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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 1, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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5:30 on the east coast, and 2:30 on the west coast. this is a show that lives by its name. it's "way too early." good morning. it's wednesday, june 1st, i'm sam stein. now, you can live by the press, you can die by the press and then there's what ever happened to donald trump yesterday. he invited reporters to his home turf of trump tower and seeking to set the record straight on his fund-raising for veterans organizations. trump defended the months it's taken to release the money, saying the groups had to be vetted first. he said he didn't want the credit or hostility from the media. >> on behalf of the vets, the press should be ashamed of themselves. they are calling me and they're furious because i sent people checks of a lot of money and we're going to give you the
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names right now which is what you want. instead of being like thank you very much, mr. trump, or trump did a good job, everyone is saying who got it, who got it, who got it? you make me look very bad. i have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job. i'm the only one in the world who could raise almost $6 million for the veterans, have uniform applause by veterans groups and then end up being criticized by the press. by the way, most of that money went out very early. but a lot of the groups getting vetted by, you know, when you pay the money out, they need government documentation, they need a lot of different things. >> now, trump then read off the names of the groups and how much each received. the associated press was first to report that many of the checks actually went out on may 24th. why is that significant? that's the same day "the washington post" ran a critical story questioning how much money trump had actually raised. nbc news now confirms a third of the total $1.9 million has only been dispersed in the last week
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and one of the groups that got $75,000 is the foundation for american veterans. it has an "f" rating from charity watch, a nonprofit watchdog. according to the paper, the group which is based in michigan, has been criticized in the past for spending less than half of the income on donations on programs that help veterans. no comment was reported from the foundation or trump campaign. but trump didn't take the questions or the criticisms lightly. the presumptive gop nominee scolded reporters for what he deemed to be slanted coverage. >> so i have to tell you, the press is so dishonest and so unfair. i really think the press -- look, the media, you know my opinion of the media it's very low. i think the media is frankly made up of people that in many cases not in all cases are not good people. >> you keep calling us the dishonest press, the disgusting -- >> generally speaking that's 100% true. go ahead. >> i disagree with that, sir.
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if i can ask you that question, you're resistant to the kind of scrutiny that comes with running for president of the united states. >> i like scrutiny, does -- but excuse me. i've watched you on television, you're a real beauty. what i don't want, i raised millions of dollars and this guy over here from abc, he's a sleaze, you're a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well. i think -- i have been dealing with the press a long time. i think the political press is among the most dishonest people that i have ever met. i have to tell you that, okay? of course you're excluded, karl. you're in the middle. >> i have done nearly 300 interviews just in 2016. and i -- i believe that it's important to continue to, you know, speak to the press as i'm doing right now.
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and to understand that he's attacking everybody, fellow republicans, democrats, the press, you just name it, he attacks everybody, is a recipe for gridlock in washington. >> now, give trump some credit here though. at least he's talking to reporters. this was tweeted, trump holds two pressers sanders takes no questions at an event billed as a presser and clinton hasn't held a formal presser in six months. now, trump tweeted, i'm getting great credit for the press conference today. crooked hillary should be admonished for not having one in 179 days and clinton said she'll do a press conference too. it is true at a stop in california, bernie sanders left before taking questions from the media in spite of billing the event as a health care press conference. meanwhile, weekly standard editor bill kristol hinted at
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the possibility of a third party candidate to rival donald trump and now we have an idea of who that person might be. mark halperin of bloomberg politics broke the news that conservative writer david french was exploring a presidential run who is french you're asking? he's an attorney, a staff writer for the national review and an iraq war veteran who was awarded the bronze star. he wrote about gary johnson saying the short case for him is pretty compelling. then just last week, french wrote an article unambiguously entitled, mitt romney run for president, you're the only man who the save us from future -- who can save us from future calamity. >> i know for a fact that an awful lot of republicans are throwing in for donald trump right now because they feel they have no other option. that's the key of the mitt romney choice. you give all of these people another option. you hear all the time a vote -- if you're not voting for donald trump you're voting for hillary clinton. false. what if you're not voting for
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donald trump, you're voting for somebody you actually believe in and you respect and will do the right things for this country. >> now, romney has insisted he won't run as an independent, but last night he tweeted this. i know david french to be an honorable, intelligent and patriotic person. i look forward to following what he has to say. when asked about the possibility of a third party candidate entering the race yesterday, donald trump was uncharacteristly sub -- he quickly called out bill kristol. >> kristol, he's the last one. he said trump will never run. he's not a smart person. i actually blame you. why do you put this guy on television? i see him on the different shows. he's got no credibility. it sounds like he's going to put somebody up. even i thought it, oh, they'll find some indy. these people are losers. he's trying to make you -- trying to drive you nuts. if they do an indy, assuming it's decent which i don't think anybody with the reputation would do it, because they'd look
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like fools but what you do is you lose the election for the republicans. and therefore, you lose the supreme court. bill kristol is a loser. his magazine is failing as you know. it's going to be down -- i don't think it even survives. now, donald trump also took on the newly minted libertarian presidential ticket at his news conference yesterday. dismissing both former governors johnson and weld as quote fringe candidates. >> gary johnson got 1% of the vote last time. i watched that whole situation. it was really pretty disgraceful. i think it's a total fringe deal. i think he's a fringe candidate you want to know the truth. i watch him and i watch his motions and i watch what he says. i think that he's a fringe candidate. and your second -- you know, weld is -- when you do a little research on that i think it's not going to be a factor. >> i think that trump had it nailed today. i think we have been fridge j candidates our whole life.
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being fiscally conservative, socially liberal, he nailed it today, thanks, donald. i have no intention -- neither of us of attacking hillary. >> i agree with gary, the donald has our number. what he said today. we never bought into this anti-choice, anti-gay, you know, let's have your personal liberties sense of the republican party platform. hillary clinton has picked up another big name endorsement. when a state votes on tuesday, california's jerry brown said he'll vote for clinton. this despite his decades long rivalry with her husband. the 78-year-old veteran of california politics said he was deeply impressed with bernie sanders and even compared his message about wealth inequality to his own presidential campaign, but what conceded that the -- but he conceded that the
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math was on clinton's side. brown wrote in part this is no time for the democrats to keep fighting each other. the general election has already begun. next january i want to make sure it's hillary clinton who takes the oath of office, not donald trump. here's how senator sanders responded. >> in every state that we have gone into, we have taken on the entire democratic establishment, whether the governors or the senators with one exception in oregon and the mayors and we have won 20 states. so it's not surprising to me that, you know, we will have other democratic establishments supporting hillary clinton. i like jerry brown, but people can make their own choices. meanwhile, sanders continued turning out thousands at rallies across the state. a rambunctious crowd of around 3,500 people showed up at the event in santa cruz with another 2,000 outside unable to get in. >> this is a very loud crowd. [ cheers and applause ]
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and i'm a little worried that some of the scientists may think there's an earthquake going on here. how many people here have at one point or another gone to a democratic party meeting? okay. i would say about 3% of the people here. the message to the democratic leadership is that the democratic party is to be the party of working people and young people in the middle class. they have got to open up the doors. to now to other headlines. while washington is at an impasse over funding to combat the zika virus, the world health organization said those who travelled to the country with an outbreak should practice safe sex or abstain for eight weeks. double the time that was
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previously advised. men who have shown symptoms of the virus should wait six months before trying to conceive. now the first baby with zika related birth defects has been born in new jersey. doctors delivered a baby girl who has microencephaly as well as intestinal and vision issues. the child's mother is visiting the u.s. from honduras. and while the w.h.o. said there are no grounds to postpone the summer olympics in rio de janeiro, the detroit tigers pitcher francisco rodriguez is advising athletes to do their homework if they plan to attend. the native of venezuela told espn he contracted the virus this past off season. and detailed a myriad of symptoms that left him bedridden for two weeks. in oklahoma, a volunteer reserve deputy who fatally shot an armed man will spend time in prison.
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bates was found guilty for shooting eric harris during a sting operation last year. harris was caught on camera taking part in the illegal gun sales operation and tried to run from deputies. he was eventually shot by bates who said he meant to use his taser. not his gun on the subject. all right. let's turn to business where amazon ceo jeff bezos spoke out about censorship when asked about peter thiel who is funding hulk hogan's lawsuit. >> yes, the amazon ceo said that billionaires need to get a thicker skin rather than fighting media outlets that are attacking him. as you mentioned it was in answer to the question about peter thiel, the venture capitalists decision to back the lawsuit against the gossip blog,
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gawker. amazon is the ener of "the washington post" so i think perhap that was the hat he was wearing. but he didn't just reserve his criticism for that. he criticized donald trump and his efforts to freeze the media's examining of him. he said, look, america is a democracy, there's free speech. actually a presidential candidate should respect that. so not reserving his criticism for those that are at the -- attacking the media. quickup date on the markets, a bit of weakness in the u.s. yesterday. weakness here in europe as well. we have another one in the u.s. to watch for and after booking gains in may, tentative start to june. >> all right. thank you very much. now, still ahead on "way too early" new information of the killing of harambe the gorilla as police launch an investigation into the toddler's parents. did public outrage cause officials to change their mind? that story, plus the latest on the historic flooding in texas
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good, right? mmm, yeah. i got your back. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. welcome back to "way too early." it's time now for sports. more fallout at baylor university after it was found they mishandled sexual assault involving the football players two more personnel were fired last week in addition to the head football coach, art briles. the athletics director for football operations, colin chillinglaw and long time staffer tom hill were dismissed from the program that report comes after monday's
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announcement of the hiring of jim groeb as the acting football coach. kenneth starr was stripped of his title as university president last week. let's turn to major league baseball and the cubs ace jake arrieta's streak has come to the end. the cubs lost the first game started by arrieta in 24 outings a streak date back to last july. he actually tossed seven innings november hit ball, but relievers gave up five runs in the shutout victory by the dodgers. to baltimore, the red sox mookie betts my man wreaked havoc on the oilers yesterday. both in the field with the impressive diving catch and at the plate where he launched three home runs in the game. it was the first three-homer game of his career. to toronto, blue jays kevin pilar ends the fourth inning against the yankees laying out full extension to come up with the diving catch in right center field. the jays win it 4-1. nice catch there. in philadelphia, the
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nationals leading the phillies in the top of the ninth inning and this. >> to steven. he skies one to right center. going is herera. it is off the scoreboard. three for drew. bob henley, he's going to send him. the throw is off line. it's an inside the park home run! >> stephen drew extends the lead with an inside the park -- some nice base running there as the nats go on to beat the phils 5-1. now let's get a check of your weather from meteorologist -- and the bearer of all bad news, bill karins. >> sometimes good news. >> what's going on? >> for those on the mid-atlantic and the northeast, they're looking forward to lower humidity and you'll get that. but we'll focus on texas. that's where we're dealing with the devastating news, we had all the deaths, flash flooding from
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last week and the brazos river is slow moving too. that's why we're slow to watch the water receding. we have seen a lot of pictures like this and how about this video of these kayakers that were heading down one of the rivers there. this was moving quicker. all looks good, doesn't it? yeah. i wonder if they knew it would be that close. they did make it. barely. all right. so texas is still in the crosshairs. the problem is we had the storm system in the middle of the country. it has stalled out, so we have one of the classic battle, cooler air to the north and then the warmer, humid air out of the gulf. san antonio weather service was saying some isolated areas could get 15 inches of rain in the next three days alone. you saw what some of the pictures looked like. again we're clear. one little thunderstorm cluster but more on the way later today.
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we have 13 million people in this flash flood watch, including dallas-ft. worth, corpus crispy to laredo and to abilene and it's note like a -- not like a soaking rain the whole time. this is overall rain, three to four inches but isolated totals up to foot are possible. the other story is the heat in the southeast. feeling like summer from south carolina to southward. if you're on the outer banks, still what's left of bonnie still spinning off the coast. not beautiful beach weather at all for you. gorgeous weather, d.c., philly, new york, up into new england. more like how we should be. and today is june 1st, so this marks the start of hurricane season. in the forecast it's pretty close to the typical hurricane season. we're coming out of el nino, headed into the neutral type of period, sam. so we can expect around four to eight hurricanes. kind of the average. but the interesting part, you have to go back to wilma, back i think it was 2005. we haven't had a major category 3 hurricane hit in the u.s.
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we're well overdue for the big one. hopefully it won't happen, but it's overdue. >> you have such optimism, thank you. >> my glass is half full. >> i think so. good luck to the people in texas. it looks bad down there. the reviews are in and it seems "maya and marty", the new show is a hit. highlights ahead.
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welcome back to "way too early." let's get a check on the morning's other headlines and for that we head to the control room and one of television's brightest stars, louis burgdorf. >> good morning, sam. i can't tell if you're being sarcastic, but i'll take the compliment. >> i'm being sarcastic. >> all right. sam, we'll start with the outrage over the killing of the gorilla at the cincinnati zoo after the intense uproar online and elsewhere, the cincinnati police department now says it's reviewing the actions of the parents of the toddler who fell into the enclosure. a change of course since the zoo originally said that the parents were not being investigated. more than 400,000 people signed a petition calling for action to be taken against the parents. the police department is not investigating the zoo but federal investigators are looking into whether the animal's welfare was violate. >> let's turn to the world of
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entertainment. "hamilton" is having an incredible year and the star is having an even better one. lin-manuel miranda is getting a film, and now he'll produce the show for the weinstein company for a budget of about $15 million. he will star in mary poppins returns the sequel to the 1964 disney classic. miranda will play a new character alongside emily blunt. if you still haven't scored a ticket to see miranda in "hamilton" you can catch him on mary poppins in 2018. now nbc news has -- nbc has a new primetime variety show, "maya and marty." it premiered last year, and it was filled with guest appearances from "snl" cast members and they channeled the presidential race. >> melania, it gives in ethe energy to sit and wait and stand and wait.
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