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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBCW  May 10, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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law. well, now, the court said no. and incidentally, in the meantime, the republican primary as ended. are these unreleased phone records relevant now, if they issue was. will the d.c. madam lawyer release them himself? we don't know. the supreme court said no way. gag order still applies, what happens next, we have no idea. our coverage, this primary night continues with --
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>> you would see a race to the bottom cross our country. >> before they meet with leadership. >> he will take more than a week, just to prepare and unify this party. >> we have a nominee. it looks like he may be competitive. >> win over the establish, i think he will beat them. >> secretary clinton is campaigning in kentucky today. >> there are differences what i believe sxwm what the presumptive republican nominee. >> trump is an internet -- >> save your vote for the general election. forget this one. the primary is gone. >> yes. it is an aspiring message, reminding me from patrick's immortal cry, forget this one, i
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don't give a crap. >> donald trump, the latest from the nbc decision desk. bernie sanders picking up a comfortable win over hillary clinton, and a bigger win for donald trump, essentially running unopposed. and in nebraska, he is protected winner in the republican primary. bernie sanders, his victory speech will be delivered in oregon where bernie sanders is expected to be speaking there soon. we will go to that when he does speak. joining us now, msnbc political correspondent steve.
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>> who would you vote for in the fall, hillary clinton against donald trump? all of them saying they would vote for clinton. a few saying for they vote for trump. >> bernie sanders, sanders against trump, look at that more than a third of them said trump. trump supporters in this democr democratic, voting for sanders. we asked who would you vote for, 73% for sanders, 33 for clinton. >> we will leave it there. bernie sanders in oregon. let's pick up what he has to say. >> thank you, thank you salem!
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thank you! thank you! salem, thank you. it sounds like salem, oregon is ready for the political revolution.
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>> let me begin by giving you some really good news. last week, last week we won a really great victory in indiana. and tonight, it appears that we have won a big, big victory in west virginia! with your help, we are going to win in oregon next week! i want to thank a moment to thank the people of west
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virginia for a tremendous victory, i think it ends up being a double digit victory tonight. this is a state, west virginia, where hillary clinton won by 40 points against barack obama in 2008. west virginia is a working class state. and like many other states in this country, including oregon, working people are hurting. watch the people of west virginia said tonight, and i believe that people of oregon and kentucky will say next week. it is that we need an economy that works for all of us, not
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just the 1%. people of this country are sick and tired of working two or three jobs. they are tired of working lower lower -- longer hours for lower wages, they are worried to death about the future of their kids, and they do not want to see almost all new wealth and income going to the top 1%.
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the people of west virginia, of kentucky, of oregon, want an compete economy that works for all of us. they want to have the united states join every other major country, and guarantee health care to all people as a right. they want to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and create 13 million jobs. and the people of west virginia,
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and the people of kentucky, and the people of oregon, understand that in the year 2016, we have got to make public colleges and universities tuition-free. at a time of massive income and wealth inequality where the top 10 of 1% owns as much wealth as the bottom 90%, the people of oregon, the people of oregon, and kentucky, and west virginia, know, that it is high time for the wealthy and large corporations to start paying
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their fair share of taxes. with our victory tonight in west virginia, we have now won primaries and caucuses in 19 states. and let me be as clear as i can be. we are in this campaign to win the democratic nomination. we are going to fight for every last vote in oregon, kentucky,
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california, and the dakotas, now, we fully acknowledge, we are good in arithmatic, we are used to fighting up-hill climbs. we have been fighting up hill from the first day of this campaign, when people considered us a fringe candidacy. our message to the democratic delegates assembling in
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philadelphia, we have may have many disagreements with secretary clinton, there is one area we agree. that is, we must defeat donald trump. and i am very happy to tell you we will defeat donald trump. if you look over the last month or six weeks, and every national poll, bernie sanders defeats donald trump by big numbers.
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it is not ohm national polls where we defeat trump by bigger numbers than secretary clinton. it is state poll after state poll, after state poll. just in the last day, two national polls have us beating trump by bigger margins than secretary clinton. four state-wide polls. in pennsylvania, ohio, florida, and new hampshire, everybody one of those polls, we beat trump or do better against trump than does secretary clinton.
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but the reason is that our campaign is the strongest campaign against trump, it is not just the polls, it is that our campaign is generating the energy and the enthusiasm that we need to have a large voter turn-out in november. democrats and progressives, win national elections, when the voter turn-out is high. when millions of people are prepared to stand up and fight back. that is what our campaign is all about.
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i am very proud to tell you that taking on virtually the entire democratic establishment, senators, and governors, and members of congress, despite all of that opposition, we have now received well over 45% of the pledge delegates. >> bernie sanders in a familiar stage of his speech. ra rachel. you were with him. he said why change it now? . we are in it to win it. >> it is interest suggest, he said we are in it to win it. he told me, if they don't have the pledge delegates, they will go and fight the platform. it will be going to see.
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if he does stay all the way through, california, dakotas, and all the way to washington, d.c. on the 14th, i don't know what he wants, other than to win. he is not running a protect campaign. he is not running an asterisk campaign. he is running. i think hillary clinton does have an insurmountable lead. his stump speech hasn't changed, he does not seem to be building an organization that would directly capitalize on what he is doing. that is why he is super news worthy. we don't know how this will end for him. we don't know what he wants yet. >> steve, what more can you tell us tonight? >> just a bit of news in nebraska, what you are looking at here is what happened in nebraska back in march. caucuses, bernie sanders, this
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is binding, they gave out delegates from this it they had a primary from nebraska. nonbinding, no delegates at stake. it gets to the heart of a major argument the clinton campain has been getting. when more people vote, it helps hillary clinton and hurts bernie sanders. this is the caucus for march. right now, counting in nebraska, clinton, getting 59%, bernie sanders, 41. the decision desk at nbc is not calling this race. let the returns come in the associated press said they are calling nebraska for hillary clinton in the democratic primary. this is significant. the turn-out here looks like it
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will be larger than it was for the caucus that sanders the clinton campaign said if those we do better. you look at the results in nebraska, what we are seeing right now. our decision desk is want going to touch this. only the associated press has. if you go by what associated press is saying, this bolsters what the clinton campaign has been saying. a primary in nebraska, a completely different result. at least we are sees from the caucus. >> eugene washington, also with us. kathryn powell, and by satellite, steve schmitz.
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>> there is something about watching bernie sanders go out, and give victory speech, it has to be unnerving to the clinton campaign. >> unnerving, annoying, a lot of things, it is not fun. this it was not actually, you know, i understand what steve said. i think that is a good and valid point to make. this was a beauty contest in nebraska. it did not count. nobody campaigned. when it counted. bernie sanders won. this isn't a great night for hillary clinton. every though bernie sanders will gain three delegates. it is insignificant.
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tucan't get rid of this guy. he keeps going, as rachel said, you don't know his end game. he runs as if he intends to win. doesn't seem to be a way for him to win. >> at the very least, he keeps hillary from the center. in another atmosphere, throughout the primary, he wants to keep her tender there. >> if trump tries to run to clinton's left a bit, maybe her pivot has to go in the other direction. >> she came out renewed for the public option. half way to medicare for all. >> see if there is a center from
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the republican perspective. where is the center if clinton or trump, or sanders wanted to find it. >> against any tax increase, it is difficult to justify it. different tax rate if you work in financial services. donald trump said no to that. he rejected the free trade premise of the republican party. he is to the left of hillary clinton as we define it with regard to the iraq war, and the bolivia intervention. we have gotten used to president i ial -- the trump campaign is
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such a fog of, i don't know what you call it statements, you can't call them positions, exactly. it is not clear to me that voters have a right to left where donald trump s. >> that is to her point. you end up having, you play out of the play book, you talk to your parties -- >> he lets people project whatever they want to project on him. you know to hear that he wants to lower tax rates on the rimp, you can find that as well. that is why it is hard to pin him down on policy. he wants to let on the greatness of america. that is his strategy.
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>> he writes stuff down. he rights down -- talks about it in a way that makes it sound confusions. >> that is a great way of putting it. at the same time, i think that we have an idea of the left/right spectrum. you know -- >> snnlt hillary clinton stuck with the more traditional frame. they are trapping her. >> when it comes down to it, i was looking at some of the
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criticism that donald trump, paul ryan, mitt romney. the line of attack, i feel he is uncaged the stuff he has committed, he doesn't like to talk about it in right wing turns, regardless of this beast he is running against. >> you have to redefine committed to. he make it clear that his commitments are not -- >> i can change. >> thank you for joining us. coming up, the struggle for
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republican party. man 1: you're new.
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man 2: i am. woman: ex-military? man 2: four tours. woman: you worked with computers? man 2: that's classified, ma'am. man 1: but you're job was network security? man 2: that's classified, sir. woman: let's cut to the chase, here... man 1: what's you're assessment of our security? man 2: [ gasps ] porous. woman: porous? man 2: the old solutions aren't working. man 2: the world has changed. man 1: meaning? man 2: it's not just security. it's defense. it's not just security. it's defense.
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bae systems. >> do you see any way to compromise with donald trump, not in the way with
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conserveatism. >> what i want to see is all conservatives rally to defeat hillary clinton and make sure we put conservatives in the supreme court, and keep congress, this is the mountain we have to climb. >> paul ryan today, on an interview with the wall street journal. a look at what the exit polls feel, how the republican party. >> a third of them say this is a party that will stay divided, after this primary process, in nebraska. that is half the electorate on the republican side. what do you think it will mean for the fall? the we aring to win in the fall. something else we can tell you for context, take a look at this. this is donald trump, a number that will have to be adjusted. he won big. coming in to tonight, 40.2% of all the votes in the republican
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primaries. a lot of nonvotes there. look at the last republican, when his last opponents dropped out of the race, he was where trump was. if you go back to 2008, when mccain clinched it, he was under 40.5. trump followed it a model we have seen a bump of times, nothing unusual when you look at it that way. >> he supported ted cruz in the primaries, where does trump go now? >> on the exit polls tonight, i
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think hillary clinton may owe trump, i are looking at a race that would have been lost by her, trump is sucking all the media attention away from her own media flaws. what we are going to do at the never trump pack, is continue to shine a light between what the conservative movement is about, what donald trump is all b we feel there is a football field of distance between the two things. >> how is that football feel going to be closed? >> as is typically the case, that lies in the hands of the presumptive nominee. what is he going to do, what positions is he going to take? he said, we will have to redefine committed. you all is it asked what does he
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have to say to paul ryan? it is not the saying that will keep the mustard here, we need to keep for a long period of time, is a commitment to more freedom, conservative principles, it is not something that donald trump has acceled at in the past. that is how tuattract republicans, with principles. it isn't with -- >> i don't go into thursday with huge expectations, at least i have the conversation we have to start having, getting ourselves on the same page. we don't know each other. we talked once on the phone, a very good conversation. i walked him through what our agenda project was in the house. a very pleasant exchange with
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him. >> we have never seen anything like this. i think paul ryan is hamming it perfectlily, distanting himself from trump. his mission, to remain speaker, he only does that, if they win the house of representatives, the most important thing is winning the house. if that means separating from trump, that is what it means. >> if he aligns himself with trump, he could put himself in trouble, the broader view of the party. those other house and senate campaigns as well, might be in trouble, and potentially be hurt by again the negative views of trump. >> we can be sure that donald trump does not know. the speaker of the house is more powerful than a presidential candidate. the speaker of the house is more powerful than the president of the united states, when the speaker of the house chooses to
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be on matters of legislation. is there any possibility that anyone can make that understood by donald trump before he walks in to the speaker's office. >> the republican electorate, the rank and file voters, there is evidence, getting behind trump, behind his candidacy. there is a poll, put trump against clinton. 84% of republicans say, they will vote for trump over clinton. mccain was at 90. rom 93, that is where you need to be. he is close to that it you look
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throu through. he is in line. we will see more like we saw today, striking distance of him to get on board. >> revealing, he cannot afford a presidential campaign, he will go for fundraising like everybody else, there is no trump apparatus. >> i think they will have a big problem with fundraising. when it come toos women, hispanics, a group that republicans have to rely on donald trump can say he will
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support any position you might think. we what he has to demcrate, he has it is about having moral leadership, the valus, that you don't have to turb the tv off -- turn the tv off. this is somebody that we believe should be president of the united states. >> quickly before you go. i want to turn this thought exercise in the other direction. let's assume that paul ryan wants to support donald trump. what would be the paul ryan would have to publicly abandon to support donald trump?
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>> well, it is not any particular position, but that donald trump has been on immigration, trade life. what is he today? i don't know how donald trump does that, not give ground when he is being beaten on. >> coming in the war room. has the clinton campaign figured out how to respond to donald trump's attacks?
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time for tonight's war room, the presidential campaign war room, where the top officials handle the most important challenges, it is where you want to be in a cam wayne.
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the clinton war room is trying to avoid reacting to attacks. >> i don't care what he says about me. successful women, women who have done their part, we are after all, 51% of the country. >> today, donald trump tweeted the clintons spend millions on attacks on me, but i can't tell the truth about her husband? don't feel sorry for crooked hillary. >> overall awful internet video. >> she lied to me, she told me it was the fault of the video. >> she said, we will have the
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film maker arrested who is responsible for the death of your son. >> she did say to you, that the bengazi attack was caused by protests. >> i don't know why that is funny. >> the last war room, the virginia of the george mccain war room. and the obama war room. >> if i the strategy has been donald trump goes lie, we go high. we focus on substance. and winning campaigns are about we didn't make a further pivot to make clear, when donald trump
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attacks women, he doesn't respect women, and therefore is not going to stand up for you with his policies. he attacked hispanics, and many others, in this campaign. taking the moment to say, this is the tape on steroids. >> you are looking at the game films of the republican primaries, do you see any attacks on trump t or responses to trump attacks that worked? >> not by any of the republican candidates, the general election will be different. five coming up. the vice presidential pick, and the three debates, he will have to clear a commander-in-chief threshold. you look at the states that democrats have won, 282
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electoral votes, if she can keep him from recovering with women voters, difficult for him to win. if she can disqualify him as a plausible commander-in-chief on claims of fitness. it is not an idelogical issue, it is not mean tweets about this person or that person. it is questions about his temperament. that is how i expect she will go at him. doing everything that she can. to republican women. we can make this country better together. >> it fits as to what steve was just saying. >> when you are running for and serving as president, you better mean what you say.
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when she curvebally says he doesn't care if more countries get nuclear weapons, i shuttle. he wants to withdraw from nato, the most successful military alliance in history, what do we substitute for it? i am, if i am fortunate enough to be the nominee, i am looking forward to debate donald trump in the fall. >> there is a lot of fear of a donald trump presidency. >> it is important to lock in, either donald trump is extreme or unsteady. it is important to stick with that critique throughout the campaign. he has said extreme things, but all over the map, suggesting he would be an unsteady
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commander-in-cheer. >> the super pact. >> nobody respects women more than donald trump. >>ly came to my wedding, ate like a pig, and the wedding cake, it was like missing in action. >> does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [ bleep ] absolutely. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> that is from a super pack, is that helpful? >> i don't know if it is helpful or unhelpful. i expect that every american woman that will vote made an
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impression of donald trump over the course of the campaign. what we have seen is the diminishing effect of the 30 second ads as conveyors of negative information. back and forth, on the hour ly, that is driving it, not the super pack ads. >> coming up, with new polls showing donald trump tied. how worried should democrats be?
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47% say they are scared. up next, a poll, showing how close it is in battle ground states between hillary clinton and donald trump.
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. a new poll, three important states shows hillary clinton tied with donald trump. bernie sanders, doing better gaensz donald trump, not good news for democrats, in a poll, next.
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should the democrats celebrate the nominee or fear it? democrats quote need to be running scared, smart, but scared -- now for the next six months. jonathan allen, ahead of community and content, co-author of hrc, a book about hillary clinton. >> the polls in three state, we
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will get them up. pennsylvania, florida, ohio. what we are seeing there, donald trump tied with hillary clinton in pennsylvania, and florida. and ohio if that that is a new story for the democrats. >> i think a lot of democrats thought through the republican primary, it would be a great thing to get him. he has decimated everyone in his
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path. he alienated a lot of people. if they think it will be an easy election for him or hillary clinton, the numbers are still pretty bad. >> you know, you can't make assumptions based on -- those numbers for clinton are alarming. >> they are alarming if you are hillary clinton or a, aghast by what donald trump stands for. >> hillary's unfavorables are quite high. if not for donald trump, she would be historically,beyond that you have the fact that the
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american population has historically high levels of distrust in the government n washington, d.c. we have poll data going back years, that americans are very unhappy in the direction that country is going in. to some extent -- to a large extent, hillary clinton is affiliated with the status quo, and the direction the country is going in, and hillary clinton represents that regardless of what donald trump stands for, they will be turned off by her. and vote for the candidate who claims to be putting the thumb in the eye of the establishment.
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this is one poll, there could be two, three polls -- >> they are nervous. >> yes, they are. used to call them bed wetters, ringing their hands and wetting their beds, according to him. the bernie sanders polling is viewed generally among democratic elites, would change if he started getting hit. as acmonuous as it has been, it hasn't been that negative by historical standards, there is some concern that if bernie sanders gets into a general election, the numbers may fold quickly. i don't see or hear, nor am i able to report movement among
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super delegates, nor, do i expect it. >> bernie sanders, in it to win it. >> nobody and no one has figured what else he might be in this for. >> that's true. you know, as i mentioned before, i think part of what he might be angle for is to keep hillary clinton from talking towards the center. that might be part of it. and not just hillary clinton, but the democratic party. he's explicitly said if he doesn't have the delegates going into the convention, one thing he will be pushing for is to shape the party platform more in his image, in his more progressive mold, fighting for universal health care, for child care, $15 an hour minimum wage, things like that. so even if he's not ultimately victorious on that level, perhaps he'll have some influence on the other matters. >> that will


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