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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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ancestors from ghana. they probably hold it in their hands eager to open the next envelope to see if there's something familiar in that one. in those seconds when voters held beast of no nation, many of them saw nothing that interested them. they felt no occur osty about it. they felt no connection to it, no connection at all and that, that is how you get all white oscars. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris mathews back in washington. that reference i made to bernie, that's at the university of
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chicago, the whole hour, starting at 8:00 tomorrow night, the college tour, which we've always loved. he'll be leading the way. five days before super tuesday, we'll be at the university of chicago with senator bernie sanders. meanwhile, last night in nevada, donald trump scored a big win, of course, with record turnout in that state. trump got 46% of the vote. his biggest percentage so far. close to 50 now. three straight contests ahead of super tuesday, which is unbelievable coming tuesday. this morning, he picked up two u.s. congressional endorsements, chris collins of new york, and duncan. meanwhile, super tuesday states, is donald trump completing his hostile takeover, the republican party, that's our question tonight. is it over? trump celebrated his victory last night in las vegas, and promised a lot of winning for the country if he is elected. >> we weren't expected a couple of months ago, we weren't expected to win this one.
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you know that, right? we weren't. of course, if you listen to the pundits, we weren't expected to win too much, and now we're winning, winning, winning the country. and soon, the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. >> i said phil, i don't want your money, i'm self-funding. every time i see him, it's a hard for me to turn down money, because that's not what i've done in my whole life, i grab and grab. i ged greedy. i want money. i'll tell you what we're going to do. now we're going to get greedy for the united states. we're going to grab and grab and grab. >> unusual victory speech. any way, usa today, senior politics editor, political analyst. here is the question. can anybody else beat him? can anybody beat him at this point? is it over? >> i don't think it's over, but it's on a path to being over and
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hard to beat him and it's hard to imagine just what it is that is going to beat him. >> sure. it could be done. >> wait, i'm not interested in outside im plausibilities. >> what is happening is a classic prisoner's dilemma. where rubio and cruz know what's in the rationale interest, and neither one is going to take the leap. >> alfonse -- go to a door and can't decide who goes first. >> polling is there to support the proposition, if one were against, it would work. >> shake things up, fox news today, mitt romney is back. he said there might be a bombshell, he is being so cautious here. he'll release his turns at some point probably. here is what romney did to shake things up. >> frankly, i think we have good reason to believe that there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> what do you mean?
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>> well, i think there is something there, either he is not any where near as wealthy as he says he is, or he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to pay, or perhaps he hasn't been given money to the vets or to the disabled, like he has been telling us he has been doing. the fact that he is so aggressive in avoiding any discussion of taxes of his taxes, and is not willing to put them out so far, suggests that there is something in there he doesn't want us to see. >> that's not very gentlemanly, is it. >> you might expect on twitter, mitt romney totally blew an election should have been won and his tax returns made him look like a fool is now playing tough guy. and quote, when mitt romney asked me for my endorsement last time around, he was so awkward and goofy, we should have known he could not win. so he puts in the person punch, below the belt, but wht.s going on here. is this the last desperate effort of the establishment?
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>> i think -- >> they're do anything? >> an alarm in the establishment, let's call it the establishment, about how to timid some of these campaigns an candidates have been in going after trump. they're saying they need to essentially do it themselves. >> how do they go after him? how do you beat him? >> that's the problem here. mitt romney couldn't be a more imperfect effect messenger. he himself had to the idea that mitt romney, quote, couldn't they get someone else to do it, because he is not the perfect messenger. >> everyone going after him, jujitsu, you fall on your face, everyone of them. go through the list. rick perry is a goof now. i mean, look at scott walker, unbeatable, gone. jindal, gone. >> possibly this is why rubio, maybe that's why rubio and cruz aren't eager to -- does mitt
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romney actually know somebody, know something. >> i think it's groundless. trash talk. >> he see how it affected his campaign. >> yeah, but he doesn't know anything. >> i don't know if harry reid knew anything. >> no. two guys didn't know anything, doesn't make one right and the other wrong. they're plain trash talk. i bet his tax returns are really bad. >> the broader point is important. sheer desperation at this point. they look at what is happening. they think it's getting out of control. >> does anybody think that donald trump isn't going to be the nominee because he doesn't pay a lot of taxes. >> he managed not to pay taxes. >> he said it many times. my goal is to reduce my taxation. >> isn't that the goal of most of us when we pay our taxes, to pay the least legal amount of taxes. >> he has made the point he went about trying to reduce as much taxes as possible because he likes winning. >> any way, the "washington post" editorial board called out
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party leaders. here it is. history will not look kindly on gop leader whose fail to do everything in their power to prevent a bullying dem magog -- >> it is a very hawk ish.ç >> how about the comment the other day, i won't take sides between israel and the air rabs. >> they've since backtracked on it. >> he just did tonight. >> what did he say. >> 100% with israel, of course. >> i think they look at the candidate gss and they actually see marco rubio as their foreign policy candidate. donald trump is an isolationist. >> rubio is the perfect choice. >> there is not some primaries, isn't that the democratic system? if he wins, caucuses and primaries, delegates that way. >> we've been watching this. we were on all night last night.
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ever since the tea party got going in '10, the republican leadership has been atrophied to nothing. he left this town as a nothing. their leaders don't mean anything. they think they're the establishment. do you know who the establishment is, the tea party back home. >> a step further. >> the name for the leaders, trump is the guy now. >> remember in 2012, mitt romney went to trump tower to meet with donald trump to get his blessing, that was inviting it in. >> how about this? bohener said he snuck in from africa, he wasn't a naturalized citizen. john boehner was asked about that. he said i can't -- i call it original sin, and the republicans are now paying for it. they weren't stop in the beginning, and now they're being tracked down one at a time. cruz is a canadian. >> rubio may not be actual eligible. >> where does it stop.
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any way, bill crystal, another factor, rubio backing. a smart guy, incredibly leading people, leading, isn't ready to concede the race to trump. rubio and cruz have to take the fight to trump. donors and others have to take on trump with money and determination. what's that? we're dead? >> again, i go back to the point. this should have been done five months ago, one year ago, two years ago. they just have never gone to the point where they're willing to pull it. >> i sat there with rachel and brian late into the night. what always amazes me, trump gives a victory trump when it is appropriate. they always get trophies, no matter what he does, he is now three, five, two and two, right? rubio always gives a victory speech. >> if, but if the trump's owe
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point nets. >> another great night. and then he was asked on fox this morning, can you name a state you will ever get, ever, and he wouldn't name one. >> yeah. >> what about florida? >> he is not going to -- he is not in position to win florida right now. >> if they started to air antinegative, trump ads. >> it is proving negative, because as of the money spent to date, only 4%, about $9 million has gone to be anti-trump. think about that for a second. he's leading the polls, and you only spent 4%. >> something magical happened between saturday night when trump south carolina, and something happened in those hours afterwards, it went from being he pulled a big victory to he is inevitable. what happened? >> i think. >> what you were saying, they don't call us around one person, they all divide up again. >> i think after iowa, people were relieved that he didn't finish first, okay, well, maybe
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the air has gone out of the balloon. new hampshire, residual support in the state. in south carolina, he had the disastrous debate performance, when he scores a big victory in that state, it becomes serious. >> the only state he has lost now was a caucus state where he wouldn't do the debate. >> without a great history of choosing nominees. you know how he got to be seen as the likely nominee, by winning. >> everything else seemed to die. any way, one thing marco rubio seems unwilling to do is take on trump directly. he doesn't want to d a fistfight with the guy. here he is. >> i don't have any voters beg pleeg to attack anyone. i'm not in the race to attack any republican. i'm more than happy to show differences. i'm more than happy to show differences and we've been able to do it. i didn't run for us to tear up other republicans. >> caution was due in part to fear. let's listen.
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>> maybe because 14 people went after me, and 14 people are now, you know, officially gone. so i don't know. 'p+e a very good track record when they do go after me. >> well, that's it, isn't it? this guy is just, he is lethal. >> it's pretty simple. not much to add to that. everyone who has gone after him, has failed at doing it, and you have to imagine that that's what marco rubio is -- >> remember the last days of the sadam regime, they would go to hot spots after dinner, if you went there with a date or anything, don't make eye contact. that's what trump has become. don't make eye contact with the guy. >> i guess so. >> so what are we doing for a living? any way, we got the next tuesday, of course, i think a couple of things. i noticed two spins out there. one is that today, i was watching one of the other networks, where they said that all rubio has to do is win one
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by march 15th. the other one is that all cruz has to do is win texas. i thought rachel was a riot last night when you said you know i'm going home to my home state to try to hold it. >> super tuesday, just next week, what if trump has -- the kind of night we think he will have. >> nine of 11. >> at that point, 30% of the convention delegates will have been chosen, so you're getting up to some significant numbers. >> you guys go out and report, and maybe it's happening in the last few hours, literally. where the establishment of the people, scared to death of putting trump up for president, because then it becomes vote for your voert nominee, or you let bernie or hillary clinton win. that becomes frightening. women especially. >> first of all, i think objectively, there is a frightening for a lot of people. i think for the establishment specifically, there is real political concern. not just about what it means in the presidential election, but
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imagine every senator up for a tight bluish state, they're going to have to disavow their president and asked about it during the next six months. the down ticket are petrified of this. this is why this doesn't end, even if trump has a great super tuesday. there will be money, interest, and support for at least stick in, hoping against hope that something -- >> what if trump wins pennsylvania, meats and potato states. >> head to head against hillary. >> we're going to show you in a few minutes. he is there, head to head with them. any way, thank you, susan and stan. as i mentioned, tomorrow night, we'll be live at the university of chicago with our special guest, u.s. senator bernie sanders. that's for the full hour, that's tomorrow night at a special time 8:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. coming up now, return to the democratic race, hillary clinton has a big lead in south
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carolina. this saturday, what does sanders need to do on super tuesday to keep his hopes alive, and what is his strategy to win this thing. he could still win it. dead before arrival, senate republicans say they won't do anything, no hearings, nothing if president obama sends up a nominee. can they win the fight by being the party of no. i don't know. maybe they can. is there a push by the hawks to get marco rubio as a republican as a vp so they can grab the jobs at the nsc. they would love to get in like cheney. they can still be hawk ish. let me finish with the hardball event coming out to chicago. this is "hardball," the place for politics. new numbers in ohio, potential election matchup. we had real people make their own pizzas.
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they chose the ingredients they wanted. i like the fresh dough. what's bha? i'm gonna go with the one that doesn't have the acronyms. get that one without fillers. what are fillers? you guys just made your pizza the way i make my pizza. hey! no ingredients that you can't pronounce and no artificial flavors. and we're proud to announce our new quality guarantee: love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free. get any large pizza up to 5-toppings for just $9.99. online only. at new numbers in ohio, potential election matchup. let's take a look at some of these in the "hardball" scoreboard.
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in donald trump wins the gop nomination, hillary clinton would win ohio by two. i said a minute ago, he could. he has 44% to hillary clinton's 42. this is something to think about. should ted cruz face hillary clinton in november, he would also beat clinton. the texas senator would win 46 to 43. marco rubio fairs better. rubio, 47 in ohio, clinton, 42. not surprising, ohio fairs the best in ohio against clinton. 17 point favorite out there according to quinnipiac. kasich 54%, clinton, 36. that might get him a seat on the ticket. we'll be right back. i believe that on super
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now...if you'll excuse me, i'm late for an important function. saving humanity from high insurance rates. i believe that on super tuesday, we have got an excellent chance to win many of those states. i believe that when democrats assemble in philadelphia in
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july, at that convention, we arç going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> well you know you're in trouble if you talk about upset. any way, welcome back to "hardball." his concession speech on saturday, convention this summer, but his observers have pointed out, his path has narrowed a bit. david wasserman of the political reporter said quote, clinton could end the race in two weeks time on super tuesday. well, super tuesday is next week. a national nbc news poll this week shows clinton, hillary clinton with a double digit lead, but down from what it was. that bodes well for the clinton campaign. next tuesday, when voters in 11 states will cast their ballots
11:21 pm
on march 1st. patrick healey reports, spending heavily to win four of the super tuesday states, colorado, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, while taking victory in the home state of vermont. sanders has refused to predict the out come, but here is what he said to reporters today about his long-term prospects. >> she is not the inevitable candidate now. we've got a real shot to win it. what i would ask of the media is not to look at a state by state. you know, we're going to win some states, we're going to lose some states. there are -- it is necessary to get 2,400 delegates. we're going to have good days and bad days. clinton will have good days and bad days. let's look at the long-term thing. >> i'm joined right now with jane newton small, howard fineman of the huffington post. howard, we've been through these, they never look alike. >> no. >> i remember coming out of
11:22 pm
nevada eight years ago, thinking hillary had it in the bag. she beat him out thereafter winning in new hampshire, she was on the road to win, it didn't work. this time around, bernie has a point. bernie sanders, these patterns do shift. >> the patterns do shift. the good news for bernie sanders is proportion representation, in other words, the way they decide the primaries, the way they count, will keep him in the ball game, every state, he'll pick uç delegates. >> you get 45%, you get 45%. >> yeah, that's the good side. the bad side for him is he needs some really big victories to put her on the defensive again. he has got to win overwhelmingly and it's difficult in this kind of mathematics to win overwhelmingly. the other thing is psychological. it's psychological as well as math. when he didn't win that thing he needed to win out there in nevada, when he didn't win that, that broke the spell. what he needed to do with
11:23 pm
hillary is create panic in the traditional democratic ranks, right. he needed to create panic. if he beat her there, he would have. but he didn't, and he won't. >> and like you saw today, with harry reid, the senate minority lead endorsing hillary clinton. >> he endorsed her over the weekend. >> when it counted. when it counted. >> i mean, it matters though, because it piles onto the momentum, she's going to be the nominee. and so therefore, he cannot regain the lead. even if he regains the lead, she'll argue i have all the super delegates, so i'm going to keep an artificial lead. >> the only danger for hillary clinton, churchill said that about people, they have a problem when they're winning. they're better when they're losing. >> she is. >> let's face it, she is not overwhelmingly popular, even among her own base for the most part. people appreciate her work. there is some grudging respect,
11:24 pm
a lot of women admire her. she has some admirations. >> everybody knows what they're afraid of -- >> that's why she has -- >> trump says terrible things. a lot of us look at it, he doesn't mean it. he is not going to throw 11 million people out of the country. he's not going to do that. if he does, he'll say i told you i was going to do it. what are they afraid of with hillary. aren't authentic. >> she is uninspiring. she gives speeches, and it's like you go to the speeches, save for retirement, save for college. it's very practical advice, it's very like okay, i should do these things if i were -- it's like eating your broccoli sort of stuff, right. >> bernie sanders is trying to get back to the game. hillary clinton, release transcripts of her speeches to wall street banks. just last night, he is trying to tag her on this. here he goes. >> what secretary clinton said i will do it if other people do
11:25 pm
it. well, i am very happy to release all of my paid speeches to wall street. here it is, chris. there ain't none. >> that was chris cuomo. this is interesting. here is secretary clinton. >> will you agree to release trees transcripts? they have become an issue. >> sure, if everybody does it, and that includes the republicans, because we know they've made a lot of speeches. >> you know everybody is not going to bring up their transcripts. >> why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else. i mean, you know what, if people are going to ask for things, everybody should be on a level playing field and i'm happy if that were the case. >> first of all, the united states senators running can't get money for that. we can't do it here. asking the other guys, you know, to do it, rubio can't give money speeches, and cruz can't. so wzo is she talking about, donald trump.
11:26 pm
>> does she go around with a tin cup doing money speeches. >> campaign trail, bernie sanders and others out there, there are two or three things that are her weak points. there is the whole question of being in government too long, question of being part of the establishment. this thing about wall street really cuts. >> what part of it, taking the speech money. >> just the proximity to the closeness to, the whole thing of the clintons and clinton foundation and their chumminess with the business approach of the democratic leadership council going back to the early days of bill clinton. clintonism is what is her weak spot with the base. >> it has always been her strength too. >> that is her strength. as jay was pointing out with the establishment. but if bernie is going to pull the up set of the century, he has to go stronger and harder, because that's her big weakness with the base. >> is he going to start naming names? a lot of the people are hanging out with the clintons are
11:27 pm
liberal democrats, they go to all the fund-raisers, they get a lot of ships when the time comes, and its as a fact. >> she has always challenged him to say prove i'm corrupt. find a vote where i took -- >> let me -- >> so he is going to start saying here is a vote that she was corrupt on. >> can i explain corruption. >> you're chairing a big committee on banking and you don't do the regulation, you don't be aggressive. it's not that you get caught stealing the typewriter or the computer. it's not like you're thief or do something evil, it's that you don't do it. that would be bernie's best argument. if they don't police wall street. they're not aggressive. >> he has to go after the e-mails. he has got to go after that stuff. >> doesn't he have to wait until the fbi. >> he has to raise the question. >> but doing it now, he has already said 1,000 time gs, he can't do it. >> i think you and i --
11:28 pm
>> throwing in the towel. >> we had the same reaction when he did that. hey, this is not beanbag here. >> what does he do now, prior to getting the nbi report? either -- >> raise the possible -- if he wants to pull the upset, he has to tear down what's left of the democratic establishment, which is embodied by hillary clinton. he has got to -- >> he that ruthless. >> i don't think he is. >> i think he prefers the intellectual exercise, you'll see university of chicago tomorrow night. >> he wants to be positive, run the positive campaign. >> cruz campaign would do it. >> trump team will do it. >> cruz would get caught at it. >> trump would just names. >> i think bernie does have this soul about things, not doing that stuff. he didn't come into politics to do that. >> i think jay was implying. that's one of the reasons people like bernie sanders, and that's the guy you will a he see on display tomorrow night at his
11:29 pm
alma mater, the university of chicago. >> enough about the e-mails, okay. >> imagine what donald trump will be doing if it turns into a trump versus hillary general election. take a tenth of that and give it to bernie sanders, if bernie sanders is serious about pulling this upset? >> yeah. >> can you go that negative and win still? i mean that's negative. >> trump has been doing it. thank you. who in your magazine did the article that trump loved. >> david, the cover story. >> was it any good. >> yeah, it was a great story. >> it was more about -- >> trump liked it. he hates the media, but loved the article. >> it is more about the voters than about trump. >> compliment to you guys. it's also about time magazine. he wants to be on the cover of time magazine every week. he has to have it. >> you know who had more coverage, richard nixon. thank you so much. howard, you know your stuff, as always. up next, before arrival, senate republicans to block any
11:30 pm
hearings, any conversations, any courtesy call, nada, nobody is going to get any where. vetted in the public, which could be rough on any nominee. they're not going to do anything. this is "hardball," the place for politics.
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this nomination will be determined by whoever wins the presidency in the fall. i agree with the judiciary committee's recommendation that we not have hearings, in short, there will not be action taken. >> that was the republican leadership surrounding mcconnell there. that was senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying it will be a waste of time for obama to put a nominee forward. any way, the leadership says any nomination from the president
11:34 pm
will be dead on arrival, actually dead before arrival, because it's too close to the now gop leaders say they won't even gave them courtesy calls to them. listen to this. >> i don't see the point of going through the motions if we know what the out come is going to be and we are united on that. don't see the point of going through the motions. >> this decision ought to be made by the next president, whoever is elected. i don't know the purpose of such a visit. i would not be inclined to take one myself. >> wow. president obama said today it's time to put partisan ship aside. that will be the day. and both sides should fulfill their constitutional mandatesment. here is the president. >> i'm going to do my job. we are going to go through a process, as we have done in two supreme court vacancies to identify an outstanding candidate. i recognize the politics are hard for them, because the
11:35 pm
easier thing to do is to give into the most extreme voices within their party, and stand pat and do nothing.ç but that's not our job. our job is to fulfill our constitutional duties. >> i'm joined with the round table. the conservative union, reporter for the american urban radio, msnbc david corn washington bureau chief. i'm going to ask the senator, senator sanders when i get a chance, what would you do if you're in the president's shoes right now, april, right now, and you have vacancy in the supreme court, a big vacancy, to shift the court to your are direction philosophically, do you shift ahead, name a person that you
11:36 pm
like, that you really think is the kind of person you want, and fight like hell for him or her, or do you punt? >> he is president of the united states today, and until january 20th, 2017, at noon. so this president has to look at the issue of legacy and the fact that he is still presidential. if he doesn't do it, there is a sign of weakness he is showing. he has to operate -- >> precedent is important. >> precedent is important. you have to look at the politics from it. day one, mitch mcconnell said what about barack obama. >> number one goal was to destroy his presidency. >> exactly. >> any way he can win this, the president? any way he can push the republicans by putting up a sterling nominee, maybe of certain ethnic background, republicans don't want to mess with, or gender, some combination of sterlingness politically if they screw this person, don't even give them a hello, handshake, don't let them this the door, will that hurt the republicans to say okay.
11:37 pm
>> she doesn't have a law degree. >> you don't have to have one. >> yes you do. >> they've made it clear and this is a mistake to say we won't consider anybody. we're not going to listen to you, not -- >> no court see calls. >> nothing. smarter play for them, election year, we don't know, let's see what -- >> why don't they -- ma it. t, -- matt, why don't they have the hearing, courtesy calls, treat the person, black or white, south asian perhaps, i don't know, these people could be great. do nice things, talk to them, vet them, and them vote them down. they don't get the 60 votes. what's wrong with that? >> it has to work with both sides. it gets tough for the republicans if they pick someone who it is hard for their
11:38 pm
moderate members to fight. and that's where the strategy, you could actually get someone through, if it is sandoval. >> it will be a liberal, somebody who is definitely pro-choice, and definitely, not going somebody to reverse, maybe someone that wants to take a look at citizens united. >> action voting rights are up as well. >> democratic presidents are good at picking the rules, whereas republicans picking strong conservatives, my guess if obama wants to pick a liberal. >> i hate to educate you, frankfort was picked by roosevelt, and he ended up being a conservative guy. white, conservative. >> on purpose? >> it was. >> it wasn't an antibusiness democratic. >> okay. >> re-educated by a republican. >> but it would be good to have a fight over the substance. >> suder. the president would get ae
11:39 pm
chance to decide a liberal or -- >> the stalemate, the door is slammed before the nominee. >> we're going to win that, because that's what our party needs. >> the american people will win. they're going to show their hand. the american people are going to decide. >> will the president make a nomination. >> of course, without a doubt. >> of course. >> as long as he can find someone that will go. >> knowing they'll never -- >> crappy thing that the republicans are waging. >> all the risks of being vetted and somebody finds something bad about you, but you don't get to be on the supreme court. that's a rough deal. >> they're already on aless from the two prior, so they're already kind of vetted somewhat to a certain extent. >> wise words. >> thank you. >> perhaps. >> you played your part well. the round table staying with us,
11:40 pm
a look at last night's second place finisher, marco rubio. the same crowd that brought us the war in iraq, the hawks if you will are out there buzzing $ around, pushing rubio again. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. i'm dave price with breaking news here on msnbc. severe weather up the east coast, carolinas all the way up the eastern seaboard to the 95 corridor between washington and new york. watches and warnings in place at this hour through several states, including new jersey. that's how far north this goes. there have been ten reports of tornado touchdowns today and in the last 24 hours, the death toll has risen to seven. this is what some of the areas before dark. we go to henderson, north carolina, where that is the western part of the state that saw a huge funle cloud, waverly virginia, where three people were killed, including a two year old child. hunt borrow, south carolina, 180 miles from charlotte, where the damage continues to be assessed.
11:41 pm
we're continuing to watch the severe weather. in the meantime, back to "hardball," and update as you necessary. right now on msnbc, we return you to "hardball" with chris matthews. the vast and overwhelming majority of republicans do not want donald trump to be our nominee. that's evidenced by the fact that your own poll last week showed that if it came down to me and donald trump, i would beat him by 16 points. as long as there are four people dividing up the votes, you're going to get results like what you saw last night. >> that's defining your own failure. there he is explaining why he is not going to win. republican establishment this week, marco rubio hoping to emerge as the only alternative to donald trump. before long, he sought the establishment's backing, rubio had already gained the support from neo conserves, and of course, steven hadly, all pushing for rubio.
11:42 pm
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got all the jobs, knowing how to get them is the oldest art form in d.c. >> the old liberal party in new )jtáip >> the old communists, come to the meetings, stay late, come to every committee, and the people who have been advising him on
11:44 pm
foreign policy, are the fellows who are in favor of the iraq war, want to start a war with -- the vast and overwhelming majority of republicans do not want donald trump to be our nominee. >> that's defining your own failure. there he is explaining why he is not going to win. republican establishment this week, marco rubio hoping to emerge as the only alternative to donald trump. before long, he sought the establishment's backing, rubio had already gained the support from neo conserves, and of course, steven hadly, all pushing for rubio. also sought the endorsement out in vegas, but hasn't gotten them. donald trump, quote, shelton
11:45 pm
atle son looking to give bug money because he feels he can mold him into his puppet. trump isn't doing himself any favors. last week, he said he is not going to take sides. he is not going to take any sides between israel and palestinians. we're back with the round table. let's go along the line here. is the neo crowd, who loves, i'm not knocking their ideology, they're very hawkish, but they do like jobs, they wants jobs iç the national security council, in the defense department, they wants to be able to get in there and get their policies across with the help of dick cheney. they love those jobs. >> that's right. >> and they seem to see rubio getting the vice-president density and to take us to another war. >> they haven't given up the
11:46 pm
fact that he might be the president. if things keep going the way they keep going, get him on the ticket, a great candidate in all kinds of way to do that, and and you're exactly right, the reagan and bush people, the bush people got all the jobs, knowing how to get them is the oldest art form in d.c. >> the old liberal party in new york, all they wanted was jobs. >> the old communists, come to the meetings, stay late, come to every committee, and the people who have been advising him on foreign policy, are the fellows who are in favor of the iraq war, want to start a war with -- >> american enterprises waiting to come into the government again. >> a lot of them were at war with jeb bush. but there is nobody out there, trump wants to impeach george w. bush over the iraq war, ted cruz has a muddy position on foreign policy. >> i agree he is muddy. >> marco rubio is the only horse
11:47 pm
they can ride. >> he sings the song of the hawks, every time he gets in front of a microphone. >> i'm going to tell you something, people are saying marco rubio is not even a factor. i talked to david, democratic scholar, he is like, you know, it's hillary and trump. rubio may as well -- i wouldn't even see him as a vice-president nod, if trump is the nominee. donald trump is showing, in the republican party is trying to pull together all this, minority luster. they've got it for donald trump, which we can't believe, because donald trump has rudy giuliani behind him who is pro gay, pro abortion, and so -- abortion rights. >> i like the way she said it. >> i don't like it that way. >> i'm sorry. he got the hispanic vote. what's going to happen to rubio. >> you're talking about trump here for a minute. i'm out in vegas, the whole week i was out there, i'm waking around the strip, all regular
11:48 pm
people. >> with little cards. >> the american cross, regular people, and very unintimidated when they see somebody like me, they want the selfie and i'm fine with that, i think it's great. one african-american guy came up to me, i didn't have a camera with me. he kept saying, make american great again. what is your message here, back before we had any rights, back in the 50s, is that what you want to go back to. is that resounding around here, this guy is a perfect message of go back to when the country was white dominated. >> that's what the sentiment is within the broad african-american community thought mind meld. when they say that, you know, we are hearing already that you're saying take it back and then you talk about a post racial society, which there is not a post racial society in this nation. what we're looking at, going back to january 2017, we will
11:49 pm
have a post obama era, and what does it look like. it looks like a nation that is flawed, still has issues, yes, racial issues. >> but it's also -- >> they're getting worst -- >> policies or people running off the mouth coming -- >> come on. >> what do you mean come on. i am an african-american, okay, then, some of the stuff that is said out there in public by some of these candidates is offensive. >> i'm not demending what everyone says, make americans great again, all stripes, worried about america's -- worried about jobs. >> african-americans. >> come on. >> conservative people, but because of the issues of race, they will not go to the conservatives, they will not go to the republican. your head leaders -- >> how is it working for them? >> how is it working for them. >> you're right about rights. a lot of what she says. number one goal to keep blacks from voting. >> no, no, voting.
11:50 pm
>> no, no, no, no, he's talking about getting the black vote. i don't know how he's going to do. >> all we hear is voter suppression. >> let me tell you what reince priebus feels. he feels this is a primary all the candidates can be selective in what they do but when itt comes to the general election -- >> anyway, the roundtable is staying with us. up next, these three will tell me something i don't know. this is "hardball." the place for politics.
11:51 pm
the "hardball" college tour is back tomorrow night.
11:52 pm
tune in tomorrow, i'll be live from the university of chicago institute of politics. our special guest, himself, vermont senator and presidential candidate, bernie sanders. it's at a special time tomorrow night, 8:00 eastern live here on msnbc. and we'll be right back.
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
that's election music, and we're back. matt, tell me something i don't know. >> lots of movement at the republican national committee. people looking at the numbers. looking at all the polls.ç look for big movement, endorsements from the committee to donald trump which helps him if we have a contested -- >> we're getting aboard that ship, ey? >> i have numbers for you. they're expecting hillary clinton to have the white vote
11:55 pm
41% and non-white vote 30%. >> yesterday, big news, mark short who runs the koch political outfit went to work for rubio. people said that's great, he's going to bring the koch brother donors. >> true or false? >> but what people didn't talk about was that outfit has a gigantic data bank for millions of voter files. that's going to be a good -- >> koch brothers for rubio. thank you to the roundtable. when we return, let me finish with tomorrow night's college tour at the university of chicago's institute of politics with bernie sanders. i'll tell you about it when we get back. you're watching "hardball." the place for politics.
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comcast business. built for business. let me finish tonight with what's coming tomorrow night. we're bringing back the "hardball" college tour. we'll be at the university of chicago with its celebrated alumnus united states senator bernie sanders of vermont. we'll have an hour to cover range of topics, citizens united, his plan for government-funded tuition at public universities and qp)ly opposition to the iraq war, his even earlier opposition to vietnam. his student activism at the university of chicago on behalf of civil rights. his response to the black lives matter movement. and all the questions he will get from the university of chicago students, themselves. it promises to be a great night of political and i think philosophical discussion. bernie sanders leads the "hardball" college tour tomorrow night at the university of chicago's institute of politics. 8:00 p.m. eastern here. that's 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night on msnbc. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. tonight on "all in."
12:00 am
>> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> a political earthquake in nevada. >> i think we're really doing well. looks like we're on a great trend. >> donald trump may not be on the glide path to the nomination. tonight, how did it happen? who's to blame? and can he be stopped? plus, who are the people who keep voting for donald trump? did you vote for barack obama? >> yeah, i sure did. >> twice? >> twice, absolutely. >> my report from the caucuses. then, what's the clinton and sanders plan to beat trump? i'll ask both their campaign managers. and president obama vows to ignore the unprecedented republican supreme court blockade. >> let's see how the public responds to the nominee we put forward. >> is the white house considering a surprise republican nominee? when "all in" starts right now. good evening from new york city, i'm chris hayes. all right. er


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