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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  April 7, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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my mom was there because she and the guy are close. it was a good day in the bronx. do they think cruz can with in? a pleasure to have you. that's "all in." rachel maddow starts now. thank you. jane sanders will be here tonight. senator bernie sanders' wife is in new york. that's because new york primary. bernie sanders will be on the seth meyers show on nbc. they are in our immediate vicinity in this building. jane sanders has agreed to sit for an interview right here on this show for the very first time ever. she'll be here in studio. i'm very excited about that. i've met her but never interviewed her before. that's exciting. that's coming up in just a few minutes tonight. since the presidential race has turned towards new york, all the campaigns and both parties are
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having to deal now, up close, with a new thing that's specific to new york. a new beast that they have not necessarily had to deal with or at least they've not had to pay that much attention to before right now. now that new york is the next big primary and all the campaigns are competing here, there is this one very difficult inescapable thing they have in their face every day. it is the brutal, unforgiving, frequently profane adversary known as the new york tabloid media. one of the things i'm hoping to talk to jane sanders is about an editorial board interview, which her husband bernie sanders did on friday. it's led to a whole bunch of news since. the daily news posted the transcript. on tuesday they ran this difficult front page in the daily news about senator sanders views on guns.
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whether they should be sued by the victims of gun violence. it's not an abstract concept. they raised that issue to him in the context of such a lawsuit that's been brought by the families of some of the first graders killed in the sandy hook elementary school massacre. difficult issue, emotional issue. what is particularly tough about this front page, this headline for senator sanders in new york is also this is not what you would expect from this paper, from the new york daily news. there's two tabloids in new york. they are both equally aggressive and sarcastic and in your face and profane. the two tabloids have different politics. if you're luking for super snarky headlines making fun of democrats.
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usually, negative headlines comes from the other tabloid. those headlines come from the new york post. for example, the new york post, this is the paper they put out. the front page they put out on hillary clinton and her e-mail scandal. notice the excellent word play. deleter of the free world. when elliot spitzer tried to made a comeback, this was the new york post headline about that. here we ho again. this is another classic from new york post. i checked. i am allowed to show it, but i cannot say. there you have it. you can see it. it's that president obama's critical of congressman anthony weiner and suggested he should resign. i won't say how they put it.
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in terms of very local new york city politics. if you're a liberal mayor, you can count on paper called the new york post to put a big dumb looking smiling picture of you on their cover next to hammer and sickle that says back in the ussr. that's how they are inclined. the post is inclined towards democrats. that's not how the daily news is generally inclined by democrats. the daily news has gone after bernie sanders this week. it's much more typical to go after republicans and conservatives. this the daily news this was a famous one they did in the '90s. this absolutely stuck and became the way people thought about this person and this issue for a long time. newt gingrich at the heart of shutdown. daily news headline was brutal and way too memorable. newt gingrich is a giant cry baby. the government shutdown is
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newt's tantrum. then the next time, the daily news went after that republican. this is another one i had to get special permission to show on tv. it's play on "house of cards." it's john boehner there who was speaker of the house. he's sitting on the seat on what's supposed to be the lincoln memorial. it's not "house of cards." it's house of turd. in the house of cards play on the lincoln, frank underwood is sitting like lincoln but his hands are bloody. sitting in the lincoln seat overseeing the house of turds. that's not blood on his hands. i'm telling you, the new york tabloids don't always care about politics.
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they do not front page politics every day, but when they do front page politics, hide the children. it can be very profane. it can be very funny. sometimes it's profound. sometimes it's all three. last summer, donald trump, criticized arizona senator, john mccain called him not war hero. despite the fact he was shot down and served five years as a pow in vietnam. he's absolutely a war hero. this is now the new york daily news responded. see the headline there, g.i. joke. in the photo, that's donald trump's class picture when he was in a military themed prep school as teenager. see the daily news there above the picture. toy soldier trump dissed a true war hero but used five deferments and a foot boo boo to dodge the draft himself. you see the red arrow pointing at one of the medal pinned to his uniform.
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the daily news explains it by saying here's his medal for being neat which is devastating. the daily news has been relentless when it comes to donald trump. it's like they feel some responsibility to the rest of the country because he's a new yorker. they have to let the rest of the country know what other new yorkers think of trump. they have called him madman. on the occasion of sarah palin endorsing trump in january, the daily news put pictures of both of them on the front page under the caption, i'm with stupid. when for a brief moment donald trump and pope francis exchanged criticism about immigration and border walls. the daily news literally called donald trump the anti-christ and ran a picture showing him burning in hell. they also wrote a front page that says trump is hitler. it was a quote, but still.
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they have done a long series of donald trump as a clown. here's the daily news calling him side show don. when he declared he was running, trump throws rubber nose in gop ring. clown runs for president. after trump lost they said this terrible page. after he came back the following week and won new hampshire, it was this. dawn of the brain dead. clown comes back to life with new hampshire win as mindless zombies turn out this droves. the voters of new hampshire who picked donald trump. the daily news has taken it upon themselves to try to sway new hampshire, specifically. to get them to not vote for donald trump. on the day of the new hampshire primary this was the daily news cover. this is the new hampshire primary day. is new hampshire smarter than this fifth grader. they put right there on the cover. our nation is doomed if clown who calls opponent, a thing i
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can't say on tv, in public, wins primary. the new york daily news went a little crazy on that race as well calling south carolina on its cover, a confederacy of dunces. see the sub headline there. day after trump logs shooting muslims, south carolina gop says he's our guy. when david duke spoke out in favor of donald trump, they put this on the cover. the new york daily news has found time to propane other republican candidates this year as well. even if you know nothing about new york's lurid tabloid media culture, you know about the most famous new york tabloid ever. at least the most famous
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political one. it's when new york city was going bankrupt. people can quote this. ford to city, drop dead. that's the most famous one in politics. the daily news went back to that well. this january after another republican presidential candidate decided to diss new york. ted cruz decided to attack donald trump for what he called donald trump's new york values. yeah, the daily news may really hate donald trump. if you're doing it in order to mess with donald trump, the first order of business around new york city is you do not mess with new york city. >> reporter: senator cruz, you suggested mr. trump, quote, embodies new york values. could you explain what you mean by that? >> i think most people know what new york values are. >> i am from new york. >> you're from new york. you're might not. i promise you in the state of south carolina, they do.
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the concept of new york values is not that complicated to figure out. not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i'm just saying. >> are you sure about that? >> that happened in january at one of republican debates. it led to what i think was widely seen as donald trump's best debate moment of year. you saw him standing there stone face as ted cruz was getting laughs from the crowd. donald trump went onto defend new york. he talk and about new york and what new york went through after 9/11 and how the city pulled together after 9/11, how it was wrong to insult new york. probably his best debate moment ever of the entire campaign. in addition to that fight of those two candidates, that insult led to this on new york news sands. you see there's a blurry spot. remember the other ones i got permission to show even if i couldn't say them. this is one i can't show you the whole thing is.
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we had to pixelate part of this cover. this time around it's the new york daily news saying drop dead ted. cruz, you don't like new york value, go back to canada. the part that's blurry, the part i can't show you, that's what the statue of liberty is doing with her hand to that picture of ted cruz' face right below. it's the statue of liberty flipping the bird. if you live in new york, you have seen that. we put that thing on the front page of the newspaper. most people have never seen that. literally the statue of liberty giving ted cruz the middle finger. amazing. ted cruz responded by raising money on. clumping his pearls and fanning himself. literally the vulgarity. that was the word he used in the fund raising letter.
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the new york daily news responded by putting ted cruz e-mail address on the front page of the next edition of the paper with the headline, slime doesn't pay. they reposted the statue of the liberty giving him the finger as the inset. they posted his e-mail address. hey, new york, tell ted what you think. we have rolled around to the new york primary. despite what he thinks, ted cruz had to come to new york and try to win some votes. whatever else he thinks about this state that's so terrible, there's 95 delegates that will come out of new york. he needs them. it was supposed to be day of ted cruz campaigning. they disinvited him because all the students were going to walk out and he was going to be talking to an empty room. on that occasion, this is the front page of the new york daily news today. it's a little dicy as to whether
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this is okay to put it on tv. let's try. tell them you saw it on cnf. here it is. again, they bring back the statue of liberty flipping the bird. they put that on the front page. it's the third time they put it on the front page. today's front page, it's an image of ted cruz and his wife looking a little pained. the inset says honey, how do we get out of the bronx. the big headline is take the f-u train, ted. i take the f train all the time. i can verify there's an f train. as far as i know, i don't think it's a u train. the daily news decides to start the lead of their story on ted cruz on that front page.
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right next to the inset to the little statue of the liberty id says we got your new york values right here, pal. he received a zero's welcome in the bronx in response to his recent crack about donald trump embodying new york and his anti-union remarks. other than making up the existence of the u train, the daily news is not being all that hyperbolic. >> we are one of the poorest congressional districts in the country and to receive this right wing bigot is an insult to the whole community.
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>> i'm thrilled to be here. >> this is an immigrant community. an immigrant community. >> in multiple languages, ted cruz has had a hard time campaigning in the place he's derided for its new york values. as much as ted cruz has proudly demonstrated his hatred of new york with the way he's talked about this state, the feeling does appear to be mostly mutual between new york and ted cruz. the most recent poll on the republican side out of new york shows a giant lead for donald trump. a giant percentage of the vote. mr. trump is at 52%. what is most remarkable about this poll, it's not just the size of donald trump's lead but who he's leading.
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he's 27 points ahead, not of head cruz but of john kasich. ted cruz is losing not just to donald trump, he's losing to john kasich, by a lot. john kasich will be at syracuse. they booked a venue that held 300 people but they had to move to an area that's more than twice that size. if you're john kasich, 600 people, that's a mammoth number. for context, i should mention that donald trump will be in a different part of new york tomorrow. he's going to be at the state capitol of albany. he's expected to fill a venue tomorrow night and it holds 17,000 people. not to take anything away from john kasich who is probably excited about his 600, but keep some perspective on what's about to happen.
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that's what's about to happen on the republican side of the race. on the democratic side of the race, it's between two new yorker. bernie sanders, born and raised here. left as a young man but kept the accent. hillary clinton neither born or raised here but she's a current resident. she represented the state in the new york senate for eight years. polling shows secretary clinton ahead in this state but not by a huge margin. in contrast to the republican race, which is still occasionally hilarious or profane. on the democratic side, even in face of this new york tabloid confrontational media that likes to hit all side, the democratic race feels like it's in a more serious place. it's sort of taken a turn into some more serious and sobering charges and counter charges the two candidates about who is really a democrat about who would hurt or help other democrats that will be running.
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he's calling her unqualified to be president. neither of them ever said overtly that the other one was explicitly unqualified to be president. that's the place where the democratic race has just gone. tonight, i am very happy we've got these two big interviews. the first one is with the last man to get out of democratic race for president before we got down to bernie sanders and hillary clinton. martin o'malley was the last man standing. this will be his first tv interview since he suspended his campaign in february. in the back half of the show, someone i never interviewed before but wanted to. i'm a little nervous about it. senator bernie sanders' wife jane is here. the reason i'm nervous is not because of anything intrinsic about her.
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i don't usually interview candidate's spouses. that's not usually the thing i do. she's an integral part of her campaign. she's an important advisor. she's going to be here live, tonight, in studio with me. big night. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. while you're mastering life. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us.
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interviews come in twos. they come this pairs. last week it was bernie sanders and secretary clinton, back to back. we have insight with two people in our politics now. first we've got former maryland governor martin o'malley joining us and then we have jane sanders, the wife of bernie sanders.
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what backache? wh sore wrist? what headache? what bad shoulder? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil it's the world's #1 choice. what in? advil. we're going to need a strong leader of intelligence and insight. a leader with a proven record of results, a strong leader who can quickly close that leadership deficit which threatens our children's future. ladies and gentlemen, standing with me today is that leader, hillary rodham clinton.
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>> that was 2007. throwing his weight behind hillary clinton as she ran for president against barack obama. he traveled for her in new hampshire. he was an aggressive surrogate. he fund raised for her. she got close in 2008, but she didn't win that nomination. after governor o'malley finished his time in office. he finished if january of last year. he didn't waste time setting his own sights on the next presidential race for 2016. he was the third democrat to get into that race after secretary clinton and senator sanders did. in the end, it didn't work out for him either. he ran really hard. he campaigned 68 days in iowa. he did over 190 events. even when it was bad weather and everybody else cancelled. even when it was such bad weather and one guy showed up. that guy didn't commit to him that day but he did come around.
9:26 pm
he caucused for martin o'malley in iowa. it turns out it was a lonely making decision. it just didn't work out. >> katie and the kids and i decided that it would be an extreme poverty, indeed, if the democratic party only had two candidates to choose from. and, so, we made this fight. tonight, i have to tell you that i'm suspended this presidential bid. i am not ending this fight. >> that was the last we heard from governor martin o'malley until now. we're now joined by the governor. thank you so much for being here. how are you? >> great. good to be with you again. >> do you feel nostalgic or regretful watching yourself drop out and suspend your campaign?
9:27 pm
how do you feel? >> i feel very honored and fortunate that i was to try and fight. my wife said when you thank your friends for helping you make this race, you should thank them for many things, including giving you the satisfaction of knowing you gave it your very best. if i had been watching from this side lines as this race unfolded and hadn't tried especially given the twists and turns on the republican field and the threat our country faces of donald trump, i would have been decide myself. i'm glad i tried. i had some great friends that helped me. i'm proud of the issues we gave voice to, particularly immigration reform, climate change, the gun safety issue. also, the plight of america's cities. these are things i still care about. i'm going to be involved with a terrific group called project draw down.
9:28 pm
it's about measuring the most impactful solutions to reducing carbon in our atmosphere. i'm going to be involved with an effort called all about the vote. i don't think you won't find this on the earlier programming suggested, a clear difference between democrats and republicans. democratic governors make it easier for people to vote. republican governors, over these last couple of years, have been doing everything they can to make it harder for people to vote. i look forward to supporting the party's nominee in the fall. >> are you going to make an endorsement? >> i'm not going to. >> have they asked you to? >> i'm had some terrific conferrings with secretary clinton and senator sanders. i have a great deal of admiration for both of them. i look forward to supporting the party's nominee. >> we're having this bit of a squirmish. there's a fake word which is squirmish over this idea of qualifications.
9:29 pm
senator sanders is saying secretary clinton is not qualified. do you feel like it would be an extreme poverty, do you feel like both of these candidates are qualified? >> i would gladly vote for either of these candidates over ted cruz or over donald trump or many of the others that had been this the republican field. i think we're at a point in time, every election, we learn more about our candidates than we ever had before. there is no perfect candidate. having said that, both of these candidates represent a much better vision for our country's future. a future where our kids enjoy more opportunities rather than less. i think this new york debate that's coming up could really be one of the best ones we've had in a long time. >> you were so strong in your advocacy there should have been more debates.
9:30 pm
more debates would have helped you because you were the least known. do you still feel like the democrats ought to have more debates? >> i hope in the debates there's more issues discussed than what we've heard. would like to see the candidates discuss climate change than they have in past debates. there's almost, there gets to be a sot of ticky tackiness. voters said to me after a couple of the debates and the forum you hosted, they said we'd like more forums and less debates. this gentleman happened to be in cedar rapids, iowa. he said it's not helpful for us for them to shake you up like ants in jar. we'd rather have the important issues.
9:31 pm
i hope we talk about immigration reform and climate change given what new yorkers went through with hurricane sandy and criminal justice reform. these are all issues that are ripe for discussion here in new york. >> i feel like i'm listening to you on two different levels. i'm hearing you talk and i feel like i'm hearing you ready to run. would you run again? >> this is what i'm doing right now. i've enjoyed waking up in my own bed with my wife and kids for a change. my oldest daughter gets married in june. >> congratulations. >> to a terrific guy, j.d. meryl. i'm going to be be doing some teaching in the fall at a couple of universities in and around maryland.
9:32 pm
i'm going to be throwing my energies into climate change and to voting rights and to the future of america cities and do that from the highest and most important office in the land and that is the office of citizen. that's what i'm going to be doing. i look forward, hopefully, to being part of the healing that's going to have to basic place in our party. we need the energy of the sanders campaign and the energy of the clinton campaign in order to put our country on a bether path in fall. that's what i hope to be a part of. >> days like today might be big. thank you for being willing to talk here before you did it with anybody else. thank you for being so honorable and decent in the way you were a competitor this year. >> thank you for your professionalism. >> we'll be right back. we've got jane sanders joining us live in a moment. stay with us. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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we still have a lot to get to. i'm interviewing the spouse of a presidential candidate. how do you do that? i don't know. if you're thinking about stepping away for a second. don't. jane sanders is right here, just ahead. i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too.
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9:44 pm
i interviewed connie schultz whose husband was running for re-election to the senate. i wasn't interviewing her about her husband running for re-election. i had her on the show in her capacity as a columnist to talk about the presidential contest. i think it's fair to say i've never interviewed a political candidate's spouse about that political candidate and his or her campaign until tonight. tonight i'm very excited to have jane sanders. she served as president of burlington college in vermont. she ran her own consulting firm. she's played a central role in her husband's political career. during bernie sanders first year in congress she was, at different time, his chief of staff, press secretary. in 1996, the washington post said she authored more than 50 pieces of legislation over six years.
9:45 pm
now she's criss crossing the country, stomping for her husband. she's in this unique position in which her counter part in the poing campaign, the candidate's spouse is a former president of the united states. a guy who knows from campaigning. what's that like? joining us now is jane sanders. thank you so much for being here. >> glad to be here. >> i don't know how to interview a candidate spouse because i've never done it before. i feel like i want to know what your role is in the campaign. i understand how to talk to people who work on campaigns. what do you do on the campaign? >> top advisor. there's half dozen of us that work with bernie on anything that needs to be worked on. >> you don't have a specific remit in the campaign? >> no.
9:46 pm
well, i oversee all the ads. i don't make them anymore. i oversee them. we just talk all the time about strategy and scheduling. in previous campaigns i have. >> did you want him to run? >> i was pretty reticent at the beginning. i was more concerned about the negative campaigning. that's the way of politics today. neither of us like that. the importance of the race, the importance of the issues won out. i came around. >> on the fund raising thing, boy, has that turned out to be a surprise story that nobody could have foretold. your plan had to be overtly to not go for super pac donors. is this part of the plan. did you have any idea it would be this wildly successful?
9:47 pm
>> no. we figured our budget would be about a third of it done. we were going to run a pretty frugal campaign. it's opinion a real surprise. it's been more than a money coming in. over two million people. it's been exciting. >> as somebody who is involved at such a high level in the campaign and somebody who has such a unique relationship with a candidate, what do you do when you realize you are going to have triple the budget? do you just do triple the number of things you were doing or did it qualitatively change the way you were going to run? >> i've gotten out of that. jeff and the other people handle the budget. they figure it out. i don't really play a role in the budget, which is really nice because of the detail. it takes such focus. >> also because it's an enormous budget.
9:48 pm
when you're raising more than $40 million over the course of a month, it's daunting. >> we don't worry. i used to say what are we spending on this or that. now i don't say that. >> on the issue of negative campaigning, i don't know if this is negative campaigning, but i feel like it's important where we are in the campaign. last night your husband said secretary clinton was unqualified to be president. he characterized an argument from her that didn't use those exact words, but characterized an argument from her as making the same claim against him. this, to me, just an observer feels like a different thing that not only i've not seen, but we didn't see this in '08 in the bad, worst part in the obama-clinton stuff. saying that somebody isn't qualified to hold the office and he wouldn't vote for her. >> i think you're reading too much into it. everybody keeps starting with
9:49 pm
what happened last night. since wisconsin, it was very clear and it was spoken very clearly that the strategy of the clinton campaign was to disqualify, defeat and worry about uniting the party later. we heard that. we didn't think of it. all you saw every happen hour was that action implemented by the surrogates. secretary clinton, herself, said a number of things that maybe not the words unqualified but the intent. that's why reporters reported it that way because they heard it that way. what bernie tried to do last night was to shift to unqualified, how? unqualified in the issues. if you're going to talk about somebody not being qualified then let's talk about why. he said if i'm it's because of h
9:50 pm
support for trade deals that have been terrible for our country. it's because she supported and didn't have the judgment for the iraq war or libya. he tried to switch it into a different venue. that's what bernie always does. maybe he shouldn't have repeated the words that the press used. i think you're reading too much in it and he doesn't think she's unqualified. he's said over and over again -- >> he does think she's qualified. >> he said that, the clinton campaign and its surrogates over and over again they're trying to disqualify. >> the strategy has been exact rised that way, but nobody -- like secretary clinton, the reason -- i don't mean to get too specific about it, but i am struck by the fact that she was ked over and over again is he not qualified, is he not
9:51 pm
qualified and she wouldn't say, no, he's not qualified. >> she also didn't say he is. if you look up in the definition of what unqualified is and read a lot of things that she and her surrogates were saying -- >> you think that was the implication. >> that was why the reporters saw it as the implication. we saw it as the implication and we know it's their strategy now. i think they should all go back to the issues and deal with that and bernie -- bernie has moved on. he has said let's not use the word unqualified. let's used word contrast. why do i think i'm better than her on trade, on keystone pipe listen. your story now he was opposed to it and secretary clinton was for it. you there are a lot of reasons -- they would take the country in very different directions,
9:52 pm
even though it seems like they're on the same page and that's what the secretary, what the secretary's campaign keeps on saying. they're on the same page. they're not on the same page and we need to address that and what would be nice is if the media paid as much attention to when he talks about the issues instead of when he uses a word that has been used a lot in the last few days. also, maybe we want to ask them when are they going to change their strategy from saying we're going to disqualify, defeat and worry about uniting the party. >> do you think they're behaving in a dishonorable way? >> i think it was what i was concerned about. it's been a pretty good year. we haven't been doing negative campaigning. so -- but i don't think it's inappropriate. i don't think they should apologize. i think it's not what americans want. they do not want to have
9:53 pm
candidates be saying our strategy is to disqualify him by making innuendos and implications that he doesn't know what he's talking about and various other things that happened. i won't repeat them all. it's not a good way. let's contrast the ideas. let's give people a choice. >> can you sit tight for one second? we'll be back with jane sanders. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the new craftsman pro series riding mowers. ♪
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9:55 pm
we're back with jane sanders who is the wife of bernie sanders and a senior adviser to the campaign. thank you for being here. >> so glad to be here. >> it looks like, certainly the way the sanders campaign has explained it, it looks like this will be a campaign that goes all the way to convention. somebody will emerge as the nominee. >> yes. >> do you ever have doubts in your heart of hearts about the ability to reconcile the supporters from the two campaigns once there is a nominee. >> there are so many. there's different -- it's a broad range that comes in the democratic party and bernie is bringing a lot of people that have left the democratic party back in and a lot of new voters. i don't know how it will be. i know that bernie has always supported democrats up and down the line since he's been in congress. he's raised money for them and he's worked very hard on president obama's race, both races. so i think that as he's always done, he's going to lead by example and hopefully secretary
9:56 pm
clinton will do the same and one of them will emerge as the nominee and the other will be 100% behind them. >> that issue of racing money for democrats, he has been a fundraiser for democrats in the past. i talked to him a few days ago about whether or not his fundraising may eventually result in him raising money for the dnc. he said we'll see. >> he's written a letter that's going out and his letters have brought in more money than anybody else's letters and he's done it every year. >> okay. so he plans to continue to do that now. >> yes. and he gives money from his campaign to the right candidates. >> jane sanders, the wife of bernie sanders. thank you so much more doing this. i'm sure it's a weird decision for you to decide to put yourself out there instead of your husband. >> it's true. >> i appreciate you being here. thank you. good luck. we'll be right back. i take pictures of sunrises,
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. this is usually the time when i would say we've got tons more to get to tonight, but turns out you can tell time. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> at this hour last night the democratic campaign for president looked like it was about to explode, but the candidates seemed to take a step back from the brink today. donald trump is running scared, which is why he decided to stop running around the country and stay in new york to defend his home turf and we have video tonight showing that donald trump's problem with women disappears if the woman is actually a man dressed as a woman. >> i'm on very friendly territory with new york. >> i love new york.


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