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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  April 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> drew, sam, thank you both. remember to hydrate there. good evening, racheal. >> not only do i want you to run for president but i want to live in the country that would elect you. >> that country is called my household navy. possibly. >> on a good day with everybody in a good mood. >> you and i live in that same country. thank you at home for joining us this hour. on august 8th, '1974, president richard nixon had resigned. he had been elected in 1968 and re-elected in 72 but in 1974 because of water gate and everything that came out, it was done. we all have in mind that image of nixon getting on the helicopter and flying away from the white house, the big wave as
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gerald ford became president but one of the other things he did on his last day which we do not see nearly as much tape of is the remarkable fair well speech nixon gave that day. it was not directed to the american people directly. although they did let press cameras in to see it. it was the remarkable speech he gave inside the white house to the white house staff. he was absolutely covered in sweat as he gave this speech. he cried pretty much throughout the speech or on and off throughout the speech he cried. this was obviously, a terrible moment for richard nixon. this was a terrible occasion for him. but even knowing that, this speech he gave to the white house staff as he was leaving that day as he was quitting the presidency, oh my god was that speech dark. >> look around here and i see so many in this staff that you
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know, i've should have been by your offices and shaken hands and would loved to have talked to you and found out how to run the world. everybody wants to tell the president what to do. and boy, he needs to be told many times. nobody will probably write a book about my mother. all of you would say this about your mother. my mother was a saint. i think of her two boys dying of tuberculosis nursing four others in order to take care of my older brother for three years in arizona and seeing each of them die and when they died it was
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like one of her own. yes, she will have no books written about her. but she was a saint. always remember others may hate you. those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. then you destroy yourself. >> i think there's a reason we don't see a lot of that tape. that speech doesn't circulate and not top of mind. even knowing what we know about why nixon had to leave office, right, even understanding how this fits into american history and the history of american political accountability, there's still something a little distressing as an american citizen about seeing an american
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president is such extrimmist, in such a dark place and sobbing his way through that address. at one point in the speech, he made some references to teddy roosevelt. he had referenced teddy roosevelt in his speech the night before and ready long quote in that speech to the white house staff the next day. turns out there was a back story as why he kept quoting teddy roosevelt. both in the formal speech to the country and in the strange address to the white house staff. he asked a relative the night before to go find some works by teddy roosevelt in the white house library. it's one of the striking things about the way he said good-bye, right. the staging when he was at the white house and saying good-bye at the white house the next day. he had his whole family with him. you could see him there on the platform when talking to the
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white house staff giving a tearful dark speech. he wasn't there alone. he was there with his wife and daughter and trisha in the yellow dress. the nixon family held a remarkable lavish outdoor wedding at the rose garden. the nixons daughter at the wedding, at the rose garden married a 24-year-old handsome law student that's sort of an idea logical background given the fact he was marrying into the nixon family. at least he had worked with ralph. he was considered to be one of the original naters raiders. in this extraordinary
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extravagant overthe top white house wedding that was covered like a royal wedding, then 24-year-old edward cox, he married trisha nixon at the white house and married into the nixon family. helping his father-in-law craft his good-bye, craft his resignation, standing there on stage as president nixon sweated and we want his way through his white house good-byes. that young man who married trisha nixon at the white house and married into the family at this extraordinary time, his name is edward cox. he's alive and well and a republican in good standing. in new york state he's actually today the chairman of the new york state republican party.
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as somebody with no stranger to gala high profiled events, tomorrow night in new york city, edward cox, dick nixon's son-in-law is going to be hosting an exclusive sold out huge black tie gala event. tickets to attend are reportedly a minimum of $1,000 each. the event is going to happen in one of these huge midtown hotel ball rooms at the grand hyatt on 42nd street in the heart of new york city. at this event tomorrow night they're going to raise a gazillion dollars for the republican party of new york state. he will be hosting all three republican presidential candidates in person. they will have the guest at the
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black tie gay at that tomorrow night. over the past year, hundreds of u.s. cities have had protests and noisy marchs and loud rallies by low wage employees fighting to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. this campaign has been creative and aggressive and did i mention loud? over the past year remarkable success. 15 bucks an hour at the start of the campaign seemed high in the sky. just in the last few days, new york state and california governors have signed laws that will phase in a $15 minimum wage over time. certain cities around the country have signed on to a 15 buck an hour minimum wage and big companies have signed on to not paying their employees less than $15 an hour. some places are not there yet.
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the missouri, the incredible scrap pi movement for 15 pubuck an hour, they've come this far thanks to this year plus of organizing, this action they have organized has worked so far and they are sticking with it and continuing to press. tomorrow they are kicking it up a notch with planned protest in three more american cities including one big march that will be the largest of the all the 300 cities with the demonstrations tomorrow. the biggest one will be the one at the start of the giant mcdonald's in times square in new york city and they're going to march from the mcdonald's right down 42nd street to go see edward cox. they're going to go from mcdonald's to edward f. cox's thousand dollar a plate republican gala raising money for the republican party and featuring all three of the republican presidential candidates.
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richard nixon's son-in-law, meet the $15 minimum wage protesters at your gala. we are at an interesting moment. donald trump is the front runner for the republican nomination. he continues to pull at over 50% in one poll, 60% in another poll in the new york state pray mary. that primary is due to happen in six days. one of the things we're going to talk about later is the prospect that donald trump's lead is so huge he might conceivably be able to sweep the delegates in new york or at least most of them. also, given how strongly he's favored in the whole round of states that's due to vote right after new york, that could be absolutely devastating to donald trump's competition to the republican nomination. we'll talk about that later on.
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that said, mr. trump's campaign is one that looks like it's in a little bit of organizational disarray right now. he's made a major change to his campaign and hired this man to be the new national political director of his presidential campaign. you may not recognize him by site even with that notable facial hair decision. his name is rick wiley. you will recognize his resume. he most recently was the campaign manager for the failed and indeeply debted presidential run of wisconsin governor scott walker. until that, rick wiley was the director for the failed and very deeply invetted presidential run of rudolph gulliani. before that, he ran the george w. bush re-election efforts in the state of wisconsin in 2004. you might remember george w. bush lost the state of wisconsin
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in his re-election effort in 2004. lose wisconsin, lose rud rudy gulianni and scott walker spectacularly and set huge amounts of money on fire in those failed races. in this business that kind of track record gets you promoted. there is no way to fail up as well as being in national political campaigns. boy do they fail up. when scott walkers campaign blew up so fast and expensively this past year, it actually felt for a second his campaign manager might be immune from this feature of the political operative world where people who do badly the last time around get bigger jobs the next time around. it felt like maybe the scott walker campaign might be exempt from that. do you remember what scott walker's campaign manager said when walker quit? i mean, the quote he gave the press as soon as scott walker
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quit about scott walker and what happened there, that should have made it so he never got another job at this level. >> the day after scott walker quit, rick wiley, his campaign manager told on the record this about scott walker. quote, we built the machine we needed in order to get a governor in phenomenal state to take a stage in a presidential debate. sometimes it's lost on people the largeness of the job. people look at it like wow, he's a governor and in a recall and he's ready. it's not like that. it's really, really difficult. i'm just saying, you know, it's like an iffing, rhymes with ditch, man, it really is. after your guy quits you don't immediately one to the press and say on the record, my
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god, it was so hard to make him sound like he knew what he was talking about. do you know how hard it was to make this guy sound like he was ready to be on a national stage? it was the hardest thing in the world? you don't do that while the guy's body is still warm. but that's what rick wiley did when the scott walker campaign blew up like a closed drier with a cinder block in it. now rick wiley has been promoted and picked up for the republican front runner for the donald trump campaign. the republican side of the presidential campaign is still dramatically influxed in an interesting way. on the democratic side of the presidential race we had stunning visuals today. that showed how on the democratic side of the race, it's basically, the exact opposite right now of the party crashing we are expecting
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. i think workers and employees need more support to get raises. here i am. >> today on the democratic side of the presidential race, both candidates went out of their way to show up, to talk to and express support for workers out on the picket line. more than 36,000 people who work at verizon went out on strike today. verizon workers are striking
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from all the way up in new england to virginia. it's the largest strike of any kind in the country in the last five years. and it's happening in the middle of the presidential race. so both bernie sanders, is senator from vermont and hillary clinton both got out on the street and put out statements of support trying to push verizon to give their employees a better deal. the democratic party has went through a lot of soul searching as far as getting back to its roots. there's a lot of con sta lags on the popular party that the democrats have shifted from friendly to big business. while the people who work for big businesses get screwed in this economy and feel like nobody in politics is there to help them. nobody in politics, neither party is there to serve the interest of average working
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people. >> today is one of those days that the argument became concrete. it's one of those days if you're on the populist left of the democratic party, you probably thought it was nice there's a democratic primary this year. they spent today trying to out do each other supporting working people. the sanders and clinton campaign doubted endorsemes in new york. this is also a week in washington where a whole bunch of liberal groups have come together for splashy demonstrations. they're calling it democracy spring. they started the first week of april when a core group of people started in philadelphia to washington d.c. they're come by nating the sweep. they rally at union station
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which is the big train station in washington. every day they hold big rallies that are permanent and march to the u.s. capitol and at the u.s. capitol, a lot of people have been arrested every day this week. it's peaceful buttons of arrest. on monday, it was more than 400 people that got arrested. yes 85. today another 90. we're expecting more mass arrest tomorrow and the next day. liberal groups start testing and basically dramatizing the frustration of the left with how broken our political system is. protesters, this democracy spring effort, they are not endorsing a presidential candidate but it is telling and it tells you something about where we are in democratic politics right now. at least one of the two democratic presidential candidates is endorsing them.
6:21 pm
senator bernie sanders expressed his support with the democracy spring movement that's had so many arrested this week in d.c. this is kind of an exciting time. nobody knows what's going to happen with their front runner. donald trump in the forth coming states is expected to do really, really well at the exact time that the republican party seems to be rejecting him like a failed overgan transplant. on the republican side the drama is right in your face. on the democratic side it's deeper. it's an exciting part of that race right now, particularly for people who do or don't identify with the democratic party but who see themselves on the left side of american politics. we're at this very visible moment in the race where the democratics are being on the side of working people and
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particularly people who do not get paid much money and people standing up to big business ploers to try to improve their life and pay and benefits and working conditions. if you are an economic populist, if you want to see the democratic party, go back to standing up for people who work for a living. this is the kind of competition among democrats that you want to see, right. this is how candidates ought to compete to try to become a standard barer of the democratic party nationwide. that fight also produced an interesting new development on the sanders side of the presidential race today. since the beginning of the democratic primary, hillary clinton has raised millions of dollars not just for her own campaign but also for the democratic party and for state democratic parties. she's been trying to not build up only her own effort but the democratic party's strength overall. national democratic party and more than 30 state parties.
6:23 pm
that's hillary clinton. bernie sanders, on the other side, he has raised a bunch of money for his campaign. 20 million in 16 alone for his own campaign. before today he had not raised money for the democratic party. not through this primary process. today sanders picked three do nations that is new today.
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these are exciting days in politics. today was exciting in politics. tomorrow night looks like it will be more exciting in politics. we'll be right back. stay with us. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6. i want to show you something that's been happening tonight in new york city and continues to be happening right now. take a look at this.
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this is bernie sanders rally in new york city tonight. the skrum there you see is around candidate sanders himself. now, on last night's show you might remember we gave you a heads up about this particular event last night. this is washington square park in the village in lower manhattan and we haven't gotten a confirmed number from the police yet from any independent authority in terms of how many turned out at this event. we had an inkling it's going to be big. they had 17,000 rsvp's as far as last night. now tonight since the ept is wrapping up, the sanders campaign said the people that turned up tonight, they estimate it was 27,000 people. if they are right about that, that would make this event bigger than the land mark rally that barack obama held at that same park in the 2008 campaign when he turned out 24,000 people and everybody thought it was the
6:27 pm
most unimaginably large thing that could possibly happen in electoral pop ticks. i think the sanders campaign knew the visuals would be amazing. they were right. a huge turnout tonight in new york city for bernie sanders. we'll be right back. constipated?
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she's the only democratic female senator that's in the endorsed. also senator bob menendez. i should say his is not a hotly anticipated endorsement this year because frankly, no one wants your endorsement when you're under inindictment. sorry senator, it's true. there's also john of montana. not sure why he's not endorsed yet. there's also senator king. he's technically an independent. maybe it makes since he hasn't
6:32 pm
endorsed yet. before today, there was one other senator who either is a democrat or caucuses with the democratic party who did not make an endorsement in the presidential race. that was senator jeff. the liberal senator from the great state of oregon. before today, these were the only senators who were democrats who haven't endorsed between sanders and clinton and before today, of all the rest of them, every single other one of the 40 democratic senators who have made an endorsement in the primary that 40 senators have endorsed. before today, every single democratic senator was 40 for 40 among senate democratic endorsements. today, that iconic liberal oregon senator, today he decided to jump in and declare his allegiance and decided he would endorse bernie sanders. this is the first u.s. senate endorsement for bernie sanders
6:33 pm
from a united states senator not named bernie sanders. thanks for being here. >> great to be with you. >> i noticed when you wrote for the new york times and a let were you sent out about the endorsement, you didn't make the case against hillary clinton. you essentially made the case for bernie sanders and said kind things about secretary clinton and i also know that it took you a long time to make the endorsement compared to your colleagues. should i read into that that this was a hard call for you? >> we are completely blessed to have two individuals of such experience, good minds, good hear hearts, good records, so we can really be proud of this conversation, this dialogue about where your country needs to go. taking all that into account, what i found is on the biggest issues facing america, it's bernie sanders who i felt has been the clearest, the most
6:34 pm
fierce and the most bold in laying out the vision for where we need go to go and that's in areas such as tackling global warming, taking on campaign finances and creating living wage jobs across america. those three things are top concerns and i feel like bernie is laid out a vision that will really take us to the right place. >> oregon hasn't voted yet in terms of democratic primaries. i don't know what your con stitch wants are going to do. do you feel the timing was driven for you trying to influence how your state is going to vote? >> absolutely. we're more than two weeks out before people start voting. they'll have the voter ballots for two and a half weeks. they'll be sitting at their kitchen table and be feeling them out. this is the moment when oregon
6:35 pm
really starts paying attention and this shows the moment to make the endorsement. >> when i described you as an iconic classic liberal, i meant that in the best way. a lot of different ways at a lot of different levels. i guess because of that, because i think you have shown you're willing to go your own way and come up with your own policy positions and cast the political winds wherever they are, i wonder why it is you think you are alone on this. why have none of your senate colleagues endorse bernie sanders alongside you? >> one of the factors was many of my colleagues endorsed early on. as time has passed it's proved he can raise the money certainly and he can certainly move crowds and build a grass roots movement. he's done it in a different way
6:36 pm
no one's ever seen. maybe it's a little bit fortunate i wanted to wait until closer to the oregon election that i could see that he really had a competitive ability. now, he has an upward hill climb to make in this campaign and its really important that when the dust clears, not so many weeks from now that the person who wins and the person who loses come together, reach out to each other, i want people to pay attention to what bernie has done. he was there to say early on that the keystone pipeline was wrong. he was there willing to say that and willing to say that the fossil fuels you and i own as citizens have to be left in the
6:37 pm
ground we should quit doing leases what you and i and the rest of our citizens own there's a contract to let people take coal and oil and gas out of the ground three, four, five decades into the future. we cannot be doing that. he's been fierce and clear on this huge issue effecting our planet. it's a moral issue and he's been equally clear in fierce on the fact that when we have trade agreements with docountries and people payless than $1 an hour, our factors are moving to those countries. the leverage is slipped. they're told too bad because if you press hard, we'll move your jobs overseas like so many others. so i appreciate that he understands that fact that it has avice rated the middle class for the last four decades.
6:38 pm
in four decades the number is very close to 100% of the new income having dpon to the top 10% in america. nine out of 10 americans have been left out in the cold. they don't know what's going wrong and looking for answers and this is one piece of the puzzle and bernie has been clear about taking it on. >> democrat of oregon, your timing on this and your willingness to stand alone have made a lot of people want to talk to you today. i appreciate your time. thanks senator. bernie sanders now has one sitting u.s. senator that has endorsed him. i should reiterate secretary clinton has 40 senators that's endorsed her and one of them joins us next from a state that's shaping up to be a close race this year. stay with us.
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there was one time on this show where we confused indiana and illinois. there was another time we called
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the atlantic ocean the indian ocean. tonight, i think we did just, i think this is maybe our best visual crew up ever not involving some it ration of the word india. because apparently when i was just talking about senator angus king of maine who is this person, apparently, we instead just showed a picture of bottom left there, not the same guy. that's congressman peter king of new york. he's not a senator, he's not an independent. he's not from maine and he's not a person who caucuses with the democrats and he's just nothing i mean, white man. that's the only way i can get there visually, that's it. i regret the error sincerely. i will also admit to finding it a little bit hilarious. i'm sorry. very sorry.
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there's so much polling of this year's presidential race that can approximabe shocking t discover. something, anything that hasn't been polled. even the primary state of connecticut is less than two weeks away, before yesterday the last time anybody asked that state about their presidential preferences was before thanksgiving. in that long time since, something that's now sort of familiar has happened in the democratic race. something that senator jeff merkley was eluding to. when the poll was taken in connecticut five months ago hillary clinton at the time had a big lead, 19 points over bernie sanders. that was november. that same poll a couple of days ago finds its much closer. senator sanders closing the gap in the margin of error. it's 5.2% and hillary clinton leading in the poll by 6%.
6:46 pm
connecticut's two u.s. senators are both democrats and both endorsed hillary clinton for president all the way back in june when she was leading national polls by 60 points. a lot has changed since then. we just heard from senator jeff of oregon who made big news by becoming the first sitting u.s. senator to endorse bernie sanders. so jeff is the first one now for sanders. meanwhile, 40 democratic senators have endorsed hillary clinton including our next guest, senator chris murphy of connectic connecticut. thank you so much for being here. >> yeah, no problem. i imagine you might have been anyo able to imagine my conversation there. one of the things notable about his news making endorsement today is he is very positive about the democratic field. he told us that dem kraocrats a spoiled for choice and two great candidates. do you feel the same way about
6:47 pm
that race? >> i wholeheartedly agree. i'm a hillary clinton supporter and count bernie as a good friend. i think he's a great professor and senator and would be proud if he was our president. for many of us supporting hillary clinton, we're doing it for our own reasons, for me. i don't buy the idea there's a gulf between the valleys of the two candidates. i think both of them are going to bring to the white house a concern for restoring the balance. to me, the issue is that hillary clinton has displayed a seriousness about putting proposals on the table that are real and detailed and meaningful and she has a history of being able to make change happen. in connecticut, it's a very personal decision for a lot of us. the extent there's one issue that really matters to me in a psychological way. it's the issue after gun violence. i want a president on day one
6:48 pm
fighting against the gun lobby. i'm convinced there's only one candidate in the race that's going to make the issue a top priority. i think jeff is right. we're lucky to have two great candidates and i'll so this, i think bernie's entrance into the race has been a good thing for the democratic party, a good thing for the country and ultimately, a good thing for hillary clinton. it will make her a stronger general election candidate. >> you mentioned the issue of guns. obviously, that's been a point of contention and you've been outspoken in criticizing senator sanders record and some of his more resent comments. we heard him single out climate change and income and equality as two things that motivated him in terms of making the endorsement for senator sanders. one of the reasons i want today talk to you tonight, sir, is you've been so forward about trying to find a progressive foreign policy and national agenda on the democratic side.
6:49 pm
is that key to your endorsement decision here? >> it is. i mentioned the issue of gun violence is personal to me. i certainly am trying to paint a path forward in which the democratic party can be internationalist that we can see the united states as a force for good in the world. we've had the overly interventionalist. the skunk in the kbarden party with the establishment and both the democratic party and republican party in washington because of the skepticism about some of the plans to use military weight for change in the political east. hillary clinton is the inventor of the concept of smart power, of economic diplomacy. i value the fact that i think as president she's going to leverage the ways in which the united states can be a force for good through nonmilitary means. i think bernie gets that as well. i know in her work as secretary of state hillary clinton was
6:50 pm
pioneering in some of these ideas how you use softer power rather than harder power to influence world events. >> do you think you have a bead on how your state is going to vote? the connecticut primary is not far off. not much polling. we have seen the polling tighten in connecticut like it has in so many states throughout the course of the race. if senator i don't think people should be surprised that it's narrowed. that's what tends to happen. i'm certainly going to be
6:51 pm
expecting that she'll pull out a win, but i don't think it will be a landslide. >> senator, i appreciate you being here. i know that the democratic conflict is most people's non-favorite point of discussion, especially on tv, but you and senator merkley are both -- you go your own way. you're such principaled progressives. i preeshtd the chance to have you here tonight. thank you. we have news tonight on one of the stranger and more intriguing stories from this election cycle, a police department is the one that's being called on to settle this matter. that tells you how weird it is as a political story, but that story is ahead tonight. stay with us.
6:52 pm
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choose the lowest and hit purchase. now...if you'll excuse me, i'm late for an important function. saving humanity from high insurance rates. this is something to keep an eye on tonight. this is out there tonight and you should keep a watch out for this. you may remember last month donald trump's campaign manager, a man named corey lewandowski was charged with a misdemeanor count of simple battery following some sort of run-in with a reporter at a trump event in florida. mr. trump's campaign manager denied he ever did anything to the reporter. all along, everybody after the charge was charged by the police department, mr. trump has stood by his campaign manager. tonight is
6:54 pm
reporting that they have decided not to prosecutor corey lewandowski for battery in this case. the prosecutor is going to make an announcement about it tomorrow, but they think they have advanced word. we have not verified any of this reporting, but keep an eye out for the news out tomorrow from florida. we will know for sure when we hear from that prosecutor tomorrow. ntial patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t. i'm terhe golf. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing.
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6:58 pm
undisclosed records are news worthy and they should be released to the public because he says they are relevant to the 2016 presidential race and no we don't know what he means by that. but this week he made public some court documents from that case, which contained the names of 174 organizations, companies, government agencies, organizations of other kinds, that allegedly dialed the escort service for one reason or another while it was in business. now, what he wants to release, despite a federal court gag order that prohibits him from doing so, is not a list of companies and organizations that called the service, he wants to release a list of names of individual people who called the escort service. he has taken the request to be released from the gag order to a number of federal courts in recent weeks, including the united states supreme court, as we reported here on the show the
6:59 pm
chief justice denied his first request for the court to hear his motion on this issue. after getting rejected by one justice you do get one more bite at the apple and as we reported last week he decided that the justice to whom he would resubmit his request after the chief told him no, his second choose justice would be justice clarence thomas. that brings us to today's news. the justice didn't say no. he didn't say no in the same way that chief justice roberts did. he decided to distribute the application for conference, which means that on april 29th, the eight supreme court justices will gather for their next discussion of cases and at that meeting they could potentially review his application. his application that he wants to be released from the gag order in the d.c. madam case so he can release to the public these unseen phone records of people doing business with the escort agency. he says those records will have a direct bearing on the 2016
7:00 pm
presidential election. we don't know if it's true, but that's what he says. even if the supreme court doesn't take up his request, which it seems about 99% likely they will not take it up, it still may be a matter of time before he releases these records on his own, he is threatened to release the records publicly if the court turns him down. the court isn't actually turning him down. not yet. watch this space. that does it for us tonight. we will see you again for tomorrow. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> i advise you to get out of the building quickly tonight because coming up in the show there's going to be a mini hillary versus bernie debate with howard dean and nina turner. if you're still here, if you see the first ten seconds of it you won't be able to leave. >> you're trying to save my evening. >> i'm trying to save your evening. >> you're very kind.


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