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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 26, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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at times like this, with guys like these, it's nice to know they're thinking of us. "first look" is up next. it's thursday, may 26th. head spinning politics as the donald and bernie sanders talk about debating each other while trump and hillary clinton are about to launch an arsenal of info on one another. a scathing rebuke from "the washington post" editorial board for hillary clinton. it follows her use of the private e-mail. total devastation, incredible damage in the wake of fierce tornadic activity. plus, the tsa grapples with the 100 million more travellers flooding the system. what caused the manhole cover to explode in front of first responders? and a 6-month-old record holder. "first look" starts right now.
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good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us today. i'm betty nguyen. bernie sanders and donald trump may be on the way to the slugfest. both candidates now agreeing to debate each other. here's what trump said about debating sanders. >> he wants to know -- >> yes, i am. how much is he going to pay me? >> you would do it for a price? what would -- >> because if i debated him, we would have such high ratings and i think i should give -- take that money and give it to some worthy charity, okay? >> so if it was done for charity -- you would do that? >> if he pays a nice sum toward a charity i would love to do that. >> and just hours ago, sanders tweeted game on. i look forward to debating donald trump in california before the june 7th primary. now, nothing is scheduled yet, but trump admitted to kimmel that he used fake names in the past in an effort to get better business deals. >> you know, over the years i have used aliases and when i'm in real estate and especially when i was out in brooklyn with my father and i'd want to buy
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something and honestly, nobody knew who trump was at that time. nobody knew me, so it wasn't so important. but i would never want to use my name because you had to pay more money for the land. >> trump sat down with kimmel after another day of protests. hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of anaheim, california, during his visit. like the images out of albuquerque on tuesday, proerpts -- protesters can be seen hurling objects at police. lines of mounted officers pushed the protesters back and a handful were arrested. now, that violence came after trump referred to the new mexico protesters from night before as quote, thugs, flying the mexican flag. and his feud with the state's governor and rga chair, susana martinez, reached new heights after she responded to trump's criticisms. >> it doesn't bother me what he says. it is -- it just doesn't affect me. i was a prosecutor for 25 years, you know? and i have heard names that i
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have been called for a long time. it's not something that's going to affect me. >> while his relationship with martinez continued to fray, trump made inroads with house speaker paul ryan. thank you spoke by phone after reports came out that he could endorse trump as early as this week and the purpose was to continue their conversation about unifying the party. that on top of a campaign shakeup for trump, with rick wiley leaving after six weeks on the job. but he told mario lopez he's ready to get in the mud with hillary clinton. >> she's tough. she's resilient over the years. she's been doing this for a long time and they're nasty. you know, the clintons have hurt a lot of people. >> i heard you have an arsenal of info on the clintons. any news -- >> well, they have an arsenal of info on me, i hate to say it, mario. we'll see what happens. but the fact is they're very tough. very nasty. you know, they play a tough game. >> and independent government
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report is breathing new life into hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. a harsh report over the use of the personal e-mail server for official business when she was secretary of state. nbc's andrea mitchell has the detail. >> reporter: hillary clinton dogged by the e-mail controversy. clinton was blasted for only using the private home e-mail server while secretary of state and she violated the federal records by not turning over all e-mail. concluding sending e-mails from the personal account to other employees is not an appropriate method of preserving e-mails. despite her previous claim. >> this was fully above board. people knew i was using a personal e-mail. did it for convenience. i sent e-mails that i thought were work related to peoples' dot-gov accounts.
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>> reporter: she knew her e-mails were not all saved for the record. thank you e-mail exchange with huma abedin -- she asked, should she get an official state department e-mail address or release her private address to the department? clinton responded, let's get separate address or device but i don't want any risk of the personal being accessible. and the report found no evidence that clinton requested or obtained permission to use the private server and would not have been granted it if she had asked. clinton refused to be interviewed by investigators. she wanted to talk to the fbi first. >> we made the decision that we were going to await the opportunity to answer questions from the justice department. >> reporter: but already donald trump firing away. >> she's as crooked as they come. the inspector general's report, not good. >> you have president obama's state department saying that hillary clinton exercised bad judgment. she shouldn't have done it. that's going to about republican talking point all the way through election day. >> the report also says former secretary of state colin powell
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did not retain his personal e-mail. but the rules were tightened under clinton years later. the report also blames the state department for long standing cyber security failures. and "the washington post" editorial board has now come out against clinton on the issue saying that clinton displayed an inexcusable, willful disregard for the rules. the head of the tsa says the agency is adding staff to help deal with increasingly long airport security lines. >> we have a challenge this summer which we are aggressively meeting head on. we are providing more overtime and 768 new tsa officers and converting with the help of congress and the reprogramming request our front line officers from part-time to full-time as necessary. >> and in front of the house committee, tsa administrator peter neffenger said a combination of factors are to blame for the screening jams including more flyers, less screeners and fewer travelers have applied for the government's precheck program. meanwhile, the tsa says it's cut
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the lines at chicago o'hare to 20 minutes from two hours. this morning the head of the tsa appears on "today" to discuss all the changes as the busy summer travel season kicks into high gear. another round of severe weather barrelled across kansas on wednesday. storm chasers captured several storms in abilene. at least 20 homes were dammed or destroyed in dickinson county. and check out how close storm chasers got to this tornado in abilene. you can see a videographer in the thick of things. fortunately, there were no injuries reported from this latest outbreak. let's get the latest on this storm now. bill karins is here. he's been watching it all. >> that was a scary one. >> it has been a big one. in talking to you, you say this could be connected? >> this was a long track tornado. this was on the ground -- all those pictures you saw, were mostly the same tornado in the different stages.
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it was on the ground more maybe half an hour last night. this is at 7:00 p.m. right there. that's the hook echo on the super cell thunderstorm. there's abilene. we showed you the pictures right near there. this is when the storm was at its peak. right here is when the tornado crossed interstate 70. south of junction city, about 1,000 feet of railroad tracks were torn apart. so the main railroad line across kansas, they had had all trains stopped. it will be a while before it's all fixed. now, we have some of the strong storms across the midwest. we have had 50 to 60 mile per hour wind gusts and that's headed to lacrosse here shortly. and the atmosphere is very primed and we'll have additional storms this morning and then another round this afternoon. 28 million people are at risk. enhanced risk in texas. mostly damaging wind and hail there. but the tornado threat is greatest from hastings to omaha to haze to salina, almost to topeka and wichita. we could see another few strong
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tornadoes today. betty, so possibly a life threatening situation in the central plains once again. >> oh, could be dangerous out there. thank you so much for that, bill. well, an infant in florida is making waves online as one of the youngest water skiers ever. check it out. 6-month-old zila doesn't know how to walk yet, but over the weekend she glided 700 feet across a lake. her parents both water skiing champions so that may explain a lot here. they placed her on indoor skis after she learned how to stand and they noticed her strong grip. way too go. only 6 months old. so just ahead, why 11 states are suing the obama administration. plus, the frightening scene when a manhole cover explodes near first responders. and "snl's" kate mckinnon is at it again. nine minutes past the hour.
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i'm stephen colbert. donald trump recently said that installing gender neutral bathrooms would cost hundreds of billions of dollars so i brought my accountant along to see if he's correct. ready to check the numbers? >> yes. >> okay. how much did that cost? >> $200 billion. >> damn it. >> well, not everyone is laughing. 11 states in fact filed a lawsuit to block new federal guide lines on may 13th the obama administration told public schools they must allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice or lose federal funding. the states say it violates the policies of protecting children and basic privacy. two armed suspects entered a gamestop and one tiny gamer said he wasn't going to take it. the feisty 7-year-old punched one of the bad guys several times before being wrangled.
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the villains did make off with cash and personal property but their egos may be bruised. st. petersburg, florida, firefighters were responding to a fire in manhole when suddenly -- wow. duke energy blamed transformer issues for that blast. crews had cut power when the smoke appeared and amazingly no one was injured. so "saturday night live's" kate mckinnon stopped by "ellen" yesterday. she entertained the audience impersonating the host and also hillary clinton. >> hi, hillary, i'm ellen. thank you so much for spending your life fighting for the middle class and for women and for kids. i have also spent my life fighting for kids but i'm talking about baby goats. hi, ellen, i'm hillary rodham clinton. every day we face hard choices like which statement blazer to wear. but when i'm president i will make sure every american has a fair shot to live up to his or
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her god given potential to watch you dance. >> yay. >> those impersonations are priceless. and for someone else who's priceless, let's get down to business with cnbc landon dowdy. >> good morning, i guess it was better than my impersonation of chewbaka. >> that one needed work. but that's okay. we loved it anyways. we saw the dow rise by nearly 150 points yesterday. they rallied for the second day as oil prices raise. brent crude crossing $50 a barrel for the first this year. on data showing the drop in u.s. oil supplies. look for reports on unemployment, pending home sales. also a survey by feds that shows most americans say their household finances improved last year. but that is a plus, but catch this. there's a catch. nearly half say they had
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struggled to cover a $400 expense in an emergency. very hard to believe, but the fed first conducted the survey in 2013 to track how americans are recovering from the recession and to identify potential risks there. meanwhile, president obama and world leaders got a preview of the latest driverless car technology in japan today. as part of the g7 summit where the discussion of the global economy tops the agenda. the white house has proposed spending $4 billion to encourage development of driverless cars. i could use one of these. my driving skills need as much improvement as my chewbaka. >> i already hit two curbs this year. but don't tell anybody. thank you. yeah, my record is not so great on that. now to sports -- moving right along here, the cavaliers stomped all over the raptors. they outscored the entire team by themselves. in the first half, en route to the 31-point halftime lead which is the largest in conference finals history. the cavs win by a whopping 38
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telling the world... we're coming for you. 20 minutes past the hour. time now for "scrambled politics." the obamas are downsizing. but not by much. the first family have reportedly made plans to relocate from 1600 pennsylvania avenue to a nine-bedroom mansion in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods. they'll lease the home reported reportedly owned by joe lockhart. the family will remain in washington while their youngest daughter sasha finishes high school. the united autoworkers union have endorsed hillary clinton. with over 400,000 members the union praised bernie sanders as a great friend, but adds that clinton has the ability to lead and get elected. south carolina governor nikki haley banned most abortions at 20 weeks.
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the law takes effect immediately. the press secretary says abortions may be performed after 20 weeks only if a mother's life is in jeopardy. the bill provides no exception for rape or incest. hawaii could become the first state in the u.s. to enter gun owners into the fbi database. it would notify police if a resident is arrested anywhere else in the country. that database includes people of trust such as schoolteachers and bus drivers but hawaii could be the first to add gun owners to the list. supporters say the bill would make hawaii a leader in safe gun laws. opponents say gun owners should not have to be entered into the day base to tracks a constitutional right. the hawaii governor will decide if he will sign it into law. and jimmy kimmel shared a few laughs with trump after he read from "winners still aren't losers." take a listen. >> the next thing you'll need is to send out a tweet, make it hard, make it mean, not them
2:22 am
right off their feet. hit them square in the chin for a tweet with some heat is what you need to win. you see there's mitt romney in everybody. now you know all my tricks, to come out on top in u.s. politics, just do as i do, when you're out on the stump and you'll all be winners -- >> like me, donald trump. >> and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." all right. 22 minutes past the hour. let's bring in politico reporter daniel strauss. good morning. >> good morning. >> all right, speaking of trump could a trump/bernie sanders debate happen before the june 7th primary? >> yeah, it's definitely something that sanders has an incentive to do. he wants to contrast himself with donald trump. it's a match-up that would get a large viewership. and it would help voters view -- or picture a general election between donald trump and bernie sanders. >> yeah. there's an incentive there for sanders but what does trump
2:23 am
stand to gain from a debate like that especially if sanders doesn't become the democratic nominee? >> in a way it helps trump because it gives him the opportunity to offer viewers the prospect of a general election where hillary clinton is not on the stage. and hillary clinton is really trump's tougher opponent in the democratic primary. >> so how do you think hillary clinton is going to react to a possible trump/sanders debate? i'm sure she might not be too happy about that, right? >> well, the clinton campaign has already rejected another debate with bernie sanders hosted by fox ahead of the primary. so it's really doubtful that she somehow would demand she be included in a trump/sanders debate like this. she's really interested in just winning the california primary without another debate. >> yeah. well, "the washington post" editorial board had some harsh criticism for hillary clinton following the state department report. will that affect her campaign? >> i mean, the issue here is that the longer there are
2:24 am
ongoing questions about her e-mail use at the state department the worse it is for the clinton campaign. the campaign doesn't want to have to focus on responding to questions and oig reports about her e-mail use as secretary of state. so the more reports, the more editorials about this, the worse it is for hillary clinton. >> yeah. staying in the news cycle it seems. daniel, thanks so much for join us today. >> thanks for having me. we are awaiting a statement from president obama on the g7 summit in japan and we'll bring it to you live when that happens. stay with us. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. and intellectual propertylines about bubeing stolen.g hacked that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information
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president obama is making a statement at the g7 summit. let's take a listen. >> a quick comment on the g7 meeting so far, it's been extremely productive. the g7 is -- you have like minded countries who are committed to democracy and free markets and international law and international norms and so for us to be able to get together and focus on critical issues that not only affect individual countries but affect the international order i think is vitally important and we very much appreciate the work of the japanese and prime minister abe have done in organizing an excellent meeting. so far, we have discussed issues
2:27 am
of the global economy and the need to continue to accelerate growth. to use all the tools at our disposal to make sure that we're not only putting people back to work but also helping to lift wages and helping to make sure that we can sustain the momentum of the recovery that's taking place in the united states. most prominently, but also we're starting to see some progress in europe. the fact that the greek debt crisis has been resolved for a reasonable length of time i think should help. but we have a lot of work to do. and we agreed to continue to focus on making sure that each country based on its particular needs and capacities are taking steps to accelerate growth. we had a chance to talk about
2:28 am
trade. not only tpp and our involvement in that, but also t-tip and recommitted ourselves to making sure that we try to finish those negotiations before the end of the year. and emphasize the importance of pushing back against either protectionism or competitive currency devaluations or the kinds of beggar thy neighbors strategies that leave everybody worse off. we began to touch on some of the key security issues that are important to all of us. south china sea and maritime security touched on issues surrounding ukraine where we have started to see some progress in negotiations, but we're still seeing too much violence and we need to get that resolved and we're going to
2:29 am
spend some time this evening tackling some of the other major international hot spots. so that gives you an update of where we're at so far. and with that, i'm going to dive in and you guys can ask some questions. we're going to start with gardner. >> mr. president, 11 of your predecessors decide against going to hiroshima. what were they worried about this -- generally on nonproliferation, because i think that's your focus and obviously a priority for you. how do you communicate risks and concerns about this would do more to get it resolved? because it seems to be getting worse. americans worry a lot about terrorists with suicide vests which can kill dozens. do they worry enough about the risks of nuclear mishaps that can kill potentially millions? are we paying enough attention to kim jong un and pakistani and
2:30 am
tactical nuclear weapons, the sorts of things that you know are going on? >> it's a terrific question. first of all, i won't characterize how other presidents were thinking about these issues. i can tell you i'm thinking about it and that is that the dropping of the atomic bomb, the ushering in of nuclear weapons was an inflection point in modern history. it is something that all of us have had to deal with in one way or another. obviously, it's not as prominent in people's thinking as it was during the cold war. at a time when our parents or grandparents were huddling under desks in -- you know, frequent drills. but the back drop of


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