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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 3, 2016 6:00am-2:01pm PST

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beach bar and grill in on favorite to be the next one. pensacola, florida. it is 1:00 here in the florida just about two and a half hours from now the 2012 republican panhandle. 2:00 p.m. on the east coast. the march madness of politics candidate for president, mitt romney, is set to give what is and stop trump train picks up speed as the most recent being billed as a major speech presidential nominee had in salt lake city, utah, where scathing words about the current gop front-runner. he will try to hammer donald trump's campaign for president. according to a transcript >> donald trump is a phony. obtained by nbc news romney will a fraud. his promises are as worthless as say, quote, here is what i know, a degree from trump university. donald trump is a phoney, a fraud, his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he's playing the american public >> so there was mitt romney for suckers. earlier today on left side of your screen. on the right side of your screen he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy we are awaiting donald trump. hat. obviously the idea is to try to any minute now, response from keep more americans from getting the gop front-runner. this campaign rally is taking on the trump bandwagon which place in portland, maine. seems to be growing in the wake this morning he went on the of his seven wins on super tuesday. "today" show and didn't hold back against the former here is how donald trump massachusetts governor and his responded this morning. remarks. >> caller: mitt romney is a >> and really failed last stiff. mitt com romney will not get
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elected. he failed twice and really failed last time. time -- >> well, we will have donald he was going against a president trump's interview on "morning that should have been beaten. joe" in just a few minutes. we're also keeping an eye on the president was not doing well and he should have been beaten. tonight's republican debate. the buildup for that out in that should have been an easy detroit. this will be the first debate election. since super tuesday. this will be the first one >> the establishment try their best to topple trump. without ben carson who may be about to suspend his campaign as facing off in yet another debate early as tomorrow and who says tonight in detroit. he will not be present on that donald trump, ted cruz and marco stage tonight. and if carson does leave the rubio and john kasich will meet race that would leave a small in the great lake state for the but still potentially first debate since super significant chunk of voters up tuesday. miss from that stage tonight, for grabs. ben carson, who hasn't ended his >> if you've been supporting ben campaign but says he does not see a political path forward. he will not be on that stage. carson or john kasich or marco democrats, another bomb shell in rubio, all good honorable men, the investigation of hillary we welcome you on our team. clinton's e-mail servers just two days after her super tuesday victories. >> i think the question today to reporters are following the ask is donald trump is the front campaigns as republican candidates prep for the debate runner and there are more delegates against him than for this evening and as secretary him, he is the weakest front clinton and senator sanders duke it out for the next battle runner in the history of the republican party. >> if you've been supporting ground states. but we want to start with the
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donald trump, we really welcome blistering critique of donald you on our team. trump. >> usually when you are the 2012 republican nominee mitt front runner everyone is saying, romney and again donald trump is speaking coming up shortly in please, everyone, get out of the race so we can unify around the portland, maine. we will bring it to you. front runner. but about romney, he didn't hold what people are saying now is, please, everyone, get together back, laying out this point by point case laying out why donald so we can keep this front runner from winning and destroying the trump shouldn't be the republican party. >> no shortage of headlines this morning to back up what rubio is republican presidential nominee. >> he is playing people for saying at the end there. as we speak millions of dollars suckers. he gets a free ride no the white house and all we get is ales lo are being spent on what amounts to an anyone but trump campaign. the question of course, though, hat. is it too little, too late? his domestic policies would lead it recession. his foreign policies would make joining me now nbc's peter america less safe. alexander from salt lake city, he has neither the temperament that's where mitt romney will be for the judgment to be president. speaking shortly. hallie jackson is in detroit, >> so moments after that speech, senator john mccain, party's that's the site of tonight's debate. peter, to you first. so mitt romney weighing in after 15 states have voted apparently not going to endorse anybody 2008 nominee for president today, but going to try to put announced t the brakes on this trump train. adenounced the gop front run can he? arer saying quote i want the republican voters to pay close attention to what our party's >> reporter: steve, that's most respected and knowledgeable exactly right. leaders and national experts are we can tell you that romney aids saying about mr. trump and think tell us that the governor,
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long and hard about who they former governor of want to be our next massachusetts, will not endorse any of his -- the other candidates in the field tonight. commander-in-chief and leader of the free world. peter alexander has the latest he also will not announce his for us from salt lake city. own new run for the presidency. as you noted well he will peter? >> reporter: hey, thomas. good afternoon to you. eviscerate both hillary clinton this was a stunning scene. and donald trump. here are more of those excerpts any like any in mystery and we got early this morning. especially modern history. here are among the things he you nominee from 4 years ago, will say today. trump's domestic policies would attacking the person in the best lead to recession, his foreign position to become the party policies would make america and the world less safe. nominee this go-around. he has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president in 18 minutes, i think he had and his personal qualities would what you could describe as point by point indictment of donald mean that america would kaes to be a shining city on a hill. trump on his business record, domestic policies, foreign it's important as we look at policies and personal qualities, this today and as traditional and establishment republicans referring to trump as a ma month try to understand how donald trump got to this place to consider the fact that it was almost exactly four years ago that mitt romney stood before sa sa saj any of the, saying he reporters and cameras and was dangerous, dumb and accepted the endorsement of dishonest. a remarkable afternoon here in donald trump, an endorsement salt lake city. that trump says he had begged take a listen. >> let me put it very plainly, for to use the words of a trump tweet earlier on this day. if we republicans choose donald and this came only weeks and trump as our nominee, the
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months after trump had sort of prospect for a safe and prosperous future are greatly initiated his birther crew side diminished. >> there was topic that romney against barack obama. did not address that donald so the entering of the tent, the trump attacked him for for in opening of the door may have effect begging trump in trump's been done by mitt romney himself. here is part of that endorsement words for his endorsement four years ago when romney was four years ago. running for president. >> mitt is tough, he's smart, romney did not address that fact he's sharp. today. people who i have spoken for he's not going to allow bad close to romney tell me that things to continue to happen to this speech came from the heart. that it was not guided by this country that we all love. anybody else. just by conversations he's had so, governor romney, go out and with many people across the get them. republican field over the course you can do it. >> thank you. of the last several days, weeks thank you. thank you. and months. >> it means a great deal to me and one question others are to have the endorsement of mr. requesting right now is will trump and people across this governor romney enter this race? country who care about the when he left the room after shaking hands with so many supporters here, i ran up to the future of america. >> reporter: just to punk wait railing and yelled at him a this point you should remember couple times, would you consider that in 2012 at the republican running? will you run? he ignored the question. convention donald trump was as he exited the room. supposed to play a role in the first night of that convention, turns out that didn't happen. thomas? >> peter, thanks so much. there was no first night because i want to just point out to of a hurricane that was coming everybody that on the right-hand through florida on that day. side of your screen is the nonetheless, mitt romney is going to be in an interesting governor of maine, who privately
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position today as he tries to in complained to colleagues about effect repudiate the complimentary words he once said about donald trump and another question that people are asking donald trump running away with today, steve, is given that this the gop nomination before is an anti-establishment sort of recently coming out and not campaign season, is what romney says is the sort of symbol of the republican establishment going to do anything that would dorsidor potentially hurt donald trump? endorsing him. >> thags a great question, peter tsh -- coming out and endorsing him. katie, how does this frame the expectations for tonight's debate? alexander and some people would >> i think it underscores a fiery debate we will see say maybe it will even end up helping donald trump, that seems tonight. what you have on stage is now to be the kind of campaign we john kasich, ted cruz, marco ever' been watching. rubio and donald trump. peter alexander in salt lake kasich has said repeatedly that city. thank you. will take the high ground. >> now to hallie jackson in ted cruz also sort of wants it detroit. if romney is going to get his take the high ground but marco wish and stop the trump train rubio's team said they will good after donald trump and if trump it's going to have to happen in the next two weeks and that will gets personal, they're going to start this saturday with get perm. it is an attack on the contests in four states, kansas, front-runner right now to make kentucky, maine and louisiana. sure he does not get the amount and in a potentially bad sign of delegates needed to secure for the stop trump forces there the nomination. is a new poll this morning from so far he is leading in the delegate race but he is not louisiana that puts donald trump leading by as much as he was 20 points ahead of ted cruz there. 41 to 21%. before super tuesday. ted cruz taking up a lot of rubio lagging in third place.
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delegates after texas. next tuesday it's on to so the race is actually a much mississippi and michigan and in closer than it may appear at michigan another new poll out today has trump leading by 10 first glance. also i want to point out that points there. and then a week after that that governor la page on stage, getting the krout warm for will be march 15th, march 15th donald trump, also endorsed which looms as judgment day for chris christie before chris the gop. christie dropped out of the must win contests for rubio in race. chris christie today taking a florida, for kasich in ohio and lot of heat from new jersey three other big contests that reporters at a press conference about why he has essentially day in north carolina, illinois and missouri. been mia from his state the past if he can run the table that few months since he started running for president. day, donald trump really will be six papers in new jersey actually calling on him to unstoppable. and now let's turn to hallie resign. jackson who is live in detroit, christie defended himself and michigan, the site of tonight's defended his endorsement of donald trump. take a listen. debate. the last debate ted cruz and >> as a republican, i feel especially marco rubio trained strongly about making sure that their fire on donald trump. hillary clinton does not become i guess we can expect the same president of the united states. thing right now that their main goal is to stop him from and i believe donald trump is the best person of those reaching that magic delegate remaining to do that. number. >> reporter: you talked about, i obviously thought i was steve, i think you laid it out better. the voters disagreed. really well there. time is running out. there's 12 days left now before and so you know, i've made a march 15th. you talked about some of these other contests that are choice. some people agree with that happening, including the one here in michigan. choice. some people disagree with that those are important but the real choice. that's what political choices
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are all about. sort of drop dead day is going to be in less than two weeks >> so far donald trump has not now. so tonight's debate you will see responded directly it mitt marco rubio continue to do what romney. he talked about it this morning on the "today" show and morning frankly worked for him last time which was hit donald trump hard. joe as we played. ted cruz also doing that. media manager dan scavino john kasich will stick with his strategy of talking about his tweeting that mitt romney is a executive experience, trying to loser and this is the stay above the fray. establishment acting desperate. interestingly this is the i'm not entirely sure we will smallest republican debate that we have had yet, just four see trump himself hit romney on people on stage. think about where we were six stage. in the past when someone laid down the gauntlet before him, he months ago when we had a stage packed with people, undercards, refused to take the bait. main debates. this one will be much more -- i keep your eye out for that. don't want to say intimate we will see what happens today. should be interesting, because that's not the right word but this idea that you are regardless. thomas? going to hear from the >> katie, thanks so much. candidates much more than you stick around for me. have in the past with ben carson as i was just told, governor la not on the stage tonight. you talk about donald trump, it's not just his rivals trying bathe brought up mitt romney. to hit him but the establishment the crowd booed that. now as well as peter talked and chris christie giving that about a bit and you are seeing donors, nbc news reporting out, speech about an hour ago. scrambling to try to stop trump. new jersey star ledger asked this movement, this idea that chris christie if he would they're pulling their cash to re-sign if he became donald try to bring them down or at trump's vp pick. least slow him down in the next christie said next question. 12 days. part of that the club for growth now to bring into our
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coming out with $1.5 million conversation, tim miller, former worth of advertising on digital and tv, especially in the state communications director from jeb of florida which we're going to bush, now senior adviser for talk about as soon as i play a little clip of one of their ads donald trump pac, our for you. principles. excuse me if i have to interrupt listen. >> but who has trump ever actually taken on? us when donald trump comes out to speak. he hides behind bankruptcy laws dr. mitt romney's dubuque of to duck paying his bills and donald trump do the momentum or give the opposite and feed into kill american jobs. he even tried to kick an elderly the narrative that trump is widow out of her home through winning on it? >> it helps because mitt romney eminent domain. real tough guy. is breeding moral clarity about >> reporter: so a couple of the need to stop donald trump points here, steve. that is needed in this race. the question is will these kinds of attacks resonate with voters, he is refocussing attention. you guys are talking about the they haven't yet coming from republican candidates substance of his criticisms, the fact that trump has a lot of necessarily, so will when people see it on tv, when they see it failed businesses that left online will they connect with that and will they start to regular people holding the bag potentially shift their support while he enriched himself. away interest trump? that's the question that the establishment that is working the fact that his foreign policy is completely wrong. against trump is asking. he sucked up to putin while the other part of this is the importance of florida. saying george w. bush should be obviously ohio, john kasich's home state, but in florida if marco rubio can get above 50% he impea will take all the delegates will impeached. said we should do nothing about isis. and one thing he is a leader on there 99 delegates which is why is pressuring donald trump to you're seeing these ads targeted release tax returns.
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in florida trying to keep donald mitt romney has a unique perspective on that, and this is trump below 50 so rubio the thing, donald trump is not potentially can take all those delegates and rob them from releasing tax returns because trump. our nbc count, steve, only has his tax rate was nothing. him 23 delegates ahead of ted because he gives nothing to charity. cruz. >> hallie jackson in detroit. and because there's more evidence thereof his career of what a showdown that's going to outsourcing. be tonight, that republican so he is not going to do it. debate. thank you for that. donald trump is not holding back and i'm glad that mitt romney is putting pressure on him, on the when it comes to mitt romney or issues, because this is a long race. the republican establishment. >> tim, let me ask you, though, insisting that he is not getting i know have you still had the respect he deserves and once communication with governor jeb again floating the possibility of an independent run for the bush. donald trump is being introduced. i want to get to this question, white house. do you know if the governor will here is some of what trump had to say this morning on "morning come out to speak about his momentum or willingness to stop joe." >> what is your reaction to mitt donald trump and endorse a different candidate? is jeb bush going to speak out? romney's attack against you? >> i'll let jeb speak for himself but i will tell you >> well, first of all, he is a this, throughout the campaign, man who as you know begged me -- jeb bush unlike chris christie i mean, and i mean, begged me sucked up to donald trump. jeb bush was the one guy who for my endorsement four years offered clarity and said that you can't insult the disabled. ago. okay. so that's fine. he failed at his campaign, it can't insult hispanics. was a horribly run campaign. and that's where jeb stands. republicans didn't even go out >> tim, thanks so much. to vote. he was a disaster the last stand by as we go to the press month, month and a half, he wasn't on television, it was conference that is happening
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almost like he was lost. right now. he ran one of the worst donald trump talking to crowds there at a rally and most likely campaigns as you know in going to talk about mitt romney. presidential history. that was an election that should >> you need tough people and have been won by the he's a tough cookie. republicans. he was a catastrophe. when we got his endorsement, we i watched this happen and i were thrilled, i will tell you that. wasn't happy about it and sea great guy. neither was anybody else. we backed him and i helped him and i raised money for him and i did everything, but he didn't do you know, i was doing a little the job, he didn't have the thing called the debate. capability to do the job and he certainly hasn't gotten any better. as far as other things are concerned, we are -- you probably see what's happening. i mean, the biggest story in all of politics isn't so much what's going on with mitt romney, it's the fact that the republicans are gaining millions and millions of people because of get them out, please. get them out. me. millions of people are joining the gop and they're leaving the what are they doing, right? what's the purpose? democrats and they're leaving independents and they're joining it gets a little television the gop. time, i guess. >> let me ask you about that because it's one of the most you know, i was going to the stunning numbers that we saw election night, i think chuck debate. and i was going directly in from todd talked about it yesterday florida, down if florida we are morning on the show. campaigning, doing well in that it's almost a complete florida. we are campaigning against a guy reverse of what happened with that has the worst voting record
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barack obama in 2008. >> right. in the history of the state of >> where record numbers of democrats were going out to the polls. >> right. >> actually it was an 8 million florida, named rubio. i call him lightweight. to 5 million spread on super he's a lightweight. tuesday in '08 for the got the worsed record in the democrats. that spin and we're showing the history of florida. i should do well there. chart on tv completely reversed let's hope i do well there. around and this year it's now i love florida. the republicans that are up to 8 ways going to detroit aeb i said to my people, i have to stop in million people. what is the difference? maine. i just had to stop in maine. what do you think you are doing? what do you think you are saying that are bringing out these new voters? >> well, joe, first of all, it's an even bigger number and obama so i wouldn't say it is a very did a great job then and this is direct route, would you say? an even bigger number. the number of people going into i went this way and this way. and i'm so glad. the republican party is an even bigger number as the number that and to put this incredible sold went in in the past, went in for out crowd, and you have obama into the democrats. thousands of people outside, to put this crowd together in a so this is a huge story and it's period of what, 24 hours, and really the big story. now, they focus on romney who maine is amazing. is, you know, just trying to stay relevant, but the biggest maine is one of the most beautiful places on earth. story out there by the people and people don't realize how that really understand it is the large your land mass is. fact that the republican party i was talking to paul. is gaining millions and millions
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as large as all of new england of people, and you saw that with when you think of it. south carolina, you saw that that's some piece of land. with nevada. i went to nevada, the polling can i buy some, please? can i buy some? booths, and i tell you what you can i buy some? couldn't even get within -- you so you know, i've been watching couldn't get within 200 yards of the polling areas. with great interest as we get to, you know, good down the the places were packed. and the people working there line. said, mr. trump, i have never we've had some amazing results seen anything like this and i've and right nearby with new hampshire, it was an amazing been at these booths for years incredible thing. and i have never seen anything and by the way, every single time i went to new hampshire, like what's happening with the republican party. millions of people have joined. whenever i met with people, they what they want to do is the would always say number one establishment, they want to problem, number one problem, heroin. throw that right out the window. if i get out all those people are going, they are all going number one problem. with me, joe. and i would say, how's that look, china and all of these -- possible? you look at these beautiful >> so if -- fields and the beautiful little roads and everything is so >> what's happening -- joe, beautiful. we're losing our jobs -- and it was the number one problem. and it comes from our southern >> let me ask you this. >> go ahead. border. and we're going to close up that >> you suggested that if you got out all of these people were border and build a wall and stop the drugs from coming in. going with you. believe me. so you still are willing to run as an independent if the republican party doesn't play and people are going to come in fair by your rules? our country, but come in >> well, look, do i want to? legally. we will solve the problem.
6:14 am
no. i'm leading by a lot in the i watch the pundits. when i first started, my wife, melania, and i came down the republicans, but they're spending now $100 million on escalator. it was an amazing thing. negative phoney ads on trump i said, we have to do something. we have people that don't know university, which, by the way, what they're doing. has a 98% approval rating by the they don't know what they're doing in running our country. i got some of that today. students that took the course. just in hearing some of these 98%. that's why i won't settle the things. but they don't know what they're case. it would be very easy for me to doing. we have to do it. and it takes guts to run for settle the case, i could settle president. i'm not a politician. that case so easy, joe, but i don't want to settle it and i'm an politician. all talk, no action, nothing probably i should but i don't gets done. want to. because i give them a great and anyway, coming down, and i sound bite, that's probably why i should. said to myself, you know, i will win that case so easily. and i don't settle cases. do you know what happens, when there's so many things, and then you start settling lawsuits i watched the pundits, and they everybody sues you. said, oh, trump, i don't know. i don't get sued too often because i don't settle cases i we have some great talent win cases in court. running. >> what about the independent and i'm trying to figure out, where? bid, though? are you still keeping that option open if the republican where? what twhat the talent? party keeps attacking you? what's the talent? >> so i signed a letter with the but you come down and start talking about trade. you see what happened with rnc and i said, you know, i want trade. trade has been such a disaster. to do this as a republican, the but the pundits all said, i came pledge as they call it, but i'm out at 3%. not being treated the right way. first one. my wife said, you know if you i am not being treated properly. run you're going to win.
6:15 am
i've brought in millions and but you have to run. you can't say you will run millions of people to the because they won't poll it. republican party and they're even if they do, people still going to throw those people say you won't run. away. but if you run, you're going to and i will be honest, joe, whether i ran as an independent win. i said oh. or not, those people will never she's my polster. go out and vote. she's my polster. they didn't -- i paid her less money. >> donald -- so you know what happened? >> mika, they didn't vote for i started at 3. romney last night. first day or something. they didn't even exist because at 3. which i wasn't exactly thrilled about. they were democrats and independents, but they didn't vote for romney. the republicans didn't vote for romney last night into talk then up to 6, 12, 18. about a big tent. so, donald, you don't mince kept going up p. every time i went up, the words and a lot of voters -- a pundits would say, he plateaued. lot of trump supporters say they like that about you, so you just well he is always going to get called mitt romney a catastrophe 6. that's a 6 solid group. then i went up to 12. and a disaster. those are the two words i caught well you know, that's a solid of many. group. you've called ted cruz a liar then up to 24. and a bad guy. and don't forget, that's 17 marco a lightweight. people. we had 17 people. how would you characterize to that's a lot. 24 with 17 people is pretty put this to rest how would you good. so we went up to 24. characterize in more words than one david duke? >> david duke is a bad person who i disavowed on numerous they said, that's max. occasions over the years and the one question that was asked of then 32.
6:16 am
me i guess on cnn, he is having cnn just came out with the poll, a great time, he talked about trump, 49. that's high. that's high. groups of people and i don't and you know, i'm very proud of like to disavow groups if i it. this is not a plateau. don't know who they are. this is a movement. we have a movement going on, you could have federation of folks. jewish flan throw piece in groups, i don't know who the groups are, he's talking about "time" magazine did a story recently, couple of weeks ago, disavow groups and that's what i talking about what is going on. was referring to. but i disavowed him, i disavowed and they've never seen anything like it. him, i disavowed the kkk, i just they say, actually, and i don't did "the today show" and it was the same thing. think i'm exaggerating this at i said how many times do i have to disavow? all, and i don't want to do you want me to do it again exaggerate. many of the great writers, and for the 12th time? >> i wanted it on the record on there are a few, because the this show. >> okay. mika, just to put it clear, i media is some of the dishonest disavowed him in the past and i people i've ever dealt with. disavow him now. but they said in the history of and it was very clear that i this country, there's never been anything like this, what's disavow disavowed, but the press doesn't want to go with it, they just happening. in huntsville, alabama the other love the story. by the way, if you look at my day, 35,000 people. 35,000 people. twitter which took place just about the same time as that we went to arkansas, which you show, you will see i disavowed saw we won -- is that another right there, too. one? >> there are many people all right, get him out. get him out. predicting that you are going to win the nomination, i think personally you probably are going to wrap it up for the most part after you win in florida on march 15th.
6:17 am
let's say you wrap it up for the they just don't stop. all right, get him out. part on march 15th, what do you thank you. bye-bye. terrible. do to bring the republican party incredible. together? >> here is the problem, i have not been recognized for having now you know, you can be nice. done something that nobody has but if you're nice they will say, oh, so soft. ever done before. we have a party that's stagnant then you can be vicious, get out and dying, we have a party of here. then they say you were too harsh that's -- all you have to do is p. so i developed a nice, all right, please get tlem out. ask mitt romney, nobody -- he -- millions of republicans, i'm not talking about independents and democrats, which i'm getting, i'm getting independents -- it's incredible. i love you, too. millions of republicans didn't i love you, too. i love you, too. show up last time to vote. >> i understand that, donald, and they understand that. and by wait, you know, i'm >> here is the problem, joe -- self-funding my campaign. >> when the war is over and you putting up all my money. have won the war -- >> i am watching television -- but you have to do, i don't want >> hold on. hold on. >> ad after ad after ad put in by the establishment knocking the hell out of me. your money, i just want your >> i understand. vote. >> it's really unfair. don't forget, i did that big i want to tell you something. long turn, slightly long. but if i leave, figure, regardless of independent by i big turn. so you can get out to vote. may do, i mean, may, may not, okay? that's the least. but figure i will tell you these millions of people that joined, they polled them, they are all
6:18 am
coming with me. they're going to leave the party. thank you. thank you very much. >> donald, you're missing the so our country and theme is make point. this is what happens in politics, people try to kill you and then they come together at the end. >> yeah, i know that. america great again. i have no problem with that, over the last little while, i've joe. metsome people, thousands and >> are you capable of after you thousands and thousands of beat them going to them humbly people. like this. we are only confined by the size and say, okay, i need your help, of the room. this is packed, but it's the let's bring this party together size of the room. thousands and thousands of and just forget about that? great, great americans. >> well, i have no problem with that. actually, at mar-a-lago when i i have more confidence in this made the sfeech the other night, i guess you would call it a country now than ever before. i've seen millions of people, victory speech because i won by really. when you get 35,000, 40,000 far more than anybody else, after i did that everybody was people for rallies, and we have saying they really liked that by far the biggest rallies. tone. i said i am a union fire. and bernie is second. i actually am a union fire, he's second. but a distant second. believe it or not, a lot of people find that hard to but he is second. i have to give him credit for believe, but i will bring people together, i've always brought that. but we have by far the biggest. people together, i've always gotten along with people. and by far the most people. you would understand that, mika and this country has would understand that. i get along with people. unbelievable people that love our country. just remember that. now, i'm being hit from 19 [ applause ] different angles right now so you have to fight, but ultimately i get along with >> i want to see the day in the people. so if the time comes and when
6:19 am
and if, who knows what's going not too distant future when apple makes their phones in this to happen, but i will be able to get along and we will have a country and not in china and all these other places. much bigger party, we will have a much more inclusive party. you know, the people that are joining are people from i heard and i saw just a little bit of it, but i heard that mitt everywhere. it's an amazing and beautiful romney made a fairly long thing, but they're joining for me, joe, they're not joining for speech. [ crowd booing ] marco rubio and they're not and honestly, i'll just address joining for other people, they're joining for me. it quickly. because it's irrelevant. and that was donald trump on look, mitt is a failed candidate. he failed. "morning joe" this morning. we're going to have more of that interview coming up later, but right now i want to bring in he failed horribly. msnbc political analyst ben ginsburg, he served as counsel for mitt romney's presidential he failed badly. campaigns in 2008 and 2012, he that was a race, i have to say, is a former general counsel for folks, that should have been won. that was a race that absolutely the republican national committee and currently a should have been won. partner at jones day and is and i don't know what happened to him. he disappeared. probably the best guest in the country to talk about the he disappeared. situation that now faces his and i wasn't happy about it, party. ben, thanks for taking a few i'll be honest. because i'm an fan of barack minutes. >> thank you. >> you know mitt romney really obama. and that was a race that i backed mitt romney. well, he's giving this speech a i backed him. you can see how loyal he is. couple hours from now trying to he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said, mitt, dropped
6:20 am
slow down this trump express, but let me ask you the question to your knees. donald trump is et something he would have dropped to his himself up as the voice of the knees. he was begging. anti-establishment side of the true. true. republican party. does the fact of somebody like he was begging me. mitt romney who in many ways embodies the republican establishment as the former he said oh, he's the great nominee, does him coming out so businessman and all that stuff. strongly against trump almost since then, i've done much reinforce trump's position in this race? better. we will talk about that in a >> well, it might. second. i mean, what you've seen is a but mitt was thinking about running again. he ran a horrible campaign. microcosm of the split that's it was a campaign that never been playing out for the past should have been lost. week or so since the results you're running against a failed started coming in. president. he came up with the 47%. and what mitt romney is going to he demeaned 47% of the people in do is articulate the position of our country, right? people who don't like donald the famous 47%. trump with, i think, direct aim at michigan, his home state, once that was said, i'll be that votes next tuesday, ohio, honest, once that was said, a lot of people thought it was over for him. florida where he had some then the last month and half, he success in the republican disappeared. and i called his people. primary, some great success in i said, you have to do yourself the republican primaries. and there is a direct group of a favor. obama, say what you want, he was on jay leno, david letterman, voters who he is trying to point all over the place, the last out that they should go out and three, four weeks. mitt was looking for zoning for not support donald trump.
6:21 am
a nine-car garage or something on the other hand, donald trump is giving a very articulate in california. right? answer about how he's expanding i said, who cares about a the party. garage. you're running for president. mitt was a disaster as a so as was just pointed out, this candidate. so what happened, and it was very strong and i think if the is what people do at this stage press goes back they'll see it, in a campaign. it is also important to remember when i heard he was running that donald trump is not quite again. i wasn't sure i would be getting 50% of the delegates so running. but i was very, very strong to far and what this is about is mitt and to everybody. going into the cleveland publicly, not to talk to him. convention with more than 50% of the delegates. i didn't want to talk to him. >> yeah. let me ask you more on that he was so disappointed in him. point. there was a head line in the he let us down. it is one thing you lose and you "washington post" this morning, work and work and go, he let us down. i think james hole man who writes the daily 202 he said the he should have won. something happened. he went away. republican party in his view is he was gone. he was horrible in the third working through the five stages of grief with donald trump right now. debate. a horrible -- something do you agree with that assessment or do you think, happened. i don't know what happened. look, there really is a shot maybe some day they will write a here for republicans to deny book. his campaign guy was terrible. donald trump that first ballot majority? >> well, as a mathematical terrible. he had a terrible campaign matter there is still a shot. he's not winning over 50% of the manager. he is always on television, stewart stevens or something, delegates, he got less than 45% always on television knocking people. of the delegates on super he ran the worst campaign in the history of modern politics.
6:22 am
tuesday. so people who are trying to and mitt ran probably the worst derail donald trump are looking run that people have seen. most people thought that the at that math and seeing what has republican candidate would win. to be done before march 15th. so when mitt started raising his after march 15th if donald trump head a few months ago, i was still in the position that he is very strong. i said, mitt romney should not then he's going to be the nomin run. he's a choke artist. nominee. >> what about also there is an and i said it very strongly. article in the "new york times" this morning and bill crystal among others is quoted in this i wanted to keep him in. article looking at the idea if trump is the republican nominee then jeb bush convinced mitt not conservatives, republicans, who to run. can you imagine? will not support him in the fall and who would look to a third jeb, jeb sold him. option. this is the quote from bill jeb, he's a good salesman. crystal here of a third party ticket he said that ticket would now that he's out, i'll say, simply be a one-time emergency adjustment to the unfortunate he's a good salesman. circumstance of a trump but mitt was afraid of jeb. because he was afraid that jeb nomination. is that something we can expect would get the money and jeb if donald trump is the nominee, a sizable number of republicans would get the whatever. i wasn't afraid. i wasn't afraid of jeb, i can organizing some kind of tell you that. third-party effort? >> well, look, i think what's so what happened is jeb bush clear is the people are thinking convinced mitt not to run. about it now. mitt was going to run. i think that these things have a a third attempt. second one being one of the history of perhaps being white greatest catastrophes. hot at this stage of the process
6:23 am
first one didn't happen, so and you're not quite sure that that's okay. that heat maintains itself into he went to see jeb and jeb had him convinced that he will run. may and june. he's got the money. especially if it's true that the and mitt chickened out. front runner is expanding the but i'll tell you the real base of the party and is not doing it by making racially reason he chickened out, it wasn't jeb. it was me. i know this from people close to inflammatory comments to get there. >> and are you picking up on any him. i think he probably still has a kind of communication, maybe, desire maybe at the convention that we're not seeing publicly to get some kind after thing. right now, though, between hillary clinton will destroy him trump, between the people around in the election. assuming she is allowed to run, trump? i think a lot of people are still trying to figure out who assuming she is not arrested for the people around trump are. the e-mail situation -- which is is communication starting to take place between the, quote/unquote, republican so terrible. establishment and donald trump and his inner circle? which is so terrible. >> i'm not sure that those so terrible. but let's assume that democrats conversations have started yet. are going to protect her, let's i think there is probably outreach on both sides. i think there is going to be a assume that i will be running against hillary. lot of sort of stomping on the and i really want to. i would love to run against hillary. ground and snorting of breath through march 15th. i mean, again, those are going and by the way, we have numerous to be the really crucial primary polls that show me beating her contests. you're going to see the shape of easily. and i haven't even started on the race on march 16th and from her yet, other than four weeks
6:24 am
ago. she called me sexist and i hit there i think people will kind her with the husband. and that was the last time i of figure out if there's going ever heard the word sexist. to be outreach or not. >> ben ginsburg, thanks for this time this morning. they add rough weekend. bernie sanders, meanwhile, is holding a news conference as that was a rough weekend. bill was not happy. we speak. he is in michigan, michigan site i guarantee you he said, don't of a march 8th primary. you ever say that to him again. let's take a listen. say it to somebody else. >> it is not only a poisoned but not to trump. water system it is the that was a rough, rough weekend they had. understanding that trade policies have devastated that community as well. but mitt was going to run, as since 2001 in this country we sure as you're standing here. but he was going to run, and i have lost almost 60,000 was very, very angry that he was going to run. factories, millions of good i didn't even know i was going to be doing this. but i felt i wanted to. paying jobs. nbc came to me. almost all of that is attributable to disastrous trade wanted to extend the apprentice for two seasons. 28 episodes. policies. kim made another point that steve burke of comcast, great needs to also be mentioned, not guy, came up to my office with the people at nbc. discussed often. what she talked about is the please, donald, we with like to you run -- not run, run in the company during negotiations wanted to significantly cut apprentice, do the apprentice. ratings after 14 seasons were wages. where is kim? still fantastic. still great. >> right here. >> is that right? made you an offer, what, cut by and i said, steve, i think i'm
6:25 am
50%? going to run for president. >> just about. >> all right. no, no, no, you're not, you're now, how does that happen and not. no, i think i'm going it run for what is that about? that's called the race to the president. but they didn't want me to. bottom. and what companies are saying to because the show does great. workers all over this country if ultimately i decided to run. you do not take major reductions in your wages and your benefits, you're not allowed by law to do if you want your job to stay in both. we chose arnold schwarzenegger. the united states, you're going how will arnold do, by wait? to have to take those cuts or else we are going to move to who would be better arnold or china and that is one of the trump? ready? reasons why in manufacturing and arnold? trump? many other areas wages and [ cheers and applause ] . we will find out if arnold is benefits have gone down. quick. if he's not quick, he won't look >> all right. bernie sanders in lansing, michigan, an event there ahead of the march 8th michigan good. primary, biggest contest on the when you ha when you have amarosa an others board before those big march 15th states. coming at you, you have to be let's go to nbc's luke russert, he is at that news conference. luke, obviously bernie sanders quick. but i hope arounold does well. he gets the four wins on super they actually renewed the show tuesday, a year ago if you had with me in the upfronts. i said i can't. said bernie sanders was going to win four states on super tuesday i gave up a lot of deals. people would have said that's a lot of things. amazing but given the reality of to do this takes a lot of this race right now that still effort. those are people trying to get leaves him pretty far behind in. hillary clinton. can you believe it? what is the roadmap the sanders okay, how about everybody campaign is talking about here clearing out and we will let a
6:26 am
if you group in. going forward? is that okay? no. so anyway, when i heard mitt was >> reporter: steve, apologies for the golf voice because i'm going to run, little before this very close to the candidate he's period of time, i was very speaking right behind me. tough. i said, he can't run. the sanders campaign is laying he can't run. he was going to run. out a strategy that they really he can't run. then i said look we got to keep want to focus in on places where they think this message of economic inequality resonates. him out because he will lose. he's a choke artist. i started hitting him so hard. today we are going to be here in people said, why did you hit him michigan, we are then going to so hard? because we cannot take a another nebraska, going to cast, places loss. we can't take another loss. that have dealt in manufacturing. being here on the ground in michigan i've been shocked at and mitt is indeed a choke the degree of which he has gone artist. he choked and choked like i've all in on advertisements here on never seen anyone choke. television. other than rubio when chris now, he does have a lot of christie was grilling him. money, he has over $40 million in the bank and what he's that was one of the great essentially trying to do is talk about trade. he just laid out his differences chokes. rubio in florida. with hillary clinton about that was one of the great chokes nafta, about free trade i've seen. he was standing there, shaking, agreements, columbia, vietnam, korea and he is pushing this sweating. he was right over here. idea that is correct look, you i'm getting ready to grab him are quick clee impoverished because i thought he was going because of the policies that down. i'm telling you. hillary clinton has pushed for but mitt did a big choke. years, i was on the ticket line we today keep him out. a couple of things i heard he when she was trying to pass
6:27 am
nafta, if he can get a win here said. first of all, he doesn't mention in michigan it also allows him the fact that i built a cite on to say, hey, i can win in areas the west side of manhattan. that have large diverse buildings all over manhattan. populations, the african-american vote is very strong in detroit. he is talking about a beef, a we originally were going to water company. travel to some other states which by the way, i still have. yesterday doing a bus tour, to i supply all my clubs with the missouri and illinois. water. i have the magazine. other things. well, the campaign for bernie sanders, they're going back to michigan tomorrow. get him out of here. they're going all in on it. get him out. so i suspect that you will see that's the idea, go to places get him out. by the way, speaking of mexico, like this, but you raise a good i won the hispanic vote by far point, when it comes to in nevada. right? [ cheers and applause ] delegates it's difficult to see how he makes up the margin especially with so many super delegates already in the bank for hillary clinton, steve. we won the hispanic vote in nevada in the polls during -- we >> thanks for that. we will take a quick break won nevada, won south carolina, here. after that, though, more from new hampshire. then we had the big, big tuesday michigan. msnbc's tony dokoupil will join where we won a tremendous number. and i have to tell you this, so us from mitt romney's childhood hometown, bloomfield hills, ultimately, mitt chickened out. michigan, the richest city in now he is saying, probably sees the richest county in that state. we will hear from voters there next. hillary is very weak. now he said, i wish i tried it. but he would have gotten beatly
6:28 am
badly. i tell you what, a couple of things were mentioned that we have to discuss. first of all, when he talks about me, i wrote a couple of them down. when he talks about me, they don't want to talk about 92-story buildings all over the place. or the bank of america building in san francisco. 1290 avenue of the americas. don't want to talk about the west side railroad yards. where i built the city on the ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season west side of the manhattan. sticks with them. don't want to talk about 40 wall make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. street and all the buildings. they want to talk about water p. use clorox disinfecting products. which i still have. i have a water company. because no one kills germs they want to talk about a better than clorox. magazine. i have a magazine that goes to all my clubs. they want little tiny thing -- when you think what does it look like? by the way, a school, little deal, but very, i loved it. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? when it was there. they call it trump university. is it one day giving your daughter but i will tell you, just so you the opportunity she deserves? understand on the school, the school had 98% approval rating. is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders but yet an attorney that felt oh, maybe i can sue trump and
6:29 am
get something, the school had a of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, 98%, in other word, 98% of the helping you pursue it, is ours. people that took the courses we signed report cards. t-i-a-a. you can't settle a case like that. you put somebody up on the befoburning, the pins-and-needles stand. the most beautiful thing, tle of diabetic nerve pain, did a commercial, took it down, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college, where two people were saying negative. raised active twin girls, then we showed them the statement that they wrote. they had to take the commercial and trained as a nurse. down. but i couldn't bear my 98% of the people that took the diabetic nerve pain any longer. course, that took the courses, so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. said really wonderful things about it. nerve damage from diabetes other thing, it got on a, an a, causes diabetic nerve pain. from the better business bureau. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain. so how do i settle a case like lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. this? b plus would be okay, too. tell your doctor right away if you have these, but we did better than b plus. new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. so i can't -- and here is one or swelling, trouble breathing, thing i say about business. rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, i watch these bankers. tired feeling or blurry vision. and they get millions of dollars common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, year. 40, $50 million. weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. frankly, ridiculous. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. then settle with the government if they are sued by the don't drive or use machinery government for $2 billion, $3 until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem billion, $5 billion, $12
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6:31 am
case. it'll take forever. once you settle cases, what happens is everybody says he is and the republican candidates are making their a settler. let's sue. preparations for tonight's big that's not me. debate in detroit. a lot of people don't sue me because they say it's too hard. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are going to be in michigan this weekend, they will be holding a debate of their own in flint on sunday. so one of the things that mitt before that a group of house brought up, that i think is so democrats will be traveling to serious, is about trade. that city to flint tomorrow to we have to keep trade. address the ongoing water crisis nobody knows more about trade than me. i made so much more money than there. msnbc's tony dokoupil is right mitt. i have a store that's worth more money than mitt. outside detroit in suburban it's a store. and actually it was funny bloomfield hills, that is the hometown of mitt romney. because i made that statement jokingly in iowa. so, tony, mitt romney is about to make this speech, a lot of and the des moines register, a people say one of the audiences terrible that's a terrible paper he has in mind are voters in the if you want to know the truth. state where you grew up, in they called up and says that's a michigan. what are you hearing from those terrible statement. terrible statement for to you make that statement. voters? and people put me on. >> reporter: that's right, steve. they said, what are you saying? i'm here in big daddy's diner, you you said you have a store it is a popular spot just in that's worth more than mitt. bloomfield hills, which is the say mitt is worth $150 million, richest city in the richest county in michigan. it's also a romney country
6:32 am
diner, about a block from his $200 million. childhood prep school. the voters here when we asked them about donald trump who is up about 10 points in the latest so i said, yeah, it's worth poll, when you ask them about more. donald trump they reach for the it's the gucci store. colorful language i can't repeat they got three appraisers and on tv, they do not like him and said that store is worth from campaign donations from this rich enclave are not streaming into trip, either, they are $400 billion to $1.2 billion. going in the direction of rubio and cruz. this isn't me talking. what explains that? check your local des moines what explains the aversion from register. if it's still open. romney and also from his i'm not sure it's still open. but i built an amazing company. hometown to a donald trump and you know, one of the reasons presidency? i don't think it really stacks you know it's amazing, the up with the statewide sentiment. hottest development, hottest if you look at the committee in michigan, here is one data point that i want to give you that explains almost everything you need to know about this state. development site probably in the in 1980 the typical young worker gsa, that's the government in michigan was making more service, is the old post office money than anyone else in the site. that's where the post office is country. built in washington, d.c. fast forward to today, those entire block fronting on earnings have hollowed out by pennsylvania avenue. about 25%. in other words, if i don't get there through the white house, that is the who will owing out that motivates young and older i'm getting there anyway, okay, voters. the second point is demographic. folks? front awning pennsylvania michigan is 20 years behind the rest of the country in terms of
6:33 am
the rate of demographic change avenue, one of the most beautiful buildinges with be and diversity. landmark, and gsa for many, it has more militias and patriot many, many years owned it and groups per capita than any other state in the country. you put the weak committee and the slow demographic change and wanted to develop it for 30, 35 you have a recipe for anger and years. it never worked out. big job. resentment that seems at the never happened. they went to bid. moment statewide to favor a in bidding it they had morbiders trump presidency. and more high level bidders, i you heard on "morning joe" this morning trump making exactly think, than they ever had this point. he said in a general election if before. let's assume it is just about he makes it to november he is a the hottest job that they've candidate that could make ever put up. every hotel company wanted it. michigan traditionally blue i got it on building 300-room leaning in national elections super, super luxury hotel. could take michigan and flip it but they bid it and every hotel into a republican camp, steve. >> all right. tony dokoupil bloomfield hills company, everybody wanted it. michigan thanks for that. they went to a public bid. after the break more on that and one of the things in choosing the bidder is how trump interview with "morning joe" from this morning. every day you read headlines about businesses strong is the bidder and how being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. good is the bidder's idea? they loved my idea. that is cyber-crime this will be one of the great and it affects each and every one of us. hotels of the world. microsoft created the digital crimes unit it is now two years ahead of schedule. we were supposed to open up in to fight cyber-crime. september of two years. we are two years ahead of we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information schedule. by the way, the gsa people are so we can track down the criminals. terrific. we are under budge eat little
6:34 am
when it comes to the cloud, bit. and the only reason we are a trust and security are paramount. little bit under budget is that we're building what we learn back into the cloud i'm using marble instead of to make people and organizations safer. taraza. we are going super end, highest end. the reason i got chosen is trolling for a gig with can't blame you. number one my financial it's a drone you control with your brain, statement was so strong that it which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. could guarantee completion. because they didn't want a mess no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. where they build 25% and then on we're creating the operating system for industry. business. and number two best idea. it's called predix. so when i listen to this -- and it's gonna change the way the world works. by the way, this is the obama ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. administration in all fairness. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. i wouldn't say i had an advantage. my daughter was very much look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. involved in that. i said to her, maybe, maybe we yeah that's probably safer. won't get it no matter how good ok, cool. we do. but my financial statement is so strong and i put it in, romney talks about taxes, right? why isn't he doing his taxes? very little do you learn from taxes. very little. you look -- you can't learn very much. but i did file almost 100 pages of financial statement with the federal elections. and it shows that i have a net worth that could be over $10
6:35 am
billion. probably over. and i don't want to do that in a bragging way. i tell you because that's the kind of thinking we need. we have $19 trillion, as paul was saying, $19 trillion in debt. that's the kind of thinking we need. i have very low debt. tremendous cash flow. and i filed my financials. when he said oh, maybe there is soming in his tax return. there's nothing. but i get audited every single year. because the company is so big they audit, understand, fortune 500 companies every year. because my company is so big, or some other reason, which is unfair, but because my company is so big, let's leave it at that, they audit me every year. i think is very unfair that they audit me every year. but when the audit is finished, i will release my tax returns. no one would say, you're being audited, here is the tax return. you get audited, finish, then
6:36 am
release the tax returns. but if mitt would like to go down and good to the federal election office, you will see almost a hundred pages of financials. that were filed ahead of schedule. i could have delayed it for six this is lloyd. months. i filed them within 30 days. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. believe me, i today work hard he's agreed to give it up. with the accountants. accountants worked overtime. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. i didn't want them saying oh, he we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. is asking for extensions. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee so with mitt i wanted to tell started hurting again so... you that he came out, it was very nasty. more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? i thought he was a better person than that. i raised money for his campaign. for my pain... i want my aleve. the first fund-raiser was so get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. successful that we had the second one that same day. his wife was a lovely woman. really lovely woman. she came up. now for more of donald we addhad a fund-raiser in my trump's interview on "morning joe" earlier today. this portion of the conversation apartment in trump tower. starts with trump's plans to i did a great job. a lot of them said, donald's build a foreign policy team. he's a stiff, he's not going to >> in our town hall in south
6:37 am
win. i said, oh, he'll be fine. carolina it was about 15 days ago i asked you to share with me he's a stiff. i should have listened. three people that you would we add fund-raiser. consult with on foreign policy so big. it was raining out. and you said that you wouldn't at the moment because you would it was really raining. be announcing your team in a a miserable, miserable day. week. where is that team, who is that people came in, hundreds of team and if that team is not put people, phase 1. then too many people to put them together yet who are three people that you would respect in one. so we called for another one an and consult with on foreign hour later. policy? and because everybody's shoes >> mika, i have met and i've spoken to the team, i'm going to were so wet, i ruined my carpet. do it very shortly. i don't think there's any rush, this carpet was wiped out. but i've met, i've spoken to the and nobody thanked me for the members of the team and i'm carpet. going to do it very shortly. hey maybe i can send mitt a bell for carpet ruined, right? you know at least one of the members of that team, but i will do it very shortly. i just don't want to do it now. but when you help somebody, he i will have at the appropriate asked me to make robo calls. time you will get that i made six robo calls for him. information. i said -- i said in a week or every single place i made the two and it will be pretty much in a week or two, but i just robo call, he won. north carolina. don't want to do it quite yet. six different places. >> certainly you can announce the team whenever you want, but so you help somebody and then he turns. who do you respect on foreign by now, i will say this. si? i will say this. i will say this. >> i respect richard haas also he probably had a right to turn. on your show a lot and like him a lot. i have a few people that i because nobody could have been
6:38 am
nastier than me in getting him really like and respect. not to run. by saying he is a choke artist. i think kaine is a fantastic i will say the reason i did guy. that, i love our country too i have a lot of respect -- i have respect -- many of the much. if he would have run and even if people not only on your shows, he would have won, it would have but many people that i'm dealing been bad. with that don't go on television he doesn't have what it takes to be president, that i can tell and won't do television and that you. he doesn't have what it takes to are great thinkers. be president. but ultimately it's my thought my than anybody else's. when i see the policy of some of is i do want want to mention one these people in our government, thing. his speech was so long and they the policy we will be in the covered so much territory. middle east for another 15 years and spend -- if we don't end up ridiculous. he doesn't mention many, many losing by that time because our country is dis integrating. buildings. over 120 jobs and in the works, we are spending trillions of 120 jobs over the world. dollars in the middle east and we just got in scotland one of the infrastructure of our the best places of the world. country is dissent grating. we should have never got into where they are having the iraq, that was a disaster, and tournament today. the world golf championship it just never ends. it's just continuing and continuing. we have to not -- we have to today. and i'm in maine with you. beat isis, we have to take them i don't know. out, they're chopping off heads, roary and roary mcilroy and we can't allow it to happen, but everybody is down there. tiger is going there later. i have great people and i will
6:39 am
let you know at the appropriate time very soon. >> mike barnicle. >> donald, on the aforementioned he will be better, he will be fine. they are all at my place and here i am making a speech m trump university. >> yes. maine. see? >> the new york state attorney general eric snyderman -- [ cheers and applause ] >> so if i don't win on >> who is a political hack by saturday, i'll say, boy was that the way just you know. a mistake, right? mike, before you say -- do you know that before he filed a anyway, i think we will. suit -- and he also was paid a i will say this, trade. campaign contribution by the law firm in california, he was paid a big campaign contribution that >> get your head out -- brought the suit. >> bye boy. and this is only a suit of bye-bye. bye-bye. bye-bye. people want to go see if they get him out. can get their money back. do you know that almost everybody that's in the lawsuit get him out. has signed a letter saying how great the school was? that's why i won't settle >> i love you, donald. because it's an easy case to win >> i love you, too. these people. in court. >> one of my questions is has he offered a settlement? has snyderman offered you a settlement? >> well, i don't think i've >> i tell you what. given him the opportunity your police are fantastic. because -- >> okay. do we love our police? do we love our police? >> -- we -- you know, we're going to do very well in the case. how do you lose a case where where would we be without tlem? people suing you have signed in all fairness. letters and affidavits saying they are so abused. one stupid incident or bad that the school is err terrific? incident or if there is one bad listen, we have an a from the better business bureau, we have person, which happens, out of a 98% approval rating. the whole country, and it's the
6:40 am
biggest story in the news and it >> for people unfamiliar with trump university, how did it plays forever. and people don't realize how work. >> was it a smeter long? great a job the police of this would i get a bachelor of arts country do. i have to tell you. from trump university? >> it was different courses on, you know, real estate. so one of the things that mitt >> how long? was talking about was domestic >> how to make deals and how to policy and we need trade and we go about things, it got very need trade and we have to deal with china. we have to deal with all these good kits, very good everything, some very, very good people working there and it was a nice people. school. i mean, it wasn't a big deal for look, last year in terms of a trade deficit, we lost with me, it was a small -- you know, china, $500 billion. okay? it wasn't a big business or we lost with mexico. anything, but it was small, i thought it could be good. that's why mexico is going to i could have settled this pay for the wall, folks. case -- i could have settled the mexico -- look, the wall, we case a number of times, i could settle the case now if i wanted need actually, 2,000 miles. to settle the case. i don't settle cases. we need 1,000. when i see these bankers that because we have a lot of natural get paid $50 million a year and barriers. wall will cost $10 billion. they're constantly with the expensive wall. government giving them $2 a trump wall. billion, $3 billion, $1 billion bring it in underbudget, ahead of schedule. i have to name it after myself because maybe, you know, should to settle cases. i name it after myself? when you settle cases everybody i don't think so. sues. i don't settle cases very often. we want more than a wall. at least with me they know they we will have a real wall, a
6:41 am
have to go through the ringer. great wall and it will work. >> donald, it's willie. we will stop drugs from pouring >> hi, willie. >> so the plan right now appears in maine and new hampshire. it will work. believe me, it'll work. to be in the republican party for your opponents to stay in walls work. properly done, walls work. the race long enough to peel if it's going to happen. away delegates so you can't get that majority and clinch the just so you understand, they come up to me and say mexico will never pay. nomination before you head to the convention. >> right. >> you have all these groups coming out today led by mitt politicians, people say, donald -- first they say, no romney, super pacs railing against you, foreign policy wall. you can't build a wall. leaders writing a letter against how can you build a wall? you, all these people in the china built a wall 13,000 miles establishment. do you have a plan, donald, when you get to the convention if you long, 2,000 years ago. don't have the majority of delegates that you need, what does that look like for you at the convention? how do you emerge out of that? we can't do 13,000 miles. >> look, willie, did i this for then i hear cruz say, we can't a very specific reason, our country is getting killed, we're getting killed at the borders and we're being killed on trade. build a wall. then he says, we will build a we have a trade deficit this wall. my wife said, come listen to year with china $500 billion. this. i think rubio has bigger japan, smaller numbers, but the problems than worrying about walls. same thing. now they are talking about next co, $58 billion in trade walls. here's the thing, we have with mexico, $58 billion trade deficit. we are getting killed by everybody. we have hacks negotiating deals. deficit. if the wall cost $10 billion, okay. people that -- workers in this tiny fraction. country haven't had middle if the wall cost $10 billion, i
6:42 am
income workers haven't had a pay guarantee you folks that mexico is going it pay for the wall. increase, willie, in 12 years. just as sure as you're standing there. their salaries have essentially now, a politician wouldn't say gone down when you adjust. that. they're making less now and and you saw vicente fox, they're working harder than they previous president, who threw a made 12 years ago. >> right. horrible word out. >> it's time to make a change. he threw the f word out, okay? now, a real change by somebody the f bomb. that knows what he's doing. can you imagine if i used that >> donald, i understand what word. you're saying there but what do man, that would be all over the you when you get to cleveland without a majority of the world. he threw it out, nobody cares. delegates? >> i will just do my best. than our vice president look, i'm going to have more apologized to him. votes than anybody else, i i love mexico. brought millions and millions of i love the mexican people. people into the republican party i have many, many, hundreds and in a short period of time. hundreds and hundreds of mex can the only one that's going to can people. thousands over the years. beat hillary clinton is me because new york will be in thousands have worked for me. play, michigan will be in play, hispanics are phenomal people. i told you, i won the poll in great states will be in play that none of these people like a nevada. these are phenomenal people. guy like marco rubio -- you know, this guy shouldn't even show up to vote in the senate. i won nevada and with the hispan he is -- you know, he is hispanics. so good, right? so good. ridiculous. he doesn't even show up to vote. >> yeah. but look, here's the problem. >> he has defrauded the people of florida. their leaders are too smart for the guy doesn't show up to vote. our leaders. we are getting killed at the i don't know what he's doing. but here the thing, here is the border and on trade.
6:43 am
point, the point is i brought nabisco is moving in from millions of people into a party all of those people whether i do chicago. closing their plant. moving in. ford is building a massive, incompetent or not, joe, and willie, all of those people are massive car complex there. that means they are closing going to leave the party, they're going to get back and go places in michigan. back to where they came from. great places. michigan and other places an that was donald trump this they are closing a engoing to morning on msnbc ahead of the mexico. can't let that happen. 11th republican debate tonight the other day carrier, announced in detroit. and also ahead of mitt romney's speech in utah where he will be care conditioners, i'm not addressing the state of the baying them any more, they republican presidential race and more specifically donald trump. announced, 1400 men and women that speech coming up at 11:30 laid them off. a lot of you saw that. a.m. eastern time. we will have it for you here live on msnbc. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... 1400. this manager was, ladies and gentlemen, we are closing a shoots and burns plant and moving to mexico. its way into your day, bye-bye. i hear you. he was tough for -- this is not to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks a guy with social grace. extraordinarily painful, believe me. i hear you. they move to mexico. here is what we have to do. make sure your doctor hears you too! mitt romney said we have it keep i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered free trade. if we keep it the way we are, we with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain won't have any companies left at in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! all. you know nafta better than step on up and ask your doctor anybody. it was a disaster.
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6:47 am
victories. this country that we all love. you stood on the stage and everybody liked it. so, governor romney, go out and i said, yeah, but i have get them. you can do it. >> thank you. incoming. you can't be too presidential. thank you. i have incoming. and what a difference four here is what happenes. years makes. that was donald trump in las a lot of truth to that. vegas endorsing mitt romney in so act presidential tonight. 2012 on his way to the i said, i'll act presidential, republican nomination that year, but now mitt romney giving a speech just a few hours from now but if someone hits me, i'll hit in which he's expected to plead them back harder. so what happens is they won't do with republicans to stop donald anything. trump as he makes his way lobbyists will call and say you can't do anything to carrier, potentially to the republican nomination. we will have more on that trump versus romney war of words, what can't do anything to ford. they gave you $2 million or $5 exactly we're expecting to hear million contribution. they've been good to you. from mitt romney. they've been loyal. that is next. up to the front of the school. and all right, okay. that the end of that. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. here is what i do. you don't want to be seen with your dad? i like it use my guys. no, it' this about a boy? carl icon, i have a lot of dad! stop, please. endorsement from business. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] i would denounce them except [ car braking ] nobody cares. i will use the greatest, he have bye dad! the greatest business people. it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. greatest negotiators in the
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get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. they will call their lobbyist. oh, speak to the president. but they can't speak to me. i didn't take their money. that's not going to work. here is what going on happen, as sure as you're here, they will call me up within 24 hours. mr. president, you have any second thoughts? absolutely not. sir, we've decided to stay in the united states. very simple. now. we can be cute or say we're coming up with, you know in washington they are playing around with formula -- there is no formula. that's the formula. when mitt made the statement, he said he will ruin free trade. ruin free trade? if i'm losing $505 billion with china. losing $58 billion a year with mexico in terms of deficits, what do i want that kind of trade for anyway? ruin it? who needs that kind of trade. seriously, who needs that kind of trade? now mitt admitted i'm a much better businessman than i am.
6:50 am
and i am. we will have better relationships with mexico, better relationships with china. they don't respect us now. they think they're the dumbest people on earth led by the world's dumbest people. let me just tell you something. china in the south china sea is building a massive military for the wifort with runways and tremendous military complex. they aren't supposed to do that. they didn't tell us. no respect for our country. with me, i'm going to rip up those trade deals and make really good ones. i think in all fairness, the number one selling business book . they are going to send of all time i wrote. just remember this, we have the romney out there to ring the cards. warning bell? if they send anybody out from we have rebuilt china with the the establishment warning we're money they have taken out of our about to lose the party, everybody is going to shout, no, country. i call it the greatest single you are losing the party and you theft in the history of the may have already lost it. don't blame us. world what china has done to our
6:51 am
>> that's rush limbaugh country. they have trains that go 300 yesterday talking about mitt miles an hour. romney ahead of that speech that we have trains that go chug, romney is set to give a little chug, chug. then have to stop because the more than an hour from now. track split, right? joining me to preview that big they have train teas go 300 speech and to talk about the miles -- trains in japan, china. republican establishment's battle with donald trump, we we have -- we're like third world. you go to our airports, la have "times" political reporter guardia, you go to dubai and and april ryan. nick, i keep thinking, in a way, quatar, different places in the romney speech day could be asia, you see airports like the best thing that happens to donald trump over the next few you've never seen. weeks because this reinforces you land at kennedy, lax, la everything he's been saying about this race. the establishment is scared of guardia, with the potholes all me and want to stop me at all over the place. costs. >> yeah. look, i think mitt romney is was it's a very sad thing. what happened to our country is the last romney. truthfully, i can't think of very, very sad. so we will make it different. anybody that would reinforce we will get rid of the horrible what trump is saying. trades. at some point, it is going to burst. at some point, we can't it not he was sure he was going to win to lose $500 billion with but failed. individual countries. >> april, when you look at the we can't continue. you add it up. whether it is india. vietnam. whether it's anybody, every
6:52 am
bigger picture here, their best single country in the world that hope right now, we were talking deals with us takes advantage of about this with ben earlier, if the stupidity of the united they want to stop trump, the states. best hope is to deny him the a lot of it is because they have majority of the delegates, to force open the convention to see the right lobbyists, right what happens. negotiators. they have the right people on but the how. pennsylvania avenue. i'm still hung up on the how. they have the right people. they are negotiating with haks. how do they do that? is there a way you can see? political haks. >> i don't know how they do it not our best people. almost our worst people. but if they try to withhold we make our country so strong, make it strong militarily. anything from donald trump, there is going to be a fight and our military is very depleted. after making the promise months [ cheers and applause ] ago to go independent, it's going to be a huge problem for the republican party and it's going to be a mess that they are not able to clean up. the whole country is depleted. the establishment doesn't like him and donald trump is gaining we will make our military momentum because he's the strong. our vets are treated horribly. underdog, i guess you could say, even though he's winning in the horribly. polls. he's the underdog because the [ cheers and applause ] we are going to get rid of obama care and repeal it and replace republican party doesn't like it. him. the establishment doesn't like him. in a sense, they can say, i have we're going to bring education a right to pick up my little bit local. get rid of common core, which is of whatever i have and move to a disaster. another side of the street and
6:53 am
you know, in the world, in the work from there. so in a way, he has them bound world, educationally, of the 30 countries that they look at, but we'll see what happens. the republican party has got to we're number 30 in education. meaning the worst. figure this out. it's going to be a hot mess, literally. >> april, it's not just potentially the new threat -- per student cost, we're number the renewed threat of trump one. number two doesn't exist it is running third party, it could so far back. number one in cost. simply be him saying, they and number 30 in terms of screwed me over, don't vote for success. we are ranked the worst and yet them in the fall and that could be millions of votes the we spend the most. republicans lose. >> steve, is it really the case and part of that is common core. that they viewed him over or did terrible. part of it is a lot of other he screw them over? it's the lesser of what evil things. part is theft and incompetence you're looking at. tense and fraud and waste and and i will say this. abuse and everything else. what kind of candidate do you have that's going to get out but we will straighten this out. when i won new hampshire, they there and play school boy came out with a report. tactics, be a bully and talk about people personally rather donald trump spent $2.5 million. than dealing with the issue. now we see him upset at rubio i won't mention names. but other people spent $45 million. okay? for going after him and we see him sweating. what's the old saying? never let them see you sweat? he's actually sweating now. he's number one in the polls and i don't think he likes me. winning states. but at the same time, there are do you agree?
6:54 am
think of it. some problems for donald trump. and it's the chicken or the egg, i have the lowest expenditure by who started what. far and biggest result by far. >> nick, what about this issue that trump was raising in the way, way, way number one. interview that we just played? wouldn't it be nice if we can do that for our country? instead of the other way around? we're going to do that. it's true, 15 states have voted that what we're going to do. and turnout records in 14 of them. trump is saying, look, you guys, >> so we are very simply we're i'm the best thing that ever going to make america great again. happened to you because millions win, win, win. are showing up to vote in this win so much. you're going to get so tired of thing that have never voted winning, you will say, please, before. please, let us have a couple of >> there is no doubt there's tremendous enthusiasm in the losses. i will say no way i'm going to. republican party at the grassroots level compared to the we're going to make america great again. you will say okay. democratic side. 3 million fewer voters so far >> thank you very much. i love you. despite this theoretically hot please go vote on saturday. i love you. thank you. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you. race between bernie sanders and thank you. >> we've been listening to donald trump there. hillary clinton. talking to a rally. he does a great thing for the folks there in portland, maine. party in terms of excitement. about four times he had different protesters that were but in the general election, thrown out. they are saying, yeah, but you one last group there that said get your hate out of our state are toxic for the party. before they were taken out of >> if donald trump is the republican nominee, conventional that. still with us is tim miller, wisdom says donald trump would former communications director
6:55 am
lose for any number of reasons. for jeb bush and now part of al but conventional wisdom said principlees a pac, is supervisor donald trump never had a chance of winning the republican in super pac. nomination. rick wilson wp marco rubio i keep thinking, as we look ahead to trump as a general supporter. and rick once worked for jeb election candidate, maybe there's a new calculation if bush. thank you for staying with me he's a nominee and he brings in voters. through the hour. blue collar voters in michigan tim, did donald trump -- is he right in saying jeb bush is a or pennsylvania, it's states we high-energy salesman and he haven't been thinking about as convinced mitt not to run this much. psych snell. maybe that's what he puts in >> i have no idea. play. >> you know what, steve, i think i got board half way through tonight will be a telltale sign with his stand-up routine. with michigan. michigan is a state that has he was crass. been hurting. he was boring. they had problems with one of he offer noded no specifics on their major income sources, the manufacturing industry which is policy. mitt said, let me tell what you rebounding. and also, there's a piece called trump will do later. flint, michigan. a couple of weeks ago they went come up with every low road attack on me because he can't to south carolina. never discussed the issue pretty come up with a substantive much about what happened in south carolina, in charleston, criticism of what i'm saying today. that true. south carolina, or in north charleston. let's see what happens tonight when it comes to michigan. the fact he must be good for michigan voters are going to be business on the cable networks that you guys show him for so listening to donald trump, what he's saying about them. long that i think that having they are hurting, what's mitt out there today making this happening in michigan is very
6:56 am
case against him, shows why real. what affects the pocket and there is a lot of energy behind pocketbook will affect donald stopping donald trump and making trump at the polls. and it's not necessarily just sure that this race doesn't conventional wisdom. just -- we can't just let the it's also the polls that say media anoint him. >> so rick, let me ask you, i that hillary and bernie can beat donald trump in the general election. >> all right. april ryan, nick, thanks both for your time. that's going to do it for me at know you're a marco rubio this hour. i'm steve kornacki. supporter. even if ronald reagan rises from i'll see you right back here the grave and begs you to do it. live at 4:00 eastern time. does it play knot prediction keep your tv tuned to msnbc that romney made about what he because mitt romney at 11:30 is would say, but better yet giving the big speech where reinforce why people are he'll lay out his big case attracted to donald trump? against donald trump and then why republicans like him? >> look, if you're attracted to donald trump will maybe be responding to that. he'll have a big rally at 1:30. an escape id mental patient, ranting like a maniac for a half an hour, that what you just got. a guy all over the board. jo jose diaz-balart is live at the a guy with verbal dysentery and international university of miami. things flying out of his mouth. black and denim co-founder seeking vengeance against everyone who slighted or wronged
6:57 am
took a shot to brew up sales at him. mitt romney is in his head. his clothing store. going to the core of what donald he started a coffee bar in the trump is, saying he is not a very good businessman. same tampa, florida, coffee just a salesman, conman. shop. that was trump's entire for more, watch "your business" operation here to push back on on msnbc. credibility of his business our cosmetics line was a hit. dealings. it was manic and bizarre. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. shoveling all the low road stuff we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. out there. this is disjointed. we are putting this guy in building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? charge of nuclear weapons. that was a leap. great idea. but i knew i could rely on american express so over the top and so bizarre. to help me buy those building materials. it shows the guy is so amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. thin-skinned and so unbelievably petty about any critique. just like that. a very difficult time for him to another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? actually to carry through on any realize your buying power at of the things he's promising. >> and he was so defensive right as we age, certain nutrients longer than ever. there, tom, about his business become especially important. record. because mitt romney hit the hail from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. on the head with his failed one a day proactive sixty-five plus. businesses that left regular people holding the bag. with high potency vitamin b12 so donald getting richer
6:58 am
and more vitamin d. himself. built businesses in mexico and china. outsourcing jobs. this is a big issue on the debate tonight. donald is defensive in the speech. because he can't defend his record of outsourcing jobs while he is a businessman. >> tim, you were alleging before, that in the tax records, paying zero tax rate? how do you make that allegation? >> yeah, i want to be really clear. when you talk to tax experts because he is a real estate developer, there is a lot of write-offs wh when it comes to real estate. his tax record is almost nothing. his charitable work is less than nothing. net worth is far less than what he claims it to be. those are three reasons in addition to the outsourcing he won't release tax returns and he needs to do it now. >> tim miller, thank you, sir. we will let you go. and i want to get in two other guests that have been waiting patiently with me here onset at the casino beach bar. florida's santa rosa county gop
6:59 am
sayreman and host of pensacola radio, andrew mccain. andrew, let me start with you. your reaction to donald trump's defense and push back on mitt romney's rebuke. >> i thought it was most fascinating. we live in an area that is very christian, lot of churches, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... baptists, catholics. this whole area is dominated by then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. religio religion. i think they have to ask luckily geico recently helped the residents themselves that do they have with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. to -- >> sam this is hard for the gop call geico and see how much you could save party in general. and party is like the "titanic." on homeowners insurance. they don't realize that they will potentially go down in sink. what did you make of p donald trump's success of the attractive message that he seems to resonate with base members of the party? >> i can tell you this, we've got several voters, several
7:00 am
media voters across the nation and i can see it in our county and good thursday morning to that are totally fed up with the you. i am jose diaz-balart. politics as it is today. this is msnbc, the place for and the establishment, whether politics. i'm coming to you live this the republican or democrat morning from the campus of establishment. and just to give you an florida international university, fiu, as we call it. anecdotal, and the latest it's the fourth largest public numbers, and since 2012 to the university in the country. closing of the books in it's also one of the most february, we have an increase in diverse student bodies anywhere in the united states. both political parties, voters. republicans and democrats, have democrats lost voters in that a big stake here in florida in period. republicaned gained 8,558 voters. the upcoming primaries here. and the independents gained for the republicans, the stakes are even higher because the 5,746. so you can see there's been a winner will get all of the major dynamic shift at the grass state's 99 delegates. roots level of voter support. early voting is already under and a lot of that is coming from way in some parts of the state the tea party element. and will be everywhere by a lot of that comes from the evangelical element. saturday. and they are fed up. we saw senator marco rubio cast fed up with being told from the his vote on wednesday in miami. florida is crucial to his top down where to go and who to campaign, especially when the other floridian, jeb bush, is vote for. >> with we can see how it out of the race. but back to the news of this day resonate. thank you. we will have you back tomorrow.
7:01 am
and what a day it is going to we are short on time today. thank you for watching. be. ahead of march madness, we now thomas roberts live in pensacola beach, florida. know the final four republican see you back here tomorrow at candidates at least, donald 2:00. much more of msnbc live. trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich meeting tonight in detroit for another debate. my colleagues pick it up next in but next hour we'll hear from flint, michigan. the former standard bearer of the republican party, mitt here's what i know. romney. he's not expected to endorse any candidate but will offer up a donald trump is a fphony, a searing indictment for donald trump. we're told the speech is modeled fraud. his promises are as useless as a after ronald reagan's 1984 time degree from trump university. for choosing address. one of the parts read "it would he is playing the members of the american as suckers. >> mitt romney making an pale to make the world less safe. he has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president. his personal qualities would vo mean that america would cease to appeal to voters. his single focus is stop donald trump. i'm kate snow. be a shining city on a hill." we are live at the farm are's market. here's what trump had to say ahead of romney's speech this
7:02 am
morning on the "today" show. the speech was short and >> he begged me four years ago pointed. >> you say, wait, wait, wait. for my endorsement. literally begged me. isn't he a huge business he's a failed candidate. i backed him. success? does he know what he's talking he failed. he was a horrible candidate, about? no, he isn't. didn't know what he was doing. and no he doesn't. he was going against a president >> think of donald trump's personal qualities. that should have been beaten. bullying. the greed. the president was not doing well and should have been beaten. the showing off. that should have been an easy election. nobody came out to vote for mitt the masogony. romney and i'm talking about republicans. >> well, meantime, the effort from within the gop to stop trump from getting the nomination is coming together. the strategy among several >> he said watch out trump donors is to keep from the magic responded this afternoon, suggesting his tone would show number of delegates that trump poor temperament. needs to get the nomination. trump got the opportunity, as it seems the belief trump can be you just saw, here is some of what he said. defeated outright in the primary >> so with mitt, i just wanted race has come and gone. to tell you that he came out, our political team is here across the country this morning very nasty. i mean, i thought it was a for us. let's start with msnbc national better person than that. i did help him. i raised money for his campaign. correspondent peter alexander at the university of utah in salt i will say this. he probably had a right to turn. lake city where romney will be delivering his speech next hour. but nobody could have been peter, good morning to you. nastier than me in getting him
7:03 am
>> hey, jose. good morning to you from salt lake city. you can see the line already forming with the university of not to run by saying he's a choke artist. i love our country too much. utah in anticipation of governor if he would have run, and even mitt romney's remarks. this is going to be a stunning scene. you have the 2012 republican if he would have won, it would have been bad. nominee in effect attacking the he doesn't have what it takes to be president. man most poised to be the party's 2016 nominee for >> we have reporters across the president of the united states. nation today. here is some of what we know from here in michigan to maine governor romney will say today. he won't endorse any other and nebraska. here in michigan, trump leads in candidate. he won't announce his own polls. campaign for the presidency but we have been talking to trump will say the following of donald supporters unphased by today's trump. here's what i know, he will say. romney speech. donald trump is a phony, a fraud, his promises are as rahama ellis was there. worthless as a degree from trump she joins us now from portland, university. romney will add, "he's playing maine. >> reporter: kate, i can tell you you are absolutely correct. the americans for suckers. trump supporters are completely he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy unphased by anything coming from romney. the candidate just finished hat." republicans are trying to better talking to this crowd. understand how we got to this of about 700 people. place where donald trump is he spoke for about an hour and they were all about trump p. they heard about mitt romney's leading the pack by a mile comments and the candidate, donald trump, as you can
7:04 am
romney accepted trump's imagine, quick to respond to endorsement well after the what mitt romney had to say. listen to his response. birther crusade against barack >> i backed mitt romney. i backed him. obama. here's part of what governor you can see how loyal he is. romney said about trump on that he was begging for my day. >> i spent my life in the private sector. endorsement. not quite as successful as this i could have said, mitt, drop to your knees. guy but successful, nonetheless. he would have dropped to his knees. donald trump has shown an extra >> reporter: at that point, this ordinary ability to understand how our economy works, to create crowd just roared with excitement and agreement for jobs for the american people. he's done it here in nevada, donald trump. every single thing that he said, he's done it across the country. the crowd roared p. there were some hecklers who were scattered around the crowd. >> in fact, at the republican and about four times they broke convention, trump was supposed to play a role on the first day. up donald trump's speech. as he is famous for saying, he that, of course, was canceled because of a hurricane in the said, get them out of here. area but a real question being and they did. asked today is, given the they left. he also referred to the fact anti-establishment climate, this that people say that he sort of mean-spirited and folks said political season will anything that the symbol of the that he should be more presidential. republican establishment mitt he talked about the fact he has romney says hurt donald trump? a debate coming up tonight and he said, if somebody hit me, i some say it may actually help him. will tell you, i'm going to lit jose? >> nbc's peter alexander, thank them back an harder. a lot of that kind of speech you very much. i want to go now to detroit.
7:05 am
our team is there at the fox from donald trump. pretty much exactly what people theater, tonight's gop debate expected. and they were pleased, i should tell you, with what they heard. will be held there hallie kate? >> rehema ellis in maine. jackson and gabe gutierrez and thanks. serving as council for mitt romney's presidential campaigns jacob rascon are all there. in 2008 and 2012 and former general council for republican >> reporter: the trump campaign national committee currently a thinks it's incredible that a partner at jones day. good to see you again, ben. candidate who got such low let's talk about what we heard turnout in 2012 is unifying the this afternoon. establishment against him. if anything, the trump campaign donald trump as rehema just will say that this can only help said, as we expected, right back him. if mitt romney is not going to at mitt romney. endorse, if mitt romney is not fiercely going after him. going to jump in the race, if using -- taking the conversation he's only going to come out and talk about donald trump, this and dialogue even further into helps donald trump's case. if you look at the donald trump terrain that we don't usually get into when he talked about voter, we're looking not only at how romney begged him for an him but all of the republican endorsement in 2012. field, the voter is fueled most what do you make of what's lie by emotion, not ideology. happening in your party right they are in it because they feel now? today? >> it is good the republican that they have been betrayed by national committee decided ton the establishment, in many have more debates because they cases, and so for this, the thought there was too much
7:06 am
trump campaign believes this negativity in 2012. will only help them, that this so we are at a rhetorical level will validate his case and you're going to watch for that that really is unparallel. look, mitt romney went out as tonight. watch for donald trump to play the case of, look, everybody candidate for president. and asked people for against donald trump. endorsements. this is how it's always been and this is what is fueling the record turnout and this is how donald trump is one of them. it's going to continue. mitt romney's speech today is a for him, jose, he says this is reaction of what he has heard over the past few months and donald trump did what donald going to be good. trump did, was to get right back in his wheel house. >> hallie jackson, ted cruz says this is generally probably a little confusing for voters and not terribly uplifting. it would have been the end of the road had he lost texas. i think mitt romney's speech was not designed to peel off is that a nudge, a hint to marco dedicated trump supporters. rubio, you don't really make any difference right now? >> reporter: it's more than a hint and a nudge, jose. just a reminder, cruz said the i think when mitt romney was same thing. any candidate who cannot win his getting 17 states, to the extent his supporters are sitting on home state needs to look at the the side lines, what he is urging them to do is good out candidacy. at the time, it was a sign of and vote for the candidates of how confident he was doing and their choice, not named donald trump. now it's a direct message not
7:07 am
just to marco rubio who has to win florida but also to john >> i understand that. but we are sitting here in kasich who has to pick up ohio. flint, michigan. and i've been talking to voters when you look at the bigger picture, let's talk about the here at the farmer's market. delegate math. some are republican. those two states, florida with some are trying to decide before the 99 delegates are going to be tuesday of who to vote for. key when we move forward on i talked to jeff stewart. march 14th. he works at harvest bread let's look at our count of the delegate map. donald trump leads with 325. company. he feels he is going for donald ted cruz has 237. trump and doesn't care what mitt rubio, 117. romney thinks. john kasich, 27. take a listen. what do you think about tuesday? look at the count on super who are you going for? >> you have to ask that. tuesday. trump only won the delegate by i'm probably leaning toward the republican side. 23 delegates largely because ted cruz picked up a big chunk in and more than likely, my boss texas. here's the expectations game. ted cruz saying you have to win will probably be listening, probably mr. t. >> trump. florida. he believes there will be a big gap between he and donald trump when people say negative things about trump, does that sway you? and the rest of the field this maybe they've got a point? >> i think people don't want him week. we aren't seeing that kind of a in there because he is not part gap. donald trump still has of the beltway gang. and that makes me want to listen
7:08 am
100-plus-point delegate lead and to what he has to say even more then there's ted cruz and marco about what he's got going on. rubio after that. when you look at how the >> ben, what he said is that expectations are playing out, it makes me want it listen to makes it so important to see how donald trump even more. so my question is, when you look it plays out, not just in at national picture, could this michigan and louisiana but especially on the 15th. back fire on mitt romney and >> no doubt about it. invigorate people to vote for and gabe, this ramped-up tone on donald trump? trump by the rubio campaign, by the candidate himself, is it >> anything in politics could bringing him any new support? back fire. is it rallying the new base of this is sprint to march 15th for the establishment figures romney supporters that he has? supports. and the trajectory is not they are like crickets when you terribly favorable to the stop look at rubio's win column. trump people. trump is in a good position. >> reporter: yes, there was some so wh mitt romney did today is i criticism of rubio after he went think aimed for maximum after trump in some of those tactical. the last min out for advantage personal attacks, talking about his hair, his spray tan. the rubio campaign is trying to to get people lining him out to focus and target its attacks the polls. in michigan, it is open primary. specifically on donald trump's record, talking about trump and democrats can vote there university and talking about certain other things in his too. record rather than just make it that will impact potentially on a stand-up comedy routine. the plimichigan turnout. they feel that can be effective. >> right. can you cross and vote the other
7:09 am
party if you want to. they spoke with rubio yesterday >> finally, why do you think about his path forward after super tuesday. here's what he had to say. >> donald trump is the mitt romney didn't come out and front-runner and there are more endorse anyone today or run himself. people thought he might do that. delegates against him than for him. he's the weakest front-runner in >> i think he was pragmatic in the republican party. not running himself. usually when you have somebody in his position right now, you in terms of not endorsing anybody in particular, i think he alluded to it in his speech have everyone begging everyone that he was critical of donald to coalesce around the trump. doesn't think he should be the nominee. front-runner. how does he seal this nomination? that means voting for john i don't think he ever gets to kasich in ohio. means voting for marco rubio in florida. 1,237 delegates. >> reporter: that's something that you hear over and over again from the rubio campaign. they say not to focus on the it means vogting for the statewide wins and losses. candidate in mitt romney's words they are looking at the who has the best chance to stop delegates. yes, there's a still a long way donald trump. >> we will talk more about that to go. his advisers say, we're barely in our next block. stay with us. ben, we will come back to you. thanks so much. past the first quarter of this tonight's gop debate will football game and they are happen here in michigan. really looking ahead to the over in detroit. florida primary on march 14th. marco rubio drew a lot of that will be crucial for marco rubio, his home state, a lot of attention-his last debate delegates up for grabs there, performance. win or take allstate. he heads into the showdown with they are also looking to other a major endorsement in his home
7:10 am
states. kansas votes in a few days and state of florida. a state that seen as must-win the michigan primary, he hopes to pick up votes here. right now, a local poll by "the for him. joining us now with more, a big detroit free press" shows cruz endorsement today? >> that right, kate. and rubio battling for second several big endorsements today. place with trump ahead by ten new mexico's governor endorsed points. the big question tonight will be marco rubio and "miami herald" how much donald trump goes after endorsing marco rubio. winner take all. march 15th, rubio's home state, marco rubio. clearly want to have a strong marco rubio is expected to label showing there. trump as a con artist as he has also putting a lot of time into been doing for the last few days and also to talk about his kansas tomorrow. they hope to have a strong financial record. jose? >> gabe gutierrez, jacob rascon, showing there on saturday. to pick up the 40 dell gits or part of the 40 delegates in kansas. hallie jackson, great to see you i want to get to the reaction all this morning. the trump effort that is gaining urgency, some are from the rubio campaign. signing on to the attempt and communications director saying it is great to see mitt romney they all agree that any media help expose donald trump for being a con artist and fraud. blitz or grassroots campaign needs to come together and do so an article by buzz feed, kind of fast. with me now is msnbc political previews a line of attack that we expect at the debate tonight. correspondent steve kornacki. that article talks about donald
7:11 am
steve, good morning. trump's business record and his >> good morning, jose. >> it's the voters going to stop comments on outsourcing. trump, not the establishment. how are they going to try to he says he defended outsourcing change that balance? >> basically, we're looking at at one point. two weeks here, a two-week test, but rubio camp really feels that these line of attacks will be a number of contests on the effective. board and we talk a lot about as you know, kate, last weekend, some of the insults got to the florida. school yard level. obviously that's a must-win for marco rubio and a must-win for rubio or anyone who wants to talking about donald trump's stop trump. spray tan and hair. ohio, that's a must win for now talking about serious attacks when it comes to his kasich. it has to go beyond that. record. and bankruptcies for his company. expect rubio tonight to hammer you've got to put up some wins donald trump on those issues. in some other states between now very key for him tonight to do and then and a few to keep in mind here. that. you heard in the donald trump take a look on the 15th also, north carolina is voting that speech, donald trump obviously not backing down, calling him a day. missouri is voting that day. illinois is voting that day. illinois pretty much the winner of that state is going to get the lion's share of the lightweight. and pitting mitt romney as a delegates because of how it is structured. choke artist. look, it's one thing to win, for and going to marco rubio and calling him a choke artist. rubio to hold in his home state as long as they keep building and another for kasich to do delegates, they can stay in this that in his home state. that would get them somewhere in
7:12 am
terms of stopping trump. race, and hopefully do well in but to have the kind of momentum and to get the kind of delegate the michigan primary next week. numbers they need to stop him, it is a steep uphill climb. they need to talk about winning marco rubio winning 1 of 15 outside their home states, too. states. just minnesota caucus answers also, next week, michigan, his critics say if he can't win that's a big one. you see that poll with trump up more states he will have a tough ten points there. time going forward. technically, possibly rubio or his campaign. is preparing for the possibility cruz are within striking distance there. of a brokered convention as you need to get a win there if they are looking to stop trump. well. they need their home states but they need more. kate? >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. >> you know what, steve, i now very much in reach of keep -- in the past, all the the nomination, can he get this candidates were talking about down to two-man race at their firewalls, firewalls. tonight's debate? i don't see that there's a let's go out to halle jackson bb firewall or a spark wall or a following the senator for us. smoke wall, any kind of wall for any of these candidates when it comes to trump in the future. has the latest from his >> look where you are today in campaign. >> that's the goal for him to florida. we're talking about florida as if it's marco rubio's firewall frame this as ktwo-man and we over look the fact that competition between him and every single poll we've seen in trump. maybe layoff marco rubio, that's what i'm told by campaign aides. florida has trump leading but this idea of going after trum wp cleaning rubio's clock down a campaign sees as ultimate
7:13 am
there. a lot of the voting has taken place in florida. there's another hurdle if you're trying to catch him. yeah, if you're rubio, i'm competitor, that it will give talking about all of these other states, north carolina, if you the perception it is ted cruz don't win your home state first, and donald trump. marco rubio will try not to let forget it. that happen. that the strategy heading into >> and then there's the issue of tonight. you will see cruz talk about the trump again mentioning -- he did economy and economic issues if so this morning on "morning it is brought up by moderators. joe," he may still run as a third-party candidate. how real of a threat do you looking ahead, between now and all that all important march think that is? >> i'm not sure about him 15th date ben was just talking actually going third party and going through with that but i about, you've got closed think what the real threat there primaries. places like maine. is, look, if donald trump comes louisiana for example. where you see ted cruz compete through this primary process hard. with the most delegates and maybe doesn't get that outright majority in the primaries and then is stopped at the and he is not giving up on convention and the republican party nominates somebody who got fewer votes, fewer delegates, florida. and time, too, kate, not the maybe in a crazy scenario, someone who didn't run in the place where you think a primaries, the threat there for candidate like ted cruz would donald trump is he can throw up his arms and say the party play. he has that hard cord conservative base. screwed me over and he can tell those millions of people who have already rallied to him in part because they don't like the republican establishment, that butcy looking it bring in l
7:14 am
libertarians in maine. the republican establishment lots to watch over the next 11, just committed the ultimate crime and now you need to get 12 days before march 15th. revenge by not voting this >> halle, thanks so much. november. straight ahead, my interview >> steve kornacki, it's only with john kasich and why he says going to get more interesting. a brokered convention this thanks. good to see you, my friend. summer is a real prospect. >> sure, you, too. live at the farmer's market in a reminder, you can see mitt downtown flint michigan. romney speak at 11:30 a.m. first recorded market here in eastern time and then at 1:30, flint was in 1905. donald trump will respond. very different from what they both live right here on msnbc. have here right now. and now let's check in on fantastic food, by wait. the democrats. and safe water here. we heard from bernie sanders a more than 100 vendors from short time ago in michigan where across the state. we'll be right back. this is sheldon democrats will hold their presidential primary in five days. sanders took direct aim at hillary clinton on jobs. >> this is a criticism of secretary clinton's trade policies which have been a disaster. over the past 15 years, the whose long day setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. state of michigan has lost take tylenol or take aleve, one-third of its manufacturing the #1 recommended pain reliever jobs. the most significant reason for by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. this economic decline is our failed trade policies. back to the news.
7:15 am
...another anti-wrinkle cream >> i'm joined now by msnbc in no hurry to make anything happen. political editor mark murray and neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... nbc's luke russert who is one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. driving through lansing, visibly reduce wrinkles. michigan, aboard the campaign neutrogena®. bus. and i quit smoking with chantix. sanders is hitting clinton hard on trade. i have smoked for 30 years is that an issue resonating in and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months michigan? >> reporter: oh, it's the issue and that was amazing. here, jose. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven the economic distress that nafta to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, has caused here and bernie sanders using that to try and thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions leverage hillary clinton, talking passionately while he while taking or after stopping chantix. was on the picket line, hillary some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, was working to push forward stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history nafta, trade deals with colombia of mental health problems, and vietnam and china. which could get worse or of seizures. it's a signature issue here for don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic him and something he's talked or skin reaction to it. about during his entire if you have these, stop chantix campaign. and call your doctor right away as mark can tell you, he has a as some can be life-threatening. math problem. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, when you put in the or develop new or worse symptoms.
7:16 am
superdelegates, it doesn't seem that there's a feasible chance get medical help right away for him to capture the if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. nomination. what he can do is try to push decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. hillary clinton to the left, use caution when driving or operating machinery. show the progressive policies most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. can play well. remember, he just won -- i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> okay. so we just lost -- >> it gives him an interesting talking point. it allows him to say he has a huge african-american population in detroit. jose? >> thanks, luke. we lost you for a second. we got the gist of your commentary. mark, let's talk about that. what's the sanders campaign strategy going forward? >> jose, the strategy is to win as many delegates as possible and take this race all the way to the convention. as luke was just alluding to, right now hillary clinton has about a 600-delegate lead over bernie sanders when you add the superdelegates and it means that bernie sanders has to win 59% of
7:17 am
the remaining delegates. that's such a tough task when you look and see the way that the democrats were awarded all of their delegates by a proportional basis. the math is very difficult for bernie sanders and, as a result of that, we've seen hillary clinton make a rhetorical shift to the general election after her super tuesday night she's been focused on donald trump and the republicans. the polls show that hillary clinton is ahead in the state of michigan but, as we all know and luke was talking about, the issues of trade and jobs really resonate in the midwest, like states like michigan and ohio. >> and mark, let's talk about the issue of how he can continue his campaign. last month, he actually took in welcome back to the flint more money than hillary clinton's campaign. farmers market. so he has the money necessary. ohio governor john kasich is here in michigan trying to gain it seems as though that also momentum ahead of tuesday's michigan primary. equates to enthusiasm. new poll from the detroit free >> that's right, jose. press shows it will be an uphill
7:18 am
bernie sanders has raised a tremendous amount of money in battle for him. the months of january and gov for kasich is distance february. more than the clinton campaign. it is worth noting that the fourth with 8%. clinton campaign has more money but not emphasizing michigan as in the bank. they once did, instead focussing the sanders campaign has been on his home state of ohio. spending the money that it has been raising. in a lot of respects i would make the argument that what last tightnight i caught up wit sanders is doing is raising the amount of money to be able to go all the way to june. governor in warren, michigan. not necessarily to use that if he wins ohio, he is saying money to maximize delegate halls there could be a brokered that he's going to lose. republican convention. hillary clinton cleaned his >> hi. how are you? >> good. clock there on super tuesday but raising the money to keep going >> this this is named after my on the months ahead. >> mark murray and luke russert, son who i lost, jacob, almost nine years ago. thank you for being with me. so much ahead from florida international university in miami, one of the early voting >> you seem pensive, locations. set up right here in south thoughtful -- florida at this university. >> i'm always thoughtful. at this hour, we're setting the >> you see, this happens all the stage for one of the most time. imagine her standing up and crucial swing state primaries in the nation, just 12 days away. telling that story. you know why? it's a must-win state known for she feels safe. we like to make these events it is history of safe. and you know, people have been following this for a long time.
7:19 am
unpredictability. whatever happened to that this is not out of the blue. hanging chad thing? and just over an hour from now, >> is it why you're running? is it why you want to be former gop mitt romney is going president? >> no, i want to be president to to speak from utah, expected to get the country fixed up here. speak out against current but i also know it comes in two front-runner donald trump. all of this ahead and more on doses. get the country to work up here msnbc. staying in rhythm... and create jobs but get the it's how i try to live... american spirit renewed done how i stay active. here where we all live. >> what role would you play in a so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. brokered convention? for the nutrition you want >> i have no idea. without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... i never thought p about it. 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. >> it is a prospect now. >> yeah, i know. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i went over numbers tonight, i hadn't even really looked at all i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. of the numbers. stay strong. stay active with boost®. and but i have to win ohio. i mean, if by -- >> even then you have to this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. probably figure outweigh -- >> oh, absolutely. i would be able to move on he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres though and it would be likely we would have one of the most to cover by sundown. interesting times in cleveland we'll be with him all day as he that we've seen in modern goes back to taking tylenol. political history. yeah, i was ok, pretty cool. what role would i play? but after lunch my knee i don't know. started hurting again so...
7:20 am
more pills. abraham lincoln says, if i'm everybody's second choice and yep... another pill stop. then all of a sudden he became the choice. can i get my aleve back yet? we will see. it's a long way to go. for my pain... >> let's bring in ben ginsburg i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. again back into this conversation. ben, we just heard kasich say a brokered convention is likely if he wins ohio. earlier today he heard romney say this about it. take a listen. >> i believe we can nominate a person who can win the general election and represent the values and policies of can make anyone slow downt and pull up a seat to the table. that's why she takes the time to season her turkey to perfection, conservatism. and make stuffing from scratch. that means i would vote for marco rubio in florida and for so that you can spend time john kasich in ohio and ted cruz on what really matters. marie callender's. or whichever one of the other it's time to savor. two contenders has the best chance of beating mr. trump in a hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. given state. uh, i live right over there actually. >> kasich mentioned to me he you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. spoke with romney two days ago. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. looking at numbers yesterday. is there a grand plan going on that's weird. you want to work for ge too. here? did romney maybe reach out it hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers kasich and rubio and say, wait,
7:21 am
who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains and hospitals run better. guy webs th why don't you check your new watch guys, this is how we get there? and tell me what time >> i'm not sure about a grand i should be there. plan. but i think they are practical oh, i don't hire people. politicians so they will play to i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. their strength. again, not my call. that marco rubio in florida. john kasich in ohio. maybe ted cruz in another state. so i think it is likely that his resources dwindle with the avalanche of states coming. that they will pick certain states to stress. >> right. walk us through a brokered convention were for those of us that aren't students of this. trumps 243, cruz 220, rubio 101 and case ing 21. what does this mean? how does this play into the convention and possibility after brokered convention? >> first of all, i'm not sure it'll be a brokered convention.
7:22 am
because for the life of me, i can't figured out what brokers are left in the republican party. but it can be a contested convention. that means that no one has a majority of delegate in cleveland. if no one has majority of delegate on the ballot then 75% become unbound for the second ballot. so the process would be, at that point, that all bets are off. each and every one of the delegates who's unbound is a free agent. for better or for worse, and can be talk toyed by the florida has been a major focus other candidate. when it comes to presidential maybe even a candidate who's not elections. after all, who can forget the yet in the field could meet the nomination thresholds. hanging chad scandal which >> well you led me right to delayed the presidential this, then. election for more than a month. mitt romney looked very presidential today. you know how that worked out. saying we is not announcing a and then another snafu that led run for president. could he be the guy who end up to florida turning in their in a -- you're not calling it a presidential count four days late. brokered convention, but in an open convention? could he end up being the guy that the pick? >> it is always possible.
7:23 am
you really have to see who the quatro diez. delegates are at the convention. steve, talk to me about the they are all selected beginning later this month over three-month period. florida political world. at state conventions, and by how is it different here than probably every other state in the country? state executive committees and >> it's huge. it's long. it takes six, seven hours to get those delegates would actually out of the state. as we've been talking about for years, the demographics in this determine who a viable candidate state shift completely once you might be. >> all right. hit central nor florida. so fascinating. ben ginsburg. as john kasich said, we're heading into territory we've never been before, potentially. certainly far more democratic straight ahead, new developments and leaning left to the south. that's been the case for years. you almost have to run two surrounding the clinton campaigns. e-mailes. one focusing on the north and plus more here in flint, the other on the south. michigan. >> marco rubio voted in west this location of the farmer's miami where he served as a local market. opened three years ago. official many years ago. moving the site from hard to and to steve's point, it seems access industrial area to this as though florida is many particular downtown location across from a bus station. different states within the that has paid off. state. >> that's why it's reflective of business is up. back with more on politics of the whole country. the north is like the south, the water here in flint and the southeast is like the northeast politics of the nation after a quick break. d our
7:24 am
and a candidate like marco rubio most revolutionary feature yet. has to run a very different campaign than a candidate like donald trump. you have to pick your places where you won't let the other a car that can see trouble person run up your score and you try to run up your own score. and stop itself to avoid it. so marco rubio has to clean up when the insurance institute for highway safety or else he doesn't really have a tested front crash prevention shot. >> and you have to maintain your nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. message. you can't be flip-flopping all not toyota. not ford or any other brand. over the place. you've got to deliver a subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. different way in the south than in the north. >> so for those following this i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. for decades and puerto rico, i'm if you're totally blind, going to go to puerto rico, you may also be struggling with non-24. that's not thinking of the island which we all love. calling 844-844-2424. >> no. >> but it's orlando. or visit it's the i-4 corridor, right? >> and mostly made up of that hispanic population is puerto rican leaning left. we talk about it when november rolls around. >> but maybe not in the primary. >> i think these candidates are about to spend millions and millions of dollars hitting these different cities and they are going to spend a chunk of
7:25 am
their money on that. >> let's look at the demographics. they are constantly changing in our state. right? this is as of 2014. white, 55.8%. black, 16.8%. hispanic, 24.1%. that is according to the census. how do you think that this demographic is going to play, not only for the republicans but also for the democrats? >> i have not seen a big presence for bernie sanders. >> i have not either. have you? >> i've seen a couple tv ads but that's about it. >> so i think hillary clinton feels pretty good about florida. she's got a lot of support down here, especially donors in south florida to palm beach. she gave a speech about cuba here at florida international university where she backed president obama's cuba policy. we haven't seen bernie sanders here at all. >> a lot of people may not remember the fact that bernie sanders talked about a political
7:26 am
revolution and a socialist in places like south florida where there is a large cuban exile population and a lot of people from latin america, not only from latin america but throughout the world that are here, they hear those words and hear connotations. >> they really like hearing about universal health care and public education. it's hard to get past the rhetoric. you hear political revolution and maybe your hair gets on end for a second. you're like, wait, i've heard this before and i don't like it. >> socialism, nine letters, kind of like a four-letter word here. anytime you move to a fidel castro government, no doubt that strikes a nerve down here. >> it was important that during that town hall chuck hall and i had with the two democratic candidates, he was able to say,
7:27 am
it's not about the cuban dictatorship, it's about countries in europe, denmark, i'm thinking bernie. i love the clintons but i'm that have social policies. thinking i'm going for bernie. >> why? it's interesting because here at >> something about -- he seems fiu, for example, a lot of the genuine. >> so far i like clinton. college kids have the bernie i like how she is talking. sanders t-shirts. about helping people. >> but are they register to and she is concerned about the water. vote? >> that's the question. >> that was one of the voters we >> and will they vote. >> there are a lot of them, met here at the farmer's market though. today and right before that, the you have some of the largest campuses here. sisters who own spectacular miami-dade college, university of central florida, one of the spuds here at the market, talking about their vote on tuesday's primary. largest colleges in central we're back live from michigan at florida. it could make a huge difference. the flint farmers market. we've got both sides of the >> steve litz, patricia, thank democratic race covered today. we've got both side behind me you for joining me. now but we begin with nbc's luke are you a graduate from here? russert, following the bernie sanders campaign from lincoln, >> cane. nebraska. >> great to see you both. where sanders just wrapped up an more from the sunshine event. luke? >> yeah, hey there, kay. state, live from fiu in miami. the primary is less than two weeks away and considered a very ruckus event which is what must-win for marco rubio. he's the senator of the state bernie sanders events here on the democratic trail. but right now, at least in the now nebraska is famously a red polls, doesn't look like he's state.
7:28 am
doing too well. we'll be right back with a whole however there is a competitive lot more. >> the pundits say we're democratic caucus here on saturday. bernie sanders here in the town of lincoln at university really underdogs. trying to rally support. i'll accept that. this is a community of underdogs. this is a state of underdogs. he talked many of the same this is a country of underdogs. but we will win. themes. intertaggal health care. better infrastructure. but he did make point of attacks on hillary clinton. ♪ he came right out of the gate, keystone pipeline. slow to be against the keystone pipeline. in nebraska, a state that sued to keep it out of here, that is ♪ a big issue. he said that was better on the only those who dare... environment than hillary clinton. and brought up the iraq war drive the world forward. calling it the most important introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6. vote at a senate time on the an was on the right side of history and she was on the wrong side. but zzzquil is different have pain medicine he didn't attack her e-mails. because why would you take a pain medicine some would like him to do when all you want is good sleep? considering his delegate math is more difficult as each caucus or zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, primary hillary clinton wins makes it so. but he is still tapping into just for sleep. energy with $42 million he
7:29 am
does the smell of a freshly fill you with optimism? raised,ca kay. do you love your wireless keyboard and with the turnouts and more than certain family members? crowds. 10,000 in michigan last night. is your success due to a filing system only you understand? his folks want it continue on for as long as they can and they does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer want to go it june aep out west for their voice to be heard. give you a jolt of confidence? we'll see. if so, you may be gearcentric. >> all right. someone who knows that the right office gear luke russert with the bernie helps you do great things. sanders campaign. and there's one place that has it all. kelly o'donnell is following news about clinton's e-mail office depot officemax. gear up for great. server. kelly? >> kate, this is an issue that ugh! heartburn! is a shadow threat on the hillary clinton campaign for a no one burns on my watch! long time now. and what the washington post is try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. reporting is that a figure who they work fast and don't taste chalky. had been part of the clinton mmm...amazing. 2008 campaign and later worked i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. at state department, brian peg enjoy the relief. lee anno, i.t. tech nick and computer expert, if you will. who had been working for clinton privately for the campaign and then at state, has been given what known as immunity to answer questions from the department of justice about the security of
7:30 am
that private server in the clinton home in pork when it was there. and perhaps additional questions that might shed light on the practices of using and handling classified material on the clinton server. which again was an government server. not an official account which has been dogging secretary isn't it time to let the real you shine through? e to severe plaque psoriasis... clinton for many months as her e-mails have been coming out in introducing otezla, apremilast. batches and the justice department is revealing this. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. what is unknown is if there will it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. be any criminal inquiry here. they've been gathering fact. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. trying to assess what has taken and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement place. and by bryan peg lee anno, for routine lab monitoring. agreeing to this immunitimmunit don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. can speak freely and fill in otezla may increase the risk of depression. details. by immunity what happened before tell your doctor if you have a history of depression that, he asserted his fifth or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. amendment rights to not testify. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. so the justice department reached a deal to get his your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. testimony and that could be one side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, of the keys that would lead to
7:31 am
really having a better idea of upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, this. now what's the reaction from the clinton campaign? and if you're pregnant or planning to be. it is expect that hillary clinton herself would submit to ask your dermatologist about otezla today. questions, but it hasn't happened yet. and her spokesman calling this a positive development. >> if the report is true and if mr. peg lee anno is cooperating welcome back to msnbc live. with the justice department then we are pleased to hear that. as a matter of fact several i'm jose diaz-balart coming to you live from florida int n months earlier when house leader gowdy was seeking to talk to bryan we urged him to testify at international university. that panel as well. he didn't do so at the time but florida has gone from both republicans and democrats in all we thought he had nothing to but one of those races the fear from taking questions from winner in florida has won the the house benghazi committee because he didn't do anything white house. joining me now to talk about the wrong. high stakes for the republicans >> so i guess one of the things in advance of the march 15th that investigators will try to do through the testimony, primary is the state gop's question answers answeres with director. good to see you. how are you? bryan pegliano is how was the server used?
7:32 am
did it have maintenance in let's talk about how early proper security levels? those are the kind of questions that would likely be a part of voting is going here in south florida. it's going to be early voting that though we don't have specific details on it. everywhere on saturday but right as you know, kate, this issue now -- >> right. about the e-mail server and absentee. ballots are currently being whether anything was done cast. improperly, secretary clinton this means that kacandidates ar says it was not, so be an impact paying attention. we saw super tuesday a few days on this campaign and certainly something that republicans have used against her and would in ago, that senator marco rubio and donald trump and hillary clinton are spending time fall campaign should she become because they realize this is a very important state and since ballots are being cast, that nominee. it is not one of those issues means that decisions are being that has began away, but the made and time is running out. court process has taken a >> it's interesting because in some of the early states that considerable amount of time. we've seen, some of the -- there this could be an interesting window into new developments. have been a difference in the kate? people that have voted early, many of them have supported >> kelly o'donnell following all trump and then the ones that of that on capitol hill. voted during the election, the primary day or just before thanks so much. we will speak with the doctor who helped expose flint's changed it their minds is that dangerous lead levels. something that you look at? and an army veteran helping his >> yes. it's something unique, especially in south florida that neighbors fight back. >> our state met with the irs. we've seen here in miami-dade
7:33 am
county, a lot of republicans like to go on election day. so while absentee voting is pe we as citizens of this great increasing, we're going to see a country should not be drinking surge in folks who are actually water that they drink in third world country. 'm jess. participating come march 15th and early voting which starts on and we are the bug chicks. we're a nano-business. saturday. windows 10 really helps us >> let's talk about home state country should not be drinking senator marco rubio right now, water that they drink in third world country. the latest polls showing him trailing by trump by double digits or so. what do you think so far that hasn't been resonating? >> i think currently the playing field has been states where it's been proportional. has he been resonating? i think he has. he has been taking in delegates. however, the playing field is about to change come march 14th. this means that the candidate, senator marco rubio is making the case for this that will take 99 delegates, meaning that the other candidates will take zero. he's spending a lot of time here. his folks are familiar with his message but he's taking it at a national level, not just a
7:34 am
statewide level. we'll see how it goes. >> you're great at pivoting. i asked the question, you kind of answered it but gave us other numbers. let's ask about the puerto ricans. it's been 110 increase since the year 2000. there's very difficult financial troubles. marco rubio voted against declaring bankruptcy. how important is the puerto rican vote for the republican candidates? >> it's very essential. if you're in orlando or tampa, you'll hear the community refer to it as -- [ speaking in foreign language ] in florida. puerto ricans are very unique. the moment they establish residency here in florida or any other part of the united states, they automatically qualify to vote. >> because they are american citizens. >> they are american citizens. correct. they have that opportunity. and they are coming from a country where there is an economic crisis. being able to participate in the election, being able to hear a
7:35 am
message of economic growth is something they are very interested in. also, the puerto ricans coming over tend to be professionals, people who have gone to school and have a business. they are coming over to start here but they are coming with a foundation. they want a candidate and they want a president that can actually create opportunity in those areas for them. we're seeing the candidates making an effort to win that vote. >> always a pleasure to see you. >> thanks. gop hopefuls preparing for their debate in detroit. today's big event is mitt romney is going to be speaking live and make the case against donald when you think what does it look like? trump as the next gop is it becoming a better professor presidential nominee. will it have an impact? by being a more adventurous student? and donald trump is planning to respond. that's today at 1:30 p.m. is it one day giving your daughter eastern time. don't miss those events. the opportunity she deserves? you can see them live right here on msnbc. take a look at this shot. what are we, in february? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders south florida, the weather is great. students having a great time. of the natural world?
7:36 am
it's in march. whatever your definition of success is, right. i keep for getting. helping you pursue it, is ours. leap year. us to access information from anywhere. t-i-a-a. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. given a choice between the with the microsoft cloud we don't have leading democratic candidate and to build server rooms. the leading republican we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build candidate, i hate to say it, but and re-interpret our business. i'd almost like to give trump a this cloud helps transform business. chance. >> i like marco rubio, probably this is the microsoft cloud. my first choice. it was ben carson. he just dropped out. ted cruz, i like what he stands when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor for. donald trump, is a little bit too liberal for me. by being a more adventurous student? >> on sunday, two remaining is it one day giving your daughter democratic candidate will be here in flint, michigan for a the opportunity she deserves? debate ahead of tuesday's michigan primary. that comes as both candidates have made the water crisis here is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders in flint a signature issue. joining me now is flint resident of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, and ceo of empower, danielle helping you pursue it, is ours.
7:37 am
green. she endorsed senator sanders t-i-a-a. after meeting with the senator and his wife last month and the campaign put us in touch with you. nice it meet pup let's talk about bernie sanders here in flint. he's been here but so has hillary clinton. and the clinton campaign would say they've been here longer and sort of kept a presence here more than bernie sanders has. why are you supporting senator sand sners. >> for me, i got a call about three weeks ago to be a part after private meeting that senator sanders was putting together when he spoke in eastern michigan. so myself and about four other flint residents met with him. when i went in, they weren't looking for endorsements. he wanted to know what was going on in flint. how was it affecting citizens and what was being done with it? so that meeting is when i felt the bern. >> what sold you that made you think, this is the answer. >> the compassion he showed us. i'm talking embraced us. when we told our stories about our personal situations, pro
7:38 am
fegal circumstances. and a girl talking about her daughter and it touched him. >> you have daughters. >> i have three daughters. >> and one of them had to have three surgerieses, because of lumps under her arm, because of this water. >> she is away at college now. >> is your water drinkable now? >>. >> no. >> are you getting your pipes replaced in the new effort that start hopefully tomorrow by the city? >> they have to. they have to replace them. i have to be on that list to get them replaced. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns . it's a must. its way into your day, just like all the citizens of i hear you. flint. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks >> in terms of how the water crisis fits in on what is extraordinarily painful, happening with on tuesday and primary election, i talked to i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! voters who support bernie sanders here in flint. a lot support hillary clinton. i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered a democratic kind of town. with diabetic nerve pain. >> yes. >> what do you think either of if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain them could do for this city as president to help? in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! >> i can't speak to what hillary is planning on doing. step on up and ask your doctor but for bernie sanders, i can
7:39 am
about diabetic nerve pain. speak because when we had our tell 'em cedric sent you. meeting with him, he let us know he couldn't take my promiseprom. so what he did is promise is it's an unusually light day that he could come to flint. we get a lot of lip service from on the campaign trail. marco rubio and ted cruz are gearing up for the big debate politicians so i don't know. but he was here. tonight in detroit. they are not holding any events he spoke to all of the services today. john kasich will speak to the after packed house. media in detroit at 1:00 p.m. >> there is a lot of distrust, of politicians. eastern time. mitt romney, however, is >> yes. expected to hammer donald trump >> and the government nor in a speech less than an hour because you feel like the governor let you down. away in salt lake city. >> they let us down. then, trump is expected to we have no faith, no trust, and respond during a rally this it has to be built from the afternoon in portland, maine. ground up. >> is that part of why a sanders on the democratic side, it's all campaign is more attractive to you because he is an outsider? bernie sanders. he's holding rallies in nebraska not so much a part of the and kansas. two states holding caucuses system? >> i didn't necessarily look at it that way. there on saturday. i just know when we had that hillary clinton doesn't have any events scheduled for today. meeting, him and his wife, and clinton and sanders will be in michigan for their debate in compassion they showed. concern. he wanted all questions. flint on sunday. tony is in michigan right now we were free to talk. i talked about my mother's outside of detroit. good morning. cirques. what's the feeling on the ground there ahead of tuesday's we were angry.
7:40 am
cried, sad be, even laughed. . primary? >> good morning, jose. it was amait was amazing. i'm at little daddy's, a popular >> thank you so much. wishing your daughter the best of luck. diner close to romney's childhood home. >> thank you. we wanted to see if they share water crisis here is a big part of the debate. the trump presidency and they think trump is undignified and much of the focus was on mitt they think he's crude and they romn romney's and donald trump's words today. felt there are questions about trump's background. take a listen. talking to people in bloomfield hills, michigan. tell me about what is going on >> i think trump brings a rather there. >> we are getting snow. knee-jerk reaction to most snow in bloomfield hills. people. i think, yes, there is an this is absolutely beautiful. aversion to his connections, you romney grew up a short walk from here. this is romney countries, 40, 50 know, for one thing. you know, he's kind of got a years. we went to a cafe around the shady background, a lot of shady corner, little daddy's, try and dealings and it's been about the get a sense of what is going on ku klux klan and all of that.
7:41 am
>> so, jose, that is a with trump. and when we talked to voters bloomfield hills resident. they shared that aversion to that's one of the richest cities trump. they think he is a moderate, and richest county in all of michigan. the picture outside of this town, though, very different. take a look at the front page of intempera intemperate, crude. but here is the interesting thing. when romney was on tv, playing "the detroit free press" few on every monitor in the diner, but very few heads were turned. day, trump in control. he's up about 10% in the state among republican voters and so very few people were paying what explains that is it really comes down to economic anxiety. attention. in terms of the reaction in this if you look at the economic particular corner of figures in michigan, they look republicans, way on to the bring pretty good. someone in, leo savoy. it's 5%, on par with the national figures. i was looking at census data he is in charge of the tops and this morning and if you go back firemen. you're a republican? >> correct. 30 years, it's a much different picture. in 1980, the average young >> how do you feel about seeing worker in michigan was making the infighting between romney more per capita than anywhere and trump? >> biggest problem that you have else in the country. is whoever the nominee is going fast forward to today, those to be, he has it o get along earnings are down 25%. with people. i don't see that happening with trump. just like what he did with paul it affects the old and young and ryan the other night. motivates people to go to the he is going to have to pay. polls. right now, at least statewide, you just don't do that in his donald trump appears to be the agent that republicans want, position or governor's position jose.
7:42 am
>> tony, thank you. let's not forget the situation or paterson's position. >> if he overcomes challenge in flint. from romney from cruz from you know what, i am incensed kasich, from rubio, will you that the crisis continues and, rally behind him as republican? tony, i hope that that is >> i think rally might be a something -- i know democrats have been bringing it up. strong word. but i would support him as republican. i hope republicans bring it up, too. this is a situation that day i would look to, this is the after day is continuing and selection. people's live are in threat this is the process. every single day and yet we and i think we need to support that. don't see enough of that being >> there have you it. people have their doubts here discussed. >> yeah, i think that's right, about donald trump. if he emerges as republican jose. tomorrow, almost two years after candidate, this strong hold seems like they will rally the switch in flint that led to behind it. the problems with the water, >> all right. they are finally going to dig up tony over in a different part of the first pipes, replacing the michigan. lead and getting copper lines in let's get back here now to plint and issue we have been talking there. if you hear about it tonight at about. how it plays into the political the debate, you won't hear about scene. and the director of pediatric it as a race issue. it will be about a problem with the big government. residency at herly pediatric if you hear anything about it, it will be along those lines. >> and then you have two years to wait just for the beginning of those pipes to be dealt with. hospital.
7:43 am
tony, thanks. and next to her art woodson, good to see you this morning. >> thank you. up next, what are the young former nuclear biologist and voters of florida want from chemical specialist for the u.s. their next president? army. i'm going to be speaking to a and activist here in flint. couple of young people here at thank you for stopping by. fiu here in miami. i remember what it was like to it's been great. let me start with you, doctor. we have been talking about the be young. water. i think. i'm not sure. i know i sawry sently there were samples taken and they found that about 8% of the water still has unacceptably high led levels. which sound good. and you're nodding your head no. >> no. >> how many patient are you soing who still have issues? >> every patient who drink this water or cooked with this water from april 2014 when we first switched to the flint river was impacted. so everybody was impacted. every adult, every child, everybody who lived in flint. to this day because water is not safe is ip pacted. we were we worry the most about our youngest. the young are you are, the more it impacts your development.
7:44 am
there were 10,000 kids under six. >> 10,000. >> 10,000. >> it doesn't go aby. once you're infected, it's there. >> right. but we are working our hardest to flip the story. give these children everything they need right now to limit, mitigate, really buffer the exposure. >> we were talking to the mayor yesterday and we know there is a city wide effort that is supposed to start tomorrow p start remove something of the led pipes replacing them with brand new pipes. you went ahead and were involved in something today. that i know took some people off guard. took some people by surprise. that you went out and started removing pipes in somebody's front yard. >> yes ma'am. >> why did you do that? >> so we could have him set a spark or something, they have $195 million in the budget. 55 million of that could be used for mayor weaver's fast track.
7:45 am
but they say we won't get it until october. >> the state is saying that? >> right. so we need that money right now. and you know, knowing that they can fast track it, supplement it, he is saying they don't want to do it until october. they sent e-mails during our election and changed election to put everybody on the balance et. they could track it right now. >> you're trying to send a message that this has to happen faster than what is happening so far. >> yes ma'am. they are sitting up here trying to say what we do is add 3 .5 milligram per leader to recoat pipes. you don't know the side effect. you don't know what is going on with it. it is not guarantee to work. >> that is an effort to line the we got another one. i have an orc-o-gram for an "owen." pipes so they won't leach metal into the water. that's me. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪ let me share what mayor said. ♪ she wants to change the world with you. ♪ mayor weaver understands ♪ she can program jet engines to talk and such. ♪ residents feel anxious about the ♪ her biggest weakness is she cares too much. ♪ lead service lines and are eager
7:46 am
thank you. to have them replaced. my friend really wants a job at ge. residents have always had the mine too. ♪ i'm a wise elf from a far off shire. ♪ right to replace the pipes and sanjay patel is who you should hire. ♪ thank you. seriously though, stacy went to a great school and she's really loyal. themselves but don't miss the you should give her a shot. sanjay's a team player and uh... resources. you have news with expanding medicaid. what does this mean? >> we can expand medicaid until we're back on a beautiful age 21. thursday here in miami, live these children will be el j ubl from the campus of florida for medicaid until they are 21. international university. this is a state where young this should give them the voters can really help determine medical and health services they the future of the race to the will need. it is not everything they need. white house. 20% of florida's eligible voters they need a lot of important are under the age of 30. investment in education and nutritious. but in terms of their health and they are -- boy are they a needs, it's a great start. diverse group. 25% are black. >> real quickly, if you could each ask a question of the republican candidates, what 23% latino. would that question be? what issues are most important >> why are you? to the voters when they go to >> this is not a political the polls in just under two weeks? issue. joining me this morning, a this is not a partisan issue. this is a humanitarian issue. politics and international >> my thing would be same hing professor at fiu. also, i'm joined by two of his
7:47 am
raz dr. mona said. students, a sophomore here at turning this into a political fiu and a senior who is a partisan issue. it should be a human race issue. democrat. gentlemen, thank you for being with me. and everybody should have clean doctor, let me start with you. water, affordable water. >> art woodson. thank you. how important is the young vote and doctor, thank you for being for florida? with us. >> it's very important, flint's water crisis, coming up particularly in a context where the millennials have become at tonight here in michigan. coming up from the flint farm extraordinarily significant related to the issues of jobs and repayment of loans and, most are's market. time for a quick break. n. importantly, at least in this area, the immigration issue is neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... extraordinarily important for one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. us. >> have you decided who you are it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... voting for? >> jose, thank you. what i believe is that hearing ...even deep wrinkles. from the current proposals, the "one week? that definitely works!" ideas and platforms from our rapid wrinkle repair. republican candidates, what i and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. believe is that we shouldn't neutrogena®. ever be divisive among our "see what's possible." groups. i think we're facing a significant time just for this
7:48 am
new century and from what i've or if you're young or old.are if you run everyday, no matter who you are a heart attack can happen heard, i think senator marco without warning. rubio has the best plat for and ideas for young people. if you've had a heart attack, i think definitely what we're a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. looking for is economic be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin opportunities, especially as an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. soon-to-be college graduates. i think what he's proposing is really -- >> what are the issues that you look for and what are the big subject issues that the doctor was talking about that get to your heart and when you decide, what are you looking for? what are the issues? >> what i'm looking for is a leader who will incentivize economic growth. we're in very competitive markets that have a harder time finding jobs than those who might go into different fields. what i think is that we need to incentivize our economy to keep going, to be the strongest in the world, for us to be able to properly and we've seen threats
7:49 am
and we have both isis and a current -- the current issues in the middle east that are very important. so i think that both security and economic opportunity are the key issues facing us right now. >> and you're a democrat. what are the issues you're looking at? >> personally, immigration is a staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... very passionate subject and a how i stay active. very personal -- it's -- so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. >> talk to me about who, for for the nutrition you want example, when you say issues of without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. immigration are personal. each delicious snack size drink gives you... i like to talk about that because a lot of people look at 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. numbers and talk about immigration as a numbers issue. it's about human beings, right? so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. >> it is. >> what about immigration i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. touches you? >> my family, my friends. stay strong. stay active with boost®. we have colleagues here who are ♪ undocumented and we have people like marco rubio who have been everything kids touch during cold and flu season flip-flopping on immigration. it's not just immigration. sticks with them. i care about climate change, make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. about women rights, i care about gay rights, i care about the use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs economy. i care about affordable access better than clorox. to college.
7:50 am
and, again, i can see most of trolling for a gig with can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, the republican party behind -- which controls your thumbs, i'm sorry. which control this joystick. the democratic party behind no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. that. i don't see the republican party we're creating the operating system for industry. behind any of those issues. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone >> trump is leading republicans to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. with 44% followed by rubio at 28%, cruz at 12%. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... on the other side, hillary you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. clinton is leading bernie yeah that's probably safer. sanders here 59 to 33. ok, cool. we've got just under two weeks left. is there any possibility that senator marco rubio could win his home state? >> i think it's going to be very four republican presidential difficult, especially because -- you know, looking at south hopefuls will take the stage at tonight's gop debate down in florida, we're kind of used to detroit. this will be the last chance listening to senator rubio. his name is a household name. michigan residents get it see donald trump, ted cruz, marco he's a colleague of ours, in rubio and john kasich on stage fact. but the state -- >> he's taught here at fiu? together explaining why they should be the nominee before pr >> yes. he's taught in my department. happens here on tuesday. but the real issue -- recent polls have trump leading >> how does he do? >> he does very well. his rivals by double digits in students like him very well. the great lakes state. but the real issue is the i-4 joining me from the site of the
7:51 am
corridor. debate with a preview, "time" that is going to determine the outcome of the republican vote magazine correspondent, phil elliott. thanks for being with us from and, really, when you look very, detroit. let's talk about the four up very closely at some of the there, the four up there on stage. polls, that's a demographic that do you think it's going to be three against one, or will they still -- the others aside from really favors trump at the frump go after each other? moment. so i think it's going to be a >> you know, they have tried to go after each other for the last long hall and very difficult to revert the 19 to 20-point year and it hasn't worked. we're eight point in the difference. >> before we go, how would you campaign where they've got to pile on trump or it's not going describe what south florida is and means to you? to work. >> for me, south nflorida means >> reporter: romney today talked about now donald trump would respond to him, which we saw my second home when i chose to last hour. let's take a listen to what immigrate here due to economic and family circumstances romney said earlier. stemming from my home country of >> watch, by the way, how he venezuela. i was looking for the responds to my speech today. opportunity to grow, the will he talk about our policy opportunity to be able to differences? or will he attack me with every exercise my full potential. for me, south florida is the second home away from home where imaginable low road insult? this may tell you what you need i feel culture diversity is a to know about his temperament, very important factor to stability, and suit ability to everyone who lives here. be president. i feel at home every time i'm >> so, phil, my question is, tonight, will we see the donald here. we have -- it's an honor and
7:52 am
trump that we just saw last privilege to be taught by people hour, bombastic, going after like this doctor. mitt romney or the reserved >> what does south florida mean to you? >> it's the same thing. statesman that we saw on super it's our home away from home. tuesday super tuesday? >> i've given up trying to predict what mr. trumps going to do, whatever he does is going to i'm from argentina. be fantastic television. a guy who knows how to read his audience, not only in the room but also at home watching. >> thanks for joining us. this is a very large population his audiences like him and not everyone looks like gq responding with the hurley buehrle buster. super model. he certainly did not mince words not that you don't look like, doctor, but you and i are on the responding to governor romney. this might have been best we've other side of the lectern. ever seen governor romney as a candidate and he's not even in we'll be right back with the race. >> yeah, at least not right now. some very special guests from fiu. you don't want to miss this. phil, tonight we've got the fox news hosting this debate. the first time that we've seen i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! megyn kelly in a situation with trump since the blowup. tarzan does not know where tarzan go. anything how they'll handle hey, excuse me,
7:53 am
things tonight? do you know where the waterfall is? >> megyn kelly is a pro and waterfall? responds like a pre fegsofessio. no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. she's going to come prepared to ask tough questions. it's what you do. if you want to save it never been personal for megyn fifteen percent or more kelly, it has been for on car insurance, you switch to geico. mr. trump. if she comes at him with a tough oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? question and he goes back to insulting women and her, it goes beforburning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, to what governor romney's talking about, about mr. trumps these feet served my country, carried the weight of a family, and walked a daughter down the aisle. character. but i couldn't bear my >> phil, thank you for being diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. with was from detroit. appreciate it. we'll be all watching tone. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. at a campaign event in lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain. portland, maine, donald trump from moderate to even called mitt romney's scathing severe diabetic nerve pain. comments irrelevant. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions joining me in flint with more, you saw the "time" magazine or suicidal thoughts or actions. cover, that's their cover, jacob tell your doctor right away if you have these, rascon with me. new or worsening depression, we saw the cover of time nag or unusual changes in mood or behavior. design of you've been covering or swelling, trouble breathing, donald trump for weeks on the rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, road talking to supporters. tired feeling or blurry vision. tell me what you hear and what common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, you've sensed.
7:54 am
weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. you put a video on facebook page that's fascinating. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. you get a sense for the crowd don't drive or use machinery behind him. >> talking about romney, if until you know how lyrica affects you. anything, what romney said is those who have had a drug or alcohol problem going to strengthen the resolve of his core voters. may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. that's part of the pitch. that was the campaign. some talk about donald trump and my biggest reason to walk calls me grandpa. hijacking the republican party. ask your doctor about lyrica. that was always sort of the plan. he was the outsider, he was going to come in, get big turnout. and those who we meet, many of them have decided, and decide long ago, if you look at the exit polls, as well, they decided most of them weeks before super tuesday primaries who they were going to vote for and they didn't waiver. we don't expect this to change that core group. >> you don't run into a lot of undecided people at trump events? >> occasionally we do. we have run into people who say they voted obama, for example, or democrat before, and they were coming to test it out. mostly, though, they have decided 9 out of 10 people
7:55 am
talked to, 19 out of 20, have decided donald trump is their guy. >> what do they say as far as issues? i've noticed -- i haven't talked to as many trump supporters as you have, but sometimes they don't know what the issue or policy is that they support, it's a feeling, it's more of a like the guy. >> right. they don't shy away. many point out i like his stance on immigration, i've been waiting for somebody in this strong on immigration. mostly they simply say, i've never heard a politician talk like that about washington and who doesn't take any money from washington. this is the type of nonpolitician politician that i've been waiting for, and they don't mind saying that they can't list off all of his policies and go into detail what he means by how he's going to turn around this or that. >> jacob rascon, great to see you in person. . we've been in different cities as we wrap up this hour on the last couple of weeks. msnbc live from fiu, i just want >> thank you. >> i put your facebook video up
7:56 am
to ask some of the wonderful students that are here, how many on my page, too. of you have already voted, early it's an interesting over time voting? one person? how many of you are going to look. >> you get so many young people. vote? really? let's see you raise a hand for fascinating how many young people, and more diverse crowd. who is going to vote republican. >> than you might expect. who is going to vote democrat? >> thanks, good to see you. okay. that's good. and who loves the mascot at fiu? live from the food court in the flint farmer's market. that we can agree on and the i want to thank our hosts at cheer, which is always this facility, all of the vendor important. thank you guys for being with whose made a point of giving us me. so nice to be with all of you food all day long. and thank you for the privilege of your time. delicious stuff. we'll see you tomorrow from fiu. until then, take care. steve cokornacki picks up covere after this.
7:57 am
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with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. or if you're young or old.are if you run everyday, no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, good morning, everyone. a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. i'm tamron hall coming to you be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. from new york. bayer aspirin. we are following big breaking news from the political world. mitt romney is just a few
8:00 am
minutes away from delivering what is being billed as an address on the state of the good afternoon, i'm steve kornacki, back in new york. presidential 2016. excerpts of this race we've received of romney's speech read today, an intensely bitter and highly public fight playing out more like an anti-donald trump between the last republican candidate for president and possibly the next one. roast. he will say, "donald trump is a >> here's what i know, donald phony, a fraud, his promises are trump is a phony, a fraud, his as worthless as a degree from trump university. he's playing the american public promises are as worthless as a for suckers. degree from trump university. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy >> so with mitt i wanted to tell hat." you he came out, it was very romney is also expected to say nasty. i thought he was a better person donald trump admires -- says he than that. i did help him, i raised money admires vladimir putin while for his campaign. he's called george w. bush a he asked me to make robocalls. liar. that is a twisted example of i made mix robocalls. every single place i made the evil trumping good." and already, as you can expect, robocall, he won, north carolina, six different places. donald trump has responded. you help somebody, and then he turns. >> now, it was mitt romney who got this start the this morning. he gave what he was describing as a major speech to eviscerate >> he failed at his campaign and trump on every level.
8:01 am
it was a horribly run campaign. he went after trumps character, his business, political republicans didn't even go out to vote. prospects. here's a bit more of what mitt that was an election that should romney had to say. have been run by the republicans. >> but you say, wait, wait, that was a catastrophe. wait, isn't he a huge business success? doesn't he know what he's talking about? no, he isn't. and no, he didn't. think of donald trump's personal qualities, the bullying, the >> it's my honor and privilege to endorse mitt romney. greed, the showing off, the misogyny, the absurd third-grade >> there are some things you can't imagine happening in your life. this is one of them. theatrics. >> and nbc's rehema ellis in being in donald trump's magnificent hotel and having his endorsement is a delight. portland, maine, maine holdite >> thank you, donald. cau caucus this in saturday. >> reporter: not only was i hearing it, but a roomful of [ applause ] trump supporters were hearing >> in salt lake city, mitt it, and as mitt romney said romney is scheduled to speak in during that speech that he fully about 30 minutes from now, maybe expected that donald trump would sooner than that. come back at him and blast him, romney is not expected to endorse anyone. he's not expected to say who he donald trump wasted no time in
8:02 am
doing that. just listen -- is willing to support. the candidate is still running. so the obvious question is why >> mitt is a failed candidate, he failed. make this strong stand if you're not going to stay but here is he failed horribly. and i backed mitt romney, i who i support. backed him, you can see how >> reporter: i think that's a loyal he is, he was begginger. real question right now facing the traditional republican my endorsement. i could have said, mitt, drop to establishment right now is if your knees, he would have they want to stop donald trump dropped to his knees. from getting the nomination, who is best to do that. but this is going to be a >> reporter: this crowd roared in agreement with donald trump stunning scene, about 30 minutes from now, we're in the room and with everything that he said. he said, and i quote, he called i just saw josh romney, one of mitt romney's sons here. mitt romney a disaster, a loser, it's a return to four years ago. a choke artist, and every single you have the 2012 republican time he did make one of those nominee who will, in effect, be taking direct aim at donald comments, the crowd came back in trump, the 2016 most likely agreement. some of the people i spoke to republican nominee. we have heard some of the about what romney had to say they echoed comments similar to remarks from the aides to donald trump, they called romney governor romney. he's going to attack donald a loser, he couldn't get it trump as a phony and a fraud. done. they think donald trump will be he's going to basically say that able to get it done in terms of america is being played for changing america. donald trump touched on some suckers here and that mitt familiar themes of jobs, immigration, the trade deficit, romney is going to -- and that and getting rid of common core donald trump is leaving the rest
8:03 am
of us with a lousy hat in the and every single time, the crowd situation. roared back. some people in the crowd, i this is an excerpt. should tell you, said they weren't all that happy with the "his domestic policies would way that donald trump said things, but they were absolutely lead to recession. he has neither the temperament delighted with the fact that he was saying it. nor the judgment to be president they said, in this crowd, that and personal qualities would they have wanted to hear a mean that america would cease to presidential candidate talk be a shining city on a hill." about the things that matter to them that they think other what's interesting here is the people have been ignoring. timing, as you have noted. today, donald trump did not we're barely two weeks away from disappoint them. numbers were in the hundreds in super tuesday where states like this room, donald trump said ohio and florida have win or that he quickly just in the last take all primaries. that's critical because if trump 24 hours decided that he was going to come to maine, he was doesn't win any of those states, very pleased that they were able it will definitely propel him to get the room, it holds about towards the nomination where, in 700 people, and it was full. effect, he can't be stopped from not the numbers normally securing the nomination. accustomed to seeing with trump, mitt romney recognizes that, people coming out in thousands, traditional republicans recognize that. but they came out in full force. so who has he been speaking to? there were also some hecklers. i've reached out to the folks at he was heckled about four time, the super pac that is run by a each time in traditional woman named katie packer, a fashion, donald trump said get the person out of here. senior adviser to mitt romney they were escorted out four years ago. peacefully. it was without any raucous, and she says she hasn't spoken the crowd was just in total directly to mitt romney in advance of these remarks. agreement with donald trump on she believes what he is saying every single thing that he had
8:04 am
today will be from his heart. to say tonight. he also said to them, be in tamron? >> from his heart indeed. but i want to play what donald agreement with me but also i trump, at least what his heart want you to go out and caucus and gut is telling him on how to for me on saturday. behave in the debate tonight. 23, i believe, delegates are up as you mentioned, he's expected for grabs saturday. to be taking it from all sides donald trump is taking nothing following what mitt romney will for granted, he said. do here in a few minutes. coming here, talking to people, let me play what donald trump said on the "today" show. and urging them to caucus on >> if you take a look at what's saturday. steve? >> yeah, rehema, you mentioned a caucus state, if there's one going on, i can't act overly variable in this primary season, presidential because i'm going that's given donald trump to be having people attack me trouble it's caucus stated, he's lost 3 of the 4 so far. from every side. ben carson is not there any but it sounds like, from what longer so now we'll have more time for the fight. you're describing, mitt romney coming out, former republican i will have a very, very nominee, saying everything he said today, in a way at least presidential demeanor when i win. until such time, you have to hit with trump supporters, is back. >> so he's saying he has to hit reinforcing their support for him, rather than making them back and for people that don't know, peter, this war between question it. >> reporter: you are absolutely correct. donald trump and mitt romney they said that mitt romney started on social media, couldn't get it done, so he was including romney calling on the last person to tell you the trump to release his taxes, truth that people were saying going after him on not they wanted to hear from because they echoed what donald trump disavowing his comments on david said they called mitt romney a loser and said he was a choke
8:05 am
duke on cnn. artist. so this has gone from social he could not stand up to barack obama and they didn't want to media to where we are right now. hear anything from him. >> reporter: it's clear that it almost like coming here and mitt romney doesn't think 144 characters is enough to communicate what he wants to he couldn't preach to this crowd, i should say. say. he will also attack hillary no one in this crowd said to me clinton as a failed or basically that they were going to change a candidate that believes will their support of donald trump. be a failure as president of the in fact, hearing from mitt united states. recognize the backdrop to this romney today, steve, i think it right now. remember, it was donald trump four years ago who endorsed mitt only made them more confident and determined they were going romney on that day. to continue to back donald in fact, governor romney invited trump. >> rehema ellis, thanks for him into the tent. that. we may hear more from trump in the next few hours. so perhaps the sense is that there's a big debate tonight in he's the best person to repudiate the remarks from back detroit, the first one since then where he was complementary super tuesday. nbc's katy tur covering the of donald trump to now lead him to the exits from within the trump campaign since the republican party, unclear whether it will be too little, beginning. katie, last time we had one of too late. >> let's go to nbc's hallie these debates donald trump was attacked pretty hard, both by jackson. she's joining us from detroit, ted cruz but especially by marco the site of the debate tonight. rubio, given what happened on super tuesday, given what the stakes are for both guys trying
8:06 am
it's about how many queues will to slow this trump train down, i these candidates take from mitt imagine donald trump is bracing for even more of that tonight. romney? will we see romney deliver the >> and he said that, just a first punch and then ted cruz moment ago, in maine, where rehema is, his wife told him to and marco rubio try to finish him up there? >> i can tell you that ted cruz act more presidential on stage will have donald trump tonight but he said he couldn't essentially if his crosshairs act presidential when he's taking incoming. when he talks about incoming, tonight. the campaign views this as a referring to the attacks from opponents. i think we can expect a really two-man race, essentially. and an aide told me that because of that you will see cruz really fiery debate tonight. marco rubio really doesn't have much to lose at this point. focusing on trump, more so than he only needs to gain support out there. and he needs to try and poke marco rubio because they believe he's the bigger threat, the holes in donald trump's record. his business record. person that they need to take talk about trump university, down in order to take the nomination. cruz will do this and expect him talk about not releasing his to hit the line attack that he's taxes, inheritance. been doing, which is painting these are things i'm told by the rubio campaign they're going to donald trump as simply too liberal to win the nomination. try and hit tonight. that said, that's a line that ted cruz, the same thing but not has not necessarily been going to get personal whereas effective in nominating places marco rubio's camp said if like georgia, the south, et donald trump gets personal, the senator is prepared to get cetera. the campaign believes that it is personal as well. working for them but there's a we've seen donald trump now for question as to whether or not the past nine months, he is a voters are actually feeling that
8:07 am
resonate. counterpuncher, whenever you'll also see ted cruz talk attacked he hits back hard. about the economy, economic the rubio camp certainly hoping issues given that we're here in to expose the trump campaign's detroit. that's going to be one of the lack of depth when it comes to focuses of the debate tonight as cruz looks ahead to specifically policy. we'll see if that works. as rehema noted and as we've maine and louisiana. of the primaries and the seen across the country, caucuses coming up before march whenever attack by anyone, trump 15th, tamron, those are the two supporters only dig in. where you will see the campaign going into the general election focus for now. >> hallie, thank you very much. and final states he's going to turn your eyes to nbc's gabe need to gain support, not just maintain it. the question is, are those people out there on the fence gutierrez. he's covering marco rubio's right now, are they going to be campaign here. a couple of things. specifically, as it relates to convinced by marco rubio's florida and how all of this may attacks or will they be convinced by donald trump's help marco rubio, we know that defense that he's not part of the establishment, he's not some of the polls show donald beholden to anyone, and that's trump with a sizeable lead. why the establishment is going after him so hard. now rubio is casting doubt, >> all right. gabe, on some of the polls. katy tur in detroit, michigan, he says that it's not an where the debate is going to accurate picture of what is really happening on the ground. take place. for more on state of the race, i >> reporter: that's right, want to bring in mark halperin tamron. florida is so key for the marco rubio campaign. it's really for all of the and john heilemann, "with all marbles for the marco rubio campaign. it's his home state. due respect" here on msnbc. the primary is under two weeks
8:08 am
mark, i guess we established in and they are putting a lot of resources there. however, they feel if they can rehema's report, trump pick up delegates along the way, for instance, in kansas this supporters are not go to be weekend, it's a closed caucus moved on what mitt romney said. it will make them dig in where the outsiders that may further. what the best of the party? have helped donald trump, they does mitt romney coming out and feel if they can do well in states like kansas and perhaps saying what he said, is that here in michigan, although going to lock them in against donald trump is ahead in the polls here, they feel that they donald trump? >> i think he's an important voice to try to lead a bracing can make this a long-term strategy taking on donald trump. moment for the party. they are spending time in kansas not to, as you suggested, pry tomorrow. but also the key will be tonight. as hallie was mentioning, ted trump supporters away from im. i don't think they'll be swayed cruz likely to go after donald by mitt romney. the party needs to find a way to trump but marco rubio will as well. the question is how he does it. he's been taking on trump over coalesce against trump. governor romney's statement, his financial records, trump echoed by others and three candidates in the debate down university is a big line of street from here tonight, can form an operation, with donors and activists and got to hope attack. he's portraying trump as a con voters to keep donald trump from getting majority of the artist. marco rubio talked about his delegates which everyone agrees is the only way realistically hair, his spray tan, small hands. the rubio campaign in the last currently to stop him from being the nominee. >> john, what do you think of
8:09 am
few days has really tried to that, as a strategy this divide focus their attacks on trump and and conquer thing? make it more serious as opposed kasich you win over here, rubio, to a sort of stand-up comedy you win over here, cruz you win over here. we haven't seen that played out routine. they are talking about the over the long term. controversial kkk comments and that is realistic thing? his refusal to immediately mitt romney was standing up, he wasn't saying vote for this disavow david duke in that cnn candidate, he was saying don't interview. vote for trump. and the super pacs are really >> right. well we've never seen it before, taking on trump. the rubio campaign is trying to steve, and never seen it work before or tried before. stress this delegate math and a lot of people may have written like so many things in the him off after winning just one election cycle it's state on super tuesday. unprecedented. ware seeing new things every day they say that's way premature. here and it's mind boggling. they say that this is -- we're i think that it's as good a barely past the first quarter of strategy as any that grapples the football became. there's a lot of time left. with the reality. again, tamron, as you mentioned, the reality is none of the guys are going to drop out for a florida will be crucial for the little while longer, right? marco rubio campaign. ted cruz, marco rubio, john you mentioned the endorsement of kasich all in this race through march 15th. the miami herald and they are as long as they are in the race, trying to keep building any governor romney's saying, no momentum they can ahead of this one's going to drop out, let's march 15th primary in florida. deal with that reality. >> absolutely. if that's the reality, best gabe, let me get a follow-up in, thing we can do is have people vote for the candidates in the you have some line of thought individual states where they are
8:10 am
that there will be an agreement strongest. it confronts the reality that of some sort between marco rubio there's a two-week window to stop trump and march 15th is the and ted cruz really to focus exclusively on donald trump. drop dead day. they have to beat him both in and i ask this because, for florida and ohio, i think, in example, after the chris order to keep him at this christie endorsement, ted cruz moment, if they don't do that, there's a chance trump can claim came out and he just took hits the nomination. if they beat him in both places, at everyone trying to get back fight goes. in the news cycle. 0. in that circumstance it makes so he was attacking donald sense for romney to advocate for trump. he was attacking marco rubio and being rubio in florida and kasich in ohio. >> let me ask you about the hillary clinton. debate tonight. that with all of these people john, last week obviously in the still in the race, with no one dropping out of the race, that run-up to the debate, what was being telegraphed from the rubio there may be an agreement of some sort for these two and cruz campaigns they weren't going after trump. individuals, these two senators to align themselves but for one obviously the opposite happened when they showed up. was donald trump, a sense, was night to really give a he surprised how aggressive devastating blow to donald trump. are you hearing anything like marco rubio was in that debate? are we going to see any that? >> if there is any sort of an agreement like that, i haven't adjustments by trump because of heard it from the rubio campaign. but there is this thinking that, that? yes, if the rest of the field unites and can take on donald trump and perhaps take him down not -- not sure they're hearing a peck today. on the other hand, it is in ted me. sounds like we might have lost that connection. we'll see if we can work on
8:11 am
cruz's interest here to get rid that. what is the end game for the of marco rubio and there was republicans, as this primary donald trump in his comments a process plays out? few nights ago on super tuesday joining me, senior political correspondent with the national actually praised ted cruz where review, tim alberta, also in he went after marco rubio as a lightweight. detroit where the debate's so marco rubio and ted cruz have taking place. been going back and forth the i'll ask you the same question i last few debates. was trying to ask john the question will be how much heilemann, last week the will marco rubio -- does he ignore ted cruz entirely and expectations were that marco focus his attacks on trump? rubio was going to lay off donald trump, that had been a i suspect that will be the case rather than any sort of uniting strategy before, that was the talk of what he was going to do last week. between marco rubio and ted cruz. turned out he threw everything but it remains to be seen. in the kitchen sink at donald this debate tonight should be trump. do you have a sense that that very interesting and it should be interesting how ted cruz and caught trump off guard, that rubio was that gresive and that, marco rubio interact and what happens to john kasich, this as a result, trump might make happy warrior, a four-person some adjustment or come with a surprise of his own? stage, it will be interesting to see how they interact and >> reporter: i do think that whether the other three gang up donald trump was caught, somewhat off guard last week on donald trump and how trump responds. because how could he not have does he act more presidential as he did or go after marco rubio been? we all were caught off guard. marco rubio and his team not as he has the last couple of days. >> gabe, thank you. just telegraphed that week. great reporting. michael steele and rick tyler marco rubio stayed clear of donald trump, most of the other
8:12 am
will join us. candidates he had gone after ted this is where mitt romney will come out in a few minutes now cruz, chris christie. but marco rubio has been saying and take what is, they hope since day one i'm going to make anyway, to be the fate toll blow this campaign a positive one, to the campaign of donald trump. but i do want to get you caught i'm not going to get into the mud and that's what he did in up on some news on the houston. we're going to see more of that democratic side. hillary clinton is off the tonight from rubio and from campaign trail today. senator cruz. she's choosing to prepare for i think donald trump has to anticipate that. if he doesn't, that's a sunday's debate in flint, michigan. strategic preparation on his this morning, the clinton part. but i've got to think he's campaign is responding to a new expecting it. headline regarding her e-mail >> what about the other, the wild card tonight? this is the first donald server. "the washington post" is reporting that the justice trump/megyn kelly meeting, department is granting immunity confrontation, whatever you call it, since that first debate. to bryan pagliano, the former we know what donald trump has had to say about that since state department staffer who helped set up clinton's personal then. any expectations that there will be fireworks there, or maybe e-mail server in her new york they'll both side it's in their home, citing a new law, a senior interest to not engage with each law enforcement official at "the other. >> you know, it's a great subplot. part of methinks megyn kelly, times" reports that pagliano's being the pro is going to come out of the gate and make sure there's not an elephant in the room and make light of it early immunity was cleared and he's on and get it out of the way.
8:13 am
cooperating with the doj. it's what the fox people like, noting "we urged him to cooperate back in the fall." it's not drowning out the debate action. another media subplot to keep an ari melber is here and the eye on, chris wallace versus ted cruz. they had a testy exchange on fox clinton campaign is calling on mr. pagliano to cooperate. news sunday. does ted cruz feel the need to correct the record with chris >> that's right. the clinton campaign and her wallace and go after him in a way that donald trump feels he staff from the state department has to go after megyn kelly. have always said that they have those are two undercards to cooperated at every level with this investigation. watch tonight with only four this guy is fairly low level. folks on stage. let's show you who he is. there aren't as nearly as moderators as candidates and bryan pagliano set up the that's something to keep an eye private e-mail servers and was on. >> we've come a long way of 10, paid personally by clinton to do 11 candidates on stage. the bigger picture question, we that work and then he took the expect this every four years, fifth, which is his right in when there's a presidential race, nasty thing, things get those house benghazi said, comments made that come back a few months later to haunt proceedings. a candidate. the fbi wants to talk to him but but i can't remember seeing he's not as important as the something this vitriolic as what larger classified issues and he we have seen in the republican lawyered up and said i'm not process, right down to what mitt going to and then he has gotten romney had to say about donald some kind of immunity deal, trump today. it's very personal. what trump said about romney is
8:14 am
whether it's transactional just very personal. for talking or a wider immunity is this something, how will -- deal that says even if he how will the republican party be committed some other kind of able to sort of pick up the crime that they have now pieces after this? are there going to be sort of discovered he won't be on the hook for which allows him to pieces left out there that never testify. get picked up? what are we looking at? what are the potential crimes? >> steve, i don't know that they'll be able to pick up the from a republican law enforcement perspective, people pieces. who are more critical, they frankly, i think most republicans are coming around to point out, look, there are that reality at this point. multiple different laws. it's not just mitt romney they could be broken by calling donald trump a phony and a fraud. yeah, that's notable coming from officials. former republican michael casey the 2012 nominee but marco rubio calling him a con artist. ted cruz critical of donald on this. >> there's one who says you trump personal and professional, political terms. can't put classified information this is not some recent in a nonclassified setting. development where republicans are saying things about donald that's what general petraeus was trump they might regret should he become the nominee. convicted of. we've seen two or three months there's one that says you can't worth of vitriolic, nasty expose national secrets through gross negligence. assault on donald trump and it's then there's one that says you difficult to walk that back. it's impossible to wuk that can't destroy negligent information and obstruct back. hillary clinton and her justice. campaign, if she's the nominee, there's four of them. they can air ads four, five >> mukasey saying, look, there
8:15 am
are four different laws that months until the general could come up here and that's election, don't take it from us, true. the allies of secretary clinton, take it from mitt romney, marco both within the government as rubio, ted cruz, here's what well as in the politics, they they had to say about donald trump. this is very, very convenient for the democratic party, of course at a time when they're say, look, of course those are always on the books and those having struggles of their own. if donald trump is the issues in government but no one republican nominee i don't see here has yet alleged the any way that the party will be able to magically unify around intentional leaking of any information nor the intentional him and pick up the pieces and desire to let it out of the say all is forgiven. it's not going to be that government. so everything we're talking about is operational security of simple. >> we'll be seeing that romney which, as we all know from the speech in the fall if trump is the nominee. tim alberta in detroit, thanks hacks, can come up no matter what system you set up. for that. last thing i'll note as we go here, this is one of several appreciate it. time for a quick break. investigations which is why we but next, could there be a hear about it so much. the fbi is a criminal inquiry thursday night throwdown in the motor city? looking at specifically whether federal law was violated. gop candidates left standing, as then there's the inspector we've been talk about, about to go head to head for their 11th generals saying, hey, did we debate tonight in the motor city. does donald trump have a reason mess up on any policies. to sweat? when and then there's a diplomatic youhink about success, review, hey, is there anything what does it look like? that we can do differently because we had this tragedy of is it becoming a better professor the murder of our own people in by being a more adventurous student?
8:16 am
the benghazi area. and then, of course, the is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? congressional investigations which have been seen as the most political. >> thank you very much, ari. we are waiting for former gop is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders presidential nominee mitt of the natural world? romney. he is set to deliver what's whatever your definition of success is, being billed as pretty explosive helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. speech, a tear on donald trump ♪ where he will call donald trump a phony and a fraud. everything kids touch during cold and flu season when romney begins this speech, sticks with them. we'll bring you his comments make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. live. this comes as his rivals could use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. rack up delegates over the next five days. the key races ahead and we'll also look at what donald trump says is his power, that he's brought in new people to the republican party. what are those voters worth? we'll be right back. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you.
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tonight. i work here at my namfive star auto care. republican debate stage will be least crowded one we've seen in rocklin california. a lot of thought was put into the change yet. only four republican candidates to solar and we couldn't have done it without pg&e. will be left standing on it. pg&e is very committed to clean energy. just a few hours, donald trump, working with five star auto care we looked at ted cruz, marco rubio, and john how we could make their business more energy efficient kasich will be facing off in detroit for what will be the and save them money in the long run. 11th republican presidential with solar we have saved about 85% on our energy cost. debate of the 2016 cycle. with this extreme drought we're using the savings with cruz and rubio each hoping from our solar system to save every last drop of water. to whittle it down to a if you are looking for ways to save energy, your first step is to call pg&e. one-on-one race. we've got your big debate together, we're building a better california. preview here with hallie jackson and gabe gutierrez in the motor city. halle, the last one of these, ted cruz, marco rubio, really ganged up on donald trump. same game plan tonight?
8:20 am
>> i think so. i think that's what you can expect to see. as you know, we are starting ted cruz is not necessarily off this morning with some hitting marco rubio hard. his campaign wants to go after pretty interesting breaking news. in about ten minutes from now, donald trump, draw policy contrasts, attack him on past maybe less, mitt romney is positions and try to paint him expected to take to that podium. as too liberal for the you see there's a teleprompter conservative party for the republican party. why? cruz wants to frame this as a set up, little clear boxes on two-man race, they're pointing, the side there. he's expected to tear into his campaign pointing to the donald trump and discuss the delegate count, to where they state of the republican party. are, where rubio is and trying another interesting note as mitt to make the point that it is romney will take on donald trump them and donald trump basically. for cruz, the ability to look and what he sees as a flawed past marco rubio and try to at campaign run by donald trump, he is not expected to endorse ted least diminish him on a debate cruz or marco rubio or john stage by focusing only on trump kasich who will remain in this would end up being a positive. now that said, what did we see race. so we'll continue to watch the last go-round. developments. you can probably hear a little rubio come out absolutely bit of background noise there. swinging. people have already assembled in so if marco rubio does that with donald trump you may see ted that room. cruz joining in, landing a few we'll bring you governor romney's comments as soon as he punches. but if it is a rubio/trump comes out. the clinton campaign is showdown that may change how voters and how the sort of
8:21 am
perception game moves forward, facing trouble. the democratic turnout is down steve. as far as after tonight's debate, cruz looking ahead to in nearly every state that's contests in maine, louisiana, looking at michigan, a place voted so far. where cruz campaign feels it could be strong. however, the real focus are on nationwide it's down by 30%. closed primaries where it's only the quote says here, "buried registered republicans voting. they feel like that's where they beneath mrs. clinton's have an edge over donald trump. wide-ranging and commanding >> the other question, hering victories on tuesday night were gabe, i'll bring you in on this signs of a party that has not one, the speech that mitt romney yet rallied to her call. today, blistering attack on donald trump, how that will feature into the debate tonight. ammunition for marco rubio, if ." cornell, thank you so much for he's looking for more. joining us. how does the rubio campaign >> thank you for having me. react to that today? >> listen, i had this conversation with a number of >> reporter: steve, the rubio people and i'm curious of your campaign did respond to that and said, from their communications director, they said that they were happy to see mitt romney thoughts because when there is a helping to expose donald trump general election showdown as a con man and a fraud. potentially between hillary that's some we've been hearing from marco rubio over the past clinton or bernie sanders and few days trying to label donald donald trump, do you expect trump as a con artist talking there for the to be a flood gate about his record, business record, trump university, as
8:22 am
of democratic voters to go through it? well as bankruptcies. >> i think that's dangerous now, the rubio campaign earlier thinking. today, they tweeted out a link i think democrats have to do to buzzfeed article that talked everything that they can to get about previous comments on the that obama surge. trump university blog, 11% of the electorate in 2008 supposedly made by donald trump, defending outsourcing to a were new voters. point. expect that line of attack part of the obama campaign tonight at this debate. strategy from day one was this marco rubio knows he has to go ideal that we have to change the after trump and go after him face of the electorate and make hard. the problem is with rubio, last weekend he went after him with it look more like the personal attacks with low blows, demographics that we're seeing talking about his hair, his in the country. so 11% in 2008 were new spray tan, talking about mocking his tweeting on hair force one. electorate. they were disproportionately younger and browner, looking we don't expect those attacks so like the america to come. much at tonight's debate but the and without that surge of voters rubio campaign is trying to focus on stark contrast between who never voted before, barack obama was probably not donald trump as a momny and president. so it goes back to the coalition potential marco rubio as that looks very much like john nominee. trying to make the argument nominating donald trump would be disastrous for the republican kerry's coalition, which is not party. that's the same message that a 51% coalition. mitt romney had today. the rubio campaign is trying to they have to take advantage of places like virginia, nevada, or make the case that they can handle the delegate math going forward, they can pick up delegates along the way for in florida where we're not
8:23 am
them, what will be incredibly winning white votes. if we don't see this surge of crucial march 15th primary in obama voters out, it's florida, marco rubio's home state. they have stops tomorrow in problematic. >> no voting bloc can be taken for granted but when you look at kansas, they feel they can do the lay of the land and try to well in the kansas caucus on handicap it this early, i think saturday. but they're all into florida, that's where people have that leaving it all on the table in question mark at the end in florida, marco rubio super pac, that, okay, south carolina, for conservative solutions already example, you have a strong airing ads down there attacking showing for hillary clinton donald trump about the controversial kkk comments. amongst african-american voters. in 2008, we know that black expect to hear that, those line of attacks from marco rubio, women, for example, the voting bloc that turned out somewhere hitting trump over his kkk around 96%, here you have potentially the first female comments and david duke, as well president if she can lobby or as business record, trump university and bankruptcies what marco rubio will focus on in the present her case and also on the debate. >> a lot on the table. a lot teed up for marco rubio. hispanic vote and latino vote as it will be very interesting to well. watch that showdown tonight. how do you see the party really gabe gutierrez in detroit, at this point zeroing in to make sure those key blocs show up? hallie jackson, thank you. we've talked about marco >> and understand what i'm talking about is not just the rubio, ted cruz, donald trump.
8:24 am
regular african-american or next, governor john kasich. hispanic vote. he goes on the record with kate i'm talking about the younger surge of voters that came out for barack obama. >> okay. snow about the effort to topple >> democrats have to focus on donald trump and why his home state of ohio is an absolute that because they changed the must win for him. i've been on my feel all day. electorate. listen, if the electorate is 75% i'm bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through! white, which it was in the off ride the gel wave of comfort year, the mitt romney models that had them thinking that they with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. were going to win the election they're proven to give you comfort. in 2012 actually worked. which helps you feel more energized if it's 72%, 71% where we had it ...all day long. i want what he has. in 2012, the mitt romney model, the polling model doesn't work. and the primaries on to the generals, that's fair. there are some warning signs when you got the district in virginia, you know, 30%, african-american district. 30% down and turnout in some sense right now that the obama surge electorate is sitting on the sidelines. that's a problematic problem
8:25 am
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out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. four remaining members of the presidential field, in indict, michigan tonight. the front runner if that state is donald trump. he's leading the way with 29%, cruz and rubio, neck and neck for second, ten points behind. distant third, john kasich from nearby ohio, let's bring in msnbc's kate snow in flint, michigan. you lad a chance to catch up with john kasich last night. what did he tell you? >> reporter: it's interesting, he's been spending a lot of time here in michigan and the
8:28 am
campaign said this is a focus for them, it's his neighboring state, maybe he can do well here. but now starting to pay attention to ohio, his home state. what's interesting is, if he wins ohio, potentially, if he were to sweep 66 delegates there, it's winner take all, that could lead to the crazy trolling for a gig with can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, scenario, a brokered convention. which controls your thumbs, and i had a chance last night in which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. warren, michigan to ask him about that prospect. we're creating the operating system for industry. >> so what role would you play it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. in a brokered convention? >> i have no idea. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone i never even thought about it. to get you a copy of my resume. i went -- >> it's a real prospect now. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. >> i know it's a real prospect. i win in ohio, we are likely to look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. head to something like that. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. >> reporter: kasich said if that happens, steve, it would be the most historic moment for the party in, by the way, cleveland, ohio, where he's from. it is tough. it raises so many questions. he's smart, he's sharp. he told me that two days ago he he's not going to allow bad spoke with mitt romney, he
8:29 am
things to continue to happen to refused to tell me what they spoke about, what romney's this country that we all love. so governor romney, go out and message was, but you start to get him. wonder perhaps they were talking to each other and thinking if kasich wins ohio, if rubio wins you can do it. florida, that maybe it leads up to that kind of scenario, brokered convention. >> it's interesting to watch these guys all sort of retrench to their home states. >> that was donald trump and but they happen to come from mitt romney on stage as trump gigantic home states, cruz, announced he was endorsing romney for president. texas, huge delegate, rubio, today, do i have to tell you, florida, kasich, ohio. it's a much different story. if they were winning home states romney is expected to give a and nothing else that's a blistering speech on the state significant chunk of delegates. of the race and msnbc news has kate snow, interesting received some quotes already interview, thanks for that. where he will eviscerate donald msnbc's tony decople in mitt romney's hometown, bloomfield hills michigan. it's snowing. mitt romney aiming in part his trump. joining me is the former general message today at people in michigan one of the next big counsel for the rnc and rick states to vote, his home state. what do they make of what he's tyler, political analyst and saying? former campaign spokesperson for ted cruz. ben, i'd like to start with you >> reporter: that's right, steve.
8:30 am
here. just the risk rewards of all of bloomfield hills a republican this, as we know, mr. romney is stronghold here, rich county, not going to endorse but lay out one of the richest in the state. the case against donald trump. the first thing people would it romney country for a long point to is that scene we saw play out in february 2012 and time. he went to school up the street both men were gushing over one here. we were at a diner earlier. remarkable thing happened, another. how does he erase that from the everyone we talked to before the speech said we don't like trump, memory, mitt romney? >> well, that was then and this we think he's a moderate, we think he's crude, undignified, was now. unpredictable, don't trust his four years in politics is a long background. but romney gets up, starts speaking, all of 0 the monitors time. in the diner have romney on tv romney is going to talk about but few heads are turned to pay the current race which is not the race it was four years ago. any attention to him. and afterward when we talked to >> i think we can -- yes. in one respect, then, we could republican voters for reaction they said we still don't like trump but if he becomes the say that politics four years ago nominee, we have to rally around is a lifetime but it really him. i've got something special a isn't. and those words saying donald trump, the endorsement means a lot, it feeds into the notion democratic voter, miss krause, that it's all political and fund-raiser in the area. supporter of hillary clinton. phony on both sides. actually, i'm going to have to now, if romney's right and trump stop you because i'm being told becomes the nominee, he thinks we need to go to my colleague
8:31 am
that hillary clinton is going to have a cake walk to the brian williams. nomination, do you agree with brian? >> tamron, thank you. the introduction of mitt romney that? >> i don't know if i'd been that has just started in salt lake confident but i expect hillary city at the university of utah. we are told it will just run could beat trump. i hope so. about 60 seconds and shortly i didn't think he'd get that we'll be seeing the last far. >> a democrat for trump for standard bearer of the hillary. >> a lot of republicans here, worried about trump but rally republican party. we have searched our parties and behind them but good news for the democratic contingent in political unit for a time when the former nominee has come out bloomfield hills. >> democrats for trump for hillary. cope an eye on that one. to trash, in effect, the current tony, thanks for that. front-runner and there seems to be no template for this, no and less than two weeks now president for this. for ted cruz, marco rubio, or i also asked our political unit john kasich, to get that how many people have voted for one-on-one race with trump that donald trump this time around. they've all been dreaming of. the number appears to be around will their strategies resonate 3 million, give or take, as the with voters? more on that next. primary process is still young. >> i think it is important that and has not gone very far. we stop mr. trump. >> let me put it to you this way. i'm going to spend a lot of time the hinckley institute of
8:32 am
in ohio. i bet mr. rubio will spend a lot of time in florida. politics is where the former governor of massachusetts mitt romney has chosen to talk today as tamron hall reported. some of the excerpts we've been given in advance tell us that mitt romney will be calling donald trump a phony and a fraud, saying his promises are as worthless as a degree in from trump university. in the room, we're going to have peter alexander watching who we were born 100 years ago covered mitt romney for us last time around and here is governor into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. romney. >> thank you. and what an amazing time it's been, thank you. thank you, jason and thank you decade after decade of innovation, to the hinckley institute. inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, it's good to be with you today. for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ [ applause ]
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8:35 am
korea confirm that we live in troubled and dangerous times. but if we make the right >> 12 days now, 12 days, that choices, america's future will remains for the republican be even better than our past and establishment to try to persuade voters they're better off going better than our present. with somebody other than donald trump. as their presidential nominee. on saturday, republican voters on the other hand, if we make in four states will make their choices, that includes maine, bad choices, the bright horizon where donald trump was earlier today, then the next wave of will not materialize. contests, next tuesday, march if we americans choose donald 8th, before the biggest batch in trump as our nominee, the the next few weeks, tuesday, prospects for a safe and march 15th, all-important winner prosperous future are greatly take all contests in ohio. diminished. let me explain why i say that. john kasich's home state. first, on the economy. and florida, marco rubio's home if donald trump's plans were ever implemented, the country state. teams talking to voters in both would sink into prolonged critical states start with nbc's craig melvin in john kasich's home state of ohio. recession. a few examples. he's also in cincinnati, wkrp he's proposed 35% penalties country. craig melvin, what you hearing would institute a trade war and from john kasich's people, raise prices for consumers, kill supposedly. our export jobs and lead what are you hearing? >> reporter: only steve kornacki entrepreneurs and businesses of would drop the wkrp reference.
8:36 am
all stripes to flee america. coffee emporium, downtown, his tax plan in combination with cincinnati, fantastic coffee. his refusal to reform spending the next few days here, entitlements and honestly weeks, if not months in the address spending would balloon state of ohio. the deficit and the national as you mentioned, winner take all here, in less than two debt. so even though donald trump has offered very few specific weeks, no surprise for second economic plans, what little he place. two-term governor john kasich, has said is enough to know that he would be very bad for wildly popular, fairly popular, american workers and for american families. trailing by five percentage points to donald trump. we found out that heat going to be campaigning this weekend you but you say wait, wait, wait, with former california governor he's a huge business success. doesn't he know what he's arnold schwarzenegger here on talking about? no, he isn't. and no, he doesn't. sunday. he'll be in ohio campaigning sunday. thinking here, we heard from john kasich earlier saying he's [ applause ] going to stay in this race at least until ohio. i talked to his national look, his bankruptcies have spokesperson during my hour at crushed small businesses and the 1:00 who said, if he loses ohio, men and women who worked for he's getting out. them. he inherited his business. we are talking to a number of he didn't create it. undecided voters. and whatever happened to trump we managed -- it's hard to believe there's still undecided airlines? how about trump university? voters, crystal. and then there's trump magazine. i've been watching some ads here
8:37 am
on the television over past few and trump vodka and trump steaks days, it seems like every commercial break we're seeing and trump mortgage. four, five ads. a business genius he is not. . crystal arnold undecided, voting now, not every policy that in the primary. how do you decide between donald trump has floated is bad, of course. hillary clinton and bernie he wants to repeal and replace sanders? obamacare. he wants to bring jobs home from >> i'm looking at what they say china and japan. on the issues regarding pov si but his prescriptions to do those things are flimsy at best. and also looking at the inner at the last debate, all he could remember about his health care plan was to remove insurance city, poverty, education, very boundaries between states. important subjects. successfully bringing jobs home >> especially here in cincinnati. requires serious policy and >> yes. >> last election, if you don't reforms that make america the mind me asking, who did you vote place businesses want to come, want to plant and want to grow. for? >> i usually don't share that. you can't punish business into >> okay. doing what you want. i respect that. this is what happens when you frankly, the only serious policy ask people questions on live proposals that deal with the television. what do you make of the race in broad range of national challenges we confront today general? on the republican side, we've come from ted cruz, marco rubio talked about the democrats, on and john kasich. the republican side, what do you make of that. one of these men should be our >> i would like to hear more nominee. [ applause ] of -- more concrete information on how they would address and
8:38 am
what they would do for now, i know that some people want this race to be over. they look at history and say a communities, for the community, trend like mr. trump's isn't regarding education. >> sure. going to be stopped. >> what they would do as far as, perhaps. but the rules of political you know, even within the public history have pretty much all been shredded during this school education, how we would improve that. how would they improve it. campaign. if the other candidates can find what types of monies that they some common ground, i believe we would put in the education. can nominate a person who can >> you want specific proposals. win the general election and who >> i want to hear specific will represent the values and proposals. >> we should note here that policies of conservativism. crystal arnold, if you hadn't been able to gather here, high given the current delegate selection process, that means that i vote for marco rubio in school teacher, here in cincinnati more than 40 years. florida and for john kasich in thank you so much. ohio and for ted cruz or which appreciate your time. good spot here, too. you come here often, don't you? ever one of the other two contenders has the best chance >> i do. of beating mr. trump in a given >> i can tell you are a regular. state. now, let me turn to national ste security and the safety of our steve, you're a numbers guy, homes and loved ones. ohio always very important, no republican has ever gone on to win the white house without winning ohio in a general election. mr. trump is already fueling our this time around it seems as if it's going to be more important enemies, insulting all muslims because if donald trump still
8:39 am
will keep many of them from the presumed -- he will be the fully engaging in us in the front-runner by the time this urgent fight against isis. race takes off here in a couple and for what purpose? muslim terrorists would only of weeks, but, if there's no have to lie about their religion to enter the country. clear majority by the time ohio and then what he said about -- rolls around, it takes on even more importance. on "60 minutes." if kasich, of course, comes back did you hear about this? it was about syria and isis. and wins, in ohio, that makes it has to go down as the most math extremely tricky. it could, could, end up being a ridiculous and dangerous idea of the entire campaign season. brokered convention if you have let isis take out assad, he kasich win in ohio and/or rubio said. and then we can pick up the come from behind win in florida. remnants. now, think about that. i'm sure you'll be digging into let the most dangerous terror all of that over the next few days, as you do. organization the world has ever known take over an entire >> biggi block of delegates in country? this recklessness is ohio. craig melvin, living on the air recklessness in the extreme. in cincinnati. now, donald trump tells us that appreciate it. he is very, very smart. let's head south -- i can't stop with the wkrp stuff. i'm afraid that when it comes to south, msnbc's thomas roberts in foreign policy, he is very, very the critical state of florida, where republican front-runner donald trump is leading in the polls against home state senator not smart. [ applause ] malaysi
8:40 am
marco rubio. rubio, facing do or die test march 15th. a bhig democratic race in now, i'm far from the first to florida as well. conclude that donald trump lacks the temperament to be president. >> a hot contest here. there's a storm coming in after all, this is an individual waiting to break all day. you could say before the 15th a who mocked a disabled reporter, political storm about to descend attributed a reporter's on the state of florida. and as craig was talking about the delegate, 1237 needed, donald trump is in the lead but questions to her menstrual cycle. this is delegate-rich territory who bragged about his affairs for florida. 99 delegates at stake, a closed and laces his speeches with primary for republicans and democrats coming up on the 15th, vulgarity. donald trump says he admires meaning you need to be registered as such to go and vladimir putin and at the same time calls george w. bush a cast your ballot for which candidate you like best on left liar. that is a twisted example of or the right. i was smoking to local count -- speaking to the local county trump and good. [ applause ] chairperson in the panhandle who hadn't seen much of marco rubio. the latest polling, donald trump there's a dark irony in his up by 16 points. it is the home state for marco boasts of the sexual exploits rubio. he'd like to carry this. during the vietnam war while at it means everything to his campaign. this area, they say we live in the same time, john mccain, who
8:41 am
l.a., lower alabama, a state he has mocked, was imprisoned that went to donald trump. and tortured. so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. one thing i want to pass along, dishonesty is donald trump's steve, let me put down my ipad. hallmark. he spoke about going boldly into come over here. iraq. wrong. he spoke in favor of invading i got this interesting note from a person that wanted to give us iraq. he said he saw thousands of a confession. we wrote this down. muslims in new jersey you can see it here. he said, thomas, my confession celebrating 9/11. is i'm a democrat voting for wrong. trump. i registered r for primaries so he saw no such thing. i could help hillary. i think tony had a similar group he imagined it. that he had talked to, it trump his imagination must not be folks for hillary, but not married to real power. everybody's for hillary down here. the panhandle folks, i found the president of the united states has long been the leader some feeling the bern folks. of the free world. the president and, yes, even the >> feel the bern! >> we're not getting sunburned nominees of the country's great we're getting campaign bern from parties helped define america to you guys. sarah, you you are in charge of billions of people around the panhandle for bernie. world. all of them bear the why do you think bernie's the best candidate. responsibility of being an >> bernie's best candidate example for our children and our because he has stood on his grandchildren. think of donald trump's personal platform for his entire career.
8:42 am
before that, anytime he's been in the news since 1960s he stood qualities, the bullying, the for the same things, equality, greed, the showing off, the equality for everybody, equal pay, and really just because he's never changed his stance. absurd third-grade theatrics. >> reporter: so for the you know, we've long referred to panhandle, though, there's a him as the donald. great assumption that most of he's the only person in the you guys are conservatives. entire country to whom we have so, how hard is it for you do add an article before his name find bernie folks? >> my gosh, not hard at all. and it's not because he had we met through facebook, it our attributes we add mired. group. i don't run anything. we run it together, it now, imagine your children and grassroots. we have an office, grassroots. grandchildren acting the way he does. would you welcome that? >> reporter: socialist facebook? haven't we seen what happens >> we are democratic socialists, when people in prominent positions fail the basic but honestly, people are scared responsibility of honorable of that word and that bothers me because there's a lot of conduct? we have. socialist countries in the world and it always injures our doing so much better than us in families and our country. education, health care, and watch, by the way, how he child poverty levels. responds to my speech today. honestly, i'm asamed at our child poverty level and bernie is, too. >> reporter: you think he's the best guy to go up against trump,
8:43 am
if, say, bernie makes it to the [ applause ] will he talk about what our general election and trump? >> 100%. >> reporter: why is that? policy differences or will he >> he has this plan to change attack me with every insult? this may tell you what you need the entire plat fform of how political campaigns are ran, to know about his temperament which he's already done, he's and suitability to be president. planning to change things in now, mr. trump relishes any poll washington, which is what i think the american people are trying to fight for. that reflects what he thinks of this is a revolution. and to get this many people himself. but polls are also saying he together, we came out on a whim yesterday, 30 minutes' time by will lose to hillary clinton. announcing it. we stand on the street corners think about that. on hillary clinton's watch, the twice a week and hold signs and hundreds of people beep and wave state department, when she was and hold us the peace sign. guiding it and part of the obama >> reporter: you drove an hour yesterday for us. administration, that state i can't show you the t-shirt on department watched as america's the dog. i can send you a text but it's interests were diminished at every corner of the world. interesting. she compromised our national this is a little bit of the color and the flavor that you're getting from pensacola. secrets. she disassembled to the families a really vibrant area and a lot of different political opinions. of the slain. for the last three decades, the again, dominantly an area that's clintons have lived at the intersection of money and going for donald trump but so
8:44 am
you can find these pockets of politics. trading their political influence to enrich their bernie and mind confessions for personal finances. they embody the term crony hillary. >> thomas roberts taking your true confessions in pensacola, capitalism. it disgusts the american people florida. thanks for that. remaining republican and causes them to lose faith in our political process. candidates doing all they can a person so untrustworthy and desperately trying to stop donald trump. dishonest as hillary clinton a look at the strategies they must not become president. are trying to keep him from claiming that nomination. but first, thoughts on the entire republican field from clinton campaign spokesman brian fallon. >> you know with all of the infighting you're seeing, [ applause ] discussions about whether to disavow the kkk or not, we can let the republicans to of course, a trump nomination themselves. they're doing a good job. enables her victory. and the audio and video of the infamous tapper/trump exchange on the ku klux klan will be on cable and who knows how many
8:45 am
times on social media. there are a number of people who claim that mr. trump is a con man, a fake. thank you. [ applause ] this is how lenders saw me. in my 20s, i was super irresponsible with credit cards. it was time for experian. they gave me tools let me say that again. so i could finally get serious about my credit. there's plenty of evidence that now lenders see me for who i really am... mr. trump is a con man, a fake, go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today. mr. trump has changed his positions not just over the years but over the course of the campaign. and on the ku klux klan for three days in a row. we will only really know if he's a real deal or a phony if he releases his tax return and his tape of his interview with "the new york times." i predict there are more bombshells in his tax returns. i predict that he doesn't give much, if anything, to the disabled or to our veterans. i predict that he told "the new york times" that his immigration
8:46 am
talk is just that. talk. and i predict that despite his promise to do so, first over a year ago, that he will never, ever release his tax returns. never. not the returns under audit, not even the returns that are no longer being audited. he has too much to hide. nor will he authorize the release of the tapes that he made with "the new york times." if i'm right, you'll have all of the proof you'll need to know that donald trump is indeed a phony. my school could be fast. attacking me, as he surely will, could be a blast. will not prove he's any less of can't find a single thing to wear. a phony. it's entirely in his hands to prove me wrong. will they be looking at my hair? all he has to do is release his back taxes like he promised he won't be the same without you bro. would and let us hear what he said behind closed doors to "the new york times." ♪ you know, ronald reagan used to when it's go, the new choice privileges gets you there faster. quote a scottish philosopher who and now, stay two times and you can earn a free night. predicted that democracies and book now at civilizations would not last much longer than a couple
8:47 am
hundred years and john adams it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. wrote this. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, "remember, democracy never lasts so you have peace of mind from start to finish. long. it soon wastes, exhausts and love your laxative. miralax. murders itself. there never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide." that's john adams. i believe that america has proven these dire predictions wrong for two reasons. first, we've been blessed with great presidents, with giants among us. men of character and integrity and selflessness have led our nation from the very beginning. none were perfect. each surely made mistakes. but in every case, they acted out of the desire to do what was right for america and for the cause of freedom. the second reason is because we're blessed with great people. people who at every critical
8:48 am
moment of choosing have put the interests of the country above their own. these two things are related. our presidents time and again have called on us to rise to the occasion. john f. kennedy asked us to consider what we could do for our country. lincoln drew upon the better angels of our nature to save the clear front-runner on the union. i understand the anger americans republican side but he has not guaranteed himself the feel today. nomination. here's the overall delegate in the past, our presidents have count right now. you see 325 for trump, 237 for channelled that anger and forged it into resolve, into endurance cruz, a big chunk of those for cruz coming out of one state, and high purpose and into the his home state of texas. will to defeat the enemies of rubio lagging back at 117, freedom. our anger was transformed into kasich bringing up the rear at 27. so there are certainly energy directed for good. mr. trump is directing our anger opportunities for trump's opponents if they want to stop for less than noble purposes. him, but can they take advantage of it? he creates scapegoats of muslims joining me now, republican strategist. and mexican immigrants. the conventional wisdom here, i he calls for the use of torture. think this is right, look, he calls for killing the donald trump has at least innocent children and family potential to go through the members of terrorists. primaries here, get delegates,
8:49 am
he cheers assaults on win the nomination, end it on the spot. protesters. he applauds the prospect of best hope for everybody not named donald trump, the thing we twisting the constitution to talk about never see, this open limit first amendment freedom of convention, nobody goes in with the majority of delegates. the press. this is the very brand of anger >> right. we've trained from looking about that has led other nations into two weeks ago from who can the party get around and could they the abyss. get behind one person to simply here's what i know. donald trump is a phony, a stopping donald trump and not getting behind anybody. fraud. his promises are as worthless as this is not going to be about another candidate and donald a degree from trump university. [ applause ] trump. this is only going to be about stopping donald trump. >> is that -- does that seem viable to you? i almost think, on one level, it reduces all of 0 the other candidates. it says donald trump is big enough to stand on his own and others are so small they have to band together. >> it's a very, very dangerous strategy. now, it will be interesting to >> he gets a free ride to the see what happens on tonight's white house and all we get is a debate, if marco rubio or ted cruz can really take what lousy hat. his domestic policies would lead happened with mitt romney's statement today and leap into to recession. something with donald trump and his foreign policies would make maybe make a name for themselves that way and go after him, then america and the world less safe. he has neither the temperament they're going to -- they're getting supporters, or are they
8:50 am
nor the judgment to be president and his personal qualities would going to basically go after him mean that america would cease to be a shining city on a hill. nonstop and simply try and detract people from supporting i'm convinced america has him. john kasich will take a greatness ahead ahead and this different tact and that's focused on ohio. time for choosing. god bless us to choose a nominee >> romney speech, we have more i who will make that vision a want to play. reality. thank you, and god bless you romney going into donald trump. all. thank you. >> he's not of the temperament of the stable, thoughtful person we need as leader. >> that was unambiguous from think of donald trump's personal salt lake city, the last gop qualities. the bullying, the greed, the nominee, mitt romney, really roasting donald trump, calling showing off, the misogyny, the him a bully, mysogenist, absurd third-grade theatrics. show-off who would endanger and diminish the united states. donald trump is a phony. we have a number of people watching and listening with us. a fraud. his promises are as worthless as andrea mitchell, i have searched a degree from trump university. modern political history and i cannot find an example of the >> susan, we hear every four former nominee trashing the years, you know, the candidates somebody's against, we hear current front-runner in a race people say negative things, come for president. around in the fall and endorse >> and doing so not in a political context, although the them, it's how these things work in both parties. this united states a different
8:51 am
subtexts are very obvious, level. what mitt romney said is hard for him to take back if he wants eviscerating him on every level, foreign policy, business to and donald trump wins the experience, whether he's a phony, whether he is a con man, nomination and what everybody els saying, not the stuf that his personal life, his brags, his attacks against george w. can be taken back in the fall. bush and john mccain, what he >> i'm almost certain mitt did during the vietnam war, romney will not take back a single world of what he said bragging about his marital or should donald trump be the extramarital exploits, sexual nominee of the party. exploits back in the '60s and you also heard from quite a few '70s. every single level, appealing to other senators and party conservatives by talking about influentials who have said i ronald reagan, the shining city will not support donald trump. on the hill there, and also that's a huge change. appealing to those who care every election, everybody -- about moral values, evangelicals it's how christie could endorse donald trump after everything he and others who has, as we have said, that's normal politics. seen in nevada and in the south, we are not seeing normal been going to trump. politics. he is absolutely going after the base. this is a man who is putting we're seeing a republican establishment their hair is on himself out there as the leader fire. >> how much of the republican of a republican party that is so party does he lose if he's the fractured and has no single nominee? >> who does he lose --? leader and also, by the way, >> how much? calling for voters in each start it never works out. state, in each of the big march say 100% of republicans you 15th states to go with their expect to vote for republican strength, to block trump from candidate, 100% of the democrats
8:52 am
collecting more winner take all votes, delegate votes, by voting for the democrat candidate. >> i think a significant amount. for rubio in florida, voting for i think he loses a good deal of kasich in ohio. he is basically arguing for republican women, a lot of gridlock, deadlock and i know from my own reporting that mitt republicans who also kind of think of themselves as romney is putting himself out independents and they don't come there. he will never say this, but he's out and vote. plus it's going to have a huge putting himself out there as the party's alternative to donald effect on the ballot. not just in u.s. senate races trump. >> andrea mitchell, who is but state legislatures where getting ready for her own they're looking to hold control broadcast at the top of the in the republicans are hoping to hour, thanks. let's go to mark murray of our keep control like in new york, political unit. for example. mark, i watched you with chuck >> people say we haven't seen something like this in politics todd last night kind of taking us on a tour of the country, at maybe barry goldwater, 1964, the least the remaining gop primary prospect of a party splitting in states, and with that in mind, front of our eyes. >> this has never been done. who else can say what mitt yes, it can, and it probably romney just said? will. >> may be happening as we speak. is there anyone else close to him in stature and does this do here's hampton pearson. the cnbc market wrap. any good for his cause? >> we had markets closing up >> yeah, brian, no one really again today. other than maybe george w. bush dow jumping by 45 points. and of course, we saw the former president bush weigh in on his s&p gaining 7 and the nasdaq up brother's behalf. by 4.
8:53 am
but what has been extraordinary that is it from cnbc, first in about this entire election business worldwide. does it season is that you look at the ook ? is it becoming a better professor very beginning when there weren't three establishment favorites on the republican by being a more adventurous student? side. you had jeb bush, he is no is it one day giving your daughter longer in the race. you had scott walker, he's no longer in the race. the opportunity she deserves? you had marco rubio who is sitting in a disappointing third in delegates. is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders if you are establishment republicans you might feel there is no one else to go and be able of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, to attack donald trump. so that is maybe the best way to helping you pursue it, is ours. understand mitt romney and his t-i-a-a. spooch today. there is no jeb bush or george i'm bushed! i've been on my feel alyea me too. w. bush who will weigh in. excuse me...coming through! marco rubio is in third place. ride the gel wave of comfort it is time for me to take up the with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. mantle. they're proven to give you comfort. the problem mitt romney might end up having is he almost which helps you feel more energized epitomizes what donald trump is ...all day long. i want what he has. campaigning against, the wall street interests that are hi i'm kristie. and i'm jess. controlling the republican and we are the bug chicks. we're a nano-business. party. the politics as usual inside the windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. gop. what often strikes me and when kids learn to be brave and curious you look at the exit polls of and all kids speak the language of bug. the states where donald trump has won so far, he does very "hey cortana, find my katydid video."
8:54 am
well among republican voters who end up saying they feel betrayed oh! this is so good. by their politicians. if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis. so it will be interesting to see just sketch it on the scre. if mitt romney's tough i don't have a touch screen on my mac, i'm jealous of that. broadside, and there were many, you put a big bug in a kids hands many tough critiques in his remarks, whether the people who and change their world view. have been voting for donald [ laugh ] trump over the past few weeks now, whether that really matters to them. >> to your last point there, this is your life's work and you have studied this cycle so i think we should've taken a tarzan know where tarzan go! closely. i'm reminded of the sticks and tarzan does not know where tarzan go. stones argument when we were in hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? school. this kind of criticism has not waterfall? mattered to donald trump's no, me tarzan, backers in what we have called a king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? movement this election cycle. if you're a couple, you fight over directions. >> that's right. it's what you do. and that movement has brought in if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, so many republican voters where you switch to geico. they are shattering voter oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? turnout that we have seen in past primary cycles. ♪ the question is how high is everything kids touch during cold and flu season donald trump's ceiling. are the people who walk over sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. glass, who support him in contest after contest, are they use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs around 35% to 40% of the better than clorox.
8:55 am
republican electorate, are they much higher. given the size of the republican race so far, it's been five candidates, now down to four with ben carson out of the race, does donald trump, is he able to go into the mid 40s, get close to 50% in these contests or does he always -- is he always around 35% to 40% and if it is the latter, there is the opportunity for his opposition to be able to beat him in the delegate math somehow, some way to deny him the majority of the 1,237 delegates you need. but again, i don't think we are going to be able -- we will have a better idea of this in two dad, yoh no, i'll take you up to me off rthe front of the school. weeks from now on march 15th. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. >> mark murray, thank you. you don't want to be seen with your dad? let's go to peter alexander, who no, it' was in the room. this about a boy? dad! stop, please. peter of course covered mitt romney the last time around. oh, there's tracy. i'm told by a reporter in the what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] room that the heckler we heard [ car braking ] toward the end of the speech yelled "you are desperate" but bye dad! was then drowned out by chants it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. of "we love mitt." available on the newly redesigned passat. i thought governor romney looked
8:56 am
from volkswagen. older, perhaps thinner, but was invigorated by his challenge here of a take-down of donald trump. >> reporter: yeah, you're exactly right. that protester was just a mart of feet away from us. people then chanted "mitt, mitt, mitt." one person casually yelled donald trump and he was drowned out as well. there was clearly an atmosphere that felt like a campaign. people were demanding mitt romney run. i ran over to the row alongside as the governor exited the room and said only a couple feet away from him, would you run, would you re-join this race? he ignored that question. i think there were a lot of people in the party right now among the traditional and four. caitlyn jenner is weighing in on the race, she likes the establishment republicans that believe he is one of the people sound of ted cruz. best suited to if not defeat donald trump, to certainly blunt halle jackson joins us detroit. the trajectory of his efforts by this is not an endorsement perhaps trying to get on a but -- >> reporter: yeah. ballot in places like california. however, i have been having >> but, she's stopping short of conversations today with people a full endorsement but i want to very close to governor romney and they tell me despite those read you what she said in an
8:57 am
who have urged him to run, he interview published this week. continues to insist that he's not interested in doing that right now. but this was a stunning speech today. in the course of 20 minutes and she says i think he's note that mitt romney is always conservative and articulate man. i think, quote, he's an on time, unlike some evangelical christian and presidential candidates and probably one of the worst ones others that we cover, he was went it comes to transissues. there right at the half hour as promised, he referred to donald jenner talks about issues are better with democrats when it trump by name 29 times, comes to social issues. eviscerating him throughout as why support ted cruz. if we don't have a country, we you noted through the course of your conversation with andrea and mark. don't have transissues. >> peter alexander there in the we need jobs, vibrant economy and wants every transperson to room, university of utah. have a job. she talks about what in her ben ginsberg is with us, words trans ambassador to a long-time gop counsel, best president cruz trying to bring known for his role in bush v gore. higher level of issues that ben, what do you make of this, she's passionate about and talking about. interesting moment here that's it kind of opens up a new front picking up buzz online. >> interesting to see what, if vis a vis our conversation the anything, ted cruz says about other night about the stop trump it. >> reporter: no reaction from effort. >> it does. four years ago, mitt romney won the campaign yet. two-thirds of the delegates in the states that vote between now hillary clinton has no planned
8:58 am
campaign events today. the spotlight back on the and march 15th. so this was a message aimed controversy surrounding her e-mail server. directly at the voters of those "the washington post," i which cites a senior law enforcement states, whether you vote for ted cruz or marco rubio or john official, reporting that the justice department is granting kasich, he is going to his base immunity to brian pagliano, the from four years ago to get engaged, get involved and go out former state department staff wore helped set up clinton's and vote. >> do you think it works, ben? personal e-mail server in her does it have a practical effect? will it move numbers or people new york home. nbc news has not independently or their hearts? confirmed this report. >> well, it could. turn to nbc's kelly o'donnell let's remember that mitt romney following the story today. won 56% of the delegates in something dogging hillary super tuesday 2012. clinton for a while. what did we know more about the donald trump was in the mid 40s latest twist? >> reporter: one of the interesting things, steve, who on super tuesday. is brian pagliano? so the answer is a call to arms we have seen many of the top by mitt romney goes directly at officials who have been close to the image donald trump is being hillary clinton, in her inner able to give for himself. circle, freely came forward to offer testimony. mitt romney has no skin in the and at the same time, this man, game. he's not going to be a candidate which is why this message may brian pagliano had not, why? move hearts and move voters to he was able to assert his right the polls. >> ben, in the time since our not to incriminate himself, did not voluntarily cooperate. because he played a critical rather extraordinary late night
8:59 am
role with the server, hillary discussion on super tuesday clinton's i.t. guy, when she was about while we should point out in her campaign of 2008, and you weren't advocating starting then later hired at the state a campaign to do this, you were department. he no longer works there. he was responsible for managing talking us through ways that republicans could put obstacles her e-mail on this private sever in front of trump, ways that for setting up the system, and republicans could prevent him as so you could see how questions the front-runner. would perhaps go to critical have you detected any movement issues like who had access to the server, how was it set up in in the movement to do that? terms of security controls for >> i would put it in a large the content on the server, degree of fluttering of wings right now. the question is can the flock clevela move in a unified direction. classify or nonclassified. he might be a smaller figure politically, but he could be i think that's got to happen very pivotal in helping the pretty quickly if it's going to happen, but i also think the justice department fill in some picture about what they've been trump people understand the look at for quite a bit of time state by state need to organize now, was there anything the state conventions and the improperly done with respect to state executive committees, so i hillary clinton's personal e-mail server when she was believe that will be a robust secretary of state. not using a government system. discussion of democracy in many so, from what we understand, state capitols. >> you have been around a long time. pagliano has already submitted to his questions and answers. i'm looking through my notes about this speech. they have that information. whatever happened to trump we would expect that the next airlin
9:00 am
airlines, trump university, trump magazine, trump vodka, steps could include something like hillary clinton herself, trump steaks, trump mortgage. being available to answer he called him a bully, questions. she has said she's willing to do mysogenist, show-off, and he was that but it's not happened just getting started. because she's not been invited to do that yet. i have searched my memory, i this has been tracking her campaign and it is certainly an have searched the political issue that they've been pushing history of modern america, i have never seen anything like it back at. her campaign says they're and yet each day brings another pleased pagliano has cooperated. surprise and we're looking at they wanted him to do that all another gop debate tonight. along. >> this has been hounding her can you believe this is playing campaign a long time. out? >> no. you have to wonder, thinking it is extraordinary. back 2009 everybody if hillary it's certainly not like anything i have seen. there have been less than warm clinton had it to do over again, for a variety of reasons, would personal feelings between presidents and then the nominees she set up the server or say who would come after them, but i'll stick with the government server. thank you. that is going to do it for this nothing like this, vitriolic and personal and it's running both ways. >> yeah. h however msnbc live. we left less than warm a long i'm steve kornacki. "mtp daily" starts right now. time ago, and we have moved into scorched earth now. ben, always a pleasure, counselor. thank you very much for being with us. andrea, to you, the same if it's thursday, can't question. we started our conversation with believe we're saying this again,
9:01 am
you have covered a lot of campaigns. i cannot remember a precedent unprecedented fight for the soul of the republican party, 2012 for a day like the one we have nominee unloads on the 2016 just seen. >> i can't, either, because even in cases going back in history front-runner. this isn't just mitt romney playing party elder. where there was tension between he's clearly raising his hand to the former president and the say, here i am, call me went successor, the former nominee you're ready. and the successor, i can't this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. imagine anything this personal. he tried to inoculate against the attacks that are surely to come from donald trump momentarily, no doubt, saying that he will come after me, but saying will it be on the good evening. i'm chuck todd in washington. substance, will it be on the issues of how to go up against welcome to "mtp daily." isis, let's say, the other take a breath, folks. every day i think it can't get substantive issues mitt romney raised in this speech, this any stranger when it comes to trump amazing speech, and surely it won't be because it will be personal, he is saying. so take a look at that. also interesting that he raises the question, raises the bar, really, on the tax returns. we all remember what happened in 2012. tax returns were a big problem for mitt romney and when he did release them, they became something that democrats immediately pounced upon.
9:02 am
but he is saying take a look at what he does on releasing his previously audited tax returns, if not this year's tax returns and if he don't, you will know he's the phony i'm describing. all pretty amazing. as you say, it's going to play out all day on social media, on cable and then tonight in the debate. it's the first debate that he will be facing some of the questioners he has been demeaning. >> i was thinking how conditioned we are. we were monitoring donald trump's twitter account the entire time mitt romney spoke. we are apparently going to hear from donald trump again at 1:30. miles to go before we sleep and you have a whole hour-long broadcast to begin so we will let you do that. >> thanks to you and you are setting the table here, because this is extraordinary. as brian has been reporting, brian williams, peter alexander, this is unprecedented in american political history. mitt romney, the former republican presidential nominee, leading the establishment charge
9:03 am
against the current republican front-runner, donald trump even though he sought and welcomed donald trump's endorsement four years ago. romney eviscerating trump's claims to be a good businessman, calling him a phony. >> isn't he a huge business success? doesn't he know what he's talking about? no, he isn't. and no, he doesn't. his bankruptcies have crushed small businesses and the men and women who work for them. he inherited his business. he didn't create it. and whatever happened to trump airlines? how about trump university? and then there's trump magazine and trump vodka and trump steaks and trump mortgage. a business genius, he is not. >> nbc's peter alexander joins me from salt lake city right there in the room. former republican national committee communication director doug hyde joining me from washington. peter, first to you because you just did have a chance as you
9:04 am
said to brian to run over and shout a question to mitt romney. that said, we can't rule out anything anymore, because what he is talking about as ben ginsberg just described, is speaking to the voters in the states that he overwhelmingly won and that remain because you have still got 35 states have yet to vote, and although the delegates are pre-voted as mark murray has so smartly described on first read, he is really only 23 delegate votes ahead of ted cruz, his closer challenger, closest challenger. >> reporter: what was really stunning for me is we saw what members of the traditional republican establishment are looking for, someone to play the role of the grown-up in the room right now. as mitt romney said, if donald trump shouldn't be the party's nominee, who should it be. he didn't endorse any of the other candidates and there, the strategy is unclear, how they go forward. i ran over to try to speak with the governor briefly as he was
9:05 am
crowded around by supporters in this salt lake city room at the university of utah, i asked him if he would run under any circumstance. i yelled it a couple times. it was clear he could hear me but of course, he exited the room with no answer. so that remains unanswered. not just what he shall do, but what the party more broadly will do going forward. but as you have been talking about, this was what was so striking here today, he hammered donald trump over his domestic policies, over his foreign policies and over his personal qualities, referring to him as a bully, a mysogenist, show-off, fraud and phony and the absurdity as mitt romney described it of his third great theatrics. this was a stunning environment to see a 2012 party nominee attack the man who is at this time poised and positioned best to be the 2016 nominee for the republican party. but this room, there were multiple standing ovations. it was home turf for governor romney. the question what is if any impact in this anti-establishment campaign climate we are in right now,
9:06 am
having a man who in effect represents as a symbol of the establishment, attack the outsider will really make. >> i think the best argument he may have made to those who would still stick with trump and have loyalty to trump is the argument about hillary clinton, because if there's anyone that they worry about more than the establishment, it's a clinton presidency. so speaking to that, and going after hillary clinton as smartly in terms of going after her vulnerabilities, her political vulnerabilities as he did today, that seems to be an argument. doug, also, his friction with the speaker of the house. here you have paul ryan coming to the party's rescue reluctantly, succeeding john boehner as speaker, and yet being attacked by donald trump when he took on trump. we heard from the speaker today. he said he wasn't getting involved in politics but when someone attacks conservative principles, he felt he had to respond. what is the likely reaction from republicans who are worried about a trump presidency?
9:07 am
>> well, obviously the attacks on paul ryan are something that won't sit well with republican voters. they like paul ryan. he's been a conservative who has fought not just over the past four years but over his entire career even as a staffer, he was fighting for conservative solutions. the speaker had to speak up because as mitt romney alluded to, these kkk comments are going to be all over the tv air waves, all over social media and you better believe that african-american media, whether print, radio or television, is going to be playing those ad nauseam to the detriment not just of the republican presidential nominee but the house and senate nominees as well. >> and peter, i know that he has ruled himself out from running and he deferred to jeb bush, who at the time everyone thought was going to be the prohibitive front-runner, but now that bush is out of it, and now that we have this gridlock and deadlock and now according to republican leaders whom i spoke to as recently as yesterday, there is disappointment with marco rubio because when he finally did take on trump he did it in a
9:08 am
schoolyard fashion and they think that that only diminished him as a potential grown-nup in the room. now that you see mitt romney stand there in contrast to what we have heard from cruz and rubio and the others, don't you think there is a scenario if there is gridlock and the contested convention possibility that you yourself so interestingly communicated on "nightly news" and in our special coverage the other night, isn't mitt romney the grown-up alternative? >> well, it's a good question. let me try to explain it in the most simple of terms. we are on a college campus while trying to give you contested conventions 101 very quickly. here's the bottom line. the traditional republicans realize they have to prevent donald trump from getting that 1237 delegates. the delegates that in effect would secure the nomination for him. if they keep him below that limit, then it potentially does go to this contested convention. this floor fight. when they get to cleveland at the convention, the majority of delegates in the first round of
9:09 am
voting have to vote for the person who their state supported so donald trump would get all the delegates who supported him. but in the second round, if no one reaches that threshold, then it's sort of up in the air. the delegates can go as they wish and the rules get to be created in the week that precedes the convention by those republican party insiders, which is to say there are no rules that would preclude the party from basically making a rule that said someone like mitt romney or paul ryan or whoever else could become their nominee, could be added as a name on the floor for consideration. obviously, it's a long shot. ben ginsberg, the super lawyer who understands this stuff better than anybody, described it as sort of a triple bank shot for a basketball metaphor here, but it does remain as a possibility. that's why we were asking governor romney about it. his son josh was in the room today. i have been speaking to people who are close to governor romney and they tell me that there has been a lot of private urging
9:10 am
that governor romney throw his name back into the hat, but i'm told that he has consistently said he doesn't mplan to or wan to. >> at this time. peter alexander, you covered him in 2012 so you know him better than anyone. you were with him every step of the way. i just would say as an observer and who spent some time with him, off camera, that i would not rule anything out this year. we have heard from john mccain who has been tweeting and put out a statement, saying that donald trump's uninformed and indeed dangerous position os national security issues have been raised by foreign defense and policy issues. we heard from a close trump advisor, the gop machine at work, classic mitt is very bitter. thank you, mitt. we are going to hear from them as well. but doug, the other point that republicans have been telling me behind the scenes is they think it's been too little, too late.
9:11 am
is it too late? you couldn't get much stronger than mitt romney's speech. >> no, and we obviously have super pacs that are really focusing on donald trump right now. look, i think it's too late because i think it should have started all the way back in the summer, when donald trump was just starting to gain steam. but these things need to happen. we will see if they work. we still have two-thirds of the way to go which is why this is important. but i think while mitt romney gave one of his strongest speeches today that he has ever given and really bookended it with the reaganite terms, one of the things i wish he would have done was prebut the trump argument that will come today and tonight. we certainly know donald trump will be talking about why was mitt romney begging for my support. i think we know donald trump will use that word. i wish romney would have prebutted that and talked about more why he saw first-hand as somebody who stood on stage with trump to prebut that argument. tough words by mitt romney but you could see donald trump using
9:12 am
this as almost giving the good kryptonite to superman. donald trump turned every attack into him as a positive. hopefully this works but we need more of it. we will see if nany of it works. >> your point is they could make a campaign ad and play mitt romney's effusive comments about donald trump four years ago against what he just said. thank you so much. republican candidates of course are going to be taking to the debate stage tonight in detroit without ben carson, of course, who has said he sees no way forward politically without technically suspending his campaign. the remaining four will make their case before the michigan primary on tuesday, where 59 delegates are up for grabs. joining me from detroit, hallie jackson following ted cruz, gabe gutierrez with the marco rubio campaign. hallie, you have reaction already from ted cruz. >> reporter: i do. moments ago from a cruz campaign aide, who says romney made a strong case for why trump should not be the nominee as ted cruz
9:13 am
has been doing for months. the aide adding we are glad more people are speaking the truth about the disaster that he would be as our candidate, saying anyone who doesn't want trump has one choice, cruz. now, this sets up, how the cruz campaign has been framing this race since super tuesday as a two-man race. and that is what you are going to see at the debate tonight from ted cruz. expect him, i'm told, to go after donald trump, to keep drawing those policy contrasts, to continue attacking him for being in the eyes of ted cruz and his team, too liberal. not so much going after marco rubio, given that the campaign believes that now it is sort of donald trump and ted cruz on top. that's how it is in the delegate count. now, the issue here is that marco rubio is still in the mix at least through florida. the rubio campaign obviously pinning their hopes on that march 15th contest. but as we look ahead to the debate tonight, i think you will see fireworks from ted cruz and i think you will continue to see the line of attack that mitt romney brought up. this idea, romney talking about trump not being a success as a
9:14 am
businessman, that's something we heard last debate, cruz and rubio talking about trump university, for example. i think you will also hear ted cruz talk about some of donald trump's past positions. the campaign really feels it's effective to try to tell voters that donald trump is not a true conservative. the caveat there, that hasn't worked in the south and places where you have that culture of conservatives in places like alabama, georgia, tennessee, places where donald trump won decisively on super tuesday. it remains to be seen whether moving forward, voters will begin to be swayed by that. >> exactly. gabe gutierrez, marco rubio, many feel that he blew his chance because when he finally went after trump, went after him in a schoolyard taunting way without getting to the substance, trump university, these other businesses issues, are the better ways to go after trump. what are donors saying after his somewhat disappointing results from super tuesday, winning only minnesota? >> reporter: well, hey, andrea. as you mention, marco rubio after weeks of donors and people in the republican party wanting
9:15 am
him to go after donald trump, he started going after him at the debate last week, and through the weekend as you mentioned, had these schoolyard insults, that he really shifted away from in the last few days. he really tried to go after donald trump in a more serious manner, less stand-up type of manner the last few days. we expect more of that from marco rubio at the debate tonight, going after trump over trump university, over his finances, some of the things you heard mitt romney mention in his speech. the rubio campaign feel that now it's all about the delegate math. whether they can rack up enough delegates over the next few days and especially the winner take all state of florida, that key primary on march 15th. it's interesting, they also feel they can make a play for kansas. that's a caucus state this saturday. he has now set up three events in kansas, canceling events in two other states, hoping to perhaps pick up some of the 40 delegates in kansas and they feel since that is a closed caucus that some of the other voters, the independent, outside voters that may go for donald trump since this is a closed
9:16 am
caucus, that they may be able to do well in kansas. but as we have been talking about, that march 15th primary cannot be overstated how important that is for marco rubio. he plans to be in florida this weekend, in jacksonville and miami, and his super pac, conservative solutions, is running these ads really hitting donald trump hard over the controversial comments he made regarding the kkk. so for marco rubio, his campaign says look, we are all focusing on these wins in states, he only has one, only winning minnesota, but his camp says this is a long drawn-out fight. focus on the delegates instead of the states and they say this could go all the way to a brokered convention. >> thanks so much to gabe and hallie. one final note. we should just point out that suzanna martinez, the governor of new mexico and head of the republican governors association has now endorsed marco rubio. so that is a big get for him. coming up, romney's curing trump. four years after welcoming him to the republican party. a former top romney advisor
9:17 am
joins me next right here on "andrea mitchell reports." when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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here's what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he's playing the members of the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. >> joining me now from las vegas, former republican governor of utah, michael levitt, top advisor to mitt
9:21 am
romney's 2012 campaign. thank you very much for being with us. so first of all, what did you think of mitt romney's unprecedented attack on the republican front-runner, donald trump? >> well, i think i can shed some light on why he did it. i think most of us at one time or another have had a brother or a sister or a dear friend that's on the verge of doing something that's unwise in the face of some emotions, and i think he is deeply concerned that the country is embarking on the basis of some emotions that are understandable, about to do something very unwise. i think he simply concluded he can't live with himself unless he speaks out. we have all been in that situation in different moments. that's what i think has motivated this. >> do you think that there is a scenario if this becomes a contested convention and he
9:22 am
spoke about the strategy of having voters, republicans vote for rubio in florida, for kasich in ohio, you can see how this could deny winner take all delegate numbers to donald trump and keep him below the majority he would need to get it on the first ballot. is there some scenario where he would be the republican grown-thagrown-up that the party could turn to and we say yes? >> i have heard that scenario talked about. i have spoken with him about it. he is consistent in his private conversations of what he has said publicly. i don't believe he's a candidate. i don't think he intends to be a candidate. i think he is speaking because he cares deeply about the country and believes that the country and the basis of a series of emotions that are understandable, is about to do something that is very unwise and he simply does not want to be part of not having spoken what he deeply believes and feels. >> the former republican national committee spokesman was
9:23 am
just on with us and he said the only disappointment he had in the speech was that he did not inoculate or prebut what will surely be trump's response when he talks about how only four years ago, mitt romney welcomed, in fact sought the endorsement. let's play a little bit of that. >> there are some things that you just can't imagine happening in your life. this is one of them. being in donald trump's magnificent hotel and having his endorsement is a delight. donald trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works, to create jobs for the american people. it means a great deal to me to have the endorsement of mr. trump and people across this country who care about the future of america. >> that was right there in las vegas four years ago, where you are today. how will he explain that? >> ironically, i was there on the day that happened, and i will tell you that donald trump's going to have to explain the nice things he said about mitt romney, too. it was a political setting where
9:24 am
mr. trump was endorsing the presidential nominee and it was a gracious thing to say nice things about him in that setting, but i think we all know donald trump a little better now than we did then. we know different things about him and we know, we are in a position where we are talking not about him being the endorser of someone but actually becoming president of the united states. i think that is what has caused mitt romney to feel a need to say this. >> could this backfire? could this backfire with republicans who have been rejecting the so-called establishment, voting for trump in anger, in rejection of the past, so could mitt romney be the wrong vehicle to make this basic indictment, if you will, political indictment against donald trump? >> i suspect that that's a possibility. but that's the same possibility we all face when we deal with someone that we care about who is about to do something really unwise. there is always the risk that we are going to make them unhappy
9:25 am
and make them mad and they will do it even more because of that. it doesn't make it wise, it doesn't make it right that they do that. it's always a possibility. this was a heart-felt and i think personal desire to feel good about the fact that he did not sit by while the country did something he concludes is not in the country's interest. >> governor, thank you very much. thanks for being with us. what a day in american politics indeed. coming up, the state department staffer who set up hillary clinton's e-mail server at her home was granted immunity by the fbi. the clinton campaign responds next. plus, bernie sanders' wife and top advisor joining me later here on "andrea mitchell reports." at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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welcome back. today a major development on the democratic side in the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. according to the washington post, the justice department has granted immunity to the former state department staffer and campaign aide who set up the server at her home and worked on clinton's 2008 campaign as well. msnbc has not independently confirmed this report. joining me is the national press secretary for the clinton campaign. thank you very much. i know that this is all fbi information and they are protecting zealously against any further leaks, but what is your reaction to bryan pagliano having been given immunity so he can tell everything he knows to the fbi? >> well, if the report is true and if mr. pagliano is cooperating with the justice department, then we are very pleased to hear that. as a matter of fact, several
9:30 am
months earlier, when trey gowdy was seeking to talk to bryan, we urged him to talk before that committee as well. he didn't do so at the time but we thought he had nothing to fear from taking questions from the house benghazi committee because he didn't do anything wrong. so we are glad to see that he's apparently cooperating with the justice department review. and i think that a lot has been made, too much has been made n fact, i think it's being misinterpreted that he has sought immunity. lawyers very frequently will advise their clients to do that out of an abundance of caution to preserve all their legal options. it doesn't at all tell you that they believe their client did anything wrong. bryan didn't and if you look at the reports today from the "washington post" and "new york times" what the justice department is looking at is the e-mails that were sent and bryan didn't have anything to do with that. bryan's job was to set up the server in the first place and
9:31 am
then to maintain it for a few years after, but in terms of this question of whether any sensitive information was e-mailed, bryan i suspect would have very little to say on that. so that's how we know that he's totally in the clear in terms of his ability to go and answer any questions that either the house benghazi committee had last fall or the justice department. >> he can certainly speak to the level of security that the private server had on a technical basis. and also to whom he communicated with and according to a former republican, i should point out republican attorney general and obviously judge and lawyer as well, there is logical jeopardy, put in some format that can be communicated. there is potential legal jeopardy for staffers or even for the former secretary of state herself. >> with all due respect to the
9:32 am
former attorney general, he was an advisor to the jeb bush campaign until that campaign recently folded and what he's saying just isn't right. if lu at what's happening with the e-mails belonging to hillary clinton, it is true that there have been several that have been subjected to after the fact classifications but that is routine when it comes to preparing materials for public release. there is a very low threshold for determining to hold things back when it's being prepared for public release. in the last several weeks we have learned that personal e-mails sent by colin powell, or her predecessor, were also subject to classification after the fact. he complained, called it an absurdity because he believed the information at issue had no reason to be classified but they did it anyway. same thing happened to top aides to condoleezza rice and to dennis rice, long-time mideast advisor and very respected diplomat who had his materials redacted even though the same
9:33 am
materials were cleared for publication in his book. so we are confident that if the justice department review is allowed to proceed without any more political interference from the sidelines, they will conclude nothing at all inappropriate occurred and we actually viewed it as a potentially positive development what we read in the stories today because the "new york times" was reporting that the justice department is perhaps on pace to conclude its review as soon as early may, six to eight weeks from now. if that's true, that would be great news and we are happy to cooperate in every way to help them complete their work, including by having hillary clinton herself answer questions. she actually offered that last august, several months ago she said if there was anything she could do, any questions she could answer that would help them complete their work she was more than happy to meet them any time, anywhere, and that offer respects on the table. they haven't taken us up on it yet. according to the reports, they may and that may indicate they are in the final stages and that would be very good news. >> we are just being very clear that she will testify under oath
9:34 am
to the justice department and testify in full because clearly, should she not, that would create a whole other political issue. >> she is willing to answer any questions they have for her and she offered that back in august. it's not surprising i guess that they haven't taken us up on it yet because an interview of this kind would probably be something they would want to do near the tail end. so according to the reports today in both the "post" and the "times" they are getting ready to want to ask her to come answer some questions and that i think is a signal perhaps that they are nearing the end and she is more than willing to do that whenever they take her up on her offer. >> perhaps overlooked in all of the attention being paid to mitt romney going after donald trump is what he also said about hillary clinton. let me play a little bit of that. >> for the last three decades, the clintons have lived at the intersection of money and politics, trading their political influence to enrich their personal finances. they embody the term crony
9:35 am
capitalism. it disgusts the american people and causes them to lose faith in our political process. a person so untrust worthy and dishonest as hillary clinton must not become president. >> do you have any response to that? >> i think mitt romney felt a little bit come ppelled to take nudge at hillary clinton since he was delivering a broadside to the republican front-runner. we are focused on our primary campaign. senator sanders made clear he's not going anywhere despite the commanding delegate lead we took after super tuesday. we have a couple debates in the next week. we are focused on building our delegate lead to help clinch the nomination. there is plenty of time to focus on whoever the republican nominee is. and you know, with all the in-fighting you are seeing, discussions about whether to disavow the kkk, we can lt tet republicans to themselves. they are doing a pretty good job of having a circular firing squad over there. >> thanks for being with us today. coming up, the trump train.
9:36 am
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on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? donald trump says he admires vladimir putin. at the same time he's called george w. bush a liar. that is a twisted example of evil trumping good. there's a dark irony in his boasts of his sexual exploits during the vietnam war. while at the same time, john mccain, whom he has mocked, was imprisoned and tortured. >> mitt romney on the attack only moments ago trying to stop donald trump from running away with the republican nomination. but is the republican establishment's attempt to derail trump too little, too late? what will the reaction be from his supporters? joining me for our daily fix,
9:40 am
"the washington post" editorial columnist ruth marcus and mark murray. first to you, mark. you smartly pointed out that donald trump is ahead of ted cruz only by 23 delegates so far. of course, winner take all march 15th could make a huge difference. that's partly why you saw mitt romney talking about voters in florida, go for marco rubio. voters in ohio, go for john kasich. he is basically talking about preventing donald trump from getting to the magic number on the first ballot. >> absolutely. if you want to stop donald trump, you have 12 days to do so. it's worth noting donald trump's ahead by 23 delegates just the super tuesday haul. overall it's about 100 delegates over ted cruz but it is still doable. that is not insurmountable for ted cruz or even marco rubio, particularly when you get to the winner take all contests. but you just talked about how mitt romney was almost laying out the non-aggression pact that chuck todd has been talking about the last two days. what does that do?
9:41 am
that assures a contested convention. there's going to be one or two outcomes. it will either be donald trump will be the nominee, we will know about that in the next month or so, or it is going to be chaos in cleveland and mitt romney seemed to be saying hey, let's go for chaos over donald trump. >> who does that favor? that favors someone who perhaps is not even in the game right now even though -- >> it probably favors the democrats. >> also favors the nominee coming from this other category of mitt romney, paul ryan and someone else. >> who could that be, one wonders. >> ruth, i want to ask you as the harvard lawyer that i know you are and -- >> don't embarrass me there. >> someone who knows a lot about the e-mail issue and what the vulnerabilities may be. a lot has been written and said about what this could be, what it isn't. brian fallon just on said we are pleased and offered to testify. clearly they have to interview her. there's no question. they can't coming from this administration, no matter what you think about james comey, the fbi, loretta lynch, the attorney general, they both said they are
9:42 am
going to be in charge of how this is handled at that level. she's a former cabinet secretary, if she weren't the democratic front-runner. they have to question her. they can't shut this down without asking her questions. >> you would think that they would want to question her but they would not want to question her at the start. you want to build your case or not case, but you want to proceed methodically from the ground up and that's why it's important and actually good news for the clinton campaign that the lower level person is being given immunity. that moves a barrier. he can now be questioned. you move up, you question, i continue to be very, very skeptical of the notion at the end of the day whether or not there are arguments about mishandling and less than perfect handling of classified information, about whether there is a criminal case here because the bar to a criminal case is very high and the precedents suggest that where criminal prosecution is involved, you
9:43 am
have knowing transmission of classified information and knowing misuse and mishandling of classified information and i just don't think the evidence here suggests that. >> what about improper securing of the e-mail system? >> again, whether there is, you know, if somebody were still in the government whether they would be sanctioned, whether they would be reprimanded for doing something -- >> lose their security clearance. >> that's one thing. but appropriately, this is not a partisan or idealogical thing. when you are talking about criminal prosecutions of people, you are talking about potentially sending them to prison, affecting their livelihoods, you want to have a higher standard and that higher standard is some kind of knowing misconduct. >> the political ramifications, though, when she is questioned
9:44 am
and i have no doubt she will be questioned if they do shut this down, this is a political bombshell at this stage in the nomination process. >> yes. every time this story comes up it's never good news, whether this was march of 2015 or now march 2016. they don't want to be talking about the e-mails but here's really where to me the biggest test is. the fbi at some point has to either give her a clean bill of health or there have to be charges and i think the clinton campaign, you heard this from brian fallon, we are hoping they have resolution come may but it would be an amazing outcome, almost as amazing as mitt romney today beating up on donald trump for there still to be this fbi probe, whatever you want to call it, still hanging over what looks to be the person who is going to be the democratic nominee. >> thanks very much, mark murray and ruth marcus. someone who may have a different view as to who will be the democratic nominee is bernie sanders.
9:45 am
he says he's in it until the convention for the long haul. his wife and top advisor, jane sanders, joins me next on "andrea mitchell reports." beyond natural grain free pet food is committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is always number one. we leave out poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat and soy. and, we own where our dry food is made - 100%. can other brands say all that? for grain-free nutrition you can trust, does your food go beyond? learn more at
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whose long dayis sheldon setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve,
9:48 am
the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. senator bernie sanders will be campaigning in nebraska and kansas ka did ahead of those caucuses on saturday. he won four states on super tuesday to hillary clinton's seven. though he's behind in delegates he's vowing to go all the way to the convention. joining us is his closest advisor and strategist, jane sanders. great to see you again. let's talk first of all about what your husband said at that very first debate in las vegas, no one cares about your damn e-mails. do you think that still is the case or do you think people now do care about hillary clinton's e-mails? >> well, what he said was we shouldn't be politicizing it, we shouldn't be talking about what may or may not be true, what may or may not occur, and he stands by that.
9:49 am
maybe people -- maybe more people are interested now but we're not going to make an issue out of it. we'll see what happens. >> do you think she's been transparent enough? >> i don't think he thinks about it. i think he thinks about their differences on issues like health care, him wanting to have a single payer national health care system that covers everybody without high deductible answs and high co-pas and hillary wanting to stay with the insurance-based model. he wants to have better trade deals and they have very, very big differences on that. those are the things he's talking about and thinking about. >> right now, hillary clinton has agait advantage, larger advantage over your husband than even barack obama at any point in 2008 had over hillary clinton. how do you beat that and how do
9:50 am
you stay in all the way? how do you catch up? >> well, you can catch up. the super delegates tend to follow where the states go, and we have been seeing -- the only way we are going to catch up is if people participate in the process. if you look at super tuesday, the states that bernie won were the ones with very high voter turnout and he won handily, by 10, 19, 24 points. in our home state of vermont where they know him the best, he won 100% of the delegates because secretary clinton didn't make the 15% threshold. so if people vote, we will get more -- we will win more states and get more delegates. but as you know, all of this is proportional. in massachusetts, he lost but by one percentage point. so they have essentially the same number of delegates. we will see how it all pans out but the important thing is the issues need to be talked about, the focus on the progressive
9:51 am
agenda needs to be carried out and only 15 states have voted. 35 more states need to have their voice heard. they need to weigh in on the direction of this country. >> there are some who feel that donald trump and his large lead, certainly lead in the vote gathering, is such a threat to democrats, democrats everywhere, that there should come a time where bernie sanders and hillary clinton join forces against a republican even before you get to the convention. at some point, is he going to moderate his criticism of her if she is still the front-runner? >> well, i think that what he has done is focused on the issues and i don't think anybody would doubt that he has moved the agenda of the democratic party more towards where he wanted it to go. so he hasn't -- if he was running a campaign that was the traditional politics as usual where you are demonizing your
9:52 am
opponent, you are tearing them down, you are questioning their character, then there might be a problem. but our hope is that we will continue the respectful dialogue about the issues and have there be a healthy debate. democratic voters, republican voters, deserve that. american voters want that. they want to hear a healthy debate of the issues. they want to know that their candidates are concerned about the same things that they are concerned with, whether it's health care or education or social security or keeping jobs and ending these disastrous trade policies, helping fight climate change. as long as we have a good healthy debate over the issues i think we will be even stronger and it will be a real contrast to what's happening on the republican side. >> but he made it very clear in maine that he thinks she has to release those transcripts of the goldman sachs speeches she made on wall street. >> well, i think having an
9:53 am
honest dialogue means having an honest dialogue. what are people saying, what do they really believe, what is their record. look at bernie's record, look at hillary's record. over time, not just what anybody in any campaign, not just what they are saying at the moment. it's been bernie's life's work to fight for the little guy, to help create a fairer economy, to help stand up for the people that aren't getting a fair shake, whether it's children or seniors or african-americans, latinos, whoever needs support against what might be a rigged economy and a system that is just not responsive, bernie has been there his whole life walking the picket line. so we need to have a fair and open discussion and be transparent. that's all he's saying. >> it's great to see you again. we have to leave it there until
9:54 am
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then smash it into a on a perfect car, your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. a seismic fracture in the republican party. new reaction this hour to that scathing indictment of front-runner donald trump, 2012 gop nominee mitt romney calling him a phony and a fraud and urged voters to wake up. good thursday to you. i'm craig melvin live at the coffee emporium in cincinnati, ohio. the battle for the buckeye state, one of the critical primaries on the road to the white house. the winner take all republican primary happening here in ohio in just 12 days. and a key and memorable moment in this cycle may have just happened. mitt romney's thumping of trump. >> there's plenty of evidence
10:01 am
that mr. trump is a con man, a fake. >> not to be outdone, donald trump with running reaction all day. >> mitt romney is a stiff. mitt romney will not get elected. mitt romney failed twice. in minutes, i talk to trump defender, supporter and former "apprentice" star about his latest firestorm. all of this sure to be a main story line in tonight's four-man gop debate. we are on the banks of the ohio river this afternoon and this is the place for politics. it is one of the most unlikely political scenarios you could ever imagine and it just played out a short time ago. the latest republican party attempt to stop donald trump.
10:02 am
former gop nominee mitt romney outlining precisely why trump is the wrong choice for america. romney modeling his comments after ronald reagan's 1964 time for choosing speech. take a listen. >> think of donald trump's personal qualities. the bullying. the greed. the showing off. the mysogeny. the absurd third grade theatrics. >> earlier today, trump talked to my colleagues at "morning joe" and launched a preemptive strike by mocking romney's 2012 campaign. >> he failed in his campaign. it was a horribly run campaign. republicans didn't even go out to vote. he was a disaster the last month, month and a half. he wasn't on television. it was almost like he was lost. and he ran one of the worst campaigns as you know in presidential history. that was an election that should have been won by the republicans. he was a catastrophe.
10:03 am
>> trump also lashed out at romney and the establishment via twitter, of course, tweeting failed candidate mitt romney who ran one of the worst races in presidential history is working with the establishment to bury a big r win. trump is one of the two gop candidates holding events at this hour. he's about to kick off a rally in portland, maine. he's expected once again to respond more to romney's comments. john kasich, meanwhile, earlier today picking up that endorsement from the detroit news. he's holding an event in the motor city ahead of tonight's debate. bernie sanders is also in michigan on this thursday. meanwhile, just four candidates will be taking part in tonight's 11th gop debate in detroit. ben carson, dr. carson skipping that debate after all but dropping out of the race yesterday. we should expect perhaps more fireworks as the cpac convention resumes. a live look in maryland. in 15 minutes, house speaker paul ryan will be giving an interview on that stage.
10:04 am
just a couple days ago, ryan called out donald trump for not explicitly disavowing david duke and the kkk. we are keeping our eyes on that. msnbc covering all sides of this race. we are in portland, maine keeping an eye on the trump rally. gabe gutierrez is in detroit, michigan with the rubio campaign. nbc's hallie jackson is there as well with the cruz campaign. but we start with peter alexander, who is in salt lake city, utah and peter, you have spent a lot of time with mitt romney over the past few years. it's been a long time since i have seen him as animated as he was a short time ago. how damaging could all of this be to donald trump? >> reporter: well, that question remains to be answered. i think this was as powerful a speech as we have ever seen mitt romney deliver. they have now cleared the stage behind us but he had america watching as he had this over the course of 20 minutes what was effectively a point by point indictment of donald trump on
10:05 am
his domestic policies, his foreign policies, his personal qualities. you played one of the clips where he referred to trump as a show-off, a mysogenist for his third grade antics. we have never seen this before, in unpress didn presprecedenteda former party nominee attacking the person who appears best positioned to be the party's next nominee. he in effect said he was immoral, incompetent, dangerous, and dumb. take a listen to more of mitt romney a short time ago. >> if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished. his bankruptcies have crushed small businesses and the men and women who work for them. he inherited his business. he didn't create it. and whatever happened to trump airlines? how about trump university? then there's trump magazine and trump vodka and trump steaks and
10:06 am
trump mortgage. a business genius, he is not. his domestic policies would lead to recession. his foreign policies would make america and the world less safe. he has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president and his personal qualities would mean that america would cease to be a shining city on a hill. >> reporter: a short time ago i wrapped up a conversation with one of governor romney's top advisors from his 2012 run who is now one of the founders of the our principles super pac, that is in effect the stop trump super pac out there right now, and she told me that what romney said today had to be said, it is being said piecemeal by a variety of commentators and candidates but only mitt romney could get america's attention and say it as effectively and concisely as he did today on one single afternoon. this was a stunning day here in salt lake city. craig?
10:07 am
>> stunning to say the least. peter alexander, thanks to you as always. we want to remind you that donald trump expected to speak in about 20 minutes, at 1:30 eastern. this will be the first time we have seen and will hear from him in the flesh since that scathing indictment. we also just found out a short time ago that governor chris christie expected to be holding a news conference in trenton, new jersey any moment now, where christie is also expected to talk about precisely what mitt romney said about donald trump and again, keep in mind of course just two nights ago we saw chris christie standing behind donald trump in what many have said was staged to look like a presidential news conference, perhaps. so chris christie, one of the newest trump surrogates expected to take the podium in trenton any moment now. when that happens we will go to it live. we will also be talking to another one of trump's biggest supporters outside the realm of
10:08 am
politics. none other than omarosa from the first season of "the apprentice." that interview in just a few minutes. for a little more perspective on the romney/trump showdown, i want to bring in amy holmes, anchor at the blaze, former speechwriter for former senate majority leader bill frist and john feehery. john, let me start with you. to whom was mitt romney speaking and did he reach any voters in primary states? was that the audience? >> one thing you can say about the republican party is it's never dull. boy, a lot of entertainment out there. i would say that who mitt romney was speaking to was the three remaining candidates, it was interesting that he didn't endorse any of those three to kind of try to clear the field. obviously i think in my view, the white working class voters who voted against mitt romney in the primary last time are unlikely to be moved this time. they are going to still continue
10:09 am
to like donald trump. i think what romney was trying to speak to was the rest of the party, trying to consolidate one candidate and it was interesting because it seemed like more of a pep rally for mitt romney than for any other candidate, leaving the door open i think for his on run should it come to that. >> i want to play some sound here. this is sound from four years ago. this was mitt romney when he got trump's endorsement in 2012. take a listen. >> there are some things that you just can't imagine happening in your life. this is one of them. being in donald trump's mag n magnificent hotel and having his endorsement is a delight. >> he's not of the temperament of the kind of stable, thoughtful person we need as leader. his imagination must not be married to real power. >> so mitt romney four years ago, mitt romney today.
10:10 am
how is the gop going to respond to that kind of about-face on the part of mitt romney? >> well, i think they will see that mitt romney was referring to donald trump as the billionaire real estate mogul's supporter in 2012 but now we are dealing with donald trump, the republican front-runner, potential nominee and president of the united states, and politician and even donald trump himself has said that he has been wild and brazen and brash on the campaign trail and that he will moderate it if he becomes president of the united states. but in terms of who is mitt romney trying to reach today, i thought it was a powerful speech, a powerful rebuttal of a trump candidacy and he's trying to reach those late deciders. as we saw on super tuesday, many of those late deciders, 50% in georgia, massachusetts and virginia, going to marco rubio. trump has his base of support. the people who, you know, they are going for trump or going for broke, and then there's the rest of the gop that is still trying
10:11 am
to decide. >> i don't mean to cut you off but we do want to listen in just for a moment. governor chris christie at the podium in new jersey. >> -- was 9.8%. five points higher. we have now cut the unemployment rate more than in half. the unemployment rate in new jersey is now lower than new york, now lower than connecticut, now lower than delaware, now lower than maryland and now lower than massachusetts. just in the last year, in 2015, the national rate went down .6. new jersey's rate went down 2%. >> when governor christie starts to talk about donald trump and the race, we will go back to this. i want to continue our conversation here. john, let's pick up on what amy was just saying. does governor romney still even have sway in the gop? are there voters out there that listened to what he said earlier and they are going to change their mind? >> listen, when donald trump says that mitt romney's a loser
10:12 am
because he lost the election to president obama and he should have beat him, that's a pretty powerful argument by donald trump to say mitt romney has no point in this discussion and is the past. i think that's a big problem for mitt romney. i think that for the white working class voter who is the big supporters for donald trump, romney has no traction. so it's a curious effort by romney and also late in the process. it would have been far better if romney had injected himself in this process much earlier and endorsed one candidate instead of leaving it open to anybody but trump. >> amy, if trump does as well on march 15th in the winner take all states, we should note he's trailing in ohio or is up in ohio, i should say, by five percentage points, also up in florida as well. if he sweeps on march 15th, is this nomination his? is this thing over? >> oh, i don't think so. i think mitt romney and the rest of the republican establishment are still going to try to put the brakes on. the new conventional wisdom is
10:13 am
the best way to stop donald trump is for the candidates to stay in the race and keep the party divided so that donald trump cannot amass the 1200 plus delegates he needs to coast to the nomination. getting back to mitt romney's statement today, look, it was extraordinary. it was historical. >> i hate to do it to you one more time. i'm sorry. chris christie talking about donald trump and the race. >> i feel strongly about making sure hillary clinton does not become president of the united states. i believe donald trump is the best person of those remaining to do that. i obviously thought i was better. the voters disagreed. so i have made a choice. some people agree with that choice, some people disagree with that choice. that's what political choices are all about. some friends of mine who supported me disagree with it. some friends of mine who supported me agree with it. that's the way it goes. that's what life is like in politics when you don't sit on the sidelines but you actually get involved in the game. now, let me be really clear.
10:14 am
i am not a full-time surrogate for donald trump. i don't have a title or a position in the trump campaign. i'm an endorser of donald trump. after i thmade that decision wi mary pat last thursday to endorse him i went out on the road on friday and saturday with him to announce and reinforce that endorsement, then i went out on super tuesday with him to emphasize that endorsement. i got back to the state yesterday. i'm going to be in the state for the rest of the week and through the weekend. i have no current plans to go back out on the road with him again. but i will at some point, i'm sure, do so. the only plans i have to go away is to finally take a few days off and march 8th, next tuesday, is my 30th wedding anniversary. it might be a good moment for me to take my wife away and remind her why she might want to stay with me for a few more years after having put in 30 already. so mary pat and i are going to
10:15 am
be going away on tuesday for a couple days to relax and i will be back in the state after that. so listen, everybody, we have a lot of work to do. i'm engaged in all the things we talked about. making sure a great budget gets passed and gets passed by the constitutional deadline on june 30th. making sure we fight against this constitutional amendment that i believe will foist a $3 billion tax increase on the people of new jersey. dealing with the infrastructure problem but making sure that the legislature does their job. they want revenue, that's what they said they wanted. let them come forward with a proposal. all revenue proposals must come from the state assembly constitutionally. i haven't heard one proposal from them yet. they want to put a bill on my df desk i will consider it. as i said all along, it's got to represent tax fairness to the people of new jersey. i'm not going to do this on the backs of the taxpayers of this state. and we need to stop the games with judicial nomination process. the fact is there are three republicans, two democrats and one independent on the court.
10:16 am
that's indisputable no matter how many times the senate president says something differently. either he can't read or he's not telling the truth. because janie has been independent her entire life. >> there you have it. governor chris christie there saying he is not a full-time surrogate for donald trump. also saying he has no current plans to go back on the road with donald trump as well. the governor there apparently fully aware of the fact there have been six newspapers in and around new jersey that have called for his resignation. not just because he endorsed donald trump but because according to the newspapers he has been neglecting the folks from new jersey as well. his constituents. it sounds as if minus next tuesday when he will be celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary, sounds like governor christie has plans to be spending far more time in the garden state. again, governor chris christie there. also spending some time
10:17 am
explaining precisely why it was he endorsed donald trump. he's gotten a fair amount of flack since he made that announcement a couple weeks ago. amy holmes still standing by, john feehery standing by as well. amy, your reaction? >> i think you hit the nail on the head there that chris christie was speaking to his constituents in new jersey, saying that he's going to get back to work and seemed to be sort of acknowledging the criticism that he's been m.i.a. in new jersey. >> all right. amy holmes, john feehery, thanks to both of you, i appreciate you being so flexible on this thursday afternoon. mitt romney also went after donald trump for not releasing his tax returns yet as well. take a listen to what he said. >> i predict that despite his promise to do so, first made over a year ago, that he will never, ever release his tax returns. never. not the returns under audit.
10:18 am
not even the returns that are no longer being audited. he has too much to hide. >> nbc spoke exclusively to a former republican irs commissioner about trump's tax stance. msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber and nbc's katy tur just filed that report on ari, this seems like a pretty interesting interview. what did you learn? >> this is brand new breaking news. you are hearing it first on msnbc. this is mark everson, a former irs chief in the bush administration. we spoke with him and he says look, donald trump should release his taxes and the audit is no excuse. i want to read exactly what he said, breaking news here. when americans file their tax returns each year, they declare under penalty of perjury to the best of their knowledge they are true, correct and complete. he says trump is no exception. he either stands by his returns or he doesn't. the point there being that even if you are under audit, you have already said as a factual legal matter, these are my numbers and
10:19 am
give thm em to the government. the irs chief saying trump could release them to the government. he went on to tell us that quote, it would be a real rupture in our political system for a candidate to refuse to honor that transparency. here's what donald trump said to nbc news about this very issue. >> until my audit is finished, very simple, you're not going to see anything. when it's finished, you are going to see it but i'm not going to complicate things by doing it. >> the argument there again, some tax lawyers have backed trump up on this, is that because you might have changes to your statement, you might have numbers that you put in that you said were accurate at the time and you later changed them, that that complicates it and that doesn't necessarily mean there's any wrongdoing. it's always been the tradition in recent times for candidates to put forward their numbers so that voters can look at it and the voters can decide. last thing i want to mention from our reporting because we spoke to a lot of people about this hot issue that i don't think is going anywhere, we also spoke to a former senior irs
10:20 am
official so this is someone i spoke to in government who oversees this stuff and he said look, trump's financial profile suggests he might be paying a very small amount of taxes or his yearly income may be lower than trump wants to acknowledge. quote, this may not be a political judgment but an ego thing about his wealth where the taxes suggest he's not as rich as his statements have suggested. that's another separate former irs official. so different people in the irs basically weighing in here and saying he can release, the audit's no excuse and the voters, many people feel, have a right to see these numbers and judge for themselves for a man who would be president. >> ari melber with breaking news, some original reporting on our website, thanks as always. that is certainly something that will come up tonight at the debate in detroit. ted cruz, marco rubio, the candidates who could possibly benefit most from mitt romney's direct attack on donald trump this morning in utah. a look at their reactions coming up. also, trump's supporter and
10:21 am
defender, omarosa will join us to talk about that romney broadside attack and why she still thinks trump is the right man for america. we love to hear what you have to say. weigh in on today's microsoft pulse question. will mitt romney's speech help or hurt donald trump? vote now at we will share the results later in the show. about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause) or if you're young or old.are if you run everyday, seize it! no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning.
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10:24 am
watch, by the way, how he responds to my speech today. will he talk about our policy differences or will he attack me with every imaginable low road insult? this may tell you what you need to know about his temperament, his stability and his
10:25 am
suitability to be president. >> two-time presidential candidate mitt romney coming out strong against donald trump. chris christie still talking about it as well in trenton, new jersey. let's listen in. >> he didn't endorse anyone, did he? no, okay. from the reports i saw he did not. david? >> reporter: governor, during the campaign you did a great donald trump impression. >> i still do a really good one, yeah. >> reporter: and you ridiculed him on a number of things from the wall, et cetera. now you say that you are endorsing him because he's the best bet to beat hillary clinton. >> he's the best remaining candidate on the stage. >> reporter: is that the only reason you are endorsing him? >> david, i didn't just say he was the best bet to win. that's one of the factors. i also said he's the best remaining candidate on the stage. but when you are mischaracterizing what i said, i'm not going to allow you to
10:26 am
put that into the question. you want to ask another question, ask another question. >> reporter: it's the same question. >> go ahead. >> reporter: and now, is that factor -- how does that relate to the rest of the problems that you have with him policy-wise? >> any time you run against someone, you are going to have disagreements with them and they are going to be amplified because you're trying to amplify them in a race. george bush 41 said that ronald reagan's economic plan was voodoo economics. yet he became one of the most loyal people to ronald reagan, became his vice president and ran on the reagan legacy when he was elected president in 1988. every time you run against someone, and i said this and you also know from having been in some of the things i said in new hampshire and iowa, was -- i have said it here in new jersey -- if you are looking for the candidate you agree with 100% of the time go home and look in the mirror. you're it. you're the only person you agree with 100% of the time. i know who i wanted to be president of the united states.
10:27 am
you're looking at him. it didn't work out. so then you have to look at the folks who remaining, senator rubio, senator cruz, governor kasich, and donald trump. of those remaining four people i believe he would be the best president and the best candidate to beat hillary clinton. that's my opinion. and it doesn't mean that i'm going to agree with him on everything and when i disagree with him, i tell him. when we have been together over the last couple of days, i tell him my opinions on things. he wants to say something, i tell him if i agree with it or disagree with it. if i disagree with it i try to convince him otherwise. that's what a good friend and endorser does. but in the end, these decisions are his decisions. because he's the principal. the same way that everybody gave me all kinds of advice as a governor and candidate for president and i take in that advice and ultimately i get to decide what i want to say and what i want to do. so you can go back and look at
10:28 am
anyone who has wound up being a supporter of someone they ran against and you can get video and audio and newspaper clippings of them vehemently disagreeing with the person they are endorsing. elections are a choice. they're a choice. the choices that remain, those four people i believe donald trump will be the best president and i believe he would be the best candidate to become president against hillary clinton. >> reporter: governor, [ inaudible ]. is there a realistic way to extend the plan for another five years without a tax increase? along those lines, did you review senator beck's proposal to extend it for seven years? >> i have reviewed senator beck's proposal. i think it's something that really merits discussion and negotiation.
10:29 am
but as you know, and as you alluded to in your question, the only thing -- >> there you go. governor chris christie there defending once again his endorsement of donald trump, saying that he was the best of the remaining candidates. also, again, we should note that this of course is against the backdrop of literally a half dozen newspapers saying that the governor should resign as governor of new jersey because he has left his constituents in such a lurch there. it would seem as if the governor fully aware of those folks out there calling for his head and trying to explain precisely why it is that he's going to be spending so much time in new jersey over the next few weeks. i want to bring in now omarosa manigault, former contestant on "the apprentice" and trump campaign surrogate. she also previously filled several roles in the clinton white house. she is an ordained pastor and
10:30 am
businesswoman. we could go on and on. good to see you again. thanks so much for being with me. first of all, let me just get your general reaction to mitt romney's speech in utah a short time ago. >> it's so obvious that mitt romney was sent to broker this idea that there's going to be this brokered convention. he wasn't there just to make comments and establish a field. he was there to attack the front-runner of the republican primary. it's unprecedented. and it really pulls the curtain become back on what's going on with the establishment. they're panicking, freaking out and throwing everything at donald trump. mitt romney wanted donald trump to endorse him. he spoke glowingly to donald trump and four years later he's trying to do a hit on donald trump but it won't work because the people's will will prevail. >> here's the thing, though. if trump goes into the convention there in cleveland where you are right now and he
10:31 am
doesn't have i believe 1,237 delegates that he's going to need on the first ballot to get the nomination, this thing could get pretty ugly. >> oh, but that's the key. the key is that donald trump has to win overwhelmingly. the people have to turn out. they have to see the tricks and maneuvers of the establishment and they have to win resoundingly so that we don't end up at a brokered convention where they will put up somebody like romney -- i mean rubio, who is clearly not the people's choice, and we have to make sure that the people who vote for donald trump, their voice is heard, their votes matter and that's why we have to win overwhelmingly, and we will do it. >> as we have this conversation here, you and i, we should point out to our viewers, bottom right portion of your screen, there's a rally in portland, maine that is set to get under way any moment. when donald trump takes the stage, we will of course bring that to you live. he's expected to of course talk about what mitt romney said there. omarosa, i want to talk about
10:32 am
some of the trump supporters because as you know, nearly 20% of these folks in exit polling have said they disagree with the emancipation proclamation, a third of these folks have said they supported the interment of japanese americans in world war ii. down in south carolina after the primary, exit polling showed almost three-quarters of trump voters wanted to keep muslims from entering the country. i don't believe donald trump is necessarily racist. i know you don't, either. if he's not, why is he drawing these kind of voters? >> can we also point out that 60% of the folks in the exit polls show that they were angry, they are tired of the establishment, they are tired of the people who are insiders in washington and they want to see a change. and they want someone who is an outsider. so as we break down all these demographics, the most important thing that's happening is that there's a diverse electorate showing out for donald trump and there is an increase in people who are coming out to the polls. so donald trump is mobilizing and galvanizing the base.
10:33 am
this is what's important to know about donald trump. he tells it like it is. he tells it straight. and he is threatening the status quo. if you want someone who is going to give it to you in the way that he talks about politics, the passion he has for this nation, then donald trump is your choice. if you want someone who is controlled by the establishment, who will be a puppet, then choose rubio or cruz. you are not going to get that if you get with donald trump. >> you also have to acknowledge that donald trump, your friend says pretty outlandish things from time to time. he says pretty ridiculous things, things that are not presidential. you would concede that point. >> i mean, come on, have you listened to george w. bush for years? we had this man who could barely pronounce words correctly. now you are saying donald trump is not presidential? donald trump is a very successful businessman who will lead this nation into prosperity. he will teach you how to lead in his way. he has a powerful point of view, a voice that has never wavered and how strongly he foofeels ths
10:34 am
nation needs to be made great again. yes, he has his own style. that has been donald trump from the beginning. >> stand by for me. i want you to stick around. this rally in portland, maine is getting ready to get started here. raheem ellis is on the ground inside that convention hall. what's the scene like there? >> reporter: it's getting a little bit rowdy here right now. it's because there is one anti-trump protester who has come into the room who has a sign that says dump trump. this is a room filled with about 700 people who have been standing out in the cold, some of them for six hours in 23 degree temperatures to come in and show some love for donald trump. they were very unhappy that someone who is anti their candidate had managed to make it into the room. you can see he's being spoken to by some reporters right now. trump's supporters have basically asked him to leave the room. he has not left.
10:35 am
they are waiting for their candidate. they are told he will be coming here shortly. that's the sound of people thinking they growing to see their candidate before too long. even in reaction to what mitt romney said, it only emboldened the people who are trump supporters. they said they think that it's the voice of someone who was a loser, who could not make it to the presidential -- all the way in the presidential campaign and nothing that mitt romney says and people tell me there isn't anything that anybody could say that could deter them from supporting donald trump. they are pleased that he is coming here. this is a state with only 23 delegates that people will be caucusing for on saturday. to them, that trump is coming here, it says to them that he's not taking anything for granted. and they appreciate it. >> portland, maine, where donald trump is expect ted to take the
10:36 am
podium any moment now and also expected to address -- scratch that. certain to address the comments that governor mitt romney made at an 11:30 news conference in salt lake city. hallie jackson is standing by in detroit, michigan where the gop debate is set to happen here in just a few hours. i understand that you have gotten some response from the ted cruz campaign to what we heard from mitt romney. >> reporter: yeah. let's read you what they are saying now about romney's speech. we will talk about it on the other side. but a campaign is technology me just after romney's speech wrapped up that he made a strong case, mitt romney did, for why trump shouldn't be the nominee, as they say cruz has been doing for months, the aide adding we are glad that more people are speaking the truth about the disaster that trump would be as our candidate. anyone who doesn't want trump has one choice, this aide says, ted cruz. so what the campaign is doing is framing this as a two-man race and they are using romney's speech to do that. what is remarkable here, craig, is that this is essentially ted cruz applauding mitt romney, the
10:37 am
guy who has been running against the establishment, applauding the guy who was the party's nominee four years ago and it's a sign of the planet that we are now living on. what donald trump has done to the republican party and has done to this race, that you are seeing this kind of reaction. for cruz, this idea that this is he and donald trump and then everyone else is how he wants voters to see it because the campaign believes that if they can get it down head-to-head, that cruz as a shot if there's still people involved, then they don't. let's go ahead and toss it back to you. he i think trump is coming out now? >> no, no, you are good. >> reporter: i can keep going? >> you can keep going. you can keep going. >> reporter: let's talk about the debate then. because we are looking ahead, we are in detroit where the debate is set to begin later tonight. you will see four candidates on stage, the smallest debate we have had yet. i can talk about ted cruz. i can tell you he is expected i'm told to go after donald trump hard and not so much marco
10:38 am
rubio unlike maybe the last debate, where you saw kind of everybody getting in the mix. john kasich is expected to sort of do what john kasich does which is pivot to his policy experience, his executive experience, rather, and try to stay above the fray. kasich, just a couple minutes ago, essentially guaranteed a win in his home state of ohio and then walked out of a news conference, kind of dropped the mike and left. you have also got marco rubio on stage who will definitely be hitting trump hard as we saw last go-round. then in the center of it all is trump himself, taking the incoming fire, the interesting thing to watch for tonight is how he responds. he told the "today" show and "morning joe" that he will be responding and maybe not acting as he said overly presidential so we will see kind of what tone and demeanor he has after we saw that more measured, thoughtful press conference this week. of course, online, on twitter, he's slamming mitt romney. so a lot to watch for today. another huge day in politics. i feel like we say it every day but that's because it is. >> yeah, i agree with you
10:39 am
wholeheartedly. every day's the become more and more unpredictable. hallie jackson in detroit. i want to bring omarosa back for a quick question. you still standing by? as we -- >> i am. i'm here. >> i want to read something, this is just a snippet of what we heard from governor romney here a short time ago. imagine your children and your grandchildren acting the way he does. will you welcome that? haven't we soon before what happens when people in prominent positions fail the basic responsibility of honorable conduct? we have, and it will always injure our families and our country. it's hard to ignore some of the things that he has said over the past nine months with regard to winning, with regard to hispanic voters, with regard to muslim voters, with regard to blacks as well.
10:40 am
why is it that you are so steadfastly standing by donald trump despite all of that? >> well, i know donald trump. more importantly, i know his heart. there is no question in my mind that not only is he a good person, but he will be a tremendous leader. i stand behind him because he really does have a very strong vision for this country and i know that he can turn around this nation. i stand behind him because i know that he will reach into the places that current leadership has not been able to do, to turn around our educational system, to turn around domestic policies. >> at one point he said because president obama has done such a poor job as president you won't see another black president for generations. the fact he's referred to african-american voters as the blacks. you stand by those comments as well? >> well, listen, craig, there are things donald trump has situated that he certainly has his own point of view on that i don't agree with 100% of what he
10:41 am
says. but to group and lump them all together to make it seem as though this is a man that does not relate to people who are other than him, african-americans, minorities, muslims, that's absolutely ridiculous and it has been a strategy of the opponents to try to paint him with a very broad brush. donald trump is complicated. he's a very dynamic leader and with that comes a lot of criticism. but i do stand firmly with donald trump, craig. >> omarosa, always good to see you. thank you for your time. >> good to see you. >> we of course are in cincinnati, ohio. this is kasich country. the two-term governor will be onstage tonight in detroit for that debate. he continues to struggle mightily in polls. he is struggling in michigan and is five percentage points back here in ohio as well, according to a recent poll. this was john kasich a short time ago in detroit, michigan. take a listen. >> if in fact i win ohio, then
10:42 am
we are going to probably go to a convention. that's what it looks like. it is important that we stop mr. trump. he is not my pick for president and you know, i want to have a more positive approach to the solutions of the country. >> trent duffy is national spokesman for kasich for america. trent, it sounds to me like the ohio governor there is saying if he does not win his home state, then he's out. >> yes, he said exactly that, craig. but he's going to win ohio. he's up -- well, he's tied right now and has a massive state-wide bus tour also through michigan as well as through ohio because he's got a strong record to stand on and i think that's what you are going to see in the debate which is a little different than last time. donald trump doesn't have a record. john kasich does. and he wants to bring that vision of jobs and prosperity and getting a state like ohio
10:43 am
moving again to the united states. so he has a program whereas mr. trump has promises. that's the key difference. i think you are going to see the governor making those points a little bit more clearly tonight since there are only four left. >> trent, your candidate did well of course in new hampshire, but by and large, he's polled in single digits pretty much the entire race. there are a lot of folks wondering why he has stayed in so long. there are some who surmised he has made a deal with donald trump, perhaps, that if he stays in it, that perhaps he gets a cabinet position. perhaps he's number two on a ticket. he would of course obviously add some help geographically. what say you to that? has there been any sort of conversation between the kasich team and the trump team? >> none whatsoever. john kasich is in this to become president because he is the best qualified candidate to be the next president of the united states. he has shaken up washington
10:44 am
before the 1990s when he cut the deficit, cut taxes, got america moving again, balanced the budget, then went to ohio, did the exact same thing. a 16% income tax cut, serious job creation with over 400,000 new jobs and so he's running because he wants to be the president of the united states. we picked up delegates on tuesday. we almost beat trump in vermont. we came close in some other states. and this has always been the strategy that john kasich has had to get this back to the midwest, where the general elections are won and lost and i would simply point out once again that john kasich over any other republican candidate still stacks up very well against hillary clinton in november. >> we are again waiting for donald trump to take the podium here for a rally in portland, maine. where again, among other things, we expect that he will respond to that pretty aggressive attack from governor mitt romney a short time ago in salt lake city. we should note here, of course, that you guys picked up the endorsement from the detroit news today. it will be interesting to see
10:45 am
what kind of effect that endorsement has. but i've got to ask you, if he doesn't do well in michigan and right now, the polling shows that he is not going to do very well in michigan, why risk coming back to ohio and losing a primary in his home state? why roll the dice on that? >> because he cares about the future of our country. no he knows the only way to stop trump is by winning ohio. senator rubio right now is down at least double digits in his home state of florida. that's a winner take all state. if john kasich can't win ohio and he will, that basically gift wraps the nomination for donald trump. and that's why john kasich is running so that donald trump cannot be the president, so that he can. he does have a path to the nomination. this is going to winnow. it's down to four now and he will get a much larger platform to share his vision. >> trent, that path to the nomination, you would admit that
10:46 am
it is quite narrow. quite, quite narrow. >> it starts with ohio. it started in new hampshire with him doing well. it started with him clearing the governors' field. he's the last executive standing and now you are starting to see a lot of the people that have seen this before say that john kasich, in fact, if rubio loses florida, could be the last man standing after march 15th. so this race has been unpredictable. it will continue to be unpredictable. but john kasich is in it, he's committed because he knows what's at stake and he wants to bring his positive vision for change to washington as president of the united states. >> trent duffy, national spokesman for kasich for america, trent, thank you. good to see you,ti emporium whe guess you are today. great place. >> yeah. >> great coffee. great place. >> let's start with where trent just left off. let's assume this is going to be a trump/clinton race in
10:47 am
november. how well does the senator do in the buckeye state and why? >> i think that hillary clinton's going to win ohio, whether it's against trump or kasich or rubio or dr. carson. i expect that. you know, i look at this trump phenomenon and republican politicians have been dog whistling about race for years and then they're shocked, shocked when donald trump starts barking. this is the kind of appeal republican politicians have been making for over a decade and trump is just taking it to a higher level. then they're shocked by it. i just think that's something that is outrageous, some of the things trump says about muslims, about race, about the kkk, about women, and that message, that's just not america's values. it's not cincinnati values. it's not my state's values. it's not our country's values. >> you know what, here's the thing, senator. you say that and lots of other
10:48 am
folks have said that it's not our values, it's not who we are. if that's true, then why is he doing so well? >> well, he's doing it, in nevada he got 45% of 17% of the republicans voted and went to the caucuses so you got 45% of 17% of one party, of less than half. so he's not sweeping the country with 50%, 60%, 80% of the republican vote. he's getting 25%, 30%, 35% of the vote but he's running against such weak candidates. you have rubio, you have cruz. john kasich is my friend. he hasn't been in ohio yet. i think that will be a race between the governor and trump. i have no idea who will win that. but he's not had much competition in this race. you have jeb bush, who was frankly not a very good candidate. you had a whole host of candidates that were fairly pathetic and trump did well because he appeals to a small, loud portion of the small part
10:49 am
of the electorate. >> you are a clinton supporter. let's talk about this new report that came out yesterday according to the "washington post." the justice department granting immunity to a staffer, this staffer that set up the private e-mail server. how concerned is the campaign at this point with this granting of immunity? >> well, i don't think the campaign -- of course they are paying attention. i don't think the camcampaign, not in the middle of it but as a strong hillary supporter i'm not that concerned. i'm not a lawyer but i do know that's typical to give immunity to staff people sometimes but i also know that hillary clinton has cooperated every step of the way and will continue to, and i think that in the end, this race will be about issues. where does hillary clinton stand supporting the middle class, hid supporting the middle class? where does donald trump stand in his divisiveness? i love what hillary says about rather than building walls we
10:50 am
should be knocking down barriers. that's a much more appealing message in a much more positive morally positive way to govern than this build walls, build walls, build walls. and make somebody else pay for it. >> senator, while i have you here, we continue to wait for donald trump to take the podium here in portland, maine. i do have to ask you, of course, assuming that secretary clinton picks up the nomination, there are a lot of folks that have started taking a look at who her number two might be. ohio, of course. always a critical state for anybody who want to be president. you would add some geographic assistance to that ticket. there are some who have suggested that perhaps a vice president brown is something we might see. what say you to that? are you a number two? >> i say i have no interest. i know that's what lots of people say. i have no interest. i don't want to be president of the united states. i'm thrilled to be in the senate and fight for my tastate.
10:51 am
whether it is job growth, auto rescue that helped the states's economy take off, that's what i want to keep doing. i have zero interest, period. >> oh, that's what the vice presidents always say. >> i know. i don't have any other way of answering it to tell you i don't. talk to my friends. talk to my wife. that's what i say privately, too. >> senator brown, thank you, sir. do appreciate your time. donald trump going to take the podium in maine any moment now. we are going to take a quick break here from cincinnati, ohio. hi i'm kristie. and i'm jess. and we are the bug chicks. we're a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video." oh! this is so good. if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis. just sketch it on the screen. i don't have a touch screen on my mac, i'm jealous of that. you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. [ laugh ]
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a live look there at the stage in portland, maine. in just a few minutes, donald trump will hold that rally. we can certainly expect him to respond once more to the scathing remarks about former republican nominee mitt romney. once that rally starts, we will monitor that rally and bring it
10:55 am
to you live. again, standing by inside that hall, rahama, what's that scene? you mentioned a protester a while back, any others? >> there were protesters inside but they haven't made their way in. the crowd will roar, then goes down a little bit. about 700 people here. even up in the balcony, take a look. those are trump supporters up there, waiting for their candidate to come into this room. some of them have been outside. they were outside for about six hours. starting at 7:00 this morning. 23 degree temperatures, waiting for their guy. and people said to me, in reference to the mitt romney comments, it means nothing to them. a couple of folks said, they do not always agree with the way trump says things, and they would like him to change his tone. but they are 100% in favor of his message. and they cannot wait to hear him today when it comes to portland, maine. craig? >> okay, again, donald trump coming to the stage in portland,
10:56 am
maine. he will good from portland it detroit, michigan. whereof course the gop debate is happening tonight. with all that happened here the past three hours it should be an interesting debate it say the least. that does it here for this hour. i'm craig melvin, in cincinnati, ohio, from the coffee emporium. we will be back here, same spot, same time tomorrow. coming up, my colleague coming to you live from pensacola beach, florida. he will look at why florida along with ohio could greatly determine the outcome of the republican nomination fight moving forward. ♪ sfx: car driving. ♪ sfx: engine revving. ♪ ♪ sfx: car engine. sfx: car speeding away.
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