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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  February 25, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> who does he listen to? >> i don't know. >> that's the thing. you can bring on all the smart people in the world. he is still not polling. he doesn't have a date operation. he doesn't have a person going to sit down and say do this or don't do this. >> he has melanie. >> more tomorrow with "mtp daily." "with all due respect" starts right now. i'm mark halperin. >> i'm john helemann. "with all due respect" to mitt romney, i know harry reid. harry reid is a friend of mine. you sir, are no harry reid. republican debate day, hello again from historic, beautiful, amazing charleston, south carolina where the clock ticking
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down to the primary on saturday, has crept into the super exciting 48 hour red zone. that race later. but first, we have a brand new bloomberg politics poll with our partners at purple strategies. we looked at the seven southern states that vote on the republican side on the presidential race on march 1. this is an online poll that surveyed the likely voters of so-called sec primary states. here is what we found, donald trump with 37%, a whopping 17 points ahead of ted cruz and marco rubio, who are tied at 20. john kasich, ben carson are mired in the single digits. mark in houston, my friend, what stands out most to you about this poll? >> donald trump is king of the south. and he is strong not just in the horse race, but the voters here don't consider him the most conservative, and yet they still give him the lead. that means attempts to paint him
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less conservative will not have an affect and the other thing in the poll, we tested him head to head with the individual candidates and he beats them. that puts -- that undermines the argument, there you see it, trump over cruz, 49-40, trump over rubio, 48-44. close, but it puts if the field were just winno, somehow trump would disintegrate. >> i agree. if you look at this poll and look, it's hard to poll a whole bunch of states altogether, but it's a complicated business here doing all the solt eauthern sta. it's the way is he ahead and all important trait, donald trump holdings a commanding lead over these two guys. a delegate race as you know, and so it's possible that in given states, ted cruz could put up a state, one of these southern states, particularly texas, marco rubio could get some delegates, but it seems to me on
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the basis of this poll, it's hard to escape the conclusion that donald trump will be the big winner in the south at least on march 1st. >> conservative as well, but a conservative part of the country. they either like new york values here in the south or willing to overlook new york values, because trump is so strong here, and it fleshes out and people can look at our colleague, john mccormick's story on bloomberg the breadth and depth beyond south carolina, means he is going to have, line to have a big day. the best day of anyone, maybe by a lot on tuesday. >> obviously the implications of that are quite striking, mark. if he halss a big day in the south, it just gives a little more ballast in the past few days since trump, since south carolina and then since nevada, could on march 1st, not put it
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away, but come pretty close to putting it away. >> right. i'm here in houston for the next republican debate. hosted by cnn, final meeting the candidates will have face-to-face before the 11 states, a lot of them in the south vote on tuesday. last 24 hours any indication, donald j. trump can expect some heat tonight. the two rivals going hard, or hardish. even warning voters about a trump presidency. look at ted cruz last night, and marco rubio talking at a rally here today in houston. >> the question right now is how do we prevent nominating a candidate who loses the general election, or for that matter, if donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he would do as president. we need a president we can trust. >> the front-runner in this race, donald trump says he is not going to take sides on israel versus palestinian.
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the pass stin yan authority, which has strong ties to terror, we will not be an impartial advocate when it comes to the issue of israel. when i'm president, we are going to take sides, we're going to be on israel's side. >> every candidate on the debate stage, all five of them, going the person who will be focused on the most is ted cruz. special spotlight on him, because of course, this debate is being hold in his home state, a state even his supporters say he must win on tuesday in order to condition with a plausible chance of the nomination. john, what could any of the rivals do that would be a game changer and slow trump down? >> well, it's funny, mark. even though you said the focus will be on cruz and i don't disagree with that, we've seen ted cruz go to toe to toe, and i'm thinking about the one we
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had in charleston, the republican debate back in january. ted cruz brought his lawyerly chops to that battle and won in some instances on debating points, but didn't stop donald trump at all. i'm looking more at marco rubio, where a lot of establishment republicans want to know, does he have what it takes to go toe to toe with trump and if not, take it down. at least battle him to a draw. can rubio do that or not. we've not seen that. if he did that tonight, that would be potentially, potentially a game changer. >> the two biggest things i'm looking at are one, if anyone has a tim polent moment, you're going to hit trump for something, and then when you're standing on the stage with him, do less than that. and the other thing is, someone will go after trump, the moderators will try to incite it. as a game changing moment, can you beat donald trump in a moment of strength. you attack him, he attacks you back. you have to best him on
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substance, theater tricks, maybe jeb bush did once, they can make trump falt ter er on the debate stage. it's tough to do. >> the one last thing, keep your eye on john kasich. this a moment for him. always in danger at this point of being a asterisk. people ignoring him. if he has an amazing performance, it could do him good. all right, donald trump's biggest, feistiest brawl is not with the pope or george w. bush or john he wiellis bush bush, lw york billionaire, pissing match with the multi millionaire, who happens to have been the 2012 republican nominee. that's right, willard mitt romney. if you're not familiar with this particular melee, friends, take
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the next 40 seconds to catch yourself up. >> donald trump, mitt romney taxes. the year is 2012, nominee, harry reid wants him to release his taxes, he has to pay taxes because he hasn't. 2016, donald trump presumptive nominee. good reason to believe donald trump's taxes. boom, donald trump tweets, tax returns made him look like a fool is now playing tough guy. 4,000 retweets. calling awkward and goofy, calling him a dope. romney retweets. show voters your back taxes. finally, harry reid enters the ring, saying i can't imagine romney coming after anyone's returns. you've done it again. >> i love when we do those things. that's kind of incredible. catches you up on things. my question is why, why is mittens taking on donald trump this way and will it work? >> my sense is that governor romney feels he needs to use his
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standing and stature for the republican party romp, and he thinks he has enough credibility, which is the question of scrutiny. my hats off, he did it in a way that was somewhat finessed, and he was provocative saying there is something in there. you know, no one else in the party who has done in the last week to stand up to donald trump and try to slow him down as mitt romney did with this one thing, and the fact that he is standing up to trump on twitter is also more than almost anyone has done. it shows you, i think, if romney refly tweet suggests, that trump is sensitive on the issue. he is not letting it go. he is attacking back. >> some reason, whether political, financial or otherwise, some reason donald trump has not even agreed to release his tax returns yet.
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i find it amazing. hedging on whether he'll ever do it. it is a legitimate demand on romney's part. he has done it with some pannash. i like the fact that romney uses shakespeare. when are you going to endorse, bud. get in the ring for real. >> he doesn't want to endorse someone who can't win. all right, coming up, more from our brand new online poll, southern state republicans in advance of super tuesday and what they're saying about donald trump's strengths, after this. this place, it's the best-kept secret in football since... hey, how did he get in here?! and with toe nail fungus! fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. now that's prime time. most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. you ready to fight it? ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size.
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joining us now to deep dive into the data of our new online poll of primary state republicans is doug usher. master data scuba diver. doug, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> the methodology.
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this a new poll for us to do. online survey, not broken down by state, but the totality of tuesday. >> that's right. we wanted to take a look across the entire gee off gography, ra than look state by state, the who region. >> how many people did we survey and how did we find them. >> we used an online panel that we have used for past surveys for bloomberg and others, and we also had 1,200 plus respondents to the survey. >> so one of the things we did, john and i talked about it in the first block, we said to the southern group, if your only choice was trump and cruz, trump and rubio, trump came out ahead. what is the significance of that finding do you think? >> i think it goes after two things. the first is the notion of a trump ceiling. sure, he reaches say in the high
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30s as he did in our poll in a 3, 4, 5 way race, but you see the ceiling almost disappears in a two-way race, hitting the mid to high 40s against each of them and topping 50 against kasich. >> so if you look at the numbers, we did that we tested cruz versus trump in iowa, and cruz won easily in iowa. do you think that the change is based on trump having this run of three victories, that's helping him do better in the head to heads? >> absolutely. i think there is a lot about what we're seeing with trump now, both overall with him winning the entire region, and also, what you're seeing with some of the state polling that's coming out, is that when you have the real focus, when you had cruz sending a ton of time in iowa, he did better. but now as things move a lot faster, a lot less time, trump's way of campaigning, trump's efforts seem to be paying off, and the combination of victories plus his strategy seem to be
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doing him very well. >> hey, doug, helemann now. trump's performance because of traits in terms of what saw as strengths. walk us through the donald trump his traits where he leads his rivals by a lot. >> i actually want to go the other direction and look where he is behind. he is actually seen the least conservative and the least committed christian. this is in southern republican primary voters heads and he is still winning. having said that, building the coalition on authenticity, protecting from terrorism, and also he can win in the general election. a lot of the conventional wisdom that we're hearing, he can't win the general, it's not how these folks feel. i think, you know, really important here, everything we thought we knew about southern republican primary voters, that they care most about being the most conservative and religious and being a religious christian,
3:16 pm
is frankly turned on its head here. >> so doug, talk to me about rubio and cruz, in that order, if i'm sitting in the rubio campaign, and i'm sitting in the cruz campaign and reading this poll and digging through and looking at this traits data, what do i see here that gives me some sense of hope? >> well, honestly not that much. because it seems like cruz has done his best, where he has been able to outconservative trump and out-christian trump. right now, the fact that trump leads across the active attributes, and also he has a more positive vision for the future makes it difficult. you know, one thing we didn't test, which i think maybe an opening, i don't know if there is enough time yet, the question of trustworthy. because while he is considered authentic, i think there is a question about whether people can really trust what he believes. you know, we definitely see some high negatives in sub pockets of the population there. there may be an opportunity. i don't know if it's time by march 1st to take a look at that. >> so doug, we asked the
3:17 pm
respondents of this to look at what the pope said about trump and what trump said about the pope. although this is not the most catholic region, it is religious. how did pope v trump do? >> trump did well against the campaign. all the different folks that he has taken on, and people thought he can't take on that person. in this war of words, after hearing the words on both sides about borders and being a true christian, trump wins with 64% against the pope, with the pope getting 18% in terms of people agreeing with what they have to say. now, it could be the fact that the pope was talking about immigration, that's such a hot button issue. but i think it's telling that even among catholics, forget about the whole electorate here, even among catholics, a majority sided with trump on this question. >> doug, i attribute to the fact that the pope does not have a ground game. >> actually, i think he has a pretty good organizing capability across the country and the world.
3:18 pm
>> yeah, but no ground game. so if you look at the totality of this poll, your version of what john asked you, if you were trying to put together a line of attack on trump, is there one that comes out of this. if they don't think he is the most conservative, in a conservative region of the country, they support him, that suggests to me from the campaigns and other republicans that going after trump is going too liberal may not be the way to bring him down if there is a way to bring him down. >> i think that's right. the problem is too many people are looking at trump and thinking there is a silver bullet you can take him down with. if you listen folks criticizing him, other campaigns, he is pompous, not as rich as he says he is, there do needs to be a concerted attack. the problem isn't one of making a choice. the problem right now is strategic. you have too many people aiming too many guns in too many different directions. unfortunately, the problem these two campaigns can't coordinate. as soon as one makes leverage against trump, the other will
3:19 pm
attack them. i think if there was a concerted effort, it's just the notion of a silver bullet, he is not christian enough, he has been married too many times, he says awful things. none of them work, unless there is a concerted strong directed effort, and that's the problem right now. there a real coordination problem for these campaigns. >> doug usher, great poll, great presentation. thanks so much. you can read all about the poll right now, john mccormick's story on bloomberg the who, what, where, when why, the 2016 ad wars, super tuesday style. if you're watching us in washington, d.c. this show eaairs on 99.1. we'll be right back. only one egg good enough for my family.
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campaign currently spending a meager $1.3 million on the tv airwaves in super tuesday states, includes texas and arkansas, where polls show ted cruz with a slight lead. i was thinking about all the commercials in the living rooms across america in presidential nominating season. let's take a look at hillary clinton ad, ads. she is running these spots, here in south carolina, featuring the mayor of columbia, steven benjamin, and congressman jim clyburn. >> i'm the mayor of south carolina capital city, but this
3:23 pm
is my most important job. i wrote an open letter to my daughters, explaining why i'm working so hard to elect hillary clinton. she'll fight for america where all of our sons and daughters have a chance to reach their potential. let's move forward with hillary clinton. >> i think if one were to look at the qualifications of the candidates, reflect upon what our country can be, and who can get us to that place, it's hands down hillary clinton. mark, i've withbeen down he almost the whole week. it's a wash aimed at the african-american vote. she spent a lot of money these on commercials, really looks like she's trying to run up the score and shove a dagger in bernie sanders' heart. what do you think about the ads? >> you know, you and i talk about this all the time. when a campaign is winning, it's easy to say they're a genius, the second coming of bill
3:24 pm
clinton. and the add makers are genius. i firmly believe her performance has been as good as it has been in this campaign. maybe as good as i've seen her. the ads are great. the ad in nevada was great. her team is doing really well. she is doing really well. i don't know why exactly they didn't have ads with that much emotion previously, but they're all part of a very strong messaging operation right now from the candidate on down. >> i totally agree. and really focused not just in terms of the faces and endorsers, but in every way focused at the key minority constituencie constituencies, morgan freeman voicing the ads, running in nevada and have run ever since. jim margolis are doing great. >> airing in virginia on broadcast television. >> 36 years ago this nation faced a period of doubt. after a failed presidency, it
3:25 pm
felt like america was in decline, our economy was a stagnant and the american dream felt like it was slipping away. then we elected a president would inspired us, who asked us to remember who we were and who believe as we do that america's greatest days always lie ahead. now the children of the reagan revolution, are ready to assume the mantle of leadership. >> john, what do you think of the imaginary messages of that ad? >> i like the optimism. i like the fact that it's not, you know, some of the trash talking, down talking of america that donald trump gets involved in. i like it strategically. it could be run by any republican presidential candidate since ronald reagan. it seems too conventional to be able to break through. >> best part is the tone and the way they show the candidate. i they think both address his strengths and weaknesses in a pretty effective way.
3:26 pm
>> all right, finally, the ad makers of new day for america, john kasich super pac, have this new doozy going up in vermont, massachusetts and michigan. >> washington politicians are trying to crown marco rubio, but national polls show john kasich beats hillary clinton by 11 points. not marco rubio. and that of all the gop candidates, only john kasich has the experience to be president. only john kasich. d.c. lobbyist wrong, there is a first. >> so there it is, the incredible shrinking rubio, according to the super pacs, proper experience, i don't know what that means, but what do you think about that ad? >> most uplifting music i've ever heard in a negative ad. >> that's it? that's off you got for me? >> well, i think that john
3:27 pm
kasich is an under valued stock right now and i think his super pac is trying to do what needs to be done and he needs to get some of rubio's, establishment vote. kasich, where the ads on, tells you all you need to know. playing on a small field, but it may be big enough, particularly if cruz and rubio lose their home states. >> we know for the data, he has done some of the most eye-catching, unconventional controversial ads of our political careers. that ad, relatively tame by fred davis standards, in terms of -- john kasich's closest visadviso and we'll be right back. i take pictures of sunrises.
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they call manhattan houston, preview the debate here this
3:31 pm
evening, the new hampshire senator and current supporter of john kasich's presidential campaign, john. >> great to be here. >> what's the state of the race right now? who is left in the field? >> look, as you know, there are five candidates, but frankly, there are three choices. you've got crazy, inexperienced and you have john kasich. the path is -- starts march 1st. there are a bunch of proportional, john kasich will win in a bumpl of states, but then we go to toerritory, michi ohio, you've already talked about it, he is within the margin of error in ohio, running better than rubio, if he wins in ohio, we have a new ball game. >> why is it so many people in the media what some of the other candidates, three person race? why is that? >> laziness.
3:32 pm
they go for a quick narrative, and they look and they say, well, donald trump has won three primaries now, so it must be over. look, it's not the case. we have only one person left in the race with chief executive experience, who has balanced budgets, created job john kasich. i think we'll see, again, that message has resonated everywhere he has campaigned. he did great in new hampshire, exceeded expectations in south carolina. and i think in the march 1st primary states, he'll do well, virginia, massachusetts, vermont, even states like arkansas and tennessee, threshold is 15 and 20%. the possibility with a strong close to win delegates. >> endorsements are overrated, but they're part the narrative right now. after jeb bush got out of the race, even before, he received ab enormous amount of endorsements. john kasich got a few, but not
3:33 pm
nearly the number or prpromninc >> we've got senator trent lock. >> you had all those before. >> tom ridge has come up. >> the other ones you've had before. i'm not being critical, and i'm not sure the endorsements are going to help marco rubio much, but the narrative seems to be marco rubio is the guy. >> that's a belt way thing. so you were asking -- >> hailey barber, governors and former governors, he is the only one left in the race. why aren't they rallying around him. >> you've made the case. it's important, it's valuable. one, i don't know that he has ever had a close relationship with hailey barber. i don't know what hear -- second, i would say fear, okay. fear. fear and ego. all of these people, you know, they don't -- they want to be
3:34 pm
with the winner. they don't want to take a risk, no one wants to jump in and take on donald trump. i think there is a lot of fear out there and look, that's the world we live in. but this is, it's not about endorsements, it's about the voters, what they look for in a candidate and chief executive. you know as wells i do, donald trump doesn't have the temperament to be a commander in chief. he has changed position on issues. that's not the kind of leadership we need. john kasich today is the same john kasich that served in congress that balanced the budget and cut taxes, same john kasich that served in ohio as governor, private -- >> do you agree with stewart stevens to say it's great to be positive about your own message, but the time has come and overdue for concerted protracted multi pronged effort to pointing out why he shouldn't be the nominee. if so, why isn't your candidate doing it?
3:35 pm
>> i don't think that's right. lots of people have pointed out the weaknesses in donald trump, i just did. the fact of the matter is, that rarely lifts up the candidate who does the attacking. ask chris christie. he exposed on national tv how inexperienced scripted marco rubio is, that he doesn't have the experience and the skills to be president. it didn't help chris christie at all. you've got to put out a positive vision for moving the country forward. you've got to talk about your skills and abilities, and solutions to problems. john kasich has done that. and that's why in states like new hampshire and south carolina, he has exceeded expectations and he'll do it again. >> i believe at this beginning of the interview, you suggested donald trump is crazy. this is not a joke question. do you think he is clinically crazy or a glib line. >> relative to the other candidates in the race, relative to the kind of temperament you want in a nominee, i didn't say he was crazy. crazy, experienced and john kasich. >> who is crazy. >> my point, only one john
3:36 pm
kasich in the john kasich lane and the others are somewhere else. that's a fact. >> do you have any idea what he's going to do in the debate tonight? >> the best way you can approach it is to talk to the american public about the way you will approach the big problems our country has. eck economics social cultural, how are you going to restore america's standard in the world. john kasich has done that in every debate. he'll do it again tonight, that's what the voters want. that's what they deserve. the media wants something different. they want mud slinging. they want name-calling. they want a spectle. he has refused to give it to them. he can solve problems, someone who has been there before and has shown they can do it time and time again. that's john kasich. >> john, a long way from new hampshire. >> great to be with you. >> all right, thank you. up next, the dean of the north american political press core is here to school us on the
3:37 pm
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3:40 pm
debate how aggressive they intend to be. they have this question or qualm whether they really want to get into a one-on-one with donald trump before the other is out and before kasich is out and there is no incentive for any of the three of them to get out at this point. so they are in a bit of a bind of on what they do. >> ben carson and the single elimination danger in their own states. should we read into the fact that ted cruz and heidi cruz are spending a fair amount in texas. they fear they could lose the state or they're trying to get over 50 to win more delegates. >> you would assume you would think they have to make sure they nail it down and that they can't take any chances. you know, if you talk to them, they feel -- they express confidence about it, and beyond texas. i mean, they don't talk as if texas is the only place they think they have a real shot at winning on super tuesday, but you know, you and i have talked to, you know, strategists in advance of events when they
3:41 pm
sound more confident than they actually are. we'll just have to see how it plays out. there is no question as they know that if they don't win texas, they tonight have a path forward. so you know, if that's the priority, and the question is, is that enough. i mean, i think that's the other issue when you get through super tuesday. let's say he wins texas and donald trump were to win everything else, i'm not saying that's going to happen, but then is winning texas alone good enough to keep going. they say march 5th as having a series of states favorable to cruz, and then, you know, we're, you know, flying blind, but we know each of the three has a big test coming up. >> when you look at what's happened since jeb bush got out since south carolina, you've seen more of the establishment go to marco rubio than to john kasich, i was just talking to you with john about that. more of the governors, more of the members of congress haven't tilted towards kasich and
3:42 pm
largely towards rub yio, but largely. >> it's a mystery to me. they think as a campaigner, he is a more consistent campaigner, and has a fuller message that you would take into a general election, and that he could conceivably do better in the latino community than, you know, than an anglo candidate would do. with a significant record. >> has shown no willingness or desire to stop donald trump, with i is the number one job description for anyone else who would like to be the nominee. >> right. they're taking a risk on that. they're buying into his campaign's argument that when we get him isolated, if they ever do, we will be able to take him down. no evidence of that at this point. and as you say, no compunction on his part to really show much to, you know, to suggest he is
3:43 pm
really got the strength to do that. >> right. as you look at the debate tonight, obviously as you said, it will tell a lot of the story between now and tuesday, but you look between now and tuesday, cruz has the most on the line, because he has to win here. who has more on the line, between rubio and kasich? >> probably marco rubio, because he is the person at this point trying to show he can get closer to donald trump. we know the kasich strategy is a high risk strategy, which is, you know, kind of pick around the edges on super tuesday and then do something important in michigan as a prelude to ohio. but for rubio, he can't say i'm going to wait entirely until florida. he has to show -- >> what's good enough for him on tuesday. >> i don't know. i don't know what's good enough for him. i mean, every week we see somebody claim something that seems more than is justifiable and yet it's enough to get -- >> have you talked to the
3:44 pm
campaigns, is there a state they think they can win. >> they've been very care never to say they have a must win state. i would say in one way it has served them well, because it has preserved their ability to say we've never said we are going to win a state. you can't keep losing, though. >> paid media, he said i feel guilty, way under budget. no ads until today. not very much spread over the super tuesday states. it seems to me, he is a billionaire, drop $20 million in texas on tv and try to bury ted crews. >> you remember in 2008 in the obama campaign, they dropped $15 million or $20 million in ohio, and texas with the goal of ending it. >> right. >> and that much money in those two states alone concentrated was not enough to do it. >> hillary clinton won the vote. >> i don't think there is enough money you could put into these
3:45 pm
states. >> so why put in any? >> maybe he does feel guilty. maybe he feels the need to be on the air or run some aspect of a traditional campaign. he is reaching the stage of what traditional candidates do. but in terms of running a campaign operation, you have to demonstrate that you've got some capacity to do that. >> i hope as a regular candidate, he starts traveling with the press core. >> that would be helpful. >> what's the most encouraging you see now for bernie sanders. >> he can win a number of states on super tuesday and will have the ability to say i'm winning states, you know. she is winning states. we're both winning states. we go to the next hurdle. >> right okay. "washington post," dan, i'll see you over at the debate site. save me some oreos. >> party chair, after these words from our sponsors. may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp.
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3:49 pm
the real question underneath this is, okay, if you take money from wall street. >> right. >> can you regulate wall street. >> right, well, barack obama took more money from wall street than any candidate who has ever run for president. turned around, passed and signed the dod frank bill. i think you should be judged on what you've done. >> there is actually -- >> i'm more than happy to put my record against bernie sanders. if you look at what caused the great recession, a bill he voted for in 2000, had a greater impact than most of the talk that we're now doing. so let's get everybody out on the same field. i feel like, you know, i don't mind being responsive. i don't mind answering questions. but at some point, i want everybody to have to answer. >> i respect that. can you assure the american people that you didn't say anything in those speeches that would undermine your promise. >> absolutely absolutely. >> that was a little sneak peek
3:50 pm
at hillary clinton's interview with joe scarborough and mika. it will air tomorrow in full in the morning. here to speak about the upcoming democratic primary in the palmetto state, jiamie harrison. welcome back to the show. >> thanks for having me. >> so, i want to start, i know you're positive guy and you like to talk about the good things on the democratic side of the aisle. i want to ask you first, hillary clinton has been here a lot over the run up to this primary. just tell me what you think she has done right in terms of getting the kind of support she is going to need, not just to win, but win big here on saturday. >> yeah, i mean, first and foremost, she got the endorsement of jim clyburn, which is really big in south carolina. jim clyburn is probably one of the only democrats that have an established machine in terms of getting out the vote, and so
3:51 pm
that was a big win for her. you know, one of the other things that she has done and you know, from the start, when she decided to throw her head into the ring again for the presidency, she has been methodical in terms of building an operation here, and not just relying on, you know, endorsements from leaders in the african-american community or the democratic establishment. but by going into the communities and having her staff build sort the of this grassroots effort. she has done a good job doing that. but you know what, bernie sanders has poured a lot of energy and effort into doing that as well. >> well, jamie, talk about that more. i mean, i think most of us expected that this week, you would have sanders and clinton in this state, going at it hammer and tongs all week long after nevada, that changed and sanders decided he was going to spend a little time here, not an
3:52 pm
inconsiderable amount of time. i was with him in kansas, missouri, and oklahoma and ohio. so he had not been here all week long. tell me before we talk about what you think might he might not have done well, what has he done well here to give himself a fighting chance on saturday. >> well, i mean, he really hired some really good staff. he hired, took away one of my staff persons, my deputy executive director, crystal spain, and used her as one of his political advisors. he has hired a lot of folks who are known to be on the ground, you know, grassroots activists. so he has done a really good job on the staffing of his campaign, and he has good people in the legislation supporting him. justin bamberg, representative terry alexander. he has done as much he can to come into the race. no one knew he was in south
3:53 pm
carolina, very few people knew he was. he had a steep hill to climb, in terms of increasing his name i.d. in the state and he has done a good job. the question is, he has done enough. >> all right, gentleman im mjam is not well-known here, why, to the extent that hillary clinton has a large lead here and all the polling suggests that, i know sanders, as you said, a big hill to climb, it looks like he is going to fall short, are there things that he could have done that he hasn't? where has he made mistakes or come up short? >> yeah, you know, when i was a teacher, he used to tell my students that the best way to persuade anybody, the most persuasive argument that you can ever make is one that shows and not tell. and you know, bernie sanders does a great job of telling us about, you know, wall street and inequalities in terms of income and all of these different things, but really, i think what he needs to do in terms of
3:54 pm
turning the corner, to really connect with african american voters and voters in the south is how he demonstrates that. how he shows that. so he needs to bring in more anecdotes. start to highlight real people and showcase how these, the policies that he is for, how they impact the lives of folks. i think if he can do that he probably will connect more with folks, and particularly, with african-americans. and that could be more helpful for him, moving forward into other southern states. >> now, jamie, we have sat on the show a couple of times, or at least i have, hillary clinton being here so much this week, was to run up the score on bernie sanders. one thing that i noticed about this week, i expected to see more of bill clinton in the state. he is now here, he could be here again tomorrow. but there has not been as much bill clinton as some people might have expected. you think about that back in 2008, he had a difficult time in this state and did a few things that were controversial. are they keeping him out to
3:55 pm
remind african-american voteders of the things he did two primaries ago. >> i don't think so. i think they're just strategically using the president. i mean, one of the things i think in addition to doing these, he is also doing fundraising for the secretary clinton as well, and so i think it is a mixture of all those things. you know, these campaigns are becoming much more expensive. and i'm sure that the fundraising is a huge component. >> jamie, we don't have that much time, but just looking forward to saturday, i'm not going to ask you you to make a prediction, about you do you think there a reasonable chance there could be any real surprise on saturday? i don't mean bernie sanders pulling an upset, but coming closer than people expect? do you think that's within the realm of possibility? >> i think, you know, what i'm really interested in seeing is how some of the demographics, whether or not the generational
3:56 pm
divide continues here in south carolina as well, particularly in the african-american community, whether young people are voting for bernie sanders and the middle aged, older folks voting for hillary clinton, i want to see what the turnout numbers look like. is bernie sanders bringing more young people than barack obama did. in 2008, it was between the ages of 18 and 29. are more young people coming out as a result of bernie sanders, and those are the types of things i think that will be really interesting, because i think they will play out also in other states. >> all right, jamie, thank you very much. i get the sense you don't think there is going to be a big surprise on saturday. we're always happy to have you on the show. coming up, that segment we like to call who won the week, we'll be right back. delicious. perfect. only one egg with more great nutrition... like 4 times more vitamin d and 10 times more vitamin e. and 25% less saturated fat.
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3:59 pm
the end of another day, so i ask you my favorite question. who won it? >> mitt romney, he struck a
4:00 pm
trump, trump struck back, romney struck back again and so far, as elton john would say, he is still standing. >> i would like to say two winners. romney, but also donald trump who dominated the purple strategies poll. check out bloomberg for the debate coverage. >> see you tomorrow, sayonara. tonight on all in. >> i could win texas. >> the last best chance to stop donald trump. but will his competition cut and run. >> i'm not in this race to attack any republican. >> will preview the final debate before super tuesday. plus the establishment strikes back. day two of romney versus trump gets uglier. >> frankly, i think we have good reason to believe that there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> why actual voters don't care if donald trump is an actual conservative. >> what people are eventually going to vot


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