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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  February 23, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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marco rubio has walked away. >> the turnout we've not seen on the republican side, and that's for all of his faults, he has brought excitement for this race. >> record breaking on the republican side. shouldn't be ignored. democrats not so much. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." it starts at 10:00 p.m. tonight. it could go on all day tomorrow. we get to cover nevada for days. "with all due respect" starts right now. i'm mark halperin. >> i'm john helemann. >> i'm danny glover for all due respect for sister hillary clinton, i'm feeling the bern. >> love from here in las vegas, nevada, republican caucus night. candidates spent a final day across the state before their
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fourth nomination here. donald trump may mark his third win in a row. sweating not just under the desert sun here, but across the fruited plain. today, the gop establishment consider the only hope of stopping trump, use one of his last silver state events to tell voters they're running out of time, and that quote, we cannot nominate someone who cannot win because they can't unite us. despite rubio's urgency, the news cycle suggests rubio might be too little too late. why? because of this remark that mr. trump made at a rally i attended last night. listen to what he said and then i'll explain. >> here is a guy, throwing punches, nasty as hell, screaming at everything else when we're talking and we're not allowed, the guards are very gentle, big high-fives, smiling, laughing, i would like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> all right, so i've been to a
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lot of trump rallies and for the donald, that crack would not crack what he has said at his rallies, and yet look at how much that one remark dominated the news cycle today. >> trump causing another stir. >> unloaded on a heckler on monday. >> donald trump brings a bunch of protesters. >> he wanted to hit a protest ter who interrupted him. >> he admitted he wanted to punch a person at his own rally. >> he threatened to punch somebody in the face. >> he's winning. >> listen, don't get me started, because i'll punch you right in the face. i will punch you right in the face. >> see, this is what happened with donald trump, dictating our culture. >> wall to wall coverage for what trump said, in comparison, the other coverage was pretty meager. aftermath of firing his national spokesman. marco rubio got some coverage
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for his second and third tier coverage, but also to convince people there is any state he can win in the coming weeks. the only headlines john kasich got yesterday came from comments he made about women leaving their kitchens to vote for him years ago, which he got unfair coverage. so john, are the candidates not trying to fight trump for time in the news cycle, or it's just impossible to trump trump given his dominance of the news media? >> well, mark, you know, first of all, can't resist a man who is about to give somebody a punch in the lunch. cable news is so crazily dumb. genuine provocations, i'm not talking about things he said. i'm talking about wanting to ban muslims and some of the things he has said immigrants. donald trump saying kind of in a flip way, i would like to punch that guy, man, if that's going to dominate news, there is nothing, nothing that those other guys could do that is ever
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going to break through. because it is just, the news cycle is too much donald trump's play thing. >> well, nothing they can do, unless they run right towards him. i think based on this experience in the last day, where that thing got all the coverage basically, the only way to stop him is to go right at him, dominate the news cycle by getting in his face. it would be a danger, because trump would lash back. if they let him do what he does, and often do what they do, i don't care how urgent marco rubio thinks this is, it won't get any coverage. when we go through the national primary coverage next tuesday, they'll be just lost. and nowhere, because it will all be trump. >> i ask you this question, i just heard the bell ring, but i ask this question, mark. if marco rubio or ted cruz threatened to punch trump in the face, would it get coverage. >> it would, particularly if they flew to his event.
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>> i give that advice, piece of advice to the marco rubio and ted cruz campaigns. >> because they're in the voting, it might not finish up until around midnight eastern time this evening, it's entirely possible that results may not be tabulated until the wee hours. who won, who placed, who showed in the nevada republican caucuses until they wake up on wednesday. but mark, here is my question for you. if all the morning headlines declare trump the winner of nevada, will second and let alone third place even matter? >> well, it will matter i think if second is a strong second, and i think it will matter a lot for marco rubio. if he can beat ted cruz here, it will extend the narrative that is out there now that says cruz is a dead man walking. marco rubio is the only one to stop trump. i don't know that that's true, and i think marco rubio has trouble finishing first somewhere. second for rubio would be a good boost for him.
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>> i agree with that. look, how close marco rubio comes in this contest it, does seem to me matters. i have been getting text messages and e-mails all day from marco rubio supporter and donors in the same way i did in iowa when people say hey, marco rubio might finish second in iowa. i've had people suggesting to me today that marco rubio could win the nevada caucuses. now, i have no idea. i'm not out there with you. i have no idea if that's credible. obviously if he did that, it would be huge news. but even if he comes close to trump in second, i think that will help rubio's cause that it is a two man race and he is the only one to take on trump. >> again, a strong showing here doesn't mean any where he can win next tuesday, and that still remains a big problem. >> agreed. >> the consolidation, the fund raci raising will make a difference, despite what the rubio people are telling you, but nobody knows. this is a crazy event. democratic event of last weekend
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seem like a standard election. >> the good thing for the republicans in this respect are for rubio and cruz is you've got a week, another full week before another republican contest. so these results can sink in over some number of days. it gives them maybe an advantage that the news cycle would deny them otherwise. >> as well as the debate on tuesday in houston. >> there is nobody who slows donald trump down here in this contest tonight, that leaves a very narrow window for ted cruz and marco rubio to make any debt in the teflon done voting in seven days. this week, the campaigns of both senators put out competing memos with lessons learned from the south carolina primary. both memos list reasons why only their guy can beat trump, but they criticize each other more than anything. they pretend john kasich doesn't even exist. what at this point in terms of message and messenger can take
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trump down? >> well, you suggested in the first topic, mark, that the only thing is a full frontal assault. we've march veil we've marvelled, and paying a huge price for this. someone is going to have to take him down. in rubio ow's case, it's far wer that donald trump is unelectable and you need to rally behind a mainstream candidate like me, i think rubio making the better argument and a better messenger for it. >> i think he is. you also have to look at the states. right now, you have polling that suggests that the best person is ted cruz, texas suggesting cruz is ahead. it would not be a binge thing tt that suggests the message of cruz that i can beat him and the only one to beat him.
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the new poll from quinnipiac from ohio, kasich is behind trump. that's not good. he is popular in his state, but the fact that he is not ahead of trump is bad news for him. in florida, votes later on, cruz, rubio rather suggests he is behind in public polling and maybe in third. it is a difficult thing to see where somebody stops him. i agree, the best message seems to be, seems to be, rubio's, that says this is going to be a mistake for the party and four the country, but he is not being delivered very ourgently or way that will do much to slow him down. >> right. i mean, i think it is a good message and right message for the kind of people that rubio needs to come around to him, right. that message is well tailored to people who are on the fence former supporters, maybe john kasich, the mainstream wing of the party, he is singing a song to them that they could hear.
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this week, we're seeing more aggressive bernie sanders at a press conference yesterday in boston, he fledged to draw more strongly, contrast with hillary clinton in the coming weeks, starting with issues like campaign finance, trade and her speeches to wall street firms, all the stuff he was hitting her hard on and then stopped. we saw one element today with a new ad featuring filmmaker spike lee, here in south carolina and beyond and implicitly taking a swipe at hillary clinton. >> when bernie gets in the white house, he'll do the right thing. how can we be sure. he was at the march in dr. king.
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he fought the wolf and education equality, no flipping, no flopping. enough talk. time for action. >> no flipping, no flopping, mark, according to spike lee. why is sanders starting to go more negative on hillary clinton and will it work? >> well, because the sanders campaign and the senator himself are not stupid. they executed the first plan very strongly. come out of new hampshire with the momentum, message and money. they did all of that. they came out here and they lost almost all of the momentum. they still have the message and they still have a lot of money, but they need to change the pardon. they need to change the filter, the press, democratic party, that there still a chance to come back. that requires getting attention. he has dropped off a lot of news cover ra coverage and he needs to do so as it goes wide in south
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carolina. will it work? i don't like to usurp the voters' prerogative, but to the extent it's different, it's not different enough to break through. >> right, i mean, the thing is, look, back in october, november, after not going after hillary clinton, he got more negative, a little sharper, more contrasty. i think it worked for him well. then he does well in iowa, does incredibly well in new hampshire and suddenly as the clintons are starting to hit him, he kind of just got annoyed by them attacking him and went back to his pie in the sky messaging, to come back now and do contrast is the right move, but as you say i think he'll have to go further where he was. and if he doesn't go further, he won't get coverage. >> here is the other thing going on now. clinton campaign extraordinarily sophisticated. they studied how barack obama used pr, talking to the media, talking to super delegates to
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drive hillary clinton effectively out of the race in 2008. they're going to use the same technies and they learned well how to do this. >> yep. >> all right. after some fundraising in south carolina, she'll back in the palmetto state where she has a commanding lead ahead of the polls on saturday. and yet, except for scheduled campaign events on friday, clinton is spending almost the entire week campaigning in south carolina. her rival bernie sanders is in south carolina tonight for a forum on cnn in columbia, but then he is headed off to other states, kansas, oklahoma, ohio, michigan, illinois, all before returning to the palmetto state before saturday's primary. john, is hillary clinton trying to run up the score in south carolina for some reason? or is she worried that sanders could actually close the gap in some symbolic manner? >> well, look, i think this is one of those slight falls binaries. the same tactics work for both. you want to run up the score or
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dampen any surge. but i think the sanders people say they think it's the latter, he might close the gap to single digits. my sense is she is trying to run up the score and she would love to just drub him here and compound, capitalize on her momentum coming out of nevada, and demonstrate her dominance, the african-american vote is so huge, that would be a big, big, big punch to land on saturday. i think she's going really for essentially a tko on saturday. >> i see three things going on here. the clinton household, very strong rule. only focus on the next election up. never look past it. the democratic media is down in south carolina, so she can get a national message by being there than any where else, because of so much press. dominating the african-american vote, running up the score, not just in the primary, but with african-americans will be gigantic for her in these upcoming contests and she wants to send a message around the
3:17 pm
country through south carolina. she is not taking any vote there for granted. >> yeah, i think that's what we're basically saying the same thing. look, you know, the sanders people say they have a much more sophisticated field operation than clinton does. they say they have more volunteers here on the ground than barack obama did in 2008. everything that i can feel out here, though, is that hillary clinton can land a big punch on bernie sanders on saturday, and she's really going to swing hard. all right, today, president obama announced a plan to close guantanamo bay in cuba, sending congress a proposal to transfer between 30 and 60 to here on domestic soil. quick to criticize the move. john kasich said he, quote, profoundly disagrees with the strategy, while marco rubio says he is co-sponsoring a bill without the approval of congress. abc news today, white house
3:18 pm
press secretary if congress blocks the plan. why is he doing this so late in his administration, trying again to close gitmo, and does d have any chance of succeeding than it did the last time? >> this is one of the morn legacy issues, he wanted to, he thinks as always on this issue, he thinks if he does the right thing in terms of public policy, everything will come out just fine. he is very proud of the plan. the problem is, the political reality is, not just opposed by just republicans, it's opposed by a lot of of democrats, michael be michael bennet. a metfor. a political football and he is not, i don't believe going to close it even if he tries to do it by executive order, he'll hand it off, which he what he said he did not want to do. >> two things about this.
3:19 pm
the first is i commend the guy for trying to make good on a campaign promise. this is one of the promises he made. he has failed utterly to deliver on the promise. part of the reason is congress. congress is on the same place it always has been. not so much failure of consultation, but a big public effort for this. he'll have to have americans where those detainees will be going, he has to convince them. he has to run, not just to play the inside game as you suggest, but the outside game, and i don't think there is enough time or that although he really wants to do this, he has the commitment to really go big on this, and make it a centerpiece of his last year in office. >> good luck after paris and san bernardino convincing people in colorado that they should have terrorists in their neighborhood. good luck with that. >> right. coming up, two mississippians, henry barber, we'll talk about trump and more, after these words from our
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there are plenty of questions remaining about the republican race, and the nomination fiet nomination fight. one that matters, is donald trump stoppable. here to answer the question, two guys from mississippi. they worked on the mitt romney campaign. national committeeman, henry barber, he joins us from
3:23 pm
jackson. did i miss up you and your brother. was that your brother. >> that was my brother. i was a volunteer helper. >> let me start with both of you guys. the how to, how to stop trump. stewart, let me start with you, the race right now, you've been outspoken saying nobody is going after trump. talk to me about the other three guys and what their chances are to be contenders here? >> listen, i think this is straight up cage fight and whoever is the most a aggressive contender will win. it's not complicated. one guy is ahead, he has a bunch of votes. you have to go out there and tell people why you should have those votes and he shouldn't have those votes. i think this race is just been the most peculiar to see the order they could lose in,
3:24 pm
instead of trying to win. and guess what? the guy has been trying to win has won. ted cruz was able to stop him, in iowa, and when the guy was stumbling out of iowa, nobody laid a glove on him. it was as if they thought he deserved to be given a pass going to new hampshire. had a terrible week in south carolina. trump did. terrible week. and yet nobody took advantage of it. so i think people have to decide who really wants this. >> henry, as i said, you're supporting marco rubio at this point, do you see this as a two person race, or do you think governor kasich and senator cruz also in the mix going forward? >> well, you know, cruz is really big on march 1st, and he needs to dominate on march 1st to prove his campaign strategy makes sense, and if he doesn't do that, it doesn't really seem like senator cruz has a pact.
3:25 pm
if he does dominate, then he is in the game. governor kasich has got a tougher task. he needs to do better in nevada today, and then he needs to find somewhere on march 1st to get at least in second place or something, and otherwise, i think for him to think that he could wait until michigan or ohio, just doesn't seem viable to me. but your question about can we stop trump, i mean, to me, the key part of that is us getting behind the conservative candidate who can win both the primary and the general. that's marco rubio, hands down. that's why i'm supporting marco. >> henry, if marco rubio, your candidate, doesn't win tonight, and he doesn't win any state on march 1st, is that a problem? >> well, you know, you got to keep in mind this is about getting to 1,027 den gaits. it's not did you win this state or that state. he has to stay where he has
3:26 pm
been. he was in second place in south carolina. and for these next few states, which don't necessarily play to his strength, he needs to stay right in that range, right in the second/third range where he is staying within range of trump. and i think stuart is right. he needs to go after marco where he is wrong and make the contrasts very plain, but where rubio is big opportunity is going to come is as the field thins, he has a lot of upside. he has high favorables, second choice for a lot of people. whereas trump is not. he has more upside than trump. and then when we get into florida and ohio, north carolina, on the 1the 15th of march, most of them are win or take all. that's when marco has an opportunity to hopefully pull away from donald trump. >> all right, we're going to
3:27 pm
talk more with henry barber and stuart when we come back. what could stop donald trump. what would be the actual tactics required in the next seven days. coming up, danny glover will talk to us about his support for bernie sanders. if you're watching us in washington, you can now listen to us on bloomberg radio, 99.1. we'll be back with how to stop trump, if it's possible, right after this. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. (patrick 2) pretty to be the boss of you? (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you...
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we're back with long time republican strategist. start with you, a threat four years ago, you engaged in a multi prone attack. you sent surrogates to his event. are you suggesting that taking trump on will require that multi pronged effort. >> that's the only way to beat trump. only way to win a modern campaign.
3:31 pm
we did the same thing in mississippi when we ran against -- with ed cochran against mcdaniel. it's how you win races today. first, when romney got trounced by newt, he didn't pretend he won. he realized he lost, because he lost. he adjusted and the campaign adjusted, and matt rhodes, the campaign manager, put together a comprehensive plan. listen, donald trump is a much easier candidate to beat than newt gingrich. he responds to everything. i've never seen a candidate that is so easy to get inside his head. and i don't understand why these campaigns aren't having fun with teams going at donald trump. and i can promise you, it is how you will take control of the race, and get him responding to you. >> henry, what stuart says makes
3:32 pm
a lot of sense. i'm wondering why you haven't done that, and he'll win three in a row tonight? >> it's a given that he is going to win tonight and it's a given he is going to have a very good day on super tuesday as well. but you know, we've worked on campaigns together and we usually agree, and i don't disagree with him here, but i don't think that he has to decapitate donald trump today, or tomorrow or next week. he needs to hang in there close enough certainly where trump is wrong, he needs to make that very plain. i would say this. it would be smart for us to kind of foreshadow what the democrats might do at their national convention next year. you can imagine if donald trump is our first nominee, first night, we're going to abuse people with disabilities night. the next night, it will be about donald trump hates women, and
3:33 pm
then the third natight, casino night. >> i spent the day after the south carolina primary with your candidate, flying to three different states, listening to his speeches. you're making a good case, but i'm say again, why is senator rubio sitting back and saying a i'll stay close. why not go directly at him? >> well, i'll tell you this. as marco rubio has strong favorables, has a lot of room to go with republican voters, he does need the field to win or decapitate him. take your pick. >> i'm wondering what you think. you've been saying this for a while. it seems to make sense to me from a matter of pure logic. why is it smart people working for these other campaigns and based on henry kind of splitting the difference there, why do you think people aren't saying what you're saying. why aren't they doing what
3:34 pm
you're saying? what could be the argument? >> i suspect that it's denial. and listen, i'm a guy that felt that donald trump would lose. he lost in iowa. i thought people could jump on that. you've got a candidate, look at what donald trump did in south carolina. he called george bush a war criminal. and he attacked the pope. in the one of the most religious states in the country. so you basically have a guy who is running a republican primary, a combination of michael moore and christopher hitchens. this is amazing, he is not going to win, but that's an opportunity and you should be organizing faith leaders to go out and attack him for not respecting the role of faith in the public square. you should be sending iraq vets to his rallies to confront him for calling george bush a liar. he is not going to self-destruct. you have to go in and frame the argument. and people will listen. the idea that donald trump has
3:35 pm
35% or whatever and those people aren't going to move, i don't buy that. he had 10% a few months ago. there is nothing magical about this. people will listen to argument. and whoever makes the most aggressive, logical compelling, passi passiona passionate argument is going to win. >> obviously florida is one he has to finish first in, and i think, you know, midwestern states, he could do well. i think in -- >> like virginia? >> name two he could win, not do well. >> sure. again, i think you've got florida, i think you have virginia, i think that colorado is a state where he could win. there is three for you. >> okay. stuart, who is the second most likely nominee now? >> i don't know.
3:36 pm
i think the race is if a real estate of fl-- real state of fl. cruz had been position would to do well, but he has been stumbling. i can't tell you the answer to that. i think it's really like most presidential primaries come down the battles of will, and who will endure pain, long enough and be willing to do it to win. and i think that's really the state the race is in now. >> yeah. >> cruz is definitely not -- cruz, his campaign is unraveling. he has been caught in so many under handed tricks, the whole trust ted thing is not working out well. >> okay, guys, thank you both, two great mississippians. when we come back, john's conversation with danny glover, right after this. technology.
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3:40 pm
lethal weapon. last night, i spoke with one of the stars of that franchise, danny glover. outside the american theater in downtown charleston. i started by asking mr. glover why he is supporting a socialist from vermont. >> well, i come here, this was bernie sanders, because i think he is an extraordinary statesman and extraordinary citizen. and certainly, i think, i believe in his message and it's not about bernie sanders' personality. it's bernie sanders and the message he brings here. >> did you know much about him before he ran for president. >> yes, i did. i happened to know him and remembered him as mayor, i remembered him in congress, and i remember he always stood up in the face of enormous odds, and the service of justice. >> what do you think about the issues that he advocates, what are the ones that matter most to you? >> well, certainly the issue
3:41 pm
around inequity in this country. he has identified the prison system and the mass incarceration, a breakdown within the justice system, and he is willing to tackle that. we know the numbers. the numbers don't lie. the number of african-american and latino men and women who have -- who are in jail and incarcerat incarcerated. in terms of them being full-fledged citizens. we know that. those stories. but i think he stands up for that. those are two. we have so many issues. not just one issue pol fish sit. climate change, what's happening on wall street. we're seeing a great deal of the attention. we saw the recession, the impact that that had on families, particularly young and single, black women, as they lost their
3:42 pm
homes in the housing crisis. so all those issues on the table right here. the issues we can't run away from. the of course the issue of race as well. dr. king identified this when he talked about the triplets of racism, materialism, his voice was prophetic, it's time we listened to it and i think bernie sanders' campaign for the white house is the appropriate time for us as citizens to take on our responsibilities as citizens, and that's why i'm supporting bernie sanders. >> sure. we're here in south carolina, the first state in which there will be a democratic primary or caucus of these first for, the majority/min majorit majority/minority, he electorate on saturday will be african-american. hillary clinton has a great chance of winning this race and winning it by a lot is because she has so much support from
3:43 pm
african-americans. so what is it that you -- why do you think bernie sanders will be better for african-americans than hillary clinton would be? >> i think that the issues that bernie sanders deals with, not only simple issues around african-americans, but they are all americans, working men and women. those who believe in participatory democracy, and engaging. african-americans have been at the for forefront, the voting rights acts of 1965, all those things were put into action by african-americans, and particularly, young people, but citizen as a whole. so i think that the one thing that -- certainly, a social ologyaround relationship with the clintons, you know, and but this is not about -- about
3:44 pm
personalities. clinton brand or whatever the personality. this is about how do we now change and reform and -- reform the system we live in. the system we vote and disengage citizens and everything. how do we engage citizenship. >> do you find her either -- just historically, do you find her wanting in some way, there are some african-american votes who look back on welfare reform, crime policies that she and her husband advocated back in the 1990s and they say if you think back to that, bill and hillary clinton were probably for some policies that did not -- were not advantageous to minority communities. are you among the people they are wanting in some ways, or bernie sanders is better? >> let's see what the clinton administration has done, her husband. we can't put this all on -- this is a disciplined animal.
3:45 pm
hillary clinton has done a great deal in talking about lgbt rights. there are other things that certainly, i'm not here what to discuss what her foreign policy and other choices, as a senator, and as a secretary of state. what i know is i have the history of a man from the point, the moment he was the mayor of the small from such a large, mid-size city in ver months. con gr congressm congressman, he received the money to run his campaigns from small donations. >> right. >> not the people who have take -- hijacked i think american democracy. >> the clinton points out rightly there was a time when bernie sanders said that he thought obama deserved a primary challenge. he said some pretty critical things about being a critic in which president obama has been
3:46 pm
too incremental, he has not pursued radical solutions. hillary says i'm with obama, bernie sanders casts doubt. >> this is a democracy. i had doubts about obama and from the first thing i said about obama's candidacy, you know, the candidacy of a plaque president is not a movement. it's just a candidacy of a black president, you know. in that sense, i think that bernie sanders is the one who exemplifies the king legacy. so many african-americans. emma goldman, eugene debbs, who was against world war 1 and ran for president from prison, because he was in jail. you know, so all these kinds of things, this is an historic moment for this country, and i think we have two candidates here. it's obvious that these two candidates represent in some ways the desire yearning for a
3:47 pm
participatory democracy. >> enormous thanks to danny glover. the leach experiment coming up and even greater, alexander wagner of the last pancake, after this. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day. fill you with optimism? presentation then you might be gearcentric. ♪ right now, get 25% back in rewards on hp ink, toner, and paper! office depot officemax. gear up for great ®. rheumatoid arthritis like me,e and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain
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joining us now, journal list, different from most others, either one of those categories, because they don't hold back at all. bloomberg politics contributor, alexander wagner. you have piece of bloomberg politics that we need to promote. a story involves a trip you made to go see bernie sanders for i think the first time in his campaign. tell us what happened.
3:51 pm
>> strange because it was the day after nevada, however they're pronouncing it. >> don't say nevada. >> and so, no, not that either. so any way, so they basically, it was the day after that loss, so the volunteers had this, you know, they kind of average bernie sanders volunteer, they're five hours beforehand, 100 of them and firing each other up and but it was funny. they're so young and so eager, they don't see, like there was this big talk, do you want to see what happened again last night. no, get out there and talk to the voters. like demographics don't matter. this is a -- eisenberg crowd. we can personally go out and do that. i almost felt bad in a way, because things are going against them a little right now and to watch a lot of people to come to that realization and struggle with it was fascinating to see. >> right. here in columbia, and about to go off to see hillary clinton do
3:52 pm
an event, a town hall meeting not far from here where she'll have an amazing collection of female relatives, mothers, sisters, daughters, black teenagers, african-american focused event. i'm curious as to whether you -- what it is you think that african-americans see in hillary clinton, that's really kind of basic thing. the reason i ask the question, i keep asking people who are supporters of hers here, what is the policy that matter to you, none of them can put their finger on that she would be better than bernie sanders would be, but they're still loyal to her. >> it's two parts. one is the clinton legacy in the south, which has incredible. she served in obama's administration. they have a close relationship. she has proposed herself as the emissary of his policy, carry them further and magnify them.
3:53 pm
you're right, john. not only is it hard to pinpoint the thing that excites them to your peace will, there is such a world weariness with the clinton supporters. you talk about someone i'm 40 and i'm basically giving up, so i'm voting for hillary, right. so i mean, that's -- i mean, that's bottle that enthusiasm and sell it. >> it was funny, i was out in nevada with david fluplouffe, a he said to me as we were at the field office, he said it feels weird not to be with the kids. he was like, i was with the kids in 2008, and in 2012 to some extent, to be people my age and others. >> i think it's like that for obama supporters too. the president has turned out to be a realist and pragmatist, and now here is hillary versus bernie and it's weird i think for people to find themselves on that side. >> it's strange to see obama supporters saying yes we can, and now they're yelling yeah,
3:54 pm
you probably can. you probably can. i'm still supporting, but you probably can. >> sort of. >> but you met a socialist. >> i did. an actual socialist. >> up in greenville. >> people who don't know greenville, not a big socialist contingent. >> you met the only one in greenville, and he thought what? >> his name is steve compton and he has been a socialist in greenville, south carolina, for -- since 1970. i've never met another one. then all of a sudden, 5,000 people show up to vote, show up to support him. but even then, what he found fascinating was we're talking about these kids, like they don't realize how it works and how they're going to realize it's going to get harder. he found so much hope from this. he feels like these things come in cycles. to see what has done to hillary, he's like this. he's probably not going to win. the math is against him. but to me, that's not a reason to be upset about it. it's a reason to be happy and excited, see what he has done for her and taking the next
3:55 pm
step. >> this generational story is interesting. there has been a bunch of journalism done where families the mother or grandmother are for hillary and the son is for bernie sanders. eric garner, his mother for hillary, his daughter is for sanders, openly. there is no doubt that younger african-american voters here are more attracted to sanders, and if he has any traction with that con st constituen constituent see, if he wins, but african-american young people, under 30, under 40, is that suggest can claim as a moral victory if you're bernie sanders. >> it's interesting what it tells us about the generation, because they're more than racial politics as it were. what does that mean for the future? is it more -- i mean, we -- we don't understand how this generation self-identifies and this could be a window into that. >> alex wagner, brilliant as
3:56 pm
wuls. >> brilliant as usual. >> comical. >> exceptionally brilliant. >> great to be here. we'll be right back with who won the day. and drifted off into the twilight. and when we woke, we found that the whole world had reinvented itself. sail with princess cruises, the best cruise line in europe. limited 7-day mediterranean fares from $999. call your travel consultant or visit princess cruises. come back new. it's my job and it's i takealso my passion.rises. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now... i'm back.
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3:59 pm
mark, i'm here in eastern time, where the day is basically over. you're on pacific time where it is not. but i have the privilege and pleasure of ask who won the day? >> the two front-runners, everyday that passes and no one lays a glove on hillary clinton or donald trump, they win. others may have good days, but. >> i think donald trump won this day so big time, like if you can get away with making basically, like again, a little bit of i colloqual humor, i don't get to be on cable news all day long. donald trump, master of the media. he wins the day. check out bloomberg
4:00 pm for the latest on nevada, thanks in south carolina for hosting us. >> we'll have all the results from here. sayona sayonara. coming up "hardball with chris matthews" with chris matthewmat. could be a bad night for the trumpers. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris m t m.a.a. matthewts. ted cruz and marco rubio made their closing arguments today, in other words, making their case against donald trump. >> frustration is not a plan. being angry is not a plan. it doesn't solve the problems. this election can't be just about making a point. it can't be about electing the


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