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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  March 30, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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that's hardball for now. coming up next, "all in" with chris hayes. tonight on "all in". >> he's a fine person. >> the campaign manager for the republican front-runner has been arrested. >> criminal situation over that. >> new video of the incident is out. >> who do you know the bruises weren't there before? >> donald trump vows to stand by his man. >> if you look at that tape, he was very, very seriously maligned. she was grabbing me. does that mean i'm supposed to file charges against her? >> the responses from both sides. what this means for the race and a member of cory's legal team joins me live. the political fire storm that started last night on this show. >> some people feel donald trump will bring the revolution immediately if he gets in. >> tonight, the clinton campaign responds to sanders surrogate.
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all that plus a supreme court breakthrough on the hill and why marco rubio is making plans for the convention. >> i brought my own water. >> when "all in" starts rite now. good evening from new york. tonight donald trump standing squarely behind his campaign manager who was arrested today and charged with one count of simple battery for an incident caught on security footage earlier this month that shows him grabbing the arm of conservative reporter michelle fields as she tries to ask donald trump a question. he turned himself in where the battery o dured and issued a note to appear in court. speaking with reporters on his plane a short time ago, trump came to his campaign manage's defense.
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>> i said you should never settle. go all the way. i think they really hurt a very good person and i know it would be very easy to discard people. i don't discard people. i stay with people. that's why i stay with this country. he's got a family. he's got four beautiful children. i think it's unfair to man with a wonderful family back in new hampshire who gets a criminal situation over that. i know many people saw that tape and said you got to be kidding. i think that you as a reporter and all of you get treated a lot rougher on a daily basis. i've never seen anything like it. he's got a very good lawyer. they will fight it. >> she did get bruises on her. >> i don't know if they were bruises from that. how do you know they weren't there before? >> that's what the police -- >> i don't know what the police said. how do you know they weren't there before?
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i'm not lawyer. she said she had a bruise on her arm. i mean, to me, if you're going to get squeezed, wouldn't you think she would have yelled out a scream or something. >> lewandowkski battery occurred three weeks ago. after trump left the stage, he worked the crowd and took questions from reporters on the floor. you can see lewandowski just behind trump and a second or two later fields pyres on trump's right hand side to ask him a question. behind fields is washington post reporter who would later write an article identifying lewandowski as the person who grabbed fields when she got near trump. as word of the incident spread the trump campaign didn't respond to press for comment. on march 10th it was called entirely false. not a single camera or reporter of more than 100 in attendance
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captured the incident. fields tweeted out a picture of bruises on her arm, i guess these just magically appeared on me. so weird. trump said fields made up the assault. that same night he was questioned about the incident. >> i've spoken to secret service agents. they said nothing happened. >> she posted a photo of bruises on her arm. >> how did they get there? do you know how they got there? >> i'm saying what's being reported and alleged. >> you tell me how they got there. i have secret service agents all over. i have cameras all over. nobody saw it happen. nobody complained. i know this guy. he's a fantastic guy. >> are you going to do something about it? will there be a punishment? >> supposing it comes to light that nothing happened, are you going to apologize to him? >> i'm not reporting anything that i saw personally. i'm reporting what michelle is reporting.
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>> you apologize to him if it turns out that nothing happened? >> i won't apologize but i'll report that nothing happened, certainly. >> the following day before fields filed a police report, it was tweeted you are totally delusional. i never touched you. as a matter of fact i have never met you. fields defended herself on fox news. >> i didn't want to make a big deal of it. this wasn't going to be a big deal. they would apologize. we would move on. i never got that. instead, yesterday, they released a statement calling me a liar. they have basically done a character assassination on me. they are linking to blogs with conspiracies about me. they're not telling the truth. there's videos. there's pictures. there's an eyewitness of a washington post reporter who is very credible. they seem to not understand that. >> trump was steadfast in his support of lewandowski calling him on stage and hailing him by name during a march 15 press conference.
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>> corey, good job. good job. >> today after he was charged, trump first suggested nothing happened writing look at tapes. nothing there. then accuse fields of lying telling people to look at her earlier statements. that's before she found out the episode was on tape. because my story never changed, seriously just stop lying. trump started tweeting screen grabs of fields standing against to him. why is she allowed to grab me and shout questions? can i press charges? at his rally in wisconsin a short time ago he took some time to mock fields to the predictable delight of his audience. >> her statement changed big league because she said go to the ground. you know all this. i could read it to you. does anybody want to hear it? i was jolted backwards. someone grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down.
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campaign managers aren't supposed to forcefully throw reporters to the ground. except, she never went to the ground. she never even came -- she never flinched. >> joining me now from jamesville, wisconsin where trump just wrapped up. what is the trump camp's posture today towards it? seems like they are doubling down, circling the wagons, et cetera. >> reporter: the trump campaign has a motto of never backing down. they're doing exactly that today. they are not backing down in the face of criticism even know police charge against their campaign manager. donald trump is, as you said, standing by corey lewandowski. he's reading it in the same dramatic voice that he reads the snake, the lyrics of the snake which he recites to his crowds
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as a corey has been with the campaign a little over a year. he was with donald trump before he announced his candidacy. he was seen as a lightweight operative who was heading or with a campaign that didn't have a very good chance of making it to the nomination. now he's on the verge of getting the nomination and corey is being credited with a lot of that for doing what a lot of campaign managers would not do, letting donald trump be donald trump even in the face of controversy. i think you laid it out well, the campaign said he did not touch michelle fields. then donald trump said if he did touch her, there would be video and now today he's blaming michelle fields saying she started it. even though the campaign said there was no video.
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even though i asked whether there would be consequences, it does not seem like there will be consequences now there's video and a police charge. chris. >> thanks so much for joining me. appreciate it. after news of the arrest broke today, trump's rivals suggested they would have handled the situation very differently. >> it's not complicating of physically assaulting a reporter as a fireable offense. that ought to be the case in any campaign maintaining a standard of integrity. >> we probably would suspend somebody. when we see things that we think are inappropriate, we take action. >> joining me now an attorney. this tweet, you are totally delusional. i never touched you. as a matter of fact i never even met you, you have to concede that is not true.
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>> it occurred over half a second. if you're at a baseball game and brush against someone and someone the next day say i was thrown to the ground or almost thrown to the ground, you're going to say that person is delusional. >> just to be clear. i never touched you is not true. we're looking at the tape now of him touching her. >> it looks like he brushes by her. like i said before. he didn't know. >> denying these basic things make you seem delusional if you won't just concede. we're all looking at this video. >> let me explain something to you. if he knew who she was. he had no idea who she is. the next day someone says she was thrown to the ground which is a complete not true statement. >> she doesn't say that. she said almost. >> she said she was pulled forward. >> you think she's making up the bruises? >> i have no idea where they came from.
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it doesn't appear those bruises came from something that occurred on the video. if everybody looks at the video it's at the best inconclusive. that shows him brushing by her. >> it does not show him brushing by her. it shows him grabbing her. do you understand when you say a woman who shows bruises after being grabbed by a plan who is the campaign manager from donald trump, do you understand,000 that registers to people's ears? >> it registers the same way any other case would register. we don't know where the bruises came from. if someone was to grab you that hard, wouldn't you say something. she was miked up. she doesn't say oww. she doesn't say stop. >> you think the washington post reporter who felt moved to write this up in the washington post, is he also fabricating this? >> i'm not saying anyone is fabricating it. what i'm saying is it does not look like what she described. she described someone pulling
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her to the point where she's almost falling down. may i continue? there were police officers on the scene that she did not go and discuss this with. >> yes. of course. that is true. she is on the record saying all she thought would happen is there would be an apology saying, i'm sorry i grabbed you harder than i meant to but instead what the campaign does is malign her integrity, call her a liar. say there are tapes of the room and none of the tapes caught it despite there are tapes that caught it. people said unless you file a police report, no one will take this seriously. he filed a police report. it produced the video tape we're all watching that shows what she said happened, actually happened. >> it didn't produce that video tape. you think that's a police officer video tape. >> where do you think it came from? >> from the property owned by donald trump. >> we turned it over. >> excellent.
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>> we turned it over to prove she was not telling the truth. that didn't happen because she filed the police report. that happened because mr. trump is showing transparency and wants it out in the public to show what happened. this is a ridiculous case. this is case where someone was brushed by and in any other situation and anyone else this would never have happened. >> i never touched you. i want to come back to this. he said i never touched you. that is not true. just concede is him saying i never touched you is not true. that's fact about the world. >> i'm conceding it's not true he brushed by her or touched her. let me finish my sentence. if i brush by someone at a heat game. >> that i understand. >> i would have never thought about it. he doesn't know who this individual is. when she comes out and says this happened and this happened. he says you're delusional. he doesn't remember anything.
12:14 am
>> i want to read the florida statute for battery. >> you don't need to. i know it. >> intentionally touching. there's certainly enough case the police department thought there was enough cause for an arrest. >> yeah. we saw how often the police are correct. the point is this. >> you think the police are often not correct? >> it's a very low threshold. if i brush up against someone intentionally in the elevator could they charge me with a battery. whether or not that case stick s a whole other case. the fact is this was not something that what she described. she said she was assaulted. almost pulled down to the ground. that's nowhere on that video tape. >> between what she described and i never touched you is closer to what she described. >> it's closer to that she
12:15 am
described that she was pulled to the ground. >> thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> joining me charlie pierce. this is amazing. they are trying to gaslight the entire nation. they are attempting a jedi mind trick. a bad, a poor mind trick. we see what's going on. they've done this on a million things. he says i was to tariff on chinese goods and says i never said that and the tape is released of him saying it. there's only so long they could do this. >> chris, this isn't the campaign you're looking for. >> that's exactly right. >> first of all, chris, if i ever get arrested and charged with capital murder, and you're my only phone call and i tell you to get me lawyer, don't get me him. this is an astonishing. it's not an astonishing turn of events. it's indicative that police are starting to get fed up.
12:16 am
they're the ones way out on the edge of this and expected to keep order in campaign that's found itself to be in the campaign's interest to have disorder at its rallies. >> there's a degree to which, again, what mr. cohen was saying. michelle fields is pretty clear. i grabbed you too hard. i'm sorry about that. you can imagine that being said. it seemed clear she wouldn't file a police report. it's this almost sort of insistence on sort of creating reality in the face of contrary evidence that provoked her to say i'm not crazy person. you did grab me. >> another way that 30 years of conservative politics has produced donald trump. the creation of your own reality.
12:17 am
the creation of your own science. the creation of your own law. the creation of allegedly carl rove said. we are an empire. we create our own reality. you see somebody's arm get grabbed in the reality base community. i've covered enough football. i know what that looks like. >> my sense, everyone has been so wrong for so long. i think this idea it's the housing bubble and there will be a crash where everybody bottoms out is never going to happen. there's a certain percentage of the population that likes what he has to say. there's only so much of this that the republican party and the general public is willing to put up with. >> the general public, i won't speak to. the republican party has a real problem in that the only plausible all terntive at the moment is ted cruz who nobody likes.
12:18 am
>> they have not assaulted anyone as far as i know. >> that's a good point. we're setting the bar at shoe top level. nobody in the cruz campaign has yet assaulted anybody. >> i'm hoping for donald trump to call his own bluff and file charges against michelle fields. i think that would be interesting. always a pleasure. thanks so much. still ahead, president obama has strong words about the atmosphere of the 2016 campaign. we'll play you the remarks. you don't want to miss them. our interview with sanders backers is blowing up after her comments about whether or not she would vote for clinton over trump. i'll get reaction from clinton supporter as well as from the bernie sanders campaign manager. that's after this break. we're back in two minutes.
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refused to say whether she would vote for hillary clinton if she wins the democratic nomination.
12:21 am
even said there are some sanders supporters who think donald trump might be a better pick to hasten the revolution. >> isn't the question always in an election about choices. i think a lot of people think to themselves if it's donald trump and hillary clinton, and i think bernie sanders would think this. >> i think he would encourage people because he doesn't have any ego in this thing. a lot of people are sorry i can't bring myself to do this. >> what about you? >> i don't know. i'll see what happens. people feel donald trump will bring the revolution immediately. things will really -- >> you're saying the heighten the contradictions. >>some people feel that. >> that response caused the internet's collective jaw to hit the floor. drawing comparisons to the iconic finale from the film thelma and louise. left wing saying electing donald
12:22 am
trump might be better than electing hillary clinton. that was a big story. saying she would rather vote for sanders than clinton. in an interview with msnbc andrea mitchell, clinton campaign spokesperson responded last night. >> i thought those comments were peculiar. not every surrogate that speaks on behalf of the campaign reflects the views of the candidate. i'll give senator sanders the opportunity to address the comments that susan made last night. it did remind me of the comments we have seen from senator sanders that perhaps barack obama has been a disappointment or primaried in 2012. >> i'll speak with bernie sanders campaign manager shortly. you don't want to miss that. we'll talk to another eminent progressive in the art.
12:23 am
someone with a different read on the election. great to have you here. >> great to be back. >> i think you have as having pretty radical politics. i think you have described yourself as a socialist. your work contains pretty intense critiques of american power structure. where are you on this election is this. >> i support hillary clinton. i think she would make an extraordinary president. i think she's going to be nominated and elected. >> you've left behind your leftie past. you're no longer the radical idealist you were? >> i think as secretary clinton, as you move through times you consider views you've had in the past and reconsider them and
12:24 am
amend them. i believe in electoral democracy as a way of affecting progress and change. there's a lot of evidence in american history that's the case. it starts with action in the communities and on the streets. it has to, that kind of action has to find some kind of response or a group in the halls of power. i think that when there are people elected and people working for change, enormous change can happen. >> are you supporting hillary clinton. there's two ways i hear people talk about this. i think she's the best shot to win or i think she would make the best president. >> i think she's absolutely the best shot to win, and i think she would make a wonderful president. i'm excited about the idea. i don't understand why more people aren't.
12:25 am
i don't understand why people who with political views that i share aren't more excited about her. it baffles me as i think it baffled you last night. there are things that one may or may not like about her. she's been in public office and in public eye for a long time. she's lived a long record of accomplishments and also times failures. she's been champion of everything i care about. >> even things like foreign policy. i think of you as being quite out spoken. this sort of immorality in israel. it was quite a hawkish. >> it was pretty much the speech that i would expect democratic
12:26 am
serious nominee for the presidency to give to apec. might have not shown up as sanders did. i think this is enormously fraught issue and she's avoiding getting caught up in a debate that might do damage to her candidacy. i think she believes in diplomacy. >> if sanders were the nominee, would you vote for bernie sanders? >> of course. i don't know what's going to be nominated or who will be nominated on the other side of things. it's terrifying. i don't think there's been anything this frightening coming from the republicans in ever. that's saying a lot. i don't see anyone who cares,
12:27 am
not only about this country but about the world at this point about climate change, immigration reform or any issue of any significance, lgbt rights, how could you not vote for whoever the democratic nominee will be. there's a lot i admire about sanders. i think hillary clinton has more impressive report and a more skillful politician, which i think is more important ultimately than fantasies about how moral or immoral a person might be. >> people on the internet will have things to say about that. thank you for joining us. the campaign manager of the bernie sanders campaign will join me to respond. don't go anywhere.
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12:29 am
within hours of the death of justice antonin scalia, the republicans made it clear they would block any attempt to fill the vacancy. it's hung over the entire process. in case about public unions which would have been a five-four decision striking down the dues with scalia on the court. instead came back four four. the tie meant the lower court ruling this favor of the unions now stands. the unions were saved, thanks to a divided court. that may be the least of the gop's problem. larger one looms in november
12:30 am
when it's looking like it could have real implications in the ballot box. we'll tell you about that ahead. up next, bernie sanders campaign manager, jeff weaver. time hiring and not enough time in my kitchen. (announcer) need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. you put up one post and the next day you have all these candidates. makes my job a lot easier. (announcer) over 400,000 businesses have already used ziprecruiter. and now you can use ziprecruiter for free. go to
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susan sarandon provided information why she might not vote for hillary clinton and why donald trump may be the better choice. >> a will the of people are sorry, i can't do that.
12:34 am
>> what about you? >> i don't know. people feel donald trump will bring the revolution immediately. >> today the clinton campaign will address the remarks. one of the four presidential campaign managers who was not arrested today. congratulations on that, jeff. >> i try to make sure that's the case every day. >> that's a great thing at the top of the to do list. what is your response to this? >> well, look, senator sanders has been clear he's going to support the nominee of the democratic party in this process. we anticipate it will be him who will be the democratic nominee. he has said quite clearly he's running for the democratic nomination. in the event he would not receive it, we would expect
12:35 am
secretary clinton would support him. >> are you at all concerned that the longer this goes, the more kind of image of hillary clinton is cultivated among the people that support bernie sanders that makes her fundamentally toxic to them? >> well, it's not about creating an image. it's about having campaign where you talk about real issues. the truth of the matter is, hillary clinton, claims she'll take on the big banks but takes money from them. claims she will take on the fossil fuel industry but takes money from them. this is not about creating a image. what's going to happen this general election? do you think donald trump will go easy on secretary clinton? >> are you guys confident it will be donald trump as the nominee? >> do you think ted cruz will go easy? >> no one will go easy on secretary clinton. there was back and forth about a debate.
12:36 am
i was to play what bryan fouler said earlier. >> there's been back channel conversations throughout the day today. our campaign indicated to the sanders campaign through the dnc that we're willing to debate in april and provided options, including here in new york. >> we going to get a new york debate here? >> i sure hope so. back in february when secretary clinton was under water in new hampshire, they wanted a debate in new hampshire that was outside the regular process. we said sure, let's do it. we want three more debates. one many march, april and may. it's a debate they already bargained for and supposed to do. it would have been very dishonest for them not to have it. we are gratified it appears they will be willing to have the debate in new york. last month they have resisted any attempt to have a debate in new york.
12:37 am
i believe nonstarter was used by the clinton campaign. >> you have done well in caucus states. i think you've won 9 of 12 or something like that. if you really believe in democracy, aren't caucuses a terrible idea? people have to take lots of time off. they can't just go at the time of the day that's convenient to them. shouldn't we just have primaries for every one? >> this is a process that we engaged in. we don't set the rules. the democratic party sets the rules. we're trying to play by the rules. the truth of the matter is senator sanders does well in primaries as well. done the new hampshire primary by 22 points. he won the michigan primary, a large diverse state in the largest comeback in democratic primary history coming from over 20 points down to winning by two points. i think he has done well in caucuses and he's demonstrated he can do well in primaries.
12:38 am
>> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. last night we asked you who is to blame for the rise of donald trump. president obama weighed in on that. we'll play those remarks ahead.
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there's been a lot of chatter the past 48 hours about a contested convention. paul ryan said he was boning up on the rules in cases it gets to that. >> i don't know. my campaign barely ended 48 hours ago. i haven't thought through that. it's not anything we're planning on. >> it's been just 14 days since marco rubio suspended his campaign. while he may be gone from the campaign trail, there are signs that rubio has no intention of being forgotten. there are two races going on right now. one for voters and the other for delegates. if you look at the delegate race, right now donald trump leads. cruz is next and look who is there in third place with 172. marco rubio. he still has those delegates. almost 30 more than john kasich
12:42 am
who is still running for president. carson and bush still have eight between them. you may be wondering what happens to those delegates pledged to candidates who are no longer running for president. it depends. marco rubio hasn't been kicking back. he has plan. his plan is to be a major player at the republican convention in cleveland. i'll explain in 60 seconds.
12:43 am
despite suspending his campaign, marco rubio still has 172 pledge delegates. he's doing everything he can to keep them. that can position him as power broker of sorts at july's potentially contested convention. with enough delegates in his back pocket to swing things towards one candidate or another. he wants to keep his options open and has been working behind the scenes of unpaid staffers sending letters to republican officials in states where he won delegates charges he wants to keep his delegates. one state party has already
12:44 am
obliged him. alaska has decided to let him keep the five delegates he's won. this after they had already divided up the delegates between trump and cruz. five may seem like nothing, but 172, that's a whole different story. if he can hold onto a significant number of those, he could just walk into july's convention king maker.
12:45 am
12:46 am
in this era, everyone is both maker of media and media critic. that includes the president of the united states. president obama who has several different channels of media distribution himself from twitter to snap chat to facebook to instagram also has some strong feelings about journalism in the american media. last night the president, who's administration has prosecuted leaks and set a new record for
12:47 am
denying requests delivered the keynote address for the toner prize for excellence in political reporting. while he congratulated the winner, alec, the president also had strong words about the current political climate. >> when our elected officials and our political campaigns become entirely untethered to reason and facts and analysis, when it doesn't matter what's true and what's not, that makes it all but impossible for us to make good decisions on behalf of future generations. a job well done, is about more than just handing someone a microphone. it's to probe and to question
12:48 am
and to dig deeper and demand more. the electorate would be better served if that happened. it would be getter served if billions of dollars in free media came with serious accountability especially when politicians issue unworkable plans or make promises they can't keep. the reporters here who know they can't keep them. i know that's a shocking concept that politicians would do that, but without a press that asks tough questions, voters take them at their word. ultimately, i recognize that the news industry is an industry. it's a business. there's no escaping the pressures of the industry and all its constraints. i also know that journalism at its best is indispensable. real people depend on you to
12:49 am
uncover the truth. after the break, this should have been a routine meeting. i'll tell you why it was exceptional, next. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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something remarkable and truly newsworthy happened today.
12:53 am
the president's nominee for supreme justice met with a senator. this is manager they due as matter of recourse for supreme court nominee. within hours of supreme court justice antonin scalia's death the republican party line was don't send us a nominee. they vowed not to vote on an obama nominee, not to hold hearings, not even to meet with said nominee. that was the unprecedented condition. significant cracks are forming and quickly. just two weeks after president obama nominated garland. 16 senators say they are open to meeting with him. today he met with the republican senator from illinois and this is quite key, up for re-election in a very blue state and who is also said the senate should hold hearings on garland's nomination. we need rational, adult, open minded consideration which he's
12:54 am
part of. he's been duly nominated by the elected president of the united states to fill vacancy. we need open minded rational responsible people to keep an open mind to make sure the process works. >> there's renewed pressure senator chuck grassley. grassley takes flak for stance on top court. they may be in microcosm of larger problem. as the election gets closer, it's going to be harder to keep party unity particularly if the nominee is donald trump. molly, you've done some reporting on this. it strikes me that one of defining features of the republican congress, house and senate is the unity. there's been some infighting
12:55 am
about the shut down but they have been pretty good at keeping them together, not letting people defect. do you think they can hold that together as we come barrelling toward november? >> i would not say unity has been a defining feature of this republican congress at all. mitch mcconnell has been good at holding his caucus together in the senate. we're seeing that unravel. at the same time in way they feel the strategy is almost vindicated by what's happened. just agreeing to meet with him looks like a concession. much less going the extra step of holding hearings that they would see as total defeat. putting the goal posts where they have, they have allowed this very minor and routine gesture of just meeting with judge garland to be a concession. >> i should be clear on the unity point. it's been incredibly not -- there's been very little unity. what they have been good at is preventing defections.
12:56 am
they don't get republicans crossing over a lot to vote on big pieces of democratic priority legislation like perhaps we might have seen in the past. the other sort of physical force or not physical but sort of political force pushing on this problem is the president's approval rating is 53%. if i'm not mistaken it was 28% for george w. bush at this point. that is a political reality they're going to have to be thinking about as they head towards the election. >> he's not down in the dumps the way he was before. i think garland is the stay puff marshmallow man. they tried to think the one candidate who is the least offensive candidate. to take away all the reasons to oppose him. what we're seeing now is we'll meet with the guy. we cannot meet with him. he's the head of the d.c. circuit. i think they have an advantage here. i think hillary clinton unboxed them this week.
12:57 am
all these decisions will be decided by there court. she's saying, it is about raw power and who has the majority on the court. the president is trying to say it's not about that and procedure. it is what it is. we saw today with today's decision the decisions on labor. there are huge stakes for both parties. >> molly, one of the trends that's happened as we think about the way the behavior will be impacted, it's become much harder and harder to keep races local. we saw democrats saying yes, the president might be unpopular here. we're going to keep it local. it didn't work. it hardly worked anywhere. republicans successfully nationalized the election. looks like it's going to be happening no matter what anyone says about it in november as well. >> republicans are tremendously worried about down ballot effects in this election.
12:58 am
if you're mark kirk, you're worried even in the top of the your ticket is marco rubio much less if it's ted cruz or donald trump. i've talked to a lot of republicans about what's the best strategy for the senate nominees in blue states and purple states. every single one of these candidates, particularly of donald trump is the nominee, everywhere will be what do you think of the latest crazy thing donald trump said. do you support him? how can you support him? they have choices to make about that. are they going to say, are they going to distance themselves and say i don't support him? are they going to do this little dance about i'm running my own race and i don't have anything to do with that. they're going to have to find some way to differentiate themselves when this turns into a land slide loss for the man at the top of the ticket.
12:59 am
>> i think they have gotten the message, the sort of purple and blue state senators even on the garland thing. like do your thing. throw us overboard. >> they can try. donald j. trump is the brand right now. he's going to be -- >> at the top of the ticket is the brand. >> he's going to suck up all the oxygen in the room from now to november if he's the nominee, and he probably will be. it's going to be hard to be anything else besides a donald trump republican if he's the guy at the top. he takes up all the room. >> we've seen over the last 16 years that partisan polarization is one of the strongest forces in american political life. people don't split tickets. they flow with the party. having someone at the top of the party that a lot of people find toxic, people are going to have to rediscover a voting behavior that's been lost in the last few
1:00 am
years. >> it's hard to imagine this is not a nationalized election. i think he's a single handed force to nationalize the election. >> thank you both. that's "all in" for this evening. rachel maddow starts now. good evening. thanks. we have been covering this story out of alabama where the family values sanctity of marriage, far right republican governor in that state, he may ultimately getting turfed out of office after extensive and increasingly lurid details have been made public about him having an affair with one of his staffers. he's apologized for his behavior in that relationship. he's also denied that anything physical ever happened in that relationship. now because of that very specific denial that nothing physical ever happened, because


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