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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 23, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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and anybody against harriet tubman being on the front of the $20 now, frankly, needs to chill out and have a cocktail. relax. it's going to be awesome. it's great news. have a great weekend. still a mystery, new details on the last hours of prince's life but big questions remain surrounding his death. another super tuesday, five state goes to the polls in three days. could it clinch a victory for donald trump or sew more confusion for the gop? for the democrats, new polls show tight races in big states but is it too little too late for the sanders camp? on the loose, the killer or killers in the execution style murders of eight people in the same family has an entire community on edge with few real answers at this hour. good morning everyone. i'm alex witt here at msnbc in new york. there are more questions than
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answers in the sudden death of the iconic music legend prince. after an hours long autopsy his family took custody of his body transported in this van you see here late friday, authorities say it could take weeks before the results are released. funeral plans remain undisclosed. the 57-year-old was found unresponsive thursday in his paisley park estate in minnesota. his death after a series of canceled shows and a reported emergency plane landing for medical treatment. nbc's blake mccoy is outside of prince's residence with more. good morning to you. what more are we learning? >> reporter: good morning. you mentioned it could take weeks before we know the cause of death because even though the physical autopsy was completed by the coroner it took about four hours, we have to wait for the toxicology results to come back and that we expect to be the most revealing about what caused prince's death. the sheriff did hold his first press conference yesterday in which he said there were no signs of trauma to the body, and
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also it did not appear to be a suicide. take a listen to what he said in regards to that. >> i am not responding to questions regarding what may have been taken. we have no reason to believe that this point that this was a suicide. but again, this is early on in this investigation, and it's continuing to -- will continue to investigate. >> reporter: we have learned more about the timeline action the last person who saw prince alive was an acquaintance here at 8:00 p.m. wednesday night who dropped him off at his home and recording studio paisley park, 8:00 p.m. prince apparently spent the night alone. when staff could not reach him in the morning around 9:45 a.m. they came to check and found him unconscious in the elevator when they called authorities. he was pronounced dead after 10:00 a.m. the remembrances are continuing. you can see the massive memorial that has taken place here at paisley park behind me.
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people are expected to continue to drop things off today. amc movie theaters across the country, 87, will be playing "purple rain" starting today through next thursday. as far as funeral arrangements, i know a lot of people are wondering. the family is not releasing that information. prince of course a private guy, and the family hasn't said anything in regards to a funeral arrangements. >> so blake, i will tell our viewers we have cyril wecht a noted pathologist to join us after our next commercial. but with regard to where you are and that scene behind you, i mean, we've seen it grow steadily. if your camera man could show us the breadth of this thing and talk about -- is it local community members or is this some place that is close to a larger city? how do you get there to pay tribute? >> reporter: i'm going to step out of the way here so you can see the memorial. it's grown tremendously since i was here on thursday night. they blocked off the street in front of it.
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so people are having to park a little ways away and then walk up to drop things off. chan hassen is about 30 miles from down town minneapolis, prince was born in minneapolis and even when he reached superstardom he chose to lay his roots here in minnesota. the people here really love prince, he is a beloved figure in the state. if you're familiar with the minneapolis region at all, this is closer to lake minnetonka, so it's a little more rural out here and prince liked his privacy of it he was a guy who wanted things quiet and to stay under the radar, chan hassen, minnesota is a place he was able to do that. >> thank you so much. appreciate that. now to the other story, politics. and tuesday's primaries in five states. in just three days democrats and republicans head to the polls in connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island. on the republican side, there was a total of 172 delegates at stake, on the democratic side,
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462 up for grabs. 210 of them are in pennsylvania. hillary clinton and bernie sanders held duelling rallies in that state last night. they attacked the other's campaigns. >> my opponent's plan relies on republican governors to pay a third of the cost. somehow i don't think a lot of these republican governors are going to do that. so i don't want to make promises i can't keep. i put forth a plan that i can deliver, debt-free tuition on. >> secretary clinton is doing it the way the vast majority of politicians doing it. she's established a number of super pacs and in the last filing period her major super pac reported $25 million from special interests including $15 million from wall street. at the end of the day, it's not good enough to talk the talk, you got to walk the walk.
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>> clinton and sanders will campaign in the four other primary states today, while former president bill clinton picks up the pa on the in pennsylvania. republicans will be crisscrossing the states, donald trump is in connecticut, john kasich in rhode island, ted cruz will travel from pennsylvania to indiana ahead of the hoosier state's primary two weeks from now. the texas senator was in pennsylvania yesterday where he again criticized donald trump's opposition to north carolina's transgernd bathroom law. >> the idea of the far left of donald trump and hillary clinton and obama, it is a bad idea for an adult grown man, a stranger, to be alone in a bathroom with a little girl. and this is not a reasonable debate over public policy. this is political correctness run amok. >> since opposing the law trump now says the state should decide. trump made no mention of the law during his rally in delaware yesterday but made this stumble
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as he schecked off his list of victories. >> no matter where we go, we go to alabama, we had 35,000 people, and we won alabama. we won arkansas, we won kentucky and won florida and we won south carolina. and we won new hampshire. and we won connecticut and we won so much. and what did we win two days ago with record numbers, new york. >> whoops, claiming victory in connecticut three days before that state's primary. let's turn to luke russert in waterbury, connecticut. a smile on your face. everyone of us listening wait, not so much. was that a show of confidence? >> reporter: a show of confidence but one that is firmly suited in what the polls reflect, that donald trump has a wide lead here in connecticut, of course neighboring state to his home state of new york.
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it also is made up in the republican primary electorate of a lot of the disenfranchised working class voters across the country. waterbury where i am specifically, coming in here last night talking to people, there's a sense of being forgotten. that no one cares about the hard work i put in, no one cares about my issues in washington, donald trump is the anti-status quo, he is going to shake things up, he is going to be great. interestingly enough, donald trump had a slip of the tongue yesterday. he says he would like a great president no matter who that person is. take a listen to this. >> i wish we had somebody that was so good, i don't care if it's a republican or a democrat, i couldn't care less f we had a great president who was a democrat, if we had -- we need a great president. we need a great, great president because we are really in trouble. >> reporter: so, as donald trump
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goes into these northeastern states, was that a slip of the tongue to say we need a great president, democrat or republican? not necessarily. that's essentially trying to appeal to the independent minded voter that is really populated here and as well as the conservatives in the northeast are not quite as conservative as down south. so perhaps they could handle a great president even if they were democratic. we'll see if it's part of donald trump's spin or maybe it was a slip of the tongue. either or, expect a packed house in waterbury, alex, then later on in the day he geese bridgeport, connecticut, then maryland tomorrow. >> okay. luke, quickly, we know he has been practicing with the teleprompter. was he working off a teleprompter with that speech? >> reporter: it's a good question. he may have been. i'm trying to look behind me. i do not see one set up here, so i think the teleprompter will be known for his foreign policy speech in d.c. on wednesday. >> that's what he's aiming for. i thought maybe. luke, thank you so much. we'll check in with you again.
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joining me is kate martell for the hill and jane timm. good morning to you. kate, one of the leading stories on the "washington post" is that some gop elites aren't convinced by trump charm offensive. how is this road block going to work for trump. the 54 unbound delegates there. >> yes, exactly. it's the 54 unbound delegates that are the delegates to watch and probably the most important because if you look at a lot of the projections now, that includes pennsylvania, if he does well in pennsylvania, he's going to come out with the upper 1100 in the delegates. 54 come into play. even if he wins 40 of them he could squeak by the 1237 and could do well. i think that what's going to come down to is we're seeing the ground game in pennsylvania, not as looking as much at the popular vote. there are only 17 delegates. it's courting and trying to keep the unbound delegates.
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what's interesting is that even if they say they pledge for donald trump or ted cruz or john kasich now they can switch that. they can switch that all the way up to cleveland. that could have an effect later on. >> jane, do you think trump's charm offensive is acknowledgement as much as he is winning over voters he could lose the general election? >> absolutely. he needs the muscle of the republican party behind him if he is going to win. any candidate, great president, is a great idea. but he needs to get elected and the rnc provides a huge amount of the ground game that goes into general elections. >> kate, what about the polls showing trump leading in both connecticut and pennsylvania, 99 delegates up for grabs there. if he wins both states does that discredit the stop trump movement? >> you know, it does kind of discredit the stop trump movement. the problem with the stop trump movement to this point they don't have a consensus on a candidate. one of the leading stop trump movements for example has been backing ted cruz in indiana and pennsylvania, but then backing
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john kasich in the other states. if donald trump does well it's going to be a harder argument for the stop trump people to say you know what, we should back down and support the nominee because they don't want to hurt themselves into a general election. >> speaking of that, jane, you interviewed about half of cruz's pledged delegates in pennsylvania. what is ted cruz's strategy there and what are the delegates telling you? >> his strategy, he works hard to get to know these people, he will spend probably an hour with almost every delegate you see. he has group meetings of a dozen or two dozen people and he sits down and answers their questions, he talks strategy. this is the kind of treatment that is usually reserved for v.i.p.'s and big donors. ted cruz, you'll see him go in a back room often with carefully selected delegates they think might come to their side. after that they are working the campaign works to help them get elected. a lot of these delegate positions in pennsylvania particularly, they are elected usually no one runs for them. it's sort of three people run
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for three slots, get elected. usually ceremonial to go to the convention. we have districts who have 15 running for three slots, these are with full-time jobs, not career politicians that need help. the cruz campaign is offering it up. >> ladies, headline predictions for wednesday morning? jane? >> i'm a connecticut girl, born and bred so look to connecticut. can john kasich peel off delegate and have a last stand or go to trump. >> kate? >> i think my prediction for wednesday is that we'll see that donald trump's going to do well in both states but probably come down to the headlines will be that you know, he has to keep pushing forward, still have projections of upper 1100, can he lock it down, i don't know. >> kate, jane, thank you so much. the autopsy is complete but little is known about the circumstances surrounding prince's death. after the break i'll talk with a forensic pathologist what is next and when we can expect some answers. pet moments are beautiful,
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they found an unresponsive male in the elevator. cpr was initially started. but was unsuccessful. he was pronounced deceased at 10:07. we have identified him as prince rogers nelson. >> the sheriff talking about the investigation into the death of pop star prince. it came after an hours long autopsy whose body was found on thursday. joining me is pathologist dr. cyril wecht. welcome to you sir. reports are that the coroner took hours to perform this autopsy. specifically what was he looking for? >> i don't mean to be critical. i'm pointing out, doesn't take
4:18 am
four hours to do an autopsy. in the absence of trauma, multiple gunshot wounds, motor vehicular injuries but that doesn't make a difference. what they were looking for is make sure there was no disease process. they can only spend so much time with the body. what is going to happen is that they submitted pieces of tissue, to make sure there is no cryptic inflammation in the heart muscles, that can happen and the toxicology test, blood, bowel, the gallbladder and urine. i will tell you that as of monday, tuesday, they will have their slides, and they will have the toxicology results back. you move it along in fast fashion. but they are going to take their time. don't want to be bothered by the news media. tie everything with law enforcement. look at the past medical records, review everything including where he might have gotten any drugs from whom and so on.
4:19 am
that's all part of the picture too. so that's why they are talking about weeks. in terms of what they will really know as to the cause of this death, i assure you they will have that in hand by early mid next week. i believe that this is almost certainly a drug death. when you rule out foul play, any kind of injury, any kind of environmental problem, any kind of intervention by a third party, no suicidal ideation, no history of disease process, cardiovascular, you tie that in with the medical scenario here of a serious illness requiring emergency landing, going into the hospital, and yet not being kept in a hospital, released, that obviously is not a cardiac condition or a scerebral proble. likely treated with narcan. he's rumored to have taken percocet. consists of oxycodone. oxycodone, one of the most frequently encountered drugs in
4:20 am
the incredible drug epidemic. powerful analgesic. >> a couple things. the four hour time line we have request the autopsy was provided by the sheriff and they said they had taken his body in about 9:00 a.m., released 1:00 p.m. that's where we get the time frame. i want to point out that what you are talking about with drug induced yes, you have years of expertise but still at this point we have to say that is still speculation. >> oh, yes. >> my question, the flu is what was reported trouble with prince. he had flu-like symptoms, that is why that plane was brought down in moline, illinois on his way back from that concert last week from atlanta to his home. would flu-like symptoms be consistent with someone suffering from as you were suggesting perhaps drug issues? >> no. not really except for the
4:21 am
feeling of tireness, of some kind of mental obfuscation and so on. >> what about the flu when they said also that there was an unresponsive male on that plane being brought down. can flu-like symptoms make someone unresponsive? >> no. no. not unless it becomes pneumonia and you have a high fever. could lead to that. how many times have you had the flu and i and everyone of your viewer listeners have had the flu. no. it does not lead to that kind of a situation. the clinical picture does not fit with flu. >> how about let's look at what happened after the plane incident and prince returning to his home. he went to a jazz club, he hosted a dance party at his home, there are reports he showed off a new piano, was quite vibrant at that. put all of that together. what we know happened, when he went to a hospital, subsequently
4:22 am
dying six days later. i mean, does it stand out as unique to you he was able to go to a hospital for flu-like treatment and come back and seemed completely normal, active nonetheless. >> that does not fit in with any kind of a pathlogical process that i can think of. nothing at all. the only thing that fits in is you are intoxicated with your drug or drugs, that you are treated, once you are treated, the drugs have been neutralized so to speak, then you're back to normal. there is no lingering effect. if you get a drug addict, i don't care who it is, heroin, methadone, doesn't make a difference, if that person is not on that drug at that moment, then the drug is not acting in a negative fashion, that person is normal. >> one last question. he is known to have suffered as a child from epilepsy. could that have been involved here at the age of 57?
4:23 am
>> no. epileptic convulsive seizure disorder does not act in that fashion and keep in mind, too, if it had been any kind of a potential medical problem that could result in death, there is no way in the world that he would have been discharged from the hospital and gone back into his normal routine. so this is i'm sure going to be tragically most regrettably a drug death like we've seen with so many. >> yes, there have been so many tragedies in the past. this remains to be seen with prince. thank you for your time. president obama goes out on a limb. and then he brings us one of the most adorable pictures from his trip yet. look at that. that's it. i hate the outside. well, i hate it wherever you are. burn. "burn." is that what the kids are saying now? i'm so bored, i'm dead. you can always compare rates on oh, that's nice, dear. but could you compare camping trips?
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fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. well, president obama in london discussing the implications should britain
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decide to leave the european union. his last trip as president mr. obama met with david cameron and members of the royal family. he will depart for germany sunday. ron allen is joining us from london. so, ron, let's talk about the british reaction to mr. obama's remarks. >> reporter: yes. alex, it's been something here. everyone was wondering how forcefully the president would speak out on this eu issue before he came. now we know. he was very blunt, he was very direct. and the side here that wants britain to leave the eu is reacting very, very negatively. they say that he delivered ultimatum, a threat. they are zeroing in on that back of the line, this trade issue, the issue is what would happen if britain left the eu, would they be able to trade and create a trade deal with the united states. mr. obama said well, no, they'd be at the back because we'd do
4:28 am
business with what's left of the eu. this is still complex for americans to understand it's very important to the president, very important to the british people there is a very bitter and very fierce fight under way what essentially the future of this country will be, whether they will be part of that 28-nation bloc or go it alone. so for the president to inject himself in this stirred a lot of controversy. >> let's take a listen to specifically what the president said. here it is. >> maybe some point down the line there might be a uk/u.s. trade agreement. it's not going to happen soon because our focus is in negotiating with a big bloc of the european union to get a trade agreement done and uk is going to be in the back of the cube. >> so how big a deal is this playing out? i mean, i've heard that there
4:29 am
are some headlines and that there's really a level of an tog nix among the brits if not lawmakers. >> reporter: a lot of people here, particularly those who want britain to leave, felt that president obama was butting into this. david cameron, the prime minister, invited him because he wants britain to stay in the eu so they were pleased that the president spoke out so force flee and used that back of the cue line in language that is very common here. the press conference yesterday the president said a lot of things, also talked about this controversy involving a bust of winston churchill that he allegedly removed from the oval office, some of the critics saying, he talked about fondness for church hill and replaced with it martin luther king. so this was really a very unique and very interesting event
4:30 am
yesterday the president speaking out. these are his final months in office, he feels passionately about this issue and trade, of course, is not a popular issue for the most part with democrats, back in the united states. so it's somewhat ironic this issue is what he seized in on here. but this is the way the president sees the world. and he said to the brits look, your role in the eu magnifies your presence on the world stage, it doesn't diminish it. that's what that works best for the united states. >> ron, we'll further this next hour as well as get those adorable pictures of the president meeting the young prince. thank you so much. coming up, i'll talk with an atlanta radio host who didsomething she has never done before on air. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive.
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welcome back. i'm alex witt. the place for politics. let's get a quick look where the
4:34 am
candidates are today. donald trump has two rallies in connecticut, ted cruz will travel from pennsylvania to indiana, for total of three events, and john kasich is in rhode island. all on the democratic side bernie sanders holds events in baltimore, one in wilmington, hillary clinton will travel to rhode island after connecticut this morning. and nbc's kelly o'donnell is ahead of the pack in rhode island following the clinton campaign. good morning. what can we expect this day? >> reporter: for hillary clinton this is an organizing event later today here in rhode island. for bernie sanders he'll be holding his big style rallies. sanders who is behind in delegates says the fight will go on, while we're seeing signs from hillary clinton that she's already looking toward november. in scranton, hillary clinton added upbeat prince classic to her campaign play list and played up some pennsylvania nostalgia. >> so this place has a lot of
4:35 am
not just memories but special meaning to me. >> reporter: polls show clinton goes into tuesday with a double digit lead in pennsylvania. >> i will work my heart out for the people here in northeastern pennsylvania. >> reporter: she took her usual jabs at bernie sanders, clinton hit billionaire gop front-runner donald trump as out of touch. >> we have to get out of the towers and come down and talk with people and listen to them. >> reporter: tuesday has built-in advantages for clinton. these five states hold primaries, not caucuses, where sanders has often won. four of the five allow only democrats to participate. sanders draws big support from independents. >> let's make sure that pennsylvania has the largest voter turnout in the history of the democratic party. >> reporter: also in pennsylvania, joe biden's birthplace, sanders hit clinton by reading from the vice president's interview with "the
4:36 am
new york times." >> he'll take mr. sanders' aspirational approach over mrs. clinton's caution any day. >> reporter: pressed sanders qualified hiss willingness to campaign for clinton if she wins the nomination. >> find out what her platform is, what the views are that she is going to bring forth to what degree she will adopt many of the ideas that are extremely popular and i think sensible. >> reporter: so as the voting comes to places where joe biden has roots, in pennsylvania and delaware, he is saying he will remain neutral but he was commenting on sanders' style. sanders is far behind in delegates and his campaign acknowledges it will be difficult but not impossible to try to catch hillary clinton to win the nomination. the clinton team says that lead is insurmountable. >> kelly, thank you for that. let's turn to the latest on the investigation into the death of prince.
4:37 am
ron mott is outside prince's home. good morning. how long before we know what caused prince's death? >> reporter: it's going to be weeks. good morning. a lot of folks expecting some insight into what led to this tragedy on thursday probably disappointed that the word pending was used with respect to yesterday's autopsy. all that means of course is more waiting. this morning funeral plans for prince remain undisclosed. his family taking custody of the body, transported in this van after a four-hour autopsy, that produced no official cause or manner of death. but the lead investigator appeared to put one area of speculation to rest. >> there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body. we have no reason to believe it's a suicide. the rest is under investigation. >> reporter: that investigation is expected to proceed for several more weeks authorities say, before a final report on what happened is released. in the meantime, rumors fill the void after tmz posted unverified report that the ing isser
4:38 am
overdosed on a private jet last week, publishing a picture of a man it says is prince outside a drug store purportedly one of multiple visits he made in the days before he died. ♪ >> reporter: at his final public performance april 14 in atlanta prince apologized for postponing those two shows. >> once again i have to apologize. >> reporter: sheila e. a one-time band mate and fiance saying there is joy and pain in her heart. >> i'm grateful to have been a part of his life and him a part of mine. >> reporter: she added nothing in recent memory suggested to her trouble may be on the horizon, a point notable producer l.a. reed echoed friday. >> the prince i know was like super healthy, vegan, wasn't an abuser of drugs, wasn't an abuser of alcohol. >> reporter: for now, however he
4:39 am
died seems inconsequential to his fans, a steady stream continues to flow outside his paisley park estate saddened yet grateful for the life he lived. amc theaters is rereleasing prince's "purple rain" in about 85 or 86 screens, that starts today through thursday. >> i'm sure that will be a popular if not sellout experience. thank you so much, ron mott. prince's final concert was in atlanta last week. katie is the morning house of 97.1. katie attended what was prince's last concert thursday night. with a welcome to you, katie, i want to play a bit of sound from your radio show yesterday. here we go. >> i never even cried like this on the radio. it just affected me so much to be at that show, to be so close, to be in an audience of people that was half black, half white, so extraordinary and so intimate and so wonderful.
4:40 am
>> so, obviously you are a professional for many years. but this got you. was it something that you felt that night and was it just sort of exponentially made greater in the wake of his passing or was it you walked away that night and felt this profoundly? >> we walked away and felt it. i was with a friend we couldn't stop talking about it. the show as i said, and i couldn't even believe myself that i got tongue tied and emotional on the air. i started my break and i was -- thinking back to it and how incredible it was and incredible talent and how he could go from mood to mood and the energy and the intimacy was incredible. so after we talked about it. we went next door, there is a jazz club next door to the fox theater. we listened to more music and talked about how amazing this man was and incredible to see that show that night. never in a million years dreaming a week later we'd get the news. >> i have to say i was in the
4:41 am
audience at the performance of hamilton on broadway the night that he was last month, and as spell binding as the hamilton performance is on stage, i could not help but look up in my direct line of sight at him sitting in a box. he had this magnetism about him. you've been in the business for 30 years on the radio there. you see someone like that before? >> i don't think so. people can compare him to madonna or you talk about some of the greats. the thing with prince was he did it all. and then to think what if a musician he was and the music he created, not just with his voice but his words and then with his musicianship and to think about him with just a piano. that's why i thought i have to see this. the fox theater is a very cool theater in atlanta and it's very old and beautiful. we all love being there. to see prince at the fox, with just a microphone and piano i couldn't miss that. who can do that. >> was there anything that struck you about him as being
4:42 am
vulnerable physically, frail? he did apologize, right, during that performance for having canceled. >> he said canceled but he didn't. he postponed. i thought for sure once he postponed he would cancel. the tickets popped up so quickly. i saw it and got lucky, really. most people if you blinked for 12 hours you would have missed the fact that prince was coming to atlanta. >> i think you hit it, anybody who had the luck of seeing him perform. something you'll always remember especially now in the wake of this tragedy. thank you so much for joining us. for a look at the passing of the music legend watch the special that airs tonight at 8:00 eastern here on msnbc. and cruz and kasich trail trump in delegates and the polls into tuesday so what role do they play at this point in the race? that discussion next.
4:43 am
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five states go to the polls tuesday, those voters may go a long way in deciding who are the nominees for both parties. but the delegate race for the gop in the key stone state is especially competitive. 54 of them will not be bound to any candidate. let's bring in joe watkins and rick tyler. gentlemen, with a good morning to you both. i'm going to pose the same question we heard in that clip we're going to play in a moment by going after delegates, is donald trump embracing what he has been attacking as a rigged system? could that hit his popularity with voters who like his outsider image? >> i don't think so. i think at the end of the day he doesn't take any kind of a hit for that. donald trump has defied most of the odds so far, i mean, we're been talking about him since his
4:47 am
eninterest i into the race last year and i remember early on there was always about is this it for donald trump. how much longer you think he'll lastment we're looking at donald trump as the only candidate in the race still who has a path to 1237 before the convention. may not be a strong path but nonetheless he has a path to 1237. i don't think this impacts him negatively. >> can you ask about the new ap article that argues because of the large numbers of unbound delegates the pennsylvania is mainly meaningless. you're in pennsylvania. what is your reaction to that? any truth to it? joe? >> talking to me? oh, this is the real deal. this is not a beauty pageant. pennsylvania voters i live in pennsylvania, i pastor a church in pennsylvania, very much excited about the primary and everything getting ready to happen. and are very interested in what the candidates have to say. so, pennsylvania people are looking very closely at what the
4:48 am
candidates have to say and how it's going to impact them. pennsylvanians are delighted that the pennsylvania primary is actually going to have a stake, it's going to mean something this time. the primary is earlier than it has been in past years, it's in april instead of may. and this time it matters. so pennsylvanians are proud about that. >> so rick, ted cruz released a new web ad ahead of tuesday's primaries. here is a clip. >> our latest polling indicates americans want a president they can trust, someone who isn't -- >> liar? >> get to the point. who are we talking about here? >> how do we stop ted cruz? how do we stop ted cruz? >> i don't think we can. >> your take? rick, what does it say about the state of cruz's campaign?
4:49 am
>> i love that ad. it's hbo series style or should i say nbc drama style ad, it's really well done. the person spot on and it's very entertaining but i think it was a way, very creative way of capturing the headlines and talking about ted cruz's underlying message which is trust and against hillary clinton's biggest problem which is mistrust. >> if cruz is not getting 1237 by july, rick, what is the goal now? >> well, the goal is keep donald trump from getting 1237. if donald trump gets 1237 before cleveland and he could do that one of two ways. get close enough and persuade enough to vote on him for the first ballot or get them outright and we'll have a nominee and he'll be the republican party nominee. if he doesn't, then there will be a first ballot which he, if he doesn't have them sewn up by
4:50 am
then he is likely to lose. on the second ballot, or subsequent ballots but i would say the second, cruz seems likely to win because cruz is working the other race right now, which because cruz is working the other race right now which is the delegate acquisition. joe is talking about pennsylvania. there are 54 unbound delegates and they run on the ballot. there's three per district. they don't have to declare who they're for at all. to win pennsylvania's 54 unbound delegates, you really have to go and figure out who these people are and meet them or help the ones that are for you get elected. but there are 17 bound delegates, and those are going to matter, too. you'll get those through the state-wide race. every single ballot, in that sense, every single delegate matters, pennsylvania matters. indiana is going to absolutely matter. that's a winner-take-all. cruz needs to win that one. >> joe and rick, thank you so much. >> thanks, alex. with the maryland primary days a way, a lot of the focus
4:51 am
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voters in maryland go to the polls on tuesday. since there are 118 delegates at stake for the democrats, 38 are also up for grabs on the gop side, much of the focus is on baltimore. the city is 63% african-american, more than 23% of baltimore's population lives in poverty. the city was torn apart after the death of freddy gray who suffered a fatal injury while in police custody. the city still in recovery. let's bring in dur ray mccuss sin who is running in the primary for the democratic race for mayor. he came to prominence in the wake of the michael brown shooting in ferguson, missouri. it's nice to talk with you again. i do want to ask about your mayoral race in a moment. but as you know, tuesday marked
4:55 am
one year, the anniversary of freddy gray's death. what has changed in baltimore since? >> importantly the conversation about race and policing is fundamentally different than it was a year ago. at the state level we've seen legislation that has given civilians more input in officer training and oversight. there's so much more to go. we can't automatically drug test officers involved in deadly shooting. they're still allowed to hog tie and choke hold people. officers with make alternate hearing boards when they're disciplined internally. that doesn't make sense. we made some progress. we know we won't undue a legacy of a culture of broken policing in 300 days. >> interestingly there was a gathering in west baltimore. here is what one resident said about the lack of political figures there. here is that. >> to be honest, i'm glad the politicians weren't here. >> why?
4:56 am
>> well, let's look at the history of baltimore. let's look at the past year, let's look at all of it, clearly the system doesn't work. it's broken, been broken for a long time. so people just showing up getting some camera time so they can say they were here is a bad look. >> your thoughts on that. are any of the candidates running for president paying any attention to the needs of the people of baltimore? >> no. i think that sentiment is correct. so many people ignore the systemic issues that allowed the unrest to happen here and in cities across the country, it's easy to come out when will are cameras and there's attention on it. we know so much of these things have been building over time. baltimore is the birthplace of red-lining and hyper segregation. we need leaders who understand it deeply and have concrete solutions to move us forward. >> the black lives matter movement formed in the wake of
4:57 am
trayvon martin's death, can you gauge how effective it's been. >> especially after the death of mike brown, it changed that. before that people. >> reporter: not questioning, this focus on police violence is something that wasn't happening. we weren't counting the number of people killed. that fundamentally changed. we also know it's changed people's understanding of what solutions can be. we've seen these conversations really mobilize people and change the face of activism in the country. we also know we won't undue these things in 400 days or 18 months or 19 months. the movement is a young movement, and we're seeing communities come together and press for changes in important ways. i think it's early, alex, and i think we'll continue to see more people run for office, see coalitions being built across the country and will continue to see young people and intergenerational groups mobilize over justice issues. >> you've just entered the race for mayor there at the 11th
4:58 am
hour. why are you jumping in? >> i'm running the offer concrete solutions for things in baltimore where we can make the city work again, concrete solutions around education, safety, justice, public health, because we know we need leaders who aren't beholding to the establishment but who can do what's right by people. in baltimore, establishment politics have dominated for so long. so we need to make it a safer city, have an education system that does right by people. but we also need to address things like public health, infrastructure, vacant homes, i have the most comprehensive platform and the only person not beholding to establishment candidates here. >> deray mckesson, thank you very much. still ahead, the anti trump groups are in over drive trying to stop the front-runner's momentum, but is it working? that come from pets, pollen and dust. just one claritin provides 24-hour relief
4:59 am
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