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tv   Lockup Indiana--- Extended Stay  MSNBC  February 26, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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there's only so much plausible deny abiliiability and there's many e-mails that can come out and so many staffers that he can fire, so much protected space that he can get around himself until it comes out he did it. there's only so much of his own governorship that can still stand before holding that office becomes untenable for him. are we there yet? that does it for us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow night for the coverage of the south carolina primary. now it's time for hardball with chris matthews. sure. why not. good evening.
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i'm chris matthews with four days to go to super tuesday with a newly aggressive marco rubio unloading on donald trump pulled a political stuner today. at a news conference trump rolled out an endorsement, a huge one, new jersey governor chris christie. there was a quote audible gasp from the room when christie walked in. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. i've been on that stage and i've gotten to know all the people on that stage and there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than donald trump. this is the only guy on that stage other than governor kasich who has made executive decisions. the confidence i have is that he is strong enough to take on the dc establishment which is what's represented by senator rubio. >> the news comes as senator rubio escalated his trash talk
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with donald trump. he said i didn't run for office to tier up republicans, but today he tried to torch trump attack after attack. >> every business that he's ever run that has gone bankrupt -- he says he's fighting for the little guy. what about the students that signed up for trump university, a fake school. the only thing you got was a paper certificate and a picture with a card approximate board cut out of donald trump. this guy inherited $200 million. he's never faced a struggle. the other day he told a protester i'm going to punch you in the face. donald trump has never punched anyone in the face. he begged for secret service protection. >> a short time later trump responded. >> i watched a part of his act and he's a desperate guy. i've been watching him over the
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last number of weeks. he is not presidential material, that i can tell. doesn't have the demeanor, he is a nervous nely. i watch him backstage. he's a mess. the guy's a total mess and i joked recently about can you imagine putin waiting for a meeting and rubio walks in and he's totally drenched. i've never seen a human being sweat like this man sweats. >> donald trump continued the attack later. >> when they put marco on to refute president obama's speech do you remember that and he's like this, and we will -- help me i need water. help. this is on live television. it's rubio.
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unbelievable. >> well, the old line is don't get in a peaing match. michael steel and eugene robins robinson, i'm repeating myself like marco rubio -- finally not repeating senior political reporter. let me go with you michael. i watched last night everybody said rubio won on points, but it was the three stoojs last night. they're slapping each other back and forth hands flying and nobody looked particularly so fast katd. is this desperate? >> i think after the announcement today it's sort of put out there rubio is looking outside the window at trump and
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christie on the playground going maybe i'll play inside for a while. the reality of last night for me was a disappointing one. i thought that all decorum any pretense that they were running for president was lost. the only one who tried to maintain that was governor kasich who is trying to pull the conversation in a different direction. but this was a stuner today. there's no doubt about it. this was -- >> how big is it? >> it's big. >> what's he bring big city? >> he brings the fight. remember, he was the one who stopped marco's momentum. he was the one who put marco in his place in a very substantive way and i think coming back on this field right now when everyone thought that christie would take his marsh believes and go back to jersey i think is significant. i think he brings into the campaign some of that northeast opportunity. new york, new jersey and going up into new england where donald
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trump is already big, so i think christie today really stepped all over the marcomeantum coming out of last night. >> after announcing -- after his endorsement of trump christie wasted no time going after rubio. here is he doing the job. >> desperate people in campaigns do desperate things, i find this fascinating that someone who barely shows up for work in the six years he's a united states senator is going to talk about somebody else being unprepared. he's shown himself to be wholly unprepared to be president of the united states. >> he is prepared for every event he ever goes into, because every time rubio comes in we know the act. i think the audience last night was also scripted. i've never seen an audience so dog trained to react at certain times. there was somebody screaming.
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>> he had to do it. he had to attack donald trump and he attacked donald trump. >> bill crystal told him to. >> everybody told him to. >> you have to punch. >> he tried. and he scored some points. he got the trump -- >> to what effect. >> he won the verbal confrontation, but the nonverbal was all trump because you still had the big dog standing in the middle with the two little dogs on the side yaping at him from the side. >> it looked like the three sto stoojs, but i do think this thing about donald trump he's the worst psychological assas n assassin. low energy, people have been translating this for me. i didn't know what it meant. iron defifsy.
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the guy's getting old, he's tired. how about the big ears, he uses make up to cover his ears. that was today from trump. >> even today it's like the water thing, it's the one thing people know about marco rubio is he gets thirsty. >> rubio famously could not -- he kept reaching for water, couldn't finish drinking and trump finding that one thing about you and hits on it. trump is becoming the establishment is kind of joining him now. members of congress joining him this week. >> motivation. >> i assume christie wants to be attorney general. >> that's because trump is about to win. >> the two senators from jersey are going to be there for a while. >> he needs a job. >> more than that, this is also -- remember, rubio was the
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first to go after christie in this campaign. his people with their super pac started taking bite size chunks out of christie early in this fight. christie has not forgotten that. so whether or not he wants to be attorney general can right. right now he's got marco rubio in his cross hairs. >> you know the old expression revenge is a meal best served cold. so you wait around until the right time comes. >> rubio has to be playing for florida. that has to be his game at this point. there's not enough time for him to have much of an impact on trump before super tuesday. he has to win florida. >> everybody says if he wins there, for what. he hasn't won anything else. >> it doesn't change anything. >> is the goal to get to cleveland -- former chair, tell
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me how it works. if trump goes in with most of the votes, but enough for a majority, he goes in there and there's a balloting, he loses the first ballot, does your party risk denying him the nomination as the guy who comes to the convention with the most delegates and give it to the guy who comes with the second and most because the second and third guys gang up and then trump walks out the door and you lose the general. >> yeah, you just summed it up i think it's a bad moment. it's something i warned the party about from the very beginning do not mess with this process, do not tinger with the rules like you did against ron paul in 2012 change the number of states from five to eight knowing ron paul had the five states to put his name in nomination, even though he didn't have the delegates to actually be on the first ballot and they changed it to eight states and that has come back to
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haunt them now and i think they have to be very carefully about how they deal with donald trump if he goes in there with the plur pluralart of the delegates just shy of getting the nomination on the ballot, this should be how they accommodate him, now how he accommodates them. >> do you know what the rubio game is. >> win florida, force cruz out and hope you win the californias and new jerseys. >> which are winner takes all? >> yes. >> i don't think he's going to make it. i'll talk about getting personal, rubio and trump slammed each over their personal conduct backstage. if the guy went to the bathroom or he said something stupid that would be considered private. it isn't now. let's watch. >> he called me mr. meltdown. let me tell you something last night he went backstage, he was
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having a meltdown. first he had this little make up thing applying like make up around his mouth then he asked for a full length mirror. i don't know why because the podium goes up to here. >> i walked back there and he's with a pile of make up putting it on his face. i said marco easy with the make up you don't need that much. i watched him where marco was over here and i looked at him and said are you okay, he looked like he just came out of a swimming pool. he was a mess. >> where do we start with this? talked about a guy peeing his pants, that's high school. >> this is like way below the belt. like literally below the belt. >> i've worked for politicians and you work for the light touch. >> this was the policy of the light touch.
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he doesn't have trump's -- >> he doesn't sting like a bee. >> how does he transition from this to the better -- >> i have a problem with rubio because i think he's a reciter, nothing comes to mind, i don't think anything spontaneous with the guy and i do like that in politicians. it tells me the lights are on and somebody's home. what do you think of that michael. >> he's learning how to be like trump, but it's imtaketive. >> i was watching several live feeds of rubio's speech today and it was very clear at certain times he wa say a word and he realized that's not the word and he would change it to the word and finish the rest of the thought so go with the flow. if the word comes out go with it, but it is -- it did come off scripted and again number two, how do you then say i'm not here to attack raeepublicans and the spend the next 24 hours doing that.
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credibility is something that the voters are looking for right now and it's a hard sale i think at this point. >> i think the audience have the athen tisty problem. >> too late. what was he waiting for? trump has won three states. >> this isn't his thing. in a moment of craziness last night there's at least one sober republican who offered up some political wisdom. here is senator lindsey graham who left this race early. here he is. >> the most dishonest person in america is a woman who is about to be president. how could that be? my party has gone that [ bleep] crazy. >> there he is. >> enough said. >> i mean michael i thought they were friends saying that she's -- well whatever he said, liar, and then he's going into
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the usual whatever word and then -- >> look, i hit the nail on the head. he really did. it goes back to what i said at the beginning of this time with you that this was not the best performance. this was not the best presentation by our candidates for president. i think lindsey graham summed that up very well. >> i don't understand why the chairman of the republican party has been unable to curb this bad behavior. i don't get it. i'm just being car casarcastic. you did great. thank you, sir. former chair of the former republican party. i want to thank you. coming up on to south carolina, we're just 24 hours away from poll closing time down there. hillary clinton has an edge there, but as bernie sanders
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proved last night he's not giving up without a fight. can the bern work down south and tipping point perhaps as i said chris christie becomes one of the biggest names in america he's one of the biggest guys to endorsement donald trump. will his momentum carry donald trump's campaign next tuesday. the hardball roundtable will serve a dozen state contest. privacy versus security, one of america's companies apple goes head-to-head with the fbi. tim cook is arguing the federal government has overreached and it's stoked a didn't over the customers. what's a password worth. let me finish with this extraordinary situation of the republican party and this party and this is hardball, the place for politics. tologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage.
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of team's democratic primary down there. i'll join everyone for our prime time show. we'll have the best reporting and full results. that's 6:00 tomorrow right here in on msnbc from 6:00 to 10:00.
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>> you're asking me how do i pay for it. >> how do you pass it through the senate. >> we will pay for it through a tax on wall street. >> who is going to pass that tax. >> the american -- we look at the world differently. you look it inside the beltway. i'm not an inside the beltway guy. >> the people that vote on taxes are inside the beltway. >> that was rough. that was my interview with
7:21 pm
bernie sanders at the university of chicago. what a beautiful place. i was pressing sanders on his tuition free, but the fight moves to tomorrow. the latest poll out of south carolina shows hillary clinton with a strong lead, 60%, 37% for sanders. secretary clinton campaigned today. >> when you run for office i think you have an obligation to tell people who you plan to do that's why i've been laying out my plans because i want people to know what i intend to do and how much it will cost and hold me act able. i think if you talked to the people i represented in new york, they would tell you i told folks what i would do and then i went about doing it and then i asked them to hold me accountable. >> he is contributing editor to the southern political report and the chairman of the south
7:22 pm
carolina democratic party. i have go to mr. chairman here, i was stunned about blacks are a minority in this country, but not in south carolina democratic politics right? >> chris say that again. >> well, i said that blacks are not a minority when it comes to south carolina democratic politics. >> definitely not here in south carolina. in 2008 as you mentioned earlier african-americans were 55% of the electorate in the democratic primary and in the 2004 election it was probably about 48%, 49% so every election since then the african-american share of the electorate has grown and so it's definitely a four tier in south carolina and i think senator sanders and secretary clinton see it will be a force in all the states on super tuesday as well. >> this country every time i look at a map i'm impressed by
7:23 pm
how much the agricultural identity drives the culture. african-american is huge numbers, 40% sometimes and that may explain the deep right wing feeling of some of the whites down there. they're scared of those numbers. you get up in the tobacco areas it's not as pronounced. south carolina how influential is that going to be for the tendency of the black voters to support the clinton family. >> hillary clinton is running very strongly there. the clintons have been involved in politics in south carolina for a long time. they're well known in the african-american community and i think that will really kick start how hillary clinton will do in the rest of the southern states next tuesday. >> it's tough being a newbie.
7:24 pm
the clintons had this chemistry. the first black president that taught from the old days. how do you challenge hillary on her home turf. >> we recognize she has strength there as did president clinton before. the relationship is strong. i think what we have do with bernie is continue the process of making sure the african-american, latino community, other people in this country get to know him. we saw real progress in nevada. people have questioned the entrance poll, but we had him six points ahead with latinos. so i think we've begun to see progress and i think we'll make progress with the african-americans. >> the big names, you have spike lee and naacp. are you deploying them in areas where the voting strength is? >> spike's radio ad is there and
7:25 pm
dan danny glover. >> and morgan freeman. >> it's a great talent. >> let me go to jamie down there about the looks of this whole thing. it's almost impossible for the democrats to carry south carolina in navovember. isn't it almost impossible? >> no. barack obama got 45% of the vote here in south carolina in 2008. i think if we spent the resources building an operation here and expanding the message, but what happens is every election siekle all of the resources go to ohio and florida but georgia and south carolina are very similar. they're right on the cusp, they just need to build the infrastructu infrastructure and get the message out. >> what do you think of the charges made by the sanders
7:26 pm
campaign that bill played not quite on the level on the racial issue that he did things like the welfare reform bill which played into the hands of more conservative thinking people. what do you make of that record? >> you also know that the democrats a lot of democrats actually voted for some of that legislation as well. i think right now there's a lot of regret for some of the things that took place during that period and you're seeing that in some of the statements from members of congress as well president clinton. >> we'll see. thank you. thanks for helping us get your boss. >> he was great. he was very person ableabablepe. i had to tusle with him. he accused me of being mr. inside the beltway. he nailed me. up next, bully voice or the
7:27 pm
bruise brothers after marco rubio tries to take down donald trump the brass new jersey governor comes out to endorse trump. it was political fear at its worst or best. is it a game changer, a lot of people think there's something about chris chrissie that's bigger not as a candidate, but as a back up guy, a supporter. he looks like he's ready to go to war. this is hardball. >> we're going right now to oklahoma city where you see governor christie out there campaigning for donald trump. >> america needs a strong leader who is going to restore american strength around the world and donald trump is that man. [ applause ] >> america needs a strong leader at home to restore jobs and american confidence to our people and donald trump is that
7:28 pm
man. [ applause ] and the republican party needs a leader who will make sure that hillary clinton never gets within ten miles of the white house and donald trump is that man [cheers and applause] we've had a fun time today. donald and i were in ft. worth this morning. things in texas are looking really good and believe me ted cruz is nervous [cheers and applause] and now we come here to oklahoma, we come to oklahoma full of optimism not only for the elections on tuesday, but full of optimism for america's future when we get a strong leader in the white house and not the hand wringing guy we have in the white house right now. [cheers and applause] can you imagine the whiplash, the whiplash that america's
7:29 pm
enemies are going to feel when they go from a weak lig from a man like barack obama to a man of steel like donald trump. and let's have one more message for someone who's had a pretty big mouth today, marco rubio, your campaign is almost over buddy. [cheers and applause] showing a lotd of desperation today, throwing punches from every angle, but none of them are landing because america has made their decision because donald trump represents strength and marco rubio represents washington, d.c. we don't need any more d.c. politicians. so i just want to remind senator rubio one thing but president of the united states is not a
7:30 pm
no-show job like he's treated the united states senate, we need an executive on the job and that man is donald trump. [ cheer ] >> i'm proud to be part of the team that has strength and confidence and faith and hope in our country and its people again. nothing that has happened in america under barack obama is not able to be reversed by having a strong person in the white house to lead us again and donald trump is that man. [ cheering ] >> so we're counting on you oklahoma when you go to the polls. we need not just a win, we need a trump size win and i think you're going to give it to us. so it is my honor, my privilege and my pleasure to introduce to
7:31 pm
you the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. [ cheering ] ♪ [ cheering ] ♪ >> i think donald trump now has what he's needed through this campaign, an up-man, somebody who will make a big deal about it before he comes on so he
7:32 pm
doesn't have to talk about himself. i think that was effective by governor christie. here he is, trump. >> wow! this is great. this is great [ cheering ] >> thank you. [ cheering ] usa! usa! >> unbelievable. we came here, we wanted 4,000 people, we have 7,000, 8,000 people. unbelievable results. all over. so we had an amazing experience last night and i'll tell you what, every single poll has been hit from both sides, every single online polling poll on the debate -- did anybody watch that crazy debate last night?
7:33 pm
they have us winning by a lot. they have us winning by a lot. every single poll and most of the people on trvgs, but some of the pundits of course, never, no way, no way, but every poll and a lot of the people, we the an amazing time last night. it was very different. these are two very desperate people. they're desperate. the one guy in florida he's down 20 points, rubio and i'll tell you what, they hate him in florida. they hate him. you know why, he defrauded florida if you think about it. he runs, he becomes a senator, he never shows up to vote. he's never around and they don't like him. he's not doing well. so it was interesting. one of the reasons i love chris, i was on the stage in new hampshire, which we won. remember new hampshire. we love new hampshire. and we won south carolina big.
7:34 pm
we won by double, double, double digits. and a few days ago we won nevada and that was really amazing so big, big. we're doing great and we have amazing people. it's a movement. i tell people it's a movement, but i was on the stage in new hampshire doing one of the debates and i watched a meltdown. i've never seen anything like it. i watched a meltdown like i've never seen and it was chris grilling marco rubio. this guy was sweating so badly, he was sweating honestly it was disgusting, all right. and i knew he had a problem because before that when he was doing the -- a little bit of an address to the president's speech, you remember, and they put him on and he went for the water. do you remember that during live television, but what i saw, what chris did to him was incredible and then last night i saw him
7:35 pm
backstage with makeup where he's taking it with a trowel and putting it on. he was soaking wet and he was out here and i only say it because honestly this is not a presidential guy. this is no the a presidential guy. he has a situation in florida where he buys a house -- these are our politicians, folks, and he's not the only one just so you understand. you know i'm self-funding my own campaign. i'm putting in my own money. i'm putting in my own money. even though i hurt today, my father gave me $200 million. believe me i would love it if he gave me $200 million. that is not true. that is way, way, way off. my father did give me a lotd of knowledge, but i wish he gave me $200 million. you know, these numbers, where they come from, they come from phony newspaper, because the
7:36 pm
media they are the most dishonest people anywhere that i've ever seen. [ cheering ] >> so today i heard little marco say the $200 million. now all of a sudden he was talking about i got a $1 million loan from my father which i paid back and i've made billions and billions and billions of dollars. so pretty good, pretty good job. not many people could do that. so this guy rubio buys a house for $178,000 sells it for $380,000 to a lobbyist -- is the lobbyist in the room? make this massive project and is doing legislation for this guy at the same time. tell me about this, right.
7:37 pm
then he's got a credit card problem where he's taking from the republican party having his driveway done all of this, why is this not brought out? and from the republican party and the man doing the investigation is furious that they're not listening to him. i think i'll have to get up and interview him. then he's got a foundation, but he doesn't -- a rich guy has a foundation who does a lot of business with florida and who is the head of the foundation? does anybody know? that's right, his wife, for a big salary. then he's got a no-show professorship. he never shows up. and all of this the guy's making a lot of money and shouldn't be making this money, but all of this and the state of florida isn't stand him and i'm up by like 20 points and we're going to win florida. we're going to win florida.
7:38 pm
let me tell you. we're going to win it bigly. now, the other gentleman on the other side who is actually a smarter guy, i will say this, smarter, he's smarter than marco, but he was on the other side and he's been hitting me left and right and he's got a problem because we're about tied in texas and if i win texas that's going to be embarrassing and if i win florida that's going to be embarrassing. how do you beat -- how do you beat a sitting senator in florida? how do you beat a sitting senator in texas? they could have an embarrassing time. so tuesday -- tuesday, big day, tuesday we have to get out there. they could have a very embarrassing time. i will say this, marco is very, very weak on immigration. very weak. come on over, folks. just come on over.
7:39 pm
marco is weak. gave amnesty, wants to give amnesty, the bill of eight, and ted is pretty weak -- he's a little stronger, but he's also weak on illegal immigration and if i didn't come down that escalator and start talking about illegal immigration, it wouldn't be a subject. we wouldn't be talking about it right now. it wouldn't be a subject. wow. so we have a number of situations that when i made the decision to do this, and i'll never forget it i'm standing in trump tower, the press is down stairs in the building and it looked like the academy awards and it takes guts, believe me it takes guts to run for president. not easy. not easy. i mean, as a non -- think of it i'm a non-politician. i've never done this before so all of a sudden i'm doing it, but i'm doing it because we're going to make america great
7:40 pm
again -- [ cheering ] >> and a politician, all-talk, no-action is not going to happen. can't happen. it's not their thing. for instance on the boarder -- i love you too darling. who said that? stand up. let me see. i love you too. i love you too. thank you. thank you. thank you. on the boarder -- thank you. what a great group. i love oklahoma. [ cheering ] >> and where does your football team is going to be pretty good this year, right? right? that's what the word is. better be. we'll be rooting for you. it better be. i think it. so i came down and i talked about illegal immigration and
7:41 pm
did we get a stir from that. all of a sudden it became a mainstay of everybody. and some were strong and some were weak and i just got the endorsement ark endorsement, as you know from the sheriff and you can't get -- >> that's donald trump at a campaign rally down in oklahoma city, much more on the big day on the campaign trail coming up. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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i'm headed to south carolina. check this tomorrow for full coverage at 6:00 p.m. eastern we'll have fult rul results and analysis of the race. next week i'll head to texas has 12 states compete in the big super tuesday contest on march 1th. it's all here on msnbc. st.
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welcome back to hardball. this was a shift in the republican presidential race today called it the uniting of the bruise brothers with
7:46 pm
governor chris christie endorsing donald trump. donald trump may have gained a friend from jersey, but he's earned an enemy south of the boarder. the president of mexico used colorful language how he feels about trump's proposal that they build a wall between us and them. >> the former president of mexico, he said today and i'm quoting him, he said i'm not going to pay for that quote f'ing wall. so if you don't get an actual check from the mexican government for 8 or 10 or $12 billion, how are you going to make them pay for the wall? >> i will and the wall just got ten feet taller, believe me. just got ten feet taller. i saw him make the statement. i saw him use the word that he used. i can only tell you if i would have used even half of that
7:47 pm
word, it would have been national scandal. this guy used a fifthy word on television and he should apologize. >> he says he's not offering any polling apologies. >> i am not going to pay for that wall and i am not going to apologize. on the contrary, a real public servant, joe bidden, he said in mexico i have to apologize for this guy, it's not creditable. >> trump went right after the former president today with christie by his side. >> i'll tell you what, he used foul language and if i used that lang chris can tell you, can you imagine if i used that language, if i used that language it would
7:48 pm
be a major scandal. it's going to be very easy, mexico will pay for the wall. >> joining me right now is the hardball roundtable tonight. they're both with "the washington post." do you believe trump when he said how that awful word offended him. i think trump has been visited by the gods. every couple of days or weeks he gets somebody like the pope or an international add va certifiry to play his foil. it's not about the government, it's about this country our nationalism, us against the other big shots in the world, the chinese, the pope, the mexican government and he's taken them on. he doesn't talk about government, he talks about us and these guys do this stuff and they do him a favor every time. >> the us against them rhetoric, the line in the playground dirt is working for him and in this case i doubt there are a whole lot of americans who even know
7:49 pm
or remember. >> you draw the line in the dirt and say. >> cross that and you're perfect peril and he inviets someone to cross it or he crosses it himself. >> what's the message it sends to the average voter. what's it bring to him? >> it brings the idea that he is a fighter, a front line battler for them. people feel like they are aligned with him or want to be. >> they feel the country's been pushed around. >> he's tough, he's politically incorrect. >> he says we're going to take an even enhanded policy against the middle east. it's all about no country is going to tell us how do anything. >> the fact that he has this whole joke about offensive language everyone is in on the gag. >> explain that to me.
7:50 pm
>> this whole campaign -- >> the back room we know what the language is like. >> everybody's in on the gag. >> everybody's in on the joke and he's kind of taking them along and he's mocking everybody and it's quite extraordinary, but everybody else is in on it. >> what does he say -- i love the less educated people. >> the poorly educated people. >> i love those poorly educated people. >> what is that? because the people didn't get a college education, how do they react to that? i get it. >> or they didn't get it which is why they're supporting him. the amazing thing it is an absurd campaign, but it's knots like it's been one long campaign. we have a series of two-day campaigns. donald trump had a fight today and say i can't believe he's using that language because was that like ages ago when donald trump was saying things at his
7:51 pm
rally. >> i talk to our reporters all the time it's almost become a 24 hour campaign, anything beyond yesterday is history. you don't bring it up. you can say trump said two weeks ago you were pro-life and pro-choice and it doesn't work. >> it's true two weeks ago is ancient history. the iowa caucus was 24 days ago. that seems like last year. >> we live in a world now where chris christie likes donald trump. now chris christie doesn't like marco rubio. chris christie wasn't always a big fan of donald trump's wall concept. here he is back in january making fun of trump's wall. >> i don't care how beautiful it is, it will be a beautiful, wonderful wall. the wall will have a door and the door will swing open and
7:52 pm
we'll have a great wall and the mexicans will pay for it. >> and now they're buddies. >> this is a perfect example of it doesn't matter if there's videotape, it doesn't matter because we've moved on. >> tim used to do this thing where he'd do a regular interview and then going for the basket and he went you said. it meant something. today it seems like you can pull that out and they go yeah, so what. >> trump is presented with it. he says i have to know the context, but you said it. >> that's the hard part about opposition research. we're not sure if that's going to work because we're not sure anything works. >> proving he's not a conservative doesn't work because he's not additioning to be your father's conservatively. he's run the general election
7:53 pm
now. anybody notice. >> it goes along with what you said about his israel policy, he actually is carving out some interesting consistent with his previous views positions that -- he's a big mix, which frankly a lot of american politics is. >> why is it important for a conservative republican who claims he's a conservative to say i like planned parenthood. >> because planned parenthood provides a whole lot of health services to women across economic spectrum. >> who kind of women would hear that and say he's not a bad guy. >> you can be anti-abortion and pro-planned parenthood as many women are and he's saying why blow up planned parenthood entirely when they provide needed health services and young women on college campuses that's where they go.
7:54 pm
young women on college campuses middle class republican voters. >> the voters themselves, right. >> the polls are unbelievable on planned parenthood. that's positively. the conservative movement is panicked about donald trump. it's amazing. >> he's not on bed yant it's been a busy week. it's getting busier towards tomorrow. you're watching hardball.
7:55 pm
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let me finish tonight with this extraordinary situation of the republican party. what we're seeing here is a party in defeat. its leaders scrambling in retre retreat. you see chris christie join donald trump today. that's a member of the party establishment joining with the attacking forces. christie's going outside the city's walls to join the man raging against it. look at what the other establishment republicans are doing. most are saying they want the junior senator from florida marco rubio to be their leader. are they really happy with that? i don't think so. there's something strange to see the aledge ens being offered to rubio's stature. let's face facts, donald trump is heading toward the nomination or certainly to the national convention with the most delegates. rubio is going what he can to
7:59 pm
stop him, making remarks about donald trump trying to show he's his equal, but i predict he will pay for this in personal huh mill tash. donald trump handy with nicknames and alert to people's vulnerable spots is saying that rubio is using makeup to cover up his ears. how could rubio not know this was coming. the problem for rubio and the rest of the parties is that trump stands out there with something they lack, a compelling message. trump speaks however you like it or not as an american. he goes after putin and the chinese and the pope and the presidents of mexico, even says he'll be even handed with israel as a national list. he speaks not about how he will handle the job of president and what bills he will sign or volume toe, but how he will lead america in the world. the rivals for the presidency, he speaks of this country and that makes all the dwifsz. someone like rubio cannot contest him on this level. it's too late for him to try or
8:00 pm
imagine fully what trump has been doing. he can make trump cruz and minimums look like the three stoojs out there on the debate stage, he can do that, what he cannot do is muster a winning strategy. trump's got one. it's due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. an inmate assaults a prison staff member. >> hold on to him. hold on. >> [ bleep ]! rip my [ bleep ] guts out when i'm getting ready -- [ bleep ]. >> while other inmates turn the violence against themselves. >> i cut my vein. >> i have a daughter that just turned 13 years old and she's my pride and joy.


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