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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 19, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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e-mail at tell us who you are, where you are, and why you would like to play the friday night news dump. msnbc's continuing political coverage is up next. good morning, everyone, i'm alex witt at msnbc headquarters in. the republican primary race taking on new and strange twists. today promises to be no different. on a western swing, all three remaining gop candidates fighting for votes in the next voting states, who ill the party's last standard bearer is making yet another endorsement of sorts. it is either a source of pride or resentment or indifference depending on which candidate you are. >> i very much appreciated governor romney's kind tweet today, where he announced he is going to vote for me in the utah election. >> i have a lot of friends. be i the way, mitt romney is not one of them. >> as mitt romney observes
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today, if you want to beat donald trump, cruz is the only campaign that can do it. >> mitt let us down. he let us down. he let us down. he choked like a dog. >> governor romney exsplit italy observed a vote for john kasich only helps donald trump. >> look, it's, mitt's fine, it's his view. you know, he's entitled to it. >> he's out campaigning with kasich and then he endorses cruz. you know, people are saying, are you sure you know what you are doing? >> it is aen interesting experience to run for office against donald j. trump. >> lying ted, lying ted. >> fighting words, trump is not the only one, a news organization says he has a sick obsession, more details on that right here on msnbc, the place for politics.
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>> let's begin with the latest fight, for votes ahead of tuesday's cone tests. republicans and democrats will hold a primary in arizona and a caucus in utah. its winner take all for republicans in arizona, where vathd delegates are at stake. 85 for democrats and democrats will caucus in idaho. this was the scene outside of a trump rally in salt lake city utah yesterday. what began as a peaceful protest turned into shoving matches with police after thing between trump supporters and protesters escalated. there weren't many interruptions inside the venue as donald trump tried to appeal to the state's religious fax faction. >> i love the mormons? i have many friends that live in salt lake. no, i have a lot of friends, by the way, mitt romney is not one of them. did he choke? did this guy choke? he's a choke artist.
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i can't believe it. are you sure he's a mormon? are we sure? >> well, mitt romney hasn't endorsed anyone. he announced he will cast his ballot for ted cruz. megan kale e kelly, he told his fans on twitter to boycott the megyn kelly show. she is sick and the most overrated person on tv. fox news responded with a statement, donald trump's vitriolic attacks against megyn kelly and his extreme sick obsession with her is beneath the dignitary of a presidential candidate who wants to occupy the highest office in the land. trump has two events in arizona today, ted cruz and john kasich will focus their efforts in utah. for the democrats, bernie sanders will hold a rally in phoenix tonight. in salt lake city yesterday, sanders attracted about 14,000 people. right before the rally, he sat down with a report tore talk about his wife's visit to a tent
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city in arizona and this is how it ended. >> would you expect a spot as vice president? >> thank you very much. >> sanders reportedly allotted four minutes for the interview. both trump and sanders will head to the phoenix rallies in advance of tuesday's primaries. we have reports with the trump campaign and the sanders campaign. with a good morning to both of you. tony, we begin with you here. do we expect more protests today? >> reporter: good morning, alex. yes, we do. i'm here in fountain park in fountain hills, with i is a beautiful community outside phoenix. it's a planned communities built and designed by the guy that designed disney world. it will be a protest filled events, many say it has the double whammy for people that care about the immigration issue here in arizona, donald trump with his hard line policies, appearing alongside donald trump
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is sheriff arpaia, the tough talking sheriff who has taken an extremely hard line on immigration. it's getting a crack down, deploying a sheriff into latino communities on what was deemed constitutionally questionable patrols looking for latino residents. there are several groups, a veterans groups, immigration rights groups who promise to make a stand here today t. reason we are in fountain park, this is 35 joe's hometown, he will be doing double duty. he will be appearing on stage with donald trump. he is in charge of the security here, alex. >> tony, you are certainly familiar with the large protests in salt lake. what can you tell us about them? >> reporter: well, my colleague, jacob rascone was there. he reported thousands of people beginning in a peaceful way, but towards the event, itself, growing loud and intense. at one point storming the door and having to be beaten back by about two dozen police in riot
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gear. comba tons and shields were used. there were reports of rocks being thrown, bottles thrown, there were no arrests. there were intense chances. there was pushing, shoving. and that organization, that was put together by students for a democratic society, a student group at the university of utah. we'll have to see if today's events turn in a similar direction, jacob, i should have them get caught up. here's what they had to say. >> the more that america represents, the more we can have people bringing towing in a community and show the world does not want to put up with people like trump. >> we feel utah doesn't have a place for racism. we file like everything that donald trump is about supporting homophobia, i slamophobia, reporting racism. >> reporter: so as you can see, pretty intense last night. now in the pre-dawn hours here in fountain park, it is hard to imagine a similar scene. when the sun comes up, the heat
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comes up, anything can happen. >> we can help with your help. let's turn to the democratic race, bernie sanders is in arizona today, he will be holding a press conference on the mexican border. dan my freeman is there in tucson with the latest. good morning what do we expect to hear from sanders today? >> reporter: good morning, alex. it's absolutely right. i am right here in tucson, arizona, senator bernie sanders is expected to hold a press conference 30 minutes agree way on the u.s.-mexican border. sanders held a rally where he telegraphed some of the things we can probably expect to hear from that press conference today. first of all, we can expect him to speak a lot about his immigration reform policy. for sanders has been very clear since the start he wants to go forward with a pathway for zits citizenship for undocumented imgra wants in this country. he says he wants to go further than president obama's executive order. in addition to that, we can
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expect him sheriff joe arpaio a big part of senator sanders' press conference later this morning. senator sanders wife jane sanders had an impromptu meeting with the sheriff a couple days ago when she went to visit his so-called tent city prison. she went and the campaign's words, to go and speak and talk to families there who are in that tent city and to learn more about it when the sheriff crashed or ambushed that mooting t. waive got into a bit of discussion asking him about rarnl bias. in their words the sheriff was not able to give them satisfactory answers. can you expect to hear that today and finally you can expect to hear senator sanders talk about dreamers, dreamers are children of parents, who were then born in the united states. that's something that's important for senator sanders.
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we might see some with him on the border this morning. alex. >> danny, thank you so much for that. so, for more, i am joined by msnbc jane tim and paul, i'm start with you first. we got word overnight that sanders has this press conference. it's at the u.s.-mexico border. it happens a bit later today. what do you think the purpose of this is? >> well, a part of this is a do-over to try to start again the conversation that jane sanders was trying to start when she was down there. her interaction with joe arpaio did not go the way i thapted it do. they got bad press for. that bernie sanders wants to restart that conversation. it's a part of bernie sanders trying to establish himself as someone who cares about latino voters. he has been winning if states that are heavily white. he has been losing in states that have a large minority vote. so this is his opportunity to try and make that reach out to the latino community to try to get some of hillary clinton's
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vote, ba basically in the upcom strategy. >> it's remarkable the candidate who has decried start of insider tactics is against the will of the people is now considering trying to use party insiders and party officials to help get the nomination. i mean, it's almost against everything he said at the beginning of the race. i think hillary clinton is a strong lead. i think the party the more they see donald trump's rhetoric on the right about minorities are rallying hoo ind the democratic candidate who can get those votes. hillary clinton's proved she can do that. >> okay. let's check out the republican side with you, paul, mitt romney making this decision to vote for cruz in the utah primary, yet he has been on stage endorsing john kasich by his presence there not officially endorsing him,
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though, orir anyone else. is there anything that might do to stop donald trump? >> this strategic voting you pick the states the candidate that has the best chance to win in each state. so you vote for john kasich in ohio, to deny donald trump those delegates. you vote for ted cruz in arizona or in utah to don't donald trump those delegates. it's basically just trying to in each state choose the candidate who can take the most delegates away from donald trump. you are walking a fine line to try to get anything done that way but it is basically the only thing they have to keep trump from securing the delegates he needs to win on the first ballot at the convention. >> so back to the contested convention possibility with you, jane, on the gop side. let's take a listen to what john kasich said at a rally yesterday about that? >> no one is going to go to that convention with enough delegates and guess what, that itself the process of picking the nominee. by the way, today and one of the
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big national reports, they say if we have a convention, they're going to pick the most experienced and the person who boat hillary clinton in the fall. guess who they said that was? me. okay. >> so, jean, how does he legitimize or rationalize that session? he has support. he's only one one state. would the gop king makers push kasich you think on the delegates? >> reporter: there is some wishful thinking there on the governor's part. but what happens in a contested convention is after that first ballot, a lot of people become uncommitted. they're able to vote. are you able to have a larger conversation and negotiate. john kasich has a lot of favorability and optimism in a race where senator dead cruz has not been the most liked candidate. so i think in a three-man race, they're not wrong that he has a shot. but it is, of course, his only shot at that contested convention with a lot of luck on his part. people like senator ted cruz, people like donald trump, they have a much clearer path and
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kasich, of course, he's going to celebrate that side. >> paul, your thoughts on the same question. kasich and a possible gop contested convention? >> sure, it's possible. again, are you banking on this extraordinarily complex rim shot to get yourself a nomination. it essentially depends on the party leaders in a back room choosing to ignore the will of the bulk of the voters of the republican primary. not necessarily the majority. but the plurality. it's a hard thing to do and explain to your voters as you do it. >> paul singer, jane tim. guys, thank you so much. what happens if the gop tries to bump trump at the convention, will there be an uprising neighborhood, is frank underwood in the "house of cards" seeks another term. we wonder how his hand himmers would deal with donald trump. we will speak with the chief of staff coming up. medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem.
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>> i do want to talk a little bit about the competition. it started off with 17 people. we are now down to three. or as they say usually on television two and a quarter. i actually think it's one-and-a-half if you want to know the truth. but we don't have many left and you know they asked me on television. they say, well, maybe you'll start acting more presidential. i said, what's wrong with the way i'm doing it right now in all fairness? you know. >> donald trump, weighing in on the state of the republican race last night in utah, while his supporters clashed with police and protesters outside that venue. let's bring in msnbc analyst rick tyler. let's talk about the violence this time around. politico this week suggested that trump would incite something like another kent
4:18 am
state. do you agree? where do you think this is going to go from here? >> no, i don't think it will go to a kent state. look. donald trump shouldn't be speculating about riots and the way people behave if he's not nominated. if he did, it would be a grand finale to this epic reality season of the presidential campaign that he's run and let's hope that it ends there. but, no, i don't think it will get, i don't think it will get to that point. i think there has been violence and it's been mostly contained. it's unfortunate. i don't think it speaks very well of a presidential candidate. it certainly doesn't speak well of the donald trump's idea that he can unite americans behind him. he seems to be increasingly dividing them. >> let's talk about paul ryan, who is reportedly meeting with republican donors to build this anti-trump game plan, what do you think their "options action," rick, now this is dun to a me man race realistically. >> we know it doesn't work. what doesn't work is attacking donald trump in a negative way. he has a high floor.
4:19 am
>> that is a lot of people who will support him. by attacking him, they only seem to double down tear support for him. he is something akin to fans as opposed to supporters, where the more they hear negative about him, the more they like him, not the other way around. he has a low ceiling, that is he can't, he doesn't seem to be able to gain the support of the vast majority of republicans and so i think the alternative here for paul ryan and other leadership and members of congress is simply to layout a vision of things they could aecom mr.ish with ted cruz. that is so ted cruz, a lot of talk about ted cruz, can't get along with congress. congress can show them they could. instead of reducing this down to personality an those conflicts, look at ted cruz' agenda, i went through it. i come up with border security, lower taxing, constitutionally limited government, a stronger defense, better relations with israel, more sound foreign policy on all these things republicans can agree.
4:20 am
i can't find a single issue that ted cruz talks about any republican on capitol hill would disagree with. they can layout together a contract for the first 100 days or the first year or a contract for the first four years, give people the idea what the vision is and the alternative to donald trump would be. i think that's the only way that you will get, have an impact on donald trump attacking him negatively hasn't work. it will continue not to work. they have to present an alternative positive vision for what the future would like like juxtopposed aguns donald trump whose policies as you know vary from day-to-day. he doesn't articulate a clear vision about policy, it's an empty vapid make america great again. >> can i say spoken like a former communications director for ted cruz so we know. let's talk about the new york magazine. >> that's true. but he is, remember, there is only three people left in this race. kasich has no, he is
4:21 am
mathematically eliminated. >> to that end, the new york magazine posted this piece arguing the convention will not end with a kasich tom nation. because that would alienate too many of the voters who have not backed him is far. it reads, party leads seem to understand this is the wrong year to assert their power to overrule the gop rank and file. and so the party may decide it has no power to decide at all. what does that mean? the party says it's powerless. >> well, they are and they aren't. look, they can change the rules. then they would have, they would divide the party. that's the rick that they would take. there is going to be a nominee. one of two people, either donald trump or ted cruz. that's the choice shea have. now, optimistally, ted cruz' bet path would be to arrive at the convention with more delegates than donald trump, probably not the majority. again, or even if donald trump
4:22 am
got the majority of delegates, as long as he didn't get the -- got the most delegates, as long as he didn't get the majority of delegates, as we heard in the previous acceptingment. if we cast the first ballot. we know the results of that would be, to some extent. actually the marco rubio, a lot of his delegates become unbound. a lot of pennsylvania dem gather go in unbounds. so there is some question there, to be a lot of negotiation, even for the first ballot if it's closer than it is now. on the second ballot the large vast majority become unbound, because no one got the majority the rules say that this second ballot people can choose who they choose. i don't think they'll choose john kasich. i think they'll choose again either ted cruz or donald trump. one or the other. >> the rest of the top suspect in the paris attacks could underscore the challenges of terrorism facing the next president. that's next.
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>> breaking news from russia, a passenger jet crashed there. it happened while trying to land at an airport. video from a security camera obtained shows what appears to be that plane crashing there in the distance and exploding into a massive fireball. all 62 people on board were killed. the boeing 737 800 was coming from dubai, it was facing strong winds when it came short of the airport's runway. the suspect from the deadly attacks in paris last year will face questioning. he has been released from the hospital after being shot in the leg. he was captured in a raid in brussels ending a four month long manhunt. keir simmons, good morning, how was he able to avoid capture for these long four months? >> reporter: good morning. that's a good question. it is stunning to comprehend, a suspect at the center of the investigation into the paris
4:27 am
massacre was found here in this busy city. you can hear how busy it is. he was actually apprehended, alex, in an apartment on the left-hand side of the street. the police are standing guard there. this morning, they have many questions for him. europe's most wanted fugitive, a suspected paris attacker, injured during the raid that captured him left the hospital this morning. the french president vowing to seize salah abdeslam face trial in france. one survivor of the paris massacre where 130 died reacting this morning to the news. >> i wouldn't say it's a relief that he has been arrested. to be honest, the first thing i felt when i heard the news was numb. >> reporter: video of the police operation showed the suspect on the sidewalk. officers dragged him to a police car. he falls, then he is bungled into the back. on a crowded street close by, people flee as more gunfire
4:28 am
erupts, live on belgium television an explosion. one of many, the dramatic police raid, capturing the 26-year-old abdeslam on the run since the paris massacre. he is one of ten isis members identified as taking part in the paris attacks, all now either were killed or captured. he has been on the run from police for four months. the key break through was a raid tuesday in the brussels neighborhood, a suspect was shot dead. abdeslam is thought to have slipped away, finally last night, police closed in on him. >> if you can have a grain of justice to the lives that were lost, maybe this is it. hopefully, there will be more positive steps. there will be more people found and more people detained. >> this morning, curtains were drawn at hills family home, streets from the apartment where he was arrested.
4:29 am
this is the neighborhood where abdeslam grew up, it is tight knit, that is how he was able to, still this morning, many are questioning how it is that he wasn't found for so many months, in a major european city. >> keir simmons, thank you so much from brussels. the water crisis in flint has become one of the top hearings in the campaign. embattled governor rick snyder caught a lot of heat. >> people who put dollars over the fundamental safety of the people do not belong if government and you need to resign, too. governor snyder. >> in a emmo, that congressman who called for snide tore step down, what does he think of the latest apology? ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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>> welcome back. i'm alex witt here at headquarters in new york. the place for politics. here's a quick look, today, this
4:33 am
morning, senator bernie sanders will give a news conference in arizona, he will hold a rally in phoenix as he and his republican rivals fight for votes in arizona ahead of tuesday's contests there. donald trump will hold events in arizona today, ted cruz and kasich are in utah. will donald trump be here in arizona? the candidate has rallies in phoenix and tucson in advance of the state's winner take all. 58 delegates at stake. nbc's halle jackson is in tucson. good morning, what can we expect out there today? >> reporter: more protests like we saw last night in utah for donald trump. today activists are set to demonstrate at all of donald trump's states today. all of it comes as trump again locked horns with mitt romney in the battlegrounds state of utah. it's romney fighting on the front of the line. >> reporter: today donald trump bracing for more protests after a face-off in salt lake city
4:34 am
outside his rally -- inside -- >> did any protesters sneak in tonight? >> reporter: none of it stopping trumps amped up attacks hitting cruz hard. >> cruz has done anything. >> reporter: now a target mitt romney, confirming he will vote for cruz in utah, tuesday. >> are we sure he's a mormon? he choked. he choked, it was so sad. >> mr. trump is a con man. >> reporter: two weeks after romney's anti-endorsement of trump, a not quite endorsement of cruz, calling on conservatives to unify behind cruz, only to force an open convention. >> why haven't mitt romney and others fully endorsed you in a wholehearted way. >> when somebody says i'm voting for you, i'm encourage everyone else to vote for you, that's pretty darn good. >> reporter: it's key to cruz candidacy, john kasich is not giving up with a fight, even after romney called a vote for him, a vote for trumpism.
4:35 am
>> there is his view. you know, he's entitled to it. frankly, i don't think anybody will have enough delegates to get to the convention. >> case sick out with this video, calm it romney's greatest hits. >> a great governor of a great state. >> reporter: all the nice things he said about the governor on the campaign trail. romney focused now on hitting trump, featured if these new ads that will air today from a super pac hoping to stop the billionaire. but for now, it's a fight the front runner is winning. and when we talk about the key contests coming up next week, alice, you got utah, where ted cruz needs a strong showing, whoever gets above 50% of the votes will take all the delegates, arizona, 58 delegates, a big prize, that's why you are seeing trump spend so much time here in arizona today. back to you. >> all makes sense, thank you so much. john case sick focusing his attention on utah. he is holding a town hall later
4:36 am
today. good morning, this problem of the delegate math. that's what's still dogging kasich, isn't it? >> reporter: yeah, you know, it really is. it is, well it is mathematically impossible for john case tobacco get to the required 1237 delegates. he's basically saying that it's likely it could be impossible for any of the candidates left. that's why he is continuing to talk about a contested convention, that's where all of this could be sorted out and in the last couple days, we seen john kasich strike a little bit more of a contrast with donald trump over this issue and that he was calling out donald trump for donald trump saying that there could be riots, if he wasn't the one to ultimately come away with the nomination after the convention, john kasich was calling those comments incendiary this weekend. >> a quick question, how passionate, what kind of fervor do you get a stlens is from the
4:37 am
kasich supporters? -- a sense there is from the kasich supporters? >> reporter: you know what, i would think there is a passion and fervor from some of them. i definitely saw that in ohio when we were traveling around with him, leading up to his ultimate win there. those people are very passionate about him. they believe in him. this is their guy from their state. in new hampshire, they were curious. i think they are about a lot of candidates they are seeing. i seen more and more as time has gone on. he has been getting bigger crowds across the country ever since he left new hampshire, crowds have been growing. people now when he does enter a room, they will stand, they will cheer. they will be more excited to see him. this is all as more and more people are figuring out who he is. learning about who he is. >> yeah, well said then, thank you so much. managing donald trump's candidate, how would that happen in tv's "house of cards"? i'll talk with the chief of staff next. owing obstacles at y?
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>> truth or fiction. which is stranger. given the state of this 2016 election campaign him for those of you who prefer the fictional world of politics. there is the washington-based netflix "house of cards." >> sometimes for my job, i have to put fear in other people and i know it's not right. but if i'm honest as they ask us to be, i have to be ruthless. failure is not an option. >> joining me now michaelically, who plays doug scamper's right hand to the president frank underwood on net flick's with the house of cards" which rolled out season four. i'm a major big fan here, as everybody else is, i think. so here's the deal, though, i have to be honest. i'm waiting to binge watch, that's how i watch "house of cards" as a lot of people do. i haven't yet because of work,
4:42 am
what am i in for this season? >> you know i this i the great thing about this season is that we sort of, you know, go back to season one and two where these characters aren't always failing. the writers, we all explored what it was like to see his characters fail in season three. bo wanted to challenge himself and say i want to see what happens, he can't just become president and showing everything in his path. i want to see what happens when these characters fame. so in season four, you sort of get back to that, that energy and that pacing that i think people really enjoyed in seasons one and two when the episode ends, the next one coming up in eight second or wherever it is. all right. all right. all right. >> i get the west wing, it's very inspiring. "house of cards" is dark and
4:43 am
intriguing, we cannot stop watching it. >> you are saying we're not inspireing? >> i don't want to have that, washington, who knows these days? >> i think at its core "house of cards" is a show about power. right. it's set in the political world, but at its essence, it's a show about power. who has it and who wants it and who is going to get it and what they'll do to get it. i think that's something haul of us can identify with no matter where are you. >> i bet. if you have an explanation for this presidential seat. i would love it. we can do that off camera. in regards to that and your character. i have put together doug sanford and donald trump. wouldn't he haven't don't him down by now? >> yeah, i would hope to think that i could. >> i mean the matchup between those two. >> yeah, i would put doug up
4:44 am
against anybody. he's an effective man. i don't think that would be owl that difficult to do. i think that, you know, we're starting to see that happen now with donald trump that the issues, the real issues are being brought to the forefront, he's having to talk about them. i think that will be a greater challenge as the election process goes on. >> are you recognized all the time, do people come up, say, doug, kind of weird, right? >> they scream it actually a lot. you know, walking down the street, you hear kids a lot, walking across the street and stuff, it's fine, engaging, especially with the young kids. it's just, they really get a kick out of it. >> michael kelly, you are entirely engaging. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming on. this character is one to watch for sure in "house of cards." i wish they'd let me stop watching enough days in a ero. thanks, so much for stopping by. >> my pleasure. >> yep, in the topsy turzy
4:45 am
battle for the nomination a. case of so-called influenza allegedly has struck. who has it and why? next. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. diarrhea. pain. it could be ibs-d. prescription xifaxan is a 2-week ibs-d treatment
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>> now to the flint water crisis. an intense hearing on capitol hill this week. during testimonies before the u.s. house oversight and government reform committee, michigan governor rick snyder and the head of the e gina mccarthy came under fire. here's one of the most heated echanges, which took place between governor snyder and matt cartwright. >> i took immediate action as soon as i learned there was a lead issue. >> i'm not buying that you didn't know about any of this until october of 2015. you were not in a medically induced coma for a year and i've had about enough of your false contrition and your phony apologies. people who put dollars over the fundamental safety of the people do not belong in government. and you need to resign, too,
4:49 am
governor snyder. >> and joining me right now is congressman cartwright, always good to have you on the broadcast. good morning to you, sir. look, the easy part is getting these people in front of you. but what can congress do right now? can't you and your colleague versus some sort of emergency bill? >> well, a couple of things there, alex. and good morning, we are looking forward to a great day here in northeastern pennsylvania. i'll be stepping up in the girardville, st. patrick's day parade in schuylkill county, which is today. >> oh, good. >> yeah, we did have that nearing in congress this week and a couple things, number one, i felt it was important to make an example of people in government who take water quality lightly. and clearly, governor snyder did. and it's also quite clear he knew a lot more than he is letting on. there is a significant missing
4:50 am
e-mail problem, stay tuned for that. because it looks like they were scrubbing his e-mails something like every six months. a retention policy that nobody's ever heard of. there is a lot more to come on that. but as far as taking accountability. look, it's not just about flint. we're all in this together in this country and if we don't raise the alarm about government that doesn't care about the quality of its water, we're all in trouble. people here at home in northeastern pennsylvania, we worry about hour water, too. and if we let it slide in flint. we're going to let it slide everywhere. >> yeah, look. it was very clear, you were calling on the fwof governor to down. he has taken the blame. do you think he and others should be brought up on charges? >> i think a lot of that depends on whether they, you know, whether the e-mails come out.
4:51 am
it looks like he's done a very nice job at obvuscating at preventing people from knowing exactly what he knew and when he knew it up until october 2015. but there are forensic ways of finding out, you know, of undleeth e-mails and things like thampbl thampblt. from my standards, i don't believe he didn't know. that's why i phrased it in the hearing. look, we had other people resign, susan headman the state e director in michigan. she resigned the way i said it, shelves not one tenth responsible as rick snyder and his administration.
4:52 am
there are studies to show there is reason to worry about different pocks in all 50 states. can congress do anything? >> well the first thing we have to do is approve flint. they have to revamp the water systems there. they have to test these kids. they have to monitor there is no safe level of lead in children. and you know, you could be affecting their entire futures, their ability to learn, their cognitive ability. a lot of money needs to be focused on flint because it's not just about holding the
4:53 am
culprits responsible. it's also about fixing the problem. we have a bill going through the congress to allocate many hundreds of millions of dollars towards flint. we need to do that. but we also need to think about upgrading our infrastructure throughout the united states. we have aging pipes. you know, there is a theory that the ancient rome fell because of lead pipes, poisoning their water. and impacting their ability to think. we have to take infrastructure seriously. it's not just road, bridges, and internet system. it's as elemental as the water systems in this country. >> all right. representative matt cartwright, thank you so much for talking to me and enjoy being the grand marshall there of that saturday patrick's day. >> no, i'm just a marcher. >> well, you could be, next year.
4:54 am
thank you so much. the republican race for the nomination has been whittled down to the delegates. ted cruz, 427. john kasich, 143. let's bring in joe watkins, republican strategist and a former aide in the bush white house. and with a good morning to you, joe, so the departure of marco rubio, does that leave donald trump with an open path to the 1237 delegates needed for the nomination, or not? >> his challenge has been that he has hant had great organization on the ground. he's not a huge following. he's got great momentum but he hasn't been as organized as ted cruz who has raised a lot of money and has people in every single state working for him. if trump had that he would have a clearer path to the 1237 he needs. >> republican strategist steve schmidt was on "morning joe" and this happened on thursday where he was talking about the republican establishment and says it has a case of so-called influenza. they don't understand the plight of america's blue collar workers
4:55 am
and it doesn't get how to defeat donald trump. doesn't understand donald trump himself. do you think the gop establishment is out of touch? >> well, steve schmidt raises a good point. i said over and over again the reason why donald trump is doing so well is because he's speaking to all those people who are unhappy and there are a lot of americans who are unhappy, who are unemployed or underemployed or who have stopped looking for work all together and whose quality of life isn't what it used to be. hess speaking to those people and they're following him. but what really matters is whether or not any of these three candidates gets to 1237 by the time of the convention. if donald trump is not able to win 1237 delegates it's going to be a battle at the convention. and the rules haven't yet been decided. >> but what if he gets to that convention close to that number? what do you see happening? do you actually think he could get the nomination taken away from him if he's just a few shy? >> i think that he's going to
4:56 am
o actually going to have to have 1237 this time. the rules committee will make the rules that govern the convention and they will meet a week before the convention starts. he's going to have to have 1237 delegate, i think, to grab it out right. he has momentum. and even if he comes up short he will have a better shot than most. but he's going to have to grab 1237 or to grab it outright. if he doesn't have that, i think that the convention is prepared to fight. >> even if he comes in with like 1236? i know i'm holding you to the fire here, but what about that, joe? >> well, because 1236, then he's going to just have to work hard to get that one extra -- that one delegate to join with him on that first ballot. but i'm tell you right now, as i understand it and as i've been reading all the communications, that's what's going to happen, it's going to go to the rules committee. the rules committee are going to decide the rules the week before the convention. if no candidates 1237, it's not
4:57 am
going to be a fight. >> okay. joe watkins, thanks is much. trouble could be brewing for the supreme court nominee and the problem may lie in one of their own. why a senator mark kirk all of a sudden calling on a senate to vote on judge garland's nomination. that's next. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them.
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decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ m good morning. i'm alex witt at msnbc world heed quarters in new york. the race for the white house at both sides with fresh intrigue today including the battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders with both taking aim at the gop front-runner. but sanders, including a jab at his democratic opponent. >> let me say a world or two about my good friend donald trump. just kidding. he's not my good friend. in fact, i never even went to one of his weddings. you know? i just never did.


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