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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 10, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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and apologizing to him, to say that it was weekend nights, it airs on week nights, sorry chris. it's friday, june 10th. right now on "first look," a whirlwind day for the democrats as president obama throws the full weight behind hillary clinton. and the nation prepares for a memorial fit for the man known as the greatest of all time. nbc exclusive as david letterman goes one-on-one with our own tom brokaw. plus, slow jamming the news with jimmy fallon on "the tonight show" and some news of the bizarre. all ahead on this friday. "first look" starts right now. well, good morning. happy friday to you. thanks for joining us today. i'm betty win win.
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the leader of the free world is throwing his support behind a single candidate to take over as president of the united states. in the highly produced three minute video, president obama lays out the case that hillary clinton has the toughness and the experience which make her one of the most qualified candidates to ever run for office. >> i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. she's got the courage, the compassion and the heart to get the job done. >> clinton reacted telling bloomberg news, quote, it just means so much to have a strong, substantive endorsement from the president. we have gone from fierce competitors to true friends. the clinton campaign released the president's endorsement video just minutes after he sat down with senator bernie sanders, a meeting that left the idea of party unity on sanders' mind. >> donald trump would clearly to
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my mind and i think the majority of americans be a disaster as president of the united states. i will work as hard as i can to make sure that donald trump does not become president of the united states. >> senators harry reid and chuck schumer also met with sanders as did vice president joe biden. that was before biden offered this off the cuff endorsement of clinton late last night. >> anybody who thinks that whoever the next president is, and god willing it will be secretary clinton, but whoever -- >> many democrats feel it's really just a matter of time before sanders publicly calls it quits and unites behind clinton. >> he knows how important it is to win this election and beat donald trump. i have every bit of faith that we are going to be working together with senator sanders to achieve that goal and the goal of taking back the senate. >> my understanding is that
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senator sanders wants to be respectful of the process until the end. until the people have spoken. >> president obama will join clinton on the campaign trail on wednesday in green bay, wisconsin, the home of republican house speaker paul ryan. meanwhile, the most recent nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows the president with a 51% approval rating nationally. and an 88% approval rating among democrats. donald trump though was quick to react to the president's endorsement on twitter saying, obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does, to which the clinton campaign said snidely, delete your account. it was another key endorsement that overshadowed the trump/clinton twitter feud. coming out a week earlier than expected. liberal senator elizabeth warren endorsed clinton with the exclusive announcement on msnbc's rachel maddow. >> i'm ready. i'm ready to get in this fight
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and work my heart out for hillary clinton to become the next president of the united states. and to make sure that donald trump never gets any place close to the white house. >> and if there were any questions about democratic unity, they were silenced yesterday as warren and vice president joe biden delivered slams against trump from every angle. >> for a candidate to call a judge a hater, a total disgrace, this behavior in a president smacks of authortaryism and racist. >> trump is picking on someone who is ethically bound not to defend himself. exactly what you would expect from a thin skinned racist bully. and we will not allow a small, insecure, thin-skinned, wanna-be tyrant or his allies in the
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senate to destroy the rule of law in the united states of america. we will not. >> house speaker paul ryan told nbc's andrea mitchell he remains a trump supporter despite denouncing trump's previous comments. >> look, i think his stage presence is something that's different than say what i would do. but my personal interactions i find him to have a very even hand and temperament. >> you have even said that what he said about judge curiel was the textbook definition of racism. how can you say then but but he's okay to be president? >> i think we all -- not just republicans, should disavow comments like that. i'm glad he walked it back. this is a long campaign with a long way to go. and he has a ways to go to give us a campaign that we can all be proud of. >> and despite a doozie of a political day, it was president obama who got the final word last night as he slow jammed the
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news with "the tonight show's" jimmy fallon. >> through the actions of my administration, we were able to stimulate the economy and getting our country back on track. ♪ oh, yeah, president obama stimulated long term growth ♪ ♪ barack lit some candles and got some silky satin sheets ♪ ♪ silky satin sheets now his first two terms ended in such a hurry ♪ ♪ wish he could go for three like my man steph curry ♪ >> now, now, there will be no third term. i can't stay forever. besides daddy has a hawaiian vacation booked in about 223 days. but who's counting? thousands of fans and admirerers are set to pack a louisville arena to say good-bye to muhammad ali. bill clinton will give the
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eulogy. comedian billy crystal and bryant gumbel will also speak. sarah dallof has more on this. is the stage set for this last good-bye? >> reporter: it is, betty. muhammad ali helped plan his own funeral his advisers say over the course of a decade. laying out has desire for it to be open to the public and people of all faiths. a final farewell to the man who inspired in the boxing ring and outside of it. 18,000 people expected to fill this basketball arena in muhammad ali's hometown. >> people come from all over the world to pay respects to muhammad because, you know, he meant so much to everyone. >> he stood for strength and he wanted to encourage everybody to do the same. >> reporter: prior to the service, a procession will move slowly through the city.
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a final trip up passed his childhood home. during the funeral he will be eulogized by former bill clinton and billy crystal and bryant gumbel. tickets were distributed to long lines of people within an hour. on thursday, thousands gathered for a muslim funeral prayer service. >> welcome the muslims, we welcome the members of other faith communities. we welcome our sisters, our elders, our youngsters. >> reporter: the people's champ bringing together together those who worshipped with him. those who trained alongside him and cheered him on. security here will be tight. some 500 law enforcement officers on scene. and a thousand volunteers wearing muhammad ali t-shirts will walk the streets, helping direct visitors. >> thank you. meanwhile, president obama will not be at the memorial
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service. he will be attending his daughter's high school graduation. nbc will have special coverage of the funeral. and tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern don't miss the ali documentary. "when we were kings." to breaking news in ohio, a manhunt is under way for a man wanted in the suspected shooting of a deputy and a civilian. the shooting happened last night in deer field township northeast of cincinnati. authorities say it took place during a domestic disturbance call at an apartment complex. the deputy was treated at a hospital and released. while a second victim sustained nonlife threatening injuries. authorities are searching for 19-year-old mohammed legowi. >> if you happen to see this person, do not attempt to engage in any way. considered very armed and dangerous. >> helicopters and k-9 units are assisting in the search. we have new details surrounding the gloves involved
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in o.j. simpson's murder trial and the moment he tried them on. plus, isis is at it again. destroying some of the world's oldest artifacts. nine minutes past the hour.
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xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. coming up on 13 minutes past the hour on a friday, checking today's forecast, severe thunderstorms will increase today into the weekend from the upper midwest into the northeast as building heat and humidity interact with an active jet stream. the thermometer tops out at a sweltering 98 degrees in st. louis. thunderstorms in the southeast, clear skies from texas to california and up the pacific northwest. well, with the flood of documentaries and dramas about the o.j. simpson trial, many are learning new information about the case. former l.a. district attorney garcetti told gma that prosecutors never knew that simpson was taking arthritis medication or that stopping it could cause hand swelling.
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it became a key part of the closing arguments. 1300 sheep were found wandering in a small town at 4:30. two cars and five officers spent 45 minutes trying to round up the woolly invaders. so many of them, right? according to the police, the escapees made a break for it when their shepherd fell asleep. get an alarm! all right. so cameras caught an armed robber shoving a gun in a woman's face at a virginia restaurant sunday night. she wrestled with the gunman as her husband ran out from the kitchen with a butcher knife. they managed to get his gun and fight him off. the 19-year-old was found with a gash in his back and arrested him. meanwhi meanwhile, the woman thought the gun was fake and she pulled the trigger and found out the hard way it was not. a new isis video shows them demolishing a 3,000-year-old temple in northern iraq. it has not been authenticated by
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nbc news, but the u.n. said it showed extensive damage. in england, one unlucky seagull took a dip in some curry tuesday. that's why it was orange. it was looking for dinner at a food factory when he fell into chicken marsala. after some tlc, the orange sea bird is all cleaned up, ready to blend back into the crowd. cleans up nicely. in an nbc news exclusive, tom brokaw goes in depth with legend david letterman one year after leaving the spotlight. >> do you miss every night? >> no, i don't. it's interesting, i thought for sure i would. and then the first day of stephen's show, when he went on the air, an energy left me and i felt like, you know, that's not my problem anymore. i couldn't care less about late night television. i'm happy for the guys, men and
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women, there should be more women. i don't know why they didn't give my show to a woman. that would have been fine. >> did they ask you about who should replace you? >> no. oh, no. they didn't ask me about anything. they were happy i was going. >> catch the exclusive interview including letterman's thoughts on donald trump. now to sports. we take you to the ice, pittsburgh trying to put away san jose but the sharks were chomping at the bit from the start. they scored three goals in the first and tacked on another one late in the third for good measure. goalie martin jones had an outstanding game, finishing with 44 saves. and the sharks win, 4-2. game 6 is sunday at 8:00 p.m. on nbc. fans of an england's national team brawled with police and locals in the french city of marseille ahead of a match this weekend. it started outside of an irish pub and lasted about half an
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hour. the fans and locals threw chairs at each other and exchanged punches. police used tear gas and riot police were needed. tomorrow is the 148th running of the belmont stakes. exaggerator is the favorite after beating kentucky derby winner nyquist at the preakness. coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. on nbc. 16 minutes past the hour. our political weeke in review i next. look at this, a beautiful friday morning with the empire state building. stay with us, more "first look." life insuran automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaaember because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me ppy my ne is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member folife. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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it was another whirlwind week in the political arena. here's a quick look at how it all played out. >> thank you so much. i need a helmet. [ laughter ] you get knock around here in washington quite a bit. >> what if this -- all of this -- is a simulation? and if there are multiple simulations, how come we have to be in the one where donald trump becomes the republican nominee for president? >> but we are all standing under a glass ceiling right now. >> the one that really broke the glass ceiling on behalf of women more than anybody in the construction industry. >> first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee. >> but we will continue to fight for every vote and every delegate. >> let me ask you a question. um, you're white. are you voting for trump?
2:21 am
>> trump's point is he cannot be judged by a member of any group that he has offended. no muslim judges no women judges unless she's a ten. trump's insulted the pope, so no catholic judges. he called everyone in iowa stupid so no judges that eat corn. >> do you think republicans are happy with their choice? >> we are but i don't know how -- [ laughter ] i don't know how they're feeling. >> there will be no third term. i can't stay forever. besides, i have a hawaiian vacation booked in about 223 days. >> oh, what a week it was. politico reporter daniel strauss joins me now from washington. happy friday to you. >> happy friday. >> all right. so president obama endorsed hillary clinton yesterday. what does this mean for bernie sanders? >> well, it means that he has a
2:22 am
much shorter list of high priority endorsements he can get. you know, the fact that the president of the united states is backing a candidate means that that is the preferred candidate of the democratic party. >> but you don't see him stopping before the convention? >> no, not really. i mean, he's continued -- he's vowed to fight on, he's vowed to compete through the d.c. primary. and so far, every time he says something like that he's stuck to it. >> well, senator elizabeth warren has officially thrown her support behind clinton. she also delivered a blistering speech on trump calling him a racist. is she going to be clinton's biggest attack weapon against trump? >> she's angled herself to do that. she's been mentioned as a vp candidate and one of the most active attack surrogates for clinton against trump and that's what she's going to continue to do. >> yeah, you mentioned a possible vp candidate. could that be a good ticket out there? clinton/warren? >> more and more we are seeing signs that that's a definite
2:23 am
possibility. warren's open to it, clinton is open to it. there's murmuring on both sides -- in both channels that's a possibility. so yeah, it's -- >> who else would she be up against though? >> tim kaine in virginia. he's a senator down there. tom perez, former labor secretary and sherrod brown of ohio. those are the big names bandied around a lot. >> let's move over to donald trump. who might he be considering? >> a bigger mystery and a wider array of names. they have gone from jeff sessions in the senate to even ivanka trump, according to one report in "the washington post." >> really? >> really. >> up in the air there. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. just ahead, the world's cutest trespasser, all caught on camera. plus more slow jam with jimmy fallon and president obama. he?
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27 minutes past the hour. leading the news on nbc, hundreds claim that trump does not pay his bills in full. some lawyers claim they have not been paid in full. a "usa today" special report discovered 60 lawsuits and when asked for a response, trump's daughter said this. we have hundreds of millions of dollars of construction projects under way which for the most part responsible contractors. but my father doesn't pay contractors who do lousy works. cavaliers fan losing job after hateful tweets to curry's sister. so when curry's sister tweeted
2:28 am
the family was en route to cleveland for the playoffs, a fan attacked even curry's 3-year-old daughter. that caught the eye of his employer which led to his termination. president obama joined jimmy fallon on "the tonight show" to slow jam the news. >> look, jimmy, the tpp allows american businesses to sell their products both at home and abroad. the more we sell abroad, the more higher paying jobs we provide here at home. it's that simple. >> so what you're saying this trade deal will put everyday americans back to -- ♪ work work work work, put them back to work work work ♪ >> work work work work. >> president's got rhythm. all right. and finally a surveillance camera in a louisiana home caught the world's cutest trespasser. a young boy was sprinting into the garage to hug a dog. when the owner posted the video
2:29 am
on facebook, the woman noticed it was her son. how sweet is that? he is allowed to visit her any time. so no more -- >> you wonder why he did it so fast. >> like he staked out the joint. >> the garage door was open. >> i'm betty nguyen, don't forget to like us on facebook. "way too early" starts right now. donald trump is a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and who serves no one but himself. you, donald trump, are a total disgrace. you shame yourself and you shame this great country. and we will not allow a small, insecure, thin-skinned, wanna-be tie rant or his allies in the senate to destroy the rule of law in the united states of america. we will not.
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>> senator elizabeth warren moves in on donald trump and this time, it wasn't on twitter. this morning, a new indication that the massachusetts democrat may be auditioning for the role of hillary clinton's running mate. plus, trump's attacks on judge curiel seem to be taking a toll. a poll that last had him three points up on hillary clinton now has him six points back. is this the trump's campaign worst week ever? saying good-bye. thousands are expected to honor the life of boxing legend muhammad ali as he's laid to rest today in his hometown of louisville, kentucky. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." good morning,


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