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tv   Lockup Indiana--- Extended Stay  MSNBC  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. i've been down since 1993 for shooting my mom. >> an animate with a haunted past forged a brotherhood not often seen in prison. >> they wake me up at 5:00. we have to be at work at 6:00. >> a more sinister brotherhood attempts to spread its influence. >> brotherhoods don't normally get on cameras. i really got tired of seeing rats in dropout speaking for the brotherhood. >> an inmate gets in over his head. >> i was in my cell, sitting in
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my cell, and i got rushed by two guys that came in and beat me up, and look -- >> snitches get killed. snitches get killed. [ bleep ] >> everything that i have, and everything that i ever will have is in this cell. >> and using personal cameras provided by our producers, inmates speak their minds. >> it's the environment where you grow up. this place will eat you real quick. ♪
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>> i'm a member of the aryan group. one of the most despised, one of the most feared prison organizations to exist in this country. everybody hates us. but i'm here to tell you that we're a group of white men who are proud to be white. we make no a apologies for being white, and we have a code of honor that we live by. >> the aryan brotherhood is the largest gang at indiana state prison. to no longer be a member of good standing is to be in a very unfortunate position. >> you see the blood clot in my eye. i got jumped.
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>> by whom? . >> it really all has to do with gangs. >> i used to be in a gang. i used to be affiliated. this was the aryan brotherhood. i covered this up two years ago. i came into prison august 17th of 2006. i covered this up september of the same year. three weeks after me being in . prison. i had a case with another aryan, which they say i told on them. so i get down here and the same guys i supposedly told on are here in this prison. >> at the prison we've had a lot of problems with an aryan organization. the big problem is instead of fighting between each other, the whites and the blacks, what's been happening more recently is problems with the aryans going after each other. and a lot of it is because there's been influx with the organization, and their leadership, and there's a struggle for control.
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>> since dropping out of the aryan brotherhood, nick compton says being attacked is only one problem. >> i'm being extorted for money. my mother and sister sent me over $500 since i've been here. >> can you identify? >> yeah, no problem. >> compton is due to be released from prison in three months, but risks putting himself in greater danger with the aryan brotherhood by talking to internal affairs about his problems. >> the state says he's been extorted. if there is some truth to what he's stating then we will protect him. he goes home in february. our thing is to make sure that everyone goes home. at least in one piece anyhow. if he is -- lying to us, then -- i mean, granted, we could still protect him, but he might get other charges on whatever for providing false information.
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>> now ralph carrasco is waiting on crucial evidence from his mom. receipts from money orders that could support his claim that he and his family are being extorted by other inmates. >> my mom herself has sent over $200. plus since i've been here -- it's close to $400. >> from being a member. >> exactly. so from -- i mean, that was years ago. >> okay. >> so i mean all my problem in prison now it has to stem with me, bad choices i made when i was younger but -- >> they're coming back to haunt you. >> yeah. it's like leeches. just try to suck the life out of anything i have. trying to get me for whatever i could -- if you want to be around us this is what's going to happen. if you want to go to school, if you want us to leave you alone it's going to cost you. how much are you willing to pay
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for us to leave you alone? >> did you stop paying? that's why you got hit in the face? >> my sister is supposed to send a guy $65. come to find out she didn't send $65. >> that's because you owe money. >> because i'm paying for my -- >> your extortion. >> yeah. >> here's what we're going to do. wait for the information from your mom, okay? for the time being we're still going to be on key lock. not going to let you out. >> man, this is -- i don't know. >> compton has a decision to make. if he stays in general population he's eligible to take classes to move his release date up by 90 days. but he's more vulnerable to attack. if he requests protective custody from the prison, he must serve the 90 days. >> that's your dilemma. >> whatever i have to do to make sure i can walk out the door and give my mom a hug, i got to do it.
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>> 90 days versus day -- >> i realize that. >> as a suspected snitch and an aryan brotherhood dropout. compton is the type of inmate that men like stephen weaver despise. he made is clear on the camera provided by our producers. >> when i was a young kid if i told my brother i got beat for telling. we were taught in school at a young age don't be a tattle tale. nowadays they have cop shows on tv that teach these kids it's all right to tell. dial 1-800-snitch on mom and dad if they're smoking a joint on the weekend. >> though prison officials have not tied weaver to the recent assault or extortion, they have identified him as a high-ranking member of the aryan brotherhood.
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>> i can't get into specifics. but i'll tell you that we're strong white men. we're proud of that. >> we don't hate anybody else, but if you hit us, we hate you ten times worse. if you hurt one of us, we're going to hurt you ten times worse. >> active members rarely speak about their affiliation on camera. this time weaver made an exception. >> i lost a little bit of sleep over it. doing this interview. brothers don't normally get on camera. but i talked to a lot of my guys here. brothers that i respect. they gave me the green light. to be frank, i really got tired of seeing rats and dropouts speaking for the aryan brotherhood. they don't speak for us. they're not real brothers or they wouldn't have dropped out. they're marked men. they're dead men walking.
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as well they should be. >> weaver's role in the aryan brotherhood is one of the reasons he has been housed in administrative segregation. a lockdown unit. >> that was part of the reason why -- that's part of the reason why we sent him over there. >> that's part of the reason why we sent him over there. >> just his activity and his influence over the population being a leader with the stg group is enough reason to keep him over there. just at that. bu he can call shots and make things happen and stand back in the shadows. >> think i don't understand is they put me in here thinking i can make a hit. how does that save that person? he's still going to get hit. if i had the authority to do that, which i don't. but my past haunts me. and it's bloody.
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>> coming up -- >> as far as the extortion, i think he's lying. >> nick compton's story comes under fire. and later -- >> you miss your mother? >> yes. >> we check in on one of the most memorable inmates to ever appear on "lockup." ( melodic, calm music ) we said goodbye to the day. and to the city. and drifted off into the twilight. and when we woke, we found that the whole world had reinvented itself. sail with princess cruises, the best cruise line in europe. limited 7-day mediterranean fares from $999. call your travel consultant or visit princess cruises. come back new. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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>> not what they used to be. all of these guys telling on each other. [ bleep ] it's crazy, man. that's the worst thing you can do up in the joint, tell on somebody. >> one thing you don't do is snitch, be a child molester, or call somebody a name. that's very disrespectful. we don't like child molesters. we hate snitches.
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just plain and simple. if you don't like it, don't know what to tell you. >> i'm not sure what's going on. i've been in here waiting to see what's going to happen. >> nick compton claims his former gang, the aryan brotherhood has had him assaulted and is now extorting protection money from his mother. >> as far as the extortion, i think he's lying. >> why? >> because we have not received any information about who the money was going to, phone numbers, addresses, none of that. receipts. things that we need that they said that they had to confirm that he was being extorted. >> miss compton, i'm calling you in reference to your son.
10:15 pm
i need that information that you said you had about the receipts, phone numbers and the people's names. if you could give me a call back at the prison i would greatly appreciate it. thank you very much. >> despite the influence at the prison, violence a rarely race related. >> this isn't -- you know, i watched "lockup" on california, where the aryans is parts of the blacks. we don't have to segregate. we don't have problems. even when we have instances where whites have had problems with blacks and blacks have problems with whites, we can usually work it out and get it talked out so it doesn't escalate into something where we end up having to take a whole cell house and turn it into all whites and then all blacks. we just don't have that problem. >> there's another form of integration at indiana state that goes beyond race.
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in the residential treatment unit, selected inmates with a history of good behavior live with and serve as mentors to inmates with mental health issues. >> you like working the job? >> yeah, i like it. >> mentors like this man form a very different sort of brotherhood with inmates like frank street. >> they're like everybody else. some of them just like for you to listen. >> we live in the country. right next door to that is my grandma and grandpa. >> a lot of times i feel their pain. these guys have had just terrible histories. it can get frustrating as far as how other people look at them. my job is to let them know that you can do anything you want to do, you know. >> say, hey, mr. street. >> street has had an especially challenging time. he's serving 45 years for
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killing his mother during a schizophrenic episode. street first told producers of his story when he met him at the wabash correctional facility. we warn you. what you're about to hear is extremely graphic. >> i become delusional. they say insane. i thought you got to eat some of her brains for her to become part of you. i wasn't a sane person that did that back then. you don't eat brains if you're somebody that's sane. >> you miss your mother? >> yes. but can't bring her back. >> what he's done really don't worry me at all. it's just, i hope he'll be okay with living with it. he has to deal with something like that. >> donnegan sees potential in street. he arranged for street to get a
10:18 pm
job working with him as an assistant electrician. >> i started as an electrician trainee about three weeks ago, and i just basically screw things into the wall right now, and hold the ladder steady and clean up the messes. >> what's the red wire? >> i don't know what the white wire is. >> that's common. >> red wire is hot. >> red is hot. >> black is hot. >> black is hot. what's your green wire? >> it's hot, too. >> green wire what? your ground wire. >> ground wire. >> right. >> so a lot of things -- but in this prison you might have the green wire as your hot wire. it's kind of old. you know. >> make sure the power's cut off. >> make sure the power's cut off before you start working on it. all right street, i'll see you in the morning for work. >> have a good night.
10:19 pm
>> he say he'll wake me up good and early. and he will. an hour early. i think mr. street will be okay. he'll be okay. he's just like any other person. long as you stay out his way, he'll stay out of your way. he's got a great sense of humor. amazing. man, it's a blessing to know him, you know. >> mr. street is doing fantastically well. when i first met him he was just out of control, very aggressive, throwing substances, cursing, very hard to manage. he's really quite a different person now. >> reporter: the prison's mental health staff is so pleased with street, they are considering moving him into general population. >> mr. street's been working for the electrical shop for about four weeks now. he goes back at the conclusion of the day. i think it's about time to look at moving him out of the e-dorm. >> he's been stable out there
10:20 pm
and doing a good job for him? >> been compliant. been working hard. >> we went out he sat out for a couple of hours. he had no problem. >> do we have a sense of how the other guys are responding to him being out and about like that? >> i think some of them are scared of him because of his crime. they've seen him at wabash. they don't seem to have any problems. >> i'm worried about his side effects with involuntary movements and whether the others will perceive him as odd. >> a little bit jerky? >> yeah. >> when i talked to him yesterday, the team -- the team he's on, they're aware of it, and they don't seem to have issues with it. i think he thinks he can succeed out there. >> anything else on mr. street? we can count him as one of our success stories for now. coming up -- >> make sure you know those receipts. you told me you was doing that
10:21 pm
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>> going through my mind, to get out of prison. to get home. to be around civil, normal people. to be around my family. stop dealing with idiots. they can't break me. i got too much faith. too much good things going my way. >> nick compton believes he's a target of his former gang, the aryan brotherhood, and would prefer to be in protective custody, but the prison must more confirm his plan the aryans
10:25 pm
are extorting him before they can protect him from another attack. >> right now we're going to try to contact nicholas compton's mother again and see if she's able to come up with the stuff that she says she has. this is probably my guess -- i know it's been over five times i tried to contact her. >> compton's mother says she has receipts for the money orders used for the extortion payments. they're key to getting her son's request for protective custody approved. >> ms. compton? >> yes, it is. >> this is -- from the prison. how are you doing? >> fine. >> i'm still trying to get that information concerning these guys extorting you for nick. >> right. i have all them documents in front of me right now. >> i need them mailed in. without it, i'm not going to be able to do nothing. >> i'm a little bit leery. >> okay, well -- of what? >> not knowing what they're going to do.
10:26 pm
>> well, as soon as we get nick safe, we'll take care of it. so, are these people still calling you and trying to extort you? right. and evidently, the one person got money, not only from me, but also from nick's sister, and, like, she said to me, when she found out that nick got beat up, she's like, mom, i feel like we've just paid them to kick my brother's butt. >> who'd you send the money to? >> the money order went to a person called [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ], and it's in [ bleep ] indiana. >> okay. okay. soon as i get that information, i'll be able to run that name and see who she visited. all right? soon as i get that information i'll be able to get this done. i've been waiting for it. that's the only thing holding me up. this information that i need. okay? >> late. compton decides to take matters
10:27 pm
into his own hands and calls his mother to encourage her to not delay sending the documents. >> yeah, do you understand the importance of that, though? i get threats every day. i got threatened twice today. just today. how am i supposed to know what they're going to do? they're capable of doing anything. make sure you mail those receipts out. you told me you were doing that like last week, didn't you? >> out in the open, compton draws the attention of other inmates who believe his decision to leave the aryan brotherhood means he's a snitch. >> all right. love you. see you soon. bye. >> snitches -- snitches get killed. [ bleep ]. coming up -- >> i told them that you was ready and ready to go. >> though still behind the walls
10:28 pm
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>> everything that i have, everything that i ever will have is in this cell. i went from having a nice house, in-ground pool, air conditioner in every room, tv in every room, nice car. to this is the rest of my life. look at this. there's my sink, my kitchen, my toilet, my bed. that's it. >> who is it? mini me. that's what the administration thinks i am. they just don't know it. a friend of mine out in population made it for me. it's made out of toilet paper. >> what's on the back of the neck? >> the beast. he's a beast.
10:33 pm
>> though indiana state prison officials regard steven weaver as a high-ranking member of the aryan brotherhood, he's not the only member with a reputation. >> my name is franklin street jr. i've been down since 1993 for shooting my mom. >> hopefully he can get the cell. that way he won't do nothing to him himself. >> reporter: the medications and therapeutic treatment have helped street enough that prison officials have decided he can be transferred to general population. >> i told them that you was waiting and ready to go. street's mission here is accomplished, man. he passed all what he needed to pass. he's ready. i guess he was already ready to go before he got up here. i've been locked up almost six years and i got way more stuff than street. >> get some shower shoes. >> this cell is kind of little. it's an open door.
10:34 pm
got no cage or nothing, but it's a lot more room. a lot more room to move around. he can go outside whenever he want to. play a little basketball. >> not me. >> been a long time coming getting out of here. >> street is not only going to have to adjust to a new home, but to a new mentor. >> but see, this is frank street. he's going to be with him. he's going to take real good care of you, man. if you need anything, that's who you talk to. if you need me, call for me, i'll come down there. >> even though donnegan will not be street's mentor in e-dorm they will still see each other at work. donegan is also an electrician, and street is his assistant. >> in the morning 6:00 shower. take care of yourself, okay. he going to wake you up in the morning.
10:35 pm
he work with you. >> get you an alarm clock. >> i wake him up, i'll say is it time to go yet. >> he wake me up at 5:00. we got to be at work at 6:00. street wakes me up at 5:00 every morning. so he can get the pleasure of getting up an hour early from mr. street. >> as frank street begins a new life in general population, correctional officers investigate a recent stabbing in d-east, administrative segregation. >> somebody i heard got stabbed. up on 500. so they usually locus down. we resume our regular activities. >> since he's currently in ad-seg, steven weaver is one of the inmates on the shakedown list. >> it will give you something to do after they're gone, put everything back. it's not a pain. i'm used to it. >> this is another place to hide things. stick it up in there and they'll
10:36 pm
hide little hooks where they can pull it down. it's a broken handle from a foot food tray. they could sharpen it up, and this can become a weapon. >> might snatch the clown. they might illegally kidnap my clown. find it, rescue it, take it wherever you got to take it. >> moments later his clown immediately comes under scrutiny. uh-oh. there goes the clown. they're checking him out. oh! >> scoping him out. >> what do you think? you worried about it? >> i don't keep anything in my cell. i've been doing this 20 years, man. >> if you're looking at something like that, what are you looking for? >> any kind of holes. you could feel if there's anything in there. there's nothing in there. just made out of toilet paper and painted.
10:37 pm
it's pretty sealed up. >> a short time later weaver is back in his cell. >> not bad at all. that was a pretty good one for a shakedown. no animosity there. they just come in, did their jobs and got out. >> what about the clown? >> the clown is safe. for now. tomorrow's another day. >> reporter: after being in prison for more than 20 years, weaver's thoughts have been clouded with far more serious issues than the safety of his clown. he explained on the personal camera provided to him by our producer. >> when i first started doing my bit the only thing i had on my mind was how many people could i kill when i got up in prison. i've kind of worked my way through that after ten years of super max and ad-seg unit. now that i'm 51 years old i'm kind of figuring out that that might not be the way to go.
10:38 pm
but i can't escape my past. when i first came up in here i stabbed a couple of guys. could have easily killed one of them. i don't know how he lived. i don't know why he lived, but he did. >> nick compton hopes to survive another day himself. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] snitch! >> compton claims the aryan brotherhood has extorted his family for more than $500. he's finally received the money order receipts he's been requesting from compton's mother. they should serve as evidence of extortion or protection money to keep compton from being assaulted again. but he thinks they mean something else. >> we got receipts for your mom. >> okay. >> ain't no $400. comes out to about like $210.
10:39 pm
it don't say extortion, it says to me debt. it don't say extortion. it says debt. that's what that says to me, because it's small amounts. extortion -- i've seen extortion here. they're hundreds of dollars. >> she's got hundreds of dollars in receipts. >> inmates often find themselves in trouble when they accrue debt in prison, and that's what he thinks happened to compton. the money orders weren't for protection but for debt repayment. >> i'm going to give you one shot right now to tell me the truth. >> i am telling you the truth. >> look at me. >> dude how is that -- >> i've seen that before. i've been here quite a bit. i've seen debt. >> i've been here since june. >> exactly. exactly, exactly. i've been here since july of '89. okay? >> my whole problem is not with me being in debt for tobacco, me
10:40 pm
being in debt because of drugs, my whole problem in here is because of the aryan brotherhood. that's my problem. >> okay. and we're getting ready to rectify that. if i find out that this is a debt -- >> i don't owe anyone -- >> listen to me. if i find out -- if i find out -- listen to me. >> it will be taken care of. >> listen to me. listen to me. if i find out that this is a debt that you owe, we'll be talking again. >> all right. >> okay. >> though he has suspicions, he has decided to temporarily put compton in a protective custody dorm until he finishes his investigation. >> whatever is going to happen is going to happen. i have no control over it. i guess this is as safe as i can be right now. a lot safer than where i was. coming up -- >> some of the phone calls sounded like he was playing a game on his mom. >> [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ]. [ inaudible ] [ bleep ].
10:41 pm
>> things go from bad to worse for nick compton. >> while i was walking compton back up to the dorm he was threatened. his life was threatened. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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boys. [ bleep ] that. when it does come, in the streets, doing the same [ bleep ]. that's why you come back. >> after spending his first night in a general population dorm, frank street did something he never does. he slept in. >> tons of people that i know from other prisons. that's why i slept so well because i stayed up so late talking to them. other than that everything is all right. >> you seem real happy. >> i am happy. yes, thank you. >> i want to follow up with him, make sure things are going well. and i want to talk with him about what his next step is. >> franky, good to see you. haven't seen you in a while. better. better. we're going to meet up in the
10:46 pm
office up there. >> yeah. >> haven't seen you in a while. >> yes. been busy. >> run around a lot. >> making millions of dollars. >> millions and millions, yes. how is work going? >> yeah. i enjoy it. >> it's working well being in the dorm setting? >> yes. >> got friends over there? >> lots of them. they're very kind people over there. >> wonderful. >> so we play cards and make slams and eat pizzas. >> one of these days when i have a little courage i'll try one of those slams. i've heard a lot about them. >> street is a work in progress. >> things aren't progressing as well for nick compton. his claims that members of the aryan brotherhood are extorting his family for protection money
10:47 pm
have been discredited. >> i interviewed the people that supposedly the money order, going to, and according to what they were telling me, he was in debt. the one guy doesn't have any affiliations with no organizations whatsoever, which would rule out the extortion theory. the other one, he gave compton commissary to pay off a debt to keep him from getting hurt. it sounded like he was playing a game on his mom. >> how so? >> by telling her about the extortion to get the money to pay for his debts. it's common. they play their family like that all the time. and he received a country report for it. >> basically he's saying he interviewed the two people -- the address on the money order my mom sent up here. so when he asked him, why is nick sending you money? obviously, they're not going to say the true reason why i'm --
10:48 pm
they're not going to tell on themselves. so the obvious reason is to say, yeah, he owed it to us for whatever reason it was. so ralph not believing what i had to say but believing them wrote me up for it instead. >> the thing about with mr. compton, this ain't the first time he's tried to pull something, not only here but at other facilities. tried to get protective custody. it's one of them things where he got caught up this time. i've got other information from other sources stating he likes to get in debt and can't pay his debt. so that's a behavioral thing. so what you do is discipline the behavior. that's what we're doing. he's still going to protective custody. we have to do something to protect him. he's going home here shortly. it might be moved a little bit further back because of the conduct report. but that's not my decision. at this point compton's case is closed. >> later with the video camera we provided him, compton
10:49 pm
expressed his feelings about the writeup. >> talking about this. the end result on this situation right here. what's going to happen -- thrown away. thrown out. in the trash. >> the prison disciplinary board assessed compton with a loss of 60 days of good time, but suspended it pending good behavior. on the way back from the hearing an inmate begins yelling the threats. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> send it up [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> hey [ bleep ] >> after securing compton in the dorm, his escort officer sergeant tibbles comes back out to investigate. >> while i was walking compton back up to the dorm, he was threatened. his life was threatened. so i'm looking for the guy who threatened when i locked him up. i know he was short.
10:50 pm
a white guy with a blue cap on. i'm almost sure i know who it is. as soon as i see him i'll know exactly who it is. hey, come here. >> what did i do? >> why don't we step over here for a second? >> i ain't done nothing. >> the inmate is identified as richard canada. his name was on some of the money order receipts turned in by compton's mother. >> turn around and cuff up. >> for what? >> because i said so. >> are you serious? >> yeah, i'm serious. turn around and cuff up. let's go. you're going to your cell. >> for what? >> you know exactly what. >> no, i don't. what are you talking about? >> even though canada claims to not know why sergeant tibbles has detained him, he soon let's slip to another inmate that he does know. >> how do you know it's from compton? because, that's the only thing it could be for.
10:51 pm
you guys can't save him forever, all right? >> save him from what? >> what do you mean save him from what? don't play dumb. you know what he's doing around here. he's just a snitch, you know [ bleep ]. try to do something, help him get out of some trouble, you know, and he's saying like i did something wrong to him. i didn't never do nothing wrong to him. he had his mom take copies of the money order receipts that he sent me. right? he sent me a money order receipt because i got him out of some trouble. >> i will have to go up front. i will have to write a conduct report for threatening and then take it to the captain's office. the lieutenant will write him up some paperwork, which means he will be on confinement. >> coming up -- >> i'm here to tell you guys i did not do what they're accusing me of doing.
10:52 pm
>> steven weaver argues his case to get out of ad-seg. >> i didn't put a hit out on that guy. >> do you think you have a problem with that guy? >> that's something i'm not going to comment on.
10:53 pm
jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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10:55 pm
as a high-ranking member of the aryan brotherhood, steven weaver has a reputation for being tough. we saw another side of him soon after a visit from his girlfriend. >> she comes a couple of times a year. it's like coming out of the darkness into the light. for a couple of hours. you know? and after it's over with you come back in the darkness, but the light still stays with you for a little while.
10:56 pm
>> today weaver has an opportunity to lift another layer of darkness. he has an appointment with the administrative segregation review board to argue his case for returning to general population. weaver has spent the last year in ad-seg after the prison received a tip that he had ordered an attack on another inmate. >> i know i have a bad past, and i'm an easy target for somebody who wants to manipulate internal affairs or you guys. they can use my name and it's usually like gold. so i've come to terms with that. but i'm here to tell you guys, i did not do what they're accusing me of doing. i had nothing to do with it. i doesn't know about it until the day after it happened. >> we all know and you know we know the reason why you're basically over there. >> because i'm a member of the aryan brotherhood. >> that's basically the reason, right. you've been put over there, and face it --
10:57 pm
>> and it's not just a member. you're a high-ranking member. you know that. >> i can't comment on anything like that. you guys know i know who the rat is. okay? if i was the person that you think i am, you think he would still be standing here today? standing out here in population, no, he wouldn't. but he still is. i didn't put a hit out on that guy. >> if he was in population, would we have a problem with that? do you think you have a problem with that guy? >> that's something i'm not going to comment on. i can't tell you honestly i don't know. you know what happens to rats. >> i know. i'm going to tell you, steve. we're going to strongly look at you right now. >> okay. >> and we'll make a decision, and whatever decision we make, we'll go to the superintendent, and he'll have the final say on it. >> i understand that. >> i'm going to stay over here. i'm going to be over here.
10:58 pm
there's just no way they're going to allow me to be out there. they're not stupid. you know? and neither am i. >> he's got a clear conduct. he's still calling some shots. >> the problem i have with something like that is he's calling the shots. he's going to call that shot in d-east no matter where he's at. >> to be on the safe side he needs to stay where he's at. true enough, he can call the shots from where he is now, or if he gets out he can call the shots and do whatever. but the reason for the clearer conduct is, like you say, you know, he has somebody else doing it. so he doesn't have to do anything. >> he thinks he's going to have to deal with the rat. i think that's what -- if he does come out that he's going to try personally to take care of it himself. >> right now he needs to stay in d-east. he needs to stay out of administrative circulation, because if he comes out here, he's going to have a problem. >> as weaver predicted, the board decided that his role in the aryan brotherhood would make him too high a risk to return to
10:59 pm
general population. >> i guess that's about it. as you can see, this is no country club prison. there's nothing romantic about doing time. there's nothing cool about watching the years go by and knowing that most of them have been wasted. the next time one of your politicians talk about how easy we have it in there, just remember what i've shown you today and what i've said. thanks.
11:00 pm
i killed him because i wanted to kill him. along this lonely stretch of river, body after body turns up in the dark waters. a serial killer stalking young women, showing no mercy. >> she fought and she fought. >> over the years he struck 48 times. for this dedicated detective, it would become the case of a lifetime. >> we only knew we had young girls and young women being killed at the prime of their life. >> but after clues along the river evaporate, he's told to give up. >> it's like the scene out of a movie where they tell the guy stop working this case. >> but he couldn't, wouldn't.


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