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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  May 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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good evening from new york, technically good morning in the east coast, i am chris hayes tonight. in kentucky, nbc news projects hillary clinton is the winner in a margin. 46% with sanders. if those results stand it would
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be clinton's first out right victory in three weeks. the sanders say they could call a recount mistake. they'll make a decision on wednesday. sanders connitinuing to look at the conventional in california. >> he thanked the voters of kentucky and laid out what he sees as his pass forward to be convention in philadelphia. >> in a couple of weeks if we can win big in new jersey, new mexico and north and south dakotas and california, we have the possibility. [ cheers ] >> it will be a steep climb, i recognize that but we have the
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possibility of going to philadelphia with the majority. let me also say a word to the leadership of the democratic party. [ crowd boos ] >> that is that the democratic party is going to have to make a very profound and important decision. [ cheers ] >> it can do the right thing and open its doors and welcome into the party, people who are prepared to fight for real economic and social change. [ cheers ] >> joining me now from that rally is nbc's chris jansing, you can see the massive crowd behind her. striking to me, how it came across the television set, it looked like it could be a rally four months ago. >> reporter: it looked like a rally where he thought he might
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have won in kentucky. he came out and said we flipped the delegates and we basically tied in the state where she really won easily the last time around. if anybody thought he's going to be counted by the extra credcri barbara boxer and other members and supporters that hillary clinton about what happened in the weekend in nevada, he most not repeatedly issuing a challenge to the democratic party and suggesting that bernie sanders should -- you can imagine the reaction in the middle of this speech, he came out and said james sanders just told me that, jane sanders told me that oregon has been called. he's calling this the beginning of his push here in california,
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he's going to be barn storming the state and anybody again thought that he lost the state today, he maybe giving consideration to go forward. he and his campaign mates mates nothing is going to change the trajectory of this race. they are moving forward and onto the convention. one more note, this place is absolutely packed. we just got a crowd count of 11,168. >> now, joining me now our democratic strategyist. and our senior correspondence and kasie hunt.
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all right, you spent a lot of time for the campaigns, how are they planning to land? >> sanders can do math and everybody at this table can do math. there is 300 pledge delegates down zh they haand they have to barring of a situation that could not happen so then what? >> what do you this i? >> it is a question that i have been asking myself how they're going to figure it out and there is this internal trstruggle bac and forth. it kind of waivers back and forth. the bernie sanders that you have seen over the course 78 hours, you look at that statement that he puts out what happened in nevada earlier today, how it n contrast of one of his
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supporters that there is no room of name calling of female supporter, that was absent from the statement that bernie sanders put out. i think the clip you played at the beginning of the same thing. i think it is becoming less and less clear how he runs his plan. i think there is going to be a serious of reckoning of just how far they're willing to take this. i am not sure if it is yet but it seem in a much tougher place now than a month ago. >> ben. >> i think we have seen this picture. this is the rand paul campaign that candidates had to deal with 2008 and 2012. the landing pad of the plane is the continuation of the set of ideas and the movement. >> many ways seemed successful in 2010 of the high water mark. >> absolutely. that's what i think bernie sanders is taking a big step to do in here. you will see it in platform
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fights and credential fights of what happened in nevada and you will see it in some rule changes of how the primary is run. >> part of the issue here, i mean, i don't want to give a long disposition of what happened in nevada. there as battle at the states convention of rule changing and credentialing of the portion of the true delegates. the clinton people came out with two ups, okay? >> they got two more than the math would have said that they should have get. two out of 1,000. >> you are a veteran of these kinds of fights. does this all come out in the wash two months from now? >> what happens is and you know ironically, it was nevada in motte 2 both 2008 and 2012 >> you never quite know where we are going with this. what ultimately happens is you do have sort of a clash
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convention and the clash of wills. it gets worked out as the convention persist. >> i think the sanders campaign would take onto the rand paul comparison only because they had huge crowds and they won so many states. >> rand paul was out 47% of the votes. >> if the principles is the same, bernie sanders is in a stronger position. >> what do you think ron paul is? >> what do you think about that? >> right. we talked about this for a long time and we have seen bernie sanders supporters who have been aggressive and i think it is getting worse. they're becoming passionate about it. i saw a different bernie sanders today in the last 24 hours.
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he's definitely going harder and stronger and faster. and, that momentum is certainly paying off but it is, you know, it is not about policies or the issues anymore. i think it is about the system. this is about a political revolution and it is about something that people want to hear >> it is notable to me that bernie sanders -- he would and to his great credit, he will wrap you on the knuckles when you ask him process questions and he will tell you what do you work for again? he will do that. it is strike to me that as much as there is message about the middle class and in equality and this little mission drift to the point now of the big issue is open or close primaries for the democratic party which frankly to me seems like that important compares to that big set of issues that this campaign started laser focused on. >> i think there is dynamic that
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plays a tie into it. there is a segment of bernie sanders' supporters looking to in this the party. they want to punish the party and punish hillary of being apart of a rigged system and all those things that you numera enumerated, this is apart of that. >> the democrats are going to run a convention that's sponsored by a pbunch of countries and companies are going to float a super amount of money. the critique is they should not be going on either party and they're going to play ball with all corruptions of campaign finance. >> the law should be decided by super delegates which are the
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engli establishment of the party. >> although if they may not be, if you are in the scenario right now -- and over ruled? the democratic party, then you would be in chicago 68. >> the influence of super delegates and being able to put part of the count that hillary clinton talked about did potentially have an impact on voters who might have voted differently and on the media cover. >> it may along the media cover and one thing i would say if it is having an effect of which we are seeing now is democratic voters. my principle is you listen to people voting. people should vote and they should determine the outcome and that's what the cu was fouountr founded on. you look at the voters and they say they want to keep going. >> they are not sending a message that we want this over.
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>> one of the most violence was this weekend in nevada. there were as many supporters of sanders than hillary when hillary is the front runner. she should be having a lot of support and rallies that are as big as that and that momentum is not happening for her. >> at this point, she has two opponents. >> she does have two opponents. >> bernie sanders is hitting donald trump now and he's almost in this general kind of -- kind of what word am i looking for? >> in the general election and also in the -- that's a good point of him hitting trump. one thing that struck me tonight, two things, as much of his statements today there were two things that stood out is he went after trump very hard. >> and also, he did sort of leave a door opened that if you
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welcome us in, that's broad enough that they can do things. >> i am secucurious to see if pressure from his supporters. we saw whispers of this, supporters of him saying hey, maybe you should get out now and find a group that's beating trump, for example. i don't know if those kcalls ar going to get louder. there is still this unsettled feeling of how the democratic party beats donald trump and they cannot figure out how to do it if all the young voters and bernie sanders supporters are still out there working for bernie. >> that's a great description, "unsettled." you guys got yourself a joint fund raising agreement? >> that's like everyone. >> all right, up next of first
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hillary clinton's ad of the superpac. stay with us.
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you know you can see there were blood coming out of her eyes and blood coming out of her where ever? does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat as? absolutely. >> a person that's flat chested is hard to be attend. >> you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> does donald trump really speak for you? >> all right, welcome to the general election or a preview of what the general election could look like. his super pacs supporting
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clinton is still with us. that's interesting for a number of reasons. the first is kcasey, you made te point that hillary clinton is two opponents. >> priority u.s. a, he's not. >> do they have more money? >> they can start going to town. this is the beauty. >> it is interesting this is the ad they started off with. there is an ad not like it that was run by the never trump people. >> they never had big money. >> different audience. >> yeah. >> much different audience. >> also, someone i was talking to involved in this today made the point that they have to keep trump unfavorable with women exactly where they have and they are fine. all they have to do is keep 50 or 70% of women have from having an unfavorable view of trump.
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they don't want to let three weeks go by without reminding this general election audience over and over again. they also found about half of the people they were talking to were unaware donald trump said any of these. >> absolutely. >> whatever the context is, shocks me every time. every time i hear it. >> the other thing about this. trump went nuts today on this. he was on twitter all day. you work with the man. >> yes. >> every attack he's going to get under his skin. there is no such thing of an attack he's going let go. >> this attack gets under his skin even more which is why he's on twitter all day. he's going stay on this and this is very effective. i think the notion is a lot of
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us are around, you noknow, peop who think like us and we talk to each other. when you are working on the campaign, a lot of people are not tuning in until much closer to the race. i worked on enough campaigns. you got to hit people over and over again to cut through the noise and this could be a repetitive ad and it won't get old with certain voters. >> we think of people having paid a lot of attention, they have in relative sense if you look at all sorts of metrics. you look at television ratings and the debate for instance and feeling like how much mone money -- in a lot of ways, there is tens of millions of people are tuning in. >> right, will they care? that's my question, the unfavorable, i think we have been talking about these polls
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for months now where 70% of women having an unfavorable of trump. >> i want that poll to come out. >> yeah, they do that kind of thing. >> i will take it. >> when you speak to women who do support trump, they're able to over look those things. >> well, you are never going to over look it. >> well, that's true. there is a kind of person that is a hard core trump supporter, i find it fascinating. people in one camp or another. i find that even in prime aries and caucuses, yeah, he's a businessman and he's going to straighten people up. and you talk to the conservative and they'll be like are you kidding me with this guy. >> there is a hardyness of how people want to view this guy. >> the questions about all these
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tv ads in the primary is remarkably in effective. >> and he's on tweeitter. >> tactical choice of when to spend your money and what the effect is. >> they also feel like they need to learn exactly that. i think another reason to start earlier is to get a sense of, does it have the feedbacacts or it not so there is time in the c calendar to do just that. >> that's been surprising o f the marginal dollar of television spending is the lowest. >> we have seen it on the democratic side, too. keep in mind state after state with bernie sanders out spent hillary to lose. in new york there were a lot of ads that did not seem to penetrate. >> that's the issue of penetration, too. when you run ads, will it cut
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through. i am a big ground game person. anybody knows that's where i think and that's important for democratic party in particularly. with this ad, i think that first of all one of the things that'll happen in the primary with donald trump is that people did not attack him at first. the republicans did not know what to do and kind of rebuffing. it was not until after people hit supporters hard into so much. that's when they started unleasing these. >> it was never a -- they also have the attitude that you have that you got to be kid megding . >> i don't have that attitude. >> i am not "you got to be kidding now" as six months ago. [ laughter ] >> the data tells a different and really interesting story, we'll talk about that, next. do not go anywhere.
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we are going to win so much more than anybody would. we are bringing in democrats and independence. we are bringing in people that have never voted before. it is amazing how many there are. >> donald trump's record turning out, he's expanding. there is not much to support the specific claims.
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>> with the latest 12:22 a.m., tweet from donald trump. >> maybe he's watching because we just played that ad. it is pretty sure she gets 99% of information watching cable news. >> and responsibility. >> you should read some stuff, cable is fine but read some stuff. >> this is your life but i also like to read stuff especially if you are the president of united states of america. >> this is the idea, yeah, there were a bunch of new voters in the republican primary. there were not new voters who did not vote in elections. these were people vote ing in t general who are new to the process.
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>> yeah, i he did show he got me interest in the primary process. there is a lot of low propensity of voting >> you got a huge number of people who do not vote. he's gotten more people involved in the primary. i would call it a good sty. >> with that said, changing voter's behavior is very hard. >> of course, it is been a dream and a perennial dream of progressives. voting enwhing when you look at number of the lowest levels, you got those people to vote, it turned out super hard to do that. >> it is very hard and that's why we see midterm after mid determine and that's why democrats taking some
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shelacking. also, the presumptive party doing a better job getting the people out and engaged. when you work in the campaign, you target voters. the first group are the reliables. >> that makes it in. you want them to come out and vote for you. the next group you do start to go down the line. him having brought out some of these voters who are lower propensity, it cannot hurt. it can only help. i don't see it having it been as big as what it made out to be. >> i think the clinton campaign is expecting him to turn out new voters maybe they are not prepared for it yet. rnc, minding their own data to figure out who these people are. >> well, on the other side, the democrats are going to run a huge experience here which is can you keep the obama coalition at its presidential turn out
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levels without barack obama on the ballot which people have never done before. >> right, it is not who they want to vote for but who's against and who's better to beat that than in donald trump. >> for republicans, absolutely. >> possibly. >> i am sorry. go ahead. >> i was going to say, i did a focus group are republican women. >> i saw that, yeah. >> we have three younger women, who is already saying, not just they were supporting hillary but they are saying to me like she has experienced and i know what i am going to get from hillary clinton and all the arguments that fit in the clinton campaign and that donald trump is a risky choice. i was surprised and quite startling. >> for someone who nominates the way donald trump is, there is no
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way of this campaign ending up a referendum on him. there is no way. >> hillary of sort of like this evil figure who's been scheming for 30 years and donald trump will be a ref referendum on donald trump. >> donald trump is the disrupp to and bernie sanders is still in the nominee. >> if they win, it is not winning because he embraced at that. >> i think it will be an incredibly negative campaign. >> with people on both sides voting against. >> yeah, that's going to be where we'll end up. 90% unfavorable on both sides >> and that one woman, did you see that obituary. >> who writes that?
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[ laughter ] >> thank you for joining me, but, crucially we are not going anywhere. we are just getting started here in the early hours of this wednesday. after the break, of the latest of donald trump falling in line with the -- i love this, the republican donor class agenda. that's next .
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donald trump hires a pollster. trump who said this back in august. >> i don't have pollsters, i don't want to waste money on pollsters. i don't want to be unreal, i have to be me. we have enough of that in washington with pollsters telling everybody what to say. >> "i don't want to have po
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pollsters or i don't want to waste money." joining me now is josh barrel and business insider and michelle bernard, president of bernard center. >> you have a whole planl anel all of the institutional stuff that's happening. as far as i can tell i would like to be. this is a structure by which the party and the national party is going to raise money together. this is trump speaking about his financial regulation platform. i love it. >> it is close to dismantling dodd-frank. >> here is how i see it. the guy runs for a year basically the finger to whole parts of orthodox republican party. >> now, it is like we sign the
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joint and now it is dodd-frank, man. you are up. >> the best way to say that you are not a puppet of wall street is to do what actual street wants. >> this is an interesting moment to test this question because there is as huge thing throughout this campaign and money and politics does not matter to what anyone says. >> back in 2012 campaign, when mit romney -- it is clear that donald trump's total theory is not that. it is literally from day-to-day. whatever the person listen to him and wants to hear. donald trump has no idea of what's in dodd-frank. >> that does not mean he has an idea and which part he's going to keep and rid of and what is it will be for next week. i was at this conference last
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week in vegas with all these head hunters. >> yeah, it was super weird but some of these people are comfortable with the idea of donald trump. >> of course, they are. >> part of that is donald trump will have to try to convince him that his agenda is going to be good for wall street and you cannot trust donald trump when he says of what his position is going to be on something. these people really want to believe him because they really don't like hillary clinton. >> they need to convince himself >> they need to give people enough of things they want to be convinced on. >> i would not assume that he will make whatever policies he's going to make of, it is not necessarily a wish list or a donor class' wish list. he does not need anybody that much right now. >> that i agree with you. >> they all got a raise. >> they need that money. >> i think that the deal with
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the pollster is donald trump wants to make sure that he does not lose florida. everybody says that this pollster is a genius and that's the key to winning florida. for donald trump if he's going to be so supportive of wall street, um, okay, if he's going to be this supportive of wall street assume thing that he thi he knows what's bad with dodd frank, how is he going to deal with the economy that's been so bad for them and they are unemployed and the world is against on them. >> how many people waking up in the morning caring about dodd-frank? >> nobody. >> not on the tip of anyone. sanders' voters care about it but enough scrap about it. >> we are seeing an active negotiation happening and it is
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on the terrain of the ryan budget and what are you going to do and all the stuff that makes a republican party at an institutional party. the whole agenda wants h i im t sign on that. >> that's exactly right >> he's so far has been able to make it work where he could go to one group and say i am going to roll back dodd-frank and go to another group that says i am for the bank. >> he is whole point has been anything he says is just an idea. >> my favorite -- >> it is a suggestion. >> my two favorites is in iowa where he read to them -- and also when he was at liberty university when he read the
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infamo infamous corinthian. >> he's going -- that's why i love him seeing him in donor class mode. that's the most shaming category exists. >> the same guy who's not a big fan of the kerry's interest. >> it is a predictable question. do you think that's going to stay? >> i don't think he has that much motivation to go against that. i think he's going to steal. he's going to try to keep enough populism opened? >> we'll see him handling to the "donor class." he will be a fish out of water and i don't think we'll see so much of him. >> i am skbres intereinterested
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pollster hires. >> he would have been heard if he listened todd that. >> it does not necessarily means he has a greater sense of intuiti intuition. this is the most dangerous thing for him. he has gotten incredibly good ears for what the republican crowds want to hear. >> he response to the cheering. >> the people in the rally, i know someone says he looks at facebook all the time. that's not america. that's not the 130 million people will vote. tl reason you hire a data operation is because you cannot figure it out by based on your ear or facebook comments or listening to talk radio. >> well, he's got to watch your program. >> well, he watches -- the guy watches a whole lot of cable news. this is a whole lot interesting for me today.
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>> "who do you trust to leave"? those numbers are meaningful to me. >> there is no elite and leader of which anyone is rallying behind. there is no adult s in the room. people sort of fantasizing that paul ryan is that guy. >> that's how and this is so hopeless. it is one of the most pathetic and i identify with them on some level and their critique of donald trump and their strategic and entity, oh my god. >> one of sanders' digital team registered a party at -- and it lu just linked to it. >> donald trump may have picked
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up the most endorsement for his campaign and that's after the break.
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it looks like fox news had decided to embrace donald trump. >> now, according to new york ma magazine, -- if you want evidence of what that looked
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like, consider trump and megyn kelly >> did i say that? many times. >> okay, excuse me. >> what do you think -- >> over your life megyn, you have been called a lot worse, would you say? >> you gave me your cell phone number. >> you promise you will never use it. >> i promise. >> that was on the network fox. >> back with me, i think this is actually one of the most fascinating on the line. at times, it felt like a professional wrestling bit where there is all these build ups and there is times it feels gin win.
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the megyn kelly truck me like okay, now it is all. now, we are all unify. >> yeah, it is weird, right? it seems like for megyn kelly there is a prize for this. >> i think it is embarrassing for her because she was attacked in ways that were totally inappropriate and not professional and now for her job she has to go and play nice. it is weird >> well, it is good for rating. >> few play devil advocate night, obviously, i did not see the whole interview because i have been here all night. there is something to be said for the female journalist who's willing to go back and take them on and rather than sort of running away. >> it was not a taking on. >> to me, it was the show runner of the campaign sort of wrapping
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up this thread before we enter the next ad of the plot. we have the whole members and the plot of the beef news >> they care about ratings going forward and they need to have some something warmer if they want to continue to cover him. they need the access and the ratings. i think it is not just a bt finishing up yesterday's business. it is about how do we keep this relationship going on? >> it is about campaigns. >> it was a new and weird thing to take on the conservative totals. >> yeah. >> i had people coming up top me in the sort of heat of that. trump people coming up to me, i am watching you guys now, i cannot trust fox. people coming up to me, it got so nasty. >> there is a lot of silly conspiracy theorizing about that. >> people assert that murdock
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got more concerns. >> there are different politics. >> there is a lot of different personality in that building with different ideas than trdond trump. >> i don't think we'll see gotfried reading this. s the not fox news, it is not the cable network. this is the network that basically of every television set in america. >> that's run. >> that is a statement at some level about where they are at. >> more mainstream and they gave donald trump, a fabulous opportunity in this interview to reach out all of the women voters. he's scared that he may possibly have lost. >> and who he requires to have any prayers in election. that's the group he needs to change. >> that's the reason to do it on
11:53 pm
the network rather than on fox news channel. fox news, he's speak to the choir. >> and also to me another no, ma'am -- this whole idea of like oh, we should fight them everywhere. >> most of the institutions and not all. he's behind what you expect for a normal no, ma'minee. you have people won't supporting him in the general election. that's three more than would be normal. >> even if he's able to get most of the institutions on board, it is a significant liability for him that are openly revolt against him and unwilling to let the finger to do things for him. >> even if they are not never trumper, they're sitting in their hands for the most part
11:54 pm
and you will feel that absence >> you need all your bases in the general. >> i don't think it is such a big hit for donald trump as mit romney is not out there stopping for him or george bush. >> i don't know if it is a big deal for him either, it is a big hit for the republican party if we don't see mothre people willg vocal and saying are we desperate as republicans to win an election that we are going to give up our morals. i love watching and reading george wolf's columns where he said it is better to lose the election and better be a republican party than to elect donald trump for the country's next president. why are more republicans worried about that. >> i guess my point is that perspective is a deeply minority perspective. it is remarkably to me given the
11:55 pm
fact that someone has no lifelong institutional republican party and has no interest in many of its offensive philosophical tenant like frankly and obviously, who does not seem to think very much about any of the issues that one would think about public life. >> this person is all sort of -- it is all sort of fallen before him so quickly in the last three weeks. one thing we'll find out how many troops national reviews. >> how many division pass national review. >> i don't think it is that many, i think there is a real crisis of intellectual confidence. a lot of those people are playing the fight. they're thinking in terms of after november. >> that's why for those people and the most is for trump to win. if he wins, that would be
11:56 pm
clearer. the country are quite high and i -- >> why is that? >> if trump whens, the moderate republican party as it existed before. >> well, he's alienated every democratic group that's growing in this country and like women. he alienated every one of those groups. >> i was reading a post more tum of ted cruz of how he's going to position himself for 2020 and a lot of that is going to come down to whether he does or publicly endorse him which is a real interesting to watch when you think of this cson some
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discriminatio consolidation. >> that does it for me today. you can catch me at 4:00 today and also tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern, "all in." set your dvrs, i will see you then.
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♪ welcome back to our great big, rolling extravaganza of primary coverage. the last polls closed in kentucky at 7:00 p.m. eastern. and the apparent winner is former secretary of state clinton. it was a squeaker, but she appears to have won. bill clinton won kentucky twice, in 1992 and 1996. although every democrat since then has lost by double digits. secretary clinton


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