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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said,
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"someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. a good friday to you, everyone. coming to you live from prince's estate outside paisley park. i have been here all day. it has truly been an amazing sight, a live look, fans young and old stopping to pay their respects. that was probably the youngest fan we have seen so far. although a woman came up to me and said i'm prince's oldest fan. i said, how old are you, ma'am? i'm 73.
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we've seen lots of folks, old, young, black, white, whowhundref thousands paying respects since news spread 26 hours ago. prince died yesterday at the age of 57. behind me here at his home. there's a still a lot we don't know regarding the circumstances surrounding that. what we do know is the sheriff will be holding a news conference about two hours from now, 4:00 eastern with an update where things stand right now. an autopsy of his body has been going on for the last several hours. meanwhile, reaction continues to pour in. his ex-wife released this statement, quote his passing leaves me with such a devastating feeling of pain and loss. the love we shared, the music he made and our life together is forever engraved in my heart. president obama, who is a huge fan of prince, by the way, was asked about his death in london
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roughly an hour ago. he even admitted he started his day by jamming out to "purple rain." >> so it's a remarkable loss. i'm staying at winfield house, the u.s. ambassador's residence. it so happens our ambassador has a turntable and this morning we played "purple rain" and "delirious" just to get warmed up before we left the intercourse important bilateral meetings like this. >> the prime minister is probably playing it, too. i'm joined now by nbc's reporter live in minnesota where they will be holding a news conference, again, 4:00 eastern, 3:00 local. do we know at this point what we're going to learn from officials at this news conference? >> since we last spoke, craig, i did get some more clarity. we expect the sheriff to give a 5 to 6 minute statement that will include what we know so far
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an what investigators are doing right now and that autopsy under way all day in minnesota. we understand the toxicology results won't be back for several weeks. there will be no complete autopsy report and no official cause of death. he will update us on the investigation. one interesting thing, could be the most interesting thing out of the press conference, he will also discuss things we know not the cause of death. he said there's been a lot of internet rumors and can dispel some today. they will take questions at the end to try to get more information out of him there. i spent my day this morning out in downtown minneapolis, in front of first avenue, where a second memorial in addition to paisley park has sprung up. first avenue is the music venue much of "purple rain" was performed in. people stopping by to pay their respects. here's one woman i spoke with. >> he was ours.
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we lost a legend yesterday. it was my first tape. i was 8 years old. i had four older sisters and they bought it for me and i've been listening to him my whole life. a huge loss. >> reporter: a lot of people may not know prince was born in minneapolis. even when he reached stratospheric superstardom, he chose to stay here building that studio craig is live in front of today. he was truly a part of this community. people are very connected to him, the governor even making a statement this morning, flags at half-staff in the city sti ocit minneapolis, the people of minnesota feeling this hard. gets under way 3:00 local time, 4:00 eastern. >> good the sheriff will be ruling out some things and taking questions. joined now by alyssa, a si
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singer-songwriter and wroorked with prince on several projects and prince's former engineer who worked with the artist very early on in his career. let me start with you. i would imagine the prince you worked with very early in his career was very different than the prince that we came to know later in his career. how so? talk to me a little bit about the evolution of sound? >> i think the prince i worked with was probably the same pretrial investigation in the studio from day one. his public persona, the way people would deal with him as his fame rose wouldn't necess y necessarily change. >> alyssa, how did prince come into your life? how did he influence your career? >> i met prince when i was 21. i had a record deal and was recording at paisley park. he walked into the studio and took interest and said, is that
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you singing? i said, yeah. he didn't believe me, so he said, go in and prove it. so i did, and from that point forward he ended up co-writing my very first single and worked on my album and had me sing on batman and graffiti bridge and diamonds and pearls. he asked me to join the band but i was a solo artist so i kind of refused him at the time. then 20 years later he found a youtube clip of me and contacted me and asked me to join the mpg. i joined his band in 2009. >> chuck, yesterday, you talk about something that i've been talking about a lot over the last 24 hours, this pressure trove of music that prince created and the fact that we've only heard a fraction of his work there's something that got our attention. this is the "rolling stone" lost interview.
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this is what he said quote i've never said this before but i didn't always give the record companies the best song. there are songs in the vault no one's ever heard. there are several vaults. it's not just one vault. what happens to all of that vaulted music, chuck, and when will the world start to hear it? >> you can only speculate. there's so much material down there in that vault. so much of it is incredible. i was privy to hear quite a lot of it when i had to mix 135 songs from the vault because prince wanted to hear them and they had never been mixed let alone released. i can testify there's amazing material in there. who knows? that's up to his heirs, i guess. >> you've mixed 175 prince songs that have never been released? >> 135 songs out of the vault because prince wanted to hear them again and they had never been mixed.
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that was quite an ordeal, amazing stuff. >> alyssa, i want to come back to you because i know you worked very closely with him. what was that process like working with him so closely? >> it was different when i was in his band versus an artist he was just working with. not too different. i expected him to be tough. he was a perfectionist and knew what he wanted to hear and after a concert if he didn't hear what he wanted and pull you aside. we'd watch the concert back and why he was the best entertainer in the world because he was so meticulous about everything he did. the guitar was part of a body onstage and a blessing to learn from him as much as the band learned from him over the course
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of 5, 6 years i toured with him, it was spectacular. i wouldn't change a thing. he such a kind generous man. i was down-and-out and it was like i got that call and it pretty much brought me back to a place where i basically said you're an angel. you really helped me. he was like, ah, you're helping me. he's a gift. he was funny and i'm just, you know -- we're all blown away by it. >> we know who his musical influences were. we know he loved james brown. we know the beatles inspired a lot of his music as well. what did he lten to? what do we know about some of his other favorite artists, genres he most enjoyed? >> he loved joanie mitchell. we actually did a couple songs around the piano, live warfield
11:11 am
and shelby johnson and i. he would take songs he hasn't done in a long time and sit in a room where the piano was and trees were and birds singing, seriously like you were in a different realm. johnny mit joni mitchell and i'm trying to think of some others, he loved all music. >> alyssa, thank you. chuck, a big thank you as well. >> thank you. >> fans have been flocking here to princess paisley park estates since yesterday. a steady stream of mourners, lots of folks wearing purple. lots of folks bringing their small children, lots of folks dropping off balloons. that symbol prince adopted in the '90s when he was at war with the music industry, we have seen that symbol as well.
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another fan after the break shares her memories with prince. >> my brother and i have a significant age range between us so we connected over music like prince and michael jackson and janet jackson. i brought my son here today to commemorate that memory. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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good afternoon. i'm erica hill broadcasting live from front street cafe in philadelphia. we will get back to craig in just a moment. first, let get you caught up on the race for 2016 this friday. looking at the republican nomination, a new poll released today shows donald trump with a 6 point lead in indian.
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the facilitate who sponsored the poll says it has a record turnout. and it could prove critical whether donald trump can get the 1237 delegates needed to win on the first ballot of the republicans convention. right now, trump's top aides are trying to sell republican leaders on a trump candidacy trying to ease their worries y saying trump has been playing part up to this point and understands that. in an interview with "fortune" released today. trump himself says "i'm not going to re-brand." is that mixed messaging? we have to see. four days until the next wave of primaries and ted cruz is opening a new attack on trump's right flank several hours ago posting this video to his facebook page. in it, the cruz campaign attacks trump for comments made thursday
11:17 am
on the "today" show in which trump criticized the so-called bathroom law out of north carolina. at a stop this morning in pennsylvania, pennsylvania vo voting on tuesday. cruz elicited a chorus of boos and other negative reaction directed towards trump when he brought up those remarks. he continued with that line of attack and discussion with reporters. >> in the last 48 hours, donald trump has come out for grown men going into the bathrooms with little girls. that is political correctness on steroids. that's just silliness. hallie jackson is in delaware, where he's scheduled to speak in a few hours. bring us up to speed. where do we stand in terms of a campaign strategy for donald trump the last few weeks of the primary season? >> what you've seen, you've started to see already with donald trump, a candidate who seems to becoming more
11:18 am
disciplined if you look at the advisors he brought on board with a more inclusive campaign opposed to ted cruz on a delegate hunt north of us in delaware, where the trump campaign has been working to hone in on unique keystone state process, right? these delegates elected to these slates and cruz not giving any ground, cruz reaching out to delegates on a personal level and making sure surrogates are also doing the same, helping some delegates get elected so these key 54 unbound delegates in pennsylvania will end up, the majority of them, the hope is, backing ted cruz. that's the campaign's goal. donald trurchl fighting that vigorously. one thing we've seen the last 24-48 hours is this issue of that north carolina law bubbling up to the surface on the political campaign trail. you're seeing ted cruz with that
11:19 am
facebook video. let's play a little of it now and talk about it in a second. >> curt schilling was fired by the pc police suggesting grown men shouldn't use the bathroom with little girls. guess who's joined the ranks with pc police. >> feel use the bathroom they feel is appropriate. >> reporter: donald trump can't be trusted with common sense, why would we trust him in the white house? >> reporter: this is ted cruz hitting trump on what the cruz campaign believes is a lack of conservative credentials, an aide telling me they believe donald trump is talking about rhetorical talking points and doesn't have a grapsp of conservative prestigiouinciples. what we're seeing is trump trying to present a more presidential appearance. on wednesday we found out he will be presenting a foreign policy speech in washington at the press club to dive into details, something he promised
11:20 am
he would do and said he would give maybe 10 policy speeches over the next couple of months. this is one of the first we're seeing rolled out. >> halle, i think you just to tossed it back to us. my apologies, i just lost your audio and we did get hallie jackson talking about both c campaigns moving forward, that facebook video of ted cruz ju jumping on remarks donald trump made on the "today" show and going in its direction. we have a pollster with the ours principles pack. joining us now. >> good to see you. >> we talked about this polling right off the top here. >> right. >> we were talking about how donald trump is up six points in indiana over ted cruz. one of the criticisms of the stop trump movement is you're not presenting necessarily a clear alternative. it's stop trump but not get
11:21 am
behind someone else, whether it be ted cruz, john kasich, is that why your message isn't working or is there something else? >> no. actually, our message is working very well. we showed it in iowa and certainly showed it in wisconsin. i think the press is being selective. you will see us very being in indiana and you will see us in statewi statewide. our job, with a great deal of help from donald trump, our whole job has been to tap down his ceiling, which hasn't been hard to do, we've kept him under 40% of the popular vote received. it's up to the other candidates to be a magnet to pull the rest of that vote to him. our concern -- go on. i'm sorry. >> no, finish.
11:22 am
>> i lost you there. >> sorry. we're having a little delay. i want to pick up on something you said. you want -- you were saying you want to keep his ceiling low. when you look at your focus today, is the focus more on s y swaying voters or swaying unbound delegates, especially in a place like pennsylvania? >> no. you will have some activities in all the areas that you're seeing, touching bits and pieces of all of that. >> is one area more important, though? we see ted cruz clearly focusing on delegates. >> it comes down to delegate by delegate. we believe he will end up 110 votes short of the 1237. new york we knew we had an uphill battle and assumed he would get 95 delegates, he got
11:23 am
90. that's five less we have to get in california. right now, our focus is on basical basically -- again, where we're getting help from donald trump using his own words so people see what he's like out there. one thing i see as pollster in the national polls his unfavorable rating started at 55% is now at 65% nationwide with 53% strongly unfavorable towards donald trump, which is why he's unelectable in the fall, which is our main concern, we see a person moving forward that in fact when it gets to the fall election, he will be unele unelectable, while he has this one-third of the republicans that have been intensely favorable for him, what has happened during this last five or six months we now have a third of republicans intensely unfavorable towards him. this narrative of my voters are going to walk, the problem the
11:24 am
party has, there is also a third that say, if he's the nominee, we will not vote for donald trump. that's what we have to deal with who is the best nominee going to be, if it gets past the first ballot, that is what the delegates will decide, who is the most electable for the fall. >> you have five seconds to answer. you don't want to weigh in on who you think is the most electable? >> no. we will leave that for the delegates to decide. what we do know is trump is not ele electable. >> all right. ed goeas joining us from our principles pack. thank you for your time. >> today's pulse question is about donald trump and comments made by his campaign manager, paul manafort of the rnc. >> some of the stump speeches he's given, some of the style he has some of the ways in which he presented the issues, but it's
11:25 am
his personality people have trouble with. fixing personality negatives is a lot easier than fixing character negatives. you can't change their character but you can change that. >> do you believe donald trump will change his tone in the general election? here are the results so far. 88% saying no. there's still time to weigh in log onto stay with us. we'll be right back.
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11:29 am
and there are 54 unbound delegates and those can vote for whomever they please at the convention. that means the candidate who does the best job winning the confidence of as many of those 54 individuals could hold the power walking out of the keystone state. jacob is with us in philadelphia today. this whoa process in philadelphia is fascinating. there's 167 people running who want to be delegates, 162. they don't have to -- it won't say anywhere on the ballot i'm going for kasich, cruz, trump. >> it doesn't say who you will go for and even if they pledge to the candidates they don't actually have to do it once they get to the convention this july. they can basically say, okay, to the trump campaign, i will go for trump. at the end of the day they get to cleveland and go for kasich and cruz. i went out here to talk to some of the con 62 folks and 54 will ultimately go to cleveland and see how they're leaning now.
11:30 am
take a look. >> each and every vote, if i go to cleveland i will be voting for donald j. trump. >> reporter: is that despite or in spigt of even if they go for cruz or kasich? are you going 100%? >> i'm going 100%. i believe anybody that votes for me is a trump supporter. myself and another candidate running in the 7th congressional district in pennsylvania and we are 100% behind donald trump. >> i'm remaining uncommitted and running unopposed in the primary and wait and see what the voters sane the district and state and take it from there. >> what is so crucial is they could make or break the stop trump movement. it could come up short of the delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot, these 54 delegates from this state could put him over the line and give him that nomination straight up or stop him in his tracks, why ted cruz has been so well organized in north dakota and colorado, and trying to pick off these delegates. they're super human, super power
11:31 am
vote voters. >> he's working on getting every one. i'm fascinating on every delegate hunt you go on. >> i may offer you a ride one time. >> be careful what you offer. i may take you on it. stay with us. you're watching msnbc.
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11:35 am
and the way his music will live on forever. >> indeed it will. that was percussionist sheila e. remembering her long time friend, favorite collaborator, prince, nbc's tamran hall told us how she became -- tamron hall told us how she became close friends with him and he actually composed a theme song for her news nation. >> this is the new at news nation theme song composed for my team by none other than music icon, prince. ♪ ♪ >> following his death, tamron tweeted "like a bird without a song" i've lost one of my best friends today. i know he would have advice right now.
11:36 am
prince, i'm listening as always. tamron actually talked to prince just days before his death. she told me about their relationship and about that last conversation. >> prince reached out to me years ago and we just bonded over his interest in news, his interest in family and it just turned into what was one of the most incredible friendships and relationships of my life. when i tweeted out that i've lost one of my best friends, that was not something that i ever imagined i would say. >> i know this is -- i know this is hard. i know that you talked to him a few days ago as well. did you get the sense during that conversation, tamron, that there was anything wrong, that he was not okay in any way?
11:37 am
>> like everyone else, i started to see the social media, information about an emergency la landing. i e-mailed him on saturday and i said, prince, are you okay? he immediately wrote back, are you okay? that was kind of a joke being that we would do sometimes. he said, call me. i called him and we talked for nearly three hours, which was not uncommon for us to do. i did not hear anything that sounded like the flu or a cold but, you know, all of our bodies are different. we didn't really talk a lot about it. i didn't press him on what happened. it was clear he did not want to elaborate on it. our conversation went the way that it always goes, just talking about life. i never imagined again that would be my last correspondence with him. you understand, in my life. the only other person i speak with more than prince is my mother. this is the person i communicate with more than any.
11:38 am
>> my personal thanks to tamron for opening up about her special friendship with prince during what is obviously a very difficult time. let's turn to anthony decurtis now contributing editor of "rolling stone." anthony, i want to start with this lost "rolling stone" interview i talked about at the top of the hour here, an interview the magazine did with prince back in 2014. during this interview, he talked about unreleased music. this is what he said in part. i like time capsule stuff. i have a couple revolution al m albums in the vault, two time alb albums, one vanity 6 album, tons of stuff recorded in different periods. he was famous for being prolific in life. it sounds like, anthony, he may very well be a pretty prolific in death as well. what do you think's going to happen to all that music? >> i think eventually some of it will come out.
11:39 am
obviously, it's very early right now. earlier this morning, i spoke to mcmillan who worked very closely with him, his lawyer and very close advisor. lon del w londel was saying, we all know there probably weren't too many days in prince's life he wasn't reco recording. the idea of hearing this stuff is very compelling. once the dust settled a little bit, you know, people start thinking about what prince's legacy is going to be, determinations will be made about which of that music we will hear first. i'd be very surprised if some of it didn't emerge relatively soon. >> anthony, of "rolling stone," thank you. we have some news and we just found out that the autopsy on prince's body has been completed. that autopsy is finished.
11:40 am
the body will be released later tod today. at this point, we can tell you there is a news conference set to happen at 4:00 eastern time, 3:00 local. during that news conference we are expecting to hear from the sheriff. he's going to be answering questions from reporters, also going to be addressing some of the internet rumors out there as well. that's coming from blake mccoy on the scene there as we await that news conference. again right now, we can tell you, nbc news has confirmed the autopsy on prince's body has completed. it started a few hours ago. the body is going to be released later today. at this point, we have not heard any information, any details about funeral services, about memori memorials, none of that information has been shared just yet. meanwhile, here in minnesota, the i-35 bridge in minneapolis will be bathed in purple light all weekend in honor of their
11:41 am
native son, prince, it started last night and decided to extend it by order of the state's governor he said by contributions to the betterment of our state, will be remembered for years to come. erica hill picks up our coverage on the other side of this break. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party. (party music) (splashing/destruction) (splashing/destruction) (burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ and i quit smoking with i'm chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was,
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in a democracy, you are enormously powerful people if you choose to use that power. [ applause ] >> bernie sanders there just a few moments ago revving up a crowd in gettysburg, pennsylvania. the latest polls out of pennsylvania have sanders down anywhere from 11 to as much as 27 points. sanders sat down with my colleague, andrea mitchell on thursday. she asked him about his
11:45 am
increasingly narrow path forward. here's part of what he had to say. >> i'm realistic. it's a hard path, i admit that. if we do not have a majority, i think it will be very hard for us to win. the only fact that i think remains uncertain is if we continue to be running significantly stronger than she is against donald trump or whoever the republican nominee will be, i think that's a factor. >> joining me now, senator bernie sanders wife, jane sanders, nice to have you back this afternoon. >> good to be here, erica. >> as we look at that, there are a lot of questions in terms of what is a path forward at this point. is it simply to stay in, take this to the convention and focus on flipping superdelegates? >> well, know. the point is it's always been a hard path. he started at 3%. nobody took him seriously. even winning 8 out of the last 10 contests, the second line
11:46 am
always is after he won, but he really won't have a path to victory. we cut secretary clinton's delegate lead by a third over the last few weeks. we hope to do better as we move forward. it's a narrow path, as bernie said, it's difficult but it can be done. we expect to do very well in some of the upcoming states. >> where specifically do you expect to do well? as we know in pennsylvania today, voters will cast their votes on tuesday. we looked at some of those numbers. bernie sanders is still behind in pennsylvania. as we mentioned voting tuesday, where do you see winning over the next couple of weeks? where are you focused? >> well, we're focused on all the states, and beyond. we're planning on going all the way to california. we expect to do exceptionally well there and oregon. we hope to do well in pennsylvania and rhode island. i think -- and in connecticut. i think that we just have to get
11:47 am
his message out there. one of the things that's wonderful, an enviable position to be in, is that the more people know about bernie and about his bold vision for the future the more they like him. you see, as he gets to the states, those wide margins tend to diminish and sometimes he overtakes secretary clinton. >> donald trump has started invoking your husband's name in his attacks on hillary clinton. i just want to play a little bit of sound. >> she does have bad judgment. i think she has very bad judgment frankly. bernie also said she's not qualified. i guess she's qualified certainly but her judgment is very bad. >> well, it could have said a lot worse. >> he has said a lot worse about a lot of different people.
11:48 am
are those comments playing into donald trump's hands and are you concerned ultimately about the impact on the democratic ticket ultimately no matter who, come november? >> i think it goes both ways. a lot of things secretary clinton and her campaign and surrogates are sayi ining could damage him if he's the nominee. nobody is talking about that. i find that interesting. in terms of the republicans they have a dossier on secretary clinton and bernie and they have a lot of research they can use and don't need anybody's help. >> we do believe we need to address the issues. we need to say there's a clear choice when bernie talks about judgment talking about them both hearing the same information on the iraq war and secretary clinton saying i support the war and bernie, no.
11:49 am
same thing about trade policies. bernie has opposed all the trade agreements and secretary clinton supported almost all of them. the same about the economy. bernie a $15 minimum wage and secretary clinton only supports a $12 federal minimum wage. they're all making judgments all the time. it's not a negative, not saying she's a bad person, it's saying whose judgment do you like better? whose judgment do you agree with? there is a clear choice between these two candidates and bring this country in two different directions. bernie is offering a bold vision and getting away from status pro politics and economics. secretary clinton is an establish politician and she believes we need to move forward with incremental change. people differ as to what they
11:50 am
believe. i believe in a bold vision. >> jane sanders, we have to leave it there. appreciate you joining us this afternoon. thank you. >> thank you, erica. bye-bye. >> up next, reaction from hillary for america. after this. first, bernie sanders taking aim at donald trump. this happened just moments ago. >> people have no clue about the real -- when you hear some politician getting up there telling the world how tough he is, how quickly he is prepared to send troops to this part of the world or that part of the world, understand it won't be his kids going off to that war. [ applause ] [dad] i wear a dozen different hats
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hillary clinton is hoping pennsylvania can put her in an even stronger position to win
11:54 am
the democratic nomination come july. she campaigned today in jenkintown where she participated in a roundtable about women's issue and the need to be civil in politics taking a shot at donald trump. >> we have to change the culture so that it is no longer acce acceptable for people to say what they say about others. you an disagree with somebody, that's fair game. to try to want personal attacks and intimidate and degrade somebody else is off-limits. >> the deputy communications director of hillary for america, nice to have you with us as always. i know you were able to listen in. jane was our guest a few minutes ago and talking about the contrast her husband is trying to draw between himself and hillary clinton as candidates and where they stand on the issues. that has been some of the criticism in terms of how he's addressing things, how she's addressing things. what's your reaction to that?
11:55 am
>> i think what's really important this week is the huge win hillary had here in new york. this one was really personal to her. she represented new york for eight years and they know the vote ers the best and she represented new york with big bold ideaing to get things done. people know here she really delivers. i think that really mattered this week and she kill take that energy going forward. >> it's interesting because both camps say you're going on big bold ideas. as you said, you're focusing on the win and not as much a division of issues. i want to ask you, too, about this, this quote coming from the new york city from vice president biden talks about bernie sanders and hillary clinton and their campaign styles, he'll take mr. sanders aspirational approach over mrs. clinton's caution any day. does hillary clinton need to be more inspirational in her
11:56 am
approach? >> you know, written what's more aspirational than a person who has big ideas like universal healthcare that hillary worked on in the 1990s, had a setback, wasn't able to achieve it and came right back and got health insurance for children and 8 million american children have health insurance because of the work she did. hillary is a very unique candidate in the sense she has big bold ideas come been inned with the ability to really get things done. she has shown that throughout her career. she's really delivered. we saw that in new york. people had her back here because they know she did so much to help this state recover from 9/11, to create jobs here, help our first responders get the healthcare they needed after 9/11. she is a unique candidate in the sense she's able to really have those big vision, have that sense of what she would do and the ability to get it done and that's what she would do as president. >> appreciate your time today.
11:57 am
joining us from the clinton campaign. thanks. >> thank you. >> remember to watch msnbc tonight for the premiere of hillary clinton, "it takes a country" tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. that wraps it up for us. kate snow up from baltimore. fist, a programming note this sunday. we have three documentaries for you for sunday night. your programming is set for the evening beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern only on msnbc. the place for politics.
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