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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  February 28, 2016 12:00pm-3:01pm PST

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as for us, we'll be back next week because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." affiliate. as for us, we'll be back next week because if it's sun hello. we are coming to you live from birmingham, alabama. these signs depicting key moments in the civil rights struggle. birmingham had a long battle to deseg great. just across you see the civil rights snoo s institute. on the other corner the baptist church. we saw people filing in and out of services there. it was there in 1963 that the ku klux klan detonated a bomb killing four innocent girls. today when there is a rot of talk about the southern states involved in the presidential
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super tuesday and black vote won so overwhelmingly yesterday by hillary clinton in the coming hour we will talk about all of that. let's go live to where we see marco rubio right now set to hold his second rally in the super tuesday state of virginia. this one in the village of mid lothian just outside of richmond. we will bring you updates. the other candidates are on the trail going after front runner donald trump. >> there have been multiple media reports about donald's business dealings with the mob, with the mafia. >> donald trump is not a republican, not a conservative. donald trump is trying to pull off the biggest scam in american political history, a con job trying to take over the republican party. >> i don't think it is fair the way the establishment is treating donald trump. i signed a pledge and i will abide by the pledge unless they
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default. >> now, trump will be here in alabama tonight holding a rally in huntsville, an event he says is so big it had to be moved to a football stadium. senators marco rubio and ted cruz have four events in virginia, arkansas and oklahoma today. we have new nbc news wall street journi journal polling out. ted cruz is ahead in his home state of texas. and on the democratic side hillary clinton leading bernie sanders in all three of those southern states by about a two to one margin. right now sanders is about to hold a rally in oklahoma city, another super tuesday state. we will be monitoring his comments and bringing you updates. sanders says he is looking towards super tuesday and beyond. >> the glimmer of positive news for us is that we won the 29 years of age or younger vote and we did well with
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african-american young people as well as white young people. the future for us it is a tough fight. i think we can pull it off, chuck. >> so we are here in alabama, the fifth of our seven-day, seven-state super tuesday trek. we have every angle covered with our reporters bringing you the latest. let's go to tulsa where ted cruz wrapped up a rally and took another hit at donald trump. >> very easy to talk about making america great again. you can print that on a baseball cap. but the question is do you understand the principles, the values that made america great in the first place? >> nbc's hallie jackson joins us from oklahoma city. here we are after this long trek across all of these states that the candidates have made and are
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continuing to make. give us a sense of where ted cruz is and where you see the state of the republican race. >> reporter: for ted cruz in oklahoma calling it a battle ground state. the real must-win for him is his home state in texas, the state with the most delegates on the line, 155. his campaign looking for a win. they want a dominant one. if they get a majority of support then cruz will sweep all delegates robbing donald trump and marco rubio. as for the rest of the field you have marco rubio in virginia. he is spending money and resources there. he is looking to make a play and could potentially pull off his first win of the campaign season so far. john kasich still in the race. he is looking ahead to next week to march 8 in michigan, to march 15 in ohio. that is a must-win for him.
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donald trump dominating almost every state on tuesday. republicans could wake up wednesday morning to find him with a near lock on the nomination. that is something, of course, ted cruz hopes to prevent him from doing. cruz taking aim at donald trump very consistently hitting him on his health care positions and his positions on the middle east but on the new comments about david duke and the kkk. ted cruz tweeting that donald trump you know better than this saying the kkk is abhorrent. we expect to hear more about that as this develops and potentially from trump later tonight. >> hallie jackson in oklahoma for us. we want to talk more about this back and forth over david duke and the kkk especially as we sit here in birmingham, alabama. as we look at that and how things stand i want to bring in our panel of election insiders, robert costa, nbc political news analyst and national political reporter with the washington post and cliff simms, publisher
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and ceo of yellow hammer news is with me here. robert, donald trump did come under fire this morning because there seemed to be some questions when he was asked to disavow the endorsement of former ku klux klan grand wizard david duke. >> will you condemn david duke and say you don't want his and other white supremacists? >> i don't know anything about david duke. give me a list of groups and i'll let you know. i don't know david duke. >> then a short time ago he tweeted and he said as i stated on friday regarding david duke i disavow. he said he disavowed him on friday and then said he didn't know anything about david duke. what do you make of this and will it matter?
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>> david duke has haunted the republican party for quite some time running in louisiana for state office and then in 1999 when donald trump was first flirting with the presidential bid he talked about how david duke and his association was hurting the republican party. now trump does say he disavows duke but says the tension the party has in some quarters when dealing with the question of some supporters who are out of the mainstream who have associations with racist groups like the kkk. it is an uncomfortable moment for trump as he is looking to sweep on super tuesday answering questions about david duke that shows he is not at ease on the national stage and not entirely clear on past histories. >> when you look at alabama being one of the series of super tuesday states that he hopes to sweep, will something like this make a difference? >> it is hard to say that it
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possibly could. the guy said so many things and looked at it and said that is going to be the one that is it for him. i don't see this making a huge difference. the last poll i saw showed 17% undecided here in alabama. i doengt thu it will have a huge difference. >> you have been spending time with the candidates now new to the new super tuesday madness. you spent time with marco rubio yesterday. take me inside what you see as the evolution of this candidate and to set it up i want to play some of his more aggressive attacks against donald trump. >> the time has come to remove the mask and unveil him for what he is. donald trump is nothing but a first-rate con artist trying to carry out the ultimate con. >> it started at the debate. what did he tell you? >> i think marco rubio was thinking this is going to be a
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foreign policy election. it never developed that way and held back a little bit too long. now coming out ready to start throwing punches. i think him and senator cruz are going to need that every chance they get between now and tuesday if they want to cut donald trump at all. >> you were with cruz, as well. ? >> i rode with him to little rock. i think the south is a bigger deal. he looked at this as his firewall. this was the way he took on the election. that is under threat even by rubio starting to rise. the latest polling i see sees the race tightening a little bit. i think rubio is surging. >> do you feel that inside the campaign because you had this unique opportunity, so close to super tuesday to be around both of them and their campaigns, more confident in one than the other.
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>> i don't think there was a huge difference in the two. spending time with senator rubio he felt good coming out of the debate. he did something that not many people have been able to do. he landed blows on donald trump that connected. i heard from a lot of voters on my radio program this past week saying they are impressed by senator rubio. some people who were undecided starting to edge towards him. cruz had a great ground game here in alabama, probably the best staff of anybody in the state. most built out ground game here. we will see if that makes a difference. >> you have been looking at our poll with trump leading in georgia and tennessee. cruz does remain in his home state of texas. if he comes out of here out of the super tuesday states with a head of steam, what is going to hamm happen? will we get more people like chris christie coming out or is there going to be a series of
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endorsements of marco rubio or it ted cruz? >> at the moment the establishment seems pretty paralyzed. part of that is not just because of trump's success so far. it is because when they look at the calendar they are not sure if a rush to rubio makes sense. march 15 you have the ohio primary and florida primary. i talked to some donors here today in atlanta. if rubio is not able to win his own state maybe he seems to be the establishment pick. there is a lot of undecided donors and party officials who are waiting and watching hoping that some candidates can survive not only past march 1 but mid aerch. >> you can make the argument that the timing for chris christie's endorsement couldn't have come at a better time when marco rubio seemed to have so much momentum. i got a hint here that in
12:12 pm
florida in the next couple of days there would be something big. i asked if it was jeb bush. my question is broader than that. anything in terms of endorsements that you think over the course of the next couple of days to make any kind of difference in this race? >> the one endorsement that could make a difference is governor rick scott of florida. he has written very positively about donald trump in recent weeks. his camp is friendly with donald trump's camp. if that came before florida it could be a significant blow to senator rubio in his own state. trump hasn't relied on endorsements and at this point senator jeff sessions is yet to endorse because he is friendly with cruz as well as trump. >> that's interesting because that is what everybody is waiting for here. i'm interested. what are the chances that over the next couple of days we see
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something from senator sessions. >> this is senator sessions country here. most beloved politician in the state. i have talked to him a decent amount about this. over the last week you have seen him become more and more pro trump coming out and saying where i'm at on trade and immigration that is where trump is at pretty much tased endorsement. i think endorsements are overblown. i don't think the electorate cares. they are ticked off and mad at washington. that is the kind of stuff resonating. they don't care whatever politician endorses anybody i don't think. >> i thought the number was stunning white evangelicals made up 75% of the vote here. i asked about the support of the
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evangelicals in the south in 2016. here is what i was told. >> i'm hearing as i go around the country a lot of evangelical christian whose don't want to use the word evangelical anymore. i'm kind of with them when you see the buffoonery going on in this election campaign i started referring to myself as a gospel christian. >> that is unbelievable to hear russell morris say i don't want tocall myself an evangelical anymore and said he was afraid to bring his kids to the interview because trump was on the television. he is puzzled by the fact that none of that seems to have affected evangelicals, church goers. have you seen anything in alabama that indicates? >> it has been fascinating to watch. those of us who are evangelicals hear donald trump say things like i was probably audited because i am such a strong christian. we are puzzled about that. >> does it make people stop
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thinking about voting for him? >> i think it shows the depth of the frustration with the washington establishment that even evangelical christians are looking at what is going on in washington saying those people aren't representing me and so what trump is saying in a weird way is resonating even with those folks. >> let me ask you finally i thought it was interesting when we heard hillary clinton sounding like a general election candidate and nobody would have thought even a couple of months ago that it could be hillary clinton versus donald trump but what are you hearing about her campaign and how they may be getting ready to take him on? >> i know my democratic sources have told me for months democrats have been getting ready behind the scenes for general election against donald trump going through not only his political statements from this year but his business record, his personal life and they're ready for what could be a very
12:16 pm
bitter general election contest especially women voters a lot of younger voters may be turned off to trump. when it comes to working-class voters i think democrats have an argument to make as long as clinton can bring in sanders supporters. >> so tempting to get ahead of ourselves but in the meantime we have a lot of voting to go just on super tuesday and then on march 15. msnbc political analyst robert costa. we will turn to the race to the democratic nomination. hillary clinton heading into super tuesday with momentum, commander victory in south carolina. will that help win over undecided voters in states like alabama? we will be back with more live from birmingham right after this. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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sunday before the biggest
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voting day of all and bernie sanders is holding a rally in oklahoma right now. hillary clinton just moments away from a rally in nashville, tennessee at a get out the vote event. this after her landslide south carolina primary victory over bernie sanders. all the momentum is on her side this afternoon. new polls show massive leads in tennessee and the super tuesday states. a big steps towards solidifying the nomination. today bernie sanders picked up a major endorsement, the democratic committee vice chair announcing on meet the press she is stepping down from that job so she can vocalize her support for sanders. >> as a veteran and as a soldier i have seen first-hand the true cost of war. i think it is most important for us as we look at our choices as to who our next commander in chief would be to recognize the necessity to have a commander in chief who exercises good
12:21 pm
judgment and looks beyond the consequences and looks at the consequences of actions looking to take before they take those actions so we don't continue to find ourselves in failures that have resulted in chaos in the middle east. >> joining us now on the phone kristin welker at that event. a great day yesterday for hillary clinton in many ways exceeding expectations. how do they plan to build on it for super tuesday? >> reporter: this is the most confident that i have heard the clinton campaign since she entered this race. she defied expectations. the campaign was hoping to beat sanders by 20 points in south carolina. she beat him by nearly 50 points. perhaps more important number if you are the int cl campaign or sanders campaign she got close to 90% of the african-american vote. the campaign is looking to build
12:22 pm
on the momentum. our poll shows her with big leads throughout the south on super tuesday beating senator sanders by a two to one margin in georgia, tennessee and texas. her strategy is to continue to court african-american voters vigorously and she has been drawing sharp contrast but more recently donald trump i heard you talk about that with your guest beforehand that she had -- she said we need to make america whole, a direct fight at donald trump. this is breaking in the past few minutes. both democratic candidates responding to donald trump and david duke. senator sanders tweeting out america's first black president will not be cuseceded by a hate
12:23 pm
monger. the clinton campaign retweeted that, re-tweeting a tweet from senator sanders. secretary clinton called trump's comments pathetic. >> kristin welker who has been following the hillary clinton campaign throughout thank you so much. we are here today in alabama, the state that makes its super tuesday debut two days from now. obviously, hillary clinton is hoping this will help close the deal whiem sanders is hoping to survive. i will bring in three members of birmingham city council all democrats but backing different people. sanders supporter. clinton supporter. and the undecided counselor of the ninth district the two of them will try to convince
12:24 pm
otherwise here. i got to start with you as a sanders supporter we were talking earlier today even he admitted he took a shellacking yesterday. people were surprised not just by the margin of hillary clinton's victory but the black vote overwhelming, 74 point advantage for hillary clinton. what is your guy's play moving forward? >> i think for all practical purposes we have to galvanize and strengthen our on the ground going door to door, those kinds of things. i think bernie is going to do well. i think we have a ways until the democratic convention and things can turn. state by state. and so i think the synergy is there. the hopefulness of senator bernie sanders campaign is there. he did quite well. if you look at the crowd that he had versus what senator clinton
12:25 pm
had in alabama we had a bigger crowd. and we had so much excitement. >> there is, however, a lot of enthusiasm on the democratic side has been for bernie sanders. he has gotten tremendous crowds. he hasn't been able to translate to votes. there is concern that donald trump has. he is not just getting the crowds but translating that to votes whereas hillary clinton smaller crowds, records have not been set on the democratic side. how does she make that happen? >> she has to do what the clintons are best known for and that is mobilizing people to the polls. we always say that in elections the 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., that's the day that makes the difference. i think that the clintons and particularly secretary clinton i think she has shown that she has
12:26 pm
a lot of power, a lot of strength under pressure. i think she knows who needs to be connected to whom in order to make this work. so that is why i'm not surprised about the numbers. we appreciate their big rallies but we are mobilizing people to the polls. >> this campaign has been going on for about 17 years now it feels like. actually only since this past summer. having said that, why haven't you made up your mind yet? what is it you need to hear before you go into the voting booth on tuesday? >> the people of the city of birmingham thought enough of me to allow me to be their representative and i'm grateful and i don't consider it an easy task so i'm literally looking at all the issues point by point, line by line. >> what are your constituents telling you? what matters to them? >> all politics is local. they want too how what happens
12:27 pm
in washington is going to bleed down from the states to the city. what is the living wage going to do in birmingham. >> this is a critical point and where birmingham is really in the middle of something that will take over on the national stage certainly on the democratic side. that is the minimum wage. birmingham approved a $10.10 minimum wage. the state said no city can do this. where does this go from here? and whoever the democratic nominee is, how do they take the lead and make this a national issue and turn it into something that actually ends up with action? >> i think if you consider the synergy of the bernie campaign and how we have been able to go into cities and to make a difference i think you start there. everything that it starts at the local level. i think you get people excited
12:28 pm
but a living wage even $10 an hour is still poverty. when it's not been mirrored to the economy that we live in. and so senator sanders has spoken about that. that's one of his tenants. the other is equal wage, equal pay. i'm raising a daughter who is a great student, academia and so in that i want to know that when she finishes school that she is going to get equal pay because she is smart and like other children who are smart and women. so i'm raising a daughter and so senator sanders said over and over again we want equal pay. >> this brings up a question for equal hillary clinton or bernie sanders. this has not been a campaign on the republican side to frustration of some other
12:29 pm
candidates that focussed heavily on other issues. donald trump made this very much about him. and channeling very legitimately the anger that americans feel about what has been going on in washington. >> it's dangerous. >> how does it become an issue-oriented campaign? can democrats beat a donald trump in. >> absolutely. because what the democrats have done is show we have the tenacity and power to get it done. i was thinking about lilly ledbetter which from the state of alabama who talked about women having equal pay for equal work. who can best take that to the next level than a woman who has served in congress, served by the side of her husband as a first lady and then taking on that call that there is the glass ceiling that we feel. she can be passionate about it not just for women but all citizens? that is one thing i talked about
12:30 pm
with someone. you can't hold parents accountable if the federal mandate is $7.25 you have to get two jobs to get $15 an hour. the children are left at home to attend to themselves which is not good. i think that hillary and the clinton family has shown america they have the capacity to be able to get the job done. i have full support in her. and i know that she is one that i believe when she puts her feet and teeth into it it can work. >> these two are nothing if not passiona passionate. >> they convinced me to stay on democratic side. >> did we think you were going to cross over? >> no. >> you need to know that bernie was raised by a woman so she would be a good fit for the white house, as well. >> i said jokingly talk amongest yourselves. the alabama counselors.
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thank you for a great conversation. up next, how some issues fought for during civil rights movement are still very much in play here in alabama and around the country in 2016. three things to know about alabama. it was alabama not louisiana that introduced mardi gras to the western world. the day before blent g-- hank aaron and willie mays born in alabama. and the first open-heart surgery in the western hemisphere was performed here in the great state of alabama. we'll be right back. # easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe.
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in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. we came down to black history museum and decided to walk through the park and check out the status and memorials. >> i have been to the black history museum. >> how does it make you feel when you see status of four little girls having a little girl of your own?
12:35 pm
>> we have come a long way and we still have a long way to go. >> did you explain what happened here? >> i did. >> what do you think about being here? >> it's kind of nice to see the history of black people. >> and what do you think when you see this statue? >> it's kind of sad. >> so dad and his 9-year-old girl came over to the statue that memorializes the four young girls who died in 1963 when a kkk bomb went off at the 16th street baptist church, one of the landmarks of the civil rights movement. right now i want to bring in two leaders here in this community. head of education and exhibitions for birmingham civil rights institute. president of metro birmingham naacp. so good of you to come in here. it was really moving to see the number of people who were coming to the memorial today lived in birmingham like them.
12:36 pm
as we are in 2016 and we look back to what happened here in 1963 i wonder what you think about where we are in terms of modern day civil rights movement and how it fits into campaign 2016? >> i think you see that with black lives matter, a direct correlation between what happened in this park and what they are dealing with. something that both candidates in the democratic side and some candidates on the other side have had to deal with. black people want to be heard so they are making themselves very visible to the candidates saying if you want tosolicit the vote you need to look at issues cht we see things done and said to people who are dealing with black lives matter. if you are going to get the vote you have to take everything that comes along with it. you have to listen to what we have to say. >> what are the issues you think will motivate black voters this year? >> unfortunately, i think we are
12:37 pm
wrestling with an unresolved issue in most minds of african-americans that racism is a barrier that most feel they cannot overcome without assistance. >> do you think there is disappointment in barack obama? is there hope in the candidates that are out there now in hillary clinton, in bernie sanders and any of the republicans? >> i think most people i speak with feel as if it is like a relay race and obama has run it way up and now they are ready for someone else to take the baton. they feel racism is the foundation for where they don't feel they have progressed as a people. >> so what is the message that you think an african-american voter in alabama, african-american voter anywhere in the united states needs to hear that is motivating for them, maybe not just to just vote but to get involved in the process? on the republican side we are seeing record numbers of people
12:38 pm
getting involved and coming out to vote and not seeing it on the democratic side so far. >> i think this conversation is about economic justice. we still don't have a percentage of wealth that we should here in birmingham. that is a national situation. i think if the candidates do more about economic justice for black people then folks will listen. they have to make sure they are paying attention to them in other ways and not a situation where you can take the vote for granted. you must hear what people are saying. you must listen to what people are asking for and you have to be willing to accept that maybe i haven't done this this whole time but i can do it now. if you are going to be talking about taking away policies that black people have been gains over the last years it will be problematic. >> what will make the difference, this is a poor state in the country, shocking to hear the average wage or average
12:39 pm
salary being more in the $20,000 range which i think for the average american is so far below what the average is, what is going to make a difference? what can a candidate do in your mind? >> i think most voters look for the white house as agent of change and what they are looking for is a president who will give them a fair opportunity to achieve the american dream. and so when you talk about the most of the jobs that people of color have gained some prosperity from and see them being outsourced and see them being reconfigured and see themselves as the last hired and first fired all of those are dynamics they would like to see changed and just to level the playing field to bring down the barriers for young people who are graduating from colleges in the state of alabama, most of them feel they will have to relocate to have some chance for economic success. and i think that the president
12:40 pm
for most people of colors as the agent of change to level the playing field where if you work hard and prepare yourself you will have an equal opportunity regardless of your gender, sexual orientation or color of your skin. >> do you think that the african-american community in this community and across the country feels that their vote matters? will you see a strong turnout from black voters here in alabama on tuesday? >> i think so. because i think at the end of the day what we are dealing with is this is a turning point for a lot of people of color. what i have said about the white house being the agent of change for them, who will be the agent may be the question. i think they feel this is their one opportunity in the four year cycle to select that person who they feel will give them the best chance for economic success
12:41 pm
and to be seen as a human being. >> i hope so. should be a big turnout in any election. >> should be and will be always different. >> i think that people need to understand that the presidency is what people see. local elections are where the rubber meets the road. and our people have to be motivated to vote in local elections because those are the ones that effect them where they live. the presidency is something that people get motivated for but they have to vote every time there is a vote in their communities. that is what we need to be pushing, vote every time there is a vote. >> great of you both to come out on this beautiful sunday here in birmingham. ron mott is about a mile away at railroad park. i wonder what you are hearing from people out there. >> reporter: we moved just outside the park here at the
12:42 pm
good people brewing company. i'm with a couple of second year law students. you have been talking about david duke's endorsement of donald trump and some may see this as a sign of the times. i asked these gentlemen if they knew david duke and they had no idea. the one question for you both is which of these candidates has won your support at this point? >> i was initially supporting rand paul. he was my ideal candidate. i think out of those left i would probably side the most with bernie sanders. i think that he sort of has the best head of his shoulder on anyone out there. trump is an entertainer, comedian, even a successful businessman from years past, but i don't think he is a presidential figure.
12:43 pm
>> where are you on these candidates? who has won your support at this point? >> i haven't completely decided but i agree on the rand paul thing. right now if i had to choose a candidate probably ted cruz based on his sort of attack on the tax code. >> we have a ted cruz supporter here and probably a bernie sanders/supporter here. all the polls look like hillary clinton for the democrats over bernie sanders and donald trump with a double digit lead over marco rubio heading into tuesday. >> nbc's ron mott about a mile from here in birmingham. marco rubio is about to take the stage at a rally in virginia. the new line of attacks he is waging against donald trump when
12:44 pm
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right now senator marco rubio is about to take the stage in delegate rich virginia. a little earlier today he faced down a raucous protester in that same state. >> if he invested that money into the stock market -- >> these are not personal attacks. >> trump was tweeting this afternoon that he disavows david duke's endorsement. nbc i wonder if they think the escalating attacks that really started strongly during the debate last week are making any difference. >> reporter: yes, the rubio campaign does feel that by going
12:48 pm
after donald trump they will keep getting momentum and feel they will get votes as a result of the attacks. something interesting today whereas yesterday and the day before there was a lot of name calling between marco rubio and donald trump. rubio poking fun at trump's face saying his spray tan as marco rubio called it. today he laid out the personal attacks and gone after trump whole heartedly because of the interview on cnn this morning where donald trump failed to immediately denounce david duke. donald trump has disavowed david duke on previous occasions. he did so later today on twitter and had several months ago. thatopebing the rubio campaign sees that as an opening and feel by pushing this -- not just marco rubio, ted cruz bashed
12:49 pm
this one. john kasich calling it horrific. the rubio campaign feels the more they bill him as a con artist marco rubio said nominating donald trump could mean the end of the republican party. they feel by going after donald trump that this might help them perhaps on super tuesday. they won't say what state they plan to win on super tuesday only that they plan to do well and pouring a lot of resources into virginia and think they can pick up delegates here and elsewhere. the crucial state will be march 15 in florida. the rubio camp is running a few minutes late to this rally here. they have four stops total in virginia today. on tuesday they will be in minnesota and miami. >> you can tell where the campaign is putting the eggs in the basket by where they put the candidates' time. thank you so much.
12:50 pm
our tour of super tuesday states continue. this is a key state for democrats and republicans. we will hear from alabama voters right after this. th passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? then your eyes may see it differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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a memorial to martin luther king, jr. in the middle of the beautiful park in birmingham, alabama. it's entire park and, in fact, much of this neighborhood really a testament to the civil rights movement. this is stop five on our seven-day, seven-state super tuesday tour. they are going to be voting here on tuesday, and we've already gone about 1,600 miles, and along with us for the right, cal perry, who joins us now from montgomery, alabama, where he
12:54 pm
has been talking to voters. >> if you want to know what economic downturn looks like in the south, this is what it looks like. a lot of people in montgomery have hit it hard losing their jobs, very concerned about the economy. we just spent the afternoon eating at mrs. b's which is just around the corner. talked to some folks there about the campaign. spoke to a man called carter bruce who had a real issue with the main tenet of donald trump's campaign. >> our country is going to be great again. i don't see why our country is so bad off. i still think it's the greatest country in the america. the greatest country in the world. if i had to choose, i would still choose america. >> reporter: and everyone who sat at that table had the same answer to the question of what is the most important issue to you. they all said education. they said they want more money for the schools here in montgome montgomery. the tax base has gone away. that's why you see some of these houses are abandoned.
12:55 pm
a lot of military families living in this area. a lot of people getting deployed and redeployed. the top issues a tax base that needs improvement, education, we hear that more and more across the south. people want better schools and more opportunity for their kids. chris? >> thanks so much. and on this beautiful sunday back here, we saw some folks out with yard signs for bernie sanders. they say they have a lot of people out deployed on this sunday afternoon trying to convince people to get out to vote on tuesday. it's been great to be here in birmingham. they have been very welcoming. we want to thank them, but tomorrow we'll add another 220 miles to our road trip. i will be going to the university of georgia, athens, georgia, so we hope to see you there if you're in the neighborhood. come and stop by and if you have any ideas for where cal should go next, tweet to us with the hash tag 2016. i'm chris jansing. coming up next, my friend and
12:56 pm
colleague joy reid in columbia, south carolina. we'll see you back from georgia tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern. most new wealth flows it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions. people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. (man) hmm. ♪hat do you think? (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department.
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but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ] with just two days to go before super tuesday, the issue of race explodes within the republican campaign after donald trump in a national television interview refuses to specifically condemn public support from former kkk leader david duke. >> will you unequivocally condemn david duke and say you don't want his vote or that of other white supremacists in this election? >> well, just so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke. so give me a list of the groups and i'll let you know. >> okay. i'm just talking about david duke and the ku klux klan here. >> honestly, i don't know david
1:00 pm
duke. >> while trump and his campaign are stressing he has disavowed duke before, his main rivals wasted no time in pouncing. marco rubio and ted cruz took aim at trump over the issue while also took to air waves to continue their increasingly personal attacks. >> he's going to make america broke line he did those four companies. >> there have been multiple media reports about donald's business dealings with the mob, with the mafia. >> on this sunday before super tuesday, the 2016 candidates are hitting the road swinging through key states from oklahoma to alabama and virginia, democrats and republicans are fanning out across the southeast today. at stake are hundreds of delegates, and there's new polling that shows donald trump and hillary clinton remain on top. fresh off her big win over bernie sanders here in south carolina, the former secretary of state called today the first day of her national campaign, and she's hoping to carry that momentum into the mainly
1:01 pm
southern states with the biggest delegate halls on tuesday. i'm joy reid and i'm coming to you from beautiful columbia, south carolina. clearly there's a lot goings on with super tuesday just around the corner. our teams are fanned out covering it all, but let's begin with donald trump. at the ener center of controver once again even while new numbers show him in command of the republican race. our new nbc news/"wall street journal" sla journal"/marist poll has him leading in georgia and tennessee but he's falling short in texas behind ted cruz. nbc campaign inbed alli vitale joining us from huntsville, alabama. tell us what we expect to hear from donald trump including whether he's expected to respond to this controversy over the kkk and david duke. >> reporter: hey, you got to put me through to -- >> okay. we're having a little bit of
1:02 pm
trouble with alli's audio so we'll go to gabe gutierrez. he has been covering the marco rubio campaign. he has been traveling across virginia today and he continues to hit front-runner donald trump over the endorsement he got from david duke and the kkk which trump seemed reluctant to disavow and gabe gutierrez is right here outside of richmond, virginia, following the rubio campaign. what are we hearing, gabe, from rubio and what are we expecting to hear and should we expect to hear the words david duke mentioned lots and lots of times? >> reporter: hi there, joy. timing is perfect. marco rubio is taking the stage right about now. his campaign was running about 45 minutes late or so. this rally was expected to begin a little earlier. but throughout the day you are right, the marco rubio campaign has been hitting donald trump hard over his comments earlier today on cnn where he failed to immediately disavow david duke or mentioned he had done so
1:03 pm
previously, on friday and several months before but the rubio campaign really sees an opening here. earlier in availability with reporters, he hammered trump and said that somebody like that, that did not immediately disavow those comments could not be nominated for the republican party. in other interviews this morning, rubio also slammed trump saying that if he were nominated, this could mean the end of the republican party. so something interesting to note today, joy, our last two days or so we kept hearing these kind of personal insults coming from marco rubio towards donald trump, making fun of his spray tan as he called it saying he was tweeting aboard hair force one. we have not heard that today from marco rubio. he's pulled back the personal attacks and really focused on this line of attack on the david duke comments. he feels and his campaign feels that that could really resonate with voters. now, marco rubio has four events today in virginia. this is his second of those four. he has a very busy afternoon ahead of him and he feels that
1:04 pm
he can really make a play here for virginia. he feels like the electorate could help him, but as you've been reporting, he faces a very uphill climb in many of these super tuesday states. what will be crucial for the rubio campaign will be florida on march 15th and something that showcase that is will be the fact he will be there tuesday night on miami looking forward to march 15th. the line of attack today, hitting trump over those comments regarding david duke. joy, back to you. >> gabe, thank you very much in virginia following the rubio campaign. let's go back and see if we can get alli. she is embedded with the donald trump campaign. alli, do i have you? >> reporter: i'm here, joy, yeah. >> there she is. all right, alli. what have we heard from the trump campaign today regarding those comments, that endorsement by david duke and the kkk and are we expecting to hear trump address it from the stage at that rally? >> reporter: well, not sure
1:05 pm
we'll be looking to hear it at the rally per se though he has been known to weigh in on news of the day so it's not out of the question. did he tweet about it earlier hearkening back to a press conference he did on friday where he said he disavowed the endorsement from david duke and the white supreme siacist group. this is something that's been swirling around trump's orbit and he has continuously disavowed it, and the words are there. he has been saying i was di avow it, but the tone and body language, it's not necessarily been for some in the press corps convincing. i think that's why the question is still swirling and that cnn interview this morning made so many waves. something else i'm sure we'll see is his opponents have really jumped on this as a line of attack that they can all get behind. doesn't have anything to do with politics. it has everything to do with the moral compass of do you disavow white supremacist groups and rubio has been doubling down on it, even john kasich getting in the fray saying this is something trump should absolutely distance himself from.
1:06 pm
what we've been see at the rallies from trump is he's really been sharpening his attacks on them. what's interesting about this round of, you know, interrepublican fight something that trump is usually someone who likes to set the terms of his own attack and it seems in this way from the debate on thursday night, marco rubio really threw everything at him. he threw a tack on trump you. he threw a tax on trump -- labeling trump is ca con man an trump has had to spend time pushing back. he's had to be playing a little bit of defense which is rare and not something we see very often for a man who likes to set his own news cycle. >> all right. >> alli vitale covering the donald trump campaign. thank you. really appreciate it. let's go to the next contestant on the gop is right. ted cruz is heading to oklahoma city where he will be holding a rally. it his second stop in the state in a day packed with events.
1:07 pm
hallie, what are we expecting to hear from ted cruz today? >> we're here in oklahoma city behind door number three and ted cruz in oklahoma talking about how this is a battleground state for him, but really it's texas that is the must-win. 155 delegates there. ted cruz hoping for a sweep. polling shows he's up double digits but you still have a couple days to go as he hits donald trump particularly hard. you heard ali and gabe talking about those comments regarding the kkk. ted cruz saying you know better than this and calling the kkk abhorrent. he's taking aim at trump in some of his comments today. listen. >> there have been multiple media reports about donald's business dealings with the mob, with the mafia. maybe his taxes show those business dealings are a lot more extensive than has been reported -- >> let me stop you. senator cruz, let me stop you there. that's openly speculative.
1:08 pm
do you have any facts to support that donald trump has mob ties? >> abc, cnn, multiple news reports have reported about his business dealings with, for example, s & a construction which was toned by fat tony salerno. it is owned by two of the major new york crime families. >> reporter: so, joy, that's ted cruz trying to raise questions about why donald trump isn't releasing his taxes. it's something he's been doing all week. i talked with the senator about it after the debate earlier this week, and his argument is essentially if you have nothing to hide, why not put the tax returns out there. cruz, by the way, late last night released his taxes the last nine years. some of them only two page summaries, not the full report, although he does have five years' worth where it is the full return. marco rubio has released his as well as you know so it remains to be seen whether donald trump will eventually put out his. joy? >> all right. nbc's hallie jackson with the
1:09 pm
apprentice means the sopranos, plus a game show on top. what a year. thank you so much. and turning now to the democratic race. former secretary of state hillary clinton scored a decisive victory over senator bernie sanders in south carolina yesterday. she is out rallying her supporters today, and we're going to go and listen to her live right now. i do believe we have pictures of that. she did get a boost from african-american voters here in the state of south carolina, and there she is getting yet another. let's listen in. >> i asked him what do they say to you when you ask for help? he said, well, i'll tell you what happened with the last company i met with. i showed them my financials and said, look, i can afford something. i showed them the medical costs for my two daughters, and this man looked at me and he said, you don't understand, we do not insure burning houses. and the man telling me the story looked at me and by this time he had tears in his eyes. he said, they called my little girls burning houses.
1:10 pm
so when the republicans vote to repeal the affordable care act, when they stand on their debates and when they're making speeches about how they want to get rid of it -- >> that was hillary clinton in tb doi tennessee doing a rally there. let's listen to marco rubio a little bit. he is in virginia and he's talking about donald trump. let's listen in. >> donald trump has done this before. it had a name, it's called trump university. let me tell you what trump university was. this is why i talk about it. the people that went there have been calling us, e-mailing us, their stories are outrageous. they're heartbreaking. let me explain, it was this program. there's a video. go on youtube. you will see it. go on my website, we'll put it up, it's a promotional video where he is saying i am the most successful developer in the history of all mankind and i am going to teach you how to be just as successful as me. we are going to have the best people. we're going to have the smartest
1:11 pm
people. and i'm going to pick them myself, and all you're going to do is win, win, win. he said all this in a video for trump university. sound familiar? some people signed up, and they would go in and pay $8,000, $1,0 $100,0100 $100,006 and they were told if you want to make the big bucks you have to sign up for the $35,000 course and they ended up with a worthless -- and a cardboard picture of donald trump. >> and they paid for it! >> he's doing the same thing to voters in america. he's going to people -- he's going to people, people are hurting. you know where you're hurting in your lives. you work harder than ever. you're running in place, and here comes this guy and says, i'm a strong leader. i am successful.
1:12 pm
i have made thall this money ani know how to fix it. we have never been a nation who place our faith in people. we place our faith in an almighty god. [ cheers and applause ] >> we don't have a king in america. we are a nation led by our fellow citizens who are allowed to serve us for a time in government, a government that exists not to tell us what our rights are, not to decide the course of our lives. a government that exists to protect the rights that come from our creator, the right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to pursue happiness. these are our god-given rights. [ cheers and applause ] so here he comes to people who are struggling and he says, i am a tough guy. he's not a tough guy. the other day he told a protester, i want to punch you in the face. donald trump has never punched anyone in the face ever, okay?
1:13 pm
ever. he got deferments from the army. he didn't serve in vietnam and he got deferments because he had injuries from squash. all right? so he's not a tough guy. first guy that begs for secret service protection, donald trump. he's not a tough guy. number two, he's not a successful as he makes himself sound. all of these buildings with his name on them, he doesn't even own them. he rents out his name. the ones he does own, do you know who helps build them? illegal immigrants even though he's mr. anti-illegal immigration. he says he's going to fight for more than jobs, but in hotels in florida they're hiring for jobs. he says he can't find americans who are qualified so he hires people from abroad. this is a guy who says i'm going to take on china because they're
1:14 pm
stealing our jobs. well, that's where he makes all of his suits and ties, in china and in mexico and in indonesia. you want to start bringing jobs back to america, bring your trump line collection back to america and those -- [ cheers and applause ] he portrays himself as the self-made guy is who is going to teach you how to make it big the way he made it big. if i inherited $100 million from my father, i would have made it big too. this is a con job of the highest order. the problem is the consequences will not just be a picture of a chief in a cardboard cutout. it won't be $35,000 which for these people was a lot of money. the consequences will be the future of your homeland and mine. the consequences will be who is in charge of the nuclear codes of the most powerful military arsenal on the planet. the consequences will be, the
1:15 pm
consequences will be the very identity of the united states of america. and so that's why this is so important. we have to win. we can't lose. and if we nominate donald trump, we'll lose. the media knows this. this is why if you watch the media, they make the guy sound like he's ten feet tall and unstoppable. the guy hasn't ever gotten a majority vote anywhere. in most states 65% to 70% of the people don't want him. the problem is it's divided up among four people. we have to bring that to an end. we have to rally now, not just to stop donald trump but to save the conservative movement. [ cheers and applause ] and by the way, let me ask you this, should the head of the conservative -- >> that is marco rubio in virginia at a rally with his supporters hitting donald trump on several things continuing sort of the insult tour saying donald trump is not really a tough guy. hitting him on his draft
1:16 pm
deferments during vietnam. something we haven't heard before. saying he rents out his name and used illegal labor, that he used labor to build his casinos of undocumented immigrants. so sort of unleashing a barrage of attacks on donald trump in his attempt to try to become the trump stopper. i want to bring in matt vizer from the boston globe. i don't know if you were able to hear what marco rubio was saying but the state you are in and you report on in theory would be one of those states where an establishment candidate like marco rubio could potentially make some inroads. just give me your read on what you're hearing. this attempt to sort of attack donald trump essentially by insulting him, insulting his hair, insulting his looks and then adding in some research about street that and that sort of thing. is that the sort of thing that would appeal to a massachusetts republican voter? >> not necessarily. massachusetts is known for its kind of tough politics.
1:17 pm
>> okay. well, we just have a little problem with matt's audio, so we may want to listen a little bit in more to marco rubio but i want to make a quick programming note while i have you here. our coverage of super tuesday will begin at 6:00 p.m. eastern. that's one of the things we will be looking forward to on super tuesday but i do believe we have matt back. so before we talk about what we're going to do on tuesday, let's go back to matt. matt, you were say being whether or not the massachusetts republican electorate is at rubio-friendly electorate and whether what he's doing and his mode of attacks on donald trump might potentially make it more so. >> the polls are showing donald trump with a very large advantage in massachusetts, which i think is striking for a lot of people in massachusetts. this is the party of bill weld, of mitt romney, of charlie baker, fairly moderate republicans, so there's a lot of kind of concern up there of what a trump victory means for the
1:18 pm
state's mode of republican politics. these types of attacks that rubio is going after now, i don't know if that will move the needle too much. i mean, the state is known for its kind of tough-natured politics, but, you know, usually it's more substantive, less sort of schoolyard taunts that we're seeing right now in the republican field. >> yeah. it does strike me that you had a candidate like marco rubio who sort of came into the race as the policy guy, the guy who had intended to get immigration now and now he's the school yard taunt guy. talk a little bit about massachusetts in terms of the white collar/blue collar split because one of the things donald trump has been able to take advantage of around the country is the anger and sort of economic dislocation of white collar -- of white blue collar voters. does massachusetts have a large cache of those kinds of voters as opposed to sort of the white collar suburban voter that might appeal to say a john kasich. >> yes. if you look at where donald trump, he's been holding rallies
1:19 pm
in massachusetts. even when he was competing in new hampshire. sort of playing in two different media markets. he would go to areas like worcest worcester, lowell, massachusetts, areas very blue collar in nature that do have an electorate that trump can speak to. rubio, some of the others will be in the more closer areas around boston where there is an electorate that would be more inclined to support them, but donald trump has been pretty smart in sort of where he's going and there is a very blue collar population in massachusetts that trump is going after. >> well, let's talk about john kasich for a little bit. we haven't talked about him for a while, but this is a state where he is hoping to do well also. is there a chance kasich could out do marco rubio in the quest to be the second place finisher which has become the new mark of excellence in the republican primary. >> the silver medal is what everybody is going after now these days. >> yes. >> yeah, there is a possibility for kasich. the polls show it fairly close
1:20 pm
between him and rubio. kasich a massachusetts-style republican. he did very well in new hampshire for similar reasons. there's a more pragmatic streak in the electorate of both of those states. kasich has spent a lot of time up there. he did get the endorsement of the boston globe, our editorial page backed him in the new hampshire primary. i do think that kasich does stand a chance there potentially for a second-place finish. >> all right. matt vizer "the boston globe." thank you for being with us. really appreciate having you here. >> thanks for having me. time now to fit in a quick break. on the other side we will talk about maintaining momentum. hillary clinton coming off her strongest win yet and a pretty strong position after south carolina. looking to capitalize on it across the deep south, including returning to her former home state of arkansas. can she close out the race with bernie sanders on tuesday? we'll take an in-depth look.
1:21 pm
returning to her former home
1:22 pm
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1:24 pm
returning to her former home we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. [ cheers and applause ] but we do need to make america whole again. instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers. >> that was hillary clinton after her big victory here in south carolina, and one of the people no doubt cheering her on is south carolina house minority leader -- south carolina minority leader dayton rutherford who has endorsed hillary clinton for president and also joining me south carolina state representative and bernie sanders supporter justin bamberg.
1:25 pm
>> they're making you a congressman. i was going to give you the promotion but then i thought let me let you earn that on your own. >> as long as you make hillary president. >> your candidate prevailed in crushing fashion particularly with african-american voters. >> i saw it very early on and i could tell when i couldn't find an african-american voter over the age of 50 who would be willing to say they supported bernie sanders. we kept walking around. even some of the younger college kids, when they started to dig down into the details, even they couldn't do it because they realize what had he talked about with hbcus would close them. you can't give away free college education and not close private universities. you simply can't do it. as people started to realize it, you saw the blowback and i told the clinton people, we're going to win this and win it big. >> it's interesting because, justin, he talks about the voters over 50 or you couldn't find a voter over 50. i'll be honest with you, i had a hard time findingvoter under
1:26 pm
50 supporting hillary clinton. if it was under 50 it was pretty clear they were with bernie sanders. what happened at the polls? >> you know, number one, we have to look at voter turnout. we had under 13% of the registered democrats turn out to the polls. just this morning i spoke at an african-american church down in bamberg county and there were actually older people and younger people that voted for bernie sanders. one thing i want to point out, weeping endures for a night but joy cometh in the morning. we're still fired up. i woke up this morning feeling the bern. bernie sanders has a powerful message. we're going it keep working, we're going to keep working, we're going to keep working, but at the end of the day, you know, no one beats up on my brother or my sister but me, and i think that we're going to see our party come together to support whoever the nominee is to ensure that someone like donald trump cannot get into the white house. >> and that's the important thing. listen, off big smile on your
1:27 pm
face. we're going to -- >> because the buern he felt wa the b-u-r-n, not the b-e-r-n. it comes with the shellacking. >> we're laughing about it but is the risk in that smile that the hillary clinton begins to take for granted that they simply have the african-american vote locked down? because one of the things that the sanders' effort did and i think did really well is they made you guys work for it. they made you earn it because there was a fair amount of alarm that, wait a minute, they might be outhustling us. they had more offices, more volunteers, and they made hillary clinton earn it. is there a risk that the clinton campaign begins to coast with african-american voters and take them for granted? >> i don't think so. and i don't think so based on what happened in 2008. i think they get off to a slow start. i think we'd all have to agree they did, but i think once they saw what was going on and they seized the momentum, and i saw her in nevada when she was talking to hispanic voters and i called them and i said, that's it. when you saw her last night, she was better than she has ever
1:28 pm
been. when you talk about the fact that american has never stopped being great, you heard the cheers. that's what we want to hear. she's going to take that on and she's going to win. we're not going to go to trump university. we're not going to fall into the pitfalls of marco rubio and talk about race and the nasty stuff you're seeing on the republican side. we don't dislike bernie, we don't hate his supporters. all we know is we're going to go to victory and take this country and continue the obama legacy. >> on the flip side of that, nen of us who have been on social media at all during the campaign understand there is a vehemence on the sanders' side and a vigor shall i guess we will say, there's a zeal there, and one of the things i fair amount of is i won't vote for hillary clinton and i hear that for were sanders supporters thn i hear the reverse coming from hillary clinton supporters. how does the party at the end of the day come together if that is the case and if people are literally saying, and they've said to me and have said to a lot of my colleagues they will
1:29 pm
vote for donald trump rather than hillary clinton. >> i'm going to answer that, but first thing i want to echo something you said earlier. bernie sanders started off that campaign with very little support. hillary clinton did win convincingly here in south carolina to say the least. i think part of that is because she does have deeply tied roots here in this state. i don't expect to see the same thing happen in the remainder of the states. we still have a race, this race is far from over. you know, one thing that you did see last night is that bernie sanders' campaign has made hillary clinton a better candidate. she's forced to talk about certain issues, and, in fact, i did hear some of bernie sanders' talking points in her victory speech last night. so, you know, at the end of the day and to answer your question is what you are seeing this primary do is it is forcing the democratic party to talk about issues that all democrats care about, and it's going to take leaders. it's going to take leaders like todd, leaders like me to ensure that our supporters get behind whoever the nominee is.
1:30 pm
i still think the nominee will be bernie sanders. i still believe that bernie sanders gives this party the best chance to win the white house and ensure a defeat of donald trump. todd disagrees as he smiles and giggles, but i still love -- >> let him have his day. i don't think we can stop it. >> one of the things you do here when you talk about the obama era, right, is one of the things it has not produced is a great bench for the democratic party, and yet here the two of you sit and both campaigns have really i think brought out a lot of surrogates, a lot of young, black politicians who really do sort of represent that next generation of the obama generation, if you will, of politicians. do you think in the end, todd, that that is something that can come of this race that's important? >> absolutely. and you look at the bench here in south carolina and the intellect that we have that's been shown on national tv over the course of this campaign. it is emblematic of what south carolina represents which is a new south. it's not the south of donald trump. not the south of marco rubio. it's the south of intellect, the south of intelligence and we'll
1:31 pm
carry that forth and we'll hope that hillary clinton gets elected. >> are the democrats not taking donald trump seriously enough as a general election candidate. >> we're taking him seriously enough because we understand how he's changed the game of politics, how he has elevated elementary school tactics to a level playing field in politics. >> exit question for you because i know, justin, you are involved in the legal defense of the family of walter scott. how has it struck you seeing the families who have suffered the way walter scott's family has suffered really worked into this campaign? do you think that's appropriate? >> i do. i do think it's appropriate. number one, tragedies aside, every citizen has a right to get involved in the process. that's something i push. that's also something that other candidates are pushing. it excites me to see families who have dealt with things get involved in the process, let the issues that they care about be
1:32 pm
heard and they're pushing for change, and at the end of the day through all of this, we've got to keep in mind that todd is here, i am here, whoever is elected president is here first for the people. you know, with he talk about policies. we talk about issues. at the root of all of that are human beings who deal with tragedies, so i'm excited to see them. i had the opportunity to speak with all of those mothers. i'm still engaged in the walter scott case. we will not continuing working until we get this officer convicted of the crime that he committed. but i'm excited, and it makes me hopeful and it really does give mow hope that things will get better. >> justin bamberg, todd rutherford. we decided the way before the break the way you tell a sanders from a clinton supporter, tie no, tie. so you know when you see them coming -- >> victory and defeat -- >> we tried to keep you straight. the gleeful todd rutherford and justin bamberg, gracious in defeat. thank you both. coming up, race takes center stage for the top gop candidate.
1:33 pm
a live look though now at huntsville, alabama, where donald trump -- there it is -- will speak at the top of the hour and we will bring that to you live. that should be interesting. but after the break, what his son, donald trump, jr. told msnbc this afternoon about the kkk controversy surrounding his father, and that is next.
1:34 pm
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welcome back to msnbc. i'm joy reid coming to you live from columbia, south carolina. we're keeping a close eye on huntsville, alabama, where donald trump is set to speak shortly. it will be his first public remarks after a firestorm that he kicked up this morning after refusing to directly disavow support from former kkk leader david duke. he has since tweeted a disavowal and his campaign points to several instances in the past where he has disavowed guk suppo duke's support. earlier this afternoon we heard from donald trump, jr. he spoke with my colleague chris jansing by phone. here is his response when asked to weigh in on the controversy surrounding his father's denial of knowing much about former kkk grand wizard david duke.
1:37 pm
>> i'm not a spokesman for the campaign. i'm a spokesman for my father, but i'm pretty sure we're not interested in those kind of votes. that's not something we're interested in. >> so you're willing to say you do not want the support of a former grand wizard of the ku klux klan. >> yeah, i'm saying that. >> okay. let's get to nbc's ron mott who is on the ground in birmingham talking to voters. all right, ron. what are you hearing on the ground there? is this story being to reverberate where you are? >> reporter: well, you know, good afternoon, joy. we spoke to a couple law students in the lans hour who had no idea who david duke was, soond some people might see that as a sign of progress. we're at the good people brewing company here just across from the baseball stadium here. we're talking to my two best friends now from montgomery. they have driven a long way for these pints. they have been hiking all day. so let's talk about the election coming up on tuesday. you guys are from montgomery, which is one of the few blue pockets around the state of alabama. who has won your vote at this point and why? >> well, i have always been more
1:38 pm
of an independent. you know, i'm left leaning. you know, i supported the president in the past, so some of bernie sanders appeal still has a little bit of appeal for me, but hillary seems electable, has the electability factor going on. at this point i'm still a little on the sidelines. >> anna, how about you? who has won your vote and why? >> i would say bernie sanders. he seems like a genuine person and a genuine candidate, and i feel like i really connect with that. >> reporter: so, joy, five of the seven candidates from both parties have made their way to alabama. dr. carson has an event planned tomorrow in montgomery at auburn university. the other four, ted cruz, marco rubio, donald trump have all -- and hillary clinton have been through alabama in the past 24 hours. there's not a lot of drama if you look at the polls.
1:39 pm
hillary clinton with a big lead over bernie sanders in the most recent poll, about 30 points -- almost 30 points. donald trump up double digits over marco rubio. so it looks like that pattern that we saw in south carolina is going to repeat itself here in alabama in 48 hours. joy? >> all right. thank you very much nbc's ron mott in birmingham, alabama. appreciate it. okay. again, we are awaiting donald trump to take the stage in huntsville, alabama. you can see the crowd getting warmed up. a lot of eyes on this rally after the comments about the support of david duke. when he takes the stage, we will bring it to you live here on msnbc, the place for politics. think of it as a seven seat theater... for an action packed thriller. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
1:40 pm
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1:43 pm
austin american statesman. all right, jonathan, so the polls we are looking at now, the nbc/"wall street journal"/marist polls in texas show hillary clinton leading bernie sanders 59% to 38%. on the republican side, ted cruz actually ahead, 39% to trump's 26% with marco rubio in sort of a distant third. is that the way you expect things to actually play out on super tuesday? >> yes, yeah, i don't think there's any doubt that hillary clinton will win decisively, and i think that, you know, the most recent poll on ted cruz sort of comports with what i expected and what our poll found a few days ago which is about a dozen points ahead. i don't expect that to change. nothing that's been happening in the rest of the country is really going to change that, and the question really is whether rubio reaches a 20% threshold which would entitle him to get some of the delegates. otherwise it would just be split between cruz and trump. >> now, that's very interesting. so texas is obviously the
1:44 pm
biggest haul, single delegate haul of any of the super tuesday states. it woot leauld leave 222 for th democrats and something like 150 for the republicans, but for ted cruz, let's talk about ted cruz for a second. if for some reason he would not win this state, it would seem very difficult to imagine him going forward, right? >> yeah. if he doesn't win texas, then his meteoric rise and his stellar career will come to a crashing end. i mean, this would be a humiliating defeat for him in texas. the real question is, you know, he's having his victory or his election night party at the red neck country club in stafford, texas, and my guess is he'll come out and say thank god for -- god bless the great state of texas, and i think the question is whether he blesses any other states' voters because it seems very likely to me that this will be the only state he will win which will enable him
1:45 pm
to keep going but i think this was supposed to be the platform for him going into the rest of the country. super tuesday was supposed to be his. >> and he's not really leading by that much. he's under 40% in a state in which he is the home state senator. yes, he is ahead but it's not exactly commanding. >> well -- >> let's talk -- go aon. >> if he got more than 50% he would get all the delegates. he's probably get 100 of them instead of 155. zwla joo let's go over to the democratic side. bernie sanders not creeding ted hillary clintons a a lead. for bernie sanders, what is the challenge for him? latino voters in is that keeping him under 40%? >> he had 10,000 people in austin yesterday. he gets the crowds here. the problem is that this is bill and hillary clinton's second
1:46 pm
home in a way. they met and really fell in love with each other in texas running the mcgovern campaign in '72, so they have very strong ties here. they did pretty well here competing against obama. sort of split the vote here, and, you know, she's got very strong connections with the latino community. she's been talking about putting castro on the ticket so that's been helpful. this is a great state for her, and, you know, texas isn't -- texas is a place where socialism is still considered an odd ball philosophy. >> all right. well, we will then not be surprised by the results apparently out of texas. jonathan, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. meanwhile, the water crisis in flint, michigan, has drawn the attention of the presidential candidates as both parties prepare for debates in michigan this week. and hollywood is also taking notice. ava, acclaimed director of
1:47 pm
"selma," will host a star-studded fund-raiser in flint tonight instead of going to the oscars. aid chance to talk to ava yesterday to ask her about the goal of tonight's event. >> our goal is to raise awareness and money to promote justice for flint. a big part of what we're trying to do down there, the black op for human rights collective i'm part of is to amplify the voices of the people on the ground in flint. so often people from the outside try to be proskip tiff about what folks need when problems like this occur and we don't listen hardly enough. our goal was to invite some of our friends to perform and in between the performances the people of flint will speak and via live stream on people can watch and listen and figure out what the answer is. we need people to tell us what justice for flint should look like. >> and at the same time, ava, obviously this taking the same night as the oscars begs the question whether there's a dual
1:48 pm
message. one message to the people of flint and those who want to support them but also a message to the academy, people of your stature, other members of black hollywood if we want to coin that phrase, really have more important fish to fry. is that part of the message? >> no, our message is solely focused on justice and dignity on people being poisoned by their own water and being asked to pay for it for no good reason except for politics and ego. so this was a day that everyone in our collective, all of the artists, all the activists who are putting this together were available and we saw no reason why not. there are lots of beautiful things going on that day and lots of tough things we need to be looking at so this is just one of them. >> have either of the presidential campaigns on the democratside or for that matter the republicans sufficiently addressed the problem in flint and made a concrete case for how they would address it differently. >> that's one of the things we want to hear from the people on
1:49 pm
the ground in flint about. i think far too often people like me, people like you get on and talk around the people there, so this event has been designed to give people a voice similar to what melissa harris perry has done, to give a voice to the voiceless. we want to amplify those folks, lift them up, give them an opportunity to be heard with a bit of our spotlight on them. if we can do that to hopefully get to the root causes and let them tell us have we heard enough from the candidates. i'll be interested to find out and hope people tune in at tomorrow to listen. >> and i would be remiss if i didn't ask you, we have seen a lot of celebrities, morgan freeman and others come out and make endorsements. spike lee came out in support of bernie sanders. is there a candidate speaking more to you? >> i'm still listening. i mow who is not speaking to me. but i'm still listening to the independent and the democratic candidate. i think i have time to figure it
1:50 pm
out. the main thing is i intend to vote and i just urge everyone to exercise that right because people died for it. >> after a short break, the battle for georgia. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are pushing hard vying for that state's delegates, but what will it take to pull it off? we'll discuss next.
1:51 pm
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♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. welcome back to msnbc. i'm joy reid live in columbia, south carolina. i want to turn now to another big battleground state on super tuesday, georgia, and greg bluestein is from "the atlanta journal-constitution." the nbc news/"wall street journa journal"/marist poll has hillary clinton up on the democratic side 60% to 34%. are we looking probably in
1:54 pm
georgia at a repeat of really the thumping that hillary clinton put on bernie sanders here in south carolina because of the african-american vote? >> yeah, yeah, we are. it would be a shock if we weren't going to see that in georgia. the democratic electorate in georgia is remark lbl asably similar to the democratic electorate in south carolina where the bulk of the democratic voters are african-american. i would be shocked to see it not happen in georgia. >> what are the differences between georgia and south carolina is that the republican and democratic primaries, are they on the same day? >> yes. super tuesday is for both parties so there -- >> right. they're on the same day. >> there will be a big turnout expected. yeah, same day. >> so the difference is here you had whatever working class white vote decided to come out had to decide really whether to vote for donald trump or to wait a week and vote for bernie sanders. we have seen a diagram that
1:55 pm
shows a lot of blue collar white voters kind of like both of those two candidates, right? they like both of the nonpoliticiany politicians. do you see that same phenomenon in georgia and in that case might you see a migration over to donald trump and perhaps less of a vote available to bernie sanders? >> yeah. it's fascinating whenever i go interview undecided voters, i do see a lot of voters who are split between donald trump and bernie sanders, and it's sort of an anachronism. you wouldn't expect that. but i would say also that the fact that bernie sanders has left the south and he's campaigning around midwestern states and around texas over the last few days has sent a signal to a lot of his supporters and a lot of voters down here, so you might see a sort of erosion of his support here over the next two days. >> interesting that he's not in the state that's eroding some of the support he might otherwise have had. >> he had an event here two weeks ago at morehouse, and he
1:56 pm
said it was the whitest event he's ever seen at morehouse but the blackest crowd he's ever seen for a bernie sanders rally, and it was quite the event. there was thousands of people there, thousands of supporters, but also showed how hard it has been for him to attract more black supporters. >> indeed. i actually remember that tweet. thank you for letting me know who it was that tweeted it out because i remember that one. greg, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. and before i let you go, don't forget our coverage of super tuesday begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern with brian williams, rachel maddow and chris matthews. they will take you along for the super tuesday ride. that's 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc and that does it for this hour of msnbc live. i'm joy reid coming to you from columbia, south carolina. ari melber picks up super tuesday coverage after a short break.
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2:00 pm
hour. i'm ari melber back to you live here in columbia, south carolina, and right now on msnbc live, yes, it is dueling appearances. donald trump and ted cruz rallying voters at competing events right now this hour. when trump takes the stage in alabama, all ears will be waiting to hear if he reacts to today's controversy over, yes, the kkk and his denial of knowing that a former grand wizard has endorsed him. >> will you unequivocally condemn david duke and say you don't want his vote or of that other white supremacists in this election? >> well, just so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke. so give me a list of the groups and i'm let you know. >> okay. i'm just talking about david duke and the ku klux klan here but -- >> i don't know -- honestly, i don't know david duke. >> trump immediately caught fire and criticism there with that answer this morning and understandably so, but looking at context here, we do want to be fair and note that in a
2:01 pm
previous discussion with our own katy tur just thursday, he was asked a similar question and provided a different response. we'll show it to you. here is what he said. >> white supremacist movement supporting you. >> i disavow it, but i didn't know that. >> nbc campaign inbed ali vitali follows the campaign and she'll be where he's speaking at any moment. let's start with the basics. is this about rhetoric and stumbling on something that he'd already clarified or was he trying to say something by not decrying the kkk in that cnn interview that is newer than the previous statement? >> reporter: well, what's interesting is that on thursday he did say that to katy tur. on friday he was asked again in a press conference, the same press conference where chris christie endorsed him, he was asked if he disavowed this endorsement. he said i disavow it, okay?
2:02 pm
that was his statement heading into the weekend. his interview with cnn is interesting in that he has previously said that he disavows it, so it's interesting that he would double back and not seemingly go against it in that interview this morning. what we're looking at here is if he does come out against it. he has been known to speak on news of the day. he did just tweet recently that he'll have a special announcement coming tonight. there are a few whispers on the internet about what that might be. msnbc has not confirmed that. he could be trying to take a little heat off the most recent interview and turn the tide back to why trump is the right choice for america and why heading into super tuesday that's who a lot of these people should be voting for, and interestingly ahead of this rally here, we heard from a few speakers, all of whom were talking about why they should not be voting for marco rubio. so that's another prong we're seeing on the ground in trump world is they're trying to defend attacks from rubio. defend against the label rubio has labeled that trump is a con man. this preshow here was pretty
2:03 pm
dedicated to going against marco rubio. one of the speakers even saying don't vote for senator rubio. ari? >> all right, ali vita tvitali. ted cruz about to hold a rally in oklahoma. nbc's hallie jackson at that rally joining me by phone. what can you tell us, hallie? >> reporter: hey there, ari. we just walked into the location where senator cruz will be holding a media gaggle any moment. he just arrived to the site. he will speak in front of a packed room. he's been barnstorming oklahoma which is a place where he feels it could be a battleground, at least that's what he said at a rally in tulsa earlier. the campaign also looking to texas, considered a must-win for cruz. the campaign feeling confident about how they will do and arkansas is another place where the campaign wants to play. where cruz and his folks think they can do well. big tuesday coming up for him
2:04 pm
but the news of the day is that donald trump remark as you have been talking about. ted cruz tweeting about that earlier essentially telling donald trump he's better than that. he adds that the kkk is abhor ernt. that's something we could hear from senator cruz when he holds this gaggle that is set to begin any moment, ari. back to you. >> yeah, hallie, the other thing i want to ask you on that is we have that cruz tweet up on screen. we can put it back up on screen. it basically says, really sad, trump. you're better than this. we should all agree racism is wrong. kkk is abhorrent, and yeah, i think we would all hope that would be a baseline here. i wonder whether donald trump support he is wiers will see th something that's ginned up more by the media. in other words, if he has already said he decries this and dismissed it and wants to move on and then he's being asked again and again, he's not bringing it up himself. he certainly has other objectionable civil rights issues, including a religious ban that we could all debate as policy, but on this particular
2:05 pm
issue, someone says they endorsed him. he disavows and then it keeps coming up from reporters' questions. ted cruz usually would be criticizing the media for this kind of thing. walk us through our thoughts from your coverage of this. >> reporter: sort of an interesting point, ari. i think it's the consistency part of it that is perhaps where some feel that trump is maybe not moving in the direction that he has been. we heard -- as you talked about, he disavowed this several times, multiple times. that's what you're hearing from his supporters. they're pointing to the fact this is an asked and answered type situation. the question for trump which potentially we may hear him talk about tonight is whether he brings that up again and tries to put this to rest. >> because, again, i'm not looking to offer him any charitable reading but i know sometimes when politicians have things they don't want to talk about, the first thing they say is i don't know that person. they don't even want their name and david duke in the same sentence.
2:06 pm
now, if that wation their thiwa thinking, they probably made it worse with that cnn answer. we're going to jump to another campaign, marco rubio traveling across virginia. gabe gutierrez, of course, always on the road there. let's hear from gabe. go ahead. >> reporter: ari, this is one of four rallies that marco rubio is attending in virginia. his campaign pouring a lot of resources into the state hoping to gain ground here on super tuesday. marco rubio polling behind donald trump in all super tuesday states, but his campaign feels they can build momentum, that they can pick up some delegates on super tuesday and they're looking forward towards march 15th. that is the florida primary. florida, of course, rubio's home state and a crucial state for this campaign. that campaign saying it will win florida. now, right now the marco rubio campaign is pouncing on donald trump over those comments that he made earlier today on cnn where he failed to immediately disavow david duke, the former ku klux klan leader.
2:07 pm
trump later tweeted out that he did disavow duke and he'd done so on previously occasions, but the rubio campaign is fighting back and saying that voters should not nominate someone who didn't avow him right away, and on that morning show interview this morning, he also said nominated donald trump would mean the end of the republican party. they obviously feel these attacks on donald trump are getting under his skin and could pay off in the contest ahead. now, rubio is, again, several rallies here today in virginia. tomorrow he heads throughout the south, including to georgia, tennessee, and arkansas, and then on super tuesday he will be in minnesota and miami. ari, back to you. >> thank you, gabe. and i've got joy reid here with me who has been a part of our coverage, of course, leading, anchoring, and answering all throughout the weekend. we are, of course, awaiting this donald trump rally in alabama. you know, there's a lot of people who like to watch donald trump. a lot of people who don't like to watch donald trump but watch
2:08 pm
him. as we look over what is by any estimation a massive crowd, you know, a lot of interest in what he's going to say and if this is going to come up. you look at ted cruz, he knows how to give an interview. they say people give good meeting. he was ready with all the details. and he seems to make two arguments. one, here is this stuff that's substantively important, the taxes, what if they're mob ties and chuck todd pushed him. now this kkk thing. and, two, cruz is always quick to say, even if you don't happen to think this is a big deal, hillary is going to make it a big deal. it's going to be a political problem. >> i have to tell you i think of the rubio and cruz sort of dynamic, they're both sort of coming after donald trump, cruz makes the argument for deftly to be frank because what he's essentially saying is don't take the risk in the fall with donald trump. he's not making the argument that donald trump's hair is weird or his plane is silly or he's a fraud and meaning that he fooled his voters, meaning thcre
2:09 pm
and they were not bright enough not to be scammed. what is sort of missing from the argument just like in the rubio argument is an affirmative case for ted cruz and i think at some point because the trump voters are so locked in, it's not clear you can undo that, that you can untether them from donald trump. what they need to do is make an affirmative argument in addition to saying donald trump cannot be our nominee, but this is why i should be, this and is what's missing from both of the non-trump arguments. >> you make an insight point about what's wrong with the con man attack, which is if you put out the idea that this person is a criminal, right, are you also putting out the idea that anyone who likes him is a victim? >> yes. >> and people don't want to be victims in life. republican primary voters who are angry certainly don't want to be. while the general election is a little different, you're basically pointing out that
2:10 pm
marco rubio is not leaving a big path for people to come away from trump if that means they have to see themselves as the victim of a con man. >> as the victim of a con man and now take that same argument and apply that to this kkk situation. if you now have marco rubio and ted cruz accusing donald trump of traveling with racists, of traveling with the klan, and i they you deftly pointed out he hasn't exactly embraced david duke. there have been different interviews where he gave varying degrees of distance and, yes, his campaign is attracting the support of white supremacists but they're trying to stitch him to david duke in a way that i think has an implication for the people that support donald trump. i think nothing you say will separate his supporters from him. all you can do is further alienate them and further offend them by attending the patina of racism to everything about them supporting donald trump. i'm not sure that will help them there. >> i want to talk more about that so we'll come back to that. we've been waiting on donald trump. we also have ted cruz there. because there's so much news, we
2:11 pm
want to show some of that. here is ted cruz talking to the press right now. >> and i think the men and women of oklahoma, i think republican primary voters across the country on super tuesday don't want more washington deals. they want a proven conservative. they want someone who has led the fight against obamacare, ho has led the fight against amnesty, led the fight against the second amendment and our bill of rights and i continue to be encouraged every day that conservatives more and more are coalescing behind our campaign. >> oklahoma voters are a lot like south carolina voters. you didn't win there. [ inaudible ]. >> i appreciate your thoughts on the polls. i'll tell you in oklahoma we're neck and neck right now and one of the nice things about oklahoma is look oklahoma is a d republican primary. it's republicans voting in the primary and we have tremendous support here in oklahoma. i believe we're going to have a very, very good super tuesday. we're going to do exceptionally well in texas. i think we're going to do very well in oklahoma as well but it
2:12 pm
will be up to the men and women of this state and we are working hard to earn the votes of the men and women in this state and i believe the people of oklahoma are frustrated out of their minds with politicians in washington who say one thing and do another. and i would note in particular that 65% of republican primary voters nationwide recognize that donald trump is not the right candidate to go head to head with hillary clinton in november. that if we nominate donald trump, hillary in all likelihood becomes the next president and that would be absolutely disastrous for this country and given that what is abundantly clear is our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and that can beat donald trump, we are running neck and neck with donald trump in states all across super tuesday, and so if the folks here in oklahoma, if you're one of those 65% of republicans that recognizes that nominating a candidate like donald trump, who has agreed with hillary clinton on issue after issue after issue, whether it is supporting
2:13 pm
planned parenthood, whether it is believing that the united states should stay neutral between israel and the palestinians, or whether it is supporting a bernie sanders-style expansion of obamacare to have the government take over health care of every american, if you're one of those 65% of republicans here in oklahoma who recognize that the donald trump is a losing nominee, i would encourage you, come support us. let's stand together because we are the campaign that has beaten donald trump and is in a position to beat donald trump on super tuesday. >> [ inaudible ] what does this tell you about your standing in the s.e.c. and what's the response back -- >> well, listen, i'll wait to common on endorsements until they actually happen rather than to comment on speculations. >> in iowa you said the first four states were not must-win. does your candidacy depend on winning your home state of texas? >> there is no doubt that texas is incredibly important. i believe we're going to do
2:14 pm
very, very well in texas on tuesday. we've got a phenomenal team. i was blessed to receive the endorsement and enthusiastic support of the governor. i'm blessed to have the support of former governor rick perry, lieutenant governor dan patrick. what we've really seen in texas, texas is home. it's our base, and i believe we're going to do very well there on tuesday. i also believe we're going to do very well throughout super tuesday and we're working hard to earn those votes all across the country. >> senator you denounced the comments from donald trump on the kkk. you said he's better than this. given that in your comments today about trump's potential role as the nominee, would you still support him given all this if he ends up as the nominee. >> listen, i will support the republican nominee, period. >> we've been listen there to ted cruz. the last question sounded i believe like it was from our own hallie jackson saying, look, basically if donald trump is the nominee and he is not fully condemning the kkk as you would like citing ted cruz's statement today, can you still support him?
2:15 pm
but, joy, that's a question he's answered in many different ways and basically said he's a loyal republican. we also heard again the question about texas. i love that because that's when it does turn into a straight locker room. do you want to win the game this sunday and everyone goes, um, yeah. you can't expect much else. but ted cruz is on the line trying to be the true conservative with building the support tuesday. >> and he does have one argument that is actually rather strong which is he is the only person in the race that up until now has actually beaten donald trump in a caucus or primary. he did that in iowa. yes, he must win texas, but he also is leading in texas. so he has a stronger credential as somebody who is a potential vanquisher of donald trump because he's leading in a second state where as his chief opponent here is not leading anywhere and hasn't won anywhere. it's a fairly strong argument. while we were listening to, that i added up the number of anti-trump reasons that we're
2:16 pm
hearing why donald trump cannot be the nominee. cannot beat hillary clinton, is really secretly a democrat, is secretly a liberal, won't stand up for israel, won't stand up for the republican, has bad hair, zkt own his buildings, is a con man. do you know how many arguments thereto were against mitt romney. trump's message is simple. he has one argument, we're going to make america great again. they have about 15 arguments they're trying to make all at once. they need to calm down and not be so frantic. if you want to beat donald trump you can't beat him with 50 arguments. >> and one wonders whether some of the arguments should have been tested out earlier. i will say as a fact check regarding spell-check, the president doesn't need to spell, while they do have spell-check on the white house computers and he has aides who can screen. that particular one is not as big a deal. i just wanted to -- >> honor will be spelled with honor. >> joy reid will stay with us
2:17 pm
and we have a lot going on. as i mentioned earlier, this donald trump rally that people are even more interested than usual today. we'll be joined upcoming discussions of the democrats with a former hillary clinton aide and a lot more. stay with us.
2:18 pm
♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
2:19 pm
♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
2:20 pm
welcome back. we are keeping an eye on that donald trump rally and also the democratic race. the clinton campaign has been out furiously arguing that she is now the national opponent to donald trump if he's the nominee. she made that argument in that victory speech last night over bernie sanders. i watched it live right here in south carolina. she talked about making america whole again. she's also been joined today by actor tony goldwin known as president fitzgerald from, yes, "scandal." clinton was speaking on how she
2:21 pm
plans to continue the work started by president obama and taking a shot at republicans running for president. >> ultimately we are all in this together no matter what some people running for president might say as they insult one group of us or another group of us. i believe that america is great right now. what we need is to be whole. we need to be whole where all of us have a place. >> there is that message, and for more on how this is playing out we go to nbc white house correspondent kristin welker with the clinton campaign in nashville. >> reporter: good afternoon. there's no doubt that secretary clinton has an incredible amount of momentum heading into super tuesday. she was campaigning here in nashville today, very fired up. her victory in south carolina massive, exceeded all
2:22 pm
expectations. she was hoping to beat senator sanders by 20 points. instead she beat him by nearly 50, and she got close to 90% of african-american voters. that's more than then-senator barack obama got back in 2008. so that is going to give her a strong start heading into super tuesday. the campaign hoping that they will have a similar turnout among african-americans here throughout the south, and take a look at our latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll which shows her topping sanders by a nearly 2-to-1 margin in georgia, tennessee, and texas. and today she was clearly casting her sights on the general election. she didn't even mention senator sanders. she took sharp aim on donald trump saying we don't need to make america great again, instead we need to make america whole. she and senator sanders in a rare moment of unity both con telling donald trump's refusal to disavow the kkk.
2:23 pm
>> thank you, kristin, reporting from nashville. i'm here with my colleague joy reid. on the votes we saw last night on the democratic side, the point was made immediately online, everywhere, on of course, oh, my god, her margin among black voters wider than that of barack obama in 2008, which on first blush sounds like a comment about her and certainly she can take credit for it. i also think it's odd because whether you're going is doing a measuring stick of what, the person you're beating. you're comparing how hillary clinton did in '08 to bernie sanders and the clintons had a better, deeper policy-oriented base of black support than bernie sanders does. indeed, that's the point of why she did well this time. i'm not trying to get too complicated here but it is a weird thing to compare your margin to your old losing margin. >> that is weird. the other thing is people forget that barack obama is black. i mean, i think it's a sign of
2:24 pm
great progress we sometimes discount that. but the reality is in 2008 the clintons had that deep well of support. b, there was a lot of reluctance and worry among the deepest bench of black voters which is black voters over 50, older black voters were quite skeptical of barack obama. it took him winning in iowa to win them over for them to believe he was even viable, that a black president, particularly a black person, particularly somebody named barack hussein obama had any shot. he didn't come from the civil rights movement. he's not a pastor. he doesn't have any of those history markers and so the reluctance to sort of support him was still there and it was a residual of clinton support you have yseen again this year even when she got shellacked in the state, it wouldn't have been by the same margin. barack obama didn't have access to the same overwhelming margins and now she's the avatar for the obama campaign. she is explicitly running to continue the legacy of barack obama. no wonder she got 9 out of 10. >> i was speaking to a former clinton official from '08 who
2:25 pm
was expressing frustration with the idea that back when they ran that time they felt when they started to lose they were being told you're bad for democrats, you're this terrible type of leader and now these people coming back to hillary and this person saying i guess we weren't so bad last time after all. >> and a lot of pressure were being put on superdelegates on african-american political leaders to go with barack obama, a sense that the sort of racial loyalty right involved that meant going with him. so, yeah, there were a lot of clinton friends and long-time clinton friends and supporters who really did feel beaten up in 2008 who are now feeling a sort of redemption as sort of she takes this huge victory lap particularly here because this really was the waterloo for the clinton campaign in 2008. they made all of those unfortunate comments in new hampshire that all came to a boil in south carolina. >> oh, yeah. >> getting jim clay burn yburn endorse her again. this is redemption song. >> he came out on the stage, people were really -- there's no
2:26 pm
bigger force in south carolina democratic politics, and then he didn't just do the thing where you can check the box and say isn't this nice. he came out there and he said -- i'm not going to do the impression but in his clyburn way which is a smoky, strong, seasoned voice, he said she was loyal to barack obama. that means something. >> that's right. >> this is being paid back. she isn't just showing up late to the democratic party. so he wanted to put down his marker, hey, this is not only about hillary and he gives her due props, he gave her the endorsement but he was saying explicitly bernie sanders hasn't been in the trenches with us and i looked around the room and people were feeling that point. it was a subtlety, a second beat to the thing. i want to go to ron mott in alabama. we're keeping an eye on the trump rally for whenever it begins because he has that giant rally but ron mott has been with voters ahead of tuesday's primaries. ron, what are you learning on the ground? >> reporter: well, hey there, ari. it's a beautiful day here in birmingham. he's guys actually out playing a
2:27 pm
game of cornhole so i've being joined by tim cook who has stopped playing cornhole for the moment to talk about this election coming up on tuesday. you have got braces on both sides. who has earned your vote? >> hillary clinton at this point definitely. >> how come? i think among the candidates so far she's the most qualified. she's got the experience as secretary of state, also just her general experience as senator. i feel she's more than a one-issue candidate as bernie sanders seems to be and the republicans from what i have the seen, crazy racist bigots if i can day that. >> how can you explain she's having a tough time connecting with the younger crowd. bernie sanders seems to correct with that 30 and under crowd. what's her problem? >> i think there's things that bernie connects with student loans. i myself have student loans. i'll be paying those off pretty much until i die, but i feel like the way that hillary
2:28 pm
connects with us is by explaining, you know, a lot of bernie sanders' proposals so far seem to be pipe dreams, especially with the republican congress. >> thank you, tim. let you get back to your game. i think you were up before i interrupted you. this is a rube yy red state so s not expected to be in play come november but that did not stop hillary clinton from stopping here yesterday. she's at miles college talking to a group down there. five of these seven candidates who are still in this race will make their way to alabama. dr. carson with one more event tomorrow before tudesday's he will gatielection. hillary clinton perhaps with a big win here and in alabama donald trump with a double digit lead in the polls perhaps with a big win on tuesday in alabama. >> thank you, ron. cornhole is a fitting game because like this primary process, it takes aim but also
2:29 pm
stamina. that's right, joy. yeah. that's right. all right, ron. thanks again. appreciate it. interesting stuff out there. next up, donald trump's son weighing in as well on this controversy of the day. the kkk question surrounding his father's campaign. donald trump, jr. speaking out. that's right after this. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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welcome back. we are watching donald trump making that big entrance right now. this is live footage. donald trump walking in to what is expected to be one of his largest crowds to date in alabama. we're going to listen in live as soon as he starts speaking, but that's what you're watching here on a day when donald trump was again in controversy over comments about the kkk and whether he fully repudiated them. there's also rumors about potential endorsements swirling around, nothing confirmed at this point. i have got joy reid with me. we're watching this, and any moment he's going to speak and we're going to cut in, but this is a big day for him. >> it's extraordinary if you think about it and if you're a new yorker watching a guy who is no new york, right, and whose entire persona is so new york
2:33 pm
doing this in alabama and being so popular -- >> a new yorker with a huge stadium crowd in alabama. >> a huge stadium crowd in alabama. it's akin to when george wallace did the reverse of this and filled madison square garden when he ran for president in 1968. >> it's a comparison that's often made because there is such a nationalist and some say very negative undercurrent to a lot of what he's doing campaigning. donald trump here in alabama. he was saying he was excited about this. he was talking about, hey, i'm not out here for myself. i'm here for these people. that's what he said in one of the interviews. it looks like he's taking the mike. let's listen in. >> this is amazing. thank you, everybody. thank you. i have to tell you, this is incredible. we could listen to that music. i could listen to that -- i could listen to that music all day long. all day long. well, i want to thank you. so this is -- look over there, look at this.
2:34 pm
by the way, there's 3,000 people right there that have to get in. should we start without them? yes! yes! that's amazing. so this is the biggest crowd of the political season by far. we have 30,000 people, 30,000. [ cheers and applause ] amazing. 30,000 people. i just want to thank everybody and, you know, we have a lot of folks, huntsville-madison area, this whole area really thriving. you do know that, right? really thriving. it's doing well, and you know, we're going to keep this space program going, folks. it's got to keep going. we'll be doing a lot of cutting, but when it comes to that, i have to tell you we're going to be keeping it going. i want to thank the benghazi guys, you met them, you saw them. so incredible. guts, courage.
2:35 pm
they know what happened. amazing guys. so i want to just thank mark and john very much for being here today. that is amazing, amazing. you know, i was saying that i have a little surprise, okay? i have a little surprise for you today, and, you know, over the years i've developed a lot of friendships, and some people are good, and some people are okay, and some people are lousy, right? and some people are great. but i was so honored because i have a man who is respected by everybody here, greatly respected, and somebody that i have a lot of respect for. he's really the expert as far as i'm concerned on borders, on so many different things, but when i think of myself now and when i think of us, we want strong borders. we want the wall.
2:36 pm
we have -- you know, we have a case where as you saw former president fox of mexico used a horrible, horrible word. now, if i would have used that word, it would have been a big story. he used it, that wasn't the story. the story was that he's very angry, and the reason he's angry is because he said we will not pay for that wall, and when these dishonest people call me, the press, they are so dishonest, it is terrible. but when they called me, you know what i said? the wall just got ten feet higher. we love it. just got ten feet higher, folks. believe me. and you know, his anger, you saw the anger, right? that was anger. that wasn't really about the wall. that was how dare you tell us what to do? we are your bosses, okay? they think they are our bosses. doesn't work that way, folks. doesn't work that way anymore.
2:37 pm
it's not going to work that way anymore, okay? it's not going to work that way. so i just want to tell you we're going to build that wall. it's going to work. we're going to have a strong border. people are going to come into our country, but they're going to come in legally. only legally. so when i talk about immigration and when i talk about illegal immigration and all the problems with crime and everything else, i think of a great man, and i want to just introduce you to him for a second. do you know who i'm talking about? who am i talking about? nobody knows right now because we've kept it a surprise. senator jeff sessions! >> wow. what a crowd this is!
2:38 pm
i told donald trump this isn't a campaign, this is a movement. look at what's happening. the american people are not happy with their government. so some say, you know, you just need to let the people calm down a little bit and they'll forget it and let it all go. should we forget it? no, we should not. there is an opportunity this year, tuesday, and we have the opportunity -- we have an opportunity tuesday. it may be the last opportunity we have for the people's voice
2:39 pm
to be heard. you have asked for 30 years, and politicians have promised for 30 years to fix illegal immigration. have they done it? >> no! >> donald trump will do it. >> yes! >> i think you will. and let me -- >> we want trump! we want trump! we want trump! >> the american people have known for years these trade agreements have not been working for them. we now have and will soon have a vote on the transpacific partnership obama trade, and it will damage america. it will create a commission that undermines our sovereignty, and it should not pass.
2:40 pm
donald trump when he gets elected president will see it does not pass. this movement, he doesn't take money from political groups and lobbyists. he is committed to leading this country in an effective way. you know, nobody is perfect. we can't have everything, can we, mr. trump? but i can tell you one thing, i think at this time in my opinion, my best judgment, at this time in america's history, we need to make america great again!
2:41 pm
>> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> thank you, all. i am pleased to endorse donald trump for the presidency of the united states. i believe that a movement is afoot that must not fade away. it has the potential to have the american people's voices heard for a change. the bosses are you. people in washington are public servants. they serve you, and we haven't had enough of that. donald trump, great to have you in one of the greatest cities in the whole world, the huntsville-madison area is fabulous.
2:42 pm
we have maybe more ph.d.s per capita than any place in the country. we got the best corporate leadership of all over the world investing here and hiring people here. wha it's what we need for all of america. i'm proud to have you with us. god bless. >> wow. so great. that is so great. you know, he's an incredible y guy -- thank you. get him out of here, will you? get him out.
2:43 pm
>> we love you! all right. thank you. boy, oh, boy, never fails. but, you know, again, i say it all the time, now the cameras, they follow that, they know how much people -- the all-time record. look over there. hey, cameras, take a look over here. take a look. unbelievable. 32,000 people. this is amazing. and by the way, look over there. we can't get them in. they won't let them in. why can't they come in? fire department, let them in. let them in.
2:44 pm
you've got thousands of people over there. let them in, if you can. all right. so, look, first of all, that's the first time that senator sessions has ever endorse d -- it's a big deal. that's to me a big deal. so we've had some interesting times and together, you know, "time" magazine a couple weeks ago they did a cover story that this is a movement. there's never been a time where we've made so many decisions that have been so wrong, whether it's the iran dealing, the border is like swiss cheese. we are going to do things so smart. we are going to be so competent. you're going to be so proud of your president, believe me.
2:45 pm
you're not proud now, but you're going to be proud of your president. so over the last period of a couple weeks, nasty, nasty things are said, right? nasty things. marco is a lightweight, but so many -- this guy, i mean, when you're up 20 points in florida, we're up, the guy -- they hate him in florida. he can't be elected dog catcher in florida. this guy, you know, i call him little marco. he's a nice guy. but, you know, i watch -- you saw yesterday i got the endorsement of chris christie. tough guy, good guy, smart. wonderful guy, and he was so enthusiastic, but i watched when chris was running, i watched something i don't see often. i watched a man melt in front of
2:46 pm
me. chris started grilling lightweight marco rubio, and marco was standing right here right next to me during the debate, the one before last, and chris went into him and i thought it was okay. he mentioned the obama phrase once. then he mentioned it a second time. i said, huh, that's strange. and then i noticed he was like pouring water. he was sweating -- i have never seen anything like it. i thought he just got out of a swimming pool with his suit on. i said what's going on? and i'm saying to myself, i hope he's okay. oh, yi, yi, yi.
2:47 pm
>> folks, folks, look, we have to love everybody. all lives matter, remember that. remember that. all lives matter. so we'll have these little interrunses. don't worry. when you have 32 -- now it's 35 because they're starting to -- when you have 35,000 people, if you have a few protesters, i guess that sort of has to happen. sooim looking at little marco and i say, man, there's something happening with him and he's like melting. then he said the phrase a third
2:48 pm
time a fourth time, a fifth time. i said he's just melted down. that's really bad. then i get ready, i'm a strong guy, believe it or not, and i get ready and i think he's going to faint. now, we don't need a fainter to negotiate with china and putin. we don't need a fainter to knock the hell out of isis, do we? we don't need a fainter. we don't need a guy who is sweating and scared and -- i never saw anything like it. so that's it. now he wants to act like a big man. oh, trump, is a con man. i'm a con man. i built an incredible business. i filed papers with the federal elections that are so unbelievable, and believe me, if they weren't unbelievable, i wouldn't be here right now and these guys would have never, ever -- they could not believe how great a company i built. and i got to listen to this guy, to this guy that took money to build a driveway and when they caught him, he said, oh, let me
2:49 pm
reimburse, i used the wrong credit card. took it out of the republican party. when you look at what he's done, he takes a house. he buys a house for $178,000 or so. he sells it to a lobbyist for $380,000. a lobbyist that's dealing with him in the state of florida. you tell me, that's what we're going to have as our senator and that's what we're going to have as our president? there's no way. there's no way. you can't do it. you can't do it. you know, we have a problem. these guys, all of them, i'm self-funding my campaign, folks. i don't care. we're going to make the right decisions. i'm self-funding. but these guys are all taken care of when you get right down to it whether it's the drug industry where we don't bid competitively drugs. you know, drugs to make you better. we have pharmaceutical companies and we have an industry.
2:50 pm
they take care of these people -- tell me, tell me, isn't it fun to be at a trump rally? part of the deal. it's like part of the deal. i remember -- okay, you remember this? i said well, he's not going to make it. bernie sanders is speaking and these two young women came up and took over the microphone. do you remember that? and he walked away and i said to myself, wow. do you remember, they came up, no microphone is going to be taken over from me. i guarantee you that. i guarantee that. because they are not taking it
2:51 pm
over from me. they are taking it over from you. can't happen. i will never forget that scene. he looked so weak and pathetic. by the way, he's over any way. you saw what happened yesterday. now all in all fairness, hillary should not be allowed to run because she broke the law. true. broke the law. she should not be allowed to run. she's probably protected by the democrats, but she should not be allowed to run, folks. i'll tell ya. you ooet ver laws or don't have laws. what she did -- you look at general petraeus and so many people are got in hot water and gotten away. and with her -- by the way, did you ever see -- 20,000, 40,000, how do you do so many e-mails? does anybody do e-mails like
2:52 pm
that? let's see what happens. i think we will have to run against her which is good. frankly i think it is great and i will beat her. the other guys are not going to beat her, folks. they are not going to win. they are not going to win. i guarantee you one thing, we will be talking about those e-mails every moment of every day. and we are going to shame them in to doing the right thing, but we will beat hillary. polls have come out where i'm leading her recently. "usa today," others, fox recently came out with a poll i'm beating her. i haven't even started on her yet, folks. i haven't. she's not right now -- i have to do one thing first, if you look at the people, governor walker, nice guy but he attacked trump, right? jeb bush very nice person, right?
2:53 pm
okay. slind graham, this poor guy this poor guy, he was so vicious. he was so vicious. his idea of the war, you know, he thinks he is a military expert and says i'm a military expert. we have been listening to this guy for years. where are we, nowhere, i know what to do, you know what to do, what i told you to do is the right way to do it. if we listen to these guys in the military, we will be over there for another 20 years. we can't do it. we spent $2 trillion in iraq. we have absolutely nothing. we have lost thousands and thousands of great military young, beautiful people. we have got wounded warriors, who i love all over the place. and you know what we have, nothing. we have nothing. we don't even call them anymore and you know who's taking over iraq, and the second largest oil supplies? we have the sec largest reserves
2:54 pm
in the world. people don't even know that in iraq. iran has taken -- for years, they'd fight, fight for years, stop and rest and then fight for years, saddam hussein, everybody complains, they stop. they had the same power. then we get up, blast the hell out of one. now what happens? iran is take over. not only do they make the greatest deal i have ever seen made, they have 158 billion there. they should have never gotten that money and released our prisoners four years ago. not after they get the money like it is ransom. i tell that story all the time. one of the dumbest deals. they never walked. i kept saying they are going to walk now. we kept giving up on every point. in iran, they were dancing in the streets. the people are dancing, obama's calling the head, the supreme leader. i will never call him, i promise
2:55 pm
you, the supreme leader. i will never. but you know what you do, let's say 3 1/2, four years ago they have prisoners. and this deal was going on forever. did you ever see a deal so long? it is a horrible deal. you walk in and say, fellas, great negotiators, the persians, they are great negotiator that's all read "the art of the deal." our people did not read it. you walk in and say very nicely and i tell the story and actually one of the reporters from the "new york times" loved the story. i will tell you a little bit. my father was a good guy and taught me ito negotiate a bit. he was a good guy. by the way, this little rubio guy said my father gave me $2 million. and my sister called me up and said, are you kidding? my brother called up, what the hell. i started off with a million dollars and built a company that is worth over $10 billion.
2:56 pm
that's what it is. man, i heard about the 200 million, i said 200 million. they actually copied -- he actually copied a full story from the "new york times." i have to tell you, the "new york times" is one of the most dishonest media groups i have ever seen in my life. here's the good news, it's losing its shirt. it's going to be out of business soon. although somebody will buy it as a vanity project but the "new york times" is so dishonest. they did a story recently that was highly inaccurate. they realized it was inaccurate. they agreed with me. are you going to pull it? no. why wouldn't you pull it if it is inaccurate. they have to report accurately. if they don't report accurately, we, all of us should have the right to sue them. you know what? they this is nothing to do with freedom of the press which i believe in, but when they don't report accurately we should have
2:57 pm
the right to sue them and get them to prort accurately and also damages. right now we have libel laws that don't mean a thing. i will tell you -- it's going to make it tougher because they will be tough ir on me now. they are so dishonest these reporters. they are the worst -- i will tell you what, i will tell you what, here, i'm running against people. i have dealt with politicians all of my life. watch, you'll leave here. you are not going to see this crowd. they are not going to show the crowd. you are going to leave here and say we had $32,000 people , 35 standing out there, but they won't allow more than that and what is going to happen, you are going to read a story tomorrow, that donald trump made a speech in front of an okay crowd. they won't even say okay. here's the story. when they write inaccurately we have to have the right to hold them to what they write. if it is inaccurate we have the right to get damages. right now, we get nothing. they are going to regret all of
2:58 pm
the bad stories they write so much. i will say, this i'm running against very dishonest people. little marco rubio, a total featherweight, he's not a lightweight. this guy -- honestly, i have to tell you until marco started to go to down calling me a con man, i'm a con man. when you build a great business and tremendous net worth and trump tower an all of these jobs i have built i have doral country club where you will have the tournament next week in miami. hundreds and hundreds of acres. so many jobs, buildings all over. bank of america building in san francisco, one of the great buildings of the world. 1290, avenue 60 the americas, among the largest floor plates in the country, big, beautiful stuff. built a city on the west side of houston houston on the ehud son river from 72nd street on down. i'm a con man. it is an insulting thing.
2:59 pm
you don't call somebody of achievement, you don't do that, somebody of achieve when you have done nothing. this guy is a dishonest guy. he bought the house, he sold it to a lobbyist. he did so many things. ask him about his driveway. besides that he is not cool, sweats too much and i don't want him negotiating for us. now, with that being said, we have lying ted cruz. i have to be honest. these people i'm dealing with are the worst people ted cruz will get up and say things. i'm totally against obamacare. anybody who has followed me from the time that thing was implemented which should have never been allowed frankly by the republicans, but obama lied 28 times. you can keep your doctor, your plan, all of this stuff and got just enough democrats to get it done, right? i will tell you what, when ted cruz says donald trump likes obamacare and he knows it's a lie, when he says, other thing
3:00 pm
s, i won't even go in to it because it is disgusting these people are really bad. i have dealt with politicians all of my life. some are good but many, many, many are really dishonest. i don't think they are as bad as this press. i will be honest with you. i think the press is worst. but we will straighten out our country. we will come up with solutions. when these guys, you can ask the disney folks and the people who came up and were killed at disney, killed where they are being replaced. they have to change jobs, they have to train people and you heard the story. you know who was in charge of that? the biggest proponent of doing that is little marco rubio. okay? this guy is bad news. here's the story, folks. we're going to start making great deals for our country. we have a poor country. we're like -- we are in trouble. we have $19 trillion in debt. it's going up to


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