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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 9, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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then those places change every few months... please. it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. doesn't get much simpler than that. what's in your wallet? good afternoon, everyone, i'm ayman mohyeldin. we start with breaking news out of brussels, belgium are where belgian prosecutors confirm that mohamed abrini, now in custody, was in fact the third man present in the terrorist attacks at the brussels airport last month. the man in the hat, as he was known, law enforcement says abrini was there.
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he was charged along with three other suspects currently in custody. that includes osama krayem, who authorities say was at the maalbeek subway station during that attack. let's go straight to brussels. bill neely has been following the developments. bill, what can you tell us? a sharp contrast to 24 hours ago where the prosecutor's statement was saying they weren't sure yet if he was the man in the white hat. today they are confirming it is in fact mohamed abrini. >> reporter: yes, the mystery has been solved, the mystery that in a sense has kept brussels and the authorities here on edge, because they didn't know who the man in the hat was. he clearly escaped. you remember two days ago they released new video, new images of the man in the hat. people here were worried that he would be connected to another attack. the city of course has been braced for that for weeks now. so within the last hour, the belgian prosecutor's office confirming, number one, that mohamed abrini is the man in the
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hat, because he has confessed to being the man in the hat. interesting, ayman, that he is talking, that is significant, number one, that he arrested him, and number two, that he is talking. and obviously there is the hope that he will say a great deal more. apparently, according to the prosecutor, he said that not only was he at the scene of the brussels airport bombing but that he left, he got rid of his jacket into a garbage began, but also that he sold his hat, just an astonishing detail. this was a man who had just taken part in a mass murder and for a few euros he sells his hat. it is significant that he's talking and a couple of the experts we've been speaking to say it is quite possible, now that he has admitted that, that he will say a great deal more. mohamed abrini isn't just a lookout, a driver, a bag carrier, a minor player.
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he is at the very heart of two, in fact many massacres in two cities, in paris and brussels. his dna was found in apartments and also found on a car used in the paris massacres. and british police are also looking very carefully at abrini, because he was in several british cities, we believe certainly birmingham, where a photograph of a soccer stadium was found on his mobile phone. it's also believed he was in manchester and in london. so mohamed abrini has been, you know, at the crosshairs of potential plots in three countries, and is now, as we now know from the prosecutor, not only in custody, but talking. ayman? >> bill, plealet's talk about h police were able to track them
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down. have they talked more about what led them to mohamed abrini? how did they find him, where did they find him, how did that operation more raid take place? >> reporter: we don't know the detail. what we do know is that he was arrested alongside two other men. those two men have been released. so six people were arrested all together here in brussels on friday. four of them have now been charged with mass murder and with membership of a terrorist organization, isis. two people, the two people who were with mohamed abrini have been released. you remember, and our viewers will have seen pictures of a man being taken down in broad daylight on a street in anderlecht, which is a suburb of brussels. we do not believe that that was mohamed abrini, although neither prosecutors nor police have confirmed who that individual was. but exactly how he was traced, we don't know. remember, this is a man who has
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successfully been on the run for five months. so how he was finally tracked down, we don't know. what we do know is that it is a success for the belgian police, with one big caveat, ayman. remember when salah abdeslam, the boyhood friend of mohamed abrini, was captured, there was ecstasy in the justice department here and in the prosecutor's office. it was just a short time later, just a few days later that that arrest triggered the massacre at the airport and the killings in the metro. so people here aren't celebrating the arrest of abrini and the confirmation that he is the man in the hat, because they are worried that there could be another attack, that abrini's arrest would trigger other members of a cell to do something else, because they fear arrest. one other important point, ayman. although abrini says he was the man in the hat, he could be
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lying. he could in fact be covering up for someone else trying to give that individual more time to get away. we simply don't know, although you would imagine, ayman, with the face recognition technology and so on, all the things that a modern intelligence and judicial agency has, that by now they really would be able to match that fairly clear image inside the airport of the man in the hat with the giuy that they've got in custody. i throw that out there because it's not impossible that arebri is lying to protect somewhere else. >> we know that france wanted the extradition of salah abdeslam for his involvement in the paris attacks. we could possibly see the same for mohamed abrini. msnbc chief foreign correspondent bill neely, thanks
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for that. let's pick up on a few points that bill laid out for us. how significant is this arrest, both for the investigation in france, for belgium, for europol? >> reporter: it's significant on several levels. if abrini is the man in white identified on cameras at the brussels airport, and with the other arrests that they just made, it now means that every single individual identified either in the paris attacks or brussels attacks have now been apprehended. it doesn't mean there aren't layers of other people out there. but those that we know, every one that we know in both of those attacks has now been apprehended. that's a first level of priority. second, after having arrested and detained someone who has been possibly the man in white and releasing him, it looked
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like the brussels police agency was a keystone cops agency. but after others were identified who were in the molenbeek subway station, that give us a boost of confidence in the belgian police and security and intelligence authorities who will be perceived as having upped their game a lot. so i think that's significant. as we look forward, every time one of these people is arrested, they have a digital footprint, they have a communications footprint, they have relationships, they buy things. each one of these things reveals more and more of the network. one of the interesting things, there was a rwanda national that was one of the people that was arrested, a swede that was arrested that was inside belgium. of course abrini is of moroccan descent. i think when you look at that picture, it gives us a broader purview of who is participating. abrini had been in syria, i
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think that repeats the story that those who have come to syria and come back is at least a red flags for individuals that they're looking at for terrorism. i think in fact it's a very good step forward. but it begins to kind of tilt back to the security and intelligence authorities back on their game. there was a lot of doubt about them for a while. >> steve, i know you were in brussels at the time of this attack, leaving brussels that morning. >> reporter: that morning. >> absolutely, yes. is there any concern or should there be any concern that if in fact this isn't mohamed abrini, the third man that the prosecutor says he is, that has now been arrested, that belgium should be on high alert? there was question on the thursday before the attacks took place on tuesday, march 22nd, that belgium did not elevate its security posture in brussels or across the country. should they be doing something different now that this last man wanted has been apprehended?
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>> reporter: look, triumphalism is really bad in these cases. in my case, there were many of us who had been at the airport, got on the train to amsterdam. at each level they closed the train station a minute after we departed, they closed the borders just after we got out of the country. theoretically someone else could have done that, we were never screened. when those bombs struck and the fact that we were put back on a train and put back on the train to brussels north, and then at brussels north you had this massive number of people with bags either trying to go to the airport or coming back from the bombed airport, and you began to hear the rumors of the molenbeek
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subway station bombings, you saw a security situation that they didn't know how to deal with. they don't have scenarios or systemic training on what to do when a bad incident occurs. i think that while they have some calm, that's something they should be working on. >> we'll be learning more through the course of the day. it will be interesting to see if this assessment from european intelligence officials is that with the arrest of these two individuals, mohamed abrini and salah abdeslam, the last two known fugitives of the paris and brussels attacks, whether or not there will be the closure on this particular network or could this lead them to other networks that are operating in europe. steve clemons, thank you very much for that, it's always good to talk to you. >> reporter: thank you, ayman. next, as we speak, democrats in wyoming are caucusing. we'll go live to cheyenne for the latest on the contest, when we come back.
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caucus doors are now closed in the state of wyoming, democrats voting there will decide 14 of the state's 18 delegates today. the sanders campaign hoping to continue its winning streak in the west. also this hour ted cruz is expected to hit the stage at the republican state convention in colorado. the weekend state conventions were unbound and at large delegates are chosen for the republican national convention are actually starting to become more important than the primaries themselves. ted cruz this weekend netting a majority of the unbound delegates in colorado as he try to chip away at donald trump's overall delegate lead. back here in the east, bernie sanders is at a rally in the bronx right now. afterwards he'll head to long island city, then to the apollo theater in harlem. hillary clinton will hold a rally in brooklyn later this evening. earlier in manhattan sanders told supporters how important
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the new york primary is for his campaign. >> if we can win here, it absolutely opens the door to a path toward victory to the white house. >> we've got the campaign covered from all different angles. joining me is msnbc's kasie hunt in the bronx with bernie sanders today. kasie, good to talk to you. let's talk about both the significance of where sanders' streak is going. he could pick up his seventh win, he's already had six. if he wins in wyoming, how important is that momentum going into the final stretch before new york? >> reporter: well, the reality here, ayman, is that wyoming only has those 14 pledged delegates at stake. so it's a small prize, and it's the latest in a streak of wins. of course, as you mentioned, the sanders campaign very focused on trying to highlight the fact that they have momentum and wins in a series of states. the problem of course, it's pretty tough to close that delegate lead with hillary
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clinton in some of these smaller states. new york, 200 plus pledged delegates at stake. that's so many more. even if he does manage to eke out a win, the delegates he might pick up here wouldn't be necessarily enough to close that gap. and that's true across the states in the northeast. that said, sanders has been saying today pretty regularly at these rallies that it would be a significant blow to hillary clinton to lose new york even by a little bit. i think that that's right. the narrative coming out of new york for hillary clinton were she to lose here would be pretty negative. the challenge for sanders is that this is a closed primary so only registered democrats are allowed to vote here. sanders did beat hillary clinton among registered democrats in wisconsin about the primary was open to everyone, and he had a huge lead with independent penaltis, and they're not a factor here in new york. >> kasie hunt, live in the bronx, thank you very much for
11:18 am
that. both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are claiming new york as their home turf. for more on the clinton campaign strategy in new york, i'm joined by nbc's kristen welker. kristen, clinton is in balloroo today and spent most of the week in upstate new york. which region is upon for her to focus on? >> reporter: they're going to be focusing on both the regions you just mentioned. you get the most delegates in the city, so you'll see her here spending a lot of time trying to rally her base. if minorities turn out for her in force, she could do very well. at the same time, upstate new york is going to be critical as well. a lot of delegates to be won there. you have a lot of working class voters. that is a region hit hard by the recession and a region where senator sanders' message about economic inequality resonates. she's been talking a lot about her plans to help create more
11:19 am
jobs, help boost the manufacturing sector. i think you'll see a lot more of that. critical to her strategy, ayman, is talking about her tenure as senator. she of course served two terms here and she's trying to remind voters of that. senator sanders obviously trying to make the case he's the real new yorker. she is arguing she has deep advertise here as well. kasie underscored just how critical new york is. this would be a game changer for senator sanders if he were to win here. so secretary clinton really trying to hold on to that state. for senator sanders, it would put him on a path with a much stronger footing if he were to win here. >> with the hillary clinton complain, nbc's kristen welker, thank you very much for that update. let's move to the republican side of the ongoing elections. donald trump making a visit to the september 11th memorial earlier this afternoon. nbc news's correspondent is
11:20 am
there now. how important is new york for the trump campaign? >> reporter: they've been emphasizing the possibility of an open convention. paul manafort has been brought on to their team, stressing the delegates that come along with these contests. earlier today, donald trump went down to the september 11th museum. it was a quick trip. he had a tour, him and his wife milania. he didn't go to the memorial and didn't take questions from the press. the reason i point that out is donald trump has been off the campaign trail for about four days now, compared to some of the other candidates. he has been out holding events. he only has one event scheduled this weekend up in rochester. so that may be a sign of confidence that he has in new york, as his campaign is still growing and expanding and showing the seriousness in racking up delegates. >> nbc's shaquille brewster live
11:21 am
for us, thanks for that update. now to the ted cruz campaign. he's got a full day of exchange out west, speaking at the colorado state republican convention later this hour. he then heads to las vegas to prominent republican donor sheldon adelson. what's the play for ted cruz out there? ide why does he feel it's so important to be at this colorado state convention as opposed to exchange in new york where the other republican candidates are? >> reporter: we were in new york yesterday morning. he's in colorado had to morning because really this campaign has become half about the 19 states yet to vote and the other is about the states that have already voted, picking up their delegates. we saw a full clean sweep for ted cruz in colorado among delegates. there's also operations going on
11:22 am
in iowa, south carolina, arizona, where those states have already voted and donald trump picked up quite a swath of those delegates, but come second ballot, a third ballot, there is potential that ted cruz would be able to pull those delegates because they don't have to remain loyal to donald trump. yet later today, that's where the long game of this is. we've still got two months left until california, ted cruz is holding his first two rallies there tomorrow. this is a long campaign and they've also been focusing on donors. last night he met with 40 donors at the venetian hotel to talk to them about long term plans. one of those people that did not meet with him but is an interesting prospect is sheldon adelson. the republican jewish coalition is holding their conference with 500 in attendance. adelson in 2012 pumped $93 million into super-pacs helping republicans, but he's been surprisingly absent this season. there's a lot going on in ted
11:23 am
cruz world. we'll be seeing ted cruz in colorado in 30 minutes, i believe. >> vaughn hillyard live for us in colorado. joining us with bill o'reilly and a reporter from the daily beast. new polling numbers show trump with a big lead here in new york. what do you think ted cruz and john kasich have to do to chip away at that lead? >> the name of the game in new york is delegates and not so much the overall. trump will win the state, it's his home state. the real goal here is to get number 2. >> it's not a winner take all state. >> it's not a winner take all state. each congressional district has three delegates. the first place winner gets two and the second place gets one. ted cruz comes into new york with a significant handicap. the most conservative voters are not republicans, they're members
11:24 am
of the new york state conservative party and they can't vote in republican primaries. in tight races that could hinder cruz. trump wins the state, both cruz and kasich walk out with delegates. >> new polling numbers show if donald trump is denied the gop nomination in a contested convention, 66% of his voters would vote for whoever becomes the nominee. how does a number like that change the calculus of the trump campaign, betsy? >> i think it makes them think more seriously about the possibility of him running third party, just because it shows that even though he is the frontrunner, there is still a significant chunk of trump supporters who are willing to go whatever he goes. last weekend one thing that struck me was how pointed and specific trump's spokespeople were go going after ted cruz. they spent upwards of 15 minutes at the rally ripping ted cruz,
11:25 am
saying he wants to send your sons and daughters to war with russia. they're unequivocal about pushing this narrative that ted cruz isn't conservative, isn't acceptable. it sounds like they want to go after him if he pulls out a win at a contested convention. >> we'll put this quote up, but "the new york times" is reporting that prominent donors are holding their noses and voting for ted cruz. is this reluctant embrace of cruz enough to stop trump? >> i think what donors are seeing is cruz's potential inevitability. it's axiomatic now that trump is not going to reach the 1237 during the primary process. they're going to get to ohio and cruz, being a very good tactician, he has a very good team, has a very good chance of
11:26 am
pulling the nomination on the second or third ballot. that's what's being reflected among the donor class. >> betsy, cruz is speaking at sheldon adelson's jewish coalition today, obviously important for any republican candidate. adelson has yet to endorse anyone in this rate. do you think he's leaning towards cruz, does cruz fit more of what adelson wants to see in the white house? >> i think cruz is using the talking points and messaging that adelson will want to hear, rather than trump. cruz was explicit in new york about the fact that he's reaching out to the american jewish community. he's always had great response when he spoke at aipac, while when trump spoke last year go l
11:27 am
using some stereotypes. it's interesting that cruz has kept his powder dry for so long when every passing day makes it harder for cruz to be competitive at a contested convention. >> bill, you were talking about the importance of coming in second place in new york. the two people vying for second place, ted cruz and john kasich, are really going at each other. we'll show you a snippet of this and get your reaction. this is from john kasich. >> in iowa, ted cruz sneered at our new york values. >> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. >> i've got to say they're not iowa values and they're not new hampshire values. everyone knows what new york values are. >> ted cruz divides to get a vote. john kasich unites to get things done. >> what's kasich's strategy here, going after second place ted cruz? >> he's going after the city voters. that commercial may play well for cruz in upstate and western new york, because to them new
11:28 am
york values is new york city. new york is an odd duck state with the way that this primary is set up. the most cost efficient way to go after delegates for both the cruz and kasich campaigns are to go to the worst republican districts. if you have a thousand republicans in one district, in the bronx or in brooklyn, in new york city, and you have 100,000 in upstate new york, you're going to get the same three delegates, so it's cheaper to go after the worst districts. kasich is playing to new york city, i think he'll do well in manhattan and the suburbs. cruz is too, he opened up in the bronx because it makes smart tactical thanks. >> thanks for joining us. betsy woodruff, stay with us, we'll be speaking to you later in this hour. next, hillary clinton with a huge fundraising lead over bernie sanders in new york. but will that extra money help her? stay with us. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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momentum out westing before coming back to new york's april 19th primary. nbc's kristen dahlgren is in cheyenne, wyoming. are voters excited about the outcome of this or is it a foregone conclusion? >> reporter: no, still excited, and they're actually still counting as we speak. you can see in the gym, it's a lot less crowded, a few people waiting to hear those results for this county, and then later on in another hour or two we should hear the statewide results. this was a packed gym while the caucus was going on. you asked what voters are saying, let's talk to some of them. tyler moore is a bernie supporter. show them how much of a bernie supporter you are. can you see this? we've got the bernie tattoo. a really dedicated voter. we've been talking about turnout and about 800 people turned out to this location, a little lower than some predicted. experts say that bernie does really well when there's high
11:33 am
voter turnout. were you disappointed? >> it's never disappointing when you see this many people vote and be involved in the political system. but we were expecting a few more people to show up, a little more enthusiasm. but i think it was a good turnout. >> reporter: this is obviously just anecdotal, but what was your observation of bernie supporters versus hillary supporters and the numbers? >> oh, well, the bernie supporters seem way more like energetic, excited. they were happy to be here. >> reporter: were there more of them? >> oh, yeah, way more, easily 20 to 30% more, i would say, than the hillary supporters. >> reporter: so the counting going on now, let's talk to some of those hillary supporters. thank you, tyler. tyler was just saying i think so there were a lot more bernie supporters. do you agree, james? >> well, i don't know. they did have their troops out and they rallied to come down and caucus, so there were a lot of them here and they were very
11:34 am
energetic. >> reporter: how are you feeling about the counting going on now? >> oh, i'm so excited that we have a lot of wyoming democrats show up on a spring day and be willing to sit in a gym for three hours. >> reporter: the caucus does take a lot of -- you know, it's a long time commitment. were you happy with the turnout that you had? >> i'm overwhelmed. i was hoping that i wouldn't come and see a half-empty building. this election cycle, the democrats are energized all the way from the national elections all the way down-ticket. it's going to be a really interesting election season. and we're looking for a lot of success as democrats in wyoming. >> reporter: hillary has already picked up four superdelegates here in wyoming, there's 14 more up for grabs. if more of those go to bernie, there is a lot of talk about momentum. do you think that will make a difference in this race? >> oh, that's hard to call,
11:35 am
because that's in philadelphia, and that's really, as they say out here, that's above my pay grade. so i don't know. we'll just have to see how that plays out. >> reporter: your prediction for this county here? >> oh, the bernie people showed up. i'm a hillary supporter, but the bernie people showed up. so hats off to them if they win it. >> reporter: how about statewide, is there a chance things will be different in other counties here? >> i think the bernie sanders campaign has done a great job of organizing. so i think if secretary clinton gets a sizable percentage, it will be a good day for her. she doesn't do as well in the caucus states, and that's true here like in other states. >> reporter: that you guys both so much, good luck. we should have those results soon. there you have it, they're counting, and we'll bring them to you as soon as we get them. >> msnbc's kristen dahlgren live with a very loyal bernie sanders
11:36 am
supporter and very honest, i must say, hillary clinton supporters with their assessment. let's stay with the democratic race in new york. i'm joined by the executive director of the new york state democratic party. joining us once again, betsy woodruff, political reporter at the daily beast. betsy, the money that has been raised by milhillary clinton, m more than bernie sanders here in new york. the sanders campaign just released a new digital video about hillary clinton's big dollar fundraisers, to drive home the message he's been putting out all campaign long. do you think that will work better in new york than elsewhere? >> it's possible. one thing to bear in mind, a lot of the funds that hillary clinton is raising are going to the dnc, the democratic party, to help downballot raises. last month bernie sanders actually outraised her by double digits in large part thanks to online fundraising, that he's
11:37 am
been able to create viral content. that said, the fact that clinton is supporting the party and is supporting downballot contenders i think has certainly helped shore up loyalty. in new york that's as important as anywhere else. i guess we'll see. >> the number of registered voters in new york, in new york city, 4.4 million, the rest of the state, 7.2 million. is there too much of a focus on the sanders campaign's part to concentrate just on new york city and ignoring some of the upstate cities and places where they need to go out and campaign? >> you ignore upstate new york at your peril. as was mentioned earlier even by the republicans, bill o'reilly, my friend, from a minute ago, governor cuomo spent a lot of time there, secretary clinton spent a lot of time up there when she was in the senate.
11:38 am
you neglect upstate at your peril. i think because of governor cuomo and hillary clinton, they've been able to hear it. so to be able to go up there and talk about it would benefit any candidate. >> do you think his anti-wall-street message benefits him in new york city or more in upstate new york? >> i think it will resonate in places, no question about it. wall street drives a substantial amount of new york city and new york state's economy. so i mean, i think there's some resonance there. but the fact that this is hillary's home state, i don't think knocking her on that will resonate that much. >> betsy, a new poll shows hillary clinton with a 55% unfavorable rating nationally. do you think she's ever going to be able to chip away at those numbers? >> it's going to be hard. the fact is that she has almost total name i.d. people know who she is, they've
11:39 am
known her for a long time. it's challenging to turn those numbers around. her best hope is that the republican contender has even worse favorable ratings, which is almost guaranteed if trump is the nominee. but the primary has done her significant damage. bernie sanders and his supporters have relentless and increasingly pointed and vocal about going after her, suggesting she has two close of a relationship with banking, with fossil fuels, with these other sort of progressive demons, folks that progressives really loathe. that hasn't helped her favorable ratings. a college poll showed she was only leading sanders in new york by 18 points, when the same poll in march found she was leading by 48 points. we are seeing these numbers move and not in clinton's favor. that said, sometimes voters change their minds, sometimes ad campaigns make a difference. it's tough but not impossible for her to get those favorable to move.
11:40 am
>> thank you very much for joining us this afternoon. if you're just joining us, we're following breaking news out of brussels where belgian prosecutors have confirmed that mohamed abrini, now in custody, was in fact the third man present during the terrorist attacks at the brussels airport last month. we'll have marco rubore on this developing story. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. i'm terhe golf. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love,
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we're continuing to follow the breaking news out of brussels, belgium this morning, where prosecutors affirm that mohamed abrini, now in custody, was the third man present during the terrorist attacks at the brussels airport last month, the man in the white jacket and hat that law enforcement was looking for. abrini was also linked to the terrorist attacks in paris. he was charged today in the brussels bombings, along with three other suspects now in custody. malcolm nance joins us.
11:44 am
it's always good to have you. you've got mohamed abrini, according to the prosecutor, at the site of the brussels attack, he didn't go through with his bombing. does the fact that you have two live captured suspects of any intel significance to these two attacks that have taken place? >> it's of great significance. as a matter of fact, you can almost understand from a counterterrorism perspective where salah abdeslam didn't detonate his weapon when he was supposed to do his bombing in paris. he had an attack of compassion and ran. abrini helped deliver the weapons, coordinated these things, bought safe house spaces, then was captured in this final safe house apartment without any weapons, and then immediately confessed to being
11:45 am
part of this plot. it makes you wonder whether he had a much greater role as like an overall coordinator rather than the logistician, the guy trying to supply things for the rest of the group. i find it very strange that he confessed right out of the box. >> how do you begin to interrogate these guys, particularly mohamed abrini, how do you interrogate him to get important information from him? obviously the prosecutor is saying he's confessed. how do you now try to determine whether history is going to repeat itself, which is that a couple of days after salah abdeslam was captured in brussels, you had these twin attacks across brussels. how do you now ensure that with this guy, mohamed abrini coming forward, you don't trigger other attacks in other parts of europe? >> you know, that's an excellent point, because it's quite possible that the fact that he's talking is misdirection, where he's actually leading the investigators into expending all their resources into whatever story he's feeding them right
11:46 am
now. that may have been his role from the very beginning, you can call it a white hare, while another team is preparing for an attack. if i were the europeans, i would be preparing for an attack right now. on the other hand, the interrogators dealing with him need to overwhelm him with information and at the same time take everything that he found on him and about him and trace it out to see if there were other members or other cells that he may be aware of or carrying out operations. for the most part you have to really put him in a high stress environment where all you can say is, this is what we've done, we're tracking you, we located you, we're going to find everyone else and it's futile to hide information from us. that's pretty much all they can do right now. for the most part it's the forensic information that they're going to find from him
11:47 am
and the other person they believe did the bombing in the subway. that's probably going to give them more information than they're going to get out of him. >> if you were a european counterterrorism official or intelligence official, are you breathing a sigh of relief now that you've captured these men, or are you concerned that many more individuals and a network could still be operational in europe and at large? >> oh, i would absolutely be at battle stations right now. i would be calling in everybody and getting a knee and taking a defensive position outwards, as we say in military parlance. they need to be prepared for another cell which is completely independent of this group. this is obviously the paris/brussels team that set up these sophisticated attacks. they were like a right and a left arm, attacking brussels and attacking paris.
11:48 am
we don't know whether they were in contact with networks in germany, which we've seen isis calling on their members in germany to carry out attacks. the netherlands, spain, slovenia, italy, we don't know. that's why the european union should not celebrate this at all, they need to be prepared for another onslaught. >> malcolm nance, thank you for that analysis. always good to talk to you. >> my pleasure to see you. we're getting caucus results from cheyenne, wyoming. stay with us. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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today, under the federal controlled substance act, marijuana is listed as a schedule 1 drug alongside of heroin.
11:52 am
i've introduced legislation to take marijuana out of the federal controlled substance act. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was bernie sanders earlier today at a rally in new york city, talking marijuana legalization, after the dea announced this week it will reconsider categorying marijuana under federal law in the coming months, currently categorized as a schedule 1 drug, the u.s. defines marijuana as one of the most dangerous drugs with no accepted medical use along with heroin and lsd. joining me is a lead attorney at kenelaw group. what would be the benefits of bumping marijuana down to a schedule 2 or 3 category? >> i think it depends on the perspective of how you look at it. from a government regulatory perspective, the impact would be basically easing barriers to be able research marijuana more and on a consumer level, probably mitigating or eliminating those criminal penalties that come
11:53 am
along with marijuana consumption and possession. certainly, though, on some level, depending on what the dea actually decides to do, we could end up in a whole new world were doctors are lawfully prescribing cannabis and cannabis is getting to market through the fda drug trials process. it depends on where you stand in the spectrum on what the impact will be if the dea reclassifies. >> let's talk about presidential candidates and where they stand on this issue. bernie sanders has introduced a senate bill to strike marijuana from the criminal code, effectively leaving the decision of whether to legalize and regulate cannabis to the individual states. hillary clinton for her part has called for easing restrictions, pledging to reclassify it as a schedule 2 substance. obviously young voters are key in this. are you seeing any evidence the fight to legalize marijuana is moving the needle for voters this election year one way or another?
11:54 am
>> i wouldn't necessarily say it's moving the needle. i think it's one topic among many that really profiles a candidate and how they stand with younger voters. it is certainly a hot topic. i'm not sure it's going to be the linchpin of a vote. but if you look at hillary clinton, certainly we'll see more research into the topic. legalization will be on slower pace. with a bernie sanders, all out legalization is possible. with donald trump in the white house, there would be a total retraction of what's happened in the states and it will slow the process of legalization of marijuana. >> let me get your take with respect to the republican side, some of the candidates saying they would roll back either some of the gains made to try to legalize marijuana in some cases, deferring to the states. is there a real concern that a republican president would roll back all the advancements made
11:55 am
towards legalization for medical and recreational use of marijuana? >> i would say most definitely. when we talk about the department of justice and enforcing the law, they are supposed to be independent but they ultimate have to check in with the president, who is the head of the executive. that one individual can create a party line or agenda whereby we will roll back this experiment where states are supposed to be laboratories for democracy for these very experiments. it does matter who the president is when it comes to how the department of justice will continue to enforce federal drug laws pertaining to cannabis. >> thank you for joining us this saturday afternoon. >> thank you, appreciate it. breaking news in the race for the democratic nomination. some of the results coming in from wyoming caucuses are starting to come in. let's go straight to nbc's kristen dahlgren in cheyenne with an update. >> reporter: we just got the results for laramie county, the
11:56 am
county that cheyenne, so the most populous county. it goes to hillary clinton. that's why you always have to stay until the last votes are counted, because in the room today, there were definitely more bernie sanders supporters, and he won the day by about 100 votes. but at the end of the day, when they counted all those surrogate ballots, secretary clinton had 731 votes here in laramie county and senator sanders, 689 votes. a very slim margin. from this county going to the state convention there will be 26 clinton delegates and 25 sanders delegates. we're still waiting for the rest of the state to come in, and then that will be translated into those 14 delegates that are up for grabs. four superdelegates already committed to secretary clinton, but 14 delegates going to the national convention still up for grabs. by the end of today we should have a much better idea of which way those delegates are going to go. >> 42 votes, that's the difference between the two
11:57 am
candidates there in laramie candidates. that's all for me. i'll be back with you tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. have a great saturday, everyone. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems.
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our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at i'm richard lui at msnbc headquarters in new york. at this hour, the fight to win wyoming. the state's democratic caucus winding down right now. some early results are filtering in. sanders is expected to sweep the state, making it his seventh win in the last eight contests. both democratic candidates are in the empire state today with the primary there inching closer. >> if we can win here, it absolutely opens the door to a path toward victory to the white house. >> for the gop, all eyes on colorado today. the state's republican convention under way as ted cruz tries for a clean sweep of the


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