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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  June 8, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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♪ welcome back to our live special election coverage on msnbc, it's 3:00 in the morning on the east coast, we are awake and we are live, we are watching california, we don't have a call in yet. we have 46% of the vote in, it still too close to call, it's a big state, but we have a 19 point gap showing hilary clinton doing well, she gave what amounted to her victory speech out there. let's go to carry dan, and liz plank, and josh barro, josh, i will start with you, since you are new to the table. i will start with the big question. sometimes we get so lost in the details, the big question is what does it mean for the democratic party to have picked a woman nominee, and what does it mean for america and what kind of night is this? >> it's a big night, but it's diminished by the fact that we knew it was coming for months. hilary clinton has turned away from bernie sanders on the
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campaign trail. i think, you know, this election is going to be so much referendum on donald trump and the vision of what he could do for the country, what his supporters would do to make it great again and what his growing number opponents view as he is dangerous to the country. i think people will not be so focused as hilary clinton as the first woman president or a far to the left candidate as compared to the previous candidates. further left than barack obama, shifted a lot since her own campaign in 2008, i think soon, the question will be should we make donald trump president or not? >> and by that metric, a lot of republicans think it's a missed opportunity. because the way you beat hilary clinton, they believe is to focus on her and have the referendum on her and not on the unusual and sometimes really
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outrageous semi-republican nominee. >> absolutely, this was a historic night for hilary clinton, she is a deeply flawed candidate. she has historically high negatives and high negatives for, she has been in the public eye. been polled since the mid 1990s, this is the lowest positive rating of her entire political career. she should be extremely vulnerable, on issues of national security and the clinton foundation, her ties to wall street, and to some extent her opponents have tried to exploit those, but so much focus is on donald trump, who by the way is the only candidate with higher negative ratings than hilary clinton, the focus on him day in and day out has taken away. we had a poor jobs report in the last week and we had a state department that was very negative for hilary clinton and very little of that has been spoken of. we have been focuses on disarray
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in the republican party and not what could have been a way to take the momentum away from hilary clinton. >> and people often say, i think correctly, that part of the problem, if you think that is a problem and the dynamic you just described is with the press, that has a fascination with donald trump, and the ratings he brings. having stipulated that, the other factor is that donald trump is the only person making key strategic calls in his campaign and he is the most inward looking, self obsessed campaign narrorater that we have seen in the modern era. >> has been so inconsistent. we saw him reading from a tel aem eprompter and trying to be on message. he has usually made the comments his own. this seemed particularly forced like he was trying to fulfill
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that role and saying that i understand the mantel of being the head of the republican party. >> you almost got the feeling and you don't want to put him on the couch here, i was saying, fine i can do it, but how much fun will that be? he did not seem to be that in to it. in fairness, i want to play a little more hilary and then back to the panel. here is hilary talking tonight. >> it may be hard to see tonight, but we are all standing under a glass ceiling right now. [ cheers and applause ] don't worry, we are not smashing this one. thanks to you, we have reached a milestone. [ cheers and applause ] >> for the first time, for the first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party --
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[ cheers and applause ] tonight my vuictory is not abou one person it belongs to generations of women and men who struggled and sacrificed and made this moment possible. in our country, it started right here in new york, a place call seneca falls. [ cheers and applause ] when a small but determined group of women and men came together with the idea that women deserved equal rights and they set it forth in something called the declaration of -- and it was the first time in human
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history that that kind of declaration occurred. so, we all owe so much to those who came before. and tonight, belongs to all of you. [ cheers and applause ] the states -- the stakes i the election is high and the choice is clear. donald trump is tempermentally unfit to be president and commander and chief. [ cheers and applause ] and he's not just trying to build a wall between america and mexico, he is trying to wall off americans from each other. when he says let's make america great again that is code for let's take america backwards. [ cheers and applause ]
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back to a time when opportunity and dignity were reserved for some not all. promising his supporters an economy he cannot recreate. we however, we want to write the next chapter in american greatness. with a 21st century prosperity that lifts everyone who has been left out and left behind. including those who may not vote for us, but who deserve their chance to make a new beginning. [ cheers and applause ] when donald trump says a distinguished judge born in indiana, can't do his job
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because of his mexican heritage -- [ crowd booing ] >> or he mocks a reporter with disabilities or calls women pigs. it goes against everything we stand for. because we want an america where everyone is treated with respect and where their work is valued. [ cheers and applause ] it's clear that donald trump doesn't believe we are stronger together. he has abused his primary opponents and their families, attacked the press for asking tough questions, denegrated muslims and immigrants, he wants to win by stoking fear and rubbing salt in wounds. and reminding us daily, just how
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great he is. well, we believe we should lift each other up, not tear each other down. [ cheers and applause ] we believe, we believe we need to give americans a raise not complain that hard working people's wages are too high. we believe we need to help young people struggling with student debt, not pile more on our national debt with give aways to the super wealthy. we believe we need to make america the clean energy super power of the 21st century. [ cheers and applause ] not insist that climate change is a hoax.
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to be great we can't be small. we have to be as big as the values that define america and we are a big hearted, fair-minded country. we teach our children that this is one nation under god indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all. [ cheers and applause ] not just for people who look a certain way, or worship a certain way or love a certain way, for all. indivisible. this election is not, however, about the same old fights between democrats and republicans. this election is different. it really is about who we are as
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a nation. it's about millions americans coming together to say, we are better than this. we won't let this happen in america. that was hilary clinton speaking earlier tonight, making the case for what we expect to be her general election argument, our panel is back with us. you look at the argument josh and she is saying i will stand up to donald trump and she has experience fighting bullies but something broader and more vague about what we are all in this together, we are strong together. do you think that people know what that means coming from her right now? >> i thought this speech and the speech from thursday was interesting. the thursday speech was aimed at moderates and independents and making the case that trump is unacceptable and i'm the candidate that you have to support, i'm the normal one. this was a speech more aimed at the democratic primary
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electorate, and trying reach to the bernie sanders supporters and making the case that they have shared values and they are aiming to protect the same groups that donald trump attacks. so i thought it was, they were complimentary cases, they were different as you know, as a more moderate voter, myself, i preferred thursday speech over this speech tonight. but they broadly made a similar case for different parts of the political coalition that she is seeking to build. >> and liz, so much of what happened just from last week to this week, a bunch of republicans are carrying the water here. to people that are skeptical of what is the so-called race card, and i put knit quotes, having mitch mcconnell and paul ryan saying no, donald trump is being racist and that's a textbook example of raceful and all the examples we have heard, it does not leave a lot of the people on the island left to defend. you are thinking, oh, my god, do you want to be the other side of
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mitch mcconnell's racial sensitivity. >> in a lot of ways hilary clinton does not need to do anything. and she can just basically do her thing and continue with that line that she had on the thursday, during thursday speech of he is unfit to be president. he does not have the temperment to be president. that is a long-term strategy for her. that was setting the strategy for the entire general, because anything that he says, i mean, not anything, but a lot of what he will say will fit in to that. the comments on the judge were perfectly suited for that, you know, line of attack against him. so, and in a lot of ways i thought it showed that her flaws, right, the idea that she is a clinton and establishment and the way that she is the worst candidate to run against donald trump, it can be a strength for her. she has experience, she has gone in to countries, you know, she went to libya, and she was
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secretary of state. that could be a good thing. that could bring safety to those centerist republicans and toes looking for that. >> it does seem that they have not settled on what they need to do. there's a difference in saying somebody is a bully and saying they are a joke. and i don't know where hilary clinton's aides went to high school, last i checked, people don't always love the bully and there's a reason that the bully is the bully. and a lot of people broadly feel they want to side with the bully or not be bullied. i'm not sure that is the long--running best argument. although, it's speaking to something nasty about him that they want to allege. the idea that he is a joke, unfit and not up to the task seems to go more to the core competency of the presidency. >> and early on, two or three weeks ago, we saw the hilary clinton campaign throwing a lot
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at him. they are honing in on the idea of not only a bully, but somebody that cuts to the core of humanity, we see in the new priorities usa ad that is going up, specifically on donald trump making fun of a reporter's disability. a hard hitting ad when parents of a child with a disability say that gives them a look in to trump's soul. you saw more of an appeal to common humanity, as opposed to donald trump being unfit. not that she is not the nice candidate, she is saying i'm the person that can reach out to all americans, no matter who they are and who they come from, donald trump is not that person, trying center on comments that have been criticized as bigotted. >> we will continue with that coverage. president obama called clinton and sanders tonight, will that
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end the primary in a way that tonight did not? we will have that coverage for you as we continue.
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♪ welcome back, all eyes were on california tonight, but there was action in washington, where president obama made two phone calls tonight, one to hilary clinton, congratulating her for securing the delegates necessary to secure the nomination for being president, his job. and to sanders. everyone wants to know when will the president make an endorsement? he could endorse by the end of the week. i want to bring back our panel. and you look at this, josh, and you say, here is a president who has been asiduously careful,
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there's been criticism of comments. he is not under obligation to sit out. what time is time? >> well, there was a story in the "new york times" a couple of days ago how he is eager to get on the campaign trail and campaign for hilary, and had comments from the president's communication shop, it was a nudge from the president trying to tell bernie that he is supposed to get out. now, i think part of the hesitation is likely that bernie sanders's supporters would not receive it well, if the president made an endorsement, it would seem that he was interfering with the revolution and trying to get him out. so the question over the next few days will be, whether and when bernie is willing to go of his own accord and if not, when is it better for the president to endorse than to wait? i think it's clear that the president wants democrats to retain the white house. he thinks donald trump would be bad for the country and even
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though he and hilary clinton had a tough campaign eight years ago, they have gotten over that. i think it's a question of timing. i don't know whether it's going to be several days or a week. if bernie is really going to stay in for the d.c. primary and he will get out after it, maybe wait a week for that. it will be fairly soon. >> you don't get out of the race before the d.c. primary. >> well the thing is, he will lose it really badly. the demographics -- >> you don't get out of the race before you lose the d.c. primary. i joke, not because that is a joke, but because there's a weird aspect to some of the late stage battles, he is picking. bernie sanders has been an incredible political force this cycle. it's weird, just watching here on the outside. as an observer, it's odd to see him hit the d.c. primary and the battles on the end, and think, it's a weird note to end on. he is meeting with the president thursday, and the statements we got out tonight, they are written carefully over at the
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white house. it says, at senator sanders request, the president and senator sanders will meet to continue a conversation about the issue. the white house saying we are game, and we are saying we don't need to court anybody at this point, but we are happy to do the meeting. >> an important thing to note about the president's role in this right now, he is really popular at the moment. he is at 51%, that's the highest since his second inauguration. we are not dealing with a president of the 2014 mid terms when he was mired in the low 40s and was a drag on his own party and his own senate candidates did not want to campaign with him because it was harmful to them. he is so popular because the americans are looking at the candidates presented to them, and i thissing, the current guy is better than both of these people. in a way, he has been a more powerful surrogate for hilary clinton for being at the height of his popularity since february of 2013. >> i think you are making a fair point. there's been a lot of opposition
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to this president. right now, as people criticize donald trump's approach to one judge, they are still blocking this president's supreme court nominee from getting a hearing hoping that donald trump gets to pick the judges. it does not always square. and before he leaves office, you are wondering if barack obama nostalgia is taking root, this is a preview of that type of campaign that josh was talking about. >> the republican nominee for president has said he would dismantle all the rules that we passed. that is crazy. sometimes i just don't get it. how it is that somebody could propose that we weaken regulations on wall street. have we really forgotten what just happened eight years ago? and the notion that you would vote for anybody who would now
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allow them to go back to doing the same stuff that almost broke our economy's back makes no sense. >> the president there, making this argument from the bully pulpit, he is the nominee, and he will be most of the former president's or nominees alive. >> it did not start the birther movement, but basically, elevated the rumor that the president was not born in the united states of america. and i think we will see barack obama have a lot of fun with that, and have a lot of fun in a way that i don't think that hilary clinton can, even if she wanted to be jokey and fun and make the kinds of jokes. i don't think she can deliver them in the way that the
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president can. and to your point, he is popular right now. and he is popular with the demographic that hilary has trouble with. i mean, when you think about young voters, we are the ones that ushered his presidency,. that is the demographic that hilary is trying to reach right now. >> and one of the rebuttals is the best thing to galvanize the republican party is to remember how much it likes the combined team of hilary clinton and barack obama. >> hilary has a lead of a few points in the polls, even though had the benefit. hilary has not yet had the benefit. somewhere, 30% of bernie sanders supporters are not going to vote for hilary clinton in the general election. >> we don't know how much that
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is going to go up from 72, it will go up for a few points in the polls. really, she needs to keep what she has. and in addition to how many republicans she can peel off without the concerns for the fitness of the presidency, on one level, it's gravy and then it's getting her coattails down the ticket, helping her take one or both houses of congress. the key advantage to the president at least in the summer part of the campaign is going to be as she tries to bring the bernie sanders supporters back over to her. the president is well liked by most of the supporters. he will be a validating voice for her out there, saying vote for this woman, she is liberal enough. >> that is something else that i want to remind you, this is deep, deep down the rabbit hole, but it's late at night. >> i know. >> i was sitting here and i don't know. i have not decided or figured it out, i'm wondering how much of the republican criticism we are hearing right now, is a genuine outrage of oh, my god this is
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the nominee. and there's things that i cannot abide, right, to use the language of republicans, not my language. racism being something that they want to step up on and how much of it is the people at this stage, the political professionals, like mitch mcconnell saying this does not look like this nominee will win, and i would rather get on record early, not late and desperate that there's a future for the part that has to get around the trump train and not through it. >> to josh's point, not now, hilary clinton has a handful of points lead right now. it does look at least on paper if you just look at the top lines, it looks like a winnable election for donald trump, if you just look at the top lines, not delving in the demographics and all the stuff that the nerds among us do. they can say, i'm against hilary clinton. i still want to fight her. and i therefore, have to be behind my nominee. that is what paul ryan said,
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this is the definition of racism. he is better on tax policy than hilary clinton will be, if she gets a big nomination bounce and gets the sanders voters, you may see a couple more republicans that may be more likely to say, now is the time for me to get on record to say, i want to help our down ballot candidates, this is not going to be a winnable race. >> you said, nerds, you self identify as a geek. >> it's a different strand. we -- >> yeah. i just wanted to get that on the record. thank you for staying up late with us. we will keep on, keeping on. comping up, i want to talk hilary clinton and donald trump, on the attack, how ugly will the general election get with the two opponents, stay with us, that is straight ahead.
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♪ good evening and good morning to you, we are back live with the special election night coverage. we are in the newsroom in new york. we heard from both presumptive nominees tonight and they took aim at each other. >> the clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment in to an artform for themselves. [ cheers and applause ] they have made hundred had --
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hundreds of millions dollars, and i mean hundreds of millions dollars. secretary clinton, even did all of the work on a totally illegal private server, something that how she is getting away with this, folks, nobody understands. designed to keep her corrupt dealings out of the public record, putting the security of the entire country at risk and a president in a corrupt system is totally protecting her. not right. i am going to give a major speech on probably monday of next week, and we are going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the clintons, i think you will find it very informative and very, very interesting. [ cheers and applause ] >> when he says, let's make america great again, that is
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code for let's take america backwards. [ cheers and applause ] back to a time when opportunity and dignity were reserved for some, not all. promising his supporters an economy he cannot recreate. >> and joining us here at the table, nbc, editor here, raul reyes. >> you gave me a promotion, i'm a contributor. but thank you. >> it's late, it's late at night. >> he deserves it. >> as i mentioned, alison is new to the table. i will start with you. you hear them squaring off and you here donald trump in his trumpian way, saying i'm giving a speech, and i am promoing my next speech, which is maybe monday. >> and he is against personal
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enrichme enrichment, who knew that, as opposed to someone else making hundreds of millions dollars. i thought his whole job is to make hundreds of millions dollars. >> and he is coming off a war with a judge, not over public policy, and not over building a wall, it's over trump university which may or may not have been -- >> and the judge's parents. >> -- which may or may not be satisfactory to itsz custom's c. there's happy and unhappy customers. no doubt, trump university does not exist anymore and the whole fight is about whether he has to pay some of the old customers back, it's about his money. >> it's a market issue, right, it's customers who were happy and not happy and the place in our system where we fight it out is in the courts. that is something that is fundamental to the justice system, but what is so great about it right now, everything is turned on its head haright.
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you have donald trump reading a teleprompter and you had hilary clinton being almost charming. everything that we thought we knew we did not know. >> the republican establishment said that you have to change your tone because you have gone too far going through a ethnic judge. start following the feed, he did mention the federal judge, i have to recheck myself. >> for people who follow these kind of things, he put out of the lengthy statement that did not really substantiate anything and then he said, we have to end this. and then he was back talking about it.
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here is hilary clinton hitting him on it tonight. >> when donald trump says, a distinguished judge, born in indiana, can't do his job, because of his mexican heritage, or he mocks a reporter with disabilities, or calls women pigs it goes against everything we stand for, because we want an america where everyone is treated with respect. and where their work is valued. [ cheers and applause ] it's clear, that donald trump doesn't believe we are stronger together. he has abused his primary opponents and their families. attacked the press for asking tough questions, denegrated
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muslims and immigrants, he wants to win by stoking fear and rubbing salt in wounds and reminding us daily just how great he is. well, we believe we should lift each other up, not tear each other down. [ cheers and applause ] hilary clinton speaking tonight, and raul, in a different election year, if you went through the list, you would think, that sounds like exaggeration or ripped out of context, but donald trump is a ripe target where everything that she lists is checking out. right down to mocking the reporter with disabilities, that really did not get much attention, but it is in a new ad, as for the straw that broke the elephant's back, calling out of the the judge is a dispute on
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the scale of two people. right. but this is a candidate that is running on a policy of doing religious discrimination as immigration. right. which is something -- >> a religious test. >> a religious test which we have banned in the constitution or sorting peoplely religion, that is something you can just see. what are you going to do, put patches on people like they did in germany. >> arizona did that. so unfortunately, it's revisiting what people, he is stoking people's fears of a changing america. what i found interesting and my concern right now, and i think that this is why hilary will meade president obama, if you start watching the way he is talking about immigration and undocumented folks, taking people's jobs and he pivots to the african american community and says i will do right by you.
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it is very serious. >> it could be a potentially a ripe issue for him to exploit, because that is, is something that is maybe a potential point of vulnerability when you talk about the immigration debate, you know, the effects of illegal immigration, the macro effects, there's a benefit, and there's some job loss, and statistically you there has been, people in the african-american community has suffered. this is something that he can move ahead on. he stumbles. even when he tries, it jumped out, when he tried to sort of, in a sense connect with african-american voters, he said, i'm paraphrasing, he said the african-americans, we are going to take care of them. >> in the urban area. >> as though they are pets and somehow, he will have to fix them. >> you have to be careful, that is just a tip. >> it's such, even his phrasing, you can tell right away, it's not something he is not
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comfortable with it. >> what i'm driving at is why is it not in our politics that, this fight, with this judge, and them coming out and saying, yeah, he cannot vote for this guy. why is that the straw that broke the elephant's back and not a policy where you say, you are banning 10s of millions of people based on religion. >> i don't know that we know that, we all have the sense that this is the one that will hurt donald. we have said it about ten other cases before and we have been wrong about all of it. we certainly know it has gotten under the skin of other republican politicians that are -- do the supporters oppose it? no. >> the difference between this and everything else, he is trying to under mind the judicial system. the checks and balances. and he started first doing it with media and everyone was like, liberal media, now he is doing it with something we value on both sides of the aisle and i think that is core to who we are. >> i see that you want to respond. >> right. >> i see it and i want you to do
12:43 am
it. we will take a quick break and come back on the other side, we are live here late night and senator sanders vowing to take his fight all the way to philly, can the party unify and what would it look like? more on that and raul's reply after the break. xrcç&éíuv8f95]d>
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next tuesday, we continue the fight in the last primary in washington, d.c. [ cheers and applause ] we are going -- we are
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going -- we are going to fight hard, we have going to fight hard to win the primary in washington, d.c. and then we take our fight for social, economic, racial, and environmental justice to philadelphia, pennsylvania. [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders their speaking tonight and not letting up. our panel is back with us, and we are talking before the break and there was something that you wanted to say. >> right, we are talking about how trump at this point has received all this push back and the backlash for his comments and you were mentioning that you think it has something to do with him, questioning, in a sense, the judicial system. i don't see it that way.
12:48 am
i agree with you. >> i don't think he is questioning -- go ahead. >> raising the points about the impartiality of the system and the judge in particular, i certainly agree with that and i see it, but people, many people you know, criticize the supreme court depending on rulings and see judges as activists, you don't see that as the root cause of the backlash, i feel mystified, and people that i spoke to, particularly in the latino communities are saying, wait a minute, from day one, donald trump was making incindiary statements about latinos and immigrants, why is it now that everyone is getting on board and saying it's unacceptable. >> that is not wrong, the latino community feels that we are the canary in the cole mine. but this idea that he keeps going after, the institution that is so valued. that is what really struck the
12:49 am
republican partynd basically said, you areing it a step too far. the fact that you are saying, you cannot be impartial based on your heritage, it's, he, for him -- i don't think that it was -- i actually don't think it was for the broader audience, i think it was another dog whistle for his audience saying you are in a completely changing demographic world now, and even as a white guy, you cannot get a fair shot now. >> the other thing is the audience changed, right? there was a republican primary audience that broadened out to a general election audience. so it's a whole different set of people with different reactions. >> the question is how dumb is he? he is shrewd in business and marketing, does he understand he has a different marketing business now? >> he is caught in a fundamental decision, is going to be donald or the guy that we saw tonight. there's political advantages to
12:50 am
each. but in my sense, he is a animal that cannot be caged. >> i think for the republican party, they recognize that if he is the nominee, they can lose the senate and lose seats in congress. that's why, but that is one of the reasons that all of a sudden, you have senator kirk of illinois saying not i. >> and that may describe the self interest and divide, we will be back with one more take on the historic night tonight, live on msnbc.
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it may be hard to see tonight, but we are all standing under a glass ceiling right now. [ cheers and applause ] if we can blast 50 women in to space, we will some day launch a woman in to the white house. [ cheers and applause ] and although we were not able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it has about 18 million cracks in it. and the light is shining through like never before filling us all with the hope and the sure knowledge that the path will be a little easier next time.
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>> hilary clinton there eight years ago to the date, and as we think about the night that just unfolded, we don't want to lose sight of the history. i want to go around the panel and think about what is historic about tonight, and what it means, josh you were saying earlier that some of it has been stretched out and expected. >> i guess people are finding this campaign less exhausting than i have been finding it. yes, we need to step back and understand how historic this is and i have been trying do that. but we have been marching toward this point for so long, i find it difficult to do that and i think i'm not alone in that. i think there's voters that have just as soon ready to have it be over. >> yeah, i think a lot of folks when hilary announced, we don't want to coronate here too early, and she has been able to fight it out and demonstrate that she is presidential, and we often times forget, yes, she is part of an establishment, she built
12:56 am
that establishment and she built herself up. you can still come from the middle class and hold the highest office and i think it's powerful. >> i will be corny and say, watching hilary clinton's speech, i was so moved. i thought it was beautiful and it was remarkable to me that on a night where she is making history, she went out of her way, to make it not about herself, invoking her mother and all of her supporters invoking the sense of history this moment in time, i find it moving. just, if you put aside the politics involved, i found it moving and gracious. >> a lot of people are watching and will remember this night more than others along the way. i want to thank our panel, we will be back with more of our special coverage, straight ahead.
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welcome back to our live, special election coverage here on msnbc. it is 3:00 in the morning here on the east coast. we are awake, we are live, we are watching california. we don't have a call in yet. we have 46% of the vote in. nbc news streeting this as too close to all. we have a


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