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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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now from the republican caucus. winning the caucus here would be donald trump's next logical step in securing the nomination. trump leads in the polls. any moment now we do expect trump at a rally in sparks, nevada. speaking of sparks, if you watched last night, you probably saw them fly at the event he held here in vegas where trump had some very tough words for senator ted cruz and for a protester who tried to disrupt that event. >> there's a guy totally disruptive, throwing punches. you know what they used to do to guys like that when they were at a place like this? they would be carried out on a stretcher, folks. i'd like to punch him in the face, i tell you. this guy cruz lies more than any other human being i've ever dealt with. unbelievable. and he holds up the bible and he lies. and then he holds up the bible again and he lies. this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. >> so as for donald trump's
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rivals, ted cruz is looking to recover from a rough couple of days using an approach sure to fire up the base, attacking president obama. >> you know, the president did announce he's going down to cuba shortly. it wouldn't be a terrible thing if he just stayed. you know, the man is trying to transform this country into a communist socialist paradise while there is just one 90 miles away. >> marco rubio has already left nevada, heading to a super tuesday state, minnesota. before he left, nbc's gabe gutierrez asked him if he's running out of time to beat donald trump. >> if you wait much longer to take on donald trump, won't it be too late? >> we take on everybody every day by running our campaign and giving people a clear choice. 65 to 70% of people are not going to vote for donald trump. i think every day we're growing more and more in carrying that
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out. >> he's running away with the nomination right now. >> i don't think that's true. this is a long process, especially when you get to the winner take all states. it will be a shorter race by then. >> and our surveymonkey poll still shows trump with a lead over the rest in the field. kerry sanders is at the trump rally, and kerry, have you spoken to supporters who are going to the trump rally and also going to be caucusing tonight? or do these folks just want to come out and see donald trump, who knows if they're going to caucus? >> i obviously didn't talk to everybody in this room, thomas, because there's so many thousands. i did get a chance to speak to several people here. one man said indeed he is going to caucus, he and his wife. in fact, they volunteered to help organize it. then he said he has never done this before. he's born and raised here in the reno area, so this is all knew
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to him, but he feels drawn to the donald trump campaign and specifically what donald trump says. the donald trump campaign, as you know, was confident in iowa at that caucus but they didn't do as well as they had hoped, coming in behind ted cruz. they were criticized in the aftermath about the ground game. take a look here as we look at this video. this is part of the ground game that's a little different from iowa, the caucus there. as voters are coming in here, they're being met with people with ipads and those pads direct people where they need to go to actually participate in their caucus. and so they're leafiving nothin up to chance. while there are strong indications that donald trump will do well in this state, donald trump himself says he expects he will do well but he encourages people to go out and vote. some of the people in this room are simply tourists. they're not from nevada, they're not going to be able to participate in the latest caucus
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x and there is an expectation when he gets up here in a short. and that's leveling a laser beam attack on ted cruz, ted cruz who, today, has been saying about donald trump, that he believes as things progressed, ted cruz said he believes people will begin to think about the issues. clearly the people i've spoken to here, thomas, they believe donald trump is their man, and like i said, most of those who live in the area say they will be going to caucus. thomas? >> kerry, most likely it will match the red meat rhetoric that ted cruz threw out about president obama in reference to gitmo and cuba. donald trump hasn't made any remarks in response to president obama's plans to try and close that detention center. >> correct, but he has spoken about this previously, and what he said is that he believes that
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those who are held at gitmo should eventually receive a trial. but by the same step, he says, gitmo should not be closed. he believes that should he become president, there will be more people to take gitmo. he hasn't registered this since charlton, but with what he says, it is highly probable that in front of this crowd today he will delve into some of those issues. >> kerry sanders reporting in sparks, nevada. we'll come back to you, kerry, when donald trump takes the stage. speaking of donald trump, we had an opportunity to look at his family, and his family has definitely been in the spotlight. his oldest son, donald trump jr., is in town to help his dad with his presidential run. today i sat down with him to talk about the trump campaign, his policies and a side of his dad that we rarely see. joining me now is donald trump
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jr. don, nice to see you. thanks for your time. >> thank you, thomas. >> i know you guys have been very busy running around. how is it for you and the family? this is all brand new to be on the came papaign trail. what's it like? >> it's certainly new but it's been fun talking about my father's message to change the game, someone who has done stuff in the real world, someone who has actually employed people, someone who has had those people depend on the livelihood of his success and the success of his company. >> based on what we know about the president's plan to announce closure of gitmo, how do you think your dad will respond to that? >> not only should we keep it open, but we should add people to it for a change. president obama wants to let all these guys go. these people hate americans, they hate our lifestyle, they would be more than happy to kill us, and we're going to let them go so they can do it again. it makes absolutely no sense to us. >> he has definitely shown a strength here in nevada ahead of
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the caucuses and has a head of steam coming out of south carolina. do you feel as though your dad is the defacto nominee now? >> we don't take anything for granted. we're very excited about the position we're in, certainly, but every vote matters. when i look at the groups that come and see, i see 10,000 people in an arena, those people still have to show up. what i don't want them doing is looking around and saying, okay, those people will show up and vote, they still have to show up on the day. >> when it comes to the events we've seen, last night a rally, there was a protester, your dad made a reference to punch that guy in the face. >> yes. >> do you think your dad will have to modulate his tone a little differently if he becomes the gop nominee, and is that tone acceptable? >> i think he understands the world better than anyone. he's actually done deals with people in other countries where his own money is at risk where it matters. i've seen him do this for 35 years? will he take an aggressive
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position at times? certainly. sometimes when you're in a bad position, you have to be tough. i know that's unheard of in this country, everyone wants to fold, everyone worries about political correctness. we've gotten to that point in this country. >> i'm sure everyone knows the history of your family, but they don't know all the different players. when we see you together on stage, is that how you feel about the family, and you've been able to achieve a blended american family that everybody gets together, you all show up. it looks like everybody gets along. >> family is very important to my father. that's perhaps the thing most people wouldn't understand about him, the way we were brought up, it's about work ethic. maybe you see other people brought up in similar situations to us but usually not the same story. he really flexed those things. they don't get to see the softer
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side. he cares about what this country has been able to give him in terms of success, in terms of family, in terms of his business. and he wants to make sure the hardworking blue collar american that his message resonated with so well that their voices are heard because their voices have been lost. >> when it comes to the grand dad, is there a special name? >> no, grandpa, sometimes the kids call him the donald. i can see now as he's older, he can step back and play with them. he'll sit with my daughter and help her work on her golf swing, and just the jokes around the kitchen table or christmas table. even on weekends when he's with us on the golf course. it's great. i wish it was a side other people can see because there's a human side that he doesn't really want to talk about. he wants to talk about business and work because he does realize the dire straits we're in as a country, as an administration, the military. he does have a soft side.
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i get to see it all the time. it's amazing. >> thank you, sir. i know you have a busy schedule. >> thank you. a softer side does exist. i want to bring in seuss usan p. susan, good to see you. the fight for cruz is second place. it's a real fight for second place behind trump. >> i think the assessment by all three of the top candidates is donald trump will finish first. the question is can marco rubio edge out tom ted cruz. neither of them show any signs of getting out of the way regardless of what happens tonight. >> we know this has been the headlines, or at least the news cycle for cruz in south carolina now making some new head liens,
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susan, for refusing to flip-flop on all new. >> if mr. trump were to look for law enforcement that looks for people who are violating the laws that apperehends them. we have law enforcement authorities that enforce the laws. i don't intend to send jack boots to knock on your door and every door in america. >> susan, all of this is happening before the caucus tonight, and then the next debate that's going to take place in houston. what do you expect the cruz campaign to get back on offense, to recycle? >> his tone is on the heels of firing his communications director, rick tyler, and the charge of dirty tricks coming both from rubio and trump.
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i think cruz needs to get back on offense, and the way to prevail in these campaigns is to win. so if he came in second tonight, that would be help tfl. in looking at the stroelt. he needs to defeat donald trump in his home state. he's up there by several points, but that's not what necessarily sustains him by next tuesday. he's got to be looking at donald trump breathing down his neck there. >> but when we look at the dominance of donald trump leading by at least nine points in the different states voting in the next few weeks and we look at that sec primary that's going to take place a few weeks from today, it seems like donald trump at that point may be untouchable with the delegate count. >> it's certainly possible. more than 600 delegates chosen on super tuesday.
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>> you start to have these. >> we have a pullout that shows johnny beating up --. donald trump is almost unstoppable. he's not there yet. he could be soon. >> great to see you. thank you very much. >> as we told you about, we're waiting for donald trump's many. ly. right after this break we're going to turn to the democrats. bernie sanders picking up a big endorsement while south
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one of the areas where my opponent, secretary clinton and i, have a strong disagreement. nope, nope, no, no. no. i respect secretary clinton. we can have differences. you guys are getting me revved up here. it's going to be a long afternoon. i'm beginning to work up a sweat here. >> a long afternoon, it's going to be a long night.
12:18 pm
there we have bernie sanders campaigning in norfolk, virginia, even though the next democratic primary is in south carolina. that's four days from now. we've got bernie sanders in south carolina this evening for a town hall, and it comes on the heels of an endorsement from the director spike lee. >> i am officially endorsing my brother bernie sanders. bernie takes no money from corporations. nada, which means he is not on the take. and when bernie gets in the white house, he will do the right thing. >> on her side, hillary clinton campaigning in south carolina today with mothers whose children died from gun violence or during encounters with the police. this includes the moms of trayvon martin and eric garner. the african-american voting block, that's a key issue for south carolina and for bernie sanders and hillary clinton. joining me is former south carolina democratic party chair dick harper, who is supporting bernie sanders. it's good to have you with me, and as we look at bernie sanders
12:19 pm
today, we see he's going to be in missouri and oklahoma tomorrow. has bernie sanders not given the amount of attention necessary to secure a close call in south carolina that would help propel him through super tuesday? >> no, i think he's given plenty of attention here, and he's had a field operation here. i haven't seen anything like it since the obama '08 race. he's put the money, the time, the staff, and he's been here now. hillary clinton took two days off to go to hollywood and raise money and walk around some television movie sets. nobody is criticizing her for not coming here for two days because she needs to go there to raise money because she's having money difficulties in her campaign. bernie sanders realizes super tuesday is coming up. he's in it for the long game. and i'm overwhelmed with the impression i'm getting from and the information i'm getting from this field operation here. >> so as we talk about what you are seeing specifically in south carolina for the field game of a
12:20 pm
sanders campaign, we have the new nbc surveymonkey travel poll out there now saying hillary clinton has the lead of black voters, and with hiss tan i cans she's leading by three points. is it all about the ground game, dick, to make important inroads, not just in south carolina but beyond, to try and reduce bernie sanders and what his campaign could mean to them? >> i think the demographics of the turnout matters dramatically. young people, both african-american and white, are for bernie sanders at record level, 70%, 75%. if they do something they don't normally do, which is vote, and he's got the ground game to turn them out, then i think he may be in for a shock here next saturday. >> when we talk about that generational divide where younger folks are interested in sanders, it doesn't automatically guarantee they're in the habit of turning up to go
12:21 pm
vote, so there is that energy necessary where hillary clinton has an older electorate, bigger name i.d. we know that bernie sanders is saying that clinton is starting to sound like him. when it comes to this type of duking it out for certain parts of diverse voting blocks, dick, is imitation the highest form of flattery? is that how you'll get the attention of the folks you're going after? >> i don't think the sanders campaign thinks it's a voting block. he thinks they're white folks and african-american folks. his message resonates which is he controls the regulatory process and hillary clinton, in her campaign, makes her predisposed to listen to the big money interests, the banks, the insurance companies, the pharma companies and not to regular folks. his message is resonating, and she's trying to take that message -- although it's not credible. you don't take $650,000 and give a speech to goldman sachs, not
12:22 pm
tell anybody what you said, and at the same time say you're going to fight the big banks. it doesn't pass the smell test. >> former south carolina democratic party chair dick harpootlian. dick, thanks for your time. a new flood of energy to president obama's plan to close guantanamo bay detention center, a plan seven years in the making. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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we're back to our coverage live in sparks, nevada. that's where donald trump is speaking. let's listen in. >> i think i have the best hotel in the entire state. i love it, and i'm here a lot, and i have other friends here. the other guys are all gone. they made their little speeches this morning and they ran away. and you shouldn't be voting for people. i was with the folks from
12:26 pm
arkansas, great place, and i said, hillary and bill clinton abandoned you. how can you vote for them? how can you be with them? arkansas, it's true. you guys, they never abandoned you because they're never here. but they made a couple speeches and they're gone and you'll never see them again, believe me. but trump, i'm going to be with you here all night. all night. [ cheers and applause ] >> so 5:30. my most important thing, 5:30, you have to get out and you have to caucus, but you don't have to caucus. you know the nice part? this is a little bit different. we really insisted you have a great state chairman. we really insist it's so important that gu you go in, vo and leave. you don't have to sit around like a bunch of dopes. you go in and vote and get out. although you could go and vote, put your thing in and watch that everything else is honest. that's another way of doing it. stick around for a little while.
12:27 pm
a lot of things happened. a big poll just came out in the state of ohio where trump is leading by a lot, okay? [ cheers and applause ] >> that's pretty good, right? so we're shaking things up. a poll just came out in florida where trump is leading by a lot, a lot. and i have a feeling texas is going to be very good also, if you want to know the truth. because cruz has gone down a lot in the last few days. you know, when you hold up a bible, and nobody loves the bible more than i do, when you hold up a bible, you don't then put it down and go around lying and doing a lot of things that are wrong. i have to tell you, what he's been doing is terrible, and that he's been getting away with it. but now he hasn't been getting away with it, because yesterday he fired his director of communications who i also thought was a decent guy. he's taking orders from cruz,
12:28 pm
folks. i mean, give me a break. and, you know, he didn't report that he had big loans with goldman sachs and with citibank, and he puts in his financial disclosure form, and he didn't -- because he's robin hood. you know, he's going to help you at the banks. he's going to tell those banks what to do. he's going to be -- believe me, folks. get two loans for a million dollars and he didn't put them down. he didn't disclose the loans, okay? think of it. and you would love to pay the interest rate. he had very favorable -- they call it very favorable. how about he's paying practically no interest, all right? i know why he doesn't want that disclosed, but you got to be honest. you got to be honest. and we'll see. is that a correct statement? [ cheers and applause ] >> so we have to be careful, but i think we're going to win. i shouldn't say this because i know we're going to do well there. i've been to texas many times, i have so many friends in texas.
12:29 pm
ma mark cuba actually gave us the dallas arena. 20,000 people, it was the most amazing evening. we've had 35,000, we've had 20,000s all the time. look at this room. the press will show these few people back here, right? [ cheers and applause ] >> the press isn't going to show that corner. they are the most dishonest. no, they're really dishonest people. they are disgusting, i tell you. no, they're the most dishonest. they're probably worse than cruz, but not much. well, you know, it's sort of funny how they tell you what to do, like they're great, like they know. the "new york times," which is -- forget it.
12:30 pm
i call it the failing "new york times." they buy a building, and they have a building in new york. they sell it for 125 million or so, right? a couple, few years later, a guy sells it for 525 million. then they tell you what to do. they buy the boston globe for $1.3 billion. they sell it for $1 and then they write an editorial where they tell you how to run your life. give me a break. and actually, if you think of it, i know why i get bad treatment, because it's owned by mexico. i don't know if you know. a rich guy in mexico actually has power at the "new york times." i wonder why they don't like us, i just wonder. think of it. $1.3 billion they pay for the boston globe. they sell it for $1 and they lose a lot of money in the meantime. they spend a fortune on
12:31 pm
computers and this and that. they ran it for seven or ten years or something. losing a fortune so they lost much more than 1.3. so they buy it for 1.3 billion, lose money for years, spend tremendous money on it. they sell it for a dollar and they tell us how to run our lives, these people? stupid. i call them the stupid people. and we should. i could go into a couple other tirades, but they've actually been treating me pretty fairly, so i won't bother. we have a really big thing happening. we have an unbelievable movement going on. look at this room. we have -- [ cheers and applause ] >> we have 2,000 people that got sent away. look at the size of this because the fire department wouldn't allow any more people. i can't imagine that, right? we're only bursting at the seams. i want to see the meyer marshal. they say, sir, we're bursting at
12:32 pm
the seams. you can't get any more people. but this is happening all over. it's a movement. time magazine recently did a cover story. it was a great story by a great writer and it talked about the movement that's taking place. it talked about the fact we want to take our country back, we want to be a smart country again, we don't want to be run by stupid people. [ cheers and applause ] >> and they talk about the fact that there's a certain anger. nikki haley who backed the wrong horse the other day, you saw that. i had the lieutenant governor, who is a terrific guy, and he won. she had -- who the hell did she back? yeah, rubio. who, by the way, i've been very nice to. >> we're listening to donald trump set up in sparks, nevada at a rally for him. he's talking about the lieutenant governor of south carolina, henry mcmaster, who backed donald trump, nikki haley backing senator marco rubio. we also made reference to that poll that is talking about the primary voters of ohio.
12:33 pm
in that poll, 31% are backing donald trump. the home state of former governor john kasich coming in at 26%, then followed by ted cruz. one thing we're waiting to see is if donald trump would respond to any of the news today about president obama's plan to attempt to close gauuantanamo b. he made these plans known today, moving this on to congress for their approval. the president's plan includes the transfer of remaining detainees to an unspecified facility in the u.s. this is a non-starter with republicans on the hill, including majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> we'll review president obama's plan, but since it includes bringing dangerous terrorists to facilities in u.s. communities, he should know that the bipartisan will of congress has already been expressed against that proposal. >> reporter: get this, one republican even tweeted out a video of him throwing the gitmo plan into the garbage. today the gop candidates have
12:34 pm
discussed this issue, too. >> not only are we not going to close guantanamo, when i'm president, if we capture a terrorist alive, they're not getting a court hearing in manhattan, they're not going to be sent to nevada, they're going to guantanamo. and we're going to find out everything they know. just today, president obama announced his plans to try to shut down guantanamo terrorist detention facilities. let me say this, mr. president. don't shut down gitmo, expand it, and let's have some new terrorists there. >> reporter: so nbc's luke russert is on capitol hill to talk more about the action there. luke, we know that they have moved prisoners here in 2011 and there has been certain republican blowback on this, but what is the president saying about the bill? >> the funding is not there for specifically congress to move
12:35 pm
people from guantanamo bay. congress has endorsed this proposal for a number of years. democrats have been fractured to a degree, bernie sanders bringing this up today against hillary clinton saying he's always been for closing guantanamo bay where hillary clinton was a latea few statements. nancy positive lohse i saying, quote, i applaud the president for his continued determination to close this dark chapter of our history. congress must thoroughly review this plan about how to move. senator michael bennett from the swing state of colorado, someone in charge of electing candidates last year, he said this, quote, i have receiptedly said i do not -- tom. there was talk of those prisoners going to colorado at some point, sort of in my
12:36 pm
backyard, but it shows you how democrats are not all lock in step with president obama on this issue, and it is dead on arrival when it comes to congress in the form that far pl -- of that plan, as you saw senator roberts throw it in the trash can there, thomas. >> yeah, we saw that. i guess we get the idea of his feelings on that. there is also this dynamic happening on the hill because we've got the gitmo plan that the president would like to move forward with, but also the pressing issue and the conversation of replacing justice scalia. now we've got republicans seizing on comments made by biden 24 years ago. take a look. >> it is my view that if a supreme court justice resigns tomorrow or within the next several weeks or resigns at the end of the summer, president bush should consider following the practice of a majority of his predecessors and not -- and
12:37 pm
not -- name a nominee until after the november election is completed. >> so, luke, this is about filling vacancies in an election year. the specific words, though, of vice president biden are about resignation of a justice, not so much about a justice's death while still serving on that lifetime appointment. is there a distinction in semantics to make about that? >> well, that's the important distinction that democrats are trying to put forward, thomas, and harry reid said that so much in a press conference and said, look, joe says a lot of things. it's like comparing apples to oranges. they have said this is the biden rule. they've also passed on comments by reid and schumer where they've suggested holding up authority. every nominee, pending nominee for the supreme court in the last century, has gotten a vote
12:38 pm
on the senate floor. it's been a practice for the senate judiciary committee to move forward on a nomination that comes from the president. the fact that the republicans won't even schedule a judicial committee hearing, won't even have a vote on the floor, they're going all in on this. we'll see how it plays out in the swing states in 2016, but mitch mcconnell being very, very firm about it staying he won't even meet with president obama on the floor because he doesn't think it needs anything. thomas? >> just to remind everybody, that donald trump rally in nevada happened about 20 minutes ago, his final one before tonight's caucuses. we'll continue to monitor that. we were looking to see if he'll speak out on the president's plan on guantanamo and its closure. hut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit.
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we're here in las vegas live on the strip, and tonight the caucus goers for the republicans will head out here in nevada, and we're just a short distance away from the south carolina primary for the democrats this weekend, just four days away, and all indications are that hillary clinton is in very good shape in south carolina. bernie sanders facing an uphill climb. i'm joined now by jamie self, who is a government and politics reporter for the state. we know, jamie, that bernie sanders definitely has a bigger ground game in south carolina or th they would like to say they have the bigger ground game in south carolina than bernie sandehilla because of who they're paying. we have the rally before heading to the town hall tonight. are they making a mistake not paying attention to the senator being in south carolina in advance of this week's primary? >> you know, hillary clinton has
12:43 pm
events scheduled starting today all the way through friday. she was not in the state sunday or monday, but she's going to be here until friday. so that's a pretty strong indication that she wants to have some face time with south carolina democrats. senator sanders is not going to be here wednesday or thursday campaigning, so he'll be spending time elsewhere, and, you know, he won't get that one h- one-on-one face time and won't be able to use that time to make up the deficit. whether his ground game can get it done for him, we'll have to see on saturday. >> we know he's been looking past south carolina's primary kind of advancing the ball to super tuesday. the delegate count seems to be running away with hillary clinton. but if we think about what she was able to do right before the nevada caucus was get the endorsement of south carolina congressman jim clyburn, how big of an impact do you think that had not only in helping clinton here but also giving some speed into the primary for voters this weekend? >> i think the endorsement from
12:44 pm
jim clyburn could be big for clinton. in part because everyone was sort of waiting for it to happen this year after what happened in 2008 when he stayed neutral but obama won the state. so folks were waiting for him to weigh in and he did. he's also the state's only democratic congressman. so i think that gives his endorsement a little bit more weight. he's in his 12th term, so he's in no way a new congressman. so he has a lot of respect in the state. >> jamie self with the state, the newspaper there in south carolina. jamie, thanks for your time. i appreciate it. we'll be back with much more as we broadcast live here in las vegas right after this.
12:45 pm
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12:48 pm
>> not selecting the loudest person in the room, marco rubio on the trail in las vegas, a reference to donald trump. ladies, good to have you here. is it now just a battle in the silver state for silver for rubio coming in second to donald trump? can he do it? >> i think so. i think they have long felt bullish about his chances here. he has ties to the mormon community, he was once a member of the mormon church himself, he's gotten a lot of their support. he spent time here as a child, too. but once again they're facing the reality of once again we're facing a contest where donald trump has an overwhelming lead. it doesn't seem like he would catch up with donald trump, so he wants to get ahead of ted cruz so they can be the one going ahead of donald trump.
12:49 pm
>> they got their e-mail lists so they could try to make donations, the on-line community that christie had together. we've got ted cruz issuing this new strategy saying trump cannot be beaten from the political left, and then going ahead to accuse rubio, quote, of emphatically supporting amnesty. from cruz's perspective and also rubio, are they just not brave enough going after donald trump the leader and spending too much time on each other? >> i think the issue is both cruz and rubio know only one of them can be left standing at the end against trump and both want to be that person. the problem is this flaming war between them is hurting both of them while trump sort of floats above it. >> is this what we witnessed in 2012, almost, the bloodletting of certain candidates fighting among themselves? sabrina? >> it is, and one of the issues is that ted cruz has actually taken on donald trump, and it hasn't been particularly effective.
12:50 pm
people long thought he would be the one that could do it because he has that support among grassroots conservatives, where jeb bush, when he tried, he ran against the sticking, the ques remains, is there anything you can throw at donald trump at this point that can persuade voters not to support him. >> the other thing i was reading in the "wall street journal," rosie, is that sheldon adelson will be out to caught tonight particularly with his wife. he hasn't given any kind of support or indication of support yet, certainly not by money. >> that's actually not totally true. he and his wife actually maxed out to ted cruz, that means, $2,700 each, to his campaign, not to any super pac. >> correct. so there's been that slight indication there. but what i mean is, in terms of money, like what we saw -- >> real money, yeah. >> real money, 100 million bucks. we haven't seen any indication like that. >> from what i hear, you know, adelson really felt a little bit not so happy with how 2012 worked out for him. they spent so much money on newt gingrich, obviously, that didn't work out. >> from a way of being
12:51 pm
counterproductive? >> counterproductive, exactly. and this time, what their thinking is, from what i'm hearing is that it might be better to just sort of wait. >> okay, $2,700 bucks to $100 million, what a big difference between that, right? sabrina, thanks so much, rosie, thank you so much. we'll be back with so much more, the political odds, what the oddsmakers are saying. we'll let you know after this. ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? dad, yoh no, i'll take you up to me off rthe front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it'
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12:54 pm
winning the presidency is a high-stakes game, and it's really high when you get here to las vegas. with me now, las vegas oddsmaker, jimmy vicaro of the south point casino. let's talk about these odds, the updated odds for who can win the republican presidential nomination. what have you got? >> it's trump, rubio, cruz in that order. kasich and carson, they've got no choice. >> so vp, is odds-on favorite, rubio? >> yeah, rubio is going to
12:55 pm
switch. i think it's going to become trump and rubio. but i give christie a good shod to be vp also. >> we'll see how that goes. meanwhile, hillary clinton, best odds to be the democratic nominee? >> yeah, the price is so high. the delegate vote is going to get sanders. he's got no chance to get there. >> and you have new odds for different presidential matchups in the general election. >> naturally, hillary will be the favorite. she'll be a 3-2 favorite over donald trump and she'll be about a 9-5 favorite over the other two. but make sure that it's going to be a race to the finish. but, hillary is still the favorite over anybody from the republican side. >> and the best party. >> the best party, well, naturally the democrats are still the favorite, even if it comes to sanders. it's going to be a night one. trump is making a lot of inroads, as you can see. >> and you'll be happy to know that i asked jimmy slots or blackjack. he advised me? >> i advised you to bet on a football game and get a drink. >> yeah, skip it all.
12:56 pm
thanks, very much. that'll wrap up this hour of msnbc live from las vegas. our friend, steve kornacki standing by to guide you through the next hour, live, right here. stick around. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country.
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12:59 pm
and good afternoon. i'm steve kornacki on the strip in las vegas, nevada, not far from the university of nevada at las vegas, home of the rebels. it is 1:00 in the afternoon here. and in just four hours, republicans will begin caucusing here in the silver state. now, donald trump holds a big lead and he's holding a rally right now, a win tonight would make it three in a row for the donald on the heels of his new hampshire and south carolina triumphs, and that can be just the start of things for him, because a week from today, 11 states are all going to vote on super tuesday and trump holds leads, he holds big leads in almost all of those states. so is he becoming an unstoppable
1:00 pm
force on the republican side or can one of his opponents rise up and stop him yet? a big win tonight would keep the ball rolling for trump, but nevada is also a caucus state, a caucus state like iowa was. iowa the only state he's lost so far. so there's plenty of uncertainty in the air out here. if trump does underperform tonight, you can expect to hear a lot of talk about ceilings, about the majority of voters in this party still not being ready to accept donald trump as their candidate. so there are high stakes tonight and lots of acrimony on the campaign trail, although also today, a rare moment of agreement among all of the republican candidates. each one of them uniting to condemn president obama's plan to close the detention facility at guantanamo bay, cuba. >> that's, it's -- i think it's ill conceived. >> when i'm president, if we capture a terrorist alive, they're not getting a court hearing in manhattan, they're
1:01 pm
not going to be sent to nevada, they're going to guantanamo and we're going to find out everything they know. >> these are people, some of them are the worst of the worst, and why would we send them into our country? i just don't understand it. >> let me say this, mr. president, don't shut down gitmo, expand it and let's have some new terrorists there. >> and kerry sanders is on donald trump duty today. and we'll hear from hallie jackson who's here with me in vegas for the latest on ted cruz. kerry, let's start for you. donald trump is out here, he's sticking around for the results tonight. they're expecting big things tonight. but i guess they're also a little nervous, because this is the first caucus state since iowa. and they underachieved in iowa. >> in fact, donald trump who's speaking before a standing-room only crowd here started out by talking to the folks who are here, saying that he doesn't like the caucus. in fact, he said that the caucus results could be bad, but he then said, the only reason they could be bad if there's dishonesty. he said he didn't like the idea of the paper ballots, the people
1:02 pm
coming in use, he would like some other system. but nonetheless, he urged all of those in the room here to go to the caucus, to participate, so they that if they do, he thinks they will do well. although he is not celebrating early. meantime, as he's up here before this crowd, as we expected, because he's done this in recent days, he's turned his focus now on ted cruz, ted cruz who he calls a liar. >> you meet some bad people. this guy, ted cruz, is the single biggest liar i have ever dealt with in my life. i mean pitit -- i've never seen he will like about anything. i've met much tougher people than ted cruz. he's like a baby compared to some of the people i have to deal with -- he's like a little baby. a little baby. soft, weak, by comparison. was for lying, he's the best i've ever seen. >> reporter: donald trump has just told the crowd here, as he's done in the past, that he feels that the news media themselves are dishonest, that
1:03 pm
we don't show the large crowds, which you can see, have filled the whole room here in sparks, nevada, which is just outside of reno. a large group of people here, and he told the crowd here just a little bit earlier that they shouldn't listen to "the new york times." listen to how he connects this. he says, not only do "the new york times" do some bad business deals, he claims, with their real estate in new york and also in their purchase of the "boston globe," which they then later had to spin off, but what he said was that the majority share owner of "the new york times" is a mexican. it is, it's carlos slim, a billionaire. then he says, no wonder "the new york times" doesn't want him to win the republican primary or become president, because he then says, they don't want that wall built along the border, between the united states and mexico. that got a lot of applause in this room here. steve? >> all right, kerry sanders, up north in sparks, nevada. thank you for that. and here in las vegas, a long, and i mean, long drive from sparks, ted cruz scheduled to
1:04 pm
take the stage this hour, for a campaign event. that will be in the western part of the state, he's hoping to get his campaign back on track, after the news that he fired his communications director, that dominated headlines for the last 24 hours. and nbc's hallie jackson has been following the cruz campaign. she joins me now on set. so hallie, i'm looking at expectations for tonight. and the polls tell us the expectation is there's a trump win here. but i think there's a little bit of pressure on cruz here. this is, in a lot of ways, this is a conservative state. these are voters who ted cruz has pitched his message to. maybe win is out of the question for him if these polls are right, but a strong second, i think he needs that coming off of south carolina. >> i think the cruz campaign, it's really marco rubio who has the pressure to perform, given that this is one of his hometowns, he has family here, he has connections here. he's been talking about nevada, his campaign, at least, has been talking about nevada for a little while. so i think that the cruz campaign feels, hey, they've already got a win, basically. they've already shown they can beat donald trump. they're looking ahead now to the super tuesday primaries, one week from today, when this race
1:05 pm
takes on a very different tone, a very different strategy for all of these campaigns. you talk about these attacks, though, with donald trump, i just got off the phone with a campaign aide a couple of minutes ago and we were chatting about this, and the campaign feels this is the political equivalent of donald trump yelling "fire" in a crowded movie theater. his attacks on ted cruz are a way for him to deflect from conversations, the campaign believes, about trump's own record and instead make it personal and get on tv with these comments about being a weak, sick baby and all of this. cruz has said he wants to stay above these kind of attacks. that said, we heard him talk about lies on the campaign trail last night. and today, we heard him say this, see if you can tell who he might be alluding to here, steve. >> we're here today, election day, this whole crazy year of an election cycle, millions of attack ads and mud slung this way and that way and the other
1:06 pm
way. i don't like your face. it's been a strange cycle. a little bit like watching "pt barnum." but the time for that media noise is over. now, it's our time. >> so "pt barnum" there, steve, feels like a pretty clear reference to donald trump, i would say. i think that the cruz campaign is hoping they finish in the top three here, they'll be happy with that. but there's pressure on ted cruz, once you get out to texas in some of these s.e.c. primary states to really perform. that's where he's facing -- >> and also you see, so he's going after trump a little bit there, but also he's gotten bogged down a little bit with back and forth with marco rubio. >> my goodness, it feels like that has been one of the other huge narratives in this race so far, is this cruz/rubio battle for second yet again. we've seen it in new hampshire, we've seen it in south carolina, we're seeing it again here, and the two of them really locking horns and going back and forth at each other, almost more son
1:07 pm
that you're seeing either of them taking on donald trump. >> and if they're battling for second, that leaves the guy in first all alone. >> and both campaigns will talk about delegate math and the fact you can get out there and it's proportional states and you can pick up delegates and so on, but at some point, there's a sense that time is running out. >> i hear all this talk, slivers of states, maybe whole states at a certain point. nevada tonight, a bunch next week. allie jackson, thank you so much for that. earlier today, president obama announced his plan to close guantanamo bay's detention center in cuba. under his plan, up to 60 detainees would be transferred to american soil. today, there are 91 detainees who remain at guantanamo. 35 of them are deemed eligible for a transfer. as for the rest of them, the obama plan is calling to speed up their review and to determine if they pose a threat. >> for many years, it's been clear that the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not advance our national
1:08 pm
security. it undermines it. this is not just my opinion. this is the pin opinion of expe this is the opinion of many in our military. it's counterproductive to our fight against terrorists, because they use it as propaganda in their efforts to recruit. >> and nbc's ron allen joins me now from the white house. so, ron, obviously, an issue that has been, in some ways on the agenda for the entire obama presidency. he comes out with this plan today, but he's already facing a lot of skepticism on capitol hill, even from his own party. >> so much skepticism that congress has passed a number of laws that forbid the transfer of guantanamo detainees to u.s. soil. exalt what president obama's plan calls for in the case of some 30 to 60 detainees. there are 13 facilities they've identified that they're keeping secret for now in several states where the obama administration wants to send those detainees. but the congressional opposition is just adamant. the president may choose to use
1:09 pm
his executive authority to try to make this happen. and during a briefing with a spokesperson, we asked that numerous times, if he was considering that, considering that, and they said they weren't going to take it off the table right now. the focus, however, is trying to present this plan to congress, hoping that congress will go through it, detail by detail, the obama administration says that the prison just costs too much to run and it's a terrorist recruiting tool and that it just undermines america's national security and national security interests around the world, it's an irritant to many of our allies. the president says he has spent countless hours since he took office and pledged on one of his first days in office to close the president, trying to sort this issue out. but again, it seems destined for defeat up on congress, up on capitol hill, and then we'll see what the president decides to do next. steve? >> all right, ron allen at the white house. thank you for that. and a reminder, special coverage on msnbc of tonight's caucuses. it starts at 10:00 eastern. we're going to be live right
1:10 pm
here in las vegas as those results in the republican race pour in. but first, we're going to go back to washington, where some on capitol hill are invoking the words of the vice president, in a fight over the supreme court vacancy. that's next. i've been claritin clear for 14 days. when your allergy symptoms start... ...doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season... ...for continuous relief. with powerful, 24 hour... ...non-drowsy claritin, live claritin clear. every day. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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1:13 pm
another battle intensifying on capitol hill today. this one over the supreme court vacancy caused by the death of justice antonin scalia. this morning, republicans on the senate judiciary committee said that they are committed to cutting off any effort to fill scalia's spot until a new president is sworn in next year.
1:14 pm
and some are seizing on comments made more than 20 years ago, by vice president joe biden. >> it is my view that if a supreme court justice resigns tomorrow or within the next several weeks, or resigns at the end of the summer president bush should consider following the practice of a majority of his predecessors, and not, and not name a nominee until after the november election is completed. >> senate republican leader mitch mcconnell reading that biden comment on the floor of the senate this morning, hoping to strengthen his argument against considering anyone the president would nominate to replace scalia. >> that's vice president biden when he was chairman of the judiciary committee in a presidential election year. fair to the nominee, essential to the process, a pragmatic
1:15 pm
conclusion. the words of president obama's own number two. what else needs to be said? >> now, nbc's luke russert joins me from capitol hill. luke, that clip has been getting a lot of circulation. i know there are some details that are different. that was in june of an election year. this vacancy we're talking about is in february of an election year. but overall, the themes of what biden was talking about there in 1992, very similar to the themes we're hearing from republicans now. i imagine this is going to interfere with the democrats' effort to take, to claim the high ground on this one. >> yeah, democrats were not thrilled when that video came forward. however, they're quick to point out that biden was talking about the resignation of a supreme court justice, not an unexpected death. also, when joe biden was in charge of the judiciary committee back then, he was moving forward, lower court nominees that had gotten through the committee and trying to fill vacancies all the way through september. i can tell you that there are
1:16 pm
loads of bipartisan-supported federal judges who are awaiting a vote on the senate floor that have been backlogged for some time because chuck grassley, the senate judiciary chairman, does not want to move them. where this goes now, steve, though is quite interesting. because mcconnell has made the decision that even though there are vulnerable senators in some swing states like ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, florida, perhaps that open seat, that they believe the best thing they can do is hold firm by not moving forward on a supreme court nominee, not even giving them a hearing in the judiciary committee, which is unprecedented since 1816, not have even get a supreme court nominee, a hearing in the judiciary committee. because they believe that this can turn out their conservative voters and turn them out to a greater degree than the democrats with the turnout of very liberal voters. it's a heck of a gamble, and one that mcconnell came under intense questioning today from the press corps, saying how can you go against all this history. every pending nominee has at least gotten an up or down vote
1:17 pm
on the supreme court floor. going back to robert bork, who's often brought up by republicans as someone the dems got rid of it. they filibustered him through a vote on the senate floor. this is a heck of a precedent that mcconnell is setting. he went so far today, steve, to also say, he would not even take a meeting with president obama's nominee to the supreme court. and think about the optics of that. if president obama nominates an african-american woman or an asian american or somebody from within that democratic constituency, and the republicans refuse to meet with them, simply saying, no, we're not going to do it, that could be politically quite perilous and you could see some real turnout within those groups come november. >> that's interesting, too, luke, to see that they see an electoral advantage, the republicans do in basically blockading this. does that mean if the white house were -- if they were to say, look for some kind of consensus compromise candidate, someone who's not really that liberal, much more moderate aimed at apeepeasing republican
1:18 pm
it wouldn't hurt republicans. >> that's what chris coombs said they should do, put forward a centrist, really force their hand by saying, why won't you give this individual a hearing? there are some federal judges confirmed by republicans by obama, one from iowa that got overwhelming republican support. that is a possibility. however, just from looking at this in purely a political lens, you have to think that you're going to play a real coalition politics in this one. if republicans think that they can turn out their conservatives, the democrats are going to say, hey, you know what? let's throw an asian american forward and have the republicans deny them. let's throw an african-american woman forward and have the republicans deny them. it seems that's where we're heading. maybe they do a centrist, but if the republicans are starting out saying, we're not even going to give them a hearing, why would you budge and give them a centrist like that off the bat? maybe, but it's going to be interesting political choices made by president obama and his
1:19 pm
team. >> all right. luke russert on capitol hill, thanks for that. >> thank you. all right. and caucusgoers start gathering here in nevada in just about 3 1/2 hours. now, they've only been doing this out here since 2008. and day do use paper ballots, so don't expect immediate results tonight. up next, we're going to talk with a nevada ground game expert. if you have high blood pressure like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp. text mom. i'll be right back. be good. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. brad could use a new bike. send. [google] message. you decide. they're your kids. why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him. app-connect. from the newly redesigned volkswagen passat. right now you can get $1000 presidents' day bonus on new 2015 or 2016
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just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. all right. two big rallies taking place right now here in nevada. ted cruz is in minden and donald trump is in sparks. we'll take a listen to ted cruz for a minute. >> the stakes of this election, it is not one, but two branches of government that hang in the balance. you know, before i was in the senate, i was the solicitor general of texas, the chief lawyer for the state in front of the u.s. supreme court. held that executive position
1:23 pm
5 1/2 years, we led the nation defending conservative principles, defending the constitution, and winning on a national poll. we defended the ten commandments monument that stands on the capital state grounds. we went to the u.s. supreme court and we won 5-4. 5-4. we are one liberal justice away from the supreme court ordering ten commandments monuments taken down from statehouses and courthouses and public parks all over this country. you know, the biggest case of justice scalia's tenure, the biggest opinion he authored was heller versus district of columbia. now, i know heller very well,
1:24 pm
because in that case, i represented 31 states defending the second amendment right to keep and bear arms and we won 5-4. >> all right, we are only hours away from the republican caucuses getting underway out here in nevada. donald trump looks right now at least from the polls to be anything but stoppable in this state. the latest numbers show trump in first place with 45%, rubio and cruz a distant second and third. let me now bring in john ralston, the host of ralston reports out here. he's also an msnbc political analyst. and john, i know you've been -- you've got some news here in terms of what we might be able to expect for turnout on the. turnout historically very, very low. maybe different this time? >> it's going to be different. i just found out from a republican official that pre-registrations for the caucus, 37,000. that's greater than the entire turnout, which was 33,000, in 2012.
1:25 pm
one person inside one of the campaigns tells me it could go as high as 75,000 now overall -- >> so more than double what we saw just four years ago. >> exactly. and about what the democrats got. they got a little over 80,000. the question is, who does that help. my understanding is that the polling remains the same, whether it's a small turnout or a large turnout. donald trump has gotten savvier. he sent out an e-mail telling he has supporters, this is where you go to caucus -- >> he seems worried about a repeat of caucuses. the polls showed him winning, he got second place, a lot of people said, that's organization in a caucus state. this is the first caucus state since iowa. >> he was clearly worried about it in iowa. said, what is this caucus thing? i don't know. just go out and vote. this isn't like iowa where you have to go and sit with your neighbors and argue about who's and better. you can go and get your ballot and leave. that might increase turnout.
1:26 pm
the republican party is worried a little bit about some mischief. they just sent out a release saying, we've heard there might be some suspicious activity, don't worry, anyone can come and observe the process. but based on history, steve, and the republican party here's inability to count the votes on time, greater turnout is good in general, but it's also going to probably take longer. >> right. this was a three-day count, basically, in 2012. 2 1/2 days from the time it started to actually get a result from this state. >> right. >> any indication it's going to be better? >> well, they've set up this system where you get the paper ballots and take a picture with your cell phone and text the results into republican party central. >> to some people listening, that is unbelievable that race for president, for the nomination of a major party involves texting cell phone pictures of results. >> i'm sure it's going to do great for the image of the nevada caucuses, as well, that this is how they're doing it. i've asked myself all day, how could it be worse than 2012,
1:27 pm
taking 2 1/2 days to get the results. that was a landslide win for mitt romney. i think what the cruz and rubio folks are worried about, steve, is it's going to be so close for second place, again, as it was in south carolina, that we're not going to have results until one person told me, tomorrow afternoon. let's hope that doesn't happen. >> yeah, and that would be fast by the standard of four years ago. i want to get this in, too. you were talking about this earlier, but a robo call that's out there in this state, it's from a cruz supporter, this is cruz's super pac, attesting to his basic honesty. that gets to these trump attacks. let's listen to what the cruz folks are putting out there. >> this is nevada attorney general adam laxalt. i'm calling my fellow nevada republicans to ask you to support ted cruz for president of the united states on tuesday during the republican caucuses. i know ted well and he's one of the most honest and truthful office holders, on so many issues, returning our western lands, immigration, our economy, ted has the best plans and is committed to our country to
1:28 pm
deliver results. with nine appearances before the supreme court, he's also uniquely qualified to choose a strong conservative replacement for recently departed justice scalia. to find his caucus location, please visit the please remember to caucus on tuesday. please cast your ballot for ted cruz. our country needs you. >> paid for by keep the promise and not authorized by any candidate or committee. is responsible for this advertising. >> that name, adam laxalt, that's a name out here. that must be helpful for cruz to have him on his side. but the fact that the cruz campaign is here, having to basically tell people, yes, you can actually trust him, he is honest, that reflects some of the damage that's been done by the stories about ben carson, the stories the about rick tyler down here. >> how often do you hear a robo call where one of the first things that a person says, that he's one of the most honest and
1:29 pm
truthful, as if there was a question about that. but clearly it's been raised, it's been called into question, steve. i think there's no accident they brought out the big gun, adam laxalt, rising conservative star, grandson of the former conservative and governor paul laxalt, who isn't that well known in the state. but in rural nevada, where you have a lot of inveterate voters and older veterans, they will know the name, laxalt. that will probably help. laxalt has been all over rural nevada for ted cruz. the vote, as i've said before on earlier programs, steve, the vote in rural nevada and northern nevada, reno, minhden, where we just saw ted cruz, is going to probably be about half the vote. >> this is very different on the democratic side. we're seeing three quarters come out, right around vegas, and maybe 15% around reno. but this, the interior is going to be a lot more meaningful here. >> and adam laxalt is one of the only people in the history of the state to have won rural nevada and loss both of the urban counties and still won a statewide race.
1:30 pm
he's very popular in rural nevada. >> you talk about how tight the race is for second place, rubio and cruz. if they're both 30 points behind cruz, does it matter who comes in second? but to the extent it does matter who comes the second, who has the leg up? do you say rubio has personal ties from growing up. maybe that helps him. people say, the rural parts of the state, the ron paul voters, are they more natural to him. >> i get the sense that rubio who makes it sound like he's a native nevadaen, coming home, he sen out something today, he was here for six years when he was a kid. but he talk about places the that other candidates don't know. he has set up a good network inside the mormon community, which is a portion of the vote, but not what it was when mitt romney, who was a mormon, was running. i think he has a leg up. he has lieutenant governor and u.s. senator dean heller both in his camp. i sense movement by cruz, though, late in this, in the state you mentioned rural counties, he's campaigning all over rural nevada. you saw minden, he was in
1:31 pm
fernley, two places people watching this election have never heard of. and i sense movement by cruz. >> they have some great names out here. searchlight, where harry reid's from, virginia city. we'll get them to all tonight. if it's close tonight, we'll have that map out and going through them all. john ralston, thanks for joining us. and as we were saying, in their short history, nevada's caucuses have earned a reputation for very extremely low turnout, but up next, we're going to go inside a caucus training event, where they're trying to change that. >> i'm not going to use the word "caucus." i'm going to use the word, just vote. just vote. people say -- i don't want to give you an excuse, what the hell is caucus? nobody even knows what it means. i take pictures of sunrises.
1:32 pm
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1:35 pm
republican nomination in this state. this primary cycle marks only the third time that nevada has heard early republican caucuses, and that may explain why there tends to be very low turnout here. nbc's jacob soboroff spoke to voters who are trying to change that. >> 17 different counties in the state, and each of those counties will have a slightly different set of rules and regulations, at least start times with these caucuses. so it falls on the state party to train folks here to be able to get out, get there in time, get their caucusing done and go home in time to see the results. and that's a whole another story. i went to one of these caucus training sessions to see what they're doing and how it all works, take a look. >> this is the headquarters of the republican nevada party, and what's going on inside here, they're getting ready for a caucus training session. caucuses are relatively low turnout affairs. people have to figure out how to go through the whole operation. we'll see how they're doing. just curious, has anybody here caucused before? >> no. >> no. >> nobody here has caucused
1:36 pm
before? >> no. >> is everybody here planning on caucusing? >> what is your name? you seem nice. >> my name is robin. >> robin, what brings you out here? >> to learn about what a caucus is. this is the first time for me. i've never even heard of a caucus before. >> so, you say, you've never even heard of it. what compelled you to get out here? >> my husband. >> ahh. >> what's your name, sir? >> brian. >> brian, why did you make your wife come to a caucus training? >> for the same reasons you heard earlier, we lived in states that didn't have caucuses and we're now here that has a caucus and it's very critical to understand what the process is. >> historically, these caucuses, because they're new to a lot of people like you guys have had relatively low turnout. does anybody have a feeling about why that is? >> because no one knows about the caucus. >> nobody knows about the caucus. >> they don't understand it. i don't. >> what about the time of night. between 5:00 and 9:00 is when they're going on. is that an inconvenient time for anybody, just out of curiosity? >> for most of us, you think
1:37 pm
5:00 is a great time, people get off work and shoot over there, but vegas is a 24-hour time. there are a lot of people that work and won't be able to attend it. 2008 was 2% in the caucus, 2012 was 7. do you think it's going to be higher? >> the reason most of us are here now is because we've had seven years of obama and we're done. we're done. that's why we're here. >> the caucus seems like a very good idea to be there and be part of it and get our voice heard. >> i hope to see some of you there. i appreciate you guys letting us come in and asking you some questions before your training. so good luck and see you out there. thank you, guys. >> bye-bye. >> so these folks are clearly very excited. they wanted to be there and participate. we heard john ralston talk about how turnout is expected to be irg. so really now what happens is, this all folks on our local -- not election officials, but local party officials, county by county. >> right. these are run, people think of elections, they assume the state runs it, the government. this is a perfect segue to ed williams, the chairman of the clark county republican county.
1:38 pm
this is by far the biggest county in the state. ed, thanks for taking a few minutes. we had john ralston on, and he said the pre-registration numbers for this is higher than the total turnout we had in 2012. they're looking at even doubling or even more than the turnout they had four years ago. four years ago, it took 2 1/2 days to actually count the vote. is it going to be better this time. >> we learned a lot in 2008, learned even more in 2012. this year we've got a lot more technology and electronic reporting available. we'll be texting and e-mailing our results and actual photos back. >> take me through this. people are finding out about this, and the reaction across the country is, what?! you're going to take pictures of results and have them text it into the state party? is that what's going on? >> in the past, you would have to haul the ballot back to some location and report on them. the official result is on the envelope that the ballots are cast into. we'll take a photo of each one of those and those will be translated back as quickly as possible to our filing location here for reporting. >> and the numbers are verified
1:39 pm
and i'm sure there'll be all kind of conspiracy theorys the around, did someone text in from an illegitimate address or something? there's safeguards for this? >> that's right, that's why we're doing a photo, a photo with the two signatures of the people that counted those ballots, all the way up the line. two site managers who will be evaluating each other's work. so we have redund danancies all way through. >> and what would you say about the state of the race right now? we look at this and say the polls show donald trump is way ahead. is it fair to say that donald trump is the favorite? >> i think nevada is certainly a microcosm and certainly, clark county is a microcosm of america. we have a lot of people here are out of town, i think we represent a lot of america's diversity. i think you're going to see what you're seeing nationwide, yeah, no doubt. >> and talk a little bit about the divide within this state. around here in las vegas, the suburbs, heavily built up area, and then you've got some of the more rural areas of the country, really, in the northern part of the state.
1:40 pm
>> sure, our county alone is a big combination. we have 32 urban locations where our high schools are doing our caucusing and four more than an hour away from las vegas. it's a mix here, as well. >> jacob, the piece was so -- i love the guy who seemed to almost grab the microphone from you. to me, that's voter enthusiasm. >> people are so passionate. and i'm curious, because i saw firsthand how passionate these folks are about getting out. clark county in particular where vegas is is going to close at 8:30. everyone else in the state will close at 9:00. are you worried about confusion? people perhaps showing up a little bit too little in the vegas area and missing out on the chance to caucus? >> actually, a lot of the media has been saying from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., because statewide that would be accurate. at worst case, people might not be late, because a lot of people think it's 7:00 p.m. that they need to be there. we'll keep the polls up until 8:00 and be counting until 8:30 to 9:00 p.m. everyone can watch. they can see the ballots being
1:41 pm
counted, the tally being made and being reported. >> and we got a little bit in the piece, but what is driving the enthusiasm this time around? is it just the idea of they're fed up with obama like that guy said or are there other factors? >> i think that's a lot of it, but some of these folks have never heard of the caucus process. just two cycles ago is the first time that republicans ever used the caucus process. and once nevada became first in the west, this thing became sort of a foreign object process system, to so many people here. and now that they're learning about it for the first time, maybe it's a little bit intriguing to folks, kbipd with this feeling in the republican party, at least, that they're sick of these obama years, and now people want to show up and participate. >> it's one of the most, i think, we've covered this stuff and get used to the idea of caucuses. we take them for granted. i remember when i first started following politics, how confusing the concept was, to learn what a caucus was. because we think of elections as so straightforward. it is something, would you ultimately like nevada go to a primary or do you like the caucus process? >> a caucus well run helps build the party. when a government runs an election, it's a whole different
1:42 pm
thing, and provides certain conveniences, but challenges to a party as well. so this is essentially a high braid. people can come in anytime between 5:00 and 8:30. the rest of the caucus events are optional if they want to participate in that. >> ed williams, thank you for your time. jacob soboroff, great piece, as always. coming up, we'll head across the country to south carolina, just four days away now there from that democratic primary. hillary clinton has a major rally about two hours from now. she'll be pushing her stance on gun control, gabby giffords and trayvon martin's mother are going to be joining her. we're heading out to the palmetto state right after this. ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear.
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don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. marco rubio, fresh off receiving yet another endorsement from a member of the republican party establishment. this one from former minnesota governor, tim pawlenty. rubio now holding a campaign event in minneapolis. and nbc's gabe gutierrez, who is with me here on the strip in vegas here this morning, he made a three-hour flight after that to the twin cities, and he's on his way -- he's at the rubio event now in minneapolis. so, gabe, quite a journey for you today. but the fact that marco rubio is in minnesota, minnesota one of those super tuesday states, the fact that he's there right now and not in nevada, what does that tell us about the rubio campaign's expectations for the contest here tonight? >> reporter: steve, you're right, a very busy day here. we started the day in vegas, at a rally there, and then that
1:47 pm
three-hour flight. rubio taking the stage just right now. he is obviously looking ahead to these super tuesday contests. he has an event here in minneapolis, and then we get right back on the plane, and they're going to head to grand rapids, michigan, before heading to texas later this week. now, the rubio campaign is trying to make that argument. as they pile up the endorsements and get more momentum, and as the field winnows that they're going to be the best ones positioned to take on donald trump. today, he really went out of his way to not attack donald trump directly. over the last few days, he's focused all of his attacks on ted cruz. i asked him this morning, though, when are you going to have to start winning something and how are you going to be able to take on donald trump with this head of steam? how will you be able to stop the trump juggernaut? here's what he had to say. >> 65 to 70% of republicans are not going to vote for donald trump. they're trying to decide who to coalesce around given their remaining choices and i think
1:48 pm
we're growing every day. >> but he's running away with the nomination. >> i don't think so. it will be a narrower race by then. >> interesting from that gaggle with reporters, as we call it. he also mentioned that he had spoken to jeb bush yesterday and he referred to him as friends forever and that he was glad to speak with him, but he says he had not asked him for his endorsement. very interesting there. should be interesting to see the stakes are very high for marco rubio in nevada. his team hopes they finish strong. but as you can see, steve, they're already looking ahead to super tuesday. back to you. >> all right, gabe gutierrez with marco rubio and his campaign in minneapolis, thank you for that. and bernie sanders coming out on offense now, after his loss in nevada on saturday. his campaign trying to contrast sanders' views on a number of key issues with hillary clinton's. earlier today, at a rally in norfolk, virginia, sanders again went after clinton for her
1:49 pm
position on trade. >> secretary clinton was then first lady, thought that nafta was a good idea. i was right, she was wrong. >> this as the clinton campaign is focusing on black voters and sharpening their attacks on sanders' past votes on the issues of guns. later today, clinton will be holding a town hall with the mothers of trayvon martin, sandra bland, and eric garner. and nbc's kristen welker, who is following the clinton campaign joins me now from columbia, south carolina. soda city, usa. i found out, kristen, last week, that's what they call columbia. this issue of hillary clinton going and pursuing te ing thing vote we saw in nevada over the weekend, i think the margin was 55 points. she won black voters by 55 points out here in nevada over bernie sanders. obviously, her campaign has to be encouraged by that. looking to solidify that number in south carolina and across the south. >> there's no doubt they are encouraged by those huge
1:50 pm
numbers, steve, and that obviously helped to propel her to victory in nevada. she has a double-digit lead here, throughout the state of south carolina. the lead gets even bigger with african-american voters, as you point out. she is going to be joined by those five mothers who have lost sons to either gun violence or in interactions with police tonight. that will only energize african-american voters even more, the campaign is hoping. now, this comes as we're getting new poll numbers. our latest survey monkey poll shows secretary clinton with a lead nationally 51 to 40%. so she is heading into the south carolina primary in a strong position. senator bernie sanders, hoping to close the gap with her here in south carolina. i've been talking to some of his supporters throughout the day. he says, look, if he can get within about ten points offer, that would be a strong showing for senator sanders as they then head into super tuesday. take a look at what senator sanders has been doing this week, steve. yesterday he was in
1:51 pm
massachusetts. earlier today, he was in virginia. so he is clearly looking beyond the south carolina primary, as well, towards those super tuesday contests that he's hoping will help him regain some of the momentum that he lost in nevada. now, we're also learning today that secretary clinton is outspending him in ads, in super tuesday states. about $4 million to senator sanders' $3 million. but as we know, senator sanders has been raising millions online, without having to do some of these fund-raisers, which are time consuming, which secretary clinton has had to do. so secretary clinton looking to be in a strong position, heading into saturday's primary. senator sanders really trying to close the gap with her and then come out strong on super tuesday. steve? >> yeah, that's right, kristen. and to get within ten points, if that's what they're hoping for, the sanders' campaign, to get within ten, he would have to make some pretty significant inroads with black voters that he did not make out here in nevada. let's see if he does that. kristen welker in columbia, south carolina, thank you for that. and now here is hampton
1:52 pm
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if you have high blood pressure many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp. we're just hours away from the caucuses getting underway here in nevada and we are also now only four days away from a south carolina democratic primary. and both candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, are working hard to gain support from african-american voters. sanders picked up an endorsement
1:56 pm
from director spike lee today. his campaign running this radio ad in south carolina. >> bernie take is no money from corporations. nada, which means he is not on the take. and when bernie gets in the white house, he will do the right thing. how can we be sure? bernie was at the march on washington with dr. king. he was arrested in chicago for protesting segregation and public schools. he fought for wealth and education equality throughout his whole career. no flipping, no flopping. >> and as we mentioned, hillary clinton is holding a forum in columbia, south carolina, tonight, that will focus on gun violence. let me bring in amanda loveday, political strategist, former director for the south carolina democratic party. also, she was the communications director for congressman jim clyburn. he delivered that big endorsement to hillary clinton last week. amanda, thanks for joining us. we were just talking about this with kristen welker in the last block. she says the sanders' campaign
1:57 pm
is somewhat realistic about what they're up against in south carolina. the polls there have had hillary clinton 25, 30 points, maybe even more in some cases, ahead. they would like, ideally, to get this thing down to single digits. is that realistic for them? >> i think that's going to be tough for them. they have a great ground game, but hillary has the momentum here. i think getting to ten points and even single digits as i've heard from some of the sanders folks, i think will be hard. >> well, yeah, that's -- we saw that 55-point gap. i think that's what the exit polls showed out here in nevada. a 55-point gap among black voters. hillary clinton, 77. bernie sanders, 22. we've seen similar gaps there, similar numbers in south carolina. also, a lot of effort from the sanders' campaign to erode that, to eat into that. we see that new radio ad from spike lee. is there any indication that they are making inroads with the black vote in south carolina? >> i do think that they're making inroads, but i don't think it will be enough, unfortunately, for them. the senator doesn't have a lot
1:58 pm
of events planned for the rest of the week. we know that president clinton will be here. we know that secretary clinton is here. so, it feels, unfortunately, like they're taking it a little bit more seriously with all of the events that are planned here this week. >> well, you mentioned about bill clinton, the former president, coming in there to campaign for hillary clinton and i think people think of bill clinton in south carolina, they think back to 2008, and he got himself in a lot of trouble with some of the comments he made about barack obama back then. that campaign got very nasty between barack obama and hillary clinton in south carolina. i think a lot of people thought eight years ago, that there was some permanent damage done by the clintons, to their standing with democrats and particularly african-american democrats in south carolina. and i think people remember that and look up now, eight years later and say, well, south carolina is now her firewall. how did that happen? >> i just think people have stopped thinking about it. and having the endorsement of congressman jim clyburn just
1:59 pm
sealed the deal. >> we have to make sure we have a democrat in the white house in november. >> and how far do you think sanders can go with this? if he doesn't win south carolina, he fell short here in nevada, big picture here, when you look nationally, even if he doesn't win the nomination, do you still think this is a guy who's in this thing to the long haul for the convention? >> i do. i think he has the money to do it. i think he has the perseverance to do it. it's clear he's not going to listen to what we're calling the establishment and if they tell him to get out, i don't think he'll listen. i think he wants to take it as far as he can. i think he wants to make sure his message is heard in as many states as possible. but i think here in south carolina, i think it will all turn out based on turnout. we had over 500,000 people vote in the primary in 2008 and they're expecting higher numbers, but based on the excitement on the ground and the way it felt in '08 and the way it feels today, i'm not sure if
2:00 pm
we'll be able the to surpass those numbers, but we'll see >> that's been the story on the democratic side. '08 set the standard in terms of turnout. amanda loveday in south carolina, thank you for joining p us. that's going to do it for us this hour from the las vegas strip. i'm steve kornacki and "mtp daily" starts now. >> if it's tuesday, it's the biggest obstacle to stopping donald trump. it's not marco rubio, it's not ted cruz, it's not the nevada caucuses, it's a guy from ohio. the math adds up and trump has to count on a certain governor of ohio sticking around. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening from washington and welcome to the nevada caucus night, which may take a week,


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