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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  May 3, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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as we begin another coverage on yet another primary night. if you look at away for a moment, you will miss a lot. here are the four headlines in no particular order. trump wins, sanders wins, cruz is out. and oh, yeah, trump was referred to tonight as the presumptive nominee by the party chairman. go sfwot math. this was the news at seven o'clock eastern time.
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our first projection of the night at poll closing, here is the three-way on the republican side. 53% to 37% for former candidate ted cruz. john kasich, we haven't heard much from him tonight. we did hear from ted cruz on his way out of the race. >> i'm sorry to say it appears that path has been foreclosed. together. we left it all on the field in indiana. we gave it everything that we've got. but the voters choosing -- chose another path. with a heavy heart, and
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boundless optimism for the long-term future, we are suspending our campaign. here me now, i am not suspending our fight for liberty. >> that was tonight in indianapolis. a shot time ago in new york, midtown manhattan, donald trump came forward to the microphone. >> this country, which is very divided in so many different ways, is going to be beautiful, loving country. we are going to take care of each other. great economic dwempt we are not going to let other countries take it away from us. that has been happening for too many years. we are not going to do it any more. >> part of donald trump's
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remarks tonight. then there was the news from the democratic party. bernie sanders had won the state of indiana. as we said at the time. bad optics for hillary clinton. bernie sanders spoke to his reports, moments ago. while his path is narrow, optimism is high. >> indiana had is a big state. has a bunch of delegatings, the polling, on the democratic side, polling in indiana is weird. we had no polls before two weeks ago in that race. bernie sanders wins indiana. it matters, he is talking about momentum. we heard his campaign say on our air, they think they can win every state on the map in may. in the whole month of may.
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that will give him more momentum into june. the path is he is talking about, is not just a narrow path, it is a mountain goat path up a rocky crevasse. for him to be leaving hillary clinton by the time the democratic party holds its convention. the hope is not they will take the lead, they will show momentum to convince the super delegates they should not give the nomination to clinton, they should instead give it to sanders, on super delegate, him being a general election candidate against trump. that is where the -- now, i guess i can say he is the likely nominee of the republican party. that argument will get sharper
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and sharper from sanders. >> watching in washington, d.c., remember ux it was the democrats who were going to sit back and watch the fight consume time and money in the republican party. tonight, the republican party appears to be the one wrapped up. and the democratic race goes on until june or perhaps beyond. >> i want to say anythingp something about our system. it is new to all of us there. is no expert on 2016. it is a new political scene. bernie sanders, he held his emblematic, did very well. the country did not erupt. nobody arrested him it is a free country out there politically. you can run with a new label that challenges tradition.
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a system of mixed capitalism, you run as a socialist, bravely so, doing well. sticking to the fight. the democratic emp party can absorb that in its wide range of opinion. on the republican side, something dramatic happened. someone from outside the system. when we think of trump. i expressed mixed statements, because he deserves those. harsh and approving in some ways, a party has been taken over by an outside with no track record politically. the track system is open enough for them to do that. you can run without being part of a party and get a nomination. we are caucuses and super delegates, exposed this year. i would like to get rid of all of them, have open primary, we have an open political system.
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accepting a guy, called a democratic socialist, and a capitalist, with no claim to party loyalty, he has won that party's nomination. a guy from outside the clubhouse in both cases, run good races this year. someone, inside the club thous is the favorite. it is fascinating. no precedent for it. no ice breaks this year. >> incredible point. we have a republican nominee, not yet have a democratic nominee. we have a democratic front runner. many are starting to talking about a general election match up. >> take a look at what a trump/clinton general election would look like. how could donald trump do it? if he gets elected emp president, what would would the path look like? it runs counter to everything
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that we thought we learned after the last presidential election. this was election night 2012. theibly obama statings, the red romney states, what was behind obama's win? demgrattics. it was about how america has been evolving. this is the percentage, going back to 1980. 12% of the voters in the 1980 election were nonwhite. you can see, that number is ticking up over the last generation, we reached an all-time record in 2012. that number is increasing, it will grow with every election. with that in mind, what happened in 2012? different groups voting. romney got nearly 60% of the white vote. because the country was becoming diverse, no longer was it
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diverse, and the latino vote, 70%, a fast growing portion. remember this, what did the republican party do. we need immigration reform. they were talking about, how can we bring that number down. whoo got in front of that? marco rubio. pass immigration reform. become 24r front man and do what? lead them to victory with -- donald trump came along, spoke up to the party base that didn't want that path. donald trump will be the republican nominee for president. we see in the most peanut poll, behind hillary clinton. one that jumps out at you right away. 47.
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he is in the exact same hole when it came to latina voters. if he can win this election, the path will look different. four years ago, the republicans talked about florida, talked about virginia, and colorado, and talked any nevada. pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, iowa, wisconsin. these are the states with more white populations. it is not any winning over latinos, it is blue collars. >> i can't believe we are thinking any this. we are already thinking about this. in part, that is the way the two remaining democrats fight, who fares better against trump.
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>> melting down. >> i will remind you, he envoked the fight for 20, 20. >> one hit wonders for 40. that is a stunning look at the map. of course, the map as well. as anyone. here, we slide into general election territory. >> we do. mechanically, ready to run, probably circles around the republican party and trump's campaign in the idenity idea. single women in virginia. hitting different swing, donald
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trump will run it on, your gut feeling. that is what his campaign has been around hillary can't assume to win it the way obama d she needs to borrow bill clinton a ability to be a gut politician. you saw a glimpse of it in her attempt to connect with that coal miner, she has a lot of work to do. democrats, not fully cheerleading tonight. donald trump is not going to be easy pickings. hillary clinton is not the most
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nimble, populous candidate herself. >> most recently, he ran the bust super pack, right to rise, usc. >> how the model of dnc nerd math will stand up against, would you like a better arnt? are you tired of getting kicked around the globe? that kind of equation?
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>> he has to win white voters, including white women, by 21, 22 points to get in the hunt here. he might be able to do it, he may be able to bring men in, a 20 point margin of white women for donald trump? stranger things have happened. i look at the number, kills me as a republican to say this. no losing candidate hasn't had a better night than hillary clinton. there is champagne flowing, i'll bet. >> your party was going to take this fight on into the hot, sweltering summer months. the democrats will have it all wrapped up. be able to save their money and energy. i wonder what happened to that
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plan? >> this is the year all plans got blown up. somewhere, governor kasich is putting on his crash helmet. we have virginia coming up. it may be interesting to watch. he is getting what he wants, the one-on-one with trump. we are seeing it. i know mean, it is pretty much right. i don't see a way that he is not the nominee at this point. a month now, of trump out there until the last contest in new jersey, and california, where the general election begins, it begins tomorrow morning, the clinton people will have to figure out how to handle trump, without having clinton turn into a shouting candidate. it will be tricky for them. >> you mentioned john kasich there. i was thinking any his role in the race. he is still standing. his campaign put out eye
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statement that he is not going anywhere. you and the super pack, all the money, all you spent. so much money against trump and the other candidates. the money that was supposed to a all, got him to carolina. do you wish that he put your candida candidate? >> i have gone over it in my head. we could have done a hundred things different. fundamentally, the voters were looking for a grievance campaign. that to his credit is not jeb bush. i think we were setting the right thing. i am proud we tried. primary voters, we are refunding money we left over, and a lot of sprch pack its have to neld.
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it got him the nomination, i think he will get his clock cleaned by hillary. a lot of depressed republicans. we have the stakes that couldn't be higher. >> it is like what is in your wallet xheesht. you should have advertised as the only pack to give you cash back. >> over $13 million going out next week. >> under cover of darkness, mike, thank you for being with us. another break. back to talk about what is going on in the democratic race after this. they found out who's been hacking into our network.
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who? guess. i don't know, some kids in a basement? you watch too many movies. who? a small business in china. a business? they work nine to five. they take lunch hours. like a job? like a job. we tracked them. how did we do that? we have some new guys defending our network. new guys? well, they're not that new. they've been defending things for a long time. [ digital typewriting ] it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
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we are knack, there is the first race we called tonight. it turns out, as indiana goes for if the republican party, so goes the likely nominee. the he was called tonight by the gop chairman the presumptive nominee. we prefer likely nominee. late into the evening, a narrow path. as we toss to chris matthews in
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washington. i feel the need. i feel we are duty bound to talk about the one factor. the veterans remember, the role of personal health, national emergency, a week is a year in american politics. nothing is for sure. these are the cards we have been dealt as of tonight. november is a long way away. >> those that may come in it i have joey reed here. talk about the democratic race. it doesn't seem as sealed as the republican race. there is here we are. >> it is a fight. bernie is still fighting. >> he is still fighting. i think that math told us what is going to happen for some
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time, since march. you have a part that wants to play this out further. and bernie standers voters are persistent. and hillary clinton is deciding not to fight them. they are deciding not to fight them. they don't want to alienate the voters. >> all the polling shows that bernie is a winner, dramatically so. many think hillary is a better candidate. who is the stronger candidate? is there a metric? >> i think hillary is the stronger candidate. we are not taking into account the individual stat. there are republicans don't want to vote for trump, bernie, a lot of policies are left, insight them to vote for him not for hillary. i think that at the end of the
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day, people talk about the coalition and people of color with bernie, they under value the wave of individuals, that are going to wake up tomorrow, and say, it is trump. they are actually going to start voting for whoever the democratic person is. they do not want -- we are about to live a proposition 187 motion, where they turned solidly blue. >> turned arizona blue for a white. >> he is a place holder. he is something that is not negative attacks, there are things he have written in the past, that -- once you have litigated bernie sanders, the poll numbers, positive coverage.
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a lot of democrats, and young people people about the process, and the democratic party. he isn't a whole person yet. once he is, that is a lot different. >> what he has been able to do is move hillary to the left. to bring in the coalition. >> how does he look like she is not -- is there a way to accommodate the social udemocratic concerns, without signing on to his particulars. if she does that, they will nail her. >> she needs them. sparked interest in those who don't participate in politics. people who are poor, and of color. trump is an unlikeable character. >> you don't think trump has a chance in the general? >> not a chance. >> look at the state that is
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barack obam awith his white voters in general. look at the states he won, name four of them he won by 5 million votes, it will be 30% of the electorate. >> donald trump can't win? >> you never say can't in politics. >> the only way he has a chance t is the first year we won't have voting right protections, and wree seeing people turned away from the poles, it is up to the individuals doing the work. to ensure they are protected with it. bernie will go to the convention and use it. the republicans will watch it
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too. he gets his hour is that the end? >> it goes back to the senate. issues on the table, democrats can't go back to the right and try to go against the bernie sanders ideas. hillary clinton is part of the way there. i think she will have a running mate. watch for her running mate to be in the sanders mall. >> black lives matter, it is -- >> a point of personal privilege, thanks for being so great during the pope's vist, my mike was open a few minutes ago, a national audience heard me say
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that joey reed has done great work during this election, the cat is out of the bag. there is it america. i mean it truly. >> thank you. >> the new york tabllooid. there is the daily news, dearly beloved, we associate more with the passage of prince than anything else. this joins on news stands tomorrow morning, the cover we showed you earlier, who's your daddy? two papers, two different styles, a couple of big stories. we are back to cover all of it.
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>> we are back, and remember, these are four loose headlines, loose headlines, trump wins, sanders wins, cruz out, and trump is called the presumpt pr.
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>> one of the issuings, highlights not long ago on the broadcast was the issue of the unfavorable ratings among both donald trump and hillary clinton. what it raises is practical terms there, may be protest voting or cross over voting, interesting mixing up of the partisan lines for candidates who are viewed by their own parties in ways more complicated than they are enthusiasmic. steve has been looking at that in terms of how it played out in indianapolis. >> may or may not be, we did ask the questions of republicans, if donald trump is the nominee in the fall, what are you going to do? >> three kwshts said they would vote for him. the bad new its, a quarter of republicans said they are not going to vote for him. 50% of the people who voted for
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kasich or cruz said they are not going to vote for trump. he has work to do. we asked the same question, on the democratic side. still, 18% of democrats saying they wouldn't vote for hillary clinton. look at this, this is a national poll, it asked republicans across the country, would you feel dissatisfied f one of those candidates was the nominee. the smallest number is donald trump. you can look at all of the potential damage that he does, in terms of being difficult to unit it. it is not like the republican party would be easier. that is one of the biggest dilemmas the republicans had at the end of this thing. >> we have a full studio, right now, at capacity, according to the fire marshall. nobody try to get n nobody leaves. lawrence o'donnell is here with
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us. from the live studio, 50 feet away, inform afternoona is with us, and michelle bernard, of the bernard center for politics and public public. michael, here is the question, would you recognize your political party in a police lineup? >> the gop, transforming our nation's politics, a think of a lot of us are going to try to
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figure out what to do with, what you saw tonight is a stunning example of what donald trump can do, why this fall, i tell a lot of my democrat friends, be careful what you wish for. he will make it, he is not playing by the rules written by the parties, the people like that as long as they like it, and animated by that, it makes it an unpredictable race. i am not saying what everybody doesn't know. you think by now, they would figure it out. >> your point is, be careful what you wish for. the democrats guarding against cockiness on notion of a hillary versus trump general. >> there has been so much glee, almost at this point. on the democratic side about
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trump. i think it miss says the fact, while sanders had an appealing message, he was not a deft and candidate, and trump s he has owned the idea of being a rich, 30u68 man, who wants to use it to save powerless people. hillary has not vehiclefully, being a member of the upper strata, without a narrative of how it helps her save you. watching tonight, i think of the founders of this amazing country. i think of my parents,s and millions of immigrants who have come to this country. i think of the american soldiers who saved the world 71 years ago. i don't want they would
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recognize the path the night has taken. >> it is a mixed bag. despite the fact we are looking at donald trump as the presumptive republican nominee. we have seen politics as we know it completely turned on its head. are we looking at party unity or purity? for all intents and purposes, it doesn't matter. i have said it observe, i will say it again. the american electorate said for better or worse. politicians as we have come to know that t not doing anything that helped the loss and
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analalation of jobs across the country. the annihilation of the public school system, letting so many down. and vote the way we would love, and election year, people have decided to go against politics as we know it, in indiana tonight. voted in a self-aproipointself- fits within any mode to be the what whrn civilization is going to look at down the line? >>. >> what do you say? >> crazy but possible. >> once democrats for ronald reagan. >> i think democrats for ronald
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reagan is an easy sell. it goes back to how hillary plays it out. if she can find that empathy, and sense of being a part of the every man and woman, then, yes, i think a lot of republicans, on foreign policy or economic issues, could find themselves supporting her. as it becomes the horse race it will be, judging two people, by every pole, said they don't like them. they are going to look at those things that is what he will have an edge. his responsibility, his it will be a competitive race going forward. >> most honest guest of the night.
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former rnc chairman, michael stee steele. >> so much more when our coverage continues.
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[ cheering ] thank you! thank you! what a week! we sat down, we kicked back, and we watched tv! [ cheering ] this win is just the beginning!
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bernie sanders story was threatening to be buried by the language calling donald trump the presumptive nominee tonight. so interesting, when he talks about his narrow path, bernie sanders, his resolve to stay in it. >> to all of you, hello road warriors, kristin, i you covered this race extensively. the republican race is over, the democratic race fighting on, not sure any of us expected that sanders calling it a shot in the arm. he continues ones, the way ted cruz was heading on into this contest. such a narrow path them him. a little chance to beat hillary clinton. the clinton campaign is surprised by tonight's events,
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she has started to pivot to the general energy, then we got the news that ted kruds is drops out. earlier today, she all but mapped out her strategy, to take on donald trump. >> attacks on hillary clinton, saying that she is not qualified to be president, and bringing into his attacks, she has to fight off sanders. >> at what point do democrats, if trump is able to consol date.
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i remember covering chris christie's announcement. how much it has changed on the republican side as well. >> how big tonight is in terms of the surprise factor. we didn't think it would be sewn up tonight. we prepared for the contested convention. and boom. it is over. >> hunting delegates. >> yes. >> adamant not getting out of the race no matter what. that campaign did not expect to lose by that wide of a margin. he couldn't save face with that he has a chance now t a gracious exit that he showed tonight. when your supporters are in pain, cheering you not to get out, that is actually a good thing. it reveal that is people are passionate about you. he is only 45 years old. >> kelly has more opportunities. >> you heard in the audience, when he announced it.
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>> others exited the race without a gasp in the room. >> going forward, what is the future of the republican party? talking to optives saying forget his personality, and the stuff we talk about every day. his policy positions on the three core pieces, fiscal conservative and national conserveatism, what do the del gates do, on the floor? for the people making up the stop trump movement that seems to effectively died today. in no way does he line up with any of those policies? >> the gops, say there is no way it will happen. ultimately, nobody will want to decide the party more than it is decided. they will fall inny line behind donald trump. they want to get closer to the source of power. donald trump is the presumptive
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nominee, according to reice primus. >> we only the have a few seconds left, how does he deal with this? presidential, nonpresidential. he terrifies the establishment. >> he doesn't want to be told how to behave. tonight, we saw a different donald trump. mitigate. there was no lion ted. he complimented him for being a tough fighter. there are those trying to call the trump campaign, to brinchlg an uncomfortable position. >> republicans want to win.
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>> can he continue to appear as he did tonight, as you pointed out. >> safe answer to that is no. >> we will toss it back to you,
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we are back, we keep reminding ourselves is a tuesday night in america. nicole lawrence, and laurence o'donnell join us at the table. lawrence, i have been anxious to hear you out. >> you asked earlier about the republicans for hillary. it could be lead by george will. no less than republican senior intellectual. saying their job now becomes to make sure that trump loses all 50 states. so, that trump and trumpism can be flushed from the republican party. the job becomes hold hillary clinton to one term as president. that is where he begins, the idea that you know, in effect,
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republicans for hillary will be a small or hard to find phenomenon. it will be big invisible. >> that is making chicken salad out of another part of the chicken. >> we started this joking about my ten-step program. george will getting a jump on this. it will be large, and loud, as the republican establishment tends to be. i think gop voters as we have seen, will fall in line. i think this cap-- it cements t break up between the gop establishment and the gop base. trump for his part is going to start looking traditional. he will never sound traditional. he is trump. he will start to do traditional things, i asked him tonight,
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what is happening tomorrow? they will start hiring national positio positions. they have a shockingly lean staff. voters will just further separate away from the g.o.p. establishment. >> the other part of the argument, is to save all the senators now at risk because of trump being at the top of the ticket. save the down ticket. the senate is in serious jeopardy. >> and the house. our coverage will continue on into the evening. >> we are there already. i swear.
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dpoov. it's a big night for republican politics. the takeover is complete now. it's trump's republican party. ted cruz crashed and burned in indiana today and he announced he's suspending his campaign. >> from the beginning i said i would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight i'm sorry to say -- >> no. >> it appears that path has been


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