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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  February 23, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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hello. live from las vegas, nevada. a plan to close the prison at guantanamo bay and boy has it set off a fire storm on capitol hill and on the campaign trail which goes through here today. president obama supporters, meantime, they have waited seven years for him to fulfill his campaign promise and they are gearing up for a fight. >> for many years it's been clear that the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not advance our national security. keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. today the department is submitting to congress our plan for finally closing the facility at guantanamo once and for all. >> reporter: he said one of the things that is important to him is that he not hand off what he considers to be a problem to the next president. that is a critical point given
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where i am sitting hours away from nevada's 2016 republican presidential caucus at a critical phase. this is an issue that has split candidates from both parties. we are waiting to hear what ted cruz has to say. he is a cuban american at a rally northwest of here in a short time. as recently as last week warning supporters that if it happens president obama, quote, plans to give the guantanamo navy base back to cuba. already supporters got an earful from marco rubio, ben carson and john kasich all jumping in with their reactions. >> not only are we not going to close guantanamo. if we capture a terrorist alive they are not going to be sent to nevada. they are going to guantanamo. >> your reaction to the president's idea to close guantanamo. do you support that? >> if it was such a good idea i guess it would have been done
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seven years ago. >> i don't understand it. these are people some of whom are the worst of the worst. why would we send them into our country? i don't understand it. >> republican front runner donald trump has yet to comment publically or take to twitter on the topic of gitmo, but we could get his reaction at an event here in nevada at 3:00 eastern time. here with me host of pbs's rolston live. philip rut gr, national political reporter. what a time on the day of the caucus. why this? why now? it has been made clear to the president from the republican side of congress this is going nowhere. >> it has been a campaign promise now for seven years, something he has wanted to do to close guantanamo bay. he is going to try to make it
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happen here. in the campaign context it is a contrast between what he is trying to do and what republican candidates want to see happen. >> is this something that he definitely wanted to point to to be able to say when you are voting this is the kind of choice that you have? where do you see this playing in the presidential campaign? it is not dividing the republicans? >> this is something that he promised and i think has gotten a lot of criticism for not delivering on early in his term. he is checking boxes of his legacy. you have these republicans he could say anything now. the president could say i think the democrats have done a terrible job in congress and i have been a terrible president. this just unified republicans to do the scare tactics, terrorists running up and down the las vegas strip. this is obama and his legacy and has nothing to do with trying to effect the presidential race. >> you also have harry reid who tried to walk a fine line with
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all of this. >> and it is nothing new. the president promised this seven years ago and democrats are going to rally around this. republicans are going to oppose it with isis being such a big issue now. i don't see it as a big surprise as far as campaigning. >> as we look at where we are today and people going to the polls, when something like this happens and i want to talk about this and the wind is blowing. if you hear creeking it is our tent that is threatening to come down with the wind. what about turn out today? there has been so much more publicity than we have seen before, so much more attention than we have seen before here and now you have this big story about gitmo dropped into middle of a campaign. can it motivate people? >> i think the turnout will be very low. very little time between south carolina and nevada for anything to happen. you see the candidates and
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mentioned the rallies that are going on. marco rubio finished one just a little while ago. but these campaigns do not expect to have much bigger turnout than 2012 when it was 7% or 8%. none of the campaigns are modeling past 30,000 votetures is less than 10%. there doesn't seem to be the energy behind the republican caucus as behind the democratic caucus because they had a week to build that up. republicans don't. >> stay with me. i'm going to talk to them more in just a moment. we want to take a check of live pictures of a ted cruz rally going on in nevada about six hours northwest of here. this caucus day in nevada has turned out to be bad timing after a rough week for ted cruz. allegations of dirty tricks dogged him since iowa and now his top spokesman has resigned for tweeting inaccurate information. and today donald trump who has been the chief critic tweeted
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was ted cruz disloyal to his very capable director of communications. he used him as a scapegoat, fired like a dog, ted panicked. i want to bring in a republican from california and ted cruz supporter. good to see you, congressman. good morning. >> good morning. >> how much of a problem do you think this is going to be for ted cruz? there are comparisons made that from the beginning of the campaign we saw donald trump say low energy person to jeb bush and it stuck. he keeps saying about ted cruz that he is a liar and dishonest and then this. yesterday with rick tyler. how critical is this perception and has it been cemented by donald trump this whole reputation for dirty tricks? >> the irony of all of this is that ted cruz is now the victim
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of a dirty trick. the dirty trick is that they are claiming he is a dirty trickster. this is turning reality on its head. who else but donald trump and the media doesn't call him on this, suggest that when someone is running for office and someone is coming in weak fourth or fifth may drop out and suggesting that that is a dirty trick? this is absurd and cruz is the victim of that dirty trick. >> you have to admit that he made the decision to get rid of rick tyler and did point to something that he must have considered to be at least -- >> he made that decision because he is being hypersensitive now to making sure that everything that goes out cannot be misportrayed as a dirty trick as something that naut 100%
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accurate. you deal with things that seen this way and proponent of the facts indicate something. when you say that rubio believes in amnesty and fought for that, maybe he has nuanced his position now. you have to be careful exactly how you express what your opponent is saying or you going to be accused of dirty tricks. the american people aren't going to buy it. you had a fellow on saying he hasn't seen energy. i have been to many campaigns. there is so much energy for cruz it is overwhelming. what is important tathem is not what you are talking about. what is really important to them is that their state legislature just passed a massive tax increase and republicans that lied to them and put this
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through are the ones supporting rubio but none of ted cruz's support here in nevada supported that tax increase. so for the republicans the conditions are clear who is supporting who? >> i want to make sure i understand what you are saying about donald trump. do you think absent to donald trump who has been saying liar, liar. he has been putting forth this narrative very strongly and dirty tricks being played by the cruz campaign. do you believe if it weren't for donald trump rick tyler would have his job? people saying he apologized and we move on? >> i think you are exemplifying what is wrong with the media. how important is this? donald trump says it. it must be important. you try to say -- >> your candidate made a decision. >> look, the bottom line is the
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american people are more concerned about nevada, how much of this is owned by the federal government like 90% of their estate or whether or not republicans who said they were not going to be for tax increases have shoved the biggest tax increase in history down their throats or whether they stop illegal immigrants from pouring into our country. those are issues about whether donald trump said this is a lie or not that is your fault and not ted cruz's. >> congressman thank you for taking the time to come on the program. >> you were laughing a little bit there when he was talking about energy. there is a theme that we hear from the cruz people that the media is, pardon the phrase, trumping up a lot of allegations. what do you make of what you heard? >> i am glad he can come from california and tell me what is going on in nevada. there may be energy.
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cruz is getting a lot of big crowds here in the last couple of days. so is rubio. trump had 8,000 people. some of them were registered voters in nevada from what i understand last night. the point is that he is bringing in local issues that no one voting in the caucus is going to vote for ted cruz because some of marco rubio's supporters supported a tax increase. what he did mention is public lands issue. cruz latched on to that. scenes you are showing of ted cruz that is a rural nevada city but considered rural nevada. he is making his play. people forget we are in will have only 60% of registered republicans are in las vegas. you have 40% of the vote and probably more in this caucus. cruz knows that. the people running the campaign knows that. the public lands issue can help them. >> the other thing that definitely is true is he voices
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the frustration that the marco rubio, ted cruz campaign feel about the attention that donald trump has gotten and they want to make this about the media, media paying too much attention but as john just pointed out it is hard to ignore somebody who is winning and who is getting thousands of people every night at a rally. >> the media is always the bad guy. we are covering and everyone wants to blame the media. his base doesn't trust the media so it is easy way to connect and say the media is not giving me time and they are focussed on donald trump. >> trump is clearly relishing these dirty tricks. let me play a little bit from what he said during his rally last night. >> this guy, cruz, lies more than any human being i have ever dealt with. unbelievable. he holds up the bible and he lies. and then he holds up the bible again and lies.
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so the evangelicals didn't vote for him because they don't like liars. they are really smart people. they don't want to vote for a liar. this guy is sick. there is something wrong with this guy. >> he doesn't mince words. we see the results that come in how much of what we see in ted cruz's results are going to be determined by the kinds of things we just heard by donald trump? >> trump has been saying this since the day after the iowa caucuses and i think it helped depress ted cruz's vote with evangelical voters. it may have an impact here in nevada, as well. the big question for trump is whether the people who go to rallies will turn out. the caucuses are peculiar. there is no tradition of caucusing here like there is in iowa. that is going to be a challenge for trump. >> like the democrats are doing it on the weekends. thank you gentlemen.
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tomorrow i will kick off super tuesday road trip. i will be hitting seven super tuesday states in seven days. it is going to be a blast. they are laughing at me. it starts tomorrow in oklahoma. i will drive to texas, arkansas, tennessee, alabama, georgia and virginia on super tuesday. be sure to check out our super road tour here on msnbc. when i first ran for president it was widely recognized that this facility needed to close. this was not just my opinion. this was not some radical far left view. there was a bipartisan support to close it. my predecessor, president bush, to his credit said he wanted to close it. >> president obama making his case earlier today highlighting republican support for closing guantanamo's detention facility. today we are asking you to weigh
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. i have been working for seven years now to get this thing closed. as president i have spent countless hours dealing with this. i do not exaggerate that. our closest allies raise it with me continually. they often raise specific cases of detainees repeatedly. i don't want to pass this problem on to the next president whoever it is. >> so that was president obama just a short time ago on his plan to close the detention facility at guantanamo bay.
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senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is vowing to put up a fight. >> president obama seems to remain captured on one matter by a campaign promise he made way back in 2008. his ill charred crusade to close the secured detention facility at guantanamo. >> this plan has been on the president's agenda since before he took office and take a look at why it matters. 91 prisoners currently detained, up to two-thirds of whom would be moved to the u.s. under the plan calling for up to $475 million in construction costs. we have this story covered at the pentagon and capitol hill. let's begin with the pentagon. walk us through who these detainees are and what the plan is. >> as you said there are 91 detainees being held at guantanamo bay, a mixture of who
10:20 am
are considered actually prisoners of war and other whose are outright terrorists according to the charges and accusations against them. 35 of those 91 are already eligible to be released to another country at some point. so you can mark them off the list. but 56 of them are facing possible criminal charges. ten have already been charged and are facing the military commission's process down there at guantanamo bay today, as a matter of fact. among those ten who are considered those who could never be released including one of the five of those who were charged with actually being involved in the 9/11 attack against the united states. and while the white house, the pentagon are calling this a plan we are already hearing criticism that where is the plan? it lays out why he would like to do this to close down gitmo and
10:21 am
transfer them to detainees to the united states but nowhere in there are any specifics, some wide ranging estimates on how much it would cost but nobody knows where they would go or how. >> thank you so much. joining me now from capitol hill, republican from colorado and member of the house armed services committee. congressman, it is good to see you. the white house has said there is no decision that has been made on where the prisoners from gitmo would go. you pointed out colorado does seem to be at the top of the list given supermax prison. tell me what your concerns are. >> there is bipartisan support for not having the prisoners move to u.s. soil.
10:22 am
i'm very concerned that we have a place to put these enemy combatants terrorist or irregular forces in a detention facility and that should not be closed and those prisoners remain until they are no longer a threat to the united states. >> you have a deep understanding of this. i know you are a veteran yourself. the president said this will be done with the consultation of congress. there is no indication that any high level prisoners, that there has ever been a problem with them coming to the united states. do you have real concern about a security threat if they came to the supermax? >> i don't have a concern about the security situation in u.s. facilities such as supermax,
10:23 am
however, they would be afforded all of the due process protections given anybody legally residing in the united states. i think that is fundamentally wrong. we were at war with an ideology, radical islamists who have declared war on the united states. this is i think absolutely the wrong move to make and we have had this debate in congress. i think this is a settled question. this is merely the president trying to maneuver this issue somehow politically. >> let me ask you quickly.
10:24 am
you heard what the president had to say. george w. bush supported closing guantanamo bay and he travels the world and he hears from other leaders about the problem that this is for the united states diplomatically. do you share any of that concern at all? >> i was in kuwait and had a discussion with the officials and this was not a high level concern of theirs. they did express that there were some citizens that they were concerned about. not a high level concern. i think that the president underestimates the security threat to the united states in general and i think the fact that the president didn't say, did not say in his press conference that many of these certainly a significant number of these detainees who have been released have returned to the battlefield. >> colorado congressman thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. coming up, a question we can't
10:25 am
answer enough on days like today. what is a caucus? our resident expert is on the case. he will be with me next. remember to set your alarm clocks or smart phone reminders because we are one day away from the start of our seven day seven state road trip. we can take you on the road to super tuesday. we kick off tomorrow in oklahoma. don't miss it. at&t helps keep everyone connected. right now at at&t, buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. no matter how you hang out, share every minute of it. buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. and right now, get up to $650 in credits per line to help you switch to at&t.
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we are back live at the new york, new york hotel and casino. caucus goers in just a few hours. last night i spoke with the president of young republicans. a small but active core group working for different candidates on a left leaning campus. his challenge convince millennials to come on board. >> it is not the party of old white men. i am all over the state. i talk to a bunch of kids,
10:29 am
women, minorities, people with different sexual orientation having a common belief of pursuing ambitions and trying to aspire to be the best they can be. >> tells me he feels students are getting inspired to get more involved although not everyone is. this is only the third time nevada has held caucuses for both parties throughout the state which maybe explains a little why there tends to be low turnout here. there are residents trying to change that. msnbc chatted with voters who plan to caucus today. >> we have seen that in south carolina and we have a complicated caucus process. i read the 22 page rules and regulations for how this works. it was a bit of a headache. that is why the republican party here in nevada is holding caucus training sessions four to five times a week to get people out and teach them. i showed up for one of those.
10:30 am
take a look. >> this is the headquarters of nevada republican party and right now it is going on inside is they are getting ready for a caucus training session. caucuses are low turnout affair. people have to figure out how to go through the whole operation. we will see how they are doing. just curious has anybody here caucused before? >> no. >> nobody here has caucused before. >> is everybody here planning on caucusing? >> yes. >> what is your name? >> my name is robin. >> what brings you out here? >> to learn what a caucus is. i never heard of a caucus before. >> you never heard of it, what compelled you to get out here? >> my husband. >> what is your name? >> brian. >> why did you make your wife come to a caucus training? >> for the same reasons you heard earlier. we lived in states that didn't have caucuses. we are here that has a caucus and it is critical to understand the process. >> these caucuses because they
10:31 am
are new to a lot of people like you have had relatively low turnout does anybody have a feeling why that is? >> nobody knows about the caucus. >> what about the time of night, between 5 and 9? stat inconvenient? >> for most of us you think 5:00 is the perfect time. vegas is a 24 hour town. >> 2008 turnout was 12%. 2012 it was 7%. >> the reason why most of us are here now is we had seven years of obama and we are done. that is why we are here. >> it seems like a very good idea to be there and be part of it. and get our voice heard. >> i hope to see some of you guys there. good luck. >> thank you. >> see you out there. >> thank you guys. >> bye-bye.
10:32 am
>> they had a good point. vegas is a 24 hour town. the window here is like a four hour window. some people think that is why turnout is so low and the party might be at risk of losing the status. >> it would be new to people even if it was not the third time. you also seem like a nice person. >> thank you very much. >> you never said that to me before. you said it to that lovely woman. i love that people are getting out and making the effort. it is an effort. still ahead, those acquisitions of dirty tricks and lying. how ted cruz and marco rubio's campaigns are trying to take each other down as we are hours away. up next i will speak with rubio senior campaign manager. senator ted cruz just slipped fiery words on the president's
10:33 am
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four of the five republican candidates running for president are fanning out across nevada today hoping to get the support of those last minute deciders. right now senator ted cruz is speaking in nevada feeling the pressure from all sides as rivals particularly senator marco rubio and obviously donald trump have gone after him on his truthfulness. rubio has been riding a wave of momentum and backing today from a key adviser to koch brothers. one endorsement remains. rubio asked about the relationship moments ago. >> jeb and i are friends y. told you guys from the beginning campaigns are a competitive environment so things happen. that never changed my feelings towards him and i don't this can
10:37 am
it changed the feelings towards me. we will get together soon. >> so ted cruz really fought going after marco rubio yet but he has gone after president obama and the president's plans to close the detention center at guantanamo bay. >> just today president obama announced his plans to try to shut down guantanamo terrorist detention facility. let me say this, mr. president. don't shut down gitmo, expand it and let's have some new terrorists there. >> hallie jackson has been carrying the cruz campaign. seems that the best thing that could have happened to ted cruz today is to take the attention away from the controversy in his campaign about the communications director, that he may resign and focus on something else. >> lets cruz getback to his message. he wants to be talking about things like federal land issues that resonate. he wants to talk about national
10:38 am
security and not about asking for resignation of rick tyler and accusations of being dishonest. that said we have heard him bring that up on the stumpf. >> god bless there is nothing elected officials like worst. >> this crazy year, this circumstance of attacks and lies and smears and tv and radio and the nonsense all that time has passed. this is now our time. >> cruz trying to rally people. he talked about how turnout will be important. frankly, there is a sense that next week the super tuesday states more important than what will happen here tonight. >> thank you so much. i want to bring in jason row, a senior advisory to the rubio campaign. good to see you. >> hi, chris. >> let's start with one of the central arguments that we hear from ted cruz and that is you
10:39 am
guys haven't won anything. what is your claim to moving forward? what is to say that you're the best person to go after whoever the democratic nominee is? >> first of all, there is 54 different elections and caucuses among the 50 states and the four territories. we have gone through three of them. four percent of delegates have been awarded. the idea that ted cruz after winning one somehow significantly ahead of anybody is ridiculous. tonight is important and particularly important for cruz. he promised he would win south carolina and didn't win a single county and now rolls into nevada spending more time trying to defend himself from legitimate accusations of truthfulness to the point where he had to fire his communications director in response to a real problem that has developed within the culture of his campaign. ooipg we are going to have a great night and roll into super
10:40 am
tuesday with a full head of steam. >> i want to talk a little bit about strategy. it does seem as though tr has been this back and forth between your guys and cruz and yet at the same time we saw this editorial in the washington post that suggested if these guys are going to have a real chance of winning they have to start focussing on donald trump. when are we going to see marco rubio really acting as though this is a two person race? >> well, i watched a lot of shows this morning and i saw a lot of arm chair quarterbacks dictating strategy for senator rubio and his presidential campaign. listen, it is a product of math. donald trump has been getting 35% of the vote. there is 60% to 65% voting
10:41 am
against donald trump. when you have that divided you are never going to consolidate that. the strategy is about trying to consolidate. we are the ones with momentum and picking up endorsements from conservative leaders from around the country. these are leaders that served with ted cruz and rejected in favor of marco rubio. these are leaders that served with john kasich and rejected him in supporting marco rubio. we are creating i think a very strong momentum for marco's campaign. i think other candidates that are in single digits will be asking it they are serious about running a national campaign because i don't this can any of them are. >> senior adviser thanks for coming on. good luck tonight. we have four days to go before the democrat south
10:42 am
carolina primary. bernie sanders is taking gloves off touting a new celebrity supporter. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. . under any circumstances you see voting for bz or hillary clinton? >> no. if i was a democrat i would vote for sanders on the basis that i trust him more because i cannot trust hillary. >> so those are two guys i talked with yesterday. they are members of the unlv chapter of college republicans made sure to tell me there are
10:46 am
mostly women in the club but weren't available. you heard of the response trust worthiness remains a major hurdle. it is a weakness that bernie sanders has been working to exploit. he has been adopting more aggressive stance emphasizing differences that suggest he is more trust worthy. one of his main points of attacks has been clinton's big money ties. >> it is not acceptable that corporate america or wall street or the corporate media control what goes on in our country. you are very, very powerful people when you start flexing your muscles. that is what we have to do right now. >> this is also the subject of a new ad which features movie director spike lee hitting south carolina radio waves today. >> bernie takes no money from corporations which means he is not on the take and when bernie gets in the white house he will
10:47 am
do the right thing. >> susan sarandon tweeted approval saying sanders is the only candidate talking about real change. hillary clinton isn't lagging in star power support. here she is with stars of the tv show scandal. she stopped by the set after two days of fundraising in l.a. tony gold win invited the presidential candidate. he is the guy in the suit seated behind clinton there. he is also, by the way, a clinton surrogate. kristin welker joins us now. good to see you running around the country as always with hillary clinton. so any response from the campaign about what seems to be a stepped up offense by bernie sanders in. >> well, secretary clint has been out on the campaign trail for the past several days trying to reput some of that criticism
10:48 am
from senator sanders that she is too cozy with wall street. she makes the point. she argues that she has a strong plan for taking on wall street and a criticism that she has been inconsistent. we are seeing that play out again today in terms of the response to president obama's plan to close guantanamo bay, the sanders campaign release ag statement praising president obama and saying he was one of three senators who in 2007 voted against the transfer of detainees from guantanamo bay sp that secretary clinton didn't vote in that same way. the clinton campaign hasn't responded yet. of course, their argument has been that before she left office as secretary of state that she pushed president obama to close gitmo thmpt sanders campaign making the point where does she stand? the focus is on south carolina where secretary clinton has a double digit lead. senator sanders trying to close that gap. the two will be at a town hall
10:49 am
together later tonight. i just spoke with a sanders supporter who said if he can come within ten points of her that would be a win for him and help him regain momentum that he lost in nevada heading into super tuesday. >> thank you. jeff weaver is the campaign manager for bernie sanders' campaign. good to see you. good morning. >> happy to be here. let's go to gitmo. kristin mentioned a part of the statement put out one of three to vote against barring the transfer of guantanamo detainees to america. then senator hillary clinton voted to the amendment that kept the prison open. having said that in 2009 senator sanders voted to reject the president's funding to close that facility until the administration gave more specifics. what is his position on this and is it a little more nuanced than
10:50 am
he would or the statement would like to indicate? >> he has been a long proponent of closing gitmo. he has been consistent on that. you can see he was one only thrl -- tall on that issue when others were voting the other way. secretary clinton is consistent until not politically convenient, then she's not consistent. >> yeah, we're what, four days out from south carolina, seven days from super tuesday of t. we have a new nbc news surveymonkey tracking poll. it shows hillary clinton with a double digit lead over the candidate, 51 over 40%, obviously, over democrats. it seems there is a new strategy. what is the strategy? >> i don't think it's new or more aggressive. i think what we are doing is highlighting the substantive
10:51 am
difference between senator sanders and secretary clinton, of which there are many, on issues like trade, on issues like the death penalty, on issues like climate change, on issues like free college education. there are a lot of issues between these two candidates and voters need to know what the issues are so they can make an informed decision. >> you guys have been extraordinarily successful, some people are saying, in many ways rewriting the rules for fundraising. and the number of people who have given money, the amount of money you have raised has been very impressive. how do you translate that to votes? how do you translate that, more importantly, to delegates and wins going through super tuesday? >> well, look, we had great success in iowa where we basically tied. we won new hampshire by 22 points. we came in within five in nevada when we were down 25 points just five weeks ago and everybody thought there was no way we could win. winning nevada was never part of our strategy for winning. going into super tuesday, we're on tv in massachusetts and
10:52 am
colorado and minnesota and oklahoma. vermont is also on that day, and we're competing in the south. it's a proportional delegate allocation system. you don't have to win everywhere. we're certainly not going to win everywhere. certainly president obama didn't win everywhere. the question is over the long term, can you wrack up enough delegates. after super tuesday, there are only two more southern states after that. everything is in the north and the west, and i think the calendar will start to turn in senator sanders' favor, frankly. >> jeff weaver, it's good to see you. thanks for coming on the program. >> happy to be here. thank you. ben carson, in the meantime, in nevada today here trying to win support for his long shot campaign. but it's his comments to politico about president obama that have been raising eyebrows. in that interview he said president obama was raised white and can't understand the african-american experience like he, carson, can. he echoed those sentiments to my
10:53 am
colleague earlier today. >> the fact of the matter is he did not grow up in black america. he grew up in white america. it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with that, it's just that when the claim is made that he represents the black experience, it's just not true. >> carson, you'll recall, finished sixth in the south carolina primary, but he is vowing to stay in the race.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
stoo here's a guy throwing punches, nasty as hell when we're talking. the guards are very gentle with him, he's walking out doing high fives, big smile. i'd like to punch him in the face, let me tell you. >> classic donald trump with a message to a protester last night. by the way, he's going to be speaking live at the top of the next hour here in nevada. it will be our last chance to
10:57 am
hear from him on the president's speech on gitmo. that will wrap things up this hour. live from las vegas, i'm chris jansing and my colleague kate snow will pick things up after the break. tomorrow we'll be on the super tuesday road trip. i'll be to texas, alabama, georgia, virginia. if you're in those states, please come visit us. otherwise check us out at 1:00 p.m. eastern time, the only place for politics. you both have a perfect driving record.
10:58 am
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11:00 am
80% but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day. hi, everyone. i'm kate snow live in las vegas. today it is decision day here in nevada. we're six hours from the gop caucus. that's plenty of time for donald
11:01 am
trump to get in a few more jabs at his closest competition. according to him today, ted cruz lies like a dog and cruz fires his communications director, again, like a dog. laugh if you want at the dog references, but trump's line of attack has been brutally effective so far. just check out our latest surveymonkey poll. he's been in first place by a mile for a while now, and there are other polls that say he could maybe put a strangle hold on the republican nomination within a week. on a day so important for the race to the white house, president obama is trying to make good on one of his original campaign promises years ago, closing the controversial detention facility in guantanamo bay, cuba. we're covering many stories from south carolina to nevada to washington, d.c. that's where we'll begin, in washington. earlier today president obama held a news conference unveiling his plan to close guantanamo bay's detention facility. the proposal hinges on the
11:02 am
transfer of up to 60 detainees to american facilities but doesn't specify exactly where they would go. right now there are 91 detainees in guantanamo bay's detention center. 35 of them have already been approved for a transfer. as for the remaining detainees, the obama plan is calling to speed up their review and determine if they pose a threat. the president says his proposal will improve u.s. standing in the world and enhance national security. >> with this plan we have the opportunity, finally, to eliminate a terrorist propaganda tool, strengthen relationships with allies and partners, enhance our national security, and most importantly, uphold the values of americans. >> even before the president spoke, he was met with opposition. lawmakers predicting the plan won't go very far. >> as the attorney general recently confirmed, it is illegal -- illegal -- for the president to transfer any of these terrorists into the united states. so we'll review president
11:03 am
obama's plan, but since it includes bringing dangerous terrorists to facilities in u.s. communities, he should know that the bipartisan will of congress has already been expressed against thatjf proposal. >> we're curious what you think. the microsoft polls question is up now. we want to know should the detention center at guantanamo bay be closed? you can vote now at we'll bring you the results later this hour. let's get a look at voters getting ready to caucus here in nevada, the candidates already sounding off about guantanamo. >> it's not a great idea and i don't support it. the assumption is that all presidents coming after him will also think it's a good idea. it's, i think, ill conceived. >> we're not going to close guantanamo. in fact, we shouldn't be releasing the people that are there now. when i'm president, if we catch a terrorist alive, they're not getting a court hearing in manhattan, they're not being sent to nevada, they're going to
11:04 am
guantanamo. and we're going to find out everything they know. >> these people, some are the worst of the worst, and why would we send them to our country? i just don't understand it? >> let's focus in on the presidential race beginning right here in nevada with trump whose polls show him leading going into tonight's presidential caucus here in nevada. going to sparks, nevada where trump is holding a rally less than an hour from now, nbc's kerry sanders. kerry? >> reporter: you can see that there is a rather large gathering already here. supporters for donald trump. donald trump will be taking the podium here in about an hour, as you say. we will expect him to continue as he has done, focusing on ted cruz. he had a very effective strategy at the very outset focusing on jeb bush, constantly attacking jeb bush and jeb bush eventually losing the support he needed to continue going forward and dropped out. we've already heard that donald trump is now picking up that laser focus on ted cruz.
11:05 am
and he's sending a little quick note here to the folks here before they even see donald trump, by tweeting out just a short time ago that unlike the other republican candidates, i will be in nevada all day and night. i won't be fleeing in and out. i love and invest in nevada. of course, we have the caucus tonight. many of the republicans i've spoken to say they don't like the caucus process, but it's one that they will live with. and as you know, donald trump seems, according to the polls, to have a significant lead here in this state. kate? >> all right. kerry sanders watching trump's campaign for us. kerry, thanks so much. let's take a closer look now at the ted cruz campaign on this caucus day. hallie jackson is here with me in las vegas. how you doing? >> hi, kate. >> he's busy, too. about to hold something this afternoon? >> he's at 3:00 up in the northern part of the state and then he comes to las vegas for
11:06 am
what he hopes to be sort of a victory rally, not expecting to win but momentum picking up here in nevada. he's trying to pick up -- we talk a lot about the southern part of the state where most of the population is, about 60%, but you do have a lot of folks in those rural areas that cruz sees potentially as very amenable to his message, people who will respond to him and who will respond to the very sort of conservative message he's pushing out, this idea that he wants to coc coalesce conservat around his campaign, including libertarians and tea partyiers. you said in your intro there that trump could maybe lock this up in a few weeks. cruz is saying, not so fast, i will beat him.
11:07 am
>> here we have ted cruz talking about president obama's plan to close the guantanamo bay detention center. >> let me say this, mr. president. don't shut down gitmo. expand it and let's have some new terrorists there. [ cheers and applause ] >> how on earth does any president look in the eyes of a mother or father whose son or daughter lost their lives capturing these terrorists and justify, we're going to release them again when we know a very high percentage of them are going to return to waging jihad to try and murder innocent americans. >> hallie, that's not necessarily a new message. he's responding to today's news, but he frequently brings up guantanamo bay. >> he does, and this is a way for ted cruz to get back on the message he wants to talk about. national security, keeping this country safe. it is his cornerstone on the stump speech on the campaign trail because he believes it will resonate with republican
11:08 am
voters. to use this news today to bring up what he wants to bring up rather than having to talk about what happened yesterday with the resignation of his communications director and these attacks that he's unable to be trusted, essentially. >> what is the expectation game for them going into tonight? you mentioned before they don't really expect to win? >> no, i don't think so. i think this is, again, a little bit of a battle for second place like we saw in south carolina. although, for the cruz campaign, i think there is a sense that marco rubio needs to do well here. they obviously want to set expectations high for him. but i think for them, they've won iowa, so they're feeling good moving into super tuesday. they notched a win in one of the first few caucus states, and now the focus really is, kate, not so much on tonight, it's on one week from tuesday, super tuesday. >> i was going to ask you about texas. that's his home state. we have a new poll that has ted cruz up eight points in texas. they vote a week from today. but donald trump is only eight points behind. is there a danger there that he
11:09 am
loses his lone star state? >> this poll is good for cruz's campaign because it shows he is doing well in a state where he has said he needs to do well or that he certainly wants to do well in. his campaign will often talk about the 27,000 volunteers they have there, the organization that they have on the ground in cruz's home state. so if donald trump were to creep up and beat ted cruz over the next week, it's a real blow to him. >> a fatal blow? >> it's the same question people are asking about marco rubio. if you can't win in your home state, do you have a chance? >> marco rubio is already looking to super tuesday as well and beyond that. he's leaving nevada today for minnesota. he had a final rally before he left, and with me now, nbc's gabe gutierrez. hi, gabe. >> hi, kate. this rubio rally is about to get started here in las vegas. the stakes are high for rubio. this is a state his campaign really wanted to finish strong.
11:10 am
donald trump, although the polls are not reliable, donald trump remains in first place. people are wondering, can marco rubio edge out ted cruz and paint himself as the person to take out donald trump. we have been talking to several voters here. some are still undecided, others do really support marco rubio. hi, sir, what's your name? >> my name is david walker. >> and your name? >> isabel walker. >> tell me, who are you supporting today? >> we're supporting marco. >> why is that? >> i'm sorry? >> why is that? >> we have a great deal of enthusiasm for him. i have a feeling he might be a tenth amendment president that will stand with the states under the tenth amendment. maybe he will say states can nullify unconstitutional federal laws and regulations. that's what i'm hoping for. i'm mad, and i hope this comes about. >> so why not ted cruz? >> ted cruz is another one. i have the feeling he's been too
11:11 am
badly tarnished recently. i fear it and therefore i'd like to put my money on this horse. >> the rubio campaign has alleged constant dirty tricks from the cruz campaign. do you believe that? does it have any effect on you? >> none of that negative talk has an effect on me. i have suspicion that some people hostile to ted cruz have invented those. >> ma'am, you were telling me earlier that you supported marco rubio for a long time. tell me why. >> from the very beginning. i enjoy the way that he portrays himself, i enjoy the fact that to me he's very sincere, and i love the way he speaks. >> you're hispanic. you come from a la tielatina background. what is it about marco rubio that he speaks to you in that way? >> i like that he is young and that he is very intelligent. to me he speaks the way that i would if i were running for president. >> thank you so much for talking
11:12 am
to us. we really do appreciate it. enjoy the rally. now, kate, we've also been talking to some more undecided voters. what's your name? >> lisa. >> where you from? >> henderson. >> now, you were telling me earlier you are undecided. tell me why. >> they all have things that i like about them and some things i don't like about them, so i'm on the fence. >> what is it that you like about marco rubio? >> i like that he's very smart and he seems honest. i'd like to hear more about what his tax plan is and what his plans to grow the economy are. >> who else are you deciding between? >> all three of them. cruz, trump and rubio. >> the top three, in your words. so what is it that you like about donald trump? >> i think he would have a really good chance of turning our economy around. >> how about ted cruz? >> ted cruz, you know, i've been more recently turned off by him. >> why is that? >> just things that have
11:13 am
happened the last couple days. >> the rubio campaign has really made it a point to try to paint him as a dirty politician. that's what the rubio campaign is trying to say. has that had an effect on you? >> i don't know that the rubio campaign is trying to say that, necessarily. i just think some things have happened that don't look favorable to him. >> thank you, guys, for talking to us. kate, a bigger market, in just a few minutes. then he's taking a charter flight to minnesota and michigan. indicate? >> gabe, we'll catch up to you in minnesota. at 10:00 eastern time the paper ballots are counted here in nevada. first, ted cruz tries to regain his footing amid accusations that his campaign is using dirty tricks.
11:14 am
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11:17 am
nine hours to go until the republican caucus here in nevada. tyler had distributed a video that falsely depicted marco rubio dismissing the bible, or seeming to. last night rubio addressed rick tyler's departure from the cruz campaign. >> you feel bad for the guy because he's just a spokesperson for the campaign. he's basically a guy that was executing a culture that exists in that campaign. the bigger issue there is the culture that's now been created in the cruz campaign. they found a fall guy, and i feel bad. he was doing his job in a culture that every single day was coming up with something that wasn't true, and this was just the latest example of it.
11:18 am
in the end, was it the right decision? yeah. >> let me bring in steve lonegan. he's a cruz campaign supporter. he's director of monetary policy for american principles in action. that's your day job. you've been here for two weeks now, you were telling me, in nevada working on the cruz ground game. rubio said there was a culture of dishonesty in the cruz campaign and tyler was just a fall guy. >> the culture in the cruz campaign is one of character and leadership. the center has consistently tried to focus on the issues while his opponents try to focus on character attacks and false accusations. listening to donald trump and marco rubio and ben carson whining and crying, it sounds like someone just let a mouse go in an all-girl kindergarten class. i was a mayor for 12 years. and as we're watching this, there were mares, councilmembers and small town elected officials across the country going, don't
11:19 am
cruz and trump and rubio know what hardball politics is? >> you mentioned trump. trump tweeted out, ted cruz does not have the right temperment to be president. look at the way he totally fired his worker. >> senator cruz handled the issue quickly, decisively. rick tyler is a great guy. i like him a lot. he made a mistake, unfortunately under the pressure of the campaign. the center had to act accordingly and he did so. >> why did he have to be let go if he was just one guy and he made a mistake? >> that's a good question. i'm here in nevada and we're talking to voters every single day -- this issue is not coming up with voters. it's coming up with the immediate yachlt. >> -- media. >> you just heard one voter say
11:20 am
she's concerned about the perception she has that there is this climate around ted cruz of dishonesty. >> there are two components to a campaign. one is you can surround your positive issues around the center, or you can attack the guy, beat up on his character, make all sorts of phony accusations and tear him down. you see it on the debate stage and in the campaign. ted cruz has taken clear, specific positions for serious issues for the voters. >> last night there seemed to be a change in ted cruz's position on immigration and rounding up undocumented workers. i want to play, if you don't mind, both clips. i'm going to play one from january 10 and one last night on the same issue. >> you keep saying, are they going to knock on every door in america? no, i don't intend to send jack boots to knock on your door and every door in america. that's not how we enforce the law for any crime. >> mr. trump would look for them to get them out. would you do that if you were
11:21 am
president? >> bill, of course, we would. that's what ice exists for. we have law enforcement that looks for people who are violating the laws that appe apprehends them. >> why the change, steve? >> that's not a change. there's a difference between donald trump saying he's going to round up millions of people and deport them and ted cruz saying he's going to hire ice to do the job they're supposed to be doing. ice is unable to act properly, they're unable to go out and question individuals when they're stopped at traffic lights, for example, or traffic stops, they're not able to do their job as ice. there's a big difference between the officers doing their job every single day and just saying, i'm going to round up millions of people and deport them. senator cruz believes in the rules of law, that each individual is owed the process of law before they're deported. like he said, he's not going to send jack boots door to door to round people up. >> last night when asked by
11:22 am
o'reilly, would you round them up -- >> he said he would allow ice to do their work. he said he would allow ice to go out and do the job they're supposed to be doing. that does not equate to going down the street and rounding people up. that's a misconception, a misrepresentation of what he's saying. >> let me ask you about nevada before you go. you've been here a couple weeks. you've been working on the ground operation here which in iowa really worked well for you. >> yes, it did. >> going into tonight, do you have a chance of winning or is trump unbeatable here? >> i'm not here to pick up the issues. he's terrific on the issues. the biggest issue is the issue of the government owning over 80% of vital land, and senator cruz has stated he wants that land returned to the state. and donald trump says, no, he wants the federal government to run the land and make it great again. that might appease his friends at cocktail parties back in new york city but it doesn't work for the cattle farmers and sheep
11:23 am
farmers in the state of nevada. we're going to do very well tonight, you wait and see. the south carolina democratic primaries just four days away, and hillary clinton making a strong push for black voters. we'll head to the palmetto state right after this. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. i'm in charge of it all. business expenses, so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees.
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always discreet is for bladder leaks and it's drier than poise. try it. we're so confident you'll love it, we'll give you double your money back if you don't. incredible bladder protection. double your money back guarantee. that's always discreet. bernie sanders coming out in nevada. he held a rally where he opposed hillary clinton on the issues of trade and financial reform. this as sanders picked up the endorsement of spike lee. he started airing a radio ad ahead of saturday's primary. >> bernie takes no money from corporations. na da.
11:27 am
which means he's not on the take. when bernie gets to the white house, le he will do the right thing. how can we be sure? he protested for public schools. he fought for education quality his whole career. no flipping, no flopping. >> we're four days out from the democratic primary in south carolina, and two key issues are in the spotlight today, gun violence and policing. tonight hillary clinton holding a forum in columbia, south carolina with several black mothers who lost children to gun violence. joining me now from columbia, msnbc's chief legal correspondent, ari melber. ari, what can we expect? >> they politically and legally live through something that they say needs policy change.
11:28 am
you can see some of these individuals, sybrina fulton, geneva reed-veal, gwen carr. there have been questions raised about the circumstances of their sons' deaths. what is hillary clinton going to do about it? this goes to policy reform that has been a big standing issue between her and bernie sanders. she says she wants to strengthen bonds of trust between communities and police, look at body cameras, national guidelines for use of force and training on de-escalation. all of this, though, i think it's clear to state where african-american voters are key to the democratic primary, comes through a prism of race and police. >> okay. ari, we got most of that. thanks so much. that's ari melber down in south
11:29 am
carolina. it is caucus day here in nevada. the stakes are very high. is the race trump's to lose? >> i think donald tells it exactly like it is. he's straightforward, he's a straight shooter. >> i think trump is more interested in trump. i think long term it's going to be rubio if he gets his game together, if he stays consistent. he needs to stick to the issues and get a piece of the gop that actually makes sense. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. frodoers don't stop. wake up, every day is a chance to do something great. and for the ones they love, they'd do anything.
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11:33 am
we bring in ben ralston and senior editor for opportunity lives and our colleague steve kornacki. i went to the trump event last night. he was very clear to the room you've got to get out there and vote. he said i don't even want to use that word caucus because it might be confusing. who knows what a caucus is? just go vote. what do you think is going to happen today. >> i think turnout will be low. i think trump is worried about that because he doesn't have an organization, cruz and rubio do. they've identified a lot of voters that will go. you were at that rally. there were thousands of people there. some of them were registered nevada voters. some of them came in from california. he just sent out an e-mail, i was telling you guys during the break he's telling people now how to find out where their caucus location is. i think there is a worry in the back of trump's mind, if donald
11:34 am
trump actually worries about anything, if it's like iowa, things could go wrong for me, i better make sure people are going to show up. >> he said to the crowd last night, don't think of this as we're going to win, think of it as a tie so you need to get out there. he probably thinks some people think it's a foregone conclusion that they're not showing up tonight. >> i think it will still be a long shot, but rubio has ties to the state, he talked about how his parents worked in the service industry here. he's not playing up the fact that he could win, but maybe he's thinking a strong second. >> let me play a clip of donald trump at that rally talking about what happened in south carolina. >> i won everything. i won short people, tall people. i won fat people, skinny people. i won highly educated, okay
11:35 am
educated and practically not educated at all. i love them all. >> i tell you what was striking being in the room, steve, is the applause he got for the practically not educated at all, and it is an electorate here in nevada that may not have bachelor's and master's degrees. is he right that he's winning every constituency and that's the key to his success? >> i think that's what makes him such a hard candidate to stop. in the past, the case against donald trump is this idea that, oh, the rest of the party has already decided it doesn't want donald trump, it will rise up and stop him now. the model people think of is someone like pat buchanan. pat buchanan won new hampshire early on in 1996. the crowd panicked and turned on him and he never won in another state. all the support, you could see exactly where it's coming from. the rest of the party had no support. he had a faction of support. donald trump is simultaneously winning rural, non-college educated evangelicals in upstate
11:36 am
south carolina and he's running well in a state like massachusetts or new hampshire with suburbanites. he's putting together a broad coalition that doesn't have the kind of obvious holes in it that past factual candidates do. when he mentioned non-college educated, he's doing well across the board, but there is a gap between college educated and non-college educated. that's about 50%. he does do well with the college side, but he does really well with the non-college side. >> interesting. i want to switch to ben carson for a moment if i can, because there's some comments of his this morning getting a lot of attention. he was asked about it on msnbc. it's about president obama and president obama's upbringing. take a listen. >> the fact of the matter is, you know, he did not grow up in black america. he grew up in white america. it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with that, it's just that when the claim is made that he represents the black experience, it's just not true.
11:37 am
>> israel, this comes as our reporter who follows ben carson says he's been mentioning his race more on the trail, he's been mentioning his african-american experience. is that strategic on his part? >> absolutely. we were talking about dr. ben carson when we probably otherwise wouldn't be. i think dr. carson is trying to figure out a way to get back into the race. i think the math is against him. but i think certainly it's a conversation worth having. now that we're nearing the term of president obama's final year in office, i think it's appropriate for us to talk about this issue, talk about issues that, i think, frankly republicans are going to have to confront. poverty, hunger, homelessness. these are issues that republicans can't hide away. they'll have to talk about these issues in a substantive way. >> let's talk about cruz. there was talk in the last 24 hours about dirty tricks. we had a rallyer saying she's unsure whether to trust ted cruz now. it sort of feels as though maybe
11:38 am
some of those attacks from rubio and from trump are sticking a little bit. >> there's no question about that, and there's evidence about that here in nevada. just about an hour ago, a republican inside esch i know said a robocall had gone out to the attorney general in nevada. he just did a robo call for the ted cruz superpac keep the promise where he said very bluntly, ted cruz is a very honest and truthful elected official. that is not put in there by accident. it shows that trump and rubio were calling cruz a liar. trump h cruz had a terrible issue happening with the firing and all that. the republican party in the base. for him to do a robo call is
11:39 am
unheard of. >> how big are the stakes here tonight? >> nobody expects rubio to win here tonight, and everybody expects no matter what, he'll stand up and give some kind of victory speech, because that's what he tends to do. it would be helpful for him to show some real life and real momentum coming out of south carolina. i don't know if that means he ends up losing only by 8 or 10 points to donald trump. that would look good. the two main kmet torcompetitor look at rubio, you look at cruz. cruz has the bigger problem, i think, because the cruz candidacy really depended on winning south carolina. we got the evangelical vote in iowa, and he couldn't get the evangelical vote in south carolina. there is still a theory that, okay, cruz is going away here a little bit. the party coalesces.
11:40 am
i'm going to get more endorsements and lock up the republican party. i think there are reasons to be skeptical of that theory but it hasn't yet been tested. the cruz way has been tested. it's not holding up well. >> thank you all so much the steve kornacki, john ralston. the pentagon has reviewed several u.s. facilities to potentially house guantanamo bay detainees, including the military gig in ohio. every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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text mom. i'll be right back. be good. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. brad could use a new bike. send. [google] message. you decide. they're your kids. why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him. app-connect. from the newly redesigned volkswagen passat. right now you can get $1000 presidents' day bonus on new 2015 or 2016 passat, jetta or tiguan models. president obama's plan to close down guantanamo bay's detention facility references several possible transfer sites here on u.s. soil, including federal prisons in states like south carolina, the site of the upcoming democratic primary on saturday. joining me now, the republican representative from south carolina's first congressional district, the former governor of
11:44 am
the state, congressman mark sanford is with us. congressman, thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> let me start by playing a little bit of sound from earlier today. this is president obama talking about his plan and saying it was bipartisan, at least at one time. >> this was not just my opinion, this was not some radical far left due. there was a bipartisan support to close it. my predecessor, president bush, to his credit, said he wanted to close it. it was one of the few things that i and my republican opponent, senator john mccain, agreed on. >> senator, you opposed the plan now. did you oppose it then? >> i always opposed it. john mccain just came out with a condemning statement in regard to the president's plans.
11:45 am
i think the president in this instance is mixing apples and oranges. i think there has been a long-time consensus that we need to reexamine this notion of definite detention. is that consistent with american values and what we believe in as a country. what the president is attempting to do, though, is just to shift the debate, just to change the geography of definite detention which does nothing about it. i think this is an attempt to fulfill a campaign pledge here at the 11th hour as he wraps up shop in the next 10 months. >> but the president would say it's an effort to improve our image from around the world. he says we've taken a hit by holding people in guantanamo bay. would you agree with that? >> he doesn't propose not holding them going forward. he proposes moving the geography of where they're indefinitely hold. the geography doesn't change things one iota, whether they're
11:46 am
on used in guantanamo bay or ft. leavenworth or a host of other possible sites. >> are you saying you don't want any terror suspects held on u.s. soil. the bomber is being held in colorado. is that a great idea? >> there weren't great ties between what they did. they were certainly inspired but they weren't part of a major network. that's been fairly documented. what you have in guantanamo bay are folks that were in the middle of a very vast network of terrorism in the world. they were perpetrators, organizers, they weren't sort of hit men, they were organizers. the idea of bringing those organizers, the highest value of targets, if you will, from the world of terrorism to the domestic shores of the united states to me makes no sense. that's in bipartisan accord. it passed in the bill of '13,
11:47 am
'14 and '15 in the act. all those bills were signed off and voted upon by them all. the president signed those pieces of legislation into law. so the president proposing breaking his own law, the laws that have his very signature on it not once, not twice, not three times. now he wants to break what he has agreed to. >> as we sit here in nevada with the caucuses tonight, you're a supporter of ted cruz. last night i was at a trump event, and several people said to me their perception of ted cruz is that he's a liar, and another person said to me that he's a foreigner, he's not even an american. how do you combat that? >> i mean, i'm not going to try and figure out what different folks are saying in nevada. it's a long way to south
11:48 am
carolina. but what i say is this. i made my 11th hour endorsement because i thought it was important to go on record saying i was going to support somebody, in my case, other than donald trump. i've grown very, very concerned with the tone and the ten or of what trump has been saying. this idea of saying the former president was a co-conspirator in 9/11 is really crazy. some other things he said really drags down the debate and i think it's harmful to forging a new solution in washington, d.c. >> are you concerned that donald trump may be able to take it away? >> in my view, the only way to stop donald trump is to split the outsider vote. at the end of the day, i've spent a lot of time with grassroots. i've probably i don't need an
11:49 am
outsider campaign with someone. you can do all the coalescing you want with a mainstream candidate, but right now i think an outsider takes it and that looks to be donald trump. >> commander, nice speaking with you. thanks for being with us. you've all been weighing in on our microsoft polls question. the question was, should the dedetention center at guantanamo bay be closed? 72% say yes, 28% say no. about five hours until caucus goers are spllated to stt gathering here in nevada. they've only been holding. we're joined straight ahead for that.
11:50 am
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well, this primary cycle
11:53 am
marks only the third time that nevada here has held caucuses for both parties throughout the state, which may explain why there tends to be a low turnout and people not understanding the process. msnbc's jacob soboroff spoke with voters who are trying to do that. >> you speak to them and they literally have no idea how this process works. like you said, this is only the third time they've had a caucus process. the caucus process is actually very worried about that. they're holding caucus sessions four or five times a week, and i showed up at one so i could know what was going on there. here's the republican headquarters of the republican party. they're getting ready for a caucus training sessions. caucuses are low-key affairs so people have to figure out how to
11:54 am
do it. just curious. has anybody here caucused before? >> no. >> is anybody here planning on caucus s caucusing? >> yes. >> what is your name? >> robin. >> what are you doing here? >> to learn what a caucus is. this is my first time. i've never even heard of a caucus before. >> you say you've never heard of it. what compelled you to get out here. >> my husband. >> what's your name? >> brian. >> brian, why did you make your wife come to a caucus? >> we lived in states that didn't have caucuses and now we're here where they have a caucus, and it's very critical to understand what the process. >> historically, you guys have had relatively low turnout. does anybody have a feeling for why that is? >> because nobody knows about the caucus. >> nobody knows about the caucus. >> they don't understand it. i don't. >> between 5:00 and 9:00 is when they're going on. is that an inconvenient time for anybody, just out of curiosity?
11:55 am
>> for most of us it's a convenient time, people get out of work, they come over there. but there's a lot of people working at night downtown, and they won't be able to attend. >> do you think attendance will be higher this year? >> the reason we're here now is we've had seven years of obama and we're done. that's why we're here. >> the caucus seems like a very good idea to be there and be part of it and get our voice heard. >> i hope to see some of you guys there. i appreciate you guys letting us come in and ask you questions before your training. good luck. >> thank you. >> and see you out there. thank you guys. bye bye. kate, who would have thought -- you basically have to go to school to learn how to vote in the state of nevada in the republican caucus. i think it spells trouble for the gop. >> how complicated is it tonight? are there speeches and things or do they just walk in and place a vote? >> you're going to hear a speech from the representatives of each campaign, and basically write it
11:56 am
down, put it in the ballot box. but certain counties have different start times than other counties. everybody is done at 9:00, but it's very much a hodgepodge of rules and regularegulations. >> but you have to be very timely in being there tonight. >> i don't know how it will all work out. >> thanks so much. that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc live. thomas roberts picks up our coverage in just a moment right here live on the las vegas strip.
11:57 am
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11:59 am
. hi, everybody, good afternoon. i'm thomas roberts live in las vegas. it is high noon here in the wsts
12:00 pm
and we're just five hours away now from the republican caucus. winning the caucus here would be donald trump's next logical step in securing the nomination. trump leads in the polls. any moment now we do expect trump at a rally in sparks, nevada. speaking of sparks, if you watched last night, you probably saw them fly at the event he held here in vegas where trump had some very tough words for senator ted cruz and for a protester who tried to disrupt that event. >> there's a guy totally disruptive, throwing punches. you know what they used to do to guys like that when they were at a place like this? they would be carried out on a stretcher, folks. i'd like to punch him in the face, i tell you. this guy cruz lies more than any other human being i've ever dealt with. unbelievable. and he holds up the bible and he lies. and then he holds up the bible again and he lies. this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. >> so as for donald um


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