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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  April 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> they're definite sex scenes. >> it's all simulates. >> i'm a big fan of this guy. it's no doubt when you watch him, you think, it's him, it really is him that's doing the tonight on "all in" -- >> that was not the easiest entrance i've ever made. >> another trump spectacle in california. >> oh, boy, felt like i was crossing the border. >> as the general election fight escalates. >> i've had a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak. >> tonight, why donald trump is calling hillary clinton an enabler and why his defense of a convicted rapist is coming back to haunt him. >> frankly, i think mike tyson's been railroaded. >> plus my interview with the writer getting death threats for writing about melania trump. and my exclusive interview with "the hamilton" creator about the fight to save puerto rico when
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"all in" starts right now. good evening from washington, d.c. i'm chris hayes. today felt like a real preview of the 2016 general election. with six months until election day, it is already ugly. this was the sense scene outside california's republican state convention earlier today where donald trump was scheduled to speak. less than 24 hours after 17 people were arrested and property damaged in protests outside a trump rally last night in southern california. it is the kind of thing we can probably expect to see again and again as trump continues to campaign around the country, not to mention at the republican convention at cleveland this july. before trump's arrival in burlingame not far from san francisco protesters managed to break through a police barricade and rush to the hotel. succeeding in prohibiting trump's motorcade who had to
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pull off the highway on to the side where trump actually got out of the car, his security detail and his entourage all sort of getting into line. he proceeded to walk on foot along the concrete barrier, there he goes, descending down into the embankment sitting next to the highway, all of course being recorded by news helicopters. this was quite a spectacle today. and as the security detail went down, trump finally forced to basically, well, and somewhat ironically, hop a fence with the help of an aide before climbing back up to the road and making his way to the hotel's back door. >> that was not the easiest entrance i've ever made. we went under a fence and through a fence and -- oh, boy, felt like i was crossing border actually. they said, mr. trump, it would be really much easier sir if you
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didn't speak today and just left and go back immediately to indiana. i said, you know, we can't let these people down. right? meanwhile in the emerging general election contest between trump and hillary clinton, the race has become as nasty and personal as possible as trump accused clinton of playing "the woman card." today he continued, crooked hillary clinton, perhaps the most dishonest person to have ever run for the presidency is also one of the great all-time enablers. he's exclusively brought up bill clinton's relationships before with unproven statements about allegations about her husband. >> you are talking about many. if you read the book, the book has other ones that were really horrible. he's campaigning for the wife. she said i had a penchant for sexism, but that's what she said. she's not a victim. she was an enabler.
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>> was an enabler? >> yeah. she worked with him. some of the women have been totally destroyed. some of these women have been destroyed and hillary worked with him. there's no feeling sorry for hillary in this situation. >> you could expect to hear much more on that subject between now and november. clinton campaign has responded to trump's is exist attacks asking contributor to doe flat in order to get an official "women card" of their very own. >> will you condemn david duke and say that you don't want his vote or other white supremacists? >> i don't know. >> knock the crap out of him. >> if you see bigotry, you should oppose it. if you see violence, you should condemn it. >> an interview today, clinton was asked how she plans to deal with trump's particular brand of personal insults which he has
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used quite effectively against his republican opponents. >> i've had a lot of experience in dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in how they behave and how they speak. i'm not going to deal with their temper tantrums or bullying. i couldn't care less. i'll stand up for what i think the american people need and want in the next american president. >> with me, senior editor of "the federalist." and joan walsh, national affairs correspondent for "the nation." my question for you, he has very effectively wielded this kind of insult comic schtick. it's helped him i think vanquish
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series of foes here, but do you see this working in a general? >> i actually kind of think it does. last week we talked about how trump was going to be presidential and start being more serious and put those insults away. >> which was always preposterous. just to be clear. >> he basically just completely dismissed that and said, absolutely not, i'm not going to be that way. this has worked well for him. the only thing that -- just by how well he's done thus far in the polls. he wants to now turn this into a race between him and hillary and he wants to do that prematurely and he wants the media to help him do that. a poll tonight showed ted cruz is up 16 points in indiana. this race is not over but trump wants it to be over and portrayed as just him and hillary. the more he forces that new narrative, this insult against her, a well chosen, well crafted turn against her.
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it is the type of thing that will excite republicans and say maybe i can get behind her if he goes after this lady. >> in all the reportings of the vacillations the "establishment" has had with trump, to really sock it to hillary is what really gets them excited. maybe he nukes a country but he will sock it to hillary. here's the thing i found really interesting. the clinton campaign's put out two videos in two days. the one yesterday or a day or two was very substantive, focused on policies, wages are too high, wants to build the wall, this seems like a fork in the road for how they are going to deal with this candidacy. >> i think she personally has to deal with it in a substantive way and not descend to this level. i think in a way he is acting like he is playing against
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hillary but this is actually a smart base play to remind republicans what they like about him and they like that he goes after latinos, people who are undocumented, they like that he goes after muslims and they like that he goes after a certain kind of women. on the other hand in terms of the general election, i think it will be a disaster for him. one data point today is that donald trump did for hillary clinton what none of her surrogates have been able to do. he pulled elizabeth warren off the sidelines, not with an endorsement but she went at him today and she said he is attacking secretary clinton because he is afraid of strong women. she said he wears his sexism outside just like he wears his terrible hair. she went at him again and again. i think this is what you're going to see. you're going to see people like senator warren, once the primary's really settled. lots of her surrogates, male and female will take the humor to him and take the ridicule and let secretary clinton only talk
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about the issues. >> a strange thing is happening which is this unification in negotiation. a pollster yesterday said democrats should not just wait and sleep on democratic unity and mobilization around donald trump. they have to lay the groundwork. in the same way i think people may be underscore the degree to which once it really is hillary clinton is the nominee, and whoever, probably donald trump, people in the conservative base hate hillary clinton. they hate her. a lot of people will never be trumping until september, eight until all of a sudden they start trumping. >> first, again, people will keep trying, particularly the base of the party will keep trying to stop trump because indiana is still taking place, nebraska, california, tons of delegates are up for grabs. >> you think the indiana race is more contest than at the we think. >> i think perhaps it is.
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reince priebus is trying to get donors onboard with this inevitability of trump. so i think there is the issue that people don't like him trump but just maybe not at the 95% level. they really don't like hillary clinton at the 100% level. since both candidates have such high negates, that could go to trump's favor. >> trump's negatives are considerably higher than hillary clinton's whose negatives are high and would be historical if not for the presence of ted cruz and donald trump. i watch all this and think there are ways to go after hillary clinton. he's flirted with them before. he's talked a little bit about nafta. you could go after her on libya. this is never going to happen in a million years, you could say that her college plan is unworkable. but "the woman card" is the most, frankly, alienating sink -- the fact that this woman is nothing but her gender seems
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like the clumsiest possible way to attack her. >> or like her husband had some problems and somehow she should be blamed for that. the combination of those things really historic. i'm not sure what molly is saying. are there people who are going to be 1 hup% anti- hillary, that's for sure. i think we will see a lot of republican women. i won't put numbers on them. i'm not going to sigh it will be huge but i think we will see a number of republican women who are republican women for hillary in the fall. >> if the tenor goes on like this for six months, i think that's true. >> there is something also to this. we sit here and say this is a crazy thing to make this insult against hillary but on a way it works on a very high level that trump is this brilliant communicator who work around typical media gate keeping. it does remind people that a lot of her campaign is built on the idea that she is a female.
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>> thank you both. while trump is going after clinton for playing the "woman's card," she is in fact, female, true. would be the first woman president in history. this week he's been campaigning in indiana for famed basketball coach bobby knight who is known for, among other things, throwing a chair across the room in a game. he what's asked with how he deals with stress and adversity. this was his answer. >> i think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it. i mean that's just an old term that you're going to use. the plane's down, so you have no control over it. i'm not talking about the act of rape. don't misinterpret me there. but what i'm talking about is something's happened to you. so you have to handle it. rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it which is not what anyone's familiar with.
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wednesday trump touted another endorsement from a famous athletic figure. >> mike tyson endorsed me. i love it. he sent out a tweet, iron mike. of all the tough guys endorse me. like that, okay? when i get endorsed by the tough ones, i like it, because you know what? we need toughness now. we need toughness. >> trump failed to mention the fact that a couple decades ago tyson was convicted in that very same city of raping an 18-year-old girl. carly fiorina campaigning with ted cruz after he picked her as a running mate sat up and took notice. >> you know, donald trump saying, wow, all the tough guys are endorsing me. sorry, i don't consider a convicted rapist a tough guy and i think it says a lot about donald trump's campaign and his character that he is standing up and cheering for an endorsement by mike tyson. >> trump was asked about fiorina's comments in a radio interview moments ago. he declined to change his stance on the endorsement. >> i noticed that mike tyson endorsed me over the internet.
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and we will take the endorsement. look, he is a tough cookie. he had difficulty. but a lot of people had difficulty. but mike tyson did endorse me and what does she want me to do? tell him i don't want his endorsement? should i do that? you think i should do that? i don't think so. >> trump's initial remarks also caught the eye of the prosecutor in that 1992 case, a guy named greg garrison, also a indianapolis radio. >> well, mr. trump, tough's one thing. a serial rapist is quite something else. a 17-year-old girl, the fact that her brother and father were luge mike tyson fans made her feel that she would be absolutely safe with him. boy, was she wrong. >> trump and tyson have had a long relationship going back to the '80s. after the conviction trump went to bat for tyson and went after the victim.
8:15 pm
"nbc nightly news" reported the story in 1992. >> one of the leaders to get tyson out of prison. >> it is my opinion that mike tyson was railroaded in this case. >> tyson's vic testimony went public almost immediately after the verdict. she is on the cover of "people" magazine and tonight on abc's "20-20" broadcast she will say she was offered a million dollars to drop the rape charge against tyson. >> you have a young room that was in his hotel room late in the evening at her own will. a young woman seen dancing for the beauty contest, dancing with a big smile on her face, looked happy as could be. >> just remember, everyone, no one cherishes women as much as donald j. trump.
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still ahead, puerto rico braces for economic catastrophe. even though actor george takei has been feeling the bern, he's starting to feel the turn too clinton. his message to fellow sanders reporters. but first the journalist being targeted with threatening messages because of profiles show wrote on melania trump. she'll join us right after this break. they say that in life, we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff. every decision... every component... is an integral part of what makes the 2016 c-class one of our most sophisticated cars ever. because when you're setting a new benchmark for refinement, it is the small stuff... that makes the biggest impression. the 2016 c-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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of course the presidential campaign, donald trump's ma lana has remained somewhat of a mystery. she spends much of the time presumably in new york with the couple's son, barron. ma lap ya trump was not happy with the piece in "gq" magazine. in a rare move she took to
8:19 pm
facebook on wednesday to express her displeasure saying, in farther, "the article pub blushd in "gq" today is another example of the dishonest media and their disingenuous reporting. clearly had an agenda when didding after my family. many apparent trump supporters did not take kindly to the piece. the republican front-runner who has repeatedly retweeted neo-nazis on twitter has developed quite the white supremacist falling online. some took particular offense to the profile and its author. yesterday the family retweeted this one of her apink on tv with the yellow star of david jewish people were forced to wear in germany photo shopped on her shirt. some other message were far too disturbing to show you. she also received several phone
8:20 pm
calls which played hitler speeches when she picked up. good to have you here. the piece is fascinating. the phone call, look. there's all sorts of levels of online trolling and harassment. but you are a he getting phone calls on your cell phone. some others you've gotten? >> i got some phone calls about inquiries i had allegedly placed about coffins. i get several could have been vendors calling me saying i had contacted them. i got several crime scene clean-up companies calling me saying that i had ordered a homicide clean-up at my address. some of these coming at like 1:00 a.m. every campaign has its level of crazy. this is -- it's crazy there are supporters and it's twitter but
8:21 pm
this is -- the flavor of this is a little different. >> you said something that i thought was interesting in a "guardian" piece you had only encountered when you had written about putin before. some feel there is a similarity to white supremacists trolling for trump and trolling for putin. >> russia has a very anti-semitic past. any time i wrote anything about russia, i got comments "you dirty little jew." a lot of friends from russia wrote to me and said, wow, we don't even have this kind of stuff here. >> the piece about melania trump comes across fairly flattering. she's not like an empty suitor bimbo. but it also activates real family secrets about her father and half brother and paternity suit, essentially.
8:22 pm
there are some non-crazy nazis who feel that you crossed some line in writing about these sort of essentially private family members of her. what do you say to that? >> i think that's a fair criticism. but i don't accept it. she is the wife of the front-runner for the republican nomination. at this point probably the presumptive republican nominee. very little is known about her. when barack obama was running for office, people dug into his family. people went to africa and found all kinds of relatives that i don't know that he knew about all of their existences, about his life, what he was involved in. this is what happens when you run for president. melania trump in the course of my reporting is an intensely private, shy, reserved person. she's been like that since childhood. everybody who remembers her remembers her being very quiet and reserved. so i understand -- >> this is a nightmare for her. >> yes. >> she also apparently didn't want him to run for president
8:23 pm
for this run. >> so i understand that she is intensely uncomfortable about this. it was not my intention toss cause her discomfort or family internal strife. but she is the wife of the republican front-runner and i think people have a right to know where she comes from and what her family is like. it was actually very revealing. i think people sometimes have a question how are women married to donald trump. well, in the course of my reporting i found that she grew up with a man that is a lot like donald trump. her father is a lot like donald trump. he looks like donald trump. he behaves like donald trump. he fights women in court like donald trump. he goes into explicit detail about sex and their menstrual cycles. >> you interviewed her. you got access to this. >> yes. >> first of all, "gq" -- neither "gq" or i have received any specific quibbles about facts and factual inaccuracies is.
8:24 pm
second of all, the paternity suit, we got archival documents from the courts in slovenia. she showed them to melania trump. ran it by legal. fact checking. are still to come, george takei, why he is for bernie sanders but against the bernie or bust movement.
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hillary clinton seems to be acknowledging her presumptive nominee status. today her campaign announced it's placing a first wave of campaign staffers in general election battle ground states, including setting up directors in florida, new hampshire and colorado. the announcement coincides with clinton's planned campaign swing through appalachia next week where she's scheduled to stop in another battleground state, ohio. meanwhile, bernie sanders seems to be focused on making policy changes to the democratic platform. he expects support for federal $15 an hour minimum wage and a suggestion that more primaries should use an open format. today clinton supporters told "the hill" she plans to take a hard line and won't bow to being demands from sanders. the vast majority of democrats
8:31 pm
in the pennsylvania primary said they'd definitely vote for clinton in november if she is the nominee, but actors like george takei want to remind democrats that bernie or bust is a mistake. joining me now, human rights activist and actor, george takei. mr. takei, it looks like trump is the most likely nominee. what have your feelings been as you've watched all this unfold? >> well, i think we all should support the candidate that we feel closest to. and in the primary, we need to support the candidate that we find to be the best one. i respect bernie supporters and libertarians and green people. but when we get past the primary, think we should start looking at the larger picture. we want -- well, we don't want donald trump to be the president of the united states.
8:32 pm
and elections have consequences so we need to look at the common ground that we share and vote so that we as democrats prevail. elections have consequences. and when you look beyond the november general election, then it's a whole different america that we're looking at. i want it to be the kind of america that i love and the largest common ground we share is as americans. we don't want a fear monger, someone who wants to build walls on the southern border, ban muslims, all the things that we don't want our country to be. i love america and i don't want that to be the america that we're going to be living in after november. >> there's been a bunch of people writing how they've
8:33 pm
experienced the democratic primary, folks on the center left. what has been your experience? continue through your thinking as you go through this primary. >> i've heard from particularly the passionate bernie supporters. and i share a lot of common issues that they support. i was there with the occupy wall street protesters. i believe in the minimum wage, $15 minimum wage. i believe we need to fund planned parenthood. i believe we need lgbt equality. the struggle is still before us. we need to come together so we don't have someone like donald trump as a president. i as a child experienced an america that was quite different from the one we have today. i grew up behind the barbed wire
8:34 pm
fences of american concentration camps. and that was because the nation was swept up by war hysteria and the fact that we happened to look like the people that bombed pearl harbor and i don't want to kind of america to return. what we hear, the fear mongering from the republicans, is chilling and i know how horrible that can be. and so i say to the bernie supporters, the libertarians and the greens, we must get together, because we do share a common ground and ultimately the most common ground we share is as americans. and we don't want that kind of thing for happen ever again in america. >> george takei, thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. >> thank you for inviting me. next, since tomorrow marks obama's final white house correspondents dinner, we'll look back to one of his greatest roasts. it happens to be of a current presidential candidate. we'll play that just ahead.
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this weekend will mark president obama's final appearance at the annual white house correspondents dinner. donald trump has attended the dinner before but will not be there tomorrow. there is a real question about the degree to which president obama will joke about a guy who has become to many people a legitimately scary representation of the some sft zenphobic, racist even fascist strains in american society today. the host this year may have a lot to say about trump. he is a big target something seth meyers took advantage of when he hosted in 2011. >> donald trump has been saying he would run as for president as a republican. he says he has a great relationship with the blacks. unless the blacks are a family of white people, i believe he's mistaken.
8:39 pm
>> it was at that same white house correspondents dinner in 2011 when president obama famously got the best of donald trump and we will play that in just 60 seconds. (war drums beating)
8:40 pm
fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. one of the most remarkable aspects of president obama a 2011 white house correspondents dinner performance is that he had just one day before given the order for raid on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan, a raid that would take place less than 24 hours after his speech. despite that looming mission, the president kept a poker face throughout the night and during the speech. this is part of the president's thorough skewering of the would-be commander in chief. >> no one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter -- like did we fake the moon landing.
8:41 pm
what really happened in roswell. and where are biggy and tupac? all kidding aside, obviously we all know about your credentials and breadth of experience. for example, seriously. just recently in an episode of "celebrity apprentice," at the steakhouse, the men's cooking team did not impress the judge's from omaha steaks. and there was a lot of blame to go around, but you, mr. trump, recognized that the real problem was a lack of leadership. and so ultimately you didn't blame lil jon or meatloaf. you fired gary busey. and these are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night. well handled, sir.
8:42 pm
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yesterday was possibly the best and the worst day of 21-year-old larimy tunsill's life. just minutes before the draft kicked off last night, a video appeared on his own twitter account showing him inhaling from a bomb attached to a gas mask. almost immediately the video became the biggest sports story of the day. it was referenced repeatedly on espn broadcasting the draft. in real time his draft stock plummeted and the espn cameras focused ond him waiting to be selected. it took a while. he wasn't taken until the miami dolphins who had the 13th pick selected him. video had apparently cost him dearly with estimates he lost more than $7 million in salary as a wrult of his draft plummet due to the video. the dolphins said the video was
8:45 pm
two years old and that they at least had been aware of it before the draft. the vote wasn't even the end of it. right after he was picked, someone posted text conversations to his instagram account in which he asked ole miss football staffers to cover his rent and pay his mother's light and water bill. the ncaa does not allow players to be compensated other than through scholarships. ole miss says it is now investigating possible ncaa violations. after his selection yesterday he addressed what happened. >> man, somebody hacked into my account. i made that mistake several years ago and somehow somebody got on my photos. >> he was hustled off stage. >> i hope whoever did that is found and held to account.
8:46 pm
being seen with a bong and in a two-year-old video seems to have literally cost him millions of dollars. but jmeis winston, accused of rape, was not normally charged. then this, someone thought a good way to mess up tunsil's life was to suggest he needed money to pay his mother's bills because the ncaa won't let him work it generate millions of dollars for them. if you're looking at the villain, it is not the young man who wanted to help his mom. ♪
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when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. u.s. territory of puerto rico is in the middle of a $70 billion debt crisis. its government has laid off tens of thousands of public employees, raised sales tax, schools have been shut down, social services slashed. financial uncertainty has prompted a record number of puerto ricans to move to the u.s. mainland further depleting the tax base. as the island copes with the outback of zika virus, the first casualty they reported today -- they face a fundamental disaster. there are a whole host of reasons for why they got to this point. in the mid 90s congress ended the large tax breaks, lowering bonds to cover shortfalls but
8:51 pm
ultimately couldn't pay off the off but it can't pay off the debt like detroit could. terms are still being hammered out in the relief bill. a dark money group has released an ad campaign. since puerto rico has no representation in congress, the most prominent person to emerge is the creator and star of the broadway musical "hami"hamilton. he wrote a "new york times" op-ed and this week explained the debt crisis directly appealing to lawmakers. it's nonpartisan. the hard part is in convincing congress in the belief that you
8:52 pm
can pass legislation to relieve our grief >> paul ryan just happened to be sitting down to watch "game of thrones" on sunday, saw the performance and was surprised to get name checked. he says with the deadline for puerto rico to pay a big portion of its debt just two days from now on may 1st and terms of relief bill for puerto rico still be negotiated in congress, a major default is all be assured. earlier i sat down with my friend of 25 years, lynn, the son of report puerto rican paren >> my aunts and uncles and cousins live on the island and the island is suffering in a real and tangible way. it is a financial crisis and it is tipping into a humanitarian crisis and it is avoidable.
8:53 pm
it's -- it is a pile-up of mismanagement and inaction by congress and the tidal wave that is coming is this may 1st deadline and these financial debts and the threat of lawsuits. this financial torrent that is coming. so it is just super personal. this is not, hey, won't you help us with this cause. there is a million causes in the world. it is, my island needs help. >> your dad is from there. what does it mean? people think financial crisis, and think this is what it means at ground level. what is it like for people living on the island in terms of the financial crisis? >> it means that basic health & human services are being cut. a major hospital was closed.
8:54 pm
they waited for the surgeries to be done before they turned the lights off. but basically the way things are structured, debts being paid is taking precedence over basic essential services. that's where we're tipping into. multiply that by the fact that the zika virus is coming to the island. and you have a genuine humanitarian crisis on your lands. i think about how that affects tourism which is the other major thing on our island. this is a huge source of lifeblood to puerto rico, and that will be affected. it's -- i can't put it better than john oliver put it, it is all the plagues too thinky for the bible. what i've been calling for is i'm not trying to settle the status of puerto rico. that is not my open.
8:55 pm
my town is to be the town crier on the beach saying there is a wave coming. congress can write legislation to let us file bankruptcy like every other american city could file and give us a measure of relief so that basic services can be provided. >> you made this point on the oliver appearance and also in the "new york times" op-ed which is you are focused on the crisis, but it partly emanates from the fellow citizens of ours who live in puerto rico who don't elect president of the united states or members of congress. they are in a position bound legally by what they can do by u.s. law but no one's sitting in the u.s. capitol as a representative of puerto rico. >> it is insane that i am a playwright and i have more attention. i don't mean to discount the amazing work that many have done.
8:56 pm
senator gillibrand who brought me to the hill. those politicians have been working really hard. paul ryan came up with plan by the end of march and they are talking. that's not nothing, as you know. the fact that republicans and democrats are talking and it is on the table is a huge deal. so keep talking and please, focus on the people on the ground who -- businesses are closing. the minimum wage is -- and it's a real crisis. i hope the solution ge to a place where the needs of the puerto rican people who live on that island are prioritized. >> most americans don't know much about it. there is also a campaign in advance of this to stop the bailout.
8:57 pm
a little old lady to bought puerto rican bonds who is going to see her life savings -- this is familiar. every time bond holders don't like it. what about american people who think we're bailing you out. >> taxpayers are not putting money into puerto rico. it is allowing them to file bankruptcy and restructure the debt. will bond holders get 100% of their money back? they would not. but where would you get the money from? >> also, that's what happens when you buy a bond. you take out some risk when you buy a bond. >> i could get -- i can't get into the particulars of that because that's not my job. >> that's a key point. it's not like there is $60 billion in the fiscal budget that comes from american taxpayer dollars currently on the table to be given to the people of puerto rico. >> no. bailout is not a word that
8:58 pm
should enter the conversation. that's what commercial will have you believe but it is just not the case. and so i just -- my goal is to just really keep the focus on our congressional representatives who are talking. thank you for talking. just to prioritize the needs of the puerto rican people who living and die based on their actions. >> may 1st is the big deadline. what has to happen? congress has to pass a piece of legislation. sounds like the white house has signaled their openness to signing it. >>y he. >> this is a doable thing if congress gets its act together. >> that's right. it is on congress. ball is literally in their court. when hamiton performed at the white house, we got a tour of the treasury department. we spent two minutes talking about currency and a lot more time talking about puerto rico. they are hoping congress gets it
8:59 pm
done, too. and sort of getting the specifics of the numbers on the ground and we're all just sort of waiting for them to get it done. here's a reminder, please get it done. >> the final question is the person who moves things through congress is paul ryan on the house side. he's sort of made a funny comment. you name dropped him on john oliver. he said he sat down to watch "game of thrones" and ten minutes earearlier, there you we rapping. any confidence it is going to happen? >> i'm never confident of anything, i'm a new yorker. but i am very hopeful that they're talking. >> that is "all in" for this evening. >> good evening, chris. have an excellent weekend.
9:00 pm
i want to wish you a very happy friday. a lot is going on in today's news. in a moment we'll take a look at the raucous and rowdy and aggressive and at times violent protests that erupted today in burlingame, california as antidonald trump protesters just exploded with rage over an appearance by mr. trump at the california vention. this is the second day in a row protests have gotten violent. caught on camera. important news about a $10 bet that involves vice president joe biden and a cadillac. also some very funny news ahead about this weekend. i know it is funny because a wide radius of producers and staffers in the rachel maddow newsroom show today had to block out the loud sounds of snorting and giggling. that's ahead.


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