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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 26, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PST

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tuesday, march 1st. the mississippi primary happens on march 8th. >> it's friday, february 26, right now on "first look." the tenth gop debate proved to be a texas-sized slugfest. >> you have competition. >> now he repeating himself. >> no no no. i'm not repeating. no no. >> i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> you repeated yourself five times four seconds ago. five things, everyone is dumb, he's going to make america great again, we're gonnaç win, win, win. >> please. >> you're all talk and no action. i mean, first of all this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. >> and those were just the slower moments. developing overnight, new
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details on the kansas workplace shooting that left four dead and 14 others injured. and erin andrews leaves the courtroom as the jury is shown the naked video taken by her convicted stalker. "first look" starts right now. and good morning, everyone. i'm dara brown. it was a true texas slugfest. the contenders came out swinging in the tenth and final gop presidential debate before super tuesday. former president george h.w. bush and his wife were in attendance. ted cruz and marco rubio pounced on opportunities to attack donald trump but he wasn't one to sit back and take it. take a look at the top tweeted moment of the night on the subject of replacing obamacare. >> so that's the only part of the plan? just the lines -- the interstate competition? >> you have many different plans. you'll have competition.ç you'll have so many different plans. >> now he's repeating himself. >> no, i'm not repeating. no, no, no.
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talk about repeating. i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> you repeated yourself five times four seconds ago. >> i watched -- i watched him melt down on the stage like i have never seen anybody. >> let's stay focused on the subject -- >> let's talk about your plan. >> five things, everyone is dumb, we're going to make america great, we're going to win, win, win. ever trial. >> the second most tweeted one is trump's attacks on the donations. >> donald, relax. >> go ahead. i'm relaxed. you're the basket case. go ahead. don't get nervous. >> and cruz brings us full circle slamming trump on past health care positions. >> have you said you're a liberal on health care? >> excuse me, let me take. my plan is simple -- we're going
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to have private health care. but i will not allow peopleç t die on the sidewalks and the streets of our country if i'm president. you may let it and you may be fine with it. but i'm not fine with it. >> -- health care, yes or no? just answer the question. >> excuse me. >> on wednesday, trump was the most googled candidate in the state of texas. during the debate t numbers were similar with john kasich and ben carson getting a boost. trump gaped the most followers. later, cruz talked to hallie jackson about the tax returns. >> it was astonishing that donald refuses to hand over tax returns. it raises a real question what's in there. if his audits reveal he committed tax fraud, republican primary voters deserve to know that now and not in the general election. >> you want to abolish the irs. >> i do, but that doesn't mean that anyone can commit fraud. and defraud the irs. >> governor kasich maintained a positive tone after the debate.
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>> as the field getsç narroweri don't have to fight for time, it allows me to be in my comfort zone better. i had the third most amount of time tonight. i was able to get it by being constructive and not being from a war. >> he's right. by npr analysis he edged out marco rubio in speaking time in under a minute. ben carson talked to chris matthews about the future of d medicine and the campaign. >> people ask me do you miss medicine, i miss the way it used to be. this is within of my goals to make medicine efficient again. >> will you be with this race all the way to cleveland? >> it will really depend on how many delegates we're collecting. and how much enthusiasm we have. >> on the democratic side,
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hillary clinton is speaking about -- out about her relationship with donald trump. >> how surprised are you we woke up after nevada and everybody in washington said, oh, my this guy is most likely to be the next nominee? >> i didn't know thatç well, b i did know him and i think it's been most surprising to me to see somebody who was affable and was good company and, you know, had a reputation of being kind of bigger than life really traffic in a lot the prejudice and paranoia and some of the comments he's made which have been decisive and mean spirited, it doesn't quite fit with what i thought i knew about him. so i think it will be interesting to see what if he does get the nomination he decides to do with it, how he presents himself. but he has really been offensive and in many many respects surprising to those of us who did know him. >> meanwhile, "the new york times" editorial board which endorsed clinton is calling for her to release the transcripts
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of her paid wall street speeches. sentiments campaign rival bernie sanders agrees with. >> i have talked about the fact that hillary clinton has received many millions of dollars from wall street for her campaign and for her super pacs. she's received very large speakers fees from goldman speakershink those are importan issues and by the way i agree with "the new york times" editorial. i don't know if anyone saw it today, they urged secretary clinton to release the transcripts of the speeches she gave behind closed doors to wall street. >> well, she's hitting back against her critics. >> the real question underneath in, if you take money from wall street can you regulate wall street. >> right? >> well, barack obama took more money from wall street and turned around and passed the dodd-frank bill.
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so i think you should be judged on what you have done. >> and is -- >> i'd be more than happy to put my record against bernie sanders. if you look at what caused the great recession, a bill he voted for in 2000 had a greater impact than most of the talk that we're now do doing. so let's get everybody out on the same field. i don't mind being responsive. i don't mind answering questions. but at some point, i want everybody to have to answer them. >> right. i respect that call. can you assure the american people that you didn't say anything in those speeches that would undermineç your promise be tough on wall street? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> and big banks. >> coming up, don't miss "morning joe's" full interview with hillary clinton. and tomorrow, the primary in south carolina begins at 6:00 p.m. here on msnbc. three people are dead and 14 others injured after a gunman opened fire at multiple locations in rural kansas late yesterday afternoon. five of the injured are listed in critical condition at
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hospitals. the shooter arranged with a long gun and pistol was killed by police while exchanging gun fire. nbc's dan schenamen reports. >> everybody said there was gunshot, a shooter. we kept hearing pop, pop. >> reporter: it was near the end of the work day when authorities in south central kansas were called to the shooting that was followed by a report of another attack at another location and then word of an active shooter inside excel industries. >> he had no specific target. he just was shooting anyone that got in his way. >> reporter: he first shot someone in the plant's parking lot. >> he was already look at him. he yelled and went -- ç and then entered the building. >> reporter: authorities say there were multiple fatalities and more injured. >> inside the building, he shot a total of 15 people. four were killed and including himself. the shooter. >> reporter: the sheriff says the lone gunman was killed by law enforcement after he went on a shooting spree at four locations. authorities have not revealed a
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motive but he was employed at the plant. dan schenamen, nbc news. kansas governor sam brownback has ordered flags to be lowered today in honor of the victims. chilling and uncomfortable moments in court thursday that prompted star sports anchor erin andrews to leave the courtroom. jurors saw for first time the tape at center of her lawsuit that captured her naked in the hotel room shot by a stalker. morgan radford has more. >> reporter: the video that she says changed her life was shown to a roomful of strangers. erin andrews stepped out as the jury sat in the dark watching the stolen images viewed almost 17 million times. >> so this is the first one at the nashville marriott, correct? >> yes, thisç is one of the on. it's on there -- and many people have individual copies out there. >> reporter: michael david barrett altered the peep hole at andrews' hotel room door and photographed her getting dressed. he admitted tofollowing her to three different hotels across
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the country. caught in 2009 he offered a tearful apology as he was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in jail, begging her forgiveness. >> his apology isn't good enough. it doesn't take down the video off the internet. i have cried enough and it's not taking the video down. >> reporter: earlier andrews' therapist testified and described the panic she felt when her stalker got out of jail and she wasn't told. >> extremely concerned that this would reinvigorate the story on the internet. >> reporter: andrews is expected to take the stand next week, hearing new testimony from the man she says left her hurt and humiliated. morgan radford, nbc news. straight ahead, we'll take you inside iran where voters across the country heading to the polls. we'll tell you what's at stake and how it may impact nuclear deal with america.
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here in the states we're preparing for the presidential election while voters in iran
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are casting ballots today for their parliament. they have a big decision to make between picking reformers or hard line conservatives. well, the supreme leader cast the first vote this morning and he encouraged everybody to go out and vote and millions are expected at the ballot box today. it's election season in iran. campaign posters and flyers adorned the streets of the capital. but there's more at stake than usual. the vote is seen as a key test of reformer's policy of hassan rowan. men and women sit separately and the mood is upbeat. among them is faezeh rafsanjani, the daughter of the former president. she said -- we want a parliament
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that will stand behind mr. rouhani and his programs. people want social reform, economic change, better ties with the global community and transparency. >> we are here to be against all persons who have fundamentally -- they have shown their corruption in the çsyste >> reporter: iran has moved closer to the west with the nuclear deal inked in july aimed at preventing the company from building a bomb. in exchange for the lifting of harsh economic sanctions and an opportunity for the country to come in from the cold. candidates are competing for seats in parliament as well as on the assembly of experts. the all male council that may decide a successor to the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei. conservatives dominate both political parties. at a hard-line rally, the mood is more austere. as the crowd listened to the candidate talk about western
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plots against iran, before breaking out into chants of death to america. a religious student told me he wants powers in parliament who are true revolutionaries and he's only seen that in hard line candidates. while say yesterday said people should fear reformists because of their influence by the west. at such a critical juncture for iran, voters have an important choice to make. one that could set the course of the country for the next generation.ç well, ballot boxes close this evening and the results are expected over the next few days when iran and the rest of the world will have a better idea what the political landscape will look like here, post sanctions. and post the deal. >> ali, both hard liners and president rouhani were expecting high voter turnout. which side stands to benefit the most?
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>> reporter: voter turnout will certainly benefit the moderates here. if there isn't a sense of apathy amongst the people, then people generally support the moderates in this country. there was an unofficial poll taken here they said about 60% of the country support their moderate -- the reformists. so if large numbers come out they'll do well. we'll find out in the next couple of days. dara? >> ali, thank you so much. well, our political week in review is just ahead. plus, we'll break down the biggest moments from last night's republican debate. ow yod advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team.
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taking on the donald's tax returns and the f-bomb from mexico's former president over trump's proposed wall, but first our politics week in review. >> tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. just one. >> trump won all 50 delegates in saturday's south carolina primary. this is the official point when people go from saying this is kind of fun to oh, my god, this is really happening. >> is there any chance jeb bush will vote for donald trump? i mean, i know he's a republican but if it comes down to its he's voting for hillary guaranteed. >> your comment earlier about the women came out of the kitchen to support you, i'll come to support you but i won't be coming out of the kitchen. >> i've got you. >> he will be the best president. >> of what country? >> turn off the lights! turn off the lights!
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>> we won with poorly educated, i love the poorly educated.ç >> trump's presidency is getting very real right now. getting so real, mexico is starting to think a wall is a pretty great idea. just put it up, we'll pay for it. >> gop woke one the raging hangover wondering what the hell happened last night. >> if he hadn't inherited $200 million -- do you know who he'd be doing right now? >> donald trump was declared the state's big winner by himself weeks ago and the voters said, yeah, okay, that sounds good. >> oh, what a week. politico reporter kevin r robillard joins me from washington. >> good to be on. >> we had a hot spot last night and donald trump's tax returns. well, mitt romney said there's a bombshell in the returns but the donald had a different excuse for not releasing him. let's take a quick listen to the answer. >> i will absolutely give my return, but i'm being audited now for two or three years.
2:22 am
so i can't do it until the audit is finished. obviously. >> okay. well, romney tweeted out no legit reason @real donald trump. can't releaseç returns but if scared release earlier returns no under audit. legit or not, kevin, what's your reaction to this? >> this is clearly the late -- the attempt by the republican establishment and they're using sort of mitt romney who, you know, hasn't endorsed marco rubio yet, but everyone expects him to endorse marco rubio in the near future, to, you know, basically create the idea there's something wrong with donald trump, there's something hidden in the tax returns that could severely damage him either in the general election or right now in the republican primary.aó and so they're basically using the same tactics that democrats used against mitt romney back in 2012. and now mitt romney is using them against donald trump which is, you know, a really incredible turn about.
2:23 am
harry reid suggested that romney hadn't paid any taxes and now republicans are using the same tactic against donald trump. >> trump responded to recent comments about building a wall in mexico and this was from former president vicente fox. >> i declare, i'm not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall.ç he should pay for it. he's got the money. >> well, trump was definitely stirring the pot here. what's your take? >> i mean, clearly, there is no way that mexico is going to pay for a border wall. like that -- that just was never going to happen, so fox is sort of stating the obvious, but in a colorful way. trump wasn't have really a plan for how to make mexico pay for the border wall. he started to talk about the trade deficit with mexico but unclear what type of leverage he would have to make them pay for the wall. the united states has started to build a wall in parts of the
2:24 am
mexican border. you know, there's clearly ways we can pay for finishing it if we wanted to. but this is sort of -- this gets to the core of trump occasionally particularly when it comes to deemings with the foreign -- dealings with the foreign leaders the vague statements. >> hillary clinton is not releasing the wall streetç speeches. she's hesitating to releasing them, what are your thoughts? >> there probably isn't a smoking gun in there, but there's reporting that in some of the speeches hillary was, you know, kind towards wall street. she was, you know, praising them for their role she thinks they have in the economy which is, you know, writing capital for businesses, things like that getting the economy going. but that's not necessarily the best look in a democratic primary. even if it's not anything too damning. >> we'll see if those come out. kevin robillard, thank you. it's time for a look at your
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weekend weather and for that, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> good morning, dara. we have had some snow overnight, watch across in upstate new york, pittsburgh and temperatures are very mild in the west, some of what is going to head to the east. winter like day today in the great lakes and northeast. saturday, we start the warm-up. it will be a cold morning in the afternoonç near 50 in d.c. atlanta in 60. 65 in tampa is kind of cool for this time of the year. this map looks like april. 61 in billings. we'll see 60s in st. louis and in d.c. even as warm as 58 in new york city. the only troublesome weather is rain in the great lakes and a new storm system coming in the northwest on sunday. an enjoyable weekend headed your way. that's it for "first look." "way too early" is up next. you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go.
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inherited $200 million. if he hadn't inherited $200 million do you know where donald trump would be right now? selling watches -- >> what about the insurance companies. you may not be aware of this, donald, because you don't follow this closely. >> you lied about the students at trump university. lied 38 years ago. i guess there's a statute of limitations against lies. >> when i was leading the fight against the gang of eight amnesty bill. where was donald? he was firingç dennis rodman o
2:30 am
"celebrity apprentice." >> i won't let people die on the streets -- let me talk. >> explain away. >> i now you're embarrassed, keep swinging for the fences. >> yeah. things got hot in houston last night where marco rubio and ted cruz got the memo about going after trump but is it too late to stop him? plus another mass shooting in america. this time four people are dead. more than a dozen injured after a single gunman goes on the attack at multiple locations near wichita. it is 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." >> good morning, everyone. it is friday, february 26th, i'm alex witt and we begin with this breaking news out of kansas this morning. where a shooting s h


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