1:25 pm
critical justice reform and mass incarceration, how confident are you that that essentially survives the end of the primary, right? there is sometimes a tendency in any political system to sort of try to attract voters that you need at a certain moment, and tact toward the center, when orr voters become more important. how confident are you that the positions taken now and the emphasis now lasts in the general? >> i'm not extremely confident and i'm not discouraged, either. the first thing you do in activism is make them make the commitments. the hard job is to make them keep them. but we weren't even hearing the commitments before. now we're hearing them talk about flint and all these other issues. they weren't saying anything. so i think that even though we're beginning to hear it, now we're going to see who the winner is and then make commitments, make sure the commitments are kept. but you have to start with them saying it. and i think that's why we keep asking many of us who we're
1:26 pm
endorsing. we are trying to nail down first what we're endorsing. and that was not clear, because you know better than anyone, chris, you can call yourself progressive and avoid race, and if you're not progressive across the board, you're not a real progressive, to me. >> there is a real open question, as we look at this primary, about which of these people is essentially going to be able to inherit, consolidate, and continue the obama coalition, even from a numerical standpoint. are you confident that that's an achievable, that that is achievable by either of these candidates? >> it's going to be a difficult thing to do, because both of them will admit, they do not have the charisma appeal of president obama, but i think what you do have, if they stand up on the right policy issues, about what is going on with the economy, based on not only class, but race. if they stand up on the issues
1:27 pm
in front of the supreme court, this supreme court opening and the behavior of the republicans in the senate could drive a turnout that no one would get on their own. if they stand up on the issues. so i think that in many ways, if donald trump is the nominee and the supreme court is being filibustered, then it will lead to a turnout that might not have happened three weeks ago. >> that is an excellent point. reverend al sharpton, thank you. and of course, you can always catch the rev sunday mornings at 8:00 a.m. eastern right here on msnbc. only one presidential candidate literally has his name in lights on the vegas strip. does that mean donald trump is a sure bet to win tomorrow? and the election year surprise that's managed to further divide republicans and democrats. the senate got back to work today. remember them? will that agenda include confirmation hearings for president obama's supreme court nominee? i've been claritin clear for 14 days. when your allergy symptoms start... ...doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season...
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1:31 pm
some of you might be in the final year of your last term, working as hard as you can to get as much done as possible for the folks that you represent. fixing roads, educating our children, helping people retrain, appointing judges. the usual stuff. >> president obama speaking to the nation's governors at the white house today with some humor about the tough political fight ahead over the supreme court vacancy today. the senate was back in session for the first time since the death of justice antonin scalia. harry reid made it clear that democrats would fight to get a nomination through. >> unfortunately, it appears that republican leader and his colleagues have no intention of filling this important vacancy. our leader has declared himself to be the proud guardian of gridlock. that's a quote. and least hived up to that
1:32 pm
moniker. and that's an understatement. >> this morning, the court was back to work for the first session without justice scalia. during the next two weeks, the supreme court is expected to hear ten cases. nbc's luke russert is live on capitol hill for us. and luke, it struck me, there's a fairly big development on this day. the big gamble the white house and democrats are taking is that, essentially, purple state senators, particularly senators in states carried by obama, that are up in this cycle, will cave on this. the first indication of that, today, coming from mark kirk in illinois. >> that's right, chris. i think if you look at illinois's mark kirk, ron johnson in wisconsin, toomey in pennsylvania, possibly ayotte in new hampshire, as well as that open senate seat in florida that's going to be very contentious, you could see some influential members within the republican senate conference say, hey, look, we at least have to have a hearing on this presumptive nominee. and that's really where the fight is right now, chris. it's within the republican conference over here. there are two schools of
1:33 pm
thought. there's the ted cruz/mike lee wing which is, no vote, no hearing. because if we give the democrats an opportunity to put their nominee in the hearing, there's a real possibility, we've heard this from the outside influential conservative group, that that nominee could shine through a hearing process, and only give ammunition to the democrats that, look, this person is qualified, they should be seated. the other side of the coin is that, look, it's the constitutional prerogative that we at least give this member or this judge a hearing, put him forward, hear him out, and then we can vote no in the senate judiciary committee and effectively kill the nomination. that's the fight going on right now. that's what the republicans have to figure out. mcconnell will do that tomorrow, the senate judiciary committee. either way, democrats are preparing a whole bag of tools moving forward. even if the republicans were to say, you cannot hear your hearing in the judiciary committee. if mcconnell beliefs that's the better course of action, they could do things like hold a
1:34 pm
parallel steering committee hearing, something they do over at the house, which is not a real hearing, but sort of what would actually occur if this were to be real. there's all sorts of things they could do to push home the point if the nominee is qualified and be given at least an up or down vote in the senate judiciary, chris. >> luke, my understanding is that the house is of a the same mind. they believe there's basically two battles. the first battle is get a hearing for their nominee and then they are confident that essentially, once that starts, the dominos will fall. is that your understanding of how the democrats are approaching it? >> well, you're starting to hear -- that's definitely how the democrats are approaching it. they think that once the nominee goes forward for a hearing, it will be so difficult for republicans to deny moving the nominee forward on the senate floor, because they'll be exceptionally qualified. some of the names that have been floated out there, loretta lynch is a good example, the attorney general, law and order,
1:35 pm
prosecutorial background, african-american woman, first one to hold that position, she would be the first african-american woman on the bench. she, in theory, has already been supported by republicans, mitch mcconnell, specifically. if she's up there front and center, answering all the questions she did when she was the ag, attorney general, she could do very well. but the problem they're running into now in terms of it actually happening is your starting to hear from members like jeff flake, senator from arizona. he's been with the white house on a few other issues, namely cuba. he just released a statement saying, look, we can't have in this election year. not necessarily saying whether or not there should be a hearing or a hearing committee vote, but whether or not to move it forward. if you don't have a guy like flake, it's hard to see how it could go forward to a whole senate and be passed, especially with a guy like cruz filibustering. >> finally, look, some upsetting news today, claire mccaskill with a big health announcement, just in the last 20 minutes,
1:36 pm
that she has breast cancer. >> yeah, some sad news from claire mccaskill. we listenearned that she has br cancer. she did stay in the statement, it's a little scary, but my prognosis is good, i expect a full recovery. she'll take a few weeks off, go back to missouri for treatment, and telling her constituents that she's going to put on her website how she would have voted on any legislation that comes before the senate, had she been there. certainly our thoughts are with her for a quick and speedy recovery. she's a well-liked senator on both sides of the aisle and a favorite among the press corps, i can say so with certainty on that one. >> absolutely. a force of nature, for sure. luke, thank you very much. more politics ahead. but first, we turn to some other developing news. the accused kalamazoo shooter appeared in court a short time ago. prosecutors say jason dalton carried out the shooting spree while moonlighting as an uber driver. the attacks took place over a seven-hour period on saturday night. six people were killed. two others were injured. police found a semi-automatic weapon in dalton's car when they
1:37 pm
arrested him. today at the white house, president obama addressed our nation's latest mass shooting. >> clearly we're going to need to do more if we're going to keep innocent americans safe. and i've got to assume that all of you are just as tired as i am as seeing this stuff happen in your states. so that's an area where we also need to partner and think about what we can do in a common sense way, in a bipartisan way without some of the ideological rhetoric that so often surrounds that issue. think of it as a seven seat theater...
1:38 pm
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technology entire countries w if they could ever catch you. i'm the only candidate who can beat donald trump. if you don't think donald trump is the right candidate for republicans to be running with november, the only campaign who has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that has a path to beating donald trump is our campaign. >> ted cruz just moments ago, playing up his position as the only candidate so far who has beaten donald trump, that's true. the top republican candidates
1:41 pm
are fanning out across nevada today, making their final pitch to nevada caucusgoers. marco rubio is counting on a strong showing here in the silver state, where he and his family lived for a portion of his childhood before returning to miami. joining me now, robert lang, professor at the university of nevada, las vegas. before we get to the republicans, the democrats had their caucus this weekend, and we had some numbers about what that did for the number of voters, for democrats. >> yeah, they use the caucuses for party building, always from the beginning. and in '08, to put nit perspective, they registered over 30,000 new voters. it wasn't as successful, but 14,000 new voters. in a close race, the last senate race was decided by 10,000 votes. so that could come back to haunt the democrats that they have to have ten days to register. >> it was a state that had the biggest turnout improvement between 2008 and 2012 in the general, if i'm not mistaken. >> yeah, it is quite a machinery here. you saw that with the culinary
1:42 pm
union, even in this most recent caucus. and if they turn their attention, they'll probably support the democrats. just throwing it out there. >> there's a distinctness to south carolina in this schedule. there are sort of distinct, but not first in the south. for republican, nevada caucusgoers, is there a distinctness to a population that's being introduced here, we have yet to see in the primary count? >> this is the first latino population for the republicans, and interestingly, about a quarter of latinos in the state are republican. so it's not -- you know, african-americans, only 5% are republican. so there's a decent shot at what is sort of the parody for latino representation around the country. and of course, you have a very popular republican governor here, in the person of brian sandoval. >> you do, he's a moderate republican, and he's been important in building the republican brand among latinos here. but again, depending on who's the final candidate, that could change, if it's trump. he's made a few comments there that may -- >> what is -- >> -- sway things.
1:43 pm
>> sometimes i look at the polling is and think, trump is in a big lead. he does have a big, you know, he's got a hotel here. >> has got his name up on it. >> are you surprised he's doing as well here. does that track with your sense of the electorate? >> you know, part of his supporters are white, non-college. and that is most of the whites, most of the republican party is white in this state. and it's mostly non-college. it's not a high education attainment state. >> so white noncollege are overrepresented in the pool of republican voters and that's the pool of republican voters -- >> and where are they from, california? only 11% in this region and 21% statewide were born in the state. and there's more -- in california, there's double that. so 22, 23%, and almost half are from the east, east of the mississippi. almost all from the northeast midwest. so new yorkers, we're in new york, new york. >> and of course, we're seeing, actually, and one of the things that i think has created a problem for the anti-trump forces is the fact that he doesn't have particularly geographical contradiction in his appeal. i mean, he's polling way up in
1:44 pm
states like massachusetts, polling way up in states like new jersey and also polling pretty well in a place like georgia. >> he's shown strength when you see a massachusetts number come out like that. who in massachusetts is for this guy? but there's kind of a regular guy northeastness about him. just as an example, my father-in-law lives out here. and among his friends, one of the wraps against cruz is, he said stuff about new york, he talk smack against new york. and they're like, new york is where wall street is, what about new york values? skpa and a lot of them are for trump. >> that's very interesting. up next, our political panel places their bets on what's going to happen here tomorrow night and beyond. seems like we've hit a road block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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listen to this. we won with everything. we won with women. i love the women. we won with highly educated, pretty well educated, and poorly educated, but we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people, just won! the only category i do badly in is my personality. and that's okay. who cares? and you know what, you want to know something? i'm a better person than the people i'm running against. i see it. let me tell you. >> donald trump yesterday in atlanta crowing about his south carolina win. polling right now indicating
1:49 pm
he's poised for possibly another big win here in nevada and the caucus is tomorrow. joining me now, robert costa from "the washington post," jamie small from high magazine. there was a fantastic new book out about women in politics that i commend to you to check out. let me start with this, robert. the south carolina exit polling, first politics were to give a name for the top three, trump, cruz and rubio, trump was mr. change and cruz was mr. values. rubio is more electability. here's my question to you. how much is leblelectability weighing on the minds of republican primary voters, and is rubio now in a position where he's in a position, if you don't like trump and want somebody who can beat hillary clinton, pick me. >> the electability is weighing on the people behind me here at capitol hill, the insiders and general voters want someone with an appeal to mainstream voters and suburbs across america in
1:50 pm
november. but in the republican party base, this has been for over a year, an election about outsiders, about populism, about taking on the system. and to an extent, about conservative values. >> jay, i have a theory about this. i'm curious what you think about this. you've written about hillary clinton quite a bit. my theory is that in the world of conservative media and the stuff that folks who are sort of republican primary voters are consuming, hillary clinton is so manifestly terrible, and so despised that the idea of her as a formidable general election nominee is sort of remote, which is part of what cuts against, i think, rubio making electability argument. i think a lot of republican voters think, no one's going to vote for hillary clinton in the general. >> well, i don't know about that. she certainly is a very polarizing character. she's certainly very -- not the most popular person amongst republicans. but if you look at sort of the independents in the country, the big, the vast, the big middle that swings all elections in america, who don't really vote
1:51 pm
in primaries, those are the ones who republicans have to convince and democrats have to convince. even if the republican base absolutely despises hillary clinton, they by no means are convincing or they by no means know the minds of independent voters, and i think that's really the case here. is that rubio is making is that, you know, i can convince those independent voters. i can win this outright, versus, you know, donald trump or ted cruz, who especially with women, and by the way, thank you for the shout-out from my book, are just, do incredibly badly with women. i think donald trump is underwater by 44 points and ted cruz by 37 points amongst independent women. >> robert, lindsey graham has been sort of at the vanguard of anti-trumpist forces in the republican party. here he is on a radio show, sort of urging a kind of unified anti-trump effort. take a listen. >> i think a case wic/rubio tic
1:52 pm
would be great. marco is very, very talented. rubio/kasich, kasich/rubio. i think those combinations, if they could consolidate and come together would be a very potent ticket in the fall and maybe help us stop trump. >> do you think there's any actual incentive for kasich to get out before ohio votes? >> it's very unlikely. if you're kasich, you want to stay in until ohio. it's your home state. and you want to make an argument that, let's say, if rubio and cruz are continuing to lock each other in battle before then, that you can be someone who can emerge out of that fight and someone who's unbloodied, to move on as someone who can win in the upper midwest and in the rust belt. >> jay, the democrats, you saw bernie sanders today was in massachusetts, which i thought was interesting. i think there's a recognition that it's going to be very hard for him to really challenge hillary clinton at this point in south carolina, on saturday. interesting numbers coming out. the cash on hand.
1:53 pm
clinton is 32.9 million. sanders, $47.9 million. sanders has built this remarkable small dollar fund-raising machine and they spent a ton of money in the last month. there's a real question about the relationship between the perceived momentum for sanders and who they can go back to that well of that small-dollar apparatus. how confident are you that they can keep this going through the next month? >> i'm very confident they can keep this going through the next month. i mean, not only do you have incentive in terms of money, they can keep bringing in lots and lots and lots of money, but also, they'll keep collecting delegates. and the more delegates he gets, the more power he gets in terms of his political clout, demands he can make of hillary, and he continually still polls her to the left and still gets out of her -- even at the very least, you know, a lot more sort of, you know, progressiveness, a lot more pledges to, let's say, on trade or other issues, that are important to him. so, have been if he doesn't win, there's a lot of reasons why he should. and most likely will stay in. >> yeah, there's a good point
1:54 pm
there, also, about the proportional representation, which means you can lose by ten points, still pick up some delegates and still be within striking distance. robert, there are a variety of delegate apportionment schemes across the board in the republican race, but, i mean, you've got trump coming out of south carolina with every last delegate. he won 50. if he routs by the number it looks like he might tomorrow, he'll only add to that lead. but the real question, what happens in the dynamics of race between tomorrow and super tuesday to fundamentally change him as the front-runner? >> well, both rubio and cruz, associates of those campaigns, aren't expecting to knock trump off as the front-runner on march 1st. so if you're not going to knock trump off, you have to be strategic. and when you talk to these campaigns, they're picking certain congressional districts, largely vote-rich districts in the suburbs of laatlanta and me
1:55 pm
v fist and little rock, so they can get some delegates before it becomes winner take all. >> do you think we'll see a jeb bush endorsement before super tuesday? >> i think the big endorsement you've got to look for right now, jeb bush, mitt romney, and then maybe mike huckabee, if he comes out for donald trump. and arkansas is one of the super tuesday states. but a romney would be more valuable to rubio, as the former nominee, but bush is more important about finally letting some of his money get off the sidelines. not only in florida, but in the bush money in texas. >> jay, finally, how big a sigh of relief do you think the clinton campaign is breathing in the wake of that nevada win? >> oh, it's absolutely a huge sigh of relief. i was talking to a few folks from the campaign today, and they were saying, you know what, we really like winning. it's a really good feeling. you know, it's a very clear win, unlike iowa, which, you know, was very, very close.
1:56 pm
it was a photo finish and it wasn't a definitive one. and you know, they managed the expectations game incredibly well here to sort of say, you know, hey, we might not win, and when they did win, it gave them the momentum they've been seeking really for the last few months. so they're back on their feet again and they're feeling great. >> they really did manage the expectations. the polling here was pretty sparse and they were telling everyone who would listen for a weak, we might lose this thing. someone told me their actual internals had them down double digits. jay newton and robert koska, that about does it for me right here in las vegas, nevada. we'll be back here tonight, of course, at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, 5:00 p.m. local time for ""all in with chris hayes," a special preview of the big voting day tomorrow and we'll be covering all the race including a farewell to jeb bush you'll definitely want to see. up next, steve kornacki will be helming "meet the press daily" right from outside of the beautiful new york new york hotel and casino. see you later. it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back.
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if it's monday, just one day to the nevada vote, and it's a reality star getting a reality check to the grand old party. a shrinking field and a growing math problem for the opposition. it all adds up to one thing. donald trump may be on the fast track to the nomination. this is "mtp daily," live from las vegas and it starts right now. and after shake up saturday, welcome to reality check monday. donald


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