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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  February 29, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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party. the democratic party needs to be smart in the way they re acts to all of this. >> you're not telling me hillary clinton does not have every bit of opposition research ready for trump? exactly. >> don't believe they're somehow looking forward to this campaign. i've got to leave it there. thank you. we'll be back tomorrow. big super tuesday coverage, and i have the first exit polls right at 5:00 p.m. "with all due respect" starts right now. "with all due respect" to ted cruz, are you really the right person to be attacking donald trump on the mafia? >> every time i get out, they keep pulling me back in! >> happy leap day, sports fans. we're making the most of our bonus show on the eve of super
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tuesday. tomorrow. a bunch of states, as well as america samoa will vote in the democratic nomination contest. as it looks increasingly likely, that donald trump is going to dominate the gop contest. his already fractured party is in full splinter mode. jeff sessions endorsed trump on sunday. there are people either warming to the far-fetched noeks as trump as nominee. in the camp are those who are nashing their teeth and searching frantically for anything to halt the trump coronation, including marco rubio, who continued his schoolyard spat with the biggest bully on the playground. here is a look at the last 72 hours in the republican presidential race in all its color and abject chaos. >> america must have a strong leader again that can restore american jobs, that can restore
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american confidence, and donald trump is just the man to do it. >> donald probably needs a lifeline after last night. he called in chris christie. i respect that. i have my fair share of endorsements. >> i saw with rubio, i saw, and he's a nervous wreck because here's a guy -- no, he's a basket case. here's a guy -- you ought to see him backstage. he was putting on makeup with a trowel. >> donald trump likes to sue people. he should sue whoever did that to his face. >> it's rubio! >> what we are dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist. he is a con artist. >> trump's a con man, trump's a con man. the last thing i am is a con man. i built a great business, okay? >> donald trump, like hillary clinton, is a rich new york liberal. >> i am pleased to endorse
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donald trump for the presidency of the united states. >> what will the conservative movement be like if the front-runner in this race right now, donald trump, is put in charge of the conservative movement? >> he is not conservative. he is not -- folks, i call myself common-sense conservative, you know? >> as mitt romney observed, the fact that donald seems terrified to release his taxes, suggests that there's a bombshell there. there are multiple media reports about dond's business dealings with the mob, the mafia. maybe his taxes show those business dealings are a lot more extensive than has been reported. >> quote, the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky has laid out a plan that would have lawmakers break with mr. trump. explicitly in the general election. >> would you just say, unequivocally, you condemn them and don't want their support? >> well, i have to look at the group. i don't know what group you're talking about. >> i'm talking about david duke
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and the ku klux klan here. >> honestly, i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met him. >> it's breathtaking that it is disqualifying right there. to say you don't know about the ku klux klan? >> i'm sitting in a house in florida with a very bad ear-piece that they gave me. >> he blamed it on a bad ear-piece that he couldn't hear the question. i don't care how bad the ear-piece is, ku klux klan comes through pretty clearly. >> donald trump is everything i taught my children not to do in kindergarten. >> trump, 49 -- [ cheers and applause ] little marco rubio 16. lying ted cruz 15. >> so, mark, that was quite a tour we just saw there. has the long predicted
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republican meltdown/civil war finally actually come to pass? and if it has, can the republican party ever put itself back together in time for the republican convention? >> leave aside rubio and cruz and what they're trying to do to advance themselves, and chris christie and jeff sessions, two prominent endorsers of trump, in the middle there are many prominent republicans who are telling reporters privately and saying to each other privately, i will never vote for donald trump. now, maybe they'll try to get away with never saying that publicly. but donald trump, not just because of this latest flap over david duke and the klan, but because of other things he's done and said, he is dividing the party. it's possible he will sweep tomorrow, sweep the rest of march and start to unify. but right now, i have never seen anything like this in my covering presidential campaigns where so much of one party is terrified and disgusted with the person who's in line to are their nominee. >> let's be clear, we have said for a long time we don't know what will stop donald trump. a lot of people predicted things
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would stop trump that didn't. it is true that the kkk and the nazis, those two things are just different, they are different, right? you can't defend the kkk. you can't defend or not repudiate the american nazi party. i think that's why you see a lot of republicans, it's not just the kkk, but that was a moment yesterday when a lot of republicans who were in denial about how bad the trump nomination could be for them, not just for the general election and their prospects, but for the image of the party in total, and they looked at that and went, oh, my god. >> mitt romney has tweeted twice in the last couple days, once on the tax returns, and trump did not answer fully over the weekend. he's still not saying why he won't tell us what his income was. why won't he tell us what his charitables are. i'm surprised people dropped that. mitt romney has now tweeted, what trump said was
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disqualified. i actually think that trump, i'm not sure about the earpiece, but i think -- >> he's lying. he knew -- there's a statement on the record saying part of the reason he didn't want to be in the reform party in 2000 was because of david duke. we asked him about david duke in august and he said someone had told him about it. he knows who david duke is. >> maybe assuming too much about the question he was answering. the reality of the politics of that is clear. all right. earlier, you saw the attacks hurled at donald trump over the last few days. the new york billionaire has been hit with a variety of charges from his trump university business seminars to the bankruptcies to mob ties that ted cruz raised to the retweet of a mussolini quote. and on sunday where he failed to directly do in the past, repudiate the former ku klux klan grand wizard david duke who spoke in favor of trump's campaign.
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so, john, are necessary of these things going to actually hurt trump's performance tomorrow on super tuesday? >> i don't think a lot of them will affect his performance on super tuesday. partly because of the early voting in a lot of these states. and a lot of voters who like donald trump, this will all blend into a malange of people trying to take trump down. but i do think for the reasons we described a second ago, several of those things could he hurt him in the longer term, and in the general election and have huge implications for the party. >> there are some who say trump's on the defensive because he's talking about them. i don't see it that way. i think when trump's in the arena and hurling insults back, he tends to do well. what has not happened yet is there has not been a line of attack that has been the subject of serious journalism, paid television ad, candidate attacks, you know, that's the way these things really impact the candidate. there hasn't been time for that to happen.
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it goes back to all these things, almost all these things that are out there, well before last week when marco rubio and ted cruz decided to raise them. if they had done these things earlier, or someone else had, thiks could be different. >> i agree with that. i do think, look, there's a -- there are several things here. i think you're right trump is not defensive. i think where trump seems to me most sensitive is on the taxes. that continues to be the place. he's not talking about it. he's being evasive about it. and as the questions bubble up, it's interesting to me, because he's so full throated about everything else, including trying to clean up the kkk thing, not doing it on taxes. i think that to me looks like the most vulnerable point. i would be curious to see how much pressure the press brings to bear on it in the days ahead. >> will hillary clinton learn from the obama playbook. will it work against bernie sanders. we'll be right back to find out. ? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student?
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today on the eve of super
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tuesday u hillary clinton was campaigning in new england trying to run up the score for what is expected to be a big night for her campaign tomorrow. ever since her south carolina blowout on saturday, she's been sounding an awful lot like a general election candidate, in part by ignoring bernie sanders and going after donald trump out on the campaign trail. the recent example came from clinton today at an event in springfield, mass. >> i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america whole. what we can't let happen is this scapegoating, the blaming, the finger pointing that is going on on the republican side. >> if tlnt does do well on super tuesday, she may well try to rip several pages from the obama 2008 playbook at the right time to try to convince bernie sanders to drop out of the race sooner rather than later, by clefrlly applying pressure in
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public. john, what are the pages from that playbook, and will they work for clinton the way they ultimately worked for obama against clinton in 2008? >> let's start with the most obvious. we read that playbook. the first is delegate math. clinton is likely to win big victories tomorrow with african-american voters. she got a higher percentage of the african-american vote in south carolina than barack obama did in 2008. she will say, that demographic strength and the way that the proportional system works, if she pulls ahead far enough tomorrow, she'll say, you can't catch up, buddy, all you're doing is hurting the cause. >> not look like you're forcing him out of the race, but let reporters say, impossible. let reporters write stories that say it is now impossible for bernie sanders to catch up.
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they've talked about in two weeks, if clinton performs the way it looks like she's going to, even if sanders does as well as anyone expects him to do tomorrow, by march 15th, march 16th, the clinton folks will be able to point to the math and they'll also start to put the super delegates out there. they want to say she's on the path to nomination because they don't wamt the backlash. she's only winning the nomination because of the unelected delegates. >> you don't want to in this populous year have to rely on super delegates. i actually am not sure the democratic party would nominate somebody on the basis of only super delegates. if she's in the position she will be in it, it will be the pace to be able to point to spreadsheets that there is a high ridiculous number. let reporters do the math. run the algebra. >> unfurl some endorsements at the right time. some progressive endorsements,
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labor people to say to sanders, game over, buddy. you can't catch up. because the endorsements are coming my way. >> and if you stick around, you're only hurting the party. i need to money up to take on donald trump. >> exactly. >> despite clinton's momentum heading into super tuesday, sanders continues to attract huge crowds of enthusiastic voters in places like austin, texas, where 10,000 fans showed up at his rally on saturday, and in kansas city, missouri, 7,500 people turned out to hear him speak in the early afternoon on a wednesday last week. here's that scene from our latest showtime episode of the circus. >> if i could get everybody in here to scream as loud as you can for the next president of the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] >> if we stand together, we can win this nomination and make american history!
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thank you all very much! >> even in that south carolina rally on saturday, sanders won the relatively insignificant future party of the youth vote. can sanders get the voters on his side? what does he have to do -- sorry, can clinton get sanders voters to come over? >> she needs to start winning them over. i don't think this reck reconciliation between the two candidates will be nearly as hard as obama-clinton was in 2008. not nearly as hard. i think that eventually when bernie sanders endorses her, let me make it clear, he's still in this, but if she promises a time at the convention, if she talks to him about the issues they share, i think most of his supporters will enthusiastically
3:17 pm
vote for particularly if the other choice ends up being donald trump. >> he said he respects her and thinks she's great. he will endorse her, no doubt in my mind. you think back to '08 with the party unity -- >> the convention input. >> we talked to on this trip when we going around with sanders in these states, in tulsa, oklahoma, a huge crowd there, a punch of bernie sanders fans. we were asking them, would you vote for hillary clinton if she's a nominee? to a person, they said yes. of course we'll vote for the democrat. >> the two issues which i think she's vulnerable is the economy and question of honesty with the young people. i think she'll be able to unify the party if she's the nominee. a super mega monster game day tuesday survival guide for anyone who's not named clinton or trump. we'll be right back. ritin
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3:21 pm
he does. i'll tell you one thing, if you leave -- one other thing. any of his children, you would proud to be as part of his family. that's how i judge a winner, how somebody manages their family, raises their family. that's how i judge a person. >> all right. so we have some of the great drivers. one of the great drivers of the world in history, the great, the legendary bill elliott. come on, bill. [ cheers and applause ] >> we love bill! >> i don't know what to say. i mean, i've known him just a little bit.
3:22 pm
but for what he can do i think for our country, i'm all for it. we need a change. that's all there is to it. and i think this is the man for the job. >> oh, do these guys have guts. i'm telling you. i want to go about 60, that's enough, right? for most of us. so we have ryan newman. the great ryan. [ cheers and applause ] come on up here, ryan. we have david -- do you know what i'm going to say? david lee regan! david, come in. come in. and then because of genes, he was really helped a lot. bill and his incredible wife had a son. and the son -- you got it. and the son -- i don't know.
3:23 pm
are you going to be upset if he turns out greater than you, bill? or are you going to be happy? >> he's going to be thrilled. that's a good father. that's a good father. i know a lot of fathers that have a son become successful, they're not happy. there is a great father. chase elliott. the hottest young driver in the world. >> i'm just happy to be here. this is a great man. i think this is a guy who can do some great things for us. thank you. thank you for having us.
3:24 pm
>> thank you, fellas. they just said, keep that wall going. we'll keep the wall going, believe me. believe me. so, it's been an amazing period of time. and i just have to thank nascar so much. because that's something that to do is just incredible. these are incredible people. incredible athletes. ryan is an incredible guy. i've known him for so long. i could not be happier that they were here. i just wanted to discuss a few of the things -- tomorrow is a really big day. we have to get out and vote. [ cheers and applause ] you know, i don't want your money, because i'm self-funding, right? i'm self-funding. i don't even want brian's money. brian's good for some money, but i don't want brian's money. what i want is i want everybody -- i guess i just
3:25 pm
heard we have 13, 14,000 people outside. we have a good mike system. but i want you guys to go out and vote. we have the top writers of "time" magazine here. he did a story three, four weeks ago, talking about a movement. and i said, what are you talking about? you're going to do another story? by the way, where the hell is david? he did such an amazing story, and he's talking about a movement. this is in fact a movement. this is not like me, this isn't about me. it's about you. it's about -- i'm just the messenger. [ cheers and applause ] i'm just the messenger, folks. and there's never been -- you know, they've said, i've gotten calls from a lot of the biggest writers. a lot of media back there. not all are honest people. they are so terrible. they are terrible. but 20% of them are good. 80% are bad. 40% are disgusting.
3:26 pm
but the end result, it doesn't make any difference, what we have going is so incredible. the big thing, and i'm going to -- i'll tell you one more time before we finish, which will be in a little while, we'll talk about a few things like the wall, we'll talk about -- [ cheers and applause ] like not getting ripped off at trade. rebuilding our military. taking care of our vets. but i just want to say, so i'm self-funding. that means that nobody's going to say, oh, please, i gave you a contribution. you've got to help me with a pharmaceutical industry. or you have to help me with something. no, no, there's not going to be any of that. do you know that in bidding, that with the largest purchaser of drugs in the world? right? in the world. by far. drugs like to make you better, right? and do you know that in bidding, we don't bid? if you go out to buy -- to get some drugs at your local pharmacy, the government is paying a similar amount of money? that we would save billions and
3:27 pm
billions of dollars. now, the problem is, that all of these guys that i'm running against, they're all taken care of by the pharmaceutical industry. they're taken care of by all of the industries. and when it comes time to bid, they say, oh, no, you can't have them bid, they gave me a million dollars, or $5 million. it's a bad system, and we're going to change the system and clean it up. we're going to clean it up. you know, we could save as much as $300 billion if we went out and bid. $300 billion. that gets to be big money, right? that gets to be big money. the numbers of fraud, waste, abuse in the system are incredible. we're going to take care of social security. we're going to cut in terms of -- not cut what you're getting, we're going to cut all of the waste, fraud, abuse and we're going to save your social security without cuts. just mark my words. [ cheers and applause ]
3:28 pm
and we're going to have something that's going to be so exciting. look, i deal with these people. now, i've dealt with politicians all my life. somebody said, donald, this is political. i've gotten zone changes. i've been all over the world. all over. and i've dealt with politicians. i've dealt with politicians worldwide. and i want to tell you, they're never going to get you to the promised land, folks. they're never going to do it. and i saw this, like this little marco rubio, this guy, i call him lightweight, i call him lightweight marco -- no, i see him -- you saw chris christie endorse me the other day, right? great guy. tough guy. a few weeks ago, we're at one of the many debates, they're just brutal. they're coming out of my ears. who wants to do any more debates, it's enough. we have another one coming up on thursday. the last one i was double-teamed and i had every single poll had me winning.
3:29 pm
can you believe it? [ cheers and applause ] and these two guys, i see them backstage, they're talking. you do this, i'll do that, you do this, don't cut me off. and then they're high fiving. one picture i'm standing in the middle -- by the way, i've been in the middle from the beginning. brian would like that. i've been in the middle from virtually the time i announced, the middle means like that's the one that's winning. i've been in the middle right from the beginning. and that's great. but i see these two great. a big picture in the newspaper. i'm standing here like this. there's a little bit of a break and they're both behind me shaking hands, like isn't everything wonderful. so every single online poll -- drudge, time, slate, everybody, every one of them, every single event i've been number one in this whole thing with the crazy debating. [ cheers and applause ] and the reason is, i've never done this before. you know, i'm not a politician. all these guys do is talk.
3:30 pm
it's all talk, no action. they debate, talk, nothing gets done. they then go to get campaign contributions. yep, i promise i'll do this, will you give me a contribution? that's what they do. but i am so convinced that our country can be greater than ever before. i am so convinced. that's why i'm doing this. greater than ever before. but this guy, i watched him, and he's standing there, think about this -- >> donald trump is speaking to a crowd in georgia on the eve of super tuesday. we saw him bring out a few nascar drivers, and heard him hit his republican rivals as we have been. we'll keep an eye on this for you. now back to "with all due respect." our next guest knows a thing or two about party politics. to talk about the somewhat chaotic republican race, a former chairman of the rnc,
3:31 pm
haley barber in the washington bureau and christie todd whitman. governors, thank you both for joining us. governor whitman, start with you. is it a problem for the republican party if donald trump is your party's nominee, and if so, why? >> i think it is. because at the end of the day i don't think he can beat hillary clinton. i think he has to put together real coherent plans to say how he's going to do all these things. they're not going to ring true. people are going to see through it. i also think that his temperament, his bullying, his demeaning of people is not going to sit well with the majority of the american people when it comes to the general election. >> governor barber, like mitt romney is saying, calling what donald trump failed to say about the kkk, disqualifying, are these things that happen when people are in rough-and-tumble of a primary, or is this something different? >> there are genuine concerns
3:32 pm
that governor whitman talked about. a fox news poll came out showing hillary clinton beating trump 46-42, i think, four points. most of the polling we've seen, most of the republican candidates, whether kasich, rubio, or even cruz beat hillary clinton. and so that's a concern a lot of people have. they don't want -- or republicans don't want four more years of obama's failed policies. they want a candidate who can win in november. >> but governor barber, with all due respect, who's more electable? that's run of the mill. you've got people saying what he did yesterday, and some of the other positions he's taken are disqualifying. is this a serious problem with the party if donald trump is the nominee? or he may not be the strongest general election candidate? >> i think people are concerned about our country. and they know our country can't stand four more years of the left-wing policies we've seen from the obama administration.
3:33 pm
and that hillary clinton or bernie sanders for that matter would be even further left judged by their campaigns for the democratic nomination. >> governor barbour i'll ask you the question one more time in a straightforward way. is donald trump fit to be the republican nominee? or are some of the things he's said disqualifying him in the last couple of days? >> it's not for me to decide who will be the republican nominee for president. we're going to have millions of voters who are going to cast ballots in our republican primaries. they'll decide. they're going to pick the delegates. somebody's going to win -- somebody may win 137 or more. if they get the nomination, if not, we'll have a contested convention. it's not for me to say. i'm not going to say. i do intend to support the nominee of our party for the reason i already said, we can't stand four more years of what we have had. >> you will be behind mr. trump
3:34 pm
if he's the nominee? >> i intend to support whoever the republican voters choose. and it's up to them, not to me. >> governor whitman, let me ask you that same question. if donald trump is the nominee of the party, will you support him or not? >> no, i won't. i can't. the kind of rhetoric in which he has enganled, the divisiveness that he's encouraging, the belittling of people by their ethnicity is creating a divide in this country that i think is dangerous for the future. while i certainly don't want more four years, a clinton administration, or more years of the obama administration, i would take that over the kind of damage that i think that donald trump could do to this country, to its reputation, to the people of this country. you can't bring people together. you can't get policy, make it happen if you're so divisive. >> to be clear about this, if donald trump is the nominee and hillary clinton is the nominee, you will be supporting hillary clinton? >> i will probably vote for her.
3:35 pm
i won't want to. i could have a write-in. >> you talked about the divisiveness of mr. trump, what you see as the divisiveness. talk about what you think is doing to your party. some say this is an existential crisis for the party. explain what you think it means for the republican party if donald trump is the nominee, beyond losing or winning the election? >> i think the party has shown an ability to rebound from things, and hopefully it will. hopefully it will find its center again. remember our history, and remember who has been the -- who have been the stalwarts of the party. that's why i supported john kasich. john kasich brings the experience from both working on the hill and as governor. he's had executive experience, he's had political experience, he's worked across the aisles, balanced budgets. and everybody's so quick to dismiss him and say the media likes donald trump. but it's not. don't forget tomorrow, i believe
3:36 pm
there's only one state tomorrow that's an actual winner take all. the rest are proportional. there could be enough votes to allow him to continue to go forward, and to ohio. and yes, he does need to win ohio. but i think he will. >> we like you both. we know you like each other. but you're in a different place on mr. trump. could you persuade governor barbour you have the right position on mr. trump? >> it's hard for people who have given as much to the party as haley barbour has to say they'll walk away from it. at the end of the day, i care more about the country than the party and policy than the party. i just cannot bring myself to support someone who i don't think he's still -- i think trump has yet to decry the robocalls that were made, not by his campaign, but by an unaffiliated group supporting him that said at the end of the day, don't vote for a cuban.
3:37 pm
i have trouble with someone who wasn't immediately ready to renounce the kkk. it's just -- or the endorsement of the leader of the kkk. those are things i can't get comfortable with. >> governor barbour, what do you think of that position? >> look, i was chairman of our party when governor whitman was elected governor of new jersey. i was proud she got elected november 1993. i'm proud she got elected today. she's a great governor. she did just what governors are supposed to do. >> what do you think of her position regarding -- >> we need more people like that. john kasich she mentioned. john kasich's been that kind of governor. a very good governor. he was also a great member of the congress. there are some other good candidates. christie and i get along great. but we don't agree on everything. >> but what do you think about the prospect of people following governor whitman's lead and saying they will hold their nose and voted for hillary clinton if it's a trump-clinton general election? would you urge her and others not to do that? >> look, first of all, i don't
3:38 pm
think we should concede that somebody's won the nomination. we've picked about 5% of the delegates. you know, people say the polling says this, the polling says that. polling changes. polling's not right sometime. but look, this thing's got a long way to go. donald trump today certainly has a better chance than anybody else of winning the nomination. but he is a long way from having it won. >> governor whitman, let me ask you whether there's something that the party collectively should be doing to try to stop donald trump. what would you advocate if you believe as strongly as you do that he shouldn't be the republican nominee? what do the collective forces of your party need to do, or can they do to stop that from happening? >> i think what they need to do is point out what governor barbour said. this is a long way from being over. there are still a lot of delegates up for contention. we could have another candidate who would come forward and a really strong team. if you think about it, if you had a kasich-rubio, you put ohio
3:39 pm
and florida in play. those are two very important states if you want to win a general election. that's what we need to keep reminding people. we want to win the election, but govern once the election is won. >> do you think those two guys should team up right now, kasich and rubio now? >> i doubt they'll do it, but i wish they would. >> governors, thank you both for joining us. we appreciate it. all right. coming up, we have two super smart political insiders here to talk about super tuesday. right raf this. hey buddy, you're squashing me! liquid wart remover? could take weeks to treat. embarrassing wart? dr. scholl's freeze away wipes 'em out fast with as few as one treatment. freeze away! dr. scholl's. the #1 selling freeze brand. people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®.
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3:42 pm
one a day vitacraves gummies. joining us now an analyst for hillary clinton, and dan, who is a founder of the foreign policy initiative. and who supports marco rubio. neither of you guys are here as surrogates today. we're here just to talk as friends. >> have a conversation. >> we're going to have a little chat. we'll start talking about republicans -- >> why would you start with republicans? it's so less interesting. >> then we'll talk about the democrats. >> all right. >> christie todd whitman said she would rather vote for hillary clinton than donald trump. would you vote for donald trump in a general election? >> i'm not voting for donald trump, in the primary or general. i'm confident marco rubio will be the nominee. if he's not the nominee, i think
3:43 pm
there will be another republican in the general election, even if they're not the nominee of the party. >> running as an independent. >> correct. >> i'm going to throw out names. i'm focused on rubio. i'm not voting for donald trump. >> answer me this question. i asked this question to governor barbour and governor whitman. is this right now an existential crisis for the republican party? is that what this moment represents? >> look, you have a guy who is leading the polls right now against a fragmented field who just -- look at the things he's said in the last couple of weeks. he said last night that the chinese government's treatment of the citizenry of china is a model of how an american president should deal with the american people. that vladimir putin is a model leader for the united states. a partner for the united states. you could keep going down the list. assad is keeping the region in check. >> what does it say -- >> over half of the tweets that he retweets from his fans are
3:44 pm
from white supremists. >> what does it say about your party, he's the front-runner -- >> no, no. he's not -- he's a front-runner against a fragmented field. a majority of republican voters are in the primary so far still voting against him. so the hope here is as you -- as this field winnows, rubio against trump will truly test whether he's a front-runner. let me make one other point here. up until the last couple of weeks, two things have not been tested in this race. one, how donald trump deals with someone who doesn't just stay above it, in the primary and doesn't just challenge him on substance, but really gets in his grill. that is now being tested. secondly, we are testing whether or not he deals positively, you know, responsibly, constructively with tens of millions of dollars of tv ads raising all sorts of issues. no republican has won the nomination without going through them. >> how would you evaluate how good a job rubio is doing in
3:45 pm
this new mode of stand ju-up coy attack? >> i'm not going to vote for donald trump either. >> a news making headline. >> i think senator rubio, who is, when you look at his person, his record, look at him and his family, they look like the future of what america is going to look like. i don't think he's served himself going after trump the last few days. i understand the strategy. you may have to do those things. the real winner has been mrs. clinton. we were commenting two weeks ago before nevada, great worry about how well she would do there, if she could pull it off. obviously the enormous victory in south carolina appealing to a broad cross-section of democrats. why does she go going forward? >> we'll get to the democrats in the next segment. i just want you to talk about the republicans. >> and so i don't know if dan was responsible for this advice,
3:46 pm
i probably would not have advised him to equate himself that way. i think during the debate, i thought he did a very effective job. i know dan has been helpful during the debate. afterwards, trying to take donald trump on, on stages across the south, the super tuesday states, i don't think has been quite as effective. largely because i think it has really brought about kind of a demise in the way i think regular voters, everyday voters look at presidential politics, particularly republican candidates. it may work for them. as someone not liking to see donald trump as a nominee, seeing mrs. clinton as president, perhaps it works out for them. but i think overall, the republican brand is impacted when the front runner, i thought john's question was right on point, when the republican for the nomination. we'll see new polling here soon. i'm as concerned by that fact as anything else in politics today. >> before the last debate, the
3:47 pm
day before the debate, and the day after the debate, every media personality was saying tonight's the night. if rubio doesn't go after trump tonight, it's over. rubio went after trump pretty aggressively. the next day, they were like, oh, he went after him, sure, but it's too late now. and the criticism is he's too tough on donald. obviously the rubio campaign is adapting and going after trump in a way that was probably not part of the blueprint when they were developing the plan. >> the point is -- >> i'm not going to -- look. i'm not evaluating different jokes. i'm simply saying the following. for the first time someone is getting in trump's grill. getting in his head. >> how do you know he's getting in his head? >> rubio starts reading these tweets about donald trump's spelling last week. and he's frantically deleting these tweets.
3:48 pm
he's moving off the christie endorsement. it's getting in his head. >> that's not the rubio brand. that's not the brand when you litigate these issues. >> for the first time the press is actually -- rubio, you know, open mike the last six months with trump. finally rubio's rallies are getting carried live. finally this ping-pong match is turning into a two-man race which is the only shot. >> bing! go to your corners. we'll be back. >> you threw the first punch. >> you used the word grill in the conversation. i love that. we'll talk about the democratic race. there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. it's a new fiber supplement that helps support regularity and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber, from phillips'. make you feel like an svp doeinstead of a vp? a new desk
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3:51 pm
we're back with the person who many call junior, harold ford jr., former mitt romney
3:52 pm
adviser dan sr. let's talk about the democrats. harold, you talk about secretary clinton's fortunes turning dramatically. what can she do now to take advantage of what the chaos in the republican party? >> i think stay on her message. i thought her speech in south carolina was one of the better ones she's given during the campaign. it sounds as if the coherence and cohesiveness are finding a way back to the campaign. you get a little thrown offstride at times. this campaign -- they were thrown off. they adhered to a message and adhered to an approach. the quest now has to focus on, what is it you're going to do as president for america. when she talked about making america whole again, that's part of the message. the chaos on the republican will benefit, unite the sanders forces, it's -- mr. sanders has
3:53 pm
every right to stay in the race. i'm for hillary clinton. as the path narrows for sanders even more so, i think the chaos on the republican side united democrats even more for the fall. >> this is months ago, you would have to run a perfect race to beat hillary clinton. then i heard republicans say, she's easy to beat. how tough does she look to beat right now? >> she's tough. look, obviously what trump said, just the pure principle of it is horrifying. still won't truly disavow the kkk, all right? he won't disavow david duke, or didn't yesterday. you're asked three times -- you hear the words ku klux klan in your ifb. your immediate reaction should be bad. >> it shouldn't be, fine, if you want me to repudiate, i'll repudiate. >> in terms of the electoral politics of it, what donald trump as nominee would do is
3:54 pm
basically guarantee that hillary clinton can reassemble the obama coalition in really big numbers. in fact, probably in better numbers. mitt romney got 27% of the latino vote. what do we think trump will get? 20%? 15% if you're conservative about it in his favor? that wipes out a whole slew of states which romney won. >> there are people in brooklyn right now who say, i'd rather run against marco rubio than run against donald trump. marco rubio is a predictable candidate. donald trump's totally unpredictable. he could drive a lot of white turnout in the midwest. michigan, illinois, ohio, pennsylvania. what do you think about that? about the notion that donald trump might be more dangerous? >> i'm going to leave it to the strategists to figure it out. i think the fundamental challenge for mrs. clinton will be, in terms of her speech, in terms of getting her campaign on a path, on a stride that regardless of who the nominee is
3:55 pm
on the republican side, the nominee is going to be tough. this country is a divided country. fighting over 6%, 7% of the voters in the middle. the electoral college shows she had a bigger win than not. when you look at the popular vote, the country remains divided. can trump bring voters into the fold that weren't in the fold before? maybe so. but is that big enough to offset the -- >> to follow up. mitt romney is 4 million votes behind obama. 4 million votes in the hole. at a time we need to expand our share of the electorate. so tell me which states are actually going to flip as a result of the numbers being that big that we make up a 4 million vote hole, and add even more above that? >> ohio and florida. >> i want to ask you one last question. 30 seconds here. what does she need to do? one thing that she needs to do to excite voters the way bernie
3:56 pm
sanders has? >> an economic message that talks about better paying jobs, owning a bigger home, able to support your family. she's got to get to that. she's working towards that now. >> thank you, harold, and dan. we'll be right back. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade
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3:59 pm
super tuesday eve is over. who won it? >> no one. it's the first time i've ever said that. this is a horrible day for american politics. a million reasons. >> hillary clinton won the day. continues to look strong, powerful. she's going into bernie sanders territory to shut him down
4:00 pm
tomorrow. why ted cruz won't quit on wednesday, even if he does poorly. >> thanks for watching. sayonara. >> coming up, "hardball" with chris matthews. party crashing. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews down in houston, texas. the harris county smokehouse on the eve of the most important day so far in the presidential race. super tuesday. here's the question. is the republican party coming apart? this week it appeared to erupt on all fronts. senator marco rubio mocked on donald trump's face and spray tan. donald trump made fun of rubio's sweatiness and big ears. senator ted cruz alleged ties between donald trump and the


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