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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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hewlett packard enterprise. good morning everyone. i'm alex witt at msnbc world headquarters, the place for politics. at the top of the hour, here is what's happening. this was the chaotic scene less than 24 hours ago when anti trump protesters surrounded the convention hotel outside san francisco right before his speech at the party's state convention. at one point protesters knocked down barricades and tried to get inside. they reportedly threw eggs and rocks and riot police. it all forced donald trump's motorcade to pull over on the shoulder of the freeway. he had to walk under a fence to enter the hotel safely.
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once he hit the stage, he talked about his entrance by comparing it to crossing the u.s.-mexico border. while he called for unity, he quickly slammed his republican rivals and critics. >> there should be and there has to be unity. would that being said, would i win, can i win without it? i think so. with ted cruz, he's a wonderful guy. if he wants to endorse me, that's fine, but i don't care. does that make sense to you? a guy like bush, i watched him yesterday on television knocking me. does he want to endorse me? who knows? i don't care. it's not going to have any impact on whether or not we beat hillary clinton. >> john kasich also spoke at that convention. he touted his recent endorsement by the hispanic chamber of commerce to argue why he's the best nominee for the party. >> do the republicans actually think they can win an election by scaring every hispanic in this country to death, scaring
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them to the point that they're afraid their families will be torn apart and disrupted? do you have any idea what those folks are going to do in a general election? how about our friends in the african-american community, how do they feel about this stuff, this division and separation? >> kasich stays in california for an event in san jose. ted cruz will speak at the party's state convention and donald trump is taking a break today. on the democrat side, hillary clinton also off the campaign trail, although former president bill clinton has three events in indiana. bernie sanders taking a break as he prepares to attend the white house correspondents dinner tonight. donald trump will take a big step knocking his rivals out of the race if he wins on tuesday. nbc's ron mott is in indianapolis. is this sense firing up the vote. >> reporter: absolutely. voters are split about support for donald trump or ted cruz. it's been a long time, about 40 years, since indiana voters have
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played such a pif vol roll. they go to vote on tuesday. they'll be on the national stage as well with a whole lot on the line. >> while ted cruz stumped friday in indiana trying to stop donald trump at the polls on tuesday, protesters in california tried stopping the billionaire in his tracks, forcing him to take a winded detour to a gop event in san francisco, clashing with police, the most vooi violent since a cancellation in chicago last month. >> that was not the easiest entrance i've ever made. my wife called and said there are helicopters following you, and then we went under a fence and through a fence. boy, felt like i was crossing the border actually. i was crossing the border, but i got here. >> cruz and newly named running mate carly fiorina appeared in the hoosier state. >> i am proud to stand next to
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this man, the man who must be our nominee, a great leader and fight for the soul of our party and the future of our nation. >> reporter: the stop trump movement would grind to a halt if he win it is winner-take-all primary. indiana governor mike pence seemed resigned to the nominee trump. >> i want to commend donald trump. i'm not against anybody, but i will be voting for ted cruz. >> at the keystone rv assembly plant, jobs have surged since the recession, purchasing manager is confident a trump presidency can keep that momentum going. >> what about his candidacy is resonating with you? >> i like how he's not afraid to stand up for what's right. i like his policy on illegal immigration. i feel like he's a good businessman so i feel like he would do us some good. >> reporter: both the trump and cruz campaigns have scheduled events here in indiana between today and election day on
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tuesday. donald trump has got some events on monday as well as tomorrow, and ted cruz is running out to california, but his wife and carly fiorina are going to stump in indiana today. a lot on the line on tuesday. voters are ready to go. >> you make the point it's been 40 years since the voters have had such an important role. is this the buzz on headlines, newspapers, water cooler? you hear people talking about it as they're standing in line at a deli. is this all the buzz in insenator clinton. >> reporter: it really is. they're not used to being on the stage quite like this because they're so late in the calendar. a lot of the races over the past five or six or seven cycles have essentially been decided by the time indiana voters go to the polls for their primaries. they're excited to be on the national stage again. i spoke to a lot of republican voters yesterday asking about ted cruz in particular, whether, if he does not get this nomination and donald trump does get the nomination, will they still support the republican party? i had one voter emphatically say
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absolutely not. there's a lot of tension in the air, if you will, on the republican side among the voters. donald trump obviously has a lot of support, but this should be a tight race on tuesday. ted cruz has a little ground to make up. he's campaigning hard here over the next 48 to 72 hours. >> all of this manifesting in pretty heavy early and absentee voting. ron, thanks very much. hillary clinton's campaign is starting to shift into general election mode. staffers are heading to the battleground states of ohio, florida and colorado, and the clintons will travel to west virginia, kentucky and ohio next week for a total of six events. joining me now, kat si sez ma and msnbc's alex sites wald. katie, i'll begin with you, as the democrats are eyeing the gop-leaning states, georgia, north carolina, arizona, how much of an advantage does this pivot now give hillary clinton?
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>> you see both sides pivoting now to the general election. it is now almost may. we're get together the season as we come up to the conventions. the campaigns are thinking, if they go this way now, they can plant their stake and ride it until november, get in there early and potentially often and go until november at this point. >> alex, although most pls show kasich beating clinton in a head-to-head match-up in the general, she has consistently been beating donald trump. how necessary is this shift to the general election? >> you can never do too much too early, alex. they want to take every possible advantage they can have and explo exploit it. they're looking at sort of the end of bernie sanders. they feel confident they have that nomination battle locked up. so they're starting to shift resources to the general election. with trump in particular, this is a candidate who has never shown a particular interest in the kinds of on-the-ground organizing that the clinton campaign is starting to do now.
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they really feel like with these extra couple months before trump starts to deploy his own field staffers to the ground, they feel they can get an advantage in terms of voter registration and building lists they want to contact heading into november. >> katie, you and one of your colleagues reported on trump's woman's card comments. how are the campaign gender wars going to play out? >> they're going to play out in a big way for sure. as one of the people we spoke with in that article said, regardless of who hillary clinton runs against, this will be a campaign just about gender because she will be the first nominee who is a woman in the president election. right now things are getting pretty heated. donald trump is saying she's using the women's card and wouldn't get 5% of the vote unless she had it. clinton said, you know what? deal me in, that's what the woman's card is. we're just seeing the beginning
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of what will be a long fight in a battle over gender. >> do you see any sense in how trump is going to pivot as we head to a general election. >> it remains to be scene. poll numbers show he does not do well among women, but he seems to be moving forward with what he's been saying. on the other hand, he said something like planned parenthood does good things for women's health. he has history of saying some controversial things about women. many believe his comments about hillary clinton are controversial as well. >> alex, there's a brand new nbc survey monkey poll that has 51% of women who say they have experienced gender-based discrimination, compared to just 26% of men. to what extent, alex, can hillary clinton focus on gender issues without hurting her chances? >> i think she's going to do it in a very particular way based on conversations i've had with clinton aides. when donald trump attacks her in a gendered way like he did on
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the women's card, they're not going to respond with grievance or take offense to that, they'll pivot immediately towards policy issues. you saw how she dealt with the attack, said the real problem with donald trump is he opposes equal pay for women, opposes workplace discrimination laws. then they'll let their surrogates and allies take more outrage at what he said. the way they see this, they can go really hard at him on policy and kind of let him get sucked down into the mud without them following down after them. they think the more he does that and makes these kinds of attack, it actually hurts them. even though he can get a lot of attention and news media coverage, those only help to hurt his numbers, the unfavorables among women, and she can coast ahead and stay on the high road. >> alex, as you know, bernie sanders has cut hundreds of
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staffers. what do you think is next? >> we're in a very different phase of the campaign for witness now. i think he's basically conceded he's no longer trying to win the nomination. from here on out, until the convention, july 18th, it's all about accruing as much leverage as possible so when he does come down to the negotiating table or to those committees where they'll write the platform or the rules, he'll come down with as many delegates, as many votes, grassroots enthusiasm and try to make as big an impact on the party as possible. stliel to figure out what they're going to ask for. they know they want to accumulate as much chips, if you will, as possible. when they go to cash them in, they can get as much as they can. >> katie, hillary clinton is saying she's going to have to do the reaching out to the sanders' supporters on her own, unlike in 2008 when she ended up supporting barack obama. how much is clinton going to need sanders to tell his backers to support her in november?
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>> she's definitely going to need it. you especially see the split with san derps and clinton among younger women. it would definitely be very good for her. she'll need sanders to come out and say, yes, she's the nominee, let's unite behind the democrat at this point. >> thanks, guys. good to see you both. coming up, a guiding force in hillary clinton's campaign. the woman political inciteders say is like talking to clinton herself. why is she so mysterious and controversial? will ferrell catches heat big time for playing the role of ronald reagan in an upcoming comedy. it's not funny to the reagan family. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane.
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despite donald trump's claims that democrats are crossing over to vote for him,
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the image of the overall republican party has taken a hit. in the latest pew research poll, a third feud favorably, down from 37% in october. the image has remapd steady with a 45% favorable mark, the same as it was last fall. in a moment, another of the day's top stories, the violent weather in the nation's heartland, the ruins left behind and a weary eye with perhaps more to come. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ her long day as anne. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne,
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windows 10 is great because i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer. that's crazy. macbooks are not able to do that. "hey cortana, remind me we have a play date tomorrow at noon" i need that in my world. anything that makes my life easier, i'm using. and windows is doing that. many southern states are bracing for another round of dangerous weather. 27 tornadoes hit ten states this week. this is a video of a multivortex tornado that struck oklahoma yesterday. it downed trees an power lines. it damaged homes as well. let's get right to nbc's jay gray in dallas with more on what to expect today. jay, what's the situation like where you are? i will say a little lighter than it was last hour. >> reporter: a little bit, alex. still heavy clouds in the area
5:20 am
and the concern of more weather across the region. dallas, the southwest and south has taken a beating over the last several days. as you talk about, there is concern from people across the region that there could be more severe weather. the assault by mother nature began late yesterday and continued overnight. violent winds, heavy rain. >> tornado on the ground. >> reporter: tornadoes and hail across the midwest and plains. 25 million in the potential strike zone including a family that lived in this southwest oklahoma home. >> we had no idea. like i said, we were inside the storm shelter there at the school and never would have thought we'd not have a house to come home to. >> reporter: everything in side scattered for miles. in oklahoma a large tornado tore through a barn, downing trees and power lines. this funnel caught on camera in dorchester, kansas, where
5:21 am
residents were told to take shelter. >> in lendale, texas, storm waters washed away this road. golf ball sized ice pelts storm chasers from dallas affiliate kxas. flights delayed at dallas-ft. worth international airport. damage across several states and hundreds of mice. floodwaters are already rising across the south including gulfport, mississippi, again under water. with the potential for more severe weather in the forecast across the region through the weekend. forecasters say the tornado threat may be down a bit, but flooding is an issue, more hail, alex, going to be a rough weekend for a lot of folks who have already been through so much. back to you. >> pretty extraordinary video you brought us there, jay gray. thank you very much. back to politics in just a moment, and the question, so who is the candidate playing the woman's card?
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driving decisions for the world's most valuable brands. ♪ welcome back. i'm alex witt at msnbc world headquarters in new york, the place for politics. ted cruz will speak at the california republican party state convention as will his vp pick, carly fiorina. john kasich in the golden state campaigning in san jose. donald trump is off the campaign trail. on the democrat side, hillary clinton taking a break, though former president bill clinton has three campaign events in indiana and bernie sanders also has no events as he prepares to attend the white house correspondents dinner tonight. it is just three days until the anticipated indiana primary which will be a crucial test for republican ted cruz in his quest to halt donald trump's momentum. bernie sanders will be holding a town hall in gary tomorrow, also
5:26 am
a rally in evansville on monday. joining me now, zach, the state reporter with the evansville courier and press. you've been covering the trump and sanders campaign in indiana. talk to me about the nature of the rounds turning out to see each of these candidates. who are the people? what are the demographics? >> especially for bernie sanders, there's been a lot of younger voters, college students. his first two rallies were at purdue university and indiana university. i think the platform he's been running on speaks highly to college-age students. they like the idea of free tuition. they like the idea of raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. on the trump side, he has a wider audience, and the rallies i've been to you've seen a lot of younger voters, a lot of older voters, a lot of veterans
5:27 am
especially. i know some of the policies he's promoting register well with veterans. but regardless of who you go to, there's been all kinds of excitement. i think hoosiers are very happy to kind of be in the national spotlight for a change. >> zach, do you have a sense that all those younger voters, mr. college kids as you describe them supporting sanders, that they're already registered to vote. sometimes those huge crowds don't necessarily translate into actual votes. >> i think so. i think with the -- all the excitement we saw early on, i think people realized they needed to vet beforehand. obviously some may have missed the deadline. with all the publicity the president race has garnered, i think a lot more people than usual went out and made sure
5:28 am
they were registered to vote. >> okay. let's check out some of these latest polls from indiana. there's a bit of a difference. one shows trump leading cruz by just two points. another poll taken at the same time showing trump leading cruz by nine points. do you have a sense on an accurate read, on the polls you're seeing there in indiana? is there any clear momentum. >> no, and i think it's hard to get a read on where voters stand because the race keeps changing. just last week we saw the sort of alliance between kasich and cruz where kasich suspended his indiana campaign. then a few days later cruz picked carly fiorina as his running mate. just yesterday governor mike pence said he was going to vote for cruz: it's hard to get a read on where voters stand because the dynamics of the race keep changing. in all the polls we've seen t
5:29 am
race is very, very close. i think the difference in the polls shows how hard it is to get a read on this race because it constantly keeps changing. >> do you have any stats on early voting and absentee voting and what that indicates? >> it's hard to get accurate stats. what i can tell you is more people are voting early than we've seen in a long, long time here in indiana. secretary of state's office said early voting is up. as far as what role that will play in the election on tuesday, it's hard to tell. one factor that could play into it is just how many people voted for ohio governor john kasich before he decided that he was going to suspend his campaign. i think that could play a role, depending on maybe if that takes away some of the votes from ted cruz. >> he's still on the ballot. >> right. >> indiana governor mike pence threw his support behind ted cruz on friday.
5:30 am
he stopped short on calling others to vote on ted cruz. in the interview on the radio he actually commented on trump. do you have a sense on all of this and how it will impact voters? >> yeah, it wasn't exactly a strong endorsement from governor mike pence. he said -- he actually praised donald trump before going ahead and saying that he was going to vote for ted cruz. >> is that because he's running for re-election. >> yeah, yeah. i think he doesn't want to alienate any republican voters. so i think he was trying to be careful and say, you know, i support ted cruz, but just in case donald trump gets the nominee, i don't want all the republicans who are voting for trump to turn around and not vote for me in november. so i think he definitely was trying to play it safe, keeping in mind he's up for re-election in november as well. as far as ted cruz picking carly
5:31 am
fiorina, i think that might have an impact on indiana women voters. i know a lot of women voters who like the idea of having fiorina on that ticket. i'm not sure how big of a role bobby knight plays. i know he's obviously quite the celebrity here in indiana. but we'll see what kind of impact that has. >> zach, thank you. nbc's danny freeman is covering bernie sanders for us. he joins us from the nation's capit capital. another good morning to you. with regard to the white house correspondents dinner, bernie sanders is the only presidential contender attending? >> that's correct, alex. good morning. bernie sanders will be the only 2016 president candidate attending the dinner tonight. i'm told he'll be joined by his communications director and of course wife and senior adviser jane sanders. i'll be on the red carpet to try to get a bit of a reaction from
5:32 am
senator sanders about how he feels about the festive evening ahead of him. just because senator sanders took the day off from campaigning today in preparation for the correspondents dinner tonight, doesn't mean he doesn't have his eyes and mindset on the primary on tuesday night in indiana. secretary clinton still holds around a double-digit lead over sanders. the sanders campaign assures me that actually they're seeing polling that is a bit closer than the public polling suggests. one other thing, alex, that's interesting. sanders has a bit of a tell covering him day in and day out. when he is taking a state very seriously or thinks it's going to be very competitive, he makes an effort to make his stump speech very local. take a look at how he referenced trade in indiana, in indianapolis yesterday to really hone his local message. take a look. >> if corporate america wants us
5:33 am
to buy their products, they have got to start manufacturing those products in indiana, in vermont, in america, not just in mexico or in china. >> now, tomorrow senator sanders will be back on the campaign trail. he'll be holding an event in south bend, indiana. it's going to be very interesting to see if he continues, not just the local aspect of his stump speech, but also if he continues something he began in oregon the other day, that's criticizing the democratic party and outlining things he believes is important to become a part of the democratic party's agenda heading forward to the national convention. we'll see when he head out on the campaign tlal with him tomorrow. >> we'll look for more from you tomorrow, thank you very much danny freeman. ted cruz attended a rally, meet and greet in less than 12 hours. he did manage to squeeze in a dig at his opinion poechbt donald trump in his latest headline making comment.
5:34 am
>> it's not surprising that donald trump attacks hillary for being a woman. donald has a problem with strong women. this is not subtle. it's not complicated. he has a real problem with strong women. it's one of the reasons he cannot win a general election. >> let's bring in elise jordan, msnbc political analyst and former senior policy advisor to senator rand paul. good saturday morning to you, my friend. let's talk about cruz. you think he thinks he can gain ground on trump by naming carly fooer fiorina as vp? i know you just wrote about this in "time" magazine. >> on the one hand it was a brilliant move by cruz. it's an attempt to go trump, into getting off message and returning to his damaging rhetoric about women. trump has been on hiatus from this for about two weeks or so. the hillary comment aside, he hasn't been digging in as deep
5:35 am
as he was back in the stretch where he made the comments about punishing women for abortion. his campaign manager was under fire for assaulting a female reporter. just so many instances of damaging comments and attacks against women. i think, yes, it is a good move on cruz's part. >> do you think fiorina was really meant to target trump or target hillary clinton or both? >> i think both. i think she's effective -- at this stage in the game cruz needs to at tam -- trump is his first target clearly, but it's looking at building himself into being seen as a strong candidate who can take on hillary. i do think he's attacking trump's greatest weakness which is his unfavorability among women. 75% of women can't stand him and wouldn't vote for him in a general. women vote in stronger numbers than men, to the tune of 4 to 6 million more votes.
5:36 am
the women vote really matters in a general election. i think it is trump's greatest weakness. >> do you think there's a chance trump could win without that vote in november or would bit all over, a disaster as he would say? >> i personally don't think you can win with half the population pretty opposed -- that strongly opposed to you. i think going directly up against hillary clinton, i think trump will -- he won't be able to help himself because he generally has a problem with strong women as ted cruz has identified. look at what he just said about how hillary clinton had nothing going for her except being a woman. i'm not a hillary clinton fan. i'm not going to vote for her in november, but that's offensive. she's a former secretary of state. she went to yale law. she has had a very storied career. frankly, i don't think that goes over with women, democrat or republican. >> so then do you envision anything trump could say or do to try to take that 75% number and turn it around? if you were his adviser, what
5:37 am
should he do? >> i really think the damage is too entrenched and the narrative has been set because there has been so many instances. trump literally says he could get away with murder. he said he could murder someone on fifth avenue and it would be okay with everyone. with women, i think there have been so many instances, it can't be dialed back. this is very engrained, misogynistic characteristic of his fundamental nature. i think the public knows that. >> if you were advising donald trump, who would you tell him to consider for vp. what does he need from a potential vp? >> at this point i think he needs a strong, intelligent woman seen as a steady, even personality who isn't going to fly off the handle. that's his problem right now. donald trump is not seen as steady and predictable and as someone who can, you know, tolerate even the slightest of insults. >> does he need a woman who veers to the right?
5:38 am
>> oh, certainly. it would help him. he has no conservative credentials whatsoever. tefs a democrat for the majority of his career. certainly a strong conservative woman would help him. i think that's going to be a tough stretch for him. i don't think he could do well with the number two who was a strong woman. >> do you have a name, as you describe someone who would be a good vp pick, elise? >> i really don't want to -- i would never speculate on what donald trump's next move is going to be or should be. >> only because you think you might be proven wrong, right? >> not proven wrong. it's just -- it really is like -- yeah. >> i get it. no worries. elise jordan, thank you very much. we'll see you again. now to the backlash over the hollywood film and the making that is a comedy about ronald reagan suffering from alzheimer's. actor will ferrell was to portray the former president to the outrage of the reagan family. nbc's cynthia mcfadden fills us in. >> there's no doubt will ferrell
5:39 am
is a funny guy, and he has mocked presidents before. >> you've got to admit that it's a pretty good plot twist that i turned out to be the smart one. >> is it going too far to play president ronald reagan with alzheimer's in a new comedy. >> ronald and nancy reagan's daughter patty davis said yes. she wrote i watched as fear invaded my father's eyes, this man who was never afraid of anything. i heard his voice tremble as he stood in the living room and said, i don't know where i am. the film's premise is this, a white house inturn has to convince reagan he is an actor playing the president. in 1985, he was widely lauded when he helped teach americans about alzheimer's. i now begin the journey that
5:40 am
will lead me into the sunset of my life. i know for america there will always be a bright dawn ahead. >> people aren't flocking the the movie theaters to watch something funny about alzheimer's. >> if you combine alzheimer's which really isn't a funny topic and then you combine the president of the united states that the republican party adores so much, ronald reagan, it's a disasster. >> in her later -- >> i didn't find anything comedic there. my hope would be if you're a decent human being, you wouldn't either. cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, new york. >> patty davis' words have clearly resonated. there's word from a representative of will ferrell that the actor is no longer considering the movie. who is this woman described as a mini clinton and how much power does she have? a laughing matter from president
5:41 am
obama. >> let me say something to all my conspiracy oriented friends on the right who think i'm planning to unleash some secret agenda, you're absolutely right. heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard. trane. the most reliable for a reason.
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5:45 am
not in fund-raising. the sanders campaign raising almost $111 million over the first three months of this year, more than a third of that in the month of march which dwarves the clinton campaign. sanders shelling out almost $122 million since march, clinton about 80 million. tonight the annual kmout correspondent's dinner. kristen welker looks ahead at what he can expect. >> traditions like the white house correspondents' dinner are important. >> what is this dinner and why am i required to come to it? >> reporter: bringing red carpet to the town used to red tape. this morning buzz is building for a dinner where hollywood celebrities like george clooney and kerry washington meet
5:46 am
washington elite. >> chuck todd, love you, brother. >> reporter: and more the press prom. >> a term coined by political reporters who clearly never had the chance to go to an actual prom. >> reporter: this year's host, comedy central's larry willmore won't pull any punches. >> it's the northwest narcissistic room ever. >> donald trump is here, still. >> tonight is the night to give it back. >> a chance to let loose. >> second term, baby. >> reporter: five years ago the president took on the man who now wants to succeed him. >> donald trump. >> reporter: who'd mem rahbly pressed the president to produce his birth certificate. >> we can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter like did we fake the moon landi landing, what really happened in roswell and where are biggie and
5:47 am
tupac. >> reporter: tonight the gop front-runner is skipping the dinner, there's no doubt he'll be a butt of some of the jokes. for the president's writers, the bar is high. >> he either laughs and you feel your existence is validated or he doesn't. >> funny or dire hired the last one. >> my advisers ask me, mr. president, do you have a bucket list? i said, well, i have something that rhymes with bucket list. now one more chance for the president to get the last laugh. >> the house republicans give john boehner a harder time than they give me which means orange really is the new black. >> kristen welker, nbc news, washington. >> barack obama as a comedian, hard act to follow. you can watch the white house correspondents dinner tonight at 9:00 eastern on msnbc.
5:48 am
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ted cruz has his running mate. who may be in the cards for donald trump. chris has drawn up candidates. fifth most likely, marco rubio, four john kasich, freshman republican senator joni ernst, florida governor second most likely. coming in at number one, chris christie. chris cillizza says no one has risked more to support trump than the new jersey governor. as hillary clinton edges closer to the nomination, huma abedin in the last 20 years has gone from white house intern to clinton's confidant and
5:52 am
gatekeeper. an excellent article, nina. what is the extent of her role? what's the job description there? >> reportedly she vetted everyone in the campaign office in brooklyn. she still travels a lot with hillary. you see her in dunkin' donuts and other places foraging for food with the candidate. her job remains, i think to be the kind of gatekeeper to hillary and a person who keeps her organized, keeps the training running on time. she's somebody who we were told, if you're a donor and want to get ahold of hillary, you call huma's cell phone first. she carries hillary's cell phone in her own bag and she keeps the training running on time. she keeps the candidate moving and she keeps people who may want to spend a little too much
5:53 am
time with her at bay so that, without angering them, she's very smooth and gentle with people, and people around hillary tend to like her a lot. >> it's interesting because you describe someone with a level of power and someone who served as a lady in waiting. i'm curious about the line between her professional roll and clearly what has developed into a close friendship with mrs. clinton. is that blurred? >> i tried to get an interview with huma for two months. i would be answer that had i been able to talk to her. she stays away from the press. i think she's learned a lot from her boss in 20 kbreeyears aboutg in a couched position in terms of the public in terms of the press. we weren't able to get an interview with her. i talked to a lot of people around her. but i think the friendship is genuine. i think she's a -- she's
5:54 am
somebody -- she was 20 years old when she started working for her, and she's only worked for this woman for the last 20 years. she's absorbed a lot of hillary's attitudes and her way of dealing with things. for example, there's a documentary coming out. you're probably going to want to tubing about this. her husband, anthony weiner, is featured -- it's a very intimate and candid documentary about the merrill race which, of course, devolved into scandal, scandal number two. you see her there really handling the publicity in the media nervously but at the same time a kind of -- somebody who has a certain savvy about it. i think she learned that from clinton. the problem is that now she's the vice chair of the campaign, she is in a public role and there are questions about houp she got there, how did she come
5:55 am
from 18 years in saudi arabia to two years later being an intern and now next to the most powerful political woman in the world really, and how did she get to that position. she doesn't talk about the job. they've not produced her to be a public person. and i think part of that is that she's, like hillary, very, very cautious and in kind of a cloistered almost defensive crouch when it comes to the media, partly because of the scandal that has to do with the husband, but also because that is the tradition in hillary land. >> over the years many have speculated that huma herself has political aspirations. did you get a sense of that? >> i definitely didn't get a sense of that at all. i don't think that she is naturally a public person. however, as i said, she's very
5:56 am
savvy. she's been subpoenaed. she's had to deal with the scandal. 10,000 of her personal e-mails are out there because of the e-mail subpoenas. we've been asking for interviews for months. at the end of the two-month period she did an interview with a very obscure podcast with two self-described fan girls and kind of giggled and laughed and talked about how she felt about hillary when she first met her, almost no substance. so that kind of reaction to the media, the way of handling the media is really classic hillary clinton. >> then what would be next for huma herself? let's say hillary clinton gets into the white house, is she a chief of staff potential candidate? is she someone who would be in a cabinet position? where do you see her next? >> i don't know that she would be in a cabinet position. but if you look at hillary going all the way back to first lady
5:57 am
domain and during the senate, she does always have around her a small group of loyal females. i think she'll bring that circle of sfeem males into the white house with her and i think huma will be a white house -- certainly a white house gatekeeper, white house figure, maybe like valerie jarrett, someone who you call when you want to talk to the president. >> okay, nina burleigh, thanks for joining us. does ted cruz have enough organizational strength to win the hoosier state? i'm alex witt. i'll see you next week on msnbc, the place for politics.
5:58 am
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