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tv   Hardball College Tour  MSNBC  February 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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heart of donald trump's appeal lies with the american voter who didn't go to college, who doesn't have the money, hasn't had the breaks. he is the one rallying to the billionaire from new york who rages against illegal immigration, against bad trade deals that cost us jobs, derides wars he says we shouldn't be fighting. trump seems to be tapping into an injured sense of nationalism, especially by those most threatened. for a number of reasons, good, bad, and many would say ugly, donald trump has connected. label him, attack him, condemn him but the immense failure of this country's political establishment, right, left, and center, to deal with deep national problems has left the door open and this brash businessman from the big city has come barreling through. i'm chris matthews. thanks for watching.
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hillary clinton, the victor tonight in south carolina. "the new york times" front page calling it a rout. "the washington post" saying she cruised to victory over bernie sanders. this is, in many ways, the speech she's been raring to give as she accepted -- claimed victory in iowa before it was certain. went on to defeat in new hampshire. the campaign trail has not been what the clinton campaign anticipated or expected as recently as six months ago. but tonight, to great excitement and a great introduction by congressman clyburn, she came out and was eventually able to do somewhat is very, very difficult with an election night. big crowds, she brought them to silence. you could hear a pin drop. she brought the throttle all the way back and feathered the prop and she was talking about the black lives matter movement.
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so big night for her tonight. and our director of elections has passed on word to us that this margin of victory could be truly sweeping and could be north of 40 points when all the votes are counted. we've got 20% in, rachel, and this is a big victory. >> this is only one in five votes count sod far. only 20% in, so there's no reason to extrapolate before we get the real numbers. there is an over 50-point margin right now. and we are cautioned that it may end up being a very, very large margin. heading into south carolina was interesting. a lot of the polls had her in the 20-point range, between 20 and 30 points. most polls had her there. i think the last nbc-wall street journal poll had her lead in south carolina at 28 points. but there was one poll heading into tonight's voting that was
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the clemson university poll, and they had her with a 50-point lead. that looked a little nutty compared to the other polls showing her with a giant lead in the 20s. right now with only 20% of the vote in, she's over 50. a win is a win. but there's two reasons this is important. one is that it does beat her stated expectations. her campaign said they wanted to match or beat bernie sanders' 22-point margin in new hampshire. if this holds, they will do that. the other way they will do that is some esoteric sense of momentum. there are 59 degrees at stake. you get less than 20 for winning. the rest get a portion based on what kind of margin you get in every congressional district in the state. if she can lock up the kind of victory donald trump did in south carolina where he got every delegate in the state, that's going to have a material
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consequence for this race going forward. >> math matters. eugene robinson, i know it's cliche to say this is the speech she wanted to give, but this is the speech she wanted to give. >> she has been wanting to give this speech for a while. she got to give it tonight. and it was very much i think a forward looking speech looking ahead, not just to super tuesday, but looking ahead to the themes that she would be emphasizing were she the democratic candidate, i think. especially that last part of the speech when she -- it was optimistic. we're better than this. our best days are ahead of us. it was all very uplifting. you know, i think it was a good night for her. >> i think it was her best speech of the campaign. this is often where they come, big, important wins like this. her speech writing is getting better. her delivery is getting way
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better. she was using the prompter, but it was a completely natural use of the prompter. i think it's the best speech we've heard her give this year. >> emplyou know, that's art. >> she did say at the top, she congratulated senator sanders and then said tomorrow this campaign goes national, which is a phrase that we haven't heard, and i'm not sure what it means. i wrote to somebody on the clinton campaign to ask what does that mean? the response was basically, duh, the march states. but it doesn't actually go national. where it goes is further south. we're going to be looking at super tuesday states where we've got, you know, alabama, tennessee, georgia, arkansas, all of these southern states where they're about to vote, where this proportion of the black vote is going to be absolutely her key to victory. so they're talking about a national race. they're talking about the march
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states. but where we're going next into this s.e.c. primary in the southern states. this kind of a victory heading into that is exactly where you would want to be if you were a candidate. >> the other night when we were in nevada, i asked chris matthews, former professional speechwriter, to critique what donald trump is doing on the stuff as a speechwriter does. chris matthews, same question. >> i think we saw tonight, that although hillary clinton has the strength of the democratic party organization, in places like nevada and here again with tim clyburn who introduced her, she has that background of strength and party organization. but she hasn't had the message. bernie sanders has had the message. whatever you think of it, you know what it is. tonight it was a very popular speech. particularly about wall street and a lot of the key phrases and targets of bernie sanders. the second part of the speech is aimed at the african-american anger, and everybody's anger at the police shootings of the last
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several years, where it seems in cold blooded in many cases, although each case is its own. there is a pattern there, that is very upsetting and making many people angry in this country. she went through the five families, the five victims that are with her. i think that hillary clinton still has to work on a couple of things in her speech appealing. this tactic of working against -- i noticed that donald trump goes back and forth. if he hears a lot of applause, he waits. it's interactive. when you fight the applause, when is an old method, you're fighting it and your voice rises, it's an old way of doing things. today the smart way is to be interactive. let them applause, respond to that. enjoy the applause.
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smile. don't fight it. and i agree with everybody, it was a strong speech. two messages. i'm not as different as bernie sanders as this debate makes us look, and second, the african-american community is resilient, they're not just victims. i thought that was a powerful thing she said at the end. they're not people to be pitied. they're strong people. 250 years of enslavement on this continent, 100 years of jim crow and 50 years of whatever we've had since, and they're still up there just asking for equality and acceptance, full american acceptance. and it took somebody with a long history with the black community to speak as a white person about black resilience. i thought it was very powerful at the end, very powerful at the end. >> just to the point the way she talked about bernie sanders. chuck todd predicted that tonight, where you don't need to get up there and talk about bernie sanders or keep
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criticizing him. she's been harshly criticizing him. this has not been a gloves-on kind of fight between them. but it will be interesting to see if this carries on until three nights from now to see if the two of them are still in a position where they're complimenting one another. they're talking about donald trump as the enemy, not each other. we'll see if hillary clinton turns that corner and tries to consolidate. >> she took out of the bernie sanders victory speech, which is go to my website and contribute. she never bothered to do that before. when bernie does that, it makes it very clear that he's dependent on your little $27 contribution. and he's not getting any of the pac money, not getting any wall street money. there's the candidate who is getting pac money and wall street money, who is using the same technique to suggest she needs -- and she does, everybody needs those small donations. but that was a new insertion for her. >> and the crowd responded positively. >> it was a very smart play.
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>> steve kornacki has been looking at where the vote is coming in from. again, the size of this victory. we don't know what the margin is going to be overall. we have 28% of the vote, but it seems clear why the margin is so big. >> what i wanted to show you so specifically, you talked about getting an advisory that maybe this is going to be bigger than it initially looked. i want to tell you why that is and what's happening right now. two things are happening. there was a surprise earlier in the night. when the exit polls came in, the emergen margins for hillary clinton seemed better than expected. now the votes are coming in and there's another surprise. there were five counties in 2008 when it was hillary clinton versus barack obama. five county where is barack obama got between 70% and 75% of the vote. they were by far his best counties in the state. they were heavily black counties, the assumption tonight was that hillary clinton at her best might come close to that.
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let me show one of them tonight. this is sumpter county. hillary clinton is getting 87% of the vote there tonight. here's another one. 84%. so she is overperforming barack obama in what were barack obama's strongest areas in 2008. that's point one. the second point is this, if bernie sanders had some strength here tonight, one place where people are look bring you have a large, rural, working class white population, the one county that john edwards carried in this primary in 2008. take a look how that is voting tonight. did bernie sanders get any movement there? not really. hillary clinton's winning that with 60% of the vote. add this together and what we're seeing now in the latest wave of exit poll data is not only should hillary clinton now getting 87% of the black vote in the state, that's up from what we were seeing. 87%. more than barack obama got in
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2008. now as more data is coming in, she's winning the white vote in south carolina. she has 53%. earlier, we saw her closer to 40%. that has moved up as we've gotten actual returns. so hillary clinton now close to 90% of the black vote in south carolina. and now actually winning the white vote. that's what we're seeing. >> steve kornacki, thanks. the victor tonight was never really in doubt. now it's all over. but the shouting about how the victory was put together. when we come back after a break, we'll talk about the next contest. or more specifically, series of contests. a little super tuesday preview with our friend, chuck todd and others when we continue.
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breaking news this hour.
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the south carolina primary, hillary clinton scoring an impressive victory tonight in the south carolina democratic primary. 74-26 percentage points at this moment. the projected winner trouncing her rival bernie sanders. she will pick up the lion's share of the state's 53 delegates. bernie sanders was not even in the state when the results came out this evening. focusing his attention on super tuesday states, with an event tonight in rochester, minnesota. but before that event, sanders addressed his defeat in south carolina after he arrived by plane from texas. take a listen. >> in politics, on a given night, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. tonight we lost. i congratulate secretary clinton on a very strong victory. tuesday, over 800 delegates are at stake, and we intend to win many, many of them. thank you all very much. >> rochester, minnesota, bernie sanders speaking right now at a rally with a crowd. let's stop and take a listen.
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>> whose fraudulent behavior destroyed the lives of millions of people. you know what happens to you? you get a salary increase. [ crowd booing ] and then if you are the head of goldman sachs, you come to congress as a billionaire and you say to congress, cut social security, medicare, and medicaid, and give huge tax breaks to the wealthy. [ crowd booing ] together, we are going to bring justice back to a broken criminal justice system. [ applause ] and that means, you know, justice under the law is a profound statement, something
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deeply embedded in who we are as americans. what it means is that if you're poor and you break the law, you're going to pay the price. if you're rich and you break the law, you are going to pay the price. that does not happen in america today. together, we are going to bring justice back to the criminal justice system. [ applause ] i am a member of the senate committee on the environment of the senate committee on emergency. i talk to scientists all over this world. the debate is over. climate change is real. [ applause ] it is caused by human activity that is already doing devastating harm in america and all over this world.
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we have a moral responsibility to future generations to stand up to the fossil fuel industry, to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, to energy efficiency, and sustainable energy. [ applause ] now, i have been criticized for saying that the united states should join every other major country on earth, the uk, france, germany, holland, scandinavia, canada, every major country on earth, in guaranteeing health care to all people as a right. [ applause ]
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as tina pointed out, the affordable care act has done a lot of good things, but we have got to go further. today in america, 29 million people, zero health insurance. many of you are underinsured with high deductibles and co-payments. and we pay by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. in fact, we're getting ripped off right and left by the pharmaceutical industry. one out of five americans cannot afford to fill the prescriptions their doctors write, which is pretty crazy. meanwhile, on top of all that, we end up paying far, far more per capita for health care than any other country on earth. which leads me to the conclusion that the way forward is a medicare-for-all single payer program. [ applause ]
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now, people can disagree with me all they want. but it is my view that health care is a right of all people, not a privilege. [ applause ] now, we can do great things in america when we do not allow people like donald trump and some of his friends to divide us up. to divide us up and make attacks against latinos, vicious attacks or against muslims or against african-americans or whatever. when we stand together, there is nothing that we cannot
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accomplish. now, i look forward very much -- boy, it would make me so happy to have the opportunity to run against donald trump. [ applause ] >> bernie! bernie! bernie! >> and the reason i would love to run against donald trump, a lot of the national and state polls show us beating him pretty badly. that's a good start. but the reason that i would like to run against trump is that we will defeat him because the american people do not agree with him that we should give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to billionaire families like his. the american people do not
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believe or agree with trump when he thinks we should not raise a $7.25 minimum wage. >> bernie sanders speaking right now, live at a rally there in rochester, minnesota. 9:22 local time. this an evening where he did not do so well in south carolina, losing in the primary there, at least it is projected this moment. 74-26 percentage points. with bernie sanders right now on the campaign trail, that's our embed, danny freeman. danny, much as been said by the hillary clinton campaign at this moment. of course, they could be just waving the flag, trying to hope for, after a super tuesday win, that it would be perhaps the focus on the general. but is that even being felt there at the bernie sanders campaign? >> reporter: good evening, richard. it's interesting. [ inaudible ]
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bernie sanders has not changed his stump speech after his south carolina loss. one thing he's been emphasizing a lot, he's taking on donald trump directly. perhaps some of the harshest language i've ever seen or heard sanders use against donald trump. he's been saying we will win against donald trump for a number of reasons. sanders at this point does not seem that shaken, despite having suffered a large loss tonight in south carolina. >> significant loss. much more than what was expected. any discussion in terms of the timing of their travel to rochester, minnesota? their internal perhaps saying this was not going to be a good night? [ indiscernible ]
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>> i think they had always thought if they could get it within single digits, but i don't think any of them anticipated such a blowout on the side of hillary clinton. but you can see that he was expecting a loss based on his schedule over the past few weeks. he's been jet setting all over the country. >> danny, we'll have to leave it there. we'll continue to have more for you on the south carolina primary right after this.
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we continue to follow the news coming out of south carolina, the primary there tonight. hillary clinton winning big in the south carolina democratic primary, trouncing her rival bernie sanders more than what was expected. she beat sanders among african-american voters 87% to 13%. bernie sanders was meanwhile not in south carolina tonight, focusing attention on super tuesday states with an event tonight in rochester, minnesota, which just wrapped up. sanders addressed his defeat in south carolina after he arrived by plane from texas. >> in politics, on a given night, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. tonight we lost. i congratulate secretary clinton on her very strong victory. tuesday, over 800 delegates are at stake, and we intend to win many, many of them. thank you all very much. >> in her acceptance speech,
7:30 pm
hillary clinton said "tomorrow this campaign goes national." she'll be wasting no time in tennessee and arkansas while sanders hits colorado. now back to our regular programming. >> we are back on this south carolina primary night, awarded long ago when polls close 7:00, a huge margin and overwhelming victory for hillary clinton. now our conversation moving on a bit to a preview of super tuesday. katie tur is covering an event in tennessee. and i understand they're trying to get you out so the secret service can sweep for explosives. before you do, it was during our live coverage the night of nevada when you said, you just
7:31 pm
opened the door quoting trump aides that a super tuesday sweep is in the realm of the possible. talk about that chance as we stand here tonight. >> reporter: well, they are never going to say on the record they believe they are going to sweep all of super tuesday, but they certainly do have a good shot. and this endorsement by governor christie really put them in a good place to do that. right now when you look at donald trump and what he's won so far, he's won the moderate northeast, won in the religious south, won in the far west. he's a governor from the moderate northeast, a well-known governor. a hardline immigration governor in january brewer that just endorsed him. he hired mike huckabee's campaign manager and his daughter sarah huckabee. she has deep roots in the south we the evangelicals. you can see this reality when you go to the polls. i have been saying this for months, now, nicole wallace knows this as we have had
7:32 pm
discussions about it, his supporters are for him. they have been for him for months and are not going to change their mind. they are not paying attention to the news cycle the way we in the media pay attention to it. and they don't find that all the controversies are a bad thing for donald trump. every time the establishment pushes back or marco rubio hits them or ted cruz, his supporters only dig in further. >> katy tur entering her ninth month on the road following donald trump's campaign. thank you. steve kornacki, what in terms of math can you offer where in terms this super tuesday may be headed for donald trump? >> this is where the math starts getting real. we'll have close to 600 delegates on the republican side up for grabs on tuesday. you can see where the current math stands. donald trump is out ahead of everybody, but of course the story is there that most of the delegates haven't been distributed yet. a couple things to keep in mind here for donald trump. you hear katy tur talking about the trump people would love the idea of sweeping through these
7:33 pm
states that are up on tuesday. where is he in most danger of losing? where is he most vulnerable? the obvious one is texas, ted cruz's home state. ted cruz is calling that his alamo. we'll see if trump pulls a surprise there. where else is trump vulnerable? you might want to look in virginia. virginia has a high number of republican voters who are college graduates. trump has a divide on a republican side. trump is doing much better with people who do not have college degrees. also, minnesota, this was the state that is the first state this week that marco rubio campaigned in. there actually was a poll in minnesota that showed rubio ahead recently. so that's where trump may be in most danger. but if you look at the delegates here, we say there are about 600 up for grabs, the important thing in these states is they are not winner-take-all states but candidates need to be hitting at least 20% in most of these states to be collecting delegates. and if donald trump is winning these things with 35%, 37%, 38% of the vote, he could be walking out of here with a delegate lead on top of the 65 he's already at.
7:34 pm
he could add another 150, 175 on a good night to that lead. so he could walk out of here with a very big advantage if he starts racking up big numbers in these states. >> wow, thank you steve kornacki. looking at the specific states, nicole, when steve is talking about minnesota -- those are three very different states, minnesota, virginia and texas, possibly being places where somebody else has a shot other than donald trump. does that ring true to you? >> well, what's funny to me about asking me how many states is trump going to win on super tuesday, marco rubio and john kasich need trump to win texas. and -- >> because that kills ted cruz. >> that kills ted cruz. and if it should go on, then cruz needs trump to win florida. so that rubio -- so even the folks that are in need, they will trump to win. you ask how many states he'll win? not everybody wants him to not
7:35 pm
win on tuesday. >> not everybody wants him to not win. >> okay. >> his competitors have reasons for -- >> the competitors need trump to prevail in their own home states. the best way to wipe out kasich. they are super annoyed how kasich should get out. they need trump to beat kasich in ohio and the best way to get cruz out of the way so rubio can consolidate his votes is to get trump to beat cruz in texas. >> that is certainly not incomprehensible. >> give me four tries. >> i get it. but the whole kasich should get out, he's in rubio's way, is that real or is that more denial? >> well, nothing angers the kasich folks more. >> he's going to beat trump in his home state and rubio is going to lose to trump in his home state, then rubio is the one who should get out, honestly. >> you put all of kasich's support to rubio and you're still not beating donald trump. >> listen about where we are, we
7:36 pm
are -- and i think at the root, we started talking about christie's endorsement of trump. christie endorsed trump because he was irate at the circular firing squad that became all the republican candidates. he thinks the fact that everybody stayed in made it impossible for any of them to win and that has as much to do with his support behind trump as anything else. >> if i was running kasich's campaign and hired you as a consultant, couldn't you go out and make the case to the media for kasich staying in and his viability and at least until ohio? >> i mean, i would. >> depending on how much you're paid. >> i think that kasich's argument is even harder than rubio's in that he hasn't -- he's not -- i think there's an obvious tier of a top three now. and i think that people accept that rubio, cruz and trump are in it. and i said this tuesday night, it's not fair. kasich is occupying a lane of room, a freeway of his own as the civility candidate in this
7:37 pm
republican primary. i love his presence in this race. but i think that it is near impossible to see him win this nomination. >> let me counter your proposal on this. >> let me hear your number. >> i'm sure they trust me on this one. because we're talking about, honestly, mathematically, two options here. donald trump wins the nomination or it is decided at the convention. nobody else has a path to win before the convention other than donald trump. that can be argued but i think that's the reality. so given that, the non-donald trump candidate is sort of in a position that's a little bit akin to an independent candidate. like when people are gaming out the prospect of michael bloomberg or another independent candidate, you think about it differently because then they don't have to win primaries. they don't have to lock up the republican electorate. they just have to get there. but if the way you get there is at the convention, then we don't need to talk about, well, who can unify conservative voters? who can bring the party together behind them? that's no longer the thing that kasich has to worry about. what kasich's case then is, if it gets decided at the
7:38 pm
convention, is i would be a really good general election candidate because i'm a centerist. and i would be a centerist republican running against a centerist democrat and that would give us the best shot to win. you can only make that argument if you don't make it through the primaries. you make it because you're deciding in cleveland in july in one room and everybody else has already had their say. >> listen, they have made the same analysis you have that should scare everybody, including you, but they don't have any plans -- he did say today that if he does win ohio he will get out, so i think there's some momentum and dignity in all this, if you will. i think the think that does unify them, though, and i think we talked about clinton's win all evening, is hillary clinton. republicans are unified by the desire to beat hillary clinton. >> i have never heard them say that. one, two, three, six. really important numbers, steve kornacki.
7:39 pm
it's numbers just beneath that you want to deal with. >> what this means in terms of super tuesday, can donald trump get through the primary process, win that nomination on the first ballot? can the other candidates catch him? can they force the thing we talk about but never see a brokered convention? this is where the delegate count stands saturday night. here it is, the finish line every candidate is trying to get to. over 1200 delegates. we said super tuesday sets up favorably for donald trump. if the polls we're seeing in all the states are right and that's sort of what the results look like tuesday night, if we play this out a little bit, trump will probably advance to a little north of 350 delegates. rubio would probably tack on, he would probably be about 160 or so we would say. cruz, again, texas, his home state, a lot of delegates, say he does well there, he could get close to 200 delegates. so roughly speaking if the polls are right, this could be where we are looking at this coming out of super tuesday. that's when things start to get interesting. if you are marco rubio, what is
7:40 pm
your theory? how are you going to catch up to donald trump if you're almost 200 behind him? one thing the rubio people point to is his home state of florida, not until march 15th. but march 15th is a key date in this process because it's the first time it states that are allowed to do winner-take-all primaries. you win one more vote than any other candidate, you get all the delegates up for grabs. florida is one of those states. 99 delegates. marco rubio is losing in the polls in florida right now but his campaign is saying we are going to win it. if you do that, right away, you've cut half of donald trump's lead. you're basically at 260. ohio is a winner-take-all state. could kasich do that in his state? that could complicate things for everybody else. could rubio move to win? you start to get the winner-take-all states after march 15th. the rubio campaign believes they can win some of them. trump keeps chipping away at the nonwinner-take-all states. that's how you get to a brokered convention we have talked about but never seen. >> as donald trump would say in a word he used three times this past week, it matters bigly.
7:41 pm
he's insisting this is a thing. >> i have two dogs, one which wags more aggressively than the other. and the fat one we call bigly and the other one who wags aggressively is squiggly. when he says bigly, i think he's messaging to me and my family. >> you and trump have this thing. >> i just creeped out brian williams live on tv. >> you have a connection. >> we'll talk this out and be back in a moment.
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this is going to go down as the night of hillary clinton's biggest victory of the campaign to date. and by percentage, all the way through in south carolina. but we have been looking forward to the big prizes on tuesday, super tuesday. among them, the state of texas. our friend jacob soberoff is in ft. worth, texas. ft. worth, a long time ago was a cow town, way before it became the dallas/ft. worth metroplex. but there's an old vestige of the old west out there in ft. worth, jacob? >> reporter: yes, sir, brian. greetings from the historic ft. worth stockyards here in tarrant, texas. this is the largest urban red county in texas. and not just because of that,
7:45 pm
but also for political nerds like myself and rachel and kornacki and others of us out there, it is a bellweather of what happens in texas as a whole. if you look at 2008 and 2012, what happen has statewide in tarrant county. to the historic coliseum, we talked to people at the championship rodeo to see who is going to win, hometown ted cruz or donald trump who is surging out here. take a look at what they had to say. who are you leaning towards? >> right now i'm still leaning towards trump. >> reporter: donald trump, huh? over your hometown guy of ted cruz. >> yeah, i've been a businessman for 25 years and think washington needs somebody to take care of business. >> reporter: how about you? who are you voting for? >> probably donald trump. i'm still kind of looking at and studying it. >> reporter: who are you going to vote for? >> i'm going to swing for donald trump, honestly. he's probably the best guy right now. >> reporter: do you think cruz is in trouble on tuesday here?
7:46 pm
>> i think donald trump is going to give him a run for his money, honestly. >> reporter: cruz doesn't look like he's going to beat trump out. i would love to go for cruz, but because the polls are in trump's favor right now, i would choose for the winner. i'm big on immigration, build a wall. i'll help build it. i mean, and i'm a mexican-american. so i'm all for it. >> i'm a ted cruz guy for sure. >> reporter: but you like trump's message better? >> i like trump's message. >> reporter: what does cruz need to do better to win here? >> step up his competition and quit being so political. if he's more himself and he called donald trump out for what he is, more power to him. bring it on. >> reporter: brian, rachel, if what went on inside that building last night is any indication, donald trump looks to have a good tuesday coming up in just a couple of days. i talked to a local election official here who says early voting just like we have seen, unlike what we saw tonight in south carolina with the democrats, but just like what we have seen with republicans across the country so far this cycle turned out early voting
7:47 pm
and it's through the roof. 75% republican, 25% democrat. so now it all comes down to, as always, with the get out the vote effort. we'll see what happens coming up on tuesday. >> we should also tell folks, if you ever have a chance to be right where jacob is standing, it's one of the great spots deep in the heart of texas in ft. worth. jacob, thank you very much. i don't think i have been as fascinated with voter interviews as much as this year. i can watch them all day. a break, we'll be right back, if.
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we are back on this night of the south carolina democratic primary. let's look at this number, 78% of the vote in. hillary clinton with 74% of the counted vote to bernie sanders' 26%. a victory, our election desk called overwhelming early in the evening at 7:00 p.m. they were right. chris matthews is standing by in columbia, south carolina, with one of the many native-born south carolinians who went on to fame and fortune elsewhere. chris? >> reporter: not only that but a friend of my, kathleen parker, who writes a big syndicated column around the country. one of the biggest syndicated writers around the country. and she lives and is born and of south carolina. explain what happened here, in terms of male and female if you can among other things. or anything else you want to talk about. >> since we have two-and-a-half minutes i'll make it snappy. but i think it was not surprising that hillary would
7:52 pm
win, obviously. i think the most interesting thing from today was the fact that she won the young people as well from the african-american groups that overwhelmingly supported her. the fact that she was able to capture that audience does not surprise anyone because she worked that hard, hard, hard. she was going to churches and, you know, meeting with african-american groups over and over again. she's quite comfortable in that environment and they are very comfortable with her. she's the familiar face. and the long history of the contents in south carolina. >> the primaries mean a whole lot but the chances of the democrats, whether bernie or hillary, carrying the state in november are what? >> say that again. >> what chance do the democrats have of win thing state in november? >> winning this state in november? you know, i wouldn't put it out, if donald trump is the nominee, i think you will see a lot of people crossing over to vote for hillary clinton should she be the nominee. i actually do think that women will vote for her and even men. >> i have to tell you, brian and rachel, a moment ago you were trying to figure out the politics and the thinking of ft.
7:53 pm
worth, texas. you know, that was what jack kennedy was doing the day he was killed. he was riding in the car with a local congressman, and with john connolly, the governor, trying to figure out why dallas was so right-wing and ft. worth was still democrat. he couldn't figure it out. dallas was high-rise buildings, everybody wearing a white shirt. everybody wanted to be a republican like their boss. it was factories and economic culture in ft. worth. that's why it was democrat. he was talking about this an hour before he was killed. >> the texas race alone will be such a fascinating part of super tuesday. chris, thanks to you and kathleen. our only big question tonight, there's a guy that looks like hal hollbrooke at the bar since this afternoon. we would like to know more about him, perhaps we'll delve into that. >> i've talked to him. >> the man in the blue shirt. >> kathleen just made a
7:54 pm
remarkable situation. is south carolina in reach for the democrats in general in she said if donald trump is the nominee, could be. the freakout within the republican party about the prospect of their front-runner locking up this nomination is a huge story, it's a story with international interest at this point. >> why are you looking at nicole wallace? >> because nicole wallace is vibrating at a high intensity at this point. she's six inches above her seat. you're freaking out. >> he talks about he is poll numbers on the stump every day for the first 15 to 20 minutes. >> the woman who said i like cruz and it looks like trump is going to win. >> we all said that to some degree. >> trump is not ahead in texas according to the polls. there are some polls that have
7:55 pm
him tied. but the impression she has is trump is the winner. >> but does ted cruz have any prospects of winning anywhere other than texas? >> he doesn't talk about it. so you have to think a campaign that's been so technically precise. i mean, their predictions in iowa, they had it down, they had the turnout model down to within 10,000 voters. this is a technically and operationally very, very good campaign. so they are not talking about winning anywhere other than texas. >> it's amazing to be a texas senator, thinking that you're going to win texas and not being able to say you're also going to win oklahoma. that's stunning. i mean, if ted cruz, obviously, it's a big deal that he couldn't win in south carolina, but if the only thing he can win is iowa and his home state, the idea of ted cruz being viable is mystifying to me. >> there's a poll out saying trump is more popular among the evangelical voters than even the pope. so chew on that if you're the cruz campaign. >> marco rubio is making a joe namath promise to win florida.
7:56 pm
>> just before south carolina, the jeb bush campaign said, take it to the bank, jeb bush will win south carolina. take it to the bank. this week the marco rubio campaign said take it to the bank that marco rubio will win florida. don't talk about banks. >> you have to break them up. we are down to the closing seconds of our coverage tonight. >> this is going to be -- we have to rush home to sleep fast because on tuesday it's going to be all night. >> yes. we can sleep when we're you know what. >> yes. tuesday night is super tuesday, we'll be on the air as of 6:00 p.m. eastern. it's going to be a big deal. >> we should thank all of our family and friends here for coming in to work on a saturday night. and most importantly, the folks at home who have watched our coverage as we ask you to join us as we do this all again only on steroids tuesday night. and we really, when mrs. -- when former secretary of state hillary clinton says this goes national, that's what she meant. there's your projected winner
7:57 pm
tonight. right now the percentages are running 74% to 26% with 81% in. so far all our friends here, for all those who have contributed to the broadcast, we'll see you back here on tuesday night. >> and sleep between now and then because you're not sleeping on tuesday night. it's going to be a big one.
7:58 pm
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